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  • The 15 Most Haunted Places In Delhi You Must Visit in 2023

The spookiest places in Delhi which are allegedly haunted

23 Mar 2023

“From that day on, I have never made fun of people accounting for haunted places in Delhi

The story goes back to one winter night when I was getting restless at my home and so I decided to go for a long drive with my friends. All my childhood friends are practically my neighbors. So I picked them up and we went in the general direction of our regular hang-out. We were chatting, laughing, goofing around when we heard a shrill voice from somewhere around. We came to a sudden halt and when we were entertaining the thought of inspecting the voice, a deformed kid came in our view. Mind you, that we were on a short cut route which is normally very secluded. When we all felt something creepy , my friends asked me to start driving and to not stop till we cross the path. When we started moving that kid became angry and started to throw rocks on my car and started screaming . We all noticed that the kid was black-eyed and he was abnormally pale. We took off from there like bats out of hell and never went back there. .”

Spooky, right? Well this isn’t some scene from a movie. This is a real-life incident accounted by a colleague of mine. Well, it’s not completely a novelty for us Delhiites to either see such things or to actually experience them. There are haunted places in Delhi amidst the hustle bustle of the city. Let me a lineup the top haunted spots in Delhi where you can go and actually feel the presence of some supernatural presence .

15 Most Haunted Places In Delhi

Here is a list of some of the most haunted places in Delhi that will scare you from head to toe and leave you thinking about such things. Take a look.

  • Delhi Cantonment
  • Lothian Cemetery
  • Agrasen ki Baoli
  • Firoz Shah Kotla Fort
  • Khooni Darwaza
  • Delhi Ridge Area
  • The Haunted Tree Of Dwarka Sector 9
  • Mutiny House
  • The Karkardooma Delhi Court
  • DDA flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II
  • Malcha Mahal
  • Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

1. Delhi Cantonment

The Delhi Cantonment area — One of the most haunted places in Delhi

Image Source

Though claimed to be the safest area of Delhi, Delhi Cantonment is surely not safe from spine-chilling entities. It is rated as the most haunted place in Delhi. Many people have claimed to see a ghastly woman wrapped in a white saree asking for a lift and when denied so, following the car with matching speed of the car. This place is also one of the most haunted places in India.

Haunted by: Woman asking for lift

2. Lothian Cemetery

The hauntingly eerie night at Lothian Cemetery

Well, the backdrop of a cemetery is enough to give creeps and add in the factor of a beheaded ghost , all hell breaks loose. Yes, you heard it right and yes it does sound filmy. However, this is the true situation in this cemetery — typical of a haunted place in Delhi. Many of those who have seen this ghost with his disjoint head in his hand , are not alive to recount the tales and those of whom are alive, are rattled to their bones with fear. By-passers can often hear haunting laughs and cries coming from this creepy haunted spot in Delhi.

Haunted by: Beheaded ghosts burried in the cemetery

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3. Sanjay Van

The dark and wierdly still trail of Sanjay Van — One of the most haunted places to visit in Delhi

This 10 km stretched forest is a haven for children and nature lovers during the day. However, it completely transforms into a nightmare by the time day comes to an end. The eerily poised elder women in white and children with shrill evil laughs may follow you into the darkness from which you can’t come out. Sudden pushes, resounding slaps, the disappearance of trinkets, spotting of fog in summer nights may sound funny and amusing to you but not when the entity doing it is not a human. The aura of this place is so haunting that it can easily score a rank on the list of scariest places in the world .

Haunted by: Elder woman wearing white and spooky laugh of children

Historical Monuments That Turned Into Haunted Places In Delhi

Delhi has a lot of historical monuments too that have been famous sites to visit. But here are a few, that have turned into haunted places. Have a look.

4. Agrasen Ki Baoli

The most haunted place of Delhi-Agrasen ki Baoli

Creepiest of all the haunted places in Delhi, this Baoli is claimed to be a residence of evils . Once filled with black mystical water who lured people to commit suicide in it by drowning, this 104 level step-well gives you creep the further you descend the steps. You may feel the presence of other beings or some unaccounted noises around you.

Haunted by: Strange noises

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5. Firoz Shah Kotla Fort

The dark and grimy ruins of Firoz Shah Kotla Fort — A haunted place in Delhi

There are many tales about the presence of Djinns in this 14th Century Fort . Though, often a dead silent place, there are people meets on Thursday evenings to please the Djinns of this real haunted place in Delhi . Some of those people have recounted episodes of being suddenly pushed & thrashed and the sudden emergence of fragrances. Few have even been followed by an unseen identity to their houses who then brings all sort of hell on to them. This place is so creepy that it can easily be classified as one of the scariest places in India .

Haunted by: Jinns

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6. Khooni Darwaza

The ruins of spooky Khooni Darwaza

Blood-curdling screams and anguished cries can be heard around this historical monument, many a time. There are many different versions of the reasons behind this ghostly presence in this most exposed haunted place in Delhi, like brutal murder of three princes and hanging of freedom fighters by Englishmen . Whatever the reason is, the sudden drop in temperature and apparitions through walls of this gate can give you chills to the bones.

Haunted by: Loud screams and cries

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7. Delhi Ridge Area

The hauntings in Delhi Ridge with low mobile reception

It is often accounted by numerous eyewitnesses that a ghost of a British gentleman carrying an old-school rifle stroll around in this haunted area in Delhi. You may feel many times that you are being watched. Low reception of mobile network, eerie stillness in the surrounding, no natural sounds of chirping birds or any form of live, sweet fragrances suddenly encompassing you; all of these things are just the beginning. It’s hard to keep a record of the number of unjustified and unexplained disappearances in the area.

Haunted by: Ghost of a British man

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8. The Haunted Tree Of Dwarka Sector 9


Ever driven past the notorious ‘haunted tree’ near the Dwarka Sector 9 metro station in the wee hours of the night? The unfortunate few who have, (including various people who work in MNCs and call centers) had often reported seeing a strange figure literally running with their car or suddenly getting slapped on the face by something (or someone!) they couldn’t see. Spooked yet? Well, these are just some of the spine-chilling tales associated with this tree that start pouring in like crazy the moment you type ‘Dwarka haunted tree’ on the internet.

And if the ghost stories aren’t enough to freak you out of your wits, you might as well know that the tree is responsible for some really nasty bike and car accidents in that curve where it’s located, even in the day! Would you have the guts to go check it out? Creepiness apart, the tree and the adjoining Hindu temple do make for some great places to visit. But make sure you visit in the day!

Haunted by: Chased or slapped by a strange figure

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9. Chor Minar

haunted road delhi

Hauz Khas Village is one of the best party and nightlife places in the capital but least people know it is also one of the top haunted places in Delhi . With an archaeological complex in the area it retains the old charm of Delhi along with the rapidly growing modern day establishments. The Chor Minar in the complex is one such structure that has been speculated about for a long time. The upper walls of the minar has holes which is said to have been created with spears. It is believed that these holes  bore heads of thieves who were punished during the rule of Ala-ud-din Khalji. And that the spirits of these theives haunt the area at night.

Haunted by: Beheaded theives

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10. Mutiny House

Mutiny House

The Mutiny House was built by the Britishers during their colonial reign in India. The structure was established in the honour of the British soldiers who has lost their lives in the Revolt of 1857. The building has become one of the most haunted places to visit in Delhi. It is said that there have been many paranormal instances experienced by people here. Som say that they have even seen severed body parts of people.

Haunted by: British soldiers

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Modern Day Haunted Places In Delhi

If you thought that these were the only haunted places, then you are wrong. There are a few more modern-day haunted places here. Read on, to know about them.

11. The Karkardooma Delhi Court


Many lawyers at Karkardooma Court Complex have accounted for paranormal activities around them. Of all the haunted places in Delhi, this one is really unsuspecting and unexpected. Shutting and opening of doors, files being plucked off drawers, blinkering lights, the appearance of a hazy figure through walls and dislocation of chairs; all of these things have been caught on vigilance camera installed in The Court.

Haunted by: Hazy figure caught on CCTV

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12. DDA flats In Qutub Enclave Phase II

The tree on which the corpse have been seen hanging upside down in the most haunted neighborhood of Delhi

Residents of this locality have often caught sight of an unusually pale and grimy corpse of a woman hanging upside down from a tree just outside one of the allegedly haunted houses in Delhi . Change in temperature, sudden winds and ear-splitting laughter of a woman can cause you to stop in mid-step. It is believed that that the area on which this complex is established was once a graveyard with many ghost sightings then.

As retold by Kunal Mathur , a Marketing Genius, “I was working returning from a party at 2 a.m. with three of my colleagues when I saw two people strangely dressed in Rajasthani attires walking away from us. We had heard many incidences about this road being one of the most haunted places in Delhi. We found it odd that why would anyone take a walk on these secluded roads at this time of the night. As soon as we crossed them, they started following us with inhuman speed. My colleague who was driving just pushed the speed to its limits and then also, those two spooky people were able to follow us. However, once we passed a small roadside temple, they just vanished in thin air. To this date, I haven’t been able to make any sense out of it. I haven’t traversed that haunted road again ever.”

Haunted by: Shrieking laughter of a woman

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13. Malcha Mahal

haunted road delhi

Also known as the Wilayat Mahal, this is one of the eeriest locations in the Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi that is claimed to be a haunted residence for decades. Originally built by Firuz Shah Tughlaq in 1325, there have been multiple reports of paranormal activity in this area, most accurately in this Mahal pointing towards a tremulous past of this establishment.

Haunted by: Unknown

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14. The Ridge

haunted road delhi

Located near the Vasant Kunj-Mehrauli Road in New Delhi, the Ridge is a popular passing point that is referred to by many travelers and tourists as a landmark point but the disjointed history of this place is talked about in hushed tones. There have been many reported incidents at this place but not a single person has been harmed by any of the claimed ghostly events.

15. Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

haunted road delhi

These historic remains of this 14th-century are one of the places that have been popularly discussed in the local areas and surrounding regions for multiple ghost sightings, eerie stories of disappearances, and haunting noises. The locals highly recommend travelers not to step into the property after sundown, which is another reason why it is one of the most haunting places in Delhi.

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I hope you have your list prepared for the shenanigans you want to try in Delhi. If you do not want to venture to these top haunted places in Delhi all by yourself, then you can go on a night walk in Delhi organized by various paranormal communities, usually lead by a paranormal expert. One such community is ‘Guide Trip’. And , now you know about things that you thought never existed, isn’t it? Do these haunted places in Delhi and their stories excite you? Go out and feel the abnormal around you but with caution at your side! And if you are not already in the city, you can book a trip with TravelTriangle!

Frequently Asked Questions About Haunted Places In Delhi

Can i visit the haunted places in delhi.

Yes, you can actually travel to all of the places mentioned above. It is advised that you make your visit during the day, take the required permissions if any, and preferably don't travel to these places alone.

Can I take photograph or record videos in these haunting places?

Yes, you can take photographs and record videos but please make sure you check for any signs that say otherwise before commencing any digital recording of the place.

Can I visit these haunted places in Delhi at night?

The answer is both yes and no. Some of the above-mentioned places are in public areas, making them open for visitation at any time. A few of the places may be fortified or within the protected boundary for which you may need to take additional permission from the designated authorities.

Is it possible for travelers to stay at these places overnight?

Some of the places mentioned above may be safe for such a task but others have been reported to be unsafe for public visitation, especially for overnight stays. We strongly advise that you must make your visit during the day and talk to the local authorities if you plan to stay overnight.

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  • 15 Haunted Places In Delhi

Horror Places in Delhi

Here is the list of haunted places in delhi :, quick navigation.

Witness the majestic sunsets from the Hauz Khas fort

Delhi Cantonment

Delhi Cantonment

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

House Number W-3

House Number W-3

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Khooni Darwaza

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Lothian Cemetery

Lothian Cemetery

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Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

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Chor Minar, Hauz Khas

Chor Minar, Hauz Khas

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Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal

The Karkardooma Delhi Court

Mutiny house, kashmiri gate, people also ask about new delhi, what are the best haunted places in delhi to go with friends, what forts are included in haunted places in delhi, which are the best historical places to visit in delhi, what are the best things to do in delhi with my friends, which places i should visit in delhi with my family.

Garden area inside the property

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New Delhi

Rising gracefully from lush gardens and surrounded by a symmetrical charbagh (four-part garden), Humayun's Tomb exudes an air of tranquility and grandeur. The use of red sandstone and white marble in its construction adds a captivating contrast to the monument's façade, making it a visual delight for visitors and photographers alike.Interestingly, Humayun's Tomb served as an architectural inspiration for the world-famous Taj Mahal, which was built later by Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife. The intricate geometric patterns, arched entrances, and delicate lattice work seen in Humayun's Tomb can be traced in the design of the Taj Mahal.Today, the tomb complex houses the graves of several other members of the Mughal dynasty, making it a cherished historical site and a symbol of India's rich cultural heritage. Visitors can explore the beautifully landscaped gardens, marvel at the detailed calligraphy adorning the walls, and immerse themselves in the captivating history that surrounds this majestic monument.

Rashtrapati Bhavan

Home to the President of the world’s largest democracy, Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi stands as a symbol of national strength. The nation’s most important democratic functions like the swearing-in ceremony of its elected leaders are carried out in these very grounds. The Rashtrapati Bhavan has been witness to honour giving ceremonies of the country’s bravehearts and achievers, signing of historic pacts between India and other nations, of India’s independence and republic day ceremonies, and the hosting of many world leaders.The Rashtrapati Bhavan is a true architectural masterpiece in its own right. The magnificent building spreads across 320 acres, including the splendid ‘Mughal Garden’ and the Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum. The design of the Rashtrapati Bhavan mainly imparts the Mughal architectural styles blended with classical and grand European signatures, credited to the British architects- Edwin Lutyen and Hebert Baker.The building is also diversified with a number of other typically Indian motifs such as ornate Elephant statues on the outer wall or the main gate of the building with the ‘Jaipur column’. All in all, it is quite a visual treat to behold!The building is open to visitors by three different segments or tour circuits. The first circuit comprises of the Main building and the Central Lawn. The second circuit houses the Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum Complex. In the same circuit, you can get a tour of the Clock Tower, the Stables, and the Garages. The third circuit has the magnificent Mughal Garden and other ancillary gardens of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Tourists can request a trip of each of the circuits separately on the days assigned for each segment respectively for daytime visits from 9 AM to 4 PM. There is much to take in and marvel at around the complex-- the intricate craftsmanship of carved marble statues, the sprawling Mughal Gardens featuring masterful landscaping concepts, the Clock Tower, and a myriad of presidential mementos preserved inside the Museum. Upon exit, you can explore the premier surroundings of this important historical site, often called as the ‘Lutyens Delhi’.

National Rail Museum, Delhi

Situated in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – the Rail Museum offers a window into the railway heritage of the country. Also known as the National Railway Museum, this space is spread over 10 acres and displays some of the most awe-inspiring and fascinating railway paraphernalia. Established in 1977 on February 1st, the museum strives to preserve and protect the 163 years old railway heritage of India. There are nearly 100 real-sized exhibits of Indian railways in the museum – some of which are still working. On the other hand, there are also some static exhibits, antiquated items, old furniture etc. For rail nerds, this space is a haven where you can immerse in the rich history of Indian railways.Moreover, there are also a couple of dummy specimens that offer rides to both adults and kids. Latest additions to the museum include facilitated 3D virtual train ride, steam loco stimulator, and a magnificent indoor gallery. The lush green gardens surrounding the museum also houses its oldest and most precious treasure – the famous Fairy Queen, the oldest working steam locomotive in the country.For the curious souls, the exhibits have an informative tablet right next to them where you can learn more about everything that is displayed in this stunning space. There is also a gallery near the museum where you can witness the photographs featuring the golden years of Indian railways. Admire the miniature models and take part in the workshops held in the museum auditorium. And at the end of the day, you can buy some souvenirs for your loved ones in the little in-house souvenir shop located just on your way back.

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haunted road delhi

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25 Most Haunted Places In Delhi Where You Need To Proceed With Caution


"It was late at night and I was driving down a solitary lane along with two of my friends. It was rather still and calm outside and yet, unexpectedly, the wind started howling & whistling; we thought it was a normal irregularity of Delhi’s unpredictable weather but suddenly we saw a woman clad in a white saree standing on the roadside!"

Seems right out of a horror movie, doesn't it? But this is one of the many instances narrated by Delhiites who have experienced paranormal activity in the city! So for those who believe in the supernatural, here's where to go looking!

1. The Tree Near Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

article image

People travelling in call centre cabs at night have experienced curious energy, slapping them and a woman appearing and disappearing, travelling along with the speed of the car! Yes, it sounds creepy, but according to many, this is true. It’s best you don’t traverse this area during the night! 

Where | Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station 

2. Delhi Cantonment

article image

Picture Credits:  increind

A lush green area managed by the security services of our country is supposedly a shelter for the spirit of a lady who died in a car mishap there. Many people have confirmed her presence time and again clad in a white saree with greying hair and hairy hands, trying to get the attention of various passers-by. Wow, that's creepy!

Where | Delhi Cantonment

3. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

article image

Picture Credits:  anugrahgj

The first impression that you get after a brief look at the Feroz Shah Kotla Fort is that of a haunted place, especially because it does not see many visitors today. This site is said to have djinns residing in the ruins and the dark halls. Every Thursday, one can see the locals lighting candles, leaving offerings of milk and grain to appease the djinns, hoping for their wishes to come true. 

Where | Feroz Shah Kotla Fort - Balmiki Basti, Vikram Nagar

4. Sanjay Van

article image

Sanjay Van is a stretch of about 10 kms - the green lungs of the city but also known to be haunted by spirits as it houses innumerable majaars (mausoleums of Sufi saints) and graves punctuated with broken ramparts of Qila Rai Pithora. Many experiences like sounds of crying children and sudden pushing and clawing have been reported here ever since its existence!

Where | Sanjay Van - Vasant Kunj 

5. Malcha Mahal

article image

Picture Credits:  Tony Benoy

Located in a little-known village called Malcha near Delhi Earth Station, this place is surrounded by forests and what is known as the Delhi Ridge. It was originally a Tughlaq era hunting lodge and currently, very little is known about its mysterious inhabitants. By merely being near the place amidst the dense forest, you can experience an eerie feeling that you just can’t shake off!

Where | Malcha Mahal - Malcha 

6. Mutiny House

article image

Picture Credits:  Nirmal David Kacchap

Located in Kashmere Gate, this is a memorial built by the British to commemorate the death of their officers in the revolt of 1857. And now, centuries later, people have found chopped-up moving arms and legs of the deceased officials in the evenings! People have often also reported that they see a headless soldier asking for a light! It truly must be a ghastly sight for those who have witnessed it first hand.

Where | Mutiny House - Kamla Nehru Ridge, Civil Lines

7. Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

article image

Picture Credits:  katerinas_asian_world

In Jhandewalan lies an old hunting lodge of Tughlaq and the entry to the monument from the North-East, interestingly, is twin-gated, which is strange for a structure that is deemed 'not so' important. It has remained abandoned and left unoccupied for centuries and is known to be haunted with various sounds and invisible shuffling activity around this part of the ridge.

Where | Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal - Central Ridge Reserve Forest

8. Karbala Graveyard

article image

Karbala is a Shiite burial ground in BK Dutt Colony for the funeral of tazias, the ritual coffins of Imam Husain Ibn Ali (the prophet’s grandson). There is an eerie and gloomy ambience about this place, marked by cries and loneliness which may get to you, especially if you visit during the evenings. 

Where | Karbala Graveyard - Karbala Lane, Lodhi Road, Karbala Road, Civil Colony, BK Dutt Colony

9. The Ridge

article image

Picture Credits:  delhiheritagewalks

The Delhi Ridge, an extension of the Aravalli Hill Range in NCT is a haunting rocky and hilly forested area where some of the goriest events of history took place. One can witness firangi ghosts still hovering the ridge, marking their territory. It's notorious for its moody ghosts and any visitors to this part of the Ridge should be very careful here as there's reportedly no mobile network to be found here as well!

Where | The Ridge - Chauburja Marg, Kamla Nehru Ridge, Civil Lines

10. Jamali Kamali Tomb & Mosque

article image

Picture Credits:  Harsh Singh Rajawat

Located within the folds of Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Jamali, the renowned Sufi saint was buried here in 1535 alongside Kamali. You get an unsettling feeling once inside the chamber of the tomb and can also experience all kinds of noises calling out to you from the nearby graves, making it unsafe to visit during night-time.

Where | Jamali Kamali Tomb & Mosque - Ladha Sarai, Mehrauli Archeological Park Trail, Christian Colony, Mehrauli

11. Nicholson's Cemetery

article image

Picture Credits:  Aman Sharma

This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Civil Lines, dating back to the British era and there are a lot of graves of British soldiers, their wives and children buried here. As you walk inside, the first thing that strikes you is that the entire place is engulfed in pin-drop silence and often you can feel a nagging presence lurking and following you, hidden behind the huge tamarind trees and palm trees found here. We just got chills!

Where | Nicholson's Cemetery - Club Road, Ludlow Castle, Civil Lines

12. Ashok Vihar Flyover

article image

This Is A Representative Image

This highway may seem like an unlikely place to find trouble while driving but alas, don’t be so smug! Legend has it that a lady here died on the Satyawati Rail Tracks and her spirit till date haunts the car drivers here at around 2 AM. If you’re driving by looking for them, don’t be alarmed if you find her running beside your car to keep you company. 

Where | Satyawati Flyover, Ashok Vihar

13. Yamuna Ghat 

article image

Picture Credits:  abhie0587

Yamuna ghat is said to be haunted and those who row their boats amid the numerous seagulls have claimed to find certain irregularities in the river water that churns without any known cause. People have also often said that they’ve seen shadows of people on the river banks only to find nothing when they’ve come closer to inspect. Now, who knows if it's just a trick of the sunlight on water or if there really is something sinister lurking amid the water depths!

Where | Yamuna Ghat - Kashmere Gate 

14. Tughlaqabad Fort

article image

Picture Credits:  Sohel

Located in Tughlakabad, this fort is said to be haunted as a Sufi Saint cursed the royal fort to always remain unoccupied, or else may herdsmen live here. The fort is surrounded by the lush jungle that provides magnificent scenery. If you’re a person who loves to wander and enjoy the beauty of nature around you, then this place is a must-go for you. Avoid going too close to the fort as people have reported citing the ghost of Sultan Tughlaq wandering nearby the Fort. 

Where | Tughlakabad Fort - Tughlakabad 

15. Qabristan Of Kotla

article image

Picture Credits:  Miraz Khan meer

Tortured are the souls of those who die for love, isn't it? One such tortured soul haunts the visitors of Kotla Qabristan. While many carry their heart on their sleeve, the ghost of General Nicholas carries his head on his arms instead. The next time you walk through the cemetery, beware of the General. And if you dare, talk to him and he’ll tell you the story of how he shot himself upon learning that his lover married someone else. 

Where | Kotla Qabristan - Netaji Subhash Marg, Priyadarshini Colony, Kashmere Gate

16. Khooni Jheel

article image

Picture Credits:  wildernesssssss

It will be a tad bit disappointing to you bravehearts to hear that the khooni jheel actually doesn't have any traces of khoon in it. But it is tainted by the blood of many British families who fell to their death in the lake while fleeing a battle during 1857. While now the jheel is a popular lovers spot in the city, don’t be surprised if in the middle of a hot sesh you end up hearing children wailing or figures shadowing over you. 

Where | Khooni Jheel - Northern Ridge

17. Chor Minar

article image

Picture Credits:  Abhishek restagi

No, we didn't see people partying around in HKV and assume they were hiding in the shadows like ghosts. We actually believe the Chor Minar in the mix of HKV Monuments is haunted and if you heard its story you’d have a hard time believing it’s not haunted too. Legend has it that Alaudin Khilji used the 200+ holes in the Minar to display the heads of all the people he beheaded to send a message to his opposers within his empire as well externally to his opponents like the Mongols. 

Where | Chor Minar - Padmini Enclave, Hauz Khas

18. GK 1 - W3

article image

This abandoned house in GK 1 is said to be haunted and the neighbours have cited hearing screams and squabs from the house, phantom-like figures were also spotted by some of them. Though this house has now been purchased by a family, and the place has been rebuilt, there are people who still come here to see this terrifying house. 

Where | Greater Kailash 1

19. Sanjay Lake Park

article image

Picture Credits:  yugesh_singh

Sanjay Lake is an oasis of green and peace within the city, especially for East Delhiites but it doesn't take much time before the silence one feels here turns eerie. The Lake, alongside ample flora and fauna, is also home to mausoleums of many Sufi saints. And people strolling through the Lake often complain of hearing voices of children crying and women screaming. In extreme instances, people have also noticed women clad in white sarees moving around the Peepal and Banyan trees of the park. *OMG*.

Where | Sanjay Lake Park - Mayur Vihar Phase II

20. Agrasen Ki Baoli 

article image

Picture Credits:  travellinstaa_

The Baoli is counted as one of the most haunted places in Delhi. While many flock to the monument to enjoy the stunning architecture, one can also observe the metal pipes just before the water to prevent people from accidentally or intentionally jumping into it. This had to be brought in as there had been many instances of people jumping into the water and dying. Many alleged that the water body has a layer of black water that houses hypnotising powers. It coerces people into jumping into the water. We say proceed with caution! 

Where | Agrasen ki Baoli - Hailey Road, KG Marg

21. Karkardooma Court

article image

Are you the kind who doesn't believe in the existence of ghosts? Well, try staying firm on your beliefs when we tell you that paranormal investigators actually couldn't deny the presence of supernatural beings inside the courthouse. What’s more, is that this paranormal activity has many captured on CCTV Cameras on numerous occasions. Advocates with chambers in the court are routinely disturbed by floating bubbles in their corridor, by their frequently missing belongings and regularly fluctuating computers. Rumour has it that there are 2 prominent ghosts present in the building - one of a lawyer who passed away in the Uttarakhand floods and another of an electrician who died by getting electrocuted in the court itself. 

Where | Karkardooma Court - Maharaja Surajmal Marg, Arjun Gali, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara

22. Death Valley

article image

Picture Credits:  ThekapoorWhoVlogs

Are you a person who loves to sit in a silent place that is surrounded with nature all around? If the answer to that question is a YES, then this place is a must-go for you. The name might sound a little scary and we wouldn't disagree because this place is actually considered as one of the scariest places in Haryana because of the mysterious deaths occurring in the area. Though, people love to visit the place in broad daylight as it's very beautiful and peaceful. 

Where | Faridabad, Haryana

23. Lothian Cemetery 

article image

Picture Credits:  vastpankaj

Well, if you’re one of those persons who would back out if asked to take a stroll around a cemetery, then this place is not for you. Located just minutes away from Kashmere Gate, this graveyard is considered to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world. This cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries of Delhi and it is believed that the ghost of British officer Sir Nicholas's roams around the graveyard. It is cited that Sir Nicholas fell in love with an Indian lady but could not be married and this resulted in Nicholas taking his own life. 

Where |  Lothian Cemetery - Kashmere Gate

24. Saraswati Kunj 

article image

This place is not a regular horror place with abandoned forts and lakes around; rather this place is a housing society in Gurgaon that is believed to be scary. There are rumours about the place being plagued by the spirit of a 15-year-old girl that is possessed by two spirits of a man and a woman. So, the next time you wander somewhere near this housing society, better take precautions. 

Where | Saraswati Kunj - Gurgaon

25. Phoenix Factory 

article image

This factory is located in Sector 60, Noida and is believed to be plagued by the spirits. There was a time when high numbers used to work in this factory but as time passed many employees left the job because of the horrific incidents that took place with them. The factory turned into a ghostly place when a massive fire broke out in the place and more than 200 women including infants were burned to death. The management at the place has shut down a few rooms that face extreme paranormal occurrences. *shudders*

Where | Phoenix Factory - Noida

So the next time you feel a little adventurous, head to one of these places! 

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// New Delhi

16 Haunted Places in Delhi Only For The Daredevils!

by on March 7, 2018

Some believe that a few souls continue to linger on earth, even after death while others are staunchly opposed to the whole idea. We hear stories of ghosts, around the world, where people claim to have seen or heard them or experienced the scary things done by them.

These experiences are naturally subjective and can be accepted or discounted completely, depending on the audience. The skeptics need more proof but the believers are piqued when they hear of such claims. There are many stories of haunted places in Delhi and let us talk about a few of them.

Haunted Places in Delhi (Pre-modern era)

1. agrasen ki baoli.

Agrasen ki Baoli is popular with tourists, but also haunted

Agrasen ki Baoli is popular with tourists, but also haunted

First among the haunted places in Delhi ranks Agrasen ki Baoli. This architectural marvel is a protected monument built in 14 th Century by Raja Agrasen, and is built in three levels, with 108 steps.

As you go deep into this popular tourist destination in Delhi, you will come upon the well with black waters in it. These waters are supposed to be hypnotic and induced many a visitor to commit suicide. There is hardly any water to be found in the well these days and happily, that has put a stop to the suicides too.

2. Khooni Darwaza

Khooni Darwaza is where the heirs of Bahadur Shah Zafar were shot

Khooni Darwaza is where the heirs of Bahadur Shah Zafar were shot

Named Lal Darwaza when first built by Sher Shah Suri in 1540s, this gate earned its current name during the rule of Jahangir, when he had his own step-brothers, the two grandsons of Bairam Khan (who acted as Akbar’s regent) beheaded and left to rot here.

When Aurangzeb also had his brother, Dara Shikoh beheaded and displayed here. Cap. Hudson captured the three heirs of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and shot them dead here, before a protesting crowd. These two sons and grandson of the Emperor are supposed to haunt the place and persecute all Caucasian visitors, but not Indians.

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3. Feroz Shah Kotla

Feroz Shah Kotla was built in the 14th century

Feroz Shah Kotla was built in the 14th century

Feroz Shah Kotla is an old fortress built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century. William Dalrymple has chronicled the history of this place and wrote of the multitude of the invisible djinns, or fire spirits, which inhabit this place.

This place has local people devotedly lighting incense for the djinns which live here and leave offerings like milk and grain and pen letters to them, every Thursday! The fortress lies in ruins and is extremely lonely and looks abandoned to complete the image of being haunted.

4. Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

This mahal is close to the Jhandewalan Metro

This Mahal is close to the Jhandewalan Metro

This ruined building was served as a hunting lodge to the rulers of the Tughlaq dynasty in the 14th century. It is reported that sounds emanate from the Mahal at night and people say they hear voices and eerie whispers of men and women too.

Located close to the Hanuman statue near the Jhandewalan Metro, this small palace was supposed to have housed a neglected queen. There’s another story which says a Fakir put a curse on this place. Since visitors are dissuaded from entering the place, there’s no way these claims can be verified.

Read: 18 Places in Delhi That You Need To Visit For A Wild Time

5. Tower of Thieves

Tower of Thieves is where thieves come to life

Tower of Thieves is where thieves come to life

Located in the Hauz Khas village, we have the Chor Minar or Tower of Thieves, where thieves were punished, by being beheaded with spears, in the times of Allauddin Khilji.

Visitors to the tower speak of seeing the same scene enacted again at night, with the heads of the thieves being seen again and coming to life.

6. Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal was built in the Tughlaq dynasty

Malcha Mahal was built in the Tughlaq dynasty

A hunting lodge from the time of the Tughlaq dynasty, the Mahal is surrounded by forests. Today, it is a lonely monument in the middle of a forest. Those who visit it are not welcomed by spectres in white, but something less tangible.

They talk of a feeling, the presence of something that cannot be touched but is obviously there. A common feeling, for we have all felt this when our parents sent us into the empty store-room alone, but at the Malcha Mahal, it is said to be so strong that it is like a force.

7. Courtyard of the Jamali Kamali Mosque

You need permission to visit this tomb at night

You need permission to visit this tomb at night

Jamali-Kamali Masjid, situated within the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, is named after the sufi saints buried here in 1535. People report hearing different sounds and voices, animals growling, people fighting, women laughing from the graves within the tomb.

Some reported being pushed or slapped by some invisible beings. Yet others have reported hearing their name being called again and again. People have reported these experiences and reported a general feeling of being haunted and constantly spied upon, in broad daylight, when they’re here. To visit this tomb at night, you could apply for permission from the Archaeological Survey of India.

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Haunted Places in Delhi (Cemeteries)

8. lothian cemetery.

The British vandalised this cemetery in the early 19th century

The British vandalized this cemetery in the early 19th century

Most people avoid cemeteries at night, on the off-chance that they would encounter a remnant of life. Said to be a burial ground for royal Muslims, this cemetery, shaded with huge trees and covered by green grass, is supposedly appropriated by the British for their own use in 1808. They are said to have vandalized the existing graves and removed the bones.  

Many people claim to have seen ghosts here, of the Indians whose graves were vandalized fighting to restore their claim on the ground; of a little boy searching for his parents and of the headless Sir Nicholas who died by his own hand when rejected by a woman he loved!

9. Sanjay Van

If you see a woman dressed in white in Sanjay Van, look away

If you see a woman dressed in white in Sanjay Van, look away

Sanjay Van is situated in Vasant Kunj in South Delhi and acts as a lung space for the city of Delhi with its greenery. Visitors to this place have described hearing the cries of children, screaming or fighting and the shrill echo of a wailing person occasionally resonates through the thickets and the peepal trees.

Some people have reported seeing a woman, dressed completely in white, here. The mausoleums of Sufi Saints constructed here, where their presence seems to have remained, lends a further air of sinisterness to this park.

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10. Mutiny Memorial

People have reported seeing crawling limbs

People have reported seeing crawling limbs

In the Revolt of 1857, several Indians and British soldiers died. This building was constructed in honour of the British soldiers, and some of its modern-day visitors report seeing the spectres of these soldiers. And, their souls are supposed to be just as mutilated as their bodies had been when they were killed.

Some visitors have reported seeing severed limbs crawling around, searching in desperation, to return to their rightful owners. Apologies if that seems to require a huge stretch of anyone’s imagination. But no story of a haunting is ever simple or pleasant.

11. Karbala Graveyard

This is a Shiite graveyard exclusively used for the commemoration of the Prophet’s grandson Hussain Ibn Ali death at Karbala, using the ritual coffins called tazias.

The last burial held here was in 1985 and the place feels extremely eerie and depressing after sunset, though we see a lot of trees and birds here and there are three bustling marketplaces close to this place.

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Other Haunted Places in Delhi

12. delhi cantonment.

Many locals have reported unexplainable incidents at Delhi Cantonment

Many locals have reported unexplainable incidents at Delhi Cantonment

There are innumerable accounts from car drivers, who report having seen a woman clad in white, trying to hitch a ride from them on this lonely road. If denied, she chases after them and even overtakes them. Most people believe that she was herself killed in an accident in the area or suffered something very bad in the dense vegetation surrounding it.

All in all, reports of seeing her come in very frequently and here’s probably your golden chance to check out the veracity of such claims, for yourself. Be sure to take a powerful car, which is in good condition.

13. Dwarka (Sector 9) Metro Station

Spooky stories are aplenty at Dwarka Metro Station

Spooky stories are aplenty at Dwarka Metro Station

A walk through the Metro Station at Dwarka at night, for some, is to walk past the veil of life. People have seen the figure of a woman, peering at them before disappearing, nothing lingering but the sound of their scream.

Some people have described the force of a push, when leaving the metro station, from nothing but darkness. Perhaps it is a spirit, searching for a body to fill, or maybe just a woman, who once slipped waiting for her train. Who, truly, knows? It is for the intrepid to find out.

14. House Number W-3, Greater Kailash

This address was once written in the letters, and the deliveries meant for an aged couple. They lived in the house there and would have died comfortably in their beds if they weren’t murdered. Now, people report hearing low murmurs, strange voices and even high-pitched laughter from within this empty house which lies empty and desolate without its inhabitants.

The place is reported to feel eerie and the air itself feeling strange and this is all attributed to the paranormal presence here in the petrified neighborhood.

15. Khooni Nadi

All rivers must have had someone or the other use them as their grave. But the Rohini river is supposed to swallow anyone who goes too close to its treacherous waters. The people who ended up dead in its waters were not suicidal or needed to commit suicide, so the mystery behind the deaths can only be explained by attributing sinister powers to the water itself. Myth or fact, this is the reason why this river qualifies as a haunted place.

16. The Ridge

A Peacock at the Ridge

A Peacock at the Ridge

The Ridge is the green lungs of Delhi and full of birds. It also has an inhabitant, who has failed to keep up with the turns of events since 1947. A Colonial Era British man haunts this place, hovering and wandering, his soul tethered. Many people have reported seeing him there, constantly wandering, his figure faint in the air.

When you visit, prepare to have the network fail, reception goes weak, and for your phone to cease working. Visit this place, but prepare to be frightened, not just by the Ridge but the gory history of its neighborhood too.

Delhi has a history replete with stories and not all of them are pleasant. Its prosperity and location both invited a number of marauding invaders. It has also seen ambitious royals who never hesitated to shed blood to further their ambitions.

Whether or not these incidents or spectres truly exist, we will never know until it happens to us. William Dalrymple called Delhi the ‘City of Djinns’ and this historic city dating back to 3500 BCE has definitely not failed to live up to the name and expectations of people in this regard. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 16 most haunted places in Delhi. If you have a story to tell, do let us know in the comments.

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Ghost stories, djinns: Haunted walk set to kick off in Delhi from Sunday

haunted road delhi

The Delhi tourism department on Saturday conducted a sneak preview of what has been packaged as the “haunted walk” at Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal, in the heart of Delhi, wears a deserted look most days. Tucked away from the main roads of central Delhi, the 14th-century Tughlaq-era monument at the ridge barely has visitors – except the handful of curious history buffs. And, occasionally, those seeking a touch of the supernatural.

Delhi tourism department will start "haunted heritage walks" at the Tughlaq-era hunting lodge Malcha Mahal from Sunday. (Raj K Raj/HT)

Redeeming the opportunity as part of its heritage walks, the Delhi tourism department on Saturday conducted a sneak preview of what has been packaged as the “haunted walk” at Malcha Mahal, with a formal launch for the public on Sunday.

A monument that remained inaccessible to the public for decades, the palace has carried the haunted tag for quite some time, with the surrounding landscape lending itself to all kinds of paranormal imaginations – bats and djinns inhabiting a historical structure.

Atul Anand Pandey, tourist information officer at Delhi tourism, said the first haunted walk for the general public will open on Sunday, and will take place every Saturday and Sunday. “We have received around 10 registrations for Sunday’s walk,” said Pandey. The walks will be conducted between 5.30pm and 7pm.

Though deserted on most days, the site was brimming with activity on Saturday evening. A motley crowd comprising journalists, vloggers, security guards, and thrill seekers assembled at the entrance to the site at Sardar Patel Marg with only one question: Is Malcha Mahal really haunted?

“Weak-hearted people should be careful since supernatural beings get attracted to such people. If you feel any presence, keep calm,” the walk leader, Nishtha Joshi, rattled off, even as incredulous participants looked at each other with a hint of a cautious smile.

Starting from the entrance gate of the Delhi earth station at Bistdari Road, Saturday’s group, comprising around 30 individuals, including this reporter, covered roughly a kilometre to the final destination – the Mahal.

“Delhi was plundered many times, yet, it always overcame the odds and continued to rise,” said Joshi, attributing this trait to the “superpowers” of the city.

As the walk proceeded, Joshi halted at two spots where she delved into the history of the Tughlaq past and the supposed royal lineage of its last occupant and his family.

The walkers reached the palace just in time for sunset. Before entering the palace, visitors were advised to maintain silent or whisper if they wished to talk, to avoid “disturbing the powers inhabiting the place”.

Once the instructions were issued, participants armed with cameras were allowed to explore the premises. The silence enveloping the monument was soon broken as a colony of bats rushed out.

Fazil Khan, an independent photographer, and filmmaker, said that he had never heard of or visited Malcha Mahal before. Khan said that while he was not spooked, the walk helped him discover a new monument in the heart of the city. “I don’t believe in ghosts but the walk was interesting,” said Khan, who plans to visit again.

Karishma Malhan, a chartered accountant, said while she did not experience anything supernatural, the walk itself was interesting. “The storytelling was great. The walk leader managed to weave an atmosphere of suspense,” said Malhan.

As the walk came to an end, Joshi, in a cautious tone, asked the participants not to turn back. And as one of the participants turned around, they saw a towering presence – a beautiful, lush tree swaying in the evening breeze.

haunted road delhi

Sadia Akhtar is a reporter at Hindustan Times where she covers education, heritage, and a range of feature stories. She also writes about refugee communities and tracks stories at the intersection of gender and social justice. Before joining HT's Delhi team, she reported from Gurugram and Mewat where she tracked politics, education, and heritage. ...view detail

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Top 11 Haunted Places in Delhi in 2023 that you Must Know

Budget Hotels > Travel Blog > Places to Visit > Top 11 Haunted Places in Delhi in 2023 that you Must Know

There are different kinds of junkies; a Game of Thrones series junkie, an adventure junkie and then there is the nothing-can-scare-me junkie, who is forever on the lookout for haunted places. A visit to such places gives an adrenaline rush to such people and their travel diaries are filled with their tete-a-tete with ‘souls’ from the other dimension. If you consider yourself such a junkie and a ghostbuster, and are in Delhi, then your online search for horror places in Delhi ends here, for this is one list that will give you the heebies jeebies of your lifetime. You can stop surfing your Netflix for spooky thrillers as these haunted places in Delhi are scary enough to give the same bone-chilling thrill, albeit it will be intensified manifold in ‘real-life encounters’ with beings from the afterlife.

The scariest part of these places is that these stand inconspicuously amid their surroundings, waiting in the shadows for people to come and explore them. The brave hearts among us will venture in, torches in hand and heart pumping, while chickens steer clear of even the boundary walls of such places. The truth behind these places and unfinished stories flutter out at times, only to be speculated upon. So, let’s scroll down the spooky line-up together before you change your mind.

Delhi Cantonment

Delhi Cantonment | Haunted Places in Delhi

Delhi Cantonment : #1 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img

The name of this place is highly misleading for though the place is perceived as quite a safe one, the disclaimer does not guarantee safety from non-human dangers. As the story goes, people have witnessed the most clichéd kind of ghost or spirit in this area. The alleged spirit appears to be that of a woman clad in a white saree, standing on the roadside, asking the drivers for a lift around midnight. When the same is denied, for obvious reasons (no, we are not talking about your fear factor for you wouldn’t even dare cross this road at night then, but safety concerns), the spirit is said to run beside the car at a speed that will put even Michael Schumacher to shame.

Stories doing the rounds speak of a lady who was killed while hitchhiking her way to some place; she has now returned as a ghost. Though it is quite difficult to fathom why she chose to go hitchhiking in a white saree, and if she didn’t, then, kudos to her for sticking to the official garb of the ghosts.

  • Nearest Metro Station: Delhi Cantt

Lothian Cemetery

Lothian Cemetery | Haunted Places in Delhi

Lothian Cemetery : #2 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img

Well, this one deserves a place in this list of horror places in Delhi just for the fact that it is a cemetery and we have all seen enough horror flicks to stay out of one at night. Many stories are told of a headless ghost haunting this British-era burial ground, holding his head in his hand. Eyewitness accounts of the same are less to come by, for you know- ‘Dead men tell no tales’. The tale behind this one, though, talks about a soldier spurned in love, who took his own life and now roams the cemetery in search of true love. If just imagining the scenario has made you jump out of your skin, it is no wonder then that those who have met this ghost have joined him in his journey. Bone-rattling laughs and creepy cries have often been heard by people, who had the misfortune of crossing this place on a new moon night.

  • Nearest Metro Station : Lal Qila

Khooni Darwaza

Khooni Darwaza | Haunted Places in Delhi

Khooni Darwaza : #3 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img source:Delhipedia)

Though it sounds more like a creepy B-Grade Bollywood horror movie name, it is, in reality, a haunted monument, the walls of which are dripping with bloody stories. The name translates in English as ‘Bloody Gate’ and it has indeed seen the blood of many, including that of the sons of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, and several freedom fighters. They were executed in public at this site by the British. May be that’s why it is believed that the spirits here are almost friendly to the Indians but not so much towards foreigners. 

Nearest Metro Station : Delhi Gate

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal | Haunted Places in Delhi

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal : #4 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img

Dating back to the fourteenth century, this palace used to be a hunting lodge of the Tughlaq rulers. The place is known more for eerie sounds than sightings of any apparitions. This place is close to the Delhi Ridge area, which is said to be haunted as well…The palace is infamous for disappearances and unexplained events that have happened in the strangely silent area.

  • Nearest Metro Station : Jhandewalan

Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli | Haunted Places in Delhi

Agrasen Ki Baoli : #5 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img

Now this one really takes the reading on the ‘chill meter’ several notches higher. It is said that the baoli or stepwell used to be full of black mystical water, which called out to people to end their lives in it. Every step that you take down the staircase seems to pull you down into an abyss of doom. It is the kind of place, which gives you the feeling of being under somebody’s influence and hypnotized. 

  • Nearest Metro Station : Barakhamba Road

Sanjay Van | Haunted Places in Delhi

Sanjay Van : #6 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img

A bright spot on the creepiness radar is this 793-acre forest, called Sanjay Van, which at night resembles the Maryland Forest from the Hollywood movie, The Blair Witch Project. The dense forest while pumps oxygen into the lungs of Delhi, choking on pollution during the day, turns into a place making you gasp for breath at night. It is home to several mausoleums of Sufi saints that add the paranormal factor of this forest. People, who have dared to venture here at night, have come back with the feeling of having two eyes glues to their back. A little tap on the shoulder in the heavy mist that covers the forest at night, sightings of old women and children dressed in white, and things disappearing bear a testimony to the presence of the supernatural in this creepy forest. Eerie enough?

  • Nearest Metro Station : RK Puram

House Number W-3, Greater Kailash I

Sanjay Van | Haunted Places in Delhi

Sanjay Van : #7 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img

The tale for this one begins with an elderly couple being murdered inside their house. And this is where it gets twisty, for the couple comes back and gets control over their house. Few murmurs, laughter now and then, and heavy air speak for the paranormal beings that reside at this haunted house in Delhi. Daredevils have often tried to bust the myth, as they say, but have come back empty handed and spooked.

  • Nearest Metro Station : Kailash Colony

DDA Flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II

DDA Flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II | Haunted Places in Delhi

DDA Flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II : #8 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img

Also in the list of haunted houses in Delhi are these DDA flats, with the supernatural phenomenon ghastly enough to make one want to scream. The corpse of a woman has been seen hanging upside down from a tree outside one of the buildings here. And, the sighting is accompanied with the entire paraphernalia that is associated with ghosts, like a change in temperature, gusts of wind and shrill laughter of a woman. The complex was allegedly constructed over an unused graveyard, which is now facing the wrath of the souls trapped below.

  • Nearest Metro Station : Hauz Khas  

Karkardooma Court

Karkardooma Court | Haunted Places in Delhi

Karkardooma Court : #9 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img

Of all the places in Delhi, this one is scary and funny at the same time with the unusual choice of location of the ghosts haunting this courthouse. The presence of an apparition in white has been felt by several lawyers, making it one of the haunted places in Delhi. Drawers opening and closing, files flying off the tables, and chairs being moved around by an unseen force have been captured by the CCTV cameras in the courthouse many a time. As the joke does the rounds in Delhi that this one ‘Serves the lawyers right’! With live footage available for the strange happenings at the courthouse, this one is difficult to bust, what say?

  • Nearest Metro Station : Karkardooma

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort | Haunted Places in Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort : #10 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img

The presence of Djinns (spirits from Arabic lore) makes this fort one of the most horror places in Delhi. To have the real feel of the place, you must go there on a Thursday when the place surprisingly sees a lot of visitors wishing to please the Djinns. Hard to please, these Djinns often have a ball of a time pushing people around and even indulging in a little thrashing for a little extra fun (not so much for the one being thrashed, obviously). This fourteenth-century fort doubles up as a popular tourist attraction, when not being used by the Djinns for their frolic. Did you know, it was the inspiration for William Dalrymple’s book, City of Djinns . You may visit the place alone, but you might end up bringing an uninvited invisible guest along with you to your home.

Khooni Nadi

Khooni Nadi | Haunted Places in Delhi

Khooni Nadi : #11 of the best haunted places in Delhi (img

If not the horror happenings at this scary river, then its name surely runs a chill down the spine. Imagine the black waters calling out to you and then an invisible force trying to suck you in. We might never know the truth about this one, for no one has come out of the jaws of these waters to recount their escape. The river is literally known to suck people in, drowning them, following which the deceased apparently return as ghosts.

  • Nearest Metro Station : Rohini

So, the next time you cross any of these haunted locales in the ‘City of Djinns’ as  Delhi is called by the author William Dalrymple, and you experience blood-curdling, try running like the wind. As they say in such cases… DON’T LOOK BACK!

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15 Haunted Places in Delhi That You Must Not Visit Alone

The capital city has a lot in its bag for those who have an innate fascination for ghost stories and unexplained sightings! Believe it not, there are several haunted places in Delhi located right in the city centre. Whether you wish to visit a ghost house in Delhi, a mystical monument or spooky forests, you will never get disappointed. All you have to do is take a flight to Delhi and head to some of the scariest places, preferably with a group of friends!

While we are on this subject, here is a list of 15 haunted places in Delhi that will surely poke your curiosity but you should not visit alone!

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

A crowded metro station during the day, but by night, a scary place that will give you the creeps! Just outside the station, you will see the infamous haunted tree which the locals believe to house the spirit of a woman. People passing through the tree have often felt the presence of lurking evil, sometimes the sight of a strange figure running with their car. Spooking enough?

House No. W3, Greater Kailash

House No. W3, Greater Kailash

This haunted house in Delhi has some of the most spine-chilling tales associated with it. As per the reports, an elderly couple was brutally murdered here back in 1986. Since then, the neighbours have claimed to hear cries, strange laughter and the eerie sounds of moving furniture at the wee hours of the night. No wonder why this property has been vacant for years!

Sanjay Van

When you are at Sanjay Van, the stinging sensation will freak you out of your wits. Crawling with myths, spooky woods and stories of haunted spirits, this forest is among the top 5 haunted places in Delhi. That’s not it! There are several graves as well, adding to the eerie atmosphere. Though you can visit this place for a peaceful retreat during the day, it is better to avoid it after nightfall.

Khooni Darwaza

Khooni Darwaza

While the splendid architecture of this ancient monument makes it a sight to behold, the stories will scare the hell out of you. The screaming sounds, cries and uncanny atmosphere of this site place it on the list of the 10 haunted places in Delhi. If the locals’ tales are to be believed, blood drips from the ceiling of this monument during the monsoons. When you think it couldn’t get any creepier, the stories behind the unnatural presence will make you think otherwise! One of the popular stories states that Bairam Khan’s grandsons were executed here in public on Jehangir’s orders. Their bodies were left hanging there for days to glorify Jehangir’s powers!

Delhi Cantonment

By day, a posh area to talk a walk-in, Delhi cantonment, gets scarier during the night. The dense trees along the road and the spooky environment make the area seem like a scene straight out of a Bollywood horror movie. Many people driving on these roads at night have reported the sighting of a woman, clad in white, asking for lifts. Locals say that a lady was murdered in the area while she was hitchhiking. So, avoid visiting this place at night!

DDA Flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II

Next on our list is a Delhi horror house, outside of which a woman’s corpse has been seen hanging from a tree. Blood-curdling screams, change in temperature and anguished cries are just some of the supernatural phenomena associated with it. People have also claimed to witness ghost sightings and a mysterious person following their cars. The DDA complex or the horror house in Delhi is apparently built over a graveyard, and hence, resulting in these ghostly appearances.

Agrasen ki Baoli

Remember PK’s address from the movie? Yes, Agrasen ki Baoli is the same site! Though you might be excited to visit the baoli, thanks to the movie’s popularity, it is better to know the unnatural environment of this place before you go. Legends have it that this Boali (stepwell) was once filled with mystical black water that lured people to end their lives. Locals say, as you descend the steps, you might feel someone’s presence around you.

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

One of the most renowned historical monuments in Delhi is also among the most haunted places in the city. This 14th-century site is known for the presence of Djinns. People have reported hearing weird noises, feeling the presence of someone and an uncanny force brushing into them. Otherwise a quiet spot, the fort has meetups every Thursday evening where locals try to please the djinns. People have claimed getting pushed and threatened during this ritual. For the brave hearts out there who can’t help curb their curiosity, you can visit Feroz Shah Kotla Fort during the day, but never alone!

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Once a hunting lodge of the Tughlaq rulers, Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal is one of the most famous haunted places in Delhi. Stories of disappearance, disembodied laughter and pacing footsteps are just some of the paranormal happenings that have been reported here. The actual reason for the abnormal activities is still not confirmed and not many people are brave enough to find out the truth (obviously). But surprisingly, Bhuli Bhatiyari is also a significant tourist attraction. If you wish to visit this place, take your friends along to explore the ruins. Remember, only during the day!

This monument has such violent stories associated with it that it will send chills to your soul. This 13th-century minaret has over 225 holes in its walls that once bore the heads of thieves who Ala-ud-din Khalji punished. It is believed that the spirits of these people still haunt the place. People have claimed hearing yells and screams as if someone is getting tortured around this site. Chor Minar is on our list for a reason, after all!

Khooni Nadi

If the name isn’t enough to run shivers down the spine (khooni translates to bloody and nadi to river), the scary stories associated with it definitely will be. Locals say that whoever tries to go too close to the river gets sucked into them. If rumours are to be believed, no one has ever come out of the waters to recount their chance to fight.

Lothian Cemetery

Once a cremating site for Britishers, Lothian Cemetery is indeed one of the terrifying places in the city. People believe, due to the mass burial during the 1857 revolt, the spirits have been restless, thus, haunting the place. There have also been reports on sightings of a headless ghost carrying his head around the cemetery. It can’t get any more horrifying than this!

Mutiny House

Next on our list, we will talk about the iconic Mutiny House. The structure was built to pay homage to the British soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the 1857 revolt. But, the site has emerged as one of Delhi’s most horrifying places. As per many visitors, severed body parts of many people have been seen here. The ever-present silence and the unexplained paranormal instances are enough to freak you out.

The Ridge Area

With the ghost of a British soldier carrying a rifle, dead silence and chilling stillness, the Ridge area is undoubtedly one of the scariest places in Delhi. If you happen to pass through the area during the night, you might witness the ghost as many other visitors claim. The area has several unsolved stories of strange disappearances and gut-wrenching incidents.

Karkardooma Court

Mysterious incidents, shadowy white figures, lights and computers getting switched off, hushed talks have been dominating the conversations in the court for quite some time. The lawyers have filed complaints to the police about these eerie happenings. But, nothing has been solved yet!

The list of the top 15 haunted places in Delhi must have already intrigued you. So, even if you decide to explore these places, never (NEVER) go alone! And if you are the one who gets easily scared, it will be better to avoid visiting these places. Instead, you can take a flight to any hill station near Delhi or any other tourist place in Delhi for a memorable vacation and hear the stories about the haunted places from the locals.

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Five of the best workation destinations in India


10 Tourist Places To Visit In Kalimpong


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Gruesome Stories Behind The Most Haunted Places in Delhi

By sanjay gouda, updated - oct. 25, 2019 8 min read.

haunted road delhi

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Ghosts - Spirits - Abnormal happenings and Horror stories! We bet hearing the title itself must’ve awakened your curiosity. Mystery is something everyone searches for because it’s intriguing to know about things that are not easily believed by people. But what if that mystery is just next door? Delhi is a crowded and historical city but no place is hidden from supernatural beings. Here are some of the scariest and haunted places in Delhi that’ll give you goosebumps. 

Caution:  It is suggested not to visit these place alone or at night. Try at your own risk!

1. Delhi Cantonment

Delhi Cantonment - commonly known as Delhi Cantt was originally built by the British. But no one can imagine the mysteries going on there. When it’s 11 pm and your car is on the isolated Cantt road, creepy moments lie ahead of you.


A lady standing on the side of the road will ask for a lift. You’ll see her wearing a white dress with her face blurry. You’ll speed up your car in the hope to escape. But guess what? That lady will run comfortably along with your car. Impossible to believe right? Delhi cantonment road is a really terrifying place for those have seen this eerie ghost lady. Some people claim that the lady probably died in a car accident on that road or maybe she was a hitchhiker. More than that, everyone on that particular road is strictly advised to not stop the vehicle if someone asks for a lift.

Where:  Delhi Cantonment

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2. lothian cemetery.

A mere 5-minute walk from Kashmere Gate in Delhi is one such graveyard called Lothian Cemetery. It’s believed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in Delhi. Official records state that this cemetery was built by the British in the year 1808 which makes it around 200 years old. It’s believed that it was a Muslim burial ground but was snatched by the British in order to show their supremacy. There are main three stories that are believed to be true regarding this place.


The First story is of a British lover, Sir Nicholas, who fell in love with an Indian girl but when he was informed that she’s already married, he committed suicide. It’s believed that his ghost haunts the cemetery where he still calls out the name of his beloved. Some people say that he walks there every night holding his own head in his hands. How did his entire head come off if he shot himself is beyond our understanding.

The second story is of a boy who has been seen walking in the cemetery in the dark in search of something. People who claim to have encountered this boy say that he asked them where his parents were.

The third story is the most spooky. There are stories that after British dug open the old graves in order to claim Lothian burial grounds as their own. It’s said that they upset the souls of people who were already buried here. Even though the bodies were removed, all these souls were still bound to this graveyard and now every night there are fights between old ghosts and the English ghosts for their claim over the graveyard.

Where:  Netaji Subhash Marg, Priyadarshini Colony, Kashmere Gate, New Delhi

3. House Number W3 - Greater Kailash

When the haunted place is a house, it gets spookier. Yes, this house in Greater Kailash is supposedly a haunted house. Infact, it’s one of the most haunted places in Delhi. This house is the witness of a gruesome murder of an aged couple, whose bodies were later found in a water tank.


In 1986, a couple, Yadu Krishnan Kaul and Madhu Kaul, were murdered by an entrusted yoga guru who buried them in the underground water tank of the house. The reason behind the murder was their land and property. Though there is no proof of the place being haunted, the neighbors have heard sounds coming from that house at night. The house is still unoccupied.

Where:  Greater Kailash

4. Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

Jamali Kamali Mosque & Tomb is located in Archaeological Mehrauli village, Delhi. This architectural structure comprised of two ancient monuments: one side is the Mosque and the other side is the tomb. It is said that 2 people, Jamali & Kamali, were buried there. This historical site is a tourist spot from 10 AM to 6 PM.


Despite the commotion in the day, it’s considered as a haunted spot. There have been many sightings of apparitions in the evenings. Visitors have witnessed things like the dogs growling and chasing after nothing. Voices have also been heard at night.

Where:  lado sarai, Mehrauli Archeological Park Trail, Christian Colony, Mehrauli, New Delhi

5. Khooni Nadi

Unlike the famous serene lake at Hauz Khas Village , this bloody river situated in Rohini will give you the creeps. Scary name right? There has never been any direct proof, but the locals say that the river is haunted. According to the legend, whoever goes near the river is lured into committing suicide. Many say that people who go near the river are sucked inside by an other-worldly power. Several people have died in this river.


Where:  Kamla Nehru Ridge, Civil Lines, Delhi

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6. Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

The otherwise peaceful sub-city of Dwarka has some unsettling experiences rolled up its kitty as well. Just outside the entrance to the metro station, people have been overcome by a barrage of inexplicable energy thrust upon them all of a sudden. The paranormal sight of a woman appearing out of nowhere in front of the commuters, and then disappearing with remarkable alacrity has done nothing to improve the situation. The fact that most of these experiences took place during the night has added to the speculation that the place is infested with spirits during the night.


Where:  Dwarka Sector 9, Dwarka, New Delhi

7. Khooni Darwaza

Literally meaning the Bloody Gate, Khooni Darwaza is a monument which has centuries of bloody history attached to it. But the most well-known story is that the sons of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, were executed here in full public view. It is said that these spirits still linger about this place but they don't cause any disturbance to the Indians, but strange things have happened to foreigners who've paid a visit to this place.


Where:  Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Balmiki Basti, Vikram Nagar, New Delhi

8. Sanjay Van

This 10 km stretched forest is a haven for children and nature lovers during the day. However, it completely transforms into a nightmare by the time day comes to an end. The eerily poised elder women in white and children with shrill evil laughs may follow you into the darkness from which you can’t come out. Sudden pushes, resounding slaps, the disappearance of trinkets, spotting of fog in summer nights may sound funny and amusing to you but not when the entity doing it is not a human.


Where:  Sanjay Van, New Delhi

9. Agrasen ki Baoli

Creepiest of all the haunted places in Delhi, this Baoli is claimed to be a residence of evils. Once filled with black mystical water who lured people to commit suicide in it by drowning, this 104 level step-well gives you creep the further you descend the steps. You may feel the presence of other beings or some unaccounted noises around you.


Where:  Hailey Road, Near Diwanchand Imaging Centre, KG Marg, New Delhi

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Feel The History Repeating Itself By Visiting These 10 Historical Places In Goa

10. Chor Minar

Some of you must have noticed this tower while heading to Delhi's most happening and vibrant neighborhood Haus Khas Village and noticed that the tomb is completely covered in holes. Let's just say, these holes were spiked with spears bearing heads of slayed thieves back in the times of Alauddin Khilji. And that if you happen to be in the area after dark, you might be treated with that scene again.


Where:  Kharera, 2, Chor Minar Rd, Kaushalya Park, Kausalya Park, Block L, Padmini Enclave, Hauz Khas

On that note, I'm dropping my pen and  going to hide in my blanket fort with all the lights in the house on. You go ahead and explore away - at your own risk!

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haunted road delhi

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haunted road delhi

haunted road delhi

7 Roads and Highways That Are Infamous For Being Haunted 

Photo of Saumiabee

Want to explore more road trips that you can take in 2022? Head to this page to find your next favourite holiday!

Whether you're a hard-core traveller or not, one thing that I am sure you love about vacations are road trips. After all, who doesn't love zooming over butter-smooth roads, singing to the perfect road-trip song and munching on snacks all the way, right? Road trips are super fun, extremely romantic, and if you're slightly unlucky, they can also be utterly horrifying. Here are roads and highways in India that are infamous for being haunted. If you're travelling on one of these roads, especially at night, take my advice and don't stop for anyone in need. Have a look.

(C) Flickr / Manohar D

Photo of Gata Loops by Saumiabee

Where: Manali-Leh Highway

The Manali-Leh Highway is one road that all bikers and hard-core travellers want to experience. While the road poses many challenges, thanks to its bad condition and the high-altitude it is situated at, there's an added touch of trouble that awaits whoever dares to tread its dangerous path. The highway's most popular spot, Gata Loops, a series of 21 hairpin bends that takes one to Nakeela Pass situated at 15,547 ft. is haunted. The loops are said to be haunted by the ghost of a cleaner who was accompanying a truck driver to Leh. When the truck broke down and the driver headed to a village in search of a mechanic, the area was hit by an unforgiving snow storm. The cleaner was stranded on the road for days, begging for food and water, but sadly, he succumbed to death. The cleaner was buried right on the loops, and ever since, travellers have reported seeing his ghost begging for food and water. There is now a temple where passer-bys donate bottles to appease the ghost of the cleaner.


(C) Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Sathyamangalam, Tamil Nadu, India by Saumiabee

Where: Tamil Nadu

Nothing good can come out of travelling along a forest that was once the abode of the notorious bandit, Veerappan. This corridor, which is a part of NH 209 is known as the most haunted place in Tamil Nadu. There have been numerous sightings of floating lanterns, ghosts and a lot of people have also heard loud screams echoing through the entire road.

Aarey Colony

Photo of Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Saumiabee

Where: Mumbai

Famed as Mumbai's most haunted area, the number of people who've experienced paranormal activities in Aarey is more than unsettling. While the colony is as normal as it can get during the day, as soon as night dawns, everything in Aarey changes... for the bad. The pitch-dark road, surrounded by tall, imposing trees is enveloped in an eerie silence. There have been several reports of a woman in a white saree asking for a lift on this lonely road. She seems harmless, but immediately turns violent as soon as she gets into the car. People have also claimed seeing dead bodies and being haunted by cries of babies.

4. Delhi Cantonment Road

Where: Delhi

Probably the most popular haunted road in all of Delhi, the Delhi Cantonment Road is avoided by believers and often put to test by adrenaline junkies. Rumour has it that driving on this road around midnight will bring you face to face with the most cliched and popular ghost from stories and films – an old woman clad in a white saree! We've all heard of her, right? Numerous instances of the woman asking for a lift on the road have been reported. It is said that if you ignore the ghost, you will find her running right beside you no matter how fast your car is going.

5. Kashedi Ghat

Where: Mumbai - Goa - Kochi Highway

The Mumbai-Goa road trip is a rite of passage so to say, for most friendships. It has been romanticised by films and popular culture, and for good reason. The vistas along the route are breathtaking, they take you far away from the urban world and bring you closer to nature. However, if you happen to cross Kashedi Ghat, my suggestion to you would be to pause the revelry and get out of the area as quickly as possible. It is said that the Ghat is haunted by a ghost who will stop your car and in case you fail to stop, your car will definitely meet with an accident.

Kasara ghat

Photo of Kasara ghat, Mokhavane, Maharashtra by Saumiabee

Where: Nashik, Maharashtra

If you're travelling to Kasara Ghat, you are sure to be left stunned by verdant rolling hills and lush-green landscapes. While you're admiring the picturesque views, stay alert because you might just spot a headless woman sitting atop a tree laughing hysterically by herself. It is said that while the roads were being constructed, numerous labourers lost their lives, and their souls haunt the road till this very day. If you're travelling during Amavasya , then your chances of spotting a ghost are very high. So stay alert or best, steer clear of this route.

Ranchi-Jamshedpur Road

Photo of Ranchi-Jamshedpur Road, Shanti Nagar, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India by Saumiabee

Where: Jharkhand

Ever heard of a road that was cursed? You can see one for yourself by visiting the Ranchi-Jamshedpur NH 33 that is considered to be one of India's most ominous roads. Haunted by ghosts and spirits, the road's main attractions are two temples that are constructed on either sides at a particular spot. Legend has it that if one doesn't stop to pray at both these temples, they are sure to meet a terrible accident. If you're an atheist or an agnostic, you might wanna change your ideologies while on this road!

So the next time you want to take a road trip, choose the route wisely because you might just be driving on the highway to hell!

Have you had spooky experiences while travelling? Share your Halloween travel story with us by creating a blog on Tripoto here.

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THE 5 BEST New Delhi Ghost Tours

Ghost & vampire tours in new delhi.

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haunted road delhi

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haunted road delhi

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4. Dellhi Ghost forts & Horror spots

haunted road delhi

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haunted road delhi

6. Delhi Old Fort & Humayun Tomb with lunch

haunted road delhi

7. Facets of Archaeology and Mehrauli, Mehrauli Archaeological Park

haunted road delhi

8. Delhi Haunted and Creepy Ruins Discovery

Keep the fun going with other experiences in the area.

haunted road delhi

Agra City Tour By Car

haunted road delhi

Same day by Gatimaan Express -TAJ & FORT

haunted road delhi

Luxurious Agra City Tour By Car

haunted road delhi

Luxurious Jaipur Day tour

haunted road delhi

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haunted road delhi

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Romantic tour in Ghaziabad

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4 of the most haunted places in delhi, from strange sounds to sudden apparitions, these places in delhi are home to some of the most scariest incidents. visit them at your own risk..

Listen to Story

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal. Picture courtesy: Facebook/Nishkam Bhatia

This one's definitely for the faint-hearted. If several testimonies are to be believed, haunted places do exist. And there are a few of us who consider visiting these places to be adventurous. In fact, there are groups on Facebook where people decide on haunted places, fix a date, and then go on evening or night walks to these haunted places. As far as Delhi is concerned, most of these places are ancient monuments with a deadly past or abandoned spaces that are rumoured to have been hosts to creepy activities.

Also read: 5 haunted places in India other than Bhangarh Fort

We have compiled the list of some of the most haunted places in Delhi. Take a look, and do visit them, only if you have the guts to.

Picture courtesy: Facebook/Paranormal Activity: In India

haunted road delhi


One biker a million mysteries .

Most haunted place in Delhi

Top 15 Haunted Places In Delhi

Delhi the city which never sleeps but is it believable that this busy city has places where ghost haunts ? Yes its true as per internet. To find the real truth i visited all these places clicked photos spent night alone. So lets begin with Top Haunted Places in Delhi.

1 – Delhi Cantt Haunted Road

Delhi Cantt Haunted Road On My Motorcycle.

Delhi Cantt is a military residential area and is in surveillance of military as well as police 24×7. The Delhi Cantt haunted road is an exception because it’s a dead end that ends at a military horse stable. Day is not spooky here. People visit here for selfies to show that they dare to visit this top haunted place of Delhi. The story of Delhi Cantt haunted road says that people see white saree women asking for a lift and if you don’t stop she starts to run with your car or bike even you are at high speed. She never harmed anyone so far but seeing a ghost can be a lifetime experience.

Read More –

Video of Delhi Cantt Haunted Road (Daytime) –

Video Of Delhi Cantt Haunted Road & Cemetery (Night) –

2 – Dwarka Sector 9 Haunted Tree

Dwarka Sector 9 Tree

Dwarka sector 9 is too is one of the most Haunted Places in Delhi ,  the  road that has almost no traffic and after 11PM people avoid this place. Why? Its because this place also has a ghost lady that slaps people coming around the tree or passing this place. This tree is in front of a Temple named Dada Bai Wal Mandir surrounded with an empty ground which is now being developing by Delhi Development Authority as a Public Park. 

Read More –

Video Of Dwarka Sector 9 Haunted Tree ( Night Alone ) –

3 – Sanjay Van Delhi

Haunted Sanjay Van

Sanjay van is located in Qutub institutional area that is near Mehrauli. This is forest developed by DDA. It’s around 850 sq yards wide and has a lot of animals as entry board says. You will not even see a monkey there. Anyways this place becomes spooky at night also board outside warns people not to stay here after sunset and before sunrise. It has a lot of abandoned Mazars & voodoo stuff hanging on trees.

Read More –

Video Of Sanjay Van (Daytime) –

Video Of Sanjay Van Night –

4 – Jamali Kamali Tomb And Mosque

Place Where Jamali Kamali Were Buried

Ghost and Jinns / Djinns are different by nature and Djinns are counted as the most dangerous entity in Muslims. Jamali Kamali mosque is haunted by two jinns that slap people if anyone dares to visit this dead mosque after dark. People hear crying and shouting voices inside the walls of the Jamali Kamali Mosque. This place is under ASI and is get locked before sunset. Daredevil can’t be stopped watch below video.

Read More –

Jamali Kamali Day Video –

Jamali Kamali Night Video –

5 – Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal

Yes, friends Malcha Mahal is really scary at nights, and no one is allowed to enter this place as ordered by the local authority. It is the place which was given to Begum Wilayat by the court after a long legal battle with Indian Government. But soon after living here with lots of difficulties She committed suicide and later one by one all her 3 kids died mysteriously. After last kid of Begum Wilayat died, Malcha Mahal was taken over by authorities and sealed.

Read More –

Malcha Mahal Night Video –

6 – Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

My In Night At Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal is also counted as a top haunted place in Delhi because people see an old lady there and hear her voices in the night. It’s just next to Bagga Link of Karol Bagh, and at the beginning of this road, there is always a PCR. This road goes in woods at the other end. If you once enter this area, then you will have no choice to come back from the same gate of Bhuli Bhatiyari because its surrounded by 10 feet tall Mughal times wall which is not easy to climb and even if you jump you will end up in Ridge jungle which is more dangerous then so-called ghost place.

Read More –

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal Night Video –

7 – Lothian Cemetery

BikingMystery At Lothian Cemetery

It’s a 200-year-old cemetery located at the busy road of Kashmiri Gate. Lothian Cemetery is locked for the general public. Its gate has enough space to get from the lower end. This cemetery is known for a headless British officer Sir Nicholas roaming around with is head in his hand. This cemetery is under ASI but looks like abandoned by its structure but in nights it got taken over by ghosts and this place gets taken over by paranormalsand this makes Lothian cemetery one of the top Haunted Places in Delhi.

Read More –

Lothian Cemetery Day Video –

Lothian Cemetery Night Video –

8 – Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Firoz Shah Kotla Fort At Night

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort is known for its good Djinns. These Djinns are worshiped here, and they fulfill peoples wishes. But at the same time, they don’t like someone near this place when its dark. It is said that this place has 125 thousand Djinns here. This place is full, and there is no entry ticket on Thursdays, the day when thousands of people of every religion come to pray Djinns and ask them to solve problems.

Read More –

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort Day Video –

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort Night Alone Video –

9 – Agarsen Ki Baoli

Agarsen Ki Baoli

Agarsen ki Baoli is known for mesmerizing visitors of the night and provoke them to commit suicide by jumping inside the Baoli. Many have drowned here. This Baoli was used to store water in old times and is now dried up. This place has 24×7 security and CCTV cameras for surveillance. No one except some news channel with due permission was entered in Baoli to investigate paranormal activity. Even they spent some hours here they didn’t get an answer to all questions.

Read More –

10 – Khooni Darwaza

Khooni Darwaza

Khooni Darwaza is the most neglected haunted place among paranormal lovers. But this is the only place where I get signs of unknown. By the time you are reading this post, I am still working to find answers. I have already visited this place thrice, and each and every time something unusual happens with us. This is the place which was a showcase of heads or rebels in Mughal times. Even last emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar’s both sons were killed here. At the time of Partition, thousands of were people where killed.

Read More –

Khooni Darwaza Night Video –

Khooni Darwaza My Encounter With Unknown –

11 – Khooni Nadi

Khooni Nadi Long View

According to legend, no person came back after entering this Khooni Nadi. This river sucks people in or provokes them to get inside and then drag them. As its name says Khooni means bloody but no its not read it has regular clean water. Khooni Nadi is also known as Bermuda Triangle of Delhi and is one of the most Haunted Places in Delhi. This area is also full of criminals so never dare to visit this place alone.

Read More –

Khooni Nadi Night Video –

12 – Mutiny Memorial

Mutiny Memorial

This place also has a dead British officer asking for a cigarette from passerby. According to people who saw him said he just ask for lighter to burn his cigarette and never hurt anyone. Mutiny Memorial was built by the British government in 1857 in remembrance of their soldiers died in 1857 revolt. It is guarded by a residential security guard 24×7 and is under ASI.

Read More –

Mutiny Memorial Video –

13 – Chor Minar

Chor Minar

Chor Minar is located inside a busy residential colony of Hauz Khaz. It was built by Alauddin Khilji. It was also used to hang heads of Mangol Rebels. As it’s located in between a posh colony, there is 24×7 security and eyes of people on you if you dare to visit here at night.

Read More –

14 – W-3 Greater Kailash

W-3 Greater Kailash

This haunted house can be found in all haunted place list. This house was located in a posh colony of Greater Kailash Delhi. But soon after the murder of its two old residents people started to see their ghost roaming around its windows. People also hear noises coming from this house. If you want to visit this place to show yourself daredevil, it’s too late, as this house is demolished by its new owner and replace with a new state of art bungalow with a security guard. One more thing to note the new owner doesn’t live here for some strange reasons.

Read More –

15 – Karbala Graveyard

Karbala Graveyard

Known as Choti Karbala too, this graveyard is now closed for burials. The last person was buried here was in 1985. This graveyard is under Anjuman-e-Haideri. Some internet websites claim it haunted, but upon my visit, I see this place is being used to worship. If you want to visit this Graveyard no need to get afraid.

Read More –

Video Of Karbala Graveyard –

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haunted road delhi

Delhi Haunted and Creepy Ruins Discovery

New Delhi, India


Taxes and fees will be calculated at checkout

These Haunted Places in Delhi will Put all Brave Hearts to the Test. If you consider yourself such a junkie and a ghostbuster, and are in Delhi, then your search for horror places in Delhi ends here.

Kashmere Gate Monument

30 minutes • Admission Ticket Included

Feroz Shah Kotla

Jamali kamali tomb and mosque.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Delhi & taken to our first stop “Lothian Cemetry” Lothian cemetery was the place where thousands of British soldiers killed by Indian freedom fighters were laid to rest. Bone-rattling laughs and creepy cries have often been heard by people, who had the misfortune of crossing this place on a new moon night.

Our next spot is Feroz Shah Kotla, an old fortress built in the 14th century. Locals have spoken of the multitude of the invisible djinns, or fire spirits, which inhabit this place. Locals devotedly light incense sticks for the djinns which live here and leave offerings like milk and grain and pen letters to them, every Thursday! The fortress lies in ruins and is extremely lonely and looks abandoned to complete the image of being haunted.

Next we move on to the “Jamal Kamali” mosque complex located deep inside the creepy jungles of south delhi. Sightings of lights, mystifying, baffling growling of dogs chasing through some undetectable sight, apparitions as well as other faint weird sounds, etc are frequently reported. To conclude, you will be driven back to your hotel/airport/railway station in Delhi.

Ticket Information

  • Mobile or paper ticket accepted
  • One per booking

What's Included

  • Tour escort/host
  • Transport by private vehicle

What's not Included

  • Food and drinks

Cancellation Policy

  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Additional Info

  • Suitable for all physical fitness levels
  • Minimum age is 18 years
  • Dress code is smart casual
  • Operates in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately
  • Face masks required for travellers in public areas
  • Face masks required for guides in public areas
  • Hand sanitiser available to travellers and staff

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Get ideas from the pros.

As one of the largest travel agencies in North America, we have a wealth of recommendations to share! Browse our articles and videos for inspiration, or dive right in with preplanned AAA Road Trips, cruises and vacation tours.

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Spartan Newsroom - News and information from student journalists at the Michigan State University School of Journalism


Spartan Newsroom (

Arts & Entertainment

A tale of a haunted lighthouse: seul choix point’s spirits, by capital news service | 15 hours ago.

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The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse is a haunted attraction many tourists attend in the summer.

Courtesy of Kat Tedsen

By KELSEY LESTER Capital News Service 

LANSING — The smell of cigar smoke lingers as visitors walk through the dark living quarters of Gulliver’s Seul Choix Point Lighthouse.

They’d think someone was there because of the smell. But no. Instead, it’s the smoking spirits that inhabit the 1895 lighthouse on the Upper Peninsula shore of Lake Michigan.

Kat Tedsen, the coauthor of the book series “Haunted Travels of Michigan,”  has investigated over 350 potentially paranormal sites around the state.  

While Tedsen is sometimes asked to investigate residences, most of her work involves logically debunking or proving a place is haunted.

The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse is the only lighthouse where Tedsen found paranormal evidence that couldn’t be explained.

East of Manistique, the lighthouse is open to visitors during the summertime and offers tours, a gift shop and a museum.

“I never really recorded or experienced anything at any lighthouse except for one. I’ve been in a lot of lighthouses — walked up way too many circular stairs,” Tedsen said. “It was the most compelling investigation I’ve done in any lighthouse.”

In 1886, construction of the lighthouse was commissioned, according to America’s Haunted Road. Work wasn’t completed until 1895.

As the legend has it, Capt. Joseph Willie Townsend is the lighthouse’s paranormal keeper. According to Pure Michigan, the state’s tourism promotion agency, it has been experiencing documented strange activity for decades.

Townsend, also known as Capt. Willie, was appointed keeper in 1902. He had a short tenure because he died in 1910. 

His cause of death isn’t conclusively known, but because of his heavy cigar smoking, visitors assume he died from lung disease. 

Because his death occurred in harsh winter, relatives weren’t able to bury him and instead embalmed the body within the cold walls of the lighthouse cellar.

His body allegedly stayed there for three weeks, and his soul is said to have stayed behind.

“He had this big, bushy white beard and hair. There have been reports of things like dishes in the kitchen going askew. And there’s a mirror on the second floor that they say is a portal to the other side,” Tedsen said.

“These are all ghost stories,” she said. “I didn’t find any of that.”

Although she didn’t experience any of the lighthouse’s reputed paranormal phenomena, Tedsen said she came across something even more chilling.

“I didn’t get in contact with Capt. Willie, but what I did encounter is something nobody told us about. We found something connected to another lightkeeper — a guy by the name of William Blanchard,” she said.

“He held the position for 31 years. His wife, Amanda, was a midwife and Amanda’s mother, a lady by the name of Mary Pebble, unfortunately had cancer,” she said

Back in those days, treatment options for cancer were scarce and Pebble grew weaker and died after a great storm hit the lighthouse in February 1919.

“One of those extreme storms that come off Lake Michigan — huge winds. It twisted the trees like they were fields of wheat. The ice pellets and the snow actually broke some of the windows on the upper floor, and the floor started filling with snow,” Tedsen said 

“Poor Mary passed away,” she said.

Pebble’s family wanted to take the body to the mainland but couldn’t leave or bury her outdoors because of the ice.

As happened with Capt. Willie’s corpse, Pebble’s relatives put her body in the first-floor bathroom to freeze.

Tedsen didn’t know the history of the bathroom when she set up an audio recorder and started asking questions aloud.

“I’m just asking general names like ‘what is your name? What happened to you while you were here?’ I didn’t hear anything at the time, but when I was listening to the audio later, I found a response,” she said.

“It clearly said, when I asked for her name, the response was ‘Mary.’” In response to another question she replied that she “died in snow,” Tedsen said.

Although she experienced many paranormal happenings in the lighthouse, Tedsen said she isn’t always convinced by what she finds.

“Believe it or not, I am and will always be a skeptic. When people don’t believe in it, I totally understand,” Tedsen said. “But what that also tells me is they’ve never had a paranormal experience.”

“The minute you have a paranormal experience that first time it’s going to change your life,” she said.

Paranormal happenings bring a lot of tourism to Seul Choix Point Lighthouse and other haunted attractions around Michigan. Pure Michigan promotes them as travel destinations on its website.

“There are so many public ghost towns,” Tedsen said. “But to me, paranormal is very important — it begs the question ‘is there life after death?’”

A portrait of Capt. Joseph Willie Townsend who died as the keeper of the lighthouse in 1910.


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