Hunter X Hunter: Every Main Character's Age, Height, And Birthday

How much do fans really know about Hunter x Hunter characters? Here is each main character's age, height, and birthday.

The fantastical, action-packed shonen anime Hunter x Hunter has only grown in popularity since its debut in the early 2010s. The animated show gained hardcore fans across the globe who love the long story arcs, relatable characters, wacky antagonists, and feel-good moments.

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When getting into a new anime, fans typically want to learn everything there is to know about the show. How tall is Killua? How old is Leorio? We've got those answers and more!

Anime fans who are about to start binging for the first time, or who have watched the highly-loved battle anime series 100 times already, can get a more in-depth look at their most favorite Hunter x Hunter characters by finding out their ages, birthdays, and heights here.

Updated on April 14, 2023, by Suzail Ahmad: Hunter x Hunter is considered one of the greatest anime series of all time. The show has incredible characters, special powers, and amazing storylines. All these things combined separate it from the other anime series. The characters in Hunter x Hunter are eye-catching, and each one has a separate fanbase. Fans are always trying to find out more details about them to use in discussions or just to show their adoration for the characters. Considering the rich catalog of characters in Hunter x Hunter, it is not always easy to find information about them. So, the list has been updated to include the ages, birthdays, and heights of more main characters.

Hunter x Hunter Characters Statistics Chart

Fans of the top Hunter x Hunter characters will surely be interested in these simple yet important details of each of the main crew in the series. The story of HxH takes place in the year 1999, the year the original anime series came out, and the birth dates accurately reflect that.

The characters' ages are listed at the time of their debut in the anime. Some characters never have their age, birthday, or height officially established or mentioned in any canon material, which is indicated in the columns stating "Unknown." Other characters have only their true age stated, but not an official birth date.

Gon Freecss

Gon is the happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, and passionate protagonist in Hunter x Hunter. He sets off on his journey to become a Hunter in order to find his long-lost father. He meets many new people, makes close friends, and strengthens his mighty skills over his journey.

He has tall, spiky black hair and wears a quirky, little, green outfit. He has superhuman abilities, including incredible sight, smell, and taste! Gon begins the series as a ripe, young 12-year-old and ages a couple of years over his adventure becoming a Hunter.

Killua Zoldyck

Killua is the best friend and closest companion to Gon. He has spiky, pure white hair, blue eyes, and wears baggy clothes. Killua is highly skilled and comes from a very powerful family, yet his friendship with Gon humbles him and makes him a fun person to be around. He is very cheeky, positive, and intelligent, and is great at analyzing any kind of situation.

He has a major sweet tooth and is obsessed with eating sugary snacks, specifically chocolate. Killua has a very complicated and traumatizing past that he has to overcome in his journey alongside his dear friend.

Kurapika Kurta

Kurapika is the last surviving member of his clan, a factor that makes it hard for him to open up to others. He is highly skilled and is worthy of his title as a Blacklist Hunter.

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He has feathery blonde hair and wears a decorated tabard over his white training suit. Kurapika struggles with loneliness and guilt, resulting from the deaths of his clan, but he learns to let new, cherished people into his life as his story progresses. He is still young but has a lot of great experience under his belt.

Leorio Paradinight

Leorio is a Rookie Hunter who starts the series as a tall, boastful man with big monetary goals. He has the appearance of a masculine guy much older than he actually is. Some characters mistake him for an "old man" before he can clarify that he is still in his teenage years, being only 19.

He says wants to become a Hunter for the money and shamelessly values wealth and material success. However, he has a good heart underneath his narcissistic outer layer, and truly just wants to make friends and save lives as a doctor who helps the poor.

Hisoka Morrow

This recurring antagonist is an incredibly skilled Hunter and former member of the Phantom Troupe. He is pretty arrogant and wacky, with very sadistic and bloodthirsty pleasures. His ultimate satisfaction comes from fighting strong Hunters and killing people on his power level.

He dresses like a crazy, ugly clown because he acts like one. He plays a huge role in most of the arcs in the anime, playing as both a major antagonist and a supporting character depending on the situation in the story.

Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo is the founder and leader of the Phantom Troupe. He has short black hair and a thick cross on his forehead. He is confident due to his impeccable skills and is very serious and collected.

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He has no fear of death and does everything to keep the Troupe functioning and together. He is cold-blooded and contributes to heartless murders alongside his Troupe. Chrollo is a very complicated and crucial character in the story.

Ging Freecss

Ging is the long-lost father of Gon. He is a Double Star Ruins Hunter with insane physical abilities. He's not much taller than Gon even though he is much older. He has a childlike personality, with very carefree and wild tendencies.

He's clearly not a very good parent to Gon, having left him alone and not openly caring for his wellbeing.... like at all. He cannot handle being a father and doesn't do a good job teaching Gon lessons as a father should.

Isaac Netero

Isaac Netero is the 12th chairman of the Hunter Association and leader of the Exam Commission. He is very old, over 120 years to be exact! He was renowned for being one of the strongest Nen users in his youth and continued to be just as massively powerful in his old age.

He is very extravagant and exuberant, with a very loud and quirky personality. He seems like a crazy old man but is actually very wise and selfless.

Kite is a character with two very different forms over their appearance in the series. They first lived their life as a skilled male Hunter who trained under Ging. They then died and were reincarnated as a female Chimera Ant .

Their heights and ages aren't explicitly detailed in the series, but it is assumed they were in their mid-20s when they died. Kite is very talented with weapons and has enhanced endurance, speed, and intellect.

Alluka Zoldyck

Alluka is the younger sibling to Killua and the second youngest child in the Zoldyck family. She has beautiful, long black hair and wears a traditional Japanese shrine maiden outfit.

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The circumstances of her birth were very unique and resulted in her supposedly not having human emotions. However, she is very happy-go-lucky and caring toward her brother when she travels with him. She is noticeably shorter than the two main characters but is only one year younger than them.

Biscuit Kreuger

Don't let her appearance fool you, this wacky character is a Double Star Stone Hunter with immense skill and strength. Biscuit Kreuger, referred to as "Bisky", is a very beautiful and youthful woman on the outside, but is actually 57 years old and super buff and burly in her true form.

She wants to be seen as a small and fragile-looking porcelain doll but can fight like the muscular, mighty woman that she truly is.

Machi Komacine

This pink-haired lady is the #3 member of the Phantom Troupe. She never shows much emotion and always keeps her cool. She wears her hair pulled up most of the time and wears traditional Japanese clothing.

She is very loyal to the people most important to her and will use her strength to protect them. Machi is a great thief and works alongside Hisoka in multiple arcs in the series.

Nobunaga Hazama

Nobunaga is the #1 member of the Phantom Troupe. Though his strength is ranked ninth in the group, his abilities and strategies make him a powerful antagonist.

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He typically wears a Japanese-style robe and has his black hair tied up into a top knot. Though a villain, he is typically rather kind and friendly with Gon and Killua, smiling at them and inviting them to be a part of their Troupe. He is very loyal to his group and his cause.

Feitan Portor

Like the last two members on this list, Feitan is in the Phantom Troupe. He is the #2 Troupe member and an experienced thief. He reigned as the group's de facto leader until Chrollo's return. He is pretty short, standing only just above 5 feet, but his strength and speed don't suffer from that.

He is still lean and muscular and excellent in the art of torture. He does whatever he can to help protect and strengthen his group, and gets along well with the other members.

Neferpitou is one of the strongest Chimera Ants and the first of the Ant King's three Royal Guards. They look like a humanoid cat with big furry ears and demarcated joints at the knees like an ant.

Like a kitten, Neferpitou is very playful, wild, cheerful, and wacky. They are very loyal and fierce, as well as ready to protect their king with their life. They are tall and lanky with long limbs like a nimble cat, with fluffy white hair and huge round eyes.

Meruem is the king of the Chimera Ants and arguably the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter . Despite being born after the Royal Guards, Meruem was stronger and more intelligent than any other Chimera Ant. He was an arrogant individual who did not care about his allies or enemies.

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Meruem underwent a change in personality after he met the intrepid Komugi. He was surprised to see her determination and lack of greed. When it came to strength, Meruem's physical abilities were on a completely different level from other characters. He was able to take on the strongest Hunter quite easily, showing off his superiority.

Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi Zoldyck is the eldest child of the Zoldyck family. He made his debut in the Hunter Examination arc, although he was wearing a disguise for the most part. Like all the other members of the Zoldyck family, Illumi is a talented assassin who has very impressive reactions. He has been trained to assassinate from a young age, which enabled him to gain superhuman strength and resilience.

Illumi also has incredible control over his body, allowing him to sleep for more than three days. In terms of personality, Illumi is cold and ruthless. He is motivated by his own desires and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve them.

Mito Freecss

Mito Freecss is one of the most important characters in Gon's life. When Ging left a young Gon at Mito's place, she was more than happy to take care of him. She raised Gon in the best way possible, always trying to make sure that he didn't go near danger. In many ways, she is Gon's best parent.

Mito is a caring and loving person. It was because of his upbringing that Gon also inherited these qualities. Even after he grew up, Mito still cared about Gon just like a mother would. The latter has also said that Mito is the first person that comes to mind when he thinks of his mother.

Kalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto Zoldyck is the youngest member of his family, but he is still way more talented than most characters in the series. Despite his age, Kalluto managed to join the Phantom Troupe, a nefarious organization that is filled with incredibly powerful individuals.

Kalluto is trained in the ways of the assassins, and he has participated in many high-level missions with the rest of his family. His weapon of choice is his paper fan , which he uses to launch scathing attacks at his opponents. He has great control over his Nen, and he often uses it to conceal his presence from others and increase the power of his weapons. Kalluto's skills have impressed the members of the Phantom Troupe, and it is obvious that with time he is only going to improve.

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Hunter X Hunter: Every Main Character's Age

All of the characters have unique qualities that make them appealing and relatable. But one of the biggest discrepancies between them is their ages.

The classic series, Hunter x Hunter , is a favorite among many anime fans. Originally aired in 1999 and remade in 2011, the anime has received appreciation from critics and viewers around the world. Most fans would agree that the lovable and complex characters are the focal point of the series.

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All of the characters have unique qualities that make them appealing and relatable, unless they're irredeemable villains. They also have many different personality traits, but one that viewers often overlook is the difference between their respective ages. Hunter x Hunter includes characters of all ages, from young teens to the elderly.

Updated on March 15th, 2023 by Ajay Aravind: Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter x Hunter is currently undergoing a long-term hiatus, although the most recent chapter was released on December 26, 2022. Fans can't wait for the latest arcs in the manga to be animated, but nobody has the slightest clue when that's going to happen. We've updated this list about the ages of all the main characters in Hunter x Hunter .

Age: 40 Days Old

The youngest albeit most frightening character in the series is Meruem, the so-called King of the Chimera Ants . Despite his relative immaturity, Meruem was recognized as one of the most intimidatingly powerful characters. He manages to defeat Issac Netero in a head-on battle, proving his indomitable strength and durability.

Meruem was barely 40 days old when he was killed, but his highly advanced developmental stage is the result of his Dark Continent Heritage. The Chimera Ant King may not have been lovable in the beginning, but fans wept when he eventually perished.

9 Gon Freecss

Age: 13-14 years old.

The main protagonist, Gon Freecss, was introduced to viewers at the age of 12. Despite his youth and inexperience, Gon insisted on following in his father's footsteps and becoming a Hunter. He left his home on Whale Island to pursue his ambitions, slowly acquiring more and more power along the way.

As he grew older, Gon went through several trials , further strengthening his determination to succeed. Although he hasn't reappeared in the story for quite a while now, Gon is somewhere between 13 and 14 years old at this point.

8 Killua Zoldyck

Similar to his best friend, Gon, Killua Zoldyck was also 12 years old at the start of his journey. After fleeing a traumatic childhood and overprotective parents, Killua traveled to take the 287th Hunter Exam, where he meets Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika.

Killua failed the exam on his first try, but later became the singular champion of the 288th Hunter Exam, having defeated every other contender. Killua hasn't been seen in action since he bid goodbye to Gon at the end of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, but fans can't wait to see him come back at some point.

Age: 19 Years Old

Kurapika Kurta set forth to become a Hunter at age 17, seeking justice and vengeance against the monstrous Phantom Troupe. As the only surviving member of the slaughtered Kurta Clan, he went on a hunt to kill those who murdered his family and locate the last remaining trait of his people: their iconic scarlet eyes.

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While Kurapika was often blinded by his furious quest for revenge, the love he had for his friends kept him focused and grounded. He plays a major role in the manga's Succession Contest arc, in which he's probably around 19 years old.

6 Leorio Paradinight

Age: 21 years old.

The oldest among his core friend group, 19-year-old Leorio Paradinight made his debut as a spunky, comedic, lanky young man. He becomes a wealthy doctor, but only because he wants to help his people, and not because of the money involved.

Leorio began his mission by participating in the Hunter Exam, where he met his lifelong pals: Gon, Killua , and Kurapika. Leorio passed the Hunter Exam and continued his efforts as a medical student, all while being a major source of support for those around him. As of the Succession Contest arc, Leorio is around 21 years old.

5 Chrollo Lucifer

Age: 28 years old.

As the founder and head of the infamous Phantom Troupe , Chrollo Lucifer entered the series as a 26-year-old menace to society. Despite being a major antagonist with plans for destruction and mass murder, Chrollo received copious amounts of fan admiration for his charming looks and magnetic personality.

Although tensions were occasionally high within the Phantom Troupe, Chrollo managed to keep the members together until the very end, showcasing his skills as a natural-born leader. Chrollo went on to defeat Hisoka at the Heavens Arena before sneaking aboard the Black Whale at the age of 28.

4 Hisoka Morrow

Age: unknown.

Hisoka Morow is a total mystery. Nearly nothing is known about this character, including his hometown, his backstory, and even his age. That said, most fans suspect that he's in his twenties, even if there's no solid proof.

Hisoka was initially disqualified from the 286th Hunter Exam for attempting to murder an examiner, but he retook and passed the exam the following year. Hisoka's suspicious nature, carefree attitude, and conniving ways quickly established him as a controversial character, one who was either loved or hated by the fandom.

3 Ging Freecss

Age: 34 years old.

Born in 1967, 20 years prior to the birth of his son Gon, Ging Freecss was 32 years old at the start of Hunter x Hunter . He remained in the shadows and a mystery to viewers for most of the series until his debut during the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc.

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As a member of the Zodiacs, a group of 12 elite Hunters handpicked by Chairman Netero, Ging was invited to help determine the upcoming election's rules. As such, he was unexpectedly reunited with Gon after being separated for more than a decade. Ging is 34 years old at this point in the story.

2 Biscuit Kreuger

Age: 59 Years Old

Looks can be deceiving, as perfectly exemplified by the youthful Biscuit Krueger. She met Gon and Killua while disguised as a young girl, although she was at least 57 years old. Biscuit's mastery over Nen allows her to maintain any form she chooses, but she doesn't really like her true appearance because she deems it too masculine.

Biscuit trained Gon and Killua throughout the Greed Island arc, transforming them from Nen newbies to highly proficient combatants. She has been described as one of the most powerful characters in Hunter x Hunter , as well as one of the strongest anime mentors of all time.

1 Issac Netero

Age: 120+ years old.

Former chairman of the Hunter Association and arguably the most powerful (human) Nen user in the entire Hunter X Hunter universe, Issac Netero lived to be over 120 years old. His influence was widespread and his very existence helped redefine the meaning of what it means to be a Hunter.

Netero's years of wisdom, prodigious strength, and formidable knowledge were reflected in his tactical fighting style against Meruem. In fact, the Hunter Association's chairman managed to push the Ant King to his limits, earning the villain's undying respect and admiration.

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Overview [ ]

Young Phantom Troupe

The Phantom Troupe around the time of the Kurta Clan massacre

During their mission in Yorknew City , the group consisted of thirteen members, [4] but it currently has only ten. [5] Each member has a numbered tattoo of a twelve-legged spider on their body. [6] Those wishing to join the group can do so by killing a current member, thereby replacing them. The group’s leader fills other vacancies, [7] and members can offer nominations. [8] [9]

Although they occasionally do philanthropic work, the Troupe mainly steals and kills. [10] [7] [11] After the leader revels in the group’s spoils, he sells everything. [12] Among their crimes is the massacre of the Kurta Clan and the stealing of their Scarlet Eyes . [13] They are also a major asset in the defense of Meteor City, as shown when they defeated Zazan and her group of Chimera Ants . [14] However, they were responsible for ruining the ideal partnership with the Mafia and are considered outliers even by the city’s standards. [15] [16]

Despite their close ties to one another, they will allow those who have killed their members to join. [7] While Chrollo organized a massacre against the Mafia as revenge for one of their deceased members, Machi speculated that he might ask the killer to join the group. [17]

Origins [ ]

Chap 396 - The Troupe

The "Something Troupe" discussing their future

Around fifteen years before the beginning of the series, prior to the creation of the Phantom Troupe under its common name, it was a group of children from Meteor City, a junkyard city that is inhabited by outcasts; doing live voiceovers for movies found in landfills. The group was formed after Chrollo, along with Pakunoda, Sheila and Sarasa, first staged Power Cleaners. This encouraged Uvogin, Feitan, Phinks, Nobunaga, Shalnark, and Franklin to join. Machi was also with them, but for some time she did not want to agree to the roles offered to her. With such a composition of people, the name "Troupe" was chosen, but there was still no idea for its second part. [18]

One day, Sarasa didn't show up at the show. The troupe learned that she had not been seen since yesterday. Most of the children watching the Troupe's shows decided to help in the search. Chrollo paired up with Uvogin, and after a long time of searching, they came up with the idea of checking out the Uga Forest. They gathered the other members and they all went into the forest together. There they found the scene of the crime, the instruments of torture, a note left behind and a sack hanging from a tree. Chrollo was the only one who could read the contents of the note, but he chose not to share it with others. When Uvogin took the sack from the tree, Chrollo decided to check the contents. It turned out that Sarasa's destroyed body was inside. Some time later, Troupe attends Sarasa's funeral, after which Chrollo talks to Uvogin about their group's future. He asks him to wait three years, in which he will be able to get the necessary funds to carry out his plan, which consists in creating a website that lures criminals to Meteor City, so that they may find Sarasa's killers amongst them and then they will exact vengeance on the culprits. During the conversation, they are joined by the other members of the Troupe, except for Sheila, who decides to leave the group. Each of the other members chooses Chrollo as the leader of the group, which will be formed in three years. [19]

Chap 397 - Troupe Foundation

Chrollo forming the Phantom Troupe

Around three years later, Chrollo founded the Phantom Troupe , along with Franklin, Uvogin, Machi, Pakunoda, Feitan, Nobunaga, [20] and Shalnark . [19]

Members [ ]

     Active •      Deceased •      Defected

Associates [ ]

The Phantom Troupe occasionally hires outside assistance during their missions. Examples include:

  • Illumi Zoldyck : hired to kill the Mafia's Ten Dons . He was accompanied by Maha and Kalluto . [21]
  • Hisoka Morow : hired to negotiate with a Nen exorcist to remove Kurapika's Judgment Chain from Chrollo’s heart. [22] [23]
  • Abengane : hired to remove Kurapika’s Judgment Chain from Chrollo's heart. [24] [25]

Hierarchy and Rules [ ]

Mirroring the metaphorical representation of the group as a twelve-legged spider, the Phantom Troupe is ideally composed of thirteen members in total, one "head" and twelve "legs". [20] All the "legs" are equal in ranking and decision-making power, and tasks are assigned based on each member's individual skills or preferences. [26] The "head" is the leader, whose orders are to be of the utmost priority; however, their life is not, since even the leader can be replaced. The members are expected to always adhere to the governing principle that the prosperity of the group as a whole trumps the survival of any one of its individuals, including the leader himself. [20] In Chrollo's case, however, several members had become so reliant on him that they prioritized his life over the group’s survival. [27]

The Troupe does not assemble frequently but gathers at the leader’s request, which can be discretionary or mandatory. Skipping a mandatory meeting could result in a member being punished. [28] Only the leader has the authority to add new members, although they can recommend candidates they deem suitable. [8] Defeating a current member is a viable way to replace them, which may not be subject to the leader’s approval. [7]

Other than following their leader’s orders and not fighting amongst themselves, [8] members are not expected to follow any specific procedures. Although some members believe buying and bidding to be against the ways of the group, [10] others have no qualms about resorting to legal, non-violent channels and transactions, [28] with at least two of them becoming Hunters for the associated benefits. [29] [30] It has been noted that two members are always by the leader’s side when the Troupe gathers together, but it is unknown whether this is an official rule. [7]

Positions and Roles [ ]

Phantom Troupe members are assigned to or volunteer for certain activities in the group based on their aptitude. [26]

  • Boss (団長, "Leader"): The leader of the Phantom Troupe. Currently held by Chrollo.
  • Acting Leader (団長代理, "Leader Substitute"): The interim leader of the Troupe when the leader is absent. This position was granted to whoever killed Zazan first. [31] Formerly held by Feitan. [32]
  • Commando Team (特攻 [26] or 実行部隊, [16] "Vanguard/Attack Squad" or "Execution Squad"): Volunteers for this unit are frontline fighters. One of their main responsibilities involves protecting the recon and cleanup groups. Formerly held by Nobunaga and Uvogin; [26] currently held by Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan. [16]
  • Recon (情報, "Intelligence"): Members in charge of information gathering. Formerly held by Shalnark and Pakunoda. [26]
  • Cleanup (処理部隊, "Disposing Squad"): Members in charge of removing the evidence of the group's criminal activity. Currently held by Shizuku . [26]

Coin Tossing [ ]

HxH2011 EP50 Coin Toss

Obverse of the Spider coin


Reverse of the Spider coin

Serious fights are prohibited among Phantom Troupe members. Since no member outranks another, if a clash of opinions cannot be solved through discussion, coin tossing is used to settle the quarrel. [8] However, disputes solved by the coin are only between two individuals. [33] The coin used is custom-made, with the heads side sporting the group's signature twelve-legged spider and the tails side depicting a spider's web.

Uvogin Tattoo 2011

Uvogin's Spider tattoo

Members of the Phantom Troupe, with the possible exception of Chrollo, sport a tattoo of a twelve-legged spider somewhere on their body. Inside the spider, there is a number ranging from 1 to 12, which differs for each member. [26] The only members whose tattoos have been seen are Shizuku [34] and the deceased Uvogin. [35] It is unknown how these numbers are assigned. Although the twelve-legged spider is instantly recognizable as the symbol of the Troupe, the fact that it’s numbered is not as widely known. [6]

History [ ]

Kurta clan massacre [ ].

Phantom Troup message

The message left by the Phantom Troupe

Five years prior the 287th Hunter Exam , the Phantom Troupe approached the Kurta Clan for their valuable Scarlet Eyes and massacred all 128 villagers. It's reported that family members were made to face one another and stabbed multiple times, with their heads severed while they were still alive. Pure clan members had their eyes gouged out, while those who married into the clan had their eyes squashed and sustained more brutal wounds than the others. The adult males had the most wounds, but it's assumed that these were sustained during a struggle before they were captured. Those who were not related by blood to the clan were said to be mutilated in order to set an example. After this, the heads of those with Scarlet Eyes were all severed successively. Since the scarlet color is caused by anger and makes the eyes more valuable, it's reported that the Troupe members mutilated the children in front of their parents in order to intensify the scarlet color. Lastly, a message was left behind that read: " We'll accept anything you leave here, but don't ever take anything away from us. " [36]

Zoldyck Encounter [ ]


Chrollo Lucilfer vs. Silva Zoldyck

Three years prior to Southernpiece Auction in Yorknew City, Silva Zoldyck killed member #8 of the Phantom Troupe and fought Chrollo. The outcome of their fight is unknown, [30] but during their second encounter, Silva noted that Chrollo had improved considerably since then. [37] Their first fight was presumably when Silva became aware of the nature of Chrollo's Nen ability . [38]

Hunter Exam arc [ ]

Kurapika reveals to the Captain that his ultimate goal is to capture every member of the Phantom Troupe so that he can avenge the Kurta Clan . The Captain warns him that the Troupe’s members are Class-A bounties and that even veteran Hunters avoid going after them. [1]

During the first phase of the 287th Hunter Exam , Kurapika tells Leorio that the Troupe stole the Scarlet Eyes from every member of the Kurta Clan. He then reiterates that he plans to capture every member and retrieve the eyes of his clan. [13] During the exam’s third phase , Majtani reveals a spider tattoo on his right shoulder, shocking Leorio, who explains the significance of the symbol to Gon and Killua . After punching him into the floor, an enraged Kurapika tells Majtani that a genuine Troupe tattoo has the member’s number inscribed inside and that they don’t bother counting up the people they have killed. [6]

During Kurapika's fight against Hisoka in the final tournament, Hisoka whispers something to him, [39] and it’s later revealed that Hisoka knows something interesting about the Spiders, promising to tell Kurapika in Yorknew City on September 1 st . [2]

Heavens Arena arc [ ]

Yorknew city arc [ ].

On August 31 st , after Machi , Franklin , Feitan , and Nobunaga make their way through the Gordeau Desert toward Yorknew City , they meet up with the other Phantom Troupe members at an undisclosed location on the outskirts of the city. Their leader Chrollo orders them to steal all the items at the Underground Auction and to kill anyone who gets in their way. [4]

During a conditional auction, Shizuku meets Gon and challenges him in an arm-wrestling match to win a diamond ring. She proves to be a challenge for Gon but ends up losing because she used her weak hand. Franklin and Feitan prevent her from trying again, since the auction is about to begin. [10]

Feitan and Franklin Auction

Feitan and Franklin welcoming the auction guests before the massacre

Uvogin , Machi, Shalnark , Nobunaga, Shizuku, Feitan, and Franklin head to the auction while the rest stay behind at the hideout. The members arrive at the auction, and after Franklin, Feitan, and Shizuku kill all the guests and dispose of the evidence, [40] they all discover that the auction items have already been taken from the vault. The members are forced to leave empty-handed, and Uvogin contacts Chrollo by phone to give him an update on the situation. [41]

As the Troupe members make their escape in a hot-air balloon, Uvogin speculates that there might be a Judas among them, but Chrollo convinces him that there isn't and adds that the Mafia 's security would have been tighter if they knew about their plan. He guesses that they only received a vague tip and that the higher-ups trusted the source enough to act on it. Uvogin then tells Chrollo about the Ten Dons and the Shadow Beasts , adding that before they killed the auctioneer, he told them that a Shadow Beast named Owl showed up and somehow left empty-handed after emptying the entire vault. Chrollo guesses that he has a Nen ability similar to Shizuku's and that the Mafia knows that Nen is involved after 500 guests suddenly vanished. Uvogin asks for permission to fight them, and Chrollo tells him to cause enough of a disturbance to draw out the Shadow Beasts. [41]

After their balloon is shot down in the Gordeau Desert and dozens of Mafia members order them to come down from the high ledge, Uvogin assures his comrades that he will take care of them, sliding down the cliffside and confronting them. A Mafia member points a gun in Uvogin's face and asks if they kidnapped the guests, which Uvogin confirms. Uvogin simply smiles when the man asks about their leader, and when he fires at point blank range, Uvogin catches the bullet with his teeth and breaks the man's neck with a single swipe. He then begins to massacre the other Mafia members, surviving both a shot from a sniper rifle and an anti-tank missile. Kurapika and the other Nostrade bodyguards watch the carnage from afar when four Shadow Beasts arrive to deal with the Troupe. Worm , Leech , Rabid Dog , and Porcupine all confront Uvogin. [42]

Uvogin punches worm

Uvogin punching Worm

Worm is the first to be incapacitated by Uvogin's Big Bang Impact . After Uvogin is distracted by Porcupine and immobilized by Rabid Dog, Leech begins to insert his leeches into the wound on Uvogin's shoulder. However, Uvogin kills him by biting off a portion of his head and then spits out a fragment of his skull like a bullet to kill Rabid Dog. With Porcupine still attached to his arm and unable to use physical attacks against him, Uvogin lets out a loud scream right toward him that results in his death. [35] As Shalnark explains how to remove the leeches from his system, Kurapika takes advantage of Uvogin's paralysis and captures him with Chain Jail , quickly driving away from the canyon with the other bodyguards. Machi immediately uses a needle and a Nen thread to track Uvogin. She and four other members then chase after Kurapika by car, but just before they can catch up with him, the remaining Shadow Beasts arrive and stop them. [43]

Dalzollene stabbed from behind by Phinks

Phinks stabbing Dalzollene from behind

Uvogin is taken to an undisclosed location and interrogated by Dalzollene and the other Nostrade bodyguards. Machi and her comrades easily kill the remaining Shadow Beasts except Owl. They then find out where Uvogin is being held captive and free him after Phinks kills Dalzollene. Kurapika eventually meets up with Hisoka, who tells him everything he knows about the Troupe and asks if he wants to team up, offering to reveal seven of their abilities if he agrees. [7] Machi tells Uvogin about the items and the deaths of the Shadow Beasts, but he insists on finding and killing the chain user instead of returning to the Troupe's hideout with them. She and the other members have no choice but to let Uvogin do what he wants. After the two talk some more, Kurapika tells Hisoka that he will give him an answer at the same time tomorrow. With help from Shalnark, [12] Uvogin eventually tracks Kurapika to the hotel where Neon and the rest of her bodyguards are staying. He allows Kurapika to choose where he wants to die, and Kurapika suggests somewhere remote since he is confident that Uvogin's death will be loud. Elsewhere in the city, Gon, Killua, and Leorio learn that bounties have been put on the heads of the Troupe members by the Mafia, seizing the opportunity to look for them. [30] [44]


Uvogin's last stand

In the Gordeau Desert, Kurapika eventually captures Uvogin with his Chain Jail , [45] and questions him about the location and abilities of the other Troupe members. However, Uvogin refuses to answer any of his questions, only asking Kurapika to kill him. Finally, Kurapika pierces Uvogin's chest with his Judgment Chain , telling him that he must answer all questions truthfully. Kurapika once again asks Uvogin for the location of the other Troupe members, but Uvogin only smiles and again refuses to answer, causing Kurapika's Judgment Chain to pierce Uvogin's heart and kill him instantly. Uvogin is then buried in an unmarked grave at the site of their battle. Back at the Troupe’s hideout, after Feitan tortures Owl to recover the auction items, Chrollo tells the Troupe members that they will change their plans if Uvogin doesn’t return by dawn. [46]

On September 3 rd , Machi and Nobunaga wait in the middle of a square in an attempt to lure out the chain user, but they attract Gon and Killua 's attention instead and are tailed by them. [17] With the help of Phinks and Pakunoda , who have been secretly following them, [47] they easily capture the two boys and bring them back to their hideout. [48] Nobunaga ends up liking Gon because he reminds him of Uvogin, telling the others that he wants to nominate him to be a Troupe member when Chrollo returns. Meanwhile, Shalnark prints a list of Nostrade Family employees from the Hunter Website and hands the photos to the other Spiders, telling them to memorize their faces. He adds that according to Uvogin, the chain user isn’t among them, so he suggests that they work in pairs to find someone who knows him. [8] While the other Spiders leave the hideout to look for the chain user, Nobunaga watches over Gon and Killua, but the two end up escaping by kicking through the building's walls. [49] [50]

Chrollo orchestrating Requiem for Uvogin

Chrollo orchestrating a requiem for Uvogin

On September 3 rd , using a picture of her that was just uploaded on the Hunter Website, Chrollo finds and approaches Neon Nostrade , who has slipped away from her bodyguards to attend the rescheduled Underground Auction without her father ’s knowledge. [50] After helping her to get into the Cemetery Building , he asks her to tell his fortune, which she gladly does. [51] Upon reading it, he cries once he sees the allusion to Uvogin's death. After the two talk and make their way to the auction, he knocks Neon unconscious with a swift blow to the back of her neck in order to get the Mafia members to call an ambulance. He then kills multiple assassins with ease and orders the other Spiders (excluding Nobunaga) to come to the Cemetery Building and cause chaos. [52] As the Spiders slaughter the police and 2,000 Mafia members outside, Chrollo finishes killing Assassin A and dedicates the requiem to Uvogin. [53]

As the Troupes massacre continues outside, Chrollo is cornered in the building’s basement by Silva and Zeno Zoldyck . [38] Noticing how skilled Zeno is, Chrollo fights with the intention of stealing his abilities. However, Zeno sees through him and has him pinned against the wall while Silva throws two huge aura spheres at them, triggering an enormous explosion. [37] Silva's transmitter suddenly rings, and Illumi informs him that the Ten Dons have been eliminated and that Chrollo was the one who hired him. Since Silva and Zeno were hired by the Ten Dons, they tell Chrollo that he is no longer their target now that the Dons are dead, leaving Chrollo alone and exhausted as he tells himself that he wouldn’t have been able to steal Zeno’s ability. Chrollo then contacts the other members and tells them to forget about the ambulance and that they will go ahead as planned. [21]

53 - Troupe

The Spiders celebrating after their successful plan at the auction

The Troupe then makes use of Kortopi 's ability to fool the Mafia with fake corpses of five members, [54] taking over the rescheduled Underground Auction held on the building’s 10 th floor and selling the copies of the items made by Kortopi’s ability. Backstage, Hisoka distracts Bean while Machi uses her Nen thread to hang and kill him. [21] After that, the Troupe members return to their hideout and celebrate their successful plan. [54] The following day, Chrollo tells the Troupe that they will leave Yorknew that night once they retrieve the rest of the loot, but Nobunaga insists on finding the chain user. [3] In order to persuade Nobunaga, he uses Neon’s stolen ability to tell the fortunes of Nobunaga and the other members, and they learn that five more of them will die in the next two weeks if they keep chasing after the chain user. They then intend to leave Yorknew to avoid the fortunes, [26] but Hisoka alters his own with his Texture Surprise so that the Troupe will stay in Yorknew and he will have the chance to fight Chrollo. [55]

Later, Chrollo is able to deduce that Kurapika is one of Neon's bodyguards and a surviving member of the Kurta Clan . Thanks to a pair of copied Scarlet Eyes that they sold to the Nostrade Family the night before, they determine that he and the other bodyguards are staying at the Hotel Beitacle . Chrollo then tells Kortopi, Machi, Nobunaga, Pakunoda, and Shizuku to go with him to the hotel while the others stay behind at the hideout. [56] [57] On the way, noticing that they are being followed by two people, he tells Kortopi, Nobunaga and Pakunoda to go ahead while he, Machi, and Shizuku stay behind. They then capture Gon and Killua again. [58] Meanwhile, Pakunoda and the other two are able to learn Kurapika's name and face after capturing and killing Squala . [59]

HxH2011 EP57 Gon and Killua attack Machi and Pakunoda

Gon and Killua trying to escape from Pakunoda and Machi

Chrollo, Machi, and Shizuku take the two boys to the hotel [59] and meet up with Pakunoda's group in the lobby. He tells Pakunoda to check their memories again, but before she can reveal what she has learned about Kurapika, a power outage suddenly happens, allowing Gon and Killua to make an escape attempt. However, Machi and Nobunaga easily recapture them despite the total darkness. Shizuku is then the first one to notice that Chrollo is missing. [60]

After the others also realize that Chrollo is missing, Pakunoda reads a note left by Kurapika that threatens Chrollo's life if she reveals Gon and Killua's memories to the others. Nobunaga tells her to stay quiet while they wait for the chain user's call, stressing that they need to keep the two boys as hostages. In a flashback, Pakunoda remembers the formation of the Troupe in Meteor City where Chrollo stressed the importance of the Spider as a whole, telling them to never forget that someone else will take over if he dies. Back in the present, Pakunoda considers betraying the Spider to save Chrollo and wonders what Chrollo would do, with Nobunaga calling Phinks and telling him to hurry after revealing that Chrollo was captured. Sitting chained in the seat next to Kurapika as Leorio drives, Chrollo says that he didn't think the chain user would be a woman, but Kurapika quickly removes his wig and warns him that his words could be his last. Chrollo then reminds Kurapika that he can't kill him since he left his friends behind. He then points out that the encounter wasn't even mentioned in his fortune, which means that it's entirely insignificant, causing Kurapika to fly into a rage. [20]

57 - Shizuku

Shizuku telling the others that the Troupe’s rules are absolute

Phinks, Feitan , and Shalnark soon arrive at the hotel. The Troupe members receive a call from Kurapika, who tells them not to follow him, not to hurt the hostages, and to give the phone to Pakunoda. He then tells Pakunoda to go to Lingon Airport alone to negotiate the terms of a hostage exchange and that the other members have to return to their hideout. Phinks, Feitan, and Shalnark try to follow Pakunoda, but Nobunaga stops them for fear that Chrollo will be killed, leading to a heated quarrel between the two groups, with Feitan stressing that Chrollo would agree with their decision to follow her and that Nobunaga’s way of thinking is an insult to the Spiders. The quarrel is eventually settled after Shizuku knocks Nobunaga unconscious and reminds the others of the Troupe’s rules. After learning that Kurapika has a way to see through their lies, the Troupe members agree to return to the hideout. [61]

Meanwhile, after Chrollo again provokes Kurapika, the latter punches him in the face multiple times before Leorio and Melody calm him down. As Chrollo stresses that he’s worthless as a hostage, Melody listens to his heartbeat and says that he enjoys the fact that death is always near him. Kurapika asks if he was the Troupe’s leader five years earlier when they massacred the Kurta Clan, but Chrollo stays silent as Kurapika readies his Judgment Chain . Chrollo then asks if he used the chain to kill Uvogin, also asking about his final words. He again refuses to answer Kurapika, who feels powerless about having to keep Chrollo alive. As Kurapika backs down and calls back Pakunoda, Chrollo realizes that Kurapika will prioritize his friends over his mission, hoping that Pakunoda will bring the other members with her to the meeting. [62]

At the Troupe’s hideout, after Hisoka enlists of the help of Illumi, [61] Franklin, Bonolenov , and Hisoka wait for the others to return, suddenly hearing a sound in the distance. After Hisoka suggests that they check it out and turns the corner to leave the room, Franklin and Bonolenov spot a child standing on the ledge of a nearby window. After the child leaps down and escapes, Franklin wonders if it's one of them and Bonolenov asks if they should follow. However, Franklin worries that it could be a trap and suggests that they wait until everyone returns. Hisoka , his eyes now entirely black, regroups with the other two Spiders. [62]

Confronting Paku

Phinks and Feitan confronting Pakunoda, Machi, and Kortopi

When Kurapika meets Pakunoda aboard an airship, he uses his Judgment Chain on both her and Chrollo, setting two conditions for each of them. He then tells her to return to the airport with the hostages by midnight and to not tell the others where she is going. After Pakunoda agrees and returns to the hideout, she tells the others about the exchange and that she is leaving with just the two boys. Phinks becomes so angry that he wants to get rid of them and then go after the chain user, [63] but Machi and Kortopi side with Pakunoda. They prepare to confront Phinks and Feitan, who think that she and the others are being manipulated by the chain user, but Gon interrupts their quarrel and emphasizes that Pakunoda just wants to save their leader. Phinks finally agrees to let Pakunoda leave after Franklin tells him that if they all keep fighting, it will be the end of the Troupe. [27]

Just before the exchange, Hisoka unexpectedly appears and threatens to kill Gon and Killua if he cannot board Pakunoda’s airship. Kurapika has no choice but to let him go to the exchange site with them. After the exchange is successful, Kurapika looks down on Chrollo and hopes that he realizes what it’s like to have all his support systems taken away. Standing opposite him, Hisoka happily challenges Chrollo to a fight. [27] He then reveals that he has never been a true member of the Troupe, removing the fake Spider tattoo from his back, and points out that it won’t be considered in-fighting now. Chrollo laughs and tells Hisoka that he isn’t worth fighting since Kurapika stabbed him with his Judgment Chain and rendered him unable to use Nen. Losing interest, Hisoka quickly leaves and tells Pakunoda that he isn’t interested in broken toys, assuring her that Chrollo isn’t in danger from him anymore. [64]

Pakunoda's death

Pakunoda's death

At the hideout, Phinks demands answers from Pakunoda and wonders to himself why she's holding her gun. Pakunoda tells them that Chrollo can't return, and Phinks angrily asks if she's joking, ordering her to explain and threatening her with violence if they don't like her answer. Pakunoda readies her ability and tells herself that she can fire six shots simultaneously for the founding members. She then asks Feitan, Phinks, Machi, Nobunaga, Shalnark, and Franklin if they will trust her and accept it. As Pakunoda prepares to shoot out her memories, Phinks thinks that the chain user is manipulating her, but Nobunaga assures him that it's really Pakunoda. Once Pakunoda fires the six shots along with her memories into the heads of the founding members, Kurapika's Judgment Chain activates around her heart. She prays that she will be the last as she falls dead to the ground. With the founding members left stunned, all of Pakunoda's memories suddenly flood into their minds. Shizuku checks on Pakunoda and confirms that she's dead, asking the others how it happened. Phinks says that he will explain everything and begins to tell the others why Pakunoda made her decision. Still standing alone at the exchange site, Chrollo looks toward the east. [64]

Greed Island arc [ ]

Phinks and Feitan at the auction

Phinks and Feitan encountering Gon and Killua at the auction

On September 6 th , Phinks and Feitan attend the Southernpiece Auction and are surprised to see Gon and Killua, who immediately run away. The Troupe members easily chase after them and tell the two that they have no plans to kill them and that they can’t kill Kurapika because it could result in post-mortem Nen . Feitan gives him a look, and Phinks realizes that he shouldn’t reveal anything else, assuring himself that Chrollo is looking for an exorcist and that they just need to wait. Phinks assures Gon and Killua that they are just there to enjoy the auction, adding that the other members have already returned home. Gon asks about Pakunoda, and as Phinks tells him that she died and sees the pained look on his face, he plays through one of Pakunoda's memories when she asked the two boys why they weren't trying to escape from her since she was injured. She told them that if they escaped, the chain user could just kill Chrollo. She asked the two if they were his friends, and Gon sternly replied that it's because they're his friends that they don't want him to be a murderer. After Killua replied that the hostage exchange is the best way to do things, Pakunoda stood in silence as the two boys looked back at her. Back in the present, Phinks tells the boys that Pakunoda was thankful to them, quickly turning around as he and Feitan leave. [65]

By attending the auction, Phinks and Feitan discover that Battera has purchased multiple copies of Greed Island and is selecting players through tryouts. Later on the same day, they attack a car carrying a copy, kill the guards, and take it back to their hideout to play. [66] When Machi, Franklin, Shizuku, and Shalnark ask about the game, Phinks invites them to play before entering the game. [67] After some online research, Shalnark invites Kortopi and Shizuku to accompany him into the game so that he can test a theory and so that he and Shizuku will be safer for the rest of the week. [68]

The three depart and begin to study the game's system. After witnessing the limited response patterns of the game’s NPCs, seeing that the cards copied by Kortopi cannot be turned into objects, and Shizuku's Blinky cannot inhale the game’s special items, Shalnark realizes that the game functions with Nen. He explains his reasoning to his two companions, advancing the possibility that the island exists in the real world and not in virtual reality. He then plans to use a " Toraemon " card in order to collect all the game’s special items. He tells the two that their first priority is to get " Eye of God " or " Analysis " and to meet up with Phinks and Feitan, who are seen to have killed Latarza and taken his cards. Phinks suggests that they have a contest to see which of them can kill the most players, and Feitan agrees, reminding Phinks to take their cards first. [69]

Phantom Troupe In Greed Island

The Spiders heading to Greed Island

After the five leave the island with samples of rocks, Shalnark analyzes them and eventually determines the general location in the real world. The five of them plus Franklin sail towards the location marked by Shalnark, where they indeed find an island. However, they are promptly detected by Eta . [70] Upon reaching the shore, they encounter Razor , who introduces himself as a Game Master . He informs them that trespassers aren't welcome and that they can come back using the right way. He then uses an " Eliminate " card to send them to six different locations on the Azian Continent . [71]

After returning the right way and realizing that Chrollo headed to the real Greed Island according to his fortune, Shalnark tells the others that he must have hired someone to play the game for him and then use his name as a message to them. As he adds that the exorcist must be on the island, Hisoka reveals himself and says that it was his idea to use Chrollo's name. Franklin guesses that Hisoka’s reward for helping Chrollo is a duel, and Shalnark assures the others that it’s only a matter of time until Chrollo returns. At that point, a smiling Chrollo is seen at an undisclosed location sitting in front of a JoyStation Console . [22]

Machi, Nobunaga Hisoka spies

Machi, Hisoka, and Nobunaga spying on the Nen exorcist

Finally locating the exorcist, the Troupe has Hisoka make a deal with him so that he will remove Kurapika's Judgment Chain from Chrollo's heart. Shalnark then tells Hisoka that Machi and Nobunaga are tailing the exorcist, showing Machi’s thread to him and telling him to follow it. Phinks stresses the importance of the job, and Hisoka knows that it’s his only chance to fight Chrollo. Hisoka meets up with Machi and Nobunaga to spy on the disguised exorcist . He then senses Kalluto skulking in the shadows, and realizes that his ability allowed the Troupe to find the exorcist. After they introduce Kalluto as Hisoka’s replacement and Hisoka seems interested in him, Machi and Nobunaga warn Kalluto to be careful since Hisoka will go after anything. Hisoka assures Nobunaga that he will negotiate with the exorcist, and Machi asks him if he actually intends to fight Chrollo. Hisoka replies that he does and asks her who she wants to survive, with Machi quickly telling him that he can drop dead once he finishes the job with the exorcist. Hisoka then asks her what she will do if he ends up killing Chrollo, and Machi sternly tells him that she will chase him to the ends of the earth and kill him. [23]

Chimera Ant arc [ ]

Chrollo is seen reading an issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump as Hisoka and Abengane approach him. [72]

The Phantom Troupe arrive at Meteor City

The Spiders preparing to return to Meteor City

During the Chimera Ant crisis , Phinks, Feitan, Bonolenov, Shalnark, Kalluto, and Shizuku all journey to Meteor City . On their way there, they discuss how the Chimera Ant invasion happened and why some of them came to the city. The Troupe is met by some locals who tell them about the self-proclaimed Queen making a nest near the city and wreaking havoc amongst the people, and how the assembly is currently dealing with it. Seeing that no immediate progress is being made, the Troupe take it upon themselves to solve the Chimera Ant problem, with Phinks assuring the officials that they will exterminate the Queen by the end of the day. The Troupe members approach the enormous nest and walk right in through the front door. [14]

Zazan Defeated - Episode 97

Feitan victorious against Zazan

After Phinks explains to Kalluto that they will split up and that whoever kills the Queen first becomes the acting leader, the Troupe members go their separate ways within the nest. [31] Kalluto encounters and kills Small Beetle , Phinks destroys Gorilla with a single punch, [73] Bonolenov crushes the Gun-toting Ant , Shalnark kills both Pell and Boki , [34] Shizuku drains Pike of all his blood, [74] and after struggling against Zazan , Feitan is eventually victorious against her, making him the acting leader of the Troupe. [32]

The Troupe members then encounter the transformed Meteor City residents, who all beg to be killed. However, Phinks refuses to do so and orders them to show what spirit they still have left as Meteor City natives. The other members ready their weapons, and after the Troupe members easily take care of the transformed residents and return to the city, they decide to stay and take care of any more Ants that appear. However, Shalnark receives a text from Nobunaga asking for help, and Phinks is left disappointed that it wasn't Chrollo contacting them, saying that he hates having to wait. Shalnark and Feitan jokingly tell Phinks that he’s acting like a girl with a crush, and Phinks angrily tosses rubble at the two injured Troupe members as they run away from him. [32]

13 th Hunter Chairman Election arc [ ]

When Hisoka is left confused by Illumi’s mention of Ants and Netero ’s death, Illumi tells him that he missed a lot while he was chasing after Chrollo, adding that he might have had the chance to fight the Ants or Netero otherwise. [75]

Succession Contest arc [ ]

After making contact with the Troupe to acquire the abilities of Shalnark and Kortopi, Chrollo begins a fight to the death against Hisoka at Heavens Arena . [76] [77] [78] [79] [80] [81]

Chapter 357 - Page 19

Shalnark's corpse with Kortopi's severed head

Chrollo wins the match and eventually asks Shalnark, Machi, and Kortopi to confirm Hisoka's death. When Shalnark and Kortopi begin to leave, Machi tells them that since Hisoka paid her in advance, she will stitch him up. Now alone with Hisoka’s corpse, Machi looks at the damage around his neck and face, thanking him for helping to exorcise Chrollo. As she prepares to stitch him up, aura suddenly surrounds Hisoka’s body and leaves Machi stunned before she realizes that it must be post-mortem Nen. Hisoka comes back to life and asks Machi to confirm that he was really dead. As Hisoka realizes how difficult it is to fight someone like Chrollo, Machi sighs and hopes that he has learned his lesson, telling him to pick his battles next time. She tells him to sit down while she stitches him up, but Hisoka expertly uses his Texture Surprise to cover his wounds and give himself multiple prostheses. When Machi turns her back to Hisoka and prepares to leave, he restrains her with Bungee Gum and asks her to tell the other Spiders that he will fight any of them on sight until he has killed them all. Machi threatens to kill him on the spot and orders him to remove his gum, but Hisoka references their love and tells her to get it off by herself, leaving Machi even more enraged. [82]

Chrollo then contacts Shalnark and tells him about Kakin 's journey to the New Continent , adding that the Troupe will steal the treasure on board. Chrollo asks if he will need his cell phone back and points out that he won’t be able to return the antennae, but Shalnark assures him that he doesn’t currently need it. Chrollo tells him that he will return it once they board the ship , and Shalnark happily looks forward to the whole Troupe getting back together. Shalnark then waits for Kortopi to leave a public restroom and wonders why he's taking so long. As Shalnark's phone rings again, he suddenly spots Hisoka walking out of the restroom carrying something in his hand. Shalnark drops his phone and runs toward Hisoka, who tosses the object in Shalnark's direction. After Shalnark catches it and sees that it's Kortopi's severed head, Hisoka quickly kills him and strings up his body on a playset as crows pick at him and Kortopi's head lying at his feet. [82]

Chrollo's first appearance in Black Whale

Chrollo distraught after the deaths of Kortopi and Shalnark

In a crowded area on Tier 5 of the Black Whale , a man steps on a cockroach and says that they seem to find their way everywhere. He notices the dejected expression of a person sitting opposite him and says that he looks like he’s about to kill someone. After the person is revealed to be Chrollo, the man adds that he probably endured a lot to get on board and tells him to forget about all his ties to the old world. However, Chrollo replies that it would be difficult since ties are meant to be severed, not forgotten. [83]

On the second day of the Black Whale’s voyage, Phinks, Feitan, Franklin, and Nobunaga are seen aboard the ship confronting three members of the Buor Family in Tier 5 . They force them to talk about Kakin's three Mafia families, with Phinks guessing that there's a middleman between the boss and the henchmen. Franklin tells the Buor Family members to call over the person who makes the cut, and one of them replies that the next meeting is planned for Saturday. Phinks then tells the Mafia members that their new mission is to find everyone taller than 6'2" and get their room numbers. Also in Tier 5, Chrollo meets up with Machi at a crowded market. Both of them want to be the one to kill Hisoka after the deaths of Kortopi and Shalnark. Machi suggests flipping a coin, but Chrollo reminds her that coins are for disputes between two individuals, stressing that every member of the Troupe (including himself) wants to kill Hisoka. He then tells her to find Hisoka and guarantees that he’s somewhere on the ship. [33]

Chap 377 - Phantom Troupe members

The current Troupe members gathering together

On the fourth day of the voyage, all current members of the Phantom Troupe gather together in the crowded central dining hall , where Chrollo hears the reports about their fruitless search for Hisoka. They conclude that Hisoka is not in Tier 5, though the upper tiers are controlled by two other Mafia families. Chrollo encourages their newest member, Illumi, to introduce himself. Illumi shares that he and Hisoka once had a quid-pro-quo relationship, but reveals that Hisoka has now requested that he join the Troupe and have Hisoka as his assassination target. A group from the Cha-R Family then interrupts their meeting, with the leader rudely asking them to move from their table. Chrollo refuses and asks them to find somewhere else instead. The Mafia leader stops his subordinates from initiating a fight and identifies Chrollo and the others as the Phantom Troupe. According to the leader, the Troupe's rampage in Yorknew City allowed them easier access to the New Continent . The leader further orders the Troupe to do their business elsewhere. Before leaving, Chrollo tells him that they are looking for someone over 190 cm with an unpleasant air about him. The leader suggests that they look at the Royal Army 's passenger list, but adds that it will be a hard task since the upper tiers require tickets. He offers him a free pass if they join the Cha-R Family, but Chrollo politely declines. Instead, he asks about gaining access to Tier 1 , which prompts the Mafia leader to quickly dismiss his cockiness, telling him to get lost. As the Spiders walk away, the group's leader asks Sun-bin if the Troupe is trouble, and he replies that they will reach Tier 1 if they want to get there and that they didn't even try to hide their Nen . As they worry about the Troupe upsetting the balance of power, the man tells Sun-bin to call their young leader and to warn him that there might be a fight. [5]

Chap 377 - Spiders moving out

The Spiders splitting up to find Hisoka

Phinks tells the others that the leader showed his hand when Chrollo mentioned Tier 1, implying that there might be treasure hidden there. Chrollo stresses that they need to find Hisoka before going after any treasure. With the information they have all gathered, he orders the Troupe to bring him Hisoka's head, after which they can celebrate. Soon after the group splits up, Shizuku and Bonolenov ask Chrollo if he wants to team up. Chrollo agrees to work with them, but stresses that he will be the one to kill Hisoka. Shizuku points out that both her and Bonolenov's abilities don't work well against Hisoka's Bungee Gum , and Chrollo replies that he plans to attack Hisoka as soon as he sees him. Shizuku says that she will look for Hisoka in disguise, and Bonolenov says that he will transform rather than disguise himself, explaining that he will use his Battle Cantabile: Metamorphosen . He adds that while he can take many forms, he isn't strategic enough to come up with a plan, asking Chrollo for help. After Chrollo gives Bonolenov advice on how to use his ability, Shizuku asks Chrollo if he can read their fortunes again, hoping that it will give them some clues. However, Chrollo reveals that the ability disappeared from his book, and after realizing the implication, Shizuku likens Chrollo's book to the Death Note . As Chrollo stays silent, Bonolenov tells Shizuku that she keeps thinking that. [5]

In Tier 1, Onior Longbao and Brocco Li discuss the Spiders, with the latter mentioning that they couldn't even fit into Meteor City and that it will be difficult to control them since they don't care about life or death. He also mentions that some of his family's younger members are secret fans of theirs. The two bosses summon their underbosses and order them to find Hisoka before the Spiders do. [16]

In Tier 5, Nobunaga tells Phinks and Feitan that they will the tier to the Buor Family and search for Hisoka on Tier 4 . He plans to retrieve his weapon from the warehouse, and Phinks says that he needs to get something as well, with Feitan adding that his trick umbrella was smuggled in with the black market goods. Nobunaga wonders if the two are babysitting him, but Phinks and Feitan stress that they don't want to give Hisoka any chance to kill them. After arriving at the warehouse, the three encounter some henchmen of the Cha-R Family, one of whom leads them inside. As the man turns the corner, Nobunaga stops Phinks and Feitan, stating that he suddenly vanished from his En , with Phinks noting that he can no longer feel his presence. They walk down the corridor, which turns out to be a dead-end, and then hear a thud from behind them. They find the man lying dead on the floor with his throat cut open. Phinks and Feitan nonchalantly keep searching for the items on their own, ridiculing Nobunaga's concern and telling him that his priorities are weird. As the three continue to talk, the hitman Luini watches them from his portal in the ceiling and describes them as his idols, hoping that they can destroy the world together. [16]

Chap 379 - Commando Trio

Phinks, Feitan, and Nobunaga discovering that the warehouse guards are missing

After retrieving their weapons, the three return to the entrance and find that the other Mafia members are gone, but Phinks points out that one got away, noting a trail of dry blood and worrying that it's a trap. He then remarks that if someone had wanted to frame them as enemies of the Cha-R Family, the first corpse would have been enough. When Nobunaga replies that the murders may be unrelated to them, Phinks asks him if he believes multiple parties are involved. From Nobunaga's answer, he surmises that the culprit ran into them by chance and decided to use them, but switched back to his original plan when a fight didn't break out. They begin to follow the trail and surmise that Hisoka isn't involved, guessing that the culprit's target is the Cha-R Family. The trail ends at a locked door, and Phinks notices the two security cameras nearby, which he finds odd for Tier 5. After Nobunaga tries to open the door and finds that it's locked, the Cha-R underboss Ken'i Wang appears behind them with four armed subordinates. He asks if they are the ones who attacked the warehouse guards, but after the Troupe members say that they weren't involved, Ken'i receives a call from his subordinates about a man who entered their hideout with a wounded warehouse guard and yelled that the Spiders did it. Ken'i is annoyed that someone tried to manipulate the two groups into fighting and guesses that he was a hitman from one of the other families. Phinks speculates that they did so to fulfill an ability condition in order to teleport into their hideout at a later time, explaining the process in great detail and even mentioning Nen by name. While Ken'i asks the three Troupe members if they want to work together, he tells himself that they are dangerous and must be eliminated. [11]

Now sitting by himself in the Tier 5 central dining hall as he enjoys a meal, Franklin is approached by Ittoku , the consigliere of the Cha-R Family, and four other Mafia members. As Ittoku sits opposite him, Franklin reminds him that they already moved tables and asks if he has something else to say. Ittoku uses Franklin’s name and wonders if he’s going to look for Hisoka. Franklin replies that he doesn’t waste effort, explaining that since Hisoka is looking to kill them, he will come to find him as long as he sits and waits. Ittoku then reveals that two of his warehouse guards were killed and four were taken. Franklin assures him that the Troupe wasn’t involved, but then says that it depends on whether or not the Mafia members started the fight. Ittoku points out that Franklin’s three comrades were guaranteed to receive their weapons, wondering why they would fight them. Franklin then assures him that it wasn’t the Troupe and that someone else took advantage of the situation. Ittoku asks if it was Hisoka, and while Franklin says that it could be, he stresses that it wasn’t the Troupe. As he stands up to leave, Ittoku finally asks if the Troupe boarded the ship just for Hisoka, and while Franklin replies that they are still thieves, he stresses that they won’t take the next step until they find and kill Hisoka. After putting out his cigarette on his own steak, Ittoku apologizes and leaves with his men. [11]

Chap 380 - Illumi and Kalluto found on Deck 3

Illumi and Kalluto being questioned by Mizuri of the Royal Army

Inside the Cha-R's hideout, after Ken'i and the Troupe members watch the surveillance footage, Nobunaga points out that the hitman will come to open the other door. Ken'i asks if they want to see what's inside, and Nobunaga refuses to do so for free, offering to kill the hitman. After Ken'i agrees, he introduces the Spiders to the other Cha-R members present. After telling them that the Cha-R has around 250 members on board, the supervisor Tsudonke recognizes the Spiders and keeps it to himself, wondering if he should ask them for an autograph. On an overview of the ship, Phinks and Nobunaga are still seen in the Cha-R's hideout while Feitan has returned to the entrance of the warehouse (since the three are now working with the Mafia family). Franklin is still in the central dining hall, and Machi is by herself in a standard cabin. Chrollo, Shizuku, and Bonolenov are seen making their way to Tier 4 through the central passage, and Illumi and Kalluto are on the observation deck in Tier 3 . As a lockdown is announced and everyone is told to remain in their cabins while the military looks for a stowaway with a deadly weapon, several soldiers come across the two Zoldycks on the observation deck. [84]

After Kalluto explains that they were asleep, one of the soldiers asks for their ticket and wonders why a VVIP is down in Tier 5. Illumi replies that he is there on business, but the soldier explains that the passage between Tiers 2 and 3 will possibly remain closed for the duration of the voyage, offering to escort them back to the upper floors. However, Illumi repeats himself and says that they will stay in Tier 3. As Mizaistom and Botobai arrive, the former asks if the Spiders are on the ship, and Illumi confirms that every member is on board. Kalluto wonders why he would reveal that, and Illumi says that he is just too honest, but adds that he won’t answer any more questions. After Mizaistom offers them a room at the central police station and has Botobai lead them there, he is surprised that Illumi joined the Troupe as well and wonders what they are plotting. He then considers the possibility that the Spiders are on board to get revenge on Kurapika, debating whether he should tell him. [84]

Chap 384 - Spiders and Cha-R

Tajao discussing Morena with the Spiders

On the seventh day of the voyage, Tajao , the assistant to the Cha-R boss, emerges from the locked room in the Cha-R’s hideout, escorted by Ken'i. Phinks objects to the way Ken'i introduces them, making it sound like the Spiders are the ones who requested cooperation. After Ken'i gives Tajao his report, Phinks explains that they are looking for Hisoka, who was nowhere to be found in Tier 5. He says that the Troupe members will kill the hitman if they get permission from the Xi-Yu Family to allow them to search Tier 4. He is confident that the hitman will eventually return to access the passage leading to the upper tiers, perhaps in order to kill their boss . Tajao warns the three Spiders that an inescapable war might occur depending on where Morena is. He informs them of the rules that the families must follow, exasperating Phinks and Nobunaga. The two surmise that the most convenient course of action would be to kill Morena. Phinks urges Ken'i and Tajao to find her and assures them that the Spiders will come together to hunt down the hitman. [85]

On the tenth day of the voyage, after Onior confirms with Hinrigh that Hisoka isn't in Tier 4 , he says that he can permit the Spiders to search that tier. [86]

Arm-Wrestling Rankings [ ]

Brigata Fantasma - AWR2

The Phantom Troupe uses arm-wrestling to determine how physically strong each member is. However, it should be noted that it’s unclear whether the arm-wrestling competition is done without using Nen , or while maintaining Ten . It should also be noted that all the members, except for Kortopi and possibly Kalluto (whose physical strength is never shown), can defeat a professional Hunter and Enhancer such as Gon in the competition, with Shizuku losing to him only because she used her right arm despite being left-handed. [10] [46] [48]

  • Phinks Magcub
  • Hisoka Morow
  • Franklin Bordeau
  • Feitan Portor
  • Machi Komacine
  • Chrollo Lucilfer
  • Bonolenov Ndongo
  • Nobunaga Hazama
  • Shizuku Murasaki
  • In the official databook , the group's name is also spelled as " Geneiryodan " * . [87]
  • Gon was invited by Nobunaga to join the Troupe to fill the spot left by Uvogin, but he adamantly refused. [8]
  • Majtani passed himself off as a Troupe member to intimidate his opponents, although his tattoo lacked a number. He claimed that he was one of the "Four Devas " of the group. [6]
  • Machi told Hisoka to meet in Yorknew City at noon on August 30 th , [28] but the Troupe actually gathered together on August 31 st . [4]
  • Despite not appearing in the flashbacks, [20] [64] [19] due to the ambiguity of Pakunoda's statement (ちょうど結成時のメンバー分 "Just enough for the founding members."), [64] it is possible that Phinks is also a founding member of the Troupe.
  • When Chrollo wrote out fortunes for most of the Troupe members, several of them were identified by the number on their tattoo, which corresponded to a month of the year, including Hisoka, "April", [15] , Shizuku, "August", and the late Uvogin, "November". Shizuku and Chrollo deduced that Pakunoda and Shalnark were also mentioned among the dead members. However, because it was never explicitly mentioned whether Pakunoda was member #9 or #6, and Shalnark #6 or #9, it is still unknown which member had which number. [26]
  • All known #4 members, including the non-canon one, Omokage , have proven themselves treacherous or to have hidden agendas.

Intertextuality and References [ ]

  • Some members seem to have been based on iconic horror figures/archetypes: Franklin ( Frankenstein's monster ), Kortopi ( Sadako Yamamura from the Ringu franchise, Kitarō from GeGeGe no Kitarō , or a generic ghost from Japanese folklore), Bonolenov (mummy), Pakunoda (witch, in her initial appearance), [4] and Hisoka ( evil clown ) are the most noticeable.
  • It is possible that the Troupe has thirteen members to parody Jesus and the Twelve Apostles . Chrollo wears an inverted cross , often associated with St. Peter or Satanism , and he openly made reference to the New Testament , defending Judas Iscariot .
  • Darknet was indirectly mentioned as the technology Chrollo wished to use in his plan.

Miscellaneous [ ]

  • Several Phantom Troupe members ranked in both the second and third character popularity polls.

Translations around the World [ ]

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Darkness (HunterxHunter)

Darkness (HunterxHunter)

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  • Lies X Truth? X Kiriko
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Phantom Troupe Age

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  • Exploration X Guts X Stowaway
  • Bad Boy X Good Boy X Killua
  • Pro X Con X Trap
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  • Three People? X Five People X Last Choice
  • Treasure X Memory X Cramped Hotel Room
  • Stranded X Log Book X Soaked
  • Big Waves X Big Cannon X Huge Hush
  • Fourth Phase X Forty Four X Number of Death
  • Found X Hide X Caught Up
  • New Picture of Mika
  • Damage X Reunion X Courage
  • Short Chapter will be Slither X Stinger X In The Cave
  • Chairman X Interview X Written Exam
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  • Killua X Disaualified X Forced Out
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  • IMPORTANT! Final picture of Mika and question
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  • Guess X What X Reader-tachi!
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  • Mika X Nen X Type
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  • Zoldyck Arc to Heavens Arena Arc
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  • Mika X Spiders X Kurapika
  • Secret Trick X Registration X The Battle Begins
  • Two Months X Break X Just In Case
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ages of the phantom troupe


This is another hunterxhunter fanfiction that is based off both the 1999 and 2011. Mika is the daughter of Feitan and Machi but never knew either of her parents until one day she decides to become a hunter and ends up meeting Gon, Killua, Kurapika...

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Fantasy Topics

Hunter X Hunter Characters Including Heights, Ages, and Birthdays

By: Author Acacia Crossley

Posted on Published: April 21, 2022  - Last updated: August 4, 2023

Categories Hunter x Hunter , Anime

Hunter X Hunter Characters Including Heights, Ages, and Birthdays

When it comes to engaging anime series, Hunter X Hunter never fails to deliver. From its diverse array of unique characters to the thrilling arcs that have kept fans on the edge of their seats, this series has been a game-changer in the world of anime.

With rumors of Hunter X Hunter Season 7 stirring excitement among fans, it’s the perfect time to delve into the fascinating details of our favorite characters.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be exploring the heights, ages, and birthdays of Hunter X Hunter characters, offering a deeper insight into the elements that make these characters so compelling.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer eager to learn more about Hunter X Hunter , this guide is set to offer intriguing insights and trivia, enhancing your understanding of these interesting characters.

Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss is only 12 years old when he begins his journey to become a hunter (a young age even by Hunter X Hunter standards) though an average height for his age at 5’0.6″ (154 cm). The show follows Gon into his early teens, ending when Gon is approximately 14 years old, but he doesn’t physically grow. 

When he is first introduced as the central protagonist of Hunter X Hunter, Gon doesn’t always act like a typical 12 year old would. Gon remains friendly and level-headed in most situations, sometimes to a fault. He is already well equipped to deal with the harsh world of being a hunter. His enhanced senses and natural Hunting inclination are often hidden behind Gon’s kind passion. 

There are times when Gon’s happy-go-lucky attitude is tested and he snaps, losing control of his abilities. Gon learns to be more emotionally resilient, but he is still younger than many of his foes and feels like he has a lot to prove when someone questions his abilities.

Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck is a few months younger than his best friend Gon at 11 years old. He is also a little taller than Gon at 5.’2″ (158 cm) but appears smaller as he prefers to wear baggy, ill-fitting clothes. When Killua takes his second Hunter’s exam in episode 66 of season 1, he is 12. By the end of the show, Killua is thought to be 14 years old but has not physically changed. 

Being forced through rigorous physical training for most of his childhood means that Killua has a lean kind of strength which becomes more prominent when he runs away from his abusive family and meets Gon. At first, Killua appears a lot more mature than Gon, with an assassin’s mindset still left over from his years of training. However, after spending time with Gon, Killua becomes a mostly cheerful and candy-obsessed kid. 

Kurapika Kurta

Kurapika Kurta

Though Kurapika Kurta takes the 287th Hunter’s Exam at the same time as Gon, he is much older at 17 years old and turns 19 at some point during the show. He has a height advantage over most Hunters, towering over Gon at 5’7.3″ (171 cm). 

Since he was 12, Kurapika has been training to become a professional Hunter to eventually avenge his clan and steal back their stolen scarlet eyes. As such, Kurapika has an astounding Hunting intelligence (enough to become a Blacklist Hunter), but he is not as socially well equipped. He is not quick to make friends, but he prioritizes their safety over his own goals when he eventually does. 

Leorio Paradinight

Leorio Paradinight

Leorio Paradinight is 19 years old when he is introduced as another candidate in the Hunter Exam. By the end of the show at 21 years old, he is already a fully-grown adult and is still one of the tallest characters in Hunter X Hunter at 6’4″ (193 cm).

He may still be a teenager when he makes his Hunter X Hunter debut, but Leorio works hard to make himself appear much older and more authoritative than he is, opting for crisp business suits.

Much to the annoyance of the other Rookie Hunters, Leorio often has to be swayed to be less selfish and materialistic. But at the root of it, Leorio is only money-obsessed because of his lack of funds which prevents him from becoming a doctor.

Hisoka Morow

Hisoka Morow

Based on context clues, Hisoka Morow is thought to be 28 years old when introduced in season 1 of Hunter x Hunter, making him approximately 30 at the end of the show. Hisoka Morow’s 6’1.6″ (187 cm) build doesn’t adequately reflect how terrifying and intimidating he is.

Hisoka acts as the primary protagonist for the first Hunter X Hunter story arc (the Hunter Exam arc) but appears again throughout the series after he has died and been revived. Even if his appearance alludes to him being a jester or joker, the deep desire for power and enjoyment of pain makes Hisoka a brutal killing machine. He is rarely merciful, becoming increasingly sociopathic as the series progresses. 

Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo Lucilfer may be noticeably shorter than other antagonists in Hunter X Hunter at 5’9.7″ (177 cm), but he is no less powerful. It is unclear when Chrollo Lucilfer’s birthday is as it has never been confirmed, though fans suspect that he was born in Autumn and is 26 when first introduced in season 3 of the show. 

Chrollo is not the physically strongest of the Phantom Troupe, but he has the strength of an irreplaceable leader, with some of the most powerful characters fighting in his corner. That isn’t to say that Chrollo can’t fight his own battles. He is a villain to the core, but Chrollo can be kind to his fellow Troupe, especially those who have been loyal to him since he founded the Troupe.

Feitan Portor

Feitan Portor

Feitan Portor is thought to be a little older than Chrollo at 28 years old, but his birthday is still unknown. This age is estimated based on flashbacks rather than appearance as Feitan’s short 5’1″ (155 cm) height doesn’t allude to his true age.

Pretty much everything about the Phantom Troupe’s number 2 member remains a mystery. From his slick black hair to his oversized robes and mask concealing everything but his eyes. Even on the rare occasion that he speaks, Feitan’s few words keep him shrouded in mystery. But what is clear is that Feitan is a cruel sadist. He takes pleasure in causing victims pain and is given free rein to do so as the Phantom Troupe’s interrogator. 

Machi Komacine

Machi Komacine

Despite being one of the shortest Phantom Troupe members at 5’2.6″ (159 cm), Machi Komacine is thought to only be a little younger than Chrollo at 24 years old (birthday unknown). She is ranked as the strongest woman in the group and is one of the coolest-looking characters in the whole show, with a typical bright, anime-girl style.

Machi earned her place as the Troupe’s number 3 member by perfectly embodying the cold-hearted, emotionless villain. She is old enough to be one of the Troupe’s original members and as such shows extreme loyalty to Chrollo, quick to defend his honor even if that means challenging other members of the Troupe. 

Nobunaga Hazama

Nobunaga Hazama

Nobunaga Hazama is one of the taller original Phantom Troupe members at 6″ (183 cm). He is also slightly older than most of the original members at 28 years old in season 3. 

While most of the other Phantom Troupe members seem to have gotten cruller and more merciless as they have aged, Nobunaga shows a rare kindness. Even when dealing with his enemies, Nobunaga only threatens to kill them if they are rude. However, once that kindness is tested or Chrollo’s safety is threatened, Nobunaga can be brutal.

Ging Freecss

Ging Freecss

Seeing as Ging Freecss doesn’t make many appearances in Hunter X Hunter before season 2, it is unsurprising that he is already 32 years old by the time of his real introduction. The few times we see him before his debut, Ging is shown to be one of the smaller Hunters at 5’3″ (160 cm), which is seen in more clarity later on. 

As should be expected of Gon’s father, Ging is exceptionally skilled and powerful HxH characters despite being one of the shorter Hunters. Ging doesn’t have the fatherly instincts that Gon craves, he only really cares about those who can use their skills to complete a quest successfully.

So when Gon becomes a Hunter in search of his father, Ging only knows how to show his son love by pushing him to be stronger and trust in his own power, as Ging does. Even if that means getting hurt in the process. 


Technically, Kite is 25 years old and is a tall 6″ (183 cm), as he is for the majority of his on-screen appearances. But once they have been reborn as a Chimera Ant, Kite takes on the form of a much younger girl at approximately 4″ (121.9 cm).

Kite is the first professional Hunter that audiences are introduced to in Hunter X Hunter. Because they trained with Ging since they were young, Kite is a highly skilled and well-equipped Hunter… at least in their human form.

Once they are reborn as a Chimera Ant, Kite loses most of the physical and intellectual advantages that they learned from Ging. Eventually, Kite has their memories of their previous life restored but is still at a disadvantage as the skills of a Hunter are harder to transfer between forms. 

Alluka Zolydck

Alluka Zoldyck

Aside from several flashbacks and photos, Alluka Zoldyck does not debut in Hunter X Hunter until season 6 and when she is 11 years old. At 5″ (152.4 cm), she is only a little smaller than Killua which makes sense as there is only a year or so between the siblings. 

Alluka is not well thought of by the Zoldyck family, suffering as much emotional abuse at her parents’ hands as the rest of the Zoldyck siblings. This is because, from an undisclosed age, Alluka has had a Dark Continent creature named Nanika sharing her body. Aside from when this Alluka is overtaken by Nanika – taking on a dark, empty, demon-like appearance – she is a sweet child. Alluka has the strongest connection with Killua as he was the only one who didn’t treat Alluka like a villain. 

Isaac Netero

Isaac Netero

Though he is one of the oldest characters in the show (110 + years old), Isaac Netero is only thought to be 5’3″ (160 cm). But do not mistake his age and shorter stature for weakness. Isaac was a legendary Grand Master of Shingen-Ryu, keeping up his training even in his old age.

Isaac reached enlightenment after spending 4 years intensely training, more than 60 years before the show’s events began. With his new enlightenment, Issac developed the skill to break the speed of sound with a single punch. He can often be forgetful or an unattentive at times, but Isaac is still an energetic idol right up until his sacrifice to kill Meruem. 


As a Chimera Ant, Meruem ages differently from other characters in Hunter X Hunter. Though he is a fully grown Chimera Ant at only 40 days old, Meruem forced his birth prematurely, which resulted in him having a shorter stature than most other Chimera Ants at 5’6.5″ (169 cm).

After his early birth kills the Chimera Ant Queen, Meruem becomes the Ant’s ruthless King. He had little respect for his people and even less respect for humans despite taking on a more human form than would be expected of a Chimera Ant. It is only after Meruem has a deep, meaningful interaction with a human (the champion gungi player, Komugi) that Meruem starts to value human lives a little more. 

Bonolenov Ndongo

Bonolenov Ndongo

There is no officially confirmed birthday or height for Bonolenov Ndongo, but when compared to other characters in the show, he is roughly 5’10.9″ (180 cm). He is one of the oldest Phantom Troupe members at 30 years old. However, because of his appearance, it is hard to tell. 

Bonolenov has the unique look of a mummy and is almost always seen wearing boxing gloves, ready for a fight. Despite his look, Bonolenov is more civilized than most members of the Troupe and prefers to avoid conflicts unless necessary. Bonolenov will treat Troupe members, young and old, with a refreshing patience but will fight until he is bloody to remain loyal to Chrollo. 

Frankin Bordeau

Franklin Bordeau

Franklin Bordeau is one of the tallest characters in Hunter X Hunter at 7’2.2″ (219 cm) and makes quite the impression with his massive build. However, little is known about Franklin, including his birthday or age. All that is known is that he is old enough to be one of the Phantom Troupe’s original members. 

From the countless scars and giant-like appearance, it is no wonder that Franklin is one of the Phantom Troupe’s most reliable killing machines. Above all else, Franklin is loyal to Chrollo and the family he has created. Franklin will not hesitate to dispose of any member of the Troupe in order to ensure the Troupe’s survival.

Kalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto Zoldyck is only 10 years old when he makes his debut on the show in season 1, making him the youngest of the Zoldyck siblings. Though how many months younger is unclear. He is also the shortest Zoldyck at 4’11.1″ (150 cm), making him the perfect stealthy assassin tool for his parents. 

The full extent of Kalluto’s abilities has yet to be explored in the show as he tends to fade into the background, obedient and emotionally controlled to a fault. However, Kalluto makes enough of an impression with the Phantom Troupe to be named the number 4 member (even if he joined to get his brother back rather than be a Troupe member forever). 

Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger may take on the form of an innocent-looking child most of the time, but she is actually 57 years old. It is her childish 5’1″ (154.9 cm) that form Biscuit prefers compared to her 7’2″ (218.4 cm) true, muscular form as she can express her femininity better. 

Biscuit’s power in her taller form is transferred into her younger form, making her opponents think that she is weaker and more vulnerable than she is. However, as soon as the right moment strikes, Biscuit unleashes her full potential and turns into a lethal fighter. 

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Phantom Troupe

some caption text --> "We reject no one, so take nothing from us." — Meteor City's mantra

Introduced as "the most horrible group of criminals in all history", they are a group of 13 thieves who specialize in very difficult targets. Unlike most other thieves, they generally don't rely on subtle strategy or minuted actions; perpetually reenacting the Gordian Knot parable, they prefer to resort to brute force. Loads and loads of brute force. Which is why they get such a reputation: They are less famous for what they steal than for the hundreds of people they kill in the process. In fact, as they already steal all the common objects they need on a daily basis, they have very little interest in the luxury items they target, and seem to choose them mostly because they know these items will be heavily guarded. Indeed, most of the members seem to be in specifically for the carnage.

They have a peculiar organization, being villainous True Companions of Ubermenschen (this doesn't go without the occasional internal frictions, though they have strict rules about settling those), and while they have a leader, the survival of individual members (including the leader) is not a priority; the survival of the group as the whole is. If a member dies, they simply get replaced.

Several of the members come from Meteor City, officially a gigantic landfill, less officially an autonomous city inhabited by millions of Unpersons , even less officially a Mafia-subsidized breeding-ground for anonymous hitmen.

The group is often referred to as "The Spider", because of the 12-legged spider tattoos that mark their membership.     open/close all folders

  • 13 Is Unlucky : To the public, they're so strong that the entire Mafia is powerless against them and they had to call in the strongest characters known to the readers at the time to put them down. On the flipside they're Unperson inhabitants of a city-sized garbage dump, two (and later on, another two) of their members have died, their leader is Brought Down to Normal and they're at the mercy of a boy half some of the members' age.
  • Affably Evil : Many of the members can be genuinely amicable and reasonable if the situation calls for it, despite otherwise being ruthless murderers. This can make dealing with them somewhat frustrating for some characters, most notably Gon, who has a very strong hatred for people who have an understanding of morality, comradery and human decency despite seemingly being sociopathic savages, viewing such people as hypocrites.
  • Affectionate Nickname : Shar, Fei, Bono, Uvo, Paku.
  • Alas, Poor Villain : The deaths of several of their members are played up quite tragically, right down to the surviving members mourning the deaths of their True Companions which contrasts their otherwise amoral nihilism.
  • Animal-Motif Team : Membership in the group is denoted by a spider tattoo and they're often called "The Spiders" or the like when referred to.
  • Anti-Villain : Ruthless and utterly monstrous as their crimes may be, the reason why they're like that is to protect their home of Meteor City from raiders and criminals, by creating the image of an evil organization so feared that no one would try to touch it. They're also characterized by their deep sense of camaraderie towards one-another, and are fully willing to perform humane actions if they see it as the honourable decision.
  • Ape Shall Never Kill Ape : While they don't necessarily hold themselves as being morally superior, they place zero value on the lives of outsiders, hypocritically place value on each other's lives to varying degrees, and are forbidden to seriously attack one another. This could also be applied on a larger scale to Meteor City itself. In short, Spider shall never kill a fellow Spider, but Hisoka would be the exception to this.
  • Arch-Enemy : Towards Kurapika and much later Hisoka. In both cases, It's Personal , because Kurapika and Hisoka are both responsible for the deaths of several of their members.
  • Badass Crew : To the bone. Each member displays various skills that make them worthy threats to the heroes and Kurapika.
  • Being Watched : No matter how good the watcher is, the members of the Phantom Troupe all possess the innate ability to sense when when they are being watched.
  • Berserk Button : Harming the members of their group (especially the founding members) and attacking Meteor City. The reason is they were Childhood Friends who founded the group (originally just to dub salvaged episodes of a Super Sentai show) and committed many acts of evil to protect the Meteor City from outsiders after what happened to Sarasa (a childhood friend) who was mercillessly killed and dismembered by raiders just for the For the Evulz . That's why they took it as personal offense when the Chimera ants attacked the city as it would be insulting to their goal in the first place.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy : Of a sort. While individually, the members of the Phantom Troupe are very strong for nen users and as a group together, they are unstoppable, they only ever seemed concerned with stealing things. In most cases this means they only ever usually go up against your standard mook criminals or red-shirt police/peacekeeping force. This means that while they have plenty of experience with their powers and how to use them, they don't often have to engage a legitimate threat. The few instances where a Troupe member was challenged, hurt, or even killed, they were up against a serious opponent or someone who prepared for them. In both instances of Troupe members dying, the Troupe members in question barely did any real damage or put up much of a fight to their opponent. This goes even further in later chapters after the Phantom troupe is introduced with nen users appearing with comparable strength or possibly greater power which means that while each member of the Phantom Troupe is strong, they aren't the strongest in the world and there are in fact many other nen users who could match them in combat. The contrast is even greater when members of the troupe are compared to Hisoka (someone who goes out and actively picks fights with people who can hurt or even kill him), a former member who is now actively hunting them. Both Shalnark and Kortopi die in seconds (Granted, the fact that Hisoka had surprise on his side and that they were currently without their signature powers meant they didn't even get the chance to defend themselves).
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday : They honestly don't hold a grudge against the Kurta clan. It was just another killing for them.
  • Card-Carrying Villain : They make little effort to hide their identity, because they really don't need to . And then it is revealed that they are invoking this trope for a good reason.
  • Criminal Found Family : While they have Lack of Empathy for everyone else, they do care for each other and are deeply upset when one of their own dies. It is pointed out by Gon as serious Moral Myopia , but seeing as they're all �bermensch who think and function differently from society, it doesn't phase them as much. The Troupe was founded in Meteor City, a place where everyone abandons things they don't want—including people. They chose to join up and work together as one piece of a greater group of thieves that is more important than any of the individual members, but that doesn't mean they didn't slip into prioritizing each other fiercely, especially the founding members.
  • Dark Action Girl : Machi, Shizuku, and Pakunoda are the female members of the fierce criminal organization.
  • The Dreaded : The group are among the most feared thieves in the world. Given their impressive nen abilities and casual response to murder , it is understandable. It is later revealed that they are invoking this trope to protect Meteor City from outsiders after what happened to their friend Sarasa who was killed by the raiders.
  • Dwindling Party : Subverted ; despite the relatively high fatality rate that comes with being a Phantom Troupe member, due to the group's philosophy of no one leg being greater than the body, they're actually really efficient with replacing deceased or AWOL members.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones : Deconstruction ; The Troupe, while completely merciless and uncaring of the effects of their wanton slaughter seem to care for one another, deeply mourning the loss of their friends and "family". Gon rightfully points out, however, that they have absolutely no moral justification for acting this way, and that if they realize what it is like to lose a family member, why are they so uncaring for the senselessly large amount of lives that they take? It is important to know that none of them give Gon a concrete answer, which implies that they know of this moral contradiction but are too scared to answer it and would rather just ignore it.
  • Evil Virtues : Even the ones who otherwise seem like sociopaths are selflessly loyal to the Spider and/or Chrollo. This serves to make them less sympathetic rather than more, due to heavy Moral Myopia on their behalf.
  • Faking the Dead : All of them thanks to Kortopi's ability.

ages of the phantom troupe

  • From Nobody to Nightmare : The group and most of its membership originated from Meteor City, which is basically a giant garbage dump existing in a legal and political limbo where unwanted things (and people) are dumped from all over the world, meaning that everyone living there is an Un-person . Then they became the most feared criminals in the world.
  • Genius Bruiser : Everyone of them has high physical strength and all members are also intelligent. Even the ones who don't look smart at all: case in point, Uvogin is a deadly Combat Pragmatist , and Franklin is a fairly logical person outside of combat.
  • Combat Specialists: While each of the group is clearly a capable fighter on their own, some members like Feitan, Phinks, Nobunaga, and Uvogin are excellent close-range combatants. This makes them key for defending the group as a whole from powerful Nen users, or individuals like the Holy Beasts.
  • Support Specialists: Machi, Shizuku and Kortopi have poor combat performance in comparison to the rest of the group, but make up for it with their healing abilities, storage capabilities, and object-copying capabilities respectively
  • Crowd Control Specialists: Individuals such as Franklin and Bonolenov have Hatsu that make them best for causing wide disruption and keeping crowds of opponents down at a time.
  • Intel Specialists: Pakunoda, Shalnark, and Chrollo himself are used to gather information about the situation the thieves find themselves in, and use their Nen to aid the rest of the group. Pakunoda herself is especially useful in this regard, as her Memory Bomb allows her to communicate complicated facts to her allies with ease.
  • Heads or Tails? : Most if not all in-group disputes, no matter how small, are solved with a simple coin toss. This prevents the dispute from growing into something that could potentially cause a falling out.
  • Hidden Depths : Despite being entirely in a position of power for the Yorknew City arc, they show mercy towards Gon and Killua several times, and Phinks and Feitan spare the duo when they bump into them during the auction. This is most likely because the two never posed an immediate threat, the troupe respects them for their tenacity, and that Phinks was thankful for the two showing Pakunoda kindness despite her despicable attitude.
  • They place zero value on the lives of others and have no problem murdering basically anyone, but kill one member of their group and they'll go absolutely ballistic. Gon calls them out on this.
  • In the Phantom Rouge movie, they're disgusted that Omokage would dare to steal Uvogin's eyes to recreate him as a puppet. The irony is completely lost on them.
  • Invincible Villains : They're damn near unstoppable killing machines! Throughout the York Shin arc almost no one, save for Kurapika, Silva, and Zeno, is capable of killing or even hurting them.
  • Moral Myopia : If you aren't a part of their little group, then you can just die painfully. Their Freudian Excuse somewhat explains: they all lived on a city filled with people that the world doesn't care about, but care about each other, so they are just following a much more cynical version of The Golden Rule .
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond : While the Troupe members are legitimately strong, they mostly only ever fight normal people or lower level nen users. As the series goes on and more nen users are introduced, it's clear that their reputation comes mostly from the fact that as a group they are almost unstoppable but individually they're not exceptional (barring Chrollo) and just well trained and experienced nen users. When they do fight people who are a real threat they are often cornered, injured, and few members have been killed.
  • One-Man Army : All of them are master Nen users with unique or extraordinary abilities. Any one of them can take out armies of normal humans or even a large group of powerful underworld Nen users.
  • Only One Name : Subverted. At least for the still-living members of the Troupe, everyone who only had their first name used in conversation has their last name formally revealed in Chapter 377 when the author finally decided on what surnames to bestow them.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil : While the Troupe are a ruthless band of mass murderers, the Chimera Ants specifically Zazans squadron are probably their least sympathetic of their many victims. They are shown to be exceptionally sadistic toward the humans they hunted and killed, among their many victims were fan favorites Pokkle and Ponzu , turning the citizens of Meteor City into their personal slaves by mutating them into horrific abominations. All this makes it easier to root for the Spiders.
  • Pet the Dog : Despite their ruthlessness and the fact that they Would Hurt a Child , the Troupe actually takes relatively good care of Gon and Killua when they're initially captured, with Nobunaga even wanting them to join the Troupe altogether. Ultimately, at the end of the Yorknew Arc, they're actually touched by how Gon and Killua treated Pakunoda and decide to leave them alone.
  • Phantom Thief : Downplayed. They have a few characteristics of the trope (a set of rules and ideals, stealing for the sake of stealing rather than a need, sometimes leaving calling cards , etc.), and the name certainly fits, but for the most part they're more like a gang of psychotic terrorists and they carry out their schemes with all the subtlety and class of a brick to the face.
  • Further complicating manners is Hisoka's subtext-laden fixation on Chrollo and his powers.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad : Deconstructed horribly. Despite most of them having wacky designs and personalities, they demonstrate how horribly dangerous a group like this could actually be in real life, as a single one of them is capable of brutally murdering hundreds of people. Also, unlike most examples, they function as essentially equals among each other making them more like Quirky Dragon Squad. Chrollo actually respects them instead of killing them if they're not immediately useful, which makes sense since a Bad Boss is a horrible model to utilise when trying keep your associates loyal to you.
  • Rule #1 : Serious quarrels between members are prohibited and must be settled by flipping a coin (they even have special coins with a spider printed on them, just for this situation).
  • Rule of Symbolism : Spiders and inverted crosses as recurring motifs.
  • Sliding Scale of Libertarianism and Authoritarianism : Heavily discussed, as the paradox of the Troupe is how a bunch of extremely individualist Übermenschen who completely ignore the laws, morals and conventions of society and who only care about themselves and each other are nonetheless brought together to cooperate in total submission to a collective, hierarchic entity.
  • Specifically Numbered Group : In Hunter � Hunter , the Phantom Troupe is always meant to have 13 members—absolutely no more, and any new members are either selected by the leader or earn their place by defeating one of the members. They each have their number tattooed on them.
  • Straw Nihilist : Along with Social Darwinist . They act like they adhere to these principles, but don't actually bother to put much philosophical justification behind these acts (the leader outright states that he never really thought about his own motive).
  • Undying Loyalty : All of its members ( except Hisoka ) are loyal to the group. However this loyalty varies as some, like Phinks and Feitan are loyal to the Spider as an organization, while Pakunoda and Machi are loyal to Chrollo. This conflict of to whom be loyal to nearly led to a fight.
  • Unperson : Those who come from Meteor City, at least.
  • Unseen No More : Kurapika mentioned them a lot during the Hunter Exam and Zoldyck arcs before finally showing up during the Yorknew arc (with Machi appearing during the end of the Heaven's Arena arc).
  • Villain of Another Story : They become relegated to the B-plot of the Greed Island arc.
  • A member of the Troupe was killed by Killua's father Silva. While Zeno stated that it wasn't easy he didn't seem injured or that he even put up above moderate effort into the kill. Further, while he did tell the rest of his family to stay away from the Phantom Troupe, it's implied that this is almost certainly because their leader Chrollo will come after you.
  • Nobunaga can extend his En to about 2 meters, but Biscuit stated that a true master could extend it to 10 meters. Zeno can extend his to 100 meters.
  • Uvogin was very powerful and he did kill a bunch of the Shadow Beasts (the strongest nen users in the world of mafia), but one of them did inflict a paralyzing poison on him and it was confirmed that he could also secrete a powerfully lethal poison with his nen. If he had been trying to kill Uvogin, Uvo would have died. Further, he barely did any damage to Kurapika when they fought (what damage he did was healed easily). Although Kurapika is basically kryptonite for the Phantom Troupe members and Chrollo said that Uvogin would be weak against a conjurer (like Kurapika). This often seems to be a trend as the Troupe member seems so used to handing out a Curb-Stomp Battle that they genuinely think that a threat capable of taking them out will never come along.
  • When Feitan fought the chimera ant queen in Meteor City, he couldn't do any real damage even before she increased her power with her upgraded form. He won only because his nen ability has a wide range of effect and has the potential to do ridiculous amounts of damage (he essentially creates a miniature sun that fries everything around). Keep in mind that this chimera ant queen was a novice at using her nen, didn't master her aura or condition herself to reflexively use the basics of nen while she fought (essentially, she was matching Feitan with nothing more than her natural strength and toughness ) when he underestimated her toughness and left himself defenseless from her aura (he had focused all of his aura into the tip of his sword to pierce through her neck, meaning he has no aura over the rest of his body to defend himself) she did massive damage with nothing more than a reflexive burst of aura. Feitan won that fight through sheer luck as A) if the queen had conditioned herself to enhance herself with her aura instinctively on top of her monstrous natural power, Feitan wouldn't have been able to keep up with her at all B) If she had more or at least more proficient use of her aura and more experience using nen, she could have killed Feitan outright with one shot while he was offguard and his aura wasn't protecting his body C) Feitan still had no way of actually hurting her and if he didn't have an Instant Death ability, she would have beaten him regardless of her inexperience.
  • Nobunaga repeatedly threatens to kill them, and slams Gon's hand even as it bruises and bleeds during an arm-wrestling match.
  • Feitan grabs Gon's arm from behind and would have most likely broken it (or rather, would have started with peeling off a nail as form of torture), had he not lost a coin match of heads-or-tails with Nobunaga.
  • In addition to being responsible for the Kurta clan's massacre, one of the victims was a boy named Pairo, Kurapika's childhood friend.

Active Members

Chrollo lucilfer, voiced by: mamoru miyano (2011 series), yoshikazu nagano (1999 series) (japanese), robbie daymond (2011 series), richard meen (1999 series) (english).

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade : His Benz Knife is sharp enough to cut Silva's body. And its poison is so potent that just 0.1 mg can paralyze a whale .
  • Affably Evil : He's a rather polite and soft-spoken guy, even to people who are currently trying to kill him.
  • The Antichrist : He was a forsaken child, is a deceptively benevolent leader who causes unbelievable amounts of strife and destruction, has a nihilistic view of everything, carries around a book with him like a Bible, is very hard to kill and able to dodge a karmic hand of death even when it looks like he won't, and possesses a selection of powers far beyond those of anyone else. And then there's his name, which is an obvious corruption of Lucifer. As in an angel of light that was once a decent being, but is now corrupted and pure evil on the inside.
  • To Kurapika. After the Yorknew City arc, it becomes very mutual.
  • Hisoka has cemented himself as another contender for arch enemy after murdering Kortopi and Shalnark, and promising to hunt the Spiders down, one by one .
  • Arc Villain : Of the Yorknew City arc.
  • Art Evolution : When Chrollo returned to the manga, his design was noticeably different, more feminine. He became less muscular and more slender, softer rounder facial features, shorter jaw, less prominent cheekbones, thinner fingers, and looked much younger
  • Asskicking Leads to Leadership : The uncontested leader of a gang of Persons Of Mass Destruction .
  • Awesomeness by Analysis : One of his defining traits which is shown during his battle with Zeno and Silva.
  • Badass Bookworm : He likes reading a lot, especially ancient books. Also, his ability has the shape of a book.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit : Battles Zeno and Silva in Yorknew while clad in a suit. Clothing Damage ensues due to the two consistently using aggressive Nen attacks.
  • Badass in Distress : He got kidnapped by Kurapika which is not a insult to Chrollo.
  • Benevolent Boss : An evil one, but nonetheless he still qualifies. He may not care about the lives of innocent people (or anyone outside of his group), but he's genuinely friends with all of the members and they all follow him willingly. It's to the point some members willing give their nen abilities to him when he requires them for certain tasks, and he's willing to return them when needed as well.
  • Big Bad : Of the Yorknew City arc, but he's mainly Kurapika's main enemy for the series.
  • Blood Knight : While not showing it he definitely has shades of this, his fight with Hisoka being a clear example.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality : When asked by Gon why the Troupe can so casually kill people who have nothing to do with them, Chrollo is genuinely confounded and goes into deep thought, as if he had never contemplated his rationale for committing mass murder up until this point. He even ponders that perhaps the answer to this question is the key to understanding himself, but he comes up blank.
  • Broken Ace : Far and away the most dangerous member of the Phantom Troupe. His immense intellect combined with his amazingly flexible Nen abilities makes him an incredibly tough opponent to have to face in a serious battle, as he can and will use everything in his arsenal to construct elaborate battle scenarios which leave no openings for his opponents to exploit ( as if trapping them in a spider's web ). Besides his fighting skills, he's also very charismatic and a natural-born leader, and no member of the Troupe questions his authority. He is strong, cool, smart and charismatic but he is also a ruthless killer. An assassin even said he is addicted to murder.
  • Brought Down to Normal : After Kurapika seals his nen. It doesn't last long.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You : He can only keep the powers he's stolen if the person he stole the power from is still alive. Because of this, when he comes across a person with a desirable power, he never fights them to kill, and won't let any of the other troupe members kill them, either. However, later after Taking a Level in Badass he finds out that some of his abilities could be an exception to this rule as one of his abilities stays even after the owner dies. Chrollo surmises that depending on the ability and person he stole it from, the ability itself could become an example of nen becoming stronger after death. He also learns that if he uses an ability he stole which has become stronger after the death of the user is activated and used, the ability won't disappear even if the page it comes from is closed. This is only maintained until the ability is used/activated but this is useful as if such an ability as used in conjunction with another ability, the other ability also won't disappear because of the permanence of the first ability, which allows Chrollo to use even more than the two his new ability "double-face" allows.
  • The Collector : He collects nen abilities.
  • Combat Pragmatist : Using the referee and even the public as weapons to fight Hisoka.
  • Combo Platter Powers : With his Double Face, he is able to use his abilities this way. If Chrollo uses the a Nen ability in his book that doesn't disappear after the original owner's death, then that ability can be used with the another which also won't go away even if its page is closed. This is an example of the ability of Nen to grow stronger after death (some of Chrollo's powers remain after the original user dies but this is limited specifically to abilities that become stronger after death) and won't vanish until after it's used/activated. Going further is that a Nen-empowered by death ability itself can be used to continue a different ability even if both pages are closed because death-empowered Nen persists and keeps the other ability it's combined with from disappearing
  • Creepy Crosses : He's a major Arc Villain with an Antichrist motif, a stylized cross tattooed on his forehead, and a trench coat with cross emblems on the buttons.
  • Diabolical Mastermind : By leading a group of infamous criminals.
  • Dissonant Serenity : Which freaks out Melody to the point of causing her a brief Heroic BSoD as he was not afraid of dying not even a little.
  • Explaining Your Power to the Enemy : Explains his abilities and his strategy to Hisoka, claiming that he will win for sure.
  • Expy : His visual design resembles Shinobu Sensui from YuYu Hakusho , a manga also created by Yoshihiro Togashi . Personality-wise they're not that similar besides being dangerous, mentally disturbed geniuses, though they both share a Fallen Angel motif.
  • Facial Markings : Two of his distinguishing features are his cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead.
  • A Father to His Men : Despite claiming that the lives of individual members (including his own) are not as important as the group as a whole, he is visibly distraught whenever a member dies.
  • Foil : To Kurapika. Both are calm, ruthless, Specialist type nen users, but Chrollo is a sociopathic murderer while Kurapika has a strong moral code over all.
  • Having a Blast : His ability Sun and Moon that allows him to turn anything into bombs, including people.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics : Part of his strategy against Hisoka. Using his crowd of puppets for support.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed : Chrollo will intentionally hold back in a fight if he's trying to steal the opponent's ability . Even Zeno's doubts that he could win if Chrollo had intentions of killing him.
  • Image Song : "1\\13".
  • Impossible Thief : Skill Hunter allows him to steal abilities.
  • Improbable Weapon User : So far, he fought with a book and a cape and he managed to easily beat some opponents using nothing but ordinary ballpoint pens .
  • It Amused Me : Chrollo's motivations are particularly difficult to define; when asked about them, he outright states that he doesn't know and never really thought about it, he just does what he does because he can; he's reluctant to fight at full capacity even when he could or should, he gets the Phantom Troupe to steal impossibly well-protected objects only to get bored with them and sell them (even though he doesn't need the money), and sometimes steal them again later. And he wouldn't care if he were to die the next day.
  • It's Personal : With Hisoka. As of the events since the fight between Chrollo and Hisoka at the Heaven's Arena, Hisoka has become the man Chrollo hates the most as after their duel Hisoka killed both Shalnark and Kortopi in retaliation for his defeat at Chollo's hands. While Chrollo also has it in for Kurapika for killing another member of the Phantom Troupe, Uvogin, Kurapika is simply a target for revenge while Chrollo is actively obsessed with finding and killing Hisoka.
  • The Leader : Of the Phantom Troupe. Easily indicated by the fact his troupe mates all can him "Leader" instead of his name. Originally, he elected to have Uvogin to be the leader but the former instead made him to be the boss instead.
  • Logical Weakness : Since he requires his book to use abilities, this means that he can only use one hand to fight since the other has to hold the book. After gaining a new ability, called Double Face, he now can use both hands to fight, while still being capable of using the abilities.
  • Manly Tears : After confirming Uvogin's death, tears began falling from his eyes without him even realizing it. This is especially jarring and strange if you take into account that Nobunaga reacted the very same way .
  • Meaningful Name : Chrollo comes from the verb crollare , which in Italian means "to collapse" ( crollo means "I collapse"). Take one letter out of his last name and it's obvious what that name means.
  • Moral Myopia : A theme of the series as a whole, but one that especially applies to him. He's perfectly fine with the murder of countless innocent bystanders but would sacrifice the entire world to protect his own team.
  • After his deathmatch with Hisoka, his failure to return Shalnark and Kortopi's abilities leave them sitting ducks against Hisoka when he decides to openly go to war against the entire troupe, killing both of them effortlessly. To be fair, though, Hisoka was considered to be dead by everyone after the fight, only having come back to life because of his exploitation of nen empowerment after death.
  • Chrollo was the one who actually gave Hisoka the idea of "nen becoming stronger after you die." Had he not bothered to explain his abilities, Hisoka would not have thought to try to make a last-second contract with his Nen to come back to life.
  • Non-Standard Character Design : He's drawn much more realistically than most other characters in the series.
  • No Shirt, Long Jacket : His default attire is a large coat and no shirt underneath.
  • People Puppets : After taking Shalnark's ability he can now control people as well. By using his Sun and Moon symbols he can even turn them into living explosives. He also has the ability named Order Stamp that allows him to control corpses too .
  • Personality Powers : The final straw that pushed Chrollo to become what he is today is a note that was found with their kidnapped friend's dismembered body (that until this day is just known to him) . His power is a notebook that can steal Nen.
  • Power Parasite : Specifically, a Power Sponge - stealing abilities is his only power; the victim loses their special ability and are limited to being able to only use the basics of nen (as nen users can only create a few special techniques with their nen, it's unlikely that the target can create another nen technique). Chrollo has a tougher time than most to obtain these powers, as he needs to meet the person whose powers he's going to steal; Chrollo needs to hear the name of the power from said person and see it performed, so he can summon his book and transfer that power into it. Completing the transfer within 1 hour is essential, otherwise, his enemies will become immune to it. In addition, he needs to hold the book out in order to use these powers, leaving him open for an attack, but Chrollo's collected a number of powers from fighters stronger than him to compensate.
  • Pretty in Mink : He is usually seen wearing a fur-collared leather and fur trench coat that is unbuttoned, revealing his muscular body, the coat is imprinted with the golden St. Peter's Cross on the back.
  • Ship Tease : With Neon. Too bad he was faking it to get her power.
  • Sizeshifter : One of his stolen abilities, Fun Fun Cloth, allows him to change the size of anything that gets covered by a cloth he summons.
  • Spell Book : Skill Hunter in a way. All the abilities he stole are in the book.
  • Spell My Name with an S : The databook's name for him is Quwrof Wrlccywrlir. His parents must have been fans of H. P. Lovecraft .
  • The Strategist : One of the few examples of The Chessmaster that actually does get into the fray while thinking about the next move. His battle against Hisoka wasn't a typical Nen battle, instead being more akin to a military general commanding an elaborate impromptu war , which left Hisoka utterly helpless to fight back.
  • Super Power Lottery : Once he regained his Nen abilities Chrollo advanced his Bandit's Secret becoming one of the most powerful characters in the series .
  • Teleportation : One of his stolen abilities.
  • This Is Unforgivable! : Chrollo is seething with HATE after Hisoka murders Kortopi and Shalnark.
  • Took a Level in Badass : After he became freed from Kurapika's chain, Chrollo not only stole a variety of new powers (including some from his subordinates), but also developed a new ability that covers most of the weaknesses of his original nen power, making him incredibly more versatile and effective in combat at the cost of imposing more limits on his abilities .
  • Tranquil Fury : After finding out that Hisoka didn't die after their match and killed Shalnark and Kortopi to get back at him.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid : Chrollo was exceptionally kind, cheerful, and nice when he was a kid, going as far as translating and dubbing a Sentai show that was in another language to make it understandable for everyone that wanted to see it.
  • Villain Forgot to Level Grind : Averted. He's the only member of the Troupe to be regarded as dangerous as their reputation implies, thanks to his intellect and diverse power set.
  • Wicked Cultured : He enjoys reading books. He also somewhat plays a requiem to Uvogin using the explosions the Troupe was making.

Machi Komachine

Voiced by: rena maeda (2011 series), noriko namiki (1st voice), takako uemura (2nd voice) (1999 series) (japanese), abby trott (2011 series), marcy lannan (1999 series) (english).

  • '20s Bob Haircut : Back in the days when she was in Meteor City and Chrollo just founded the Phantom Troupe, Machi had a bobbed hairdo, before she changed her image into that of a ninja.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job : Has pink hair in the manga's official art, but has violet or dark blue hair in the anime. Fixed in the 2011 adaptation.
  • Possibly for Chrollo, as the only times she has displayed strong emotions were when talking about him.
  • If you count her Image Song , Thread ~Cruel Spider~ as canon, she does have feelings for him, but considers it hopeless because as long as they're both alive, it's never going to change that he is her boss.
  • Badass Adorable : Machi's pecs don't care that there are no muscles in normal human anatomy that can apply a horizontal squeezing force across the sternum . They still easily trapped Killua's hand when he stabbed her in the chest with it.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension : Hisoka and her obviously has something going on between them although quite subtle.
  • Combat Medic : She fulfills this role for the troupe healing and repairing injuries the members receive in their life of crime.
  • Cruel Mercy : After Hisoka resurrects himself and declares war on the Phantom Troupe, he opts to spare Machi to send her as a messenger that he plans to kill the rest of them on sight.
  • Cute Bruiser : With her big eyes and pink hair, she looks really cute, and it's known that she was the sixth physically strongest member when Uvogin was alive, making her the physically strongest female and making her even physically stronger than Chrollo who is just the seventh.
  • Dark Action Girl : A given since she is part of the Phantom Troupe and grew up in Meteor City.
  • Death Glare : She mostly gives glares towards Hisoka.
  • Emotionless Girl : When she's not talking about Chrollo. She loses her cool when Hisoka promises to kill the Spider including her.
  • Excessive Evil Eye Shadow : Plenty of it around her eyes, exemplifying her gloomy and Dark Action Girl nature.
  • Gut Feeling : Hers is particularly spot on. At one point she's very surprised to find out she was wrong� it later turns out she wasn't .
  • Hanging Around : Has been shown in the anime to use her thread-like nen to string people up and hang them in the blink of an eye.
  • Image Song : "Threads - cruel spider".
  • Like Brother and Sister : She's often seen in company of Nobunaga.
  • Master of Threads : Machi can transmute her aura into threads which she can use to sew up wounds, bind enemies or cut them. The threads have been used to reattach limbs which are shown functioning afterwards suggesting they have some regenerative properties. Machi has noted that the strength of the threads is inversely proportional to their length: a thread as long as the Earth's diameter would be as strong as cotton, but a one-meter long thread could lift a ton.
  • Nightmare Face : The hate-filled expression that comes over her when Hisoka resolves to slaughter the Troupe.
  • Ninja : She moves like one, and dresses like one. And uses Razor Floss , a weapon associated with ninja.
  • Not So Stoic : Machi usually keeps a cool and aloof demeanor, but she is visibly enraged when Hisoka tells her that he plans to kill her and the rest of the Phantom Troupe.
  • Older Than They Look : She looks like a teenager, but she's 24 years old.
  • People Puppets : In a particularly creepy way.
  • Perpetual Frowner : She rarely ever smiles to something.
  • Pet the Dog : After Hisoka's death, she closed his eyes and was going to repair his body. After he resurrected himself, she volunteered to stitch him up. Keep in mind that Hisoka was no longer a member of the Spider and previously fought Chrollo in a death match.
  • Razor Floss : Though she doesn't actually use her thread in a Clean Cut way, preferring strangulation.
  • Ship Tease : With Hisoka.
  • Stronger Than They Look : Despite her small frame and cute appearance, she is able to hold up dozens of dead bodies (all whom look to weigh a lot more than she does) by the end of her razor floss.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality : She pivots between laughably grumpy with a dry wit to indifferent to genuine malice.
  • Tsurime Eyes : She has some of the most slanted eyes of the Troupe, showcasing her lack of craps to give.
  • Tsundere : When Kortopi asks why Machi insists on stitching up Hisoka's dead body, Shalnark explains it that way. Shalnark: When all is said and done, Machi is a real softy.
  • Unkempt Beauty : When she's dressed in undercover streetwear as a civilian.

Feitan Pohtoh

Voiced by: kappei yamaguchi (2011 series), akari hibino (1999 series) (japanese), tom bauer (2011 series), meredith taylor perry (1999 series) (english).

A rather unpleasant fellow, initially introduced as the Torture Technician of the group, much later revealed to be also one of its top fighters. A sadistic, self-centered jerk with little patience, who respects only force and has yet to show any redeeming human quality. One of the founding members of the Phantom Troupe. His nen ability is to summon a suit of protective armor called "Pain Packer" that shields him from a number of explosive abilities, which are charged by his pain.

  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign : He speaks his "native language" when he is furious enough to activate Pain Packer, which in the original Japanese manga was rendered with letters that look vaguely Chinese note  As in, kanji that aren't already used in Japanese without hiragana or katakana to separate them but are in actuality just gibberish. In the 2011 anime, this was adapted as him simply speaking Japanese (or English in the dub) backwards .
  • Badass Boast : When he makes Zazan boil alive from basically being on the the equivalent of surface of the sun. Doubles as hardcore To the Pain . "Now I return your pain. Is it hot? Throat too scorched to even breathe? You could try to run, but that's assuming you can even move. Make good use of that tough body you're so proud of." Cue Laughing Mad and Giggling Villain taken to the logical extreme''
  • Bash Brothers : When tagged up with Phinks; one makes heads roll, the other makes heads fly.
  • Blood Knight : Being the torture expert this does not come as a surprise.
  • Convection, Schmonvection : Averted, and that aversion is the root of his power's effectiveness—the miniature star he creates vaporizes everything around it except for Feitan, who wears supernatural armor that protects him. Even his fellow Phantom Troupe members will succumb to its heat if they don't keep their distance.
  • Creepy Monotone : In the 2011 anime.
  • Disproportionate Retribution : Effectively roasted Zazan to a crisp because she broke his arm.
  • Evil Laugh : When he kills Zazan. He lets loose with a disturbingly uncharacteristic bloodcurdling laugh.
  • Fireballs : The more pain Feitan experiences determines how long and how much heat will be in his fireball.
  • The Gadfly : After wiping out a Chimera Ant nest, he jumps into a rare moment of this alongside Shalnark when they troll Phinks for being a Tsundere over Chrollo not having called the group back. He runs off comically grinning like a madman when Phinks starts throwing rubble at them as a result.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper : Mostly takes the form of Creepy Monotone / Tranquil Fury , but he sure gets angry easily.
  • Handicapped Badass : His ability weaponizes this trope. He utterly destroyed Zazan after she broke his arm.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners : Most often hangs around with Phinks.
  • Instant Armor : His armor becomes his attack.
  • Jerkass : Even by the Phantom Troupe's standards. In the course of the story, he has addressed exactly one sincere compliment to someone.
  • The Napoleon : Officially 155cm tall, he's the same size as 12-year-old Gon. He doesn't seem to have a problem with it, but still has very bad temper.
  • Off with His Head! : Combined with a Nen-empowered hand chop to the neck, he rips people's heads off with frightening ease and sends them sailing through the air.
  • Parasol of Pain : Subverted, as his umbrella is just a convenient way to conceal his sword, then doubly-subverted when the umbrella is revealed to also hold a powerful projectile firing mechanism.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse : He's one of the smaller members of the Phantom Troupe but is ranked fifth in physical strength.
  • Playing with Fire : Rising Sun. His pain becomes a miniature sun that burns everything.
  • The Power of the Sun : His nen ability Rising Sun creatures a miniature sun that burns anything around it, with its power dependent on his pain. He uses his Pain Packer to protect himself from its heat.
  • She's a Man in Japan : In the Arabic dub of the 1999 anime, Feitan is referred to as female.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist : In the 2011 anime.
  • Speech Impediment : His. Speech. Is. Stilted. And. Robotic . In. The. English. Dub. Eventually this was toned down in later episodes, however.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill : His answer to receiving a serious injury? Creating an uncontained, self-sustained, miniature fusion reaction ( a very small star, basically ), effectively turning the whole place into an absurdly powerful inferno for several minutes.
  • Those Two Guys : Tends to have this Dynamic with Phinks as they almost always accompany each other in their free time.
  • Torture Technician : His major roll in the gang of criminals.
  • You No Take Candle : In the Japanese version he speaks with distinctively poor grammar, indicative of his different ethnic background to the rest of the Troupe (most likely being the Hunter World's equivalent of Chinese, although by nationality he technically hails from Meteor City like the rest of the founding members). The English translation of the manga has him speak in semi-stilted and choppy English, the 1999 anime's English dub gives him a female voice actress talking in Hulk Speak , and the 2011 anime's English dub gives him the peculiar Speech Impediment mentioned above until it was eventually toned down.

Nobunaga Hazama

Voiced by: naoya uchida (2011 series), takashi matsuyama (1999 series) (japanese), joe j. thomas (2011 series), john knight (1999 series) (english).

  • Affably Evil : Somewhat. He was genuinely friendly towards Gon and Kilua, even offering a chance for them to join the group.
  • Avenging the Villain : After Kurapika killed Uvo, Nobunaga swore that he would find a away to avenge him. Nobunaga: I'll make his killer pay. I'll find him no matter how many people I have to kill!
  • Bash Brothers : With Uvo, whom he says he's known and worked with since before the Phantom Troupe were even founded.
  • In episode 58, he lays unconscious on the floor as a Funny Background Event for half of the episode.
  • Clean Cut : A master of this trope.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass : �but when he does get into battle, we suddenly understand why he's one of the first line fighters of the Spider.
  • Everything's Better with Samurai : One based off an actual Samurai is even better.
  • Exact Words : He told Squalla not to move under any circumstances or he would kill him. The moment his fiancé was threatened, Squalla forgot all about that and lurched forward... Nobunaga promptly took his head off.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper : It does not take much to piss him off.
  • Hot-Blooded : Usually Played for Laughs showing how easy it is to get this man upset.
  • Iaijutsu Practitioner : His main fighting style.
  • Katanas Are Just Better : His blade is stronger than his barking.
  • Large Ham : His rants and goofy actions make it hard to take him seriously at times.
  • Leeroy Jenkins : His tendency to fly off the handle has become well-known and infamous among his peers. Seeing the way he can barely restrain himself when he's pissed is proof of it. In the Dark Continent Arc, when Feitan and Phinks accompany him while the Troupe is scouring for Hisoka, Nobunaga assumes that they think he needs babysitting (they're really just following him to figure out how to get past the crime families on the Black Whale and work with them instead of getting into a huge fracas).
  • Manly Tears : He sheds waterworks over the loss of Uvogin.
  • Master Swordsman : His lifestyle and role in the Phantom Troupe.
  • Revenge Before Reason : As befitting of his Hair-Trigger Temper , he more then itching to try and avenge Uvogin. Especially when Chrollo first ordered the Troupe to pull out of Yorknew and he refused out of a desire to get revenge. The ploy doesn't work out however as all this does is cost them one of their members and nearly gets their leader killed.
  • Sphere Factor : He can uses the En within a 4 meters radius (allowing him to detect the exact position of any living creature in that space and decapitate it, no matter how well hidden it is)
  • Vitriolic Best Buds : With Uvogin. Though they argue and fight a lot, and he criticizes Uvo for being simple minded and arrogant, he is crushed by Uvo's death. He is the only Troupe member to shed tears over Uvo , and he becomes obsessed with avenging him.

Franklin Bordeaux

Voiced by: hidenobu kiuchi (2011 series), yoshinobu kaneko (1999 series), kenji nomura (greed island ova) (japanese), edward bosco (2011 series), steve olson (1999 series) (english).

  • Armor-Piercing Attack : His Nen bullets are powerful (and the size of a grapefruit).
  • A-Team Firing : Haha, no ; when his ability is introduced , he slaughters an entire room of several hundred people in 10 seconds.
  • Blood Knight : He's just as violent as Uvogin and Bonolenov.
  • Body Horror : Among other things, he has a visible suture around the mouth, Buddha-style elongated ears with bone piercings, and cut-off fingertips. He did all this himself to look more threatening , but because of how Nen works , this also made his Nen bullets stronger.
  • The Brute : He takes on this role more once Uvogin is killed by Kurapika.
  • Characterization Marches On : He was first introduced as an easily irritated Jerkass , but because there were already several characters of this type in the Phantom Troupe, he was quickly reworked as a quieter , more sympathetic individual.
  • Finger Gun : A literal example (Togashi seems to like this trope ).
  • Fingore : Detachable finger tips, linked with chains to the rest of the hand.
  • Frankenstein's Monster : Seems to be a deliberate part of his look (flashbacks show him to have been more human looking once).
  • Genius Bruiser : Like Uvogin he is not a fool by any means, being one of the most combat-focused members of the troupe while also ranking as one of their smartest and cool-headed.
  • Gentle Giant : The "gentle" part applies only inside the Phantom Troupe. Outside, it's different.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars : Has large scars on his face.
  • Long-Range Fighter : His preferred method of attack with his ability.
  • More Dakka : His power is to riddle several people with nen bullets.
  • Odd Friendship : With Shizuku.
  • Team Dad : He resolves the conflict between the members who want to let Chrollo die to find and kill Kurapika and the others who want to save Chrollo.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill : One of his finger guns is enough to kill several people and even blast away those who can protect themselves with Nen. Multiply it by ten, and you have yourself a walking bloodbath- Franklin alone wiped out an entire room of hundreds of high-ranking members from the criminal underworld, plus their valets and bodyguards in a matter of seconds.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds : With Uvogin and Nobunaga.

Shizuku Murasaki

Voiced by: miho arakawa (2011 series), atsuko bungo (1999 series) (japanese), janice kawaye (credited as janice roman roku) (2011 series), emily bachynski (1999 series) (english).

  • Artistic License � Biology : Shizuku herself; she only allows Deme-chan to suck up things that she doesn't consider to be alive, but that seems to only include animals visible to the naked eyes; blood, for instance, is okay (this is a plot point).
  • Bag of Holding : Her Nen vacuum is used to hold treasure and corpses.
  • Bespectacled Cutie : She has the appearance of one, which perfectly hides her grotesque persona.
  • Blood Knight : She shows a small smile in the anime when Feitan orders her to help him finish off the rest of the Holy Beasts.
  • Cloudcuckoolander : She has a chronic goldfish memory that leads to many spacey moments, where people can't believe she doesn't remember anything she just did, no matter how significant it was.
  • Dissonant Serenity : Her mostly calm expression makes a slaughter feel like this. It's especially notable during the first auction night in Yorknew City when she jumped and delivered a killing blow to a running Baise (despite the animators trying their best with the lighting, color composition, and the music to make her look menacing) and when she vacuumed the corpses and blood in the auction house like a housekeeper doing their daily chores.
  • The Ditz : She tends to forget a lot of things often. And her glasses are always drooping off her face.
  • Drop the Hammer : Another way she can use Deme-Chan.
  • Emotionless Girl : Not in a cold way like Machi, but Shizuku shows even less emotion than her.
  • Empathic Weapon : Deme-Chan, maybe.
  • Forgetful Jones : She forgets people's names, even meetings with them and that she arm-wrestled Gon. Feitan: When she forgets something, it's gone.
  • Genius Ditz : She occasionally has good hindsights and intuitions (like being able to instantly decipher the poetic code used in Chrollo's predictions ).
  • Girl with Psycho Weapon : Or to be precise, Girl with Monster-looking vacuum which she uses to smash people with.
  • Hidden Buxom : She dresses in jeans and a long-sleeve black shirt so she barely has any skin on display. But when Shizuku's clothes are stripped off by a Chimera Ant, it's revealed that she has huge boobs - on par with Pakunoda at least. Many of her alts in the Hunter x Hunter Battle Collection card game go to great lengths to show them off, putting her in skimpy leotards with deep cleavage, small bikinis, and occasionally having her chest pressed up against things.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed : Literally inverted, she lost a round of arm wrestling with Gon because she is left handed.
  • Improbable Weapon User : A vacuum of all things she uses as her weapon of choice. Combined with her own power it's still capable of smashing unsuspecting people's heads to death though.
  • Innocently Insensitive : When Shizuku and Bonolenov learn that Chrollo no longer has access to Neon's fortune-telling ability (which means Neon died) , she calls Chrollo's Bandit's Secret book a Death Note . She doesn't realize how she may have hurt Chrollo (and Bonolenov tells her nicely to keep her thoughts to herself), as Kortopi and Shalnark were killed by Hisoka while Chrollo borrowed their abilities .
  • Killer Rabbit : Both Shizuku and Deme-Chan. Both are innocent looking enough, but have proven themselves quite more lethal than they appear.
  • Little Miss Badass : She looks cute, but she is just as dangerous as the rest of the spiders.
  • Ms. Fanservice : During her fight against the Chimera Ant named Pike, she had to strip down to her undergarments after being caught by his web.
  • Odd Friendship : With Franklin.
  • Rummage Fail : Shizuku can retrieve the last thing Deme-Chan sucked up. Everything else is lost forever.
  • Tareme Eyes : She and Shalnark have these eyes.
  • Spontaneous Weapon Creation : Blinky.
  • Weapons That Suck : Literally the power of her Blinky vacuum.
  • Your Days Are Numbered : Something like this happens in the Dark Continent Arc. By then, Neon Nostrade's fortune for Shizuku has vanished from Chrollo's book, and Chrollo thinks it's just because so much time has gone by that the Nen used to write it has completely dissipated. Shizuku, however, takes it as a warning sign of her impending demise. Although, it could also be the opposite and something has possibly happened to alter the outcome of her future and nullify the fortune, be it it for the better or worse.

Phinks Magkav

Voiced by: kenn (2011 series), yoshiaki matsumaya (1999 series) (japanese), david vincent (2011 series), lucas gilbertson (1999 series) (english).

An ordinary looking guy, at least in his normal clothes, which resemble a jogging outfit. Phinks is often seen in his pharaoh-like headdress, used for ceremonial purposes in his country of origin. He is easily excitable and seems downright euphoric when he kills a nen fighter. His ability is a wind-up punch: He can charge up an arm by spinning it; each full circle will increase the power of the subsequent punch. He used this punch to kill the top bodyguard in Kurapika's group. Phinks accompanied Feitan into Greed Island and went on a killing spree. He tends to take Leadership of the Spiders when Chrollo is not around making him the unofficial underboss.

  • Adaptation Dye-Job : Blond in the manga and 2011 remake, brunette in the 1999 version.
  • Bluff Worked Too Well : When he and Kurapika negotiate on the phone for their respective hostages. Kurapika warns Phinks not to harm Gon or Killua, and when Phinks claims to have roughed them up already Kurapika hangs up immediately . Phinks calls back sheepishly to admit he lied.
  • Character Development : He mellowed after Paku's death.
  • Co-Dragons : He and Pakunoda essentially serve as Chrollo's underbosses in the Troupe. When Kurapika kidnaps Chrollo, the rest of the Troupe are seen leaning on them on the decision makings.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength : By his own admission, he apparently can never tell much force he should put into his Ripper Cyclotron.
  • Enhanced Punch : Phinks's nen ability, Ripper Cyclotron, is basically a punch he enhances with more aura proportional to the number of rotations of his arm. After 15 rotations he was able to atomize a Chimera Ant (who are usually durable enough to shrug off bullets).
  • Face Death with Dignity : Not him (so far), but he believes in it. After mopping the floor with a Chimera Ant Hive, the troupe came across a group of humans-turned ants begging to be killed. Phinks refuses a simply Mercy Kill for them and goads them into fighting him (and the rest of the troupe) to death.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper : Veins start bulging in his head pretty quickly.
  • Hot-Blooded : Very quick to get angry, but he becomes more calm after Paku's demise.
  • Iconic Outfit : Rarely seen without his tracksuit or headdress.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Though the Gold part is only demonstrated towards his comrades.
  • Neck Snap : He is quite fond of killing this way and can do it with a flip of his wrist on someone's neck with such speed his victim's heads roll.
  • Pet the Dog : He saves Kalluto before he got incinerated by Feitans' attack.
  • Super-Strength : Like the rest of the group. In Phinks' case he was ranked 2nd in terms of physical strength amongst the spiders, just below Uvo before the latter's death.
  • Those Two Guys : Tends to have this Dynamic with Feitan, as they almost always accompany each other in their free time.
  • Troll : He attempted to try this on Kurapika over the phone after Chrollo was captured, saying that he had to break a few of Gon and Killua's bones for resisting capture (they were unarmed). This resulted in Kurapika hanging up, Phinks calling back and apologizing, being warned by Kurapika not to try that again, and getting a Dope Slap from Nobunaga and Machi at the same time for risking Chrollo's life.

Bonolenov Ndongo

Voiced by: yuichi nagashima (japanese), doug erholtz (english).

  • Bandage Mummy : With the exception of his eyes, Bonolenov is usually completely covered and bound in bandages to hide the holes in his body and prevent things from getting into them while not in use. The bandages come off when he gets into a fight.
  • Berserk Button : Insult his tribe and he will destroy you.
  • Body Horror : Under his bandages you see his body is full of holes.
  • Blood Knight : Like Uvogin and Feitan.
  • Dance Battler : His style of combat.
  • Death from Above : His Jupiter attack, in which he conjures a giant sphere with the appearance of the planet Jupiter and crushes his enemies with it.
  • Human Weapon : His whole body is a weapon. And he is able to conjure others.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout : He fights with sound.
  • Musical Assassin : His power is to create music through the holes in his body.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy : Really proud of his tribe, and since his Nen ability comes from their traditional way of war...
  • The Quiet One : The last member of the Phantom Troupe to be shown speaking, and the one who lurks in the background the longest.
  • Tranquil Fury : When the Chimera Ant he was fighting against shrugs off his opening attack, Battle Cantable: Prologue, he insults Bonolnov for not having a lot of pride in his abilities after stating before that his powers were fueled by his pride. Bonolenov calmly replies that the insult is just the ramblings of a beast, and that there's no point in taking it back. He then proceeds to squash the Ant flat with his Battle Cantable: Jupiter.
  • Red Boxing Gloves : Always seen wearing a pair of these, with the boxing shorts and boots to match. It might be an allusion to Muay Thai Boxers , the fact that Bonolenov has to first dance in order to call his powers might also be a reference to the ritual that Thai boxers has to do in the beginning of a Muay Thai match where do a dance called the Wai Khru.

    Kalluto Zoldyck  See Zoldyck Family .

    Illumi Zoldyck  See Zoldyck Family .

Inactive / Fallen Members

    Hisoka  See Main Characters .

Voiced by: Akio Ōtsuka (2011 Series), Eiji Takemoto (1999 Series) (Japanese), Patrick Seitz (2011 Series), Mike Shepherd (1999 Series) (English)

  • Afro Ass Kicker : His previous hairstyle was an afro and he had already kicked many asses.
  • Animal Motifs : Lion .
  • "My head and neck are all I need to kill you all." He wasn't lying .
  • To Kurapika: "Where do you want to die? I'll humor any requests."
  • Bash Brothers : With Nobunaga.
  • The Berserker : He manages to be be this and The Juggernaut simultaneously.
  • Blood Knight : He has an interesting take on the issue, claiming that he feels nothing when he kills people most of the time, but that he loves killing people who came to him to avenge someone.
  • The Brute : He's the physically strongest and least strategic of the Phantom Troupe.
  • Carpet of Virility : That wild man's chest has got plenty of hair on it.
  • Combat Pragmatist : When he got paralyzed from the neck down, he used his teeth and his own voice to kill his aggressors.
  • Then, however, he was on the receiving end of one from Kurapika, who was able to completely heal the only solid hit Uvo landed on him, and spent the entire fight chaining Uvo up so he could torture him to death at the very end.
  • Defiant to the End : When trapped in Kurapika's lethal Nen chains, Uvogin utterly refuses to reply to his questions, fully knowing he would be killed. "Kill me... kill me, kill me... FUCK YOU!"
  • Drink-Based Characterization : Uvo's favorite drink was canned beer that looked suspiciously similar to Heineken. Represents his manly and roguish exterior. Most of The Phantom Troupe begin defaulting to it as their drink of choice after Uvo's passing.
  • Evil Counterpart : To Gon. Nobunaga points out their similarities (nen types and personalities) and even offers to recruit Gon into the Troupe.
  • Genius Bruiser : Despite looking and generally acting like Dumb Muscle , as the Shadow Beasts found out, much to their detriment, he really isn't , slaughtering many in imaginatively and pragmatically brutal ways.
  • The Giant : At 258cm ( Freaking eight foot six ) and 189 kilos (415lbs) of pure muscle, he certainly qualifies, and his fighting style is suitably Unskilled, but Strong .
  • Hot-Blooded : Along with Nobu he has the shortest tempter out of all the spiders.
  • I'm a Humanitarian : He eats the head of one of Shadow Beasts and say it was a low-class meal.
  • Kiai : A weaponized version, no less; at one point he screams so loudly that his opponent's brain explodes inside his head .
  • Immune to Bullets : A bazooka won't hurt him either.
  • The Juggernaut : According to source material, he stands at a whopping 8' 6" (making him over a foot taller than the second tallest member, Franklin) and weighs over 400 lbs. No wonder he can tear through Shadow Beasts.
  • Killed Off for Real : The first member of the spiders to be killed by Kurapika's hands.
  • Large Ham : One of the loudest members of the group.
  • Leeroy Jenkins : What he appears to be at first.
  • Made of Iron : Very much it takes a lot just to hurt this guy.
  • Nemean Skinning : He wears the skin of what seems to be a bear.
  • Megaton Punch : His Nen ability is Big Bang Impact, which is a punch with the explosive power of a missile.
  • "Not So Different" Remark : While Uvo wasn't alive enough to utter this phrase himself at the time, the other Phantom Troupe members point out that Gon is similar to Uvo in a lot of ways. Franklin : He wears his emotions on his sleeve, and when he's angry he forgets about consequences. But most of all, he's strongest when he's fighting for someone else. [...] Uvo never admitted it, but he preferred having someone to protect.
  • Oh, Crap! : One of his very few cases of complete and utter shock is an entirely understandable one against Kurapika, when the latter reveals his Specialist ability that allowed him to make a mockery of Uvogin's raw Enhancer ability. It's at this point that the battle's already been decided and Uvogin damn well knows it.
  • One-Man Army : How badass is he? Well, at one point he kills three highly trained and superpowered assassins while paralyzed from the neck down.
  • Revenge Before Reason : After he was captured, his fellow trope members bust him out. Stating they got the auction items, so the mission was more or less accomplished and they just had to disappear. But he was so pissed off at Kurapika capturing him, he refused to leave and wanted a rematch. It doesn't end well for him.
  • Sacrificial Lion : He refused to cough up information on his comrades despite knowing it would lead to a painful death.
  • Silver Fox : Used to have black hair, which turned gray when he got older, and he also decided to start keeping it long and untamed, which caused him to look a lot more like a wild animal.
  • Screaming Warrior : He used this method to take down a shadow beast who manipulated hair.
  • Super-Strength : In theory, all the members of the Phantom Troupe have Super-Strength , but in practice, Uvogin takes it further. Kurapika specifically targeted him first to see if Chain Jail would work on the physically strongest member of the Troupe.
  • Undignified Death : A seemingly unstoppable juggernaut, Uvogin is bound by a seemingly flimsy chain by a dainty looking young man. If there was ever a scenario where underestimation was feasible, it was during this fight with Kurapika. Thing is, Kurapika is driven by a bloody vendetta, and the flimsy chain is an instrument created with the very purpose of killing Uvo and his friends. At the mercy of Kurapika, Uvo's heart is destroyed by the chain, unable to even lift a finger.
  • Undying Loyalty : Even until his death Uvogin refused to rat on his allies to Kurapika.
  • Unskilled, but Strong : He's probably the most powerful human Enhancer in the series besides Netero and Adult Gon and, while not dumb, he doesn't even try to fight with anything other than pure strength. Even his Nen attack is just a really powerful punch.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds : With Nobunaga and Franklin.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene : During his capture by Kurapika.

Voiced by: Romi Park (2011 Series), Yoshiko Iseki (1999 Series) (Japanese), Erica Lindbeck (2011 Series), Tracy Sutton (1999 Series) (English)

  • Adaptational Attractiveness : Her design in the 2011 anime is slightly prettier than in the manga and first anime.
  • Affably Evil : She acted very polite towards Gon and Killua.
  • Alas, Poor Villain : Her death is somber and has a major blow on the Troupe.
  • Awesome, but Impractical : She can create Nen bullets holding any of the memories she read, or even her own, then fire them at someone's head to transmit those memories to that person. If a person receives his own memory, he becomes amnesiac. This would be all good if these bullets didn't keep the full destructive power of normal bullets . However , all the members of the Phantom Troupe are Immune to Bullets , so�
  • Badass in a Nice Suit : Sans bra .
  • Butter Face : A mild case. She isn't exactly ugly but her face is far from pretty.
  • Cool Big Sis : The oldest female of the group.
  • The Dragon : She's more or less Chrollo's second in command of the spiders.
  • Generic Cuteness : Deliberately defied. Despite her knockout figure, her face is plain-looking at best.
  • Gag Nose : Her face looks odd due to it.
  • Heroic Sacrifice : After having received a Judgement Chain from Kurapika, forbidding her to tell the other members of the Spider what happened to their leader, she fired six bullets containing her own memory at them, dying as soon as the bullets impacted, but thus managing to transmit all she had learnt about Kurapika.
  • Living Lie Detector : What she is in effect when she uses her power. Even without it, she seems to be very good at telling if someone is lying or not.
  • Ms. Fanservice : Her outfits highlight her figure, her ample cleavage and killer legs in particular are in constant display by her regular outfit.
  • Navel-Deep Neckline : Despite wearing a suit, she has a neckline that plunges to her stomach.
  • Not So Different R Emark : Melody points out that she and Kurapika are similar. They're both intelligent, level-headed, outwardly ruthless determinators that in reality care more about their comrades than the mission.
  • Psychometry : She wants to know something about a person and get info from them, all she has to do is get in physical contact with him/her and activate her powers via a question. The only foolproof way to counter her skills is simply not knowing what she's talking about, as she's so good at it that she can even pick up subconscious thoughts and know when they're trying to lie to her .
  • Respected by the Respected : She sacrifices her life to show the troupe that there are people in the world (Gon and Killua) that are willing to do good by them and place value in their lives, whereas they operated on the assumption that no one outside their group would. By doing so, they realize that there is a fundamental virtue in the boys' actions, where they don't want their dear friend Kurapika to kill people, good or villainous. This is the very reason the Troupe decide to lay off their conflict with Gon and Killua, though the hunt for Kurapika still remains a top priority for them regardless.
  • Sexy Secretary : She�s Chrollo�s second-in-command and a very attractive woman at that.
  • Stripperific : She doesn�t exactly wear much.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality : Lampshaded by Melody, who notes that the only reason the hostage exchange was allowed to happen is because Pakunoda is much more caring and humane than the other members of the Phantom Troupe, even though she tries to keep a stoic facade.
  • Telepathy : She can read the memory of people she touches; she has to ask a question to activate the memory , but said question can be very open, a detail Chrollo took advantage of at some point: Pakunoda : What do I ask them? Chrollo : I want to know what they're hiding .
  • Touch Telepathy : Can read memories via touching but has to ask questions to activate it.
  • Thought-Aversion Failure : Incorporated into her powers by the fact that a person she interrogates will instinctively think of the correct answer of any question asked of them, even if they know Paku's powers ahead of time and know they shouldn't think about it. The only reason Gon and Killua scrape by her interrogation is because, at the time, they genuinely didn't know the answers she was after.
  • Vapor Wear : When she got older, she stopped covering herself underneath her suit jacket and let her buxom show.
  • Undying Loyalty : To Chrollo. Her final moments are to help her teammates find where their leader is.

Voiced by: Noriko Hidaka (2011 Series), Yasuhiro Takato (1999 Series) (Japanese), Griffin Burns (2011 Series), Jordan Schartner (1999 Series) (English)

  • Adaptation Dye-Job : Has strawberry blond hair in the 1999 version but light blond in the 2011 remake.
  • Berserk Button : Don't toss his cellphone around like a toy. He needs it to use his abilities, and while he treats people he controls like toys, that most certainly isn't one to him.
  • Blood Knight : Not being able to remember all the ass-kicking he does in his Super Mode wouldn't be a useful drawback if he didn't enjoy bloodshed enough for that to be a non-negligible sacrifice.
  • Brought Down to Normal : Allows Chrollo to take his powers in preparation for his fight against Hisoka. This bites him in the butt when he later gets ambushed by Hisoka.
  • Character Death : Slaughtered by Hisoka in Chapter 357.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle : His death was shockingly abrupt and brutal , given how tough Phantom Troupe members are supposed to be. Hisoka distracted him with Kortopi's head, moved too fast too be seen with his new Bungee Gum prosthetic leg, disappeared from Shalnark's line of vision, and then hit him so hard his body hurtled off like it got hit by a train, killed instantly. In the manga, it happens so fast you can barely tell what happened, because he's hit so hard, his body is rendered a blur .
  • Dissonant Serenity : His reaction to one of his People Puppets , who he had been forcing to shoot at Mafia members, being shot to pieces? "Aw, he broke." See "Perpetual Smiler", below.
  • Dead Guy on Display : Hisoka leaves his corpse on a playground swing with his arms suspended by the swings' ropes, like a puppet. And just to add to the affirmation that he's dead, crows have gathered around him and started to pick at his body, as well as Kortopi's severed head.
  • Dies Wide Open : Killed so suddenly his eyes stayed wide and vacant.
  • Evil Genius : One of the smartest minds in the troupe: he's the one making computer searches for them, and he quickly understands that Greed Island is a real location.
  • Golden Super Mode : By putting an antenna in himself, he can power himself up enough to easily kill a Chimera Ant, but to the cost of short term memory loss and pains for two to three days afterwards.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard : Gave his powers to Chrollo to give him an advantage in his death match with Hisoka. Not only does Hisoka survive, but the powerless Shalnark ends up being Hisoka's second victim after the match.
  • Oh, Crap! : When Hisoka walks out of a park restroom with Kortopi's head, Shalnark immediately drops his smartphone (Chrollo is currently borrowing his usual bat-shaped phone) and springs into action. Hisoka lobs his buddy's head at him, which leaves Shalnark's attentions occupied long enough for Hisoka to rail into him and knock him dead with one blow.
  • People Puppets : He even thinks of them as being "toys".
  • Perpetual Smiler : In the manga, to unsettling effect.
  • Psychopathic Manchild : Definitely has some shades of this. Looks to be somewhere in his late-teens, always carrying an innocent smile on his face, sees his People Puppets as toys, reacts with childlike disappointment whenever they get killed�Shalnark definitely comes across as one of the most unsettling members of the Troupe.
  • Revenge by Proxy : Hisoka was obviously a little sore about losing so spectacularly to Chrollo (he only hit Chrollo once where Chrollo killed him (temporarily) while costing him his hand, leg, and nose ). During the fight, both Shalnark and Kortopi's abilities were vital to defeating Hisoka. Aside from the obvious tactic of depriving Chrollo of weapons by killing them and that he knew they would be without their special abilities, Hisoka probably also killed them for their role in his defeat and that he knows it will sting that much more for Chrollo having his comrades die because of their connection to the fight (Chrollo will blame himself for their being defenseless and because their help singled them out specifically for Hisoka's retribution).
  • Supernatural Phone : His phone along with his antenna allow him to control a person's movement and make them speak through texting.
  • Tareme Eyes : His placid eyes demonstrate that he's mellow, but betray the fact he's a cold-blooded killer.

Voiced by: Shinya Hamazoe (2011 Series), Umi Tenjin (1999 Series) (Japanese), Tony Oliver (2011 Series) (English)

  • Adaptation Dye-Job : Has teal hair in the 1999 version but gray in the 2011 remake.
  • Adaptation Expansion : He gets way more lines and scenes in the 2011 anime remake.
  • Brought Down to Normal : Seems to have had his copying ability stolen by Chrollo, who attempts to use it against Hisoka.
  • Cloning Blues : His Nen ability can clone anything he touches with his left hand, but the clones survive for only 24 hours.
  • Enemy-Detecting Radar : Of a type. He can determine the location of any of his copies, or, in the case of the fake buildings, when someone enters them. Poor Squala unwittingly carries around the fake Scarlet Eyes, which leads the Phantom Troupe right to him.
  • Me's a Crowd : Gallery Fake, the power to duplicate any object into a mock copy many times over, including people.
  • Off with His Head! : Decapitated by Hisoka in Chapter 357.
  • Out of Focus : He's arguably the least developed of the troupe, not helping matters is his death.
  • The Quiet One : Speaks seemingly only about business, and only when he has to.
  • Spam Attack : Not an attack per se, but he can create quite a few copies of anything he clones. He makes a small city of fake hideouts.
  • Squishy Wizard : While his ability is very useful, he is the physically weakest member of the Troupe. It should be noted that he is the weakest in the group's standards.
  • Undignified Death : Beheaded on the john!

Anime Characters

Voiced by: naohito fujiki (japanese), joe zieja (english).

  • All Your Powers Combined : He can fuse with up to three soul dolls to use the strength and Nen abilities they possess.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good : When everyone including his sister confronts him he doesn�t seem to get why they would have a problem with stealing other peoples eyes and making dolls out of them.
  • Eye Scream : He likes to rip out the eyes of people to help create his soul dolls.
  • Four Is Death : His number in the Phantom Troupe and his powers are related to death in that he works with corpses in a sense.
  • Irony : His soul doll version of his sister Retz ends up killing him in the end despite his work and efforts to create her .
  • Meaningful Name : His name means vestige which could relate to his involvement with the Kuruta massacre or his aged appearance.
  • Necromancy : In a way he was able to revive his younger sister by turning her into a Soul Doll. She even gains some human feelings as movie goes on. His creations are not zombies in the traditional sense as they can eat and drink like people living can, but the main detail is the lack of eyes in most of his dolls.
  • Shipper on Deck : Downplayed where he sarcastically asked Retz if she started to get attached to Gon when she begged him to return his eyes.
  • White Hair, Black Heart : Well silver hair actually, but he still does vile things like ripping out a corpse's eyes or making a doll of his younger sister.

Alternative Title(s): Hunter X Hunter Genei Ryodan

  • Hunter � Hunter: Zoldyck Family
  • Characters/Hunter � Hunter
  • Hunter � Hunter: Chimera Ants

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ages of the phantom troupe

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe

Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current members on this list. All my sources is from the Hunter x Hunter Wiki and from what I’ve seen and read from the manga and anime.

Contains HEAVY manga and Anime spoilers, please read with contain or just don’t read at all. I may not be 100% correct, if you see a mistake please tell me and I’ll be sure to correct it!

Number 1: Chrollo Lucilfer

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Chrollo, also known as the head of the spider, is around 26 years old and his nen type is specialization.

His true Nen ability is called Skill hunter, every other Nen ability he uses was “stole”. Skill Hunter allows him to conjure a book, known as Bandit’s Secret, there are strict conditions Chrollo most follow before stealing someone’s nen.

First, Chrollo must witness the Nen ability with his own eye. Second, he must asked about the Nen ability and the victim must answer as well. Third, the victims palm must touch the hand print on the cover of Bandit’s Secret. Lastly this all must be done in an hour. Also to use the stole ability he has to open the book to the certain page of the ability he wants to use and keep it open to that page while in use. He can also use a book mark shown in the manga during in if Chrollo’s fights

Once the original owner of a stolen nen does Chrollo will no longer be able to use it unless the Nen becomes stronger after death. If that happens Chrollo can continue to use it. A little more on the bookmark, if he places a bookmark of a page and closes the book he’ll still be able to use the ability. I will not be explaining the Nen abilities he’s stolen, that would make this too long.

Number 2: Nobunaga Hazama

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Nobunaga is one of the legs to the spiders, he’s around 28 years old, his nen type is an Enhancement. His Nen ability doesn’t have a name for his Nen ability yet, he posses a very strong aura. His aura frightened Gon, Killua and Leorio. He is also very skilled in En, his En can cast a range for 4 meters this corresponds with his sword range as well. Although we don’t know his Nen ability Shalnark stated Nobunaga’s nen ability could easily be replaced.

Number 3: Feitan Portor

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

The member most of you probably been waiting for. Feitan is another leg to the spiders, his birthday and age is unknown but he’s very small, and his Nen type is Transmutation. He has two main Nen abilities, these include, Pain Packer and Rising Sun.

Even thought he’s a transmutation he’s ability Pain Packer is a conjuring type. Pain Packer is actives by Feitan’s rage, it’s a suit of armor to protect him from his ensuing attack. It been hinted that Feitan have different versions of this ability and has different suits of armor

Next is rising sun, seen to be used during the ant arc against one of the female ants, the type of this attack is Emission and Transmutation. Feitan transmutes his aura into a source of heat and it’s power depends on the injuries or pain inflicted on him during battle. It’ll burn anything in its attack radius, Shizuku said that once they troupe tried to watch the attack but almost all burned in the process, the Pain Packer armor saves him from the heat.

Number 4: Machi Komacine

Machi is personally my favorite member. Machi’s ,age unknown, nen type is Transmutation. Her nen abilities include Nen threads and Nen stitches. Both were shown used in the anime, Nen stitched were used on Hisoka , Heaven areas arc, and Nen threads were used multiple times during the Yorknew City Arc, used on The Owl, Gon and Killua, to track Kurapika and etc.

She can transmute her aura into strings to manipulate her targets like puppets. She can also use this threads to capture, trap, strangle, or even cut her enemies/Targets. The longer the threads the weaker they get, as she stated if she can make a string that goes completely around the world but the thread will only be as strong as cotton. A one meter string can lift a ton. These threads can not be cut or torn, but if they leave her fingers their strength will go down a lot.

Nen Stitchedmakes her capable to stitch open wound and eve reattach severed limbs in a very short amount of time. As shown being used in Hisoka she can stitch vains, muscles, blood vessels and flesh together. Also shown with Hisoka, he could move his finger immediately after Machi was done. Her stitches may have some regeneration properties to them, at least able to health dead cells. Her stitches are incredible but they’ll be a seam where she stitched till it heals.

Number 5: Kalluto Zoldyck

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Kalluto’s ,around the age of 10, nen type is Manipulator. His Nen abilities include Paper Manipulation, Surveillance Paper Dolls, Paper Fan Blade, and Dance of the Serpent’s Dance. All were shown during the Ant Arc against one of the Any.

Starting off with Surveillance Paper Dolls, this allows him to attract small piece of paper to a target and creating a paper doll of said Target Kalluto is able to hear anything whiten the targets hearing range. Not even the skilled Phantom Troupe noticed this ability being used on them. Serpent’s Dance allows him to use his fan to left and throw confetti at a target at multiple angles. Once even one paper attracts to the target Kalluto can take the remaining piece and manipulate them to go after the target. As shown this attack can tear apart body parts of the target.

The paper fan is another ability, it’s basically just a really strong fan made of paper. It’s was shown that it could break a rope made a steal with ease.

Number 6: Hisoka Morow

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Hisoka, a former member of the troupe, was placed by Kalluto after he left. His nen type is Transmutation. /‘d as you heard him say time and time again one of his abilities is Bungee Gum and the other texture surprise. Both were shown to be used at the Heaven Area Arc and Bungee Gum was shown to be used in almost all the arcs after.

Bungee Gum allows him to turn his aura into sticky and elastic substance or in Hisoka words, Bungee Gum has the properties of rubber and gum. Hisoka can attach his aura to anything, he just has to touch or remotely touch something. His aura can pull things to him or pull objects to other people, when he fought one of the butlers his aura is able to catch projectiles.

His second ability, Texture Gum, allows him to attach his aura to any flat surface such as cloth or paper. Once attaching his aura he can manifest imagery or change the appearance of it’s texture. He can replicate over a thousand different textures, this ability is very good, so good the rest of the troupe didn’t notice him using it.

Number 7: : Phinks Magcub

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Phinks’, age and birthday and age unknown, nen type is a enhancer. His nen ability named Ripper Cyclotron, it was shown to be used during the Ant arc twice. His nen ability is very easy to explain and understand, his nen basically allows him to strengthen his punch.

The more Phinks winds his arm clockwise the more his aura in his fist increases with every rotation. Although he stated, he has trouble calibrating his punches.

Number 8:Shalnark ?????

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Shalnark, a former member or the troupe age when he died unknown as well, his nen type was Manipulator. His abilities included, Black Voice and Auto Pilot. These were soon on the yorknew city and Ant arc, now on to explaining them

Black Box allows him to stick an antenna into a target, the back of their neck, Shalnark can gain complete contrôle over the person basically making them a pupper. He controls them with a special bat looking phone, once the antenna is removed or the target dies he can no longer control them. There’s also an auto pilot mood, it’s just what is sound, he puts the target on auto pilot and they complete a set task.

Auto Pilot, the Nen ability, basically Shalnark can stab himself with one of his antenna’s and set it to auto pilot. Setting it to auto pilot gives him intense amounts of power, he is unable to withdraw from auto pilot till his task is done. Handy yes but Shalnark says it gives him muscle aches for two to three days and is completely unaware about what he does in this mood.

Number 9: Franklin Bordeau

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Franklin’s, age unknown, nen is Emission. His ability included double machine gun, which was shown during the yorknew city arc. After taking the tips on his fingers off he can shot bullet like aura out of them. This can slaughter a thousand enemy in a short time as shown in the anime.

Number 10: Shizuku Murasaki

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

My second favorite Shizuku’s nen , age unknown again, is conjecture. As seen in the Yorknew city arc and Ant arc her nen ability is called Blinky. I really love blinky, Anyways as seen Blinky is a vacuum cleaner that can suck up almost anything. I say almost cause Blinky is unable to suck up still living things or anything made of nen.

After Blinky sucks something up no one knows where it goes. She seem to have to say the request out loud for Blinky to do it. It’s mention in the anime her nen ability is very special and very hard to replace.

Number 11: Uvogin ????

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Uvogin was another former member of the troupe, age of death unknown again, anyways his nen type was Enhancement. He showed it during the yorknew city arc although, for me, if was very confusing to tell what his main ability/abilities. Well his main ability is called Big Band Impact.

It’s actual very simple, all he does is focus the aura in his do say and punch the target. This attack can be so powerful it cause explosions to the near by area. It can be as destructive as a small missile, with Uvogin’s aim it can be as strong as a nuclear warhead.

Number 12 Bonolenov Ndongo

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Bonolenov’s/Bono’s , age unknown, nen type is unknown actually. But his abilities include Battle Cantabile, The Prologue, Jupiter, and Metamorphosen. A few were shown during the Ant Arc.

He can activate The Prologue when using the hole it his body to make a melody. Didn’t melodies can cause different effects, as shown in the ant arc one of those effects is warrior gear and a spear. Jupiter allows him to create a sphere that has the look of Jupiter to crush an enemy, this was also shown in the ant arc, the enemy can not avoid this attack unless they get out of it’s range. This is also activated by a dance and melody.

The Battle Cantabile is a unknown type and had never been seen used so far. It allows Bono to transform into many different things.

Number 13; Pakunoda

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

My third favorite Pakunoda, age of death unknown, once again a former member and the first to die in the phantom troupe. As the troupe have said her nen ability was very special and would have been hard to replace. Her nen type was specialization and her abilities included Psychometry , Conjured Pistol, and Memory Bomb

Psychometry allows her to recall someone’s memories by touching them. If she asks a question and touches you she can see the memories that revolve around that question. She can extract the purest memory from a target so making up fake memories won’t work. She can also see the past to an object by touching it. Memory Bomb allows her to shoot memories into other people, it’s not combat however.

Number 14: Illumi Zoldyck

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Illumi ,age 24, joined the Troupe after Hisoka convives him to join. He’s a manipulation type, his nen abilities include Pin and Needle, Manipulation, Body Alteration, Hypnotic Spell,Corpse Control, and Needle People. All were shown in the manga on different arcs, the first once shown in the first arc was Body alteration.

Body Alteration allows him to change his appearance, weather that be with or without needle, in the hunter exam arc Illumi had changed his appearance by sticking needles in his face to morph his face, skin tone, hair color, hair length, and face shape. In the Yorknew city arc he was shown to be able to morph his whole appearance with out needles. He morphed his appearance into Hisoka but as he said, without the needle he can’t stay like that for long about an hour. He has mention changing back and forth isn’t good on him, he can also use his body alternation needles in others causing extreme pain.

Hypnotic Spell were shown almost all through out the series with Killua but it has its spot light in the Ant arc when Killua saw pitou, Killua vs Shoot, and especially Killua Vs Rammot. This ability is shown to be very good and very strong, by sticking a needle into a targets brain the target will have to follow a preset of orders. This is such a good move the target doesn’t realize it’s there and the target just thinks it’s just traumatic memories playing out in his/her/their head. The images/thoughts of Illumi play in the targets mind as soon as the target tries to do the the forbidden task, the targets will power is basically crushed and unable to do he forbidden task. As shown with Killua, even his Biscuit tried helping and Netero tried helping Killua still couldn’t over come the effects of the needle.

Corpse Control involves Illumi sticking several needles into a targets head, Illumi can control one of more on these deceased puppets. These puppets can to complex task such as speak and drive , the puppet will not have reflexes of its own. Although dead the puppet show no signs of injury but the people to show sighs of being controlled. His ability needle people was shown during the Election arc, he sticks a special needle into a victims skull and can control them, the victim will follow their orders will they die. If a needle person were to survive this attack they will be crippled for the rest of their life. If a needle person has two needles in their forehead they can speak and drive normally.

Number 15: Kortopi

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Once again a former member, age of death unknown. Kortopi nen type was conjuration and his ability was shown during the yorknew arc, it’s name was Gallery Fake. Gallery fake allows him to touch an object with his left hand and can conjure an exact replica with his right hand. He can no replica living objects except as inanimate objects, meaning the copies. Shown with the fake deaths of the troupe, Kortopi can replica an effect of an object and the replica will vanish in 24 hours. Before the object disappears however Kortopi can track where it is by touching the original object.

Explaining the Nen of the Phantom troupe-[CI] Before I start this is in no order, I will be incoming former and current membe

Thank you for reading! And I hope this help understand their nen, sorry it took me so long. There was a lot more to write them I thought, next I’m doing the Zoldyck family. If there’s a character I can explain tell me, I’d be happy to explain their Nen . I know there are already two zoldycks in this list but there are many other zoldycks to explain

Anyways stay safe, healthy, and I hope y’all have a good morning/afternoon/night. Also sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, I mostly worked on this in the earlier morning and late night.

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ages of the phantom troupe

Awesome blog!

ages of the phantom troupe

Shalnark's and Kortopi's surnames were revealed too! I can't remember Kortopi's, but Shalnark's surname is Ryuusei.

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