• Phantom Train

After infiltrating the Imperial Base, Sabin and Shadow meet Cyan and go south to the Phantom Forest.

Phantom Forest

Ghost train.

Follow the straightforward path through the forest. When the path splits, go up. Then go east, and go north at the end to reach the Phantom Train.

Go toward the train and there will be a cutscene. Then go to the left and go to the door of the train car to get on board, then after the cutscene, try to leave the way you came in. On the Phantom Train, there are enemies that you won't have another chance to fight after this. Sabin's AuraBolt/Aura Cannon works well against the enemies on the train.

After you try to leave the train the way you came in, go to the right until you are in the rightmost train car. Talk to the ghost to have it join you. In battle you can use its Possess skill to instantly kill an enemy, but if you do, the ghost dies too. The ghost isn't very strong, but at least it can help by being another target for enemies. After getting the ghost, you can go through the door to find a save point.

Leave this train car and go to the left. You can talk to ghosts in the train, but they are likely to attack. However, some of the ghosts will sell you things, and other ghosts will want to join you if your other ghost dies. The merchant ghost sells Tonics/Potions, Potions/Hi-Potions, Antidotes, Green Cherries, Fenix Down/Phoenix Down, Sleeping Bag, and Shuriken.

After going to the left, you eventually you reach a train car that doesn't have a side door. Go around to the front and enter the door there. Go inside until a ghost blocks the door, then talk to that ghost to fight it. After the cutscene, climb up the ladder, then go all the way to the left of the train car. Sabin will jump.

After Sabin lands, go left to enter the train car. Flip the switch. Afterward, go inside and flip the switch again.

Keep going to the left. In the car with the tables and chairs, sit in the chair at the middle table to be healed up. Leave the dining car the way you came in, then go to the left side of the train car and enter from the left to find a chest.

Continue going west. In the train car with rooms, go into the first room and walk up to the chest to fight Siegfried. He is weak, so just use regular Fight attacks against him.

If you want a Tent, go into the second room and check the top-left corner. Then leave the room.

Continue going to the left. You will reach another train car with two rooms. The second room has several chests. The far-left chest contains a monster in a box known as Specter/Apparition. You win a Hyper Wrist if you beat it. If you fight it, have Sabin use the AuraBolt/Aura Cannon Blitz (Down Down Left), Cyan should use SwdTech/Bushido 1, and Shadow should throw Shuriken. Or if you still have a ghost with you, you can instantly kill the Specter by having the ghost Possess it. You are already almost done with the Phantom Train, so it doesn't much matter if you lose your ghost at this point.

From this train car, go to the left and you will find a small train car with a door on the front. Go inside to find a save point. Go outside and go left, and you will reach the engine car. Go inside, flip the left switch and the right switch, then leave.

If you don't have any Fenix Downs/Phoenix Downs, you should go to the train car to the right of the train car that has a save point inside. A couple of the chests in the second room contain Fenix Downs/Phoenix Downs.

On the engine car, go all the way to the left and check the chimney. You will battle the Ghost Train. You can just use a Fenix Down/Phoenix Down to kill it instantly. If somehow you don't have one, or you just want more of a challenge, then have Sabin use AuraBolt/Aura Cannon against it, and make sure all three of your party members stay alive, because the train won't use Evil Toot/Diabolic Whistle as frequently (this move inflicts a random status ailment).

After the battle, watch the cutscene. After the cutscene, just wait for a while, and then you will automatically leave.

  • Final Fantasy 3/6 Walkthrough
  • Table of Contents
  • Escape from Narshe
  • Figaro Castle
  • South Figaro Cave
  • Mt. Kolts/Mt. Koltz
  • Returners' Hideout
  • Lete River/Lethe River
  • Terra's Scenario
  • Locke's Scenario
  • Sabin's Scenario
  • Serpent Trench
  • Narshe Cliffs
  • Opera: Maria and Draco
  • Magitek Factory
  • A New Friend in Narshe
  • Cave to the Sealed Gate
  • Imperial Palace
  • Espers' Gathering Place
  • The Floating Continent
  • Solitary Island
  • Search for a Friend in Tzen
  • Search for a Friend in Mobliz
  • Search for a Friend in Nikeah
  • Search for a Friend in Kohlingen
  • Return to Mobliz
  • Search for a Friend on the Veldt
  • Return to Narshe
  • Another New Friend in Narshe
  • Search for a Friend in Maranda
  • Search for a Friend in the Veldt Cave
  • Search for a Friend in Jidoor
  • Ebot's Rock
  • A New Friend on Triangle Island
  • The Ancient Castle
  • Phoenix Cave
  • Cyan's Soul
  • Fanatics' Tower/Cultists' Tower
  • The Eight Dragons
  • Final Battle
  • More Information
  • The Coliseum
  • How to Use Espers
  • List of Sabin's Blitzes
  • How to Get the Game

Thonky's Final Fantasy 3/6 Walkthrough

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ff6 phantom train


ff6 phantom train

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World of Ruin - Doma Castle

People all over the world have spoken of being accosted by ruthless demons while trying to rest in Doma Castle. It’s time to check this out, so put together a team of heavy-hitters that includes Cyan and head to the samurai’s homeland. Pick up any treasures that might have been missed in the World of Balance; when finished, find a bedroom and crash for a bit. Soon, the three Dream Stooges (Curlax, Laragorn, and Moebius) will make themselves known, and proclaim dominion over Cyan’s mind and soul before hopping into his head. The remainder of the group is then drawn into Cyan’s nightmare.

The team has now been completely split up; obviously the goal is to reunite, smite the demons, and get the hell out of Cyan’s head. Use the Save Point, and then follow the path west; enter the door all the way to the left to scare a Dream Stooge away from one of your characters. Leave through the door and keep north until you find two doors side by side. Enter the one on the right to scare off another Stooge and reunite with your other comrade. Now that three of the four are together again, it’s time to get through this bizarre nightmare. Walk through the single door; from there, go through easternmost door (the far right), which will lead to...

With the Dream Stooges out of the picture, the only thing to do is go walk through the open door.

Cyan’s subconscious has drawn up a creepy, sepia-tinged duplicate of the Phantom Train. Enter the first car, which is perfectly unremarkable. Use the Save Point if needed and continue into the next car. Flip the wall switch twice to move the antsy crate out of the way. Nab the Genji Glove from the nearby chest and keep going. The trio will come across a treasure chest that will constant move around, blocking access to another chest. Pick up a Lump of Metal from the chest to the right and drop it into the moving chest to keep it stationary. Take the Flame Shield from the closed chest and flick the switch that’s on the wall. Read the nearby book: it says to remember the position of the chests. Move on to the next car, which is a small maze.

Before flipping any of the three switches within, check the wall to the south and open up a partially obscured chest containing an X-Potion . From here, maneuver through the seats to reach a chest on the west side of the room: Open it up for an Ice Shield . With treasure in hand, it’s now time to find a way out of here:

Hit the first switch, followed by the third, and then the first. Now, hit the newly accesible second switch, followed by the first. Finish off by hitting the third switch, and the path will open up.

On the other side, examine the treasure chests. Open and close them until they are in the same order as the six in the previous car, and then hit the fourth switch to reveal the exit.

The next small car offers up a Save Point . Do what you will, and then proceed to the final car to get off the train.

Cyan’s dream will change to a completely different setting: the group is now in some mines, clad in Magitek Armor. There is only one path to take, so follow it until it becomes apparent that everyone is going around in circles. Begin backtracking; eventually, the trio will see Cyan wandering. Follow him across the bridge, which will collapse at around the halfway point, dropping the trio into Doma Castle’s bedchambers. Now it’s time to find and physically battle Cyan’s personal demon, Wrexsoul.

Before entering the throne room, exit the castle and go to both the right and left exterior walls to witness some scenes of Cyan’s past. Lastly, go into his quarters for another peak into the samurai's head. Prepare accordingly (restore HP/MP, double-check equipment, etc.) and go to the throne room to end this.

With Wrexsoul vanquished, Cyan can finally put aside his pain and move on. He will gain the Masamune and learn any Bushido techniques he didn’t have previously. There’s one last stop here in Doma: go back to the throne room and pick up the Alexander magicite.

There is officially nothing left to do in Doma, so get on out of here.

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Final Fantasy VI

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Phantom Train ( Final Fantasy )

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I will usher you into the next world... Phantom Train

The Phantom Train is a boss in the Dawn of Souls and many succeeding versions of the original Final Fantasy , bar the Android version or Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster . It is one of the bosses of later Final Fantasy games that appears as an optional boss in the port, this one being the Phantom Train boss of Final Fantasy VI .

The Phantom Train appears as part of a mini-story on Floor B30 of the Whisperwind Cove . When it arrived in a village in the cove, the land and the villagers began to rot, appearing zombie-like. Several of them lost the ability to move, standing as statues. The villagers beg the Warriors of Light to eradicate the Phantom Train and lift the spell. When the Phantom Train is defeated, the villagers return to normal, and the land becomes fertile, and covered in flowers. Once the boss is defeated, it is possible to progress further into the dungeon.

There are several differences between this Phantom Train and its original in Final Fantasy VI . In the original, the Phantom Train approached the fleeing party from the right while in Final Fantasy , the train is stationary and on the left side of the screen, like all enemies.

  • 2.1 Strategy
  • 4 Etymology
  • 5 Related enemies

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FFI PSP Acid Rain

Acid Rain in the 20th Anniversary version.

Game mechanics do not allow curative items and spells to be cast on enemies, so it is impossible to damage the Phantom Train with Potions or kill it instantly with a Phoenix Down . Being undead , the Phantom Train is weak to Dia spells. The Phantom Train's special attack, Acid Rain, hits the entire party for around 200 HP of non-elemental damage every turn. Its normal attack can hit for around 300 HP.

In the Game Boy Advance version, it does not have immunity to Confuse, which causes a visual oddity when its sprite is flipped by the status.

Strategy [ ]

Because of Phantom Train's relentless party-wide assault, it is advisable to use the Rune Staff won from the previous battle against Orthros to cast Healara every turn and counter the damage from Acid Rain, while the rest of the party uses the usual strategy of casting Haste / Temper / Saber on the physical attackers.

If the party member using Rune Staff does not fully mitigate the damage from Acid Rain, two party members should be used for healing every turn, or as needed. The Phantom Train's HP is not high, so this battle should not be too difficult if the party can keep up with the damage from Acid Rain.

Gallery [ ]


Etymology [ ]

[ view   · edit   · purge ] Ghost train refers to a phantom vehicle in the form of a locomotive or train.

Related enemies [ ]

  • Phantom Train
  • 1 Green Mage
  • 2 The Twelve
  • 3 Knights of the Crystals

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Phantom Train

The Phantom Train is an old, haunted train that appears in several Final Fantasy games. It first appears in Final Fantasy VI as both a location and a boss. In each of its appearances, the Phantom Train is both rusted and dark brown, which indicates its old age.

  • 1.1 Final Fantasy VI
  • 1.2 Final Fantasy remakes
  • 4.1 Treasure chests
  • 4.2 Ghost merchant
  • 5.1 Final Fantasy VI
  • 5.2 Final Fantasy remakes
  • 6 Bestiary navigation

History [ edit ]

Final fantasy vi [ edit ].

ff6 phantom train

In Final Fantasy VI , the Phantom Train, originally known as GhostTrain in the Super Nintendo version, is a vehicle that carries the dead to the afterlife.

As Sabin and his party travel through the Phantom Forest , they come across the Phantom Train. The party go on board to check if there are any Doma Castle survivors inside, although they get locked inside. The Phantom Train starts to move, so the party search around for a way to stop the train. Because they have entered from the conductor's room, the party has to make their way to the front. The party encounters several ghosts along the way, many of which have varying behavior; some ghosts are enemies, some are temporary party members, and some of them are item sellers.

When the party reaches the train's cab, they flip two switches and another on the smokestack, only to discover that the Phantom Train is sentient. After a boss battle, the Phantom Train stops back at the train station, and the party goes off the Phantom Train. Cyan is very upset from witnessing his dead wife and son, Elayne and Owain , go onto the Phantom Train along with the others who had died in Doma Castle. The Phantom Train is not seen again.

Final Fantasy remakes [ edit ]

In the Final Fantasy remakes, starting with Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls , the Phantom Train appears as a boss, and is fought on floor B30 of Whisperwind Cove . It is a lot more powerful than in Final Fantasy VI . Prior to the Warriors of Light 's arrival, the Phantom Train cast a spell on all of Whisperwind Cove's villagers by either turning them into a zombie or petrifying them into stone. Once the Warriors of Light destroy the Phantom Train, the inhabitants are restored to normal.

Layout [ edit ]

In Final Fantasy VI , the Phantom Train has ten cabooses connected to it; the farthest one has the Conductor inside, along with his room, the fifth through ninth ones have passenger seats, the fourth one is the dining room, the second and third ones each have two private seating compartments, and the first one only consists of a Save Point . The first compartment of the second caboose has four treasure chests stacked horizontally, and the second compartment of the third caboose has one treasure chest, although opening it triggers a fight against Sigfried . On the outside, some cabooses can be walked across, and some have one or two ladders which the party to climb up to reach the rooftop.

The cab of the train itself has three switches and another near the train's smokestack; flipping the first and third switches and then the switch near the smokestack stops the Phantom Train from moving.

Enemies [ edit ]

In Final Fantasy VI , the party encounters enemies both inside and outside of the Phantom Train:

  • Angel Whisper
  • Apparition (Monster-in-a-box, in eighth caboose)
  • Living Dead
  • Sigfried (boss)

Items [ edit ]

Treasure chests [ edit ].

  • Hyper Wrist
  • Phoenix Down
  • Sniper Sight

Ghost merchant [ edit ]

Battle [ edit ].

ff6 phantom train

Throughout the boss battle, the Phantom Train quickly chases the party members on a railroad from behind as they quickly run from it. To reflect this, the background moves quickly. Because it is an undead enemy, the party can instantly defeat the Phantom Train by using a Phoenix Down on it. It can use three attacks: Diabolical Whistle , Acid Rain , and Saintly Beam .

ff6 phantom train

Unlike Final Fantasy VI , the Phantom Train appears at the left side of the screen rather than the right. It can no longer be defeated by a Phoenix Down, and is no longer invulnerable to Ice attacks.

Bestiary navigation [ edit ]

Gallery [ edit ].

ff6 phantom train

The Phantom Train using Acid Rain on the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy 's Game Boy Advance remake

ff6 phantom train

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls sprite

ff6 phantom train

Final Fantasy ( PlayStation Portable ) sprite

Black Mage FF NES sprite.png

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ff6 phantom train


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    Gameplay details Items Earring Phoenix Down x2 Sniper Eye Tent x2 Hyper Wrist ( monster-in-a-box - Apparition) Fairy Ring (Unobtainable) / Potion (Mobile/PC) Many through shops Enemies Outside: Inside: Quests Escaping the Phantom Train Fighting Siegfried

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    There are two very notable features within the Phantom Forest: the first is the large recovery spring, which will restore HP, MP, and status ailments. The second is that taking the wrong path...

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    Phantom Train, formerly known as Ghost Train, G. Train or GhostTrain, is a boss in Final Fantasy VI. It is battled at the front... The GhostTrain will attack with Acid Rain, Evil Toot, and its Wheels for starters. Sabin's AuraBolt and Suplex are effective. Stop it dead in its tracks with Revivify. Phantom Train, formerly... Final Fantasy Wiki

  5. Dreamscape

    The Dreamscape, also known as Dream Dungeon and Cyan's Dream/Cyan's Soul, is a dungeon in Final Fantasy VI. It is a dream world formed from the mind of Cyan Garamonde, and is a reflection of the pain and hardships he has been through in his life.

  6. Sabin Train Suplex

    The Sabin Train Suplex refers to a scene in the 1994 role-playing game Final Fantasy VI for the Super Nintendo console in which the character Sabin performs a suplex professional wrestling move on an enemy boss called the Phantom Train.

  7. Phantom Train

    The Phantom Train first appeared in Final Fantasy VI as a location and as a boss, and has returned in a re-release of the original Final Fantasy and in the sequel to Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Other phantom trains have also appeared in the series. Contents 1 Appearances 1.1 Final Fantasy

  8. Siegfried (Final Fantasy VI)

    Siegfried, also spelled as Ziegfried, is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. He is a famous swordsman who travels the world seeking treasure. He does not play an important role in the story, but appears sporadically throughout the party's adventure. Contents 1 Profile 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Personality 2 Story

  9. Phantom Train

    Phantom Train Sprite (World of Balance) Maps 18 Use Warp? No World Map Doma Save Points : In room : In center : East side Treasures Earrings, , Sniper Sight, 6 others Bosses GhostTrain, , Specter Phantom Train, where you will start at the Monsters Maps: In Phantom Train - 18 shown Treasures: Found in Phantom Train - 9 shown

  10. Ghost (Final Fantasy VI character)

    Phantom Train, Soul Shrine Age Unknown Hobby Floating Loves Hell Hates Heaven Physical description Race Ghost (race during mortal life unknown) Gender Unknown Gameplay details Type Guest character Job class Ghost Unique abilities Possess

  11. Phantom Train

    Final Fantasy 3/6 Walkthrough Phantom Train ← Terra's Scenario ← Sabin's Scenario ← Locke's Scenario The Veldt → Phantom Train After infiltrating the Imperial Base, Sabin and Shadow meet Cyan and go south to the Phantom Forest. Contents [] Phantom Forest Ghost Train Phantom Forest Phantom Forest 44. Ghost 45. Poplium

  12. 5th chest in Dream Phantom Train? :: FINAL FANTASY VI General Discussions

    The chest you're missing is probably in the room with all the moving furniture, near the bottom right. "03" on the map above. That was it. Sneaky, thanks! The in-game map lists 5 treasures in the Phantom Train area of Cyan's dream -- I can't for the life of me find it, and no guide mentions a 5th treasure.

  13. World of Ruin

    Cyan's subconscious has drawn up a creepy, sepia-tinged duplicate of the Phantom Train. Enter the first car, which is perfectly unremarkable. Use the Save Point if needed and continue into the...

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    final fantasy 6 - How to beat Phantom Train? - Arqade Been playing Final Fantasy VI again because of having more free time on my hands and I haven't played it in years. HOW THE HELL DID I BEAT THE PHANTOM TRAIN BEFORE?! My version on this play throu... Stack Exchange Network

  15. How do I stop the Phantom Train?

    Accepted Answer. ...enter the engine room and search the southwestern corner for the instructions on how to stop the train. (Or, you can just walk up to the switchboard and hit the first and third switches.) You're browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to ask and answer questions.

  16. Sabin's Scenario: The Phantom Train

    The Phantom Forest is a short maze-like Area that leads to the Phantom Train. You'll fight a lot of Ghosts, often accompanied by Popliums, and find a convenient recovery spring here. Note that if Shadow is still in the party, this is the last Area where he may leave after battle. The Phantom Forest The Phantom Forest is a short maze-like area.

  17. Phantom Forest, Phantom Train, and Baren Falls (Sabin)

    Turns out this is the Phantom Train, which carries the dead to the afterlife. Probably better find a way off. Keep in mind that all the monsters (except Bombs) on the Phantom Train are...

  18. Phantom Train (Final Fantasy)

    The Phantom Train is a boss in the Dawn of Souls and many succeeding versions of the original Final Fantasy, bar the Android version or Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. It is one of the bosses of later Final Fantasy games that appears as an optional boss in the port, this one being the Phantom Train boss of Final Fantasy VI .

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    Final Fantasy VI - Phantom Train [Remastered] sschafi1 14.4K subscribers Subscribe 1.5K Share 154K views 10 years ago Like this track? You can pick it up on Loudr here:...

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    In Final Fantasy VI, the Phantom Train, originally known as GhostTrain in the Super Nintendo version, is a vehicle that carries the dead to the afterlife. As Sabin and his party travel through the Phantom Forest, they come across the Phantom Train. The party go on board to check if there are any Doma Castle survivors inside, although they get ...

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    Walkthrough - Act II Cyan's Dream This neat quest is hinted at by several villagers (in Thamasa and Nikeah ). Doma Castle is on the large island west of the Veldt. Whom should you bring? Cyan is...

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    by KeyBlade999 - Last Updated 05/31/2016. Would you recommend this Map? Yes No. For Final Fantasy VI on the PlayStation, Phantom Train Map by KeyBlade999.

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    Phantom Train (Sabin) - Chapter II - A Meeting With The Returners - Walkthrough | Final Fantasy VI | Gamer Guides® As you approach the train, Sabin will think about seeing if there are survivors in this wreck of a train, while Cyan freaks out.