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Deathwish Inc


Ghostemane "Fear Network"

Sold Out $7.99

Limited to 1000 vinyl pressing of Ghostemane's "FEAR NETWORK" EP.

Track Listing:  01. Martial Law 02. Carbomb 03. Pink Mist

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GHOSTEMANE - Fear Network 7"

GHOSTEMANE - Fear Network 7"

Limited to 1000 vinyl pressing of Ghostemane's "FEAR NETWORK" EP. 300 available on colored vinyl at a first come first serve basis. These will ship at the end of May.

EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS CAN ORDER AT for discounted shipping rates.


Tracklisting: 1. Martial Law 2. Carbomb 3. Pink Mist


Test Press (out of 15) Clear Green (out of 300) Black (out of 700)

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ghostemane fear network

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Fear Network II - Single

August 25, 2021 3 Songs, 6 minutes ℗ 2021 Blackmage Publishing

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Fear Network

3 SONGS • 4 MINUTES • APR 10 2019

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Hear Ghostemane's Crushing New Hardcore EP 'Fear Network'

Haters might think that Ghostemane 's embrace of heavy-metal imagery and attitude into the genre-bending hip-hop he's best known for is nothing but surface-level trend-hopping. But the truth is that the recent Revolver cover star 's love for the genre runs deep — the dude was in a hardcore band called Nemesis as a kid, has a black-metal side project Baader Meinhof  to this day, and even his vocal style and music in his main outlet often veer very close to metal, industrial and hardcore levels of heaviness.

Ghostemane has paid tribute to his roots and furthered the depth of his own work with the release of a new hardcore punk EP,  Fear Network . This isn't some novelty record or a passing attraction: Ghoste has dropped a legitimately heavy-as-fuck offering that evokes the mosh-pit-fuelling attack of Cruel Hand or Incendiary. The EP's three cuts are all perfect short shocks, with the whole thing running at under five minutes. Ghostemane's vocals are ferocious as hell, mostly screamed but sometime incorporating the occasional rap flourish like on "Carbomb." It's quick and dangerous as hell, the perfect thing to shut up the nonbeliever on your friends' list who has been bitching about the blurring lines between rap and rock too long. 

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    ghostemane fear network

  2. Ghostemane

    ghostemane fear network


    ghostemane fear network


    ghostemane fear network

  5. Ghostemane

    ghostemane fear network

  6. Ghostemane

    ghostemane fear network




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  4. Ghostemane

    Fear Network Tracklist · Martial Law Lyrics · Carbomb Lyrics · Pink Mist Lyrics · ANTI-ICON · HIADICA.

  5. GhosteMane

    GhosteMane – Fear Network. GhosteMane - Fear Network album cover. More images. Genre: Rock. Style: Hardcore, Alternative Rock. Year: 2019. Tracklist. Martial


    In case you wanna support the channel & donate:

  7. Ghostemane "Fear Network"

    Limited to 1000 vinyl pressing of Ghostemane's "FEAR NETWORK" EP. Track Listing: 01. Martial Law 02. Carbomb 03. Pink Mist.


    Limited to 1000 vinyl pressing of Ghostemane's "FEAR NETWORK" EP. 300 available on colored vinyl at a first come first serve basis.

  9. Listen to GHOSTEMANE

    Listen to GHOSTEMANE - Fear Network, a playlist curated by GHOSTEMANE on desktop and mobile.

  10. What Do You Think Of Fear Network II???

    What Do You Think Of Fear Network II??? ... Bruv I am a scar fan for 3 years now. I started to listen daily Ghostemane when A.I (the album) came

  11. Fear Network II

    Listen to Fear Network II - Single by Ghostemane on Apple Music. 2021. 3 Songs. Duration: 6 minutes.

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    Listen to your favorite songs from Fear Network by Ghostemane Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet.

  13. Ghostemane Fear Network 7" Black Vinyl out of 700 RARE and OOP

    Ghostemane Fear Network 7" Black Vinyl out of 700 RARE and OOP. mati-8179 100% Positive feedback. mati-8179 (523); 100% positive feedback

  14. Hear Ghostemane's Crushing New Hardcore EP 'Fear Network'

    Ghostemane has paid tribute to his roots and furthered the depth of his own work with the release of a new hardcore punk EP, Fear Network. This