Whatever Happened to "Danny Phantom?"

The "goin' ghost" show was going, going - and then, gone.

A credit due Nickelodeon’s animation lineup back in the 2000s was variety. SpongeBob SquarePants achieved its superstar status in those days, but airing alongside it were the various Klasky-Csupo series of a completely different design sensibility, and with content ranging from silly baby antics ( Rugrats ) to teenaged dramedy ( As Told By Ginger ). Also in the lineup was Hey Arnold! , from yet another school of design and storytelling. ChalkZone looked like nothing else on the network, CatDog was just bizarre, and the 2000s was when Avatar: The Last Airbender – a world apart from the rest of the Nicktoons – first premiered.

Among the rest in that mix were the shows of Butch Hartman . The Fairly Oddparents , with its jazzy score and classically cartoony sense of humor, hit its stride in the early part of the 2000s. A spin-off, Crash Nebula , got as far as a pilot that was later folded into a Season 4 episode of the parent show. But Hartman did land a second series at Nick with Danny Phantom . Conceived in 2001, premiering in 2004, Danny Phantom didn’t stand out because of any radical new direction in design; the color palette was less cartoony than The Fairly Oddparents , and the characters were interpreted by artist Stephen Silver (and given a full five fingers compared to standard cartoon practice), but the show fit comfortably in the same aesthetic Hartman established with his first series. But Danny Phantom did distinguish itself in other ways: through tone, plot, and character.

When nearly all Nicktoons still featured episodes of two 11-minute shorts, Danny Phantom was a full half-hour show. And it was consciously developed to be more “real” than The Fairly Oddparents : the impetus for the series was Nick’s desire for a “ boy’s action show ,” not another comedy. The premise – Danny Fenton, teenaged son of parapsychologists, acquires ghostly superpowers via a lab accident that he must use (as superhero Danny Phantom) to defeat the many ghosts escaping into his town – owed more of a debt to comic books than cartoons. There was plenty humor in Danny Phantom , sometimes rather broad, but a mix of superhero action and adolescent issues were at the forefront of episodes. And it mattered which order you watched those episodes in. Anticipating later programs, Danny Phantom kept a certain degree of continuity throughout its run. The scope of Danny’s powers, whether his sister knew his secret identity, where archenemy Vlad Plasmius lived and what schemes he was up to, the state of Danny’s relationships with various female classmates: these plot threads and more became ongoing storylines with clear progression. Serialization on Danny Phantom was never as complex (or as careful) as it would be in Avatar , but it was something new for Nickelodeon at the time and contributed to the show’s comic book vibes.

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While the overall tone of the series was light, breezy, and comfortable in its TV-Y7 FV rating, Danny Phantom was also ahead of its time in going to dark places for a Nicktoon. Its many night scenes and frequent excursions into the ghost dimension gave it a slightly darker visual quality. While uncommon, episodes would occasionally end on a bittersweet note; Danny’s first girlfriend might end their relationship, or Plasmius might be revealed to have another trick up his sleeve. A show about ghosts and ghost hunting almost has to acknowledge the concept of death, and while Hartman has insisted that the “ghosts” of Danny Phantom are really interdimensional beings, early episodes gave the backstory of at least two ghost villains and several peripheral characters as spirits of the deceased. The more realistic setting of the series also meant that characters couldn’t survive the sort of spectacular falls, collisions, and injuries that many cartoons walk away from. While the series rarely placed Danny and his friends in serious jeopardy, the stakes of his ghost battles were consequently higher. Those stakes reached their highest in the two-parter “The Ultimate Enemy,” which gave Danny a glimpse of a future where he devolved into a purely spectral being of evil after the death of his friends, teacher, and all his family.

It took time to build to that level of intensity. Danny Phantom’s first season grew in stages, Nickelodeon’s original order for six episodes growing and growing until it hit 20. The show premiered while the season was still in production, but even with the resultant gap in airdates, it found enough of an audience for Nickelodeon to order a second 20-episode season. Its ratings never reached the heights of a SpongeBob or Fairly Oddparents , but the audience it captured was passionate, and critics were generally positive. As the second season began airing, the show’s reputation continued to grow. “The Ultimate Enemy” was just one of three two-part “movies” of the second season, expanding the scope of the series and pushing the darker elements and serialization further. “The Ultimate Enemy” was also the inspiration for a Game Boy Advance video game, one of Danny Phantom’s relatively few merchandising tie-ins. By the end of the second season, Danny Phantom “was quickly becoming a hit,” trumpeted in Nick's PR as " the third ranked property on all kids' television ." But it was in 2006, while the second season was airing that Hartman announced on his personal website (no longer available on the web) that the third season of Danny Phantom – an order of just 13 – would be the last.

It wasn’t the only Nicktoon given the axe around that time. The Fairly Oddparents was also cancelled ( not for the first, or the last, time ), as was The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron . Hartman claimed to receive over 20,000 e-mails concerning the end of Danny Phantom , and a small group of fans organized protests outside Nickelodeon’s New York offices. Alas for them, it was to no avail; not only was the show not revived, but the final season saw a scattered, sometimes unceremonious release over 2006 and 2007.

Little information about the reasons behind the cancellation was released at the time, and Danny Phantom being a cult show with a strong fanbase in the digital age, Internet rumors began to swirl. Google “why was Danny Phantom canceled” and you’ll find gossip about budget overruns and executive meddling. Feeding some of these rumors is the fact that, between Seasons 2 and 3, Hartman’s longtime partnership with writer Steve Marmel came to an end. Marmel had worked with Hartman since their days at Hanna-Barbara in the early 1990s, he was a prominent writer on The Fairly Oddparents , and he was the head writer and story editor for Danny Phantom in its first two seasons. His only credit on the third season is a "story by" for one episode, and he and Hartman have not worked together since. Season 3 of Danny Phantom was less serialized than its predecessors and showed less of the darker side of the series. It was less well-received than the others by some fans, and the perceived decline in quality was blamed on Marmel’s absence. Rumors of creative tensions began to swirl, despite Marmel and Hartman making no public statements on the subject.

If this seems like a lot of vague hearsay, that’s because it is. Many websites that discussed Danny Phantom and its cancellation back in the 2000s are no longer around, and tracking down even these fan rumors results in a lot of dead links and fourth-hand accounts. But Butch Hartman did comment on the show’s cancellation on his YouTube channel in 2018 . He claims that Danny Phantom was a victim of Nickelodeon’s executive house cleaning. In 2006, Nickelodeon president Herb Scannell stepped down, to be replaced by Cyma Zarghami . In true Hollywood executive fashion, the new team at the head of the network undid many of their predecessor’s decisions, and that included ending several series that had been approved under old management – Danny Phantom included. (Hartman also claims that Nick decided to put their merchandising eggs in the Avatar basket before any such campaign for Danny could properly take off.)

Since its cancellation, Danny Phantom has largely been left alone by Nickelodeon. It quietly left the network long ago, consigned to the spinoff Nicktoons channel. It’s available to stream on Paramount Plus, but its appearance there (and on Hulu before) generated no groundswell of online excitement. The rallies outside Nick’s offices are long gone, but fans still agitate for a revival. Butch Hartman himself has been open about wanting to go back to do more with Danny and friends. Nickelodeon has revived a few of its older titles in recent years, from the CG Rugrats to a new version of All That . But for all the enthusiasm still among its cult audience, Danny Phantom doesn’t appear to be headed back into production any time soon.

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Crash Nebula

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Crash Nebula (Sprig Speevak) is a science fiction superhero in a show within a show on the animated TV series The Fairly Odd-Parents .

Crash Nebula is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

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Sprig Speevak is a farmboy who is given the opportunity to learn to be a superhero after saving an alien princess.

History [ ]

Sprig was once a normal teenager living on Earth when one day a spaceship appeared before him.  From the ship emerged a butterfly like creature that was attacked by mechanical insects.  Sprig saved the butterfly creature from the robots (called Bugroids) and learned that the creature, Princess Galaxandra, is royalty and gives him a scholarship to an intergalactic school called the Celestial Academy.

Upon arriving at his new school, he finds himself a fish out of water, making only one friend in the alien named Dif.  During a contest at the school in order to win a Nebula 3000 Suit that endows it's wearers with many tools and abilities, Sprig accidently sets events in motions that threaten a girl he has a crush on.  Sprig quickly dons the suit and is able to save the day with it but also causes a great deal of property damage.  Sprig then dubs himself "Crash Nebula" from then on.

Personality and Appearance [ ]

Though the character is rarely shown directly in the show The Fairly Odd Parents, many characters (particularly Timmy Turner) are seen wearing his iconic costume, usually a white jumpsuit with a fin on the top of the head.

Crash has no powers of his own, though his super suit can allow him to fly and enhance his strength.

Skills and Abilities [ ]

Though it is implied that he will gain basic space cadet training, he is fairly unskilled in the story, at least in the ways of a space cadet.  In addition, he also had a lot of farming experience and knows a lot about manure.

Paraphenalia [ ]

Super Suit - The super suit that crash wears gives him super strength and allows him to fly.

The Fairly Oddparents [ ]

Crash Nebula

Before the Crash Nebula backdoor pilot, Crash Nebula only appeared in brief glimpses and through merchandise in the animated TV series The Fairly Oddparents .  The character of Timmy Turner and his friends are seen as being big fans of the character, with this fandom occasionally acting as the catalyst of stories.

  • Butch Hartman is known to incorporate subtle Easter Eggs in his shows. This little Easter Egg comes from his other famous work, Danny Phantom . In Season 1 Episode 6, titled "What You Want," Danny and Tucker go to see the movie "Dead Teacher IV," and around 7 minutes and 11 seconds into the episode, fans can see that they are playing a Crash Nebula arcade game in the lobby.
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Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom

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David Kaufman in Danny Phantom (2003)

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Danny Phantom/Crash Nebula: Space Ghost 8

Deviation actions.

ninitynine's avatar

Literature Text

Danny Phantom/Crash Nebula:

Space Ghost

The Citadel floats across space, escaping the darkness that engulfs the backside of the Moon, with skyscrapers neatly designed, standing higher and brighter than anything man-made, rivers of ectoplasm flowing and glowing through every street, transparent ghost monorails traveling at high speed through beams of energy that run across the entire city, with stops above districts designed for the ghost-zombies. All built in the same phosphorescent adamant black metal used by Technus for his new robotic self, and every construction was deadly weaponized, no intruder could survive once inside the streets―the entire Citadel was a weapon of massive destruction, the greatest ever made! And in the middle was his Fortress of Darkness, which existed partial and simultaneously in the physical plane with only its right half digitized, visible only as a neon-green wireframe, spinning tirelessly as it provides the city with its so needed power.

Technus has never been prouder; this is by far and away his greatest creation.

But even then, he reckoned he still had a few bugs to work out, here the reason he needed Danny to come, he was the perfect Beta Tester; and after the first trial, as far as he was concerned The Citadel was ready for launch

It was time to begin his invasion plan.

Only one thing was needed.

September 16

The Citadel, Technus' Dark Fortress currently orbiting the Earth.

00:18 A.M. UTS.

"Wake up boy," Technus said.

His new robotic voice pierces Danny's ears as a drill.

"Patient has awoken. Are you pleased with our treatment?" said a nursery robot hovering in front of his bed with the characteristic word-by-word accent of the robots.

Slowly, he opens his icy blue eyes. Everything was a blur but the image soon becomes clear. He was inside a large spherical room with poor lit, where all he could see in front of him was only a catwalk with a phosphorescent black sphere at the end. He finds himself in his human form in what seemed to be a hospital bed with Valerie to his left and Crash, Ani, Chuck and Diff to his right, all of them unconscious and laying in a bed just like him.

The room began to fill with intense blue lights, his partners wake up just in time to see how the Rebirth Chamber opens; steam emanates from it as it slowly revealed the real Technus 3.0. still connected to the reconfiguration wires.

All the upgrades made to the sentinels he sent were now part of his new design.

"You… healed us?" he asked confused.

"Well, of course. You had an injured heart, didn't you? Some pesky metal shards. They were slowing you down," the words echo in the spacious room. "I noticed the only thing keeping you alive was your suit, wasn't it? Did you honestly believed I would let you die?"

"No, child! No… I want you alive, I want you hale and hearty."

"Why?" Danny asked while going ghost, hovering over the bed.

"To show you I am not as evil as you think I am."

Danny touches a button on his left vambrace's touch screen. "Yeah right," said activating his wrist's tactile holographic interface―a solid circular screen and keyboard projected around his wrist that allowed him to manually control his suit's operative system.

"Well I am not. I am more. Much more!" He exclaimed.

Danny remains oblivious to him, focused on his screen. Then all the white parts of his suit began to glow and after a three seconds reboot, G.A.S.P.E.R., his half-ghost half-operative system, and all the other functions were back online. A quick scan reveals that the suit was still fully operational and structurally intact, Technus hasn't done anything to it. Then the white lights of his suit change: his gloves, steel boots, collar, open cowl-mask, and the lines seamed along outside his arms now hued as a green neon sign. Only his insignia and his utility belt remained glowing white.

"I must admit, I really am envious of your tailor. That suit is so state-of-the-art and yet so organic I can't possibly affect it not even with my new powers… yet… and it kept you alive after all that beating. Whoever made it thought of everything."

"Yep. M is always three steps ahead."

"M… so much looking forward to meet him."

"It could be a she. Now tell me why didn't you let us dead? Why would you treat our wounds?" Danny spoke harshly, glaring at Technus.

"Really? That attitude even after I went through all the trouble of taking care of that heart of yours?"

His expression mimicking reflective black lenses slanted as he glares even more angrily at Technus.

"Am I supposed to believe that?"

"He's telling the truth, sir," Gas said. "I just scanned your heart. The metal shards are gone. That means you can finally exert without risk of damaging your heart or me having to regulate your beating."

Danny was surprised to hear that.

If that's true, that leaves only my ghost core issue…  he thought back. "I still don't trust you. What did you do? Did you implant nanobots in our bodies to waste us whenever you want? Or perhaps to assimilate us and turn us into your ghost-zombie cyborg slaves? Nano-cams to spy on us in case you fail here, so you can plan your next step knowing everything we're up to? Or maybe you're planning to replace all of our organs with robot parts, piece by piece… for years, erasing our mind every time until nothing human is left. Then turn us into single-minded cyborg units that form part of a mind-hive, using whatever knowledge you can get from them to take over the universe."

"Oh my, child! You never stop with the good ideas, don't you? But no… The reason I allowed you to live is simple… I wanted you present for this moment. I am going to show you something beautiful…" he said, projecting a holographic screen with live footage of the Earth. "I am going to show you how powerless you are, when you see your whole world burning… all your people screaming for mercy, calling at your name, asking you to save them from the one thing you can never hope to stop! ME!"

"Aha, I'm just gonna stop you right now," he said nonchalant about his rant.

"Will you?"

Then the image changes to that of a swarm of SUV-sized beetle-shaped robots, with six capsule-like appendages on their back from where their wings sprouted, sharp pincers protruding from their mouth with rows of fangs inside that rotate as the blades of a blender, and large glowing green eyes.

"Meet the Clusters," Technus said proudly. "An entire legion, thousands of these babes programmed to consume your world."

"What now?" Valerie said summoning her armor.

"They are killing machines with a simple programming: I gotta hunt, I gotta eat—assimilate, kill, spread!"

"Just like your ghost-zombies," Sprig said. "You're just recycling the code, aren't you?"

Technus was oblivious to him. "Why do you think they act the way they do? Only difference here is they don't explode, unless I say so. Neither they suffer the weakness of the flesh, they are tireless and relentless machines, and thanks to my wireless energy transmitter, they are in constant recharge—"

"So long as they stay close to your city," Danny cuts him off.

"True. And I see how your mind might think of it as an inconvenience, but as soon as your city is assimilated," he continued, glaring at him, "they will be able to spread through the rest of the world along with my citadel, and the best part is they become everything they consume, making themselves stronger at every turn. Imagine your armies using their most powerful weapons only to see them turned against them. Left helpless and hopeless before my cybernetic ghost-hybrid armada!" he explained, then he begins to laugh out of control.

"Okay… I'm just gonna say this one, that ain't gonna happen!"

""Is not you like you have a choice. And just so you get an idea of what it will be like…" with a snap of his black metallic fingers, he summons his Clusters into the room, "We're open for business! Have fun." Said before teleporting away in a blue flashing light with green glinting—or more like glitching binary code; then the Clusters began closing in all around them, clicking their pincers excitedly at the sight of their new—

Ani shots one in the head. The anti-matter bolt shatters its robotic body into pieces.

Click, click, click went the pincers of the Clusters all around them. Their mouths opened revealing their shredder-like teeth, uttering a chainsaw-like noise. One of them clicked its pincers furiously, and all around the room the sound was echoed by the other Clusters, ready to kill them.

Valerie summons her floating cubic blasters while firing her wrist plasma cannon at will; she fires at blank-point range, shooting straight into their mouth.

"I guess they can't assimilate plasma." She said with grin.

Ani kept shooting at them, covered by Chuck who fired everything he had in his arsenal, emptying his missile launchers on them, blowing up half the Clusters in the room.

Diff on the other hand, liquifies himself and forces his body inside a Cluster, then alters the chemical structure of his body turning into a vitriolic goo, melting the robot from the inside out.

Fighting the Clusters was easier for them since robots fell right into their wheel house, thus, they were pleased to fight something they could see and blast. But they were still too many for them, and soon they became overwhelmed by them.

Danny notes this and quickly, thinks of a new way to stop them all: he casts a blue ghost shield around all his teammates with a hand gesture, keeping the Clusters out, then with another gesture, and aided by his suit's 3-D scanner which displayed the exact location of each one, and skewers all the remaining 649 Clusters, with spears protruding from the ghost shield. Each spear split in almost every direction; then with another hand gesture he sends an energy pulse through the shield and the spears that explodes them in an intense blue plasma blaze.

"Hey, cool! I wasn't even sure it would work!" He exclaims with excitement.

"Well, isn't that a surprise…" a soft and sultry echoing voice shouts out and it was more seductive than frightening. "I'm kidding of course, I always had faith in your abilities…" the words echoed from all directions, but there was no one around and Danny's ghost scanner gave no exact location.

Then, filaments of the thickest and blackest smoke they have ever seen shot out towards Danny's face, knocking him down. Valerie and Ani open fire on the smoke, but failed every shot—not only it moved too fast, but the few blasts that hit just pass through it.

It whipped soundlessly through the spherical room, leaving behind a strange stink, one that Ani was quite familiar with. The young heroes looked at the cloud, and they were sure it was looking back at them.

Now flowing with serpentine motion all around the room, swirling above their heads, the cloud of smoke slams onto the catwalk, taking a solid form, a feminine form. That of a tall and attractive woman in a bustier and stilettos, with long red hair made of fire flowing out behind her, a face that glows in the dark with sin, and red eyes that pour sheer lust. Her lips gleam with neon-purple hue, they glowed with a light of their own, as they curved into a lustful smile with sharp teeth, in contrast to the rest of her fair phosphorescent skin.

It takes no time for Danny and Valerie to recognize Spectra in her all-new body. Then a strong fluttering sound echoes, a swarm of bats in a plume of purple smoke jetted next to her, the Fright Knight made his presence followed by Aragon himself in his dragon-hybrid form, flashing his new black dragon armor, with green glowing eyes staring at them in the center of his chest.

"Ok, who are them?" Crash asked.

"These are the same ghosts that attacked our ship!" Chuck shouts out.

"I'll give you a briefing: she's a sexually frustrated dominatrix, a self-aggrandized pawn, and a misogynist prince who is no longer the man who would be king. He also turns into a dragon." Explains Danny.

"And here I thought it couldn't get any worse and weirder," Crash exclaims, taking his hand to his forehead.

"Don't worry, they're easy to beat. Just keep in mind she gets horny and stronger with your pain, emotional or otherwise, and she's got this acid fire trick, so don't let her touch you."

"I love when men think they have free will before me," she spoke softly, elongating her left hand nails into long glistening claws sharp as a blade, while apporting what appeared to be a long object into her other hand.

"What's that—a dildo?" Danny shouts out in a mocking tone.

"Close enough," said pressing an ignition button. Then a red light emanates from and shapes into a long whip.

"Yeah… I so don't have time for this. Val, you're in charge now." Said Danny as he began hovering overhead.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"I'm going to stop Technus. I trust you can take care of Belladona and her boys over there."

"Of course I can. That bitch and her posers ain't got nothing on me. You sure you can with him alone?"

"We're standing right here, you know?" Spectra shouts offended.

"Trust me, now I know what he's capable of now, there is no way I can lose. You guys do whatever she says." He ordered to his allies. "Second to me, she's the best ghost hunter there is, and something tells me you aren't as good with ghost as you'd like to be." Chuck and Ani give him a dirty look. "Meet me outside as soon as you're done with them."

"Don't worry, luv. It won't be long."

"Literally, we're like six meters away from you." Spectra insisted.

"Whatever…" he said. "And for the record," he turned over to Spectra, "I was doing the smoky flying thing before you…" said jetting out of the room as a plume of phosphorescent black.

"Oh, well. Isn't that just precious?" she snarled.

"Feel free to cry," Valerie said, charging her wrist plasma cannon.

Technus marches on the streets of his Citadel, armed with an armada of cybernetically enhanced ghost-zombies and savage-minded robots. Ready to conquer that blue gem of a planet rotating careless beneath him, he remembers his original design for The Citadel, and regretted the fact that he never got to install the arenas and nightclubs he so wanted from his original blueprint, but that was just a whim and there was no use to it. Not now anyway.

Once I take over this world , he thought,  I'll install one in the heart of every Citadel. It is a promise that no citizen of mine will suffer from boredom.  That was his mantra for the last month.

And every time he could, he would talk about how great and sophisticated his nightclubs and arenas would be, and how his technocratic regime would keep his people entertained and happy. He said it with such conviction, even Ember thought he was losing his mind.

She wasn't against the idea of a nightclub, but the way he talked about it was just crazy!

"Together we shall destroy everything that lives! Metal shall consume the flesh of the weak! The dead shall rise to stomp and consume the living! And chaos shall reign supreme!" He utters out loud, already seeing himself victorious from the coming battle, as his swarm of robots flies off The Citadel, heading towards the Earth.

Then a gut wrenching feeling of surprise as he sees how his army enters the Earth's atmosphere only to then explode upon contact with a powerful invisible ghost shield that enveloped the Earth, undetectable to him.

"What?! What is going on?!" He screamed in shock.

"Let me guess, your predictions were this was going to be an easy win because with me out of Earth, the only ones who can protect Earth are the GIW and we all know they're useless, didn't ya?" Danny asked with a tone of mockery in his voice, floating behind Technus. "Was that your plan? Because that is… that is brilliant! Who would've seen that coming? Oh wait… I did."

"You! Did you this!?"

"Boo-who else?!"

"HOW?! How did you do this?"

"Come now, you really think you're the only one who can play this game?" He taunts with a grin. "Did you ever bother to think why do I have that giant satellite orbiting the Earth? Is not just a Dyson Sphere/satellite/laboratory as I made the press believe. It is also the most powerful ghost shield generator ever made, to prevent a situation like this. It also doubles as an EMP field, just in case whatever doomsday device you come up with wouldn't use ecto-energy; but as I expected, you used robots that work on ghost energy, so is two birds one stone."

"You had this planned all along, didn't you?"

"Most of it," he admitted. "Did you and the rest of your amateur hour gang honestly believed that ill fated attack was really my whole plan? It was all to lure you out of that shadow world. I can't believe I fooled you that easily." Danny explained with a chuckle.

It was then when Technus realized one thing "Clearly I have underestimated you," he admitted his mistake like a man. "A mistake that shall not be repeated."

"Come on, is not the first time you come to space to take over the Earth, last time it actually worked, for like… twenty seconds."

"So you imagined we would end up in a situation like this again sooner or later."

"Uh, the aliens are a surprise."

Suddenly Technus began to laugh, first a small chuckle that grows into a maniacal laughter.

"Just thinking… the aliens are a surprise for me too. I got one more for you." Waving his hand at Danny, he sends a horde of Clusters, Technus Sentinels and Cyber-Hybrids at him.

All his army jets toward him, as a swirling wave of twisted glowing metal—ready to devour him! But Danny floats still.

Suddenly they all began exploding, attacked by the invisible battle ships of the Millennium Foundation, whose weapons were powered with ecto-ranium.

"Ah, did I forget to tell you? I also have a few friends waiting for me to tell them when to blow up stuff, just in case the shield failed."

With their ships synchronized in a unique light wave and vibrational frequency, they were absolutely undetectable for Technus. More completely than he could ever imagine.

Technus tries to process what was happening: his army destroyed by an invisible force he can't strike back—an unexpected variation that gets all the equation out of balance!

All his plan is worth nothing now.

There was one logical conclusion: destroying Danny Phantom.

"Looks like is time to take things on my own hands. And kill you… for good!" said Technus as his nemesis soars towards him.

"You think you're tough?" Danny challenged him, performing a perfect three-point landing before him, and through his white reflective lenses he stares at the red pixeled eyes, straightening up to his full height, standing before one of the greatest evil his world has ever encountered; they both stand silently for seconds that could have been hours, just looking at each other with cold and soundless hatred, as though testing each other's will.

Then Technus takes a first step forward, a stomp that sends a powerful lightning through the floor that knocks away Danny with ease.

"Uh, okay… Maybe you are." Said getting back on his feet. "But you still need to do better than that."

•Activate Weapon: G.T.C. Missile

Technus rises his right arm, morphing a thing missile mounted on his forearm. In a split of a second, Danny fires a blue-and-green ghost ray.

Twitching his fingers, Technus fired the missile just as the beam of pure ghost energy sliced past his head, having already calculated its trajectory 0,84 seconds before it was even fired, tilting his head just an inch to the left.

And reacting by instinct, Danny takes off, flying around the high towers at full speed, quickly realizing the missile was following him no matter how fast he flied or how many turns he made, firing small energy bullets in quick succession, just like the missiles used by the cyber-chompers before.

The energy bullets whiz past his head as he avoids the shots the best he can, but Technus fires another two missiles at him from his chest.

Knowing there was no use in flying, Danny halts in midair, summoning a rotating force field around himself, diverting the bullets in all directions. Then expands his rotating force field, shaping small blade protrusions on the outside that effectively cut the missiles in half and makes them explode.

Automatically, he analyzes his opponent's new ability: Danny's rotating shield can reach a speed up to about 1200 km/h. Based on this, Technus quickly, almost immediately, selects a weapon from his wide arsenal firing for the job.

•Activate Weapon: Machine-Gun

Then he manifests a machine gun on his left arm and on his right shoulder, both with long ammunition belts.

Technus opens fire on Danny, yet, he turns in a blue haze right before the bullets hit him. A thin, blue phosphorescent mist that swirls around Technus, taking solid form at any time, striking from any angle, then tuning into mist again.

Technus hovers with his jet boosters on his feet.

It was time for a different approach.

•Activate Weapon: Death Flowers.

Quickly from his mounted backpack unit, four glistening metallic tentacles sprouted with a snapping pincer each one, shot out, extending up to ten feet, then curled downward, and braced themselves against the floor.

By thought command, he orders his citadel to construct powerful wind generators on top of every remaining building to blow Danny away. Thus, forcing him to take a solid form again — clutching and slamming him to the floor with his tentacles.

But then he fades into a thin green mist. It was a clone. Then the real Danny swirls above his head, still in the form of a blue mist.

And as soon as he solidifies his body, he sends all his four tentacles at Danny, who managed to dodge them — barely!, thanks to his lightning fast reflexes, and darts away from them, getting a better view of these new weapons. Each tentacle was segmented, and exactly five inches in diameter, as specified by Danny's scanner, all of them end in three single-jointed pincers, two of them had pincers sharp as a blade —a claw for slashing, the other two had triple articulation made for better grasping.

"That's… great," Danny sighed.

He clutched at Danny with all four tentacles and succeeded only in clutching the emptiness of space. He had teleported away from them at the last second!

"What's the matter? Can't catch what you can't see?" Said as he reappeared on his face, delivering a mighty punch that would have knocked out cold the old Technus 2.0. But this new model takes the blow without much damage, and strikes back with a piston-powered fist just as before, only this time he teleported, once again, in a white flash to avoid the blow, and reappeared behind him to kick him out of midair.

The strength he put on the kick was enough to make him go through the floor of The Citadel, but much to Danny's surprised he stops before hitting the floor. He accomplished this minor miracle by extending his tentacles against the alley walls and using them to break his fall. The segmented tentacles flexed, then straightened, as a third pair came into view. These had drills instead of pincers.

Using six tentacles surely should make things harder for Danny, but he had faith in his hit and fade tactic, and so he rockets at Technus teleporting after every blow, hitting so fast that not even Technus' positronic brain could react in time.

"People, meet the new Technus 3.0. New design, faster interface but the same inability to win." He mocked, shouting six feet above Technus' head.

Technus screamed. Once again, he sent his tentacles after Danny. And once again by the time the pincers at the tips grasped the place where Danny had been, the ghost hero was somewhere else. Only, by now, it was not much of a surprise, but a final analysis would put an end to it. Technus has detected every time he teleports, an energy spike surges just a brief moment before disappearing, and a second one right where he will reappear next.

Using this data, he was able to predict where his next strike will come from.

When Danny attempted to leap through the questing tentacles from above to reach the deranged robot at their center, they had absolutely no difficulty batting him aside, slamming into his chest, and hurling him against the nearest black steel wall.

His invisible breathing bubble-mask glitches by the impact.

The tentacle pincers grasp him tightly, almost compressing his chest. Danny couldn't breathe; not that he needed though, but he likes being able to. Technus activates his ghost stinger and sends a powerful electric current—blue sparks jolt all along his tentacle as Danny's body spasmed. Blue sparks began to course around him…

Danny writhes and jerks uncontrollably, yet, he manages to get on his feet, breathless… Clutching his right fist tightly, he presses his glove's built-in ignition button and his green ecto-energy fist-blade snapped to life, pouring out from the triangular silvery metal plate on top of his palm. His green energy fist-blade casts a ghastly light over his pale sweaty face. Danny whipped the humming blade slicing the mechanical tentacle and releasing himself from Technus' hold.

He takes the pincers off his chest and tosses it back at Technus who bats it with ease.

Hurling himself, he activates his left fist-blade, delivering swinging blows. He rained blow after blow, randomly spiting—spilling burning ghost energy all over his enemy, first left, then right, then counterwise, his teeth bared in a snarl, forcing Technus back.

Technus casts a ghost shield on his armor to prevent any further damage, and used his tentacles to block the attacks, but couldn't keep up with the same pace. Danny was too fast and too strong, more than he had a record of. His fist-blades are but humming blurs of light difficult to look at even for his exceedingly sophisticated optic sensors.

The sounds of the battle carried on by their armies around them were overwhelming, and they could see errant bolts of Ecto-ranium or Ecto-energy darting in all directions, rising above or beneath their heads; Danny's forces were winning. Above Technus shoulders, Danny caught a glimpse of the Earth. Such sights only reminded him of what he is fighting for, fueling him even more.

Then, in swift motion, Danny raises his right hand ready to strike on Technus' face, but his blow is met by another sword of black steel, sprouted from his left arm, pulsating purple energy. Danny pushes his arm, sending sparks flying out over their faces. Seeing the two blades crossed mere centimeters in front of his face, Technus cackled. He hadn't been in a combat like this for a long time.

Above his blade, he morphs a plasma cannon with the same pulsating purple aura as his sword, a pitching noise grew as the light from inside the cannon intensified. Danny knew very well what this meant, a plasma blast would soon emerge from it.

Almost by instinct, he places his free hand on his blade and fires a ghost ray of his own at blank-point range on Technus' arm-sword. A huge, bright explosion engulfs them.

Both ghosts are propelled in opposite directions. Danny hits the floor and bounces several times, then landed on crouched position, literally clawing on to the floor with both hands to break the motion; his TDA claws leave deep dents on the steel floor. His suit sustained heavy damage, but it was already regenerating. Once the momentum died, he stands and looks around searching, scanning for Technus. All his army seemed to be completely destroyed by now, a quick message from the Millennial Troopers confirms that suggestion.

Then, from the left, Technus strikes him before he could even read the warning sign. He rolls onto the ground, dizzy from the unexpected attack; he attempted to stand using the wall to sturdy himself while surveying the area, seeing one of Technus' black fists blurring in his direction. Then the ghost hunter went from standing still—holding on to a wall, to a blur, but Technus had adapted and became faster too, and with a jerk, he strikes Danny in the chest the second he slides behind him. The powerful blow sent him swaying back and forth. He struggled now not only to maintain his balance but also to see where the blows came from.

"What's wrong with lighting up now and then?" Technus cackled, extending his arm, and a Ghost Lightning leapt from his hand and caught Danny square in the chest.

Danny screamed by instinct, knowing this would hurt even though he can't feel pain, and involuntarily squeezed his eyes shut as brilliant blue bolts of lightning suddenly enveloped his body. Yet, gathering all his strength and focus, Danny stands up and absorbs the electricity with his hands before whisking himself away from Technus, reappearing behind him, so filled with anger that electricity was pouring through his body, moving his right arm in a circular, counter clockwise motion, drawing a circle with green lightning. Technus looks in awe and confusion as he sees the lighting following Danny's fingertips, the same lightning he had used on him just a second ago has now relinquished its hold upon him, it was inarguably his own lightning—his own power.

Danny moves his left arm clockwise, and pulled his right index and middle finger to his chest, his hands crackling with power he seized from his enemy—a fork of green-and-blue lightning crackled from his hand, shot from the tips of his fingers and caught Technus. In that momentary flicker of incandescent light, Technus jerked and spasmed as the first blast of electricity coursed through him. The powerful current electrocutes his body, then it shoots against a wall.

The electric assault stops.

For this moment—and this moment only, Danny Phantom and Technus 3.0 remain still as they recover from their wounds. Both sides equally unable to attack.

His systems were now compromised by the by the sudden overcurrent. But Technus couldn't miss this chance just for a few short-circuited pieces.

Blue PCB lines glow on the floor, right where Technus stands, then a giant robot hand emerges from the ground to attack the heavy-breathing Danny. Using a still on development technology integrated into it, the hand renders Danny unable to phase, break free, fade as mist, teleport, or attack in any other form, it seemed as though Technus had literally seized victory by the throat. But a crystal ball with swirling green flames dropping from Danny's belt said different.

A large burst of emerald green ghost flames erupts from it—then Cujo attacks Technus from behind, biting his torso.

Automatically, he analyzes the new threat.

Aggression unanticipated.

Identifying threat.

Will be pouncing over threat. Options — Response: Primary; Lagtime 0,6 seconds.

Hinder and front claws maximum threat. Minimum Pressure 1500 lbs approx.

Circuitry disrupted. Reroute. Reroute.

System 82% functional. Options: Ow.

Rerouting major systems out of front torso.

Warning: previous electrocution caused vast damage to major systems. Unable to reroute.

Alternate solution: escape.

Cujo tears him with his powerful claws and fangs, the pinnacle of technology was being vanquished by a most primitive of ghostly beats—a feral Hellhound.

But as strong as the Hellhound might be, he was just that, a hot-headed beast, and he would not yield before it.

Rerouting his Ghost Stinger channels, he releases an electrical discharge all throughout his entire body allowing him to break free from Cujo, just in time to see Danny exploding the giant hand with a blue repulsion field.

Evidently he was too powerful for this undeveloped technology to work on him. Notes would be taken for further improvement.

Analyzing his condition, Danny was, in comparison, in better shape than himself. He needed more time to repair—he needed to withdraw from the battle. Only way to achieve his retreat was using the weaponry of his Citadel to distract Danny and his dog.

Inside the fortress, Valerie had seized Spectra's energy whip, Prince Aragon has been defeated by no other than Chuck, the Poultrynaut.

Raising her hand, she waved Spectra's Ghost Whip at her, she summons a red ghost shield watching how her own weapon was used against her—it came down in large arcs, cracking against the shield and shattering it.

Ani and Speevak clutch her arms, and with a combined discharge of his ecto-ranium powered teaser and her anti-matter energy, they render her unable to assume her smoke form to escape.

Val moved towards Spectra, smiling, the red light cast by the whip gleams or her black armor. Then she raised her arm once again, ready to whip the blazing fiend, the crimson light now reflecting on her red faceshield. Valerie snaps the energy whip. The whip snagged the ghost around the neck, Val gave her whip a violent jerk, snapping Spectra's neck and paralyzing her instantly.

All the while, Diff pours himself into the Fright Knight's armor, turning his body acidic one more time, melting his whole body, forcing him to escape in a plume of purple smoke and bats.

"Well, that went better than the last time," Sprig noted. "And way nastier."

"Yeah… thanks for the help." Ani said, she hated to thanks anything to anyone, but she does it in reckoning of a good, if not most needed help.

She didn't realize how much she and Valerie alike.

"You're welcome."

"Look at that, you're friends now…" Sprig said in a mocking tone.

Valerie and Ani glare at him peeved,

"…I'm gonna shoot you in the knees…" they said.

Then all shakes violently, as though an earthquake.

" Congratulation, " Technus' voice echoed from everywhere, " I don't know how… but you have managed to stop my plan. Months of preparation ruined by the intervention of the most unexpected… well I got a little surprise for you, " in that moment Danny whisks into the room, crouching and clawing onto catwalk with a hand, Cujo blazing on his side, " the tachyon-chronotons generator used to move time faster in Shadowland, is now overloading. And soon it will explode, unleashing endless tachyon and chronoton particles all over the Earth… "

"What does that mean?" Valerie asked.

"It means the chronotons will permanently freeze time on Earth." Speevak explains.

"That assuming it won't get beamed into the past by the tachyon particles first," Danny adds. "Or worse… an endless time paradox."

"How do we stop that?"

" That is the beauty of it… you can't. " Technus laughed.

"You are insane! If you do that, you will be affected too!" Danny shouts.

" Au contraire. I shall remain safe back in the Ghost Zone, and as soon as I  develop  the technology, I shall be able to enter your world unaffected by the particles and taking over your world would be easier than ever. "

"You're bluffing! You know Clockwork would take care of you the second you set foot on the Ghost Zone. That's why you went to hide into another dimension. And the reason why you wouldn't use them before. Because you know he is a threat, maybe even more than I." Danny said.

" I guess you'll never know… unless of course, you can stop it before it explodes. In fact, I dare you to stop this before time runs out… no pun intended. "

Danny clenches his fists tightly. So much anger now, that his power flowed through and out of his body as green electric sparks jolting from his fists and eyes—then bright white-blue!

"Leave…" he ordered in a cold and soft voice, almost a whisper.

"Danny… what are you gonna do?" Val inquires, fearing he will try something stupid.

"I will end this madness once and for all."

"Danny, I don't what you got in your head, but you can't go there. Is suicidal."

"She's right mate," Crash said. "Look why don't we go to that Phantom Zone you talked about and find this Clockwork guy and—"

"We don't have time!" He spat. His voice reverberated as only the voice of a mad ghost would do. "You leave this place, and I will stop his machine. I already located where the generator is hiding, I can teleport there and destroy it. But you gotta leave now!"

The team stares at him silently for a few seconds, very precious seconds in which they said nothing; they agreed.

"Fine, you think you can stop this, go ahead," Valerie said. "…and try very, very hard not to die. Pretty please." she pleaded.

"Don't worry, I won't…"

Quickly Ani, Chuck and Diff fly out of the room, followed by Valerie who generates a new hover-board and leaves with Cujo in his crystal ball. The the sphere burns as though it had been exposed to the sun for hours, even through her armor.

"I just wanna say, before you kill yourself, that I think you are a very cool guy," Sprig said to Danny. "Sorry I shot you when I first saw you. I just learned to never take chances with—"

"Don't worry, bro," Danny cuts him off, clasping hands and bumping each other's back, as though they were long life friends. "There, I just took out the bomb I put on earlier."

Danny shows him the green, wailing ghost face shaped bomb, glowing in his hand.

"Wait, that was for real?! I thought you were bluffing." Said awe struck.

"You're not the only who doesn't take chances with strangers. Now go. And wait for me in the Moon."

Rapidly, Crash jets out of the Dark Fortress leaving Danny alone to stop Technus' desperate final move.

In a swirling flash of green light, Danny vanishes and reappears into the tachyon-chronoton generator, where Technus awaits for him. The room was dark, only illuminated by the dim winking lights on the control consoles that lined the walls.

"So you think you can stop this?" Technus said, then his robot body added more light into the room, the blinking glow of his positronic brain, the red light of his chest symbol and his screen-face shining in bright contrast to the darkness just as Danny's symbol in his suit, and his green glowing track lines along his shell.

"You think I can't? You should have learned by now not to take me lightly. So if you still think I can't stop you, let me tell you right now… You underestimate my power…" said coldly.

"You might have stopped me with the help of those aliens and your invisible friends, but in this room, it is only you and I, with no one else to alter the formula. Remember… I know you so well, I can read your movements and predict the end result. As I am sure… so can you. I know after all these years, you too can read me as an open book. So… Let's not waste any more of one another's time, is not like we'll have that much, after all."

Technus was not far from the truth.

Right now Danny's mind analyzes and plays the upcoming fight in the same way his positronic brain does. He knew him far too well to miss the end result of this battle playing in his psyche, and how could he? So far, except for this moment, everything worked as he expected.

His advantage, my still-unstable ghost core and physical injuries, those that haven't healed yet at least, broken knees, torn shoulder …  My advantage, his frustration and …  My own rage, the best and only fuel I have left. Burns bright, burns fast, but it burns hot as hell, and that is what I need. To unleash hell upon him.

At this point, he is done waiting, he wants to waste no time, he wants to end me now and leave as soon as possible. He makes the first move. He moves first wins …  but not this time. Incoming assault nearly feral, but experienced and coldly calculated. Response, completely feral, blinded, vicious—unhinged even. Rage is expected but likely unpredictable, as in no idea what I'll do …  I must focus it for power …

Aggression unanticipated, he focuses his attacks in the largest area of my armor, the torso. Circuitry disrupted. Reroute. Reroute.

System 74% functional. Options: Ow.

He quickly recovers from my blows, blasts and slashes, and swings back with an arm-blade in the air. Use his momentum to counter. Strike back with more aggression, preferably in the face, then focus all strength in other vulnerable points.

He pounces savagely. At first the attack seems less coordinated, but is more effective …  Further analysis reveals he's regretted to the emotional state of a berserker killer ape. But he retains highly sophisticated combat skills and is capable of complex strategic decisions within a compressed time frame matching that of my own. That is …  the equivalent of an olympic gymnast doing a gold medal routine while simultaneously beating four chess computers in his head.


Must immobilize him quickly before he lands another strike. Trap arm, target weakness: formerly dislocated shoulder. Follow with haymaker.

Ah, there it is. Focusing on the weak, or rather the obvious. His arm-blade aims for my slowest arm. He swing his fist with the skill of a boxing champion. I dodge. A second energy-charged hook at his face finches him.

I reply delivering several swift thrusts at his shoulder. His ghost blood spreads all over the floor, the blade hues green with his phosphorescent green blood. Arm is nearly cut off, totally useless. The gash is visible.

Body severely injured. There goes the fist fight. Adjust strategy. Improvise. I kick him between the legs, nothing to hurt there. He's likely confused, then I fire a ghost ray from my foot.

The blast has not enough power to harm his armor but releases my arm. He rushed to attack again with a piston-powered blow.

He uses a ghost shield to hide behind. Wound taking its toll. He is unable to focus and summon a shield strong enough to withstand the attack. He tries to block with his arms but fails.

As I expected. Injury makes defense impossible. My …  what fancy word would use Jazz here? Prognosis …  yeah, that sounds like her, starts looking increasingly negative.

I seize him by the  injured  shoulder again. He tries another ghost ray. This time time I'm prepared. I absorb the energy and use it to power my own attack.

Analyzing target. Identified weakness: human heart …  evidently.

A powerful blow …

… right in the chest …

Heart paralyzed.

Primary target: terminated.

The process might differ but the result in their minds was the same. Danny's death was the inevitable conclusion.

Not a satisfactory end …  time permanently stopped, Clockwork definitely mad at me and blaming me for that.

Val twice as mad for not going back with her as I promised …

Danny impales Technus in the shoulders with his mechanical spider legs and pushes him against the generator, the TDA talons spring from his gauntlets slicing through his armor, carving a hole in his T symbol where he plunges his hand. Then suddenly tosses him away.

Two of his doppelgänger clutch him by the arms and teleport him out of the fortress so he can detonate his ghost bomb.

The roar of the explosion echoes in from the streets.

Only one threat left. And one question, how can he stop a literal time bomb?

No time for thinking. Time to resort to old habits, if he could not think a solution, all he had left to do was to slugout things. A ghost ray with enough power should be able to destroy it before it explodes.

He takes in a deep breathe, ordering his suit to disactivate the power damper.

All his power flows freely through his body, his skin glowed in the darkness with a grim turquoise hue, as his hair bursts into white flames, his teeth sharpening into fangs prickling, and his ghost aura blazes as tireless emerald green fire from a star.

But his own power was enough, thus he taps more into the power from The Citadel. His eyes now glowed an intense scarlet red.

Danny was so filled with ghost energy and charged of emotions that his power literally overflowed from all his body—undying fire and deadly crackling electricity of green emerald glow was pouring through his entire being!

He takes a step back from the machine and moves his arms in the same circular motions as before, drawing larger plasma lightning arcs. Danny was concentrating more and more power.

It was weird, but the energy of the Citadel and his own we're so similar and yet felt so different.

A lightning larger than his own body shots from his hands at the generator.

"Sir, are you sure you can stop it?"

"I can stop this. I know I can."

"Don't dare tell my I can't! I can and I will!" Shouted as he focused his energy with even greater power, intensifying the current into the most powerful plasma ray he has ever fired.

A jet—a torrent of green emerald light streams, spouts—bursts from his hands, blinding, impossible for him to gaze without his lenses darkening as much as possible.

"I WON'T FAIL!" These words burst from Danny's mouth with determination, and they echoed through the large hollow room—and suddenly Danny's hand was vibrating as though an electric charge were surging through it, then all his arm vibrates stronger; his TDA suit slowly began tearing away. "I will stop this," he kept saying—he felt his knees buckle under the strain of the task.

He concentrated every last particle of his mind upon holding the ghost ray and his own body, plasma dripping everywhere as water from a loose hose, his eyes furious, glowing red, fixed on his task…

"I won't fail. Because I am—"

Monster High Night of the Storm 16

Danny phantom light n darkness, the demon cyborg genos has arrived.


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List of allusions/Season 1

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  • 1.1 Mystery Meat
  • 1.2 Parental Bonding
  • 1.3 One of a Kind
  • 1.4 Attack of the Killer Garage Sale
  • 1.5 Splitting Images
  • 1.6 What You Want
  • 1.7 Bitter Reunions
  • 1.8 Prisoners of Love
  • 1.9 My Brother's Keeper
  • 1.10 Shades of Gray
  • 1.11 Fanning the Flames
  • 1.12 Teacher of the Year
  • 1.13 Fright Night
  • 1.15 Public Enemies
  • 1.16 Lucky in Love
  • 1.17 Maternal Instinct
  • 1.18 Life Lessons
  • 1.19 The Million Dollar Ghost
  • 1.20 Control Freaks
  • 2 References

Mystery Meat

  • Title : "Mystery meat" is a term often used to describe meat in cafeterias, usually implying a poor quality meat source.
  • "Paradise Lost" by John Milton.
  • Mr. Lancer's personality, and his yelling at Danny, Tucker, and Sam for the mess at the school is clearly based on Richard Vernon's personality, and yelling at John Bender, and the other five students from the 1985 film, The Breakfast Club .
  • One of the protest signs for the Ultra-recyclo-vegetarians says "It's easy being green" which is a reference to Kermit the Frog's song "It's not easy being green."

Parental Bonding

  • Title : "Parental Bonding" refers to a person attempting to get along and "bond" with their parents.
  • The Abyss store, which was selling the fleecy tees Paulina wanted, is a parody of the clothing store, Gap .
  • When Danny (overshadowing Jack ) tells Mr. Lancer, "It's just in this light, I thought you were George Clooney," he's referring to the actor/director/producer, known for his dashing looks.
  • In Sam's room, there is a poster for the film A Clockwork Orange .
  • When the dragon roars at Danny as he goes to strike, the roar heard is the one used for Hulk (2003). [ citation needed ]

One of a Kind

  • Title : "One of a Kind" is a phrase used to describe something unique and unlike anything else in the world.
  • While Sampson is attacking Skulker , Danny, Sam and Tucker watch while showing expressions of exclamation at the ferocity of Sampson's attack. In one shot, they are each covering either their ears, eyes, or mouth, parodying the concept of See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.
  • The game displayed on the PDA when Skulker is waiting for Danny to show up appears to be PONG.
  • The names "Sampson" and "Delilah" refer to the biblical story of Sampson.
  • The ring tone for Tucker's PDA is the "William Tell Overture" composed by Gioacchino Rossini.
  • When talking about the Genius Magazine Maddie Fenton cites the feminist slogan "Beside every great man, there's a great woman" a little bit inside out: "I think that beside every genius woman, there is a genius man."
  • When Tucker captures the Box Ghost into the Fenton Thermos , he says, "Goodnight, everybody," a reference to the 1993 cartoon Animaniacs , which featured Rob Paulsen as the one of the main characters, Yakko Warner, who would often blow a kiss at the audience and say, "Goodnight, everybody" after an innuendo.

Attack of the Killer Garage Sale

  • Title : "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale" is possibly a reference to the movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes .
  • Portals XL is likely a reference to Windows XP.
  • When Technus uses the remote control he turns Danny into a few different forms, one of those being Spock from Star Trek .
  • In Sam's home cinema, there are posters of Citizen Kane , Planet of The Apes , and Jaws .
  • Above Dash's desk in his bedroom, he has a poster of a basketball player with number 23, which is an allusion to the NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Splitting Images

  • Title: The show's title may be a reference to the old phrase "spitting image", which is where one looks remarkably like another. Considering Poindexter and Danny are each stuck in the other's body for a majority of this episode, it can be inferred that each one is a splitting image of the other.
  • The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald. The exclamation was slightly abbreviated as "Great Gatsby."
  • The "I can't believe it's not a frog cadaver" is a spoof of the product "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter."
  • The "Save the Frogs" campaign is a parody of "Save the Whales."
  • When Danny first encountered the Box Ghost in this episode and was flung to the auditorium, he was attacked with "costumes and props from the Broadway classic, My Fair Lady ."
  • When Poindexter (in Danny's body) is being popular and Kwan says they need an extra player for a football game, there's a kid wearing a t-shirt that has a logo for The Flash on it .

What You Want

  • Sayonara Pussycat is a parody of the popular Hello Kitty franchise.
  • Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
  • Moby-Dick by Herman Melville
  • In the flying car scene, Danny says to the driver, "Slow down, Jeff Gordon!" This is a reference to 4-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon. Gordon has also appeared in Nickelodeon Magazine several times.
  • In the movie theater scene, Tucker and Danny are in front of an arcade game. The game is actually "Crash Nebula" from another Butch Hartman-created cartoon, The Fairly OddParents! .
  • During the football game, one of the announcers exclaims, "Holy Mark McGwire!" referring to the famous baseball player.
  • Danny's false pleading of "Don't throw me into the Ghost Zone!" is a based on a scene from the Walt Disney movie Song of the South , in which Br'er Rabbit escapes the clutches of Br'er Fox by begging him not to toss him into a briar patch.

Bitter Reunions

  • When Danny says "You really are one seriously crazed-up fruit loop", this is a reference to the Kellogg's cereal Froot Loops.
  • The fictional country Harriet supposedly traveled to (Rumekistan) is possibly a reference to the Marvel Comics country of the same name .

Prisoners of Love

  • The game Tucker plays after saying he has a webcam is Space Invaders.

My Brother's Keeper

  • Title : "My Brother's Keeper" is a reference to a quote in the Biblical story of the brothers Cain and Abel. When God asks Cain where his brother Abel is, Cain replies "Am I my brother's keeper?"
  • While chasing the ghost hornet, Danny says "Somebody call for an exterminator?" This could be a reference to a Starcraft unit, called the Ghost, who says this line.
  • The scene where Bertrand tries to fight Danny in ninja form, and is taken down in one shot may also be a reference to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark , in which a low-ranking bad guy attempts to show off his prowess with a weapon, only to be taken down by a single shot from the hero.

Shades of Gray

  • Title : The "Gray" in "Shades of Gray" refers to Valerie's family name. As a whole, the title could refer to the phrase "shades of gray," which means a "medium" state. This usually means in between good (white) and bad (black).
  • Danny's brief nickname for the ghost dog " Cujo " is based on Stephen King's horror novel and movie of the same name.
  • Danny references the song, " Who Let the Dogs Out? " by Baha Men, when he jokes, "Who let the dogs in ?" after Cujo breaks into the Casper High cafeteria.
  • Sam calling Valerie "Valerie the Ghost Slayer" may be a reference to the movie and TV show  Buffy the Vampire Slayer .

Fanning the Flames

  • Title : The "Flames" in the title refer to Ember , or more specifically, her hair. As a whole though, "fanning the flames" means to arouse or ignite somebody's feelings for someone else, which Ember does when she casts a love spell on Danny.
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • Lord of the Flies by William Golding
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul by Chicken Soup for the Soul LLC.
  • When Danny tells Ember, "Do you take any requests? How about 'Beat It?'" he is referring to Michael Jackson's hit song.
  • At Ember's concert, the Crimson Chin is shown in the audience, a character from The Fairly OddParents .

Teacher of the Year

  • Title : "Teacher of the Year" is a phrase used to praise a teacher. In this episode, this refers to Mr. Lancer.
  • The outfits in Doomed resemble the outfits from the movie Tron and the video game Virtua Cop. Tucker's helmet in particular looks identical to the one worn by Sark and Tron.
  • The game Doomed is a parody of the hit video games Doom.
  • The level 0 glitch is most likely a reference to the infamous Minus World from the original Super Mario Bros.
  • All the 13 levels that Tucker shows Technus are based on all eight worlds from the 1990 NES video game, Super Mario Bros. 3 .

Fright Night

  • The Bat logo on the title card is similar to the Batman logo.
  • The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. The exclamation was slightly abbreviated as "Grapes of Wrath."
  • The name of the street on the sign on the stop-sign-turned-light-post (Elm Street) is a reference to the 1984 movie Nightmare on Elm Street .
  • When Danny and the Fright Knight are fighting on the roof, Danny says, "Way to whiff, Mr. October." "Mr. October" was the nickname given to baseball player Reggie Jackson, who was known for his clutch hitting in the postseason.
  • Title : While the number "13" is well-known to be considered bad luck in many cultures, in a Biblical context, the number signifies rebellion (e.g. Genesis 14:4). [1] Both also apply to Johnny's nickname being Johnny 13.

Public Enemies

  • Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. The exclamation was slightly abbreviated as "The Adventures of Huck Finn."
  • When Danny and Kwan are fighting on the side of a building, it is similar to the fights between Spider-Man and Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2 .
  • The fight scene where Kwan shows off by twirling his weapon around, only to be blasted by Danny, is a reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark .
  • When Paulina called Danny Phantom a friendly ghost, she made a reference to Casper the Friendly Ghost .
  • The Ghost-keteers are an allusion to the Mouseketeers of The Mickey Mouse Club .
  • When Danny says "I'm gonna need a bigger thermos" in the opening scene, it could be referencing to the line "We're going to need a bigger boat" from Jaws .

Lucky in Love

  • In the title card, Danny carrying Paulina in his arms is a reference to the book and movie Gone with the Wind .

Maternal Instinct

  • Title : "Maternal Instinct" refers to the special intuition mothers are believed to have.
  • When Jazz uses the Jack o' Nine Tails for the first time, she screams a battle cry similar to that of Xena, Warrior Princess from the TV show of the same name.
  • The double-ended device Maddie uses is similar to Darth Maul's double ended light saber; almost exactly with the only exception being the color (Darth Maul's being red in color while hers is green).
  • The Jack o' Nine Tails plays on the name of the traditional weapon, the Cat o' Nine Tails.
  • Vlad reads a book "Romance for Rich Creepy Dimwits," which is based on the For Dummies how-to books.

Life Lessons

  • Skulker's thrill of the hunt chase after two (mostly similar) people echoes/pays homage to that of Richard Connell's 1924 short story, "The Most Dangerous Game."

The Million Dollar Ghost

  • Title : This might be an allusion to either the term "the million dollar question," the television series The Six Million Dollar Man , or the Oscar -winning movie Million Dollar Baby .
  • Groovy Gang and Scaredy Cat is a parody of the popular series Scooby-Doo and He-Man , the Guys in White are a parody of both the Men in Black and The Matrix Agents, and The Extreme Ghostbreakers are a parody of Ghostbusters (and its spin-off series, Extreme Ghostbusters ).

Control Freaks

  • Title : A "control freak" is someone who is extremely bossy, meddling, or controlling.
  • Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.
  • The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe. Mr. Lancer is in a very similar situation to Fortunato, one of the characters in the story.
  • When Tucker and Sam enter the Circus Gothica train, one of the stolen paintings is the famed Mona Lisa.
  • Jack calls  Jeremy  "Thurston" after Jeremy apologizes to him and Maddie. The name "Thurston" is a reference to the  Gilligan's Island character, Thurston Howell III, a millionaire.
  • Freakshow acts very similar to the Joker from the Batman comics due to his similar laugh and appearance.
  • When Danny wasn't talking, or doing anything at all, he was staring out in space, with stars around his head, a potential reference to the Greek astronomy muse Urania (later associated with Christianity due to the meaning of her name).
  • Lydia's name and powers are a reference to the song Lydia the Tattooed Lady.
  • Tucker uses A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway to hide his PDA streaming the opening night of Circus Gothica.
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  • 2 Ember McLain
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Crash Nebula (character)

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Crash Nebula is a fictional superhero in The Fairly OddParents . Like the Crimson Chin , he is a comic/cartoon within a cartoon. Sai Annaluru of the Reagan Quiz Bowl team famously negged "Crab Nebula" with "Crash Nebula."

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Danny Phantom Easter Egg - Crash Nebula Reference

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Crash Nebula

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-Render- Crash Nebula

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Sprig Speevak is a fictional superhero within the world of The Fairly OddParents! (and Danny Phantom ). Initially living with his family in a farm, he was given the opportunity to enter a school in space due to his heroism. He would eventually become the superhero known as Crash Nebula .

Powers and Stats

Tier : 10-B by himself, Unknown with his suit | 5-B , Low 2-C with his ship

Key: Teenager | Adult

Name: Sprig Speevak, Crash Nebula

Origin: The Fairly OddParents!

Gender: Male

Age: 14 | Unknown

Classification: Human | Human, Superhero

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Speed , Acausality (Type 1. Wanda mentioned that there is an episode where he travels backwards in time and finds out he's his own grandfather), 4th Wall Awareness (Repeatedly talks to the audience, sometimes apparently stopping time while doing so), Acrobatics (Does repeated use of them and has implemented them in combat), Afterimage Creation (Can instantly leave brief afterimages when moving). With his suit he gains; Superhuman Physical Characteristics , Flight & Spaceflight , Energy Projection | As before, Superhuman Physical Characteristics , Disguise Mastery ( Disguised himself as an old woman, with the disguise being smaller than his own body ). His ship has Portal Creation and Dimensional Travel ( Described to have a cross dimensional system )

Attack Potency : Human level by himself (A very acrobatic teenager. Harmed 3 small robots by kicking them once, briefly knocking out 2 of them), Unknown with his suit (Destroyed a meteor) | Planet level ( Was quite confident in defeating Pumpkinator "in less than 10 seconds", the latter was afraid of him), Universe level+ with his ship ( It creates a wormhole large enough to break/shatter the space-time continuum )

Speed : Superhuman , higher reactions by himself (Dodged an energy beam that could completely outpace his running speed), far faster Flight Speed with his suit | Superhuman , faster Flight Speed ( Flew outside of a planet in seconds ), far faster with his ship (Should be comparable, if not faster than the ship that was his school bus, which flew fast enough to make stars blur behind it. Seem flying pass many fake stars in a game that are likely to represent real ones )

Lifting Strength : Unknown

Striking Strength : Human level by himself, Unknown with his suit | Planet level

Durability : Human level by himself, Unknown with his suit (Got hit by a meteor. Entered and escaped a black hole) | Planet level

Stamina : Relatively high, his suit depends on its energy and difficult tasks drain it faster

Range : Standard Melee Range physically, Tens of Meters with Energy Projection | As before. Low Multiversal via Dimensional Travel with his ship

Standard Equipment : A bag, ear devices that translate alien idioms, Crash Nebula 3000 (Name of his suit) | Likely a more advanced version of his suit

  • Optional Equipment: None | His ship

Intelligence : Average | Above Average. Should have a notable amount of experience due to having at least 621 episodes in his series

Weaknesses: Inexperience, the suit will eventually ran out of energy | None notable

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  • 1 Tiering System
  • 2 Satoru Gojo


  1. Crash Nebula & Danny Phantom

    crash nebula danny phantom

  2. Danny Phantom in Crash Nebula by tpm-vaporeone on DeviantArt

    crash nebula danny phantom

  3. Crash Nebula & Danny Phantom

    crash nebula danny phantom

  4. Image

    crash nebula danny phantom

  5. Image

    crash nebula danny phantom

  6. Image

    crash nebula danny phantom


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  1. Crash Nebula

    Images Script "All godchildren look the same." This article is about the episode. For other related pages, see Crash Nebula (disambiguation). Crash Nebula is the twenty-first episode of Season 5. It aired on July 2, 2004, but is considered part of Season 5 in production.

  2. Crash Nebula/References

    Crash Nebula in Danny Phantom Crash Nebula - The title is named after the "Crab Nebula", an explosion that happened in 1054. Danny Phantom - An easter egg is shown when Sprig is looking at his comic.

  3. Whatever Happened to Danny Phantom

    A spin-off, Crash Nebula, got as far as a pilot that was later folded into a Season 4 episode of the parent show. But Hartman did land a second series at Nick with Danny Phantom .

  4. Danny Phantom

    Crash Nebula in Danny Phantom. Dash's cameo in Fly Boy. Danny and the Pac-Man ghost's cameos in Poltergeeks. Timmy sees a few puppets in his house including cameos from a few Danny Phantom characters, and Dudley Puppy from T.U.F.F. Puppy. "Space Wars": A Star Wars parody that has been in both The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom.

  5. Stephen Silver

    Danny Phantom: Stephen Silver (born August 30, 1972) is a British artist, ... He also worked on Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents as the lead character designer for the Crash Nebula episode special, and some character designs for the movie Channel Chasers. His early work in animation included designing characters for Histeria.

  6. Crash Nebula (cartoon)

    Crash Nebula (hero) is an in-universe superhero in the Fairly OddParents, much like the Crimson Chin. Crash Nebula has a series of cartoons, comics, and video games that are popular among boys in Timmy Turner 's age group, as he, A.J., Chester, and Elmer have all been seen watching his cartoon or wearing Crash Nebula costumes. Within FOP

  7. Crash Nebula/Appearances

    Danny Phantom (cameo) Brock Rocket; Locations The Fairly OddParents [] The Turner's House; Timmy's Room; Crash Nebula [] The Speevak's Farm; ... Crash Nebula #33: Timmy the Barbarian! #10: It's A Wishful Life #22: Mooooving Day #34: No Substitute For Crazy! #11: Escape From Unwish Island #23: Big Wanda: J/T2:

  8. Crash Nebula (episode)

    69 Airdate: July 2, 2004 Written by: Butch Hartman Steve Marmel Directed by: Butch Hartman " Crash Nebula " is the 69th episode of The Fairly OddParents, produced as a pilot episode for a planned-but-ultimately-unproduced Crash Nebula spin-off series. Contents 1 Synopsis 2 Home video 3 Cast 4 Delays and cancellation 5 External links Synopsis

  9. Crash Nebula (character)

    Crash Nebula is a superhero from the TV show of the same name. Like the Crimson Chin, he is a comic/TV show within a TV show. Character [] Much like the Crimson Chin, Crash Nebula is a fictional hero treated with much love and respect by Timmy and his friends. He is a parody of Harvey Birdman, Space Ghost, and The Flash.

  10. "The Fairly OddParents" Crash Nebula (TV Episode 2004)

    Crash Nebula: Directed by Butch Hartman. With Tara Strong, James Arnold Taylor, Richard Steven Horvitz, Daran Norris. Sprig Speevak is leaving his parent's farm for an intergalactic academy where he will learn to be a space hero. But first, he has to learn to survive space high school.

  11. Crash Nebula

    Crash Nebula (Sprig Speevak) is a science fiction superhero in a show within a show on the animated TV series The Fairly Odd-Parents. ... Danny Phantom. In Season 1 Episode 6, titled "What You Want," Danny and Tucker go to see the movie "Dead Teacher IV," and around 7 minutes and 11 seconds into the episode, fans can see that they are playing a ...

  12. Crash Nebula on Danny Phantom by dlee1293847 on DeviantArt

    Crash Nebula on Danny Phantom By dlee1293847 Published: Sep 5, 2017 25 Favourites 4 Comments 1.9K Views dannyphantom fairlyoddparents In "What You Want" When Danny and Tucker Were At The Movie Theater, They Were Playing In A Crash Nebula Arcade Game. Image size 1280x482px 920.49 KB © 2017 - 2023 More by Suggested Deviants Suggested Collections

  13. Danny Phantom (TV Series 2003-2007)

    Crash Nebula is one of Timmy Turner's favorite superheroes featured in Fairly OddParents (2001) another show created by Butch Hartman. Another reference to ghosts being involved with the show is the main character Danny Fenton and his father, Jack Fenton. Danny and Jack were the father and son's name in Stephen King 's The Shining (1980). In ...

  14. Crash Nebula/Images

    Cake, Dance, & Solid Gold Pants; The Forbidden Phrase; Vicky's Best Friend; King Roydas; Cheater Cheater Cookie Eater; The Most Popular Person; The Show Off

  15. Danny Phantom/Crash Nebula: Space Ghost Part 5

    Danny Phantom/Crash Nebula: Space Ghost Part 5 10:13 PM The Citadel. Aghast, Crash, Valerie and Danny see how rotten flesh and steel have come together as one big spit on the face of humanity —the face of nature! "Ok, please tell me what are those things?"

  16. Danny Phantom/Crash Nebula: Space Ghost 8

    Danny Phantom/Crash Nebula: Space Ghost 8 Add to Favourites Comment By ninitynine Watch Published: Dec 27, 2015 19 Favourites 0 Comments 10K Views Danny Phantom/Crash Nebula: Space Ghost Part 8

  17. List of allusions/Season 1

    The game is actually "Crash Nebula" from another Butch Hartman-created cartoon, The Fairly OddParents!. During the football game, one of the announcers exclaims, "Holy Mark McGwire!" referring to the famous baseball player. Danny's false pleading of "Don't throw me into the Ghost Zone!"

  18. Crash Nebula Actually Sucked And Here's Why

    Crash Nebula was a potential branch-off from Fairly Oddparents, created by Butch Hartman. We learn about Crash Nebula's origin via a random episode of Fairly...

  19. Crash Nebula (character)

    Crash Nebula is a fictional superhero in The Fairly OddParents. Like the Crimson Chin, he is a comic/cartoon within a cartoon. Sai Annaluru of the Reagan Quiz Bowl team famously negged "Crab Nebula" with "Crash Nebula." "Gee, this is harder than I thought." This article about a character is a stub. You can help Nickipedia by expanding it. The ...

  20. Crash Nebula references in Danny Phantom.

    Crash Nebula references in Danny Phantom. 20 Mar 2023 04:13:31

  21. Danny Phantom Easter Egg

    How to find the "Crash Nebula Reference" Easter Egg in Danny Phantom. in the episode where tucker becomes a ghost, look in the begining when danny is in the theater. you will see a bunch of arcade games. one of the games is "CRASH NEBULA". (for those who dont watch danny phantom and fairy oddparents) it is timmy's...

  22. Crash Nebula CANCELLED Movie and TV Show (Fairly OddParents ...

    In the early days of Fairly OddParents, I developed a Crash Nebula project with Nickelodeon and Paramount!Support Oaxis on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2JYfUGP...

  23. Crash Nebula

    Sprig Speevak is a fictional superhero within the world of The Fairly OddParents! (and Danny Phantom ). Initially living with his family in a farm, he was given the opportunity to enter a school in space due to his heroism. He would eventually become the superhero known as Crash Nebula . Powers and Stats