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From Haunted Houses to Zombies: The Most Frightening Scary Horror Games

Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared out of your wits? Are you a fan of horror movies and looking for a new way to experience fear? Look no further. In this article, we will explore some of the most terrifying scary horror games that will leave you trembling with fear. From haunted houses to zombies, these games will push your limits and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Haunted Houses: A Classic Thrill

If you’re a fan of haunted houses, then horror games that feature eerie mansions or abandoned buildings are sure to provide an exhilarating experience. One such game that comes to mind is “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.” Set in a dilapidated plantation house in rural Louisiana, this game combines atmospheric horror with intense gameplay. As you navigate through dark corridors and solve puzzles, you’ll encounter grotesque creatures and terrifying jump scares that will keep your heart pounding.

Another notable haunted house game is “Amnesia: The Dark Descent.” In this first-person survival horror game, players find themselves trapped inside an ancient castle with no memory of how they got there. With limited resources and a lurking presence that feeds on fear, this game is guaranteed to make even the bravest players feel vulnerable and terrified.

Zombies: A Never-Ending Nightmare

Zombies have been a staple in horror culture for decades, and scary horror games featuring these undead creatures are always popular among thrill-seekers. One standout title in this genre is “The Last of Us.” Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by infected humans turned into zombies, this action-adventure game blends intense combat with an emotionally gripping storyline. The realistic graphics and immersive gameplay make every encounter with the infected a heart-pounding experience.

For those seeking a more intense zombie experience, “Resident Evil 2” is a must-play. This remake of the classic survival horror game takes players back to Raccoon City, where a zombie outbreak has turned the population into flesh-eating monsters. With its atmospheric setting and relentless undead enemies, this game will keep you on your toes as you fight for survival.

Psychological Horror: A Mind-Bending Challenge

If you prefer horror games that mess with your mind, then psychological horror games are perfect for you. “Silent Hill 2” is often regarded as one of the best examples of this subgenre. As players control James Sunderland through the foggy town of Silent Hill, they unravel a deeply disturbing story filled with symbolism and psychological torment. The game’s haunting atmosphere and psychological twists will leave you questioning reality long after you’ve put down the controller.

Another mind-bending horror experience is “Layers of Fear.” In this first-person exploration game, players step into the shoes of a disturbed painter as they navigate through a constantly changing mansion. Delving into themes of madness and obsession, this game uses clever storytelling and visual trickery to create an unsettling experience that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Survival Horror: Fight or Flight

For those who enjoy intense gameplay and heart-pounding action, survival horror games provide an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other. “Outlast” is a prime example of this genre. Armed only with a camcorder, players must navigate through an abandoned psychiatric hospital filled with deranged inmates. With no means to defend yourself other than hiding or running away, every encounter becomes a tense battle for survival.

Another standout survival horror game is “Alien: Isolation.” Set fifteen years after the events of Ridley Scott’s iconic film “Alien,” players assume the role of Ellen Ripley’s daughter as she tries to survive aboard a space station infested by one relentless xenomorph. The game’s AI-driven alien enemy constantly adapts to the player’s actions, making every encounter a nerve-wracking game of cat-and-mouse.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of being scared senseless, these scary horror games will provide an unforgettable experience. Whether you prefer haunted houses, zombies, psychological torment, or survival challenges, there is a game out there that will cater to your darkest fears. So grab your controller and prepare for a night of terror as you dive into these spine-chilling virtual worlds.

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canadas most haunted house


What's Your Question?

How to Find Out About the History of Your Home

Your home holds many memories, and not all of them may be yours. Or you may question whether your house could be haunted or contain hidden treasure. If you’re wondering about checking the history of your house, get ready to learn how to uncover your home’s past.

Taxpayer Assessor Online Databases

Search online for your town’s taxpayer information. Once there, if your town offers an online database including every property, you might find out a lot about your home.

One tax assessor company, Vision Government Solutions, maintains online databases for states on the East Coast. Click on the state and you’ll see a list of your state’s towns. Some of the towns have accessible databases, and others don’t. Follow prompts to take you to your property’s information, including previous owners.

Hidden on Trulia’s website is a list of U.S. assessor records for every state. Search for Trulia’s property sitemap, and once on the page, you’ll see your state listing. You’ll be taken to a page with your state’s counties. Keep clicking to pinpoint your search.

Some towns host online assessor databases. Once on it, type in the property address or parcel number to visit a page of information about your home.

Realtor Websites With Home Information

Finding your home’s property listing, even when your home is not for sale, also offers some history. In addition to dipping into the websites of the major real estate agencies in your area to find your property, try the following sites:

  • Realtor.com

Also try the Multiple Listing Service site directly. Head to MLS.com and you’ll see a map of the United States. You might find the history of your neighborhood or a home next door that may be for sale or in foreclosure, which could give you some hints about your own home.

Finding Out About Your Home’s Hauntings

Head to DiedInHouse.com, a website that keeps a database of people who have died in properties. The site may be able to tell you if someone actually died in your home. There’s a nominal fee to see the information.

Dig Up Land Records and Historical Maps

If you’re a genealogy enthusiast, you know the value of historical maps and land records. If you’re new to this type of search, start at the National Archives (archives.gov) to initiate a search into your property. You’ll find land transactions and even what the average cost was to build your house.

You can search for, download and enlarge historical maps of your town or neighborhood. Or go to your town hall and local library for copies.

Find Your Local Historians

Do some footwork to find the history of your home, neighborhood and town. Try the following:

  • Historical societies: Your town’s local historical society can target your home’s history. Head to PreservationDirectory.com to find a database of local historic organizations.
  • Real estate agents: Try calling a real estate agency to help you locate information on your home’s history.
  • Neighbors: Pick the brain of a long-time neighbor. You may be surprised with juicy details.
  • Physical evidence: Consult with an architectural historian, according to ThisOldHouse.com. Researching layers of paint or wallpaper helps identify what year your house was built.


canadas most haunted house

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  • 15 Haunted Places In Canada To Add Some Thrill Element To Your Itinerary

A haunted villa

10 Jul 2023

Strangely, there are many intriguing places which are haunted in Canada. From castle-like motels to seafood restaurants to common parks, spooks, specters, and spirits run rampant. From frontlines to fortresses, there are many historical attractions that are counted as haunted places in Canada , with many Canadian scary stories built around them.

15 Haunted Places In Canada

We have picked out the most skin-crawling places Canada has to deliver, so you can find out if any of these spooky tales have something to offer. Here are the haunted locations in Canada –are you bold enough to pay a visit?

1. Keg Mansion


Image Source

Today this is one of many venues in the Keg steakhouse franchise, but the Keg Mansion was once the tycoon Hart Massey and his family’s private domicile. As the story goes, in 1915, after the demise of Lillian, the only darling daughter of Massey, one of the housekeepers was so heartsick that she hung herself. Yet another rendering of the story is that the maid kills herself because she fears her speculated romance with Massey would be revealed. In any case, the spectral profile of a maid hanging by her neck was seen over the years by more than one Keg backpacker.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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2. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Did you think the Bates Motel in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho or Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining was frightening? Banff Springs Hotel is perhaps one of the most scenic hotels in Canada, but it is also known to be one of the most haunted. Constructed in 1888 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, this hotel is home to many chilling ghost sights, counting a slain family in room 873, a bride who perished falling down the hotel's grand staircase, and a retired bellman named Sam McAuley, who tends to bedevil the hotel in full uniform.

Location: Banff, Alberta

3. Fairmont Chateau Laurier

Fairmont Chateau Laurier

Business Tycoon Charles Melville Hays hired Fairmount Château Laurier but tragically died a few days prior to the grand opening of the hotel in 1912 on board the Titanic. Since then, the spirit of Hays has been widely speculated to be seen wandering around the property. If we had invested our time and money in the construction of the lavish castle, only to die a few days before it was completed, we would probably be inclined to return.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

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4. The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory

It seems that the ghost of a train driver still plagues this popular restaurant established on the old underground track. Unfathomable chilly drafts and unaccountably rearranged table configurations are the departed conductor's calling card. Truly turning things upside down is a photo of the dismantled electric trolley in the dining room of the restaurant in the 1950s. The picture shows hints of an eerie figure, assumed to be the train conductor, standing on the trolley steps.

Location: Vancouver, B.C.

5. Hockey Hall of Fame


Before serving as the shrine of Canada hockey, this building was once the Bank of Montreal. Folklore has it that a forlorn bank accountant named Dorothy died after the bank manager rejected her romantic overtures. The ghost of Dorothy is now claimed to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame, with some visitors claiming that they heard a woman’s incomprehensible sounds of sobbing throughout the building.

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6. Craigdarroch Castle

Craigdarroch Castle

Constructed in the 1890s for coal miner Robert Dunsmuir and his family, this mansion of the Victorian period has become an unusual tourist destination in Canada. Stories of a piano playing on its own and sightings of an ominous white woman have often been reported. Many ascribe the mystical inclination of the castle to Dunsmuir’s ill-timed death a year before the building was finished.

Location: Victoria, B.C.

7. Plains of Abraham

The Plains of Abraham

In 1759, Major General James Wolfe and British soldiers carried out a three - month blockade against the French army of Quebec City, resulting in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Being the site of one of the most prominent skirmishes in Canadian history, it is no surprise that ghostly soldiers have been seen in numerous fields and tunnels. Both Wolfe and French Major General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm were killed in the battle–and we can't help but wonder if their minds are still fighting this battle today.

Location: Quebec City, Quebec

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8. Maritime Museum of B.C.

Maritime Museum of B.C.

The dearly departed seem to love the city slyly called "new-wed and almost-dead" place. The Maritime Museum, once the site of the city's prison and guillotine, is located in Victoria's famous Bastion Square. Some people say that when you look through the windows at the doorway to the museum, you can see a shadowy, lithe Van Dyke-bearded figure zipping down the main staircase. It is thought to be the mysterious specter of Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie, the notorious "Hanging Judge" of Victoria.

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canadas most haunted house


9. West Point Lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse

The image of a lighthouse, shrouded in the gloom, evokes all kinds of scary premonitions. Reports have long simmered that the first lighthouse keeper, Willie, haunts the nearby West Point Lighthouse Inn. Talk about a service you'd never want!

Location: O’Leary, P.E.I.

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10. Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park

This 200-acre park was founded in 1882 and is a gem of downtown Victoria. The park was christened after two masts on a hill, which act as a beacon for sailors approaching the inner harbor of the city. Gorgeous and well-kept, with overpasses, lakes, creeks and lawns, Beacon Hill Park has a dark underbelly as well. The Screaming Doppelganger appears on a rocky outcrop close to Douglas Street and Superior Street corner. This is the specter of a woman who was killed in the vicinity and is frequently seen at sunrises.

11. St. Ann’s Academy

St. Ann’s Academy

Ann's Academy is a former convent school now wholly owned by the B.C., and is situated on Humboldt Street in Victoria. it was the first Roman Catholic Cathedral of Victoria, constructed in 1858 and then moved to the school in 1886. People claimed that nuns were wandering the grounds early in the morning. The original graveyard remains on the ground, after all, and nine sisters are buried inside. Visitors also said that they saw the apparition of Emily Carr, the celebrated artist and writer of Victoria. Emily Carr is said to haunt many city locations, like her government street home and the James Bay Inn.

Location: Victoria B.C

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12. Hatley Castle

Hatley Castle

Hatley Castle is located in the middle of Hatley Park, Royal Roads University grounds. The castle was finished in 1908 and presently exists to serve as the university's administrative centre. If Hatley Castle seems familiar, you probably saw it both on film and on TV. It was most notably depicted in the X - Men series. While not home to mutants, the Dunsmuir family, which commissioned its construction, haunts this abode. Personnel reported some extremely noir-ish incidents. They include a white figure drifting through the building, a woman pulling the blankets of cadets sleeping, pots clanging.

13. St. Francis Xavier University

St. Francis Xavier University

The St. Francis Xavier University was originally built back in 1853 and merged with Mount St. Bernard College (a local Catholic girls ' school) in 1894. It was one of the nuns working on Mount St Bernard who fell in love and had a relationship with St Francis Xavier's priest. Since her religion forbade this sort of thing, she was humiliated. Unable to live with the guilt it was reported that she jumped from the balcony in Gilmore Hall to her death. Employees and students now call her the Blue Nun. It is believed that she hunts the halls and residences of the campus, turns on the hoses, knocks on the doors, knocks down books and sometimes even appears!

Location: Antigonish, Nova Scotia

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14. Dunvegan Provincial Park

Dunvegan Provincial Park

The site of one of the first fur trading posts in Alberta, Dunvegan Provincial Park is claimed to house many supernatural activities. One of the most common statements is a woman's ghost, who is assumed to have chilled to death one terrible night while looking for her husband during an endless snowstorm. Many eyewitness reports claim that a lantern was sighted flickering some distance away, where the woman's body was found.

Location: Fairview, Alberta

15. Government House

Government House

One of Canada's most notorious haunted houses – recently renovated to its former splendor in 1890, the Government House was the estate of the former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. Today, guests can take a tour and soak up its history and distinctive architecture. If you are fortunate (or unfortunate), you may fall into one of its resident apparitions! A ghost named "Howie" may be waiting for you, as his specter has often been seen, mainly in the kitchen. He is suspected to be the ghost of Archibald Peter McNab's former cook, who was Saskatchewan's lieutenant governor from 1936 to 1945. Howie is also suspected to be the source of ghostly footsteps, the opening, and closing of doors and the movement of objects.

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Excited already? Plan a trip to the USA and head to Canada to experience a spooky rendition of the horror stories you are fond of reading in the dead of night. There are many more haunted locations not mentioned here, and who knows, perhaps that cute little inn you stop by on your trip may turn out to be another addition to this list!

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The Most Haunted Places in Canada

The building of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, in Victoria, Canada

Surprisingly, there are a lot of interesting haunted places in Canada . From castle-like hotels to seafood restaurants to ordinary parks, nowhere is safe from spooky paranormal activity. Here are Canada’s most haunted places — are you brave enough to visit them? Did you know – Culture Trip now does bookable, small-group trips? Pick from authentic, immersive Epic Trips , compact and action-packed Mini Trips and sparkling, expansive Sailing Trips .

View all trips, craigdarroch castle.

Craigdarroch Castle was built between 1887 and 1890. Robert Dunsmuir, a wealthy Scottish immigrant, built the castle for his wife, Joan and their 10 children. The castle is now a National Historic Site and gives visitors a “glimpse of privileged life in the 1890s.” There has been a lot of paranormal activity noted at the castle, including the ghosts of a little girl, a maid, a crying child, and a woman in a white dress (presumably Joan Dunsmuir). People have also heard music playing by itself, and whispers as they walk through the property.

St. Francis Xavier University

Located in Nova Scotia, St. Francis Xavier University is apparently haunted by nuns. The Sisters of Notre Dame opened Mount St. Bernard College in the late 19th century as a school for Catholic girls. Now a residence, students have reported books being knocked over, echoing footsteps, elevators with minds of their own, and apparitions. It’s reported that Gilmora Hall is haunted by a nun who fell in love with a priest, but felt so much guilt she committed suicide by jumping from the top of the hall.

canadas most haunted house

Fairmont Banff Springs

© robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo

A beautiful castle surrounded by the Canadian Rockies , Fairmont Banff Springs has a few spooky stories. The most notable is The Bride. In the 1920s, a young bride was descending the stairs in her wedding dress when she was startled, and consequently fell to the death. Both hotel staff and guests have reported seeing her on the stairs, and in the ballroom. Rooms 672 and 873 are also said to be haunted. Finally, Sam the Bellman passed in 1975, but likes to still help out around the Fairmont Banff Springs .

people cheering on a mountain

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people cheering on a mountain

Keg Mansion

In Toronto , you can dine at the Keg Mansion and have a side of spooky paranormal activity. The restaurant is housed in a heritage building called Euclid Hall, which was originally built in 1868 by Arthur McMaster. Hart Massey purchased the home for his family in 1882. The apparition people have seen at the Keg Mansion is of a maid hanging by her neck. There are two sides to the story — that the maid was distraught following the death of Massey’s daughter, Lillian in 1915; or that the maid committed suicide for fear her affair with a Massey man would be revealed.

Peggy’s Point Lighthouse

Undoubtedly one of Canada’s most photographed lighthouses, Peggy’s Point Lighthouse in Nova Scotia is popular with a certain ghost too. People have seen an apparition of a lady in a blue dress over the years, standing on the edge of the rocks about to jump. There are also two sides to this story. Legend says the woman was an immigrant who left her children in Europe, or she was shipwrecked nearby where her children died. In an effort to cheer her up, her new husband danced on the slippery rocks and fell and died; leading her to commit suicide.

Dunvegan Provincial Park

There has been a lot of paranormal activity witnessed at Dunvegan Provincial Park in Alberta. The park is one of the province’s earliest fur trade posts, and the Hudson’s Bay Company house, St. Charles Church, and rectory buildings are still intact. The first ghost is of a woman with a lantern on North Hill, where she died waiting for her husband in a snow storm. A priest has also been seen in the rectory, and people have felt watched across the entire park, so watch your back!

HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel

Hostel Lonely Planet named HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel one of the world’s spookiest buildings. It’s housed in the building that was Carleton County Jail, from 1862 to 1972. The maximum security prison included tiny cells, no windows, and public executions. Many of the inmates died due to the jail’s horrible conditions, and a lot of them were buried on site. The most common apparition reported by guests staying in the cells is that of a man standing at the foot of the bed clutching a bible. People believe it is Patrick James Whelan, who was hanged for assassinating politician, Thomas D’Arcy McGee.

Seal Island

An island in southwestern Nova Scotia, Seal Island is reportedly haunted by the spirit of Annie Lindsey. She was a stewardess on SS Ottawa, which was shipwrecked off the island in 1891. Local legend says that Lindsey drowned when her lifeboat overturned and she was buried at the East End Church, where visitors can still see her grave marker today. However, when her coffin was disinterred years later, there was apparently evidence she had been buried alive.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Cemetery Designated a National Historic Site in 2000, Mount Pleasant Cemetery is a haunted playground filled with incredible architecture. Located in midtown Toronto, the cemetery’s paths are frequented by joggers and visitors, who walk past the graves of famous businessman, politicians, and athletes. Paranormal activity within the cemetery includes unusual noises, electrical issues, and strange light patterns. One employee even had an invisible force push him off a tractor.

Maritime Museum of British Columbia

On Vancouver Island, the Maritime Museum of British Columbia is located in a former courthouse building, which also included the island’s first gallows. Apparently many of the men hanged were buried on the grounds, which is why dragging chains have been heard in Helmcken Alley, beside the museum. Inside is the haunted lifeboat, connected to the 1908 Valencia steamship wreck. The lifeboat was discovered years later full of skeletons, before disappearing and reappearing empty 27 years later.

Plains of Abraham

Known as one of Canada’s most historical parks, the Plains of Abraham is a city park in Québec City. It was the site of many fights between the French and British Empires, including the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759. This battle was one of the most important in Canadian history, and many soldiers (including both Major Generals) died at the park. People have reported seeing many soldier-like ghosts in the park’s fields and tunnels.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

Located on Toronto Island , Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is one of Toronto’s oldest buildings. Built in 1808, the lighthouse is reportedly haunted by the ghost of its first keeper. In 1815, John Paul Radelmüller was murdered by Fort York soldiers, who fought him over his bootlegged beer. Laid to rest beside the lighthouse, it’s said his ghost still lingers.

Fairmont Empress

The ivy-covered Fairmont Empress

Reader’s Digest called Fairmont Empress one of the world’s most haunted hotels. Located on Vancouver Island , the hotel is just as well-known for its ghosts as it is for its high tea. It’s said that the hotel’s architect, Sir Francis Rattenbury walks the halls, even though he was murdered in England in 1935 by his wife’s lover (who was also his chauffeur). There’s also the ghost of chambermaid, Lizzie McGrath, who died in 1909. She went to step out onto her fire escape, but it had been removed for construction, so she instead fell to her death. Finally, there’s an elderly woman in pajamas, who reportedly knocks on doors and leads guests to the elevator before disappearing.

Tranquille Sanatorium

Tranquille Sanatorium was built in 1907 to treat tuberculosis patients. It was closed in 1958, but reopened one year later to treat the mentally ill. The sanatorium closed in 1983, and was later bought by Tranquille Farm Fresh. The farm does tours of the sanatorium and even does theatre and tours within its tunnels, which patients and staff used to move between buildings. The area is said to be haunted by past patients, and glowing orbs have been seen.

Five Fishermen Restaurant

Restaurant, Seafood, Canadian, Beer, $$

Five Fisherman

The building that now houses Five Fishermen Restaurant was once a funeral home. John Snow & Co. Funeral Home was in business through two major disasters of the early 20th century: the sinking of the Titanic , and the Halifax Explosion. Many of the restaurant’s staff have reported paranormal activity, which fortunately seems to happen before and after it closes. This includes objects being invisibly moved or knocked over; taps turning themselves off and on; spirits on stairwells; and a certain older man apparition

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canadas most haunted house

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canadas most haunted house

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5 of Canada’s most haunted places

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It's the spookiest time of the year! Halloween means costumes and candy, but it also means scary stories. So let's gather 'round and find out about Canada's most haunted spots.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel — Alberta

The Banff Springs Hotel lit up by the setting sun in the mountains.

This hotel was opened in 1888 and is known for its awesome views of the mountains and Banff National Park. But it's also a good place to look for ghosts! Some visitors and staff say they've seen a ghostly bride walking up and down one of the hotel's marble staircases. A couple of the rooms are supposed to have spirits that cause noises and otherwise make it hard for people to get a good sleep.  

a ghostly figure comes down the staircase

There's also said to be a more helpful ghost — Sam the Bellman. He loved his job so much that he sometimes returns to mysteriously assist guests with their luggage! The Banff ghosts are very famous. The Ghost Bride even got her own postage stamp and 25-cent coin in 2014!

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Ontario


It’s the oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes so of course, it has a ghost! Built of stone in 1908, the lighthouse kept watch from the Toronto Islands over Lake Ontario. It’s said to be haunted by its first lighthouse keeper. People have heard moaning noises coming from the lighthouse. And a light has been seen there even though it’s been out of use for decades.

Some say that the noises are likely birds and that the light is just the moon reflecting off the glass at the top of the lighthouse. But those explanations really aren’t spooky at all.

Craigdarroch Castle, British Columbia

A spooky three quarter view of Craigdarroch castle.

A huge mansion built by a coal-mining millionaire in the 1890s, this is one of Victoria's top tourist attractions. Visitors to the restored castle have reported hearing a mysterious piano playing as they walk through the halls. A woman in white, supposedly the wife of the first owner, has been spotted several times standing and looking out the castle’s windows.

Fort Garry Hotel, Manitoba

a scary photo of Fort Garry Hotel

The Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg is both a National Historic Site and a working hotel. It's also said to be one of the most haunted places in Canada! Built in 1913, there have been many guests staying at the hotel over the years. Some of them have reported strange things like ghostly figures in the halls, rattling silverware, spooky noises and a more vague feeling of a "presence."

This hasn't hurt the hotel's business at all. Some people actually request to stay in the rooms that are supposed to be the most haunted!

St. Louis Ghost Train, Saskatchewan

stamp with image of St. Louis ghost train

Not all haunted spots are old buildings. In the village of St. Louis, Saskatchewan, an abandoned railroad track has been the site of some strange appearances. At night, a single light has been spotted travelling where the tracks used to be.

Two high school students did a project on how the light may be a visual effect from a nearby highway. The girls won prizes at their science fair, but a lot of people still like to believe that the light is from a ghostly train following its lost tracks. The ghost train has its own spooky postage stamp too!

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canadas most haunted house

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14 of the most haunted destinations in Canada

most haunted places canada

Here are the places creeping it real across Canada

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The Great North is a beautiful country, but it can certainly give you the creeps if you let it. From castles where a tragic accident occurred to 100-year-old homes with a mysterious past,- every province, city, and small town has at least one spooky story to tell and we’ve rounded up some of the most notable. Here are the 14 haunted places in Canada.


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Fairmont Banff Springs (@fairmontbanff)

Since it opened to the public in 1888, the Banff Springs Hotel has seen history, celebrity, and rebuilds. In that time, however,  it’s also seen a whole l ot of tragedy. You see, while millions of guests have checked in, there were a few who have never checked out. Some even believe that they still roam the halls of the iconic concrete castle in the Rockies today.

Where:  405 Spray Ave, Banff, Alberta


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jan Oliver Panganiban (@jannoliver)

Built in 1915, one of Nova Scotia’s most popular tourist destinations, Peggy’s Point is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman named Margaret – who either was the only survivor of a shipwreck or a woman who tragically lost her family to the cove. While neither story has ever been confirmed – this hasn’t stopped people from telling the tale of the ghostly woman who has been reported on the rocks.

Where: Peggy’s Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Todd Benedict (@benedicttodd)

Despite early warnings by the Indigenous people who lived on the land far before it was colonized, the town now knowns as Frank Slide was built under what locals called “the mountain that moves.” Unfortunately, those who settled in town also built a mine and cold temperatures coupled with wet conditions caused the unstable structure to collapse which took the life of 90 residents.

Where:  AB-3, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Deke Daigle (@dekesask)

Established as a North-West Mounted Police training facility and home base, Fort Battleford, is another reportedly haunted site. In fact, they even offer spooky walks where people have reported seeing a ghostly surgeon and soldiers that disappear without a trace.

Where: C entral ave, Battleford, Saskatchewan


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Body Energy Club (@bodyenergyclub)

For those who live in the area, it should come as no surprise that Vancouver’s Waterfront Station made the list. From ghostly appearances of a flapper-dress-clad woman to haunting encounters and unexplained activity, Vancouver’s iconic 109-year-old building is one that gives us serious chills.

Where: 601 Cordova Street W, Vancouver, British Columbia

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  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Alanna Reed (@alannareed95)

As Canada’s oldest maximum-security prison, one can only assume that the walls of the Kingston Penitentiary have seen the worst and most violent. Though it’s now empty and abandoned, the space is still said to see a whole lot of action. Curious? Those in the area can actually take a guided tour where, if you’re lucky, you may even see a ghost!

Where:  560 King St W, Kingston, Ontario


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Elevate UAV Drones (@elevate.uav)

Located in Victoria, this magical castle is not only beautiful – it’s also mysterious. So much so, that it’s been used in movies, photoshoots and unsettling TV shows in hopes of really selling an eerie vibe. Said to be inhabited by the original owner and his daughter, this 1800s build is incredibly haunting and totally worth viewing if you’re interested.

Where: 1050 Joan Crescent, Victoria, British Columbia


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Selea Hewton (@cc_hewton)

Aptly named for its creepiness, The Isle Of Demons (alternatively known as Quirpon Island) is actually beautiful – though sailors believed it to be cursed. As legend has it, the Island is haunted by a French noblewoman who was sent to die there after she had an affair with a younger man. Scandalous. 

Where: Quirpon Island, Newfoundland

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kimberly Simmons Photos (@canadiankas_photos)

Allegedly haunted by the many, many inmates who were hanged, murdered or jailed for life, Don Jail closed back in 2013 and for good reason. Though it no longer operates as a prison it remains today, abandoned – creepy, and open for guided tours almost every day.

Where: 550 Gerrard St E, Toronto, Ontario


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 𝐋𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐞 𝐆. (@liane_gotcheddar)

Located on the west coast, Tranquille Sanatorium is about as spooky as it gets. In 1907, this building was opened as a tuberculosis hospital, however, it shifted its focus to the mentally ill. This was not the only time it changed its purpose though, in 1983 it briefly operated as an institution for young offenders, and now – it’s actually surrounded by a farm – whose owners recently gave tours of both the hospital and the tunnels that run underneath it.

Where:  Kamloops, BC


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Dustin, the strange Ezinicki (@the_muddy_waters)

At over 100 years old, the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg is notoriously spooky. Over the years, guests have reported seeing apparitions, blood dripping down the walls and even claim to have felt someone climb into bed with them. The most active room? Well, according to ghost-enthusiasts – that would be #202.

Where:  Winnipeg, Manitoba


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by syd taylor (@syd.taylor)

Originally built in 1871 – the Grey Nuns Motherhouse is like something right out of a horror movie. Though it certainly wasn’t used for anything sinister, its basement does act as a crypt containing the remains of the over 250 nuns who died of an infectious disease – which to us, is a whole lot spookier than an apparition.

Where:  Montreal, Quebec


  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jdar photography (@jdarphotos)

Edmonton’s Princess Theatre – the oldest standing movie theatre in the area – was originally designed and built for the vaudeville acts of 1915. It was successful for a year but then fell into an economic slump. In order to bring in revenue, the owners recommissioned the top few floors as an apartment building, many of which are rumored to be riddled with bad spirits and stories of betrayal and grief.

Where:  10337 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Well, there you have it, folks. The 14 most haunted places in all of Canada. Now get out there and explore… if you dare. You never know what you’ll see, hear or even feel! 

canadas most haunted house

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10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

10 most haunted places to visit in canada.

Discover the haunted side of Canada, for some spooky scary travel.

Although Canada is a young country, we have a turbulent history and many old buildings that remain haunted by their former inhabitants.

Widows still stare out of windows centuries later. Children scream from deep within haunted tunnels. The victims of the Titanic are restless in their foreign graves in Nova Scotia.

Titanic Cemetery. Place in the city of Halifax in Canada where the victims of the shipwreck were buried

If you’re looking for a spooky adventure, consider visiting one of the 10 most haunted places in Canada.

But be warned: you might encounter the paranormal!

Keep reading to discover the scariest places in Canada, including some haunted hotels that you can still stay in.

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

1. Oak Island, Nova Scotia

2. blue ghost tunnel, ontario, 3. fairmont banff springs hotel, alberta, 4. five fisherman restaurant, nova scotia, 5. hi-ottawa jail hostel, ontario, 6. the empress hotel, british columbia, 7. st. louis ghost train, saskatchewan.

  • 8. Peggy's Cove Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

9. The Delta Bessborough, Saskatchewan

10. the prince george hotel, ontario, 13 other reportedly haunted locations in canada:, why is canada so haunted, visit the scariest haunted places in canada.

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The Oak Island mystery has plagued treasure hunters for decades.

This small island off the coast of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is allegedly the site of Canada’s biggest treasure.

Originally, no one really noticed Oak Island until a teenage boy found a circular depression in the ground in 1795. He and his friends dug until they reached a layer of logs. This area, the”Money Pit”, is where many hunters believe the secret treasure is buried.

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

No one is sure what the treasure is. Some say it belonged to Captain Kidd or Blackbeard. There’s speculation that it’s old manuscripts or Marie Antoinette’s jewels.

Whatever it is, people desperately want to find it. Over the last 200 years, 6 men have died searching for the hidden treasure on Oak Island.

The mystery of Oak Island caught the attention of Franklin D Roosevelt and lead to a documentary show following a treasure hunter searching for the hidden treasure.

Some say the island is haunted by the ghosts of the men who died. Others say it’s haunted by the greed of treasure hunters.

Either way, it’s one of the most haunted places in Canada.

The Blue Ghost Tunnel is an abandoned railway tunnel in Ontario. It’s one of the most popular destinations in Canada for ghost hunters and one of the most haunted places in Ontario.

The tunnel was built over 140 years ago to safely transport cargo from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. Nearly 1000 Irish immigrants dug the tunnel by hand, cut stones, and constructed the tunnel.

During construction, the tunnel claimed the lives of 3 immigrant workers, including a 14-year-old boy.

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

After its completion, the bloodshed continued.

In 1903, two trains collided at full speed in the tunnel, killing the firemen for both trains. One was pinned against the boiler. When rescuers tried to save him, they gruesomely mangled his body. They could never recover his full body. The other fireman was flung into the boiler and suffered deadly burns.

Visitors now say they can hear children crying from within the tunnel, the shouts of angry workers, and distant train whistles.

Would you visit this scary site?

The Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel is known for its spectacular views and its hauntings.

The stunning hotel has been home to celebrities for years, even though guests claim it’s difficult to sleep with the spirits in the hotel.

Spirits throughout the hotel make noise at night. Sam the Bellman, a man who adored his job, continues to assist guests with their luggage in the afterlife.

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

The haunted Canadian hotel’s most famous spectre is their most tragic.

A ghostly bride can be seen walking up and down the stairs where she died. Legend has it that she tripped on the hem of her wedding dress and fell down the stairs, dying before she could wed. Occasionally she drifts into the ballroom, the place where she would have had her first dance.

Book your scary room at the Banff Springs Hotel

The Five Fisherman Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Nova Scotia, and it’s one of the most haunted places in Canada.

What is now a restaurant was originally a morgue. It’s hard to believe with the opulence of the dining establishment, but any waiter is happy to recount exactly where the bodies were interred.

After the deadly disaster of the Titanic, the majority of the victims who have been lain to rest in Nova Scotia were interred at this very site.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mark Goldhar (@markfromhalifax)

Now, glasses routinely fly off shelves, place settings fall at random, taps turn on and off, and some people even hear their names being whispered.

The Five Fisherman Restaurant also has a view of St. Paul’s Church, where you can see the outline of a woman in the window. But there’s no woman there. When the Halifax Explosion hit, she was killed instantly.

Historic St Paul's Anglican Church in Halifax haunted places in Canada. The church is a white clapboard building with a bell tower and georgian style gothic windows it is surrounded by trees and a Large GLass Bank of Montreal building sites behind it

They’ve replaced the window multiple times but the same dark outline always returns.

The ghost stories about at this haunted site!

Looking for a haunted hotel to stay in during your visit to Ontario? Book a night at the HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel.

If you’re not into scary hotels, check out these other amazing places to stay in Ottawa.

Originally, the building houses the Carleton County Jail, a maximum-security prison. The prison was known for its horrible conditions, like tiny cells and no windows. Many inmates died due to these conditions while others were publicly executed on the ground.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Melissa Ann (@troubleinyyc)

These inmates still haunt the very cells you’ll sleep in.

Guests wake up in the night to ghostly spectres of men around their beds.

The most common apparition is a man clutching a bible. He is believed to be Patrick James Whelan, who was jailed for assassinating a politician.

Book your haunted jail cell here.

The Fairmont Empress or the Empress Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Canada. It’s just as famous for its ghosts as its high tea.

It is said that the architect, Francis Rattenbury, haunts the very halls he designed. Although he was brutally murdered by his wife’s lover in England, he returned to his greatest work to seek the recognition he so craved.

Sunset cityscape panoramic view of the Inner Harbour, the Fairmont Empress Hotel and the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia in Victoria, B.C, Canada during Christmas Holidays. Haunted places in Canada

My favourite ghost at the Empress Hotel is the old woman in her PJs. She knocks on guests’ doors and leads them to the elevator, then disappears. This one feels less spooky and more like a paranormal ding-dong ditch, which I definitely aspire to when I become a ghost.

But back to the scary.

In 1909, a chambermaid named Lizzie McGrath perished when she stepped onto a fire escape, only to find it had been removed for construction. The young woman plummeted to her death and now remains in the hotel as a ghastly ghost.

Book your high tea and haunted room at the Empress here.

In St. Louis, Saskatchewan, an abandoned railroad track is the source of paranormal stories.

The railroad track has long been abandoned, but people still report seeing a single light travelling the tracks late at night. It changes colour and intensity as it travels closer and closer.

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

Ghost hunters aren’t sure if it’s the light of the ghost train still following the abandoned tracks or if it’s the lantern of the beheaded engineer looking for his head.

Don’t miss one of the most haunted places in Canada if you’re visiting Saskatchewan!

8. Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse is one of the most photographed lighthouses in Canada. Perched on the shore of Nova Scotia , the attraction draws tourists from around the world.

But most don’t know its darker story.

In the 1800s, a woman named Peggy was shipwrecked on the shore. Her children died in the wreck, leaving her to pace the shore grieving their loss.

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

Her husband tried to cheer her by dancing on the rocks, but he slipped and fatally crushed his skull.

All alone, Peggy leaped into the sea and took her own life.

Visitors have seen her ghost standing on the rocks getting ready to jump.

The Delta Bessborough is a famously haunted hotel in Saskatchewan.

When you visit the hotel you may notice a large crack in the marble floor of the ballroom. At this spot, guests have seen a friendly man in a suit and a fedora late at night.

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

All seems normal, until you learn that he was an employee who was pushed from the balcony by rowdy guests and fell 7 stories to his death. His impact on the marble cracked it. Now, he can never leave it.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by saskatop (@saska.top)

The Bess is home to a less polite ghost. A small woman with messy hair and torn clothes is said to appear on the third floor. If you ignore her, she leaves you alone. But if you try to speak to her or are too loud, she runs up and screams at you before vanishing.

If you take the stairs, you may hear the laughter of a group of children. But no matter how far you climb, you won’t find them. They died playing in the stairwell. Their laughter still haunts the hotel.

Check out the marble floor cracks and here the children laughing when you stay here.

Originally, this former hotel was home to the Herchmer family in the 1800s.

The daughter, Lily, was allegedly having an affair with a rum smuggler. They had a secret code where she would light a lantern in the window to call for him.

One night the lantern caused a fire that burnt the building to the ground. Lily died in the fire.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by 𝘿𝙖𝙣 𝙁𝙡𝙚𝙪𝙧𝙮 𝙋𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙤𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙥𝙝𝙮 (@dan_fleury_photos)

You can still see her staring out the third-floor window, waiting for her lover to come to her.

Before the building was converted into a bar, hotel employees reported radios turning on, whispers, and other haunting encounters.

Stop in for a pint at one of the most haunted places in Canada.

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

  • Keg Mansion in Toronto, Ontario
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver, BC
  • Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Ontario
  • Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC
  • Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, Quebec
  • Maritime Museum in Victoria, BC
  • West Point Lighthouse in O’Leary, PEI
  • Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC
  • St. Ann’s Academy in Victoria, BC
  • Hatley Castle in Victoria, BC
  • St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia 
  • Bytown Museum in Ottawa, Ontario
  • McGill University in Montreal, Quebec

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

Canada is a land of mystery and intrigue, with a long history full of strange stories and unexplained phenomena. 

From ghostly apparitions in abandoned buildings to mysterious lights in the night sky, Canadians have reported many supernatural experiences over the years. 

But why is Canada so haunted? 

Perhaps it’s because this vast country has seen more than its fair share of tragedy throughout history – from wars and plagues to devastating natural disasters. As home to the majority of the graves of Titanic victims, Canada is also very full of cemeteries. 

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

Or maybe it’s simply that Canadians are open-minded people who are willing to consider every possibility, no matter how far-fetched or unlikely. 

Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: Canada has plenty of tales about ghosts and hauntings that will keep you up at night!

Add a Halloween theme to your travels and plan to visit one of the most haunted places in Canada.

Road trip to your nearest paranormal hotspot to see if you are visited by the ghostly bride or if a Titanic victim whispers your name.

Turn up the creep factor by staying in an actual haunted jail during your travels. Prepare for some tight quarters and a potential guest in the middle of the night.

10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

Or if you’re like me, maybe the stories alone are enough to have the hair on the back of your neck standing up and you chanting to your dog “I don’t believe in ghosts.” If so, there are still so many bucket list places you can visit in Canada.

With the world being so scary, you might not need any more fear in your life.

Do you think you’re brave enough to visit one of the most haunted places in Canada?

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10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

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belairdirect blog   >   Leisure   >   Canada’s most haunted places

Canada’s most haunted places

From haunted houses and terrifying tombs to phantom ships and sinister streets, every province has its spooky spots. And while we don’t offer ghost insurance, we  can  tell you where to go to get goosebumps this Halloween. Read on, if you dare, and discover some of the most haunted places in Canada.

Haunted Tomb

1. Simon McTavish’s Tomb   | Montreal, Quebec

Ruthless 19 th- century businessman Simon McTavish is rumoured to haunt his tomb atop Mount Royal Cemetery . The mogul’s resting place was buried years ago using rubble from his demolished house. Even so, mean old McTavish has been spotted dancing by his grave and even tobogganing down the hill in his coffin. No word on whether or not he wore a tuque.

2. Fulford Place | Brockville, Ontario

This allegedly haunted mansion belonged to wealthy politician George Taylor Fulford, who made his millions on “Pink Pills for Pale People.” After George’s death, his wife Mary began holding regular seances. Fun fact: Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King was a regular attendee! Mary is said to haunt  the manor , glaring down from portraits on the walls.

Haunted House

3. Firkins House | Fort Edmonton Park, Alberta

It’s said the  Firkins House  is haunted by not one, but three ghosts. The first is a floating woman in a white dress. The second is a sickly little boy. The third, and possibly most terrifying, is a ventriloquist’s dummy that can mysteriously materialize inside cupboards and even move around on its own.

Haunted station

4. Waterfront Station | Vancouver, British Columbia

Of the thousands that pass through this  historic train station  each year, a few may be ghosts. Among them, a Jazz Age flapper that dances down hallways and harasses security guards, a headless brakeman who continues to make repairs and the spirits of three little old ladies who sit waiting for a train that never arrives.

Haunted ship

5. Baie Chaleurs Fireship | Bathurst, New Brunswick

This  eerie ghost ship  is said to appear as a glowing arc of light in the bay. Legend says it’s the spectre of a burning pirate ship. In some versions, the fire was punishment for abducting a lady. In others, it was the revenge of a murdered sailor. Though some speculate the apparition is really just natural gas.

haunted playhouse

6. King’s Playhouse | Georgetown, Prince Edward Island

The old theatre is believed to be haunted by Captain George, a (mostly) friendly ghost. The spirit is so well liked that the theatre reserves a front row seat for him at every performance. But sometimes George oversteps his welcome. He’s been known to grab people’s hands at shows and even crashed a wedding a few years ago.

7. Victoria Street | St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

This  historic street  may look quaint, but some accounts say it’s riddled with ghosts. People have seen ghostly cigarette smokers and spectral orbs and heard haunted knocking and blood-curdling screams. You name it. This colourful row of houses has more paranormal reports per block than anywhere else in the city.

canadas most haunted house

8. Five Fishermen Restaurant | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Get your fish ’n chips with a side order of frights at this popular family eatery. Before it was a restaurant, the building was a funeral home for victims of the 1912  Titanic  sinking and 1917 Halifax explosion. Now, diners and staff say the restaurant is home to pesky poltergeists who show up without reservations.

With so many options to choose from, scares are all but guaranteed!

After reading this, if you feel the need be extra vigilant with the right coverage to protect your home and belongings, contact us . We’re always there when you need us, ghosts or no ghosts.

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  3. How to Find Out About the History of Your Home

    Your home holds many memories, and not all of them may be yours. Or you may question whether your house could be haunted or contain hidden treasure. If you’re wondering about checking the history of your house, get ready to learn how to unc...

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    Do you dare enter Canada's scariest haunted houses? · The Keg Mansion — Toronto, Ont. · The Marr Residence — Saskatoon, Sask. · Craigdarroch Castle

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    15 Haunted Places In Canada · 1. Keg Mansion · 2. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel · 3. Fairmont Chateau Laurier · 4. The Old Spaghetti Factory · 5.

  6. The Most Haunted Places in Canada

    Craigdarroch Castle. Craigdarroch Castle was built between 1887 and 1890. · St. Francis Xavier University · Fairmont Banff Springs. ©

  7. 5 of Canada's most haunted places

    5 of Canada's most haunted places · Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel — Alberta · Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Ontario · Craigdarroch Castle, British

  8. List of reportedly haunted locations in Canada

    The now-decommissioned Charles Camsell Hospital is regarded as one of Alberta's most haunted buildings. A former Jesuit College turned tuberculosis sanatorium

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    These Are The Most Haunted Places In Canada · Fort Garry Hotel, Manitoba · Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Ontario · Plains of Abraham, Quebec.

  10. 14 of the most haunted destinations in Canada


  11. 13 of the most spooky and haunted places across Canada

    Room 202 at Fort Garry Hotel ... It's unique to have a haunting as specific as room 202 at Fort Garry Hotel. Like something out of The Shining

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    10 Most Haunted Places in Canada · 1. Oak Island, Nova Scotia · 2. Blue Ghost Tunnel, Ontario · 3. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta · 4. Five Fisherman

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    Canada's most haunted places · 1. Simon McTavish's Tomb | Montreal, Quebec · 2. Fulford Place | Brockville, Ontario · 3. Firkins House | Fort Edmonton Park

  14. The 10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

    Keg Mansion, Toronto. Today, it's one of many locations of the Keg steakhouse franchise, but the legendary Keg Mansion on Jarvis Street in Toronto was once the