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Nasuverse Cosmology Discussion Thread (I)

  • Thread starter TheUnshakableOne
  • Start date Nov 16, 2019
  • Tags fate/extra fate/grand order nasuverse



  • Nov 16, 2019
  • " Oh excuse me. Now, let me tell you about your holy spear. It isn't meant to overcome external threats but to keep the planet in place, or rather, it's its anchor. You just spoke of Avalon, but Avalon isn't so much as a different world. It's beneath your very feet. On the other side of the world, separated by a thin layer. "Beneath my feet…below the ground you say?""So to speak. Below the foundation that is 'the world of your kind' is the gap that is 'Avalon', and below that is the surface of the planet. Avalon and your world are but layers, its texture. Both are "outer appearances" sticking to the surface of the planet."….Texture…you mean Britain?." "Not just Britain, but the entire world of mankind. Britain, actually, happens to be a bit unique. Artoria, the world you see with your eyes is not everything. "
  • "T o put it simply, I mean you and your species. The intelligence that humanity gained, their mentality strove to illuminate the darkness of 'uncertain laws'. And because of that, the laws of the planet changed to laws most suitable for humans to live. The dragons and the fairies weren't compatible with those rules. That's why they moved to the other side of the world on their own. They left this land to your people. "
  • " The Ever-distant Utopia. A sheathe crowned with the name of the land of fairies that appears in the legends of King Arthur, said to be wreathed in everlasting spring. It is a paradise reminiscent of the island in Greek mythology where the gods grew their golden apples of immortality. Not only does the holy sword's sheathe heal all of its owner's wounds and stagnate their aging, but when its true name is called it even decomposes into hundreds of parts and protects them from all interference. It was excavated from Cornwall by the Einzberns, and entrusted to Kiritsugu as a catalyst for summoning King Arthur. It is a Noble Phantasm at the level of magic, that completely shuts out all physical interference, transliners from parallel worlds, and communication from other dimensions (up to the sixth). If Saber secludes herself with this, none will be able to reach her. "
  • "Its name was Avalon ― and it was the sea at the heart of the planet, the seat for the soul of the celestial being called Earth."No… that is not the most correct expression to describe such a thing. For this realm is after all set upon both a higher and a lower plane of our world. I would say that it exists in the exact same point and location but off-set by several phases."
  • " The Phantasmal Races, having understood that the Age of the Gods was over, ceded the Earth's surface to humans and moved to this place. The world where humans currently live (including the laws of physics) is like a fabric that thinly extends across the surface of the planet. Beneath that fabric exist the planet known as "Earth." On the other hand, the Reverse Side of the World is the world as it was before humans lived there… that is, the fabric of the era where Phantasmal Races strode the land. In other words, the Earth is the bottommost layer of the planet, and it is covered by the "Reverse Side of the World"—the place where the laws of the "world" as it once was reigns, and covering that is the "Present World ."
  • " The Hippogriff that Astolfo rides is a "Phantasmal Beast" in the true sense, since its very existence is uncertain. As a result, when it is released as a Noble Phantasm, the Hippogriff can jump over to a different dimension, though only for an instant ."
  • Here is the Fate/Extella Link description of Hippogriff https://i.imgur.com/57h44vs.jpg
  • " Also, in the world of Tsukihime spiritual realms are not alternate dimensions, but rather exist within the world itself. Things like legendary lands and countries of eternal spring are the products of the imagination of whatever elemental rules over them. Consequently, it is possible for humans to wander into them by accident. The castle in the mountains that Arcueid calls home is actually a product of her marble phantasm ."
  • " Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth. The cutting of space with the Sword of Rupture, Ea. Air pressure faults, compressed and smashed against each other, become a pseudo-fault in time and space that pulverizes all who oppose it. With output matching or even exceeding Excalibur, it is without a doubt the sword that "cut the world." Strictly speaking, the Noble Phantasm is actually Ea, while Enuma Elish is the name of Ea's maximum output state. …By the way, the sword's drill shape is modeled after the bedrock excavators used when making underwater tunnels. Though normally you'd think of a drill as something that tapers down to a point like a spear, the drills used to bore out enormous holes actually look more like numerous overlapping gears. The way the blades rotate individually and shave away at the bedrock… just imagining it is so cool! "



So if the Reverse Side is a layer where the Age before Humans is still present and that layer doesn't contain the laws of physics does this mean that the laws of physics didn't exist during the Age of Gods?  

  • Thread starter

updated it with information on Gilgamesh's EA  

DragonEmperor23 said: So if the Reverse Side is a layer where the Age before Humans is still present and that layer doesn't contain the laws of physics does this mean that the laws of physics didn't exist during the Age of Gods? Click to expand...



  • Nov 17, 2019

I do believe it was something like that. The Age of Gods didn't officially end truly until Solomon died and only started degrading during the time of Gil, but things like gravity very much existed.  

What is a Divine Spirit defined as? Cause like, the greek ones are robots.  

Gods degraded to spirits due to the lacking faith and support and all that bull plus end of the Age of Gods. Still the most powerful nature spirits by far, should tell you something. And is a bit unsure if Robot is the right word, but they are all rather different. The Aztec ones were literally viruses that jumped from people to people, and we kinda saw a bit of the sumerian ones (or at least one of them not in a borrowed body).  



Would be cool to finally conclude how the word "World" means in each contexts of it. May also help clearing the 5-B Enuma Elish thingy.  

I mean There is Anti World and Anti Planet NPs, an obvious distinction is made. And there's the whole untranslated word usage which we know nothing about after it gets translated which I am sure leaves it much more clear.  


Untranslated words usage???  

Bump... (Is sad that this isn't as popular as i thought it would be) ;~;  



Really, we need to discuss how concepts work with the Nasuverse. But Iapitus is doing that iirc.  



I thought it was pretty clear how they work but yeah  

So what does everyone think of the information i presented...?  

Iapitus The Impaler said: I thought it was pretty clear how they work but yeah Click to expand...

Sure. Its Not-Nutting Gentlemen#8821  



TheUpgradeManHaHaxD said: So what does everyone think of the information i presented...? Click to expand...
SleepyTBubble said: TheUpgradeManHaHaxD said: So what does everyone think of the information i presented...? Click to expand...
Iapitus The Impaler said: Sure. Its Not-Nutting Gentlemen#8821 Click to expand...

Eh, once you read enough you get the gist of it. At least, that's how it felt to me @LsirLancelot Conveniently enough. The japanese ver of FGO uses þÑ×ÒÇà for Gods when refering to those belonging to Age of Gods and þÑ×Ú£è for Divine Spirits  

Mhm, that's actually important. Is one of the things that denote that they ARE inferior as Divine Spirits and different things altogether. @Upgrade Unless I remember wrong, there are actually different Kanji used most of the time for the Planet Earth the big bag of rocks and THE WORLD, the power of Gaia. Another detaill - Alayashiki, or the collective unconscious, is similar but ultimately separate from humanity, just like how humanity is ultimately separate from nature and Gaia for the most part. Even their Counter systems are different.  

Alright lets start a wildfire. What tier is the Root?  

Going by our standards, at least 2-A, even if I still think the verse only reaches 2-B so far. Dimensions in Nasuverse aren't treated as higher infinities to normal reality either, soooooo....  

how dimensions are treated in nasuverse though can change if we can prove that Avalon transcends over the multiverse, but... I don't want to walk into a california level wild fire unprepared  

It transcending has never been a thing as far as I am aware, and I'd be vehemently against that all day every day without immense proof. Especially when it is one of the places inside the reverse side, which would likely stop existing altogether if Gaia died like in Notes.  

LSirLancelotDuLacl said: Mhm, that's actually important. Is one of the things that denote that they ARE inferior as Divine Spirits and different things altogether. @Upgrade Unless I remember wrong, there are actually different Kanji used most of the time for the Planet Earth the big bag of rocks and THE WORLD, the power of Gaia. Another detaill - Alayashiki, or the collective unconscious, is similar but ultimately separate from humanity, just like how humanity is ultimately separate from nature and Gaia for the most part. Even their Counter systems are different. Click to expand...

After you spend a good while commenting and seeing stuff in Beast Lair, you notice very specific use of words in many things in Fate.  

LSirLancelotDuLacl said: After you spend a good while commenting and seeing stuff in Beast Lair, you notice very specific use of words in many things in Fate. Click to expand...

From the KnK pamphlet, don't remember the page number: "The Counter Force here is the safety device formed by the collective unconsciousness. The prayer to avert the demise of mankind, Alaya. And the prayer to extend the life of the planet, Gaia. These are the two aspect of the Counter Force. Both aspects have the goal of extending the existence of the current World. They will eradicate the factors that threaten to destroy the World at the moment of their occurance. Since the Counter Force is the unconscious, its appearance draws no attention, and no one will recognize it. The Counter Force is a formless spiral of power. It adjusts its scale based on the target that needs to be obliterated. The Counter Force will always appear with a status above the target, enough to absolutely secure a victory. Normally, the Counter Force empowers "a normal person" to remove the factor that can trigger destruction. As a result, these individuals are worshiped as "Heroes". Individuals who became Heroes through the aspect of Alaya are said to be integrated into Alaya after death. However, the accuracy of this statement is uncertain. These individuals are also called Counter Guardians. The emphasis here is "Counter", because they have no autonomy and will only activate in response to an event.:  

KnightOfSunlight said: Alright lets start a wildfire. What tier is the Root? Click to expand...

> Whats beast lair?? Kinda awkward how you seem very active in Nasuverse threads and not known Beast Lair It's a forum for Nasuverse works where most if not a lot of info comes from (materials and their translations, many users info dump on it and explain in context Type Moon works) https://forums.nrvnqsr.com/  

TheUpgradeManHaHaxD said: Whats beast lair?? Click to expand...
SleepyTBubble said: > Whats beast lair?? Kinda awkward how you seem very active in Nasuverse threads and not known Beast Lair It's a forum for Nasuverse works where most if not a lot of info comes from (materials and their translations, many users info dump on it and explain in context Type Moon works) https://forums.nrvnqsr.com/ Click to expand...

It looks complicated but you gotta remember its just pronounced "Nero"  

I know is just pronounced Nero, but doesn't make it any easier to remember and type.  

Nero forum  

  • Nov 18, 2019

I won't let Umu take over the forum D:<  

nasuverse phantasmal beast

She can just Imperial Privelage her tears away.  

A curse has fallen upon thee For every night, you shall dream of the entire world being an umu while they are chanting: HASHIRE SORI YO KAZE NO YOU NI TSUKIMIHARA WO PADORU PADORU  


I shall sleep by a mighty tree, keeping the poison of PADORU away by the divine might of ROMAAAAAA Silly aside, we do know textures are a thing. Things like Ron are meant to keep them in place, there are others besides Ron as well, and they even get mentioned directly since Surtr's weapon is meant to destroy the norse texture/layer/whatever.  

Avalon is directly connected to the layers, and so is the reverse side of the world, and things like the underworld  

Obviously they are connected, since Avalon is directly on the reverse side of the world.  


I want to ask something that had been bugging my mind. How some Textures in LB chapters like Scandinavia and Indian texture spread across the world?  

Is hard to say when we don't know the nature of textures fully or what the heck happens when there are different textures active at the same time. The best I could say is that the Texture didn't spread in LB 1, the world simply entered an extinction event and the Tsar used magecraft to help his people survive the best they could, while for Karna there didn't seem to be any other religion around at all. Or it may be a bit of a God Of War situation where each texture is its own space not confined by the physical size of the chunk of the Earth they inhabit.  

im inclined to believe its a completely seperated space a sort of pocket dimension/reality. For me at least, the context makes it seem that way.  

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Phantasmal Creature [FATE/Nasuverse]

  • Thread starter Fire_Fox
  • Start date Jun 30, 2022
  • Tags fate fate grand order fate/stay night

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  • Jul 1, 2022

What type of heroic spirit should we do. I personally prefer complex characters, good and bad at the same time like Fuhrer Bradley  



Is there an ‘Adam’ heroic spirit that’s already been explored in one of the fates cos that seems neat  


Snivy Mage and Reader of Fanfiction.

The Iron General said: ...We could've had an Heroic Dragon Spirit... Click to expand... Click to shrink...


Legendar-NOT said: Is there an ‘Adam’ heroic spirit that’s already been explored in one of the fates cos that seems neat Click to expand... Click to shrink...
AkumaAxl said: That would be cool but maybe a Reinhard Heydrich spirit perhaps. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Fire_Fox said: I dunno, that seems like if I made him a character the Quest would become super racially charged very quickly. Nazi's weren't super accepting of ANYONE that wasn't white, and I would rather not write a Nazi character unless they are an antagonist to the plot personally @~@; Click to expand... Click to shrink...
AkumaAxl said: Okay but I'm also thinking of either Hermes Trismegistus, Icarus, Adam, Cain or Someone else. Click to expand... Click to shrink...

The Iron General

The Iron General

The Iron General said: Simo Häyhä Click to expand... Click to shrink...
The Iron General said: Ok I for one love the idea for an Adam spirit for two reasons. One; I love dilfs. Two; I want every bi*ch to be my son. So being Adam does all of that for me sooooo. Ok I like the other ideas you have too (Not the nazi one tho. Hate that idea) And may I propose one Simo Häyhä and Genghis Khan? Also love the idea of Hermes searching for his sense of self. Always love that sh*t. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
AkumaAxl said: Well I'm leaning more into Adam than the others along with Seth one of the sons of Adam. Enoch is a close third though. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Fire_Fox said: I am not sure if I should do Adam, mostly since he would have a legend even older than Gilgamesh and thus INSANELY powerful, not to mention how he is so closely linked to the Christian faith (Biggest religion on the planet). He would be just absolutely nuts I would think. You would need Servants on the level of Gilgamesh or with weird unique powers to put him in a bind. Click to expand... Click to shrink...


You know who I'm gonna pick Edward elric. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  



Nah. you guys, we need to choose the Man, the Myth, The Legend. The Martial Lord of Loyalty. Admiral Yi Sun-sin  

The_Insomniac_Daydreamer said: Nah. you guys, we need to choose the Man, the Myth, The Legend. The Martial Lord of Loyalty. Admiral Yi Sun-sin Click to expand... Click to shrink...
The_Insomniac_Daydreamer said: The Martial Lord of Loyalty. Admiral Yi Sun-sin Click to expand... Click to shrink...


Count of St. Germain  

Fire_Fox said: Turtle ships sound pretty cool though. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Fire_Fox said: Should he be a man or a woman according to Nasuverse logic? Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Philospher said: Count of St. Germain Click to expand... Click to shrink...

Hey quick question but do we get to pick our master or do you?  

The Iron General said: Hey quick question but do we get to pick our master or do you? Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Fire_Fox said: I will probably end up detailing what is happening and the general outline of events at the moment and give you guys a choice between several different Master's, listing their specialties, what magic they practice, and their general personality. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
The Iron General said: ...I don't know why, but I have this deep, deep sinking feeling. That whoever we pick, no matter who or what...are going to be incredibly autistic. And I'm talking Shirou Emiya levels of autism here too. And I don't even know why I feel it! Just do. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
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Okay so I have made a list of possible Heroic Spirits who I think I could do for a Quest, I have read every comment so far and here are the Spirits I picked. More details on each character will be provided if asked for, and even more will be provided if they are actually picked. Simo Häyhä: The White Death/Magic Shooter Lawful Good Archer Class He was a Finnish sniper in WWII with a 500 person kill count, rather than using a scope he opted instead to use iron sights, and has the highest number of sniper kills in any major war. He was made a propaganda figure and a living legend among his people, earning himself a place on the Throne of Hero's. Hermes Trismegistus: A man made of many legends Chaotic Neutral (As he is unsure of who he really even is) Caster Class(?) He isn't even sure who he is supposed to be, his legend is made up of so many other legends that its hard to say who exactly he is at any given moment. Is he his own person, or is he an unnatural amalgamate of several people? Truly a tragic fate for anyone. Fuhrer Bradley: The Puppet King Bradley Lawful Evil Saber Class/Berserker Class/Foreigner Class He is a Human Homunculus, a living human imbedded with a Philosophers Stone. This process has left him unsure if he is even the same person as who he started as. He was later instated as the Fuhrer of the country of Amestris, leading the country into a brutal war of extermination against a neighboring country. Edward Elric: The Full Metal Alchemist Chaotic Good Caster Class/Foreigner Class Edward Elric is a member of Amestris's military and joined at the age of 12 due to a failed attempt at Human Transmutation, a taboo art meant to bring the dead back to life. He is a prodigy in the science of alchemy, a practice that borders the line between science and magic. He is a firm believer in the the law of Equivalent Exchange, using it in almost every aspect of his life and uses it like a personal creed of sorts. No one wants anything without getting something in return. His wish is to get his, and his brothers bodies back. He hoped to do this with a Philosophers Stone, only to discover that they are made using human souls. Nothing in alchemy is free after all, and what could compare to the value of a soul? Due to this he was seeking other methods of seeking out a body, when the Throne of Hero's offered him a chance to get it, by seeking the Holy Grail. Genghis Khan: You are probably related to him. Neutral Evil (Possibly Chaotic Evil) Berserker Class/Rider Class/Saber Class/Archer Class (I will be up front, I do NOT know enough about him, but you guys seem really into him, I will certainly look into it more if you guys want to have him as the protagonist. I just know that he raped enough people that a good chunk of the planet is related to him. At least 16 Million people.) The Doctor: A Mad Man in a Box Chaotic Good Caster Class/Ruler Class/Foreigner Class A man who comes up with unconventional solutions to difficult problems and doesn't really use violence to solve them and considers himself a pacifist (He is really good at getting opponents to kill themselves however or killing people without direct action). He is very eccentric, but also very very smart. He has a history so long that it would be impossible to describe all of it on paper, because we would likely run out of trees first. He isn't exactly human either, as a Time Lord he is functionally immortal when it comes to Time, with wounds, he will die, however even that doesn't tend to stick for very long as he can come back from that too. However he only has 12 lives, 13 if he is lucky. He has an awful habit of failing to protect some of the people around him. He isn't perfect, but he does his best, sometimes however his best isn't enough.  

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[X] Edward elric  

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nasuverse phantasmal beast

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Timeline / Nasuverse

Edit locked, unmarked spoilers ahead, proper human history and the chronicle theoretical phenomenon.

Due to the nature of the Nasuverse, several events can take place at the same time but in different timelines and works. There will be notes describing in which timeline and work the events are depicted when there are differences in the portrayal of events. Most divergences in the timeline take place in the Age of Man, where all works are set in.     open/close all folders 

  • The Solar System is formed. A mighty white dragon who would later be called Albion and regarded as the pinnacle of all dragonkind is born on Earth.
  • In Fate/Extra timelines a mysterious civilization creates the Moon Cell which records everything happening on Earth, similar to the Root.
  • The creation of the Meso merican pantheon . A great meteor crashes into the Yucatán Peninsula, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. Extraterrestrial microorganisms called the Divine Filaments riding the meteor survive and infect the local fauna and flora, changing them into gods, as well as repair the damage to the surface caused by the impact. The deities periodically move from one vessel to another.
  • Tiamat and Abzu beget the Mesopotamian pantheon . Abzu is slain by his progeny, and when the gods turn against Tiamat, she spawns the Eleven Magical Beasts to aid her in battle. Tiamat is defeated by her descendent Marduk, and banished to Imaginary Number Space in the Earth's inner sea, the Reverse Side of the World, to prevent a goddess with the ability to spawn randomized offspring from overwriting the established world. Tiamat sleeps, waiting for the chance to return to Earth.
  • Deep underneath what would be called the Isle of Britain in the modern day, within the Land of Faeries Avalon located in the Reverse Side of the World, six powerful fairies are tasked by the planet itself to create a weapon that acts as the ultimate defense for it. Said weapon was Excalibur , and would be kept safe unless a threat to the planet arrived that warranted its power.
  • Arrival of the Olympians . In another universe entirely, a Dyson Sphere called Chaos is created by an alien civilization as an ark to carry them to another planet, though the civilization perished. Chaos continues its functions, and deploys a fleet of smaller robots into our universe to find a suitable planet to terraform so it may recreate its builders' civilization. This fleet would later be called the Titans, led by the flagship Cronus. The Titans split into another fleet, the future Olympians, which then rebels against them in the Titanomachia, with victors continuing their voyage under the new flagship Zeus. After a long period of time, the fleet encounters Earth and decides to land on it since their functions were breaking down and the planet closely matched the conditions Chaos specified for terraforming. Upon landing, humans begin worshipping them as the Twelve Machine Gods or Twelve Pillars, and give them and their Titan creators names as only Chaos received one originally. The worship changes them from machines of mere functions to gods with their own egos, and in thanks the Twelve Machine Gods establish a technologically advanced society for humanity in Atlantis , with their capital the Interstellar Mountainous City, Olympus, located in an incredibly large underground and underwater space directly beneath the Atlantis archipelago.
  • The first phase in the ending of the Age of Gods, decline. Gods roam the Earth as the dominant species and the personification of concepts and nature, establishing civilizations with humanity as their subjects. The alien being known as the Umbral Star Velber, which was created by the same civilization that made the Moon Cell, approaches Earth and enacts its function of harvesting civilizations by deploying a piece of itself called the White Titan Sefar to slaughter the gods and breaking down everything into Spiritrons to be absorbed. Sefar begins her attack and rampages across Earth, slaughtering many pantheons, scattering civilizations, razing the very land she walks on, and absorbing all she destroys to grow larger and more powerful. She is eventually defeated by the human wielder of Excalibur before she can complete her mission and destroy the outer Texture of the planet which would leave only the ocean behind, but the damage done is irreversible; 80% of the surface has been burnt to ash, many gods lie dead and humanity has lost faith in them for succeeding where their deities could not. The deterioration of the Age of Gods begins, with the gods' influence and power waning while humanity's grows.
  • In Fate/Extra timelines, Sefar attacks the Moon Cell first, before using its functions to send a copy to Earth to launch a simultaneous attack. The shock of her copy's death on Earth stuns her, giving the Moon Cell an opportunity to seal her away inside it.
  • Olympus and Atlantis are destroyed by Sefar in what is later called the Leukosmachia. The Twelve Machine Gods have the ability to temporarily recombine and repel Sefar, but they are initially unconcerned with her invasion as they too descended from outer space and decide not to. The Machine Gods pay for this flippant attitude when they realize too late that Sefar is an anti-civilization weapon and are physically slain and reduced to Divine Spirits, called from hereon as the Twelve Olympians. Ares in particular is slain right before Sefar's own death and his prized Sword of Mars is taken by her as a war trophy. The remnants of Atlantean civilization eventually drift to Greece and establish a new civilization there.
  • The Mesopotamian gods avoid destruction by bowing down and pleading Sefar for mercy, who agrees by making a contract with them; in exchange for sparing their lives, the gods will return the favor and save the White Titan in her hour of need.
  • A backup brain of Sefar retaining her memory survives destruction, and is encased within the artificial body of a young woman to sleep within Sefar's remains located in the Sahara Desert.
  • In a timeline that runs parallel to the Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA timeline, Pandora never opens Pithos, causing the world to drastically change. The world itself slowly begins to die at a rate faster then most timelines, causing many altered events.
  • ORT, the Ultimate One of the Oort Cloud, receives Gaia's dying call to exterminate humanity ahead of time, arrives in South America, terraforms the surrounding Texture into its native Crystal Valley, and begins sleeping until the promised time of Notes when Gaia dies.
  • The events of the Mahabharata happen, though the records of the war wouldn't be completed until some several thousand years later.
  • The second phase in the ending of the Age of Gods, parting, and the dawn of modern civilization. All of humanity unites for the first time in Mesopotamia, and they speak the Unified Language. The Mesopotamian gods sense their waning influence, and create Gilgamesh as a keystone, the "Wedge of the Heavens," to connect humanity and the gods. Gilgamesh unexpectedly rebels against his given purpose and encourages the separation of gods and humanity, further weakening the gods and degrading them into Divine Spirits. The gods decide to rein him in by creating Enkidu, the "Chain of the Heavens," but the two unexpectedly became friends. Following Gilgamesh's adventures and death, the first dynasty of Uruk ends and humanity drifts across the planet, taking Gilgamesh's treasures with them to one day become the Noble Phantasms of later heroes. Gilgamesh himself is recorded as the first Heroic Spirit in the Throne of Heroes.
  • The True Ancestors are created. Gaia fears the domination of mankind as they continue to develop, and asks the other heavenly bodies of the Solar System for help to protect itself from humans since it lacks its own Ultimate One. Crimson Moon Brunestud, the Ultimate One of the Moon, answers its call and makes a deal with Gaia. In exchange for letting Gaia use Crimson Moon's body as a template to create its defenders, Crimson Moon will be allowed to live on Earth. Unbeknownst to Gaia, Crimson Moon plans on using the True Ancestors as backups in case its current body is destroyed. Crimson Moon remains on Earth with plans of creating its own kingdom, and begins turning humans into Dead Apostles to serve him.
  • One of the worlds earliest religions, Zoroastrianism , is believed to have started in this period (if perhaps even older). A village suffering from plague and disease in the Middle East area decides to take a random villager and label them the source of all evil in the world to create a scapegoat. The villager is tortured and the focus of their rituals. Eventually, they become known as Aŋra Mainiiu, and are recorded into the Throne of Heroes as a result.
  • The Gigantomachia occurs during the Greek Heroic Age, when events of Classical Mythology such as the journey of the Argonauts and later the Trojan War take place. Bunrei, or Divided Spirits, left behind by Sefar called the Gigas rise up and attack the Twelve Olympians. As they are now weakened Divine Spirits, the Olympians are forced to rely on human heroes to defeat them. It is here the demigod son of Zeus named Heracles starts leaving his mark on history.
  • Fire Giants invade from Muspelheim, sparking the beginning of Ragnarök in Scandinavia though that event is perceived in the Age of Man as Mount Katla erupting. The Norse pantheon dies and the fire giant Surtr burns away the local Texture to usher in the coming Age of Man, ending the Age of Gods there.
  • King Solomon of Israel detects the deterioration of True Magic and realizes that an alternative must come up if humanity is to continue performing magic without needing a connection to the gods. He creates the 72 Demon God Pillars and binds them as his familiars to watch over humanity, and uses the summoning spell Goetia as the foundation for modern Magecraft. Solomon assigns Goetia to watch over humanity in his place after he dies, but Goetia is unable to comprehend mortal life and grows frustrated by what it sees, which is further exacerbated by Solomon's refusal to teach it the beauty of mortality. Solomon also takes several pupils, such as the future Clock Tower Director Brishsan and Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, wielder of the Second Magic.
  • Solomon dies, further accelerating the decaying Age of Gods and the decline of Mystery. Following his death, Goetia gains a will of its own and incarnates in Solomon's corpse, taking his identity and abilities. Using Solomon's Clairvoyance, he sees that humanity is destined to perish in the year 2016 AD and begins a great plan to go back in time and remake humanity as immortal beings more to his liking. To this end, he conditions mage families to pass down their Magic Crests and bloodlines no matter what while hiding triggers within certain families so he can activate them and turn the mages into his Demon God Pillars at certain points in history.
  • The third and last phase in the ending of the Age of Gods, opportunity. A certain but unknown trigger ends the Age of Gods and the beginning of the next Age.
  • The Age of Gods completely ends. The laws of the World change from ones based on Mystery to physics based. All Phantasmal Beasts retreat to the Reverse Side of the World where Mystery still exists except the white dragon Albion who chooses to stay in Britain, while the Divine Spirits retreat to a higher plane, but they can no longer directly influence mankind. In certain regions of the world such as the Navel of the World, Britain, the local Texture remains in the Age of Gods with Mystery and True Ether still extant.
  • The wielder of the First Magic is born on the eve before the calendar changes to AD.
  • Mankind flourishes as the Prime Ones, the dominant species of Earth.
  • The founding of the Mage's Association. The mages remaining from the Age of Gods, knowing that all Mystery will one day fade away, decide to band together and preserve their knowledge to be studied.
  • The ambient mana begins steadly decreasing as time passes on due to an unknown factor in the Isle of Britain.
  • The Einzbern factory is created by the students of the Third Magician. They were attempting to reproduce their master�s miracle, but couldn�t do it themselves, so as an alternate plan they tried was to recreate a specimen identical to their master and have it reproduce the magic.
  • The mana that permeated the air in the Age of Gods, True Ether, is replaced with the inferior Ether and discovered by mages. Some mages decide to study the new form of Mystery and Magecraft; others decide to stick to the old ways and split off, forming the Wandering Sea and Atlas Institutes. The three branches stay connected as the Mage's Association.
  • For the next eighty years, the Mage's Association spreads their knowledge of Magecraft and the energy/morale of the Age of Gods seems to come back. However, Dead Apostles begin attacking mages as they see them as a threat.
  • Crimson Moon Brunestud and Zelretch have a grand duel against each other. The duel ends in Zelretch's victory due to Crimson Moon's unfamiliarity with Magic, but Crimson Moon survives the duel as a discarnate existence and begins waiting for the chance to reincarnate in a suitable True Ancestor. In Tsukihime timelines, Zelretch has his blood sucked by the 3rd DAA (in the remake, _not_ Crimson Moon) and joins the ranks of the Dead Apostle Ancestors.
  • An unknown event triggers the strengthening of the Human Order for Fate timelines, negating the possibility of the Dead Apostle Ancestors as an organization in almost every single one except for Fate/strange fake . Fate and Tsukihime timelines split from this point on.
  • The Holy Church spreads its power in Western Europe, causing a decline in the Mage's Assocation's own. The capitals of learning for mages are stamped out by the Church.
  • The Dead Apostle Ancestor Gransurg Blackmore gives into despair after the defeat of his master Crimson Moon in Fate timelines, accepting his death by the Church's Executors.
  • The remains of Sefar have long since forgotten all memories due to her long sleep. She is found by the Huns and given the name of Attila, though she prefers Altera. Altera is then used as a weapon by the Huns against the Roman Empire. In Fate/Extra timelines, the Sefar still trapped in the Moon Cell is able to view her memories and decides to take on the name Altera as well out of a desire of becoming more than a weapon of Velber.
  • The last remaining Texture of the Age of Gods where True Ether still exists in the isle of Britain ends.
  • The events of Arthurian Legend take place, though the name and gender of Arthur varies depending on the timeline. Arthur's uncle Vortigern and the will of Britain incarnated fights to have the isle destroyed in the Age of Gods rather than have its Mystery fade in the Age of Man, but falls at hand of Arthur and their Round Table. Arthur creates the kingdom of Camelot, but it falls when Arthur's sister, Morgan le Fay and the second incarnated will of Britain, uses Arthur to create the homunculus Mordred, who mortally wounds Arthur at the battle of Camlann. The fall of Camelot is permanently written into Proper Human History as a Quantum Time Lock. Arthur regrets the fall of their kingdom on their deathbed and desires the Holy Grail in an attempt to avert its fall. After being summoned into future Holy Grail Wars several times, they come to accept Camelot's end and are taken by Vivian, the Lady of the Lake and one of Morgan's alternate personalities, to sleep within Avalon instead of dying and ascending to the Throne of Heroes after returning Excalibur to her. Merlin is sealed within the Garden of Avalon by Vivian, but witnesses Arthur's final resolution and lets the Cath Palug out into the world so that it may learn the beauty of the world and humanity.
  • In an alternate timeline, King Arthur's right hand knight, Bedivere, is unable to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake out of guilt. Due to this, a female King Arthur armed with the holy spear Rhongomyniad survived and becomes a Divine Spirit, wandering for many years. She eventually wanders in the Grand Order timeline, and cements herself as the Lion King in one of Goetia's Singularities.
  • A group of mages settle in Britain, forming the Clock Tower.
  • The Clock Tower discovers the Spirit Grave Albion underneath it. It is a massive underground labyrinth containing the corpse of Albion who had changed its mind and tried to reach the Reverse Side of the World, but failed to burrow all the way and died. The deeper one goes, the closer they get to the Reverse Side of the World. Albion is declared an invaluable asset for the declining mage society, and many flock to the Clock Tower.
  • Justeaze Lirich Von Einzbern is created, completely by accident, proving the Einzberns' 1000 year old thesis of the Third Magic, Heaven's Feel. However, while her abilities were equal to or above those of their master, they were not cost effective, as it would take several years to save just one person with this Magic, making their goal, the salvation of the entire human race, virtually unattainable. The magi despair as she was a mutation that was born regardless of their own techniques or skills, and she is not only so frail that she can be killed by anything and thus never leave the castle, but her mentality is also unaging, making her relive the same day for eternity. The magi try to create a homunculus that surpasses Justeaze by their own techniques, and so the castle�s central management�the golem Jubstacheit�is born and becomes the father of all homunculi. The magi abandon the castle, while others took their own lives, leaving the homunculi to continue to operate the factory for the sake of the creators� ideal of saving all of humankind.
  • The prodigy child Barthomeloi arrives at the Clock Tower. The groundwork for the mage aristocracy class is formed.
  • Caubac Alcatraz succeeds in creating the Holy Scripture Triten. He subsequently disappears, with both Dead Apostles and the Church presuming him to be secluded within his great castle to the present day.
  • Arcueid Brunestud is created by the True Ancestors to be the strongest of her kind, and used to hunt down Dead Apostle Ancestors and True Ancestors who had fallen to their hunger for blood. She is tricked by Michael Roa Valdamjong, founder of the Holy Church's Burial Agency, into drinking his blood and goes berserk, slaughtering many of the True Ancestors in the process. Roa becomes a Dead Apostle and steals much of her strength in the process. Thus begins the cycle of Arcueid hunting down Roa and killing him, only for him to reincarnate. Arcueid sleeps in between cycles to control her blood lust.
  • The Clock Tower is now the center of magical society, and its system of Lords and 12 Departments are established.
  • Zepia Eltnam Oberon accepts the position of director of Atlas Academy in Fate timelines, and remains in the position till the current day.
  • Determining that the plan of solely counting on the unique model of Justeaze was a failure, the Einzbern, with the exception of Jubstacheit, vote to switch to a method of mass production capable of reaching a wide area. Basically, instead of Justeaze using the Third Magic on one human over decades, using Justeaze as a frame, they would create a �greater� magic formula and save many humans at once. The plan is thus to disassemble her magic circuits and replace them with a magic formula, creating a humanoid great grail. However, as they are homunculi and have no contact with the outside world, the Einzbern need cooperative humans to enact the plan.
  • The Clock Tower commissions a seven-man strong expedition into the Crystal Valley to study ORT, consisting of one Grand-ranked mage and six Brand-ranked mages. Despite the unprecedented collaboration of so many powerful mages and the expedition's high hopes, it ends in complete disaster. Only one mage returns, the Clock Tower Lord Astea who warns humanity that they must never again disturb ORT before turning to crystal. Brishsan gives ORT its name, declares it the ultimate taboo of the Association, and then marks the Crystal Valley where it sleeps a forbidden zone.
  • In the Fate timelines, Makiri Zolgen, later named Zouken Matou and host of the Demon God Pillar Barbatos, arrives at the Einzbern Castle, mostly disillusioned with his goal to eliminate all the evils of the world and with the Einzbern being his last hope. He meets Justeaze, and feels a complicated mix of emotions�hope towards fulfilling his ambition, jealousy at her ability to use the Third Magic, and pity for Justeaze�s eternal youth causing her to repeat the same day. The Einzbern family collaborates with Matou Zouken and Nagato Tohsaka, with Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, master of the Second Magic, overseeing them, to make the plan a reality in the city of Fuyuki, Japan. By using Justeaze Lirich Von Einzbern as the core of the Greater Grail, they would use a derivative of the Heroic Spirit Summoning System used by the Counter Force to summon seven copies of Heroic Spirits called Servants, collect their souls into the Lesser Holy Grail, and use them to open the gate to Akasha. Since the three families could only summon one Servant each, they decided to lure four other mages in and have them summon their own Servants. The plan ends in failure thanks to infighting.
  • The Industrial Revolution begins in Great Britain. The advancement of science deals a great blow to both the Mage's Association and the Holy Church. An internal split occurs in the Mage's Association on whether or not to support the Industrial Revolution.
  • In Fate timelines, Roa in the guise of his latest incarnation Tarantella encounters Edmond Dantès . His soul is permanently destroyed by the future Avenger's black flames, preventing him from reincarnating ever again.
  • The second attempt at regaining the Third Magic takes place, now dubbed the Holy Grail Wars. The Second Holy Grail War ends in a bloodbath with no clear victor, so the three families decide to bring in the Holy Church as a neutral party to enforce stricter rules and reduce casualties.
  • In the timeline of Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night , the Einzberns summon Aŋra Mainiiu as Avenger, under the impression that he would an incredibly powerful Divine Spirit. Unfortunately for them, Avenger turns out to be a weakling and is killed instantly, but his soul enters the Grail and corrupts it. The War ends with no clear victor yet again, but Avenger stays inside the Grail as it tries to fulfill the wish for there to be an embodiment of All the World's Evils and begins gathering power for his reincarnation.
  • In the Fate/Apocrypha timeline, the Einzberns summon Amakusa Shirō Tokisada as a Ruler. Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia, master of the Servant Lancer Fionn mac Cumhaill, teams up with the Nazis to steal the Greater Grail from Fuyuki, only to betray them and steal the Grail for himself, leaving it in Trifas, Transylvania to begin gathering mana from the local leylines. The three families give up on the Third Magic with the loss of the Greater Grail. Both Darnic and Amakusa survive, and begin planning for the next Holy Grail War. In the meantime, lesser copycat Grails with their own wars begin popping up around the world.
  • In the Fate/strange fake timeline, the Einzberns also summon Aŋra Mainiiu and War proceeds as in Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night . One of the participants, an American mage of the Dioland family, goes back to the United States with his puppets having recorded the entire war. Together with the US government and military, they develop a plan to hold a Holy Grail War on American soil. They acquire a sacred land with leylines on par with Fuyuki in Nevada, evicting the indigenous tribes that lived there, and found the city of Snowfield.
  • The Chaldea Security Organization is established.
  • In the timeline of Fate/Extra , an unknown ritual started decades too early by the Harway family causes the World's mana to start drying up and trigger the conditions for Overcount 1999, causing it to diverge from the Fate/stay night timeline.
  • In one Tsukihime timeline, Roa chooses a recently born French girl named Elesia as his 17th incarnation, who possesses immense magical potential despite being born to an ordinary family of bakers.
  • 9 years before the events of Fate/Zero , the Einzberns realize one of the reasons they never won a War was their lack of combat experience. The notoriously isolated family decides to bend their rules for the sake of victory and hires Kiritsugu Emiya, a freelance assassin renowned in the Mage's Association as the ruthless Mage Killer as their representative. Kiritsugu accepts, as he has been looking for a way to save the world and decides to use the Grail to grant his impossible wish and achieve a miracle he cannot reach with his own hands. He marries the homunculus Irisviel von Einzbern, the vessel of the Lesser Grail for the Fourth War, and fathers the child Illyasviel who will become the Fifth War's vessel.
  • Witch on the Holy Night takes place in the Tsukihime timeline in Misaki City during December. Aoko Aozaki is declared the successor to the Aozaki family over her sister Touko, and begins studying Magecraft. Aoko eventually achieves the Fifth Magic, Blue.
  • In the -A piece of blue glass moon- version of the Tsukihime timeline, Ciel is born and possessed by Roa for the same reasons.
  • The Animuspheres' Global Environmental Model CHALDEAS is built in XXXXXXX . Due to a lack of funds, materials, and energy, it cannot be activated.
  • In another timeline, the nigh-omnipotent wunderkind child mage Manaka Sajyou summons male King Arthur in Tokyo to fight the First Holy Grail War in the Fate/Prototype prequel Fragments of Sky Silver . Manaka attempts to summon the Beast of Revelation in a misguided attempt to grant Arthur's wish. Arthur kills her and then attacks the Beast before it can be fully born, but succeeds only in putting it back to sleep.
  • In the Tsukihime timeline, Roa awakens inside Elesia around her sixteenth birthday, massacring her entire village. Arcueid awakens and hunts Roa down, but due to her immense power, Elesia revives and is rendered immortal due to the World confusing her existence with Roa's. She survives the Church's attempts to execute her and then joins their Burial Agency for the purpose of killing Roa for good and ending her immortality.
  • The Fourth Holy Grail War takes place in November of this year, depicted in Fate/stay night prequel Fate/Zero which takes place in a subtly different timeline. Kiritsugu Emiya representing the Einzberns summons female King Arthur as Saber, while Tokiomi Tohsaka summons Gilgamesh as Archer. Due to the corruption of the Grail, the war ends with no clear victor yet again. Tokiomi is betrayed by his apprentice Kirei Kotomine who teams up with Gilgamesh. Kiritsugu kills Kotomine, discovers the corrupted Grail and tries to destroy it using Saber but fails to do so, dumping its corrupted contents onto Fuyuki City. The Grail grants Kotomine's desire for suffering and starts the Fuyuki City Fire, while bringing back Kotomine from the dead and incarnating Gilgamesh. The two begin waiting for the next War so they can unleash Aŋra Mainiiu onto the world for their own purposes. A boy named Shirou is rescued from the fire and adopted by Kiritsugu but suppresses his memories of his life before the fire from the trauma. For his failure and betrayal, Kiritsugu is banned from the Einzbern family grounds and forbidden from seeing his daughter Illyasviel despite his best efforts. The Einzberns begin preparing Illya to serve as the Grail vessel and their representative in the next War, while training her to hate her father and adopted brother.
  • In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA timeline, Kiritsugu goes against the Einzbern's to protect Irisviel and Illyasviel from becoming Holy Grails and manages to destroy the Holy Grail System, preventing any future Grail Wars from occurring. He and Irisviel take Illya and try to give her a normal life, though they have to seal parts of her powers and memories due to the Holy Grail's influence on her. This leads to a new timeline where the Grail War's end and Illya lives a normal life for a period of time, though it is implied Illya is created later then her main line counterpart. Shirou ends up losing his parents in a different way and is adopted by Kiritsugu still.
  • The events of The Garden of Sinners take place in the Fate timelines in Mifune City. Shiki Ryougi who possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception investigates several grisly murders, revealing a plot by Souren Araya to reach the Root by using Shiki's body.
  • In the Tsukihime timeline, Roa selects his 18th incarnation, a young boy named SHIKI Tohno living in Miyaki City from a family that possessed demon blood. When SHIKI was playing with his sister Akiha and adopted brother Shiki Nanaya, Roa's manifestation causes SHIKI's demon blood to awaken, driving him insane and forcing him to attack Akiha. Shiki takes the attack and survives only because Akiha shares half of her lifeforce with him. SHIKI's father Makihisa arrives and attacks SHIKI, who survives by also stealing lifeforce from Shiki. Following the incident, SHIKI is locked away to be forgotten and Shiki is passed off as Makihisa's true son including changing his last name from Nanaya to Tohno. The near death experience leaves Shiki's memory hazy and awakens the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. He meets Aoko Aozaki, who gives him a special pair of glasses that seals away the Mystic Eyes to prevent them from killing him early.
  • Male King Arthur is summoned once more, this time by Manaka's sister Ayaka Sajyou to fight the Second Holy Grail War in Tokyo in Fate/Prototype . The Beast reawakens, and revives Manaka to serve as its Master. Arthur attempts to slay it, but once again it survives and escapes. Arthur is barred from entering Avalon until he finally finds the Beast and slays it for good.
  • Lev Lainur, host of the Demon God Pillar Flauros, creates the Near-Future Observation Lens Sheba for Chaldea's use in the Grand Order timeline.
  • Tsukihime takes place in October of this year in another timeline and in Miyaki City. The Tohno family maid Kohaku, bearing a grudge against the Tohno family, releases Roa's 18th incarnation, SHIKI Tohno, who murders his father Makihisa. Shiki Tohno is called back to the Tohno mansion as a result of his father's death. Arcueid awakens to hunt Roa down and possibly meets up with Shiki. Elesia also arrives and takes the cover identity of a student named Ciel at Shiki's school. Roa meets his final end at Shiki's hands thanks to the power of his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.
  • The events of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA occur in a different timeline with an unspecified year. A young Illya becomes a Magical Girl when strange Servant like beings appear, and is joined by Miyu Edelfelt, who comes from a parallel world to her own as a result of escaping a Holy Grail War she was involved in.
  • Mash Kyrielight is born in the Grand Order timeline.
  • In the -A piece of blue glass moon timeline, Roa awakens within Elesia and invites some Dead Apostle Ancestors to France on Christmas Eve to enact the Sixth Ritual with the intent of ensnaring Arcueid. The Ritual is a failure as an uninvited sixth guest made things go off-balance and Arcueid kills Roa's latest host, with events afterwards for Ciel playing out as they do in the original. Besides Ciel, a young girl named Noel also made it through the horrific massacre and is also recruited into the Church.
  • The events of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files begin in September of this year, ending in February 2004 as the prologue of Fate/stay night begins. Waver Velvet, a Master from the Fourth Holy Grail War now known as Lord El-Melloi II, wishes to re-enter the Holy Grail War and meet his idol Iskander yet again, but is prevented from doing so.
  • Marisbury Animusphere learns that the Grail is corrupted in this timeline and loses interest in participating in the Fifth Holy Grail War.
  • Fate route: Shirou forms a romantic bond with his Saber class Servant, the female King Arthur. Saber destroys the Holy Grail and vanishes as well, but not before promising to wait for him. Shirou goes on to become a Hero of Justice and walks a a never ending path to try and find Saber again.
  • Unlimited Blade Works route: Shirou forms a romantic bond with fellow Master Rin Tohsaka. The Grail is destroyed and Shirou learns where his beliefs in heroism will lead him but follows it regardless. Rin and Shirou leave to study in the Clock Tower so Shirou can become a proper Magus.
  • Heavens Feel route: Shirou forms a romantic bond with his junior schoolmate, and later revealed Master, Sakura Matou. The Greater Grail is deactivated, ending the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars, but Shirou dies in the process. His soul is saved though and put into a doll like body that allows him survive, allowing to live with Sakura. Shirou gives up his aspirations of becoming a hero for the sake of his beloved Sakura in this route.
  • The magus Merlin observes what happens to Saber in his eternal prison in Avalon, jubilant that his king has rejected the Grail and been able to move on as a result of the Fifth Holy Grail War. He releases the creature known as Cath Palug out of his prison into the world so he may see more beautiful things.
  • In October, six months after the ending of the Fifth Holy Grail War, Fate/hollow ataraxia takes place. Aŋra Mainiiu had latched onto the Dying Dream of Bazett Fraga McRemitz, a Magus who was originally the Master of the Fifth Grail War's Lancer but was seemingly killed by Kotomine to gain her Servant. In this dream, Aŋra creates a world based off said Grail War and puts himself into the role of Shirou Emiya while Bazett attempts to win the Grail War, not knowing that Aŋra is doing so in order to help her. Eventually, Aŋra learns that Kotomine's daughter, Caren Ortensia, has healed and stabilized Bazett, so he ends the dream and frees Bazett, though it requires help from all the Servants within the dream. Bazett goes on to meet the real Shirou after while Aŋra moves on.
  • In the Fate/strange fake timeline, at the conclusion of the Fuyuki Fifth Holy Grail War, Francesca Prelati steals a portion of the Holy Grail, including the corrupted Grail mud, and brings it to Snowfield so the Americans can create their own genuine Grail.
  • In the Fate/Grand Order timeline, the Fuyuki Holy Grail War takes place for the first time. Lord Marisbury Animusphere wins with Solomon as his Caster Servant. He uses his wish from the Grail to acquire funds and resources to establish the organization Finis Chaldea which is dedicated to protecting the Human Order, while Solomon wishes to live as a normal human and reincarnates as Romani Archaman. CHALDEAS is turned on and Chaldea begins adapting the Servant summoning system for his own use. In truth, Marisbury intends to use CHALDEAS to enact the Grand Order Animusphere and make his family's dream a reality, and Finis Chaldea is nothing more than a disguise to cover up his intentions. Marisbury starts recruiting those he feels will be useful pawns into Chaldea.
  • Daybit Sem Void is exposed to an Angelic Artifact in the Grand Order timeline. Brishsan directly recruits him into the Department of Lore.
  • Fate/Apocrypha takes place in its timeline. Darnic and his organization Yggdmillennia secede from the Mage's Association and retreat to Trifas, Transylvania. They use the stolen Greater Grail to summon seven Servants and slaughter the mages sent by the Association to retake the Grail, but not before one of the mages activates the Grail's backup systems, allowing the Association to summon their own Servants. The Association gathers seven Masters including the disguised Amakusa and sends them to Trifas to engage Yggdmillennia in the Great Holy Grail War. Due to the battle involving 14 Servants, the Grail summons Jeanne d'Arc as Ruler to arbitrate the War. During the war a Homunculus escapes from the Yggdillennia faction, and is given the heart of the Saber of Black, Siegfried to survive. The Homunculus calls himself Sieg in honor of the sacrifice and joins the war later on Jeanne's side. In the end, Darnic, Jeanne, and Amakusa perish in the conflict and the Greater Grail is taken to the Reverse Side of the World by Sieg after becoming the Dragon Fafnir to prevent further misuse.
  • Waver Velvet's further exploits occur in The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II .
  • In an utterly bizarre timeline where Dead Apostles and Heroic Spirits can coexist, Fate/strange fake occurs in Snowfield, Nevada. A False Holy Grail War improperly copied from the disastrous Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War starts up with only six of the regular Servant Classes summoned. The false war is used to generate energy to start up the True Holy Grail War which summons an extra seven Servants, and the collective wars are called the Snowfield Holy Grail War.
  • A Heroic Spirit is summoned to Chaldea for successful fusion with Mash Kyrielight in the Grand Order timeline. Dr. Roman is appointed to oversee her care.
  • Daybit Sem Void is recruited to Chaldea. The group known as Team A to the public but Crypters in private is officially formed. Marisbury dies in his office to thwart Daybit's attempt to turn off CHALDEAS in the Grand Order timeline. Leonardo da Vinci is summoned by Chaldea, but she refuses to accept a Master and works as a rogue Servant in their employ.
  • Marisbury's daughter Olga Marie arrives in Chaldea to take over as Director for her father, but she is ignorant of his true intentions. Lev Lainur ingratiates himself with her so he can manipulate her for his master Goetia's purposes.
  • 10 years after the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works routes of Fate/stay night , Lord El-Melloi II and Rin Tohsaka return to dismantle the corrupted Greater Grail against the Mage's Association's wishes. A great conflict on the scale of a Holy Grail War unfolds, but the Greater Grail is dismantled, ending the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars for good.
  • The events of Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- and -The other side of red garden occur in Souya City.
  • 10 days prior to those stories, an unknown factor causes things to diverge, causing the events of Melty Blood: Type Lumina to happen.
  • Fate:Lost Einherjar takes place 10 years after Fate/Apocrypha , featuring another knockoff Holy Grail War where each Master summons two Servants.
  • Fate/Grand Order begins in its timeline. Goetia finally initiates his 3,000 year plan in the making, the Regression Canal/Light Year Genesis, incinerates the entirety of human history, and starts using burned humans as fuel to travel 4.6 billion years into the past and remake history as he sees fit. Chaldea detects the cause of the Human Order Incineration Incident as seven pockets of isolated space-time called Singularities existing in the past throughout human history causing massive time-space distortions which invalidate the Quantum Time Locks and reduce Proper Human History outside the Singularities to a chaotic mess of mere probabilities, requiring them to correct the situation by travelling into the Singularities and obtaining the Holy Grails that sustain their existence in a mission called the Grand Order. At the beginning of the Grand Order, they are betrayed from within by Lev Lainur Flauros, crippling much of their manpower and forcing them to rely on a newcomer to the world of Magecraft as the last Master of humanity. Olga Marie is killed by Flauros and then thrown into CHALDEAS, which is forced to delay the Grand Order Animusphere to deal with Goetia. Chaldea learns of Goetia's true identity, foils his plan, and restores humanity, but it takes a whole year to do so, which shows up as a blank period in mankind's memory and threatens the secrecy of Magecraft. They also learn that humanity is destined to perish sometime after 2016, which is why Goetia waited 3,000 years to enact his plan. Following his defeat, Chaldea enacts the Remnant Order and defeats four remaining Demon God Pillars and the Subspecies Singularities they bring forth.
  • In both the non- Grand Order Fate and Tsukihime timelines, Lev Lainur commits suicide before Flauros can awaken in Clock Tower 2015 in an effort to stop Goetia's plan.
  • The catastrophe Goetia foresaw arrives on New Year's Eve in Fate/Grand Order Part 2, Cosmos in the Lostbelt as CHALDEAS finally enacts the Grand Order Animusphere. It slaughters all of its humanity, wipes its surface blank, then uses Substitution Magecraft to swap its surface with the Earths. The Foreign God descends onto Earth from CHALDEAS and plans to replace Proper Human History with a timeline where the Age of Gods never ended by planting seven Fantasy Trees which sustain pruned timelines called Lostbelts. Each Lostbelt is run/overseen by a Crypter, a former Magus of Chaldea who was nearly killed by Lev Lainur's sabotage but was saved by being frozen over, who now ally with the Foreign God to bring about a new human history. Chaldea is driven from its home base and forced onto the run so they cannot examine CHALDEAS and learn the truth, and must now enter the Lostbelts and destroy the seven Fantasy Trees to restore the proper history and stop the Human Order Revision and the Felling Theoretical Phenomenon.
  • Due to unknown events in a certain timeline, all of humanity has enjoyed the boon of the Grail and a personal Servant for several years in Fate/Requiem .
  • In the Fate/Extra timeline, all mana on Earth has dried up. Humanity discovers the Moon Cell where humanity can perform Magecraft inside its space. Due to the power of the Moon Cell being so coveted, the Moon Cell Holy Grail War is created so that someone can obtain its power. An amnesiac named Hakuno Kishinami is chosen as a Master and must make their way through this deadly game to find and create their own identity.
  • At the exact some time as the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, an AI calling herself BB goes rogue for an unknown reason and kidnaps several Masters from the very same Grail War Hakuno is in, trapping them in the Far Side of the Moon Cell. This Hakuno must fight through a large dungeon created by BB to escape.
  • Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star takes place following the Moon Holy Grail War. The alien Velber returns to the Solar System after 14,000 years, but is prevented from locating the Moon Cell. This outcome is written in Proper Human History as a Quantum Time Lock.
  • In a timeline where the Princess of the True Ancestors never existed and almost all of humanity has given up on life, the events of Tsuki No Sango take place with a girl on a precious island of coral continually asking for impossible gifts.
  • All gods completely cease existing even as degraded Divine Spirits, with their only proof of existence being the memories of legends living on in mankind's memories.
  • In a timeline where Hakuno Kishinami lost to Twice H. Pieceman for domination over the Moon Cell, the "Age of Ash" begins and the Earth's decline is sealed in Fate/Extra Last Encore . The Moon Cell's continual simulations of various scenarios eventually triggers an accumulation of resentment for mistreating its programs which manifests in the form of HAKUNO Kishinami, who makes a contract with Emperor Nero and tries to find his way in an almost abandoned world.
  • At an unknown point in time in the Fate route of Fate/stay night , Shirou Emiya manages to find his way to Avalon, having endlessly pursued the female King Arthur of his time, while she forever waited for him. At this point, he has become a hero in his own way, allowing himself and Saber to enjoy peace together.
  • The events of Angel Notes take place in an unknown timeline. Gaia dies, but humans continue to live on in spite of this by modifying themselves to survive in a dead world filled with toxic mana. Unable to accept humans outliving its planet, Gaia calls out to the other planets to exterminate humanity. The Ultimate Ones of the other planets arrive and great battles unfold. Type Moon makes its return, Type Venus is temporarily incapacitated, and Types Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are destroyed, but the conclusion is unknown.

Pruned Timelines and the Pruning Theoretical Phenomenon

The timelines listed below are sorted by when they initially diverged, not when the Counter Force pruned them.

  • In an alternate timeline , the meteor carrying the Divine Filaments has a slight change in trajectory and lands on Earth earlier and gentler. They proceed to tie the supercontinent Pangaea together with their Filaments while guiding the evolution of the dinosaurs, eventually turning them into the Deinos, the perfect species who subsist on photosynthesis. However, the Divine Filaments' earlier arrival causes ORT to arrive early as well in 66 million BC. The Divine Filaments foresees ORT's arrival and creates an underground world called Mictlan for the Deinos to evacuate in. ORT crash lands at the very bottom of Mictlan, devastating the planet's surface, and enters a deep sleep to recover from the violent impact. For the next 60 million years little of note happens due to the Deinos' complacency, until humans eventually evolve into existence. In 6 million BC, the underground sun dies, causing the Deinos to enter permanent hibernation. Mankind becomes the dominant species for the next 100,000 years, establishing the technologically advanced Ka'an Kingdom which is powered by geothermal energy. However, ORT finally recovers and begins rampaging. In their desperation, the Ka'an sacrifice themselves to the last man to empower their king Camazotz with absolute immortality. Camazotz steals ORT's heart and the Divine Filaments trick ORT into thinking its heart is still inside its body, sending it into hibernation once again. Camazotz sets ORT's heart into the sky as a second sun, reviving the Deinos, but due to mankind's extinction and the Deinos' complacency, the Counter Force deems this a failed timeline and has it pruned.
  • In an alternate timeline , the six fairies decide to slack off on making Excalibur. This results in Sefar wiping out the surface and achieving its goal. The planet responds by sending the last god in the world, Cernunnos , from the Inner Sea of the Planet to punish them. Cernunnos instead befriends them, but is betrayed by the fairies, who poison him and use his corpse as a foundation for land, becoming a new Britain. The original Britain consumed by Sefar desires to punish the traitorous six fairies and their descendants by sending disasters called Calamities every 100 years and Great Calamities every 1000 years. In 4000 BC, the planet dispatches a special fairy from Avalon, an alternate version of Morgan le Fay/Vivian the Lady of the Lake, to rectify the six fairies' sins by finally forging Excalibur, but she is slain by the British fairies who hate her because she is the legitimate heir of the isle who will inevitably destroy it by completing her mission. The Great Calamity of 0 AD happens, and all fairies are slain by the two Calamities of the Beast and Flame, followed by the complete collapse of fairy society, leaving the land a barren wasteland. Fairies and other Phantasmals wander the land, but are unable to create any sort of society. The Counter Force deems this a failed timeline due to Excalibur's importance to the foundation of human history and has it pruned.
  • In an alternate timeline , the Leukosmachia ends differently; rather then being defeated by Sefar, the Twelve Machine Gods combine together and fight Sefar. Zeus rightly fears Sefar's power and initiates a temporary recombination against their will, gaining their Authorities in the process and asserting his leadership over them through sheer power. The fusion has enough power to stalemate and repel Sefar, protecting Atlantis and Olympus until she is slain by Excalibur. In 8000 BC, the Machine Gods grow tired of Zeus's dictatorship over them, his desire to control mankind, and his ultimate goal of eventually turning Olympus into a space-faring vessel then abandoning the planet to continue Chaos's directive, and decide under Hades's leadership to rebel against him to give humanity more freedom in the civil war called the Olympiamachia. Zeus wins, slaughtering half of the Machine Gods and reprogramming the survivors to be his slaves, and exiling the humans who worshipped the other gods to Atlantis. He rules over the new world, a blissful utopia where humans live forever and are free to educate themselves yet are less people, and more like props who blindly worship him. The Counter Force deems this a failed timeline and has it pruned.
  • In an alternate timeline , Arjuna is traumatized by the events of the Mahabharata , and decides he will stop at nothing to create a perfect world with no evil so that nothing like that will ever happen again. To gain the power to do so, he decides to consume the entire Indian pantheon, starting with his friend Krishna who was the avatar of Vishnu. From there, he absorbs every Divine Spirit except for the god of love Kama and becomes an inhuman, emotionless being called God Arjuna. God Arjuna desires to accelerate the Yuga cycles and reach his new, perfect world faster but even with the Indian pantheon's power he still cannot cycle any faster than every few hundred years at best. Meanwhile, the people of India become a peaceful society but also stagnate and do not do anything out of fear of upsetting their new god and being erased from existence. The Counter Force deems this a failed timeline and has it pruned, implied to be due to Arjuna eventually wiping out all of humanity due to his flawed views.
  • In an alternate timeline , Surtr decides to rebel against his given fate by destroying not just Scandinavia, but the entire world. Surtr devours Fenrir after it devoured the sun but before it can kill Odin, gaining its Authority over ice. Due to this change in the history of Ragnarök, Odin fights and seals Surtr to create a new sun, but not before Surtr slays almost everything. Meanwhile, the blood of Surtr spilled by the Norse pantheon continues to burn, creating a massive conflagration that threatens to finish what Surtr started. The only God to survive is Skadi, who is merged with Scáthach. She creates a new civilization that is forced to appease the giants, and blankets the land in magical snow laced with her energy to keep Surtr's blood at bay. Humanity becomes merely livestock for the Giants with their numbers tightly controlled by Skadi, and live only till they reach the age 25 before they are fed to the giants. Six months after the failed Ragnarök, the Counter Force deems this a failed timeline and has it pruned.
  • In an alternate timeline , Emperor Qin Shi Huang finds the body of Nezha, an artificial being from India and Chinese mythology built using advanced sage technology. The Emperor becomes immortal by reverse engineering her body, building himself a computer, and uploading his mind into it, gaining advanced technology in the progress. China never experiences societal upheavals like in Proper Human History, advances far faster then the rest of the world and goes on to conquer it by 1200 AD, creating the "Eternal Sin Empire". Humanity lives in a state of false utopia, never developing and remaining closer to slaves who are uneducated, unthinking, and exist to worship and farm resources for the Emperor. The Counter Force deems this a failed timeline and has it pruned.
  • In an alternate timeline , a meteor impacts the earth, plunging the world into a new Ice Age while Demon Beasts began rampaging across the world. Out of desperation, the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible orders his court mages to fuse the people of Russia with Phantasmal Beasts, creating a new human species called the Yaga who can survive the extreme cold. However, all technological progress grinds to a halt and society regresses into a culture where the strong mercilessly prey on the weak in order to survive this brutal new world. The Counter Force deems this a failed timeline and has it pruned.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000
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Fairy NPCs in Fate/Grand Order .

Fairies WP  (妖精, Yōsei ? ), also faeries, are a race of beings acting as extensions of the Planet , considered the "sense of touch" of nature. [1] [2]

  • 1.1 Celtic Mythology
  • 1.2 Arthurian Legend
  • 2.1 Proper Human History
  • 2.2.1 Sub-Bells
  • 2.2.3 Fairy Clans
  • 2.2.4 Fairies of Paradise
  • 3.1 Kara no Kyoukai
  • 3.2 Lord El-Melloi II Case Files
  • 3.3 Fate/Grand Order
  • 4 Known Fairies
  • 5.1 Black Dog
  • 5.2 Familiar
  • 5.4 Human-Eating Fairies
  • 5.5 Spriggan
  • 6 References

History [ ]

With the coming of the Age of Man , the Fairies retreated to the Reverse Side of the World along with the other Phantasmal Species . As the Age of Gods took longer to disappear in the British Isles than in the rest of the world, Fairies there continued to interact with humans for longer.

Celtic Mythology [ ]

Fionn mac Cumhaill had seven years of his youth stolen by a Fairy. [3] [4]

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne was raised by the Fairy Kings, the God of Love Aengus WP and the Sea God Manannán mac Lir , being given the swords Moralltach and Beagalltach and the spear Gáe Buidhe by Manannán mac Lir, as well as the spear Gáe Dearg by Aengus. [5] [6] [7] [8] Manannán possessed many Noble Phantasms and was known as a "person who gives". [5] [7] Manannán gave many weapons to heroes from Irish mythology. [8]

Within Celtic legends, it is told that Manannán's Fairy wife Fand WP  (ファン, Fan ? ) had fallen in love with Cú Chulainn . When she later returned along with Cú Chulainn, asking for Manannán's permission to be with her new lover, the Fairy King used a magic cloak to conceal the two lovers' forms, erasing Cú Chulainn's memory of Fand after their affair, so Fand would not be taken again. [8]

Medb has Fairy blood in her lineage. [9]

Arthurian Legend [ ]

The Fairy Vivian granted King Arthur the holy sword Excalibur [10] and Rhongomyniad [11] after the loss of Caliburn . She also raised Lancelot as his foster mother and gave him Arondight . [12] After the defeat of Vortigern , the Fairies worked alongside Arthur to construct Camelot. [13] Arthur's wicked older sister Morgan le Fay was an evil Fairy and counterpart to Vivian, [14] [15] and both she and Vivian were said to have carried Arthur to Avalon upon Arthur's death. [16]

Mandricardo made an oath to the Fairies that he would not wield any sword until he obtained Durandal .

Characteristics [ ]

Proper human history [ ].

Most Fairies are beings humans cannot naturally perceive, normally viewable only through Glam Sight Mystic Eyes . [1] [17] There do exist certain Fairies born wearing "human imagination" as perceivable shells, and those that can be fully perceived by humans are of the Elemental class, like Arcueid Brunestud ( Remake ). [1]

The Thaumaturgical Foundations of Fairies and Elementals are of a Mystery unable to be reached through Magecraft . [1] Fairies do not need to rely on Magecraft, as they can perform Mysteries without the use of things like Thaumaturgical Foundations, Mystic Codes , or Formulas . In fact, they look down on people who do need to go through all the trouble of performing Magecraft. [18] Instead of Magic Circuits , Fairies have Divine Patterns  (神代紋様, Jindai Mon'yō ? , lit. " Age of Gods Pattern") [19] or Fairy Patterns  (妖精紋様, Yōsei Mon'yō ? ), [20] which are far superior to a human's Magic Circuits.

There are various types of Fae: Those who have fallen from the rank of a God ; an accumulation of human and animal grudges plus dregs of their souls; thoughts with no other place to go, reborn as an empty human rumor. These are Fae that are born from human society and strictly speaking, not genuine. Genuine Fae come from within the Planet , unrelated to human society. They develop from the Inner Sea of the Planet .

These Fae which come from within the Inner Sea of the Planet are known in the Magecraft world as Great Fathers  (大父 ? ) or Great Mothers  (大母 ? ) and can be thought of as Divided Spirits of the Gaia's soul . They're about the same scope as an anthropomorphized nature divinity, but unlike those Gods, they are not clothed in human rules. Great Fathers and Mothers are pure transcendent existences. Vivian / Morgan le Fay was one of these Great Mothers. [21]

All Fairies are born independently of each other. Fairies with similar attributes refer to each other as siblings. Offspring are those born to succeed Fairies who have fulfilled their purpose and passed on. This relationship is referred to as “current generation” and “previous generation”, though there is no connection like that of humans, since Fairies are born independently. Abilities and appearances are similar between generations (for example, Aesc and Artoria Caster look the same because they are Fairies born with the same purpose), so a Fairy will always know who they are no matter when or where they’re born. Rarely, even though the “current generation” is still alive, a Fairy resembling them is born. In these instances, the Fairy can be considered an offspring of the “current generation”. [22]

Fairies are essentially immortal and do not have the same lifespan as humans or animals. When a Fairy is born they have a purpose deep in their hearts. If they lose their purpose they lose their name as well, and without a name they gradually waste away until they die. Fairies who have lost their names are hated by other Fairies. [23] A Fairy who becomes too absorbed in their purpose however will lose sight of themselves and endlessly generate Magical Energy to the point they cannot maintain their form. These are considered to be evil Fairies.

Humans are an indispensable source of nourishment for Fairies. Just being near a human greatly increases morale, a kind of spiritual fulfillment. [24]

Fairies do not get hungry and do not need to eat, though they enjoy eating and throwing parties for fun. [24]

"Iron Weapons" can injure Fairies. Above all else, iron manufacturing played a crucial part in human technological advancements. [25] Fairies are poisoned by exposure to advanced technology such as the Black Barrel . [26]

Fairies can see through lies with their Fairy Eyes  (妖精眼, Yōsei Me ? ). [27] Not the Mystic Eyes that people possess, but the field of vision that "switches over the world", which Fairies are endowed with from birth. The Fairy Eyes possessed by high ranking Fairies are described as eyes capable of seeing through all lies and projecting the truth. Since good will and ill will are both lumped together by Fairies, this is a mostly meaningless supernatural power as far as they are concerned. Still, nothing good will come out from a human that feels perplexed by the differences between good and evil possessing these eyes. [28]

Items that are granted by Fairies, such as Arondight , Avalon , Excalibur and Gáe Buidhe bear engraved inscriptions with Fairy Letters  (妖精文字, Yōsei Moji ? ), one of the lost languages, to show they were not crafted by human hands. [29]

Avalon is said to be the "Land of Fairies." [30]

English Lostbelt [ ]

Sub-bells [ ].

Within the English Lostbelt , Fairies of the Great Father and Mother ranks who appear on the surface to solve a problem or on a mission from the Planet are known as A-Rei . It is a term close to Elementals or True Ancestors , and called A-Rays outside of Lostbelts. [31]

Sub-Bells are Great Mother/Father-class Fairies who have "their own will", their own truths. The essence of these Fae carry properties that reshape the World. This is known as a Fae Domain , the great Mystery powerful Fae possess.

Known Fae Domains:

  • Cnoc na Riabh 's domain
  • Muryan 's Gloucester
  • Nameless Woods
  • Foul Weather (Skill)

Furthermore, just by being present, Sub-Bells increase the number of terminals , also known as offspring . Children of the Forest or Children of the Stone are known to be these offspring. These are the majority of Fae in Fairyland. Compared to Sub-Bell their power only consists of the tip of a nail, but offspring are offspring. Some strongly inherit the blood of the Sub-Bells. Two known inheritors of Sub-Bell blood are Cnoc na Riabh and Muryan . Most other Sub-Bells have perished and became wandering wraiths called Fairy Dreadlords, who have been cursed with a purpose that they cannot possibly fulfill. [21]

Fairies in the English Lostbelt take humans as slaves, and fascinated by human culture, they have built a society modeled on the humans'. While Fairies in Proper Human History lived as one with nature, the Fairies of the Lostbelt live in cities and craft goods. But it is only a facsimile, and they don't truly understand the meanings behind what they are copying from humans. [27] When a Fairy owns a human, they form a magical bond similar to a Master / Servant contract. [32]

The Fairies of this world gave up their Fairy Eyes that can see through lies long ago. [27]

Moss (モース, Mōsu?) in Fate/Grand Order.

When Fairies die, their corpses change and become part of Britain. [33] However, Fairies in the Lostbelt who die by losing their purpose become Moss  ( 藻 ( モース ) , Mōsu ? , Localized as "Mors" GO ): life that can no longer speak or hear, the black algae that pollutes the world with its existence, the curse of Britain, killer of Fairies. [24]

The Moss are a curse affecting most the Fairies in this Lostbelt, originating from the six Fairies who founded Faerie Britain on their sins. All Faeries descended from the six who betrayed Cernunnos are doomed to waste away as punishment for their sins and refusal to repent.

It takes a long time for a Fairy to decay fully, but once the transformation is complete they can infect any other Fairy through mere contact, making even a slight touch a death sentence. Some Fairies have taken to using Moss flesh as a poison coating their weapons. For humans and Servants, touching a Moss is harmless, which is why some humans are drafted as soldiers. even though Fairies are much stronger on average. However, Beryl Gut later modifies the curse into a form that can also spread to humans, affecting them in the same way as Fairies, creating the Human-Moss  (モース人間, Mōsu Ningen ? ). There also exists a Dragon -shaped variant of the Moss called Moss Dragon  (モース・竜種, Mōsu - Ryūshu ? ), created by Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya in the shape of Albion as "What once was" using the magical elements left by Albion's rotting flesh that had turned into a lake of the most foul substance in the Lostbelt made of the same substance as Moss, along with 8,000 years worth of grudges of the northern Fairies massacred in the Summer War at the same place, brimming with hatred for Fairies and. The magical energy of this Moss Dragon was so great that it exceeded that of the Calamity of Norwich . [34]

Fairy Clans [ ]

Fairies in the English Lostbelt are divided into clans that function like ethnic groups: the Wind Clan, Earth Clan, Fang Clan, Wing Clan, Mirror Clan, King Clan, and formerly the Rain Clan. The clan system was established after the Summer War between Mab 's Fairies of the north and the Fairies of the south 4,000 years ago. Not all Fairies are a part of one; for example, Artoria isn't part of any clan.

  • Wind Clan  (風の氏族, Kaze no Shizoku ? ): Fairies that look like humans, like Harobalomia . Peaceful and rational, with an excellent divine form. Their leader is Aurora .
  • Earth Clan  (土の氏族, Tsuchi no Shizoku ? ): A hardy, tight-knit race resembling dwarves, like Onfam . The hardest working who help construct buildings and roads. Their leader is Spriggan .
  • Fang Clan  (牙の氏族, Kiba no Shizoku ? ): Animalistic Fairies like Doga who live as one with the earth like a pack of wolves. Belligerent, but very strong; the Fairies of the Lostbelt were able to survive because the Fang Clan fought for them. Their leader is Woodwose .
  • Wing Clan  (翅の氏族, Hane no Shizoku ? ): Fairies smaller than the rest, like Habetrot . Except for Muryan , they were wiped out 1200 years ago by the Fang Clan.
  • Mirror Clan  (鏡の氏族, Kagami no Shizoku ? ): Once the most populous clan in the Fairy lands, each able to see the future, but Melusine massacred the clan on Aurora's orders six years ago. Their leader is Ainsel .
  • King Clan  (王の氏族, Ō no Shizoku ? ): The cause of all discord, division, and conflict in Britain, led by Cnoc na Riabh , a single peerless individual who looks down on all others. [35]
  • Rain Clan  (雨の氏族, Ame no Shizoku ? ): A peaceful clan that was once part of the six clans before they were all massacred by an alliance of the Wind, Earth, Fang, and Wing clans for protecting the Fairy of Paradise.

Fairies of Paradise [ ]

Fairies of Paradise are Fairies dispatched from Avalon for the purpose of getting the Fairies of the six clans to admit the guilt of their sins and inherit the Mystery of the Holy Sword 's creation. [36] [37] They are sent from Avalon as “star seeds” and those that reach Earth sprout as juveniles and age as humans do until they reach adulthood. Because of this, they are also known as “growing Fairies”. [36] They also can touch iron without issue, and are immune to the Moss curse and memory alteration.

Kara no Kyoukai [ ]

Satsuki Kurogiri was kidnapped by Fairies at the age of ten, who made him lose all his past memory and cursed him so that he could still store future memories in his brain, but could not retrieve those memories and recognize them as his own. He eventually killed every Fairy he came across when he escaped. In order to cope with his problem, he had to store his visual information in descriptive words, so that he could recognize it the next time he saw it; however, if the object he had seen had changed in any way, he was still unable to recognize it. Satsuki managed to learn the Unified Language from his contact from the Fairies. [38] However, in reality, the Fairies did not actually kidnap him, but instead he killed them in some kind of Mad Dream, and his current mental state is a result of their last curse in vengeance.

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files [ ]

Doctor Heartless had his heart stolen by the Fairies. Betrayed by his fellow students, Kurou Adashino was thrown down a hole in the Spiritual Tomb of Albion that led to the Land of Fairies. After his encounter with the Fairies he used his Mystic Eyes of Finding to find an exit, only to find once he returned to the human world that he had traveled to the past because the land of Fairies was outside of time and space. Calling himself Heartless, he decided to complete the time loop he now realized he was in to get his revenge. He decided to tear down the Magecraft society that allowed such a betrayal to exist. [39] [40]

After making contact with the Fairy Faye , Trevor Pelham Codrington created artificial Black Dog Fairies to create his own Wild Hunt WP . Upon realizing his true intentions, Faye killed him, but the Black Dogs continued to propagate even after his death. The incident at his estate opened a temporary door to Fairyland through which his son Wills Pelham Codrington entered. [17]

Fate/Grand Order [ ]

During his time managing the English Lostbelt , Beryl Gut had somehow incurred the wrath and anger of Fairies and has now become constantly targeted by them. The exact specifics and mechanics of this condition is unknown, but whenever Beryl declares his presence out loud, he immediately becomes targeted by Rhongomyniad , regardless of him being within the native English Lostbelt of its owner or in another Lostbelt altogether. Beryl had essentially taken advantage of this condition to target both himself and his enemies by declaring his presence and having the Lance be fired at both himself and his intended target, as seen where Kirschtaria Wodime was forced to expand the majority of his magical energy into his defensive Magecraft to defend himself and block it and had thus then left him open to be attacked by Beryl himself. [41]

Known Fairies [ ]

  • Artoria Avalon
  • Baobhan Sith ( Lostbelt )
  • Barghest ( Lostbelt )
  • Ector (Lostbelt only)
  • Foul Weather
  • Gareth (Lostbelt only)
  • Harobalomia
  • Cnoc na Riabh
  • Manannán mac Lir [5]
  • Melusine ( Lostbelt )
  • Morgan le Fay ( Lostbelt ) / Vivian
  • Nameless fairy
  • Vortigern ( Lostbelt )

Black Dog [ ]

Black Dogs WP  (捕食, Burakkudoggu ? ) are a type of Fairy said to appear at crossroads, and an incarnation of thunder. They are said to devour the souls of the deceased. [17] They are associated with the Wild Hunt . [17] [42] Evil Fairies from the Unseelie Court, Black Dogs follow the rotten smell of mortal life and even eat other Fairies. [43]

Black Dog

Artificial Black Dogs seen in the anime adaption of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files .

The ones encountered by Lord El-Melloi II , Gray , and Kairi Sisigou at the Marburry Workshop are artificial Fairies created by Trevor Pelham Codrington . On days where the alignment of the moon and stars heightened powers of the underworld and the Earth, people who entered the Workshop were killed by a Black Dog. The victims were then transformed into Black Dogs themselves by the Workshop using the Fairies' power and Fairy Eyes. [17]


Barghest's Black Dogs in Fate/Grand Order .

Barghest is said to be a type of Black Dog specific to northern England, a chained dog with burning horns and eyes. She is a type of Black Dog that brings death in the countryside, and appears in cities when someone dies. [44] She can also transform humans into Black Dogs. [45]

The Hound of the Baskervilles that Sherlock Holmes once encountered was close in nature to the Black Dogs. Arthur Conan Doyle obfuscated the Hound's true nature when he turned Holmes' case into a novel, removing all references to Magecraft and the Mage's Association . [42]

Familiar [ ]

Misaya fake fairies

Apparitions shaped after the image of Fairies

Misaya Ouji , granted the ability by Satsuki Kurogiri , utilizes Familiars using Fairy-like shells, but they are not the real thing. The false Fairies are normally formless, low rank spirits that have been granted the image of woodland Fairies. These shells allow them to wield a portion of real Fairies' power. [1]

Human-Eating Fairies [ ]

Spriggan [ ].

Witches are Fairies, they do not have children. Beryl Gut's mother said that she was her own mother. [47]

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Phantasmal Species

nasuverse phantasmal beast

࿇ ══━━━━✥◈✥━━━━══ ࿇


Phantasmal Species (幻想種, Gensō-shu) is the common term used to refer to all non-human creatures that are found in legends and fantasy.

They are born from the thoughts of humans or when outside reasons cause certain life-forms to transform, but they can only survive in fantasy. Then, if it is believed that the subject of a Mystery"exists," the World permits its existence and definite affirmation of said belief is not required. There are also existencesdesired by the world, but not by humans, and because of this they have gradually gone into hiding and dwindled in numbers. Rather than a classification for a separate ranking for beasts, it encompasses everything from demi-humans, such as fairies and giants, to monsters, such as dragons and oni. They differ from Daemons, as they are active creatures rather than passive existences. Similarly to how magi gain power through the accumulation of knowledge, those of the Phantasmal Species become stronger through the accumulation of time. Modern Magecraft is the sum of five hundred years of study, whereas the Phantasmal Species date back to the Age of Gods. Magi that only have a mystical lineage that spans five hundred years cannot hope to match or reproduce mysteries that have accumulated thousands of years and have an existence that is on par with the five modern Magics. They embody mysteries simply by existing and it is said to be a miracle if one is simply observed.

Magical Beasts

Many of the Phantasmal Species fall into the category of Magical Beasts (魔獣, Majū, alternatively, "Demonic Beasts"), which is the common denomination for all creatures that do not fit in the ordinary biological classification for living beings and those that do not fall within the normal ecosystem. The term "beast" is a thaumaturgical term, and it does not necessarily mean quadrupedal mammals. They are true deviations from biology that cannot be explained by immature research or sudden mutations. They can be ranked into three categories, which change as the creatures age and increase in power towards becoming higher existences. The lowest rank is Monstrous Beasts (魔獣, Akujū, Demon Beasts), which then change into Phantasmal Beasts (幻獣, Genjū), and finally become classified as Divine Beasts (神獣, Shinjū).

Phantasmal Beasts of the Millennium-Rank (千年クラスの幻獣・聖獣, Chitose Kurasu no Genjū Seijū) and Divine Beasts are equal to Magic, making them unable to even be harmed by mysteries on the level of magecraft. Rider's Pegasus, which has grown from a Monstrous Beast to a Phantasmal Beast, has even greater resistance than Saber, who can easily negate Caster's magecraft from the Age of Gods. The longer the creatures live, the further away they grow from the rest of the world. Out of the current creatures that still exist in the present era, only those whose ages are measured in centuries, rather than millennia, still remain.

Most remaining Magical Beasts are Chimeras formed from mixing different species that have existed since the Age of Gods. They live on currently undeveloped lands that cannot be reached by mankind. Those on the level of Phantasmal Beasts that existed in the past have almost all migrated to a different world presented as the "Reverse Side of the World". Divine Beasts such as Moby Dick and Typhon are more on the level of "super weapons" than actual living creatures. Members of the The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, like Primate Murder, a white dog born with the sole purpose of killing humans, and the Forest of Einnashe, a sentient forest that matured to the level of a phantasm specie by absorbing the blood of a Dead Apostle, also count among the Magical Beasts.

Bašmu (バシュム, Bashumu), also known as Bashmu, is a large poisonous horned snake with two forelegs. It is one of the eleven demons birthed by the monster of Babylonia legend, Tiamat. It is a species of Divine Beast, the top of all Phantasmal Species.

Semiramis can summon them within her Hanging Gardens of Babylon, through her Sikera Ušum Noble Phantasm. But even Semiramis wouldn’t be able to summon something so powerful in that rushed situation, so she only summoned its top-half.

Chimera (キメラ, Kimera, Chimaera) are creatures of the Monstrous Beast rank that make up the majority of the Magical Beasts still left within the world. They are formed from mixing different species that have existed since the Age of Gods, and they live on currently undeveloped lands that cannot be reached by mankind.

Synthetic Beast (合成獣, Gōseijū) is a process that artificially creates chimera. It is controlled by its master in the "Zoology" animal department of the Mage's Association. The Wolf was created with the purpose of being used catalyst to summon a Servant in the False Holy Grail War. In the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz, there is a magical mechanism that changes humans into Chimera monster.

Demon Boar (魔猪, Ma Inoshishi) is a Monstrous Beast type of Phantasmal Species. It is the reincarnation of Diarmuid Ua Duibhne half younger brother by a different father. When Diarmuid and Fionn mac Cumhaill went hunting together, Diarmuid received a deep wound from a wild boar's fangs. It is said that it eats meat, eats armor, and even greedily devours Runes. This is reckless death itself. Not to mention heroes, even the Dragon kind suffers an embarrassing defeat. Let alone, the likes of a spear-user who was harbouring doubts. In the forest of massacre, the regrets of heroes echoes today as well.

The Calydonian Boar is a Monstrous Beast that Artemis let loose upon the earth. It looks like a wild boar, but that is merely because the lifeform that was used as its basis just happened to be a boar. Dispatched as divine punishment by the angry goddess when the king of the city-state of Calydon forgot offerings to her in a harvest festival, it was a large and brutal beast that completely destroyed the crops of Calydon. During the Calydonian Boar Hunt, it rampaged without pause, killing many Greek heroes who came from all over the country.The hero Meleager, in love with Atalanta, was the one who finished it off, but surrendered the merit to Atalanta and brought great discord to the country in doing such.

Twrch Trwyth is a Demon Boar. He is an antagonist in the Fate/Grand Order FGO 2016 Summer Chaldea Summer Memories ~White Beach of Solace~ event.

Divine Bull

Divine Bull (神牛, Kami Ushi), also called God Bull: Air-walking Thunder Bull (飛蹄雷牛ゴッド・ブル, Hi Hidzume Kaminari UshiGoddo Buru), is the name for the creatures of the Divine Beast rank that pull Gordius Wheel. Before the seduction of Europa, the supreme god of thunder, Zeus, changed his shape into that of a bull. Due to that, what manifested as the driving force of the chariot dedicated to Zeus were Divine Beasts with a connection to him. Due to the chariot being claimed by Rider before it could be offered to Zeus, they became part of his Noble Phantasm, and he refers to them as the "Children of Zeus."

Dragon Kind

Dragon Kind (竜種, Ryū Shu) are considered the pinnacle of the Phantasmal Species. They are members of the Transcendent Kind, and are extensions of the world that were created in a form that is independent from nature with intelligence. They have members in all three classes of Magical Beasts, and they are considered to be the greatest species within each corresponding class. Due to their being Monstrous, Phantasmal, and Divine class dragons, they have been involved with mankind since before the Age of Gods, and left many legends in the field of thaumaturgy due to having freely intermixed with humans in the past.

Dragons are creatures that generate magical energy merely by breathing, their lungs acting as spiritual worlds, and they possess traits from other types of monsters. It is possible for a human to have the blood of a dragon, whether induced artificially like King Arthur or from having Mixed-Blood like Elizabeth Bathory. Simply having their blood within them grants humans high level Magic Resistance able to easily dispel magecraft from the Age of Gods, and King Arthur has a Magic Core that far surpasses the Magic Circuits of humans. Dragons and humans are generally incompatible with each other, but, while dragons are creatures that devour humans by simply existing, conflicts between them are for the most part caused by humans taking action first in order to gain something. Those who attack humans first would generally be looked down upon.

Dragons each have an attribute, and their strongest weapon, Dragon's Breath (ドラゴンブレス, Doragon Buresu), capitalizes upon it by using breath to spread it excessively over the wide area of effect as a torrent of mana. Red dragons carry flame, blue dragons carry thunder, black dragons carry acid, and Elizabeth Bathory carries soundwaves. There are also white dragons, gold dragons, silver dragons and green dragons, however it is unknown what kinds of breaths, they can produce. The damage value, according to a certain rulebook, is the same as the constitution value of the dragon. Due to having a constitution value which transcends that of humans by far, it is not unreasonable to think of a single dragon being able to destroy a whole country when equally spreading the damage from its breath throughout a whole army.

There are different types, the western dragons being considered demons and the strongest of the Phantasmal Species, and Chinese Dragons (龍, Ryū) being treated as divine existences and invincible beings that do not even need to fight. The Chinese dragons do contain a rough spot, a Reverse Scale (逆鱗, Gyaku Uroko) below their chins, that when touched, causes them to rage and devastate the earth with their rampaging power. It shows that even such perfect existences also display a deplorable side.

【List of Dragons】

Colchis dragon

The Colchis dragon (コルキスの竜, Korukisu no Ryū) appears in the Greek Mythology of Jason. The Colchis dragon itself is noted to be weak enough that it would not make much of a difference against Heroic Spirits of high caliber.Argon Coin has the ability to summon the Colchis dragon but Medea does not have the capability to utilize it as she lacks the necessary spells to summon any Phantasmal Beasts.

Dragon (Beowulf)

The Dragon that appeared in the second part of the epic poem of "Beowulf" Part two portrays an aged Beowulf unfolding a mortal combat with the dragon, fifty years after. It has been said that the dragon who fought the aged Beowulf would amass treasures and spit out fire. It could be said that its existence is like an archetype of the dragons that appear in fantasy stories.

Entry coming soon

Dragon (ドラゴン, Doragon) and Great Dragon (グレートドラゴン, Gurēto Doragon) appear as Lancer and Rider class enemies in Fate/Grand Order. They drop Ascension Items such as Dragon's Reverse Scale (竜の逆鱗, Ryū no Gyaku Uroko).

Wyverns (ワイバーン, Waibān) are a subspecies of dragon. Compared to their normal dragon brethren, wyverns are smaller and lack frontal claws. Variations include Wyvern Dread (ワイバーンドレッド, Waibān Doreddo) and Wyvern Evil (ワイバーンエビル, Waibān Ebiru).

■ Nrvnqsr Chaos has a low ranking dragon within his Reality Marble.

■ King Arthur was made into the incarnation of a dragon by Merlin by infusing her with the blood of a dragon, and one is shown in Realta Nua as a representation of her Magic Circuits and is visible standing near her Magic Core.

■ Due to the legend in which Lancelot slew a dragon, Arondight deals additional damage to Heroic Spirits who have "dragon" attributes.

■ There is a legend in Fuyuki about a dragon that lived in the Miongawa river and taught martial arts to the monks of Ryuudou Temple as a hobby.

■ Elizabeth Bathory takes on dragon attributes due to her Mixed Blood and the Innocent Monster skill.

■ Medea can create familiars by using dragon's teeth and utilizing her Item Construction to create Dragon Tooth Warriors.

■ Saint George also known as "the Dragon-slaying Saint" has defeated numerous dragons in his legends.

■ Vortigern drank the blood of a dragon, lost his humanity, and became the very will and avatar of Britain to fight against King Arthur.

■ Saber of Black slew a Fafnir dragon and bathed in it's blood, strengthing his skin and providing him a dragon's Magic Core. Balmung, the sword he used to slay Fafnir, deals additional damage to servants with "dragon" attributes.

■ Sigurd slew a Fafnir dragon and devoured it's heart, granting him glasses of wisdom and providing him a dragon's Magic Core. Gram, the sword he used to slay the dragon, deals additional damage to servants with "dragon" attributes.

The Gorgon (ゴルゴン, Gorugon) is Medusa's form as the legendary one-eyed man-eating monster after she started to kill and devour humans. Becoming an icon of terror, her appearance was distorted, and as wishes initially formed the Gorgon sisters, they also turned her into the atrocious Gorgon of legend. Even as a Heroic Spirit and Divine Spirit, she still has the rank of "Monster - Magical Beast", making her existence that of "an anti-hero closer to a monster." As a result, the rank of her Divinity decreased to the lowest value of E-. As compensation, she received the ability of Monsters and Magical Beasts, Monstrous Strength, which would bring her closer to the form of the Gorgon the more it was used. After her death, her role as a Gorgon would be decreasing mankind's numbers.

Harpies (妖鳥, Yōchō) are avarice-filled flying beasts who are known for possessing cruel habits and a cowardly nature, unable to keep from being easily led astray by their appetite. While not suited to be used as soldiers, Semiramis combines them with her Dragon Tooth Warriors to create flying warriors.

Hydra (ヒュドラー, Hyudorā) are serpents with nine heads. Heracles is said to have battled an immortal hydra which would grow back its heads no matter how many times they were cut down. He utilized Nine Lives to simultaneously annihilate one hundred heads with a bow in order to slay it. They breathe a potent poison, and their entire bodies are filled with it. Simply standing near an adult one will make a human's lungs begin to rot. Even a deceased juvenile is great enough to harm someone with direct contact, and though not enough to kill a Servant, could still prove harmful to one. Being poisoned was not enough to kill a Divine Spirit like Chiron, but the constant pain was enough to make him give up his Divinity and immortality to cease his torment.

Rocco Belfaban owns a juvenile Hydra preserved in formalin, a small snake with its head split in nine. It is a one-of-a-kind item in the entire world according to Kairi Sisigou, and even one-third of its selling price would surpass his house's combined estate. He is able to process it into a potent poison for use in the Great Holy Grail War.

Kelpie (ケルピー, Kerupī), also known as Each-uisge (アハ・イシュケ, Aha-ishuke) is classified as Monstrous beast rank by Magi. In Gaelic, it is translated as "Water Horse". The man-eating beast which was a water demon, is said to devour the flesh of girls. It is a beast that appeared in a part Britain's northern islands. It has an appearance resembled a large pale horse and it's tail was shaped like a fish's fin. A water demon which strode and ran freely on the water's surface. The Monstrous beast can change its four-legged form, into a winged "Boobrie: Water Bird (水の鳥, Mizu no Tori)" shape

Moby Dick (モビー‧ディック, Mobī Dikku) is a Divine Beast, said to be among the most famous of that classification. Its level of power is great enough to call it "more super weaponish" than a living being.

There is an enemy program that appears in the Moon Cell bearing its name, but it is unknown if it is supposed to be the same being. It is a large whale said to possess a great aura of strength, possibly being even more dangerous than Servants in combat.

Pegasus (天馬, Tenba) are winged horses that are usually part of the Monstrous Beast Rank. They are docile creatures that do not like to fight. The Pegasus summoned by Rider is a special case that has advanced to the Phantasmal Beast Rank due to its age. Her Pegasus was originally given to her from the Greek Sea God Poseidon, and after she was exterminated by Perseus, it is said that Pegasus was born out of the blood dripping from her headless neck. It has been alive since the Age of Gods, and now possesses a defensive power on the same level as a dragon and Magic Resistance far greater than that of Saber. The buffets from a Pegasus's wings are capable of generating massive shock waves, which raze infrastructure and lacerate the bodies of living beings. Due to its naturally kind nature, Rider has to use Bellerophon to force it to fight.


Quetzalcoatl: Winged Serpent (翼ある蛇, Tsubasa aru Hebi) is a Phantasmal Species on the Phantasmal to Divine Beast level, which is also far more powerful than the Quetzalcoatlus that actually lived in the Cretaceous period. The Quetzalcoatlus is known as the largest flying animal in history. During the moment of its True Name release, the mounted Quetzalcoatl is able to perform the manipulation of large-scale lightning, winds and rains.

Sphinx (スフィンクス, Sufinkusu) originate from Egyptian mythology. Rider's Noble Phantasm "The Sphinx of Abu el-Hol" are classified as Divine Beast rank creature.

Typhon (テューポーン, Tyūpōn) is a Divine Beast, said to be among the most famous of that classification. Its level of power is great enough to call it "more super weaponish" than a living being.

Unicorns (一角馬, Ikkakuba) are creatures with the power to purify human souls. The Seventh Holy Scripture was made from the horn of a dead unicorn that had turned into a nature spirit. Nrvnqsr Chaos has one stored inside of his Reality Marble as one of his stronger creatures.

Vorpal Bunny

Vorpal Bunny (殺人兎, Satsujin Usagi) are creatures part of the Phantasmal beast species.

nasuverse phantasmal beast

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    Fairies WP (妖精, Yōsei? ), also faeries, are a race of beings acting as extensions of the Planet, considered the "sense of touch" of nature. [1] [2] Contents 1 History 1.1 Celtic Mythology 1.2 Arthurian Legend 1.3 Other 2 Characteristics 2.1 Proper Human History 2.2 English Lostbelt 2.2.1 Sub-Bells 2.2.2 Moss 2.2.3 Fairy Clans

  23. Phantasmal Species

    Members of the The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, like Primate Murder, a white dog born with the sole purpose of killing humans, and the Forest of Einnashe, a sentient forest that matured to the level of a phantasm specie by absorbing the blood of a Dead Apostle, also count among the Magical Beasts. ࿇ ══━━━━ ━━━━══ ࿇ Bašmu