What Do Icons, Symbols, Emojis Mean on Snapchat – Complete Guide

What Do Icons, Symbols, Emojis Mean on Snapchat

Wondering what happens when you click on that Snapchap icon? Not sure what that symbol means or does on Snapchat? There are plenty who find it difficult to navigate and understand Snapchat’s UI and what all the icons and symbols mean on Snapchat mobile apps. Here is a list of all icons and symbols on Snapchat and what they mean and do for you. The app is divided into 5 tabs so that’s where we will begin and then dig deeper into different screens to explain what icons and symbols mean on Snapchat and what happens when you tap on them.

Table of Contents

Snapchat Profile Icons

You may see some icons next to the profile name of certain Snapchat users. Know what they mean.

Black Star With Yellow Background

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook display a blue checkmark if the account is verified. Snapchat used to display an emoji. Verified account users could choose their own emojis which made the entire process fun. For example, Arnold had a bicep emoji. However, now all verified Snapchat accounts have a black star with yellow background to denote that the account is verified.

black star with yellow background on snapchat

White Star With Black Background

✪ – This icon means that the user is a Snapchat+ subscriber. The Snapchat badge is off by default but can be enabled from settings if needed if you want to show off.

Note: Snapchat+ subscribers can choose what emoji will be displayed when someone opens their snap. I see a lot of redditors getting confused by this because emoji is different for every user.

This is the first tab at the bottom of the Snapchat app. Here, you will find your current location’s heatmap with some options to navigate and communicate with friends.

Menubar at Top-Right Corner

snapchat menubar on Map tab on upper-right corner

Let’s take them one at a time.

  • Cog Icon – the first one at the top is the universal Settings icon.
  • Yellow background with two cards – that will open Memories at the bottom of the screen where you will find favorite/saved snaps
  • T in small caps – Ticketmaster integration that will display all the live events like sports, music, etc. that you can attend.
  • Blue globe icon – opens the map in larger view so you can explore not just your area but the entire city or state.
  • Blowhorn – Infatuation integration which works the same as Ticketmaster but for restaurants, hotels, and eateries.

Arrow Above Places Icon

You can zoom in and out on the map and also pane around the globe in the Maps section. Tapping on the navigation arrow icon will take you back to your present location on the map. So you don’t have to find where you were and zoom in/out all over again. It is visible only when you leave your current location.

snapchat arrow icon on Map tab above places

My Bitmoji Icon

You will see this in the lower left corner of the screen. It has your Bitmoji face/head as the icon. Inside, you can change and customize your outfit, clear ghost trail (no one can track you on map), and select a different bitmoji from the available options.

snapchat bitmoji icon in map tab

Clock With Dots in Circle

The small clock icon you see at the upper-right corner of screen is for Snapchat+ users. They can track your friends on a map for the last 24 hours. So you know where they have been but only when they have shared location with you. You also get some additional features with Snapchat+ .

snapchat ghost with line through it

Places (Buiding Icon)

That’s where you will find all the cool places to hang out and explore in your present area or location.

snapchat places and heart icon to save location to my favorites list

Tapping on the little heart icon next to any place will save it to your My Favorites list so you can rediscover saved locations later.

Blue Arrow Pointing Right

When you tap to open a place that you like from the above screen, you will see blue arrow pointing towards the right at the bottom left corner. Tap on that to share the selected place with other Snapchat users or even with via 3rd-party apps like WhatsApp.

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snapchat blue arrow and profile pic with circle icon

Profile Pic With Blue Circle

In the above screenshot, a blue circle around the profile pic means there’s an unread or unseen Snap. Tap to open and view the snap.

Profile Pic With Lock Icon

If you see a profile pic with circle and lock icon, it means there is a new story but it is a private story.

Profile Pic With People Icon

If there is a profile pic with a circle and people icon (three heads and bodies), it means there is a new story but it is a custom story.

Group of People With + Icon

On the same screen where you can share a selected place with other friends, you can create a group of selected friends to plan an activity. Simply select friends on the next screen.

create group in snapchat around a place

Graph With Bars Symbol

It represents how busy it is or footfall in the chosen place or location. The longer the bar, the higher the number of people visiting the place on that date and during that time of the day. So plan accordingly.

snapchat bar graph showing footfalls

Tap on this icon in Snapchat once to view where all your friends are on a map, but only if they are sharing their live location with you.

Magnifying Glass Icon

Tap on it to search for your friends if you have too many to view their current location on the map above.

magnifying glass icon in Friends section on snapchat

This is where you can chat with your friends and this is also where most users get confused. Because Snapchat uses a variety of icons in different colors to denote the kind of snap that you have sent or received.

snapchat chat screen icons and symbols

Here is a complete list of Snapchat Chat Screen icons and what they mean:

Yellow Dot Icon on Add People Icon

It means you have new friends suggestions. May also mean new friend requests.

snapchat chat yellow dot icon

Blue Dot Icon on Chat Tab

In the above screenshot, you will also see a blue dot icon at the bottom. That means you have an unread chat message or snap.

snapchat blue dot icon on chat tab

Camera Icon

Tapping on that next to the name of the profile will initiate a snap that will be sent to that person only.

camera icon in snapchat chat tab

X Icon Next to Name

If the profile is suspicious, you will see an x icon tapping on which will reveal a menu where you can report, block, or clear conversation with that person.

x icon next to name in snapchat chat tab

Chat Screen

When you tap on profile name or icon, you will enter the chat screen where you will find ways to communicate with the person, like in any other messaging app.

snapchat chat screen

  • Phone icon – make an audio call to the person
  • Camera icon – make a video call to the person
  • Camera icon – send a snap
  • Microphone icon – record and send a voice or audio message
  • Smiley – send emojis
  • Two cards icon – view all photos sent or received in Snapchat Memories

Chat Emoji Icons

Snapchat displays these emojis next to the profile names and they tend to update from time to time. What do they mean?

The Camera tab on Snapchat is where you will create snaps and send them to your friends or just post them to your profile.

  • Person with plus icon – allows you to add a new friend.

snapchat person with plus icon

  • Two arrows forming rectangle – switch from back to front camera or vice versa

snapchat Two arrows forming rectangle icon

  • Lightning with cross icon – enable and adjust on-screen flash with three colors and two shapes

snapchat Lightning with cross icon

  • Handicam icon – video recording option (takes you to another screen with separate icons that we will explain below)

snapchat Handicam icon

  • Music icon – add music or sounds to your Snap

snapchat music icon

  • Dual camera icon – create snap with both front and back camera at the same time

snapchat dual camera icon

  • Plus icon – More options like timer, focus mode, multi-snaps, tones, etc.

camera plus icon in snapchat

Here is a screenshot of the video camera screen. Snapchat displays what each icon means here but only for half a second. Then the icon’s names disappear. We took a screenshot so you will know what each icon means on video recording screen of Snapchat.

snapchat video recording screen icons

Stories Tab

This is where you will discover new stories and snaps. When you open a story, this is what you see.

snapchat story tab icons and their meaning

There are only three icons here. Let’s quickly see what they mean on Snapchat world.

  • camera icon – you can reply to this story with your own
  • right grey arrow – you can forward this story to someone
  • ribbon – you can bookmark this story

Spotlight Tab

Here is what you should see on the screen. Let’s go through them one at a time from the top.

snapchat spotlight tab icons

  • plus icon with ribbon – you will be subscribed to the account or channel that posted this story
  • heart icon – you can bookmark or save this story for future reference
  • quote icon – view replies and comments to this story
  • solid right grey arrow – share this story with someone else
  • three-dot icon – report, remix, share snap with someone

Snapchat Icons and Symbols

This is the most complete list of all icons and symbols on the Snapchat app that I could find. There is a lot to unpack here so take your time. By the way, did you found a song playing on Snapchat story? Learn how to identify that song playing using Shazam right inside Snapchat .

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What Are The Different Meanings Of Ghost Faces On Snapchat?

Timothy Mark

Whether you are a new or old Snapchat user, the Snapchat Ghost feature might be very new to you. If it is, and you wish to know more about it, this article is for you.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking sites worldwide. It has so many exciting features, including Snapchat Ghosts, one feature many users have no idea about.

In this article, you’ll learn about Snapchat Ghosts, their meaning, and how to use them on Snapchat.

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Table of Contents

What Is Snapchat Ghost?

Introduced in 2016, Snapchat Ghosts is a Snapchat feature that involves a Snapchat White Ghost appearing beside your Friends’ username on the Added Me screen.

If you have the Snapchat Bitmoji, you may not be able to see the Snapchat Ghosts.

They only appear when your Snapchat Bitmoji has not been designed.

These Snapchat Ghosts are different versions of the Snapchat logo or mascot, Ghostface Chillah.

This mascot was designed by the co-founder of Snapchat and represented the disappearing nature of messages on Snapchat and related that to a ghost.

Just like the ghost, messages come and then disappear.

Snapchat Ghosts is a different version of emojis that are generated automatically.

For example, if someone sends you a Ghost with Heart Heart shaped eyes, it implies the person loves you.

When someone you don’t know adds you on Snapchat, you would most likely see a White Ghost or a Selfie Ghost.

These Snapchat Ghosts can also be very random and change often. There are many different Snapchat Ghosts which all have different meanings.

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What Do Snapchat Ghosts Mean?

There are different Snapchat Ghosts that represent different emotions. Here is a list of Snapchat Ghosts and what they mean.

Snapchat Black Ghost

This Snapchat Ghost means that your friend has deleted or deactivated their Snapchat Account.

Ghost Blowing Bubblegum

This Snapchat Ghost means your friend finds your pictures and snaps boring, probably after you’ve sent too many snaps.

It could also mean they are offended by something you did.

Ghost With Peace Symbol And Star

This means your friend is extremely happy and optimistic.

Shocked Snapchat Ghost

This Ghost signifies shock or surprise at something you have done. If you’ve blocked them as well, this would appear on their friend list.

Crying Snapchat Ghost

This represents your friend’s sadness, hurt, or disappointment in something. This usually appears when you haven’t sent snaps to your friend in a while.

Snapchat Ghost With Heart-Shaped Eyes

This Ghost means your friend is expressing their love towards you.

Snapchat Ghost With Glass

Your friend has added you and is patiently waiting for you to add them back.

Snapchat Ghost Rock On

This Ghost represents the relationship between you and your friend and means Rock on. Note that the Ghost is not giving the middle finger.

Angry Snapchat Ghost

This implies that your friend or whoever has added you are angry about something

“IDK” Snapchat Ghost

This means your friend is confused or does not know.

Snapchat Ghost With Tears

This Snapchat Ghost means that your friend is laughing and crying. The tears here are tears of joy. This ghost also represents “Laughing Out Loud”.

Joyful Snapchat Ghost

This means your friend is overly joyful about something.

Content Snapchat Ghost

This Ghost means that your friend is content with your snapping relationship.

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How To See Snapchat Ghosts

To view this Snapchat Ghost feature, follow these steps:

Open Snapchat > Click on the Ghost/Bitmoji icon at the top left corner > Find “ My Friends ” or click on the “ Added Me ” Button.

Now along with your Snapchat friends, you’ll see Snapchat Ghosts. If you have the Snapchat Bitmoji, you may not be able to see the Snapchat Ghosts. They only appear when your Snapchat Bitmoji has yet to be created.

Snapchat Ghosts is a new feature introduced by Snapchat that displays your Friend’s Bitmoji as Ghosts representing an emotion your friend may be feeling.

There are so many different Snapchat Ghosts that represent different feelings and behaviors. They can mean Joy, Anger, Optimism, Nervous, and even Shocked.

This guide has detailed what Snapchat Ghost means and what the various Snapchat ghosts mean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is snapchat ghost mode.

Snapchat Ghost Mode is a feature Snapchat has that enables you to hide your location on Snapchat and gives you full privacy when using the app.

Who designed the Snapchat Logo?

Co-founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel designed the Snapchat Logo, and Ghostface Killah, a Wu-Tang Clan rapper, inspired the logo.

What does Black Snapchat Ghost mean?

' src=

As a seasoned content writer with 4+ years of experience in consumer technology, Timothy has been a dedicated author and editor at Techvocast.com since its inception. Specializing in addressing user concerns, his articles offer effective solutions for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac-related issues. Timothy's expertise also extends to crafting content about social media and various applications. Through his daily articles, he consistently aids users in overcoming their technology challenges.

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snapchat ghost with line through it

Just Because…

We were looking at all the weird and wonderful ways social media platforms like to market themselves and wondered why the Snapchat logo is a ghost.

The Branding Bit…

The ghost, known as Ghostface Chillah, is to symbolise the temporary nature of the messages being sent, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the messages ‘death’ when it disappears.

The app, known for its use of augmented reality (AR) and wacky filters, is another in the long line of social media platforms that uses unique icons to stand out from the crowd. Other such icons are the famous Twitter bird, Instagrams technicolour camera and the lone F of the Facebook app.

An estimated 190 million people use Snapchat every day, making it one of the most popular social media platforms on the market.

The Future…

With social media companies constantly looking for new ways to make their brand stand out,

experts are turning to new and innovative ways to market their products. This ranges from QR codes on the back of food packaging to city centre billboards.

Other Entries

snapchat ghost with line through it

Privacy Overview

The Reason Why The Snapchat Logo Is A Ghost

Phone with snapchat logo

The Snapchat logo is an iconic one, and hasn't changed much since the app's inception. It features the outline of a cartoony bedsheet-style ghost, which also doubles as the Snapchat mascot. In other areas of the app, as well as in earlier versions of the app's icon, you can see the ghost with eyes and a mouth. It is one of the most recognized designs out there thanks to the popularity of Snapchat . And, in fact, the mascot has a name: Ghostface Chillah (via Business Insider )

For those who wish to dive deeper into the mysterious Snapchat ghost, there is a history. The design itself was created by Snapchat's CEO long ago, and actually does have a meaning associated with the app in order, which represents how it works.

Where did the ghost come from?

The ghost was drawn by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, and was inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan artist Ghostface Killah, as reported by  Business Insider . It was designed before Snapchat launched, for its predecessor " Picaboo ," which worked in much the same way Snapchat does. When a picture is sent, it immediately disappears after being viewed. In essence, this is what the Snapchat ghost logo represents. As far as color goes, Spiegel chose yellow for the app because no other logo was using it. 

Ghostface Chillah has also had something of an evolution over the years. In 2011, he had two eyes and a stuck out tongue. This evolved as the design went much more minimal — simply the outline of the ghost. Then, it changed a bit again in 2019 with the current design used now, with a slightly more bold outline. This caused some outrage among users of the app, taking to Twitter to express their hatred for the bolded ghost, as reported by Creative Bloq . It goes to show, though, just how deeply held a recognizable logo can become. 


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