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When can we get a Cayde-6 Ghost Shell?

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Cayde-6 is an Exo who served as Hunter Vanguard . Cayde was also the owner of the Ace of Spades . In Destiny , Cayde-6 sold a variety of Hunter armor (including Vanguard armor ) and emblems . All Guardians could purchase and own these items regardless of their class.

  • 1.1 Death and Legacy
  • 1.2 Rebirth(?)
  • 2 Personality

Biography [ ]

Through the lore book, The Man They Called Cayde from Forsaken , many truths and insights into Cayde's character are revealed. Before Forsaken , there were many comments and several lore entries where Cayde detailed the personality of his wife and son from before he was a Guardian ; however, in the final lore book he admitted those were lies. He said that he remembered nothing about them, save that he loves or loved them, ultimately chalking it all up to the fact that it was their memory. As false as it was that kept him going, building him into the beloved hero, ultimately advising the Guardian that it may be wise to do the same if it helps them hold true to their path.

During the initial attempt by Guardians to retake the Moon from the Hive , Cayde-6 ended up in a most peculiar situation. Falling back from overwhelming Hive forces, he took cover behind a crashed jumpship , only to discover that a Fallen Baroness was there as well. As they both had a common enemy, the two opted not to kill each other and continued to fight the Hive. After most of the Hive were killed, Cayde returned to the crashed ship, only to find the Baroness mortally wounded. In the end, he was forced to kill her. [1]

After the death of his friend, Andal Brask , at the hands of Taniks, the Scarred , Cayde took on the Vanguard Dare . To his regret, he lost the bet and was forced to accept the challenge of becoming the new Hunter Vanguard.

At some point in the past, Cayde became acquainted with and was owed a large amount of Glimmer by Tevis , one of the few remaining Nightstalkers , before Oryx 's arrival in the Solar System.

During some of Cayde's travels, he hid away stashes of information, clues to the past, and leads on rare and exotic weapons. One of the items he had hidden away was a preserved 1883 copy of Treasure Island. The book was hidden in the Speaker 's personal library and contains drawings and notes from Cayde within the book.

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Death and Legacy [ ]

At the beginning of Forsaken , Cayde, Petra Venj , and the Guardian attempted to stop a riot at the Prison of Elders . Cayde was separated from the others and found himself facing off against a horde of Scorn . Although he was injured in the fight, Cayde managed to beat the horde that was attacking him. Cayde's ghost, Sundance , was then suddenly shot and destroyed by Pirrha, the Rifleman , right as she had begun healing him. Cayde, now vulnerable, faced down the Scorn Barons and was smashed through a wall by Reksis Vahn, the Hangman . He eventually regained consciousness and was greeted by Uldren Sov . Still weak and powerless, and after a short conversation, Uldren dealt the final blow by shooting Cayde with his own weapon, the Ace of Spades .

Cayde-6 has five memorials dedicated to him in the Tower :

  • A framed picture of him smiling and giving a double thumbs up in the spicy ramen shop.
  • An engraving of the Ace of Spades that can be found right behind Zavala .
  • His own cloak located behind Amanda Holliday .
  • His pet chicken, the Colonel , standing where Cayde stood as a vendor in the Tower.
  • A new Cayde 6 memorial at the Tower near Zavala .

In Forsaken , it is revealed that Cayde hid 10 caches all throughout the moon Titan with pre-recorded messages addressed to the individuals whom he believed might have been the one who killed him, or that Cayde otherwise knew on a personal level (many of the recipients falling into both categories). These people included Eris Morn , Taniks the Scarred , The Drifter , Petra Venj , the creators of the Deep Stone Crypt , Suraya Hawthorne , any Hunter who killed him, Zavala , Ikora Rey , and the playable Guardian.

Rebirth(?) [ ]

The teaser for The Final Shape reveals Cayde on a mysterious planet with Ikora, sitting in front of a campfire, where it seems like Ikora is telling him about everything he missed after his death during the events of Forsaken . It is left unclear if Cayde is actually present and alive once more or simply a figment of Ikora's imagination as she prepares to head off on a mission.

Personality [ ]

Despite his diligence to his work, Cayde longed for the opportunity to get back into combat (The cause of how he died, as he was murdered during a mission at the Prison of Elders , the event which started Destiny 2: Forsaken) . After speaking with Cayde-6 in Destiny , he would sometimes say things like “I need to get back in the field.” or even whisper “Hey, take me with you.” which further reinforced this idea. He was also a gambler, placing bets on the outcome of several events. Despite being a skilled Hunter , Cayde is often facetious and makes flippant remarks, even in the face of his own demise. However, when aggravated, he abandons his carefree demeanor and becomes more thoughtful and even vengeful. He remembers that when he was resurrected as a Guardian, he awoke to nothing but sadness, loneliness, and pain; the destroyed journal he kept of his life before becoming a Guardian is the only hint as to who he was.

Cayde's personality before he was turned into an Exo is unknown, as he was transformed right around The Collapse , supposedly being part of a deal to get him out of debt. He does not remember the facility where he was transformed well, other than that it was a cold and dark place with pain.

  • “Need destruction at a distance? Nightstalkers are gonna need support against heavy armor, while Bladedancers want it up close and personal. Find a Gunslinger. They'll know what to do.” [2]
  • “A Hunter back from a quest? Now that's the best storyteller in the galaxy.” [3]
  • “Sure, it was cold. But I'm an Exo. We keep going.” [4]
  • “Every story has an end. This is mine.”
  • “Am I right? Am I right or am I right?”
  • “Hey! Take me with you, I hate this job.”
  • “Nice poncho.”
  • “This is great. Anyone want a hug? Hugs? No? No hugs.”
  • “Eris… Get your rock, off my map.” [5]
  • “No golden age ray guns?”
  • “Never felt better.”
  • “And cue the ominous music.”
  • “Okay, everybody. Back in your cages.”
  • “That's it! Now I'm pissed!”
  • “I'm comin' home, Ace…”
  • “All right, partner, this is a Cayde riff in 6, watch me for the changes, and uh…try to keep up.”
  • “Now let's go to prison!”
  • “Any second now, my partner is going to roll in here and kill every… last… one of you!” [6]
  • “How's your sister?” [6]
  • “The Vanguard… was the best bet… I ever… lost.”
  • “Easy, easy, you're gonna blow a bulb.”
  • “I don't have time to explain what I don't have time to understand!”
  • “Uh Guardian? You might wanna hurry up because I think I just heard them say something about ripping my beautiful horn off my face, my beautiful, beautiful horn?”
  • “I can either work on this, or shoot, but not both because THEY JUST SHOT OFF MY ARM!” (End of the Red War campaign while working on the Vex teleporter)
  • Cayde-6 was voiced by Canadian actor Nathan Fillion, who had previously lent his voice to other Bungie games, Halo 3 , Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach .

Template:Closed document

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  • ↑ Novgorod Cloak
  • ↑ Snow Angel Boots
  • ↑ Destiny : story mission The Coming War
  • ↑ 6.0 6.1 Destiny 2 : story mission Last Call
  • 1 Destiny 2

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7 Tower Thoughts: Cayde-6

Let's dig into a 7 Tower Thoughts focusing entirely on the news that Cayde-6 is coming back to Destiny 2.

Bill Lavoy

Guardians, Cayde-6 is coming back to Destiny 2 with original actor Nathan Fillion voicing the character. Perhaps the most beloved Guardian in franchise history, Cayde’s imminent return is good news for everyone. There are a lot of questions to dig through about this news, though, so let’s dive in and start theorizing.

Cayde is still dead

An image showing Cayde-6 from a teaser Trailer for Destiny 2: The Final Shape

This seems like a no-brainer, but the Final Shape teaser showed Cayde sitting near a fire without a Ghost. Ikora, who was also at the fire, had a Ghost. This would suggest that Ikora is alive, and that Cayde is dead. There’s also what appears to be Light spilling out of Cayde’s eyes, giving him an almost ghostly appearance.

Cayde is inside the Traveler

This is another easy one given that we can see the same portal visible from outside the Traveler in the teaser for the Final Shape. It’s clear that Ikora and Cayde are inside the Traveler, which brings up more questions than answers. If Cayde is indeed still dead, is this Heaven, Hell, or even Guardian Valhalla? If Cayde died and went to an afterlife inside the Traveler, is this where all the dead Guardians go? If so, there are both friends and foes here. If this is where Light-wielders go when they die, we’re about to meet some characters that have only ever appeared in lore, and they aren’t all going to be friendly.

Cayde likely isn’t back permanently

An image showing an in-game Destiny 2 location thought to be inside the Traveler

I just don’t see Cayde coming back to the Destiny universe on a full-time basis. What I suspect, and it’s pure speculation, is that Cayde will be back for The Final Shape, helping us in our battle against The Witness. I think once that’s wrapped up, Cayde will be gone again. I just don’t see the character walking back into the Tower and taking up his old role as Hunter Vanguard. Maybe I’m wrong, and part of me hopes I am, but it seems too good to be true.

The return of Savathûn?

An image from the teaser trailer for Destiny 2: The Final Shape that shows Savathun

This calls back to a thought I had earlier about meeting friends and foes who have died wielding the Light, but if that prediction is true, Savathûn and the Lucent Hive will be present inside the Traveler. Maybe Bungie will get crazy and have Savathûn join us in a similar way to Empress Caiatl and Mithrax? I don’t know. Savathûn's Ghost isn't dead so she can technically be revived, so I’m just throwing things at the wall here, but it’s fun to consider.

Will Osiris get Sagira back?

An image showing Osiris, without his Ghost Sagira.

If Guardians go to this place when they die, what about Ghosts? Maybe this is where Osiris gets Sagira back, which I think would be a very cool thing. Even cooler if Cayde has been taking care of her all this time. Another longshot, but nothing breaks my heart more than when Osiris calls for Sagira, momentarily forgetting she’s gone.

I’m glad we didn’t kill Crow

An image showing the character Crow, who was Uldren Sov before he became a Guardian

We killed Uldren Sov, but when a Ghost resurrected that body, it became Crow. Now, I’ve long wanted to shoot Crow again. I get that he doesn’t remember what he did, and that we also could have a very troubled past, but that dude killed Cayde. I can’t let that go. At least now I’m glad we didn’t kill him (again) because I’m looking forward to that face-to-face meeting.

We’ll be joining Cayde

An image showing Saint-14 in Destiny 2

We’ve already visited our own grave and heard the kind words of Saint-14 as he memorialized us. We know that in some timeline we die. The Final Shape would make a lot of sense, as that will be Year 8 of Destiny 2, and Year 11 of the franchise. I’m speculating here with no inside knowledge or solid points to back up my thought, but I think we’re getting Destiny 3 in 2025, and what better way to transition to a new Destiny story than to kill our Guardians off in Year 8? Maybe not the start of The Final Shape, but the end perhaps?

Let me know what you think, Guardians. What theories or questions do you have about Cayde coming back to Destiny 2?

Managing Editor

Bill, who is also known as Rumpo, is a lifelong gamer and Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He made his mark early in his career through guide writing and a deep understanding of editorial SEO. He enjoys putting in the work to create a great content, be it a wild feature or grinding out an in-depth collectible guide. Tweet him @RumpoPlays if you have a question or comment about one of his articles.

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Under Your Skin god roll - Destiny 2

Bill Lavoy posted a new article, 7 Tower Thoughts: Cayde-6

Hello, Meet Lola

The Ishtar Collective

cayde 6 ghost shell

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Ghost Fragment: Cayde-6

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List of Destiny 2 emblems

From Destinypedia, the Destiny wiki

The following is a comprehensive list of emblems in Destiny 2 .

  • 1 Class emblems
  • 2 Seasonal emblems
  • 3 Gameplay emblems
  • 4 Nightfall emblems
  • 5 Raid emblems
  • 6 Exclusive emblems
  • 7 Unknown emblems (not released yet)
  • 8 Modified emblems

Class emblems [ edit ]

Upon starting the game, each Guardian class begins with one Common emblem in their inventory. Subclass specific emblems are earned as they are unlocked.

Seasonal emblems [ edit ]

These emblems can be acquired by participating in limited-time seasonal events, by completing certain challenges and quests during a season, or by ranking up Season Passes.

Gameplay emblems [ edit ]

These emblems can be acquired by players through normal gameplay.

Nightfall emblems [ edit ]

These emblems are obtainable from reaching certain scores in the Nightfall.

Raid emblems [ edit ]

These emblems are earned from completing Raids and Raid Lairs.

Exclusive emblems [ edit ]

These emblems are available only to players who meet certain requirements or complete limited-availability quests and events.

Unknown emblems (not released yet) [ edit ]

These emblems have either not had their unlock conditions discovered or they have not been released yet.

Modified emblems [ edit ]

The following emblems have been modified in the game.

Trivia [ edit ]

  • Originally, the emblem designs for Master Cartographer and Master Gardener were mixed up.

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Cayde-6 In Destiny 2

Cayde-6 is one of the most popular characters in the Destiny franchise. Here are things most players didn't know.

Cayde-6 is one of the most popular characters in the Destiny   franchise. This Exo voiced by Nathan Fillion has been a constant source of amusement for the fan base and an integral part of the Guardians efforts. Even after his unfortunate demise he continues to be an important part of the game for many players.

In spite of his immense popularity there’s a lot about this character that the average fan is probably unaware of. Details about his past life, important events he was a part of, and why he was so violently ushered out of the game.

10 Human Soldier

Cayde was a soldier prior to the collapse, though it’s unknown what branch of the military or even what nation he was fighting for. His Ghost makes a comment that Cayde is more suited to hunting than he is to life as a grunt. Whether this means he was a guerilla fighter or he just didn’t do well with the strict discipline of the military is unknown.

Regardless he has proven himself to be a capable fighter and has been able to survive many hostile situations using his wit and sheer determination. Whatever his background it has given him skills that have proven useful as a Guardian.

9 Wife and Son

In addition to being a soldier Cayde also had a family, a wife and a son he nicknamed Ace. Not a lot is known about them other than Cayde often wrote to Ace in a journal. This was likely to help him retain his memories of his son and perhaps in the hopes that Ace would one day read it.

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There are not a lot of details about his wife, though given  the problems Cayde was facing financially it was likely they were not on good terms and there is no mention of her anywhere in his journals.

8 Massive Gambling Debt

Cayde had a severe gambling problem that led to the accumulation of a significant amount of debt. He was perpetually working odd jobs and occasionally turning to smuggling in order to try and pay it off with little success.

Even after wiping his debts clean and starting over he’s managed to rack up a mountain of debt so large that the file keeping a tally of it all was too large to download. Cayde admits the gambling is in a problem, but isn’t something he seems capable or willing to fully shake.

7 Sold Himself To Clovis Bray

He was able to finally wipe his debts clean, at least in his former life, by selling himself to Clovis Bray. After a mission gone sour lead to even more debt added to his total Bray offered to eradicate the outstanding balance and provide him a lucrative job in exchange for his participation in the Exo program.

Cayde quickly agreed not wanting to saddle his family with his debt and knowing it would one day get him killed. As a result Cayde was turned into an Exo as part of Bray’s research.

6 Security For Dr. Maya Sundaresh

At some point after becoming an Exo Cayde went to work as a security officer for the Ishatar Collective. It’s unlikely this was the job Bray was referring to as his corporation was in competition with the Collective.

Specifically he was tasked with the security of Dr. Maya Sundaresh while she conducted research into the Vex on Venus. He enjoyed the work and even began to develop feelings for the doctor, but his advances were rejected by her obsession with her work.

5 Confronted The Darkness

One of Cayde’s strangest memories is being held by a shadowy creature on a ruined planet. Not a lot of detail is given about the moment but was is revealed is terrifying. Cayde tells he was held immobile as the shadow crawled over his body causing pain wherever it touched.

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More interesting is that all of his complicated systems were shut down except for the sensors which allowed him to witness the whole thing. Cayde is firmly convinced the shadowy assailant wanted him to experience and see the whole thing before he was ultimately free of its grasp, though to what end no one is sure.

4 Master Hunter

What Hunter subclass Cayde fits into has been a long standing debate among the fan base. Given he wields a hand cannon many have thought him to be a gunslinger. Yet other insist he’s a bladedancer because of his tendency to use Flux Grenades.

It turns out Cayde-6 is all of them and none of them. He represents a mastery over the Hunter class which allows him to utilize skills from all the different subclasses. As such that makes him a Master Hunter capable of teaching new Guardians the ropes regardless of which subclass they are.

3 Lost A Bet To Become Hunter Vanguard

His Hunter Vanguard status wasn’t a result of any decision or need to serve that he made, but the result of losing the Vanguard Dare. The Vanguard Dare was a bet between Cayde-6 and Andal Brask that whoever couldn’t kill Taniks, The Scarred, a mercenary for the House Of Wolves, would become the Hunter Vanguard.

RELATED:  Destiny 2: Who Will Replace Cayde-6 As Hunter Vanguard?

Unfortunately for Cayde not only was he unable to kill the infamous mercenary, but Andal died in his attempt leaving the seat vacant and forcing Cayde to take the role of Hunter Vanguard.

2 Why He Was Killed Off

Cyade-6’s death in the Forsaken expansion came as a shock to the fan base. It was inconceivable for many that the most popular character in the entire franchise would be killed in such a cold manner.

A major part of the reason Bungie offed the character was a result of Nathan Fillion deciding he would no longer provide the iconic voice . After Fillion left Bungie felt it best to end the character rather than continue on with another actor’s voice.

1 Rebooted Six Times

The reasoning behind Cayde-6’s name is that he has been rebooted six times. Each time an Exo is rebooted they lose a little more of their memories and have the numeric of their name go up one. According to the Exo creator Bray an Exo can only go through 20 reboots before they will no longer retain memories or operate properly.

This little bit of lore has given fans hope that Cayde-6 isn’t truly gone, that perhaps a part of his memories are still housed somewhere and the character will return as Cayde-7 having gone through another reboot. Though this is entirely speculation and perhaps wishful thinking by the fan base.

NEXT: 10 Facts About The Guardians In Destiny 2 Fans Didn’t Know

cayde 6 ghost shell

Image Unavailable

Destiny Ghost Vinyl - Generalist Shell

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Destiny Ghost Vinyl - Generalist Shell

Kill Tracker

Moon of Saturn

About this item

  • Officially Licensed Destiny merchandise
  • Includes One Ghost vinyl Figure
  • Includes download code for exclusive Destiny 2 "Carrhae" in-game emblem
  • Figure Dimensions including post and base: 7.25" H x 5" w x 4" L
  • Ages 14+ not a Toy

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Numskull Official Destiny 2 Hive Worm Plush - Soft Replica Plushie - Official Destiny 2 Merchandise

Product information

Product description.

INCLUDES: exclusive Destiny 2 "Carrhae" in-game emblem Created by The Traveler to revive the ancient Guardians, the Ghosts are invaluable companions, providing insight and utilities to players during missions. This vinyl figure includes one Ghost on a clear post and round base, and a download code for an exclusive in-game emblem!

From the manufacturer

ghost, generalist, 3/4

Eyes up, Guardian.

The first ghost available to every player of Destiny. Built of machinery and Light, this Ghost is your companion and faithful guide.

“I tried standing under a falling Warsat once. Good thing I have a Ghost.” —Cayde-6

Destiny ghost vinyl - generalist.

Created by The Traveler to revive the ancient Guardians, the Ghosts are invaluable companions, providing insight and utilities to players during missions. This vinyl figure includes one Ghost on a clear post and round base, and a download code for an exclusive in-game emblem.

  • Officially Licensed
  • Includes Carrhae Emblem DLC code inside each box
  • Includes base and clear post to simulate levitation while on display
  • Dimensions including post and base: 7.25" high, 5" wide, 4" long
  • Ages 14+ not a toy

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cayde 6 ghost shell

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cayde 6 ghost shell


  1. Full scaled LED Ghost Cayde-6 shell

    cayde 6 ghost shell

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  1. When can we get a Cayde-6 Ghost Shell?

    1. Forge. He died and his ghost was transferred to a shell which is what happens with all Exo saviors (prove me wrong). I have never read or heard anything in lore or game to suggest this was a thing. Exos can be revived by their ghost, like other Guardians, or they can be rebuilt and rebooted like other Exos, but with a new personality.

  2. Sundance

    Sundance was the Ghost of Cayde-6. She was killed by Pirrha, the Rifleman during the Scorn's breakout from the Prison of Elders using a Devourer Bullet like those of a Weapon of Sorrow. Sundance was described as being showy, exuberant, somewhat mischievous, and carefree, yet was still serious about her...

  3. Destiny 2 -"BEST EXOTIC GHOST EVER?!?"

    In today's video we have Cayde-6's treasure maps, loot drops & locations!..ALSO, I got an EPIC ghost shell!..ENJOY! :D SUBSCRIBE HERE -

  4. Exotic Sundance shell for those who were there when Cayde-6 fell

    Exotic Sundance shell for those who were there when Cayde-6 fell. It's a shame Ghost shells are not going the way of ornaments, pick the perks you like and have any shell on would be a good idea. I mean they kind of are getting a rework in shadowkeep, you can pull them from your collections for just legendary shards and glimmer, bright dust ...

  5. How has Cayde 6 returned in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

    Cayde-6's return in Destiny 2 The Final Shape is expected to be as a spirit-like form, with the realm inside the Traveler behaving like a paradise for deceased Guardians and those chosen by the Traveler based on his new design. So, rather than Cayde-6 coming back to life, he will return as a spirit inside the Traveler.

  6. Cayde's ghost shell "Sundance" (closest i could get).

    Shell seems to be from the New Light quest when you first make a character, the shader is from the Halloween Festival of the Lost event _^. 2. AutoModerator • 3 yr. ago. Welcome to r/DestinyFashion. Please remember to list your gear and shaders used. This is not necessary, but is extremely appreciated by the users and moderators.

  7. Destiny 2 Cayde's Exotic Stash Location and Forsaken Deluxe Edition Items

    Destiny 2 Cayde's Exotic Stash consists of the Last Hand ornament for Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts exotic ship, Standoff emote, and Shades of Cayde-6 shaders. To unlock all of these goodies ...

  8. Sundance

    Sundance was the Ghost of Cayde-6. She was killed by the Scorn, Pirrha, the Rifleman, at the start of Forsaken. ... Ghost. Gender. Female (AI) Status. Deceased. Appearance(s) Destiny 2 Forsaken. Template: [Talk] Sundance was the Ghost of Cayde-6. ... A toy version of Sundance's Shell.

  9. Cayde-6

    Cayde-6 was an Exo Guardian and the Vanguard for the Hunter class who was partnered with the Ghost Sundance. A famous explorer and adventurer in his younger days, Cayde ran with a pack of Hunters that included Shiro-4 and Andal Brask, his predecessor as Hunter Vanguard. After Andal was murdered by Taniks...

  10. ArtStation

    Decided to 3D model Cayde's Ghost (Sundance) in honor of his and her passing in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

  11. Destiny Ghost Vinyl

    4.6 out of 5 stars. 678. 400+ viewed in past month. 10 offers from $45.99. TUBBZ Destiny 2 Gunslinger Cayde-6 Collectible Duck Figurine - Official Destiny 2 Merchandise - PC & Video Games. 4.9 out of 5 stars. 1,296. 1 offer from $29.99. McFarlane Toys 13043-0 Destiny 2 Zavala Collectible Action Figure.

  12. Destiny 2 Ghost Cayde-6 Shell Vinyl Figure

    Destiny 2 Ghost Cayde-6 Shell Vinyl Figure. BY THE COOP - BRAND DESTINY. This is an image gallery made up of a main image and a thumbnail carousel that updates the main image to match the focused thumbnail. The carousel does not auto-rotate. Use the full screen button or click the main image to show only a single image with left and right ...

  13. Cayde-6

    Cayde-6 is an Exo who served as Hunter Vanguard. Cayde was also the owner of the Ace of Spades. In Destiny, Cayde-6 sold a variety of Hunter armor (including Vanguard armor) and emblems. All Guardians could purchase and own these items regardless of their class. Through the lore book, The Man They Called Cayde from Forsaken, many truths and insights into Cayde's character are revealed. Before ...

  14. 7 Tower Thoughts: Cayde-6

    Let's dig into a 7 Tower Thoughts focusing entirely on the news that Cayde-6 is coming back to Destiny 2. ... Savathûn's Ghost isn't dead so she can technically be revived, so I'm just throwing ...

  15. Cayde-6

    Cayde-6 is a character from Bungie's Destiny video game series.He first appears in the 2014 video game Destiny as a supporting non-player character with a leadership role within the player-aligned Guardians, protectors of Earth's last safe city against various alien threats. Cayde-6 is an Exo, a highly advanced robot made by the fictional company 'Braytech', with the mind of a living human ...

  16. Ghost Fragment: Cayde-6

    SOME EARLY SIGHTINGS OF FALLEN RAIDING PARTIES MISTAKENLY IDENTIFIED THEIR METHODS OF RAPID LOCOMOTION AS EQUINE. ?> did fallen ever ride horses. > NO. ?> what were we talking about. > LAST 50 SEARCHES ACROSS ALL DEVICES, CHRONOLOGICAL: > "banshie real name" "banshie-44 real name" "scout rifle locker default password" "traveler giant eyeball ...

  17. Destiny Ghost Shell (Unofficial)

    Sundance Shell | Cayde-6. Two of Diamonds Shell. Vanguard Shell. Handmade display prop for the Ghost Shell from Destiny. This item is 3D printed at 20% infill. Printed in color PLA plastic. The two body halves are held together with magnets. There is a dial at the back of the Ghost to turn the LED ON or OFF. It will be shipped partly assembled.

  18. Ghost shell

    Ghost shell lists []. List of Destiny Ghost shells; List of Destiny 2 Ghost shells; Possible perks [] Destiny []. Perks are randomized and can vary in number, depending on the rarity of a Ghost shell. Detect and mark nearby Spinmetal, Helium Filaments, Spirit Bloom, Relic Iron, and Wormspore; Draw additional Glimmer out of defeated Guardians in the Crucible or enemy races in PvE activities

  19. List of Destiny 2 emblems

    Bundled with Sundance Shell vinyl figure aka Cayde-6's ghost. Lore Scholar: Veteran Reward: Achieved a Grimoire score of approximately 4,500 or more in Destiny before August 1, 2017. Bungie officially stated the emblem's requirement to be a Grimoire score of 5,000, but the emblem has unlocked for players with lower scores. Meridian of Destiny

  20. "destiny cayde 6 ghost" 3D Models to Print

    1919 "destiny cayde 6 ghost" 3D Models. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Click to find the best Results for destiny cayde 6 ghost Models for your 3D Printer. ... Tags DESTINY 2 Predator Sun Shell GHOST EXOTIC SHELL・3... , , , , , , , Download: for sale Website: Cults. add to list Tags DESTINY 2 Starlight SHELL GHOST EXOTIC ...

  21. 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Cayde-6 In Destiny 2

    5 Confronted The Darkness. One of Cayde's strangest memories is being held by a shadowy creature on a ruined planet. Not a lot of detail is given about the moment but was is revealed is ...

  22. Cayde 6 Ghost

    MULTIPLE Destiny Inspired sketch Prints // Rhulk , The Witness, Cayde 6, Oryx, Ghost (387) $ 32.79. Add to Favorites Ghost Replica Cosplay Gaming Prop Destiny 3D printed (60) $ 45.89. Add to Favorites Destiny 2 Physical Model (FIgure) Of Cayde and his ghost Pre Order LIMITED ...

  23. Destiny Ghost Vinyl

    Good thing I have a Ghost." —Cayde-6 Destiny Ghost Vinyl - Generalist . Created by The Traveler to revive the ancient Guardians, the Ghosts are invaluable companions, providing insight and utilities to players during missions. This vinyl figure includes one Ghost on a clear post and round base, and a download code for an exclusive in-game ...