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TikTok Is Bimbofying Modern Warfare II ’s Ghost And Veteran Players Are Big Mad

Call of duty 's elusive special forces operator is getting a lot of attention from horny tiktokers.

Modern Warfare II’s Ghost looking wounded but sexy

The C all of Duty Modern Warfare II space has been invaded by thirsty TikTokers who are going absolutely feral for Simon “Ghost” Riley, one of the game’s main characters who has never revealed his face. The sequel dropped less than two weeks ago, but in that brief period of time Ghost edits have racked up millions of views across hundreds of TikToks.

Ghost was in the original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 (he died in that one) but was brought back for the reboot. He was rewritten to be a bit more lively and playful than previous iterations and also recast–he’s now voiced by DJ Samuel Roukin, but was portrayed by actor Craig Fairbrass in the original series, and Jeff Leach in Modern Warfare 2019 . The newer, friendlier Ghost seems to be a hit amongst TikTokers, whether they’re Call of Duty fans or not, if the swath of videos about him are any indication.

The videos include fanart of Ghost looking demure or otherwise sexualized , people reacting to Ghost’s voice , and cosplays of Ghost . But most of them utilize audio taken from the “Alone” mission in Modern Warfare II , where John “Soap” MacTavish and Ghost chat over a radio while sneaking through a Mexican town. “Take it off,” Soap tells Ghost, referring to the skull mask he’s worn in every Call of Duty appearance. “Show my face? Negative,” Ghost says. When Soap asks if he’s ugly, Ghost responds “quite the opposite” in a voice that can be best described as a sexy growl. We reached out to both Infinity Ward and Ghost’s voice actor to see if they intended to make him this sexy, but have yet to get confirmation.

That audio is paired with a veritable smorgasbord of thirsty TikTokers imagining what Ghost looks like when saying the line. Some draw diagonal pink lines on his face like an anime character blushing, while others suggest he’s smirking through the line read or playfully kicking his feet behind him while lying prone. Others have gotten even more creative, whether it’s squatting down like Megan Thee Stallion , wearing a g-string , or donning a full maid’s outfit.  

Many of these TikToks are either made by or targeted to femme and queer-identifying individuals, which takes the traditional video game objectification formula and flips the script. There’s a decidedly feminine gaze at play here, with posters focusing on Ghost’s forearms or the timbre of his voice, or turning what is ostensibly a totem for military industrialized masculinity and making him a little femme boy. Booker, a 26-year-old who used to scour FanFiction.net for femme-leaning Call of Duty smut, tells Kotaku they’re enjoying this influx of Ghost porn.

“To take such a strong, stoic character as Simon and completely turn his image into something more sexual is so funny to me,” they tell Kotaku . “It makes the men rage, but I can’t help but think of all the Cortana porn I saw growing up. Or Lara Croft, or Princess Peach, or any female in any game really. To take guys’ fan-favorite character and make him something for the girls is the best thing to happen to COD .” Booker recently posted a TikTok of them scrolling through Google looking at Ghost pics . “Google, show me this guy’s balls please,” the audio says as they scroll.

Unsurprisingly, a character meant to represent the pinnacle of mysterious masculinity being babygirlified or bimbofied by Gen Z has the Call of Duty dudes pressed. Comments on sexy Ghost TikToks from self-identifying Call of Duty fans run the gamut (TikToks like this one from thecubancrusher lament “what happened to Ghost?”), but many of them complain about the influx of “new” fans that have come flocking to the franchise to fawn over Ghost.

“Sexualizing him is worse than sexualizing minors,” writes one commenter responding to a TikTok calling out the industry for sexualizing teenage girls like Overwatch 2’ s d.VA, who’s 19-years old.

Jarred May is an artist who posted a TikTok of himself drawing sexy Ghost art in response to backlash about the character’s objectification. “The term ‘gatekeeping’ is the first thing that comes to mind when I read a lot of the comments from fans,” May tells Kotaku . “A lot of ‘you’ve clearly never played the games’ and ‘Ghost would be disappointed in you’—a fair few homophobic comments, too. Some fans seem to have taken this movement as some kind of attack on their own sexuality. Maybe they need to do some soul-searching, they might discover something interesting.”

Even popular Call of Duty leaker CharlieIntel has weighed in on the Bimbo Ghost discourse, tweeting , “There are thirst traps of Ghost being posted on TikTok. Everyone, please.” Clearly, whoever runs the account isn’t a fan, as are many players in the comments. But no matter what the stereotypical Call of Duty fans think about Ghost getting the bimbo treatment, there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing they can do to stop it. “I was able to curate over half of my FYP dedicated to him. I’m loving it,” Booker tells Kotaku.

Correction: November 18 , 5:20 p.m. : This piece previously contained a sentence referencing former Ghost voice actor Jeff Leach that was inc orrect and has thus been removed.

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Simon "Ghost" Riley (2019)

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Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley is a mentioned character in the 2019 video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare , a reboot of the Modern Warfare sub-series. Ghost would physically appear as a playable operator Call of Duty: Warzone when the season two pass was released, and appears as a different uniform for the Original Ghost in Call of Duty: Mobile . He returns in the 2022 sequel Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II as a main protagonist and playable character, a playable operator in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile , and is set to return in the 2023 sequel Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III .

He is a SAS operative who is recruited into John Price's task force, and is sent to Verdansk to cease tensions against the Al-Qatala, and later the Armistice and Coalition soldiers. When Victor Zakhaev threatened to use a missile, Ghost and 141 performed a joint operation with Demon Dogs to stop him. In 2022, Ghost continues his service with 141 to stop Hassan Zyani from launching American ballistic missiles against the west with the help of Sgt. Johnny "Soap" MacTavish . However, Ghost, Soap, Alejandro , Rodolfo and Los Vaqueros were betrayed by General Shepherd and Shadow Company when Task Force 141 and Vaqueros were close to learn the secret of the stolen American Missiles. Due to Shepherd and Shadow Company's treason, Ghost, Soap, Alejandro, Rodolfo, Price , Gaz and the Los Vaqueros also eliminated Shadow's CEO Phillip Graves for their betrayal.

He is voiced by Jeff Leach in Modern Warfare , and by Samuel Roukin in Modern Warfare II , whilst Erin Switzer portrayed the character in promotional material.

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Biography [ ]

Military career [ ].

Simon Riley was born in Manchester, England and joined the Special Air Service at an unknown time, and managed to reach the rank of lieutenant. Riley would spend his service on classified assignments, and became an expert in tradecraft, sabotage, ambushes, and infiltrations. He would eventually earn the nickname of "Ghost", and would wear a skull mask to conceal his identity to be anonymous, and maintain a mysterious persona. At one point during his service, Ghost worked in the same unit with the operative Mace, an ex-U.S. Army Ranger turned mercenary.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [ ]

Ghost is mentioned at the end of the campaign by Captain Price when he meets with Kate Laswell after stopping General Roman Barkov. Price tells Laswell that he's creating of team called Task Force 141, and Simon Riley is part of his recruitment, alongside Kyle "Gaz" Garrick and John "Soap" MacTavish. In addition, Laswell notes there's no picture for Ghost, and Price simply replies "never."

Verdansk [ ]

When the Al-Qatala invaded Verdansk in 2020, Ghost was assigned to the city to assist the Armistice, and later helped the Arm-4 team infiltrate the Verdansk airport to collect a nuclear core. The Al-Qatala then released a toxic gas in the city, and Ghost saw the Armistice operatives turned on each other to survive. Seeing that the situation was becoming dire, Ghost asked Captain Price to send him operatives and reinforcements he could trust. Though the city was lost due to the gas, Ghost managed to escape as the sole survivor, and the Armistice was crippled and immediately disbanded. Once regrouping with Price, he was informed that the invasion of Verdansk was part of Victor Zakhaev's plan, and was sent to a location with the CIA operative "Alex". Ghost worked with the Coalition on fighting the Al-Qatala, but they returned to Urzikstan while Zakhaev's forces stayed in the city, and the conflict continued even when Shadow Company was called in to eliminate Victor.

Ghost managed to gain intel to learn that Zakhaev was evading the operatives by using the metro subway system underground, and Nikolai and Farah Karim were called in to power them up. Afterward, the group learned that Zakhaev's plan was to have the operatives turn on the power in all of the bunkers in Verdansk, and was prepared to launch a ICBM missile in bunker ten. Ghost worked with Gaz to hack into Zakhaev's communications, and with the assault on Zakhaev's forces from Demon Dogs, Captain Price managed to abort the launch and kill Victor. Regrouping with Price, Gaz, "Alex", Farah and Nikolai, they are informed by John "Soap" MacTavish that something is happening off the coast of the city, and the team head to him.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II [ ]

Gathering intel of General Ghorbrani's arms deal with the Russians, Shepherd tasks Ghost and Shadow Company commander Phillip Graves to eliminate the target. Following the assassination, Quds Force Major Hassan Zyani retaliates by allying with the Al-Qatala, intending to get revenge against the United States. Months later, Ghost and Soap are assigned to capture or kill Hassan in Al Mazrah with the MARSOC Marines, but instead discover that he has American ballistic missiles. Shepherd ordered Ghost and his team to destroy the missile, which he obliged. Upon this revelation, Laswell works with Price and Gaz in Amsterdam, where they learn that Hassan is working with the Las Almas Cartel and is being smuggled into America. Kate contacts Los Vaqueros Colonel Alejandro Vargas to stop Zyani, but he and his right-hand Rodolfo Parra fail to capture him.

Afterward, Ghost and Soap are sent to Las Almas to work with Los Vaqueros to capture Zyani, and are later assisted by Shadow Company in reaching the major's location. Taking Hassan to the desert, Ghost watches the interrogation until Shepherd and Laswell order them to let him go. Despite having to let him, the team decide to capture the cartel's leader "El Sin Nombre" to learn the location of the two missiles. With Soap and Alejandro infiltrating the cartels' base, where they capture their leader, whom is revealed to Valeria Garza. She agrees to get them the location of a missile in exchange they let her go and never return to Las Almas, and Graves accepts the terms despite Alejandro warning him not to.

Valeria reveals to Graves that the missile is in the Gulf of Mexico on an oil derrick, and 141 performs a joint operation with Los Vaqueros and Shadow Company to stop the launch. After a delay when learning that the launch codes are on a cargo ship, Soap is able to change the missiles target to the oil derrick. Returning to the Vaqueros' base, Graves betrays Ghost, Soap and Alejandro by having taken over the base, detaining Vargas' men, and revealing that Shepherd is given him command of the operation. Ghost and Soap escape from Shadow Company, but Vargas and his Vaqueros are captured during the confrontation. Ghost rushed his way to the church waiting for Soap to rally to him and complete escaped from Shadow Company to Alejandro's safehouse. Reuniting with Rodolfo, the trio break Alejandro and his men from prison before being helped by Price and Gaz during the escape.

Contacting Laswell, she explains that Shepherd and Graves performed an illegal operation to transport ballistic missiles, but the the missiles were taken by Konni when they ambushed Graves' unit. Realizing that Shepherd and Graves covered up the failed operation and betrayed their allies since they getting too close, Price warns the general that he will come for him next once they dealt with Zyani. Needing to locate the last missile, Price forms Joint Task Force - Ghost Team with Los Vaqueros to help them retake their base and kill Graves. Ghost takes part in the assault against, but leaves the battle to help Price after the latter's helicopter was shot down by the Shadow Company commander. After Soap supposedly kills Graves, 141 and Vargas interrogate Garza, learning that Hassan is in Chicago with the final missile.

In Chicago, Task Force 141 works with MARSOC to infiltrate the building Zyani is hiding in, but are unable to stop the missile from being launched. Soap is then able to destroy the missile with Laswell's assistance, and Ghost eliminates Hassan before the terrorist can throw MacTavish off the building. After the operation, General Shepherd goes off the grid while Shadow Company is weakened due to the lost of its leader. Ghost, Price, Soap and Gaz meet with Laswell at a bar, where she shows them a picture of the Ultranationalists' new leader, Makarov.

Call of Duty: Mobile [ ]

Ghost appears in Call of Duty: Mobile , being added in the season twelve "Going Dark" pass, and only appears as a uniform for the original Ghost.

  • In season two, Ghost could be seen in the background of lobbies, following and stalking the player.

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