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The Ultimate Guide to Renting an Oceanfront Beach House in Destin, FL

If you’re planning a beach vacation in Florida and want to experience the ultimate oceanfront getaway, renting a beach house in Destin is the perfect choice. Known for its stunning white sand beaches and crystal-clear emerald waters, Destin offers a wide range of oceanfront beach houses that cater to every traveler’s needs. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about renting an oceanfront beach house in Destin, FL.

Why Choose an Oceanfront Beach House in Destin?

Destin is renowned for its breathtaking ocean views and pristine beaches, making it a top destination for beach lovers. By choosing an oceanfront beach house, you can enjoy direct access to the beach right from your doorstep. Imagine waking up to the sound of crashing waves and stepping onto your private balcony with panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico – it’s truly a slice of paradise.

Staying in an oceanfront beach house also offers more privacy compared to hotels or resorts. You won’t have to worry about crowded pools or noisy neighbors; instead, you can unwind and relax in your own personal oasis. Many beach houses also come with amenities such as private pools, hot tubs, and outdoor grilling areas, allowing you to make the most out of your vacation experience.

Finding the Perfect Oceanfront Beach House

When searching for the perfect oceanfront beach house in Destin, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, determine your budget and desired travel dates. Peak season in Destin typically runs from spring break through summer months when prices tend to be higher. If you’re looking for more affordable rates or a quieter experience, consider booking during off-peak seasons.

Next, decide on the size of the beach house based on your group’s needs. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or as a couple, Destin offers a variety of beach houses ranging from cozy cottages to spacious multi-story homes. Look for properties that offer enough bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Location is another crucial consideration. Destin is divided into different beach communities, each with its own unique charm. Whether you prefer the bustling atmosphere of downtown Destin or the serene surroundings of Miramar Beach, make sure to choose a location that suits your preferences.

Booking Your Oceanfront Beach House

Once you’ve narrowed down your options and found the perfect oceanfront beach house in Destin, it’s time to book your stay. Start by reaching out to reputable vacation rental agencies or websites that specialize in beach house rentals. These platforms often provide detailed property descriptions, photos, and guest reviews to help you make an informed decision.

When booking your beach house, pay attention to the terms and conditions, including cancellation policies and additional fees such as cleaning or security deposits. It’s also advisable to communicate directly with the property owner or manager to address any questions or concerns you may have before finalizing your reservation.

Making the Most of Your Oceanfront Beach House Experience

Congratulations on securing your dream oceanfront beach house in Destin. Now it’s time to make the most of your stay. Take advantage of the direct beach access by spending leisurely days sunbathing on the sand or taking long walks along the shoreline. Don’t forget to pack some beach essentials such as sunscreen, umbrellas, and towels for a comfortable day at the beach.

Explore nearby attractions such as Henderson Beach State Park or take part in water activities like snorkeling, paddleboarding, or fishing excursions. In the evenings, enjoy stunning sunsets from your private balcony while savoring delicious seafood from local restaurants or grilling up a feast at home.

Remember to respect local regulations regarding noise levels and leave no trace behind when enjoying the beach. Treat the oceanfront beach house as your temporary home and take care of the property during your stay.

In conclusion, renting an oceanfront beach house in Destin, FL, offers a unique and unforgettable vacation experience. From breathtaking views to privacy and convenience, these beach houses provide the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway. By following this ultimate guide, you’ll be well-prepared to find and book your ideal oceanfront beach house, ensuring a memorable stay in beautiful Destin.

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haunted house in baldwin park fl

Haunted Places in Baldwin Park, California

haunted house in baldwin park fl

Lambert Park Gymnasium

El monte, california.

The ghost of a little girl has been reported in the gymnasium's attic, and a man's apparition has been seen inside the locker room.

The Old Spaghetti Factory

Duarte, california.

Reports (and an emblem on the building's front) say that this strucure housed a high school in the early 1900s, and employees say they have heard the ghostly sounds of children playing in the basement and in the restrooms. Dishes also have been known to fall on the floor for ...

El Campo Santo Cemetery

City of industry, california.

El Campo Santo Cemetery, aka Old Town Cemetery, is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a gravedigger who was himself buried at the cemetery's southeast corner. Also, apparitions have been seen crossing the section of road that was paved over a portion of the cemetery.

Galster Park

West covina, california.

Galster Park is the centerpiece of some legends concerning a murderer and rapist whose victims were children. Screams and pleading children's voices are said to be heard late at night. Apparitions of scarred children are said to roam here as well.

Arcadia, California

At Taco Lita, witnesses have seen the apparition of an elderly man in a yellow sweater walk in the men's restroom door. No one inside the restroom has seen him, as he seems to vanish after walking in.

Famous jockey George Woolf, aka "The Iceman," bought the Derby Restaurant in 1938 but died 8 years later when he was thrown off a horse. Employees say they feel Woolf's presence and hear his footsteps heading up the stairs to his living quarters above the restaurant.

haunted house in baldwin park fl

Garibaldi and Baldwin Intersection

Temple city, california.

On the Southwest corner a couple years ago, a memorial stood for a Motorcycle crash. A young man died in this crash. We went to this corner with all of our gear and caught a few images of what appeared to be apparitions walking and standing on the corner by ...

Savannah Memorial Park Pioneer Cemetery

Rosemead, california.

During the daylight hours, apparitions have been caught on photo. During the night, the sounds of people conversing can be heard. Children can be heard playing at night. This place is filled with the bodies of orphaned children. Their graves state "baby" or the child's first name only. A woman told ...

AMC Puente Hills 20

Rowland heights, california.

AMC Puente Hills 20 movie theater is rumored to be haunted, and apparitions of children have been seen running around the theater. The cinema is on the site of the former Broadway Department Store, which also was said to be haunted, as witnesses reported music coming from locked storerooms, clothes ...

Bennett Home

Glendora, california.

The Bennett Home was purchased by the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) in 1982. Rumor has it that the apparition of a woman appeared at the DAR's first monthly tea in the house. The ghost was determined to be a former resident who lived in the home around 1910.

haunted house in baldwin park fl

Doubletree Hotel - Rosemead

Reportedly haunted by a ghost who likes to play with the lights. Bad wiring or a haunting? You decide.

Founder's Memorial Park - Dead Man's Park

Whittier, california.

A ghostly fog is said to cover Dead Man's Park, which reportedly was once an Old Quaker cemetery. The headstones were removed when the park was built and a marker now lists the names of those who were buried here. The fog is believed to be a spiritual representation of ...

San Dimas - Extended Stay Hotel

San dimas, california.

Rumor has it that room 130 is haunted by the ghost of a man who committed suicide there.

San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

San gabriel, california.

San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, aka San Gabriel Civic Auditorium has tunnels underground that are believed to be haunted. The tunnels were built so that the owner, Uncle John, could quickly go from backstage to the foyer. Reports say that during the Depression, the tunnels were used to house dead bodies, ...

Raging Waters

The water park Raging Waters is said to be haunted. Witnesses say phones have rung throughout the night, mostly coming from Wave Cove. Security guards have heard footsteps, the voice of a girl asking for help or something calling their names in the food court. The hauntings are said to ...

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse

The ghost who reaides at this eatery is said to be a little girl, possibly Native American, who grabs servers' trays and knocks over glasses and other objects.

King Richard's Antique Center

King Richards Antique Center is housed in a structure that was built in 1903 and was once an old citrus packing house. Two workers reportedly have died here: One who was closed into a freezer in the basement and another who was crushed by falling machinery. Witnesses have reported black ...

haunted house in baldwin park fl

Phoenix Inn

Alhambra, california.

At this Chinese restaurant, you may find more than fried wontons. There is said to be a very observant ghost here. She walks in and out of the kitchen and around the tables, observes as diners place their orders, and then sits and watches them eat.

Turner and Stevens Mortuary

Employees at the Turner & Stevens Mortuary say it is haunted by the spirits of an elderly woman who is chasing a little boy, and a man who is trying to protect him. Doors slam, books fly across the room, and footsteps are heard all over. The woman's and man's ...

East Whittier Women's Club

A benign spirit is supposed to haunt this historic women's club, where members have reported report feeling an unseen entity brush past them and try to hold their hand. The identity of the spirit is unknown. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

haunted house in baldwin park fl

At the laser tag facility Ultrazone, employees say they have heard whistling and seen unexplained fog after closing time, when the fog machines have been shut off. And, mysteriously, the light near the back exit has been known to change colors.

Brea Canyon Road

Baldwin park, california.

Nearly a dozen deaths have occurred along this stretch of Brea Canyon Road over the past 20 years. It is dark at night and somewhat winding. Many people claim to see "phantom hitchhikers" and other strange phenomena here while driving the area at night.

Rialto Theatre

South pasadena, california.

Urban legends are told about a girl who committed suicide by slitting her wrists in the bathroom and then going up to the balcony to bleed to death. Another legend tells of a man who went mad in the projector booth. Witnesses say bathroom stall doors shake and apparitions have ...

Franks Liquor

East los angeles, california.

Frank's Liquor in East Los Angeles is haunted by the ghost of a gang member that was killed during a robbery attempt at the store in the 70's. It is said the ghost walks up and down the beer aisle late at night. (Submitted by TB)

Green Street Hotel

Pasadena, california.

This building is apartments now, but it used to be a hotel with a live-in ghost. It is unclear whether she now still lives in the apartments, but reports say she would roam the top floor of the hotel wearing her white nightgown.

John F Kennedy Memorial Library

Los angeles, california.

A story is told about some people experimenting with drugs in the third-floor bathroom, then going crazy and bludgeoning people to death there. Now, witnesses say faucets turn on and off, locked doors pop open, cold spots are felt and eerie laughter is sometimes heard.

Loma Alta Street - Gravity Hill

Altadena, california.

Face downhill in your car and place the car in neutral, and you travel upthe hill backwards. Some say fingerprints will be found on your car afterward, belonging to the ghost of a teen who took her parents' car and lost control of it on this hill, killing herself and ...

Veterans Memorial Park

Commerce, california.

The ghost who resides here is called Martin, and in life, he was a janitor at this park. Reports say folks who have called the park before opening hours spoke to a man who answered the phone, and his name was Martin. Lights turn on and off and doors open ...

Antique Row

Pomona, california.

Most of the antique stores here are very old and contain a variety of spirits that said to be attached to the items sold here. Others ghosts freely roam around, particularly in the underground levels of some of these stores. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Suicide Bridge - Colorado Street Bridge

Colorado Street Bridge, constructed over the Arroyo Seco River in 1912, is also known as Suicide Bridge. The nickname was acquired because of the around 100 folks said to have committed suicide by jumping from it, starting in 1919. Reports say that almost 50 of the jumpers died during the ...

haunted house in baldwin park fl

Brea's Best Hamburger

Brea, california.

According to restaurant staff, food has been thrown across the kitchen by something unseen. Phantom laughter also has been heard, and shadows have shown up on the walls.

Zane Grey Estate

At the Zane Grey Mansion, cold spots have been detected near the fireplaces as well as in the library, kitchen and pantry. The kitchen clock has been known to stop when certain people walk into the room, and footsteps have been heard walking across the butler's pantry floor toward the ...

haunted house in baldwin park fl

Witch of Cobb Mountain

The spirit of Crystal Calhoon, called the Wicked Witch of the West by locals, is said to haunt the area with her small dog. She has been seen vacuuming feverishly, and witnesses often note that after an encounter with her, they are missing something shiny that they had on their ...

Skyline Drive

Fullerton, california.

On Skyline Dr., between where it forks from Raymond Ave. to N Acacia Ave., numerous fatal accidents have occurred here. In 1991, a girl named Megan was killed after the car she was in lost control and crashed into a house. Another story tells of a man who crashed into ...

Griswold's Old School House

Claremont, california.

Although the building has been made into several shops, it once was Griswold's Old School House. The disembodied voices of ghost children have been heard, and a white mist has been reported as well. Doors will fly open for no apparent reason, and many witnesses have described a feeling that ...

Thompson Creek Trail

Thompson Creek Trail is said to be haunted. Visitors say they have seen shadowy figures following them and heard the crackling of branches, footsteps, and scratching noises. It is also reported that the clouds above seem to form the shapes of skulls. Some witnesses have seen bizarre visions that include ...

Carbon Canyon Road

Many accidents have occurred on this stretch of road. The ghosts here are said to include a police officer, a man who died near Carbon Canyon Creek, a woman who stares at the water (who can be found near Brea), and other bloody and decaying figures. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

The ghost of a young Native American girl is said to sit by a pond, crying and watching the fish. Cold spots and sudden gusts of wind also have been reported in the area.

Oak Park Cemetery

Montclair, california.

There have been sightings of small grey apparitions running around at night. They have been known to attack people. Hologram People have also been seen by me. I have also recorded many EVPs. Winged apparitions were caught on video behind a tombstone of a gargoyle. I also have video of ...

Casa de Mexicano

According to a report from a caretaker, nine ghosts reside here. The witness has heard knocking and footsteps and seen lights turn on by themselves. Some witnesses have seen the apparition of a Mexican man in jeans, boots and a checkered shirt and felt cold spots.

haunted house in baldwin park fl

The original owner died in this building. During ghost tours, people will often pick up photos, videos, or EVPs. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Occidental College

Two spots at Occidental College are rumored to be haunted. Erdman Hall is said to be haunted by two spirits: a young person who plays tricks like turning water faucets or lights on and off or writes messages on the walls, and a dark entity that inhabits a closet. Newcomb ...

Angelo's and Vinci's Ristorante

People will often catch the glimpse of an elderly man in the corner of their eyes. Psychics report that he is friendly, though not alone. The other spirits include two women (one elderly and the other young), a farmer type, and various people in period outfits. The basement is said ...

Fox Theatre

The ghost seen here is said to be Michael O'Donnell, once the troubled son of travel agency founded Dorothy O'Donnell. In life, Michael had substance-abuse problems although he was known to be a kind soul, and his spirit is still known for his kindness. Seen in the theater lobby, sometimes ...

Cafe Hidalgo

A murder victim from the 1930's is believed to be responsible for flickering lights, strange noises, and throwing objects around. People have even seen shadows darting down the hallways. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

The Brownstone Cafe

An elderly man (named Neri Sipe) leapt to his death in the nearby building is thought to be here. People associate his presence with a cold gust, pans and pots flying around, and some people hear a voice humming if tunes from the 1930's or 1940's are playing. Other ghosts ...

The Cellar - Villa del Sol

A paranormal investigation at the Villa del Sol building's The Cellar, a fine-dining spot rumored to be haunted, turned up some mysterious findings. According to the investigators, one of them was touched by hand that came out of a wall, electronic voice phenomena were recorded in the men's restroom, and ...

Stadium Tavern

The main ghost here is referred to as Chuck. He has been seen as a mist or fog that moves around by itself. Many people have also encountered the apparition of a man in overalls who appears by the basement; other people commonly report misplacing items which oddly return where ...

The Schumacher Building

Peter Schumacher was one of the main pioneers to the city of Fullerton; he was a real estate genius as well as having made a fortune in citrus and nuts. However, at the end of his life, he was gravely and decided to hang himself at the age of 90. ...

Cal State Fullerton

In 1976, a gunman opened fire on the campus library killing seven people; then, between 1977 and 1982, multiple suicide jumpers off of the Humanities Building prompted the school to make a surrounding to ensure no other people would kill themselves. Some of the bathrooms experience sensor activated paper towel ...

haunted house in baldwin park fl

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haunted house in baldwin park fl

The arrival of fall not only marks a change in season, but also reminds us of spine-chilling spider webs, ghoulish decor, and the thrill of Halloween. While many of us like our homes to be festively scary this time of year, we certainly don’t want it to give our neighbors the creeps year-round. Fortunately, Thumbtack , a home services app used by millions, has Baldwin Park residents covered.

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Thumbtack connects homeowners with local professionals who can fix malfunctioning appliances, tame unruly landscaping, and repair structural troubles that haunt your everyday life. Whether you're looking for a one-time home improvement project or regular lawn maintenance services, Thumbtack makes it simple to search for and hire a professional who caters to your specific needs.

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  • Landscaping
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You can contact pros and request free cost estimates, allowing you to compare prices and choose the professional that best fits your budget. You can also read reviews, view how many times a business has been hired by others, and identify how long a business has been open.

Remember: It may be Halloween, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be scary! With regular, proactive maintenance, Thumbtack can help you continuously care for your home so it’s in perfect shape all year long.

Caring for your home can be scary! Find and hire top-rated Baldwin Park area pros to tackle even the most haunting of home projects.

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All treats on the streets of Baldwin Park

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Orlando has deal to purchase pulse nightclub, mayor dyer says, things to do entertainment.

Scenes from the neighborhood of Halloween decorations in Baldwin Park.

Joe Burbank / Orlando Sentinel

Scenes from the neighborhood of Halloween decorations in Baldwin Park.

Scenes from the neighborhood of Halloween decorations in Baldwin Park.

When the Halloween sun gets low, not even all the way down, Daniel Dennis gets ready. “It pops off early,” said the radio personality. “The littles will come in when it’s still light outside. Then it just starts to spiral from there.”

The co-host of local podcast “A Mediocre Time With Tom and Dan,” Dennis lives and works in Baldwin Park. On Halloween, the former-Navy-base-turned-near-downtown-neighborhood is the place to be for kids walking what parent Suzanne Santos Costner calls “the processed sugar death march.”

In 2016, real estate website HomeUnion Research Services ranked Baldwin Park one of the top 20 neighborhoods in the country for trick-or-treating. But that’s hardly news to parents. Denny O’Neil, president of Baldwin Park’s residential owners association since 2007, has seen a steady uptick in the number of trick-or-treaters year over year. “Last year, we had 2,300 kids come by our house,” said the resident. “The year before it was 1,800.”

Scenes from the neighborhood of Halloween decorations in Baldwin Park.

What makes Baldwin Park such an attractive market for trick-or-treaters? Here’s where this entertainment reporter finally gets to exercise his city planning degree:

Planned and developed in the 1990s, with the first residents coming in 2002, Baldwin Park is laid out according to the principles of New Urbanism. That means a variety of high-density housing options, mixed-use buildings, plenty of public parks, easily accessible walkways and other features that make for a more connected living space.

“The design of the neighborhood kind of lends itself to people being friendly,” said O’Neil. He points to the houses not being set back too far from the street. “You’re right off the sidewalk. You can’t get away from the sidewalk.”

Scenes from the neighborhood of Halloween decorations in Baldwin Park.

“If I lived in Orange County or down the road where you’ve got one house every mile, I’d bring my kids here too,” he said.

Santos Costner, who comes from the nearby neighborhood of Corrine Terrace, also appreciates the sidewalks, but there are more personal touches that she thinks really makes it. “The thing that I see being really different is the amount of decorations,” she said. “The porches have fog machines and light displays and all the adults are dressed up to hand out candy, which makes it a really fun experience for the kids. It’s almost like trick-or-treating through a movie set of some small New England town that really loves Halloween.”

Dennis has even seen people go as far as to put on full magic acts outside. “It’s like this street party; it’s crazy,” he said.

Scenes from the neighborhood of Halloween decorations in Baldwin Park.

Being this popular isn’t without its drawbacks. As a former resident, I can attest that the streets become a parking lot, and the actual parking fills up fast. “Once you’re in, you’re in,” said Dennis.

“In Baldwin Park, the street parking is public parking,” said O’Neil. “On Halloween, my street will be parked solid. It’s one day. We can handle it.”

But the traffic doesn’t stop on the roads. Dennis, whose daughter turned three this year, found getting around with a baby to have some challenges. “Last year was a little overwhelming,” he said. “It’s hard to navigate a stroller through 15 other strollers.”

Still, he’s looking forward to this year now that she can walk. “You don’t have to be out very long,” he said. “You can hit a solid 10 houses and come home with a good stash and be done in, like, 45 minutes.”

Scenes from the neighborhood of Halloween decorations in Baldwin Park.

Most people hand out the candy from their porches, said O’Neil. It’s a good system because it lets parents know when a house is finished. “When you’re done, you just go inside and turn off your porch light,” he said. “No one bothers you after that.”

For people looking to contribute rather than just load up their pillow sacks, Santos Costner has a few suggestions. For example, pick up a couple bags of candy and give them to houses in Baldwin Park to hand out. “I buy whatever I would normally give out at my house and give it to a friend,” she said.

She also brings packs of glow bracelets to give out to kids in dark costumes. “Some of the side streets get pretty dark,” she said. “When I see kids dressed all in black, I offer them a glow bracelet so they can be seen.”

Scenes from the neighborhood of Halloween decorations in Baldwin Park.

Dennis has lived in Baldwin Park for seven years. Before his own child came along, he used to avoid the ritual. “I would just put out a bowl of candy and turn off my lights,” he said. Now, he’s into it. “I love it,” he said. “We’ll make one pass. And then all the streets toward the sides, that’s where it seems to be the craziest.”

No holiday is without its grinches. “Every year someone complains about kids from outside the neighborhood trick-or-treating,” said O’Neil. But he doesn’t let them stop the fun. “I just say, ‘So what? It’s Halloween.’”

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  14. All treats on the streets of Baldwin Park

    Scenes from the neighborhood of Halloween decorations in Baldwin Park. “If I lived in Orange County or down the road where you've got one house