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Still Own Your Childhood Toys? They Could Be Worth Big Bucks!

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Do you still have your childhood toys packed in a box in the corner of your attic? It’s time to open it up and see if you have nostalgic toys to pass down to new generations or a treasure chest filled with valuable collectibles. That’s right — many toys from your childhood are now worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Which toys are worth the most? It depends on a lot of factors, starting with collector appeal. Start by checking out this list of 30 childhood toys you might still own that could be worth a small fortune.

Happy Meal Toys, $100

You’re not alone if you loved going to McDonald’s when you were a kid just to get a Happy Meal toy. The toys were free with the purchase of the meal, and it was always a special treat and a surprise. Which toy would you get next?

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

McDonald’s has changed Happy Meals in recent years. The fast food chain removed the kids’ meal option from its value menus and increased the price to $3.99 in most locations. Many older Happy Meal toys from the ’80s and ’90s are now considered rare collectibles and can sometimes sell for around for $100 each. Looks like eating at McDonald’s all those years could finally pay off.

Skip-It, $120

In the 1990s, you most likely asked your parents to buy you a Skip-It. The toy was made famous by a children’s commercial filmed at Ravinia Elementary School in Highland Park, Illinois. The apparatus attached to kids’ ankles for easy swinging and skipping, and it seemed like the coolest invention ever.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

If you still own your vintage Skip-It, you might be able to sell it for as much as $120. However, the toy needs to be in its original packaging to get the best price. You probably won’t strap on Skip-It ever again, so why not earn some money from it?

Lite-Brite, $130-150

Everyone seemed to own a Lite-Brite in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. It was a magical toy with bright lights that allowed you to create colorful designs. Time Magazine listed the Lite-Brite as one of the top 100 toys of all time. Originally released in 1967, it entertained kids for hours.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

If you’ve been hanging on to your original Lite-Brite, it’s time to let it go. If it’s still in working condition in its box, you could sell it for $130 to $150. You might not think anyone cares about a Lite-Brite in 2019, but many people enjoy collecting (and sometimes even using) classic toys.

Moon Shoes, $200

These shoes were questionable in the ’70s, and they’re still questionable today. First introduced in the ’50s, the shoes were supposed to make you feel like you were walking on the Moon. They were popular well into the ’90s, although no one is quite sure why .

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Stomping around in shoes with built-in trampolines supposedly mimics what astronauts experienced on the lunar surface. They are certainly unique, and because of their rarity, they could be worth around $200 in mint condition and in the original packaging. If you really loved them and wore them, you might be able to sell them for less.

View-Master, $430

You were considered one of the “cool kids” if you owned a View-Master. First introduced in 1939, children (and adults) could look through the binocular-like device to view novelty photos, animated images and various other images.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Although everyone could enjoy View-Master slides, it was primarily geared toward children. They could take it with them almost anywhere, and many slides were themed after blockbuster hits, including Jurassic Park and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. View-Masters are now worth about $430, especially if they’re in mint condition.

Strawberry Shortcake Dolls, $550

Every little girl wanted to own a Strawberry Shortcake doll. The adorable 6-year-old, red-headed protagonist of The World of Strawberry Shortcake inspired many television shows, films, toys, merchandise and more. First introduced in 1979 by Muriel Fahrion, the character spawned an entire franchise.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

If you still own your old Strawberry Shortcake dolls, especially the Banana Twirl doll, they are worth around $550 to collectors. In addition, a plum-scented Plum Puddin’ combined with the Berrykin doll set is worth around $500. Other dolls could be worth substantial amounts as well, as long as they are in their original packaging. It’s time to pack up Strawberry Shortcake for a new home.

Super Soaker, $600

Who didn’t love having water gun fights? It was the best way to spend a hot summer day. While every water gun was cool, the Super Soaker was the one everyone wanted to own. The water gun operated on its own, using pressurized air to shoot a stream of water at any victim in close proximity. Its popularity generated more than $1 billion in sales.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Today, the Super Soaker is worth around $600 for some vintage models, possibly even more if you have the original model — the Super Soaker 50. If you have these toys stored in your garage, it’s time to turn a profit.

Toy Story Dolls, $700

If you grew up in the ’90s, you were probably a fan of Toy Story. You grew up watching the Pixar animated film and fell in love with the characters. Woody was your hero, and you wanted to go to infinity and beyond with Buzz Lightyear. Because you were a fan, you probably owned Toy Story dolls.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Today, the original main character dolls (Woody and Buzz) sell for around $550 or more. However, supporting characters like Jessie and Mr. Potato Head are usually worth more because fewer dolls were made, making them rare collectibles. These dolls sell for around $700. If you can part with these lovable characters, they might earn you some extra cash.

Nintendo 64 Games, $750

Nintendo 64 games can be worth up to $750, depending on the title. Mario Kart 64 is one of the most in-demand cartridges. However, it must be in mint condition and in an unopened box to command this price. If you never opened yours, you can get a nice return on your investment. (But how in the world did you resist playing it?)

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Another popular, in-demand game is Harvest Moon 64 . The farming game was never produced in large quantities, making it a rare collectible. When the game was released in 1999, people weren’t exactly into farming games. Collectors will now pay a lot of money to own a rare copy.

Jurassic Park Toys, $900

In 1993, one of the biggest movie hits of all time, Jurassic Park, set a new standard for Hollywood blockbusters. After the movie, available merchandise included T-shirts, hats, mugs and lots of toys. Dinosaur action figures and human character dolls became “hot” items and are now in demand with collectors.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

The 2015 Jurassic World reboot made these collectible items even more valuable. For example, the Jurassic Park Lost World Series One Thrasher Tyrannosaurus Rex sold for $900 on an online auction site. Some dinosaurs are worth even more money. Stay up-to-date on what’s in demand, and make sure the action figures you own are in good shape.

Furby, $900

Everyone wanted to own a Furby in the 1990s. The fuzzy electronic critters (resembling a large hamster or owl) were the absolute “must have” item for ’90s kids, even if their parents didn’t understand the fascination. Every generation has an odd trend — for the ’90s, it was Furby.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

If you still own your Furby toy, you might be able to sell it for around $900. Of course, it needs to be in its original box to be worth that much. If you own a mint condition Furby, it’s time to say “dah noh-lah.” What does that mean in “Furbish,” you ask? It’s time to party!

My Little Pony Toys, $900

In the ’80s, more than 150 million My Little Pony dolls and toys were sold in the United States. Introduced in 1982, the franchise featured magical, colorful ponies with flowing manes. There was a pony for every kid, and the toys managed to capture the hearts of every child.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

You can earn money by selling your old My Little Pony toys. If you own the vintage toys, especially from 1982, they could be worth around $900 each. In addition, the dolls with the highest quality hair and clear markings or symbols have the most value. The mail-order ponies that were ordered with “pony points” and the “flutter ponies” (with wings) could be worth even more than $900.

Pogs, $1,000

Do you remember Pogs? They weren’t the most popular childhood toy on our list, but they were still a fun game for kids in the mid-1990s and could be worth big bucks today. Pogs featured popular television and movie characters as well as professional athletes and other celebrities.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

You could sell your vintage Pogs for around $1,000 — if you still own the complete, rare set of Marilyn Monroe-themed Pogs. In addition, if you own the complete Jurassic Park set, it’s possibly worth even more. One full set of Pogs of the movie dinosaurs, including six holographic Pogs, sold for a cool $1 million. Wow!

Game Boy, $750-$1,500

Do you remember playing video games on a Game Boy? If you’re a ’90s kid, you most likely still have a Game Boy somewhere in your house. Created in 1989, the Game Boy was the most popular handheld game console, and every kid begged their parents to buy one.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

You probably moved on to other gaming consoles, like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, years ago, so if you still own a Game Boy, now is the time to sell it for anywhere from $750 to $1,500. If you happen to own the gold-plated, diamond-encrusted special edition Game Boy, it could be worth at least $25,000.

Power Rangers, $1,400

Who was the best Power Ranger — Yellow or Red? Pink or Blue? Everyone had their favorite Power Ranger, and they wanted to own action figures from the popular television show. About $350 million-worth of Power Rangers toys were sold in 1994, making the toys a part of a pop culture phenomenon.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

The franchise is now a symbol of the ’90s. Today, few action figures resell for a lot of cash unless they are special editions, but those can make some big bucks. For example, the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Deluxe Gold Galaxy Megazord figurine is worth around $1,400. If you think you own a rare edition, it’s time to sell it.

Skeletor Action Figure, $1,600

If you grew up in the ’80s, you remember the Masters of the Universe franchise. Maybe you were even a fan of the 1987 movie. Everyone loved the protagonist He-Man, but his action figure surprisingly isn’t worth that much money today, probably because they made a ton of them. Instead, it’s his arch-nemesis, Skeletor, that’s worth the big bucks.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Diehard collectors are willing to pay $1,600 for the vintage toy. If you were forced to play the villain during playtime with your friends, it’s time to reap your reward. However, the action figure must be in its original box to be worth top dollar.

Teddy Ruxpin, $1,600

In the ’80s, if your parents couldn’t read a bedtime story to you, you were in luck. Teddy Ruxpin was available to read you a story using pre-recorded cassette tapes. The cuddly teddy bear, released in 1985, was discontinued in 1987, mostly due to its expensive price tag. The original Teddy Ruxpin cost the equivalent of $159 in 2019.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

The teddy bear was reintroduced in 2017 and became a “must-have” toy for the holidays. Once again, kids wanted to own the adorable teddy bear. This new release pumped up the value of the 1985 original, which could sell for around $1,600.

Polly Pocket, $1,900

Every young girl owned a Polly Pocket playset in the ’80s and ’90s. The tiny, portable doll sets were available in a variety of themes. You could play with mermaids, princesses and more. If you managed to keep track of every piece of your Polly Pocket sets (yes, every piece), you could earn a lot of money.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Some complete sets, like the Sparkle Surprise Polly Pocket set, are worth at least $450. Other collections and larger castle sets sell for as much as $1,900. However, you must own every little piece of the playset to sell it to most collectors.

Transformers Action Figures, $2,000

Transformers first emerged as a popular franchise in 1984, with an animated television series and popular comic book collection. Due to the popularity, the franchise’s action figures sold very well, especially the main hero, Optimus Prime. Today, the franchise’s modern action figures are still sold at many stores.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

If you own an original Optimus Prime action figure in its unopened box and in mint condition, it could sell for as much as $2,000. It might be difficult to find this rare collectible still in the box, considering most kids played with them relentlessly. Used toys can still fetch an appealing price if they are in good shape.

Playmobil, $2,000-$2,300

Who didn’t own a Playmobil set when they were a kid? The toys were produced in themed series, as well as individual special figures and playsets. Famous in the ’70s, the toys have now become a cult obsession for adults who want to revisit their childhood.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Playmobil toys have increased their value in recent years due to the toys’ wide array of unique sets and characters. They are considered rare collectibles, and complete playsets and collections sell at auctions for around $2,000. Figurines in their original boxes sell for as much as $2,300. You can still sell the toys if they aren’t in the original packaging but for a lower price.

LEGO Trains, $1,500-$3,000

When LEGO was released in 1949, people probably didn’t think the toys would be a success. However, the toys capture children’s imaginations by allowing them to create whatever they want. In 2019, the LEGO train set is a rare collectible. Children could build a train station, complete it with an electric train. How cool is that?

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

There are many varieties of LEGO electric train sets, including the High-Speed City Express Trains from 1985 and the Diesel Freight Trains. These models in their original, unopened boxes are worth anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000. Can you say “choo choo” to that?

Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls, $3,000

First released in 1978, every little girl wanted to own a Cabbage Patch Kid doll. Most likely, they owned multiple dolls. The round-faced, soft-sculpted doll expanded its popularity well into the ’80s and ’90s. Toy collector Laurie Anderson Dowell said, “One didn’t buy a Cabbage Patch doll. One ‘adopted’ it. Hence, you were paying an adoption fee.”

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Rare Cabbage Patch Kid dolls are special collectibles in 2019 that are worth a lot of money. For example, a James Dudley 1985 Cabbage Patch Kid doll is worth $3,000. A 1981 Blonde Girl Little People doll is selling for around $2,000. If you can say goodbye to your beloved dolls, they can reward you with plenty of cash.

Tamagotchi, $3,000

Every decade, there’s at least one toy that really captures the essence of those 10 years. In the ’90s, this was the Tamagotchi device. The handheld, virtual pets required incessant care and attention — no parents to do it for you! — to stay alive. Every kid wanted to own a Tamagotchi.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Like with many ’90s trends, the Tamagotchi recently made a comeback. Even Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted holding a Tamagotchi on the red carpet. If you happen to own an original device from the ’90s in its unopened box, you could earn up to $3,000. You can finally trade in the annoying, demanding toy for some hard-earned cash.

Easy-Bake Oven, $4,000

An Easy-Bake Oven is the quintessential vintage childhood toy. In 1963, every kid begged for an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas. The toy was modeled after ’60s kitchens and was available in either light yellow, green or teal colors. Yes, it might seem like a bizarre idea to “bake” brownies with a lightbulb, but kids loved pretending they were cooking in their own kitchen.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

If you own a vintage, original Easy-Bake Oven, you can trade it in for around $4,000. The toy is so rare now that it’s even in the National Toy Hall of Fame to forever remind people of the “good old days” in the ’60s.

Garbage Pail Kids, $4,000

Just in case you don’t remember them, Garbage Pail Kids were collectible sticker cards in the ’80s. The cards featured child characters, usually depicting them doing something super-gross. However, the images were always presented in a comical way — even if they were odd and abnormal. Many elementary schools banned the cards, calling them “distractions.”

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

These cards are now rare, valuable collectibles. If you still own them in mint condition (without any noticeable tears), you could earn up to $4,000. Less rare sets may still be worth a couple hundred bucks. That’s not bad for a little “distraction.”

Boba Fett Action Figure, $5,000

Any original action figure from the Star Wars franchise is worth a lot of money, but none of them are as valuable as a rare Boba Fett action figure. The villain figure was a mail-order promotion that fired a missile from his backpack. Toy collector Laurie Anderson Dowell commented, “This was deemed unsafe, so this version wasn’t released (in stores).”

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

That means that if you were lucky enough to own a Boba Fett action figure, you have a rare collectible. People are willing to spend up to $5,000 to buy the collectible. However, the toy must be in mint condition and in an unopened box to get that price. An opened Boba Fett action figure might still score some good cash.

Beanie Babies, $5,000

Do you remember Beanie Babies? Of course, you do. The adorable toys resembled all kinds of animals and creatures. Kids had to collect them all, much to their parents’ dismay. The Beanie Baby craze might have been obnoxious for some people, but now you can resell some of the oldest toys for a large profit.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

For example, the Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby has sold for $5,000. Rare Beanie Babies are worth more than popular versions. If you own a Beanie Baby that had a manufacturing flaw — considered a rare find by collectors — it could sell for a few thousand dollars.

American Girl Dolls, $5,000

What young girl didn’t want an American Girl doll? The original, historical dolls discontinue long ago — Kirsten, Molly, Samantha and Felicity — are worth thousands of dollars. The Samantha doll has sold for as much as $4,200 at auction. A mint condition Molly McEntire doll sold for $5,000.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

However, if you’re hoping to make a lot of money from your American Girl dolls, you need to make sure the dolls are stored in their original boxes with their outfits and accessories included. If the dolls are out of their packaging, don’t worry. They could still be worth hundreds of dollars.

Harry Potter Books, $6,500

Toys aren’t the only childhood items worth a lot of money to collectors. You can also sell your old children’s books, including the original, first-print editions of the popular Harry Potter book series. A first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is worth about $6,500.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

In general, first edition copies of books are the most desired by collectors. A signed copy of the first book in the Harry Potter franchise is worth a whopping $15,000. The books are also more valuable if they are in perfect, mint condition. They shouldn’t look like they were read, even though you probably loved Rowling’s stories.

Where the Wild Things Are Book, $25,000

Everyone has a favorite children’s book. Whether you enjoyed the Dr. Seuss books or Clifford the Big Red Dog , childhood classics taught you how to read. None of the children’s books are as valuable as the original copies of Where the Wild Things Are . A 1963 first edition, signed copy (with Maurice Sendak’s autograph) of the beloved children’s classic sold in 2012 for $25,000.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Collectors love rare finds. Because this children’s book has been available for more than 50 years, first editions are even more rare. It’s time to rummage through your attic. If you find a copy of the children’s favorite, sell it for some big bucks. Even if it’s not a first edition copy, it could be worth money if it’s decades old.


phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest


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phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

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7 travel hacks we learned on tiktok.

Olivia Christensen

We receive compensation from the products and services mentioned in this story, but the opinions are the author's own. Compensation may impact where offers appear. We have not included all available products or offers. Learn more about how we make money and our editorial policies .

As summer vacation draws nears and COVID-19 restrictions subside, many of us are making travel plans like we’ve never been past the city limits before. Which is to say, we’re bursting with excitement — and feeling a little rusty about how to prepare for trips to our favorite travel destinations.

Enter TikTok, the video sharing app that has come to define the way so many of us laugh, cook, and learn. And when it comes to fun and valuable tips to help you save money on travel, TikTok is an absolute treasure chest of information.

Here are seven great travel hacks TikTok users recommend that can make travel easier and more enjoyable.

7 Nearly Secret Things to Do If You Fly Southwest

Use your pillow to avoid checking a bag

TikTok travel hack

Most airlines have three ways they classify luggage:

  • A large bag that needs to be checked
  • A carry-on bag that is small enough to fit in the overhead bins
  • A personal item that travelers can keep with them on the flight, like laptop bags and purses.

But something not on that list — your travel pillow — is the source of a great hack that can lower your baggage fees. TikTok user nolimitua demonstrates how you can stuff extra items of clothing into your pillowcase , thereby helping you avoid fees for checking a bag or bringing a carry-on with you on the plane.

Don’t waste your precious bag space on air

TikTok travel hack

If airlines have lost your luggage one too many times for you to ever trust them again, TikTok user notsamanthafox has another travel hack to add to your collection. As long as you have access to a vacuum on both ends of your journey, you can avoid baggage claim by ridding your bag of all that unnecessary air space.

In the video, notsamanthafox puts items into a sealed bag before using a vacuum to suck out the excess air, which dramatically shrinks the bag. Don’t forget that you’ll need a vacuum and possibly fresh bags for the return journey as well.

Use Google Flights to score the best deals

TikTok travel hack

Do you ever hear your co-workers’ travel stories and privately wonder how on earth they were able to afford these vacations on what you know is a modest salary? TikTok user zacharyburrabel has the scoop.

Zacharyburrabel teaches viewers how to put the popular search engine’s Google Flights function to work to compare flights based on date, price, and even destination.

While comparison shopping for our travel plans is something most of us feel we ought to do, sometimes it's just too much work. So the real hack zacharyburrabel offers followers is a shortcut: How to do research that usually takes hours in just a few clicks.

Take advantage of travel credit cards

TikTok travel hack

Maybe you’ve heard your friends mention that they traveled across the country with airline miles they earned through their credit card purchases. And perhaps you are curious enough to try the same thing, but unsure how to do it without getting into serious debt.

TikTok user thenatashaibrahim shares secrets to making the most of the best travel credit cards . Thenatashairahim suggests using your travel credit card for all of your purchases and always paying it off at the end of the month.

Combine the points you rack up with the points you originally got as a sign-on bonus and you just might be able to earn free international travel like thenatashaibrhim did.

Pay no interest until nearly 2025 with these credit cards

Ask for an upgrade and you just might receive one

TikTok travel hack

This might be the most ingenious hack of all. Do you want to fly with all the amenities of first-class without paying for those luxuries? This travel hack offered by TikTok user nielsen_xo is gutsy, but if you have the stomach for it, you may find yourself with the extra legroom and a complimentary preflight drink simply because you asked for it.

That’s right, as nielsen_xo demonstrates, merely asking for a seat upgrade at the gate may just get you one — no strings or extra fees attached.

Treat your flight attendants right and they’ll thank you for it

TikTok travel hack

TikTok user and former flight attendant katkamalani is full of insider secrets. Our favorite? Bring along a stash of treats for your flight attendants. Katkamalani suggests $5 Starbucks gift cards, but also says just about any thoughtful goodie will do.

This small kindness will likely win you big points with your flight attendants. And those points will earn you special treatment from the people who are in charge of your comfort for the duration of your flight. After all, who doesn’t like a little special treatment?

Skip the motion sickness

TikTok travel hack

Does flying make you nauseous? Or even worse, actively sick? Former flight attendant and TikTok user weariwandered has a few motion sickness hacks for that.

First, try sitting as close to the front of the plane as possible. The back of the plane generally experiences more turbulence than the front, which doesn’t help when you have an upset stomach.

Second, weariwandered suggests chewing on ginger tablets throughout your flight. Ginger has nausea-reducing properties, which means a can of ginger ale is another great option.

Last, try an acupuncture wristband. You might be skeptical that a $12.50 bracelet can somehow help your stomach, but many travelers swear it’s the cure.

Bottom line

hand holding Apple iPhone 8 with TikTok logo

The TikTok #travelhack page is a brilliant source of information for travelers. It helps that TikTok is full of travel experts, flight attendants, and hotel managers who have the best insider information and are willing to share ways you can save on your next trip.

So, whether you are trying to travel cheaper, lighter, or more comfortably, check out TikTok for hacks.

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Easy-to-Earn Unlimited Rewards

Card Details

Earn 25,000 online bonus points after you make at least $1,000 in purchases in the first 90 days of account opening - that can be a $250 statement credit toward travel purchases

  • Earn 1.5 points per $1 spent on all purchases
  • Longer intro APR on qualifying purchases and balance transfers
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Earn unlimited 1.5 points per $1 spent on all purchases, with no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees and your points don't expire.
  • 25,000 online bonus points after you make at least $1,000 in purchases in the first 90 days of account opening - that can be a $250 statement credit toward travel purchases.
  • Use your card to book your trip how and where you want - you're not limited to specific websites with blackout dates or restrictions.
  • Redeem points for a statement credit to pay for travel or dining purchases, such as flights, hotel stays, car and vacation rentals, baggage fees, and also at restaurants including takeout.
  • 0% Introductory APR for 15 billing cycles for purchases, and for any balance transfers made in the first 60 days. After the intro APR offer ends, 18.24% - 28.24% Variable APR will apply. A 3% fee applies to all balance transfers.
  • If you're a Preferred Rewards member, you can earn 25%-75% more points on every purchase. That means instead of earning an unlimited 1.5 points for every $1, you could earn 1.87-2.62 points for every $1 you spend on purchases.
  • Contactless Cards - The security of a chip card, with the convenience of a tap.
  • This online only offer may not be available if you leave this page or if you visit a Bank of America financial center. You can take advantage of this offer when you apply now.

Bank of <span class='whitespace-nowrap'>America<sup>®</sup></span> Travel Rewards credit card

on Bank of America’s secure website

Intro Offer

Why we like it

The Bank of America ® Travel Rewards credit card is great for individuals who enjoy earning rewards and traveling.

Cardholders will enjoy the flexibility to redeem points with no blackout dates and receive a statement credit to pay for travel and dining purchases.

Earn 1.5X points on all purchases everywhere, every time.

Author Details

Olivia Christensen

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I also wouldn't survive without all my Gmail filters. (Though whether or not I'm actually surviving the email barrage remains an open question!)

What's your workspace setup like?

I work barefoot, standing on a wobble board . It might sound crazy, but it actually helps you balance your posture much more evenly than just standing on your feet, in which case you inevitably shift your weight to one leg or the other, subtly twisting your spine. With the wobble board, so long as you have a single touchpoint—like a finger on the keyboard—it becomes incredibly easy to balance, and you're forced by gravity into perfect alignment.

I always have headphones on, unless someone is (or I am) DJing on Geneva, our shared speaker at Studiomates , a space I share with some of the most interesting, stimulating people I know.

Lately, I've been working from home quite a bit, since much of what I write about comes from books, reading which requires more concentration than a shared space is conducive to. Susan Sontag said, "One can never be alone enough to write. To see better." Susan Sontag got a lot of things right.

Pictured above: Maria's workspace.

What do you listen to while you work?

Music is incredibly important in my life. I practically live with headphones glued to my ears—when I work, when I bike (don't tell my mom), when I work out. So much so that I have various music modalities for different purposes—for reading books mostly classical, lots of Vivaldi; for light reading All Songs Considered , KEXP's Song of the Day ; for writing longer pieces, lots of jazz; and many, many more.

Lately my talented friend Debbie Millman has been sending me some wonderful custom playlists, so I've been working to those a lot.

I listen to podcasts quite a bit—mostly Radiolab , Design Matters , Science Times , 99% Invisible , and Philosophy Bites —but I like to give those my full attention, so I don't listen to them while writing. I do it on the subway, on my bike, at the gym, during flights. They do, however, often give me story ideas, so I supposed they still fall within the spectrum of work listening. Then again, the line between "work" and "life" is virtually nonexistent for me, so practically everything I listen to (or see, or do) feeds into my "work" one way or another.

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without?

Bike. Headphones. iPad (for ebook purposes only). In that order.

What everyday thing are you better at than everyone else? What's your secret?

I'm of the philosophy that there will always be someone who can do it better than you do—what hope for humanity is there, otherwise? But I do brew excellent kombucha and can do more pushups in a minute than most people. The secret, of these and of any life skill, I believe, is practice and stubbornness.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

Go the fuck to sleep.

The How I Work series asks heroes, experts, brilliant, and flat-out productive people to share their shortcuts, workspaces, routines, and more. Every Wednesday we'll feature a new guest and the gadgets, apps, tips, and tricks that keep them going. Have someone you'd kill to see featured, or questions you think we should ask? Email Tessa .

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How do I get the small chest on B1 in the Temple of Courage?

The legend of zelda: phantom hourglass, the legend of zelda: phantom hourglass (ds).

  • It is the isolated one next to the moving platforms. How do I get it? 6x9 - 13 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  • Oh, yeah, I think I remember this. This one bugged me too until I got my brave conquering spirit up enough to try anything to get it. First mark the chest with an X on your map. Then go to the top part of that room with the hidden path through the pillars. Follow the path until you are directly north of the chest, and then walk south to get it. There's more of the invisible path there. The only way that you would know that is to take a chance on falling like I did. You never know what you might have to try in order to get things in Zelda games. LinkSamus3 - 13 years ago - report 4   2

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Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough – Temple of Courage

  • Chapter 1 – Mercay Island
  • Chapter 2 – Temple of Fire
  • Chapter 3 – Ocean King Part II
  • Chapter 4 – Temple of Wind
  • Chapter 5 – Ocean King Part III
  • 6.1 – Molida Island
  • 6.2 – Temple of Courage
  • Chapter 7 – Ghost Ship
  • Chapter 8 – Ocean King Part IV
  • Chapter 9 – Goron Temple
  • Chapter 10 – Temple of Ice
  • Chapter 11 – Ocean King Part V
  • Chapter 12 – Mutoh’s Temple
  • Chapter 13 – Ocean King Part VI

6.1 Molida Island

It’s now time to return to Molida Island, so sail on over. As you draw near you’ll be confronted by a Giant Eye Plant which is blocking the entrance to the island. The weakness of this giant enemy is its eye, and you’ll need to hit it with a number of cannon shots. Your best bet is to draw a half-circle, going back and forth around the Eye Plant. Draw it so that the pathway overlaps itself over and over so that you don’t have to worry about sailing and instead can just battle the enemy.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

The Eye Plant will launch green spiky balls out towards your ship. These can be destroyed with a single cannonball shot, so be sure to hit them quickly as they will otherwise harm your ship. Wait until the eye of the enemy is open and then fire an attack to hit it. After a number of hits, the enemy will be defeated and Link will pull up to Molida Island.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Once you arrive at Molida Island, once again dig up the hole that you dug up during your first visit to the island. It located just south of the palm tree between the 2nd and 3rd huts on the island. Run northward and tap on the door to use the Sun Key. Continue northward and exit the cave to find yourself at the north end of the island.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Optional: Wisdom Gem #5

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Once you are outside at the north side of Molida Island, use the shovel to dig up the mark in the grass just to the left. This creates a secret hole so go ahead and drop down. Open the treasure chest you find here to collect a Wisdom Gem .

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Defeat the Miniblins and Yellow ChuChu on your way to the north end of the island. You will arrive at the Temple of Courage but the door is locked. The nearby tablet tells you that the statues must focus their light gaze on the door. Continue to the right and you’ll find a statue. Strike it with your sword to activate it, and then tap on it to turn it. Rotate it so that it is facing northwest, causing the beam of light to shine on the locked door.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Run to the south and west and you’ll bump into a pair of Zora Warriors. Stun them by hitting their backs with a Boomerang and then finish them off with a number of sword slashes. Once they are defeated, another statue will appear. Activate it and then turn it so that it is facing northward, shining the light onto the door.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Leap off the ledge to the left and then climb the small steps nearby. While on the higher platform, if you glance to the southwest, you will find the third and final statue. This one is already facing in the proper direction and you just need to activate it. Use your Boomerang to hit the statue, which causes it to shine its light onto the locked door.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

With all three lights now shining, the door will open up. Run on over and head inside to take on the next dungeon, the Temple of Courage.

6.2 Temple of Courage

Maneuver around the spiked rollers to reach the north end of the room. You’ll find a suspicious looking wall to the north which will explode if you throw a bomb at it. Run over to the treasure chest and open it up to get a random treasure.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Follow the pathway southward and you’ll run into a blade trap . Move towards it to trigger its motion, then quickly run southward. Step on the floor switch here to open up the nearby door, creating a shortcut. Climb the steps to the north and open the treasure chest to get a small key. Leap off the ledge to the right and make your way over to the locked door at the north end of the room.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Run southward and the door will close behind you. A pair of Moldorms will appear, whose weak spot is the large red portion at the back of their body. Deliver sword slashes when you can, but then move away when the enemy charges at you. Defeat both enemies and then head down the steps.

Wait until the moving platform has come nearby and then walk onto it, riding it westward. Hit the Shell Beast on the platform so that you knock it off the ledge and then step onto the next platform. While riding the platform, use the Boomerang to hit the nearby crystal switch, changing it to blue. Then step onto the next moving platform and ride it westward. Climb up the steps here to get back to the first floor.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

This room is filled with Zols as well as a new enemy, the Winder . These electric enemies cannot be defeated and should just be avoided. Run to the north end of the room and you’ll find a pair of tablets. One will give you advice on how to beat an upcoming enemy, while the other one states that “Up, Down, Right, then Left” is the order for the whole temple. Be sure to take note of it.

Next to the tablet on the left there is a suspicious wall. Toss a bomb to blow it up and glance at the picture of a map that is on the wall. Pull out your map and switch over to floor B1. Trace the path of the red line onto your map for future reference.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Optional: Power Gem #9

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

After bombing the wall that is between the two tablets, there are a pair of treasure chests. One of them contains a Ship Part, while the other holds a Power Gem.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Bomb the cracked blocks to the right and continue to the next part of the room. Here you will find a Green ChuChu . This variant of the enemy will shrink into a tiny puddle when you try to attack it with a sword. Instead, stun it with the Boomerang and then defeat the enemy.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Head south to the southern platform and a giant Pols Voice will appear. These enemies are invulnerable to Link’s sword at the present moment. You will need to blow into the microphone, causing them to shrink into a tiny ball, making them vulnerable to attack. After defeating the enemy, grab the small key it leaves behind. Be sure to step on the nearby switch, causing the door to open and creating a shortcut to the dungeon entrance. Use the small key on the locked door above and climb the steps to get up to the second floor.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

In this room there are four levers to be pulled, and this is where the hint about the order of the dungeon comes into play. Be careful as the room is filled with Winders and Beamos Statues , neither of which can be defeated. You have to pull the levers in the proper order. First pull the one at top, then the one at the bottom, followed by the one to the right, and finally the one to the left.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

When all four levers have been pulled a treasure chest will appear in the center of the room. Open it to get the square crystal. Much like when holding the Big Key, you won’t be able to move as quickly while carrying this item. Carry it back to the staircase and head down to the first floor.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Back on the first floor, climb up the nearby steps and place the crystal onto the square pedestal. This will cause one of the nearby doors to open up, so run on over and head down back to floor B1.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

There are invisible floors that exist in this area that you can walk on. This is the floor that corresponds to that map we saw earlier. For reference, you can see the path traced on the map below. Carefully make your way through the area, disposing of the enemies along the way. Be careful as the Shell Beasts will try to bump you right off the platform.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

At the end of the pathway open the large treasure chest to get the dungeon item, the Bow . Equip the bow and shoot the eye target that is along the northern wall, causing a bridge to extend to the south.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Optional: Big Green Rupee

If you glance at your map, you will find a small platform in the very center of the map that has a treasure chest on it. There is a secret path that goes directly north of the treasure, connecting with the existing secret pathway. Head down this path and open the treasure chest to get a Big Green Rupee.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Cross the bridge and you’ll encounter a Moldorm. Now you can defeat this enemy with a single arrow shot to its red weak point. Just to the right you will see an object known as an arrow orb. Slash at it with your sword until it facing eastward. Now pull out your Bow and shoot the arrow orb which will cause an arrow to be launched to the right, and then down, hitting the crystal switch and turning it red. With the switch now red, climb the steps to get back to floor 1F.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

With the blue blocks lowered, run southward and defeat the two Moldorms. Walk to the far right and use the bow to shoot the eye statue, causing one of the nearby doors to open up.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Run back to where you placed the square crystal and pick it up off its pedestal. Carry the crystal back to the southwest corner of the room and place it in the other pedestal that is found here. This will cause one of the nearby doors to open. Climb the steps to get back up to floor 2F.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

In this room there are a number of Octoroks, some of which are across the gap to the south. Defeat the nearby ones with your sword and then use your bow to shoot at the other Octoroks. With all of them defeated, a bridge will appear, extending across the gap. Cross the bridge and step onto the moving platform. Ride it to the southwest corner of the area and then make your way over to the next moving platform.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Optional: Power Gem #10

While riding the moving platforms heading eastward, if you glance at the top wall, you will find a pair of eye switches. Shoot both of them with arrows and you’ll cause a treasure chest to appear. Ride over and open it up to get the Power Gem.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Follow the moving platforms to the right side of the room and then run by the first two blade traps to find a Beamos statue. Take the pathway to the left of the Beamos and then use a bomb to blow up the cracked block.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Now take the pathway on the right side of the Beamos and grab onto the movable block. Wait until the blade trap is on the right side and then push the block downward. Backtrack around and then push the movable block all the way to the right. Open the nearby treasure chest and then head back down the steps.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Back on the first floor, simply walk to the west, avoiding the two Winders in the room. Step on the floor switch, creating quick access to the entrance of the dungeon. Then head down the steps to get down to floor B1.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Ride the moving platform to the right and then step onto the stationary platform. Use the Boomerang to target the lit torch and then target the unlit torches to light them up. There are six torches in total and the bottom four can all be lit from the stationary platform at the bottom-right portion of the screen. Ride northward on the moving platform and light the final torches, causing the nearby spikes to lower, giving you access to the next platform.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Hit the Shell Beasts so that they fall off the platform and then turn to the left to find an arrow orb. Hit the orb with the Boomerang twice, causing it to face to the west. Shoot an arrow at the orb and it will then hit a couple of arrow orbs before then hitting a crystal switch, causing the red blocks to be lowered. This allows you to access the steps and return to the first floor.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Optional: Wisdom Gem #6

Before heading up, once again toss the Boomerang at the arrow orb, causing it to face northward. Once again shoot it with an arrow, and this time it will hit a number of orbs and then an eye switch. This will cause a nearby treasure chest to appear containing a Wisdom Gem .

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

In this narrow corridor a Pols Voice will drop down from the ceiling. Blow into the microphone to defeat the enemy and it will drop a small key. Use the small key on the locked door and then head up to the second floor.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Step onto the blue block and then take a glance at your map. There are four pillars in this area and each of them has an eye target on it. You’ll have to hit the targets in the proper order. This room follows the order of the dungeon, which was also used to solve a puzzle at the northwest part of the floor earlier on. Remember, the order is Up, Down, Right, and then Left.

To move along on the blue platform, pull up the map and trace a pathway, which will cause the block to move. Be careful not to cause too many intersections as it will confuse the direct that you need to go. Additionally, you are standing a large block, so don’t draw your lines right into the pillars. At anytime you can pull up your map and erase the lines that you have drawn. Then you can redraw lines to move wherever you need to go.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Once all four eyes have been hit, a treasure chest will appear at the top-right portion of the room. Make your way on over and open the treasure chest to get the Boss Key . Step back onto the platform and ride it to the southwest portion of the room. Use the key on the locked door and head up to the third floor.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Read the tablet to create a blue warp portal that will take you back to the entrance of the dungeon. Slash all the nearby pots to collect some extra arrows and hearts. Once you are ready, climb the steps to take on the dungeon boss, Crayk .

Optional: Courage Gem #5

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Before walking up the staircase, walk to the north end of the room where you will see a cracked wall and a treasure chest on the other side. Blast open the wall with a bomb and then open the treasure chest to get a Courage Gem .

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

During the first phase of the battle there are smaller Crayklings scattered around the ground floor. These small creatures can be defeated with two sword slashes and will leave behind arrows and recovery hearts as a reward. Try to keep your distance from Crayk; if he comes into contact with you, he will deal damage. Crayk will also grab Link and shake him, causing there to be continuous damage each second. Rub the stylus on the bottom screen quickly to break free.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

During this initial phase, Link will need to hit Crayk with an arrow. When you see Crayk looking directly at Link in the top screen, turn around until Link is directly facing the camera and then shoot an arrow in that direction. It can be a bit difficult at first and shooting a number of arrows repeatedly in the general direction should help you hit Crayk.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

After Crayk has been hit, he will begin to spin around and becomes vulnerable to attacks. You’ll notice the small purple spheres sticking out from parts of its body. These are its weak points and you can either hit them with your sword, or aim your bow towards them. He moves pretty rapidly, so it is a bit difficult to be precise and sometimes just spamming sword attacks is your best bet. After hitting all the purple spheres, the first phase will be complete.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Crayk has now lost his invisibility and the large blue tail is his new vulnerability. He turns fairly rapidly so it at first appears hard to reach his backside. Slash at his head and he will cover up his face in defense. This will give you time to quickly run around back and slash at the blue spot. Repeat this process until Crayk has been defeated.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

After defeating Crayk, Link will collect two more minutes of sand into his hourglass. Link will also meet with the Spirit of Courage. After an awkward talk, be sure to open the treasure chest to get a Heart Container . Step into the blue warp portal to get back outside of the dungeon.

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

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  • Temple of Courage

After salvaging the Sun Key, you enter the temple on Molida Island.

Temple of Courage 1F

Temple of courage b1, temple of courage 1f, part 2, temple of courage 2f, temple of courage b1, part 2, temple of courage 1f, part 3, temple of courage 2f, part 2, temple of courage 1f, part 4, temple of courage b1, part 3, temple of courage 1f, part 5, temple of courage 2f, part 3, temple of courage 3f.

Go north and walk behind the rolling spike bar, then go into the alcove on the right and wait for the spikes to roll downward. Go north and stand on the brown tiles until the spikes above you start to roll away. Go north and stand on the brown tiles to the right. Before you continue, throw a bomb at the section of wall that has a narrow hallway above it. When the bomb explodes, go up into the narrow hallway to find a chest. Then go south when the spikes are to the left, and go east and south to safety.

There is a spike trap to the south, so stay on the right side. Then get in the path of the spike trap to make it come toward you, and go through the gap where the trap was before you made it move.

Go south, then west, and step on the switch to open the door. Then go north and open the chest to get a key. Go south onto the bridge and jump off the right side, then make the spike trap come back up again, and go to the right when it is going back down. Go north from there and unlock the door.

Go east, then south. You will be trapped in a room with two Moldorms. You have to hit the red segment of their tails. Don't get too close to them or they will come toward you, making it difficult to reach their tail segments. Keep your distance, then attack when they are facing away from you.

When you kill both Moldorms, the south door will open, so go down the stairs there.

Go to the left and stand on the moving block when it stops there. When the block moves to the platform in the middle, step onto the platform. There is a hardhat beetle on the platform. You can't kill it with the sword, but you can knock it off of the platform.

A moving block will arrive on the left side of the platform, so stand on it. When it goes past another moving block, go down and stand on the lower moving block. Be sure to hit the crystal switch to turn it blue. Then when the block stops at the stairs on the left, go up the stairs.

Be careful to avoid the electric Winder and kill the Gels, then go north. If the red blocks are raised, go south and down the stairs, then use the boomerang from this platform to hit the crystal switch northeast of the stairs, turning it blue.

Go north in the room with the electric Winder. You will reach two stone tablets. Read the rightmost tablet and make a note of the directions that it mentions. Then place a bomb to the right of the leftmost tablet. This will break a hole in the wall, giving you access to the room to the north. Read the map and make a note of the path. You have to switch the map to B1 (tap the 1F on the bottom-left of the map and choose B1).

Go south from the secret room, then go east to the cracked blocks. Use a bomb to get rid of them. The Green Chuchu will hide if you try to hit it, so try doing a spin attack when it stops hiding, or use the boomerang to stun it.

Go east, then south, and walk up the stairs to read the stone tablet on the platform. Make a note of the shape on the platform.

Go south and walk up the stairs. A Pols Voice will fall from the ceiling. Blow into the microphone to stun the Pols Voice, then hit it with your sword. When it dies, it leaves behind a small key.

Go down the stairs and step on the switch to open the door, then go north. Use the key on the locked door, then go up the stairs.

There are four switches in this area, but you need to pull them in the correct order. The stone tablet that you saw earlier has the correct order.

The correct order is

There are electric Winders and Beamos enemies in this room. Don't let the Beamos eye see you, or it will shoot a laser beam at you.

When you have pulled the levers in the correct order, a chest appears. Open it to get the square crystal.

Take the crystal downstairs, then go south and up onto the platform. Tap the square pedestal to put the square crystal there. The door will open, so go northeast and down the stairs.

The floor is invisible here. There is a map on 1F that shows you the correct path ( see previous section on this page ). Beware of the hardhat beetles that are on the hidden paths. You can lure the first one onto the platform where you entered the room, but when you encounter others farther ahead, try stabbing the sword straight at them to poke them off of the edges.

Because of the angle of the pillars in this room, you might find it easier to just look at your map as you make your way along the hidden path.

When you reach the platform in the northwest corner, open the chest to get the Bow and Arrows. Face the blue eye in the north wall, then put the stylus on the the touch screen and move so that Link is aiming at the eye. Then lift the stylus to fire an arrow. When you hit the eye, a bridge will extend to the south.

Go south on the bridge. There is a Moldorm here. You can kill it by shooting its red tail segment with an arrow, or just use your sword. Then before you go upstairs, hit the blue thing on the right with your sword until it is pointing to the right, then shoot an arrow at it. The arrow will be sent to the crystal switch, turning it red. Now go upstairs.

Go south. If the blue blocks are in the way, go north and down the stairs and read the previous paragraph to see how to lower the blue blocks.

Go south and there are two Moldorms. Shoot their tail segments with an arrow or hit them with the sword, then go up the stairs. The statue will tell you to go back to where you left the square crystal before and bring it back here.

Go to the east. There is an eye on the east wall. Shoot it with an arrow, then go north and get the square crystal from the northern platform. Then take it to the southwest corner of this room and put it in the pedestal there. The door to the right will open. Go up the stairs there.

There are a bunch of Octoroks in this area. Use your bow and arrows to shoot them. After you have killed all of the Octoroks, a bridge extends from the northwest corner to the northeast.

Cross the bridge, and go east, then south. Quickly get on the moving block because it will move again soon, then when you reach the corner, get on the moving block on the right. Use the bow to shoot the eye in the upper-left corner of this area, then when the moving block touches another block on the right, go to the right until you are standing on the far right block. Shoot an arrow at the eye in the northeast corner of this area. Then you can go to the treasure chest on the northern ledge to get a Power Gem.

Then use the moving blocks to go to the southeast corner, then go north on the next moving block. From there, go east. Run past the spike traps, then shoot the Beamos in the eye with an arrow to stun it. Go south down the left path and jump over the gap, then go east and bomb the cracked stone, but go west and north before the bomb explodes. Then jump back to where the Beamos is (making sure that it is not going to shoot you when you jump across) and go down the path on the right, jumping over the gap and pushing the block down when the spike trap is on the right.

Go back to the Beamos and go down the left path again, then go to the right and push the block to the right until you can go up the north path. You will find a treasure chest and some stairs going down, so open the chest and go down the stairs.

Go west, but try to avoid the electric Winders. At the left side, jump over the gap. Step on the switch to open the door, then go down the nearby stairs.

When the moving block arrives on the right, stand on it to go to the southeast corner. Go north on the moving block there, then use the boomerang to light up all of the torches. The spikes to the north will go away, so you can go north from the moving block.

From there, stab the hardhat beetles off of the platform, then use the boomerang on the blue thing on the left until it is pointing to the left, then shoot an arrow at it to change the crystal from red to blue. Go north over the red tiles, then go north and go up the stairs.

Go south and a Pols Voice will appear, so blow into the microphone to stun it, then hit it with your sword. Get the key, and unlock the nearby door. Go north and up the stairs.

Go to the left and hit the statue, then go to the left and stand on the blue block. Then open your map. There is an eye on each of the four columns in this room. You need to hit them in the correct order, which you learned earlier in this temple.

While looking at your map, draw a route for your floating block. Make it go under each column in the correct order, and shoot the eyes on the columns. If you did it in the correct order, a chest appears in the northeast corner. Move the block there and open the chest to get the Big Key. Then stand on the block and draw a route to the southwest corner. Use the Big Key there and go up the stairs.

Read the stone tablet to make a blue warp point appear. Before you go up the stairs, go to the north wall and bomb the crack. Go up and open the treasure chest to get a Courage Gem.

Then go upstairs to face the dungeon boss.

Crayk will turn invisible and walk around the room. You will be able to see things from the monster's perspective in the top screen. Equip your bow and arrow, and aim the bow where the monster is. If you can see Link aiming at you in the top screen, fire the arrow to shoot it at Crayk. If Crayk catches you, rub the stylus from side to side to make the monster let go. If you shoot Crayk, it will hide in its shell. Throw bombs at Crayk while it is in its shell, and eventually the shell will break. At this point, you can shoot arrows at Crayk or hit its claws with your sword to make it temporarily shield itself, giving you time to run behind Crayk and hit the blue tail. Keep hitting the tail until Crayk is defeated. You can kill the small Crayklings to get arrows and hearts.

Go back to the ship. Oshus will be there with Linebeck. After a cutscene, you have to go to the Ghost Ship. When you set sail, Linebeck tells you to sail toward the fog. Draw a route to the Northwestern Sea, where you encountered the fog before.

You won't get very far before Jolene stops you. You can try to draw a route away from her, but her ship is faster, so she will ambush you. Try to explore the ship, and Jolene will arrive. You have to fight her.

If you get too close to Jolene, she will hit you with her sword. Keep your distance. Eventually, Jolene will pull back her sword, then hit with a powerful attack. You need to go to the side when she pulls back her sword, then hit her after she does her powerful attack. If your swords get stuck together, rub the stylus from side to side to break free. Eventually, Jolene will drop her sword and leave the room.

Afterward, walk up to the wooden crate in the room to find Linebeck and get a blue rupee.

Then sail north to reach the Northwestern Sea. Then try to sail through the fog in this area. The ship will get stuck. Talk to Linebeck and he will tell you that you have to steer.

While you steer, watch out for bomb barrels and other obstacles. The spirits will flash more when the ship is pointing in the right direction. Watch the upper screen to see the cone where the ship is facing. Turn the wheel until the spirits flash more, then watch the cone to see which way the ship is facing when the spirits are flashing more. Make the ship continue to go in that direction until you reach the Ghost Ship.

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Thonky's The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

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phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

6. Temple of Courage

phantom hourglass temple of courage b1 treasure chest

Table of Contents

Molida Island

Now that you have obtained the Sun Key make your way to Molida Island in the Southwest Sea. Upon approaching the island you will have to face off against a Giant Eye Plant . Take it out by using your cannon while also shooting down any large green spikes it may throw your way.

Once you finally make it onto the island head for the same hole you entered during your last time here. The hole is located just below a palm tree between the center two houses. Enter the hole and find your way to the sun door to the north. Unlock the door and walk up the stairs.

Optional Treasure Chest

Upon exiting the cave you will find a patch of grass that looks as if it can be dug up. Dig it up with your shovel and fall through the hole. Open the treasure chest and obtain a Wisdom Gem !

Continue down the path to the entrance of the Temple of Courage . You will find the door is locked. Make your way east of the temple to find a Tribal Head Statue . Slash the statue to activate it, and then direct its beam towards the entrance of the temple.

Next, continue to walk along the path and make your way to the portion just south of the temple. You will need to defeat two Geozards to activate the next Tribal Head Statue. Position it towards the temple entrance and run west.

Walk just west of the wooden bridge that leads to the temple. Here you will find a ledge. Use your boomerang to hit the Tribal Head Statue on the other side of the ledge. Doing so will activate it and open the door of the temple.

Make your way to the Temple of Courage and enter!

Temple of Courage

Make your way past the rolling spikes and towards the northern part of the room. Before you head back south you should notice a suspicious-looking portion of the wall. Bomb it and grab the treasure chest just beyond it.

From here you should head south and avoid the Blade Trap . Step on the floor switch to unlock a door for easier access to the temple dungeon. Head up the nearby steps and open the treasure chest to obtain a small key.

Walk back towards the northern part of the room to a locked door. Unlock the door and follow the path until a door closes behind you. Defeat the two Moldorms and head down the stairs to floor B1 .

Wait for the moving platform to your west and ride it until you reach a large platform. Here resides one Hardhat Beetle you can easily slash of the platform with your sword.

Ride the second moving platform to the west and eventually switch over to another moving platform that takes you to a set of stairs. Before you get off the moving platform use your boomerang to hit the red switch just to your north. With the switch now blue you can make your way up the stairs back to 1F .

Head to the northern part of this room. Avoid the Winders on this floor, as there is no way to defeat them. Once you reach the northern part of the room read the two stone tablets. Take note of the “Up, Down, Right, Left” order one stone mentions.

Bomb the wall between the two stones to reach a map on the wall. Trace this path on your map for floor B1 .

Optional Treasure Chests

There are two treasure chests located in the room with the map on the wall. One contains a ship part, while the other contains a Power Gem !

Bomb the cracked blocks to your east and walk south until you reach the southern most platform. When you walk up the stairs you will need to defeat the enemy Pols Voice . Blow into your microphone to cause the enemy to shrink and then strike it with your sword to obtain a small key.

Step on the floor switch to the southeast of the platform to create another shortcut to the temple entrance. From here run west and north to reach the locked door you passed by earlier. Unlock the door and walk up the stairs to floor 2F .

This room contains four leavers that need to be pulled in the order you took note of before. First, pull the lever at the top of the room, then the bottom, then right, and then finally left. Be sure to avoid any Winders and Beamos that inhabit this area.

A treasure chest will appear. Open it to obtain a square crystal. Carry this crystal back to the staircase to head down to floor 1F .

Carry the square crystal to its pedestal on the nearby platform. The door to your north will open. Run to the now unlocked door and head down the stairs to floor B1 .

This area is made up of entirely invisible floors. Using the pathway you found on a map earlier, follow its directions to lead you to the platform at the northwest corner of this floor.

Once you’ve reached the platform you will see a large treasure chest. Open it to obtain the Bow ! Equip the bow and hit the eye switch north of the treasure chest. Follow the pathway south and defeat the enemy Moldorm. You will then want to slash the Arrow Aimer with your sword until it faces east. Once it is facing east shoot an arrow at it, changing the switch in the distance from blue to red. You may now head up the stairs back to floor 1F .

Enter the room and defeat two more Moldorms. Walk to the east until you reach an eye switch. Shoot it with an arrow and run north through the door that opens. Obtain the square crystal that you placed on the pedestal from before and walk it back to the southwest corner of the floor. Place it on the pedestal that is located here to open a nearby door. Walk through the door and up the stairs to floor 2F .

Here you will find a room full of Octoroks. Defeat them all by using your sword and bow. Doing so will cause a bridge to extend along the northern wall. Cross the bridge and then ride the moving platform to the south. From the southern corner make your way across more moving platforms to the east until you reach a gap in the wall.

In this room of moving platforms, you will notice two eye switches. One located at the northeast corner and another at the northwest corner. Shoot both with your arrows to cause a treasure chest to appear. Ride the moving platforms to where the treasure chest resides and obtain a Power Gem !

Continue east avoiding the two blade traps until you reach a room with a Beamos. Jump over the gap to the left of the Beamos and blow up the cracked block. Walk back to the Beamos and jump over the gap to the right. Push the block down when the blade trap is located to the right of the block. You will then want to once again get to left side of the block and push it further east. Open the nearby treasure chest and head down the stairs to floor 1F .

Walk west and avoid the two Winders until you reach a floor switch. Step on it to gain easy access to the temple entrance. From here head back down the stairs again to floor B1 .

Ride the moving platform to the east. Hop onto the second moving platform that is moving northward. At this time you will want to use your boomerang to light the 5 unlit torches. Doing so will cause the spikes to your north to lower.

Walk onto the platform to your north and defeat any Hardhat Beetles in your way. You will want to hit the Arrow Aimer to your west with your boomerang until it is pointing west. Then shoot it with an arrow, causing the nearby red blocks to be lowered. Walk past the lowered red blocks and up the stairs to floor 1F .

Defeat the Pols Voice in this room to obtain a small key. Enter the locked door and head up to floor 2F .

Step on the blue block and open your map. This room contains four pillars that each contain an eye switch. You will want to hit each eye in the order you learned before (Up, Down, Right, Left). Draw on your map to cause the blue block to move around. Hit the switches in the correct order (listed before) to cause a treasure chest to spawn.

Ride the blue block over to the treasure chest to obtain the Boss Key . Then for one final time ride the blue block to the southwest corner of the room, with the Boss Key of course. Here you will unlock the door and head up the stairs to floor 3F .

Read the nearby stone tablet to create a warp zone to the temple entrance. Then walk up the stairs to face the temple boss, Crayk !

Walk to the northern portion of this room to find a cracked wall. Blow up the wall with a bomb and open the treasure chest to obtain a Courage Gem !

At the start of the battle run to the northern part of the room and equip your bow. Watch out for any Crayklings wandering the room. They are easy to defeat and contain hearts or arrows if you need a refresh at any point during your battle.

Once you see Crayk facing towards you on the top screen shoot an arrow at him, causing him to become visible. From here you will want to either shoot arrows or slash your sword at the purple blobs on his shell. Hit all the purple blobs until his shell disappears.

Once Crayk is shell-less he becomes a lot easier to handle. Shoot an arrow at him head-on, and then run to his backside and slash its blue tail. Continue this process until you have defeated Crayk!

You now have two more minutes added to your hourglass. After a small chat with the Spirit of Courage, you can open the treasure chest to obtain a Heart Container . Walk into the blue warp to be transported outside of the temple.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass/The Temple of Courage

Table of Contents


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  • Isle of Ember
  • The Temple of Fire
  • Return to Mercay Island
  • Molida Island and Navigating the Fog
  • The Isle of Gust and the Temple of Wind
  • Getting the Sun Key
  • The Temple of Courage
  • Pursuing the Ghost Ship
  • Discovering the Southeast Sea
  • Goron Island
  • The Isle of Frost
  • The Last Sea Chart
  • The Isle of the Dead
  • The Isle of Ruins
  • Getting the Phantom Sword
  • Temple of the Ocean King
  • The Final Battle
  • Golden Frogs
  • Spirit Gems
  • Heart Containers
  • How to Draw a Triforce (in one shot)
  • 1 The Southwestern Sea
  • 2 Molida Island
  • 3.1 Floor 1
  • 3.2 Floor B1
  • 3.3 Floor 1
  • 3.4 Floor 2
  • 3.5 Floor 1
  • 3.6 Floor B1
  • 3.7 Floor 1
  • 3.8 Floor 2
  • 3.9 Floor 1
  • 3.10 Floor B1
  • 3.11 Floor 1
  • 3.12 Floor 2
  • 3.13 Floor 3
  • 3.14 Boss Fight: Crayk, Bane of Courage
  • 3.15 The Aftermath
  • 4 Molida Island

The Southwestern Sea [ edit ]

Before you can enter Molida Island, though, you are attacked by a Giant Eye Plant. Stay moving while fighting it. I advise drawing a route that goes back and forth around the plant multiple times. While you're moving, the Eye Plant will shoot three spiked balls at you - shoot these out of the air. Shoot at its vulnerable eye when it opens. It should go down after 5 hits to the eye. Dock at Molida Island.

Molida Island [ edit ]

Hopefully you still have the lines drawn on your map revealing where the second hideaway is. Dig at the base of that tree and jump into the hole. Head north to the sun-emblazoned door. Tap it to open it. Head all the way north to the stairs. Dig the cracked patch of earth to your left and jump down the hole. Open the chest for a Wisdom Gem, jump off the left to the right, and go back up the stairs. Follow the path, killing Miniblins and yellow ChuChus along the way. Head up the stairs, watching out for the Takkuri bird in the tree. Go north across the bridge. The tablet says that "only statues can urge the temple door open, so focus their light gaze on it!" Run to the right and around the bend, watching out for Takkuris. Hit the statue you come across to activate its laser. Tap it again and turn it so its laser beam (visible on the map) hits the temple. Continue along the path and defeat the two River Zoras that appear. Remember, use the boomerang to stun them. Once they die, a statue emerges from the ground. Hit it and turn it so its laser points to the temple. Jump off the ledge to the left, go up the stairs, and go to the northwestern edge of the platform. Hit the statue to the southwest with the boomerang. The temple door should open, so make your way to the temple.

Temple of Courage [ edit ]

Floor 1 [ edit ].

Go north to the intersection blocked by doors. Don't rush north just yet, as there is a spiked roller traveling the north path. Wait for it to go north past the alcove, then hide in it until the roller passes by again. Then do the same for the next roller, ending up in the safe area between two rollers. Two tiles over, you will notice a passageway dead-ending at a discolored tile in the wall. Throw a bomb at this piece of the wall. When it's safe, run up the passage to score a piece of treasure from the chest. Wait for the roller to pass to the left, then run to the right and south. Stop by the two blocks. Walk straight south of the gap next to the blocks and note the blade trap. These blade traps will shoot straight towards you if you stand in any cardinal direction of them (that is, north, west, east, or south of them). Staying close to the blocks to the north, run quickly to the left to trigger the trap and get out of the way. Run quickly past the gap it leaves in the blocks before it resets. Hit the floor switch to the left and go up the stairs. Cross the bridge to the north and get the key from the chest. Jump off the bridge's right side and, while avoiding the blade trap and the roller, make your way to the locked door to the north and open it. Go south to a room where you have to fight this temple's miniboss, two Moldorms. Hit their pink tail ends with your sword until the Moldorms die. Go down the stairs.

Floor B1 [ edit ]

When the platform arrives at the ledge you're on, hop on and ride it to the next platform. Here you meet the Hardhat beetle. You can't kill it with your sword, so you have to smack it off the ledge with your sword. Ride the platform to your left. Hit the switch with your boomerang as you cross. You'll have to switch platforms midway. Go back up the stairs.

Kill or avoid the gels while avoiding the electric Winder enemy. The Winders are indestructible, so just leave them alone. Go north past the blocks. The two tablets tell you that "Big monsters with big ears are hugely vulnerable to loud sounds..." and "Up, down, right, then left. It's not only the order for the switches nearby. It's the very order of the whole temple, so take note of it..." Do so. Bomb the discolored tile between the two tombstones to access a room with two chests containing a ship part and a Power Gem. The map on the wall shows a path for a section of floor B1. Draw this on your map, it will be useful later. Go back into the previous room and bomb the rocks to the right. Go right to find a Green ChuChu. The green ones have an annoying tendency to melt into an un-hittable puddle, so stun them from a distance with the boomerang first. Run all the way south, noting the square gem pedestal on the platform you pass to the right. Run right and hit the floor switch. Run up the stairs and a huge Pols Voice drops down from the ceiling. Remember what the tablet said about monsters with big ears? Scream/blow into the microphone to stun the monster. Kill it with your sword and grab the key it drops. Go all the way back north and open the locked door. Go up the stairs.

Floor 2 [ edit ]

This maze contains several Winders and Beamos statues. Beamos statues will shoot a laser at you if they see you with their eye. You can disable them for a short time with a bomb. Now, keep in mind what the tablet said about up, down, right, then left. There are four switches here, and that's the order you need to pull them in. A chest will materialize with the square crystal. Take it down the stairs.

Throw the square crystal into the square pedestal. Go down the stairs that are revealed.

I hope you drew that path from the wall onto your map, because you're going to have to follow it. Follow the invisible path, knocking off the Hardhat beetles along the way. Open the chest to get the bow and arrow. Tap the screen while the bow's equipped to shoot arrows. Keep the stylus held down to look around the surrounding area. If you're using the trigger to access the bow and arrow, you can release the trigger after you're done looking around to put it away without shooting an arrow. Shoot the eye next to the chest and go south on the bridge. Kill the Moldorm and hit the crystal thing until it points right. Shoot an arrow into it. These crystals will redirect an arrow shot into them to the direction that they're facing. Watch the arrow fly into the switch and go upstairs.

Go south and kill two Moldorms and a green ChuChu. Go all the way east to the gap. Shoot the eye with an arrow. Run up to where the square crystal is. Grab it and head back to where the Moldorms were. Place the square crystal on the pedestal and go through the stairs that are revealed.

Now would be a good time to use the bow and arrow to clear out some of the enemies, as there are a lot of Octoroks spitting rocks everywhere. Once all the Octoroks are dead, a bridge extends. Cross it. Hop on the platform and ride it south. Transfer across to the next platform. There's an eye way to the north you can hit while crossing - use your bow and arrow's aiming ability to see it. Cross over to the easternmost platform and hit another eye way to the north, making a chest appear. Watch out for the Keese. Cross back to the middle platform and ride it to the chest, which contains a Power Gem. Ride the platforms over to the easternmost platform. Get off and carefully walk past the blade traps. Hop south across the gap and bomb the block. Retreat into the corridor to avoid the blade trap. When the blade trap moves away from you, run quickly to the passageway going north. Open the chest for treasure and go down the stairs.

Avoid the Winders, making your way left. Hop across the gap, hit the switch, and go down the stairs.

Ride the platform to the east. When you get on the platform going north, equip your boomerang and try to light all of the torches in one go. I made a zigzag pattern hitting them in this order:

This retracts spikes to the north, allowing you to get off. Knock off the two Hardhat beetles, then use the boomerang to hit the crystal until it points left. Shoot an arrow into it. Hit it with the boomerang until it points up and shoot another arrow into it. Grab the Wisdom Gem from the chest that appears and run up to the stairs in the north.

Another Pols Voice appears. Again, scream/blow into the microphone and kill it. Grab the key and unlock the door. Go up the stairs.

The gossip stone tells you that the platform is controlled by a path you draw on your map. So bust out the map and draw a path. Now, each pillar on the map has an eye on its south side. And remember that up down right left is the order of the whole temple. Thus, your path should pass to the south of the north, south, east, and west pillars in order. It should then end back where you started. Hit each eye with an arrow as you pass by. Once the eyes are hit in the correct order, a chest spawns with the Boss Key. Now draw a new path heading straight to the southwest platform. Get on the platform with the Boss Key and ride. Open the boss door with the key and go up the stairs.

Floor 3 [ edit ]

Break the pots for arrows and health. Go behind the stairs and bomb the cracked wall. Go through the hole and open the chest for a Courage Gem. Go up the stairs to face the boss.

Boss Fight: Crayk, Bane of Courage [ edit ]

This battle starts off with Crayk turning invisible. However, the top screen becomes what Crayk sees. It's best to lightly move around rather than go move crazy. Since the top screen shows what Crayk sees, when Crayk sees Link, he'll charge toward Link which will be done after a blow of the wind. Prepare the bow and then circle around Link with the stylus until you see Link on the top screen directly pointing at it; that is when you let go to hit Crayk.

Crayk will retreat into his shell and start spinning slowly if you hit him. Hit the six purple spheres on his shell to break the shell. While fending off the smaller crabs that attack, shoot arrows at Crayk's face. This will cause him to hold still and guard, so use this time to circle around him and attack his tail. Rinse and repeat for the victory.

The Aftermath [ edit ]

Crayk will dissolve into some Sand of Hours. Grab the heart container that appears after the oddly lethargic Fairy of Courage joins you and step into the portal.

Return to Linebeck's ship. On the way, you may notice a change in Romanos' hut. He's decided to follow his father's footsteps and become a wayfarer, but he needs to raise money, so he's running the shooting range , by far the hardest minigame in the game. He will also have sent a letter with a ship part, so stop by the mailbox on the way to Linebeck. Also, now that you have the bow and arrow, you can buy a quiver upgrade from any village shop for 1000 rupees. You must have bought the Power Gem first. Oshus is waiting at the dock, who reveals that Ciela is the Spirit of Courage. The lethargic fairy you found in the temple was half of Ciela that contained her powers. Using his magic, Oshus fuses both fairies together, turning Ciela into her true yellow color. Ciela senses Tetra calling out to Link, and the boat sets sail.

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Navigation menu

Return to the Temple of the Ocean King

It's funny how Linebeck still insists on staying by his ship when it was he that elected to go back to the temple. Before hurriedly rushing off to temple, go see how old man Oshus is doing. He'd enjoy the company, and it'd be worth your while for sure. Impressed by your progress thus far, he gives you a small token of appreciation...for being you! Why, hello there Power Gem ! Make off with your thoughtful gift and head off finally to the Temple of the Ocean King.

En route to the temple, take notice of a deep crack flowing down the side of a cliff. This looks like a job for your handy dandy bombs, no doubt. Sure enough, the wall immediately succumbs to the powerful blast, allowing you to proceed in to explore its innards. A little slicing and dicing of the cave denizens, followed by a little platform-hopping, takes you straight to a lonely chest. Under the hood you will find a second Power Gem . Remember that when you've accumulated ten of one kind of gem you should return to the Spirit Island to enhance your abilities. Ignore the eye ornament adorning the cavern wall for now and continue to the temple entrance.

Temple of the Ocean King, 3rd

  • Key items to obtain: n/a
  • Enemies: Phantom , Phantom Eye , Miniblin , Yellow Chuchu

We are just going to keep chipping away at this once-sacred temple until we get to the very bottom of this. Thanks to the last vanquished boss, you have a whole extra two minutes of immunity to the temple's curse. The bad news is that the dungeon has been completely reset to a pristine state, as if you'd never step foot in there. Unfortunately, this means grabbing Small Keys, solving minor puzzles and all the other stuff that you love oh-so-much all over again. The objective this time is—you probably guessed it—to find another clue to the Ghost Ship.

Find and open the Door of Wisdom

The Door of Wisdom refers to the door with the Wisdom insignia imprinted on it that you couldn't open before. Being that everything is back to the way they once were, you have to start from scratch. The only difference this time is that you have a new weapon at your disposal—the bombs. They will speed up the process of tracing your steps back to where you left off last. Begin by heading to B1. The Phantoms are still lurking about, but they present merely a small concern right now. Dash out of your point of origin and head north. You will be halted by a locked door that requires a key to open, but a peek to the left shows a column of bomb-able blocks. Hey, you've got bombs!

With the pesky blocks removed, you can skip along this northern corridor to grab that glimmering Small Key from the northwestern room without delay, and subsequently use it on the locked door. Onwards to B2. You emerge from the stairs; just to your left stands an attentive Phantom (shock!). Creep directly south from the stairs to the wall. Notice the pressure crack from on the other side? Looks like this wall can be blown apart as well. Indeed it can; and for some reason unbeknownst to us the Phantom to the north didn't even bat an eyelid at the profound noise from the explosion but would immediately go bonkers at the sound of metal clanging against the wall. Curious.

Bringing the wall down was just the first step; getting the key is the next, but backpedal a bit: it needs to materialize first. If you recall, activate the orb in the eastern niche as well as the one squeezed within the northwestern niche. The Small Key will await your retrieval in the closed off room below. While still standing on the floor switch, swing the Boomerang out towards it to retrieve it. Put the key to proper use on the locked door located in the center of the room. Unlike the previous two floors, where you were able to create shortcuts, B3 must be completed via conventional methods.

You will need to go around collecting and assembling the Force Gems as you did before. The Force Gems haven't budged an inch, so theoretically you should have little trouble with this. Similar still is that one of the Phantoms possesses the key you need to open the way forward. If you're pressed for time, some thorough scavenging of this floor will net you a one-minute extension from two yellow pots. One of them is to the northeast, behind a now-fragile defense of breakable rocks. The other is shoved in an alcove north of stairs from which you entered.

The next floor down is where you will find the Door of Wisdom. Thanks to Neri, the door will not hesitate to fling open upon your touch.

Get Small Key #1

B4 of the temple features those wind statues you will surely recognize from the Temple of Wind. They are displayed on the level as white puffs of smoke. Since there is no abyss into which the wind statues can send you tumbling, they instead act as insurmountable barriers that reject access to certain corridors. Aside from the patrolling Phantom, you may also notice a pair of blue lollipops drifting about the floor. These are Phantom Eyes, the likes of which Neri and Ciela will fill you on the details.


  • Phantom Eye
  • Appearance: A blue balloon-like thing
  • Damage: n/a

The gust barriers force you to go the only way available to you: south. When you arrive at the wind statue blowing west, reach for the Boomerang and aim it at the crystal orb around the corner. Watch for Phantom Eyes that may be slinking about and do them in while they are still stupefied. With the rest of the wind statues releasing unrelenting puffs of wind, you are presented only one way to go again. Work your way to the west side of the room and dispatch the two Phantom Eyes here. The prize for the complete extermination of the Phantom Eyes arrives in the form of a chest on the eastern safe zone. Inside you will find a Power Gem .

The key you seek remains stored away behind a row of spikes. The orb in the walled-in room to the west has your answer. Along the southern part of the wall is a bomb-able part that will let you into the room to get a whack at the orb, which immediately withdraws the spikes guarding the key. If you go to the southwest portion and shovel the clump of dirt, you will uncover a geyser that takes you to another orb. This one cuts the power to all the wind statues, allowing easier passage. Claim the Small Key for the door to the south.

Find the clue about the Ghost Ship

The sparse number of safe zones coupled with the fact that time's a-tickin' means there is no time for dilly-dallying! Begin by racing westward, passing over the spike set when it retracts (the spikes on the opposite side refuse to budge at the moment). The first large chamber hosts an ambush party of four Yellow Chuchus—easy stuff. Continue to the next chamber, which quickly becomes a battle site featuring yourself pitted against four Miniblins—again nothing to sweat over.

Beyond the dropped door, however, a steady stream of air prevents further progress into the western corridor. This wind statue must be stopped! That can be arranged by turning your attention to the isolated platform to the east; there you can spot an orb. You know what to do with it (hint: Boomerang the orb). On top of putting the wind statue out of commission, it reveals a secret alcove. The chest within contains a Red Potion . These are handy to have around just in case you, y'know, might die. There isn't much else to do in the room except to descend the stairs the next basement floor.

The sixth basement floor of the temple at first glance may seem overwhelming given the number of obstacles thrown at you against your will. The layout of the floor may also be a little disorientating, but quite simply the entire floor acts as pieces of a puzzle that you must figure out the solution to. But that's what you're reading this walkthrough for (although if you prefer to do the work yourself, you will need to visit each of the six—actually just four—tablets to make the solution whole), isn't it? Whip out that map of yours and record the following: mark a 1 in the northwest safe zone, a 2 on the northeast, a 3 on the southwest, and finally a 4 on the southeast zone.

Examining the huge red door in the center of the room prompts you to draw the "sacred crest." The numbers we told you to jot down earlier plainly lay out the order in which you must connect them for the design. Start at the number 1, drag it to the number 2, then work diagonally to the number 3, and finally connecting it to the number 4. But don't stop there! Drag the stylus diagonally across back to the number 1. Your final product should uncannily resemble an hourglass shape!

Although artistic talent isn't taken into account, you do, however, want to ensure that you complete the design in full with a single stroke—that means no picking up the stylus until you're finished—and that it at least looks vaguely like an hourglass. If all goes well, the door should yield to the brilliance of your artistry. Beyond the door, you find a large sun crest. Upon closer inspection, you are instructed to press the sacred crest against the sea chart. Call out your map and access the Southwestern Sea chart, then close your DS. When you re-open it, you will find the green crest imprinted onto your map. Totally unreal!

As always, we need to report to Linebeck. And as per usual, the blue light is there to teleport you back to the entrance. Head on back to the town through the hills.

Take the new findings to Linebeck

An exciting change has been made to the quiet port town of Mercay Island. It appears as though that treasure teller has finally decided to get off his lazy bum to do something about his shop. As your first order of business, go see what goods or services he has to offer. The treasure teller is the equivalent of a pawn shop owner—only that his interests are specific to various treasures and ship parts. He will gladly appraise the treasures and ship parts you currently have up to this point. All of the appraisal values fall into four categories of rarity, each category having a different set value. Visiting him is a good way to cash in those hard-sought treasures you've been safekeeping for a while. More details on this treasure business can be found in the Appendix section.

Additionally, the mailbox bounces with life—you've got mail! The postman flutters in with a special delivery from Eddo. It seems that good old Eddo has finally completed work on that Salvage Arm he was talking about before. With a Salvage Arm in tow, you can begin excavating those sunken treasures across the sea on the double. Not only that, but you need it to obtain that Sun Key to continue on with your quest. So, you've got a new clue from the Temple of the Ocean King, and a chance to acquire a Salvage Arm. That's double the good news—Linebeck would be absolutely thrilled.

The green-clad man standing near the ship somehow always manages to stay on top of current events. Answer "Yes" when he asks about the Salvage Arm. Filled with envy, he begrudgingly offers to give up his only Treasure Map for 50 Rupees. Oh, why not. The more treasure, the better! Be sure you have at least 200 Rupees still swimming around in your pocket for the Salvage Arm, though. It won't come cheap.

Acquire a Salvage Arm

Time to push off to Cannon Island to get your hands on that Salvage Arm! Unlike the last visit, this one will be more pleasant, skipping over the formality of navigating through the Bomb Garden. Pumped about his new completed project, Eddo fishes for a something extra to inflate his ego: to prove your enthusiasm, shout your desire for the Salvage Arm from the mountain tops to win over Eddo's gushing approval.

Simply blow into the microphone if you don't want to frighten your family. The louder or more forceful your "shout" the less Eddo would be willing to charge for the Salvage Arm. You can opt out of his suggested price and have another go at impressing him until you strike a reasonable bargain. The lowest you can go is 200 Rupees, but it's well worth the investment. After sealing the deal, you will have your Salvage Arm !

Go treasure hunting

Worry not, attaining the Sun Key falls in line with the treasure hunting business we are about to attend to. Now that you have a Salvage Arm, you can head to those X's marked on your map and haul up the buried treasure from the ocean floor. Set up anchor at your target destination, and tap the MENU icon. Then select Salvage to begin salvaging.

As the crane steadily lowers into the sea, you can take control of its sideway movements by tilting the lever at the bottom of the screen to the left and right. Conversely, you can pull up or pull down on the lever to manage the speed of the ascent and descent respectively. The bottom of the sea isn't completely devoid of dangers either—you will have to dodge Octomines and other obstructions that can potentially damage your crane on contact. Your crane's durability is represented by a row of diamonds displayed in the upper left corner. Every collision will knock away a diamond, so keep it steady!

Once the treasure is within sight (usually bound in a black, iron chest), carefully position the crane on top of it until it latches on, and the words "Catch!" appear across the screen. Now you have to haul it up before you can loot your spoils.

If you haven't visited Astrid in recent days and also would like to locate another treasure spot, make a quick stop at the Isle of Ember. Pleased that you have rescued the Spirit of Wisdom, she honors you with a Wisdom Gem . Head to her basement to find two spots you can dig up; one of them unearths a Treasure Map . If you also visit the remains of Kayo, you'll find that they have been properly lain to rest, but Kayo's spirit persists to live on in this world. Good thing, too, as he points to a location on the island where a map is hidden! Head to that location and uproot the single weed there to be blessed with another Treasure Map .

Salvage the Sun Key

We know it's easy to get carried away with treasure hunting, but remember that the main priority is getting that Sun Key in order to explore the mysterious Temple of Courage, which is the next dungeon on the menu. Plot a course to the green crest on the map. Once there, drop the Salvage Arm and begin the arduous descent to the ocean bottom while avoiding the Octomines. After hauling the load up, Link flips open the hefty lid to find the Sun Key !

Travel to Molida Island

Jog your memory a bit to recall the bit where you encountered a similar sun crest back in the cave on Molida Island. Since you have the Sun Key, you should probably go check it out. As you near the island, though, a terror at sea waylays your course to the harbor. A fearsome-looking Eye Plant leaps up from the ocean depths and lets out a deafening roar at the meal that has just arrived.


  • Giant Eye Plant
  • Appearance: Giant, scary, and purple
  • Damage: 1 heart

Obstacles aside, it is now possible for you to pull up beside the island. Set off to find that sun crest!

Investigate the mystery of the sun crest

Recall again that the sun crest was found hidden in the Wayfarer's second hideaway. The hideaway is beneath the center of the town, so head to the palm tree just a little northeast of the second hut and start digging in front of the tree. Drop into the revealed hole and work your way to the sun crest. With the key in your possession, the door will open with a rumble, allowing you to pass through.

The new path deposits you back outside, but in an area you weren't able to reach before. Your first impulse is probably to race off in eagerness to explore the new territory, but that would cost you a valuable treasure at this spot. Not too far from the stairs is a darkened clump of grass that with careful digging uncovers a secret hole. Dive right in to a chest, containing a Wisdom Gem . Simply drop off the ledge and take the steps up again to return.

Start heading west, taking the winding, grassy path to a wooden bridge. On the way, a statue is more than happy to reveal a juicy secret regarding Oshus' storehouse. Make a note of this on the map for when you return to Mercay Island later. Just across the bridge sits a temple, whose massive stone door refuses to budge even in your presence. Reading the tablet next to it, you learn that only the statues can urge the temple doors open. Press to the southeast, where you'll come upon the first statue mentioned in the tablet. A good whack to the head causes a beam of light to protrude from its forehead. Grab it and shove it around until the light is projected in the direction of the temple entrance. Use the map as reference. Before moving onward, pack your Boomerang—you're going to need it shortly.

In your efforts to find the remaining statues, you are accosted by a duo of Zora Warriors in the large clearing further south. The Boomerang is your friend: launch it at their backsides and deliver lightning strikes while they remain befuddled. This could be tough only if you make it so. Keep your head on and dance around them while searching for the perfect opportunity to utilize the Boomerang. Total victory prompts the second statue to pop out of hiding. Treat it in the same manner as the first: thwack it and face it toward the temple.

The last statue head is just a little west of the second. Hop off and climb the ramp as if you are returning to the bridge. The statue is sitting on a neighboring ledge to the southwest that you cannot quite reach. Use Link's Boomerang in lieu of his sword to activate its laser. Conveniently, it's already facing the temple doors. When all three lasers converge on the entrance, the temple door will finally open up.

Search for the Spirit of Courage

The third spirit fairy dwells in the deep recesses of this temple, but it needs your help in freeing it from its evil-created prison.

Temple of Courage

  • Key items to obtain: Bow
  • Enemies: Green Chuchu , Green Slime , Moldorm , Pols Voice , Shell Beast , Winder , Beamos

One look at the map, and the general thought might cross your mind: what the heck is up with this first floor? This labyrinthine floor is a level you will be revisiting several times in order to make any headway toward the final boss. Well, first things first. Most of the pathways are sealed up by heavy doors, so there is only one path presented to you on the get-go: north. Carefully tread northward, as a new threat may prove pretty painful. Rolling back and forth along the corridors are these massive logs dressed in razor sharp spikes. Move as they do and retreat into alcoves if need be to avoid being mowed down by them.

When you've reached the north end and before starting your way east, closely examine the northern wall on the map. You will notice a rectangular area of open space. This is a secret corridor. Heave a bomb toward the wall separating you from the secret corridor, which will open up and permit you to open a chest containing a Treasure . Nice catch!

Now work your way to the eastern hallway, heading south. After passing the first couple wood crates, be aware of the spikey device lying in wait between the two crates a little further down. Dash straight across, tricking it to fly northward; while it slowly spins back to its original position, slip through the crates and high tail out of that death trap (note that it can also launch itself south).

Step on the floor switch at the south to lower the door in front, which establishes the first temple shortcut. Waiting at the top of the stairs is a chest that will yield the dungeon's first Small Key . This one grants access to the northeast portion of the first floor.

Get Small Key #2

You will be (surprise!) trapped in the coming large room to square off against a new kind of enemy: the Moldorm. These hard-shelled insects are immune to your physical attacks everywhere except for its red tooshie. Aim for that soft, vulnerable spot to make short work of these guys. Do not be alarmed if you having difficulty hurting them. Just keep circling around them until you get a clear shot at their tail.

  • Appearance: Segmented worm with a shiny red butt
  • Damage: 1/2 heart

Afterwards, the way to B1 becomes available. Alarmingly, B1 is comprised mostly of open space—the only way of getting around the room is via automatic moving platforms that transport you to a fixed position on the floor. There are a number of different routes to go, but you want to aim for the staircase directly west of your starting point. Your first brush-in with the Shell Beast is nothing to worry about—simply flick it off the platform into the darkness of the abyss. When you cross paths with an red-glowing orb, change its color to blue with a swing of the Boomerang and continue to the stairs.

  • Shell Beast
  • Appearance: Bug hidden under a big, blue shell

The stairs lead back into an unexplored part of 1F. Another new enemy, the Winder, awaits here along with a few Green Slimes. Avoid the Winder unless you like getting an unpleasant little jolt. Stay away from the Winders at all costs. In the room at the end of the hallway (if you cannot get past the red blocks, then you must return to B1 and hit the red orb to lower them), you will find two tablets. Place a bomb between the two tablets to blow a chunk through the wall and into a new room. The chests in there hold a Ship Part and a Power Gem . Transcribe the writing as exact from the map hanging on the wall onto your map. This will be important later, as will the hints from the two tablets.

  • Appearance: Floating orbs

Winders is an enemy that is to be avoided at all costs, not because it is all-powerful but simply because it cannot be harmed. Ever. In fact, attempting to do so will only afflict further harm upon Link. The hovering trio of electrically-charged orbs creeps along corridors hoping to collide with a foolish warrior, at which point a powerful electrical charge is transmitted to the unfortunate victim, paralyzing him and causing great grief. Don't be that guy.

Blast through the blocks to the east to face against a Green Chuchu. Deliver a stab to end it quickly. Any other attacks will just convert it to a puddle form. The northern raised platform features a tablet and a raised block with an imprint in the middle. Hm. The southern platform, on the other hand, is occupied by a bouncing rabbit head called a Pols Voice. Regular sword attacks seem to have little effect on it, but the secret rests within one of the tablets you'd just read—the one about loud noises. Blow into your DS mic to cause the Pols Voice to shrink back in terror, then deliver the coupe de grace to claim the Small Key it leaves behind.

  • Green Chuchu
  • Appearance: A green colored Chuchu
  • Appearance: Gigantic bunny ears

Acquire the Bow

The key you had just wrung from the corpse of the adorable Pols Voice takes you to the temple's 2F. This part features a maze of sorts jam-packed with dangers permeating through every corner. If you're not steering clear of the shockingly dreadful Winders, you're sneaking past towering security devices called Beamos, which fire off a searing beam that burns through intruders. At four locations around the maze, you'll also find pull levers. Remember that crucial tip mentioning the up, down, right, and left directions? That specific order applies to the pull levers here. The pull levers are firmly situated at the north, south, west and east positions. You must get to them and pull them in the proper order.

  • Appearance: Rotating stone pillars

Doing so will earn you a square crystal , which is to be used on the pedestal you saw on 1F. Place it firmly onto the pedestal to open up the door to the north, which takes you back to B1. Zero in on the Shell Beast coming at you from the east and knock it off into the abyss. Did you notice how it was able to float across the abyss like Jesus? As it turns out, there's an invisible path weaved around the pillars. The map you inspected earlier drew out the route for you. Follow it exactly, lest you wish to go the way of that doomed Shell Beast. You will find this perilous journey well-worth it, for at the end awaits in its full glory the Bow and a bundle of starter arrows! You will now be able to regularly find arrows when you smash things open.

The Bow is put to immediate use in order to get off the platform. Aim for the eye crest on the north wall—it will connect a bridge to the southern platform. You will find the platform already occupied by a Moldorm, however. Just retreat to the bridge and strike when the red tail flicks toward you. To the right, you may notice an odd orb of some sort. Hit it three times to rotate it around until it the arrowhead faces west. This will allow your arrows to find their mark from much further away. Prepare an arrow and fire it at the orb, which will re-direct the arrow at another similar orb in the middle that will, in turn, ricochet it to an orb you need activated. Nifty, eh?

Get Small Key #3

If you shot the orb earlier, you will pass through this corridor with no resistance until you reach the large room ahead. The two Moldorms can easily be bested from a safe distance using the Bow. Ready an arrow and wait for the prime opportunity to unleash it upon their soft spot. You will find a square-shaped pedestal like the one you came across before. Continue east through the empty corridor. Shoot the eye crest on the east wall to lower the right-hand door, which leads back into a previously visited room. Hey, maybe we can re-use the square crystal!

Pry the crystal from the pedestal and lift it overhead, then walk it over to the new pedestal in the southwest. This makes the southwestern portion of 2F accessible. Here, the room is dominated by Octoroks, as well as an assembly line of well...hyperactive Octoroks, steadily pumping out balls of pain. From the alcove, draw the bow string and start picking off the Octoroks you can reach. When the number of Octoroks that are directly in your way has dwindled down, dash past the wave of projectiles (though if you're worried for Link, he's a beefy tyke and will use his shield to repel any incoming projectiles) to the opposite end and snipe the last few Octoroks from this vantage point.

When the chaos subsides and the only one left standing is you, a bridge will extend over the chasm. Traveling through the next area can be done only via the moving platforms. Wait patiently for them to arrive, then step off at the stops and wait further for the connecting rides. It's also useful to note the two eye crests along the northern wall. When both are reddened, a chest will appear in the center platform. You can ride up to it to get your hands on yet another Power Gem .

The last moving platform drops you off in a narrow corridor, in which you will be confronted by the spikey devices from the beginning of the dungeon. Watch as they fling back and forth, and dart across right as they pass you. Beyond the spikey traps lies a Beamos. Leap across the first small gap to the south and blow the breakable rock to dust. Be careful, though, as a spikey blade will fly your way as soon as the path is freed up. Hop back across toward the Beamos and back again to the movable gray block. Push it down, then circle around to get behind the block so that you may push it eastward and protect yourself from the otherwise unavoidable spike trap.

Corner the trap and proceed northward when able. The contents within the chest ahead turns out to be a Treasure . Shiny! Now take the stairs back to 1F for one last time. Ease past some Winders and hop the gap. Some stairs lead downward, but you should first step on the floor switch to create another quick shortcut back to the temple entrance. In B1, head eastbound on the platforms. Access to the north platform, however, is cut off by a set of spikes. Maybe those rows of unlit torches has something to do with it. Let's find out!

Draw a Boomerang pathway that sends it over all six torches in one full flight, starting with the only lit torch. Only when all the torches have been set ablaze will the spikes slide back into the ground, but stepping onto the platform you discover yet another obstacle barring you from going where you need to go. Floating off to the east is one of those familiar arrow orbs. Send the Boomerang at it twice to shift it westward, then follow up with a single arrow. This elaborate scheme levels the red columns, opening access to the north corridor.

This corridor, in turn, leads to a small room, in which you will be ambushed by a single Pols Voice. Its weakness hasn't changed, so make some noise to weaken it. Eliminating it rewards you with the Small Key you need to move away from the room.

Get the Boss Key

Before your impatience to finish the level gets the best of you, return to B1. Spin the orb around until it faces northward. This will guide any succeeding arrows toward an out-of-the-way eye crest that will make a chest materialize on your current platform. Kick the chest open to find a Wisdom Gem .

This part of 2F lacks those automatic moving platforms—in their place floats a giant blue block. The interesting thing about this block is that it caters to your needs. When you stand on it, it answers in earnest, waiting to take you to your target location. Call upon your map and draw out a route going anywhere on the map. When you are satisfied, simply exit the map and the block will begin moving on its own accord. It will continually stick by this route unless you erase it and start anew.

The overriding aim, then, is to travel to the pillars erected at four points in the room and hit upon the eye crests in a specific pattern: north, south, east, west (up, down, right, left). When the patterned activation is effected, the chest of the Boss Key will appear on the beginning platform. You are now nearly ready to face the boss! The entrance to the boss's lair is located to the southwest.

Defeat the dungeon boss

There's no hurry to defeating the boss—he'll still be there even a million years from now. After creating the blue teleport, go behind the staircase to find a weakened wall. Oh, look, a chest! Pummel that wall and gain access to the precious Courage Gem. Now proceed up the stairs to meet the master of the dungeon. What could it be this time?

  • Crayk, Bane of Courage
  • Damage: 1/4 heart for every second you are in his grasp
  • Damage: 1/2 heart for everything else

Despite this bulky, pink-shelled crustacean's tremendous size, his surprising speed and dogged perseverance prevent him from being a total pushover. The top screen of the DS is devoted to viewing the battle from Crayk's perspective, which is both interesting and useful for battling him. Watching the top screen, you will notice Crayk's view slowly shift around the room, seemingly in search of something. Once Link is within sight, Crayk will zero in on him and charge with frightening speed. However, by simply moving out of Crayk's range of perception, he will be left confused and again begin peering around the room in search of the runaway quarry.

Therein lies the secret to defeating him. Watching the battle through his eyes means you can approximate his whereabouts. This is essential because he normally cannot be seen and will not come out of hiding unless he's got you clenched between his powerful pincers, in which case you need to vigorously rub the stylus to wiggle free. Stay in one area long enough so that Crayk has ample time to find you. As soon as he rushes you, gauge his location and nock an arrow in his general direction. If the arrow makes contact, Crayk will re-appear and take refuge in his giant shell. That is your cue to go in and target the purple soft spots just poking out of the hard shell.

Following the battle, the Spirit of Courage is released and joins your party like the rest of the friendly fairies but on some strange terms. As per the standard routine, claim your Heart Container from the chest and continue into the blue light. Hurry and go see Linebeck to hear what sage advice he can give you this time.

Go see Linebeck at the ship

Ah, a surprise visit from Oshus! He has something very important to tell you, or rather, Ciela. Afterwards, the realization of possessing the necessary aides that will help find the Ghost Ship drives our heroes forth in pursuing the ever elusive Ghost Ship. Linebeck comes up with a rather ingenious plan (although it may be based entirely on speculation): steer the ship toward the densest area of fog, and maybe—just maybe—the Ghost Ship will be found. Off we go, then!

Shortly after leaving the harbor, a rival pirate ship manned (or should we say wo-manned?) by a long-time friend of Linebeck's is spotted in the distance. Instead of kisses and hugs, there are torpedoes and a frantic chase. As luck would have it, Linebeck's ship decides to quit during this time of need, allowing Jolene to quickly catch up and board uninvited.

Within the hold of the ship, Jolene tries to loosen your lips a bit by giving you a good thrashing, and she's one tough customer!

  • Damage: 1/2 heart for normal attacks
  • Damage: 1 heart for the charge attack

By all means, Jolene is a competent fighter and should be treated as such—with utmost alertness and prudence. Years of living as a pirate on the sea have helped hone her sword-fighting skills to the caliber of mastery. She will not fall for your childish tricks. Any direct attacks will be parried and returned in kind. She is left most vulnerable right after she composes from a particularly devastating blow; anticipate this attack by watching her closely: when she brings her large, curved sword back, she is about to charge straight through you. Sidestepping this attack sets you up at the perfect angle at which to counter her attack.

Admitting defeat and fuming, Jolene leaves with promises that this would not mark the end of whatever beef she has with the good captain. Out of the wooden crate in the corner pops Linebeck, who rewards you with 5 Rupees for handling that crazy woman. What a weirdo. And a cheap weirdo at that.

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