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Nepal’s poor education system is creating greying ghost towns at the “roof of the world”

Nepal’s next generation of educational migrants.

Parents in Tibetan villages in Nepal are sending their children away for school in droves, threatening the existence of villages that have been around for centuries and hastening the country’s rapidly aging population.

For years, Nepal has suffered from a youth drain—as many as 300,000 young people , or about 1% of its population, are estimated to leave the country every year to find work across the border in India and elsewhere in Asia. The country’s number of “educational migrants” are relatively high too—in 2010, there were over 24,000 Nepali students studying outside the country, according to UNESCO. As a result, the growth of Nepal’s elderly population has been much  faster than its overall population growth for much of the past two decades.

Now, a lack of education prospects is emptying out villages in the Himalayan highlands as well. According to a recent study (pdf) by the Mountain Research and Development Journal that looked at rural valley communities along the Nepalese border with Tibet, as many as 75% of youths between the ages of 10 and 19 were living away from home in 2012 and were unlikely to return.


“Taken together, the outmigration of young people, a low birth rate and population aging raises the specter of a massive population decline,” said co-author Sienna Craig, from Dartmouth University. According to the researchers, their report marks the first documented case of large-scale outmigration caused by parent’s drive for education, not disease, famine or labor market demands.

Nubri, Tsum, and Mustang are ethnically Tibetan villages have that held a low status in Nepal’s Hindu caste hierarchy since they were incorporated into the country in 1850s, and never developed strong education and healthcare. Now, a network of Tibetan monasteries and boarding schools in India and more populous areas of Nepal are recruiting from rural Himalayan villages with limited education prospects—and appealing to parents who believe their children deserve a culturally Tibetan education. The study predicts that these villages, which consist mostly of herders and farmers, could see a population decline of as much as 60% in the next five decades. One resident said:

“I have so much land, but no real amdani . [Nepali for “income.”] This is one of the reasons I’ve sent my children to school and now they are abroad. It used to be enough to stay in the village. But the days of planting barley and drinking chang [barley beer], planting buckwheat and eating dhiro [a coarse, mush-like staple common in non-rice growing communities] are over now.”

The effect of educational migrants is a worsening brain drain for these rural villages. In Nubri, only 8% of women and 20% of men between the ages of 20-29 had achieved 10th-grade education. Elder care in the highlands of Nepal, where the older generations have traditionally depended on their children and grandchildren to care for them, could also deteriorate further. Already, Nepal is one of the worst countries in the world to grow old—it ranked 77th out of 91 countries surveyed, the lowest in South Asia, according to the United Nation’s Global Age Watch.

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7 Best Home Warranty Companies in Detroit, MI

Written By Todays Homeowner Local Pros

Last Updated August 2023

Find the best home warranty company that's right for you. With the cold winters common in Detroit, homes can experience quite a bit of wear and tear over time. There's nothing worse than having your heater go out in the middle of winter.

When one of your systems or appliances breaks down, a home warranty will step in to help you cover the costs. A home warranty plan can give homeowners the peace of mind they need to feel less overwhelmed by homeownership. Although a home warranty can help with your expenses as a homeowner, one issue is narrowing down the right choice for your Detroit home. That's why we've done the research and have made a guide of the top home warranty plans in Detroit.

Our Recommended Providers

  • The oldest and most trusted company in the industry
  • Allows customers to build their own plans
  • Ability to choose the service fee you want to pay
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Decent coverage caps
  • No exclusions for older homes
  • Holds high ratings among customer service reviews
  • Covers repairs with a 60-day workmanship guarantee
  • Offers an extensive list of 30+ add-on coverages

The 7 Best Home Warranty Companies in Detroit

Choice home warranty.

Over 10 years of experience

24/7 customer service team

Home inspections aren’t required

90-day repair guarantee

Plans aren’t customizable

Customers can’t choose their own contractor

Not available in washington

Choice Home Warranty offers the best overall home warranty for Detroit residents. Choice has over 15 years of experience in the home warranty industry, and has provided excellent customer service at an affordable cost to its customers. Choice has 2 simple plans, making the selection process and policy coverage easily understandable. With a home warranty from Choice, you can enjoy very high coverage caps and simple-to-understand service contracts. Not to mention, it has great customer service, professional contractors, and lower out-of-pocket costs compared to other home warranties.

Choice Home Warranty offers 2 plans for Detroit homeowners. The Basic Plan and Total Plan are the options they have, which contain a mix of system and appliance coverage. Service fees from Choice are an affordable $85. The coverage caps are also generally about $3,000.

For more information, read our review of Choice Home Warranty . To receive a free quote from Choice Home Warranty, you can fill out this online form or call 929-400-6164.

Select Home Warranty

Low service fees compared to other home warranty providers

Two months of free coverage

Has an appliance-only, systems-only, and combo plan option

Has a $75 cancellation fee

Low coverage caps

Select Home Warranty is the most cost-effective home warranty in Detroit. Select has been in the home warranty industry for over 11 years. With a home warranty from Select, you can enjoy a highly affordable service fee and free roof coverage upon purchase of a policy plan. Not to mention, it has an extensive network of highly trained professionals all over the country who are experts in home maintenance. The home warranty company offers 3 plans to policyholders with various system and appliance coverage options.

Select Home Warranty offers 3 plans for Detroit homeowners. The Bronze Care Plan, Gold Care Plan, and Platinum Care Plan are the options they have, which contain a mix of system and appliance coverage. Select’s service fees are a reasonable $60, and the coverage limits come out to about $2,000 for each covered system or appliance.

To receive a free quote from Select Home Warranty, fill out this online form or give them a call at 888-370-3953. For more information, read our review of Select Home Warranty .

Bronze Care Plan

Gold Care Plan

Platinum Care Plan

American Home Shield

Broad coverage on up to 33 appliances and systems

Doesn’t let customers choose their own technician

Doesn’t provide coverage in alaska

American Home Shield offers the most customizable home warranty in Detroit. AHS has been in business for around 26 years, making it a highly regarded company in the industry. AHS offers 3 plans for homeowners to choose from. AHS offers the ability to customize your plan with the coverages that work specifically for your home. Plus, it also has a remarkably low claim denial rate in comparison to other home warranty companies.

The 3 plans from American Home Shield are ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum. The coverage caps associated with AHS’s plans are around the $2,500 mark for most of the major systems and appliances, and service fees are customizable and range from $75 to $125.

To get a free quote from American Home Shield, you can fill out this online form or call 888-365-2839. For a more detailed breakdown, read our American Home Shield full review .



Liberty Home Guard

Very highly rated among customer service reviews

Extensive list of 20+ add-on coverages

Easy claims process

Isn’t available in 2 states

Won’t cover known or unknown pre-existing conditions

In Detroit, Liberty Home Guard offers the most trustworthy home warranty. Liberty has more than 6 years of experience in the home warranty industry and in that time has built a impressive network of service technicians nationwide. Liberty offers 3 plans for you to choose from. Liberty offers a seamless complaint process and guaranteed service professionalism upon every repair visit. Plus, it also has a 60-day workmanship guarantee and some of the best customer service in the industry.

Liberty Home Guard has 3 plans that provide a mix of system and appliance coverage. Liberty’s service fees are an affordable $75, and the coverage limits come out to about $3,000 for each covered appliance or system.

Read our Liberty Home Guard Review to learn more. To receive a free quote from Liberty Home Guard, fill out this online form or give them a call at 866-451-2281.

Appliance Guard

Systems Guard

Total Home Guard

First American Home Warranty

Established company with a bbb accreditation

Doesn’t have a coverage cap on heating, cooling, or ductwork

24/7 service calls available

Offers replacement of some covered items that are too damaged to repair

Doesn’t let customers choose their own contractor

According to some customer reviews, the technical jargon in contracts is confusing

In Detroit, First American Home Warranty is the best home warranty for appliance coverage. First American has been in the home warranty business for around 39 years. The 2 plans that First American offers include options for appliance and system coverage. If you’re looking for very affordable and comprehensive appliance coverage, you’ll want to have this plan on your side. Plus, it has a unique add-on alongside common ones called the First Class Upgrade, which covers fees associated with the use of lifting equipment, up to $250 per local building permits, haul away services, and appliances and systems that have been insufficiently installed or modified.

There are 2 home warranty plans from First American Home Warranty: Basic Plan and Premier Plan. First American’s service fees are a reasonable $85, and the coverage caps come out to about $1,500 per covered appliance or system.

To read more, visit our review of First American Home Warranty . To receive a free quote from First American Home Warranty, fill out this online form or give them a call at 833-204-7164.

Premier Plan

Cinch Home Services

Offers home insurance deductible of $500

Extra long 180-day workmanship guarantee

Offers free cancellation in the first 30 days

Charges high service fees of $75-$150

Doesn’t allow customers to choose their own technician

Isn’t available in hawaii or alaska

Cinch Home Services offers the home warranty with the best workmanship guarantee for Detroit residents. Cinch has around 44 years of industry experience and in that time has built a an network of service technicians in the country. If you’re looking for a 180-day workmanship guarantee that ensures your home systems and appliance repairs will be professionally done, Cinch is the perfect provider for you. Plus, it has a broad range of coverage options that will give homeowners peace of mind. The home warranty provider offers 3 plans to policyholders that have various system and appliance coverage options.

There are 3 home warranty plans from Cinch Home Services: Appliances Plan, Built-in Systems Plan, and Complete Home Plan. Service fees from Cinch are customizable and range from $75 to $150. The coverage caps are also around $1,000-$2,000 at the maximum.

Read our comprehensive review of Cinch Home Services to learn more. To receive a free quote from Cinch Home Services, fill out this online form or give them a call at 877-589-0505.

Appliances Plan

Built-in Systems Plan

Complete Home Plan

The Home Service Club

Policy starts in ten days

24/7 customer service support

Generous coverage caps on important systems and appliances

30-labor guarantee and 90-day parts guarantee

Offers utility and home service outside line coverage

Higher service fee of $95

Not accredited by the better business bureau (bbb)

Only 2 plan options

In Detroit, The Home Service Club offers the best home warranty with the quickest service. HSC has been on the market for around 15 years, making it a highly regarded company in the industry. HSC has established itself as a company with quick coverage where the home warranty goes into effect just ten days after you pay for the plan, instead of the typical 30 days. It also has customer service representatives available 24/7, as well as a 30-day labor guarantee and a 90-day parts guarantee. HSC has 2 plans for you to choose from.

The Home Service Club offers 2 plans for Detroit homeowners. The Standard Coverage Plan and Comprehensive Coverage Plan are the options they have, which contain a mix of system and appliance coverage. HSC has coverage caps of around $2,000 for most appliances and systems, but with some plans, the coverage caps can be higher, so make sure to check with the provider. Service fees are customizable and range from $65 to $90.

To receive a free quote from The Home Service Club, you can fill out this online form or call 800-750-9443. Read our The Home Service Club full review to learn more.

Standard Coverage Plan

Comprehensive Coverage Plan

  • Company Experience
  • Real User Reviews
  • Company Reputation
  • Accreditations and Licenses
  • Service Area
  • Customer Service

Cost of Common Home Repairs in Detroit

What is a home warranty.

A home warranty is a protection plan that covers the cost of repairing or replacing major home systems and appliances when they break down over time due to normal wear and tear. Having a home warranty in place can give you some peace of mind and protect your savings account from exorbitant out-of-pocket costs. Most home warranty plans take effect about 30 days after buying the home warranty.

When one of your systems or appliances experiences a problem, you file a claim with your home warranty provider. You can do so online or by telephone, and then a contractor will come and fix the problem.

At this point, you'll pay the service fee, which is typically between $60 and $150, depending on what plan you select. After the service fee is paid, a service technician will come to your home, assess the issue, and make the repair. If the repair is covered under the warranty and it's within the coverage cap, most homeowners will not have to pay any other out-of-pocket costs after the service fee is paid.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

A home warranty plan will cover systems and appliances from normal wear. The appliances covered include a clothes dryer, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, cooktop, clothes washer, and more. The systems included are the air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, and others.

You can also optionally opt to pay extra for add-on coverage for items like swimming pools, spas, septic systems, and roof warranty.

A home warranty will only cover repairs and replacements due to normal wear and tear. If you don't take care of your home and follow preventative maintenance guidelines, the home warranty will not cover it. Also, a home warranty does not cover misuse, lack of maintenance, cosmetic damages, and pre-existing conditions.

Is a Home Warranty Worth it in Detroit?

Benefits of a home warranty.

Detroit's cold winters can put a strain on a home's HVAC system. Whether it's summer or winter, a home warranty can cover your home's appliances and systems in the event they need to be repaired or replaced. For example, if your air conditioner stops working in the middle of July, a home warranty can cover the needed repairs, preventing you from spending unexpected money out of pocket.

Not only can a Detroit home warranty save you some money on repairs and replacements, it saves you time too. Instead of needing to vet service technicians by yourself, home warranty companies do the work for you and send a contractor from their network right to your door when you need them.

Downsides of a Home Warranty

There are also some negatives to purchasing a home warranty plan, such as the coverage exclusions. For example, home warranties may not cover home systems or appliances that already have a manufacturer's warranty.

Another possible pain point of home warranties is that they don't cover items that haven't been properly maintained. This can lead to your repair requests being denied, so it's important to carefully follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance of your home systems and appliances.

Home Warranty Tips

Determining the right company for your home warranty is a step you can take to help protect your home. When deciding which home warranty provider is the best one for you, here are some important factors to keep in mind:

  • Cost: Pricing for home warranties vary based on how many appliances and systems you get covered and any add-on items you opt for in your plan.
  • Service call fee: The cost of a company sending a contractor to your home varies by provider, but there are some companies that have service fees as low as $60.
  • Plan options: Does the company offer a plan that covers the home systems and appliances you need?
  • Read through the contract closely: Be sure you understand what's covered under the warranty, and the coverage limits so that there aren't any surprises when requesting service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Warranties in Detroit, MI

Which home warranty company is the best.

The best overall home warranty provider in Detroit is Choice Home Warranty, but the right company for you will vary based on factors such as what appliances and systems you need to have covered.

What's the difference between a home warranty and homeowners insurance?

Home warranties cover issues related to home systems and appliances that need repairs or replacements due to normal wear and tear. A homeowner's insurance policy is a different kind of plan that protects your entire home from natural disasters, which can be a concern in Detroit. It doesn't cover a normal appliance or system repairs.

Who should get a home warranty?

A home warranty plan can help homeowners, investors, homebuyers, home sellers, and real estate agents. It can offer peace of mind and savings to anyone involved with homeownership.

Do you really need a home warranty?

Many homeowners think a home warranty is worth it because it helps protect against unforeseen expenses, and saving money is important with the cost of living going up in Detroit. If you're worried about your budget and your ability to keep your home in good working order, having a home warranty can help. One of the major advantages of a home warranty is that it can give you some financial peace of mind.

What is the average cost of a home warranty in Detroit?

A home warranty plan can cost on average around $300 to $800 a year in Detroit. Our high-rated home warranty companies' most comprehensive coverage options vary from $546 to $840 per year. You can get a lower monthly payment with some companies by opting for a higher service fee. In addition, it's typically less expensive to pay annually rather than monthly. For example, the warranty might cost $50 per month or $570 for 13 months. In this example, choosing the annual plan over monthly payments saves you $80. It's important to compare plans to determine what you're really getting for the price.

Can you use a home warranty immediately after buying it?

Most home warranty policies have a 30-day waiting period before you can make service requests, but some may offer coverage sooner so be sure to check with the company about this.

Other Detroit, MI Home Services

Home warranty companies in neighboring cities.

Grey Ghost Detroit

Dinner Menu


crab. matsutake. shiso butter.

roasted cauliflower

tomato curry. green goddess. crispy naan.

sunflower. yellow squash. black cherry.

dry aged new york strip

swiss chard. bacon. espresso.

arugula salad

blackberry. goat cheese. broccoli.

sweet corn lumache

jalapeño biscuit. honey butter. chive.

panang curry. patty pan. sea bean.

corn dog. cream cheese. jalapeño.

french fries

cajun seasoning. smoked ketchup.


put an egg on it?

pork collar

carrot. pear. butter bean cassoulet.

sea scallops

endive. bresaola. melon.

oysters on the half shell

daily selection. apple mignonette. cider donut.

chicken ballotine

cucumber. red pepper yogurt. walnut.

pumpkin. brown butter. pepita.

chickpea panisse

sriracha aioli. sweet and sour. cilantro.

filet mignon

cipollini. leek. cognac jus.

brussel sprouts

honey. lime. chicken skin.

radish carpaccio

quince. macadamia. yuzu. mint.

bone-in ribeye

shishito chimichurri.

espresso cake

vanilla mousse. bourbon caramel. chocolate.

olive oil cheesecake

fig. pecan brittle. shortbread.

pear galette

maple. hibiscus. pie crust.

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Every Halloween for the past seven years, we’ve dressed this joint up in costume. This year will be no different. October 31st’s theme, menu details and reservations drop soon…. 👻

👋 Hi, Asher 👋 Hi, Ducky Duck For Cover || whiskey. mango. roasted coconut water. brown butter. honey. buttermilk. lemon

Heads up! We'll be closed for service this evening due to a private corporate event. Second Best will be rocking across the street. Book your holiday party... now! 💌 [email protected] for details, menus and availability.

🌱 Radish Carpaccio: thinly shaved radishes dressed with yuzu. Garnished with tea smoked macadamia nuts, quince jam and mint.

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Grey Ghost Detroit

Ratings and reviews, food and ambience, location and contact.

Staff is professional and so welcoming. For brunch, I had a crispy friend chicken paillard in a "buffalo" style gravy (just a hint of heat) over delicious homedmade biscuits, topped with a sunny side egg and chicken skin cracklings. It was amazing. A table mate... had a corned beef quiche, served with a thousand island sauce and a really wonderful shaved brussel sprout and apple salad. The Belgian waffle with a butternut squash topping was a bit too sweet. However, the peanut butter and jelly cronuts we were served in honor of one guest's birthday were glorious. A teeny bit of peanut butter ice cream, a pool of homemade strawberry jam and lovely cronuts (warm). OMG!! More

Trying their house made ginger beer, the bartender made it right on the fly for me, how sweet! The bar is covered in many of their house made drink concoctions, looks like a mad scientists laboratory up in here. Ordered the Miso cured cabbage, arugula... salad and the sea scallops. Made sure to check that we don’t have any food allergies. The arugula salad was yummy, nice dressing and the pan fried halloumi and apple crisps are nice compliments of textures and flavors. The miso cured cabbage is interesting, hard to cut the quarter wedge and it’s still quite crunchy. Preferred the miso cabbage wedge from lady of the house. The scallops was a unique experience, the pozole rojo sauce is reminiscent of a red enchilada sauce to me. The slight al dente butternut squash and the creaminess from the avocado gives it an intriguing earthy and Mexican themed fiesta in la boca. The scallops and the arugula salads were good, would have to pass on the miso cured cabbage. More

grey ghost detroit detroit mi 48201

We picked up curbside. It was easy to order on line. We waited at the curb and they brought it all to the car. We cooked it as per instructions on the outdoor grill. It was easy, fun and delicious. Very special meal in no... time. I would like to do it again even after they open back up post COVID. Most of my family doesn’t like asparagus but they thought this grilled asparagus with ranch and toasted breadcrumbs was the best they ever ate. More

Everything was extremely too salty. We had the steak, french fries, and brussel sprouts. The steak and fries was sooo salty that we couldn't finish them. I will never go back again. Don't recommend them.

I was with my wife and mother after visiting the DIA. We stopped in for Sunday lunch and we were given seats at the bar as the rain had spoilt the patio seating. Our server/barman was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and courteous. We went with the... safe route and ordered three cheeseburgers and some orders of asparagus with salmon. The burgers were hands-down the best any of us had ever eaten. The asparagus was divine, as was the wine selection and carrot cake for dessert. The staff actually seemed like they enjoyed working there and were very helpful without being intrusive. Overall, it was a great experience from any conceivable point of view. More

I’ll certainly be back, Grey Ghost was so darn delicious!! We had a fantastic bottle of Pinot Noir and the kohlrabi salad to begin -which is now in my Top 2 favorite salads I’ve ever had. We also ordered the Scallops(my all time favorite seafood... dish) which were super flavorful and perfectly seared and my fiancé had the Duck Breast, which he said was fabulous, with Brussel sprouts as a side. Thanks for a delightful meal and experience, Grey Ghost!! More

I've eaten at almost every one of Chef John's restaurants in Chicago, so naturally I had to try this one. Chef John has a unique way of infusing his dishes with big flavor and personality in a way that is not pretentious or mysterious. Grey... Ghost follows suit and delivers really, really good food. Dishes packed with bold flavors and unique textures. I don't even like fish and I loved the two fish courses I tried. This is also a 'homegrown' Detroit restaurant, which is makes it even better. I highly recommend stopping here if you have a chance. More

I had a great experience here. I sat at the bar (solo trip) and Mike the Bartender was really welcoming and great at his job. He had some recommendations for me, was chatty and professional. The vibe was wonderful on a Monday night, buzzy and... moody. I ordered a few glasses of wine which were wonderful. I just got fries and the white fish - such a great combo, I really enjoyed it. Everything was perfect. Only thing I will note, I did not find Grey Ghost "$$$$" - I would say $$$, if that - in a curated and purposeful restaurant as this, the value reflected the offerings and it was a great experience. All the best, Grey Ghost! More

This restaurant is an absolute must!!! I was worried with all the hype that I'd be disappointed but that couldn't have been further from the truth!!! Drinks were delightful and the food was beyond outstanding...we made the comment that it had to be right up... there with the best meals we've ever had. We chose the fried bologna and the brussel sprouts as our appetizers (the waitress also brought us the calamari complimentary since it was our first time dining there). For dinner my husband had the lamb and I had the halibut. I wish I could put into words how great everything was! Service was wonderful and you could just tell there wasn't an unhappy person in the place, both workers and patrons. We will absolutely be back!! More

We had a lovely waitress and the atmosphere is nice. Our table was supposed to be on the veranda. This part looks liken afterthought and is not up to par. The Menu is small and a bit eclectic For what you get it’s rather expensive.... The desert we picked was boring in flavor. Over all they are trying a bit too hard. Nice but I don’t think we will be back More

Great atmosphere. Love the feel of the restaurant. Food was also excellent. I had the double bone pork chop and my girlfriend had the Butternut Squash Soup & the Steak Tartare. We made another reservation right after. Only downside was the parking or total lack... of it in the area. Parking lots charging $50 and all metered parking on the street was full. More

We were visiting Detroit for the weekend and made reservations to eat here and we really enjoyed it. Loved the cocktails and the food menu as well. Service was great and everyone was so friendly. Place has a great vibe as well. We ordered appetizers... and dinner which was great and everything came out in a perfect timing as well. We were able to share appetizers to taste everything which was fun. Dinner was great the dry aged strip was out of this world! Desert was fun as well. Great after dinner drink menu too. Make reservations early as they fill up quickly.. and parking is a bit tough on Saturday night. Highly recommended place to try. More

grey ghost detroit detroit mi 48201

Fabulous! The mix of flavors was excellent. Haven’t had this good of a meal in a long time. Our food was not hot when it was served and they took care of us. Also, flavors were so exceptional, not sure how much we cared that... it was not hot. HIGHLY RECOMMEND More

You do not want to sleep on the grey ghost! We are on our second anniversary here because there is no better place to celebrate. You come to the Ghost, you feel like family. You won’t ever find yourself searching for a server, they are... so attentive in the sweetest way. They are hospitality on level 100 and their food is right there with it! I’m obsessed with food!! And they are the actual best restaurant ever!! Go to the ghost and you won’t be disappointed in any area. Thanks Ghost for another memorable night! More

grey ghost detroit detroit mi 48201

We recently tried (post Covid reopen) Grey Ghost and had a great experience. We went before, but found it loud and crowded and the food, while good, did not blow us away. This was much better. The restaurant was full, but the added spacing kept... it from being loud and feeling a bit claustrophobic. The menu was fresh and creative. We decided to go for small plates and try five things and enjoyed everything. Our favorites were the brussels sprouts and the grilled carrots. They are following all Covid procedures and we felt comfortable and safe being in their space. This is a gem that we shouldn't loose to this pandemic. We will go back soon. Also the service was great. Attentive without being annoying. They had many options to accommodate my gluten sensitivity. More

grey ghost detroit detroit mi 48201

GREY GHOST DETROIT - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

  • Service: 4.5

Grey Ghost Detroit

Hours updated over 3 months ago

Photo of Grey Ghost Detroit - Detroit, MI, US. Parmesan rice cake with smoke octopus

Popular dishes

View full menu

Fried Bologna

Fried Bologna

Jerk Chicken Wings

Jerk Chicken Wings

New York Strip

New York Strip

Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon

Lamb Shank

Squash Small Plate

Sea Scallops

Sea Scallops

Octopus Corn Dog

Octopus Corn Dog

Pork Chop

Ny Strip Steak

Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak

Cajun Shrimp Dumplings

Cajun Shrimp Dumplings

Steak Tartare

Steak Tartare

Skirt Steak

Skirt Steak

Smoked Whitefish

Smoked Whitefish

Pork Shoulder

Pork Shoulder



Location & Hours

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47 Watson St

Detroit, MI 48201

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Amenities and More

21 More Attributes

Ask the Community

Ask a question

What on the menu is gluten free?

Not sure :(

Do they have live music on the weekend? Is there a cover charge

Recommended Reviews

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  • 2 star rating Could’ve been better
  • 3 star rating OK
  • 4 star rating Good
  • 5 star rating Great

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Overall rating

1026 reviews

Photo of Matthew P.

Great service and very accommodating to allergies (celiacs). Ribeye was cooked medium not medium rare, but overall a great experience.

Photo of Grey Ghost Detroit - Detroit, MI, United States. Gluten free and vegan key lime pie

Grey Ghost in Detroit is an absolute gem that consistently delivers an exceptional dining experience. No matter what's on the menu, you can count on the food being nothing short of fantastic. However, the true star of the show is undeniably their burger - in my opinion, it's the best in all of Michigan. This restaurant has become one of my favorites in the city, and for good reason. The attention to detail, the quality of the ingredients, and the creativity in every dish set Grey Ghost apart. The culinary experience they offer is consistently top-notch, and it's the kind of place that never disappoints. Whether you're a food enthusiast, a burger aficionado, or just someone looking for an unforgettable meal, Grey Ghost is the place to be. It's a culinary haven that has earned its spot among Detroit's finest dining establishments.

Photo of Grey Ghost Detroit - Detroit, MI, United States

When Detroit's food scene first started humming there were some early restaurants that really started to make an impact and bring some shine down on the city. Then a second wave came through and and suddenly out food scene was blowing up all over the place. I always associate GG with that second wave. I've been here several.tomws now and their cocktail service is second to none. Consistently their bartenders come up with interesting and flavorful combinations that you just didn't find elsewhere. Now of course it's a different story, but at the time it was always such a great adventure trying one of their new cocktails. Foodwise, a very solid menu with wide ranging choices that I'm sure anyone can find something to choose from. While their food has always been good, it's not as eclectic or interesting as their cocktail list. Still, I have not been disappointed with anything I've ever had here. I think one of my favorite aspects of the restaurant is the aesthetics and ambience of it. It's not a large place, there's a coziness to it that reminds me of Paris for some reason. It's a strange feeling, almost deja vu or nostalgia for a place in some corner of mind that is just out of reach of memory. Come out for a lovely time, they will take good care of you.

Photo of Grey Ghost Detroit - Detroit, MI, United States

My husband's summarized our experience best: this restaurant acts like it's the only restaurant in Brooklyn. This was partially because the crowd skews young and loud, but the main reason he made this quip was the attitude exuded by the front of house. Not everyone, however: the main exception was our waiter Adam, who was lovely and very responsive and helpful. We also received pre-prepared special treatment for our anniversary, including a card signed by their team and a champagne toast. But the greeters were snotty and didn't set a friendly or welcoming tone for the place. When I walked by the bar after using the restroom and stopped to ask the bartender about his stash of house-made bitters and syrups, the maitres'd pulled the chair I was leaning against away and said curtly, "I need these seats." This haughty attitude didn't seem to extend to the kitchen, happily. Despite the restrictions of an allium aversion that drives many restaurants to distraction, the dishes the chef specially prepared for us were truly remarkable, especially the radish carpaccio and Brussels sprouts, and the lamb chops and monkfish were flavorful and perfectly prepared. Sadly, though, I can't give bring myself to give 5 stars because it just wasn't the fun-filled night I expected due to the less-than-welcoming vibe. I also found the cocktails to be disappointing- trying a little too hard with a few too many wacky ingredients that didn't quite come together- but my main complaint is that the vibe of the place simply was not "we're so glad you're here tonight" (with the exception of Adam). This makes me sad. Several people recommended Grey Ghost to us as the one restaurant we had to go to in Detroit during our stay, and I didn't leave feeling that was true, good as most of the food was and lovely as Adam was. I can get good food anywhere- I want an experience that leaves me feeling happy about a place, like I can't wait to go back. This wasn't that.

Photo of Isabelle T.

Really great atmosphere and fun vibe for a date night. I went with my boyfriend and the waitress was super kind and answered all our questions. The food was pretty good overall, I ordered some oysters and short rib dumplings for myself and my boyfriend ordered the burger. The oysters were good, but they needed an extra little something acidic in my opinion to be amazing. The dumplings however were INCREDIBLE, I loved them. I love short rib and the dumplings had a lot of flavors reminiscent of asian cuisine and the way my own mother makes short ribs. My only problem was it was only 3 dumplings for $25! The burger ended up having too much cheese for my boyfriend and I was still hungry as I only had 3 dumplings, so I finished his burger. And we both agreed, while tasty, it was nothing mind blowing. If we were to come again, we'd skip on the burger. The real star was the MOCKTAILS. I am not a big drinker so when I saw they had a whole menu of mocktails and not just one thrown in at the end of a cocktail menu, I was really excited! I forget what the names of the ones we got, but my boyfriend got a fruity soda one and I got an earl grey one. They were both so so good. You really rarely see mocktails made with so much detail and intricacy, so it was a treat. If it wasn't for the mocktails I'd give 3 stars, but they really were THAT good, I needed to bump it up.

Photo of Grey Ghost Detroit - Detroit, MI, United States. oysters

The food here is pretty good and it's definitely a bit more of an upscale American new restaurant. Every time I've come, I've ran into some sort of hiccup, either with very delayed seating or dishes coming out super late. However, the service is always so accommodating that they make up for it with their kindness by sending out dishes on the house to make up for the inconveniences that it balances out in my mind. I think they're a solid spot if a nice night out, and you can definitely count on good service.

Photo of Grey Ghost Detroit - Detroit, MI, United States

So while visiting in Detroit, we decided on a date night and we landed on Grey Ghost.  I was able to make a reservation and we were seated in a very timely fashion. Looking around, this place is very beautiful.  It has a bar that seems to carry anything that you would want.  Our waitress was amazing.  We had dietary restrictions and she was on top of them all and was able to offer items that fit both restrictions. We placed our orders and waited.  While scanning the restaurant, there was a man who kept walking by our table and side-eyeing.  It wasn't till later we realized that he actually worked there.  He cleared our table of the dishes.  It would've been nice if he had spoken.  He just seemed to lurk, which made us a little uneasy. At the end of dinner, we were offered two small desserts that again, fit our restrictions and they both were delicious! It's nice to see a restaurant take pride in their craft, respect the wishes of their guests and offer to make adjustments.  It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to return!

Photo of Grey Ghost Detroit - Detroit, MI, United States

See all photos from Jamita H. for Grey Ghost Detroit

Photo of DeMario M.

This food was so amazing. Had a nice date night. I always love the ambience. My only complaint was when I looked online there were a lot of availability for seating. However, the hostess told us that we could only sit at the bar. I watched the main dining hall, and some of the tables remain available, the entire duration that I was there. We ordered the short rib dumplings, which were OK. However, the egg plant tempura was the highlight. It was served on top of a hummus that was amazing. We also ordered the bone in ribeye, brussels sprouts, and long beans. All of the food was delicious except for the short rib dumplings. I was expecting shredded meat however, it reminded me of a turkey meatball. We also order several drinks that were made to perfection. Highly recommend. Recommend making a reservation, otherwise you will be told there is no seating, even though there is seating.

Photo of Grey Ghost Detroit - Detroit, MI, United States. French 75

See all photos from DeMario M. for Grey Ghost Detroit

Make a reservation. The bar seating isn't the best. Mad crowded around that area. Nice date night spot on the weekends but busy. Had the duck confit which was amazing. I can't even describe it in words. Tuna tartare is great too.

Photo of Gina B.

We had a great dining experience here at Grey Ghost.  Delicious food with a nice, yet casual atmosphere.

Photo of Mina M.

Absolutely amazing! I went for my birthday dinner and left very full and happy. Cocktails were flavorful and fresh. We started with brussel sprouts - honey/garlicky and perfectly crispy. Really enjoyed the short rib dumplings, cheddar bratwurst, and the cheeseburger. Haven was our server and she was great! Super attentive and nice. Never had to ask for water refills! Patio is surrounded with colorful plants and cute lights. Such a great dinner!

Photo of Grey Ghost Detroit - Detroit, MI, United States. Bratwurst

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Grey Ghost Detroit, Detroit, MI

Grey Ghost Detroit

  • Good for special occasions

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Additional information

  • Dining style Casual Dining
  • Cuisines American
  • Hours of operation Sunday - Thursday: 4:00pm - 12:00am Saturday & Sunday: 4:00pm - 1:00am
  • Phone number (313) 262-6534
  • Website http://greyghostdetroit.com/
  • Payment options AMEX, Discover, Mastercard, Visa
  • Dress code Casual Dress
  • Location 47 Watson St, Detroit, MI 48220
  • Neighborhood Detroit
  • Cross street Woodward
  • Parking details Public Lot
  • Additional Beer, Cocktails, Counter Seating, Full Bar, Late Night, Patio/Outdoor Dining, Patio/Outdoor Dining, Weekend Brunch, Wine

Charcuterie Board $15.00

meat, pickle, jam

Smoked Whitefish $12.00

bagel, everything seasoning

Fried Bologna $10.00

waffle, sharp cheddar, jalapeno

daily selection, chicago style

Bison Tartare $15.00

dill pickle, duck yolk, mustard

Heirloom Tomato $12.00

caper, olive, ricotta salata

Queso Fundido $12.00

salmon chorizo, poblano, flour tortilla

Gem Lettuce Wedge $9.00

corn nuts, white cheddar, barbeque ranch

Shaved Cucumber $10.00

cashew, thai chili, papaya, melon

Sweet Corn Ravioli $13.00

hazelnut, brown butter, ricotta

Octopus Corn Dog $16.00

chipotle, avocado, cotija

Diver Scallop $28.00

sunflower seed risotto, zucchini, cured egg yolk

Alaskan Halibut $28.00

bahn mi pickles, mushroom, coconut-lobster broth

Filet Mignon $55.00

sauce bordelaise

Skirt Steak $21.00

plantain, black bean, mango-habanero

Pork Porterhouse $26.00

smoked eggplant, caponata

Spare Ribs $18.00

buffalo sauce, carrot-celery slaw

Dry Aged New York Strip $47.00

bacon-tomato pesto

Lamb Kielbasa $18.00

tomato gnocchi, mustard, green onion

Jerk Chicken Wings $18.00

smoked bleu cheese

Cheeseburger $13.00

French fries $4.00.

fancy sauce

Brussels Sprouts $7.00

chicken skin

English Pea Hush Puppies $8.00

bacon, horseradish

Cauliflower $8.00

pecorino spaetzle

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  • 4.6 Ambience

Noise • Moderate

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Dined on October 14, 2017

How is Grey Ghost Detroit restaurant rated?

Grey Ghost Detroit is rated 4.5 stars by 784 OpenTable diners.

47 Watson St, Detroit, MI 48220

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Grey Ghost Detroit

Nestled between the historic Brush Park and Midtown neighborhoods, this neighborhood eatery was born from dedicated craftsmen committed to the art of butchery, refinement of crafting cocktails and unparalleled hospitality.

Grey Ghost Detroit 47 E. Watson St. Detroit, Michigan 48201

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  • Detroit Metro Airport: 24
  • Downtown Detroit: 8
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Social Distancing

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47 Watson St

Detroit, MI 48201

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grey ghost detroit detroit mi 48201

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47 E Watson Street, , MI 48201

(313) 262-6534

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  4. Grey Ghost Detroit

    The name is a nod to the alias of the most notorious rum running pirate on the Detroit River during the Prohibition era. Although never identified, the legend

  5. Food

    Dinner Menu udon crab. matsutake. shiso butter. roasted cauliflower tomato curry. green goddess. crispy naan. lamb chops sunflower. yellow squash. black


    Location and contact. 47 Watson St, Detroit, MI 48201-2711. 1.1 miles from Detroit Downtown. Website. Call · Improve this listing. Is this restaurant wheelchair


    Grey Ghost Detroit, 47 Watson St, Detroit, MI 48201, Mon - 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm, Tue - 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm, Wed - 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm, Thu - 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

  8. Grey Ghost Detroit

    Grey Ghost Detroit · Page · American Restaurant · (313) 262-6534 · greyghostdetroit.com.

  9. Grey Ghost Detroit (@greyghostdetroit) • Instagram photos and videos

    'Cuts + Cocktails' in Detroit's Midtown neighborhood. 47 E. Watson Our dining room is now open 7 days a week! Menus. Resos. Swag. .

  10. Grey Ghost Detroit Restaurant

    Get menu, photos and location information for Grey Ghost Detroit in Detroit, MI. Or book now at one of our other 4961 great restaurants in Detroit.

  11. Grey Ghost Detroit

    Questions about this business? Please reach out to them via their contact information listed below. Mapped location of Grey

  12. Book Your Grey Ghost Detroit Reservation Now on Resy

    Grey Ghost Detroit is a modern steakhouse, serving vegetable-centric and seafood dishes, as well as prime meats, cocktails and wine. Named for a Prohibition-era

  13. Grey Ghost

    Grey Ghost. 47 E Watson Street, , MI 48201. (313) 262-6534. Visit Website · Foursquare.

  14. Reviews for Grey Ghost Detroit

    Bar Pigalle - 2915 John R St, Detroit. French, Cocktail Bar, Wine Bar. Restaurants in Detroit, MI. Grey Ghost Detroit. 47 Watson St, Detroit, MI 48201 · (313)