Flappy Golf 2

I divided them into parts to make learning easier:

Golf Land - Level 6 Beach Land - Level 3 Sticky Zone - Level 4

Portal Land - Level 9 Gravity Lab - Level 9 Snow Field - Level 9 Spin Land - Level 8 Rocky Land - Level 8

Buzz Land - Level 2 Farmy Land - Level 7 Magnet Sub - Level 3 Rain Forest - Level 7

Sewer Land - Level 9 Line City - Level 4 Crystal Cliffs - Level 4 Laser Sub - Level 8 Shield Land - Level 3 Gravity Grove - Level 3

Space Base - Level 5 Inconceivable Land - Level 4 Laser Shield Land - Level 4 Portal Mag Land - Level 5

Hazardberry Hills - Level 2 Stony Grav Land - Level 9 Oil Field - Level 8 Roller Coast - Level 6

Shipyard - Level 7 Graph Land - Level 1 Alto's Ridge - Level 9

Grassy Land - Hole 8 Acid Dunes - Hole 7 Sticky Land - Hole 2

Portal Grav Lab - Hole 8 Magnet Forest - Hole 6 Serenity Slopes - Hole 4

Sugar Land - Hole 8 Improbable Land - Hole 4 Pinball Land - Hole 6

Norfolk Island

This LAX-adjacent ghost town is now ‘priceless coastal real estate’ for rare owls

Scientists were overjoyed when they discovered several pairs of burrowing owls hunkered down in the dunes at the western end of Los Angeles International Airport.

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When the Los Angeles beachfront community of Surfridge disappeared decades ago to make way for the jet age, nature was slow to reclaim the sandy dunes and upscale lots that once dominated the path of planes taking off from Los Angeles International Airport.

Today however, this 2-mile ghost town of vanished homes supports a growing list of protected and endangered species that have somehow adapted to the throttled-up roar of passenger jets. Surrounded by hurricane fencing and “no trespassing” signs, the LAX Dunes Preserve is now a haven for some of the rarest creatures in California.

Scientists were elated by the recent discovery of 10 burrowing owls hunkered down in the 302-acre preserve — the most seen here in four decades. Among the raptors are a breeding pair that stand guard over a nest and hiss at occasional passersby.

“This is very exciting — a real stunner,” said Pete Bloom, a biologist and avian expert who was helping to conduct a wildlife survey this month.

“For wintering owls, this tiny chunk of land has become priceless coastal real estate,” he said, raising his voice over the deafening roar of aircraft a few hundred feet overhead. “That’s because there is no place else left for them to go in the city of Los Angeles.”

ghost flag beach land

The owls are the latest species to add complexity to an undulating habitat of sand, native brush and invasive weeds — a small wild island surrounded by asphalt, subdivisions and freeways.

The reappearance of owls after a long absence signals the success of a restoration program that began in the 1990s and is now recognized as one of the most successful in Southern California.

It is also a sign of nature’s resilience , experts say.

“For biologists, the preserve has become an ecological hot spot sandwiched between a popular beach and the third-busiest airport in the nation,” said Robert Fisher, a U.S. Geological Survey biologist. “We aim to make sure things stay that way.”

U.S. Geological Survey biological technician Tristan Edgarian searches for owl burrows in the dunes on the west end of Los Angeles International Airport.

The range of biodiversity in the windswept landscape — which is off-limits to the public — underscores the difficulty that government wildlife biologists face ensuring the survival of rare species in an urban setting.

Biologists believe there is a chance that juvenile burrowing owls might become permanent residents of the preserve, which is just one small fragment of a dune system that once stretched along the Pacific Coast from Point Conception, west of Santa Barbara, to Mexico.

It is already home to 900 species of plants and animals, including federally endangered El Segundo blue butterflies, whose numbers were in steep decline due to habitat loss. Today, thousands of blues flutter over robust stands of buckwheat during certain times of the year.

Other species on the rebound in the isolated dunes include native evening primrose and California gnatcatcher. A recent survey of the federally protected bird found three pairs and six juveniles.

A colony of Blainville’s horned lizards has expanded its range throughout the preserve, along with the harvester ants that sustain them.

U.S. Geological Survey ecologist Adam Backlin holds two legless lizards found at the LAX Dunes Preserve between the airport and the Pacific Ocean.

Ongoing genetic tests aim to determine whether the prehistoric-looking creatures belong to a subspecies unique to the dunes, Fisher said. Up until a few years ago, the 4½-inch lizards resided only on the preserve’s southern boundaries.

Then there are the legless lizards , which were recently discovered in the windswept dunes.

The legless lizard remains one of the most poorly studied reptiles in California, so researchers were thrilled to find six elusive specimens this month. A team led by Fisher and USGS ecologist Adam Backlin found them after turning over a few boards that were placed there earlier to create the kind of moist, cool area the reptiles prefer.

Fisher reached down and scooped up one of the lizards for a closer look. They measure about 8 inches long and are as thin as a drinking straw. “How cool is that?” he asked out loud as the creature wriggled in the palm of his hand.

Federal scientists are discussing proposals to reintroduce animals that roamed the dunes a century ago but are no longer there. One candidate could be the Pacific pocket mouse , a critically endangered, thumb-sized mammal previously found only on a gun range at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, about 115 miles south.

In the meantime, volunteers organized by nonprofit organizations such as the Bay Foundation and Friends of the LAX Dunes have been working with authorities and the preserve’s owner — Los Angeles World Airports — to help restore the landscape.

Each month, they uproot the invasive weeds that sprout along the cracked, forgotten roads of Surfridge. Developed in the 1920s and ’30s, Surfridge was an isolated playground far from downtown — at least up until the time it was purchased by LAX and cleared of homes that sat just beyond the western edge of the airport’s runways.

Today, after three years of weed removal, “we’re seeing a surge in native vegetation in some of the places we’ve cleaned up,” said Melodie Grubbs, director of watershed programs for the Bay Foundation. “Invasive plants including mustard and Russian thistle, for example, are being replaced by lupine, deer weed, evening primrose, buckwheat and California poppies.”

Weeds weren’t the only invading species, however. There was a time when voracious feral cats prowled the dunes. But strategically placed wildlife cameras suggest that is no longer the case.

Against cats, burrowing owls don’t stand a chance.

The nearest other burrowing owl is a lone bird about 27 miles away at the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach in Orange County , biologist and avian expert Bloom said.

A jetliner takes off over the LAX Dunes Preserve at the western end of the airport as scientists look for burrowing owls.

Though burrowing owls were once among the state’s most common birds, their numbers have been dropping steadily since the 1940s due to urban development, eradication of the rodents they feed on, pesticides, predation by domestic animals, vehicle strikes, collisions with wind turbines and shootings.

“With almost no place left for migratory burrowing owls to rest and bulk up in the winter months,” Bloom said, “the dunes have become critical to the survival of the species.”

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ghost flag beach land

Louis Sahagún is a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times. He covers issues ranging from religion, culture and the environment to crime, politics and water. He was on the team of L.A. Times writers that earned the Pulitzer Prize in public service for a series on Latinos in Southern California and the team that was a finalist in 2015 for the Pulitzer Prize in breaking news. He is a former board member of CCNMA: Latino Journalists of California and author of the book “Master of the Mysteries: The Life of Manly Palmer Hall.”

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Chef Michael Chiarello

Celebrity chef Michael Chiarello, of Food Network and Bravo’s ‘Top Chef,’ dies at 61

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Golf Land is one of the Courses in the game Super Stickman Golf 3 . It is on Tour 1.

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Haunted Places and Spooky Urban Legends

  • by Jody Amable on Feb 10, 2014

ghost flag beach land

Silicon Valley is full of haunted places and spooky urban legends, some of which have been around since the area was a bustling agricultural epicenter and not the center for tech innovation it is today.

From local attractions, such as Winchester Mystery House and Great America , to universities, roadways and parks, here is a list of some of Silicon Valley’s scariest locations.

Is a haunted place or urban legend missing from our list? Leave a comment in the comments section below.

Find more haunts with the SanJose.com Halloween Events Guide .

ghost flag beach land

Winchester Mystery House

525 s winchester blvd., san jose.

Before it found itself crammed between some movie theaters and a major freeway, the Winchester House was the residence and pet project of noted local eccentric Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester Rifle fortune. Convinced the spirits of those killed by Winchester firearms were out to get her, she built the house full of twists, turns and dead-ends to throw them off course—a never-ending project that was in progress until the day she died. The Winchester House, though today a tourist attraction, still houses the happy haunts that kept Sarah company for 38 years.

ghost flag beach land

Mount Madonna County Park

7850 pole line rd., watsonville.

Mount Madonna Park reportedly plays host to the ghost of Sarah, the daughter of early settler and cattle tycoon Henry Miller. Real-life 12-year-old Sarah died after being thrown from a horse on the property and her ghost is said to appear around the ruins of her family’s mansion, which still stand in the park today.

ghost flag beach land

Great America

4701 great america pkwy., santa clara.

The ghost of a boy who died on a ride near the games section of the park is said to bring the games to life after closing. Workers cutting through the midway on their way to the employee exit swear they have seen lights flicker, sounds blare and machines switch on and off long after the electricity has been shut off for the day. Maybe that’s why its annual month-long Halloween Haunt is one of the best holiday events in town.

ghost flag beach land

Santa Clara University Mission

500, el camino real, santa clara.

The Santa Clara, SCU’s student paper, has confirmed that the university sits on the site of several Native American burial grounds. However, that still doesn’t explain the ghosts of Jesuit monks that are rumored to wander near the bell tower of the mission after dark.

ghost flag beach land

Yoshihiro Uchida Hall at San Jose State

1 washington sq., san jose.

It’s well-known that SJSU’s Yoshihiro Uchida Hall was used as a processing site for Japanese internees during WWII. Students and staff have long claimed to hear faint human crying and voices coming from the building, named after SJSU alum judo coach whose parents and siblings were registered in the building before being sent to camps in the Imperial Valley.

ghost flag beach land

Hicks Rd., San Jose

This dark myth is a golden oldie. The eerie Hicks Road in San Jose passes through a wild area of the county, thus making it a prime backdrop for a pervasive urban legend. Legend has it that albinos, or sometimes witches or recluses, angrily chase trespassers who wander (or deliberately joyride) through their territory.

ghost flag beach land

Toys R Us in Sunnyvale

130 e el camino real, sunnyvale.

Right up there with the Hicks Road Albinos, the legend of the Toys R Us ghost has persisted in the South Bay for at least 25 years. The ghost of a farmer who is supposed to have lost his leg (and his life) in a wood-chopping accident is said to appear and disappear at will, turn faucets on and off and messing with the merchandise. Search ‘haunted Toys R Us’ on YouTube to find an early ‘90s episode of Unsolved Mysteries highlighting this spooky tale. It's hosted by Leonard Nimoy and features some superb so-bad-they’re-good re-enactments.

ghost flag beach land

Dottie’s Pond in Santa Teresa County Park

260 bernal rd., san jose.

There are several versions of the campfire story that involves the small pond in Santa Teresa Springs, but they all end the same way—a girl named Dottie is pulled under the water by a giant hand. Sometimes there is a sub-plot involving Dottie being angry at her parents and somehow mustering up the physical strength to hang them from the rafters in the nearby barn.

ghost flag beach land

The Athletic Field at Del Mar High School

1224 del mar ave, san jose.

Before the school opened, a boy was reportedly murdered by his best friend on the grounds where the athletics field stands today. Legend has it that every night at 3:15am, screams can be heard coming from the field and sometimes a figure can be seen running up and down the bleachers.

ghost flag beach land

Highway 152/Pacheco Pass

Pacheco pass hwy., gilroy.

Aside from being one of the most dangerous thoroughfares in the state, this rural highway that connects the South Bay with the Central Valley is a magnet for spooky stories and cautionary tales. Some of the more popular ones involve an apparition of a woman who flags down passing motorists, the spectral sounds of the stagecoaches and horses that once traveled the highway and mysterious lights nearby at San Luis Reservoir.

ghost flag beach land

Marsh Rd., San Jose

It’s become almost a rite of passage for Milpitas high school kids to seek out the ghost of murder victim Marcy Conrad, who was killed by her boyfriend on Marsh Road. Unlike the back stories of most urban legends, this murder was real and well-documented. The area of Marsh Road where the ghost is said to roam has long been closed off by law enforcement, so leave the Mystery Machine at home.

ghost flag beach land

Santa Cruz Mountains

Various locations.

The Santa Cruz Mountains have their fair share of supernatural stories, starting with the famed Mystery Spot. Whe gravity seems to be altered combined with a sense of uneasiness and curiosity. Drivers passing through the mountains have claimed to see spirits wandering on the side of the road or have heared mysterious sounds coming from the forest.

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ghost flag beach land

Aerial View of Ghost Bay Recreation and Seasons

ghost flag beach land

Haunted Places in Alameda County, California

ghost flag beach land

Pleasanton Hotel

Pleasanton, california.

This former hotel is now a restaurant with tenants living on top. It is not a functioning hotel. Reportedly haunted by a prostitute who was murdered there in the late 1800's.

ghost flag beach land

The Rose Hotel

Lights turning on and off, a full body apparition of a male ghost, heavy items being moved without explanation and other ghostly happenings make up the main features of this California haunted hotspot.

ghost flag beach land

Alameda, California

This retired aircraft carrier, historic landmark, and museum is said to be the most haunted warship in the world. It has been used as a setting on many movies and has been featured on several TV shows, including MTV's Fear, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and Scariest Places on Earth.

ghost flag beach land

Mission San José

Fremont, california.

Mission San Jose was founded in 1797, and although it is now a museum and sightseeing site, it once suffered an earthquake. Witnesses have described various incidences of paranormal activity including unexplained sounds, cold spots, eerie feelings, and even apparitions of Native Americans.

Lord Bradley's Inn

People claim to have seen apparitions in old-fashioned clothing throughout the building and hear footsteps and odd noises late at night.

Claremont Hotel Club and Spa

Berkeley, california.

In the late 1800s, this site contained a castle-like home, but in 1901 it burned to the ground. The Claremont Hotel opened in 1915, and to this day, folks say they can smell smoke in their smoke-free rooms. On the fourth floor, said to be the most haunted, witnesses report ...

The Faculty Club at UC Berkeley

The Faculty Club has been around since 1902, and offers meeting facilities and lodging for University staff, alumni and prospective students/family. It is said that room 219 is haunted by the ghost of a long dead man, but there aren't any further details currently available. If you know ...

CineLux Chabot Cinema

Castro valley, california.

According to employees, the disembodied laughter of a man has been heard here, and shadows have been seen going up and down the aisles late at night.

Hayward Plunge

Hayward, california.

According to reports, in the late 1960s a swimming coach led his students to the creek and later murdered them. Now, witnesses say they have felt cold spots and seen eerie shadows, and those who stop in a clearing will see children's footsteps all around them and hear laughter, running, ...

Lone Tree Cemetery

At this haunted cemetery, witnesses have reported faces that appear in the bushes, unexplained noises, objects that move on their own, flashes of light and chiming bells. Some folks have seen orbs, others have had them show up later in photographs.

Kofman Auditorium

Witnesses at Kofman Auditorium have reported unexplained noises and the apparition of a woman who walks around in the backstage area.

Ohlone Burial Grounds

Reports say these grounds just down the road from Mission San Jose are fenced off, but a plaque designates the site as an Ohlone burial ground. Here, witnesses say they have photographed orbs, believed to be spirits of Ohlone Indians who died at the mission and were buried here.

The Bordello

Oakland, california.

Old house built in 1887, former saloon and brothel with very active paranormal activity. Everything from chairs being moved to figures of men and women sighted around the house. Not too bothersome but definitely present. History records suggest a bar fight leading to a stabbing in the saloon in the ...

Prim Boutique

Hi, my name is Sara White. I currently work at Prim Boutique in downtown Pleasanton. This past weekend we had a ghost walk (people walk around downtown and visit the shops/restaurants that are haunted & receive history on the ghost/ghost's story). Prim Boutique participated in the ghost walk because ...

1400 Bar and Grill

A man dressed in period uniform has been seen here, accompanied by cold spots. Footsteps and other unexplained noises are also heard here. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Niles Canyon Road

A woman in a white dress was ran over sometime in the 1920's. Some people have seen a woman in a bloddy white gown walking along this road and hikers using the secret sidewalk have supposedly gone missing trying to aid this woman. Submitted by Chris Berglund

Blue Agave Club and Restaurant

This Mexican restaurant is housed in one of the oldest residence's in town, and is rumoured to be haunted by a variety of spirits. The building use to house offices, and workers would report desk chairs rolling around of their own accord and papers mysteriously going missing. A ...

The local establishment is haunted by the original bar owner. Reports from patrons and staff indicate that lights turn on and off by themselves, doors open and close of their own accord and pool balls roll across the table without being touched. Submitted by Callum Swift

Bronco Billy's Pizza

Union city, california.

The building this branch of the local pizza restaurant is housed in is one of the oldest in town, and dates back to before the city was established. The back room of the place is supposedly where most of the supernatural activity is confined to. Submitted by Callum Swift

Pinehurst and Redwood Road

My girlfriend and I went out late at night on this road, as we tend to go on late night drives. However this night there were many cold spots, strange noises from outside of the car, an odd light caught on film followed by thumping against my car (which we ...

ghost flag beach land

‘Vera and the Pleasure of Others,’ Steamy Tale of Teenage Sex and Voyeurism, Debuts Trailer (EXCLUSIVE)

By Leo Barraclough

Leo Barraclough

International Features Editor

  • Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla’ Sells Worldwide Ahead of North American Premiere at NYFF 3 days ago
  • International Oscar Race: Hillary and Chelsea Clinton-Produced Doc ‘In the Shadow of Beirut’ to Represent Ireland 4 days ago
  • Poland’s Oscar Entry ‘The Peasants,’ Directed by Filmmakers Behind ‘Loving Vincent,’ Debuts International Trailer (EXCLUSIVE) 4 days ago

Vera and the Pleasure of Others

Sales agent M-Appeal has released the trailer for coming-of-age title “Vera and the Pleasure of Others,” which was written and directed by the Argentinian duo Romina Tamburello and Federico Actis. The film will have its world premiere at Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn, Estonia, in the First Feature Competition, it was announced Friday.

“Vera and the Pleasure of Others” follows 17-year-old Vera (played by Luciana Grasso), who divides her days between volleyball, school and a secret hobby: she rents out an empty apartment to teenagers looking for a place to have sex.

“Vera and the Pleasure of Others” was presented at Ventana Sur’s Primer Corte – Films in Progress in 2022.

The film was produced by Santiago King of Argentina’s Pez Cine, with support from INCAA.

The cinematographer was Lucas Pérez, the editor was Danalí Riquelme, and the composer was Pablo Crespo.

The film is the debut feature from Tamburello and Actis.

Tamburello is the author of the plays “Black Eyed Women” and “Jet Lag.” She is a scriptwriter for the fiction series “Round” and the director of the short film “Rage,” which participated in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival. She wrote and directed the documentary series “Catalina, the Woman with the Flag” for Encuentro Channel. She recently published her first novel, “The Devil’s Widow,” and is a showrunner for its television adaptation.

Actis directed the fiction short film “The Cable Cars” and the documentary feature “The Architecture of Crime.” He has worked as a scriptwriter for the cultural television channels Santa Fe Signal and Encuentro. He is currently developing his next feature film, “The Men of the Plain.” He is an alumnus of Berlinale Talents.

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  6. Blue Flag Beach/ Light house beach @Puri, Odisha. Where is the actual fun? #like #share #subscribe


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    Here is a list of where the ghost flags can be found on the free-to-play tours. When you unlock the Explorer hat, the portals are made visible. Following a link below will take you to a screenshot where you can see the portal in red. Tour 1. Golf Land - Hole 6. Beach Land - Hole 3. Sticky Zone - Hole 4. Snow Field - Hole 9. Tour 2.

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    This is how one accesses the ghost flag on hole 3 of Beach Land in Super Stickman Golf 3 (SSG3)!

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    About Press Press

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    The ghost flag is the uncolored hole, mostly likely you first saw in Beach Land, Hole 3. Each will give money and xp, and some are required to find do for the big bux award. The is one in each course, and the entrance or portal is invisible. Golf Land Hole 6: on the "L" shaped floating island aim for the vertical part from the sand trap.

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    Flappy Golf 2 | Beach Land Superstar Walkthrough + Ghost Flag Remember to Like, Comment, and SubscribeSong: The Fray - How To Save A Life (Jiggers Remix) htt...

  9. Beach Land Superstar + Ghost flag

    How to put the ball in the hole to make a Superstar ?Second course - Beach LandThe Ghost Flag is in level 3.Get all the Superstars !!Comment mettre la balle ...

  10. Mystery Spot

    1,160 reviews. #9 of 86 things to do in Santa Cruz. Mysterious Sites. Closed now. 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Write a review. About. The Mystery Spot is a gravitational anomaly located in the redwood forests just outside of Santa Cruz, California. It is a circular area of effect around 150 feet or 46 meters in diameter.

  11. index/ghostflags

    Here is a list of where the ghost flags can be found on the free-to-play tours. When you unlock the Explorer hat, the portals are made visible. Following a link below will take you to a screenshot where you can see the portal in red. Thanks to all who have contributed to this list. Tour 1. Golf Land - Hole 6 - http://imgur.com/logtSZF.

  12. This LAX-adjacent ghost town is now 'priceless coastal real estate' for

    California. This LAX-adjacent ghost town is now 'priceless coastal real estate' for rare owls. Scientists were overjoyed when they discovered several pairs of burrowing owls hunkered down in the...

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    The ghost flags for all 29 courses.\r \r Timestamps:\r 0:22 - Golf Land\r 0:35 - Beach Land\r 0:55 - Sticky Zone\r 1:15 - Portal Land\r 1:31 - Gravity Lab\r 1:52 - Snow Field\r 2:11 - Spin Land\r 2:31 - Rocky Land\r 2:54 - Buzz Land\r 3:16 - Farmy Land\r 3:39 - Magnet Sub\r 3:59 - Rain Forest\r 4:24 - Sewer Land\r<br>4:43 - Line City\r<br>4:58 - Crystal Cliffs\r<br>5:20 - Laser Sub\r<br>5:38 ...

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    Ghost Flag Location: Hole 6: Golf Land is one of the Courses in the game Super Stickman Golf 3. It is on Tour 1. List of Holes [| ] Image Name Par Hole 1: 4 Hole 2: 4 Hole 3: 4 Hole 4: 4 Hole 5: 4 Hole 6: 4 Hole 7: 5 Hole 8: 4 Hole 9: 5 See also [| ] Courses; v · d · e Super Stickman Golf 3 courses; Tour 1 Golf Land • Beach Land • Sticky ...

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    Featured. My Hero Ultra Rumble How To Invite Friends. By Sho Roberts. Walkthroughs. Flappy Golf 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies. Flappy Golf 2 is the follow-up to Noodlecake's mini-golf arcade game...

  16. #1 SF Ghost Hunt

    What? Join international performer and local favorite - Christian Cagigal - on this lantern-lit walk into San Francisco's ghostly past to see its most notorious haunted places. Hear thrilling stories based on documented research. Discover weird and wonderful local history.

  17. SanJose.com

    Great America. 4701 Great America Pkwy., Santa Clara. The ghost of a boy who died on a ride near the games section of the park is said to bring the games to life after closing.

  18. Six Flags Magic Mountain in California

    Powering Thrills with the Sun. Just announced, Six Flags Magic Mountain will soon be home to California's largest single-site commercial solar energy and storage project with the installation of a 12.37-megawatt solar carport.

  19. Ghost Bay

    * €ªªªêÿì `‡»„ @zD¤Ûâ á''áfÖ ±dDL{x l•ÓSP f*fªéfª-ªbnîÙUÿwÕ¿çÞêžQ]ÞÆpW¼XXXØØXÕËŒêàÇ ƒÁ` g²ª ƒÁ`0 ̡ΈT"Fá°ÐN²÷ ßEvpótýöŸç[¸ {\ÁóûÕêá D"$?N¯"äæí nÂwu §ðæÐxÍÚ l"äv-Š0 ƒLq× a )By ¿¿Ž Á`G¹ØÐ~´Nz •5L†sQ¢÷Pk¯´if%¡›•„ Ô`ØAèÍ!Îœ„ ¹RWà‹ Y›fVa© ŸUØõµvt |ï ...

  20. Haunted Places in Alameda County, California

    Fremont, California. Mission San Jose was founded in 1797, and although it is now a museum and sightseeing site, it once suffered an earthquake. Witnesses have described various incidences of paranormal activity including unexplained sounds, cold spots, eerie feelings, and even apparitions of Native Americans. 0.

  21. Teenage Sex Tale 'Vera and the Pleasure of Others' Debuts Trailer

    Global. Oct 6, 2023 6:51am PT. 'Vera and the Pleasure of Others,' Steamy Tale of Teenage Sex and Voyeurism, Debuts Trailer (EXCLUSIVE) By Leo Barraclough. Courtesy of Pez Cine.

  22. Reddit

    r/ssg3: Super Stickman Golf 3: news, trick shot videos, walkthroughs, reviews, leagues, tournaments, support. Game by Noodlecake.

  23. Flappy Golf 2

    1.07K subscribers. Subscribe. 9.9K views 6 years ago. Ghost Flag location on Pinball Land. (Downloadable Course #9) Flappy Golf. Browse game. Gaming. Browse all gaming.

  24. Ghost Flag Locations: Tour 2 : r/ssg3

    Ghost Flag Locations: Tour 2. So I saw u/Markz1337 show the way to get to the ghost flags in tour 1 so I thought I'd do it for tour 2. Intro: "The ghost flag is the uncolored hole, mostly likely you first saw in Beach Land, Hole 3. Each will give money and xp, and some are required to find do for the big bux award.