What color Samsung Galaxy S21 should you buy?

Galaxy S21 Series Colors

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is beautiful, distinct, and like the Galaxy S20 series that preceded it, has a small palette of colors to choose from depending on which size phone you get. The smallest of the three, the regular S21, has four colors, the S21+ has three, and the S21 Ultra only has two. This might over-simplify your choice depending on what size phone you're planning to pick up, but if you need help picking, I'm more than happy to oblige because some S21 colors are good, some S21 colors are bad, and others are just boring — and there's nothing worse than spending $1,000 on a boring phone.

Purple phones are so easy to get wrong but it looks like Samsung got it perfectly right with Phantom Violet. The color is well balanced so it doesn't skew too blue or too pink, and you still get rose gold accents on the camera module, frame, and buttons to lend a softer, warmer air to its look. Phantom Violet is available for both the Galaxy S21 and the S21+, and it's the one I'll be getting.

If you want a pink S21, you'll have to go for the smallest of the three S21 models. I'm all for that because I'm a fan of phones that are easy for my small, feminine hands to use one-handed. You get a rose gold frame and camera module here, just as you do with Phantom Violet, but the pink hue on the plastic back is more of a tan salmon pink than last year's more vivid Cloud Pink.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra only gets two colors, Phantom Black and Phantom Silver, and between you and me, the silver takes the gold medal. This phone looks brighter, it'll blend with a wider variety of cases and accessories, and it also has, in my humble opinion, the best-looking accents and camera module of the bunch. That bright silver just absolutely pops. I wish the Phantom Violet had it, too.

This is the only other color for the S21 Ultra and S21+, and while I'm not a huge fan of buying a black phone when there is literally any color option, I know that black is the most common phone color for a reason. Black is unobtrusive, it blends in with everything, and it goes with pretty much every case and accessory combo you throw at it.

For the smaller S21, we get Phantom Gray, which is the halfway point between Phantom Black and Phantom Silver. It has a nice gunmetal shading to it, and it's stil dark without being the same old boring black that every other phone comes in. Phantom Gray is the most understated of the S21 colorways, and that will appeal to many.

Most of us tend to shy away from white phones for the same reason we shy away from white pants or white cars: It tends to show everything — every speck of dust, every tiny abrasion, and every flaw. By that same stroke though, white phones draw the eye for their brightness, and I can think of dozens of clear, patterned cases that could take full advantage of it.

Custom colors for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra

Ordering a custom color can add weeks to your delivery time, but it'll also give you a bolder look. Phantom Red for the Galaxy S21+ is not quite as candy red as the S20 FE, but the Rose Gold accents give it a nice warm look, like caramel drizzle over an apple tart. If Phantom Violet isn't for you, Phantom Red most certainly is.

This color goes a few shades warmer than the Phantom Pink we see on the S21, giving the S21+ a totally rose gold phone as opposed to a salmon pink phone with rose gold accents. Only available for the S21+, Phantom Gold will likely draw a lot of attention for its unique shading, but I think Red still looks better.

The S21 Ultra gets three custom colors, starting with a Titanium with carbon fiber accents that looks like an upgraded version of the base S21's Phantom Gray. It gives you a nice balance between the utter abyss of Phantom Black and the super-shiny Phantom Silver, giving you a soft glow and unique flavor.

This is my personal favorite of the S21 Ultra colors. Not only am I an absolute sucker for blue phones, but the subdued navy blue here is a cross between a faded, well-worked denim and the twilight sky just before the stars come out for us to wish upon. If you really want to let it pop, consider mixing Phantom Navy with a cobalt bumper case.

If you don't go in for monochromatic hues of Titanium and Silver, consider going an earthy route the way the Note 20 series last fall did. Phantom Brown is a rich brown hue, like a well-polished hardwood or a smooth-grain leather, and I can only imagine how luxurious it'll look when combined with a leather case.

What is the best color for the Galaxy S21?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 — I keep calling it the little one, the smaller one, but it's still a 6.2-inch screen — has the widest color selection, with four options and two actual colors alongside the monochromatic hues. The world needs more colorful phones, and it especially needs more breathtakingly beautiful purple phones in it, so I emphatically endorse the Phantom Violet Galaxy S21 . The shade is absolutely perfect. It's not so deep that it clashes with everything, it's not as light as last year's Cloud Blue or Cloud Pink, and it's a nice neutral shade that can appeal to everyone without looking as traditionally feminine as the Phantom Pink.

Phantom Pink could've stood to be a few shades pinker — it's a little more orange than last year's Cloud Pink — but it's a nice option for the Rose Gold lover in your life. Phantom Gray is also a good option for users who prefer their phones not draw any attention to themselves. Phantom White could be fun in some situations, but you better get a great case if you want to keep that pearly white from showing every smudge and smidge of everything. While you're at it, grab a screen protector to keep that gorgeous display scratch free.

What is the best color for the Galaxy S21+?

Like the regular S21, the S21+'s best colorway is also it's only technicolor, non-custom option. Phantom Violet is more vibrant and warm than the Phantom Silver or Phantom Black . That said, I do wish Phantom Violet had gotten the same bright silver camera module as the Phantom Silver. It also pops and it's a little more neutral than Rose Gold, for those of us who haven't been fawning over Rose Gold for the last decade.

If you are a rose gold fan, Phantom Gold is here for you as a custom color, but it's only available at Samsung.com and only in select countries. Custom colors also add up to 5 weeks to your delivery date, so even though the Phantom Red looks like the absolute reddest red ever once you stick it under a spotlight, I'm not sure how many people will wait and entire month just for a color you could easily get with a case, instead.

What is the best color for the Galaxy S21 Ultra?

The largest and S Pen-compatible S21 Ultra only has Phantom Silver and Phantom Black widely available, just like last year. There's a nice dichotomy between Phantom Silver and Phantom Black, but the Silver is more eye-catching and more universal. Unless you're part of the MATTE BLACK EVERYTHING crowd — and really, more power to you if you are — you'll likely be happier with the Phantom Silver over time.

If you absolutely need color in your S21 Ultra, you'll have to wait weeks for a custom color like the Phantom Navy and Phantom Brown , which offer subdued, sophisticated tones and carbon fiber accents to the camera module for extra depth. There's also a Phantom Titanium , which is a middle ground between the Silver and Black. These colors aren't available in all countries, are only available on Samsung's website and require additional wait time, so be aware if you set your heart on them.

Samsung's latest flagships bring prices back down. There's a lot to love about the S21 series — new and improved cameras, a striking new look, support for the S Pen on the Ultra — but it's hard to overstate how important it is that the S21 starts a full $200 less than the S20. While that price cut had some features cut alongside it, such as the microSD slot and a swap from glass backs to plastic for the smaller model, it's a welcome change that will make the Galaxy S21 accessible to a much wider audience.

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Resolution refers to the number of pixels a screen can show. The higher the number of pixels a screen can show , the sharper the image quality is. Baseline full HD features 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (1080p) and there are sharper standards, QHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) and 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels)

s21 phantom brown

Larger Screens, higher resolution

Pixel density is another factor when it comes to picture quality. Larger screens require higher resolution to maintain the same pixel density as smaller screens with lower resolution. Monitors with higher resolution deliver crisper details and provide more screen space.

s21 phantom brown

Are you Looking for a wider screen?

Most monitors feature a 16:9 aspect ratio and are suiable for content viewing and productivity work. However, new standards including 21:9 or even 32:9 a offering a wider display experience for better multitasking and improved visuals

s21 phantom brown

Exclusive deals

Volume discounts

Flexible Financing

Fast, free shipping

  • Experience seamless Microsoft Integration across your devices and take mobile productivity to the next level with DeX
  • Protect your company’s most private data against the most sophisticated attacks as soon as you power on
  • Share files between devices, locate tagged items and unlock your office door and more with Ultra-Wideband technology
  • Pair with the powerful S Pen to easily capture your thoughts and present your ideas in a whole new way

unlocked by samsung


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Type

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Color

Phantom Brown

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> CPU Type

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> CPU Speed


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Main Display Resolution

3200 x 1440 (Quad HD+)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Main Display Size

173.0mm (6.8" full rectangle) / 173.3mm (6.8" rounded corners)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Main Display Technology

Dynamic AMOLED 2X

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Color Depth

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> S Pen Supported

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Camera resolution (Front)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Camera resolution (Rear)

108.0 MP + 10.0 MP + 12.0 MP + 10.0 MP

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Video Recording Resolution

UHD 8K (7680 x 4320)@24fps

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Main Camera - Flash

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Main Camera - Auto Focus

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Front Camera - F Number

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Front Camera - Auto Focus

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Slow Motion

960fps @HD,240fps @FHD

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Main Camera - F Number (Multiple)

F1.8 , F4.9 , F2.2 , F2.4

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Main Camera - OIS

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Main Camera - Zoom

Optical Zoom at 3x and 10x , Digital Zoom up to 100x

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Internal Storage

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Available Storage (GB)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> RAM Size (GB)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 2G GSM


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 2G CDMA


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 3G UMTS


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 3G CDMA


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 4G FDD LTE


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 4G TDD LTE


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> SIM Slot Type

SIM 1 + Embedded SIM

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 5G FDD Sub6

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 5G TDD Sub6


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 5G TDD mmWave

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Wi-Fi Connectivity

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax 2.4G+5GHz+6GHz, HE160, MIMO, 1024-QAM

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> USB

USB 3.2 Gen 1

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Bluetooth®

Bluetooth v5.2

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Location Technology


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Earjack

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Wi-Fi Direct

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> NFC

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> PC Sync.

Smart Switch (PC version)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> USB Interface

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> OS

Accelerometer,Barometer,Fingerprint Sensor,Gyro Sensor,Geomagnetic Sensor,Hall Sensor,Light Sensor,Proximity Sensor

Smartphone Battery Life Time Test Procedures</a>' data-link_id="pdp_SM-G998UZNFXAA__tooltip" data-link_meta="link_name: tooltip" data-link_position="SM-G998UZNFXAA>" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Battery, Talk Time

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Internet Usage Time(LTE) (Hours)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Internet Usage Time(Wi-Fi) (Hours)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Battery Capacity (mAh, Typical)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Audio Playback Time (Hours, Wireless)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Audio Playback Time (Hours, Always On Display Off)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Talk Time (2G GSM) (Hours)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Talk Time (3G WCDMA) (Hours)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Talk Time (2G CDMA) (Hours)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Talk Time (4G LTE) (Hours)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Video Playback Time (Hours, Wireless)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Audio Playing Format


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Video Playing Format


" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Video Playing Resolution

UHD 8K (7680 x 4320)@60fps

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Stereo Support

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Samsung DeX Support

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Gear Manager

Galaxy Buds Pro,Galaxy Buds Live,Galaxy Buds+,Galaxy Buds,Galaxy Fit2,Galaxy Fit e,Galaxy Fit,Galaxy Watch3,Galaxy Watch,Galaxy Watch Active2,Galaxy Watch Active,Gear Fit2 Pro,Gear Fit2,Gear Fit,Gear Sport,Gear2 Neo,Gear2,Gear1,Gear S3,Gear S2,Gear S,Gear IconX,Gear IconX (2018)

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Wireless Charging Capability

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Pro-grade Camera

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> All-day Intelligent Battery

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 5G Ready

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Space Zoom

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Nightography

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Fast Charging

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> 8K Video Recording

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Dimension (HxWxD, mm)

165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> Weight (g) *

" data-link_cat="tooltip"> EPEAT Rating

Enterprise mobility management and ongoing support

Mobility software

Mobility software

Samsung offers software-based services including device configuration, deployment, management, advanced security and maintenance.

Samsung Care+ for Business

Samsung Care+ for Business

Back your business with stackable service packs. From hassle-free repairs to accidental damage coverage and an extended warranty.

Strong 5G Investment Returns Require Planning

© 2023 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. All rights reserved. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All products, logos and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Screen images simulated. Price, Promotion, Processing: Pricing, delivery date and other errors may be withdrawn or revised and/or your order may be cancelled at any time, without prior notice, before we have both (a) shipped or provided access to your product or service, and (b) received your payment for the product or service. All sales on Samsung.com are subject to the full Terms of Sale . Samsung is not responsible for any errors, omissions or misdirected or lost orders, or orders which may be delayed. Samsung reserves the right to modify pricing and modify or cancel promotions at any time, without prior notice. 1 Wireless DeX requires smart TV with Miracast support; both devices must be on same Wi-Fi network. DeX for PC is available on selected devices, and on Windows 7, 10 and versions of Mac OS higher than 10.13. Visit the  FAQ page for a full list of device and software compatibility. DRM protected content may not be displayed correctly. 2 S Pen sold separately. 3 MS Office license required for purchase to edit Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents. License sold separately. 4 Link to Windows requires the Your Phone app (free download), a Microsoft account and Windows 10. Some mobile apps may have security features that prevent the mobile app from being viewed on PC. 5 Point to Share and tracking works between devices that support ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. UWB is supported in Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, S21+ 5G, Note20 Ultra 5G and Fold2 5G. 6 Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns. Results may vary. 7 Charger not included; use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables; do not use any worn or damaged chargers or cables; incompatible charger or cable can cause serious injuries or damage to your device. 8 Compared to Galaxy S20. 9 Requires optimal 5G network connection, available in select markets. Check with your carrier for availability and details. Download and streaming speeds may vary based on content provider, server connection and other factors. 10 Compared to Galaxy S20 Ultra. 11 Devices will work on any compatible network. Wireless voice, data and messaging services are compatible with most GSM networks such as AT&T and T-Mobile and CDMA networks such as Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular. Support for certain rate plans, features and services such as VoWiFi and hotspot vary by wireless service provider. See provider for details. 12 SIM card must be compatible with area’s available networks. International calling, data services and coverage vary by network provider. Contact provider for details.

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s21 phantom brown

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: The Ultimate Smartphone Experience, Designed To Be Epic In Every Way

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra delivers Samsung’s most advanced and intelligent pro-grade camera system, brightest and smartest display in a Galaxy and best Galaxy performance in a smartphone yet.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Update as of 1/29/2021 9 a.m. ET: the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is now available nationwide.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled the Galaxy S21 Ultra, a flagship that pushes the boundaries of what a smartphone can do. The S21 Ultra pulls out all the stops for those who want Samsung’s best-of-the-best with our most advanced pro-grade camera system and our brightest, most intelligent display. It takes productivity and creativity up a notch by bringing the popular S Pen experience to the Galaxy S series for the first time 1

“Galaxy S21 Ultra is another example of how Samsung is driving meaningful innovation forward to give people personalized experiences that enrich their lives and empower them to express who they are,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “Given how indispensable technology has been to our lives during these times, we wanted to take another leap forward and push the boundaries of what a smartphone can do.”

Galaxy S21 Ultra - Lifestyle

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the newest chapter in the Galaxy S series’ decade-long legacy of delivering cutting-edge mobile experiences. It’s built for users who demand top-of-the-line technology to stay connected with the people and things that matter most. Galaxy S21 Ultra joins the new Galaxy S series of devices and takes every part of that S21 experience to the next level.

Incredible Innovation Housed in Head-Turning Design

Galaxy S21 series unveils a bold new style that sets it apart from other smartphones. It introduces an all-new, iconic Contour Cut Camera housing that seamlessly blends into the device’s metal frame for a sleek, yet striking, aesthetic. Galaxy S21 Ultra available in Phantom Black and Phantom Silver and it is coated in a luxurious haze finish for an all-around sophisticated and timeless look. Galaxy S21 Ultra also has three Exclusive Samsung.com Colorways: Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown and offers improved durability with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™, the toughest Gorilla Glass yet.

Galaxy S21 Ultra is the largest member of the Galaxy S21 series with a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display 2 .  It is our most intelligent screen yet. For the first time, users no longer have to decide between the smoothness of a 120Hz refresh rate and a Quad HD+ display — on S21 Ultra, you can choose both. The screen’s refresh rate adjusts to the content you’re viewing from 10Hz to 120Hz to ensure you enjoy the best image while staying power efficient to stretch your battery life even further. Compared with the Galaxy S20, S21 Ultra offers a 25% brighter 3 picture at a 1,500nits of peak brightness, the brightest on a Galaxy smartphone. With a 50% improved contrast ratio 4 , it delivers crystal-clear, immersive images, even when outside. And like the Galaxy S21 and S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra has Eye Comfort Shield 5 to help reduce eye fatigue.

Samsung’s Best-in-Class Camera Experience

Galaxy S21 Ultra delivers with our most advanced pro-grade camera system, so that you can capture stunning, studio-quality photos in various lightings and settings, or shoot and edit videos with a toolbox of new AI-powered features that elevate every shot.

It has a quad rear camera (ultra-wide, wide and dual tele-lenses) that features a upgraded 108MP pro sensor , from which you can capture 12 bit HDR photos with 64 times richer color data and more than three times wider dynamic range 6 . For the first time on a Galaxy smartphone, you can shoot in 4K at 60fps across all lenses including front and rear four lenses, so you can shift to a different perspective with the same quality. Plus, with a 12-bit RAW file option 7 in Pro mode, you won’t miss a single detail when editing photos.

When zooming in on S21 Ultra, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing clarity. The Galaxy S21 Ultra features 100x Space Zoom which is powered by Samsung’s first-ever Dual-tele lens system – one optical 3x and one optical 10x both equipped Dual Pixel (2PD) AF – so you can capture clear shots even when you are away from the action.

Galaxy S21 Ultra’s improved Bright Night sensor is Samsung’s biggest leap yet in low-light photography. With improved Night Mode , noise reduction and 12MP Nona-binning technology, you can capture challenging shots – like a dimly-lit room, or a landscape at night – quickly and with excellent quality.

Smart, Hyper-Fast Connections Across Devices

Galaxy S21 Ultra continues Samsung’s legacy of delivering trailblazing technology like Ultra-wideband (UWB) and introduces new connectivity capabilities that will transform the way you interact with your devices.

Galaxy S21 Ultra users expect the flagship smartphone experience to take creative expression and productivity to the next level. That’s why, for the first time on any S Series device, Samsung is bringing the fan favorite S Pen experience to the Galaxy S21 Ultra with Wacom’s technology 8 . From drawing to note-taking to editing photos and signing documents, now you can unlock the power of the S Pen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Use an existing S Pen from a Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab or purchase an S Pen separately on its own or with a compatible case.

For better and faster connectivity, Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the first smartphones to support Wi-Fi 6E 9 . You will be able to enjoy more bandwidth and a faster internet connection 10 , so you can stream and share content in the blink of an eye. With hyper-fast, ultra-low latency 5G, S21 Ultra is built to provide fast video downloading, smooth video conferencing and streaming 11 .

Galaxy S21 Ultra

Thanks to the Ultra-wideband capabilities (UWB) embedded in Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21+, you will be able to use your Galaxy S21 device to automatically unlock compatible car doors without pulling out your keys 12 . With the UWB-enabled Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S21+, you can also use AR finder to drop virtual messages that let other Galaxy smartphone users know you need help searching for a lost item 13 .

And with SmartThings on Android Auto TM 14 , you can also use your Galaxy S21 series to control smart devices in your home, from your car. By connecting your Galaxy S21 to your Android Auto compatible car, you can turn on your porch lights or even raise the temperature of your thermostat before you return home, all from your car.

And because you need uninterrupted, long-lasting connections across your entire ecosystem of connected devices, the Galaxy S21 Ultra employs Dual Bluetooth ® technology that helps your connected devices like Galaxy Buds Pro 15 consume less battery with a stable connection.

Performance and Protection You Can Count On

The ground-breaking camera, display and connectivity capabilities of the Galaxy S21 Ultra are powered by the most advanced chipset in a Galaxy device. It offers faster speed 16 , advanced computing and greater energy efficiency. And when the battery gets low, Galaxy S21 Ultra can reach a 50% charge 17  in just 30 minutes 18 .

We rely on our smartphones more than ever, which is why protecting sensitive information is more important than ever. Galaxy S21 is secured by Samsung Knox Vault , Samsung’s own proprietary chipset level (SoC) security platform. By adding tamper-resistant secure memory to our secure processor, Samsung Knox Vault enables S21 to add a new layer of protection.

Galaxy S21 also introduces a new tool to protect and monitor your privacy. You can safely remove location metadata from photos before sharing. With Galaxy S21’s all-new Private Share function, you can also control who gets access to the content you send, and how long it’s available 19 .

Galaxy S21 Ultra - Lifestyle

Optional Samsung Care+ Coverage

Experience total peace of mind and get the most from the new Galaxy S21 with Samsung Care+. Enjoy a personal set-up session with a Samsung Care+ Pro, 24/7 dedicated support via phone or chat, screen repairs, an extended warranty 20 and coverage for accidental damage 21 . Add Samsung Care+ at checkout on samsung.com/samsung-care-plus / 22

U.S. Availability

Starting on January 29, 2021, Galaxy S21 Ultra will be widely available in carrier and Unlocked by Samsung versions through Samsung.com, carriers and retailers online. Galaxy S21 Ultra will be available in two bold colors featuring deluxe haze finishes:

  • Phantom Silver: 128GB model with 12GB RAM
  • Phantom Black: 128GB model with 12GB RAM, 256GB model with 12GB RAM or 512GB model with 16GB RAM

Additional colors will be available exclusively on Samsung.com including Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy and Phantom Brown 23 .

Galaxy S21 Ultra - Pre Order

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S21 Ultra begin January 14 at 11:00 a.m. ET.

Between January 14 and January 28, 2021, consumers who pre-order can get $200 Samsung Credit with a Galaxy S21 Ultra. All pre-orders will also include a free Galaxy SmartTag. Pre-order consumers can enhance their Galaxy experience and redeem their Samsung Credit on Samsung.com or the Shop Samsung app towards curated bundles and select products like Samsung TVs, SmartThings, gaming, accessories, tablets and more. With the Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth locator, consumers can keep track of everything that matters. They can attach it to their keys or a bag. The promotion will last for a limited time and only while supplies last. Terms and conditions apply. Visit www.samsung.com/us/promotions to learn more.

Pricing for Galaxy S21 Ultra starts at $1,199.99. Consumers can get a Galaxy S21 Ultra for $13.89 a month for 36 months, with eligible trade-in value up to $700 on Samsung.com. The offer is for a limited time. Terms and conditions apply. Visit  https://www.samsung.com/us/trade-in/terms-and-conditions/  to learn more.

*All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice.

* audio and video specification has been revised on february 2, 2021, to provide more accurate information., [1] s pen sold separately., [2] display measurements are diagonal, and actual viewable area is less due to rounded corners and camera hole., [3] versus s20 ultra, [4] versus s20 ultra, [5] eye comfort shield is ‘off’ by default, and must be turned on in settings.  sgs, the world’s leading certification company, awarded galaxy s21 series’ display the eye care certification based on its ability to drastically reduce the harmful effects of blue light. this certification can be found on www.sgs.com., [6] compared to galaxy s20 ultra, [7] wide camera only, [8] s pen sold separately., [9] will require a wi-fi 6e router., [10] versus wi-fi 6., [11] 5g speeds vary and require optimal network and connection (factors include frequency, bandwidth, congestion); see carrier for availability., [12] compatible with select future 2022 car models., [13] ar finder works between devices that support ultra-wideband (uwb) technology. uwb is supported in galaxy s21 ultra, galaxy s21+, galaxy note20 ultra and galaxy z fold2., [14] android auto is a trademark of google llc., [15] sold separately, [16] compared to galaxy s20, [17] charger not included; use only samsung-approved chargers and cables; do not use any worn or damaged chargers or cables; incompatible charger or cable can cause serious injuries or damage to your device., [18] based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. average expected performance based on typical use. actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns. results may vary., [19] private share works between galaxy smartphones with android p or later. app download required to send/receive private share link., [20] an extended warranty is a service contract that covers repair beyond basic warranty. limitations and exclusions apply. please see terms and conditions for full coverage details., [21] maximum of 3 accidental damage from handling claims per 12 month period. additional restrictions apply. please see terms and conditions for full coverage details., [22] samsung care+ coverage may vary by country, model and deductibles may apply., [23] availability may vary by market..

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review

The galaxy s21 ultra is as good as it looks.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra laying flat on a surface

TechRadar Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the very best of what Samsung can pack into a smartphone. It wowed us with a huge screen, five cameras and the best zoom on any readily available Android phone. Caution: while it's cheaper than last year’s ‘Ultra’ phone, it remains pricey for average consumers, and it doesn’t come with a microSD card slot nor does it include a charger.

The best camera zoom

Mesmerizing design

S Pen support

Expensive at any level

No microSD card slot

Just 128GB of storage to start

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

Two-minute review

When we wrote this Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review, it was the company's new ‘everything phone’ with more cameras, beefier specs, and even S Pen compatibility to eclipse the very likable Note 20 Ultra . If you're dismayed about rumors of the end of Note series, just try the S21 Ultra.

Price and release date Design and display S Pen compatibility Cameras Specs and performance Battery life Should I buy it?

Having been replaced by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in 2022, it's no longer the company's benchmark for a true premium smartphone, but it's still a worthy purchase.

This is Samsung’s vision of smartphone excess for 2021: five cameras led by a 108MP sensor, two telephoto cameras, 100x zoom and 40MP selfies, plus 5G, all-day battery life and up to 16GB of RAM – all packed into an Android phone with a 6.8-inch 120Hz Quad HD display and an upgraded in-screen fingerprint sensor that has a 1.7x larger surface area than the one on last year’s phone.

It was one of the first new smartphones we tested in 2021, along with the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus , and it set the bar high – much higher than last year’s problematic ‘Ultra’ phone. Samsung has retooled its main camera with lasers – yes, lasers – to remedy the autofocus issues on the Galaxy S20 Ultra , and also upgraded the specs to keep up with the demands of processing those large 108MP photos, 40MP selfies, and 8K video without as much as a hiccup.

Photos look sharp, dynamic range is impressive and Samsung's ‘tripod lock’ software feature steadies the 30x and 100x zoom levels on subjects to prevent the viewfinder image from jumping around. It’s much easier to pull off the 100x 'Space Zoom' now, although punching in 100x is limited to being a neat party trick due to grainy images, while 30x is passable in the right light.

A post shared by Matt Swider (@mattswider) A photo posted by on

It’s the S21 Ultra’s 10x and 3x optical zoom levels that nailed the photos we wanted every time – more than any other smartphone telephoto camera. Our side-by-side comparisons with the iPhone 12 Pro Max , which tops out at a 2.5x optical zoom, bore that out. Apple ’s main camera captures cleaner photos in some low-light situations, but Samsung’s night mode has improved enough to almost close that gap after sunset or when you’re snapping away indoors – and its default camera app is more feature-packed and easier to use than Apple’s.

This is a tale of design beauty and the performance beast.

Photography and speed are only two-thirds of the story here. This is a tale of design beauty and the performance beast, with a gently curved edge-to-edge display, smaller rear camera bump and mesmerizing matte Phantom Black color option that’s like a black hole sucking in your gaze (other colors are available). It’s hard to look away. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung’s best-looking phone ever.

Welcome amid an economic slowdown, the overhauled look and boost in performance haven't led to a price increase over last year’s S20 Ultra – Samsung has actually made this phone significantly cheaper. Granted, we felt like the first Ultra phone was overpriced, and the S21 Ultra is still mighty expensive – it’s more than the iPhone 12 Pro Max – but Samsung gives you a bit more for the extra cost: a larger, brighter and more capable curved screen, 10x optical camera zoom (vs 2.5x on the iPhone), and stylus support, something Apple has yet to offer on any iPhone.

Depending on what’s important to you, then, Samsung may be offering more value for your money.

What’s the catch? We started out saying that the S21 Ultra is Samsung’s vision of excess, but you’ll have to let go of what doesn’t fit into the company’s roadmap. Gone is the microSD card slot for expandable storage, and say goodbye to MST (being able to use Samsung Pay with credit card machine even if they didn't have NFC). You won’t find a charger inside of the box either; like Apple, Samsung cites e-waste as the reason the power brick isn’t included.

If you only just got over the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack in Samsung smartphones, brace yourself for these changes – we have seen some diehards in our YouTube video comments proclaim “no microSD, no sale”. But there’s enough positive change here to offset any minor discomfort, enough that we're now confident this ‘Ultra’ phone finally lives up to its name.

And while other impressive smartphones have launched since we first reviewed this - including the iPhone 13 , OnePlus 9 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 - the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra remained our pick for the best smartphone available until the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It's also of course one of the very best Android phones and ranks among the best Samsung phones .

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra price and release date

  • The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra release date was January 29, 2021
  • The phone starts at $1,199 / £1,149 / AU$1,849
  • You'll spend extra if you're looking for higher specs than 128GB of storage

Weight : 227g Dimensions : 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm Display size : 6.8-inch Resolution : 1440 x 3200 Chipset : Snapdragon 888 / Exynos 2100 RAM : 12/16GB Storage : 128/256/512GB Rear camera : 108MP + 10MP + 10MP + 12MP Front camera : 40MP Pre-installed software: Android 11 Battery : 5,000mAh Charging : 25W wired, 15W wireless 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra release date was January 29, 2021, and it's available in the US, UK and Australia, among many other places. The launch event was January 14, meaning that both the official announcement and the release date were a month earlier than we’re used to for the company’s flagship smartphone. Samsung is bucking trends in 2021.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra price is also notably cheaper than the S20 Ultra at launch, though it’s still going to cost you a lot. It starts at $1,199 / £1,149 / AU$1,849 for a version with 128GB of internal storage and 12GB of RAM.

That said, while that's the list price, many stores are now selling the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for less. You can expect the price to continue dropping over time.

Keep in mind that there’s no microSD card slot for expandable storage, so if you’re keen on taking lots of 4K 60fps or 8K 24fps video, you may want to look into the pricier 256GB or 512GB storage sizes – and the latter of those sizes also bumps up the RAM to 16GB.

Is it all too rich for you? The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus don’t tout ‘Space Zoom’, S Pen support or 108MP rear/40MP selfie photos, but you do get the 3x optical zoom and slick design, at a far cheaper price.

  • These are the best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra deals today

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra design and display

  • Large phone with a great 6.8-inch display and 120Hz refresh rate
  • Contour Cut camera has proven divisive, but looks unique
  • A whole variety of color choices

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is one gorgeous-looking smartphone – so much so that we didn’t bother to put a case on it during testing. Risky, yes, but the finish of our review device – a matte Phantom Black with few seams – helped minimize the camera bump and fingerprints smudges.

In addition to the deep, Vantablack-like Phantom Black color, there’s also a Phantom Silver color on sale everywhere, while Samsung’s own online store offers an additional three options: Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy and Phantom Brown. 

Whatever color you choose, the matte finish of each is a significant improvement over last year’s S20 series, which had a reflective sheen that looked a little plasticky and cheap.

Both the Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 Plus have a smooth Gorilla Glass back while the Galaxy S21 is stuck with a polycarbonate (read: plastic) back that feels less smooth to the touch. Only in a side by side comparison would average consumers be able to tell the difference.

We’ve been finding the S21 Ultra to be big where it needs to be, while minimizing everything you don’t want to see. For example, its large display stretches the hand at 6.8 inches, yet the curved edge-to-edge screen means that bezel is almost non-existent, and that 40MP front camera hides behind a tiny punch-hole that’s easy to ignore after a few minutes of watching a video.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra screen is Samsung’s first (among smartphones) that’s capable of running at a smooth 120Hz refresh rate while in a pixel-packing Quad HD resolution. The entire S20 series and Note 20 Ultra forced you to choose between 120Hz/60Hz and Quad HD/Full HD, while the new S21 and S21 Plus are stuck at Full HD+, with 120Hz enabled by default.

The long-awaited verdict to having both? Meh – it’s the best of both worlds, sure, but you won’t see much of a difference between 1080p and Quad HD on a display of this size, and Quad HD will drain your battery faster. 

The need for resolutions higher than Full HD among smartphones was being driven by VR headsets – you could see a ‘screen door effect’ at lower resolutions when the pixels were so close to your face. But Samsung, along with the entire mobile industry, seems to have cooled all phone-based VR initiatives.

This is still Samsung’s best screen, but for many other reasons. We found the 6.8-inch body to be easier to grasp than the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, and that’s in large part thanks to the curved display and overall narrowness of Samsung's device. The curved edges are subtle on the S21 Ultra, and not quite as pronounced as on past Samsung devices, and that means fewer errant presses.

We also tested the screen brightness of the Galaxy S20 Ultra outdoors, and it automatically amps up to a super-bright 1,500 nits when necessary. Other phones with AMOLED screens, including the S21 and S21 Plus, max out at 1,200 nits, and every little bit helps in direct sunlight.

Samsung’s redesigned in-screen fingerprint sensor, which uses ultrasonic technology courtesy of Qualcomm, makes its debut on the Galaxy S21 series. There’s 1.7x more surface area to this invisible biometric pad, and we found it was more forgiving of our often wayward thumb placement – that’s a relief given the fact that face unlock is useless at a time when we’re often hidden behind a mask.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen compatibility

  • First in Samsung's S series to work with a stylus
  • Doesn't fit inside the phone, like the Galaxy Note series
  • Compatible with a variety of stylus as well as Samsung S Pen

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung’s first non-Note phone that’s compatible with its S Pen stylus, and it’s a trend we like seeing. However, things work a bit differently here: there’s no S Pen included with the phone and, even when you make the separate purchase, there's no way to embed the stylus into the body of the phone.

There’s a folio case that holds a newly designed S Pen that’s slightly larger and more comfortable to hold than the version that tucks inside of the body of Galaxy Note phones. It neatly slots into the inner spine of the case and feels secure there, so you'll want a Galaxy S21 Ultra case for more than protection.  Exactly what you’re supposed to do with the stylus without buying this folio case is  unclear.

We were able to jot down quick notes and bring up all of the Air Command options, which include a variety of features you can use without touching the phone’s screen. Though you can use any old Note stylus with your phone, we appreciated the fact the new S Pen is larger and easier to grasp than the toothpick-sized Note S Pen.

Missing from the new S Pen we tested ahead of launch were the Bluetooth shortcuts for triggering the camera and other apps. You could customize actions and remotely command the Galaxy Note 20 like a magician with a wand. We may be able to go all Harry Potter in front of our smartphone again when the even more special S Pen Pro model launches later this year, but details are scarce on its extra functionality. 

While we still never saw the Note 21 Ultra, this is the closest you'll get to that kind of experience thanks to the stylus. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera

  • A phenomenally powerful camera with a 108MP main sensor
  • Quad camera also includes two 10MP telephoto shooters and 12MP ultra-wide
  • 40MP selfie camera offers strong performance too

Ready for your extreme close-up? The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, with its five cameras and 100x zoom range, impresses this time around, even if grainy ‘Space Zoom’ photos continue to not meet our quality threshold for readily posting to our Instagram accounts.

It’s the 3x, 10x and, occasionally in well-lit conditions, 30x photo zooms that nail the shot with breathtaking clarity. What helps most at the 30x (and 100x) ranges is the new tripod lock feature, which prevents the viewfinder image from jumping around, something that could be jarring when zooming in that tightly on the S20 Ultra. After a second, the S21 Ultra camera fixes onto a subject that it outlines in yellow on the small zoomed-out corner reticle, and the shakiness is magically dialed down.

Ultra-wide camera

Main camera 1x (no zoom), 2x telephoto zoom, 3x telephoto zoom (optical), 4x telephoto zoom, 10x telephoto zoom, 30x telephoto zoom, 100x telephoto zoom (digital max).

Going all the way from the ultra-wide camera at 0.6x to the digitally zoomed-in 30x with usable photos each step of the way is how Samsung stands apart from Apple and its cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro Max (capped at 2.5x optical / 12x digital), and Google’s Pixel 5 (no telephoto). No one (except Huawei) is doing zoom on a smartphone like this in 2021, and your Apple phone-owning friends will have telephoto envy.

Yes, having two telephoto cameras does seem downright ridiculous, but they offer different perspectives: 3x and 10x, all without having to go digital and hybrid in between. The zoom functionality on both is optical, though Samsung’s camera software oftentimes has a mind of its own. We’ve found it can overwrite your decision and pick which camera gets used (likely based on their different apertures and the lighting in your environment). So it may take ‘zoomed-in’ photos with the main sensor and then just crop to simulate that zoom. It’s a bit unpredictable, but most of the shots turn out okay. All you have to do is press the shutter button.

Our previous favorite telephoto camera from Samsung, on the Note 20 Ultra, had a 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom. So the 10x optical zoom on the S21 Ultra gets you closer to those far-off subjects, while the 3x optical is handy for pulling it back a little bit without digital distortion.

10x optical telephoto camera of a moving subject

Night mode off, night mode on.

Year-over-year the biggest improvement is to the 108MP main camera, which made its debut in the S20 Ultra but was dogged with autofocus issues at launch. That’s been fixed in the S21 Ultra thanks to the addition of  laser-assisted phase detection autofocus, which was absent on the S20 Ultra (the Note 20 Ultra did have this). Finally, you’re going to be able to do justice to the extra detail from those 108MP shots and 40MP selfies, which makes a post-snap crop easier. Otherwise, without cropping, you won’t see a giant difference on Twitter and Instagram.

We noticed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera offers improved dynamic range in outdoor photos (see photos with a bright sky and darker buildings) over its predecessors, and Samsung now offers 12-bit raw files for greater flexibility when editing. The iPhone 12 Pro series still wins out for many non-zoomed photos, especially indoor and nighttime shots, but Samsung and its more finely tuned night mode (it doesn’t simply bump up the exposure) help close the gap.

All Galaxy S21 series phones now record video at 4K at 60fps from all cameras, and 8K at 24fps returns. But it’s the new Director’s View mode that caught our eye this year: you can capture video with both the front and back cameras simultaneously. Vloggers and other content creators will relish the fact that they can record reaction shots of themselves, which they can splice in alongside their main footage. 

Director’s View is a neat idea that you don’t get on most phones (the iPhone 12 series requires a third-party app to pull this off). It joins last year’s video-focused additions, like zoom-in microphones for better capturing the subject you’re zooming into, and an improved Single Take mode for recording video and taking photos at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specs and performance

  • Sports Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 in the US, Exynos 2100 elsewhere
  • Starts with 12GB of RAM, but one option includes 16GB
  • Poor storage options with no microSD support

The Galaxy S21 series is faster for two reasons: it marks the debut of brand-new chipsets, and the software has been streamlined just a bit, with the ever-evolving OneUI 3.0 interface tied into Android 11 .

At the heart of all three S21 phones is one of two speedy chipsets: either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 (US) or Samsung’s own Exynos 2100 (just about everywhere else). While we haven’t done in-depth side-by-side comparisons yet (not-so-subtle: yes, we’ll be updating our reviews when we’ve done so), both seem very snappy, even if the Geekbench 5 scores we’ve gotten don’t quite measure up. This is why we shy away from benchmarking phones in such granular detail. 

What you’ll want to pay attention to more are the internal storage sizes. Many people have been turned off by the fact that the S21 series doesn’t include a microSD card slot for expandable storage, and, frankly, we’re with you on that. The inclusion of microSD slots always made it easier for us to recommend Samsung over Apple when things were neck-and-neck, as you could go for the lower storage size and upgrade later. Not anymore.

The base-level 128GB of internal storage with 12GB of RAM might not be enough for everyone. You’ll want to either pony up for the version with 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM, or max out at 256GB of storage with 16GB of RAM. The RAM won’t make much of a difference in a phone, but you’ll definitely notice if you run out of storage space. 

You’ll need to have an idea of how much space you need in advance of buying the S21 Ultra – and that’s something that Samsung fans rarely have to think about, as microSD cards were always a nice fallback plan.

Part of the reason the S21 Ultra seems snappy is the fact that Samsung has further streamlined its software interface. With the OneUI 3.0 interface, menus now throw fewer unnecessary windows in your face before executing what you want to do. Turning on power save mode, for example, makes adjustments immediately.

Samsung's never-dying Bixby Assistant (the 21st century Microsoft Clippy) is still present on the S21 series, but there's no more dedicated Bixby button thankfully, so you won't accidentally trigger Bixby Voice. Bixby Today, former the leftmost menu on Samsung phones, is gone, too. It's been replaced by Google Assistant cards (formerly Google Now) that have a knack for surfacing more relevant information to your day.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery life

  • A full day of use from a full charge of the 5,000mAh battery
  • Battery life is worse when in 120Hz and QHD mode
  • There's no charger in the box with the S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 Ultra battery life was solid during our normal testing, amounting to a full day and change – but we tanked the battery much more quickly when we pushed that 120Hz screen refresh rate to the max and cranked up the resolution to Quad HD.

Its 5,000mAh battery matches the Galaxy S20 Ultra capacity, and you’re going to get all-day battery life if you stick with Samsung’s default settings. The resolution is set to 1080p out of the box (again, most users won’t notice a big difference between Full HD and Quad HD).

Also helping is the fact that the 120Hz refresh rate is variable. It’s technically ‘up to 120Hz’, so it won’t be so high if it doesn’t need to be, sparing your battery. Samsung’s backend software will automatically adjust between 11Hz and 120Hz, depending on your activity: reading an eBook (low) vs playing a 3D game (high).

You won’t get a charger with the Galaxy S21, and Samsung is betting that you have an old one on hand, or that you’ll buy one at a newly discounted price. Included is a USB-C-to-USB cable, but you’ll want one of the newer fast chargers for this phone in order to speedily charge it at 25W (Samsung phones since the S10 5G had a 25W charger in the box). You can also fast wirelessly charge at up to 15W, and reverse wirelessly charge those Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro or anything that Qi-charges.

Samsung doesn’t support 45W charging on the S21 series whatsoever, something that may seem like a step backward – the Note 10 Plus and entire S20 series were compatible with this optional charger. The company told TechRadar that 25W has been optimized enough to the point that 45W matters very little, although we’d also suspect few people went out and bought the special 45W charger.

Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

Buy it if....

You want epic camera zooms Samsung cameras are the most fun for us to test due to the epic shot variety. Two telephoto lenses are the big highlight with the S21 Ultra, and the 100x zoom will impress your friends, even if the standard image quality only ties the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

You need the most powerful Android The Samsung Galaxy S21 delivers some phenomenally good performance, and if you need a smartphone that can handle multiple tasks at once in split-screen view, or when gaming, this will likely be it.

You want some S Pen features Grab an S Pen and start jotting down notes on a Galaxy S phone? You can do that for the first time ever here. We’ve also gotten to use tools like translating text and previewing links, just like on a Note phone.

Don't buy it if...

You’re on a budget We recommend the S21 Ultra over the S21 and S21 Plus simply because it has so much extra going on. But if you can’t afford it, wait a few months and this phone will drop in price (during Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday ).

You need lots of storage No microSD card slot is a deal-breaker for a lot of people who have emailed us/tweeted at us/left us comments. Almost any other Android phone (outside of Google’s Pixels and OnePlus) has this feature – but you won’t get that advanced camera zoom.

You want advanced stylus features The S21 Ultra is compatible with the S Pen, but it doesn’t outright replace the Note 20 Ultra. Some features, like Bluetooth shortcuts and a spot to embed it in the body of the phone, remain exclusive to the Note 20 Ultra. Avid note-takers, take note.

Also consider

If this Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review has you intriguied, but you want to see what else the market has to offer, here are some alternatives.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Samsung's newer version of the S21 Ultra has pretty similar specs but one massive change: the S Pen stylus fits within the body, making it a core part of the experience. Oh, and there have been some charging speed and chipset improvements. Check out our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review


iPhone 13 Pro Max Apple's top dog of 2021 has a big screen, three rear cameras, a powerful chipset and a top price. It's like the S21 Ultra in a lot of ways, except it runs Apple's iOS, not Android. Check out our iPhone 13 Pro Max review


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 If premium phones are your thing, then maybe the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is for you - like the Ultra it's pricey, but not because of its specs. It's a foldable phone, though it does have a good-looking screen and powerful chip too. Check out our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review

First reviewed: January 2021

Matt Swider

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Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review: Samsung's best S series for $200 less than last year's model


Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Pros and cons.

  • Lovely design with matte finish back
  • 5G support for all bands
  • Advanced multiple cameras
  • S Pen support
  • Competive pricing
  • High end internal specifications
  • No MST support

Samsung shifted its annual Galaxy S series launch about a month to the left this year, and given the challenges we all faced in 2020, it is nice to see 2021 start off with some fresh phones from Samsung with a significant price drop. We were sent a new Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G to evaluate and will be following up this review with more articles since there is a lot to unpack.


The 10 best smartphones right now

It's easy to find a great phone today. In fact, current flagship devices are so good you really don't need to be replacing them every year.

Also: Samsung Galaxy S21 5G review: Entry-level flagship drops $200 with few compromises

The Galaxy S21 phones are the first to launch widely with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor inside and 5G support for Sub6, mid-band, and mmWave so buyers are covered across the 5G spectrum with any of the three S21 models available from Samsung. We see improvements across the board in the display, cameras, software, and more. In addition, the S21 Ultra 5G supports the S Pen and just about everything we see in the Note series.

Also:  Samsung Galaxy Note's future in question amid Galaxy S21 Ultra launch

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G offers all you could want in 2021 and sets the bar for Android smartphones this year. The phone is available for pre-order with all kinds of trade-in and launch offers as well. If you are considering this phone and have an older phone sitting around then now is the time to purchase it since Samsung's trade-in deals change significantly after the phone launches and the pre-order period expires.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G specifications

  • Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
  • Main display : 6.8 inches, 3200 x 1440 pixels resolution (515PPI), Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O with adaptive 120Hz refresh rate
  • Operating system : Android 11
  • RAM : 12GB/16GB LPDDR5
  • Storage : 128/256/512GB internal storage options
  • Cameras : 10MP rear f/4.9 telephoto with 10x optical zoom and a second 10MP f/2.4 telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, 108MP f/1.8 wide-angle camera, and 12MP f/2.2 ultra-wide camera (120 degrees field-of-view). 40MP f/2.2 front-facing camera.
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, GPS/Galileo/GLONASS/Beidou, NFC, UWB
  • Sensors : Accelerometer, Barometer, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Hall Sensor, Proximity Sensor, RGB Light Sensor
  • Dust/water resistance : IP68 rating
  • Battery : 5000mAh non-removable with fast wireless charging. Wireless PowerShare is also available.
  • Dimensions : 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm and 229G
  • Colors : Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown

In the past, users had to choose from a lower resolution to enjoy the highest 120Hz refresh rate, but with the S21 Ultra, you can now toggle on the Quad HD Plus setting and the adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. The display also offers 25% more brightness than any previous Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

The display is constructed of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on both the front and back, so we'll have to see how durability tests hold up to the claims.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra works with S Pen. 

The most striking new hardware feature on the S21 Ultra is the new Contour Cut camera housing that extends the metal frame out from the right side and around the back. The cameras are surrounded by this frame piece, providing a rather unique camera array design. Like the S20 Ultra from 2020, cases are likely to be released to accommodate this camera bump and make the back of the device flat so it doesn't rock when placed back down on a surface.

The camera on the S20 Ultra was disappointing in some areas but was improved through software updates. Initial test comparison photos, check out our embedded image gallery, show that results from the S21 Ultra are clearly better than the S20 Ultra. With two telephoto cameras, a 108MP camera, and enhanced camera software we will provide a camera deep dive article in the future as we continue to test night mode, portrait mode (Live Focus renamed), and much more.

The other significant hardware improvement in the S21 Ultra is support for the S Pen experience. The S21 and S21 Plus do not have this support while the S21 Ultra includes Wacom technology. I tested out this new S Series capability using S Pens from the Galaxy Tab Active3 , Tab S7 Plus , and Note 10 Plus . All functions of the S Pen, including screen off memos, work on the S21 Ultra with the exception of Bluetooth Air Actions. There is no way to store and charge an S Pen on the S21 Ultra so it is not expected that Air Actions would be supported. Samsung will be offering three accessories for the S Pen experience, including an S Pen for the S Series. 

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a gorgeous piece of hardware with minimal top and bottom bezels, no side bezels, and a small hole-punch centered front-facing camera. The power/Bixby and volume buttons on the right side with nothing on the left side. The sides have a bit of a flat surface so the phone feels a bit like a Note with less curve on the edges.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review: in pictures


The Super AMOLED display is obviously stunning and I'm sure will earn the highest title of any smartphone display soon. Samsung continues to improve its display, even when it seems there is little to improve since Samsung sets the bar for display technology on smartphones. Higher brightness, improved contrast ratio, and Eye Comfort Shield is incorporated in the S21 Ultra.

Another change that may concern enterprise customers is the lack of support for microSD in any Galaxy S21 model, including the S21 Ultra. Swappable, expandable storage has always been a staple of Samsung smartphones and may be missed by some. For just $50 more you can jump from the entry 128GB of storage to 256GB while the jump all the way to 512GB (and accompanying 16GB of RAM) is $180. I never took out my microSD card and $50 extra for 256GB, don't forget the entry price is $200 less than last year's S20 line, is a reasonable strategy. Samsung's integrated storage is the fastest available on Android so while some may lament the end of microSD I'm not concerned with the change.

Wi-Fi 6E support is included in the S21 Ultra, but I wasn't able to test this out since I do not have access to a 6E network. It's great to have as it provides some future-proofing to Samsung's latest flagship smartphone. UWB is also present and offers a bit of future-proofing since we are just starting to see applications for UWB technology.

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G launches with Android 11 and Samsung One UI 3. The January 1, 2021, Android security update is present on our review unit. We may receive more updates on these evaluation units prior to public availability later this month.

I've been using One 3.x on a Galaxy S20 Ultra for a few weeks and am satisfied with the user interface. One thing I am pleased to see is the update to the launcher where Google Discover now appears as an option on the far left home screen panel. You can still switch to Samsung Free, but it's great to see Samsung providing users with options. In the past, I always turned off this panel because I didn't find Samsung's offering very compelling. This is the same for me with OnePlus and its old Shelf home screen panel.

Facebook is installed by default, but rather than just disable it you can now fully uninstall it, and I certainly did as soon as I fired up the app launcher. We still find some Samsung apps, such as Internet, Messages, Samsung Notes, Samsung Health, and a few others, but you are given the option to select these apps during setup so you do not have to install them all and have more control over your phone than you did in the past.

DeX wireless support is provided so you can connect the S21 Ultra to a PC or monitor and enjoy a PC-like experience powered by the S21 Ultra. We also see excellent integration with Microsoft Outlook, To-Do, and Teams, which is perfect for enterprise customers.

The camera software has been improved with a new feature called Director's View that is designed to help with collaboration, especially during these times of social distancing and remote work. With Director's View enabled you can quickly toggle between the different rear cameras on the phone while having the option to record yourself side-by-side or picture-in-picture format so that you can share information better with your teams. This seems like a great option for my on-site shipyard inspection team to share fabrication, installation, and testing experiences with me located in a home office thousands of miles away.

Daily usage experiences

The two default S21 Ultra colors, Phantom Black and Phantom Silver, are perfect for business use. The other three colors are Samsung.com exclusives and offer a professional look with a bit of flair. I'm seriously considering the Phantom Brown color as brown is one of my three favorite colors and it looks sharp on the Samsung website. The S21 Ultra will launch on Jan. 29, starting at $1,199.99. There are pre-order offers and trade-in offers available, too.

Samsung sent along the S21 Ultra with the best specs, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage, so this beast has been able to handle everything we've thrown at it so far. I've played CPU demanding games, opened up several apps and many in split-screen mode, watched videos, and more to see if there were any impacts on performance, but never noticed any reduction at all. The speakers sound awesome and I've enjoyed Star Wars movies playing with no connected headset.

As I stated earlier, I've been taking photos with the S21 Ultra and other phones, but have to spend more time with it to pass final judgment. So far I like what I am seeing, but also enjoy the output from the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Stay tuned for a future article on the cameras of this stunning phone.

I wasn't trying to conduct any durability tests, but my daughter set the S21 Ultra down on a book and due to the slippery nature of the phone it slowly slid down the book and then headed down. The book was on a granite island about four feet high so the phone fell down eight inches to another granite counter and struck that on the side (taking out a small chunk of my granite counter) and then another three plus feet screen down on the hardwood floor. There was no damage to the phone, except for a minor scratch on the edge, with more damage done to my counter. It looks like Victus glass is holding up well.

Samsung reigns supreme when it comes to cellular reception and call quality. I've only been out and about to a few locations over the past week so will continue to test these functions, but callers say I sound crystal clear and coverage has been rock solid with both LTE and 5G showing up everywhere I've traveled.

It's been a couple of years since I personally considered a Galaxy S series for myself since I've been enjoying the Note line and new Z Fold models, but the S21 Ultra 5G gets just about everything right and is gorgeous. I love that it is a few millimeters narrower than the iPhone 12 Pro Max and that the zoom cameras provide something unique with solid quality. The price is right for the S21 Ultra 5G and I don't know how I am going to resist ordering my own in the next week.

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Before you buy a Galaxy S21, take a look at Samsung’s gorgeous exclusive colors

Andy Boxall

Forget the depressing days when you could only get the Galaxy S20 Ultra in Boring Black or Battleship Gray — Samsung has really upped its style game for the Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra . However, before you run off and buy the Phantom Violet or Phantom Black models, head over to Samsung’s own online store and check out the exclusive colors only available there. We think you’ll be sorely tempted.

There are five options in total, two for the Galaxy S21 Plus and three for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Galaxy S21 Plus’s exclusive colors are much, much brighter than those for the S21 Ultra, consisting of Phantom Gold and Phantom Red. The Phantom Gold version speaks for itself, with a matte gold rear panel matched to a gold metal chassis, but the Phantom Red mixes it up with a bright red rear panel matched to the same gold chassis.

It’s a very eye-catching combination, although we still think it’s tough to beat the Phantom Violet Galaxy S21 Ultra for beauty. The two exclusives join the Phantom Violet, Phantom Black, and Phantom Silver colors for the middle Galaxy S21 phone , and still come with a choice of either 128GB or 256GB storage space.

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If you want the top Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can choose between the Phantom Black or Phantom Silver standard models — and the Phantom Black does look surprisingly good in real life — or the Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, or Phantom Brown special editions. The Phantom Titanium model is suave, while the Phantom Navy reminds us of the Galaxy S20 FE’s blue color, and the Phantom Brown looks to be a beautiful evolution of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s Mystic Bronze.

One thing to note when opting for a custom Galaxy S21 Ultra version is the carbon fiber effect added to the camera module. While it doesn’t extend along the rest of the chassis, it may put off as many people as it attracts. We’d have liked to see the option not to add the carbon finish.

Buying through Samsung means selecting an unlocked version of the phone. The exclusive colors can’t be purchased with a carrier, but buying unlocked if you can is always advisable. You have control over which carrier to choose, how long to stay with them, and when you can sell and upgrade your phone, too. Also, while phones in the standard colors will ship for the January 27 release date, you will have to wait between four and five weeks (or two and four in the U.K.) for delivery with one of the custom versions. Samsung makes each one to order, which takes longer.

We welcome Samsung’s decision to sell the exclusive colors directly, rather than limiting them to certain carriers, and best of all there’s no difference in price. You also still get Samsung’s generous pre-order package, which includes a $200 Samsung gift card (or the Galaxy Buds Pro in the U.K.), the SmartTag location tracker, and four months of free YouTube Premium . If you’re prepared to wait a while longer for delivery, these special editions will definitely make your Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra stand out from the crowd.

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It's been about five months since the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hit the scene. In the time since then, the S23 Ultra has made it obvious why it's one of the best smartphones money can buy. It looks great, has incredible performance, and has one of the most versatile cameras on the market.

Although the Galaxy S23 Ultra isn't my main Android phone these days, it is one that I love coming back to — and for one reason. The camera! The entire camera system on the Galaxy S23 Ultra has proven its worth time and time again, and over the course of this year, one aspect of it has stood out among every other phone I've used. The telephoto camera is too good

Samsung is apparently ready to launch a watered-down Galaxy S23 later this year, despite previous rumors it doesn’t exist. Smartprix has shared alleged renders of the Galaxy S23 Fan Edition (aka the Galaxy S23 FE), which is reportedly coming out later this year.

Notably, Samsung skipped a Fan Edition treatment for the Galaxy S22 after launching an S21 FE variant. Instead, the company lowered the asking price of Galaxy S22 following the launch of Galaxy S23 last year, keeping the former on the shelf as an entry point to the Galaxy flagship experience.

After plenty of speculation and waiting, Asus is finally ready to launch its next flagship smartphone, the Zenfone 10, at the end of this month. First announced late last night on the Asus Taiwan Instagram account, the Zenfone 10 will be officially revealed in full and launch on June 29.

Asus tends to make pretty solid devices despite not being quite as popular as the smartphone giants like Samsung, Google, and Apple. But the Zenfone 10 looks like it's shaping up to be one of the best Android phones on the market. Based on a handful of videos posted on the Asus website on a page devoted to the Zenfone 10 launch event, the phone's specs make it seem like it might be able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with one key difference: its size.

s21 phantom brown

  • Cell Phones & Accessories
  • Cell Phones

Add to your order

s21 phantom brown

  • COVERAGE: Plan starts on the date of purchase. Drops, spills and cracked screens due to normal use covered from day one. Malfunctions covered after the manufacturer's warranty.
  • EASY CLAIMS PROCESS: File a claim anytime online at www.Asurion.com/Amazon or by phone. If we can’t repair it, we’ll send you an Amazon.com Gift Card for the purchase price of your covered product or replace it. A service fee will apply. $39 to repair or $99 to replace your phone.
  • EXPERT TECH HELP: Real experts available 24/7 to help with set-up, connectivity issues, troubleshooting and much more.
  • TERMS & DETAILS: More information about this protection plan is available within the “Product guides and documents” section. Simply click “User Guide” for more info. Asurion will also email your plan confirmation with Terms & Conditions to the address associated with your Amazon account within 24 hours of purchase (if you do not see this email, please check your spam folder). Contact us if you cannot locate your plan confirmation and Terms & Conditions via email at [email protected].
  • LOW MONTHLY BILLING: You will be billed monthly for 36 months. Cancel anytime. Coverage ends once plan is canceled, expires or once the aggregate limit is met.
  • PRODUCT ELIGIBILITY: Plans cover products purchased in the last 30 days.
  • EASY CLAIMS PROCESS: File a claim anytime online or by phone. Most claims approved within minutes. If we can’t repair it, we’ll replace it or send you an Amazon e-gift card for the replacement cost. A service fee will apply. $39 to repair/reimburse, $69 to repair or $129 to replace your phone.

2 Year Mobile Phone Accident Protection Plan

Asurion mobile subscription plan, 500-599.99.

s21 phantom brown

Image Unavailable

SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra G998U 5G | Fully Unlocked Android Smartphone | US Version 5G Smartphone | Pro-Grade Camera, 8K Video, 108MP High Resolution | 512GB - Phantom Brown (Renewed)

  • To view this video download Flash Player

SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra G998U 5G | Fully Unlocked Android Smartphone | US Version 5G Smartphone | Pro-Grade Camera, 8K Video, 108MP High Resolution | 512GB - Phantom Brown (Renewed)

Climate Pledge Friendly

The product is refurbished, fully functional, and in excellent condition. Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

Purchase options and add-ons, about this item.

  • This phone is unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Cricket, Tracfone, Mint Mobile, etc.).
  • Please check with your carrier to verify compatibility.
  • When you receive the phone, insert a SIM card from a compatible carrier. Then, turn it on, connect to Wi-Fi, and follow the on screen prompts to activate service.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a charger and charging cable that may be generic.
  • Comes packaged in an aftermarket box.

Frequently bought together

SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra G998U 5G | Fully Unlocked Android Smartphone | US Version 5G Smartphone | Pro-Grade Camera, 8K Video

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, US Version, 256GB, Phantom Black - Unlocked (Renewed)

Product Certification (1)

Pre-owned Certified: Electronics

Pre-owned Certified: Electronics products are inspected, cleaned and (if applicable) repaired to excellent functional standards. Buying Pre-owned extends a product's life, reducing e-waste and raw material extraction.

Samsung S21U 128GB Phantom Black T-Mobile (Renewed)

Important information

Legal disclaimer.

This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65warnings.ca.gov

Visible screen diagonal

5" / 13 cm

To report an issue with this product, click here .

What is Amazon Renewed?

s21 phantom brown

High-Quality Product

s21 phantom brown

Guaranteed by Amazon

s21 phantom brown

What's Included?

s21 phantom brown

Better for the Planet

What should i expect to receive with my amazon renewed purchase and in what condition, what if the product does not look or work as expected, videos for this product.

Video Widget Card

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Video Widget Video Title Section

iPhone XS Vs Samsung S21 Ultra

s21 phantom brown

Spigen S21 Ultra S Pen Case Review - The Best I've Owned

Luke Does Tech

s21 phantom brown

iPhone SE 3rd Gen Vs Samsung S21 Ultra

Video Widget Card

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G vs S21 5G - Comparison

Irish Chippy

s21 phantom brown

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review

✅ Suzy Valentin Realtor

s21 phantom brown

Videos for related products

Video Widget Card

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review

Publisher Video

Video Widget Card

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra After 3 Months

s21 phantom brown

Strong Case For S22 Ultra!


s21 phantom brown

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G Watch Before You Buy !!!

s21 phantom brown

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G review

Compare with similar items, what's in the box, product description.

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is crafted so you don’t need to choose between video and photo. With a single tap, you can pull super-clear stills straight from high-resolution 8K video. Or if you’re looking to capture stunning photos, the 108MP camera feels like you’ve brought your own professional studio with you. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, designed to be epic in every way.

Looking for specific info?

Product information.

Climate Pledge Friendly

Climate Pledge Friendly

Products with trusted sustainability certification(s). Learn more

Pre-owned Certified: Electronics

Pre-owned Certified products are inspected, cleaned and (if applicable) repaired to excellent functional standards. By purchasing Pre-owned Certified rather than new, customers can extend the life of the product, reduce electronic waste, and reduce the extraction of raw materials. These products are backed by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Pre-owned Certified is part of the Climate Pledge Friendly program that helps you discover and shop for more-sustainable products.

Learn more about this certification

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To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness.

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s21 phantom brown

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s21 phantom brown

Samsung Galaxy S21 colors: Which color should you get?

Wondering what colors Samsung uses for the Galaxy S21? Here are your options

Galaxy S21

With the Samsung Galaxy S21 unveiled, we're looking forward to many of the key features included in the upcoming flagship phone lineup: Software features like S Pen support, hardware details like the Snapdragon 888 system-on-chip powering the new phones and a fast refresh rate for the displays.

So what about the Galaxy S21 colors? 

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Galaxy S20 : The biggest changes to expect
  • The best Samsung phones you can buy

Don't scoff — the colors a phone maker chooses for its device lineup can put a distinctive stamp on the new handsets, helping them stand out from rival phones. And while a phone's colors may not be a make-or-break issue on whether to upgrade or not, phone shoppers will have to decide which Galaxy S21 color to get when buying their new phone.

Here's what you'll want to know about Samsung Galaxy S21 colors for every model in the lineup. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 colors

Let's start with the entry-level phone in Samsung's updated flagship lineup, the 6.2-inch Galaxy S21. You'll have four shades to choose from.

Those colors are Phantom Violet, Phantom Gray, Phantom Pink and Phantom White. The Gray and White are more traditional colors that pair well with a wide variety of cases, whereas the Violet and Pink are more vibrant. You'll probably want a clear case for either of those two.

Galaxy S21 Plus colors

Although the S21 and S21 Plus will share similar specs, the colors are a bit different.

The S21 Plus gets a Phantom Violet variant like the standard S20, but the other options are Phantom Silver and Phantom Black. The Silver and Black models are simple, yet sleek-looking, while the Violet is a bolder option that's exclusive to this S21 series lineup.

Galaxy S21 Ultra colors

For many shoppers, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has the fewest color options of any S21 model. Phantom Silver and Phantom Black are the two options that will be widely available wherever the S21 phones are sold. 

That said, there are a handful of exclusive color options for those customers who buy directly from Samsung Phantom Navy, Phantom Titanium and Phantom Brown. If you're interested in any of these three, you'll need to order your new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra through Samsung rather than through your cellular provider or other third-party retailer.

How to order the Samsung Galaxy S21

All three phones arrive in stores on January 29. Samsung is offering one of the better pre-order deals if you have an eligible phone trade-in. Pre-order your Galaxy S21 at Samsung and get up to $700 off with trade-in . After discount, you'll pay just $99 for the Galaxy S21 . Plus, you'll get up to a $200 Samsung credit . 

Galaxy S21: from $99 w/ trade-in @ Samsung

Galaxy S21: from $99 w/ trade-in @ Samsung It may be the smallest phone in Samsung's new lineup, but the Galaxy S21 packs nothing but power. It features a 6.2-inch 120Hz adaptive display, Snapdragon 888 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 10MP front camera, and 12MP main, 12MP ultrawide, and 64MP telephoto rear camera lenses. Pre-order the Galaxy S21 by January 28 and you'll get a $100 Samsung credit and free Galaxy SmartTag. If you have an eligible phone to trade in, you could get up to $700 off and pay just $2.78/month via a 36-month contract. If your trade-in phone has a cracked screen, Samsung will still give you up to a $550 credit.

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Philip Michaels

Philip Michaels is a Managing Editor at Tom's Guide. He's been covering personal technology since 1999 and was in the building when Steve Jobs showed off the iPhone for the first time. He's been evaluating smartphones since that first iPhone debuted in 2007, and he's been following phone carriers and smartphone plans since 2015. He has strong opinions about Apple, the Oakland Athletics, old movies and proper butchery techniques. Follow him at @PhilipMichaels.

Forget Google Pixel 8 — Pixel 9 could bring this huge upgrade

How to use iPhone 15 Pro Action Button for more than one thing

Google Maps finally got this feature on Android — iPhone users have had this for years

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By Xandra Harbet October 16, 2023

By Brittany Vincent October 16, 2023

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Galaxy S21 colors: which color should you get?

Radoslav M., Iskra P.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

  • The longest, cleanest zoom on a phone, and most versatile camera set
  • The best battery life in its class
  • Brightest display with the most granular adaptive refresh rate
  • Stylish Contour Cut design and richer variety of colors
  • Unique 12-bit color RAW capture at 108MP
  • S Pen stylus support
  • Next-gen Wi-fi 6E standard support
  • Still big and bulky to carry and use, especially with an S Pen case on
  • $1200 gets you just 128GB, no charger, earbuds, or memory card slot
  • The new ultrasonic finger scanner is still comparatively slow
  • Softness in the main camera sample edges
  • The best Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra preorder deals at Samsung, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra preview
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G preview
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: first impressions and expectations

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21

  • Fast and snappy performance
  • Full of features to explore
  • Good camera quality
  • Speakers are improved over last gen
  • Plastic back is a no-no at $800
  • The plethora of features can be overwhelming, take it slow
  • The UI looks a bit flat and tacky
  • Bye, bye, microSD card slot

Galaxy S21 colors: which color should you get?

Samsung Galaxy S21 colors

  • Phantom Violet
  • Phantom Pink
  • Phantom White
  • Phantom Gray

Samsung Galaxy S21+ colors

  • Phantom Black
  • Phantom Silver

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra colors

Galaxy s21 and s21+ in phantom violet.

Galaxy S21 colors: which color should you get?

  • Available for Galaxy S21, S21+

Galaxy S21 in Phantom Pink

Galaxy S21 colors: which color should you get?

  • Available for Galaxy S21 only

Galaxy S21 in Phantom White

Galaxy S21 colors: which color should you get?

Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra in Phantom Silver

Galaxy S21 colors: which color should you get?

  • Available for Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra

Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra in Phantom Black

Galaxy S21 colors: which color should you get?

  • Available for S21+ and S21 Ultra

Galaxy S21 in Phantom Gray

Galaxy S21 colors: which color should you get?

  • Available for the Galaxy S21 only

Exclusive S21 Ultra and S21+ colors at Samsung.com

Galaxy S21 colors: which color should you get?

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Google Pixel 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Apple iPhone 12 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review

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Apple could be introducing three new iPad models this coming Tuesday

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Product Key Features

  • SIM Card Slot Single SIM
  • Network Unlocked
  • Operating System Android
  • Storage Capacity 128 GB
  • Color Brown
  • Model Number SM-G998U
  • Connectivity USB Type-C, 5G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS
  • Processor Octa Core
  • Features Proximity Sensor, 8K Video Recording, Laser AF Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Fast Wireless Charging, Infinity-O Display, Telephoto Lens, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor, Facial Recognition, Quad Rear Camera, Wide-Angle Camera, Accelerometer, Barometer, Ultra Wide-Angle Camera
  • Camera Resolution 12.0 MP, 10.0 MP, 108.0 MP
  • Screen Size 6.8 in

Additional Product Features

  • Manufacturer Color Phantom Brown

What are you looking for?

  • Samsung Community
  • Smartphones
  • Galaxy S21 Series

Galaxy s21ultra phantom brown

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' aria-label=

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  • S21ultra stability issue in Galaxy S21 Series 12-07-2022
  • Standoff with samsung regarding camera blurry in 1x mode in Galaxy S21 Series 23-04-2022


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  1. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB (Unlocked) in Phantom Brown

    Galaxy S21 FE 5G Unlocked | 128GB | Graphite | SM-G990U3/DS / SM-G990UZAFXAA Pricing before trade-in Total $599.99 ⊕ with Samsung Financing $25.01/mo for 24 mo ⊕ Something went wrong. Please try again later Samsung.com Advantage Highest online instant trade-in β Free and easy returns 0% APR Financing with $0 down ⊕ Pay in 4 Carrier

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    The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus comes in five colors - there's the Phantom Violet one, as detailed above, and four more that you'll find below. Two of them are exclusive to Samsung's website.

  4. What color Samsung Galaxy S21 should you buy?

    Samsung What color Samsung Galaxy S21 should you buy? By Ara Wagoner published 22 January 2021 Galaxy S21 Series Colors (Image credit: Samsung) The Samsung Galaxy S21 is beautiful, distinct,...


    Discover the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 512GB (Unlocked) in Phantom Brown, the phone for business that lets you securely connect and collaborate anywhere.

  6. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: The Ultimate Smartphone Experience, Designed

    Galaxy S21 Ultra also has three Exclusive Samsung.com Colorways: Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown and offers improved durability with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™, the toughest Gorilla Glass yet. Galaxy S21 Ultra is the largest member of the Galaxy S21 series with a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display 2 .

  7. SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra G998U 5G

    SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra G998U 5G | Fully Unlocked Android Smartphone | US Version 5G Smartphone | Pro-Grade Camera, 8K Video, 108MP High Resolution | 128GB - Phantom Brown (Renewed) Visit the Amazon Renewed Store 4.8 9 ratings Climate Pledge Friendly Color: Phantom Brown Size: 128GB The product is refurbished and is fully functional.

  8. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review

    The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus don't tout 'Space Zoom', S Pen support or 108MP rear/40MP selfie photos, but you do get the 3x optical zoom and slick design, at a far cheaper price.

  9. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review

    Samsung.com is offering exclusive S21 Ultra colors, though, including Phantom Navy, Phantom Titanium and Phantom Brown. Best Buy has an exclusive Navy Blue colorway, also. (Image credit: Future)

  10. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review: Samsung's best S series for $200 ...

    I'm seriously considering the Phantom Brown color as brown is one of my three favorite colors and it looks sharp on the Samsung website. The S21 Ultra will launch on Jan. 29, starting at $1,199.99 ...

  11. See Samsung's Exclusive Colors Before Buying a Galaxy S21

    If you want the top Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can choose between the Phantom Black or Phantom Silver standard models — and the Phantom Black does look surprisingly good in real life — or the...

  12. SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra G998U 5G

    Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra G998U 5G | Fully Unlocked Android Smartphone | US Version 5G Smartphone | Pro-Grade Camera, 8K Video, 108MP High Resolution | 512GB - Phantom Brown (Renewed) at Amazon. Customer reviews and photos may be available to help you make the right purchase decision!

  13. Samsung Galaxy S21 colors: Which color should you get?

    (Image credit: Samsung) The S21 Plus gets a Phantom Violet variant like the standard S20, but the other options are Phantom Silver and Phantom Black. The Silver and Black models are simple,...

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    S21 Ultra in Phantom Brown! (Apple fanboy's perspective) 🤣 Alex Gear & Tech 79.9K subscribers Subscribe 1.6K 87K views 2 years ago UNITED KINGDOM In today's video we take a look at this...

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    Samsung S21 Ultra Phantom Brown | Did I pick the right color? 🤎 Alex Gear & Tech 39.3K subscribers Subscribe 61K views 1 year ago In today's video we take another look at this beautiful new...

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    Product Description. The latest and greatest in Samsung Galaxy is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G in Phantom Brown. This device has some serious features that sets it as a cut above the rest when it comes to smartphones. With its 6.8" screen, 16GB of RAM, and 5nm processor, users can utilize the powerful technology in the Samsung Galaxy S21 ...

  17. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128GB

    Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128GB - Brown - Unlocked $1,500.00 new $869.99 before trade-in 4.1/5 (460 reviews) Pay over Time. Prequalify now. Add to cart Free delivery by Oct 19 - Oct 20 Free 30-day returns 1-year warranty Works with all carriers Learn about unlocked phones Verified refurbished in 🇺🇸 Best picks Learn more Lowest price $343.00 Most popular

  18. Galaxy S21 colors: which color should you get?

    Available for Galaxy S21 only ; The Phantom Pink color option has a certain gold-like tint, it's quite a warm color. It makes the Galaxy S21 look fresh, vibrant, and at the same time premium. ... Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown. These three colors are again matte, with Samsung's premium haze finish, making them look ...

  19. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G SM-G998U

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G SM-G998U - 128GB - Phantom Brown (Unlocked) 2 product ratings About this product Manufacturer Color: Phantom Brown Capacity: 128 GB Network: Unlocked Open box $459.80 Pre-owned $450.30 Make an offer: Pre-owned 5 Open box: Lowest price $459.80 Free Shipping Was $484.00 Save 5%

  20. Samsung

    Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with our highest contrast ratio and a 6.8" adaptive display that automatically adjusts from 10Hz to 120Hz. Plus, intuitive blue-light management adjusts based on time of day to keep your eyes happy. All your photos are keepers. So keep 'em. Every moment matters.

  21. Galaxy s21ultra phantom brown

    Galaxy s21ultra phantom brown Original topic: Galaxy s21ultra phantom brown Topic Options (Topic created on: 22-01-2021 04:53 PM) Catt78 Navigator Options 22-01-2021 04:53 PM in Galaxy S21 Series I preorder the Galaxy s21ultra in exclusive phantom brown colour.

  22. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB

    Samsung Phones Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB - Phantom Brown - Unlocked Out of stock We found something similar! Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB - Phantom Brown - Unlocked 4.1/5 (454 reviews) Often bought together Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G - Unlocked's customer reviews 4.1/5 454 verified reviews in the last 6 months. Filter by stars All 100% 4-5 0% 3-4 0% 2-3 0%