Opeth  -  Ghost Of Perdition Tab

Track: mikael åkerfeldt - distortion guitar difficulty (rhythm): revised on: 9/19/2023.

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A spacious Open Dm variant, which retains Standard ’s E1str tone to give a minor 9th open harmony. Great for chord voicings which combine intricate high extensions with robust bass structures – with note-shuffling added by the tuning’s irregular interval sequence  (a 4th , min. 3rd , and a maj. 3rd , sandwiched by two 5ths ). Hear how the tighter 1str stands out.

Like its major counterpart (D-A-D- F# -A-E: Yvette’s Dadd9 ), this layout retains many of the Open D family’s strengths – including one-finger power chords across 6-5-4str , dextrous harmonic possibilities on 4-3-2str, and general low-side solidity – while also opening up a variety of new shapes. See how the wide jump at the top recolours your improv…

Pattern: 7>5>3>4>7

Harmony: dmin(add9) | 1-5-1-b3-5-2, • tuning tones •.

ghost of perdition guitar tuning

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Used by eclectic Swedish metallers Opeth – particularly on their eighth album, 2005’s Ghost Reveries (e.g. on Ghost Of Perdition , Isolation Years , Baying of the Hounds , and all six of the electric/acoustic/12-string guitar layers on Reverie Harlequin Forest ). In the words of frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt , “I love experimenting with tuning…which [on Ghost Reveries ] I got from folk players like Bert Jansch , John Renbourn and Nick Drake ” (although he also cautions that: “I don’t want to get [too] lost in tuning…we’re comfortable with Standard “).

Also used by Australian rockers Karnivool on a few tracks (e.g. All I Know , Set Fire to the Hive : although they generally prefer B-F#-B-G-B-E ) – as well as a sparse scattering of others (e.g. a quick sketch by NathanKGx, and an anonymous improv captured in a Gilmore Guitars workshop). Broader use, however, remains surprisingly rare, despite the tuning lying only a few twists away from Standard , the Open D family, and many others ( …before long, my search-query results were getting clogged up by hits for hex colour ID ‘ #dadfae ’: a very light green ).

  • Ghost of Perdition @ Red Rocks – Opeth (2017):

“You’d compare yourself [to] old classmates…they’d have flourishing careers: even if I thought their careers sounded boring, at least they had something to survive on. I was bitter and beaten down…I didn’t have much hope for us. All I knew was that I liked the music I’d written.” (Mikael Åkerfeldt)

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  • See my Tunings Megatable for further such nerdery: more numbers, intervallic relations, comparative methods, etc. And to any genuine vibratory scientists reading: please critique my DIY analysis!


—Associated tunings: proximities of shape, concept, context, etc…

  • Open Dm (this with 1str -2): taking out the high ninth
  • Yvette’s Dadd9 (this with 3str +1): the major variant
  • Equilibrium : same strings altered, by different intervals


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  • Opeth : Learn more about the evolution and eclectic influences of the three- decades -old group via fan-selected lists of top-10 tracks on Reddit – and also check out interviews with leader Mikael Åkerfeldt in Rolling Stone (on his all-time favourite metal albums) and Guitar World (“Martin Lopez ended up playing me something by [ Turkish Arabesk singer] İbrahim Tatlıses . I guess it was Kurdish pop music, but to my ears it sounded evil ! It had notes…that you didn’t really find in Western scales, with bends that were inbetween notes . I immediately rewrote the beginning of Bleak …”)
  • Folk to metal : Åkerfeldt, who mentions taking inspiration from “Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, and Nick Drake ”, is far from the only heavy guitarist to delve deep into these quieter realms: famously, Led Zeppelin took detours into the folk mythology of the British Isles, both real & imagined (e.g. The Battle of Evermore references Lord of the Rings , and Gallows Pole is an updating of the centuries-old melody The Maid Freed from the Gallows : although Page based his version on American 12-stringer Fred Gerlach ’s arrangement) – also see a rundown of modern folk-metal by Grimner ‘s flautist and bagpipe player Johan Rydberg in Louder Sound : “For a very long time, the folk-metal scene has been dominated by bands [that] focus on Norse , Celtic , Gaelic, and similar themes…Now we have seen new bands rise…bringing their culture and mythology: Myrath (Tunisian power-folk), Wagakki Band (Japanese folk-metal), [and] Tengger Cavalry (Mongolian folk-metal)…”

Header image: Ghost Reveries album cover (2005)

ghost of perdition guitar tuning

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ghost of perdition guitar tuning

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ghost of perdition guitar tuning

George Howlett is a London-based musician, writer, and teacher (guitars, sitar, tabla, & santoor). Above all I seek to enthuse fellow sonic searchers, interconnecting fresh vibrations with the voices, cultures, and passions behind them. See Home  & Writings , and hit me up for Online Lessons !



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Opeth - Ghost of Perdition

1,778 views - 19 Jan 2011

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Get my guitar pro tab of the song: http://www.gprotab.net/comment_tab.php?tab_id=106407 Me playing the awesome song Ghost of Perdition from the Ghost ...

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Opeth – Ghost Of Perdition tab ver. 2

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Opeth "Ghost Of Perdition" Guitar Tab

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ghost of perdition guitar tuning

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opeth tuning question

  • Thread starter SFW
  • Start date Oct 16, 2009


Well-known member

  • Oct 16, 2009

Does anyone know what tuning Opeth used on their Ghost Reveries disc? Was listening to Ghost of Perdition this morning on the way to work and think I'd like to try whatever tuning they used for that disc. Thanks guys!  



Baying Of The Hounds is plain old drop d i think. I was jamming along with that a few months ago.  

K Odell

I think its all open tuning I believe. Not positive though.  


Pretty much all of their stuff is in E or Drop D as far as I know.  

Interesting. Sure does sound big. I'll have to que the CD up when I get home.  



Active member.

I believe some of the songs are in an open tuning of d-minor. I found a transcription a few years ago, tuned my guitar to it and it sounded perfect. IN addition to the open tuning, everything may be down a whole step.  

Just found my transcription to Ghost of Perdition. Tune to DADFAD. I can send you a tab if you need it.  

that would be great!  


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Ghost of Perdition

Guitar pro tab summary, song author, instruments.


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    ghost of perdition guitar tuning

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    Does anyone know what tuning Opeth used on their Ghost Reveries disc? Was listening to Ghost of Perdition this morning on the way to work and think I'd...

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