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bogeys golf tunbridge wells

  • August 16, 2023
  • by Victoria Roberts

Pizza takeaway to be replaced with crazy golf cocktail bar

bogeys golf tunbridge wells

A PIZZA delivery shop is to give way to indoor crazy golf and cocktails, in the latest development on St John’s Road in Southborough.

Kent panto favourite Tom Swift, who has launched two escape room ventures in the same neighbourhood under the Clue Cracker brand, is to turn the old Pizza Hut takeaway at 71 St John’s Road into an interactive crazy golf venue.

The new venture, Bogeys, is set to open next month, offering a retro indoor golf course as well as cocktails.

Tom’s creative ventures include producing and directing for Wicked Productions as well as the escape rooms and now Bogeys.

The new project is part of an entertainment-led regeneration of the neighbourhood, with ventures including Saint John’s Yard Bar & Restaurant, the Shuffle House and Clue Cracker, which runs different escape room scenarios over two sites.

Bogeys has already been wooing the neighbourhood, donating four tickets for the grand opening to Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys school fête earlier this summer.

The building at 71 St John’s Road is owned by Labour Party Properties, but the new lease has no implications for the Tunbridge Wells Labour Party headquarters at 71a, local party Chairman Martin Betts has confirmed.

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bogeys golf tunbridge wells

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bogeys golf tunbridge wells

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Tunbridge Wells Crazy Golf · Corporate Crazy Golf, 80s style!

The 80s are here again!  Trinity’s corporate partners, supporters and   friends turned the clock back in  Wild Boy  style for a night of crazy golf. Celebrating Trinity’s 40th Birthday, guests were treated to the finest Pina Colada cocktails from the Wham-Bam-Bar on arrival and encouraged to walk the fairway – Farah’s optional. Set inside the striking Decimus Burton venue, the evening offered the perfect opportunity to update the guests on the current Heritage renovation plan, with works rumoured to complete this autumn and the four floors and the 360-viewing platform open to the public by October.

Teeing-off to T’pau, the Trinity marketing team  Tears For Beers  got play underway in questionable 80s fancy dress style, with Best Team Name Winners Berry & Lamberts   Miami Legal AdVICE  following swiftly behind. The Hilden Park Hackers were worthy winners of  Best Dressed Team,  resplendent in gold bomber jackets and sweatbands; the players were thrilled to receive their medals from Trinity’s Corporate Development Officer and event host, Sara Rice.

Lousie Morris of AV Trinity wowed the crowd with a team-pleasing hole-in-one, and her colleague Cliff battled for best player alongside Trinity’s own Hugh Brown!

Crazy Golf fans —  Gleeds  — entered two teams into the competition, taking the much-coveted prize for  Best Swinger.  The winning player (who wished to remain nameless) left pampas grass in hand to much amusement from his teammates and other attendees!

The annual event ended with the opportunity to freestyle on the course, dance floor and drinks at the bar.

Want to learn more about corporate opportunities ? Please contact:  [email protected] 

bogeys golf tunbridge wells

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Culverden Golf Club, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. (1895 - 1950)

Founded in 1895.

Originally a 9-hole course by 1914 it had been extended to 18-holes. The course was close to town about 500ft above sea level with plenty of hazards and bunkers. Holes ranged from 147yds to 457yds and was about 5,000yds in length. The station at Tunbridge Wells was ¾ mile away.

In July 1896 it was announced that Mr J C Drew of Culverden Castle, had kindly offered two challenge cups for competition; The Culverden Challenge Cup and the Castle Challenge Cup.

In October 1896 a match was played between Mr Hare, a member of the club, and Mr Divall, the Crwoborough professional. Mr Hare (who received a stroke a hole) halved the first round, Divall won the second, and the match by one up.

Below is the result of a match played on the Culverden course on the 5 April 1898 against Henley, Frant Golf Club. The Henley club was probably a forerunner of the later Shernford Park Golf Club that appeared prior to WW1 (see separate entry for Shernford Park Golf Club history).

Culverdan Golf Club, Kent. Sir David Salomons President of the club.

Sir David Salomons (pictured above) was President of the Culverden club. Sir David was a Director of the South Eastern Railway, Chairman of the City of London Electric Lighting Company, and a past Vice-President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers. In the days when the motor-car was threatening to take over from the horse Sir David devoted much of his time in developing horse-less carriages.

Result of the July 1898 monthly medal; H P C Hare, 94-9-85; S W W Delves, 115-28-87; Lieut-Col. W T McLeod, 99-10-89; G Austin, 101-7-94; F L Goldsmid, 122-28-94; N Tapp, 110-15-95.

Below is the result of a match played against Crowborough Beacon Golf in May 1899.

In the above match Mr G T Langridge, playing with Mr Tewson, made a new course record, as follows; Out - 5,4,4,5,4,5,5,4,5 = 41; Home - 6,4,4,4,4,4,3,4,5 = 38 - Total, 79. The previous course record of 80 was set by Mr J F Smith on the 28 May 1898. 

Result of the Drew Challenge Cup played on the 10 June 1900; H Semon, 81-14-67; C E Austin, 76-5-71; H St. J Kneller, 81-9-72; H P C Hare, 90-16-74; M Nash, 88-12-76; S W W Delves, 89-12-77.

Below is the result of a ladies' match played at Maidsone Golf Club on 29 June 1900.  

Result of the monthly medal played on 20 April 1901; Dr J T Abbott, 104-30-74; C E Austin, 81-4-77; C R Bosanquet, 108-30-78; Col. Le Mottee, 109-30-79; E A Tewson, 82-2-80; W Dickinson, 95-14-81; R B Limbery-Buse, 89-6-83; H P C Hare, 98-14-84; M Nash, 95-9-86.

Result of the President's Challenge Bowl played on the 4 October 1902; W Malden, 97-20-77; H J Allen, 98-16-82; C A Tewson, 84-1-83; C E Austin, 85-2-83; W Dickinson, 94-11-83; H P C Hare, 93-9-84; N R Stone, 100-16-84; A J Brander, 104-16-88. 

Result of a ladies' match played at Hastings in November 1904.

In 1906 the secretary was H P Christian Hare, 1 London Road, Tunbridge Wells.  The professional was G H Stephenson. Course Records were, Amateur E A Tewson  with a score of 73 and Professional G H Stephenson 72. Visitors had to be introduced, unless they were members of a recognised golf club and fees were 1/6 a day, 7/6 a week and 20/- a month.

Result of a mixed foursome nine hole match-play competition played on 18 April 1907; first round winners – Miss Fowler and M Hare, Miss M Vanderzee and A Le Morgan, Miss A Vanderzee and G Limbery-Buse, Miss Miller and D Le Morgan, Miss Strong and R W Homan, Miss Hull and C Betteridge, Mrs Middleton and G Hamilton, Miss Beeching and G Betteridge. In the final Miss Miller and D Le Morgan beat Miss Strong and R W Homan by 2up.

Below, result of a boys 18-hole medal competition played on 23 April 1907.

Result of a ladies’ match played on the Culverden course against Hastings (now defunct) on Tuesday 11 June 1907. 

A new course record was set on Wednesday 14 August 1907. It was achieved by the professional, J T Coleman, he was partnered by club member Mr J Moulson. Coleman’s score for the first nine holes; 4,5,3,3,3,3,4,3 4 = 32; second nine – 4,5,3,3,3,3,4,3,5 = 33 total 65. This beat the previous record of 66, the bogey score for the course was 70. 

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 17 August 1907; F Bennett, 81-14-67; J F Dixon, 84-14-70; H A Beeching, 86-15-71; H V Simpson, 84-12-72; H T Philpotts, 92-16-76, Col A J Brander, 95-19-76; W E Royce, 96-19-77; S A de Morgan, 103-24-79. There were four no returns. 

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played on the Culverden course against Bexhill on Monday 4 November 1907. 

Below, result of the ladies’ medal played on Tuesday 5th November 1907. 

Result of the ladies’ monthly medal played on 3 December 1907; Miss Sutton, 98-28-70; Miss Miller, 114-30-84; Miss Boddington, 106-20-86; Miss E Fowler, 109-20-89; Miss M Vanderzee, 107-18-89; Miss A Vanderzee, 109-18-91.

Result of the gents’ medal played on 19 December 1907; M B Snell, 84-18-66; A J S Butler, 84-10-74; Lieutenant-Colonel K Logan, 85-10-75; Colonel W W Ward, 90-15-75. 

Result of the Drew Challenge Cup played on Boxing Day 1908; S Delves, 91-15-76; F Bennett, 94-12-82; J F Dixon, 96-14-82; A R Cheale, 91-8-83; S Gurney, 93-10-83; F M C Hare, 100-14-86; R Ferguson, 108-18-90. Result of a Xmas bogey competition; S Delves, 7down; S A de Morgan, 10down; Col Johnstone, 11down.

Result of a ladies’ medal competition played in February 1909; Mrs L Middleton, 94-13-81 and Miss Miller, 107-26-81 tied for first place, Miss Miller won the play-off; Miss Moulson, 114-25-89; Miss M Molyneux, 116-22-94.

Below, result of the monthly medal played in April 1909. 

Also played in April 1909 was the President’s Challenge Bowl, result below. 

Result of a club prize, played April 1909; T E Curry, 99-25-74; W Wells, 88-10-78; D Ives, 91-12-79; R Ferguson, 99-18-81; F A Spencer, 107-25-82.

Result of the April 1909 ladies’ medal; Miss Moulson, 105-25-80; Mrs L Middleton, 94-13-81; Miss J Hull, 107-24-83; Miss Ferguson, 112-29-83; Mrs Marsh, 115-30-85; Miss Miller, 114-26-88; Miss Snelgrove, 114-25-89; Mrs C Burns, 98-7-81; Miss S Shipton Green, 106-14-92. No returns from Misses R Boddington and Roberts.

On Saturday 22 May 1909 the much awaited extended 18-hole course was formally opened. Stated to be laid out “In one of the most delightful spots in England” It was with the co-operation of the landlord, Sir David Solomons, that the necessary land was acquired, and the extra nine holes were added. The additional greens were laid by the club professional, J Coleman, who had been advised and helped by the Ashdown Forest professional, J Rowe. The work had been carried out in a remarkably short time and Coleman was congratulated on transforming the rough and uncompromising ground into a course with beautiful true greens. The Culverdan course, with its splendid views and charming clubhouse, would, it said, make it one of the best in England.

The weather was fine and sunny with a cooling breeze for the opening ceremony, conducted by Mr Shipton Green. A large crowd gathered on the first tee to watch Lord Hardinge drive the first ball and declare the course open.

Some 500 spectators then followed an exhibition match which was played by the famous J H Taylor (Mid Surrey) and J Rowe (Royal Ashdown Forest). Both men were in excellent form from tee to green. Rowe led by a stroke at the ninth hole going out in 35 to Taylor’s 36. Taylor played really well on the back nine and eventually won the match with a total score of 71 to Rowe’s 72, scores as follows:

Taylor – Out 4,5,4,4,4,4, 4,4,3 = 36; In 3,4,3,4,4,5,3,4,5 = 35 total 71.

Rowe – Out 4,5,4,3,4,4,4,4,3 = 35; In 5,4,4, 4,4,5,3,4,4 = 37 total 72.

Following the match the committee entertained the many visitors to lunch in the clubhouse.

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played at Ashdown Forest in November 1909. 

Result of the December 1909 monthly medal; Senior – T L Sullivan, net 84; Junior – Colonel Johnstone, net 77.

Ordnance Survey Map from the 1900s showing the clubhouse and course.

Culverden Golf Club, Kent. O.S. Map from the 1900s showing the course and clubhouse.

O.S. Map Revised 1907; © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1910}.

Result of the August 1911 monthly medal; Senior - J C Robinson, 75 net; Junior - F McKinnell, 76 net.

Result of the October 1911 monthly medal; Senior - A R Cheale, 73 net; Junior - Captain Grant, 74 net.

In December 1911 S H Snelgrove (4) 75 net, won the Drew Challenge Cup. Result of the monthly medal; Senior - J M Wilkinson (6,) 75 net; Junior - J S Sword (25,) 68 net.

Result of the Captain’s Prize played on Saturday 27 April 1912; J N Wilkinson, 77-6-71; Rev T A R Williamson, 92-20-72; Dr H C Dyer, 82-9-73; W H Godden, 91-18-73; F J Watts, 91-18-73; J Shepherd, 87-12-75; J C Robinson, 87-9-78; Dr G Trustram Watson, 98-20-78; S Gurney, 87-8-79; F McKinnell, 91-12-79; Dr Davies, 90-10-80; Dr Lock, 106-25-81; F Weare, 94-8-86; F A Spencer, 112- 25-87. 

In 1914 the secretary was J F Dixon of Lloyds Bank Ltd and the professional was Stephen Guard (1909 to 1919).  There was a membership of 150 gents and 73 ladies. Entry fees were, gents £4/4/0 and ladies £3/3/0. Subs were gents £3/3/0 and ladies £2/2/0. Visitors fees were 2/6 a day, 3/- on Saturday, 10/6 a week and £1/1/0 month if introduced or members of a recognised club. Sunday play was allowed with caddies.

Result of a foursome competition played on 26 December 1919; Dr F C Linton & Dr C H Dyer, 87-10-77; J L Oliver & J F Dixon, 90-12½-77½; A T Price and Captain May, 86-6-80; D M S Mackenzie & A W K Brackett, 91-11-80; A Giles & A I Happell, 85-4½-80½; S Gurney & G N M Atkins, 94-12-82; J C Hope Fowler & H W Carruthers, 96-13½-82½; S Delves & H A Beeching, 94-11½-82½; Colonel McLeod & G Limbery-Buse, 99-9-90; Dr Davies & Dr Pedrick, 99-8½-90½.

The Drewe Challenge Cup (bogey) was played on 27 December 1919. F H Knott the Kent cricketer and visitor to the club (not eligible to compete for the Drewe Cup), received 5 shots and returned the best score of 1up. Dr F C Linton (7) won the Drewe Challenge Cup with a score of 2down. Other scores; J M Wilkinson (scratch), 3down; I Myrtle (14), 3down; Geoffrey Limbery-Buse (3), 5down; J L Oliver (8), 5down; A W K Brackett (11), 5down; S Gurney (6), 6down; Dr C H Dyer (8), 6down; H A Beeching (9), 8down.                    

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 3 January 1920; A J Aitkens, 84-9-75; J Myrtle, 93-18-75; J L Oliver, 89-11-78; Dr C H Dyer, 90-11-79; F H Knott (visitor), 87-5-82; W H Derry, 98-16-82; Dr F C Linton, 94-9-85; Dr Pedrick, 93-8-85.

Result of the 1920 Ladies’ February monthly bogey competition; Miss Snelgrove (10), 1down; Miss Weare (14), 1down; Mrs H P Mason (15), 2down; Miss D Maneer (14), 5down; Miss Jones (17), 5down; Miss Andrews (10), 6down; Miss Dixie Wood (13), 6down; Miss Sword (13), 8down; Miss R Hay (14), 9down; Mrs Pedrick (17), 9down; Miss R Boddington (18), 9down; Mrs B Murdoch (16), 10down; Miss Faulkner (12), 12down; Mrs Edwards and Miss Hull no returns.

Result of the Winch Challenge Bowl played on 21 February 1920; Dr Pedrick, 92-8-84; A J Atkins, 96-9-87; J L Oliver, 98-11-87; Dr Lees, 106-15-91; A Anson, 109-15-94.

Result of the Captain’s Prize played on 1 May 1920; A J Happell, 77-2-75; J Myrtle, 94-18-76; Dr Pedrick, 84-8-76; J F Dixon, 91-14-77; G Limbery-Buse, 83-4-79; G N M Aitkens, 95-16-79; J H Podmore, 94-14-80; R Greatorex, 89-8-81; Dr Linton, 89-8-81; Dr Davies, 90-9-81; Dr Dyer, 92-11-81; A Anson, 96-15-81; H A Beeching, 94-12-82; J L Oliver, 95-10-85; A Giles, 94-8-86; J C Robinson, 98-11-87; C Massey Collier, 106-14-92.

Result of the Drewe Challenge Cup played on 26 June June 1920; A W K Brackett (11), 2up; J H Podmore (11), 1up; O R Robinson (7), 2down; J C Robinson (8), 2down; A J Aitkens (7), 3down; Dr C H Dyer (7), 4down; W E Royce (14), 4down; G Limbery-Buse (3), 5down; Dr Linton (6), 5down; J Myrtle (11), 8down.

Result of the monthly medal played on 3 July 1920; W E Boyce, 90-18-72; J L Oliver, 83-10-73; Dr Davies, 85-9-76; A Anson, 91-15-76; W A Phillips, 86-9-77; Dr Dyer, 90-11-79; J T Robinson, 91-11-80; H A Beeching, 92-12-80; J H Podmore, 94-13-81.

Culverden Golf Club, Kent. View of the Culverden golf course 1920s.

Postcard from the 1920s showing Culverden Golf Course.

Below is the result of a match played on the Culverden course against Tunbridge Wells in August 1922. 

In 1924 the secretary was still J F Dixon. Telephone number 206. The Club Telephone number was 366. The professional was B F James (1919 to 1934). Membership was now 153 gents and 89 ladies. Course records were, amateur A J Mitchell with a score of 71 and professional B F James 65. Visitors’ fees were, 2/6 a round, 3/- a day, Weekends 3/- round, 4/- a day, 15/- a week, £1/5/0 a fortnight and £1/11/6 a month.

The trophy below is engraved Culverden Golf Club first hole 175 yards in one by Mr John Whitehead 3/3/1928.

Culverden Golf Club, Kent. Hole-in-One trophy for John Whitehead March 1928.

Hole-in-One trophy dated March 1928.

Result of the monthly medal played on 4 March 1939; J R K Pennink, 74-6-68; F E Laughton, 85-16-69; Dr Linton, 80-8-72; W Adams, 80-7-73; P A L Maplesden, 88-13-75. There were nine entries. 

Result of the Salomons Challenge Bowl played on 1 April 1939; A B H Read, 74-14-60; B Merritt, 78-10-68; W A Adams, 76-7-69; J McLeod, 85-14-71; G T Wilson, 92-18-74. There were ten entries. 

Below are results from the Culverden Golf Club Artisans section. The matches were played in April 1939.

Below is the result of the first team match played away on the Spa course.

Below is the result of the second team match played on the Culverden course against Spa. 

The annual meeting was held on Saturday 13 May 1939. In the unavoidable absence of the captain, Mr H Scott Dennington, the treasurer, Mr W Reeve was in the chair. A satisfactory balance sheet was produced, visitors’ green fees were on the increase and clubhouse takings were much improved. The professional, D Macdonald and the grounds-men were congratulated on the condition of the course which had never been better. Mrs Macdonald was also thanked for her splendid service in the clubhouse. The club had suffered the sad loss of the President, Sir J H Blunt, Bart., who had always been a most generous and sympathetic landlord. Mr W C Adams was elected captain; J A Chalmers, vice-captain; F M Collins, secretary; Committee as follows, Noel Snell, J L Chalmers, C J Lewis Keeble and S Cedric Smith. 

Result of a ladies match played at Tonbridge on Thursday 18 May 1939.    

From 1937 to the last appearance in 1954 the secretary was W Adams, Coombe Mavis, Culverden Down. The professional was R Littlechild and the greenkeeper D McDonald. 18 holes with a SSS of 67 and Par 68. Membership was about 220 throughout this period.  Course records were, amateur J L Oliver with a score of 67 and professional D McDonald 63. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a round, 3/6 a day, Weekend and Bank Holiday 3/6 a round, 5/- a day if introduced and playing with a member then 15/- a week, £1/5/0 a fortnight, £1/11/6 a month, £2/12/6 3 months, £4/4/0 6 months.

Below is the result of a match played at Culverden (Artisans’ Section) against Heathfield Golf Club (now defunct) in June 1939.  

Result of the Coronation Cup played in June 1948; R S Hilliam, 79-14-65; F Hardwick, 82-14-68; K Hasler, 73-4-69. R S Hilliam holed in one at the 131 yard eighteenth.

It was reported in March 1949 that R Littlechild, the Culverden professional, holed in one at the 131 yard eighteenth hole, and in the same round had an eagle two.

Recollections of Culverden from Colin and Janet Roe. “The Culverden had a parent club based off Culverdan Road with the Artisans located on the Rusthall site. The parent clubhouse was a modest building. The Artisans occupied the upstairs part of a barn just off Lower Green Road in Rusthall. Regrettably part of the Rusthall site was lost as soon  as WW2 ended, prefabs replacing holes 5,6 and 7. The Artisans moved to a small side room at the parent club until 1950. Parts of the remaining course were eventually lost to development”

Culverden Golf Club, Tunbridge Wells. Scorecard dated 1949.

Card of the course from 1949.

Culverden Golf Club, Tunbridge Wells. Coure layout holes 11 to 18.

Thanks to Colin and Janet Roe for scorecard and course plans of Culverden.

Sad end - the clubhouse and course equipment for sale in 1950.

Culverden Golf Club, Tunbridge Wells. Clubhouse an equipment for sale in 1950..

Kent & Sussex Courier Friday 4 August 1950. Image © Reach plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

Culverden Golf Club, Tunbridge Wells. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Culverden course.

Grid reference TQ57165,40145, co-ordinates 557165,140145.

Copyright © 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Designed by John Dean .

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WELCOME Tunbridge Wells Golf Club is located in beautiful countryside in the heart of Kent, the county popularly known as the Garden of England.

The course is one of the oldest in the area, dating back to 1889, and has not changed greatly from the one first enjoyed during the reign of Queen Victoria. Certainly, it retains the same stunning views that have ensured its appeal has endured for well over a century. Both novice and established golfers can enjoy a game on the nine-hole course which, while forgiving, has enough challenges to stimulate players of all abilities. The holes can be played from different tees to turn a round into the more traditional 18 holes.

The club has membership opportunities available to suit all, with preferential rates on offer to junior golfers. The clubhouse has excellent facilities and with a magnificent location allied to the expertise of our skilled outside catering team, we have become a popular venue for functions and special occasions. Come and see us, the welcome will be warm and genuine and, who knows, a casual visit may turn into a lifelong association.

History Tunbridge Wells Golf Club was founded in 1889 by W Bruce Dick, in the grounds of the Spa Hotel of which he was the proprietor. Unfortunately, no written records remain from the time and minutes have been lost, so what follows is garnered from information we have managed to piece together after exhaustive research. If anyone can provide any factual details to fill in the gaps, we would be delighted to hear from you!

When Mr Dick, “a fine upstanding Scotsman”, as one former member once described him, first came to the Spa Hotel he constructed three or four holes in the grounds for his own amusement and that of special guests. That was the origin of the present club Tunbridge Wells Golf Club, which was first registered at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrew’s (the home of golf) in 1896 and which by then had been extended to a nine-hole course.

Membership at that time totalled 210, with the subscriptions being two guineas (£2.10) for men and one guinea for ladies. Nowadays we are delighted to welcome members from all walks of life, but this was certainly not the case in those early days. As Eric Carter pointed out in his book The First 100 Years, written for our centenary in 1989, “it was a closely-knit coterie, a club of cronies with a few carefully chosen members.

“It was not open to all and sundry – local tradesmen, in particular, were not expected to cross the clubhouse threshold unless, of course, they were delivering goods.” Every golf club has its characters and the Humphrey family have left an indelible impression on the history of our club. Sam Humphrey, a larger-than-life figure, served as our professional for 30 years, before being succeeded by his son John at the end of the Second World War.

Sam’s daughter Nora once recalled an incredible family feat that saw both Sam and John record holes in one at the second hole within two days of each other. Not to be outdone, Nora completed the treble in the same week by making a hole in one at the sixth.

One end of our course was very close to the neighbouring club of Culverden and negotiations took place in 1950 to buy that club when it was put up for sale. Alas, the plan never came to fruition and Culverden was soon built on, and an opportunity of turning the two clubs into an18holegolfer’s paradise was gone forever.

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HISTORY CONTINUED Then owner Alistair McNab offered to lease the club to its members in December 1969 and an ambitious programme of refurbishment was undertaken. Seven years later Mr McNab agreed to sell the club and with the help of grants all loans and the mortgage had been paid off inside ten years. Members of Tunbridge Wells Golf Club were now truly masters of their own destiny!

The hurricane of October 1987 had a devastating effect across the country and Tunbridge Wells felt the full force too. Many trees were brought down around the course but members – both men and ladies – stoically set to work removing them over the next three weeks so play could begin again.

It was typical of our membership and their outlook on life: nothing should get in the way of a good round of golf.

THE COURSE Tunbridge Wells golf course takes full advantage of some glorious Kent countryside to offer a fair challenge to golfers of all abilities. It is expertly maintained to a very high standard and while looking a picture, it plays exceedingly well too and boasts some of the finest greens in the county.

The nine-hole course measures 2,368 yards from the yellow tees on the front nine and 2,383 yards on the back nine holes played from the blue tees. All the holes offer a good variation of golfing skills and some present quite a challenge. There are four par-3s and five par-4s. You certainly do not need to be a long hitter - the longest hole measures a comparatively modest 414 yards – instead a premium is placed on a sound short game, with chipping and putting to the fore. The ability to drive the ball accurately from the tee is also extremely beneficial, with

trees in play on several holes just waiting to catch out the errant shot. The club has a team of very dedicated greenstaff and we have had some excellent feedback about the condition of the course, and in particular the greens, who some of our visitors have described as the best surfaces they have played on all year. There are many highlights to a round, but just to pick out a few: the 2nd is our signature hole, it is a pretty little par three with an undulating green.

The 5th is a dogleg right and requires a drive over water. The tee-shot safely negotiated you are left with quite a tricky approach hitting across an unmade road on to a green that is set in a slight basin. The green runs from left to right and a bunker on the right is perfectly placed to catch any off-centre shots. The 8th is a terrific par four for the men. Another dogleg right, you have to get your drive absolutely right as there is not a great deal of leeway.

We have a well-maintained practice putting green on which you can also perfect your chip and runs and a short game area where you can work on your pitching and bunker play. For an illustrated hole-by-hole guide and to examine the scorecard morethoroughly, check out our website though you will not appreciate the sheer beauty of the course until you come and play here.

HOLE BY HOLE GUIDE Prepare for your visit to Tunbridge Wells by familiarising yourself with each hole over the coming pages and make the most of your round with our hole-by-hole guide. You can prepare yourself for the challenges that await, as well as pick up some invaluable playing tips from our PGA professional, Sharon Thomas.

Hole 1, 266 yards, par 4 (Hole 10, 288 yards) Aim between the hill top trees and slightly right of centre. This will give you a clear second shot to the green. Note the position of the flag on the 9th green to your left, it may help you later!

Hole 2, 122 yards, par 3 (Hole 11, 100 yards) Seemingly straightforward par 3 but beware the undulating green. Many a fine tee shot has ended with a bogey or worse!

Hole 3, 366 yards, par 4 (Hole 12, 383 yards) Aim left of centre for the best position to attack the flag. Straying too far right will make for a risky blind second shot to the green.

Hole 4, 230 yards, par 4 (Hole 13, 189 yards) A long par three requiring great accuracy to hit the green and avoid the bunker to the left. Anything coming up short of the green will tend to bounce left to right towards the woods!

Hole 5, 379 yards, par 4/5 (Hole 14, 386 yards) This is a dog leg right. Aim to land right and short of the white post over the lake. This will put you in a good position to attack the pin with your second shot. The Lake on the corner of the dog leg is Out of Bounds so don’t be tempted to take on too much!

HOLE BY HOLE GUIDE CONTINUED Hole 6, 151 yards, par 3 (Hole 15, 156 yards) Correct club selection on this par 3 is crucial if you wish to avoid the bunkers and stay on the green. Hole 7, 261 yards, par 4 (Hole 16, 261 yards) The fairway has a severe right to left slope until you reach the top of the hill, and with Out of Bounds to the right you need to take care with your tee shot on this seemingly straightforwardlooking hole.

Hole 8, 405 yards, par 4/5 (Hole 17, 414 yards) This is a dog leg right but unless you are a big hitter don’t be tempted to take on the corner. The green is hidden from view in a hollow and protected by a bunker to the front. Hole 9, 188 yards, par 3 (Hole 18, 216 yards) A large green which can not be seen from the tee. Aim over the white post on the top of the bank opposite the tee. Hopefully you will have noted the pin position when starting play on the first!

The Professional and The Pro Shop The Golf Professional at Tunbridge Wells Golf Club is Sharon Thomas, who has been with us since 2007. Sharon’s initial link with the club was in coaching the lady members, but she proved so popular that we refused to let her go!

Sharon’s claim to golfing fame as a player was becoming the Sussex girls champion on her 16th birthday, beating an elite field at Cooden Beach Golf Club.

Nowadays she focuses her time offering expert tuition to members and non-members and running the well-stocked Pro Shop. Here you will find some great deals available on golf balls, with the aim being to equal or better prices on the internet. All the major Titleist range of balls are stocked, as are Srixon and Callaway.

The Pro Shop also has the latest MotoCaddy trolleys and a wide range of ladies and men’s clothing. Here the focus is not so much on the recognised golf brands, but on fashionable garments that look good on the course.

Glenbrae have created a TWGC emblem showing the Club’s 125 year Anniversary. Glenbrae provide the customer with contemporary and stylish British knitwear. Orders are placed with Sharon for style, size and colour choice as required by the customer with or without Club logo.

Sharon is a firm believer in golfers having a set of clubs that complement their swing. She’s happy to provide demo irons in the latest models in several of the top brands. She’ll accompany you to the practice bay to help you make the right decision and offer advice, if required.

TUITION A popular and beneficial stopping-off point for golfers looking to improve their game is our teaching professional, Sharon Thomas.

Sharon’s aim is to keep instruction as clear as possible to enable the student to repeat and understand the lesson. She generally offers a 40 minute lesson on any particular discipline of the game.

The members constructed a purpose-built coaching bay giving customers the opportunity to have a golf lesson in most weather conditions

Sharon uses several teaching methods to help the student both kinaesthetically and visually. She regularly uses a method known as Mirror Image coaching. It involves giving the pupil a demonstration whilst facing them and swinging with the opposite handed club and getting the pupil to replicate the actions. A good visual and kinaesthetic method.

For the more experienced golfer, hour-long oncourse lessons are available and these can be extended to 90 minutes or two hours if required. Group classes are also available by arrangement and can complement perfectly a society or corporate golfing day either before or after your round.

For more details, call the Pro Shop on 01892 541386, or 07790 702230 or e-mail [email protected]

BECOMING A MEMBER Tunbridge Wells is renowned as a friendly club with a wide and varied membership. There are many established groups ready to welcome you who play on a regular basis throughout the week and weekends so you will never be short of having someone to play with.

We pride ourselves on having an active membership with a full schedule of competitions for men, ladies, seniors and juniors aimed at players of all standards. There is also a busy and varied social calendar with events for all of the family.

Membership is open to all upon application – you do not need to know anyone already at the club. In fact many new members find themselves quickly part of a regular group of friends.

We have a simply delightful parkland course that looks a picture all-year round and which should appeal to any standard of player. Though not overly-long it is still a test and encourages straight hitters and course management, so often neglected today in the efforts to boom a 300-yard drive off the tee.

Competitive golfers can achieve an official CONGU handicap recognised worldwide, and play in regular competitions both with their fellow members and against other clubs.

Not everyone has the time to devote four hours to a round of golf, but our venue allows players to enjoy nine holes and then relax in the clubhouse or return to their busy lives. It is also worth remembering that members receive a membership card which entitles them to a discount on drinks.

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11-13 High Street, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells.

BECOMING A MEMBER CONTINUED For the beginner golfer wishing to learn the game, there could be few better places to start, with a forgiving course together with the support of our popular lady golf professional, Sharon Thomas, who is an excellent teacher to golfers of all ages and abilities.

Excellent rates are available to junior golfers and to young adults through our academy membership. Details of current membership rates can be found on the club website, Please call 01892 536918 if you require more details.

MEMBERS’ GOLF New members are always made to feel most welcome at Tunbridge Wells Golf Club and we offer numerous opportunities to enjoy a round of golf either competitively or socially.

The more casual golfing gettogethers are ideal for getting to know other members and make new friends.

Early every Saturday morning a group of men known as the SBS (Saturday Breakfast Society) play 18 holes and all are welcome to join them. This is followed by another mixed group that meets at midday on Saturday known as the SAS (Saturday Afternoon Society). They play two away days a year at different courses.

On Sunday another mixed group meet at midday and new members are encouraged to join them. You just need to turn up, put your name in the hat and are drawn with different partners each week. This is a quick and enjoyable way to get to know other members.

Tuesdays are dedicated to the ladies’ section, who play weekly competitions and matches against other clubs, both home and away. These can sometimes take place on Fridays instead, depending on arrangements with the club we are playing.

On Wednesday at midday a group of men meet to play 18 holes. Known as the WACCATS (Wednesday Afternoon Cream Cake and Tea Society), they play for raffle tickets which are entered into a bumper Christmas draw.

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4 St Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 9NP

MEMBERS’ GOLF CONTINUED Thursday morning is the Veterans’ match day. This over-55 grouping encourages new members to play in their matches and competitions which are normally followed by lunch. The veterans frequently take part in roll-ups on Mondays as well. Theirs is a well-organised, popular section to belong to, with its own society, agm, and annual dinner.

Most weekends there are competitions and there are also various knockout events throughout the year including summer singles and four ball knockouts.

For prospective members who enjoy the thrill of competitive golf, Tunbridge Wells is a fine choice because there are numerous trophies contested annually. One of the most noteworthy is the Seymour King Trophy, a medal event played over 36 holes generally held over two days in early July.

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MEMBERS’ GOLF CONTINUED The Top Dog Trophy is played for by the men and, as its name suggests, is a trophy contested by all the major winners and runners up in club prize and trophy competitions, to find the champion of champions. Bearing a statuette of an appealing little wire-haired fox terrier, it is a splendid piece of silverware dating back almost a century and hard to believe that many years ago it was used as a doorstop in the pro’s shop until being rediscovered and restored to its former glory.

Matches against other golf clubs, such as prestigious encounters against other well-known adversaries like the nearby Nevill Golf Club, are regular fixtures throughout the year and these are followed by a meal. It may be nice to finish on the winning side, but equally enjoyable is the warmth and friendship that has developed between our club and our neighbours over the years.

We also run a Winter League for those that enjoy the course and their golf the whole year round.

Nursing Care • Dementia Care • Short Stay Tunbridge Wells Care Centre specialises in providing high quality individualised dementia care to the people living in our comfortable, secure and happy home. We take the time to get to know you and feel that we offer something more: • 24 hour nursing care • Tranquil & secure gardens • Private hair salon

• Physiotherapist twice a week • In-house GP once a week available • Multi-sensory room

• Delicious home cooked meals • Excellent range of activities

Everything is designed to make life easier for those suffering with dementia. From the signposting on the doors to assist with memory, to the specialist activities such as soundbeam and use of our sensory room. We have thought of everything to create an enjoyable experience for our residents. You can be sure that your loved ones will be in safe hands at Tunbridge Wells Care Centre. Providing an excellent level of care delivered with dignity and respect is very important to us. Come and visit and see for yourself what we can offer you.

IN-HOUSE SOCIETIES The Past Captains Society This was formed in 1961 and is still flourishing today. Several meetings are held each year on different golf courses in the area. A Silver Salver is played for annually. The Thrushes This society has been running for more than 30 years and gets its name from a former member who was nicknamed “Frush”. Members are expected to be available for the annual holiday in September each year.

The Beagles This society was formed in 1973 and has maintained a steady membership, although only two of the original founder-members are still active participants. Six meetings a year are held at various golf clubs where 36 holes are usually played. The highlight is a long weekend away where the Tom Morris Shield is played for.

The Eagles A group of members formed the Eagles in 1982 with the intention of having a week’s golfing holiday and they have visited many resorts over the intervening years. There are trophies for each morning’s competition and these are presented the same evening. A golf day is held in May, when the new captain takes over and is presented with the Eagles Captain’s tie.

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Looking to improve your golf game? Adam Wilson is a successful personal trainer based in Tunbridge Wells and can help you enhance your golf performance, lose weight, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Using his 12 years of experience, Adam has developed a golf specific training programme to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance which will help lower your score. Packages include individually tailored personal training programmes and nutrition coaching.

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IN-HOUSE SOCIETIES CONTINUED The Twigs Tunbridge Wells Integrated Golf Society was formed in 1983 and has an equal number of ladies and men. It is still going strong and a number of meetings are held each year.

The Kingfishers This society was formed in 1987 by Dave King and Mike Fishlock from which the name was derived and whose aim was to give an opportunity for business people to play who were unable to justify a week away. A minimum of three meetings are held each year playing 18 holes at different courses.

The Gads This golfing association was formed in August 2001 by a trio of Tunbridge Wells members – Lionel, Mike and Paul – whose aim was to get a group of friends together to play golf on a league basis. The season runs from September to November, then February to August. This society is mixed and members of other golf clubs are included.

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VISITORS Visitors are always made to feel very welcome at our course. Despite being less than a mile from Tunbridge Wells town centre we have been described as being a hidden gem on more than one occasion.

But rather than wishing to keep one of region’s best-kept secrets to ourselves we most happy to see the look of delight on faces of visitors when they discover us for first time.

the are the the

We often have special deals available and you should check the green fees page of our website for upto-date information on prices. It is also possible to book rounds of golf direct via the website at preferential rates. Special rates are available for juniors and guests of members.

Like most golf clubs, we do have a dress code and all we ask is that players on the course are dressed in appropriate golfing attire. If you are unsure, check the website for a list of what is acceptable and what is considered to be a fashion faux pas. Come and spend some time with us, play nine or 18 holes and enjoy refreshment in our cosy and comfortable clubhouse offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and substantial meals.

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GOLF SOCIETIES Golf societies are always assured of a warm welcome at Tunbridge Wells Golf Club. We pride ourselves on the care and attention we give to ensure your day runs smoothly. Nothing is too much trouble and we would be delighted to help you build your own itinerary to create a golf day agenda unique to your group.

Bespoke packages are very much a speciality and are also popular with our society friends, judging by the number who visit us year after year. Simply give us a call and tell us exactly what you want and we will quote what we are confident you will feel is a very reasonable price. We can offer an interesting, scenic and wellmaintained golf course that appeals to all levels of player together with the finest cuisine and outstanding service, all at a very reasonable price.

All the little extras you would expect to make your day a success are provided, such as nearest the pin and longest drive markers and you if you are in need of some competition prizes, look no further than the Pro Shop. For more information on booking a society day please contact us on 01892 541386.

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CLUBHOUSE The friendly, relaxed atmosphere of the clubhouse provides a comfortable setting in which to unwind after a round and to enjoy a refreshing drink and, perhaps, a bite to eat. We are fully licensed with a selection of draught and bottled beers, wines and spirits, together with an extensive range of soft drinks.

The clubhouse is available for members to hire for special occasions such as birthdays /weddings etc. Our Chef Haydn Ringer has over 10 years experience in the catering industry and has worked in restaurants in London and Tunbridge wells. He now has his own company “Food for Forks� and looks after the catering needs of our club. Anyone looking to hold an event at the club can be sure that Haydn will go out of his way to provide a great experience.

CORPORATE OPPORTUNITIES Tunbridge Wells Golf Club is the perfect location to bring business partners or clients, whether simply to get them out of the office environment or to enjoy a round of golf.

You will find us a welcoming and willing host of corporate days and can supply everything you need to make your day a success. Packages can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Start the day with breakfast before playing 9 or 18 holes and relaxing with a drink and a snack in the bar or a more traditional sitdown meal.

Whatever your requirements our friendly staff will do their utmost to accommodate them, so either give us a call or pop into the club to discuss what you have in mind. If you are looking to host a seminar in a relaxing location away from the hustle and bustle of daily business life then ours is the ideal spot. We can provide a big screen, PowerPoint facilities and a microphone to help you get your message across.

Again, refreshment can be tailored to suit the time of day or duration of your stay, but whether it’s a breakfast meeting or a threecourse meal, satisfaction is guaranteed. Corporate golf is a great way of rewarding your employees and clients, a way of saying thank you and an opportunity to spend productive time with them in a friendly and challenging environment.

Tunbridge Wells Golf Club is an ideal venue, located less than a mile from the town centre, with free parking and welcoming clubhouse we can offer a number of exceptional value deals for corporate membership.

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SOCIAL ACTIVITIES You would expect a club with a history dating back as long as ours would have worked out how to have a good time by now, and you would be right. There is a very active social side to Tunbridge Wells Golf Club and special events take place throughout the year, with one of the highlights being the club dinner-dance held at the High Rocks in Tunbridge Wells.

It would be simply criminal not to make the most of the picturesque location where we find ourselves and our annual summer ball is held in a marquee we erect on the course. This popular event gives members the chance to dress up in their finery and always makes for a memorable night.

Our creativity extends beyond being able to shape shots on the golf course – if you are looking to broaden your horizons, the clubhouse is the venue for guitar, singing and art classes among other things.

There is a Christmas party and New Year’s Eve party in the clubhouse and sit-down dinners follow many golfing matches enabling members to catch up with old friends and golfing adversaries.

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How To Find Us Tunbridge Wells Golf Club is located just off the A264 less than a mile west of Tunbridge Wells town centre. It is about 40 miles from central London and around 15 miles south of junction 5 of the M25. For satellite navigation purposes, our postcode is TN4 8XH. Directions From The West Heads towards Royal Tunbridge Wells on the A264 and you will find the club on the left, just before reaching the town centre, close to the Spa Hotel.

From The South Head northeast on the A26, turn left at Major York’s Road just before reaching Tunbridge Wells and then take the 1st exit at the roundabout on to the A264. The club is a short way down on he right.

From The North Head towards Tunbridge Wells on the A26 and keep right at the fork with the A264 just before the town centre, following this road for just over a mile. The club is on the right.

Alternatively, take the A267 through Frant and shortly before reaching Tunbridge Wells take the 1st exit on to the Eridge Road (A26). Turn right into Major York’s Road and then take the 1st exit at the roundabout on to the A264. The club is a short way down on the right.

Public Transport The nearest railway station is Tunbridge Wells, which is around a mile (or a five-minute taxi ride) away. Trains from London run every 15 minutes from Charing Cross. Journey time is approximately 54 minutes.

CONTACT US We look forward to welcoming you to Tunbridge Wells Golf Club. If you have any questions or would like further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tunbridge Wells Golf Club Langton Road Tunbridge Wells Kent TN4 8XH

Useful Phone Numbers Clubhouse: 01892 523034 Secretary: 01892 536918 Professional: 01892 541386 E-mail: tu[email protected] Website:

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bogeys golf tunbridge wells


bogeys golf tunbridge wells


bogeys golf tunbridge wells


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  7. Culverden Golf Club, Tunbridge Wells. (1895

    This beat the previous record of 66, the bogey score for the course was 70. Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 17 August 1907; F Bennett, 81-14

  8. Nevill Golf Club

    2 – Bogey (Poor), 1 – Double Bogey (Very Poor). * Required. Images. Powered

  9. Tunbridge Wells Golf Club Official Corporate Brochure 2015 by Ludis

    Many a fine tee shot has ended with a bogey or worse! Hole 3, 366 yards, par 4 (Hole 12, 383 yards) Aim left of

  10. Villa Golf Club

    Bogeys. More Holes Over Par. Best Rounds Played here. Golfer, Score. Rey S · 0 · Luke

  11. Bogeys Sports Bar & Mini Golf

    We are conveniently located just before the Bull River Bridge on the way to Tybee Island. Only 10 minutes from Historic Downtown Savannah and 20 minutes