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How To Navigate The Real Estate Assignment Contract

assignment help real estate

What is assignment of contract?

Assignment of contract vs double close

How to assign a contract

Assignment of contract pros and cons

Even the most left-brained, technical real estate practitioners may find themselves overwhelmed by the legal forms that have become synonymous with the investing industry. The assignment of contract strategy, in particular, has developed a confusing reputation for those unfamiliar with the concept of wholesaling. At the very least, there’s a good chance the “assignment of contract real estate” exit strategy sounds more like a foreign language to new investors than a viable means to an end.

A real estate assignment contract isn’t as complicated as many make it out to be, nor is it something to shy away from because of a lack of understanding. Instead, new investors need to learn how to assign a real estate contract as this particular exit strategy represents one of the best ways to break into the industry.

In this article, we will break down the elements of a real estate assignment contract, or a real estate wholesale contract, and provide strategies for how it can help investors further their careers. [ Thinking about investing in real estate? Register to attend a FREE online real estate class and learn how to get started investing in real estate. ]

What Is A Real Estate Assignment Contract?

A real estate assignment contract is a wholesale strategy used by real estate investors to facilitate the sale of a property between an owner and an end buyer. As its name suggests, contract assignment strategies will witness a subject property owner sign a contract with an investor that gives them the rights to buy the home. That’s an important distinction to make, as the contract only gives the investor the right to buy the home; they don’t actually follow through on a purchase. Once under contract, however, the investor retains the sole right to buy the home. That means they may then sell their rights to buy the house to another buyer. Therefore, when a wholesaler executes a contact assignment, they aren’t selling a house but rather their rights to buy a house. The end buyer will pay the wholesale a small assignment fee and buy the house from the original buyer.

The real estate assignment contract strategy is only as strong as the contracts used in the agreement. The language used in the respective contract is of the utmost importance and should clearly define what the investors and sellers expect out of the deal.

There are a couple of caveats to keep in mind when considering using sales contracts for real estate:

Contract prohibitions: Make sure the contract you have with the property seller does not have prohibitions for future assignments. This can create serious issues down the road. Make sure the contract is drafted by a lawyer that specializes in real estate assignment contract law.

Property-specific prohibitions: HUD homes (property obtained by the Department of Housing and Urban Development), real estate owned or REOs (foreclosed-upon property), and listed properties are not open to assignment contracts. REO properties, for example, have a 90-day period before being allowed to be resold.

assignment fee

What Is An Assignment Fee In Real Estate?

An assignment fee in real estate is the money a wholesaler can expect to receive from an end buyer when they sell them their rights to buy the subject property. In other words, the assignment fee serves as the monetary compensation awarded to the wholesaler for connecting the original seller with the end buyer.

Again, any contract used to disclose a wholesale deal should be completely transparent, and including the assignment fee is no exception. The terms of how an investor will be paid upon assigning a contract should, nonetheless, be spelled out in the contract itself.

The standard assignment fee is $5,000. However, every deal is different. Buyers differ on their needs and criteria for spending their money (e.g., rehabbing vs. buy-and-hold buyers). As with any negotiations , proper information is vital. Take the time to find out how much the property would realistically cost before and after repairs. Then, add your preferred assignment fee on top of it.

Traditionally, investors will receive a deposit when they sign the Assignment of Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement . The rest of the assignment fee will be paid out upon the deal closing.

Assignment Contract Vs Double Close

The real estate assignment contract strategy is just one of the two methods investors may use to wholesale a deal. In addition to assigning contracts, investors may also choose to double close. While both strategies are essentially variations of a wholesale deal, several differences must be noted.

A double closing, otherwise known as a back-to-back closing, will have investors actually purchase the home. However, instead of holding onto it, they will immediately sell the asset without rehabbing it. Double closings aren’t as traditional as fast as contract assignment, but they can be in the right situation. Double closings can also take as long as a few weeks. In the end, double closings aren’t all that different from a traditional buy and sell; they transpire over a meeter of weeks instead of months.

Assignment real estate strategies are usually the first option investors will want to consider, as they are slightly easier and less involved. That said, real estate assignment contract methods aren’t necessarily better; they are just different. The wholesale strategy an investor chooses is entirely dependent on their situation. For example, if a buyer cannot line up funding fast enough, they may need to initiate a double closing because they don’t have the capital to pay the acquisition costs and assignment fee. Meanwhile, select institutional lenders incorporate language against lending money in an assignment of contract scenario. Therefore, any subsequent wholesale will need to be an assignment of contract.

Double closings and contract assignments are simply two means of obtaining the same end. Neither is better than the other; they are meant to be used in different scenarios.

Flipping Real Estate Contracts

Those unfamiliar with the real estate contract assignment concept may know it as something else: flipping real estate contracts; if for nothing else, the two are one-in-the-same. Flipping real estate contracts is simply another way to refer to assigning a contract.

Is An Assignment Of Contract Legal?

Yes, an assignment of contract is legal when executed correctly. Wholesalers must follow local laws regulating the language of contracts, as some jurisdictions have more regulations than others. It is also becoming increasingly common to assign contracts to a legal entity or LLC rather than an individual, to prevent objections from the bank. Note that you will need written consent from all parties listed on the contract, and there cannot be any clauses present that violate the law. If you have any questions about the specific language to include in a contract, it’s always a good idea to consult a qualified real estate attorney.

When Will Assignments Not Be Enforced?

In certain cases, an assignment of contract will not be enforced. Most notably, if the contract violates the law or any local regulations it cannot be enforced. This is why it is always encouraged to understand real estate laws and policy as soon as you enter the industry. Further, working with a qualified attorney when crafting contracts can be beneficial.

It may seem obvious, but assignment contracts will not be enforced if the language is used incorrectly. If the language in a contract contradicts itself, or if the contract is not legally binding it cannot be enforced. Essentially if there is any anti-assignment language, this can void the contract. Finally, if the assignment violates what is included under the contract, for example by devaluing the item, the contract will likely not be enforced.

How To Assign A Real Estate Contract

A wholesaling investment strategy that utilizes assignment contracts has many advantages, one of them being a low barrier-to-entry for investors. However, despite its inherent profitability, there are a lot of investors that underestimate the process. While probably the easiest exit strategy in all of real estate investing, there are a number of steps that must be taken to ensure a timely and profitable contract assignment, not the least of which include:

Find the right property

Acquire a real estate contract template

Submit the contract

Assign the contract

Collect the fee

1. Find The Right Property

You need to prune your leads, whether from newspaper ads, online marketing, or direct mail marketing. Remember, you aren’t just looking for any seller: you need a motivated seller who will sell their property at a price that works with your investing strategy.

The difference between a regular seller and a motivated seller is the latter’s sense of urgency. A motivated seller wants their property sold now. Pick a seller who wants to be rid of their property in the quickest time possible. It could be because they’re moving out of state, or they want to buy another house in a different area ASAP. Or, they don’t want to live in that house anymore for personal reasons. The key is to know their motivation for selling and determine if that intent is enough to sell immediately.

With a better idea of who to buy from, wholesalers will have an easier time exercising one of several marketing strategies:

Direct Mail

Real Estate Meetings

Local Marketing

2. Acquire A Real Estate Contract Template

Real estate assignment contract templates are readily available online. Although it’s tempting to go the DIY route, it’s generally advisable to let a lawyer see it first. This way, you will have the comfort of knowing you are doing it right, and that you have counsel in case of any legal problems along the way.

One of the things proper wholesale real estate contracts add is the phrase “and/or assigns” next to your name. This clause will give you the authority to sell the property or assign the property to another buyer.

You do need to disclose this to the seller and explain the clause if needed. Assure them that they will still get the amount you both agreed upon, but it gives you deal flexibility down the road.

3. Submit The Contract

Depending on your state’s laws, you need to submit your real estate assignment contract to a title company, or a closing attorney, for a title search. These are independent parties that look into the history of a property, seeing that there are no liens attached to the title. They then sign off on the validity of the contract.

4. Assign The Contract

Finding your buyer, similar to finding a seller, requires proper segmentation. When searching for buyers, investors should exercise several avenues, including online marketing, listing websites, or networking groups. In the real estate industry, this process is called building a buyer’s list, and it is a crucial step to finding success in assigning contracts.

Once you have found a buyer (hopefully from your ever-growing buyer’s list), ensure your contract includes language that covers earnest money to be paid upfront. This grants you protection against a possible breach of contract. This also assures you that you will profit, whether the transaction closes or not, as earnest money is non-refundable. How much it is depends on you, as long as it is properly justified.

5. Collect The Fee

Your profit from a deal of this kind comes from both your assignment fee, as well as the difference between the agreed-upon value and how much you sell it to the buyer. If you and the seller decide you will buy the property for $75,000 and sell it for $80,000 to the buyer, you profit $5,000. The deal is closed once the buyer pays the full $80,000.

real estate assignment contract

Assignment of Contract Pros

For many investors, the most attractive benefit of an assignment of contract is the ability to profit without ever purchasing a property. This is often what attracts people to start wholesaling, as it allows many to learn the ropes of real estate with relatively low stakes. An assignment fee can either be determined as a percentage of the purchase price or as a set amount determined by the wholesaler. A standard fee is around $5,000 per contract.

The profit potential is not the only positive associated with an assignment of contract. Investors also benefit from not being added to the title chain, which can greatly reduce the costs and timeline associated with a deal. This benefit can even transfer to the seller and end buyer, as they get to avoid paying a real estate agent fee by opting for an assignment of contract. Compared to a double close (another popular wholesaling strategy), investors can avoid two sets of closing costs. All of these pros can positively impact an investor’s bottom line, making this a highly desirable exit strategy.

Assignment of Contract Cons

Although there are numerous perks to an assignment of contract, there are a few downsides to be aware of before searching for your first wholesale deal. Namely, working with buyers and sellers who may not be familiar with wholesaling can be challenging. Investors need to be prepared to familiarize newcomers with the process and be ready to answer any questions. Occasionally, sellers will purposely not accept an assignment of contract situation. Investors should occasionally expect this, as to not get discouraged.

Another obstacle wholesalers may face when working with an assignment of contract is in cases where the end buyer wants to back out. This can happen if the buyer is not comfortable paying the assignment fee, or if they don’t have owner’s rights until the contract is fully assigned. The best way to protect yourself from situations like this is to form a reliable buyer’s list and be upfront with all of the information. It is always recommended to develop a solid contract as well.

Know that not all properties can be wholesaled, for example HUD houses. In these cases, there are often anti-assigned clauses preventing wholesalers from getting involved. Make sure you know how to identify these properties so you don’t waste your time. Keep in mind that while there are cons to this real estate exit strategy, the right preparation can help investors avoid any big challenges.

Assignment of Contract Template

If you decide to pursue a career wholesaling real estate, then you’ll want the tools that will make your life as easy as possible. The good news is that there are plenty of real estate tools and templates at your disposal so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! For instance, here is an assignment of contract template that you can use when you strike your first deal.

As with any part of the real estate investing trade, no single aspect will lead to success. However, understanding how a real estate assignment of contract works is vital for this business. When you comprehend the many layers of how contracts are assigned—and how wholesaling works from beginning to end—you’ll be a more informed, educated, and successful investor.

Click the banner below to take a 90-minute online training class and get started learning how to invest in today’s real estate market!

assignment help real estate

What is an STR in Real Estate?

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Assignment Definition

Investing Strategy

Investing Strategy , Jargon, Legal, Terminology, Title

Table of Contents

  • What Is an Assignment?
  • What is an Assignment in Real Estate?
  • What Does it Mean to Assign a Contract in Real Estate?
  • How Does a Contract Assignment Work?
  • Pros and Cons of Assigning Contracts

REtipster does not provide legal advice. The information in this article can be impacted by many unique variables. Always consult with a qualified legal professional before taking action.

An assignment or assignment of contract is a way to profit from a real estate transaction without becoming the owner of the property.

The assignment method is a standard tool in a real estate wholesaler’s kit and lowers the barrier to entry for a real estate investor because it does not require the wholesaler to use much (or any) of their own money to profit from a deal.

Contract assignment is a common wholesaling strategy where the seller and the wholesaler (acting as a middleman in this case) sign an agreement giving the wholesaler the sole right to buy a property at a specified price, within a certain period of time.

The wholesaler then finds another buyer and assigns the contract to him or her. The wholesaler isn’t selling the property to the end buyer because the wholesaler never takes title to the property during the process. The wholesaler is simply selling the contract, which gives the end buyer the right to buy the property in accordance with the original purchase agreement.

In doing this, the wholesaler can earn an assignment fee for putting the deal together.

Some states require a real estate wholesaler to be a licensed real estate agent, and the assignment strategy can’t be used for HUD homes and REOs.

The process for assigning a contract follows some common steps. In summary, it looks like this:

  • Find the right property.
  • Get a purchase agreement signed.
  • Find an end buyer.
  • Assign the contract.
  • Close the transaction and collect your assignment fee.

We describe each step in the process below.

1. Find the Right Property

This is where the heavy lifting happens—investors use many different marketing tactics to find leads and identify properties that work with their investing strategy. Typically, for wholesaling to work, a wholesaler needs a motivated seller who wants to unload the property as soon as possible. That sense of urgency works to the wholesaler’s advantage in negotiating a price that will attract buyers and cover their assignment fee.

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2. Get a Purchase Agreement Signed

Once a motivated seller has agreed to sell their property at a discounted price, they will sign a purchase agreement with the wholesaler. The purchase agreement needs to contain specific, clear language that allows the wholesaler (for example, you) to assign their rights in the agreement to a third party.

Note that most standard purchase agreements do not include this language by default. If you plan to assign this contract, make sure this language is included. You can consult an attorney to cover the correct verbiage in a way that the seller understands it.

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This can’t be stressed enough: It’s extremely important for a wholesaler to communicate with their seller about their intent to assign the contract. Many sellers are not familiar with the assignment process, so if the role of the buyer is going to change along the way, the seller needs to be aware of this on or before they sign the original purchase agreement.

3. Find an End Buyer

This is the other half of a wholesaler’s job—marketing to find buyers. Once they find an end buyer, the wholesaler can assign the contract to the new party and work with the original seller and the end buyer to schedule a closing date.

4. Assign the Contract

Assigning the contract works through a simple assignment agreement. This agreement allows the end buyer to step into the wholesaler’s shoes as the buyer in the original contract.

In other words, this document “replaces” the wholesaler with the new end buyer.

Most assignment contracts include language for a nonrefundable deposit from the end buyer, which protects the wholesaler if the buyer backs out. While you can download assignment contract templates online, most experts recommend having an attorney review your contracts. The assignment wording has to be precise and comply with applicable local laws to protect you from issues down the road.

5. Close the Transaction and Collect the Assignment Fee

Finally, you will receive your assignment fee (or wholesale fee) when the end buyer closes the deal.

The assignment fee is often the difference between the original purchase price (the price that the seller agreed with the wholesaler) and the end buyer’s purchase price (the price the wholesaler agreed with the end buyer), but it can also be a percentage of it or even a flat amount.

According to UpCounsel, most contract assignments are done for about $5,000, although depending on the property and the market, it could be higher or lower.

IMPORTANT: the end buyer will see precisely how much the assignment fee is. This is because they must sign two documents that show the original price and the assignment fee: the closing statement and the assignment agreement, respectively, to close the transaction.

In many cases, if the assignment fee is a reasonable amount relative to the purchase price, most buyers won’t take any issue with the wholesaler taking their fee—after all, the wholesaler made the deal happen, and it’s compensation for their efforts. However, if the assignment fee is too big (such as the wholesaler taking $20,000 from an original purchase price of $10,000, while the end buyer buys it for $50,000), it may ruffle some feathers and lead to uncomfortable questions.

In these instances where the wholesaler has a substantially higher profit margin, a wholesaler can instead do a double closing . In a double closing, the wholesaler closes two separate deals (one with the seller and another with the buyer) on the same day, but the seller and buyer cannot see the numbers and overall profit margin the wholesaler makes between the two transactions. This makes a double closing a much safer way to conclude a transaction.

Assigning contracts is a way to lower the barrier to entry for many new real estate investors; because they don’t need to put up their own money to buy a property or assume any risk in financing a deal.

The wholesaler isn’t part of the title chain, which streamlines the process and avoids the hassle of closing two times. Compared to the double-close strategy, assignment contracts require less paperwork and are usually less costly (because there is only one closing occurring, rather than two separate transactions).

On the downside, the wholesaler has to sell the property as-is, because they don’t own it at any point and they cannot make repairs or renovations to make the property look more attractive to a potential buyer. Financing may be much more difficult for the end buyer because many mortgage lenders won’t work with assigned contracts. Purchase Agreements also have expiration dates, which means the wholesaler has a limited window of time to find an end buyer and get the deal done.

Being successful with assignment contracts usually comes down to excellent marketing, networking, and communication between all parties involved. It’s all about developing strategies to find the right properties and having a solid network of investors you can assign them to quickly.

It’s also critical to be aware of any applicable laws in the jurisdiction where the wholesaler is working and holding any licenses required for these kinds of real estate transactions.

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Assignment of Contract – Assignable Contract Basics for Real Estate Investors

What is assignment of contract? Learn about this wholesaling strategy and why assignment agreements are the preferred solution for flipping real estate contracts.

assignment help real estate

Beginners to investing in real estate and wholesaling must navigate a complex landscape littered with confusing terms and strategies. One of the first concepts to understand before wholesaling is assignment of contract, also known as assignment of agreement or “flipping real estate contracts.”  

An assignment contract is the most popular exit strategy for wholesalers, and it isn’t as complicated as it may seem. What does assignment of contract mean? How can it be used to get into wholesaling? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Assignment of Contract?

How assignment of contract works in real estate wholesaling, what is an assignment fee in real estate, assignment of agreement pros & cons, assignable contract faqs.

  • Transactly Saves Time. Learn How Now!

Assignment of real estate purchase and sale agreement, or simply assignment of agreement or contract, is a real estate wholesale strategy that facilitates a sale between the property owner and the end buyer.

This strategy is also known as flipping real estate contracts because that’s essentially how it works:

  • The wholesaler finds a property that’s already discounted or represents a great deal and enters into a contract with the seller,
  • The contract contains an assignment clause that allows the wholesaler to assign the contract to someone else (if they choose to!), then
  • The wholesaler can assign the contract to another party and receive an assignment fee when the transaction closes.

Assignment of contract in real estate is a popular strategy for beginners in real estate investment because it requires very little or even no capital. As long as you can find an interested buyer, you do not need to come up with a large sum of money to buy and then resell the property – you are only selling your right to buy it .

An assignment contract passes along your purchase rights as well as your contract obligations. After the contract assignment, you are no longer involved in the transaction with no right to make claims or responsibilities to get the transaction to closing.

Until you assign contract to someone else, however, you are completely on the hook for all contract responsibilities and rights.

This means that you are in control of the deal until you decide to assign the contract, but if you aren’t able to get someone to take over the contract, you are legally obligated to follow through with the sale .

Assignment of Contract vs Double Closing

Double closing and assignment of agreement are the two main real estate wholesaling exit strategies. Unlike the double closing strategy, an assignment contract does not require the wholesaler to purchase the property.

Assignment of contract is usually the preferred option because it can be completed in hours and does not require you to fund the purchase . Double closings take twice as much work and require a great deal of coordination. They are also illegal in some states.

Ready to see how an assignment contract actually works? Even though it has a low barrier to entry for beginner investors, the challenges of completing an assignment of contract shouldn’t be underestimated. Here are the general steps involved in wholesaling.

Step #1. Find a seller/property

The process begins by finding a property that you think is a good deal or a good investment and entering into a purchase agreement with the seller. Of course, not just any property is suitable for this strategy. You need to find a motivated seller willing to accept an assignment agreement and a price that works with your strategy. Direct mail marketing, online marketing, and checking the county delinquent tax list are just a few possible lead generation strategies you can employ.

Step #2: Enter into an assignable contract

The contract with the seller will be almost the same as a standard purchase agreement except it will contain an assignment clause.

An important element in an assignable purchase contract is “ and/or assigns ” next to your name as the buyer . The term “assigns” is used here as a noun to refer to a potential assignee. This is a basic assignment clause authorizing you to transfer your position and rights in the contract to an assignee if you choose.

The contract must also follow local laws regulating contract language. In some jurisdictions, assignment of contract is not allowed. It’s becoming increasingly common for wholesalers to assign agreements to an LLC instead of an individual. In this case, the LLC would be under contract with the seller. This can potentially bypass lender objections and even anti-assignment clauses for distressed properties. Rather than assigning the contract to someone else, the investor can reassign their interest in the LLC through an “assignment of membership interest.”

Note: even the presence of an assignment clause can make some sellers nervous or unwilling to make a deal . The seller may be picky about whom they want to buy the property, or they may be suspicious or concerned about the concept of assigning a contract to an unknown third party who may or may not be able to complete the sale.

The assignment clause should always be disclosed and explained to the seller. If they are nervous, they can be assured that they will still get the agreed-upon amount.

Step #3. Submit the assignment contract for a title search

Once you are under contract, you must typically submit the contract to a title company to perform the title search. This ensures there are no liens attached to the property.

Step #4. Find an end buyer to assign the contract

Next is the most challenging step: finding a buyer who can fulfill the contract’s original terms including the closing date and purchase price.

Successful wholesalers build buyers lists and employ marketing campaigns, social media, and networking to find a good match for an assignable contract.

Once you locate an end buyer, your contract should include earnest money the buyer must pay upfront. This gives you some protection if the buyer breaches the contract and, potentially, causes you to breach your contract with the seller. With a non-refundable deposit, you can be sure your earnest money to the seller will be covered in a worst-case scenario.

You can see an assignment of contract example here between an assignor and assignee.

Step #5. Receive your assignment fee

The final step is receiving your assignment fee. This fee is your profit from the transaction, and it’s usually paid when the transaction closes.

The assignment fee is how the wholesaler makes money through an assignment contract. This fee is paid by the end buyer when they purchase the right to buy the property as compensation for being connected to the original seller. Assignment contracts should clearly spell out the assignment fee and how it will be paid.

An assignment fee in real estate replaces the broker or Realtor fee in a typical transaction as the assignor or investor is bringing together the seller and end buyer.

The standard real estate assignment fee is $5,000 . However, it varies by transaction and calculating the assignment fee may be higher or lower depending on whether the buyer is buying and holding the property or rehabbing and flipping.

The assignment fee is not always a flat amount. The difference between the agreed-upon price with the seller and the end buyer is the profit you stand to earn as the assignor. If you agreed to purchase the property for $150,000 from the seller and assign the contract to a buyer for $200,000, your assignment fee or profit would be $50,000.

In most cases, an investor receives a deposit when the Assignment of Purchase and Sale Agreement is signed with the rest paid at closing.

Be aware that assignment agreements can have a bad reputation . This is usually the case when the end buyer and seller are unsatisfied, realizing they could have sold higher or bought lower and essentially paid thousands to an investor who never even wanted to buy the property.

Opting for the standard, flat assignment fee is much more readily accepted by sellers and buyers as it’s comparable to a real estate agent’s commission or even much lower and the parties can avoid working with an agent.

Real estate investors enjoy many benefits of an assignment of contract:

  • This strategy requires little or no capital which makes it a popular entry to wholesaling as investors learn the ropes.
  • Investors are not added to the title chain and never own the property which reduces costs and the amount of time the deal takes.
  • An assignment of agreement is easier and faster than double closing which requires two separate closings and two sets of fees and disclosures.
  • Wholesaling can be a great tool to expand an investor’s network for future opportunities.

As with most things, there are important drawbacks to consider. Before jumping into wholesaling and flipping real estate contracts, consider the downsides .

  • It can be difficult to work with sellers and buyers who are not familiar with wholesaling or assignment agreements.
  • Some sellers avoid or decline assignment of contract offers because they are suspicious of the arrangement, think it is too risky, or want to know who they are selling to.
  • There is a limited time to find an end buyer. Without a reliable buyer’s list, it can be very challenging to find a viable end buyer before the closing date.
  • The end buyer may back out at the last minute. This may happen if they do not have owner’s rights until the contract is assigned or they do not want to pay an assignment fee.
  • Not all properties are eligible for wholesaling like HUD and REO properties. There may be anti-assignment clauses or other hurdles. It is possible to get around this by purchasing the property with an LLC which can then be sold, but this is a level of complication that many wholesalers want to avoid.
  • Assignors do not have owner’s rights. When the property is under contract, investors cannot make repairs or improvements. This makes it harder to assign a contract for a distressed property in poor condition.
  • It can be hard to confirm an end buyer is qualified. The end buyer is responsible for paying the agreed upon price set by the seller and assignor. Many lenders do not handle assignment agreements which usually means turning to all-cash end buyers. Depending on the market, they can be hard to find.

In the worst-case scenario, if a wholesaling deal falls through because the end buyer backs out, the investor or assignor is still responsible for buying the property and must follow through with the purchase agreement. If you do not, you are in breach of contract and lose the earnest money you put down.

To avoid this worst-case scenario, be prepared with a good buyer’s list. You should only put properties under contract that you consider a good deal and you can market to other investors or homeowners. You may be able to get more time by asking for an extension to the assignment of contract while you find another buyer or even turn to other wholesalers to see if they have someone who would be a good fit.

What is the difference between assignor vs assignee?

In an assignment clause, the assignor is the buyer who then assigns the contract to an assignee. The assignee is the end buyer or final buyer who becomes the owner when the transaction closes. After the assignment, contract rights and obligations are transferred from the assignor to the assignee.

What Is an assignable contract?

An assignable contract in real estate is a purchase agreement that allows the buyer to assign their rights and obligations to another party before the contract expires. The assignee then becomes obligated to meet the terms of the contract and, at closing, get title to the property.

Is Assignment of Agreement Legal?

Assignment of contract is legal as long as state regulations are followed and it’s an assignable contract. The terms of your agreement with the seller must allow for the contract to be assumed. To be legal and enforceable, the following general requirements must be met.

  • The assignment does not violate state law or public policy. In some states and jurisdictions, contract assignments are prohibited.
  • There is no assignment clause prohibiting assignment.
  • There is written consent between all parties.
  • The property does not have restrictions prohibiting assignment. Some properties have deed restrictions or anti-assignment clauses prohibiting assignment of contract within a specific period of time. This includes HUD properties, short sales, and REO properties which usually prohibit a property from being resold for 90 days. There is potentially a way around these non-assignable contracts using an LLC.

Can a non-assignable contract still be assigned?

Even an non-assignable contract can become an assignable contract in some cases. A common approach is creating an agreement with an LLC or trust as the purchaser. The investor can then assign the entity to someone else because the contractual rights and obligations are the entity’s.

Assignment agreements are not as complicated as they may sound, and they offer an excellent entry into real estate investing without significant capital. A transaction coordinator at Transactly can be an invaluable solution, no matter your volume, to keep your wholesaling business on track and facilitate every step of the transaction to closing – and your assignment fee!

Adam Valley

Adam Valley

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What Is an Assignment of Contract? [How It Works In Real Estate]

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What Is an Assignment of Contract?

What Is an Assignment of Contract?

One intriguing strategy in real estate investing that often stirs interest among newbie investors is the assignment of contracts. This approach, which allows an investor to pass the contractual rights and obligations of a property purchase contract to another buyer, is seen to provide highly profitable opportunities.  

If you are an investor who wants to try this technique to achieve financial freedom, this blog is for you! Here, we'll delve into the nitty-gritty of contract assignment, explaining its mechanism, benefits, potential pitfalls, and the crucial steps involved. We hope that after reading this blog, you can navigate the real estate market with confidence!

What Is an Assignment of a Contract in Real Estate?

What Is an Assignment of a Contract in Real Estate?

In real estate wholesaling, an investor agrees to buy a personal property, often at a below-market price, then assigns the contract to a different buyer, often another investor, for a higher price. 

The difference between the contracted price and the price paid by the end buyer represents the wholesaler's profit, known as the assignment fee. 

For example, an investor might secure a contract to purchase a personal property for $100,000, then find an end buyer or new party willing to pay $120,000 for the same property. By assigning the contract to the end buyer, the investor earns a $20,000 assignment fee. 

However, it's crucial to note that not all real estate contracts can be freely assigned. Some contracts may include a "no assignment" clause that prevents the transfer of the contract to another party. 

Thus, an investor needs to ensure that assigning contractual rights is allowed before proceeding with this strategy. If an assignment clause is not present in the contract, the investor may need to negotiate with the original party or owner to include in the contract rights it or find an alternate method to transfer the property to a new party.

In essence, an assignment contract is a way for real estate investors to connect sellers and buyers, while generating a profit from the transaction without needing to purchase, own, or manage the property themselves. It's a strategy that requires careful planning, thorough due diligence, and an understanding of real estate laws and market conditions.

Assignment Contract vs. Double Closing

Assignment Contract vs. Double Closing

Both assignment contracts and double closings are strategies used in real estate investing, particularly wholesaling, but they function differently.

As previously discussed, an assignment of contract involves the wholesaler (assignor) transferring their contractual rights in a property purchase agreement to another party (assignee), typically another investor. 

The wholesaler never actually purchases the property . Instead, they sell their contract to buy the property. The assignee pays an assignment fee to the wholesaler, then proceeds to close the deal with the original seller. In this arrangement, the end buyer is aware of the wholesaler's profit.

Meanwhile, double closing , also known as a "simultaneous close," involves the wholesaler actually purchasing the property before quickly reselling it to the end buyer. This is perhaps the main difference between the two.

Essentially, there are two separate transactions: one where the wholesaler buys from the original seller and another where the wholesaler sells to the end buyer. 

Both transactions of the contract occurs back-to-back, even on the same day. The wholesaler uses the funds from the end buyer to pay the original seller and keeps the difference as profit. This approach allows the wholesaler's profit to remain hidden from all parties.

Is an Assignment Contract Considered Legal?

Is an Assignment Contract Considered Legal?

Yes, an assignment contract is generally considered legal in real estate transactions. It is a common practice, especially in real estate investing and wholesaling.

However, the legality can depend on several factors, including the terms of the original contract and the laws in a particular area.

Some contracts may disallow assignment through a clause that "prohibits the assignment of the contract without the consent of the other party." In such cases, assignment of the written contract without consent would violate public policy and could potentially lead to legal repercussions. This may also encourage litigation.

Additionally, while an assignment contract is generally legal, some states in the U.S. have specific rules and regulations about how real estate contract assignments and wholesaling, more generally, should be conducted. 

Some require specific disclosures to be given to the other party to the contract or have particular rules about how the transaction can be advertised. Some do not also allow material alteration, In some jurisdictions, regular wholesaling activity might require a real estate license, contract expiration date for commercial contracts, etc.

Pros and Cons of Assignment of Contract in Real Estate

Pros and Cons of Assignment of Contract in Real Estate

The assignment of contracts in real estate comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which investors need to consider carefully before entering any deal.

To help you decide if this real estate investing strategy is indeed for you, read the following pros and cons.

Pros of Assignment of Contract

Pros of Assignment of Contract

  • Less Capital Required: Because the wholesaler is simply assigning the contract and not actually purchasing the property, less capital is required compared to traditional real estate transactions.
  • Profit Potential: Assigning a contract can be profitable, especially when properties are secured under market value and the seller and buyer guarantees performance. The difference between the contract agreement price from the assignee and the purchase price the end buyer pays can result in significant earnings.
  • Faster Transactions: Assignments often lead to faster transactions as the assignor is not taking possession of the property. They don't have to do heavy obligations such as a title search, contact a company to make repairs, etc. Once a suitable assignee is found, the existing contract can be assigned and the transaction completed.

Cons of Assignment of Contract

Cons of Assignment of Contract

  • Dependent on Buyers: Wholesalers are reliant on finding end buyers and getting a closing date. If an assignee can't be found in time, the wholesaler may be forced to back out of the deal or risk legal consequences.
  • Limited Control: The wholesaler doesn't own the property and therefore has limited control over it. They can't make improvements or changes to increase its value since it isn't part of their obligations.
  • Transparency of Profit: In an assignment, the assignee can see how much profit the assignor is making, which could potentially lead to negotiations or dissatisfaction in the obligations. But, of course, the assignor warrants that the fee is fair.
  • Legal Considerations: You cannot assign rights to all types of contracts, and the federal government law may have specific regulations around how assignments work. Wholesalers must be aware of the legal landscape to ensure they conduct business following the law and that the two parties they will involve know the legal term of transfer.

Steps in Contract Assignment in Real Estate

Steps in Contract Assignment in Real Estate

Contract assignment in real estate can be a profitable strategy when done correctly. Each step in this process requires careful attention to detail and due diligence so as not to break the law. It is ideal to consult with a real estate attorney or other professionals before doing any transfer of property.

Nevertheless, here are the steps typically involved in a contract assignment in real estate.

Step 1. Find the Right Investment Property

The first step in contract assignment is identifying a suitable investment property. You need to find a property that can be purchased under market value and resold at a profit. 

This could be a distressed property, a foreclosed property, or simply a property that a seller needs to unload quickly. Market research and property analysis are critical at this stage.

Step 2. Prepare the Real Estate Contract 

Once a property has been identified, you need to prepare a real estate purchase agreement. This is the contract agreement that you will eventually assign to another buyer. It's crucial that this original contract either expressly allows for assignment or at least does not prohibit it.

If you are using a template from others or it has a trade name, make sure you are not going against the intellectual property law. There are already certain claims in the past about this, so be cautious.

Step 3. Submit the Contract

After preparing the original contract, it needs to be submitted to the seller. The seller may accept the contract as is, reject it outright, or propose changes. If changes are proposed, negotiations will take place until an agreement is reached. 

Step 4. Find an End Buyer Who Will Accept the Contractual Obligations

With an accepted contract in hand, you can now seek an end buyer to whom the contract will be assigned.

This could be another investor or a traditional homebuyer. Marketing the original contract can involve networking, advertising on real estate platforms, or working with a real estate agent.

Step 5. Assign the Contract to an End Buyer

After identifying an end buyer, you will assign or transfer the existing contract agreement to them (this may be an individual or a real estate company).

This involves an assignment agreement, which transfers your contractual rights and obligations under the original purchase contract agreement to one party or the end buyer (real estate company or investor).

The assignment agreement should clearly outline the original terms of the assignment, including the assignment fee that you, as the assignor, will receive.

Step 6. Collect the Fee

After the assignment agreement has been signed and transferred on the closing date, you can collect the assignment fee from one party. This is your profit from the assignment contract transaction.

The closing process then proceeds between the original seller and the end buyer, without any further involvement on your part. The property ownership will be transferred to the end buyer and you would no longer have any responsibilities or duties with them.

Final Thoughts: What are Assignment Contracts? [How Does Assignment of Contract Work in Real Estate]

Whether you're a seasoned real estate wholesaler or just starting, it's clear that understanding assignment contracts and how they function within the real estate sector can open doors to new opportunities and potentially profitable ventures. 

With the right approach, a keen understanding of the property market, negotiation skills, thorough due diligence, and creativity, these contracts can be your main income stream.

If you want to find leads on properties that you can assign to another buyer, reach out to us at Property Leads . We offer highly motivated seller leads in your target area for a very reasonable price. We guarantee a high conversion rate since we generate our leads through SEO.

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assignment help real estate

Real Estate Assignment Contract

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Last updated April 17th, 2023

Document Preview

  • Purchase Agreements »

A real estate assignment contract  allows a real estate buyer to transfer their purchasing rights and responsibilities to someone else before the closing date. Typically, the new buyer pays a fee to the original buyer for the assignment. The form specifies the amount and due date of the assignment fee (if applicable), as well as all other details of the transaction, including the new buyer’s  liabilities , payment requirements , and rights under the purchase agreement . 

Download:  PDF ,  Word (.docx) ,  OpenDocument


1. THE PARTIES . This Real Estate Assignment Contract (“Assignment”) is entered into on [MM/DD/YYYY] (“Effective Date”), by and between:

Assignor : [ASSIGNOR’S NAME] (“Assignor”) with a mailing address of [ADDRESS] , and

Assignee : [ASSIGNEE’S NAME] (“Assignee”) with a mailing address of [ADDRESS] .

The Assignor and Assignee are each referred to herein as a “Party” and, collectively, as the “Parties.”

2. ORIGINAL AGREEMENT . The Assignor is the purchasing party to that certain purchase and sale agreement, dated [MM/DD/YYYY] , for the real property located at [PROPERTY ADDRESS] , and as more particularly described therein (“Original Agreement”).

3. ASSIGNMENT . The Assignor hereby transfers, assigns, and sets over to the Assignee all contractual rights, title, interests, and obligations in and to the Original Agreement on the Effective Date, pursuant to the terms of the Original Agreement

4. CONSIDERATION . For the sum of any dollar amount stipulated herein and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Parties agree to the following: [DESCRIBE PAYMENT OR OTHER CONSIDERATION] .

5. ASSUMPTION . By executing this Assignment, the Assignee accepts and assumes the transfer and ownership of all liabilities, obligations, and claims that currently exist or may in the future regarding the Assignment. As of the Effective Date, the Assignee agrees to comply with and assume all terms, payments, conditions, covenants, and any other duties and obligations as part of this Assignment and those set forth in the Original Agreement.

6. REPRESENTATIONS . The Parties acknowledge that they have a full understanding of the terms of this Assignment. The Assignor further warrants and represents that they own the rights transferred in this Assignment and has prior consent to execute this Assignment under the terms of the Original Agreement or otherwise through the written consent of the selling party under the Original Agreement; in the latter case, the written and signed consent of said party shall be attached to this Assignment. The Parties agree to provide and complete any obligations under this Assignment and the Original Agreement.

Assignor Signature : ___________________ Date:  [MM/DD/YYYY] Print Name: [ASSIGNOR’S NAME]

Assignee Signature : ___________________ Date:  [MM/DD/YYYY] Print Name:  [ASSIGNEE’S NAME]

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Mastering Assignment Contracts for Wholesaling Real Estate: A Step-by-Step Guide

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  • Published on June 18, 2024

Home » Mastering Assignment Contracts for Wholesaling Real Estate: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re diving into the world of wholesaling real estate, mastering assignment contracts is crucial. These contracts are the linchpin for wholesalers looking to facilitate property deals without purchasing the property themselves. Assignment contracts allow the transfer of purchasing rights to another buyer, offering the potential for profit with little upfront capital. In this article, we strip away the complexities surrounding these contracts and lay out a step-by-step guide to using them effectively. We’ll cover everything from the basic structure and legal compliance to overcoming common obstacles and marketing your deals.

Key Takeaways

  • Assignment contracts are a low-risk real estate investment strategy allowing wholesalers to earn a fee by transferring their right to purchase a property to a cash buyer.
  • Effective assignment contracts must include clear definitions of the parties involved, precise property descriptions, and detailed financial terms to ensure legality and prevent disputes.
  • Wholesalers must navigate legal compliance, establish clear contingencies, and build relationships with both motivated sellers and cash buyers to successfully wholesale properties through assignment contracts.

Exploring the Basics of Real Estate Assignment Contracts

Picture this: you’ve discovered a property ripe for investment but lack the funds to make the real estate purchase. Enter the real estate assignment contract—a legal document that becomes your golden ticket in such scenarios. As a property owner, a wholesaler can flip a contract to a cash buyer and pocket a fee in the process by securing the exclusive right to buy a property. It’s like holding a reservation you can sell at a premium to someone eager to take your place.

This method allows for wholesale real estate investing with minimal financial risk and positions you as a key intermediary. You’re the maestro, orchestrating a deal between the hopeful seller and the ready real estate investor, all the while keeping your eyes on the prize (an assignment fee ) that reflects your ability to spot and secure a promising lead.

The Structure of an Effective Assignment Contract

An assignment contract is more than just a handshake and a promise; it’s a meticulously crafted document that sets the stage for a successful and legally sound real estate transaction. At its core, it should clearly define:

  • The rights and obligations being transferred
  • The financial terms
  • A detailed description of the property
  • All bound by the consent of the parties involved

The purchase agreements serve as the deal’s blueprint, promoting clarity and confirming that all parties agree before proceeding.

Creating an Assignment Contract

When creating an assignment contract, it’s best to work with an attorney who’s well versed in the laws and regulations around real estate wholesaling in your state. Wholesalers who try to cut this corner by using a contract they found online can experience problems later if it’s a poorly written contract or one that’s written for a market with different regulations. 

In order to create an assignment contract, you must first find quality leads and then get in touch with the homeowner to agree on terms offered and sign the deal. The purchase deal, also referred to as a wholesaling contract, states that the wholesaler has the right to buy the property. 

When the wholesaler secures an cash buyer who is interested in buying the property, the two parties enter into a real estate assignment contract. This contract transfers all obligations from the wholesaler to the buyer. The same terms outlined in the purchase deal carry over to the buyer except for the price of the property. 

The key elements of an assignment contract are: 

  • A copy of the original wholesale contract or purchase deal
  • The legal names of the buyer and seller
  • The property’s street address, type of property, and assessor’s parcel number (APN)
  • The physical condition of the property, including any defects and repairs
  • The purchase price as well as specifications regarding financing and deposits (if applicable)
  • The closing date
  • Any contingencies

Here is a basic example of an assignment contract agreement, which will help guide you understand better as you read through.

assignment help real estate

Identifying the Contract Parties

When it comes to assignment contracts, it’s a trio performance featuring the assignor (you, the wholesaler), the assignee (the end buyer), and the original seller. As the wholesaler, you’re the pivotal figure, holding the rights to purchase which you intend to pass on to the assignee. The end buyer, or assignee, steps into your shoes, adopting all the benefits and responsibilities of the original purchase agreement. And let’s not forget the original seller , who kicked off this chain by agreeing to sell the property.

Describing the Subject Property

A blurry property description can turn a promising deal into a legal quagmire. That’s why the contract must paint a clear picture of the property in question, with no detail left to the imagination. A precise legal description lays the foundation for a binding contract, one that leaves no room for disputes about what’s being bought and sold.

Every detail, from lot measurements to included fixtures, adds to the property’s value and enhances the appeal of the deal. Overlooking the specifics of what stays and what goes can lead to misunderstandings and, worse, devalue the very asset you’re aiming to profit from.

Determining the Financial Terms

Money talks, and in real estate, it speaks volumes. The assignment contract must clearly spell out the financial obligations of the parties involved, starting with the earnest money deposit—a show of good faith from the assignee that guards you against a change of heart. Then there’s the assignment fee, which can fluctuate based on the property’s appeal and the buyer’s willingness, but expect to negotiate around the $5,000 mark as a benchmark.

Legality and Compliance in Assignment Contracts

Diving into the legal depths of assignment contracts, one must navigate the waters of legality and compliance with a keen eye. A contract is only as strong as its adherence to the law and clarity in its terms. The parties involved must be competent, not just in making decisions but also in the eyes of the law—of age and of sound mind. The contract must stand up to legal scrutiny, aligning with local laws and avoiding the murky areas of illegal activities or unconscionable demands.

Securing the services of a real estate attorney as earlier mentioned and in some states a real estate agent with a real estate license is a crucial step. They are the seasoned guides who can steer you through the complexities of real estate contracts and ensure that your agreement meets all necessary legal standards, from the statute of frauds to the finer points of state and local regulations.

Executing a Real Estate Assignment Contract

The execution of an assignment contract signals the culmination of all your groundwork, where the documents are signed, and the promises made on paper transmute into concrete actions. This critical juncture is not just about making it official; it’s also about ensuring that your interests as a wholesaler are buttoned up, protecting you once you’ve handed off the baton to the end buyer.

Preparing for Closing

The closing is the grand finale, and preparing for it means leaving no stone unturned. The closing date should be circled in red, signaling the day when the property changes hands and the profits are realized. However, the buyer’s ability to close the deal is the bedrock upon which your assignment contract rests.

Contingencies are your safety net, allowing you to bow out gracefully should the deal hit a snag before the closing date. And let’s not forget closing costs – knowing who bears the brunt of these fees can influence the deal’s structure and the smoothness of the final act.

Overcoming Obstacles in Assignment Contract Wholesaling

The path to successful wholesaling is often uneven; it’s filled with obstacles that can challenge even the most experienced wholesalers. From restrictive contracts that forbid assignment to financial contingencies that can snarl up transactions, these hurdles require strategic maneuvering and a keen understanding of the wholesaling landscape.

Dealing with Non-Assignable Contracts

Encountering a non-assignable contract requires innovative thinking. Some contracts leave no room for direct assignment, but that doesn’t mean you’re at a dead-end. You can resort to using a Standard Contract Assignment Addendum to circumvent restrictions or, when all else fails, execute a double closing, briefly taking title before passing it along to the end buyer.

Mastering wholesaling through assignment contracts involves:

  • Navigating a path that requires minimal initial capital but offers numerous profit opportunities
  • Connecting motivated sellers with cash buyers
  • Crafting contracts that are as bulletproof as they are profitable
  • Overcoming challenges with grit and ingenuity

It’s a journey that can be highly rewarding for those who are willing to put in the effort. Wholesaling real estate is an entry point into the property market, but it’s also a test of one’s ability to understand and adapt to the real estate landscape, where continuous learning is non-negotiable. Check out our Free training on Real Estate Investing to know more.

assignment help real estate

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a real estate assignment contract.

A real estate assignment contract is a legal agreement that allows an investor to transfer their rights and obligations under a property purchase agreement to another party, typically for a fee, often used in wholesaling to earn a profit without purchasing the property outright.

How does a wholesaler make money with an assignment contract?

A wholesaler makes money by negotiating a purchase price with a seller and then assigning the contract to an end buyer for a higher price, pocketing the difference as their profit, also known as the assignment fee.

Do I need a real estate license to wholesale properties using assignment contracts?

No, you generally do not need a real estate license to wholesale properties using assignment contracts, but it’s important to understand local regulations and work with a real estate attorney for legal compliance.

Can all real estate contracts be assigned to another party?

No, not all real estate contracts are assignable as it depends on the contract terms, some contracts may have clauses that forbid assignment or require seller’s consent. Make sure to review the terms or use a standard contract assignment addendum if needed.

What are some common obstacles in wholesaling with assignment contracts?

Some common obstacles in wholesaling with assignment contracts are non-assignable contracts, financing contingency hurdles, legal competence of parties, and navigating state and local laws. Solutions may involve double closings, contract addendums, and seeking legal advice.

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How to Use Real Estate Assignment Contracts for Investing

Real estate assignment contracts can lead to easy money

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What an Assignment Conveys

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Jim Kimmons is a real estate broker and author of multiple books on the topic. He has written hundreds of articles about how real estate works and how to use it as an investment and small business.

Visualize a real estate purchase contract with just a few extra words added to your name as the buyer. It would look something like this:

"Buyer: John J. Doe, and/or assigns."

That's it. You've provided for a real estate assignment contract. It seems simple, and it is, and it opens up many opportunities for profits in real estate investing .

Who or What Is an 'Assign'?

Your "assigns" would be anyone to whom you want to pass your purchase rights. Maybe you've effectively locked up a property with a purchase contract. You can now go ahead and buy it, flip it, rehab and rent it, or apply any other strategy that's legal.

Or you can also pass it along to someone else for profit, never actually buying it yourself. This is an assignment contract.

Control is all in your court at the beginning; you don't have to turn the deal over to anyone else if you decide not to, or until such time as it best suits you financially if you decide to go ahead with the assignment. The downside is that if you can't find anyone to take over the contract and that was your intention, you'll be legally obligated to consummate the sale yourself.

You're not just passing your purchase rights along. You're also passing your obligations in the contract. This means that you're no longer involved in the transaction at all after the assignment takes place.

You don't have any right to make claims against the seller if there are problems with the deal moving forward, however. The person or company to whom you've assigned the deal to is now responsible for taking the deal through to closing. 

Of course, this assumes that you've actually assigned the contract to another party. Until that time, you're on the hook. The contract is a legal document, governed by individual state laws, so the seller might have various means of recourse if you don't assign the contract and you don't follow through and close on the property.

You probably won't be receiving your fee or profit until closing, so you might be understandably nervous as you wait for the deal to close.

A Note About State Laws

A few states won't let you transfer liability in this way, so you might want to check with an attorney in your area to make sure you understand the laws in your jurisdiction before you jump in with both feet.

HUD homes and real estate owned properties or foreclosures generally aren't open to assignment in any state.

The simplest way to profit in this situation is to locate one or more buyers in your buyer database, show them the value in the deal, and take a referral or "bird-dog" fee for bringing it to them.

Bird-dogging doesn't involve getting technically involved in the deal at all. It's more or less an arrangement where you locate the property, then say, "Here you go, Investor," and the investor takes it from there, personally entering into a purchase contract with the seller—in exchange for a fee to you, of course.

You'll then assign your rights to the deal, and they'll go forward to closing.

They'll pay you your fee at or after closing. You could profit handsomely, even though all you had at risk was whatever earnest money deposit was required. And that risk is pretty low if you know who your buyers are likely to be before you contract the property, assuming the value is there.

You'll also begin to build and maintain an active investor buyer list for your customer pool. This is critical because you really want to be sure you have a ready buyer or two for a home before you commit that earnest money. You should be covered pretty well if you do a good job of building your list .

The list should include both fix-and-flip and rental property investors who have an interest in buying depending on the condition of the property. 

Rental investors normally want a house ready for occupancy, or at least with only cosmetic or minor repairs necessary.

Back-to-Back Closings for a Flip Sale

You can also take on the purchase personally and immediately selling it to another investor or a retail buyer. You might want to take this approach because your profits would be more significant.

Unfortunately, you can no longer use the funds from one deal to close on another in simultaneous closings since the mortgage crisis in 2007. Lenders just won't allow it. But you can explore resources for short-term funding, such as a relative, your own cash, or a hard money lender.

You only need the money long enough to close the purchase and resell. This might be hours, but it should never be more than a day or two.

A Great Real Estate Investment Strategy

Ideally, you've perfected your techniques and you can locate really great deep discount real estate deals with others. There are many ways to get to a good deal early, and your value to your buyer-customer is that you've got the property in your control. They'll only get it if you pass it along.

You can make this work well for you by honing two tasks: First, have a really good buyer database with information about what each is looking for, and second, learn and put into play various strategies for locating great property deals before they become general knowledge.

Using real estate assignment contracts can be your ticket to real estate investing profits with little of your own money at risk if you get these two things in line and operating for you.

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What Is an Assignment Sale? Understanding the Ins and Outs of This Real Estate Process

An assignment sale occurs when the original buyer of a property (the assignor) transfers their rights and obligations of the property contract to another buyer (the assignee) before the official closing of the sale.

This process allows the assignee to step into the original purchaser's shoes, taking on the commitments of the property purchase, which could be a pre-construction condo, house, or any other form of real estate.

assignment help real estate

Now, let's delve deeper into understanding how assignment sales work, their intricacies, and what they mean for buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

Demystifying the Elements of an Assignment Sale

Embarking on a real estate journey often introduces many terms and processes that may seem complex at first glance, with 'assignment sales' leading the pack in complexity and confusion.

Whether you're the original buyer looking to navigate away from closing costs or a savvy purchaser hunting for a valuable investment, understanding the nuts and bolts of assignment sales is an invaluable asset in the dynamic landscape of real estate.

How Assignment Sales Work

Assignment sales introduce a unique dynamic in real estate transactions, particularly in bustling markets like Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast .

When you buy a pre-construction unit, the property is yours, albeit not immediately ready for occupation. Life changes or financial circumstances sometimes evolve between the original purchase agreement and the final closing, necessitating a shift in plan.

Here's where assignment sales come into play. The original buyer can sell their interest in the property before the final sale, sidestepping typical hurdles like mortgage payments or land transfer taxes that come with a regular sale. This method provides a strategic avenue for purchasers to hand over their contractual obligations to another party without waiting for the property's completion.

The Assignment Clause: A Vital Cog in the Wheel

The assignment clause in the original contract is central to these types of transactions. This clause allows the transfer of the buyer's rights and responsibilities to another person.

It's crucial to understand that not all pre-construction sales agreements have an assignment clause, and most builders or developers might impose restrictions or require consent before any assignment deal can proceed.

Understanding the Financials: Costs and Fees

Engaging in assignment sales tends to involve several costs that both the buyer and seller must anticipate.

These include the assignment fee charged by the developer, legal fees for contract transfer, and possibly higher legal fees due to the complexity compared to a resale property. There could also be tax implications depending on the nature of the transaction and the parties involved.

Navigating Through the Interim Occupancy Period

A common scenario in assignment sales, especially in pre-construction condos, is dealing with the interim occupancy period.

This period arises when the assignee can take possession (though not ownership) of the unit while the property is not officially registered. During this phase, the assignee pays occupancy fees, akin to rent, which don't go towards mortgage payments.

Understanding this period helps both parties make an informed decision and prepare for the financial responsibilities it entails.

The Pros and Cons of Assignment Sales

Navigating assignment sales requires a balanced understanding of its advantages and drawbacks. While these transactions open avenues for lucrative deals and flexible arrangements, they also carry inherent risks and complexities that can impact buyers and sellers.

assignment help real estate

This exploration will provide clear insights, aiding your decision-making in the vibrant real estate market.

The Bright Side: Benefits of Assignment Sales

  • Less Competition, More Opportunities: One advantage that makes assignment sales attractive, particularly in areas prone to bidding wars like Vancouver Island , is less competition. Fewer buyers are willing or informed about engaging in this kind of sales transaction, reducing the frenzy often seen in hot real estate markets. This situation can present a more favourable buying environment for those ready and willing to proceed with an assignment purchase.
  • Potential for a Better Deal: For buyers, assignment sales sometimes offer the opportunity to get into a brand-new unit at a potentially lower cost. Since the assignee is stepping into an existing agreement, they might benefit from the original purchase price, which could be lower than current market rates, especially in fast-growing communities.
  • Flexibility for the Original Buyer: For the original buyer, an assignment sale offers a way out, potentially recouping the deposit paid and avoiding financial penalties that might come with breaking a purchase agreement. This strategy can be particularly advantageous if the purchaser's circumstances change and needs to free up cash or avoid taking on a mortgage.

The Flip Side: Challenges and Risks of Assignment Sales

  • Complexity and Higher Legal Fees: Assignment sales are not your straightforward real estate transaction. They require additional steps, such as securing the developer's consent, and the legal process is more complex than purchasing resale properties. As a result, both parties might incur higher legal fees to facilitate the transaction.
  • Financial Overheads and Closing Costs: For the assignee, the initial cost outlay can be substantial for the assignee. They must reimburse the original buyer's deposit, pay the assignment fee, cover land transfer taxes, and prepare for other closing costs. These expenses require careful consideration and financial planning.
  • Uncertainties and Marketing Restrictions: In some cases, developers impose marketing restrictions, making it challenging to advertise the assignment sale. Additionally, the assignee, now the new buyer, takes on certain risks like development charges or changes in market conditions, which could affect the property's value upon final closing.

Making the Move: Deciding If an Assignment Sale Is Right for You

Deciding to engage in an assignment sale is a pivotal moment, requiring a blend of financial foresight and market understanding.

As we delve into this decision-making process, we'll consider critical personal and economic factors that ensure you're making a choice that aligns with your real estate ambitions and lifestyle aspirations.

Conduct Due Diligence: Know What You're Getting Into

Involving real estate agents experienced in assignment sales is a prudent step for guidance through the intricacies of these transactions.

assignment help real estate

Also, consulting with a real estate lawyer ensures you understand the legalities, your rights, and any potential liabilities you might be assuming.

Consider Your Financial Standing and Long-Term Goals

Reflect on your current financial health and future plans.

For original buyers, if life changes dictate a change in your real estate investments, an assignment sale could be a viable exit. For potential assignees, consider whether this buying pathway aligns with your investment strategy and if you're comfortable with the associated risks.

Stay Informed About Market Conditions

Market dynamics greatly influence real estate valuations. A clear picture of current trends, especially in your buying area (like Fort St John or cities in the Okanagan ), helps make an informed decision.

Understanding these trends could offer insights into whether you're setting yourself up for a profitable investment or a potential financial misstep.

Bringing It All Home with LoyalHomes.ca

Navigating the world of assignment sales can be a complex journey, laden with opportunities and pitfalls. Whether you're considering selling your contractual rights or stepping into an existing purchase agreement, the route is layered with legal, financial, and market considerations.

At Loyal Homes, we understand that your real estate journey is more than just a transaction; it's a pivotal chapter in your life story. We're here to guide you through each step, ensuring you're equipped with the local, accurate, and relevant information to make decisions confidently. Our team is committed to providing a service that stands a notch above the rest, focusing on relationships and community at its core.

Ready to take the next step in your real estate adventure in British Columbia? Whether it's finding the perfect neighbourhood, exploring investment opportunities, or seeking your dream home, we're here to assist.

For a personalized experience tailored to your unique needs, consider our Personalized Home Search . If you're on the selling side and need to understand your property's current market standing, request a Free Home Valuation . Or, for any other inquiries or guidance, feel free to contact us . Your journey to a successful real estate experience in British Columbia starts with LoyalHomes.ca, where your peace of mind is our highest priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to buy an assignment sale.

Buying an assignment sale can be advantageous, offering lower purchase prices compared to current market rates for similar properties, especially in hot real estate markets. However, this venture also requires thorough due diligence to ensure that the agreement terms, property details, and financial implications align with your investment goals.

Can You Make Money on an Assignment Sale?

Yes, there is a potential to make money on an assignment sale, particularly if the property's value has increased since the original purchase date. This profit occurs due to appreciation over the period, especially in high-demand areas, but it's crucial to factor in any assignment fees, legal costs, and tax implications to understand the net gainfully.

What Are the Risks of Buying an Assignment Sale?

The risks include a lack of guarantees on the final product as specifications might change, potential delays in construction, and complexities in financing, often requiring a more substantial initial deposit. These elements underscore the importance of legal counsel to navigate contract specifics and to prepare for any contingencies or additional costs.

How Do I Sell My Pre-Construction Assignment?

Selling a pre-construction assignment involves marketing to potential buyers, typically requiring the developer's consent and possibly entailing a fee. Engaging with a real estate professional who understands the local market nuances and legalities of assignment sales is essential to ensure a smooth, compliant transaction.

Do I Pay Tax on Assignment Sale?

Tax implications on assignment sales can be multifaceted, potentially involving income tax on profits and GST/HST on the purchase, depending on factors like the property type and the seller's tax status. It's advisable to consult with a tax professional to accurately determine specific obligations and strategize for tax efficiency based on your circumstances.

What Is the Difference Between a Transfer and an Assignment?

A transfer and an assignment differ significantly; a transfer involves changing property ownership after a project's completion, whereas an assignment sells one's interest in a property before it's finished. Understanding this distinction is crucial as it affects the contractual obligations, rights transferred to the new buyer, and the legal and financial processes involved in the transaction.

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Home Listing and Selling

Home Listing and Selling

The real estate market is a very competitive one and being successful in the business can be very challenging which is why many agents struggle to survive in this profession.  

Real Estate Business in Oman 

Real Estate Business in Oman 

The real estate market of the Sultanate of Oman has been in a boom during the last years because of prosperous revenues in crude oil.

Industry Analysis Real Estate Company in Bangladesh

Industry Analysis Real Estate Company in Bangladesh

First, to know about a real estate company you have to know what is real estate?

Final Essay

Final Essay

Taking this Real estate class was my third course in order to be eligible for the CalBRE exam.

My Real Estate Goals

My Real Estate Goals

Once I finish my business degree, I plan to work in the business world for the next fifteen to twenty years. 

Potential Office Property to Invest in Greater Toronto Area for Dream Office Reit

Potential Office Property to Invest in Greater Toronto Area for Dream Office Reit

The purpose of the report created is to provide a detailed insight into an investment opportunity for our real estate firm, dream Office REIT, which will help enhance and diversify our portfolio. 

Degree of Masters of Professional Studies in Real Estate 

Degree of Masters of Professional Studies in Real Estate 

Columbia has been disproportionately allocated to the land west of the Anacostia River.  

  Closing the Real Estate Transaction

  Closing the Real Estate Transaction

There are several processes involved in closing the real estate transaction.  

  Closing the Real Estate Transaction

BRE418 Real Estate Development

You and your group members (with 5 to 8 persons) will use this assignment to undertake a feasibility study for a redevelopment project. 

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Frequently asked questions, 1 what is real estate.

Real estate is an area or measured quantity of land that encompasses whatever structure is associated with it, be it natural or man-made. Certain examples include buildings, trees, agricultural lands, water, minerals, and fences. Real estate is the ownership of the land and any factor associated with it be it temporary or permanent until the property belongs to the person. The owner of the land has full rights to do activities under legal rights based on the ownership of the land.

Physical characteristics of the Real-estate include-

Indestructible- Land is an indestructible material. Although current processes help in the excavation and removal of land quantities, it is generally considered solid. People often buy lands for mining and removal of minerals and it is a major income.

Uniqueness- No two parts of the land are the same even though they look similar. They differ geographically or through small variations that are not visible such as land quality and nature.

A real estate is a type of real property that is valued.. Real property is anything that is generally immovable or remains attached to the property such as buildings and minerals. It differs from personal property, which although belongs to the person and can remain on the land, can be moved such as vehicles, furniture, equipment, and instruments.

There is a general misconception around the land, real estate, and real property, although all these words are interchangeably used to denote property. The land is any property that is present on the Earth’s surface and below it about the ownership. Real estate is the general term that denotes the permanent structures along with the land and its ownership. Real property denotes the interests and rights of Real estate ownership. 

Real estate is in reality, an industry. It incorporates various sectors and employs hundreds of millions of employers and providers throughout the world. Real estate provides living for people through construction, development, property management, advertisement, material supply, finance, and education. Professionals of various sectors and fields are employed in this business not limited to laborers, surveyors, financiers, accountants, lawyers, architects, and government officials. Companies and banks invest hundreds of billions of dollars in this field, mainly because of future development and market growth. Lands and buildings are purchased in main markets or profitable locations with the idea that the price of markets rises, therefore indirectly raising the standard of cost for Real estate. It, therefore, acts as an investment for the owner and does not matter if the owner intends not to use the property even for some time.

A real estate is a form of investment and widely drives economic growth both directly and indirectly. Investment through direct methods includes purchasing homes, rental properties, and other forms of properties involving land while indirect methods involve investment through trust, more commonly known as RETI. These forms of investment help in increasing production, labor, and demand for materials in construction and also help in the development of companies as well as the workforce thereby driving the economy forward.

Real estate is considered to have numerous faces because of its complex nature, applicability, and ownership. It can be any form such as improved or unimproved based on the development on the land, purchased or sold based on the side of the transaction, and private, government, and corporate based on the nature of ownership.

Other than those involved with construction and buying, some people help in smooth transactions and provide the availability of such real estate. Such people are called Brokers and salespeople who facilitate in selling or buying of the property. They act as middlemen to provide services that involve the availability of land, analysis of its quality, connecting buyers and sellers, and proper verification of documents.

There are numerous laws for Real estate drawn individually for each country. They are framed based on the nature of the land, the government’s rules, economy, topography, and various other factors. Also, there are different sets of laws for different types of Real-estate such as Commercial, Residential and Corporate. These are defined based on the type of framework and guidelines prescribed by the government. Therefore, Residential Real Estate varies widely from MNCs and factories which use Commercial and Industrial Real estate.

Real estate therefore can provide occupation and is an industry involving the transaction based on land and its components.

2 What are the types of Real Estates?

Real estate is categorized broadly depending upon several factors. Many of these laws can vary between different countries but can generally be grouped under five types. These are-

Residential Real Estate- Residential Real Estate is any land that is used for residential purposes. These include homes, residential complexes, individual villas, and various other forms of land including cooperatives. These real estates are under certain fixed conditions depending on environmental, geographical conditions, and soil nature and are one of the fastest-growing investments in the future. A land value in a top city never falls but grows continuously over the years, and labor flow towards these cities increases these values ultimately.

Commercial Real Estate- Commercial Real Estate is any property that is used for business purposes. Apartment complexes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, stores, customer services, organizational offices, etc are all examples of Commercial Real Estates. These are mainly classified under the criteria that they provide customer services and interact with customers commercially as a brand or for a purpose. 

Industrial Real Estate- Industrial Real Estate is any property that is used for the services that involve manufacturing, production, distribution, research and development, factories, and warehouses. These are under a completely different set of rules unlike other Real Estates due to their nature and process involvement and are generally present outside city limits and away from residential areas. Industrial Real Estate is the major factor that grows the country’s economy compared to the other forms of Real Estates. This is because it promotes employment in multitudes of sectors, production, and storage of products that are used by the people. It promotes direct and indirect growth as well as prospects for future growth since new cities are developed around existing factories. 

Land- Land is any property that remains undeveloped, vacant, or used for purposes like agriculture, farming, grazing, and cultivation. These are lands that involve basic processes on which buildings are not constructed. Vacant lands are the ones that are generally used for cultivation of the buildings and factories, and cities are thus developed.

3 Why is Real Estate Complicated?

Real Estate is a vast sector of business. It has many processes and ideologies with frameworks and laws regulating at every step. It is tedious and generally requires a detailed study to gain knowledge on the subject. Below are some of the reasons why Real Estate is difficult.

Nature of transaction- Real Estate is a work around the world and is happening every instant. A deal of transaction generally involves two sides, the buyer and the seller. The seller is the original owner of the property who gives the land to the buyer for certain purposes. The land property or landholding can be given to the buyer in terms of selling, renting, and leasing. Each type of transaction of land, whether buying, selling. Renting or for lease, involves estimation of the land value, its future market, feasibility, properties associated with the land, and legal transfer of ownership which makes it difficult.

Numerous laws- Each property of land falls under numerous laws and conditions. Transactions of land must be made following them. These are present throughout the world and across all countries. For example, buying land for Industrial purposes in a Residential area is not accepted and in certain cases, not permitted. This is because of environmental and pollution damage factories cause to the residential areas. So, Industrial Real Estates are listed separately and are sold through them. Also, the transaction of rights, ownership and the legal status of the property must be checked both before and after the exchange. This makes it confusing and requires various persons like lawyers, brokers, and surveyors to complete a proper exchange of land.

Cost estimation- Any material must be properly evaluated before it is sold, bought, or exchanged for money. The same is applicable for real estate too. The land needs to be viewed as well as all its properties for proper estimation. If a property is bought, many factors are considered including the pricing quoted for the existing materials and properties. For example, a broken window, pipeline, or a crack running along the walls can degrade the building's cost and the buyer has to incur the cost for repairing it later. So these are evaluated and the price is reduced accordingly. Also, various factors such as future growth of the land cost, nearby closest locations, and cities, feasibility and availability of water, electricity, and other conditions are considered before fixing the price of land. For these, experts such as Accountants and banking experts are employed to offer proper evaluation and estimation of prices.

These make Real Estate services difficult. But various companies, experts, and professionals are present in the market which offer these services and help in smooth transactions between buyers and sellers.

4 How is Real Estate an Investment?

Real is invariably a form of investment. Investment is deemed as any property or material on which money is stored that can give profit in the future. Property, be it land or buildings or both, are bought considering the market price and future scenarios. Since land for a country is in a fixed amount, the price of land and its accompanying properties slowly rise over the years considering the demand and work, growth around the land, and the economic growth of the country. Due to this, more prospects grow around and the price of land starts to grow steadily. So, against a minimal cost price, the price of investing in Real Estate slowly grows over the years and will continue to grow. 

Real Estate Investment is a prominent form in countries like India, China, and Canada because they value their money and predict that they will give profits over the years. Also, many rich people invest in Real Estate because it grows slowly with minimal risk and can expect great benefits over long periods of investment. Many people also involve flipping, in which a particular property is bought, renovated for some amount, and sold so that a higher profit is earned compared to the cost incurred for buying and renovating the property. This is also a form of investment, where quick returns are obtained in minimal time. Unlike stocks, Real Estates are preferred for slow growth yet long time of investment and is recently garnering wide attention.

5 How Does Real Estate Vary in Countries Based on Factors?

6 why do students need help with real estate assignments.

Real Estate is a complex process involving various transactions involving money, land, and property. There are numerous laws and regulations regarding the nature of Real Estate, the conditions surrounding it, the country associated, the buyer, the seller, and various other factors including prospects and estimation. Also estimation and proper quoting of price are important to avoid loss in the business. All these conditions are important and have to be properly understood if it is to be written. But understanding these concepts fully requires years of experience and ideas. 

Students find it difficult to understand these concepts in a short time and writing an assignment without proper understanding can cause stress and confusion to students. Therefore, students feel lost without proper guidance and help in writing Real Estate Assignments and therefore require assistance and help in writing the assignments. Some experts and professionals have years, even decades of experience in the field of Real Estate and Investment. They have the proper idea of how to write the assignments by considering the current trends, future expectations, and conditions about writing. They provide the required help in writing the assignment without any mistakes by checking the required details.


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The way they helped me with completing the Real Estate assignment, I would surely ask for help from other assignments if needed. Great quality, greater content, and worth the money.

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assignment help real estate

Where Will Christina Ricci Crash Next? The Star’s Sunny L.A. Home Is Listed for $2.2M

( Lionel Hahn/Getty Images; Realtor.com )

Where Will Christina Ricci Crash Next? The Star’s Sunny L.A. Home Is Listed for $2.2M

Christina Ricci , who is currently starring in the plane-crash series “Yellowjackets,” just listed her traditional Woodland Hills home in Los Angeles for $2,249,000.

The actress, known for playing characters with a bit of an edge, purchased the serene, four-bedroom, four-bath luxury house in 2018 for $1.1 million.

She then tackled a meticulous renovation of the 1956-era home with the help of celebrity designer Jeff Lewis, who featured the project on his Amazon Freevee series “Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis.”

Ricci first tapped the designer to do a few rooms in her house for an episode of the series and was so thrilled with the results she called him back to do the rest of the property.

“Jeff and I basically ended up partnering on doing the entirety of my house,” Ricci told Us Magazine . “And then we’re going to look for future opportunities to flip houses together.”

But in the meantime, she’s listing the 2,718-square-foot home they last worked on together. It’s set in the private, leafy enclave in the upscale Woodland Hills  neighborhood.

assignment help real estate

(The Luxury Level)

assignment help real estate

New skylights illuminate both stories of the two-level home, as do a number of new windows and French doors.

An interesting, double-sided fireplace serves as a partial divider between the living room and kitchen in the great room.

And that gorgeously redone kitchen features new custom cabinetry and marble countertops, open wood shelving, new JennAir appliances (including a professional-style gas range), a convenient microwave drawer, an under-counter beverage fridge, and a prep island with seating.

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The primary suite sits on the second floor, with French doors leading out to a balcony. And the fun-yet-elegant primary bath is decked out with marble-tiled floors, a glass shower, standalone tub, brass fixtures and hardware, and cheerful flowered wallpaper.

The remaining three bedrooms and bathrooms are on the home’s lower level.

The lot measures .28 acres and is well planned out, with a kidney-shaped pool and stone decking, green lawns, numerous meandering pathways, conversation areas, a waterfall, and a pond.

assignment help real estate

Ricci, 44, stars in the much-celebrated Showtime drama “Yellowjackets,” which has been renewed for a third season. The petite actress has been acting since she was 9, appearing in the film “Mermaids,” then making a breakout as Wednesday Addams in the 1990s film “The Addams Family” and its sequel, “Addams Family Values.”

Ricci recently returned to the Addams Family fold, in the Tim Burton -directed Netflix hit series “Wednesday,” in which she played Wednesday Addams’ teacher.

And there might even be a reno series with Jeff Lewis in Ricci’s future.

“There’s no concrete plans, but I had a lot of fun …” she told Us  of her work with the designer. “I think it’d be really fun for us to have our own TV show.”

Mercedes Javid , of The Agency, holds the listing.

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  • Learn more about Woodland Hills, CA

Lisa Johnson Mandell is an award-winning writer who covers lifestyle, entertainment, real estate, design, and travel. Find her on AtHomeInHollywood.com

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Throughout the United States it is easy to see signs of the ongoing struggles in our office real estate market. From the years-old “For Lease,” signs outside the office towers to continuous news of foreclosures and high occupancy rates, it is clear that challenges in the office market will continue for years and even decades to come.

The pandemic kicked off these issues in early-2020, and the resulting shift to work from home has proven to be the largest challenge any sector of the U.S. real estate market faced since the 2008 Financial Crisis. With the pandemic thankfully fading, the market’s hope for return to the office initiatives has failed to materialize given the continued tight labor market and workers’ desire for remote work as an employment perk. Whether employers can implement return to office initiatives when the labor market softens remains to be seen. Regardless of the causes and potential solutions, the effects and challenges are clear. The U.S. office market’s vacancy rate at the end of 2023 hovered around 20 percent. This marks an increase from vacancy rates in the low-teens throughout the latter-half of the 2010s.

The headlines tell the tale of this market on a weekly, if not daily basis. Prestigious towers that have been fixtures in various city skylines face financial challenges, foreclosure or redevelopment. Other, smaller buildings in various cities’ cores and surrounding suburbs face similar challenges. All this doom and gloom begs the question: What can individuals and companies who have a stake in this office market do to navigate these challenging conditions and ensure future success?

Continue reading article here .

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