These Haunted Forests Are As Eerie As It Gets

By Caitlin Morton

These 19 Haunted Forests Around the World Are As Eerie As It Gets

Thanks to fairy tales and legends of the Blair Witch variety, a dense, dark forest can elicit feelings of dread—we'd argue that (even seemingly) haunted forests are some of the eeriest places on Earth. And while most spooky moments can be chalked up to our campfire imaginations running wild, some places around the world carry legitimately terrifying histories that are much harder to brush off with a nervous laugh. From woods said to have high-pitched screams echoing through the trees, to extra-creepy cemeteries in the woods, these 19 haunted forests are certainly not for the faint of heart.

This gallery has been updated with new information since its original publish date.

Elfin Forest California

Elfin Forest, California

The community of Elfin Forest sounds like it belongs in the world of Tolkien , even though it lies just southwest of Escondido in San Diego County . How fitting, then, that it is crawling with tall tales, myths, and stories of haunted spirits and goblins. Legend has it that Romani people used to occupy Elfin Forest in the early 19th century, until nearby townsfolk drove them out and slaughtered those that remained behind. Supposedly, they exacted revenge by cursing the forest and its surrounding lands. Today, people have claimed to see all kinds of eerie apparitions, like a floating woman dressed in white, a cloaked spirit riding a black stallion, and mysterious footprints.

Highgate Cemetery London U.K.

Highgate Cemetery, London, U.K.

This lush and leafy north London garden , fictionalized in Bram Stoker’s Dracula as Kingstead Churchyard, has a pleasantly eccentric roll call of notable graves, including those of Karl Marx and Douglas Adams. And while it remains one of London's least-visited landmarks, those who do enter its gates come seeking ghostly encounters as much as celebrity headstones. 

The site was established in the mid-1800s and became neglected and unattended by the end of WWII, the overgrown vegetation and crumbling monuments only upping the fear factor. Then in the 1970s, after appearing as a filming location in several horror movies, Highgate reached a surge in popularity—namely among self-proclaimed vampire hunters. Many visitors claimed to see a creature hovering over the graves (a vampire, presumably), and stories of grave robbing began appearing in the news. The so-called vampire hunters would open tombs to drive wooden stakes into the corpses' chests, or steal the corpses and relocate them to random places (including the car of one of the cemetery's neighbors!). To this day, Highgate remains a go-to spot for enthusiasts of all things fanged and occult.

HoiaBaciu Forest Romania

Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

From the moment a military technician captured a photograph of a UFO hovering over this forest in 1968, Hoia-Baciu has gained paranormal notoriety around the world. The area has become known as the "Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania," as some believe it to be a portal that causes visitors to disappear. Other people who have passed through the forest (without being zapped into another realm, that is) reported rashes, nausea, and feelings of anxiety. The curved trees in some parts of the area further lend to the off-putting aura of Hoia-Baciu.

The Black Forest Germany

The Black Forest, Germany

Hardly any sunlight breaks through the dense fir trees of the Black Forest, and the myths surrounding these woods are more fantastical than paranormal: A headless horseman riding on a great white steed, a king who kidnaps women to take them to his underwater lair where he lives among the nymphs, friendly dwarves, and lurking werewolves. Is it any wonder the Brothers Grimm set so many of their fairy tales here?

The Island of the Dolls Xochimilco Mexico

The Island of the Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico

Despite its status as a World Heritage site (along with Mexico City , it's a well-preserved example of Aztec life), Xochimilco has reached a certain amount of internet fame for its Isla de las Munecas, or the Island of the Dolls. Hidden among the area’s many canals, the site is famous for the hundreds of dolls—and doll parts—hanging from trees and scattered among the grass. The chinampa (akin to an artificial island) used to be the residence of a now-deceased man named Julian Santa Barrera. After finding a dead girl's body in a nearby canal, Barrera collected and displayed the toys in the hopes of warding off evil spirits, reports National Geographic . Today, the island is believed to be haunted by the ghost of the drowned girl, and local legend even states that the dolls have been heard whispering to each other, moving their heads and arms, and opening their eyes.

Pine Barrens New Jersey

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

The heavily forested Pine Barrens spans over one million acres and seven counties in New Jersey . The area thrived during the colonial era, host to sawmills, paper mills, and other industries. People eventually abandoned the mills and surrounding villages when coal was discovered to the west in Pennsylvania, leaving behind ghost towns —and, some say, a few supernatural wanderers. The most popular Pine Barrens resident is without a doubt the Jersey Devil. According to legend, the creature was born in 1735 to Deborah Leeds—her thirteenth child—with leathery wings, a goat's head, and hooves. It flew up the Leeds' chimney and into the Barrens, and it has been killing livestock and creeping out South Jersey residents ever since.

Wychwood Forest England Haunted Forests Around the World

Wychwood Forest, Oxfordshire, England

Yet another English creep-fest, Wychwood Forest's air of mystery stems from the story of Amy Robsart, the wife of the Earl of Leicester. Robsart mysteriously broke her neck and died in 1560; years later, her husband encountered her ghost in Wychwood while on a hunting trip. Her spirit told the Earl that he would join her in the afterlife in just a few days. As promised, he fell ill shortly after the encounter and quickly died. Local legend says that anyone who encounters the ghost of Amy in Wychwood Forest will befall the same fate as the dearly departed Earl of Leicester.

Yosemite National Park California

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park is beloved for its epic waterfalls and giant sequoia groves, but there are areas of the park that might give you a different kind of goosebumps. For example, some visitors who have hiked the Chilnualna Falls Trailhead reported hearing the distinct sound of someone crying. Native American folklore attributes the cries to a boy who drowned in nearby Grouse Lake—his spirit calls out for help, but any hikers who venture into the lake will get pulled under and drown. Another Native American legend claims that some of the waterfalls in the park are haunted by an evil wind that draws people to the edge of the falls and then blows them off the cliff.

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Aokigahara Forest, Japan

This seemingly serene forest at the foot of Mount Fuji has a tormented past. Colloquially known as “Suicide Forest,” Aokigahara has had the world’s second-highest rate of suicides after the Golden Gate Bridge: In 2010 alone , 247 people attempted to take their own lives here, and 54 of them were successful. Some blame this trend on the forest’s association with demons in Japanese mythology. Others point towards the density of the trees, which muffles sound and makes it easy to get lost. In fact, many hikers will mark their path with tape or string to make it easier to find their way back out again. The sprinkling of clothing and letters left throughout the labyrinthine woods gives Aokigahara that extra touch that will leave you in a cold sweat. (If you are having thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or go to for a list of additional resources.)

Cameron Park Waco TX Haunted Forests Around the World

Cameron Park, Texas

Waco's Cameron Park has several spots that are reported to be paranormal hot zones, including Jacob's Ladder, a treacherous set of stairs haunted by a "grabbing ghost" who tug on climbers' clothes to pull them down. But perhaps the most well-known site is the Witch's Castle—a name given to crumbling ruins found deep in the park. According to one story surrounding the "castle" (and there are many ), the ruins are the former house of a woman suspected of witchcraft in the late 1800s. Waco residents blamed the woman after people began disappearing in the surrounding woods, so they formed a mob and burned down her house while she was still inside. Some people claim to see the witch's figure wandering through Cameron Park today, even chasing down some unlucky visitors.

Dering Woods Smarden England

Dering Woods, Smarden, England

The Dering Woods are commonly referred to as "the Screaming Woods" or, you know, a perfect place to host your next family camping trip . Visitors report hearing blood-curdling screams coming from the forest's depths at night as well as footsteps and whispers on foggy days. The screams are often attributed to a highwayman who was captured and killed by villagers in the 18th century, and whose ghost apparently still holds quite the grudge. Others believe the hauntings are the result of a 1948 massacre, where 20 people were supposedly found dead in the forest the morning of November 1. Residents reported seeing strange lights emanating from the woods that Halloween night and autopsies of the bodies couldn't determine a cause of death.

FreetownFall River State Forest Massachusetts

Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Massachusetts

The Freetown State Forest sits smack dab in the "Bridgewater Triangle," an area in southeastern Massachusetts swarming with paranormal activity—roaming specters, UFO encounters, and even Bigfoot sightings. Some believe that the forest's haunted history dates back to colonial times, when settlers purchased the land (sacred burial grounds included) from the Wampanoag Tribe. The transaction is said to have cursed the area, which has since been the site of satanic cult rituals and murders in the 1970s and 80s, as well as comparatively innocuous poltergeist and fireball sightings more recently.

Dow Hill Forest India

Dow Hill Forest, India

Located in the West Bengal town of Kurseong, the Dow Hill Victoria Boys’ School is known as one of the most haunted places in India ; locals claim to hear footsteps echoing through the halls when the school is closed from December to March. But it is the surrounding forest that garners the most paranormal attention. The wooded area is rumored to be the site of several murders, and woodsmen have reported seeing a headless boy wandering among the trees and along the path between the school and forest, appropriately named “Death Road."

Devils Tramping Ground North Carolina

Devil’s Tramping Ground, North Carolina

Deep in the North Carolina woods, about 50 miles south of Greensboro, is a mysterious circle where no plant or tree will grow, nor any animals cross its path. The reason? The 40-foot clearing is where the devil comes to stomp and dance every night—at least according to local legends. The area has built up quite the eerie reputation over the years, with people claiming to see red eyes glowing there at night and placing their belongings in the circle in the evening, only to find them thrown back out the next morning (presumedly so the devil can clear his dance floor).

Pokaini Forest Latvia

Pokaini Forest, Latvia

There's nothing particularly strange about Pokaini Forest at first glance—until you notice the mysterious heaps of moss-covered rocks. These piles are strewn randomly throughout the forest, causing much speculation and folk tales among visitors. Some claim that the forest is an old site for pagan rituals , and it now has the mystic ability to heal people—visitors even bring offerings to the stones to enhance their powers. Other visitors attribute more sinister qualities to the forest, believing it to be a gateway to a parallel universe. There are reports of people suffering and even dying shortly after leaving the woods, and locals warn that stealing a rock will end in a stint of bad luck.

Manchac Swamp Louisiana

Manchac Swamp, Louisiana

New Orleans is filled to the brim with ghost stories, so it makes sense that Manchac Swamp, located less than an hour outside of the city, is said to be haunted. According to legend, a voodoo princess named Julie White used to live in the swamp and dole out curses to those who wronged her. One of her most menacing premonitions was that a cataclysmic disaster would occur when she died—sure enough, a massive hurricane hit the area on the day of White's funeral in 1915. Her ghost supposedly haunts the swamp to this day, as well as a rougarou (sort of like a Cajun werewolf). If that's not enough to scare you, maybe the very real population of alligators in the swamp waters will. 

Epping Forest Essex England

Epping Forest, Essex, England

The size and density of Epping Forest have made it a popular hideout for criminals and an infamous burial spot for bodies. Notorious highwayman Dick Turpin hid there in the early 1700s, and more than a dozen murder victims have been discovered in the woods since the 1960s. It's no surprise then that the forest has developed a reputation for spooky sounds and ghostly apparitions (including Turpin himself). Some people also claim that if you drive to Hangman's Hill and park in neutral, your car will slowly be pulled uphill. Even if you don't believe in the myths, just the appearance of the woods is likely to send a chill up your spine. The pollarded trees haven't been cut since the late 1800s (thanks to the Epping Forest Act of 1878), giving them an unusually overgrown and bulbous look.

Yawata no Yabushirazu Japan

Yawata no Yabushirazu, Japan

Located less than 30 minutes from downtown Tokyo , the bamboo forest of Yawata no Yabushirazu (sometimes referred to as just Yawata) is reportedly one of the most haunted places in Japan—and that's saying something. Rather than traditional ghost sightings, the stories about Yawata center around the belief that anyone who enters the forest gets spirited away (yep, just like the movie) and never seen again. The origins of the forest's sinister nature vary depending on who you ask, with theories ranging from samurai ghosts to poisonous gas. Whatever the case, locals take these stories seriously—a fence currently surrounds Yawata, barring anyone from setting foot inside.

Angelina National Forest Tennessee

Angelina National Forest, Tennessee

Back in the early 1900s, Angelina National Forest was home to a thriving sawmill town of over 1,000 people. The mill was sadly a beacon for disaster, getting hit by a hurricane in 1911 and then by a fire in 1914. Residents soon abandoned the area, leaving behind a tiny ghost town. The abandoned site is eerie in and of itself (as ghost towns are wont to be), but rumors of the paranormal up that creepiness factor a few notches. Hikers have claimed to hear the disembodied screams of a young woman, a former resident of the town who was killed in a freak accident while visiting her boyfriend at the sawmill. A few people have even spotted her ghost wandering around the dilapidated mill.

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The 10 Most Haunted Forests in the World

For decades, these dark and mysterious woods have been capturing people's imaginations.

forest ghost names

Getty Images

We've all heard stories of haunted forests, and while some travelers steer clear, others find themselves intrigued. There is something compelling about entering the deep woods. It offers the chance to become an explorer — one daring for an opportunity to brush up against the supernatural.

All over the world, there are places where rumors persist, and modern-day ghost hunters come armed to the teeth with gadgets — motion detectors, electromagnetic field meters, air ion counters — looking for definitive proof of the paranormal in some of the world's most storied forests. Others may visit for the same reason we watch scary movies — to feel a little more alive and immersed in a spooky story that dares us to ask: What if it's true?

Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

This bewitching landscape along the Rhine River looks just as you’d imagine — so dense with fir and pine trees that sunlight barely pierces through. It makes an ideal playground for mythological creatures like sorcerers, werewolves, witches, and kindhearted dwarves.

The Brothers Grimm set many of their fairy tales in the Schwarzwald (as it's called in German), and Karl Friedrich Kahlert's classic Gothic novel "Die Geisterbanner" immerses the reader in the world of Black Forest necromancy. While the region is associated with many spooky legends, it's also worth visiting to experience the local Bavarian culture from which many of these famous tales emerged.

Wychwood Forest, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Frederick Ardley / Getty Images

More than a few visitors to Wychwood Forest, a former royal hunting ground, have reported feeling invisible hands touch their shoulders or hearing the thunder of invisible horses. It's enough to make your spine tingle at the slightest rustle in the leaves.

Most compelling is the case of Amy Robsart, the wife of the Earl of Leicester, who mysteriously died of a broken neck. Later, while the Earl was hunting in the woods, his late wife's ghost confronted him and predicted that he would join her in 10 days — which he did after suddenly falling ill. Anyone else who meets Robsart's ghost, it is said, will swiftly encounter a similar fate.

Devil’s Tramping Ground, Chatham County, North Carolina

Deep in the woods near Harper’s Crossroads, about 60 miles west of Raleigh, lies a mysterious 40-foot ring where the devil stomps in circles each night, plotting the downfall of humankind — or so the story goes. In this spot, the forest floor is completely barren. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture once took samples of the soil, but it could not explain why the patch is devoid of growth. Legend has it that if an object is left inside the ring overnight, it will disappear.

Dow Hill Forest, Kurseong, India

Saurav Purkayastha/Getty Images

Students at Kurseong's Victoria Boys School, established in the late 19th century, have reported hearing unexplained footsteps echoing in the corridors. But the surrounding Dow Hill forest is an even bigger hotbed of paranormal activity, and loggers have reported sightings of a headless boy wandering among the trees. Many consider Kurseong to be India's most haunted hill town, and some visitors have noted the creepy sensation of being watched while exploring the woods around the school.

Hoia-Baciu, Transylvania, Romania

Also known as the "Bermuda Triangle of Romania," Hoia-Baciu has captivated paranormal enthusiasts for more than half a century. The forest is named for a shepherd who went missing there with his flock of 200 sheep, never to be seen again. All the trees, said to have once stood straight, are now twisted into knots. Locals claim the forest, which has a circular clearing at the center, is a portal and that those who pass through it may never return.

La Isla de las Muñecas, Xochimilco, Mexico

The trees of this chinampa on the outskirts of Mexico City are strung with hundreds of dolls — to creepy, horror-movie effect. More than 50 years ago, the island’s only inhabitant, Don Julian Santana, claimed to have discovered the body of a girl in one of the island's canals. He also found a doll floating nearby and, in tribute, hung it on a tree — the first of thousands of dolls he would string up until 2001, when he passed away. Some believe the dolls, many of which are missing limbs, are evil. Others believe they safeguard the island. To get there, head over to the Embarcadero Cuemanco ferry terminal, where you can hire a trajinera (one of Xochimilco's colorful wooden boats) to take you to the Island of the Dolls.

Randolph Forest, Randolph, Maine

A hiking trail through this forest, just a few miles south of Augusta, follows the right-of-way for a long-defunct railroad that ushered former Union soldiers to and from a veterans’ home in nearby Togus. Some visitors to the woods have reported seeing orbs of light and hearing unexplained voices, almost like a chant. Others claim to have seen the ghost of “Bicycle Larry”, a Randolph man known for pedaling around town who disappeared without a trace in 2004. During the day, the woods seem harmless, but we dare you to venture there when night falls.

Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Bristol County, Massachusetts

Kenneth C. Zirkel/ License CC BY-SA 4.0

Freetown-Fall River State Forest may be home to beautiful hiking trails, scenic overlooks, and inviting picnic areas, but it also has a dark past. The investigation into several murders in the late 1970s revealed a local cult that supposedly conducted satanic rituals in the middle of the woods. The forest is also part of the so-called Bridgewater Triangle , a 200-square-mile area in southeastern Massachusetts known for paranormal activity. Visitors have reported seeing UFOs, poltergeists, and fireballs.

Epping Forest, London, United Kingdom

George W. Johnson / Getty Images

Stretching from East London to Essex, the 5,900-acre Epping Forest has been the setting of horrors both real and, well, debatably so. It served as a hideout for outlaw Dick Turpin and cop killer Harry Roberts, and it's been used as hiding place for the bodies of murder victims, including the children killed by Ronald Jebson. On an episode of the British television show Most Haunted, the host and crew attempted to find the ghost of Turpin but wound up getting lost themselves before being rescued — perhaps a prank of the elusive spirit?

Old House Woods, Diggs, Virginia

This 50-acre forest near the Chesapeake Bay , named for an abandoned colonial-era homestead, is reputedly haunted by the ghosts of British soldiers and pirates who buried treasure there in the 17 th and 18 th centuries. In 1880, a fisherman named Tom Pipkin supposedly went looking for the treasure and was never seen again. His boat turned up days later with two gold Roman coins and a silver cup inside it. Another fisherman, Ben Ferbee, reported hearing music from a harp and an organ as a giant ghost ship sailed past him on the bay. The ship continued over the beach, then hovered above the woods as several men armed with tools appeared to descend from the deck down a rope ladder.

forest ghost names

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Uncanny, Preternatural Monsters

monster chupacabra photo

"Some swear the creature is actually a vampire — resembling a large rat, but with horns and fangs ... In any case, the Chupacabra ... reportedly drains the blood of cows, sheep, and goats throughout the republic, leaving an unusually shaped wound." — Diana Reiss-Koncar, Vibe , April 1997


a grotesque creature that drinks the blood of livestock and is reported to exist in North and South America

Word Origin:

From Spanish chupa , 3rd person singular present tense of chupar "to suck" (probably of imitative origin) + cabra "goat" ( cabras , plural)

monster snallygaster photo


"'People who say there is no such animal are the ones who need to get right — we are not,' he stated emphatically today. 'I saw the snallygaster,' he repeated, 'and I saw him change from white to black.'" — The News (Frederick, MD), November 28, 1932

a mythical nocturnal creature that is reported chiefly from rural Maryland, is reputed to be part reptile and part bird, and is said to prey on poultry and children

monster werewolf photo

"The werewolf was by day a man, but by night a wolf given to ravage and to slaughter, and having a charmed life against which no human agency availed aught." — Eugene Field, The Werewolf , 1911

a person transformed temporarily or permanently into a wolf or capable of assuming a wolf's form : lycanthrope

Are there werewolves where there aren’t wolves?

Lycanthropy, the delusion that you have turned into a wolf or another beast, has some ancient roots, and belief in werewolves can be found around the world. Other dangerous animals — such as bears, tigers, or hyenas — have historically filled the wolf's role in lycanthropy in countries where wolves are not common.

monster hodag photo

"The rest of the party had commenced piling up birch bark around the brute and thrown a few sticks of dynamite and by this time the fight got pretty hot, as the Hodag had became [sic] so infurated [sic] that he began slashing down the timber which was falling in every direction, and made it dangerous for the now furious hunters, and the black tar coal smoke which the hodag's breath had turned into, mixed with the sickening odor of the mangled dogs, was beginning to suffocate the now very much excited party." — The New North (Rhinelander, WI), October 28, 1893

a mythical animal reported chiefly from Wisconsin and Minnesota, noted for its ugliness, lateral horns, and hooked tail, and reputed to be outstanding in both ferocity and melancholy

dybbuk illustration

"A dybbuk is the wandering soul of a dead person. You don't want to make the mistake of inviting one into your home. You don't have to be Jewish to figure that out." — Roger Ebert, review of the film A Serious Man , October 7, 2009

an evil spirit or the wandering soul of a dead person believed in Jewish folklore to enter and control a living body until exorcised by a religious rite

monster tommy photo


"The 'graveyard' shift is the dead of night — usually between 11 p. m. and 3 a. m. — and it is then that the 'tommy-knockers' are most often heard." — Mexico Missouri Message (Mexico, MO), August 23, 1906

the ghost of a man killed in a mine

Probably from Tommy (nickname for Thomas ) + knocker ; from his being supposed to be responsible for the creaking of timbers in the mine

monster sasquatch photo

"In the Northwest, the hirsute hominid, who dates to American Indian lore as Sasquatch, is a minor industry." — Timothy Egan, New York Times , January 3, 2003

: a hairy creature like a human being that is reported to exist in the northwestern U.S. and western Canada and is said to be a primate between 6 and 15 feet (1.8 and 4.6 meters) tall — called also bigfoot

monster nix photo

AKA nicker, nixie

a supernatural creature originally in Germanic folklore and conceived of in many forms but usually as having the form of a woman or as half human and half fish, dwelling in fresh water usually in a beautiful palace, and usually unfriendly to man

The Nix by Richard Garnett

The crafty Nix, more false than fair, Whose haunt in arrowy Iser lies, She envied me my golden hair, She envied me my azure eyes.

The moon with silvery ciphers traced The leaves, and on the waters played; She rose, her arms my form embraced, She said: 'Come down with me, fair maid.'

She led me to her crystal grot, She set me in her coral chair, She waved her wand, and I had not Or azure eyes or golden hair.

Her locks of jet, her eyes of flame Were mine, and hers my semblance fair: 'O make me, Nix, again the same, O give me back my golden hair!'

She smiles in scorn, she disappears, And here I sit and see no sun; My eyes of fire are quenched in tears, And all my darksome locks undone.

monster photo gytrash

"The Horton 'Guytrash' was another boggard in our young days, and generally took the form of a 'great black dog' with horrid eyes." — Edward Peacock, The Folk-lore Journal , January-December, 1886

a specter or ghost especially in the form of an animal

monster photo wyvern

"The wyvern is essentially an English beast, and in olden times was much accredited and respected." Herbert Crest, writing in Collections Historical & Archaeological Relating to Montgomeryshire and its Borders , Vol. 24, 1890

a fabulous animal usually represented as a 2-legged winged creature resembling a dragon

monster photo cerber sign

a three-headed dog that in Greek mythology guards the entrance to Hades

About the Word:

Cerberus, the monstrous watchdog of the underworld devoured anyone who tried to escape the kingdom of Hades, the lord of the underworld, and he refused entrance to living humans.

This gave rise to the English phrase "a sop to Cerberus" meaning "a concession or bribe to conciliate a person otherwise liable to be troublesome." The reference is to a passage in Vergil's Aeneid, when Aeneas slips by Cerberus, after giving him a sop as distraction.

monster photo windigo

"Although it is ten years since the Wendigo has been observed—when he trudged through the eight-feet deep rapids of the Echoing river, which only reached to his knees — there have been evidences that he still seeks human flesh after his winter's hibernation." — The Winnipeg Tribune , January 31, 1947

a cannibalistic creature of Algonquian mythology believed to have been a lost hunter forced by hunger to eat human flesh and thereafter to have become a crazed man-eating ogre roaming the forest

monster photo zombie

"A zombie is supposed to be the living dead: people who die and are resurrected, but without their souls. And they can take orders, and they're supposed to never be tired, and to do what the master says . . . ." — Zora Neale Hurston, interview, January 25, 1943

a will-less and speechless human capable only of automatic movement who is held to have died and been supernaturally reanimated

Zombie is derived from the Louisiana Creole or Haitian Creole word zonbi . Although the word first appeared in English in the 1870s, it wasn't the subject of much interest among English speakers until the 1940s when zombie movies like I Walked with a Zombie (1943) and Zombies on Broadway (1945) saw the start of a trend we're still living with.

monster photo kraken

"Below the thunders of the upper deep, Far, far beneath in the abysmal sea, His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep The Kraken sleepeth…" — Alfred Tennyson, "The Kraken", from Poems, Chiefly Lyrical , 1830

a fabulous Scandinavian sea monster perhaps imagined on the basis of chance sightings of giant squids

coquecigrue illustration


"Coquecigrue is one of the 'fearful wildfowl' of Rabelais' invention. These hippogriffs and other monsters are painted on the Chinese lanterns hung up in the pastry-cooks' shops." — The Journal of Education , October 1, 1893

an imaginary creature regarded as an embodiment of absolute absurdity

As the embodiment of absolute absurdity, no other creature could provide the final word of this list of monsters. Unfortunately, our website cannot support the coquecigrue in all its glory, so click here to view the full effect .

The word is of French origin—François Rabelais in Gargantua uses the phrase à la venue des cocquecigrues to mean "never." Charles Kingsley later translated that phrase in The Water Babies , when the fairy Bedonebyasyoudid reports that there are seven things he is forbidden to tell until "the coming of the Cocqcigrues."

Although we've reached the end of this list, the dictionary is dark and full of terrors, and you'll only find an end to the frightful creatures contained therein upon the coming of the Coquecigrue.


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All Over The Map: ‘Ghost names’ of National Forests in Washington state

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national forests...

A portion of a vintage map (rotated for readability) shows Mount St. Helens within the Columbia National Forest in the early 20th century; the name was changed to Gifford Pinchot National Forest by President Truman in 1949. (USGS Archives)

(USGS Archives)

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It was just over 71 years ago when President Truman ordered a National Forest in Washington state to change the name it had been known by for more than 40 years.

On June 15, 1949, this nation’s 33rd Commander-in-Chief signed a Presidential Proclamation changing the name of what had been known as the Columbia National Forest since 1908. The “Columbia” name came from the river, and the river name came from a ship — and the ship name was inspired by Christopher Columbus.

The land comprising the Columbia National Forest had been set aside by President Benjamin Harrison way back in 1893. It was first known as the Pacific Forest Reserve, and later the Mount Rainier Forest Reserve.

The formal re-naming took place in October 1949, to coincide with conclusion of the annual convention of the Society of American Foresters held that year in Seattle. The dedication ceremony took place at La Wis Wis Campground , not far from the community of Packwood.

And what did the Columbia National Forest become known as?

The new name was Gifford Pinchot National Forest as a memorial to a man known as the “Christopher Columbus of forestry,” demonstrating that the Columbus name has a certain way of popping up in United States history when you least expect it.

Pinchot was in charge of forestry for the U.S. Department of Agriculture beginning in 1898 during the McKinley administration, and was then appointed first head of the U.S. Forest Service when that agency was created in 1905 by President Teddy Roosevelt.

In this capacity, Pinchot oversaw designation of numerous National Forests around the United States and here in Washington – including the Columbia National Forest, which was later named in his honor. Unlike National Parks, which were off limits to logging and other resource extraction, National Forests were viewed as “ Lands of Many Uses ,” with recreational use and resource extraction, ideally, co-existing.

Teddy Roosevelt was a great champion of Gifford Pinchot. After President William Howard Taft was inaugurated in 1909, Pinchot only lasted about a year until he was fired. Pinchot had tangled with Secretary of the Interior (and former Seattle Mayor) Richard Achilles Ballinger (who named Lake Ballinger for his father Richard Henry Ballinger ).

Pinchot later served two non-consecutive terms as Governor of Pennsylvania. He died in October 1946 at age 81. For the formal dedication of the forest in October 1949, his widow Cornelia Bryce Pinchot was there at La Wis Wis, along with Washington Governor Arthur Langlie, and other dignitaries.

Other ghost names of National Forests in Washington

The old Columbia National Forest isn’t the only “ghost name” in Washington. Other National Forests here also underwent name changes over the years , but mainly for administrative reasons rather than to memorialize or pay tribute to a specific individual.

Washington National Forest What’s now the Mount Baker National Forest was previously known as Washington National Forest.

The original “Washington Forest Reserve” that dated to the 1890s was split into northern and southern halves in 1908, with the southern portion becoming the Snoqualmie National Forest. The two halves were rejoined, administratively, in 1973, to officially become part of the jointly-operated Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

The original name of the northern portion was changed in 1924 by President Calvin Coolidge at the same time that what had been the Oregon National Forest became Mount Hood National Forest.

A brief newspaper article in February 1924 detailed the reasons for the change:

“Changing of the names of these two forests was deemed advisable by forestry officials of the U.S. Department of Agriculture because of the confusion resulting from the fact that there are other national forests in each of these states and that the states have established, or expect to establish, state forests. These different groups and kinds of forest areas caused the Secretary of Agriculture to recommend names which set out the principal physical features of each of the national forests. Both Mount Hood and Mount Baker are well known to citizens of Washington and Oregon and to Americans generally.”

It’s probably a good thing the name was changed in the 1920s for at least one more reason: Around the same time, the George Washington National Forest was created in Virginia. In the 1960s, there was public pressure to include Mount Baker in what eventually became North Cascades National Park, but the land remains under Forest Service management.

It’s probably a good thing the name was changed in the 1920s for at least one more reason: Around the same time, the George Washington National Forest was created in Virginia, and it would’ve been confusing to have two forests sharing a namesake . Later, in the 1960s, there was public pressure to include Mount Baker in what eventually became North Cascades National Park, but the land remains under Forest Service management.

Rainier National Forest A portion of the Mount Rainier Forest Reserve became Rainier National Forest in 1908. In the early 1930s, portions of what had been the Rainier National Forest were added to the Snoqualmie National Forest, with other portions becoming part of an expanded Mount Rainier National Park.

Chelan National Forest What was once the Chelan National Forest is now the Okanogan National Forest (which is jointly administered as the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest).

In the first half of the 20th century, the land went through a series of administrative changes along with a series of whiplash-inducing name changes that require a timeline to properly describe:

1908-1911 Chelan National Forest was created by the U.S. Forest Service.

1911 Chelan National Forest was divided into northern and southern portions; the northern portion was called Okanogan National Forest, the southern portion retained the “Chelan” name.

1921 The Okanogan National Forest and the Chelan National Forest were combined once again and called, big surprise, Chelan National Forest. The “Okanogan National Forest” name went away.

1954-1955 This time, the Chelan National Forest name went away, and the name, once again, became Okanogan National Forest. The name remains to this day. This will not be on the midterm.

Apparently, boundary changes were such that Lake Chelan was no longer the main attraction of the forest, unlike Mount Baker in the Mount Baker National Forest, for instance.

A newspaper story in the Spokesman-Review on Christmas Day 1954 said, “This change [to Okanogan National Forest] is felt to be more descriptive of the forest and is in keeping with the forest service policy of naming administrative units after the principal natural and geographical features.”

Whatever your favorite National Forest in Washington is called, National Forest Week begins on Monday, July 13. Because of COVID-19, not all campgrounds are open, but many are. For the latest info, check online via the dedicated websites maintained by the U.S. Forest Service for each of the forests they manage in Washington.

You can hear Feliks every Wednesday and Friday morning on Seattle’s Morning News and read more from him  here . If you have a story idea, please email Feliks  here .

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forest ghost names

What is a ghost forest?

A ghost forest is the watery remains of a once verdant woodland..

a maritime forest

A ghost forest on Capers Island, South Carolina.

As sea level rises, more and more saltwater encroaches on the land. Along the world’s coasts and estuaries, invading seawater advances and overtakes the fresh water that deciduous trees rely upon for sustenance. The salty water slowly poisons living trees, leaving a haunted ghost forest of dead and dying timber. Still standing in or near brackish water, the decaying trees of a ghost forest resemble giant graying pillars that protrude into the air.

Researchers report that the rapid increase in ghost forests represents a dramatic visual picture of environmental changes along coastal plains located at or near sea level. In many areas, rising sea levels combine with land sinking from the last ice age , as is currently happening in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The Mississippi Delta region of Louisiana is undergoing changes due to rising waters, the sinking of Earth's crust , and sediments compacting along the Mississippi River. With land and water constantly shifting, woodlands die and are buried in open water. This is apparent along North Carolina’s maritime forests , where only a glimpse of once peaceful and verdant groves, now ghost forests, remain.

More Information

How living shorelines protect ecosystems (podcast)

What is subsidence?

What is glacial isostatic adjustment?

What is a maritime forest?

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Haunted forests around the world that will give you the chills

  • From murders to UFO sightings, forests across the world are known for their eerie histories.
  • Some are said to be haunted by wronged spirits, and some have been the site of satanic activity.
  • These haunted forests are sure to send a chill down your spine.
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Isla de las Munecas, or "The Island of Dolls," in Mexico is reportedly haunted by the spirit of a young girl who drowned there.

forest ghost names

As if forests weren't scary enough on their own, this one located along the canals of Xochimico, near Mexico City, is covered in dolls that hang from the trees. Local legend has it that the island's caretaker hung the first doll to honor a little girl that he had found drowned on the island (the doll was thought to be hers).

The caretaker then felt as if he was being haunted by the girl's spirit, so he continued to string up dolls in hopes of appeasing her. Fifty years and plenty of dolls later, he  reportedly drowned in the same spot the girl did .

Today, the island has become a popular tourist destination . Visitors claim that the dolls move their eyes, heads, and limbs, and that they're possessed by spirits. 

Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania has a spooky clearing where nothing has ever grown.

forest ghost names

It seems fitting that a haunted forest in Romania would be located near the unofficial capital of the country's Transylvania region, Cluj-Napoca. Hoia Baciu was first recognized as an eerie location when a military technician photographed what he claimed was a UFO that appeared in a part of the forest known as "the clearing" in 1968.

The clearing has stumped visitors, locals, and even scientists for decades. It's a spot where nothing grows and nothing has ever grown , according to official records. What's even weirder though, is that the trees that do grow in the forest grow in odd patterns — zig zags and spirals that no one has ever been able to explain.

Brave tourists can tour the forest at night, though many have reported feeling an odd sense of anxiety or nausea, or the feeling of being watched.

Aokigahara Forest in Japan is more commonly known as the "Suicide Forest."

forest ghost names

Sitting on the northwestern side of Mount Fuji , Aokigahara Forest (more commonly known as "Suicide Forest") is the definition of tragic beauty. Sometimes referred to as the Sea of Trees, it has been the site of numerous suicides, dating all the way back to the mid-1900s . 

In fact,  a sign at the forest's entrance reminds visitors that "life is a precious gift" and to reach out if they are struggling.

The reason for its reputation could have something to do with the fact that Japanese mythology has long associated the forest with demons. Plus, the tightly packed trees make it easy to get lost and even hear, providing an exceptionally isolated destination.

Spiritualists in the country say Aokigahara is a hotbed of paranormal activity . But even if you don't believe in ghosts, you're likely to get spooked by the everyday items that litter the forest floor.

Wychwood Forest in Oxfordshire, England, has been the site of multiple ghost sightings.

forest ghost names

Although there's no one historic event that confirms the fact that Wychwood is haunted, those who have stepped inside the former royal hunting ground have claimed to see some pretty hair-raising stuff, from the apparitions of crying children in a horse-drawn carriage to the touch of a random hand.

Then there's the story of the ghost of Amy Robsart , the wife of the Earl of Leicester. After Amy mysteriously died of a broken neck, her husband is said to have come across her ghost while hunting in the forest. The ghost told him that he would be dead within 10 days ... and he was. Now, legend has it that her ghost has the same effect on all who come across it in the forest to this day. 

The Black Forest in Germany inspired stories written by the Brothers Grimm.

forest ghost names

The name of this forest already sounds ominous, but the Brothers Grimm solidified its haunted reputation by using it as the setting for many of their fairy tales, like Hansel and Gretel .

Nestled in southwestern Germany and bordered by the Rhine River, the Black Forest's tall evergreens are as beautiful as they are sinister, and they are said to be home to paranormal creatures ranging from witches to werewolves.

The region is known for the unique way in which its people celebrate carnival: by dressing up like witches, demons, and scary spirits and animals.

Visitors have reported paranormal occurrences at Elfin Forest in Escondido, California.

forest ghost names

Some call this forest one of the most haunted regions in California . Located in Escondido, near San Diego, the forest is believed to have once been home to Native American tribes , as evidenced by a number of artifacts that have been found there. It was also the sight of a now-abandoned mental health facility.

But the most common story you'll hear about the forest goes something like this: Gypsies living there in the early 1800s were chased out and even murdered by townspeople, causing the remaining gypsies to curse the forest. Ever since then, hikers and visitors have reported sightings of a ghostly woman in a white dress, bleeding trees, and a spirit riding a horse.

Dow Hill Forest, India, also has a super spooky reputation.

forest ghost names

Dow Hill Forest surrounds the Dow Hills Victoria Boys' School, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in India . While the school's hallways are said to be filled with the sound of footsteps even when it's closed for vacation, the forest is even creepier. Rumor has it that it has seen multiple murders, and woodcutters have reported sightings of a decapitated boy walking along Death Road , the path that stretches between the school and forest.

Frith Wood in England is said to be haunted by a woman looking for her murdered lover.

forest ghost names

A French prisoner being held near Frith Wood in the 19th century started a relationship with a local woman, but he was beaten to death in the forest by her father and brother, according to Travel + Leisure. It's said that she died shortly afterwards but returned to where he died. People have reported hearing her crying in the woods . The forest has such an eerie reputation that it's been dubbed "Fright Wood."

The Pine Barrens, New Jersey, is said to be the home of the infamous "Jersey Devil."

forest ghost names

It spans seven counties  and contains ghost stories galore. During the colonial era, the area was bustling with sawmills, paper mills, and towns to accompany them, but they were all abandoned when coal was discovered in Pennsylvania, leaving eerie ghost towns in their wake.

The forest is also said to be home to the infamous Jersey Devil , a beast that the Pinelands Preservation Alliance describes as "a kangaroo-like creature with the face of a horse, the head of a dog, bat-like wings, horns, and a tail." According to folklore, it was the 13th child of a woman named Deborah Leeds, who offered it to the devil while pregnant with it in 1735. Upon its birth, the newborn sprouted talons, hooves, and wings, and killed its mother, siblings, and the midwife before disappearing. Sightings persist today, as it continues to terrorize livestock (and humans).

Epping Forest, England, is rumored to be haunted by murder victims and even deceased soldiers.

forest ghost names

Epping Forest is probably best known as the site of at least one of the murders committed by highwayman Richard Turpin back in the 18th century. The expansive forest, which stretches for over 9 square miles, is covered with thick trees that haven't been cut in over 100 years, due to the Epping Forest Act of 1878.

If the trees aren't enough to spook you, chances are the ghosts, spirits, or muffled drum noises of deceased soldiers that visitors have reported will do the trick. Plus, cars parked on nearby Hangman's Hill are said to roll uphill when parked in neutral.

Freetown-Fall River State Forest in Massachusetts also has an eerie history.

forest ghost names

In September 1978, 15-year-old cheerleader Mary Lou Arruda was abducted while riding her bike . In November, her body was found tied to a tree in the state forest. James Kater, Mary Lou's kidnapper and murderer, was finally convicted in 1996. He died in 2016 at the age of 68 while serving a life sentence.

Other murders have also been linked to the forest and, according to some reports, individuals have even witnessed satanic cult activity in the woods. 

A ghost ship has reportedly been spotted multiple times near Old House Woods in Mathews, Virginia.

forest ghost names

In the late 19th century, a fisherman reportedly saw a large pirate ship suddenly appear in Whites Creek. Shortly after the ghost ship appeared, it reportedly sailed onto the shore and into the forest, where "shadowy" crew members could be seen climbing down a rope and into the woods.

An abandoned home near the forest, known as the Frannie Knight house , was reportedly haunted as far back as the Civil War. Local legend says that the home set itself on fire before putting itself out. The home then caught fire again before burning to the ground.

forest ghost names

forest ghost names

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12 Super Haunted Forests You Never Want To Get Lost In

Lyra Radford

The Blair Witch Project successfully taps into several fears that exists naturally within most people. The setting itself, for instance, is far more unsettling than the witch; forests are massive, creepy, isolated, and full of countless unknown dangers. And that's without even going into the notion of haunted forests. The excessive or irrational fear of heavily wooded areas is called hylophobia . The fear of wooded areas at night is nyctohylophobia. So, yes, this is an actual, documented, scientific thing. When you break down the risk factor, fearing forests isn’t so irrational; it’s a survival instinct.

From childhood, the dangers of forests are ingrained in the human psyche, mostly through fairy tales. Tales of wild men, Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood are meant to keep children out of the woods, and follow many of us into adulthood. Not that these tales fill heads with nonsense - there really are big bad wolves out there; wild men and pseudo -satanic cults do hide beneath the canopies of some forests. The haunted forest depicted in Blair Witch Project  and its remake may be just as fictional as fairy tales, but the spooky woods in this list have seen real-life horrors and developed legends of their own.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Nestled at the foot of Mount Fuji you'll find what’s commonly referred to as Japan’s Suicide Forest . Eerily quiet, sprawling Aokigahara is home to more than 100 suicides per year. On any given day, you can enter the woods and find human bones strewn about and dead bodies hanging from trees.

Some say the forest is to blame for these suicides; it's allegedly home to a dark energy that amplifies sadness within visitors, beckoning them to end their lives beneath its canopy. Once they do, their souls are doomed to remain there for eternity.

The Black Forest, Germany

The Black Forest, Germany

Germany's Black Forest sprawls along the Rhine River, and is literally a place of legend . The dense wood of pine and fir is the setting for many Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Sunlight is mostly blocked by trees in the Black Forest, giving it a nightmarish feeling, making it the perfect location for things that go bump in the night.

The forest is apparently home to nymphs, a headless horseman, and the ghost of a king who kidnaps young maidens who dare wander alone. Witches allegedly practice their dark arts here, and some believe a pack of werewolves lurks in the depths.

Freetown State Forest, Massachusetts

Freetown State Forest, Massachusetts

The Freetown-Fall River State Forest is within the Bridgewater Triangle, an area of southeastern Massachusetts known for a plethora of paranormal happenings . The land was formerly home to the Wampanoag people, who believed the forest was sacred, and it contains several American Indian burial grounds. Some believe it was cursed when settlers began stealing the land. In addition to strange noises, lights, and ghostly apparitions, the area has been host to satanic ritualistic murders and satanic cults.

Carl Drew, a pimp and cult leader, slaughtered women as a sacrifices in the woods. On October 13, 1979, he murdered and mutilated prostitute Donna Levesque. Another prostitute, cult member Karen Marsden, witnessed the murder and wanted out. She was tortured and killed as a satanic sacrifice on February 8, 1980. She was savagely beaten and had her hair and fingernails pulled out while still alive. Drew decapitated her, kicked her head around like a ball, and raped her corpse.

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

The Pines Barrens are relatively uninhabited (by humans), and stretch over 1.1 million acres of south Jersey. If the extreme isolation weren't enough, the area is also home to the Jersey Devil. According to legend, Pine Barrens native Ms. Leeds gave birth to 12 children, and when it came time to have number 13, she gave birth to the Devil. Whoops!

The baby had a goat head and hooves, leathery bat wings, and a forked tail. After slaughtering the midwife, it disappeared into the forest. A priest allegedly performed an exorcism in 1740. There have been sightings of the beast throughout the forest ever since.

Hoia-Baciu, Romania

Hoia-Baciu, Romania

Hoia Baciu Forest is  known as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania , which, ah, no thanks. Vampires and creepy woods? Pass. No one should ever venture near this place. It's most famous feature is unnaturally curved trees, which supposedly grew normally before a dark presence emitted a force strong enough to warp them.

Locals know not to screw around in Hoia Baciu. Those who enter have experienced extreme nausea, mysterious rashes, vomiting, headaches, and debilitating anxiety. There have been UFO sightings, and some theorize there’s an inter-dimensional portal in the forest, on account of the disturbing number of people who lose track of time in the forest.

They vanish into the woods, and have no memory of anything that happened while they were gone.

Epping Forest, England

Epping Forest, England

Epping Forest was a hideout for infamous 18th century highwayman Dick Turpin, who buried his murder victims  in the woods. Paranormal encounters reported by visitors to Epping include headless men, the sound of thundering war drums, and a ghostly woman who leaps from the trees and dives in front of cars to cause accidents. It also contains two hotspots of dark lore– Hangman’s Hill and the Suicide Pool.

It’s said, if you park your car at the bottom of Hangman's Hill at night and turn off the engine, the car will slowly roll uphill.  According to legend, the car is drawn to an ancient tree, where three witches were hanged. Another legend says an innocent man was strung up there. Perhaps it was both.

As for Suicide Pool, it's said a girl’s father found out she was meeting a boy in secret and killed her at the pool some 300 years ago. Her lover found out and committed suicide at the same spot. There was another suicide there in 1887. Not long after, a woman, Emma Morgan, killed her child and herself at the pond. Now it’s said the pool compels people to take their own lives; an evil force exists within its dark waters. No birds are heard near the spot and no animals wander by.

If all that weren't enough, several people have been raped and murdered in Epping Forest since the 1960s. A criminal accountant and his girlfriend were executed by shotgun, a woman who ran a massage parlor was found with a crossbow bolt through her head, and a woman who allegedly cheated two men in a drug deal was taken to the woods, tortured, and beaten to death with pool cues. 

Pocomoke Forest, Maryland

Pocomoke Forest, Maryland

Pocomoke forest is dense and swampy, with a history of slave abuse and death . There are many tales of slave owners having affairs with, and impregnating, slaves, then drowning the babies to cover up their behavior. Witnesses claim to have seen apparitions of slaves around the Pocomoke swamp.

There have also been sightings of beings called elementals. These spirits appear as mist, goblin-like creatures, or light-emitting entities similar to fairies.

Old House Woods, Virginia

Old House Woods, Virginia

After witnessing bloody battles during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, it’s no wonder this stretch of woods in Diggs, VA is riddled with restless spirits. The ghosts of slaves and soldiers can be seen wandering about, and some claim to have seen a mysterious woman of mist, floating and dissipating at will. Many have gone into the woods and never come out.

Those who venture in and live to tell the tale report it to be at least 10 degrees colder  in the woods than in surrounding areas. For more than 200 years, people have reported sightings of headless dogs, witches, and even spectral pirates and ghost ships floating through the sky. According to legend, a band of pirates buried treasure in the woods for safe keeping but died in a storm before they could retrieve it (the woods border the ocean, hence all the pirate stuff). 

Dering Woods, England

Dering Woods, England

The Dering Woods in England are known to locals as the Screaming Woods. It's said you can hear blood-curdling, banshee-like screams of lost souls crying out in the night. The woods border the village of Pluckley, at one point the most haunted village in Britain .

On November 1, 1948, 20 people were supposedly found dead in the woods, 11 of them children. A newspaper headline  from The Smarden Post is the only evidence of this massacre, though there's no record of that paper ever having existed (and also there's a Facebook URL on it, which, did they have FB in 1948?).

Though the massacre may be an invention, it has roots in reality. The bloodcurdling screams emanating from the woods date to the 18th century, when highwayman Robert Du Bois was dragged into the woods by villagers and executed. It's said the vengeful spirit of DuBois haunts the woods. If you hear his footsteps thumping behind you, run, or it’ll be the last thing you hear.

Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico

Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico

Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls) is neither a forest nor an island, but rather a tiny, wooded peninsula in a network of ancient canals in Xochimilco, Mexico City. It's also creepy as all get out.  The trees are covered with hundreds of creepy dolls. Decapitated doll heads, severed plastic limbs, and gaping dark holes where plastic eyes once were will great you like a sight from your worst nightmare if you take the famous, idyllic boat trip tourists flock to Xochimilco for in droves. 

As the story goes, more than 50 years ago, the Island of the Dolls's only inhabitant, Don Julian Santana, found the body of a drowned girl, along with her doll, in the water. He strung up the doll as a memorial to the girl, and continued to strap thousands more dolls to trees until his death in that same canal in 2001. Many swear they've heard the dolls laughing and whispering.

Some believe the dolls are vessels for the dead or they're possessed by evil forces. Others believe the dolls are guardians, and should be respected, not feared.

Ballyboley Forest, Northern Ireland

Ballyboley Forest, Northern Ireland

The Ballyboley Forest, with its distinctive stone arrangements and circular trenches, is supposedly an ancient Druid site, said to hold an entrance to the Celtic Otherworld. As per local legend, an alarming number of disappearances took place from the 15th to the 17th centuries within the forest.

Purportedly, in 1997, two men roaming the woods heard a woman screaming. The men looked for the source of the scream, but found nothing more than a tree streaked with blood. They fled in terror, but braved a look back and saw four figures standing motionless, dressed in brown rags, their heads covered. Much of this history, however, is somewhat suspect, in light of the fact that, according to the British government, Ballyboley Forest was planted in 1957 . 

In 2016, the forest was the scene of an event that shocked and terrorized locals : a rave. Hundreds of people, many of whom were on copious amounts of drugs, drunk out their minds, and apparently didn't even know what country they were in (how do you go to an island country without knowing where you're going?), descended on the woods for a massive, illegal outdoor party. 

Dow Hill, India

Dow Hill, India

One of the most haunted spots in India is a forest called Dow Hill , located in Kurseong, in northeastern India, between the borders of Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Visitors to the forest have reported the feeling of being watched, and caught glimpses of movement in their periphery. Others reported hearing a screaming woman, and a few claimed to see red eyes peeking at them from trees.

One of the most famous ghost sightings in Dow Hill is a headless boy, who has been seen wandering in the forest and down a street known as Death Road  The haunting aren’t confined to the woods, either; they’ve trickled into the halls of a school at the forest’s edge. Laughter, eerie whispers, and footsteps still echo throughout the Victoria Boys High School, even when it’s closed for holidays .

There are those who believe the spirits of the area live in the school. 

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Fictional Characters Named Lucy

8 Ghost Forests Caused by Rising Sea Levels in the U.S.

forest ghost names

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Peter Rintels / Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0

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Along the coast and near estuaries throughout the U.S., a frightening number of once-vibrant woodlands are dying from saltwater poisoning as marshes continue to move inland. Sea levels have risen eight to nine inches since 1880, and they're expected to rise another 12 inches by 2100, meaning we should expect to see even more land submerged and, therefore, more ghost forests forming.

What Are Ghost Forests?

Ghost forests are the remains of forests after they've been destroyed, most often by rising sea levels and tectonic activity.

A haunting indicator of climate change, these ghost forests tend to be more widespread along the Atlantic Coast than ever before, but these vast clusters of leafless trees can be found all over the country—from the northeast to the northwest, from Texas to Alaska.

Here are eight examples of ghost forests in the U.S.

Neskowin Beach (Oregon)

During low tide at Neskowin Beach on Oregon's Tillamook Coast—home to the famous Proposal Rock formation—the ghost of a former red cedar and sitka spruce forest can be clearly seen. Hundreds of years ago, trees filled the area, but they were destroyed by a massive, 9.0-magnitude earthquake around 1700. The stumpy remnants of the ancient trees were buried under sand for centuries, until strong storms in 1997 and 1998 eroded the beach and unearthed about 100 of them. They now speckle the shallows, making for a mysterious and eerie sight in northern Oregon.

Copalis River (Washington)

The 9.0-magnitude Cascadia earthquake that brought down the forest at Neskowin Beach also created a ghost forest in Washington's Olympic Peninsula, just to the north. When it hit in the Pacific Ocean, it triggered floods all over the Pacific Northwest. The land along the Copalis River where a grove of red cedar and spruce trees stood dropped about six feet as a result. The forest died after being inundated with saltwater, but some of the barren skeletons of trees still stand today.

Girdwood (Alaska)

cweimer4 / Getty Images

The 9.2-magnitude Great Alaskan earthquake, or Good Friday earthquake, shook south-central Alaska for a staggering four minutes, 30 seconds. It was the most powerful earthquake in North American history, and it caused the ground near Girdwood to sink five to nine feet, so that the entire town of Portage ended up below sea level. A few ghost forests formed, including one particularly visible one in the area where the Seward Highway now runs. Apparently, portions of the buildings can still be seen partially submerged underwater.

Inks Lake State Park (Texas)

Wing-Chi Poon / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.5

In the mid-1930s, the Inks Dam was built on a Texas section of the Colorado River—the same body of water that cut the Grand Canyon and flows through seven states—to create the reservoir Inks Lake. In the process, part of the forest was flooded, and the bare trunks of the flood's victims still can be seen protruding from the lake. While tour operators in the area offer kayak outings on the lake, the dense forest lying just below the water's surface makes it difficult for motor boats to navigate.

Sea Islands (South Carolina)

Perhaps the most appropriate name for a ghost forest, Boneyard Beach on Bulls Island, one of South Carolina's 35 barrier islands, is another casualty of rising sea levels. The subsequent erosion of the shoreline here has brought the dead and barren giants to the ground, so they lie horizontally and bleached white by the sun like an elephant graveyard.

Boneyard Beach is just one example of the many ghost forests on South Carolina's barrier islands. The phenomenon is so prevalent here because the sea islands sit just above sea level , leaving them especially vulnerable to flooding.

Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge (North Carolina) / Wikimedia Commons / CC0

When you hear the term "ghost forest" in the news today, it's usually in the context of North Carolina, whose coastal woodlands have dwindled over the years due to saltwater poisoning. One chilling example is the Alligator River National Refuge, positioned along the Atlantic Coast on the mainland portions of Dare and Hyde Counties. Between 1985 and 2019, 11% of this area’s tree cover (more than 20,000 acres) has been taken over by ghost forests, a 2021 study found.

Although drainage ditches have long funneled seawater into this area, the problem was exacerbated by Hurricane Irene in 2011. The six-foot-tall wave that hit inland North Carolina during that storm, mixed with a five-year drought, wound up being a botanically lethal combination.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Northeast U.S.)

The Chesapeake Bay Watershed—spanning more than 64,000 square miles and stretching across six states: Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, plus Washington, D.C.—is the largest estuary in the U.S. Like many other estuaries across the nation, it is changing because of a combination of rising sea levels and land sinking from the last ice age .

More than 150 square miles of its forest have become marshland since the mid-1800s. In the last 100 years alone, water levels in the Bay have risen about a foot—"a rate nearly twice that of the global historic average," the Chesapeake Bay Foundation says.

Terrebonne Basin Marsh (Louisiana)

ctj71081 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

South Louisiana alone contains 40% of the entire country's wetlands, and also about 80% of wetland losses . Local agriculture and development have put a major strain on many of the swamps and bayous of the Deep South state. Other bodies of water—like the marsh that extends from Pointe Coupee Parish to Terrebonne Bay—have been inundated with saltwater to the point where the beautiful bald cypress and oak trees that once thrived alongside them are now barren and dead.

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Visit These 11 Haunted Forests—If You Dare

Lush woods can be the height of serenity and relaxation, but nature isn’t the only thing you can commune with when you visit these 11 haunted forests.

forest ghost names

Related To:

Shop this look.

The Appalachian Trail—Bluff Mountain, Virginia

Photo By: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Photo By: George Rose/Getty Images

Photo By: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images

Photo By: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Photo By: Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc/Corbis via Getty Images

Photo By: Greg Vaughn /VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Photo By: Dukas/Christian Heeb/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Photo By: John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images

Photo By: Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The Appalachian Trail—Bluff Mountain, Virginia

Four-year-old Ottie Cline Powell wandered into the woods to look for firewood on November 9, 1891. He never returned. His remains were found by hunters the following April. According to Blue Ridge Country Magazine, hikers report an “eerie, unseen presence near the mountain top.” Perhaps Ottie is just looking for the trail back home.

Need more evidence of paranormal activity in the woods? You can watch full episodes of These Woods Are Haunted on discovery+.

Devil's Tramping Ground—Bear Creek, North Carolina

Deep in central North Carolina is a strange, 40-foot circle where nothing will grow. Local legend has it that the devil himself paces the circle at night as he contemplates what havoc to wreak next.

Randolph Forest—Randolph, Maine

The forest in a tiny town between Portland and Bangor, Maine, is rife with paranormal activity according to the locals. There are strange sounds, uneasy feelings, and the appearance of orbs . In October 2020, the Bangor Daily News talked to residents who believe the woods are now haunted by a beloved local man who disappeared and was never found.

Morgan-Monroe State Forest—Martinsville, Indiana

Southwest of Indianapolis lies a beautiful forest full of trails—and the undead. Hikers report seeing the ghost of a mother mourning at her dead child’s grave , as well as a haunted cabin where campers rarely manage to stay all night. Legend has it, even Bigfoot lurks among the shadows.

Santa Fe National Forest—Terrero, New Mexico

A Spanish Priest murdered at the Holy Ghost Campground in the 17th century haunts the campground, and a local tour guide called the area the "Bermuda Triangle of New Mexico” as there have always been UFOs, odd sounds, and inexplicable disappearances.

Angelina National Forest—Zavalla, Texas

An old sawmill stands in the Boykin Springs area of this eastern Texas town. Legend has it hikers can hear the disembodied screams of a young woman who met her untimely demise at the teeth of the saw while visiting her boyfriend at work.

Gifford Pinchot National Forest—Amboy, Washington

This Pacific Northwest forest is a hotbed for Bigfoot sightings, and Skamania County Washington is actually a safe haven for the mysterious cryptids. A 1969 law made it illegal to hunt Bigfoot with weapons , though plenty of people search the woods, hoping to catch a glimpse of the creature.

Manchac Swamp—Ponchatoula, Louisiana

Julie Brown, a voodoo priestess in nearby Frenier, Louisiana, often sang a song from the porch of her home : “One day, I’m going to die and take the whole town with me.” In 1915, a hurricane ripped through the area and killed more than 50 people. The storm was reportedly summoned by Brown herself. Visitors to the swamp just might have a run-in with the reason so many died.

Yosemite National Park—North Wawona, California

Chilnualna Falls Trail is only an 8 mile hike in the middle of the vast Yosemite National Park, but it is one of the creepiest. Along the trails is Grouse Lake, which is reportedly haunted by a boy who drowned there. The Miwok Tribe believes there is an evil spirit that lures people to the edge of the waterfalls and then pushes them in.

Pine Barrens—New Jersey

New Jersey’s Pine Barrens stretch across most of the southern half of the state, and the vast barrens are home to the Jersey Devil. Legend has it that an Estellville, New Jersey, woman was distraught to learn she was expecting her thirteenth child and said “Let it be the devil.” The child reportedly turned into a flying, cloven-hooved demon after birth and has spent the last 250 years terrifying residents throughout the area.

Stream The Jersey Devil: Monster in the Pines now on discovery+.

Meeman Shelby Forest State Park—Millington, Tennessee

It’s an idyllic park in western Tennessee, not far from Memphis, but something lurks in the dark. The ghost of a man who was disfigured in a munitions factory accident is said to wander the vast forest. Visitors who stop on the bridge and call for him just might see Pigman appear .

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Blog Of Tom

449+ Ghost Names (BEST List!)

Tom Derbyshire

A ghost standing in front of a castle.

Table Of Contents

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Ghost names have always been an intriguing element in spooky stories, paranormal experiences, and supernatural events. Whether you’re crafting a thrilling tale or taking inspiration for your next Halloween costume, having a unique and ominous ghost name can set the mood and heighten the sense of mystery. From cultural folklore to popular fiction, the ghostly names that haunt our world come in various forms and origin stories.

There are no rules or boundaries when it comes to naming your spectral characters, but there are some sources worth exploring to get your creative juices flowing. To help you find the perfect spooky alias, we have compiled a few suggestions from various sources, such as folklore, online name generators, and popular media. These options can spark some inspiration to create the ghost name that sends chills down your reader’s spine.

  • Amadlozi – Nguni spiritual figures
  • Obayifo – Ashanti vampire
  • Madam Koi Koi – Nigerian ghost
  • Mbwiri – Central African demon
  • Egbere – Yoruban malevolent spirit

Feel free to take these suggestions as an initial starting point, or mix and match elements to create your own eerie moniker. Remember the goal is to evoke shivers, intrigue, and a sense of the supernatural with your choice. With this in mind, you can craft the perfect ghost name for your story, game, or creative project.

forest ghost names

Best Ghost Names

In this section, we’ve compiled a list of the best ghost monikers to inspire your own ghost story or to stir your imagination.

From classic names like Casper to more unique choices like Ayakashi , these ghost name ideas will give you plenty of ideas for both male and female ghost characters.

  • Banjhakrini

This next set of names offers a mix of both spooky and sweet, as well as names inspired by famous ghost stories like the Bell Witch . So, whether you’re searching for a name for your ghostly writing project or simply want to name your Halloween persona, look no further.

  • Poltergeist
  • Phantomette
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Abraham (inspired by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln)
  • Wilhelmina (inspired by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, who claimed to have seen Lincoln’s ghost)

Now that you have a list of captivating ghost monikers at your disposal, you can create characters for your ghost stories or add an extra layer of eeriness to your Halloween celebrations. Remember to keep the essence of a ghost in mind while selecting the perfect name for your character, making sure it fits their personality and backstory.

forest ghost names

Good Ghost Name Ideas

In this section, you will find a list of cool ghost monikers that you can use for various purposes like stories, games, or upcoming Halloween events. Remember, you can also use a ghost name generator to come up with more ideas. Here are the first 25 good ghost name ideas:

While some of these names might seem lighthearted, a few have roots in various types of ghosts and mythologies. This adds a level of intrigue to your ghost name ideas. Here are the next 25 names in the list:

These names should provide a starting point for generating interesting ideas for your ghost characters. As you explore different types of ghosts, don’t hesitate to use a ghost name generator to come up with more unique and fitting names for your spectral friends. Enjoy creating your spooky world!

forest ghost names

Female Ghost Names

In this section, you will find a variety of female ghost monikers to spark your imagination. These names are inspired by famous female spirits and legends from around the world. Here’s a list:

  • Bloody Mary – The infamous vengeful spirit who appears in mirrors when her name is called three times.
  • Queen Esther – A ghostly figure rumored to haunt a Pennsylvania hotel, named after the former queen of Persia.
  • Anne Boleyn – The specter of King Henry VIII’s beheaded queen is said to wander the Tower of London.
  • La Llorona – The famous weeping ghost from Mexican folklore who lost her children and roams the earth searching for them.
  • Lady in White – A common appearance for female ghosts, typically wearing a flowing white gown and appearing distressed.
  • Bellatrix – A name borrowed from the world of Harry Potter, it carries a mystical and dark aura.
  • Silent Sally – A ghost who prefers to stay in the shadows, quietly observing her surroundings.
  • Cassandra – An enchanting name for a spirit that is both beautiful and mysterious.
  • Eleanor – A classic name with an air of sophistication, suitable for a spirit haunting an elegant mansion.
  • Wailing Winifred – This ghost is known for her sorrowful wails that can be heard late at night.

Continue to explore this list of captivating female ghost monikers, drawing from a wide range of sources and inspiration.

  • Spectral Seraphina – A ghost who seems like an angel but harbors a sinister secret.
  • Phantom Penelope – A restless spirit who is cursed to wander the earth, never finding peace.
  • Helena – Perfect for a ghost haunting a castle, this name has an old-world charm.
  • Lilith – A haunting and powerful name, often associated with dark legends and mythology.
  • Morgana – A mystical name, steeped in legend and lore from King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Melancholy Mina – A ghost characterized by her constant gloom and despair.
  • Sabrina – A bewitching name full of charm and intrigue.
  • Grieving Giselle – A tormented spirit forever mourning the loss of something dear to her.
  • Desdemona – A tragic name inspired by the Shakespearean play Othello, fitting for a ghost with a sorrowful tale.
  • Whispering Willow – A ghost who communicates through subtle whispers and gusts of wind.

Don’t hesitate to mix and match ideas from these names or even create your own. The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting a unique and memorable female ghost name. Now, let your imagination run wild and have fun naming your ethereal entities!

forest ghost names

Male Names For A Ghost

In this section, we will explore a variety of male ghost name ideas that would be perfect for your story or creative work.

These names are inspired by various sources, including characters from literature, folklore, and popular culture.

Let’s dive in!

Edward – A classic name that evokes the image of an elegant, haunting presence.

Alistar – A mysterious and sinister name that could suit a malevolent spirit.

Jacob Marley – The tormented spirit from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” who warns Scrooge of his impending doom.

Chevoyo – A Native American name meaning “spirit warrior,” perfect for a brave and determined ghost.

Barrett – A unique and rare name, often used for ghosts and spirits.

Finn – A simple and easy-to-remember name for a friendly or mischievous ghost.

Eamonn – An Irish name with a touch of mystique, perfect for a wandering spirit.

Gideon – A strong and powerful name, suitable for a ghost who seeks justice or vengeance.

Silas – A haunting and eerie name, evocative of desolate graveyards and shadowy spirits.

Mortimer – A dignified and somber name, fitting for a ghost of nobility or high social standing.

Hugh – A common English name that means “spirit.”

Ezra – A Hebrew name that could suit a wise and knowledgeable ghost.

Coldin – A chilling name that evokes the image of an icy, undead specter.

Specter – A ghostly name that encompasses the ethereal nature of a haunting presence.

Ghost of Christmas Past – From Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” this spirit takes Scrooge on a journey through his own past.

Ghost of Christmas Present – Another spirit from Dickens’ classic, showing Scrooge the current consequences of his actions.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – The final ghost in the tale, who reveals Scrooge’s bleak potential future.

Lysander – A captivating and enigmatic name for a ghost with a commanding presence.

Casper – The quintessential friendly ghost, ideal for a more lighthearted character.

Orpheus – A classical name with ties to Greek mythology, perfect for an ancient or legendary specter.

Ignatius – A bold and distinguished name that conjures an image of a sophisticated ghost.

Lucien – A name that embodies a dark and brooding spirit.

Laszlo – A captivating and mesmerizing name for a ghost with a mysterious past.

Jasper – A striking and intense name, fitting for a ghost who seeks vengeance or redemption.

Thanatos – A name with roots in Greek mythology, representing the personification of death itself.

This next set of names continues our exploration of male ghost monikers. These names are equally mysterious, haunting, and evocative, ensuring a memorable character for your story or creative work.

  • Fletcher – A versatile name that can suit a benevolent or cunning ghost.
  • Griffin – A powerful and commanding name for a ghost with a strong presence.
  • Balthazar – An ancient and mystical name, perfect for a ghost with a dark past.
  • Poe – A name inspired by the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe, who is known for his tales of the macabre.
  • Mordecai – An enigmatic and chilling name, ideal for a ghost with a cryptic and vengeful aura.

forest ghost names

Unisex Ghost Name Ideas

When creating a ghost character or ghostly spirit, it’s important to select a name that conveys a sense of eeriness and mystery.

Here are the first 25 unisex ghost names to help you choose the perfect name for your ghostly being:

  • Aisling : Ghosts of dreams or visions
  • Blair : A shadowy figure in the darkness
  • Casper : A friendly ghost
  • Destin : The final destination of souls
  • Eerie : The feeling of ghostly presence
  • Fay : A ghost connected to fairy folk
  • Grey : Shades of gray spirits
  • Haze : Indiscernible spectral beings
  • Indigo : A mysterious, twilight spirit
  • Jade : A ghost of an ancient past
  • Kai : An ocean spirit, connecting to water-related hauntings
  • Lilith : A dark, feminine presence
  • Morgue : A ghost associated with the afterlife and the dead
  • Nocturne : A spirit of the night
  • Orion : A celestial, otherworldly ghost
  • Pax : A peaceful, calming spirit
  • Quill : A ghost with ties to the written word
  • Raven : A ghost with a dark and brooding presence
  • Sable : A silky smooth, ethereal being
  • Talon : A sharp, keen spirit
  • Umbra : A ghost that lurks in the shadows
  • Veil : A spirit seemingly always behind a veil or shroud
  • Whisper : A ghost that communicates by subtle whispers
  • Xan : An enigmatic, unknown ghostly force
  • Yara : A ghost with ties to natural elements, such as water or earth

Continuing on with our list of unisex ghost names, we present the next 25 names suitable for various types of ghosts or ghost characters:

  • Zephyr : A spirit of the winds or air
  • Alaric : A ghost with a noble or regal past
  • Bryn : A spirit connected to the hills or nature
  • Celeste : A haunting, celestial ghost
  • Drift : A wandering, restless spirit
  • Elva : A ghost with elven or otherworldly qualities
  • Frost : A cold, chilling ghostly presence
  • Gale : A spirit characterized by swift, powerful movements
  • Hollis : A ghost related to the forest, trees, or nature
  • Ignis : A specter glowing with an inner fire
  • Jet : A night-colored, shadowy entity
  • Keir : A ghost linked to darkness or shadows
  • Larkin : A clever, cunning spirit
  • Moss : A ghost deeply connected with natural elements
  • Nyx : A night-dwelling, nocturnal ghost
  • Obsidian : A smooth, dark spirit
  • Pierce : A ghost with a sharp, keen intellect
  • Quartz : A striking, crystalline phantom
  • Rowan : A tree spirit or ghost with ties to nature
  • Sage : A wise, ancient ghost
  • Tremor : A specter that can cause unsettling sensations
  • Undine : A water-dwelling, aquatic ghost
  • Vesper : A spirit of the evening or dusk
  • Wraith : An eerie, terrifying ghost
  • Yew : A ghost connected to the tree of life or immortality

These unisex ghost name ideas cover a wide range of ghost characters, ghostly spirits, and types of ghosts, providing you with many options to create a unique and captivating ghostly presence for your stories or Halloween parties.

Cool Names For A Ghost

Ghosts and spirits have always fascinated us with their fascinating tales and mysterious qualities.

If you are looking for some cool ghost monikers to send shivers down your spine or to use in your creative writing, we have got you covered.

Here, you will find a list of 50 cool ghost names, separated into two sub-sections for your convenience.

  • The Silent Lover
  • Lady Aurora
  • The Screaming Student
  • Phantom Scribe
  • Lost Wanderer
  • Ghostly Guardian
  • Whispering Soul
  • Shadow Dancer
  • Ethereal Mist
  • Black Marble
  • Crimson Dream
  • Shimmering Specter
  • Eerie Traveler
  • Midnight Watcher
  • Solitary Queen
  • Hidden Echo
  • Cold Keeper
  • Wailing Willow
  • Frozen Fable
  • Silent Steps
  • Lantern Bearer
  • Misty Enigma
  • Haunted Harbinger
  • Ghostly Gardener
  • Dark Musician
  • The Phantom Poet
  • Twilight Children
  • The Whispering Woods
  • Grave Watch
  • Eternal Entertainer
  • Spectral Serpent
  • Chilling Chorus
  • Quicksilver Messenger
  • Enchanting Essence
  • The Hollow Guide
  • Icebound Apparition
  • Echoes of Eternity
  • Crystal Contemplation
  • Amethyst Awareness
  • Ghostly Grace
  • Lingering Legend
  • The Shadow Seer
  • Eternal Ember

To make the ghost naming process even more exciting and personalized, you can use a ghost name generator to come up with more unique and creative names. These generators are readily available online and often help by combining different combinations of adjectives, nouns, and titles to create a ghost name that truly reflects the haunting spirit you are trying to represent.

Badass Ghost Names

As you continue your exploration into the realm of the paranormal, here is a list of badass ghost monikers that can help inspire your creativity:

  • Ghostly Hunter – The perfect name for an ethereal being who spends its afterlife seeking out prey in haunted forests.
  • Wraithlock – A powerful combination of a wraith and warlock, striking fear into the heart of any who encounter them.
  • Bell Witch – Inspired by a famous American folklore haunting, this ghost is said to be malicious and terrifying.
  • Spectral Slayer – This fearsome ghost is known for its ability to effortlessly navigate between the realms of the living and the dead.
  • Phantom Fury – The embodiment of eternal rage, this ghost will leave a path of destruction in their haunt.
  • Revenant Reaper – Combining the traits of a revenant and a reaper, this ghost is not one to be trifled with.
  • Shadow Shrieker – A chilling name for a ghost with a piercing, otherworldly scream.
  • Ectoplasmic Enforcer – This powerful ghost is a relentless force ensuring balance and justice in the spirit world.
  • Ghastly Goliath – A formidable and imposing ghost, whose mere presence is enough to strike terror into those who encounter it.
  • Spectral Stalker – The essence of a relentless pursuer, this ghost is one that will never give up the chase.
  • Wailing Warrior – This ghost’s fierce cries continue to echo through history, a chilling indicator of their combat prowess.
  • Haunting Howler – A ghost whose haunting howls send shivers down the spines of those who are unfortunate enough to hear them.
  • Apparition Assassin – This stealthy spirit specializes in dispatching its targets without detection.
  • Ethereal Eviscerator – A brutal and vicious ghost, known for leaving a gory aftermath in its wake.
  • Poltergeist Punisher – This ghost takes a ruthless approach, inflicting chaos and havoc in any place it chooses to haunt.
  • Phantom Phalanx – This legendary team of ghostly soldiers continues to stand guard in the afterlife.
  • Spectral Saboteur – This cunning and elusive ghost wreaks endless havoc on unsuspecting victims.
  • Shadow Sovereign – A ghostly ruler who reigns supreme in the realm of spirits.
  • Revenant Ravager – A vicious and relentless ghost that knows no mercy.
  • Phantom Pharaoh – A haunting presence from ancient Egypt, commanding respect and reverence from all who encounter it.
  • Ghastly Gladiator – A fierce and bloodthirsty warrior, forever seeking battles in the afterlife.
  • Ectoplasmic Executioner – This chilling ghost is the embodiment of vengeance, delivering swift justice to those it deems deserving.
  • Spectral Sentinel – A steadfast and vigilant ghost, eternally guarding the boundary between life and death.
  • Haunting Harbinger – A ghostly omen of darkness and doom, often appearing shortly before disaster strikes.
  • Apparition Avenger – This ghost is driven by an undying quest for justice and retribution, unrelenting in its pursuit of those who wronged it.
  • Spectral Scourge – A ghostly presence that sows fear and devastation wherever it goes.
  • Shadow Spectre – An elusive entity, eternally lurking at the edges of your peripheral vision.
  • Ethereal Eradicator – A ghost known for its ruthless efficiency in removing any threats to its domain.
  • Wraith Wrangler – A ghost who is skilled at corralling and controlling lesser spirits.
  • Scarlet Specter – A haunting presence dripping in blood, this ghost brings a new level of terror to the table.
  • Phantom Fatale – a bewitching and deadly female presence, capable of captivating and destroying any who fall under her spell.
  • Haunting Huntress – A fierce female spirit, eternally hunting those who dare enter her domain.
  • Ghastly Guardian – A daunting protector, fiercely defending the location or object it is bound to.
  • Ectoplasmic Emissary – A ghostly diplomat, maintaining order and peace between the realms of the living and the dead.
  • Crypt Keeper – A sentinel spirit tasked with guarding the tombs and resting places of the deceased.
  • Obsidian Apparition – A dark and enigmatic presence, shrouded in shadow and engulfed in mystery.
  • Wraith Whisperer – A ghost who has mastered the art of communicating with and commanding other spirits.
  • Spectral Scythe – A swift and silent force, striking down its victims with deadly precision.
  • Ghastly Gargoyle – A fearsome, stony guardian steadfastly keeping watch over its haunted domain.
  • Reaper’s Requiem – A haunting melody that foretells the arrival of a fearsome specter.
  • Nightmare Necromancer – A ghost with the power to raise and command legions of the undead.
  • Wailing Wisp – A ghostly cry echoes throughout the darkness, heralding the arrival of this chilling spirit.
  • Ethereal Extinguisher – A ghost known for snuffing out the life force of those who cross its path.
  • Phantom Philosopher – A wise and otherworldly presence, offering its insight from beyond the grave.
  • Spectral Shade – A shadowy figure, exuding an aura of menace and dread.
  • Haunting Hades – A ghost cloaked in darkness, its chilling presence evoking visions of the underworld.
  • Cryptic Conjurer – A master of mysticism, this ghost wields immense supernatural powers.
  • Ghastly Gloom – A spirit that seems to drain all the light and hope from those in its presence.
  • Revenant Ringleader – The cunning and charismatic leader of a legion of restless spirits.
  • Ectoplasmic Enigma – An enigmatic ghost, unknowable and forever shifting in form and purpose.

Unique Ghost Name Ideas

When crafting a ghost story, having unique and mysterious ghost names can make your tale even more captivating.

Here is a list of distinct ghost name ideas for various types of ghosts:

  • Phantomus – A wandering spirit seeking redemption
  • Estella – A ghostly presence residing in an ancient castle
  • Whispers – A faint voice haunting an abandoned building
  • Banshira – A banshee-like ghost, known for her chilling wails
  • Shadowmere – A shadowy figure lurking in the darkest corners
  • Poltar – A mischievous poltergeist disturbing a family home
  • Grimwick – A ghost from the Victorian era, cursed to roam the streets
  • Omenshade – A spirit acting as a harbinger of doom
  • Emberlyn – A ghost of a young girl lost in a tragic fire
  • Etherea – A celestial spirit guiding lost souls
  • Skullen – A ghostly pirate captain, cursed to sail the seas for eternity
  • Noxaura – A nocturnal specter haunting dreams and nightmares
  • Wraithhold – A fierce wraith guarding a hidden treasure
  • Ghastelle – A gaunt apparition appearing in haunted mirrors
  • Lilitha – An ancient ghost caught in a web of deception
  • Spectralis – The essence of a powerful mage, trapped in limbo
  • Eclipsen – A ghost born from the darkness of an eclipse
  • Dirgewalker – A mourning spirit, following those in torment
  • Nyxshade – A spirit appearing only during a moonless night
  • Ravenstone – A ghost cloaked in raven’s feathers, roaming graveyards
  • Ghoulcrest – A malevolent ghoul searching for its next victim
  • Ivorysoul – A tragic figure eternally imprisoned in a cursed manor
  • Frostwhisper – A spirit haunting the coldest nights of winter
  • Eternalis – An ageless ghost trapped between worlds
  • Nightmara – A nightmarish entity dwelling in the shadows of your mind
  • Spectrina – A playful spirit seeking companionship
  • Gravemourn – A ghost lamenting a past love
  • Hallowsbane – A restless spirit, haunting Halloween nights
  • Cripper – A vengeful ghost dwelling in an abandoned asylum
  • Duskshade – A ghost who appears only at twilight
  • Eericka – A gentle ghost, looking for peace in the afterlife
  • Marowraith – A skeletal wraith guarding an ancient tomb
  • Doomgazer – A foreboding spirit with a chilling gaze
  • Stormspirit – A ghostly presence during turbulent storms
  • Shiverlance – A haunting figure in icy landscapes
  • Ebonwillow – A ghost caught in an eternal curse
  • Infernia – A spirit born from the ashes of destruction
  • Phasmalia – A reflective ghost dwelling in reflective surfaces
  • Gloomsire – A malevolent spirit stalking foggy nights
  • Revenire – A revenant seeking revenge for a past injustice
  • Bladewalker – A ghost carrying a cursed blade
  • Vaporia – A spirit with an ethereal yet captivating presence
  • Moonhaunt – A lunar spirit appearing only on full moons
  • Soulstitch – A ghost trapped by the threads of fate
  • Gameria – A spirit haunting an abandoned arcade
  • Edgarus – A ghost with a poetic soul
  • Dawnseeker – A spirit watching over a small village during sunrise
  • Onyxblood – A ghost with a heavy burden from their mortal life
  • Whispervine – A spirit residing among overgrown ivy in a forgotten garden
  • Catacomb – An undead entity lurking in the depths of a crypt

With these unique ghost name ideas, you’re more than ready to bring your ghost story to life or even add some spectral flair to your Halloween party.

Catchy Names For A Ghost

In this section, we’ve curated a list of captivating and memorable ghost names that will add a touch of originality to your story.

These names have a focus on humor, character, and cuteness. Remember, just because they’re ghosts doesn’t mean they have to be scary!

  • Boo Berry – A play on the classic ghost term “boo” with a sweet twist
  • Chills McGee – A funny ghost with a frosty demeanor
  • Spectral Sprinkles – A cute ghost that sprinkles fun wherever it goes
  • Apparition Adams – A mysterious ghost character
  • Poltergeist Pete – A mischievous little ghost with a penchant for pranks
  • Spooky Simon – A ghost known for being both adorable and spooky
  • Phantom Fiona – A stylish female ghost character
  • Ectoplasm Ernie – A ghostly figure with a peculiar slime trail
  • Whispering Wanda – A ghost who communicates in faint whispers
  • Shadow Sidney – A ghost that tends to lurk in the shadows
  • Ghastly Giselle – A ghost with a terrifyingly beautiful appearance
  • Haunting Hannah – A cute ghost that knows how to captivate its audience
  • Moaning Margo – A funny ghost who loves to complain
  • Spooktacular Stella – A ghost character with a vibrant personality
  • Casper Cuddles – A charming and friendly ghost
  • Haunted Hermione – A ghostly character with an intellectual twist
  • Floating Fred – A ghost who prefers to glide through the air
  • Eerie Eloise – A cute ghost with a haunting presence
  • Grinning Gus – A funny ghost with an ever-present smirk
  • Weeping Willow – A sorrowful ghost with a name inspired by nature
  • Ghostly Glenda – A mysterious and beautiful ghost character
  • Spine-chilling Steve – A humorous ghost with an affinity for frights
  • Spirit Spritz – A cute ghost that adds a touch of spirited fun
  • Mysterious Marvin – A ghost character shrouded in mystery
  • Wisparella – A ghostly figure with an enchanting presence
  • Phantom Phil – A witty ghost with a flair for one-liners
  • Whiskers the Wraith – A cute ghost with a penchant for cats
  • Terrifying Tamara – A ghost that’s scary but irresistibly charming
  • Ghoul Giggles – A humorous ghost that loves a hearty laugh
  • Spectral Sweetness – A gentle and kind-hearted ghost figure
  • Ghostly Galore – A ghost character with a touch of extravagance
  • Ethereal Emmett – A ghost who exudes mystery and allure
  • Boo Boo Betty – A clumsy yet endearing ghost
  • Creepy Cuddles – A ghost that enjoys the occasional scare and snuggle
  • Wandering Wendy – A curious ghost who’s always exploring
  • Frightful Franny – A ghost that’s delightfully scary and comical
  • Gossamer Greta – A ghost character with a refined presence
  • Shrieking Sharon – A hysterical ghost who isn’t afraid to be loud
  • Phantom Flip – A funny ghost known for quick movements
  • Haunted Howie – A ghost that still embraces life’s daily activities
  • Eerie Emilia – A ghost with a mysterious, yet captivating presence
  • Spooky Stripes – A visually unique ghost with a signature pattern
  • Phantom Fireball – A spirited ghost with a penchant for mischief
  • Spectral Snuggles – A cute ghost that provides warmth and comfort
  • Ghoulish Gary – A hilarious ghost with a wild sense of humor
  • Shadow Shimmer – A ghost with an entrancing, shimmering form
  • Banshee Banter – A ghost that loves good conversation
  • Spectral Stanley – A lovable and friendly ghost character
  • Whispers of Wendy – A ghost known for its gentle demeanor
  • Chilly Charlie – A ghost with an icy presence both figuratively and literally

Cute Ghost Names

Sometimes, you want to give a ghost a cute name that brings a smile to people’s faces instead of shivers down their spines. Here are some cute ghost monikers that you can consider:

  • Boo – The classic cute ghost name.
  • Casper – The friendly ghost everyone knows and loves.
  • Bella – Adapting a popular girl’s name for a cute ghost.
  • Ash – A simple name with an autumnal feel.
  • Autumn – Speaking of seasons, this name is perfect for a fall-themed ghost.
  • Blinky – For a ghost that has twinkling eyes.
  • Candy – Nothing is sweeter than a cute ghost named Candy.
  • Cream – Another name that suggests a softer side of a ghost.
  • Callum – A charming ghost name with Celtic origins.
  • Cybil – An elegant name for a well-mannered, sophisticated ghost.
  • Cash – A fun, modern name for a cool ghost.
  • Clyde – Perhaps the best friend of Casper?
  • Crow – A name inspired by the natural world for a more earthly ghost.
  • Carrie – A classic name with an eerie edge.
  • Blair – Perfect for a ghostly girl who might haunt old mansions.
  • Bram – A nod to the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker.
  • Bones – For a ghost that is playful rather than scary.
  • Blade – A name that suggests this ghost has a mischievous side.
  • Beast – A gentle giant of a ghost.
  • Bella Churel – Mixing a popular girl’s name with a folklore-inspired ghost name.
  • Banjhakri – A unique ghost name with Nepalese roots.
  • Banjhakrini – A female counterpart to Banjhakri.
  • Anne Boleyn – Drawing from the historic figure who is often said to haunt the Tower of London.
  • Ayakashi – A name rooted in Japanese folklore.
  • Queen Esther – The queen who is rumored to walk the halls of her ancient palace.

If you didn’t find the perfect cute ghost name in the first 25, here are 25 more options for you:

  • Elmo – A friendly and furry ghost name.
  • Ember – A warm-spirited ghost.
  • Felicity – For a ghost that brings happiness wherever they go.
  • Frost – A ghost with a chilly demeanor but a warm heart.
  • Fizz – A lively, sparkly ghost.
  • Glimmer – A ghost with a radiant presence.
  • Glow – For a ghost that lights up the room.
  • Hazel – A nature-inspired name for a gentle ghost.
  • Honey – A sweet name for a sweet ghost.
  • Inky – A ghost inspired by the inky depths of the night.
  • Ivy – A name that suggests a ghost entwined with nature.
  • Jasper – A friendly, gemstone-inspired ghost name.
  • Juniper – Another nature-related name for a ghost that prefers the outdoors.
  • Kitty – A cute, furry name for a ghost with a feline presence.
  • Lilac – A fragrant and flowery ghost name.
  • Lucy – A classic girl’s name that adds charm to any ghost.
  • Lulu – A fun, whimsical name for a ghost who loves to laugh.
  • Misty – Perfect for a ghost that prefers foggy, mysterious settings.
  • Moonbeam – A reflecting ghost who only comes out at night.
  • Ollie – A friendly, approachable name for a playful ghost.
  • Pippin – A name that brings to mind small, cheerful ghosts.
  • Poe – Inspired by the master of horror, Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Raven – A name that evokes dark, mysterious beauty.
  • Sorrel – A unique name for a one-of-a-kind ghost.
  • Willow – A softly romantic name for a ghost with a connection to nature.

Funny Names For A Ghost

If you’re looking for funny names to make your ghost story a little less spine-chilling, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of entertaining ghost name ideas that can make even the scariest of tales seem more lighthearted:

  • Sheet Faced
  • Creepy Crepes
  • Chills Kardashian
  • Apparition Styles
  • Phantöm Menace
  • Spectre Gadget
  • Ghouliver’s Travels
  • Polter Heist
  • Spooktacular
  • Casper’s Cousin
  • High Spirits
  • Wraith Charles
  • Ghost Malone
  • Lady MacDeath
  • Fright Lights
  • Floating Anxiety
  • Shadow Sneak
  • Spookie Boogie
  • Transparent Trevor
  • Grim Whisper
  • Unseen Usain
  • Hauntington Post
  • Creaky Casanova
  • Ectoplasm Elvis
  • Chillin’ Vanillin
  • Pins and Sneakers
  • Wraith Trackers
  • Ghostface Grillah
  • Mourning Glory
  • Abra-ghost-ra
  • Crypt Kicker
  • Paranormal Peeps
  • Afraidy- cat
  • Ghoul Guacamole
  • Monster Munchies
  • Spookasaurus
  • Junior Banshee
  • Ghoulish Gomer
  • Moonwalking Dead
  • Party Phantom
  • Spectral Snuggles

Immerse your readers in an amusing world of ghost stories with these funny ghost monikers, making their hair stand on end while simultaneously laughing out loud.

Tips For Brainstorming The Perfect Ghost Name

Coming up with the perfect ghost name can be both a fun and challenging task.

Whether you’re working on a story or preparing for a Halloween event, here are some tips to help you brainstorm the ideal ghost name:

Use a ghost name generator: There are various online tools available, such as the Ghost Name Generator , that can provide you with a unique and spooky ghost name. These generators typically use a combination of adjectives and nouns to create a ghostly and mysterious name.

Explore different types of ghosts: When brainstorming a name, consider the various types of ghostly spirits that exist in folklore and literature. Familiarize yourself with different ghost stories and legends to find inspiration for your own ghost name ideas. Some examples of ghosts include poltergeists, banshees, or even friendly spirits like Casper.

Combine adjectives and nouns: To create a distinctive and memorable ghost name, try combining an adjective and a noun. This can give your ghost an eerie and mysterious vibe, making the name more interesting and captivating. For example, pair words like “whispering,” “silent,” or “haunting” with words like “shadow,” “maiden,” or “soul.”

Use alliteration and rhyming: Alliteration and rhyming can make a ghost name sound more whimsical and catchy. These techniques can be particularly helpful if you’re looking for a more playful or lighthearted ghost name. For instance, you could use names like Misty Maiden , Spectral Steve , or Phantom Phil .

Think about the ghost’s backstory: Consider the background of the ghost you’re naming, such as how they died, their personality, or their appearance. Your ghost name should reflect these aspects, making it more relevant and engaging. For example, if your ghost was a musician during their life, a name like Melodic Spirit could be fitting.

Remember, when brainstorming the perfect ghost name, it’s essential to be creative and let your imagination run wild.

Use these tips as a starting point, and explore various ghost name ideas to find the one that best suits your ghostly character.

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