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Danny Phantom Allies Headcanons

This headcanon is gonna be about the many characters from the series Danny Phantom and see what their relationship with Team Phantom would be in the series ranging from: ally, neutral, and enemy. I’m gonna split them into parts the first being ally, Enjoy.

Warning : Some character explanations will be super long, mentions of death, and other things rated PG-13.

Maddie and Jack Fenton - Once Danny reveals his Danny Phantom, they couldn’t believe it. The ghost boy they were hunting was their own son who they threaten to cut open to his face! They are filled with guilt, sadness, and angry at themselves for not seeing the signs to begin with. Danny says he forgives them, but they can’t understand how he can look them in the face and say he still loves them after everything. After a long talk they reconcile and vow to be better parents to Danny, Jazz, and Dani once adopted. They still ghost hunt, but make sure the equipment can’t harm Danny or Dani and cause less property damage to the relief of everyone.

Maurice and Angela Foley - The reason the Foley’s allowed Tucker to still be friends with Tucker is because they feel bad for him (and Jazz). Tucker’s parents know the Fentons are good people despite their obsession with ghost. But, their actions always ruined Danny and Jazz’s reputation. Whenever Danny visits Mrs. Foley packs him dinner and snacks for him and Jazz. After finding out he was the ghost boy doesn’t change a thing! So they get some ghost hunting gear from the Fentons to help Team Phantom from time -to -time. But, as parents they make sure they do their school work first before fighting crime.

Sidney Poindexter - Poindexter was the one who introduced us that Danny was a halfa, he possessed Danny something no other ghost thought to do, and during Reign Storm he spoke out against the other ghost haunting Amity Park. I really liked Poindexter’s character but hated his episode. I hate in bullying episode when the main character tries to defend themself, they get in trouble and are called bullies. If I were to rewrite the episode, I would have Danny do what Tulip did for MT (aka Lake) and set Poindexter free from his mirror and away from the ghost version of Casper High. Once, free and Danny explains why he attacked Dash, Poindexter realizes how similar Danny’s situation is to his. Both are bullied and unpopular with their peers, and Danny is looked down due to his parents’ job occupation. Poindexter apologies and pulls a prank on Dash to even the score. I doubt Poindexter would stay in Amity Park let alone Casper High, so he’d probably travel and see how things changed since the 1950’s. He still visits Team Phantom and can communicate to Danny through the mirror. I also believe he would be the reason Lunch Lady becomes an ally.

The Lunch Lady - She never does anything truly villainous; she was more furious that Sam changed the menu. I believe she knew Poindexter when he was a student and would comfort him and defend him from bullies. Likewise, Poindexter would help cook and clean in the kitchen with her. After, Poindexter was murdered (via being shoved in his locker by bullies), her health declined and later passed. Everyone thought it was high blood pressure due to her diet, but it was really a broken heart. During a fight with Danny, Poindexter pops in for a visit and the two recognize each other. Poindexter, would convince Lunch Lady that Danny and the rest of Team Phantom are his friends, and she would be so heart warmed that Poindexter finally has friends. How she becomes an ally is that Team Phantom is to convince her to also make dishes for people’s dietary restrictions (such as peanut allergies, gluten-free, vegan, etc ) and Sam agrees that you can’t control what people eat, but you can give options (like a salad bar or add vegan options to the regular menu). Afterwards, she would probably haunt food banks, homeless shelters, and community gardens to make sure everyone gets their fill and make sure food is produced right.

Cujo - Cujo never really means to cause harm he’s just a puppy who wants to play! At some point he and the rest of the guard dogs came back to attack Axion Labs for “getting rid” of them. Danny the only reason they calmed down (via ‘The Apology Song’ from the 'Book of Life’ style) and the guard dogs decide to rest in peace minus Cujo; at this point Danny gives up trying to put Cujo back in the Ghost Zone. Cujo then follows Danny around until Danny realizes Cujo wants to be his friend. It took a lot of convincing, but Jack and Maddie let Danny, Jazz, and Dani keep Cujo as a pet. Now that he’s welcomed by the Fentons he’s found the forever home he didn’t have in life. I believe he used to play with a middle school Valerie before he was 'put down’, Valerie has no memories of this until her dad brings up her visiting the guard dogs when she was younger.

Wulf - No Duh! Danny has helped his escaped Walker’s clutches many times in the series. Whenever, Wulf visits Amity Park he always visits Team Phantom to catch up with the and fight bad guys.

Dora the Dragon Ghost - After, 'Beauty Marked’ became an ally of Team Phantom, but honestly, she’s closet to Sam and Poindexter out of everyone. Now as queen she introduces her people to new ideas, equality, and peace. During 'Reign Storm’ she formed a friendship with Poindexter as they talked about their past lives (but I suspect she never told Poindexter that Aragon was still a tyrant in the Ghost Zone). Poindexter and Dora still hangout and consider each other best friends. When they get the chance Team Phantom visit Dora and teach her new things in the world and she teaches them how things were in her time. I can also see her becoming friends with Ember and Kitty.

Amorpho - After 'Forever Phantom’ Amorpho still visits Amity Park from time to time. Whenever he sees Danny burnout from his duties he’ll take his place to let Danny get some rest.

Pandora - Before returning her box Pandora had heard stories of Team Phantom protecting both the living and the dead world earning Pandora’s respect like the heroes of old.

Box Ghost - I see him being an ally in the long run, especially if Lunch Lady and Poindexter are involved. Once, Box Lunch is born Danny becomes her main babysitter so that’s another reason to bound.

Klemper - The guy just really wants some friends.

Frostbite - Can’t have an ally list without him! Whenever Danny can’t go to Clockwork dealing with issues of ghosts, humans, or his personal life he’ll go to Frostbite. Danny also goes to Frostbite to learn about ghost culture and the Ghost Zone.

Valerie Gray - I was really disappointed that Valerie’s story went unfinished - so here I go. After, finding out that Vlad was half-ghost she never tells him, but keeps a short distance in case he got suspicious. During another encounter with Phantom and Cujo at the Axion Labs, Valerie finds out that Cujo used to be a guard dog that was “put down” and that’s why he haunts the Axion Lab in the first place. Upon knowing the truth Valerie confronts her dad’s boss in front of the lab and her classmates (pretend it’s another field trip or something) along with Phantom and Sam about how her dad was unjustly fired because they didn’t have anti-ghost tech at the time and for “getting rid” of the guard dogs. Knowing he’s in hot water for firing Mr. Gray and animal cruelty, the boss gives Damon his job back with all the perks. Valerie and her father can move back to Amity Park and the life they had, but don’t. They move back to Amity Park, but their house is similar to Tucker and Danny’s and now knowing the value of a dollar they don’t spend too much. Back at school Valerie is not welcome back into the A-listers, they claim despite the fact she has money again and popularity rose a little she’s been gone for so long she has loser-cooties, and they didn’t room at the table. Later, Valerie connects the dots that Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom are the same person and Vlad used her to harm Danny. Valerie goes to confront Vlad about this and her plan to expose him, Vlad counters that if she exposes him, he’ll expose her as the Red Hunter. Vlad goes on and explains that a majority of her classmates are Phantom’s fans and if they found out she is the Red Hunter that antagonizes Phantom not only will her reputation be destroyed beyond repair so will her father’s. Valerie has no choice but to remain silent, and Vlad uses this to reminder her not to mess with him! Team Phantom realizes Valerie is in distress, but she can’t talk about it. Team Phantom realizes it’s ghost related so Danny reveals himself as Danny Phantom and how he knew she was the Red Hunter the whole time. At first Valerie is hecka furious she could’ve killed him! Danny then explains how Vlad is after him, Dani being his clone, and Vlad trying to get with his mother, Valerie is more determined to stop Vlad. After, Vlad is exposed as a fraud (not as a halfa) he’s banned from Amity Park, his friendship with Jack is ruined, and he can do no more harm to Danny or the rest of Team Phantom, Valerie is free. At first she thinks she is no longer needed and will be alone again, only to be proven wrong. Yes, it’s a long road to forgiveness, but Valerie accepts it and becomes a member of Team Phantom.

Damon Gray - After finding out Danny’s secret and getting his position back at Axion Damon does his best to cover and protect Team Phantom. He’s mostly happy to see that Valerie has friends again, actual friends.

Dani Fenton/Phantom - After Danny reveals he’s half- ghost to his parents he tells them about Dani, and they go out to find her. Once found they adopt her and accept her into the family. Not only does Dani have a place to stay she is now surrounded by family and friends.

Ida Manson - I believe after 'Control Freaks’ Ida found out about Danny being Phantom, but kept it a secret until they were ready to tell her similar to what Jazz did. Ida usual covers for Team Phantom when they leave for long periods of time and makes sure they’re properly rested and fed before and after missions. And if anybody to callout Danny Fenton or Phantom she’s the first to defend him.

Mr.Lancer - Mr. Lancer was flabbergasted to find out his student was the town hero. It explained everything: failing classes, late for school, horried excuses, etc. Mr. Lancer was about to confront the Fentons until Danny and the rest of Team Phantom begged him not to tell. With all the crazy ghosthunters in Amity Park Mr. Lancer understood why it would be a bad idea to reveal Danny. He agrees but makes them swear if any threat human or ghost is too big for them, they’ll come to him for help. He does ease up on punishments they receive and uses them as excuses for Team Phantom to rest and earn extra credit on schoolwork. He does his best to defend Danny, Fenton or Phantom whenever anyone tries to badmouth him.

Johnny 13 and Kitty - It took a while for to warm up to the group (mainly Danny and Jazz), but they prove themselves to excellent for Team Phantom. They did cause trouble for Danny, but they never really go out of their way to be malicious, they just want to be with each other! I always saw Johnny being an older brother to Danny with horrid dating advice (Danny never takes the advice) and Kitty being the older brother’s girlfriend giving actual good dating advice. How they become an ally is that Johnny is once again flirting with some human girls and Kitty is so upset, she runaway. In a crying fit she ends up on the Fenton’s roof, at first Danny thinks it’s an attack until he sees how upset Kitty is. Danny sits down next to Kitty as she explains her situation with Johnny and even talks about how she died. Growing up she had friends, but her two best friends were just like her: rich, popular, and perfect. When, they got older Kitty wanted to try new and exciting things which her best friends didn’t understand why. One day she fell in love with Johnny who her friends thought was low class and wasn’t worth her time. After, graduation/ during a debutante ball their she wanted to hit the open road with Johnny and wanted her friends to come along. Then, a heated fight broke out, harsh words were said, and the friendship was over with. During the trip Kitty and Johnny died in a horrible crash and became ghost. Johnny arrives about to fight Danny because he thinks he’s flirting with Kitty. Danny tells Johnny off about how Kitty told him how both died and how horrible he’s been treating Kitty. To add insult to injury Danny says something along the lines of how Kitty gave up everything to be with him and how all he does is flirt around. Johnny realizes how must up he’s been and apologizes to Kitty, she doesn’t fully accept it, but wants to start couples therapy, then they leave Danny alone. Some time passes and the couple want to thank Danny for getting them to talk about their problems and bringing them together with the rest of Team Phantom and apologize for past troubles and how they died. Sam thinks how Kitty and Johnny sounds familiar, but brushes it off. Later on Ida (Sam’s grandma) joins Team Phantom and the three regonize each other and the teens find out Kitty’s friends were Pamela and Jeremy. Sam’s shocked at first until she remebers her middle name 'Anna’ was named after her parents’ friend Katherine aka Kitty. Then Kitty and Johnny are like:

AW $#!+, we almost possessed our goddaughter and her boyfriend’s sister!

They do apologize for almost possessing Jazz and Sam and possessing Paulina. Then cement themselves as members of Team Phantom and allow Danny to take breaks from fighting.

Clockwork - For ages Clockwork has watched over the human realm and the ghost realm and had seen its victories and tragedies. Sadly, he must remain a neutral party and despite the many twist and turns of the timeline the poorer of choices were always made. Then, Danny came. Despite being a child he would do everything to protect his loved ones and others. Before the Nasty Burger exploded Clockwork made the choice to be neutral no more and help Danny despite the consequences he would receive. Now, Clockwork is Danny and Dan Phantom’s (Dark Danny) sole guardian. Danny knows he can’t go to Clockwork for all his problems, but whenever something gets too big or Danny needs a good cry, Clockwork will be their.

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danny phantom headcanons pinterest

This headcanon is gonna be about the many characters from the series Danny Phantom and see what their relationship with...
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danny phantom headcanons pinterest

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for..


thenaphantoms asked:

Hey!! I just saw your post about what doll brands the DP girlies would be into, and as a doll collector and DP fan myself, it made me super happy!! I had no idea there was an overlap!

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

Awww thank you!! 🤗I don’t usually see an overlap like that either within DP so I’m glad to find another fellow fan/collector as well~! :>

Anonymous asked:

have u heard about/read the new danny phantom graphic novel, "a glitch in time"?

Ooh, I have heard about it actually! :> Sounds like an interesting story from what I’ve seen from other DP blogs I’ve followed, and always a blast to see more official DP content in-general imo~ … th ats not some weird concept stuff from Hartman’s YT channel I mean- but that’s beside the point lol


In terms of me actually sitting down to reading it myself? Hmmm… idk? I’m not really the “biggest” fan of either Vlad or Dark-Danny tbh ( *-I don’t “hate” them btw, I just… kiiiiinda fell out of the hype after all the years & years of fan-content with ‘em lol* ) so idk if I’d really wanna sit through a whole graphic novel focused on them…? .w.;

-Buuuuuut then again, I would get the chance to see more of my gal Sam & more DP gang adventures (I think even Valerie gets some spotlight from a few posts I’ve seen? :o), so maaaybe I’ll end up giving it a read after all just for ol’ time’s sake. Idk, we’ll see- .3.

Random DP HCs: The Main Girls’ fave doll brands (‘cause yes lol)


(*Bonus HC that Paulina’s a total horsegirl (MLP & so-on),Jazz has tons of American Girl books that she likes to comfort-read now & then, Dani would get a kick out of the 2000s-era Littlest Pet Shop toys, Sam has every Draculaura doll in existence (playline, collector, budget, etc.) along with the other goth merch she collects, Valerie has maaaany many Squishmallows (hugging them alot when she wants some downtime from ghost-hunting), and Star has every Barbie movie on DVD that she insists to play at most sleepovers/friend hangout sessions (not that Paulina minds~💕)

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

I’ve wanted to do this from the very first time I drew genderbent Danny Phantom, and finally, after so long, I could do it! I hope you like it, I made it with much love! n.n My social media: https://linktr.ee/amethystocean Support me on Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/amethyst_ocean 🖤

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

the last two. Done with the set.

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

There isn't enough love out there for Goth Princess Sam.

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

Amity Park is known to have the best thrift shops in the area simply because Pamela Manson keeps buying her daughter fancy clothes she doesn’t want so people will go to Billy the Thrift Wizard’s Hideaway and find a full rack of, like, Chanel because Sam’s about sustainability.

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

How is that sustainability?

If reasonably priced quality clothing is more widely available people are less likely to rely on the fast fashion industry, which often uses unfair labor practices to mass produce products of lesser quality that will wear out easier and eventually end up in a landfill.

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

Constantly in my ghost era

What’s your opinion on DannyxEmber? (Personally she could do better lol)


I’ve seen this ship floating around in the non-canon parts of the fandom over the years… aaaand my views haven’t really changed that I find it pretty boring/overrated lol. Like, I guess it has mainly to do with Ember’s character popularity on her own, so shipping her with the main lead guy was bound to get some hype ( esp around those who don’t like Sam/DxS as a ship ).

And like… I mean I do get hero/villain ships have always been a thing since forever, but I just don’t really see how Ember would even find Danny that appealing herself? She’s a prideful rockstar chick who needs to have everyone chant her name to be powerful… and with Danny’s inherent awkwardness/struggles with popularity, I feel like she’d ultimately see him as a dweeb not worth her time, ghost powers or not lol.

(*Not to mention that whole “ hypnotizing Danny to fall in love with Sam/getting heartbroken being the only thing that freed him from said spell ” thing and… yeaaaah imo there’d just be too much baggage in that for a potential relationship to work- 🤷‍♀️*)

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

ik Hannukah is still a few days away but here, have some Sam Manson


im not jewish myself so if i did a no no lmk

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

Jazz once confronted Dash and his buddies over their treatment of Danny and other students. The football team later called it “the most vicious verbal lashing in Amity Park history.” After that, Casper High’s bullying problem was greatly reduced.

asker portrait

For their first date, Jack and Maddie went to the movies and saw the original Poltergeist.

Right now I can’t remember the canon timeline for this, but I like to think that Jazz gets her “Have you hugged your inner child today?” bumper sticker after the Youngblood episode “The Fenton Menace”.

Jazz loves to dance and is actually very good at it.

Ghosts are drawn to their doors, like a homing instinct.  Even though Danny’s door is hidden by the portal, he still feels its pull.  He isn’t really conscious of it, but at least he never has to worry about getting lost.  Unless his door is moved, he will always be able to find the portal.

Danny does have a lair, but he never finds the door.  A ghost’s door forms at the spot in the ghost zone that corresponds to the place he died, so Danny’s door is exactly where the portal opens in the ghost zone.  The only time the door is accessible or even visible is when the portal is shut down, so Danny doesn’t even know it’s there.

When Vlad creates doppelgangers, only the original is capable of returning to his form. In D-Stabilized the split process was Vlad creating a doppelganger in his place; the real Vlad went into the closet and the fake went to deal with Danny and Valerie. This is supported when Masters returns to the clone and the clone is reabsorbed, not the other way around.

After Dan Phantom became what he was, he overshadowed Danny instead of killing him. But turned back and stayed in his ghost form, keeping his human half the same age for ten years, which is why, in ‘The Ultimate Enemy’ he fooled everyone by going back to being human.

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

He's a Fenton

Related blogs.

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

Current Progress

Suggested tags:, team phantom headcanons.

  • Tucker and Danny have known each other since nursery school. Since Tucker’s mom didn’t work, she would sometimes look after Danny while Jack and Maddie were busy. The Fentons and Foleys are very close as a result, and they consider each other family.
  • The two of them met Sam in grade school, though she kept to herself initially (and came off as intimidating to most). The three of them had a few run-ins, though, and slowly became inseparable.
  • Danny had a little crush on Sam when they first met, but he kept quiet about it because he was too shy to say anything (though he did tell Tucker). By high school, he was pretty sure he’d long since gotten over her. Tucker still liked teasing him about it, and he noticed pretty quickly when Sam started reacting to it more than Danny.
  • Sam was the tallest of the three throughout their childhood, while Tucker and Danny were always about the same height. Tucker shot up halfway through sophomore year, and Sam was furious the day she realized he’d finally passed her. The two of them loved playfully teasing Danny for being a tiny peanut until he hit is growth spurt in junior year. He always remained kinda on the shorter side, though.
  • Tucker was always the heaviest of the three, though. He likes to brag that it’s his high-protein diet helping him build muscle, but Sam’s still the most physically strong and agile. Both of them can lift Danny, but he can do the same for neither of them unless he’s in ghost form.
  • Danny is ¼ Korean (through his paternal grandma). Everyone on his mom’s side has red hair and freckles, and both he and Jazz got the freckles.
  • Sam’s grandma is ½ Chinese. Her son was adopted, and he and his wife wanted to do the same and adopt a little girl that looked like Ida. That’s why Sam looks similar to her grandma, but not her parents. They’re both ½ Chinese.
  • Pamela and Jeremy’s biological families are from the UK. That’s why Sam has Chinese decor and a UK flag in her room.
  • Tucker’s dad can’t eat most fruits or vegetables due to digestive problems. Because of that, most of what his mom cooks is meat, and that’s why Tucker has hardly eaten any vegetables in his life.
  • Although they have all known each other since they were little, they spend more time doing things than chatting, so there are still lots of things they don’t know about each other (or that one knows about another that the other doesn’t). For example:
  • Tucker didn’t know what an ultra-recyclo vegetarian was because Sam had only recently come up with the term. Danny was just the first one she told about it.
  • Danny didn’t know about Tucker’s fear of hospitals because Tucker had avoided them for most of his life. Sam knew because Tucker told her to explain why he couldn’t visit Danny in the hospital (after the portal accident). She basically looked after him after that, so Danny never really noticed until Doctor’s Disorders.
  • Sam didn’t know Danny hated Christmas because she was usually visiting her grandparents once winter break started. The year before the show started, her grandfather passed away and her grandmother moved in with her and her parents, so it was her first Hanukkah at home.
  • Danny and Tucker didn’t know Sam was rich because during her younger years, her parents didn’t allow her to invite boys over, and she didn’t want people to try befriending her just because she has a lot of money. After her grandma moved in with her family, she managed to talk to her parents about giving Sam a little more freedom, so Danny and Tucker can sometimes visit.
  • Tucker’s first business was a coffee stand when he was little. His logic was that lemonade stands are too common, and something different would get more business. He also knew his parents needed a cup every morning. His business was shut down once his parents found out he was the one using up all the coffee.
  • Have I ever mentioned witch Sam Manson?
  • Witch Sam Manson.
  • Sam Manson is a modern day witch in training.
  • And not one of those fictional hocus pocus witches.
  • I know and am friends with people who practice witchcraft.
  • This is the type of witch that Sam is.
  • Danny’s favorite genre of music is punk, though he’ll listen to most rock in general. Sam likes punk, too, though her favorite genres are indie and metal. Tucker will listen to just about anything.
  • Sam collects older movies and records, and she has a hobby for making remixes of old music.
  • Danny and Jazz were both really chubby babies, but they both stretched out as they got older.
  • Danny has never had the best self-care habits, but after getting his powers, he got even worse about eating and sleeping. Jazz (with the occasional help from Sam and Tucker) basically has to constantly watch him to make sure he doesn’t die or something. More than he has, anyway.
  • Tucker and Sam were planning on trying to recreate the portal accident so they could help lighten Danny’s load better, but he found out about it and flipped out. He made them promise to never attempt it because he’d rather handle everything than risk losing them if his powers were just a fluke. That’s why Sam didn’t try going in the portal herself in Memory Blank.
  • Sam doesn’t consider herself vegan because she’ll eat honey and some dairy, but she won’t eat most animal products. She wanted to keep bees for a long time, but her parents wouldn’t allow it because they thought it was too risky for a child. The greenhouse was their compromise.
  • In spite of Sam and Tucker’s very specific diets, Danny’s actually the pickiest eater. He won’t touch anything if he doesn’t like the texture it has. Slimy foods, really dry foods, or anything he deems “not right” in any way.
  • Sam totally likes harem skirts fight me.
  • Sam doesn’t fear much, but while she’d never admit it, she hates roller coasters.
  • Tucker pays for all his technology himself by doing odd jobs here and there. He’s usually broke because he’s always buying the fanciest, most expensive gadgets he can get his hands on, but he’s made a lot in his life.
  • Despite having a lot of fears in real life, Tucker can handle horror movies really well. He especially love the ones with the most violence and gore. Psychological horror bores him. That’s more Sam’s thing. Danny doesn’t really care for horror movies all that much. He only watches them because his friends like them.
  • Tucker has totally sold fake IDs . He doesn’t have much of an interest in drinking, so he never uses them, but he can make them easily, and they sell really well.
  • Although Tucker’s considered a nerd, he’s a legend among nerds. Most school nerds know who he is and know to go to him when they need his nerd or geek expertise.
  • They have all kissed each other. All of them. For various reasons. None of them speak of these moments, but that does not erase the fact that it happened. Danny and Tucker both kissed Sam non-romantically in canon, and you will not convince me the boys haven’t kissed, too.
  • Sam has loved the name Lilith since childhood and fully intends to give her first daughter that name. Again, fight me.
  • Sam will also totally get at least one tattoo in the future. One of them will absolutely be the DP logo.
  • Danny has no desire to grow his hair long or grow any kind of facial hair. He feels he’s look too much like two individuals he doesn’t want to be associated with. Tucker gets a rockin’ goatee when he’s older, tho.
  • Sam has donated thousands to cancer research and then plotted cold blooded murder within the space of 15 minutes. She feels no guilt.
  • Tucker and Danny sometimes forget that Sam is still a girl, but Tucker also has this problem with Jazz. She’s not dateable. She’s his best friend’s sister. That’d just be weird.
  • And that’s a lot so I’ll stop now. I love these three, in case I hadn’t mentioned that before.

danny phantom headcanons pinterest

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  1. Danny phantom headcanons

    Dec 21, 2022 - Explore The Child's board "Danny phantom headcanons" on Pinterest. See more ideas about danny phantom, phantom, danny phantom funny.

  2. Danny Phantom Headcanons and Ideas

    Danny Phantom headcanon that one reason people don't recognize Fenton as Phantom is because, aside from the fact that it's not a conclusion most people would easily come to, Phantom doesn't look very human much less like Fenton. Phantom is much more solid than most ghosts, easier to see than others but he's always stuck in a state of ...

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    Danny Phantom. 2,500 Pins. 41w. Collection by. Lindsay Hyer. Share. Similar ideas popular now. Nickelodeon. Anime. Johnny Phantom. Ghost Rider Pictures. Character Design. Batman. Marvel. Superhero. Comics. Artwork. Movie. Writing Tips. Writing Prompts. Danny Phantom Funny. Nerd. Ghost Boy. Night Vale. Tumblr. Fandoms. Read Later. Fantasma Danny.

  4. Danny Phantom Headcanons and Ideas

    Sam transferred to Amity Park Middle School towards the beginning of 8th grade because she had been kicked out of her old one (a fancy charter school) for insubordination.

  5. Danny Phantom Headcanons on Tumblr

    Headcanon: Ghost!Paulina. During a battle between Danny Phantom and a new ghost, Paulina gets caught in the cross fires and becomes the first person to be killed by ghosts. She blames Phantom for not saving her and later on becomes one of his most feared enemies known as CharmSpeaker. Bonus: Later when Danny and Sam settled down and have a ...

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    Nov 28, 2022 - Explore The Golden Dragon's board "DP headcanons" on Pinterest. See more ideas about danny phantom funny, danny phantom, phantom.

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    Commission for fuckingqueenofhell for that rad Trans!Danny Au/headcanon :> and because she gave me free rein i slipped in a trans!vlad and yah'lL CAN'T StOP ME fuckin christ vlad yahll his ears off why don't yah Tagged: #Danny Phantom, #Vlad Masters, #Ghostchickyart, #Trans!danny, #Trans!vlad, #fuckingqueenofhell, what danny was doing in vlads castle in the first place is up to you ...

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    You'll never be bored again. Maybe later. See a recent post on Tumblr from @box-of-ghostly-thoughts about Danny phantom headcanon. Discover more posts about danny phantom, and Danny phantom headcanon.

  9. 'cause he's Danny Phantom. All DP. Headcanons, fics, fanart ...

    Pinterest. Today. Watch. Shop. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. ... Dec 6, 2019 - 'cause he's Danny Phantom. All DP. Headcanons, fics, fanart etc. sideblog. Dec 6, 2019 - 'cause he's Danny Phantom. All DP.

  10. Index Of Danny Phantom Headcanons by Veidara on DeviantArt

    Index Of Danny Phantom Headcanons. Add to Favourites. By. Veidara. Published: Jul 6, 2016. Favourites. Comments. 6.2K Views. +HEADCANON INDEX+Generally Accepted:• Phantom Planet never happened*• Dark Dan returns at... Premium Deviation. To read, unlock this Premium Gallery — and support the artist! Unlock for $1000.00 / 80000.

  11. Is there a list of Danny Phantom Headcanons? : r/dannyphantom

    Danny having a slower heart rate and lower body temp. Ghosts have their own language. Ember became a ghost due to a tragic house fire. Red Huntress (being her hero name), his blood is red either hints of green when in human form. Jack and/or Maddie always seemed to have grown up on a farm. the townsfolk refer to Danny's ghost form as just ...

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    584 followers. Danny Phantom Funny. Phantom 3. Phantom Comics. Bbrae. Fanart. Nickelodeon Shows. Funny Memes. Jokes. Ghost Boy. 8 Comments. Oct 8, 2020 - Danny Phantom / Wes Weston / Headcanon.


    Danny Phantom Allies Headcanons. This headcanon is gonna be about the many characters from the series Danny Phantom and see what their relationship with Team Phantom would be in the series ranging from: ally, neutral, and enemy. I'm gonna split them into parts the first being ally, Enjoy.

  14. #danny phantom headcanon on Tumblr

    He had just been involved in a huge accident involving one of their inventions, it's no wonder he gets so nervous when they malfunction and go off around him. #danny phantom #danny phantom fandom #danny phantom headcanon #dp hc #just some ramblings. See a recent post on Tumblr from @canthejustboremetodeath about danny phantom headcanon.

  15. LGBT+ Headcanons : r/dannyphantom

    Love the headcanons! Jack is bisexual and deeply in love with both Maddie and Vlad (only Maddie reciprocates, Vlad hates his guts despite being the only person to love him unconditionally) Dani and Jazz are both lesbians (13 was a mix of mind control and comphet) This is bordering on canon at this point but Dash is gay and in love with Phantom.

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    Want to discover art related to dannyphantompaulina? Check out amazing dannyphantompaulina artwork on DeviantArt. Get inspired by our community of talented artists.

  17. Danny Phantom Headcanons and Ideas

    Anonymous asked: Tired of yelling to be let out of the Thermos and no-one answering, Dan teaches himself to read Clockwork's mind and communicate telepathically with him.Through this he becomes able to "see" the outside world surrounding Clockwork. He extends his new power into Danny's timeline, deciding to sit in Danny's mind, follow Danny's movements and occasionally remind him that his evil ...

  18. Popular DP headcanons explained? : r/dannyphantom

    Ghost King Danny is a VERY long one. But to start off with, when Danny starts fighting Pariah, Pariah starts off with, "I accept your challenge." Which is an interesting phrase, like, sure, Danny is coming in and telling him he's gonna beat him up, but Pariah could have said something like, "I will destroy you!"

  19. Explore the Best Dannyphantomtucker Art

    Literature. Index Of Danny Phantom Headcanons. +HEADCANON INDEX+Generally Accepted:• Phantom Planet never happened*• Dark Dan returns at... $1000.00 / 80000. Unlock Gallery. N. Literature. No Exceptions. Danny silently prided himself for remembering to knock.

  20. Creature of the Night

    In terms of me actually sitting down to reading it myself? Hmmm… idk? I'm not really the "biggest" fan of either Vlad or Dark-Danny tbh (*-I don't "hate" them btw, I just… kiiiiinda fell out of the hype after all the years & years of fan-content with 'em lol*) so idk if I'd really wanna sit through a whole graphic novel focused on them…? .w.;

  21. Danny Phantom Headcanons and Ideas

    Danny does have a lair, but he never finds the door. A ghost's door forms at the spot in the ghost zone that corresponds to the place he died, so Danny's door is exactly where the portal opens in the ghost zone. The only time the door is accessible or even visible is when the portal is shut down, so Danny doesn't even know it's there.

  22. Danny Phantom Headcanons

    A long time ago, when I was bored at recess, I made up and OC, Danny and Sam's kid. i named him Dave. In this little story I made up, I Danny and Sam were king and queen of the Ghost Zone until Dave was born. Now Dave is king and Danny and Sam are prince and princess. I believe Dave would be 10 times stronger than Danny.

  23. Team Phantom Headcanons

    Danny didn't know about Tucker's fear of hospitals because Tucker had avoided them for most of his life. Sam knew because Tucker told her to explain why he couldn't visit Danny in the hospital (after the portal accident). She basically looked after him after that, so Danny never really noticed until Doctor's Disorders.