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ghost live london

ghost live london

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ghost live london


  • Date 11 Apr 2022
  • Venue The O2 arena
  • Doors Open 6.00pm
  • Availability On sale now

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Event Details

Ghost will bring their European "Imperatour" to The O2 in April 2022. Plus Special Guests Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats and Twin Temple.  

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ghost live london


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Live reviews

Ghost are, regardless of whether you're particularly into corpse painted, Satanic-inspired heavy metal, one band that you should not miss live. Their concerts are not simply events to watch but experiential, jaw-dropping journeys to embark upon, and here's why: The Swedish sextet, clad in black hooded gowns and pointed beard-masks (yes, this is a thing) are led by their singer, known as Papa Emeritus, who dons full skull make-up and the robes and hat of a Roman Catholic pope (aside from the upside-down crosses adorning them). As well as their appearances, the band add to the intoxicating atmosphere of their shows with a backdrop of faux stained glass windows, and burn incense to give the audience the impression of being in a church, about to undergo something more than simply watching a group of men play musical instruments on a stage. They achieve this by including the audience in their twisted act, for example during the song Body and Blood, scantily-clad women appeared at the front of the stage offering the 'Eucharist' of a goblet of blood (aka wine) to the lucky fans in the front row.

I saw Ghost at the Fillmore Silver Spring, shorty after the release of their highly anticipated second album, Infestissumam, and was, frankly, blown away by the quality of their live show. Their appearances and Satan-worshipping act are contrasted by the liveliness of their music, which while categorized as heavy or black metal, is definitely more riff and vocal-driven than most metal, with songs such as the single Monstrance Clock and even an amped-up cover of the Beatles' Here Comes The Sun as part of their catchy, dancable set.

Even if you are the biggest metal-phobe around, you should go see Ghost. If heavy metal is your jam, but you're really not into the whole make-up/ crazy outfit thing, you should go see Ghost. If you're a fan or the music but are undecided on paying for a ticket, you should most definitely go see Ghost. The entire experience is something intoxicatingly unforgettable, and you will not regret it!

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louise_h’s profile image

The wife and I got into the game a bit late but Ghost is as much a part of our yearly plans as is eating, sleeping, and hydrating. We were fortunate to have caught their last two rituals in Sweden last year and were able to capture video of Papa III being pulled off stage during Monstrance Clock. We were so happy that we made the trip from the states because seeing the end of Papa III in videos is nothing compared to the excitement of seeing it in person, from the barrier, and right up front. This band is very exciting to watch and being able to share the experience with my wife has made our evenings with Ghost that much better. My wife met Papa III last year and we've had the opportunity to meet Cardinal Copia 3 times this year during the meet and greets in New York and Pittsburgh. We're looking forward to meeting him again 4 more times out of the 6 rituals we'll be attending in December. We also already have our tickets and vacation planned for the 2 upcoming rituals taking place in Sweden in February 2019. When they make their way back to the states in 2019, we will begin planning our schedules around their tour dates. Here's a short back story as to why they are so important to me. My wife and I were just a couple of months away from signing the official court documents stating we were divorced. While trying to keep things amicable we would meet to discuss things and we'd often listen to Ghost. By the time they would be coming Philadelphia that year, we would have been attending as two single individuals and no longer married. We'd have fun listening to them and as that common ground grew stronger, so did we and slowly began reconciling. By the time they did come to Philadelphia that year, we attended as a happily married couple and continue to do so today. Getting my wife back, I can honestly say, is all thanks to Ghost and I couldn't be more grateful to them or happier sharing the experience with anyone else except for Kelly.

OctInk01’s profile image

The concert at Liseberg amusement Park was amazing. They opened doors at 11:00 am and there was already like 30 people waiting for the concert impatiently. Security guards and workers of the Amusement Park were very nice and help people when there was an incident outside the park.

The concert started at 8:00 pm without any problem, the crowd went crazy when they went on stage. The setlist was the following:

- Square Hammer

- From the Pinnacle to the Pit

- Elizabeth

- Con clavi con Dio

- Per aspera ad Inferi

- Body and Blood

- Devil Church

- Year Zero

- Spokosonat

- Absolution

- Deus in Absentia

- Monstrance Clock.

At the end of the last show was when 2 bodyguards came on stage and dragged Papa Emeritus III from stage and Papa Emeritus Zero came in, anouncing that the party was over and a new era was about to start.

yami-wesker-hellsing’s profile image

I only got into Ghost recently and caught their show last night in Toronto.

I decided to get some cheap tickets because I liked the music and thought they'd be fun to see live.

They by far exceeded anything I was expecting. The creepy church vibe, use of incense(which I have never encountered before, very nice touch!), Papa engaging the audience at every opportunity and even took a few minutes just to chit chat and kept us roaring and laughing for more. The use of costumes and masks was amazing.

Being an introvert I don't really go out much, and when I do I just kind of sit there and enjoy the music and the show. This is the first band that's made me get up from my chair and actually get into the show. Next time they come to the area, I'm definitely saving up and treating myself to WAY better seating!

leanne-windsor’s profile image

Oh my Ghost, this is the live ritual gig experience your soul is crying out for. Full disclaimer: I love Ghost to bits and have been preaching my dark passion for years. Seeing them live again - this time in a bigger arena off the back of a couple more hit albums - reaffirms the faith.

Go and see Ghost and you will get a diverse setlist drawn from the band's spectacular back catalogue. You will get theatrics and pyrotechnics. You will get both humour and deep emotion, dark anthems and sublime instrumentals and an uplifting sense that you a witnessing something novel and special.

Ghost are - musically, aesthetically, spiritually - something to cherish and the live experience is one that is fun, compelling, cathartic and oh-so-damn-rock-n-roll. Go worship and have the time of your (after)life.

james__clayton’s profile image

I can see Ghost every night and never get bored. It's not just the band and music, Tobias has created characters, including his own, for this band that are incredibly humble and patient with their fans. While the material can be considered risque, you will see children younger than 10 years old attending that are not only having the time of their lives, but participating in the meet and greets with their parents. Everything about these shows from the music, to the costumes, the characters, and the theatrics is so very much entertaining. We know as fans that there is so much more to look forward to with the future of Ghost and we'll have the opportunity to enjoy them for many more years. It is very exciting when tomorrow becomes today and you're standing in front eagerly awaiting Ashes to start.

If you have Ghost, you have everything.

Theatre; spectacle; a sense of cult worship; dark humour; thick fugs of incense; electric, otherwordly energy; lighting and atmospherics; collective frenzy; and most of all, the sweet music of the night.

Ghost are beautiful for so many reasons. Beneath their sublime subversive style - iconoclastic and gleefully irreverent - is a musical powerhouse making the most compelling and catchy rock in this epoch. The craftsmanship is incredible. The mystique is immense. It's a joy to behold in the flesh (and blood) and if you have the opportunity to absorb the spirit of Ghost in person, surrender to it.

Honestly, Ghost was one of the greatest entertainment experiences I've had. Join them in their ritual and hail your Master...

This was the best show I have ever been to (I have seen a lot too). Ghost put on an electric performance with great theatrics as well as fun conversational bits while the musicians took a couple minutes to get water, wipe the sweat off from under those masks, etc. We were also delighted by the pyrotechnics, fog machines, and surprise mummy dust confetti! Well executed and the band sounded amazing live. I wish I had gotten tickets for the following night too! I will definitely be seeing them when they come back into town. Ghost really knows how to stimulate all their fans' senses. Many thanks to the band for their commitment to their fans and the melodic tunes they share with us. Keep them coming please!!!

browniechomp’s profile image

The Ghost show was truly amazing. For me, this was mainly due to two things:

1. Each and every member of this band knows his instrument very well, and they play their songs flawlessly and with ease. Leaving them energy to interact with the crowd while still not missing a note/beat.

2. Their concept is so well thought through. From the incense and small unveiling ritual before their set starts to the sisters of sin and perfected visual in set, movements and costumes, everything works brilliantly. And with Papa giving some background info to songs and rituals, you really get the feeling you are part of a well-oiled ritual.

I am very glad I've been to the show, and can't wait to see this band again :)

anne-meester’s profile image

Awesome band! I had a older friend come with last night to the Stockholm show and even thou she said "It's not exactly my favourite but it was a terrific show,tunes to sing along to and this isn't the last time we do this!" with a huge smile on her face. This was my second Ritual, i love the costume changes, you really feel like your seeing a theatrical show instead of a regular concert, I'm use to sitting up front but this time sat in the balcony to see a spectacular light show and pyrotechnics, we sat in the upper balcony and could feel the heat from the pyro effects.I only wish i could have been yp front closer to Cardinal Copia,to get his blessings. Will not be the last time i go to see Ghost!

inga-lill-noren’s profile image

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Live review: Ghost, London The O2

Ghost spectacularly spook the capital at their biggest headline show to date…

Live review: Ghost, London The O2

“It’s nice to see you all again! I hope it hasn’t been too shite for you!” proclaims Tobias Forge, as Ghost return to the UK after nearly three years away. Tonight marks the biggest headline show on their biggest-ever run on these shores, and with latest offering Impera hitting Number Two in the UK albums chart, a party atmosphere fills the arena in anticipation for probably the most brilliantly eccentric metal band in the world right now.

ghost live london

First up Satanic doo-wop outfit Twin Temple set a mood with a set of dark cool that touches on both Amy Winehouse and King Crimson. The spell they cast creates a fittingly diabolic vibe of evil cool, broken only when the venue's blinding strip lights come on again as they leave the stage.

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats last played venues this size whilst out on the road with Black Sabbath back in 2014, and their brand of psychedelic rock’n’roll remains mind-fryingly deadly. Their set tests every single sound barrier inside The O2, with a barrage of burly riffs creating a huge wall of noise that tests the very fibres of the eardrums.

ghost live london

Ghost rip into the grandiose Impera opener Kaisirion, with the Nameless Ghouls ensuring that ambitious riff is heard well beyond the walls of the dome. Rats quickly follows with a fan lobbing a plastic rodent onto the stage as Papa Emeritus IV picks it up and clenches it with his fist during the perfectly timed chime of ‘ RATS .’

This is more than just a mere metal show now. Ghost have created a full-scale, almost operatic production here that allows their brand of pop-friendly metal to leave their congregation in pure ecstasy. GRAMMY-winning track Cirice hits like a 10-ton hammer as Tobias reappears donning bat wings, before twanging piano keys, almost reminiscent of your favourite ABBA track, sees in Spillways for its London debut – a song made for dancing, not moshing.

ghost live london

As much as Tobias is front and centre, the abundance of Nameless Ghouls – now donning Tusken Raider-meets-steampunk helmets – spend the night showing off their skills. Whether it be through the spacey heights of Miasma, which includes that outrageous saxophone solo, to the over-the-top keytar solo from one of their heaviest tracks Mummy Dust, everything the Ghouls do all helps set the precedent that they’ve come to entertain.

ghost live london

It ends with an outpouring of emotion from Tobias. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts – those who are still afraid of going out but have made it tonight, thank you.” Then he quickly changes tack and tells everyone to go home and “fuck themselves” or “fuck someone else,” as Ghost seal proceedings with a flurry of some of metals most flamboyant party anthems. A cover of Metallica ’s Enter Sandman starts the final hurrah, with Dance Macabre encouraging everyone to use their “taint” one last time to create a spooky disco, before Square Hammer throws down the gauntlet with raining fire.

ghost live london

Costume changes, confetti canons, disco lights and shots of fire, tonight’s show encapsulated everything that Ghost are about: a band pushing the boundaries of what a metal show should be by adding in scrupulous amounts of fun. Their trajectory from here on out really knows no bounds.

ghost live london

Read this: Ghost: “You have to destroy to rebuild, but that doesn’t mean you have to level everything into gravel”

Check out more:

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Ghost have covered Stay for Insidious: The Red Door

Ghost have covered Stay for Insidious: The Red Door

Hear Ghost team up with Patrick Wilson for a cover of Shakespears Sister’s Stay, taken from the Insidious: The Red Door soundtrack…

Sleep Token on course for first-ever UK Top 10 album

Sleep Token on course for first-ever UK Top 10 album

Sleep Token’s Take Me Back To Eden has landed at Number Three in the UK midweek album charts…

Listen: Ghost have covered Iron Maiden’s Phantom Of The Opera

Listen: Ghost have covered Iron Maiden’s Phantom Of The Opera

Taken from their soon-to-be-released covers EP PHANTOMIME, Ghost have just unveiled a spectacular cover of Phantom Of The Opera by Iron Maiden.

Ghost release Jesus He Knows Me from new five-song covers EP

Ghost release Jesus He Knows Me from new five-song covers EP

Hear Ghost tackle Genesis’ Jesus He Knows Me, ahead of the release of their upcoming covers EP PHANTOMIME in May.

Tobias Forge says “there might be new music” for next Ghost tour

Tobias Forge says “there might be new music” for next Ghost tour

As Ghost gear up to return to the stage in a couple of months, Tobias Forge has teased that “between now and then, there might be new music”.

Ghost confirm huge 27-date Re-Imperatour with Amon Amarth

Ghost confirm huge 27-date Re-Imperatour with Amon Amarth

Ghost are taking their incredible show across America with Amon Amarth this August and September for the massive Re-Imperatour.

Listen to Ghost’s new version of Spillways featuring Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott

Listen to Ghost’s new version of Spillways featuring Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott provides guest vocals on Spillways, his favourite track from Ghost’s brilliant 2022 album Impera.

‘Jesus is coming’: Ghost are up to something

‘Jesus is coming’: Ghost are up to something

What are Ghost planning? They’ve just unveiled a new billboard in Hollywood that suggests that ‘Jesus is coming’…

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Ghost: The O2 Arena, London – live review

ghost live london

Ghost The O2 Arena, London 11 April 2022

Thrilling, overblown, celebratory, and often quite ridiculous, with clear nods to Alice Cooper and Kiss, Ghost’s show at the O2 in London is everything an arena rock gig should be.

Ghost’s new album, Impera, is partly about the rise of empires. It’s something they know a little about. Just over a decade ago, their debut LP didn’t even trouble the UK charts; their latest debuted at Number Two. On their last visits to London, pre-pandemic, they played at Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena; tonight they’re at the city’s largest indoor music venue, The O2.

There are many reasons for that ascent. Their songs, which have always been ridiculously catchy, are becoming ever more so. Their sound, increasingly infused with a Swedish pop sensibility, now openly embraces the melodic rock of ’80s titans like Def Leppard. Their look — all black and white face paint, papal garb, religious imagery, masks — is impossible to ignore and as intriguing as the mythology they’ve created. Their ability to build a loyal community rivals even Iron Maiden; they’re the kind of band whose diehard fans (aka Ghouls or Ghulehs) slap on face paint, and every second punter — from teen girls to middle-aged men — wears an official T-shirt.

Ghost: The O2 Arena, London – live review

But the biggest reason must be their live show. Thrilling, overblown, celebratory, and often quite ridiculous, with clear nods to Alice Cooper and Kiss, the Imperatour is everything an arena rock gig should be. Of course, there are flames, flash pots, confetti cannons, and one of those sparkler waterfalls. The lights on the titanic rig drench the venue in red during Year Zero, which begins with the choral chant of “Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer”. Those same lights transform The O2 into a giant disco during the impossibly boppy Dance Macabre. The familiar glow of raised mobile phones accompanies the set’s only power ballad, He Is.

Inevitably, there’s a backdrop of three massive stained glass windows. Obviously, there’s a giant staircase centre stage, topped by a drum kit, and flanked by raised platforms with enough space for at least some of the eight masked musicians (aka Nameless Ghouls). The guitarists — in steampunk gas masks, of course — pose and solo and duel and, during Devil Church, throw in the London Calling riff. In the middle of one of Ghost’s heaviest songs, Mummy Dust, a keytar suddenly pulls focus. And the instrumental Miasma climaxes with a man in complete papal garb (aka Papa Nihil) playing a saxophone like he’s warming up to appear on Glenn Frey’s The Heat Is On.

Ghost: The O2 Arena, London – live review

Yet, none of this threatens to upstage Tobias Forge (aka Papa Emeritus IV). All theatrical gestures, he glides across the stage, or up and down those stairs, with his head back, chest out, one arm outstretched. Think Bruce Dickinson, but more flamboyant and better dressed. With costume changes aplenty — and no video screens to capture the outfits’ intricate detail — his ever-changing look can be hard to track. But, at various points, the singer wears an 1800s maritime coat (think Sgt Pepper’s minus the psychedelia), a turquoise sequined jacket, bat wings, and the full pope regalia.

While it must be tempting to stay in character throughout to push the sense of spectacle beyond breaking point, Forge isn’t shy when it comes to interacting with the crowd. There’s the usual “Hello, London” stuff, the “Let’s forget it’s Monday” banter, and the “Thanks for your ongoing support”/”We’d be nothing without you” platitudes. And then there’s the (slightly) unexpected: despite all the throwaway references to hell and sin and the devil in the lyrics, the only marginally frightening thing about the gig is a prolonged chat about the taint (aka perineum).

Ghost: The O2 Arena, London – live review

Later he delivers an extended and clearly genuine thank you to the venue staff and to those audience members who’ve overcome lingering Covid fears to come out tonight. It’s a clear reminder that most of all, Forge preaches inclusivity and unity. That’s underlined by the joyous response to one impeccably performed song after another. Even the trio of new songs — the imposing Hunter’s Moon, Impera highlight and future hit Spillways, and the truly regal Call Me Little Sunshine — are welcomed by the faithful with open arms.

Ghost’s new album, Impera, is also partly about the fall of empires. On the basis of tonight’s show — a playful, inspired, uplifting rock opera that musically, lyrically, and emotionally balances light and shade — that’s still a long way off for Ghost.

You can find Ghost on their website  as well as  Facebook ,  Instagram , and  Twitter .

Ghost: The O2 Arena, London – live review

Words by Nils van der Linden. You can visit his author profile for Louder Than War  here . Find him on  Twitter  and his  website .

Photos by Simon Reed. His website Musical Pictures is here  and you can visit his author profile for Louder Than War  here . He tweets as  @musicalpix .

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ghost live london

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HEAVY LUNGS at Hyde Park Book Club 11.10.2023 by James A Mumby

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