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RM Update

How To Fix Screen Freezing Issue in God of War Ragnarok?

' src=

God of War Ragnarok  is a recently released action-adventure game. It is the new edition of the God of War trilogy, which has been very much popular among gamers all around the globe for the last so many years. Currently, this game is only available for PS4/PS5. 

According to the report, many users recently informed that, while playing the game, their screen freezes and which creates a disturbance in gaming. If you are also facing the same issue while playing the game, you probably came to the right place in this article. We will share a few tips by which the screen freezing issue may be solved. 

GOD OF WAR 234524

For information, this was developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Here Is How To Fix The Screen Freezing Issue Of God of War: Ragnarok

Perform Changes In Graphic Mode:

In some cases, changing the graphics mode or reducing the graphics quality may help you in fixing an issue of screen freezing. 

Reboot The PS5/ PS4

One of the best solutions to many issues, Rebooting the console. This fixes many minor issues and helps the system to run in good condition.

Update The Firmware Version:

Check for the update, and if you find any pending updates, then update without any delay.

  • Settings > System> System Software > System Software Update and Settings> Update System Software > Select For the option  ‘Update Using the Internet.’

HDMI Cable Issue:

Check the HDMI cable; maybe you are using a faulty or damaged cable. 

Rebuild Database:  

Rebuild the Database in PS4/ PS5 safe mode.

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God war Rangarok

Pokemon Go: How To Fix Screen Flickering Issue

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frost phantom game freeze

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And if you have not tried this  Crossplay  feature till now, then here in this article below, we have shared a method of how you can enable Crossplay in  Xbox . 

xbox game play 234523

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  • Go to Profile & system > Settings > Account.
  • Select Privacy & online safety > Xbox privacy > View details and customize> Communication & Multiplayer.
  • From here, you can enable and disable crossplay on Xbox. 
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Minecraft  is a well-known sandbox video game developed by  Mojang Studios.  The game was created by  Markus “Notch” Persson  in the  Java programming language. 

Whenever we play a game in multiplayer mode, not everybody has the same console for playing the game; some may have Xbox, PS4/PS5, or others may have PC, Nintendo Switch, and more. In this case, the players play the game called Crossplay, which means all the players or some players have different devices for playing the game. 

If you are one who is facing the issue in Crossplay Minecraft , then below we have shared a few ways by which this issue can be fixed.  

Crossplay feature of Minecraft not working issue?

how to fix minecraft crossplay not working

Restart The Game

This is probably the best and most instant way to solve the problem because restarting the game will give you a new start the game, and your problem may be solved. 

Reboot Your Console

Rebooting any device is always helpful in many cases, by which many minor bugs are fixed instantly, without doing anything or waiting. So reboot and try to connect. 

Check Update

Sometimes not updating and using the old version may cause many things. So check for updates, and if you find any new update, then without waiting further, update it to the latest software version because old versions sometimes lose compatibility with the devices and games too. So check for the game update also. 

Check Your Internet Connection:

Not stable internet connections or poor speed may also lead to stopping your cross-playing. So check your internet connection. And play on good and fast connections for better performance because internet connection plays a vital role in the  Crossplay.  

Checking Your Online Privacy & Multiplayer Settings

Sometimes settings are turned off, and they are limiting your game, so do check settings and check for an active premium multiplayer subscription if you are playing on a console.

Reinstall The Game

If you have tried all the steps and yet not working, then you can reinstall the game. It is the last solution from your hand which can fix this issue. And if this also did not work, then contact your console or support.

FAQs on Minecraft Crossplay Not Working: Troubleshooting Multiplayer Issues

How can i enable crossplay on my minecraft server.

In the world settings, enable the “Multiplayer Game” toggle to allow others to join your Bedrock Edition server.

What should I do if my Minecraft crossplay is not working despite using the Bedrock Edition?

Check internet connection, update Minecraft, verify Microsoft account credentials, disable parental controls, update console firmware, adjust VPN settings, or manage online and privacy settings.

How do I contact Mojang’s support team for assistance with Minecraft crossplay issues?

Visit the official Submit a Ticket website, log in, and use the provided template to describe your issue to Mojang’s support team.

Why is my Minecraft crossplay not working?

Crossplay may not work if you’re using different Minecraft editions (Bedrock vs. Java), outdated game versions, or have internet connection issues.


As everybody knows,  Pokemon Go   is one of the top most loved and played games in the Gaming industry and has players from around the globe. Despite everything good about the game, while playing the game, many users face flickering screening issues. And due to this, players face interruption. Now to help them, we have made this post in which we have discussed a few tips by which your  flickering screen issue  can be fixed. 

This game is easy to play and free to download. Anybody can download this game from the Play store and play the game. To fix this issue, the below methods can be done. 

How To Fix Pokemon Go Screen Flickering Issue

Pokémon Go Advanced Settings

Check for updates: .

First of all, check for the latest update; if you have not updated the game for a long time and the update is pending, then, without any delay, update your game as well as your device.

If by doing this, the issue continues, then uninstall the game and reinstall it again. By this, all the previous issues will vanish as you will uninstall the device and will give the game a fresh start the game.

Check Internet Connection

Sometimes slow internet connectivity also leads to screen flickering, so check the connection to see if it is ok or not. 

Restart The Device:

You can do a most commonly used method also for fixing this, i.e., restarting your device. Many times this method instantly fixes some minor bugs and issues created by the device. 

At last, if nothing works and flickering continues, then check the game’s official website or Twitter account or any news related to it. Maybe worldwide users are facing this issue from the company side, and developers are working on fixing it. 

FAQs: Pokemon Go – How To Fix Screen Flickering Issue

What is the screen flickering issue in pokemon go.

The screen flickering issue in Pokemon Go refers to the flashing screens introduced in the latest game update. While some players may find it normal, it has triggered seizures among gamers who are sensitive to light or suffer from epilepsy.

How serious is the screen flickering problem in Pokemon Go?

For players who are photosensitive or have epilepsy, the screen flickering problem can be more than just an inconvenience. It can potentially lead to epileptic seizures, which may pose serious health risks.

Can I continue playing Pokemon Go if I am sensitive to flashing screens?

If you are sensitive to flashing screens or have a history of epilepsy, it is advisable to take a break from playing Pokemon Go until Niantic releases a fix for the screen flickering issue. Your health and safety should be the priority.

Pokemon Go

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How to Defeat Frost Phantom in God of War Ragnarok

Antara B

God of War Ragnarok has lots of similarities with the God of War (2018) game. The more you play this PlayStation-exclusive version of the game, the more you feel the similarities. Therefore, it is natural that players find several challenging bosses during their journey through the Nine Realms. Frost Phantom is one of the most challenging Bosses you will find in God of War Ragnarok. So, it is not surprising that you may find it hard to defeat. This guide will help you know how to beat Frost Phantom in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok Frost Phantom Fight- How to Beat?

 If you have been playing the game since it was released, you may have faced several enemies at every step. However, Frost Phantom is more challenging than any other enemies. Players will find this Boss at the Mountaintop. Close to The Strond. When facing this Boss, don’t take it lightly, as the attacks of the boss deal massive damage.

While encountering Frost Phantom, players need both Kratos and Freya to fight together. While Freya uses her Sigil Arrows, Kratos uses his Leviathan Axe and Blade of Chaos. The Boss has no proper structure. You can only see the round blue, glowing head-like part where you must attack. Check the image below if you have confusion. Hit it there.

God of War Ragnarok Frost Phantom Fight- How to Beat

As you attack, you’ll find a white bar below the health bar of the Boss is increasing. It’s the Stun meter, and the more you attack, the more it’ll fill. Once the Stun meter is filled, the Boss will freeze for some time. That’s when Kratos gets the chance to destroy the purple statues around the fight arena (image below). Destroying them will deal massive damage to the Boss.

God of War Ragnarok Frost Phantom Fight- How to Beat

However, the Boss won’t be stunned for a long time. So, you may need a few tries to destroy these statues. Also, the Boss sometimes goes under the ground and appears suddenly at random places. Make sure to check all around you for the Boss once it is disappeared.

The fight is long, but don’t lose your patience. The more strategically you fight, the easier it will be for you to defeat Frost Phantom. Dodge the attack of the Boss; otherwise, you may get killed instead of killing the Boss.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat Frost Phantom in God of War Ragnarok. Players can hit the Boss with Kratos’ Axe and Blade of Chaos to defeat it.

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' src=

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God of war ragnarok: how to beat the frost phantom.

Frost Phantoms can be tricky, but knowing their tricks will let you beat them easily. Here's a guide to help you defeat it in God of War Ragnarok.

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Defending against the frost phantom, aim for the runic eye, destroy the pillars.

God of War Ragnarok is now available and has hit the scene with much praise and rave reviews . Ragnarok brings an incredible, fantastical setting to life with a strong cast of characters and an impressive story. Throughout your time with the game, you’ll also face quite a few bosses that are well-crafted to balance fun and difficulty.

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You’ll likely encounter more than one Frost Phantom during your adventures, especially if you’re engaging in side content. The Frost Phantom can be a tricky opponent because defeating it isn’t as simple as hacking away at it until it’s dead. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to defeat this foe, you’ve come to the right place.

As you would expect, the Frost Phantom inflicts the frost status effect, which can be a real nuisance if it’s allowed to freeze you. The frozen effect will slow you down, making it harder for you to keep up with the quick and nimble Frost Phantom.

The Frost Phantom has a red-ringed attack where it will slam the ground, damaging everything close by. You’ll want to back away from the attack as soon as you see the red ring.

The creature also has something of a tail swipe, which is accompanied by a yellow ring . If you’re confident in your timing, you can attempt parrying this attack. Otherwise, you’ll want to evade the swipe. If you try to stand and block, the swipe will break your block and leave you vulnerable to a follow-up attack. The final troublesome move in the Frost Phantom’s set involves it summoning ice spikes at your feet. To avoid this, you’ll want to stay on the move until it stops.

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Whether attacking from ranged or melee, you’ll want to focus all of your attacks on the creature’s runic eye. This is its only weak point, and attacking it doesn’t even take out its health. Instead, attacking the eye builds up the stun meter.

Occasionally, your attacks will stagger the Frost Phantom, and its eye will drop to the ground. When that happens, you want to move in and pummel the runic eye. This will build the stun meter significantly. When the stun meter is full, the Frost Phantom will retreat underground.

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Once the Frost Phantom has retreated, you’ll want to attack the runic pillars keeping it alive as quickly as possible. You’ll have a limited amount of time, so make sure you don’t waste a second. You won’t be able to destroy all of the pillars in one go, so you’ll need to repeat the process of attacking the eye until you’re able to smash every pillar.

Finish The Fight

Once you’ve destroyed all of the pillars, the Frost Phantom will appear one last time with no health. The stun meter should be nearly full. Attack the runic eye until the meter fills for the last time. You’ll then be prompted to perform an R3 attack, destroying the Frost Phantom and ending the fight.

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All Interactive Maps and Locations

frost phantom game freeze

Sindri's House Map

Vanaheim map, alfheim map, muspelheim map, midgard map, svartalfheim map, jötunheim map, helheim map, niflheim map, how to defeat the frost phantom.

Frost Phantom is a boss you'll encounter in God of War Ragnarok during the ninth chapter, The Word of Fate . Featuring several unique and challenging attacks, the Frost Phantom relies on the player to stun and stagger the boss to deal damage. In this Boss Guide , you will learn all the best tips, tricks, and strategies you need to know in order to defeat Frost Phantom.

Tips and Strategies for Defeating Frost Phantom

The Word of Fate Walkthrough 34 - How to Defeat the Frost Phantom.png

Despite having a health bar split into four separate sections, you will destroy two bars simultaneously; this damage is dealt automatically when destroying the Springs over the two phases.

Here are some quick tips and tricks for taking down the Frost Phantom:

  • As Freya suggests at the beginning of the battle, it's crucial to your success to attack the Phantom's core at every opportunity. The more you can stagger the Phantom, the quicker you'll be able to stun the creature, ending the battle.
  • When staggering the Phantom, it'll only be downed for a short period, so you'll want to ensure you constantly recall your Leviathan Axe as quickly as possible after each attack. This way, you'll always have your Axe ready and available when the Phantom is staggered.

The Word of Fate Walkthrough 38 - How to Defeat the Frost Phantom.png

  • The Phantom's attacks are pretty forgiving in the AoE department, as you'll find that you often have time to toss your Axe at the core before having to dodge out of the way to avoid any incoming attacks.
  • Standing close to the Frost Phantom will offer no advantages and will make you vulnerable to quick melee attacks that are challenging to block. So, be sure to stand at a distance, traveling around the outskirts to avoid taking damage.
  • If you need health, you'll find plenty of Healthstones scattered about the area's outskirts, often beside fallen enemies.
  • While the best time to target the Frost Phantom's core is when it's glowing, which occurs when it's performing an attack, don't hesitate to throw your Axe at its standard core, as every bit of stagger damage will ultimately help stun the creature faster.
  • If you're struggling with health, don't be afraid to run away from its attacks, as most revolve around targeting your last known location.

Frost Phantom - Phase One

Across the first and second phases of the Frost Phantom battle, your primary focus will be to attack the Phantom's core to build stun, indicated by the large white bar beneath its main health bar.

While your primary focus will be to hit the Phantom's core to build stun, striking the core while it's glowing will stagger it for a short moment, leaving it vulnerable to heavy melee damage, which will help fill the stun bar quickly.

During this phase, you'll need to keep an eye out for several attacks that include:

The Word of Fate Walkthrough 37 - How to Defeat the Frost Phantom.png

  • Tail Swipe Attack (Block Break) - When standing within melee range, the Phantom will swing its tail toward you in a quick swiping motion.

The Word of Fate Walkthrough 33 - How to Defeat the Frost Phantom.png

  • Orb Toss Attack (Blockable) - When crouching, the Phantom will toss orbs out to your location, indicated by glowing circles on the ground.

The Word of Fate Walkthrough 40 - How to Defeat the Frost Phantom.png

  • Tidal Wave Attack (Unblockable) - Rearing up into the air, the Phantom will form a tidal wave shape, which will see it crashing down into the ground for a significant unblockable AoE attack. Thankfully, this attack can be partially blocked by either of the two stone Springs in the area.

The Word of Fate Walkthrough 36 - How to Defeat the Frost Phantom.png

Once you've filled the core's stun bar, you'll need to destroy the purple glowing Spring that'll appear in one of the two stone pillars in the area. When using your Axe to destroy the pole, you'll deplete two whole health bars.

Frost Phantom - Phase Two

The process for defeating the Frost Phantom in phase two is nearly identical; however, you will need to be wary of three new attacks that will occur.

Here are the new attacks that will occur throughout the second phase:

  • Slam Attack - After dealing melee damage to the Phantom after briefly being stunned, it'll perform a slam attack that will see it crashing down into the ground, creating a small AoE shockwave. The glowing rings around the boss indicate the AoE of this attack.

The Word of Fate Walkthrough 39 - How to Defeat the Frost Phantom.png

  • Shock Wave - Rearing up, the Phantom will crash into the ground, sending a wave of damage your way. You'll need to ensure you're backing up as quickly as possible -- the AoE for this attack is quite large, so you'll need to be very far away to avoid taking damage.

The Word of Fate Walkthrough 41- How to Defeat the Frost Phantom.png

  • Orb Explosion Attack - Rearing up, the Phantom will slam its arms down into the ground before proceeding to draw orbs up and out of the ground before detonating after a few moments. Like other attacks, the damage dealt by these orbs has an AoE, which is indicated by large glowing circles. You're safe from this damage if you're outside these circles.

Once you've filled the stun bar, you'll be prompted to destroy the final Spring in the area. After destroying the Spring, the Phantom will rise, and you'll need to target its core once more before you can perform the finishing move (R3).

The Word of Fate Walkthrough 35 - How to Defeat the Frost Phantom.png

Upon defeating the Frost Phantom, you will receive a Healthstone, Ragestone, Honed Metal, Stonewood, Dwarven Steel, Bonded Leather, Shattered Runes, and a Jewel of Yggdrasil as a reward.

To continue following our walkthrough, see our The Word of Fate guide for more.

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frost phantom game freeze

How to Fix Crashing in God of War Ragnarok

Here's how to kill the ghost in the machine

frost phantom game freeze

God of War: Ragnarok is undoubtedly one of the best games of the year, earning 4 – 5 stars across the board. But for many players, there’s no enemy harder to overcome than persistent system crashes. If you’ve been experiencing error codes for God of War: Ragnarok on PS4 and PS5 like CE-10855-1 & CE-34878-0 pop up on startup, you’re far from the only one. Santa Monica Studio recently released a patch that should help combat the issue, but there are ways at home that can help combat the issue.

The most common issues for God of War: Ragnarok crashing are game data corruption, game disc problems, hardware issues, software issues, outdated console firmware, and network connectivity issues.

If your problem stems from one of these issues, you can:

  • Restart your console –

Turn off your console by holding the power button until the power indicators blink, then turn off. Once the console is off, press and hold the power button again. Release it after you hear the second beep.

  • Update your PlayStation –

This will probably be your solution, especially if you’ve been receiving error code PS CE-108255-1. Check to see if an update is available and if so, update your system.

  • Reinstall God of War: Ragnarok –

Go to settings, then to storage. Delete God of War from the list. Once the game is deleted, download it again.

  • Clear your cache –

If you have a PlayStation 4 and have been receiving error code CE-34878-0, shut down your console by unplugging the cable. Wait one minute before restoring the cable.

If you have a PlayStation 5, shut down your console and boot it up again in safe mode. You can access safe mode by holding down the power button for several seconds until you hear two beeps. Once this is completed, boot up your console and select ‘Clear Cache and Rebuild Database’. Clear System Software.

  • Hard reset your console –

This is more extreme than clearing your cache, but it will restore your console to factory settings. Hold down the power button until you receive two beeps. This will boot the system in Safe Mode. Choose to Initialize PS4/PS5, then follow the prompts.

If you go through with this, it will wipe everything, including system software.

  • Contact Sony Support –

If everything fails, it’s time to call tech support.

About the Author

frost phantom game freeze

Daphne Fama

A Staff Writer at Prima Games since 2022, Daphne Fama spends an inordinate amount playing games of all stripes but has a soft spot for horror, FPS, and RPGs. When she’s not gaming, she’s an author and member of the Horror Writers Association with a debut novel coming out in 2025. In a previous life, she was an attorney but found she preferred fiction to contracts and forms

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    It's the Stun meter, and the more you attack, the more it'll fill. Once the Stun meter is filled, the Boss will freeze for some time. That's

  9. God Of War Ragnarok: How To Beat The Frost Phantom

    As you would expect, the Frost Phantom inflicts the frost status effect, which can be a real nuisance if it's allowed to freeze you. The

  10. God of War Ragnarok Frost Phantom: How to do Damage to the Boss

    Fill the Frost Phantom's stun bar. · Wait for it to disappear. · Look for the purple pillars to light up. · Destroy the pillars by hitting them.

  11. How to Defeat the Frost Phantom

    Shock Wave - Rearing up, the Phantom will crash into the ground, sending a wave of damage your way. You'll need to ensure you're backing up

  12. How to Fix Crashing in God of War Ragnarok

    Restart your console – · Update your PlayStation – · Reinstall God of War: Ragnarok – · Clear your cache – · Hard reset your console – · Contact Sony

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    This ability will not work against any of the bosses but is great for wave control in all areas of Raid. frost debuff. Freeze. spacer. FREEZE

  14. God of War Ragnarok Day 1 patch notes: Dialogue, crash ...

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