1. iGEM Groningen 2021

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  2. iGEM 2021 Introduction Talk

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  3. iGEM Marburg 2021: OpenPlast

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  4. Promotion Video iGEM Aachen 2021

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  5. Resources/Navigating iGEM

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  6. IGEM 2021 to redefine sustainable growth post-pandemic

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  1. [iGEM 2021] Presentation video from HKUST

  2. What is iGEM: An Introduction to iGEM

  3. Vidéo de présentation d'un projet en anglais

  4. IGEM 2021 : Pocket Talk

  5. iGEM Commentators 2021

  6. iGEM 2021: New Application Track Projects (Trailer)


  1. 2021 Team Presentations

    15:31. NDSU: Anti-fungal recombinant DNA in Escherichia coli for the inhibition of Rhiz... (2021) - Team Presentation [English] 2 years ago • 57 views 2021_presentations. Watch the fantastic presentation videos made by the iGEM 2021 teams.

  2. [iGEM 2021] Presentation video from HKUST

    This is our final presentation video from the iGEM competition of 2021. We hope you can learn more about our project through this explanation!

  3. UTokyo: YEAST-AID (2021)

    Title: YEAST-AID Description: Incoming aging society asks us: 'How can we extend the healthy life expectancy?'. There are many obstacles to answering the question, one of which is bedsore. A bedsore is a severe wound that often occurs in people who spend a long time in bed.

  4. Videos/Submission

    7. Change Ownership: IMPORTANT! Go to your videos tab, and: #1 select Change Ownership of your Team Presentation video; #2 type in the next owner: igem2021_teams; then #3 press Submit.. This is only to have all the videos appearing on one channel, and avoid future changes. We will make all videos public a few days after the submission deadline.

  5. iGEM Project Promotion Videos: Why, What, and Insights on How in 2021

    iGEM Foundation. Last year during the pandemic, iGEM teams created 500 videos - videos about their projects, their teams, the problems they are solving. Even before the pandemic, we imagined that videos would be an ideal way for iGEM teams to present their work to the world.

  6. iGEM UGM Presentation Video 2021

    The creation of a sustainable non-mercury gold processing technology has become a considerable challenge. An efficient gold extraction process with less comp...

  7. Welcome to the iGEM Video Universe

    The iGEM Video Universe is a decisive milestone in creating the future iGEM. For the first time, it is possible to watch (or even binge-watch) the Project Promotion Videos and Presentation Videos from every team participating in the iGEM competition, as well as Keynotes, Workshops, and Interviews from the iGEM 2020 season and Virtual Giant Jamboree. . Transitioning to this new video and ...

  8. iGEM 2021 Trailer

    See you at the Opening Weekend Festival on May 15-16, 2021: video contains footage from Project Promotion Videos, Presentations...

  9. iGEM

    November 22, 2021; 2021 iGEM Competition Results out now! November 16, 2021; iGEM Competition Presentation Videos are ready to watch now! November 3, 2021; iGEM 2021 Jamboree Meetups: New Venues for Celebration September 8, 2021; New Publication: Featuring iGEM's Safety & Security Program September 2, 2021; Discover iGEM TV: Season 1 Now ...

  10. iGEM Marburg 2021: OpenPlast

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  11. iGEM Competition

    Judges will review team presentation videos and wikis ahead of the Judging Session and use the full 25-minute Judging session to ask all of their questions. ... iGEM is a global organization and most iGEM participants first learned other languages. If judges or students don't understand each other, it's okay to ask for the question or the ...

  12. iGEM Video Universe

    Latest videos. iGEM EPIC Promotion (2021) ... Watch the fantastic presentation videos made by the iGEM 2022 teams. Visit channel. Latest videos. BNSC_China: ONCE: Advanced Synthetic Biology Platform for Industrialization (2022) - Team Presentation [English]

  13. iGEM Competition

    Presentation Video. 6. Project Description. 7. Team Wiki. 8. Part Pages. 9. Project Software ... and spectators get to learn about other iGEM projects. The Village Presentations foster sharing and collaboration at iGEM. Deadline. JULY. 31. 07:00 (PDT) ... Jamboree 2023 Grand Jamboree 2022 Grand Jamboree 2022 Photos 2022 Videos 2021 Giant ...

  14. Biden holds record-breaking New York City fundraiser with Barack Obama

    Mr. Biden, Obama and Clinton discussed a wide variety of topics, from the economy to the border to the Jan. 6, 2021 assault on the U.S. Capitol, which Mr. Biden bluntly referred to as an insurrection.