ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Yomi North Calamity

After work one day Mai gets a call from a friend from middle school and was asked to come back to her home town because the class 3-3 calamity has started again. She takes a few weeks off of work and goes to help this friend but on the same day Mai leaves Naru gets a call from the principal of Yomiyama North Middle Sc...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Ghost Hunt: Unnatural Hauntings

With the passage of time comes change and with change comes new beginnings. Naru has returned to Japan seeking to rehire the old gang only to find that Mai has not been idle while he was gone. Now, SPR has crazier hauntings to deal with and even more complicated dramas as well. Who said life was easy? They haven't dea...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Mai's Story ( Naru x Mai)

When Naru starts finding out the hidden feelings he has for Mai Taniyama, what will he do? Will he simply ignore them? Or, will he act upon them and take matters into his hands trying to control these feelings? Find out in; Mai's Story. A Naru x Mai FanFiction. ~UNDER EDITING~ As of 10-18-17, this book is under editin...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

I had enough! the power within

What if Mai find out that she had too save the world and everything that she knows is a lie? What if a ghost see this and decides to do something? What if that exact ghost was her mother ? What if it was lalya?

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Ghost Hunt (Continuing Cases)

It's been 4 years since Naru left for England and left Mai broken, she was so upset about it for a year but finally gets it together. Gets a successful job, new friends, has weird new abilities,and knows how to work weapons, but what happens when Naru comes back out of no where? Mai won't be so kind this time back to...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Ghost Hunt FanFiction (Mai x Naru)

Spr is back and this story will be right where the anime left off. New cases and lots of romance. There most likely might be a little out of character since I haven't watched the anime in a while Shippings: (Naru x Mai) (Lin x Modaka) (Masako x John) (Monk x Ayako)

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Naru's been gone for three years, and Mai is definitely not over him. With help from both Madoka and Lin, she's learned to master her abilities, and with Gene's help, she's able to do it unconsciously too. Then Naru comes back... and something has changed. Story based around the song Human by Christina Perri. R&R plea...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

The Forgotten one

It has been three years since Naru, also known as Oliver Devis left for England, it has been three years since she had lost contact with her so called SPR family, what happened to the Mai that once they all known.

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Ghost hunt: What they don't know won't hurt them.

First Naru leaves as if nothing happened. 5 years later he comes back as if nothings changed. He can't of been more wrong. However when he meets Mai again things have become completely different. When they go on a case they realise how much she has changed and how much she's done.

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Hell's Fire

I suck at descriptions so just read it I'm working on it on paper so the updates might be a bit slow. I don't own Ghost Hunt or any small references to other shows or books I make I only own the story itself, Luna and Layla Rain and any other filler characters.

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Ghost Hunt Fanfic: Rekindle The Flame (A Mai And Naru Story)

She was broken hearted. He was hurting. They were the epitome of warm and cold, sunny and cloudy, the wind and the rock. It has been 5 years since they last saw each other. Her: moving on and Him: coming in to terms with his human feelings. Naru came back to Japan to seek for Mai. He is finally ready to face head...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Tiny Roommate

Manga: Ghost Hunt PG-13: Mild Violence and (Not so mild)Language. And some awkward situations Summary: Do SPR regret their curiosity? Should they regret wanting to know more about Mai's past? Because they are certainly in for a rollercoaster ride once they've visited Mai Taniyama's Household.

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Ghost hunt fanfic: Missing cases

Ghost hunt fanfic more or less following after the anime. A collection of cases the S.P.R. gang work to solve. May add some of my own characters to help with some of the cases. It is a fanfic soo I do not own ghost hunt or the rest of the gang. I'm terrible at descriptions and I think that covers it,yeah so enjoy read...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Mai and her child

It's been 3 years since Naru and Lin left for England. Mai still has continued to stay in touch with the gang (except Naru and Lin). 3 Months before Naru and Lin come back Mai gave birth to a child. Once Naru and Lin come back they want to get everyone back together and start up SPR once again. Naru after all this tim...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

What if Mai is fired by Naru when they found genes body because Mai hide the fact that she knew his true identity and that she knew where his brothers body Disclaimer~ I don't own ghost hunt

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Ghost Hunt (A continued Fan-Fic)

This is not an Alt. version of my other Ghost Hunt, this is a completely different spin off. I got the idea of doing another one because a lot of people seem to quit the ghost hunt series. So this is a more case orientated story. I hope you enjoy it as much as the other ghost hunt series I am working on :). Mai is hap...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Reborn Again

"You know Gene you really amaze me... you're just so young and you're really smart and cute... not only that you're nice and powerful... I'm glad that I'm able to have you as my child..." Mai walking into Naru's office. Gene stood there at his door not knowing what to say, after a moment he put his hand on his chest '...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Hotel Kinjo ||COMPLETED|| [Book 1]

Mai ran aimlessly down the halls of the hotel, letting her feet take her where ever they wanted to. She didn't care anymore, they were scared of her now. She hurt the only people she could call family, her real parents had passed away when she was young, now it felt like she was losing everyone she cared for all over...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

More Adventures Together

Sequal to Give Me One More Chance. Naru and Mai are finally married and came back from their honeymoon. The SPR gang is going to England for summer and taking on new cases in a different territory, where the home of the paranormal is.

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Swapsies and Quandaries - An 'alternate' ghost hunt story

(Basically a self-insert story) Well. This is not how I pictured my morning. Meet me - Bex - and how I suddenly find myself in someone else's body, an ANIME characters' body might I add, and thrusted into a rather unexpected journey. And I have no clue what to do. P.S. Naru is just as doable in 3D. Yum. (This story...

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Ghost Hunt Fanfic ●ᴥ● [Finished]

This is a fanfic for Ghost Hunt This is based on Mai and Naru's story in the future :) They go on new cases that are more dangerous then before and they also (Especially Mai) get into trouble even death experience. Hope you enjoy!

ghost hunt fanfiction mai changes

Illusion of Years

What if Mai wasn't completely human... or human at all? What if she wasn't even supposed to live on earth? Escaping the fate that she detested, she was allowed 18 years as a human. Now that 16 years have passed, her nerves started to get to her. And to top things off, a man keeps showing up during the middle of invest...


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