Preparing for PT3 English 2021 

18 May 2021

7 minutes to read

format essay pt3

  • 01. PT3 2021 Examination Latest Format 
  • 02. PT3 English Examination Marking Scheme
  • 03. PT3 English Essay Writing Tips and Format
  • 04. PT3 Past Year Papers and References

Whoot whoot ~ How are you guys today? Getting hyped to get one step closer to finishing your secondary school? Well done. 

I know some of you are getting depressed over the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Who won’t?

While some students are cheering that the school has been shut down for so long and some of them have been crying because they miss out on the chances to gain more knowledge to prepare for their future, just remember – Things happen. 

Never cry over spilt milk . What we can do is to learn how to move forward. 

What’s important for the PT3 candidates to know is that PT3 isn’t the only examination that you are going to take. There is one other big examination coming in just about 2 years time!  

For you, the milk hasn't been spilled yet! The time has come for you to seriously think about your future. How important your future is especially in this turbulent time, where more people are becoming jobless and even more people have nothing to eat on their plate. 

As a student, your only job and responsibility is to become a better human being. Learn more to achieve more and you will be able to help a lot of people in the future. Here, we at Superprof are dedicated to help you in your journey. 

In this article, we are going to cover the PT3 latest format, where to find PT3 past year papers, tips on answering essay papers and how PT3 is marked. 


PT3 2021 Examination Latest Format 

The top view of Malaysia examination hall

Do you know, nearly a decade ago, the Form 3 Assessment (PT3) wasn't known as what it is now? Before, the form 3 students sat for the Lower Secondary Examination (PMR). 

Yes, the difference is between ‘Assessment’ and ‘Examination’. It looks the same right? But it isn’t. Assessment is done by the teacher throughout the year and the weightage for the marking is higher in the final PT3 Assessment Test for the overall mark. Besides, Assessment is also school based, meaning that your examination paper will be marked by your school teachers. 

Meanwhile the Examination, just as it sounds, the student will sit for one final examination to mark the end of their lower secondary school journey. All the subject weightage falls in that one examination paper. So PMR was more exam oriented. Nonetheless, the exam paper will be marked externally by external markers just like how SPM is executed. 

The good thing about this type of examination is that the students took the exam very seriously and were willing to go to all lengths to prove themselves worthy to choose any streams they would want to take in the higher secondary form. 

Frankly, I can say that the PT3 assessment test has been taken lightly by the majority of parents and students. Most of the instrument tests haven't been done and it takes a toll on the teachers to search for students who are falling behind. However, that is the best thing about PT3, ‘No students are left behind’. Teachers can recognize weak students early on and will focus more on them. 

Throughout the year of the implementation of PT3 in 2014, MOE has made several revisions on the way the assessment is done. In 2019, another revision has been made and supposedly the 2020 PT3 candidate should be the first to sit for the test. 

The changes made recently is more towards the administration of PT3. This time, schools are responsible to make the instruments instead of it being given by MOE like the years before. This is a good shift as the teacher can tailor the instruments according to their student’s level. 

Check out more in depth on PT3's latest format . 

PT3 English Examination Marking Scheme

Student doing listening test

The interesting part of the latest PT3 assessment test is that MOE has aligned themselves with The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) measuring system. 

If you haven’t heard about CEFR before, this measuring system has been adapted in most of the international English as Second Language standard scores. Therefore, Malaysia has moved one step forward to be on par with all other international English levels. 

Previously, there were only 2 tests to sit for in the English subjects – Written test (Writing & Reading Comprehension) and Oral Test. Today you’ll only be sitting in 1 test but with 4 different papers. 

The papers are as follows:- 

  • Paper 1 – Reading
  • Paper 2- Essay
  • Paper 3 – Speaking
  • Paper 4 – Listening

Quite similar right? The difference is in the weightage of each paper in which the total scores are divided equally to 25%. So, the assessment is more comprehensive than before. Today, we can focus on 4 important types of linguistic properties. 

Previously, PMR students will only focus on their reading and writing. So their speaking and listening skills are rather low. Forward to today, I can see that most of the Generation Z are able to speak up their mind in English!

There are more tips on scoring PT3 papers following the latest PT3 Marking Scheme . 

PT3 English Essay Writing Tips and Format

Practice makes perfect writing

I realized with the latest format in Malaysia English as Second Language, Bahasa Inggeris in PT3, writing isn’t one of the favourite papers to answer. Yes, I admit that even before, writing was the hardest part of the English Examination.

However, with the previous format, we don't have any choice than to score writing as the weightage is 50% of the overall marks. Today, with the division of English subjects into 4 papers with the equal weightage of 25%, students are able to at least focus on their best 3 papers to pass the English subjects. The probability to get at least 75% is high. 

But should we neglect the essay writing? Obviously NOT! Writing is also one of the core principles in English. Without the ability to write, your English skills won’t make it for further studies or for any kind of job which requires fluency in English.

Fret not, compared to before, English writing papers are not as flowery as they used to be. Today, straightforward writing is the best way to score. Why the flowery and why the changes? 

As you may know, the Malay Language is poetic, soft and flowery (not straight to the point). The previous format has assimilated Malay Language into English Language style of writing. Therefore, since MOE has changed and aligned the format to follow the international standard, we should also follow the international style of writing. 

Here Superprof has identified a few tips to follow while answering PT3 Essay Writing . 

  • Every answer and point given should be simple and easy to understand
  • Avoid using excessive jargon and complicated words
  • Speak more English with your peers so you can adapt to use natural words and sentences in your essay
  • Read more books to increase your vocabularies
  • Don't rush when writing and maintain a good and easy to read handwriting
  • Learn from experts

PT3 Past Year Papers and References

Past year papers are mostly sought by students nearing the examination. It is proven to help a lot of them in their answering skills and building up confidence. In contrast to those who never even wonder what the test paper looks like or the structure of the exam, they won’t find it hard or difficult to answer. 

“To succeed, you must first improve, to improve, you must first practice, to practice, you must first learn, to learn, you must first fail!” -Wesley Woo

So here, Superprof will help you out in finding the best PT3 Past Year Papers and References . 

First you should know how to search for it.

  • Check out our Ministry of Education’s website to know any updates relating to the examination. 
  • Do not simply take papers or questions from non-reputable websites as your stepping stone to success. It might backfire on you as they might not use the latest format and not give you the best questions to focus for your test. 
  • Getting a book from a reputable publisher is the best way to get the best model questions. Most of the publishing companies hire experienced teachers and some of them have experience in compiling or making exam papers. 
  • Check out Superprof blog for more downloadable papers and tips. 

It is understandable that more and more of us opt to get free-references on the net. However, one thing you should be aware of is that some of the non-reputable websites contain viruses, excessive marketing pop-up, download our data without consent and many more. 

Therefore, never fall victim to this kind of trap. 

Do you know Superprof is one of the best education platforms globally? We have more than a million teachers available for any online or face-to-face tutoring. You can easily choose your own favourite tutor. 

The rate is also affordable compared to the market price in tuition centres and other private tutoring in Malaysia. Our rate starts as low as RM30 per hour! Yes this is real! Most of our tutors are the best in their field. 

One of the best investments you can make for your future is EDUCATION . Remember, examination is just one way to measure your knowledge and skills in certain subjects. Thus, only by achieving good results can you pave your future easily and you’ll be able to achieve greater things earlier than the rest of your peers. 

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Alia J.

Alia Jamaludin is known as a passionate environmentalist and animal lover. By being both educator and writer, she can reach out her positive thought to almost every being on this planet.

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thanks about your sharing , maybe some words i don’t understand but i will trans it and i try to remember that.

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Understanding The New SPM (2021) English 1119 Paper Format

1. very similar to pt3-2019, 2. 4 papers rather than previous 2, 3. grades for each skill & an overall grade, 4. only 1 out of 4 papers will be assessed by lpm, 5. kssm = less emphasis on reading & writing, 6. possible changes to the marking criteria for spm writing, 7. expect changes over time, popular posts from this blog, what to do when your unifi service suddenly drops.


The Millennial Trains Project: A Transcontinental Conference On Tracks

My cpt results.


Rukun Negara dalam Inggeris, Melayu, Cina, & Tamil


For teachers and students, fast and easy ways to write your email/note/postcard: question 3(j).

format essay pt3

Previously, I’ve posted  an entry on How to start and end question 3(J) and it’s been well received and I’ve also gotten some valuable feedbacks from our readers. I also mentioned that I might share with you a cycle that I normally introduce to my learners.  So, why not now? The test is closer now that it is July, I am sure you guys are feeling more anxious now. Maybe this could help you.

*The usefulness of this cycle is very subjective, if you do not think it will work with your learners, I welcome you to write to me and we can chat 🙂

PT3 Papers have certain ways of constructing this question. There is almost a pattern in the things they ask for.

In almost all the question types that have been asked out there, you will most probably be asked to :

  • invite/suggest/recommend
  • give 1 or more reasons
  • encourage someone to take action

It does not run away from this. Therefore, all you need to do is to link all of them together and try to make your writing sound as natural and interesting as you can.

In my previous post  How to start and end question 3(J),  I have explained how you can start and end with some ready-to-go phrases.

In here you will find some more help for you to go about with your content:

  • This is to make sure you are on the right direction. It also helps you to make sure you answer the question.
  • It is very important that you give AT LEAST 2 reasons to show that you understand what the question asks.
  • In 2017, the question changed its format and ASK FOR ONLY 1 REASON . It killed many students and it showed that many students either don’t read the question properly or don’t understand the difference between ‘REASONS’ and ‘REASON’ 
  • As TEACHERS , it’s extremely important to brief your students on this and make it a point for them to READ the questions. EVERY QUESTION should be READ and DISSECTED!
  • Use connecting words to help arrange your points. 
  • Some suggested sentence starters are there to help you build around the notes given from given text.
  • REASON 3 is optional but highly recommended if you feel that you don’t have much to say
  • Here are some very useful sentences I introduce to my student:
  • I know you like ______ right?
  • You are going to love it. 
  • We can have fun together.
  • We can take a lot of pictures there.
  • What are you waiting for? Come and join me.

These may sound simple but they could be life saver for your weaker groups. They feel more confident when they have some sentences up their sleeve.

Just remind them try not to repeat the same sentence too often.


  • They always ask for this in the question. If you worry your students can’t understand the word, make it a point for them to write this in. I mean, it can’t be wrong, can it?
  • Just a sentence to end the whole writing. 

The picture below may help you to better understand what I am talking about here:

format essay pt3

From my experience, students feel less lost when they have a guideline like this.

The positive side of it:

  • It comes most useful with the weaker groups. They will be able to come up with something instead of nothing.
  • Some students like playing safe. This is SAFE.
  • They write quicker. Once they get used to the pattern, it’s faster for them to get it done.
  • Avoid a lot of weird language (grammar and tenses comedy)

The negative side of it:

  • You take away students’ creativity. They might stick with your samples language. If you want genuine products from them, this might not be what you’re looking for.
  • Expect a lot of similar answers. But hey, if it gets them to the shore, why not?
  • Also, many will still get it wrong. I’ve seen many learners still not able to connect the phrases into meaningful language. For this, I’m still looking for ways to help them, any ideas from you?

format essay pt3

9 thoughts on “ Fast and Easy ways to write your Email/Note/Postcard: Question 3(J) ”

Very useful indeed as were the others you have sent. Thank you Grace.

Kudos to a wonderful teacher for her refreshing ideas. Much thought too given to cater to different set of students. Keep up the good work. May God bless you with more great sharings.

Thank you so much for your updates. This is the best site that supports tchrs and i appreciate yiur prompt replies and guides!!


Appreciate your kind words! Let’s spread the love! 🙂

this is so useful. even advance students need base guideline. thanks so much

This is waaaaayy helpful than looking at those emails on the guidebooks

appreciate your kind words!

appreciate your kind words! however, with the implementation of the new format, we’re going to change the content of this post to better fit the new requirements of the new format. stay tuned!

Thanks. Easy way. May I share to my students?

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🏆 Women's Tournament

(7) Creighton vs. (10) UNLV

(4) Gonzaga vs. (13) UC Irvine

View the bracket

NCAA | March 23, 2024

2024 ncaa women's basketball bracket: printable tournament .pdf.

format essay pt3

Here is the official and printable NCAA bracket for the 2024 NCAA Division I women's basketball tournament. First round games continue today, Saturday, March 23.

NCAA bracket 2024: Printable March Madness bracket for the women's tournament

Click or tap here to open the March Madness bracket as a .PDF  |  Click or tap here to open it as a .JPG

The 2024 Women's Basketball bracket is here.

This is the schedule for the tournament:

2024 March Madness women's TV times and schedule (all times ET)

Saturday, march 23 — first round.

  • (6) Tennessee 92 , (11) Green Bay 63
  • (3) UConn 86 , (14) Jackson State 64
  • (4) Indiana 89 , (13) Fairfield 56
  • (8) Kansas 81 , (9) Michigan 72 (OT)
  • (2) Notre Dame 81 , (15) Kent State 67
  • (3) NC State 64 , (14) Chattanooga 45
  • (1) Iowa 91 , (16) Holy Cross 65
  • (6) Syracuse 74 , (11) Arizona 69
  • (5) Oklahoma 73 , (12) FGCU 70
  • (1) Southern California 87 , (16) Texas A&M Corpus Christi 55
  • (7) Ole Miss 67 , (10) Marquette 55
  • (8) West Virginia vs. (9) Princeton | 5:30 p.m. | ESPN2
  • (7) Creighton vs. (10) UNLV | 7 p.m. | ESPNews
  • (4) Gonzaga vs. (13) UC Irvine | 7:30 p.m. | ESPN2
  • (2) UCLA vs. (15) California Baptist | 9:30 p.m. | ESPN2
  • (5) Utah vs. (12) South Dakota State | 10 p.m. | ESPNU

Sunday, March 24 — Second round

  • (2) Ohio State vs. (7) Duke | 12 p.m. | ESPN
  • (1) South Carolina vs. (8) North Carolina | 1 p.m. | ABC
  • (4) Kansas State vs. (5) Colorado | 2 p.m. | ESPN
  • (3) LSU vs. (11) Middle Tennessee | 3 p.m. | ABC
  • (3) Oregon State vs. (6) Nebraska | 4 p.m. | ESPN
  • (1) Texas vs. (8) Alabama | 6 p.m. | ESPN
  • (4) Virginia Tech vs. (5) Baylor | 8 p.m. | ESPN
  • (2) Stanford vs. (7) Iowa State | 10 p.m. | ESPN

Monday, March 25 — Second round

  • TBD vs. TBD

Friday, March 29 — Sweet 16 

  • TBD vs. TBD | 2:30 p.m.
  • TBD vs. TBD | 5 p.m.
  • TBD vs. TBD | 7:30 p.m.
  • TBD vs. TBD | 10 p.m.

Saturday, March 30 — Sweet 16 

  • TBD vs. TBD | 1 p.m.
  • TBD vs. TBD | 3:30 p.m.
  • TBD vs. TBD | 5:30 p.m.
  • TBD vs. TBD | 8 p.m.

Sunday, March 31 — Elite Eight

  • TBD vs. TBD | 3 p.m.

Monday, April 1 — Elite Eight

  • TBD vs. TBD | 7 p.m.
  • TBD vs. TBD | 9 p.m.

Friday, April 5 — Final Four

  • TBD vs. TBD | 7 p.m. | ESPN
  • TBD vs. TBD | 9:30 p.m. | ESPN

Sunday, April 7 — National championship

  • TBD vs. TBD | 3 p.m. | ABC

Wednesday, March 20 — First Four 

  • (16) Presbyterian 49 , (16) Sacred Heart 42
  • (12) Vanderbilt 72 , (12) Columbia 68

Thursday, March 21 — First Four

  • (11) Arizona 69, (11) Auburn 59
  • (16) Holy Cross 72, (16) UT Martin 45

Friday, March 22 — First round 

  • (8) North Carolina 59 , (9) Michigan State 56
  • (2) Ohio State 80 , (15) Maine 57
  • (11) Middle Tennessee 71 , (6) Louisville 69
  • (1) South Carolina 91 , (16) Presbyterian 39
  • (7) Duke 72 , (10) Richmond 61
  • (1) Texas 82 , (16) Drexel 42 
  • (4) Virginia Tech 92 , (13) Marshall 49 
  • (3) LSU 70 , (14) Rice 60
  • (4) Kansas State 78 , (13) Portland 65 
  • (8) Alabama 82, (9) Florida State 74 
  • (5) Baylor 80, (12) Vanderbilt 63
  • (5) Colorado 86,  (12) Drake 72
  • (7) Iowa State 93,  (10) Maryland 86 
  • (3) Oregon State 73,  (14) Eastern Washington 51 
  • (2) Stanford 79 , (15) Norfolk State 50
  • (6) Nebraska   61 , (11) Texas A&M 59
  • Selection show: 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 17 on ESPN
  • First Four games: Wednesday and Thursday, March 20-21
  • First round: Friday and Saturday, March 22-23
  • Second round: Sunday and Monday, March 24-25
  • Sweet 16:  Friday and Saturday, March 29-30
  • Elite Eight: Sunday and Monday, March 31-April 1
  • Final Four:  7 p.m. ET and 9:30 p.m. ET on Friday, March April 5 on ESPN
  • National Championship:  3 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 7 on ABC

Beginning in 2023, the Sweet 16/Elite Eight will be held at two sites per year, with eight teams competing at each site:

These are the future sites for the championship:

format essay pt3

Every HBCU women's basketball appearance in the NCAA tournament

format essay pt3

2024 March Madness: Women's NCAA tournament schedule, dates, times

format essay pt3

South Carolina and Iowa are — by far — the most popular 2024 champ picks in the Women's Bracket Challenge Game

March madness.

  • 📆 2024 March Madness schedule
  • ❓ How the field of 68 is picked
  • 👀 Best performances in tournament history

format essay pt3

Women's Final Four Most Outstanding Players from 1982 to present

format essay pt3

The 13 highest-scoring individual performances in March Madness women's history

format essay pt3

Women's basketball championship history

format essay pt3

Schools with the most DI women's basketball national championships

format essay pt3

Best performances in NCAA women's basketball tournament history

Di women's basketball news.

  • West Virginia vs. Princeton - NCAA tournament highlights
  • Full Princeton Tigers-West Virginia Mountaineers Highlights 🎥
  • Ole Miss vs. Marquette - NCAA tournament highlights
  • USC's JuJu Watkins drops 23 in NCAA tournament debut
  • Full Marquette Golden Eagles-Ole Miss Rebels Highlights 🎥
  • USC vs Texas A&M-Corpus Christi - NCAA tournament highlights
  • Full A&M-Corpus Christi Islanders-Southern California Trojans Highlights 🎥
  • Oklahoma vs. Florida Gulf Coast - NCAA tournament highlights
  • Full Fgcu Eagles-Oklahoma Sooners Highlights 🎥
  • Syracuse vs. Arizona - NCAA tournament highlights

Follow NCAA Women's Basketball

March Madness expert picks: Our bracket predictions for 2024 NCAA men's tournament

Editor's note: Follow all of the men's March Madness action, scores and highlights here with USA TODAY Sports' live coverage.

The experts have dissected the men's NCAA Tournament bracket , providing sleepers, Final Four matchups and upset predictions. Your chances of filling out a perfect bracket are miniscule , but maybe you need a few tips to win your office pool. We've got you covered with a look at how to pick an upset and a look historically at how the seeds have performed in the NCAA Tournament.

Still need help? Here's a closer look at each region: East , West , South , Midwest

Three of our five USA TODAY experts have UConn as their picks to win the national title on April 8. Here are our expert picks:

WOMEN'S PICKS: Our bracket predictions for 2024 NCAA women's tournament

FOLLOW THE MADNESS: NCAA basketball bracket, scores, schedules, teams and more.

Jordan Mendoza

Full bracket

  • Final Four : UConn, Arizona, Houston, Creighton
  • Final : UConn vs. Houston
  • National champion : UConn

Paul Myerberg

  • Final Four: Iowa State, North Carolina, Houston, Creighton
  • Final: Iowa State vs. Houston
  • National champion: Houston

Erick Smith

  • Final Four: Iowa State, Baylor, Houston, Purdue
  • Final : Iowa State vs. Purdue
  • National champion: Iowa State

Eddie Timanus

  • Final Four : UConn, North Carolina, Houston, Purdue
  • Final: UConn vs. Purdue
  • National champion: UConn
  • Final Four: UConn, Saint Mary's, Houston, Creighton
  • Final: UConn vs. Houston


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    What you need to know about the new PT3 WRITING PAPER [2019] Posted April 20, 2019 March 11, 2020 Grace 23 Comments Posted in Lesson Plan, Writing. New format new format new format! Yes Months ago KPM released the new format and everyone is asking me. ... Getting students to write essays can be a nightmare. But it sure isn't a mission ...


    NEW PT3 FORMAT. 2019-01-01 - BY M.RUKUMANI DEVI. From 2019, the PT3 English examinatio­n will be taking on a new format. Here is an introducti­on to how it will look like and what students can expect. The PT3 English examinatio­n will comprise of four papers: Paper 1: Reading Paper 3: Speaking. Paper 2: Writing Paper 4: Listening.

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    This is another lesson on writing the long essay of 120words, in Part 2 of the PT3 paper for writing. Part 2 has a task for pupils to answer WH-Questions bas...

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    PT3 ENGLISH ANSWERING TECHNIQUES In the PT3 assessment for writing, there are 2 parts. Part 1 SHORT COMMUNICATIVE MESSAGE Part 2 NOTE EXPANSION For today, I will explain about… SHORT COMMUNICAT IVE MESSAGE This format for this essay could be a message, e-mail or postcard. You needs to use proper format and paragraphing as well as ideas and ...

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    Keywords: PT3. PT3 English. Paper 2: Essay Writing. Part 2. Prepared by Ms Nurul Atika bt Khairuddin. How to write the essay? There is no specific format. Simple essay consist of introduction, body (contents), and conclusion. General topic.

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    Each Model Essay illustrates the process of developing ideas SUCCESS MODEL ESSAYS into an essay by putting into practice simple yet invaluable ESSAYS principles of essay writing. ESSAYS This book also includes the latest PT3 format of the Writing Section, which is divided into Short Communicative Message CEFR and Note Expansion.

  12. Fast and Easy ways to write your Email/Note/Postcard: Question 3 (J)

    PT3 Papers have certain ways of constructing this question. There is almost a pattern in the things they ask for. In almost all the question types that have been asked out there, you will most probably be asked to : ... In 2017, the question changed its format and ASK FOR ONLY 1 REASON. It killed many students and it showed that many students ...

  13. #PT3English #writing English

    This is a lesson for writing a review for Form 1-3 pupils. The question is in Paper 2 (12/2) Part 2. This is the long essay of 120 words. There are types or...

  14. Success Model Essays 2022

    Success Model Essays 2022 - PT3. SUCCESS SUCCESS U C S SUCCESS MODEL S S C E SUCCESS MODEL JC107222 SUCCESS MODEL ESSAYS Form 1 2 3 ESSAYS PT3 • • This book is designed to help pupils improve their writing SUCCESS MODEL skills. From the interpretation of the planning and writing process, the reader is guided step by step in the Model Essays.

  15. 2024 NCAA women's basketball bracket: Printable tournament .PDF

    Here is the official printable NCAA bracket for the 2024 March Madness DI women's basketball tournament. You can also find the schedule, scores and TV channels information here.

  16. English Form 3

    The format for this essay could be a message, e-mail or postc... In the the PT3 assessment for writing, there are 2 questions. One is a short essay of 80 words. The format for this essay could be ...

  17. English Form 3

    For the second part of the PT3 Writing Paper, there is a writing task for longer essay (120 words). Based on the Form 1,2 textbook (Pulse 2) and Form 3 (Clos...

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    Need some help filling out your March Madness bracket? Our experts give their predictions for the Final Four and the NCAA team that will win it all.

  19. English Form 3- (PT3) Writing Message #PT3English

    The format for this essay could be a message, e-mail or postc... In the the PT3 assessment for writing, there are 2 questions. One is a short essay of 80 words. The format for this essay could be ...

  20. English Form 3

    The format for this essay could be a message, e-mail or postc... In the the PT3 assessment for writing, there are 2 questions. One is a short essay of 80 words. The format for this essay could be ...