15 Things You Might Not Know About Space Ghost Coast to Coast

By roger cormier | apr 26, 2015.

space ghost ramones

On April 15, 1994, when Space Ghost Coast to Coast made its debut, Cartoon Network officially stopped being a 24-hour channel entirely made up of old cartoons that Ted Turner had acquired. The series was the cable network’s first—and most influential—original animated series. Blending footage from a short-lived 1960s cartoon with a new awkwardly paced, cheaply produced, animated late night "talk show" setup, the series proved to be surprisingly popular with audiences, paving the way for the channel to produce similarly strange and original animated series. In 2001, the channel's tendency toward non-kid cartoons begot the late night programming block Adult Swim, which is now a brand of comedy in itself.


Space Ghost and Dino Boy was a series that ran for just 20 episodes on CBS in 1966 and 1967. It was created by Alex Toth, a cartoonist who himself didn’t care for Space Ghost’s design . Even with such limited material, Space Ghost Coast to Coast animator C. Martin Croker still managed to only have to make five new pieces of animation for the series' first episode, with the rest of the images coming from the original series.


Mike Lazzo started working for Turner in the TBS mailroom before gradually becoming Cartoon Network’s first programmer. At first, Turner insisted that he work only with the classic Warner Bros., MGM, Popeye, and Hanna-Barbera cartoons in their library. Lazzo’s frustration with not having any original programming and not having the money to change that fact was the first step to the strange creation of Space Ghost Coast to Coast .


Lazzo, as well as fellow Cartoon Network staffers Khaki Jones and Andy Merrill, had a meeting trying to brainstorm ways to incorporate their properties into something new. After talking about Space Ghost , Lazzo went home that night and kept thinking about the character, as well as Leno, the recently installed host of The Tonight Show , and Letterman, who didn’t get the gig and was starting his own show on CBS to compete with Jay (with Chevy Chase and Arsenio Hall also competing for viewers). The next day, Lazzo presented his colleagues with the start of an idea.


The aforementioned Croker was a Space Ghost fan from childhood, and nailed his impromptu audition. He would eventually get the voice gig for Moltar, too. Croker also came up with the idea of setting the show in space and suggested that Zorak and Moltar should be performing their bandleader and producing duties as unwilling prisoners.


Croker hand-drew talk show host poses for Space Ghost, like his tapping of index cards against the desk. He purposely didn’t use any technology so that the old footage and new footage wouldn’t look blatantly different.


Sadly, the Fantasy Island actor committed suicide during pre-production for the series .


She was signed to “do some kind of fanfare/dance routine” for the opening, according to Merrill, but nothing came of it.


When Merrill edited clips of Washington’s interview on CNN Showbiz Today (promoting the movie Malcolm X ) with old Space Ghost clips, he did it on a tape-to-tape VHS editing system , with a Radio Shack mic , just to see if Lazzo’s idea had any legs.


Lazzo and his fellow employees would schedule cartoons during the day and find an empty conference room to write scripts at night. During this time the editing, which was being done by Mike Cahill, was still taking place in a closet. "We were constantly fighting with the employees of Cartoon Network Latin America because their copier was right next to where he was editing—which was deafening," Lazzo told IGN .


When the budget went up to $30,000 per episode , Spike Feresten, who earned an Emmy nomination for writing “The Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld, and Steve O'Donnell, former head writer for Letterman and future head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live! joined up . Other notable scribes include Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson, who wrote on the episode “Urges”, and future Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas got his first TV writing credit penning the season 3 premiere “Explode.”


For budgetary reasons, famous announcer and original Space Ghost voice Gary Owens didn’t get the late night talk show gig. Instead it went to announcer George Lowe, who enjoyed that his improvising would sometimes make the final cut. In one incident, he inadvertently burped, and attempted to save face by saying he had “Too many Cokes." The ad-lib made it into an episode , to the delight of his guests, The Ramones.


At first, acting students were hired to wear a Space Ghost suit and interview the celebrities, but the guests kept laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. The producers eventually settled on having George Lowe ask the questions through a phone-patch into the guests’ ears, while the celebrities pretend they were able to see the animated host. Later, the writers would add quips from Space Ghost in response to the answers, and give him new questions to ask to make the taped answers sound crazy.


The singers cursed and laughed so much that only 19 seconds of their interview was able to be used.


Space Ghost, Zorak, Moltar, and Brak became names of Mars rocks after NASA’s Pathfinder mission in 1997.


Before he started shooting Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show , "I rented as many seasons I could get my hands on and did a Space Ghost marathon by myself in my house, just so I could absorb as much Space Ghost as I could," Andre told The Huffington Post in 2012. "I picked Mike Lazzo's brain about it ... and he couldn't give a shit about Space Ghost . He's like, 'What? Space Ghost ? Space Ghost is dead to me."

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

During an otherwise friendly interview with comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, Zorak reveals Space Ghost's secret identity: Tad Ghostal. Goldthwait agrees to party with Space Ghost after the show. The festivities are spoiled, however, by Zorak and his punk friends, The Ramones.

EP 1 Spanish Translation

After declaring his fondness for Mexican food, Space Ghost asks diet guru Susan Powter what super powers help "stop the insanity." Comedian Kevin Meaney discusses the virtues of wearing tight pants and the Bee Gees stop by for a short, bizarre visit.

EP 2 Gilligan

Three stranded castaways, Bob Denver (Gilligan), Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) and Russell Johnson (the Professor), take their turns in the video monitor. Zorak declares, "I am the lone locust of the apocalypse. Think of me when you look to the night sky."

EP 3 Elevator

Self-proclaimed goddess of the galaxy Judy Tenuta and Space Ghost decide to visit the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas. Space Ghost also talks with Dr. Timothy Leary, a man branded by Nixon as "the most dangerous man alive." Then, it's tacos for everybody, even actress Ashley Judd.

Space Ghost welcomes two talk-show experts, Bill Carter and Joe Franklin. Carter, author of "The Late Shift,"explains why Space Ghost was excluded from his book. Franklin, the world's first TV talk show host, gives him a few pointers. Moltar introduces his fascination with the television series "CHiPs,"a theme that will resurface again and again.

EP 5 Bobcat

After model Cyndi Guyer, the female Fabio, explains what she looks for in a man, the Jerky Boys arrive and promptly threaten to punch Space Ghost in the mouth. The undertow of violence subsides with the appearance of model Dian Parkinson.

Space Ghost is nurturing a special pet—Banjo the sea monkey. Zorak sabotages the interview with Schooly D by hypnotically controlling Space Ghost's mind. Weird Al Yankovic reveals that he can eat his weight in Ding Dongs, but his interview is cut short by Banjo, now a colossal brine shrimp intent on destroying the set.

EP 8 Batmantis

A mysterious villain kidnaps Moltar and Space Ghost must solicit the help of Adam West, Lee Meriweather and Eartha Kitt, all from the "Batman"television series, in an effort to save him. And...holy exoskeleton, Space Ghost, it's Zorak as Batmantis!

EP 9 Self Help

Hoping to rehabilitate Zorak, Space Ghost welcomes psychiatrist Dr. Joyce Brothers, who ends up being more concerned about him. Later, comic Rich Hall give Space Ghost pointers on how to pick up women that are immediately used by Zorak and Moltar to impress author Anka Radakovich.

EP 10 Gum, Disease

The rapport between Branford Marsalis and Space Ghost makes it look as though the then-band leader of "The Tonight Show"might be switching talk shows. Next, a child star from the same television era as Space Ghost, Danny Bonaduce, talks about his days with the Partridge family and his deep-seated hatred for Osmonds.

EP 1 President's Day Nightmare

Space Ghost shows off his versatility by emceeing Cartoon Network's "World Premiere Toon In". Members of the Council of Doom appear as judges in a beauty pageant-style competition between five cartoon directors. Blip also makes an appearance, prompting Space Ghost to croon, "Oh, what a monkey he is!"

EP 2 Le Livre D' Histoire

Lokar hosts a clip show while Space Ghost visits his mother in Florida.

EP 3 Girlie Show

Space Ghost pays tribute to Women in the Entertainment Industry. Fran Drescher paralyzes Space Ghost with desire. Carol Channing dispenses advice to soothe his heart but this comfort is ruined by the appearance of rocker Alice Cooper.

EP 4 Hungry

Space Ghost welcomes shiny happy Michael Stipe from R.E.M. (Space Ghost: "Is that you in the corner?"Stipe: "Yes, it is.") Later, he shares time-honored difficult-places-to-reach-while-scratching-stories with Lassie. Mujibur and Sirajul, frequent guest stars on "The Late Show with David Letterman,"mysteriously appear with Space Ghost's pizza.

EP 6 Sleeper

Feeling a little wired, Space Ghost asks professional wrestler Hulk Hogan to put him in a sleeper hold so that he can get some rest. Instead, Hogan recites an original haiku about Zorak. Slash from Guns 'N' Roses winds up the show with his usual gift for gab.

Space Ghost adds a few new twists: a live studio audience, a remarkably versatile applause sign and viewer call-in. The results fall flat and Space Ghost isn't happy. Palmer Mills and Sandra Bernhard come to agree Space Ghost is a jerk.

It's mating season on Zorak's home planet. Despite the role the male plays in the love ritual, Zorak gives in to the common of insect impulses and returns home. Space Ghost welcomes Catherine Bach and plays the blues with Matthew Sweet.

EP 1 Explode

Lokar, a villain from Space Ghost's original series, attempts to woo Moltar away from his helm as director. Oblivious, Space Ghost proceeds with his celebrity guests--Terry Jones and Glen Phillips--one of whom reveals his secret identity as Tongue Man.

EP 2 $20.01

This loose parody of Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" features Joel Hodgson, creator of "Mystery Science Theater 3000," and comedic magicians Penn and Teller. Moltar and Zorak are fired when Space Ghost replaces them with MOE 2000, an unfeeling computer director.

EP 3 Lovesick

Debuting on Valentine's Day, this episode finds Space Ghost heartbroken over a failed relationship. The despondent Ghost finds that not even the antics of comedian Carrot Top can lure him from his lovesick stupor.

EP 4 Transcript

Musician Jonathan Richman, who first climbed to fame fronting The Modern Lovers, favors Space Ghost with a couple of charming songs during a meandering conversation.

EP 5 Sharrock

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore stars as Fred Cracklin in a 15-minute showcase for late musician Sonny Sharrock. Sharrock was the man behind the "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" theme music.

Space Ghost turns to experts for advice on supernatural phenomena such as the disappearance of his phantom cruiser keys. Michael Norman, ghost expert and author of Historic Haunted America, and Bill Nye are all too happy to help him out.

EP 7 Freak Show

Marshall "Duh" Staxx of the musical group Green Jelly and yodeller Wylie Gustafson are the freaks du jour in this aptly named episode. The show also features a video pirate who identifies himself only as "Commander Andy of the Cosmos."

EP 8 Switcheroo

Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin! Evil Twin!

EP 9 Surprise

After Moltar sends Space Ghost away to "pick up an important package in the mailroom," Zorak takes a seat behind the desk. What happens next is television history as Zorak cackles through a rapid-fire series of "interviews" with everyone from actress Cameron Diaz to TV's Jimmie "Good Times" Walker.

EP 11 Jacksonville

With Moltar on the run, Space Ghost is forced to recruit Tansut as his fill-in director, who causes problems before bringing out guests Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield of Metallica.

EP 12 Late Show

Former "Late Show With David Letterman" writers scripted this unabashed spoof of late-night talk show convention. Janeane Garofalo reveals her secret power, then hypnotist Flip Orley joins Space Ghost until Zorak, using an incantation, turns him into David Grohl of the Foo Fighters. Sitting in with the band is John Popper of Blues Traveler.

EP 13 Cookout

After a show open that features Moltar and Zorak arguing the respective merits of Beefaroni and Beefaghetti, Space Ghost enlists the Council of Doom to judge an old-fashioned cooking competition between three nationally-acclaimed culinary experts: Emeril Lagasse, Nathalie Dupree and Martin Yan.

EP 14 Art Show

Performance artist Laurie Anderson riles Space Ghost by revealing that she never watches television, then waxes conspiratorial about cyberspace. A disengaged Space Ghost invisos out, missing much of their remaining conversation. Next, Space Ghost endeavors to understand members of the performance troupe Stomp.

EP 15 Woody Allen's Fall Project

In an apparent tribute to E! Entertainment's well-publicized re-enactments of the O.J. Simpson hearings, viewers are treated to performances of selected "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" moments by the Ghost Planet Dinner Theater Ensemble of Doraville, GA.

EP 1 Rehearsal

This flashback episode transports viewers to a dress rehearsal two days before the premiere of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" in April 1994. Offering a rare glimpse behind the scenes, "Rehearsal" features Space Ghost, Moltar and Zorak flubbing familiar gags, missing cues and mistiming special effects.

EP 2 Gallagher

Space Ghost introduces "Space Time Quiz Fun 9000" and his "contestants," comedians David Cross and Bob Odenkirk of HBO's "Mr. Show." What follows is a rapid-fire conversation in more ways than one, as Odenkirk's growing addiction to power-band blasts results in a steady volley from Space Ghost.

EP 3 Edelweiss

Zorak is zapped until he can apparently no longer regenerate, leaving Space Ghost without a bandleader. Moltar is instructed to fill in for his dearly departed friend by singing renditions of German folk songs, which puts Beck, the show's lone guest, to sleep.

EP 4 Anniversary

Space Ghost marks a "special notch in the belt that is the Space Ghost saga" with returning guests Bobcat Goldthwait and Judy Tenuda. The show also includes special appearances by villian-turned-announcer Tansut and the evil Chad Ghostal, as well as a spectacular career retrospective montage compiled by Moltar.

EP 5 Zoltran

Space Ghost chats with Robin Leach until his guest reveals that he is, in fact, an evil villain named Zoltran. Leach, as Zoltran, blasts Space Ghost by shooting lasers out of his eyes. Unfortunately for Space Ghost, the show doesn't get any easier as Merrill Markoe needles him about his age and his intergalactic location.

After revealing that contractual squabbles before the premiere of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" resulted in an aborted test shoot starring rival superhero Birdman, host Lokar presents exclusive glimpses of this "lost" pilot.

Reggae star Jimmy Cliff chats with Space Ghost about his new album and touring in South America. Moltar and mechanic-turned-musician Jack Logan share a creepy conversation about items underneath their beds.

Space Ghost presents a special tribute to Zorak. Dr. Maxcy Nolan, professor of entomology at the University of Georgia, speculates that the bandleader may be hiding an extra set of legs under his vest. Exterminator Steve Arnold, meanwhile, reveals that he says "Take this!" before going after insects.

EP 9 Switcheroo '97

Space Ghost's sidekicks have hosted a convention behind his back. Moltar and Zorak bring out their own guests Bill Mumy and Mark Hamill. In a jealous rage, Space Ghost announces plans for Space Ghost Con '97, vowing to exclude his co-stars.

EP 12 Boo Boo Kitty

Self-heralded "comedy ghetto" resident Michael McKean barely gets a word in with Space Ghost, and David Lander suffers a similar fate. The reason? Zorak and Space Ghost's roommate tiff spilling over into the show. In addition, a menacing "kitty" blimp hovers around Ghost Planet.

EP 13 Needledrop

Even though two prominent rappers, Ice-T and Ernie-C, make their 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast' debut, Space Ghost decides to do the 'hip shake' throughout the show. Zorak attempts to hypnotize all the guests, including actor Fred Willard.

EP 14 Sphinx

"Beavis and Butthead" and "King of the Hill" creator Mike Judge kindly asks Space Ghost to "whack the Rugrats." Space Ghost agrees to the job, as long as he can get onto one of Judge's shows. Harland Williams doesn't last long after calling Space Ghost "Billy" and "Naughty Space Ghost."

EP 15 Pavement

Indie rock group Pavement, sitting in for an incarcerated Zorak and The Original Way-Outs, makes history as the first band ever to perform on Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

EP 16 Untitled

Space Ghost, an unofficial member of the P-Funk Mob, sets the groove in motion with George Clinton, but Moltar attempts to wrest the show from Space Ghost's control so he can interview his hero and the star of TV's 'CHiPs,' Erik Estrada.

EP 18 Piledriver

Grandpa Space Ghost, whose physique is identical to his grandson's and whose voice is identical to WCW wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage, gives an "OOOO-YEEAAAHHH!" performance despite being clubbed with a chair by Zorak. Grandpa Ghostal interviews kid actress Raven Symone.

EP 19 Suckup

Desperate for a new gig, Space Ghost kisses up to "Talk Soup" host John Henson and "Entertainment Tonight" host Bob Goen by telling each that they are "pretty men." Space Ghost even offers to set Henson up with his "sister" Judy. Brak spoils the affair by spilling gravy all over the set.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast welcomes its first-ever Academy Award winner, Charlton Heston, who, after much prodding, offers his trophy to Space Ghost.

EP 21 Boat Show

The deep space set comes alive like never before with 11 glorious musical numbers. Space Ghost, Zorak and Moltar are joined by Brak, who performs a melodic Man on the Street duet with the originator of the popular skit, Steve Allen.

EP 22 Telethon

When the Council of Doom takes your phone calls and the only caller is Brak posing as Seymour Hiney, you know your telethon is in trouble. It takes Space Ghost until the telethon's ending to realize his show is completely bankrupt for good!

EP 23 Dimethyl Pyrimidinol Bisulfite

Space Ghost and Zorak try to endorse ointment and potted meat to the home viewing audience. Pat Boone sings Space Ghost's praises, while rapper Chuck D is not impressed with the public-service rap performance by the Rappin' Space Goblin.

EP 1 Joshua

A marketing infomercial about taking advantage of Space Ghost's power, followed by interviews with the winners of the "Haiku'n for Space Ghost" contest.

EP 2 Terminal

Space Ghost announces he is dying and begins to look for someone to replace him. To confirm the grim prognosis, Dr. Drew Pinsky appears on the show. Zorak becomes excited and begins playing New Orleans jazz, which gets him zapped.

After Space Ghost declares his love for Merill Markoe, he receives advice from Adam Corolla, host of MTV's "Loveline." Knowing that Space Ghost is smitten, Zorak begins to do everything in his power to win Merrill Markoe as his own, leading to a battle between the two.

EP 4 Lawsuit

Space Ghost is the target of a lawsuit filed against him by former co-stars Jan and Jace. The twins employ the services of the infamous Dr. Nightmare to represent their case. Space Ghost acquires attorney Greta Van Susteren.

EP 6 Warren

Space Ghost grows angry upon learning that he has been 'imposternated' on a bizarre, intergalactic television program called 'The Warren Show.' In response, he takes Moltar and Zorak on a mission to find the host, who is actually a bush.

EP 7 Chinatown

Supermodel Tyra Banks guests on an episode that features Space Ghost trading Moltar to a Japanese baseball team. Moltar is replaced in the control room by a dog and has a song dedicated to him by Zorak.

EP 8 Rio Ghosto

Pursuing a movie career, Space Ghost seeks advice from the director of 'Mall Rats,' Kevin Smith, and actor Ben Stiller. Hollywood director Jim Jarmusch also makes an appearance.

EP 9 Pal Joey

Joey, an overzealous ex-intern, annoys Space Ghost with his antics. In retribution, Space Ghost destroys the pest and shuttles his corpse into outer space for disposal.

EP 10 Curses

Space Ghost is afflicted by the Curse of Kintave and is driven to eat all of his guests. In the end, even Zorak and Moltar cannot escape his ravenous appetite. The svelte Shirley Manson is spared, since she's not much of a meal.

EP 11 Intense Patriotism

Space Ghost attempts to take Ghost Planet to the United States, and consequently focuses the show on various aspects of America. Zorak fools Space Ghost into thinking that his mantis droppings are his children.

EP 12 Waiting for Edward

Space Ghost interviews Denis Leary with questions like, "Are you a leprechaun?" Moltar destroys Ghost Planet and Space Ghost subsequently appears at a day camp, explaining how he saved Christmas.

EP 1 Chambraigne

Space Ghost's obsession with hair care products finally gets him into trouble when he lathers up with Chambraigne, the shampoo for your brain. Despite limb loss, Space Ghost tries to convince Bob Costas and the world that Chambraigne truly is an intelli-hancer. Then Carl explodes.

EP 2 Snatch

The comedy stakes are high when Space Ghost, Moltar, Zorak and guest Steven Wright are stalked by body-snatching pods. Show producers auctioned off the ending of this episode on eBay.

EP 3 Girl Hair

Girl hair. Hanson has it and Space Ghost is obsessed with combing it. This episode reveals Space Ghost's dark side as well as Zorak's desire to procure teeth so that he can get into clubs. Appearances by the Tooth Fairy and Santa bring about one of the weirdest scenes yet staged on the show.

EP 6 Table Read

The writing and production staff of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" join voice talents C. Martin Croker (Zorak and Moltar) and George Lowe (Space Ghost) to read through a script of an episode entitled "Fire Ant."

EP 7 Fire Ant- Short Version

Space Ghost and talk show host Conan O'Brien are engaged in riveting and witty repartee when a fire ant bites Space Ghost and everything goes Dada.

EP 8 King Dead

Jon Benjamin, voice of Ben Katz on Comedy Central's "Dr. Katz,"guests on a show that features rare appearances by Brak and Tansut.

EP 1 Kentucky Nightmare

Space Ghost loses the show to the owner of a liquor store, and he is forced to use a shark as the show's new mascot. A bear wanders onto the set, upsetting the normal routine by repeatedly attacking Space Ghost. Later, the shark explodes, attracting giant Space Bees.

EP 2 The Justice Hole

Space Ghost has a temper tantrum and he leaves the show. While he's gone, Zorak, Moltar and Dave Thomas have a great time. Meanwhile, Space Ghost tries to make friends with the superheroes at the Hole of Justice, but they beat him up.

EP 2 Justice Hole

Ep 3 knifin' around.

Moltar gets his chance to host the show while Space Ghost illegally copies the new Radiohead album. Later, it is revealed that Space Ghost is married to Bjork. Space Ghost ends the episode by knocking her off of a cliff.

EP 6 Momentary

Special edition of "Kentucky Nightmare"--with commentary provided by the show producers' mothers.

EP 1 Baffler Meal

Space Ghost reconsiders his decision to work with a trio of fast-food restaurant mascots, the Aqua Teens, in an attempt to appeal to the hunger in young teens.

EP 2 Whipping Post

Space Ghost is angry about a variety of topics, and rants mightily to his guest, comedian Dennis Miller.

EP 3 Eat a Peach

Moltar and Zorak compete for Space Ghost's attention, while Space Ghost is more concerned with the safety of comedian Todd Barry's automobile.

EP 4 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Space Ghost welcomes fellow intergalactic entertainer William Shatner, but their interview is cut short when Space Ghost is called into action to take part in an epic space battle.

EP 5 Idlewild South

Space Ghost gets hammered during his interview with Jeff Probst, the host of TV's "Survivor".

EP 1 Dreams

Space Ghost gets down and dirty with Triumph, the dog who loves to piss everyone off.

EP 2 Live at the Filmore

The creators of Space Ghost Coast to Coast did not have enough time to finish the show. So, here, watch this rough cut.

Zorak & Diamond Dallas Page: Evil is Only Skin Deep

Zorak & Diamond Dallas Page: Evil is Only Skin Deep

Beautiful music from two misunderstood souls.

Zorak: Zingor

Zorak: Zingor

No one sings the blues like Zorak. From the 1997 album Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que.

Shut Up

Learn how to win any argument.

Bizarre Things In Space Ghost Coast To Coast

Space Ghost, Moltar, And Zorak In The Commissary

Debuting April 15th, 1994 on Cartoon Network, Space Ghost Coast To Coast proved to be a huge influence on animation, comedy, and television of the new millennium. Packaged as a parody of late-night television talk shows, it re-purposed old footage from the 1960s Space Ghost animated superhero show (designed by cartooning legend Alex Toth) and mixed it with live-action interviews. Eventually, it spawned the hugely successful Adult Swim animation bloc that endures to this day.

Rather than act as a heroic figure, Space Ghost is vain, stupid, insecure, narcissistic, and possessed of a hair-trigger temper. That temper often means turning his Destructo-Ray on his two "employees": bandleader Zorak (an anthropomorphic mantis) and director Moltar (a lava man held together by a containment suit). Both are former villains turned slaves of Space Ghost, and both make merciless fun of him. The show broadcasts from the Ghost Planet, its celebrity guests present via screen for interviews. Space Ghost, clueless, often asks them if they're getting enough oxygen.

All of this would have been silly enough, but the show goes for maximum weirdness in all things: Subjects are asked nonsensical questions, their answers edited into total insanity. The result is glorious chaos, especially in the show's later seasons, which veer into outright surrealism. From giant ants to meta-fictional mayhem, these are the most bizarre elements of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.    

The Late Night Wars

Space Ghost Coast To Coast debuted a couple of years after what were dubbed " The Late Night Wars ," the struggle between Jay Leno and David Letterman to determine who would replace Johnny Carson as host of the late-night institution The Tonight Show . In season one episode "CHIPS," Space Ghost comments on the conflict, remarking that he doesn't remember Leno or Letterman as superheroes, but he does remember Conan O'Brien , noting that "he had wit and muscle." That's only the most overt nod to the legendary TV struggle, however — subtler nods to it are all over Space Ghost .

Take the titular host himself. Space Ghost is, in some ways, a more outlandish version of Letterman — his mannerisms, like tapping a card on his desk and laughing inappropriately, are especially reminiscent. It also extends to their willingness to deconstruct the traditional talk show formula and dismiss the importance of celebrity culture. While Letterman is in on the joke, Space Ghost is blissfully clueless — an obliviousness that is the backbone of the show.

Hammering the comparison home even further, season three's "Late Show" is practically a shot-for-shot parody of an average episode of Late Show With David Letterman , mimicking the announcer's lead-in, the camera-led tour of the studio, and even Zorak as the obsequious Paul Shaffer. The episode was written by former Letterman writers Steve O'Donnell and Spike Feresten, who clearly had a blast highlighting the similarities between their former host and the animated one. 

Wrestling, Space Ghost-style

Cartoon Network's sister network TNT ran the popular Monday Night Nitro  wrestling show back in the 1990s, so naturally, Hulk Hogan made a 1995 appearance in Space Ghost's season two episode, "Sleeper." Space Ghost mocks Hogan's new TV show after the Hulkster mocks his waistline. The whole segment is a clever skewering of Hogan's persona by way of Space Ghost's own fixation on being muscular.

Season four's "Piledriver" features Grandpa Space Ghost, aka Leonard Ghostal, voiced by the glorious "Macho Man" Randy Savage . Grandpa makes constant references to having wrestled Moltar's dad and asks Raven Symone if she "ever got the thrill of slinging one of your little school chums into the mat and watching their eyes roll back in their head." 

Later, Zorak (whom Grandpa mistakes for Blip, Space Ghost's old monkey sidekick) sneaks up behind Grandpa with a steel chair and whacks him. Moltar provides commentary like an old-school wrestling announcer. With his trademark "oooh, YEAH, " Savage somehow makes Grandpa a totally believable (if ridiculous) character, as he goes on and on about fighting Gorgeous George, Haystacks Calhoun, and "Wildfire" Tommy Rich. The episode nails every old-school wrestling trope while providing a spotlight for Savage's gravelly, enthusiastic, and familiar voice. Of course, it ends with Grandpa going off in a flying saucer with a guy who threatened to kick Space Ghost's butt — but hey, wrestling's all about the chase.                             

Hipsters abound!

Frequent guest Bobcat Goldthwait reveals that Space Ghost's true identity is Tad Ghostal in season one. Tad's evil twin brother Chad menaces the set in season three, threatening to replace him — an event that comes to pass in season four's "Hipster." Like most evil twins, Chad is notable for his Van Dyck beard. Unlike most evil twins, but like many 90s hipsters, Chad is obsessed with swing music and being cool, daddio! The buttons on his power bands include an "atomic drink mixer" and a "deluxe chick magnet." His reign is, without question, one of the weirdest things Space Ghost ever did.

Chad's guests include The Millionaire from 90s jazz-lounge band Combustible Edison , who gives him advice about being hip, although Zorak and Moltar claim he looks like a Batman villain . The real treat on this episode, however, is sax legend Sam Butera, whose work with Louis Prima in the 1950s truly swings hard. While the Millionaire's tongue is firmly in cheek, Butera's advice on being hip, getting chicks ("a little jive talk...you gotta call her baby, sweetheart"), and his anger at David Lee Roth for not paying him for his use of "Just A Gigolo" all feels very real. When the cops arrive to arrest Chad, he sings "It's Been A Blast" and then blasts Zorak on his way out.    

I'm afraid I can't do that, Tad

In this parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey , Space Ghost is initially elated when he installs the MOE 2000 computer to run the show, especially since it means he can fire Moltar and Zorak. MOE doesn't ever sleep or eat, nor will it book troublesome guests like The Bee Gees. A disgruntled Moltar goes to the commissary and eats birthday cake from a buffet ("comes with a small Fresca") while Zorak discusses his seafood diet ("When I see food, I hate Space Ghost!"). 

Things don't go as smoothly as Space Ghost wishes, as he struggles with Penn Jillette and then the completely silent Teller . When he complains that MOE doesn't laugh at his jokes, the computer sagely notes that Space Ghost didn't tell any. MOE turns against his boss when Space Ghost starts to bully Joel Hodgson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame. Space Ghost demonstrates his Destructo, Freeze, Smell, and Spank rays before MOE has enough and fires him. Space Ghost, in turn, destroys him, but the Ghost Planet falls into a 2001 -style space warp. Zorak is reborn outside the Ghost Planet and says, "Look at me, I'm a space baby!" Thus ends one of the weirdest Kubrick parodies ever made.

Anti-comedy a la ant

Space Ghost Coast To Coast  takes a special delight in antagonizing its viewers. This is true in many episodes, but is brought to a crescendo in season six's "Fire Ant." After an agonizing trumpet introduction for guest Conan O'Brien that lasts 45 seconds, Space Ghost sets himself on fire out of outrage at The WB for not picking up his new show idea. The interview with Conan grows increasingly belligerent as they trade insults. Finally, Space Ghost loses interest and follows a tiny ant across the Ghost Planet for a good ten minutes of screen time, intent on killing its whole family. During this "chase," there are no jokes, no dialogue, nothing. Just Space Ghost following an ant with no end in sight, like the most painful, protracted, shaggy dog joke ever. Finally, he reaches its home and is attacked by the ant's monstrous parent. 

The show, which usually occupied a 15-minute slot, bursts right through that restriction. Watched live, no one knew how far the show would take this painful bit of nonsense. When the show was repeated on the Cartoon Network, a shorter version was used. This wasn't just gutsy, bizarre, and utterly unprecedented, but can today be appreciated as the sort of thing that made Tim and Eric , The Eric Andre Show , and all other Adult Swim weirdness possible.

A multitude of metacommentary

Space Ghost Coast To Coast was pretty meta to begin with, constantly winking at its corny 60s roots. Season two begins with a "world premiere toon-in" that stretches meta to its limit, featuring interviews with the directors of several new Cartoon Network shows. Former Space Ghost villains The Council of Doom act as judges, and the show introduces the world to the brilliance of Brak , the shouty catlike villain who would be given his own show, The Brak Show Starring Brak , when Adult Swim premiered several years later.    

No one is spared, no matter how impressive. Genndy Tartakovsky, who was then unveiling  Dexter's Laboratory and would go on to create Samurai Jack , Star Wars: The Clone Wars , and Primal , is referred to as "Ginsu."Craig McCracken, debuting The Powerpuff Girls , is told to get a haircut. In the end, McCracken wins the swimsuit competition.

But that's nothing compared to the metacommentary of season two episode "Story Book." Instead of any of the usual trappings of the show, we are introduced to Kirk the Storyteller, who narrates older episodes from a fancy chair. His friend, Carl the Cartoonist, draws images from the episodes with children watching him. Like many of the show's experiments, it's done completely straight-faced.  

Space Ghost goes punk

For an oddball cartoon,  Space Ghost Coast To Coast manages to showcase a whole lot of punk, new wave, and alternative musicians. When the Ramones appear in the first season, Zorak is excited (he claims to be Zorak Ramone), but Space Ghost thinks they are "a bunch of punks." The Ramones have the last laugh, as they eat Space Ghost's party cake — though they do make up a zippy little song for him. 

Alternative musicians who appear following this opening salvo of weirdness end up in even more surreal situations.  Michael Stipe , wearing oversized sunglasses, declares that it is indeed him in the corner . David Byrne gets into an argument with Space Ghost regarding the use of croutons in salad. Matthew Sweet tells a story about beer bottles while Space Ghost accompanies on the harmonica. Before talking to Laurie Anderson, Space Ghost declares that "art and TV don't mix." She tells him that she never watches TV. Things don't go well, as Space Ghost turns invisible and she starts talking about cyberspace and the gold standard. Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore poses as "Fred Cracklin" in an episode that pays tribute to jazz guitarist Sonny Sharrock, the composer of the show's theme song . Beck falls asleep during his interview, and Pavement replaces Zorak's band in one episode. No matter how respected, boundary-pushing, or influential, no avant-garde artist was safe on Space Ghost .

Playing with TV conventions

Space Ghost delights in remixing, blowing up, and otherwise screwing with TV conventions. Season four episode "Pilot," for example, reveals the "secret" that the network originally hired avian superhero Birdman to be the host of their new late-night talk show. In addition to somehow being even more socially awkward than Space Ghost, Birdman's powers are dependent upon the sun, which makes him spectacularly ill-suited to host a late-night talk show. "Rehearsal" goes even deeper into the show's fictional development, detailing the dress rehearsal two days prior to the very first episode of the show. This one gets into the minutiae of what goes into a show, from special effects problems (Zorak keeps getting blown up at random) to an overbearing director asking for more energy. Zorak asks for his lines and then wonders about his motivation. Fred Schneider of the B-52s laughs off Space Ghost threatening him with an aerosol ray after he reveals that he has "super B.O."

Season five's "Joshua" takes it further, being "not for public broadcast" as it's one long, weird infomercial for the "Space Ghost 2000" brand. Space Ghost is your "space-age packhorse" for advertising, it pleads, as it drowns the viewer in advertising buzzwords, random references, and utter nonsense. 

And then are the two episodes of "Mommentary." In its first iteration, the three Space Ghost producers' moms comment on an episode of the show. In the second iteration, the producers comment on their mothers' commentary. Does that make it meta-meta?

60s And 70s kitsch

The 90s featured a lot of nostalgia for 60s and 70s kitsch. Aging stars looking to promote their books or latest revival tour went on Space Ghost Coast To Coast, expecting a straightforward nostalgia trip, heedless of what fate awaited them.  The first season in particular is thick with these sorts of guests. "Gilligan," for example, features several former cast members of Gilligan's Island , in which "The Professor" Russell Johnson mocks poor Space Ghost. 

Former child stars Danny Bonaduce and Donny Osmond snipe about each other and their infamous 90s boxing match in separate episodes. A confused Timothy Leary pops up briefly in another episode. Bill " Lost In Space " Mumy and Mark Hamill show up as the guests of the Ghost Planet-hosted "Sci Fi Con 1997." A snubbed Space Ghost refuses to talk to Mumy, but takes a shine to Hamil, whom he refers to as "Luke Skytopper" and hires as a new sidekick. 

Of course, the ultimate in 60s shtick is Batman , and the episode with Adam West, Eartha Kitt, and Lee Meriweather does not disappoint. A villain named "Your Mother" kidnaps Moltar, and Space Ghost teams up with the transformed Batmantis in search of her. They punch things and sound effects like "Obvious Parody!" appear on the screen. Space Ghost questions the former TV stars and asks for their help before dismissing them, with West getting a cold "Adam, see you at the auto show."    

Ghosts from the past

Series writers Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer took special pleasure in creating a backstory for Space Ghost, while making him look as awful as possible in the process. Consider "Lawsuit", in which his former teen partners Jan and Jace, sue him for emotional cruelty and endangerment. The "space gases" they were exposed to permanently stunted their growth, leaving them as teens. They hire Dr. Nightmare, Attorney-At-Law, in an effort to force Space Ghost to cough up millions. He's having none of it. He says that without him, "they'd still be on the Herculoids' planet, following behind Gloop and Gleep with a broom." Space Ghost turns to TV lawyer Greta Van Susteren for advice, but he beats the rap because Dr. Nightmare's father is Ted Turner, i.e. everyone's boss.

In "Sequel," Space Ghost is sent to prison for his various crimes against sidekicks and villainous henchmen. Birdman guest-hosts, but he's too obsessed with his ex-wife to accomplish much. Iconic 1970s duo Captain and Tennille guest star and offer him love advice while Moltar and Zorak chant "Daryl" at the Captain, whose name is Daryl Dragon. Space Ghost busts out of prison, but gets lost and attacked by the Heruloids, whom he refers to as a "rotten hippie monster commune." After Space Ghost and Birdman fight, everyone makes up and sings along to "Muskrat Love." 

Miscellaneous weirdness

The longer the show was on the air, the weirder it got. In later seasons, Zorak and Tenacious D summon Satan in the form of a gigantic Yogi Bear, who grants Space Ghost's wish to star in a sitcom. "Knifin' Around" doubles down on dark humor when Moltar briefly hosts the show and challenges Radiohead's Thom Yorke to a knife fight. Space Ghost makes up a delightful ditty about this, which includes the lyrics, "I'm a knife/Knifin' around/Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut." Later, Space Ghost's wife Bjork calls in, wanting to sing in Icelandic. He keeps trying to dodge her and eventually pushes her down a cliff — only to suffer the same fate at the hands of Zorak.

How about when Space Ghost sells out to Burger Trench in order to get a houseboat? He's not, it turns out, prepared for the promotional team that takes over his show: Nascent versions of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force . They are too obnoxious and weird even for Space Ghost and friends, and while Space Ghost kills them, it changes the future of classic rock forever. And then there's the final episode of the show's original run (two more seasons were produced for the video game website Gametap.com ), in which Zorak and Moltar bail Space Ghost out of jail using the budget money for that week's show. They wind up cooking an omelet for a crotch-punching robot.  

  • Episodes written by Andy Merrill
  • Episodes written by Khaki Jones
  • Episodes written by Keith Crofford
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Bobcat is the 5th episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast .

  • 2 Characters

Space Ghost interviews Bobcat Goldthwait and The Ramones. Space Ghost is reluctant to interview The Ramones.

Characters [ ]

  • Space Ghost
  • The Sorcerer
  • Bobcat Goldthwait
  • The Ramones
  • The episode was repeated in A Space Ghost Christmas and Space Ghost Syndication Exclusive Special .
  • 3 Space Ghost

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The Ramones


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(Dramatic orchestra hit)

Bobcat Goldthwait: Yes! Hello, if you are watching us on other planets, I want you to know that... on Earth, I am the leader, I rule! everyone on Earth must follow me! Ha ha ha ha! (aside) Don't tell them the truth, okay, Space Ghost?

(Opening theme music & titles)

Space Ghost: (invisos in) Greetings! I'm Space Ghost, welcome to the show. Joining me tonight, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, and rock and roll citizens The Ramones.

Zorak: (jamming) Hey ho, let's go! Hey ho, let's go!

Space Ghost: Zorak is all geeked up about the Ramones being here. (Zorak keeps jamming) That's good, Zorak. (keeps jamming) That's enough Zorak. (keeps jamming) Zorak! (jamming winds down & stops) My first guest (one more note interrupts Space Ghost) ... (taps cards) My first guest is a comedian. He is Bobcat Goldthwait, welcome him! (intro music plays & screen lowers; Zorak's face is on the screen instead of Bobcat)

Zorak: (imitating Bobcat) Uh, hi, Space Ghost!

Space Ghost: Aaah!

Zorak: (back to normal voice) Your show is lame.

Space Ghost: Are you done, Zorak?

Zorak: I'm Bobcat, interview me.

Space Ghost: You're not fooling anyone, Zorak, we know it's you.

Zorak: Is this how you treat your guests?

Space Ghost: Moltar!

Zorak: Wait!

(Moltar watches Zorak on monitor with the following caption, in mirror image writing:)

Inseca GeniiHelicoptera 2:3.9 Phyl Disgustis 7 Locusta Icky 3.5 Creepy Cra{?} Weedhopps Slimi Green {?} Surplus {?} LOCUST LINK

Moltar: Sorry, man, boss's orders. (throws lever)

Zorak: No! (zaps off screen; new image is infinite regression of Space Ghost's set)

Space Ghost: Hey, it's me, watching me, watching me, watching me!

Moltar: Simpleton!

Space Ghost: Are you lookin' at me? You must be lookin' at me. There's no one else here... (shoots at screen twice with power bands) (laughs) Alrighty!

Moltar: Gawd, loser! (throws switch again, Bobcat appears)

Space Ghost: Hello, Bobcat, welcome to the show.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Hi, Space Ghost, how are you today?

Space Ghost: I'm energized, just like a jittering woodchuck. You know, when they cling to the side of a tree, and their jaws move up and down and up and down over and over really fast gaining speed until its just a blur of vibrating gums and lips (mouth becomes a blur) ... Energized! (more subdued) And, how are you, Bobcat?

Bobcat Goldthwait: I'm livin' a dream, thanks a lot for having me back on the show.

Space Ghost: We're certainly glad to have you back on the show.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Although I've never been on the show before, you ...

Space Ghost: Of course you haven't.

Bobcat Goldthwait: You look pretty good.

Space Ghost: That's because I've been lifting heavy objects.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Really? Yeah, well, it shows, you look pretty cut, you look pretty buff.

Space Ghost: Well, aren't you sweet? I like you, Bobcat.

Bobcat Goldthwait: I like you, Space Ghost. I got a question; what's, what's your real name?

Space Ghost: (pause) Uhmmm...

Zorak: Tad Ghostal.

Space Ghost: (glares at Zorak)

Bobcat Goldthwait: Tad Ghostal? Really? Stick with Space Ghost, much cooler.

Space Ghost: (face gets red) Er, I agree.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Wouldn't really work on the babes too much in a bar...

Space Ghost: I, I agree...

Bobcat Goldthwait: "Hi, I'm Tad"?

Space Ghost: I realize that! (pause) Zorak's real name is Katy Did.

Zorak: (looking surprised) What?

Bobcat Goldthwait: (laughs) Hi Zorak, how ya doin', pleasure to be on the show.

Zorak: Oh no, the pleasure is all mine! (Pathetic Earthling! Your feeble words do not amuse me!)

Bobcat Goldthwait: Zorak? Do you eat your young?

Zorak: (looks surprised) Uh, um...

Space Ghost: Zorak eats anything, young, old, and then some! (Bobcat makes "Zorak" faces while Space Ghost talks) Say, Bobcat is a good name! Tell us, what's your secret identity?

Bobcat Goldthwait: My secret identity? Like, if you saw me in real life?

Space Ghost: Uh...

Zorak: Yeah, like if he saw you in real life.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Uhhhhh... I.. Joey Lawrence.

Space Ghost: Get out! I've got your album!

Bobcat Goldthwait: Yeah, girl, you know it's true.

Space Ghost: I hear Blossom hates you.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Tad!

Space Ghost: Well?

Bobcat Goldthwait: See, it's an issue right now, and I feel strongly about it.

Space Ghost: You don't look very strong.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Well, I may look small, but I'm pretty wiry.

Space Ghost: Sorry.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Space Ghost, I've got a question for you, and this isn't, I'm not trying to be weird or anything, but... do you think I'm pretty?

Space Ghost: (looks back blankly)

Bobcat Goldthwait: Just like another guy to a guy?

Space Ghost: (pause) Ummm... Yes! I think you're a pretty man.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Thank you. I think you're kind of handsome too, Space Ghost. Although the locust, hmmm, I dunno.

Zorak: (glares at him, "Psycho" music plays)

Space Ghost: Hmmmm, I see what you mean... But on a serious note, Bobcat, how would you stop crime in America?

Bobcat Goldthwait: I think you wanna stop crime in America, you say a very special episode of "Blossom" where the entire cast gets ball-peen hammers in the knee caps...

Space Ghost: Ooooh...

Bobcat Goldthwait: I promise you there'll be a half-hour of non-violent America. Because everybody'd be glued to the set. "Hey, they hit Joey Lawrence in the knee cap yet?"

Space Ghost: You think that could work?

Bobcat Goldthwait: Well, no, not really, perhaps I, I need to loosen my pants.

Space Ghost: Go ahead!

Bobcat Goldthwait: (looses pants, sound of pressure escaping) Oooo! Man, I feel better already! Wooo!

Space Ghost: You should try spandex!

Bobcat Goldthwait: Yeah, you know, I'm actually one of the only superheroes that wears leisure suits.

Space Ghost: Speaking of heroes, who are yours?

Bobcat Goldthwait: Wow! Um, geez, I dunno, I like all the greats, you know, Curly. I think that's what my coif actually looks like, what if Rutger Hauer and Curly Howard pounded out a baby... "Hey, Moe, I'm a replicant! Ne ne ne ne ne!" (makes Stooge hand & face gesture)

Space Ghost: (laughs) (Replicants were the evil creation of Dr. Zin) (aloud) Ahem, let's see, where am I? (mumbles) Oh! Who is your arch enemy?

Bobcat Goldthwait: John Tesh.

Space Ghost: The composer?

Bobcat Goldthwait: The whole man. John Tesh scares me.

Space Ghost: Say, do you need any weapons?

Bobcat Goldthwait: Yeah, what size power band are you?

Space Ghost: Colossal! Why?

Bobcat Goldthwait: Because I have a, I'm usually like a, a small power band, believe it or not, but I've been retaining a lot of fluids lately, so, probably like a medium power band.

Space Ghost: How about a nice pleated skirt?

Bobcat Goldthwait: Boy, Space Ghost, you're really switching gears!

Space Ghost: Hey, it's a 15 minute show! And, we have to take a break.

Bobcat Goldthwait: What's the locust's name again, I'm sorry?

Space Ghost: Zorak.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Oh, yeah.

Space Ghost: Zorak. I like saying "Zorak".

Bobcat Goldthwait: Zorak, play me something public domain.

Zorak: (plays something from their vast easy listening library)

Space Ghost: We'll be right back after this.

Zorak: It appears we will be right back.



Zorak: Uh, because no one can stop it, the show is back.

(Theme music plays in background)

Bobcat Goldthwait: Barney's going to make more kids snap than Bugs Bunny.

Space Ghost: Uh huh.

Bobcat Goldthwait: A kid knows Bugs Bunny's joking around, kids think Barney's for real!

Bobcat Goldthwait: "I love you", you don't love us, Barney, you don't even know us!

Space Ghost: Okay! We're back with Bobcat Goldthwait! I understand that you have special powers.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Yes. I'm able to, uh, bend forks.

Space Ghost: Wow!

Bobcat Goldthwait: But only at Denny's. Any other kind of forks I don't seem to be able to bend.

Space Ghost: Wow, now, is this physically or mentally?

Bobcat Goldthwait: Um, I do it with my mind... but you gotta look away, really, for a little while.

Space Ghost: When I said you were pretty, I meant you remind me of Judy Collins.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Judy Collins? (laughs) Wow, Space Ghost, man, crack a window, will ya?

Space Ghost: I'd be violently sucked into space.

Moltar: Heh, then maybe people would tune in.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Well, I think Moltar's giving us the signal to wrap it up, huh, Space Ghost?

Space Ghost: No, Bobcat, that's just his way of telling us to finish the interview. Join us for dinner after the show?

Bobcat Goldthwait: Thanks, I'd love to join you for dinner, but I don't know about eating with no gigantic locust. Don't they spit on their food first and then mulch it up and spit it back out?

Zorak: That's regurgitational ingestion, flies do it, not locusts.

Bobcat Goldthwait: Yeah, well that, but you know, that's exactly how I eat, so, perhaps I will dine with you.

Space Ghost: Alrighty! We'll meet you in the chamber after the show. Any parting words?

Bobcat Goldthwait: Space Ghost, I want to party with you.

Space Ghost: You mean with a party cake and lemonade and paper hats?

Bobcat Goldthwait: Perhaps, perhaps.

Space Ghost: Alrighty then! My next guests are Zorak's favorite band. Please welcome the Ramones!

Bobcat Goldthwait: Thanks, man.

(Ramones appear on screen)

Zorak: Hey, Joey.

Joey Ramone: (waves)

Space Ghost: Okay then. Identify yourselves, Ramones.

Johnny Ramone: Hi, I'm Johnny Ramone.

Marky Ramone: And I'm Marky Ramone.

Joey Ramone: And I'm Joey.

C. J. Ramone: And I'm C.J.

Zorak: And I'm Zorak Ramone.

Moltar: And I'm Moltar Ramone.

Space Ghost: (to camera) They're not really Ramones. (to Ramones) Say, fellas, tell us about your new record.

Johnny Ramone: "Acid Eaters", that's our latest album, it's a cover album of, uh, songs that were recorded in, um, generally around the 1967-68 period of time.

Space Ghost: And it's just now coming out?

Ramones: (all laugh)

Space Ghost: Say, guys, on your third album, "Rocket Fuel", (starts gibbering) whoops, too many Cokes.

Space Ghost: Ah ha haa! Hey! Tell me about your music.

C. J. Ramone: It's snappy.

Johnny Ramone: It's always meant for rebellious kids.

Space Ghost: Rebellious?

Johnny Ramone: Uhhh, we're a bunch of punks.

Space Ghost: Hmmm... Well, you just listen to me, you punks, I don't want any trouble from you. This is a good show. This is a clean show. This is a good clean show.

C. J. Ramone: You ever get a wedgie in tights? It's not pleasant. (laughs)

Space Ghost: Uhhh...

Bobcat Goldthwait: (on control room monitor, with Locust text from before, to Moltar) This is going as well as the Letterman-Madonna interview.

Moltar: Yup.

Space Ghost: Allll right then, you punks, you're musicians, make something up for me.

Marky Ramone: Well, how about: "way, we-we-way, wah wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah, way way way way way way-we-way."

Space Ghost: "Way way way"; that's catchy!

Joey Ramone: It was subliminal.

Marky Ramone: That was, that was the instrumental part.

Space Ghost: Ah!. Uh, do the word part.

Marky Ramone: How about: "Space Ghost, Space Ghost, you're the most, from coast to coast..."

Space Ghost: Listen, we have to go. Bobcat invited me to a party, with a party cake and lemonade and paper hats, and you can't come because you're punks and punks don't go to parties. Hey, you guys got a cake!

Marky Ramone: It's a nice chocolate vanilla.

Johnny Ramone: There's plates right there...

Space Ghost: Hey! Where'd you guys get that cake?

(All Ramones are "wearing" paper hats)

Marky Ramone: You want a piece of this?

C. J. Ramone: Yeah.

Space Ghost: That's my party cake! Where did you guys get my party cake? Who gave them my party cake? I want my party cake! That was specifically definitely for Bobcat and me! Zorak! Did you give them my party cake?

Zorak: (with paper hat on & crumbs falling out of mouth) Uh, what party cake?

Moltar: (with paper hat & cake) Mmmm, chocolate party cake.

(Credits roll. Ghost Planet in credits is wearing a party hat)

Marky Ramone: "Way, we-we-way, wah wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah, way way way way way way-we-way. (skip) we-way. (skip) we-way (skip) we-way." (fade out)

© 1994 Cartoon Network, Inc. All rights reserved. Animated Characters TM & © 1966 Hanna Barbera Productions, Inc. All Rights reserved.

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The Eleven Most Metal Episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast

space ghost ramones

In 1994, Cartoon Network aired its first ever fully-produced, original series. That series was Space Ghost Coast to Coast , a re-imagining of the popular 1960s action cartoon as a satirical, adult-oriented take on late night talk show humor. The show featured retired superhero Space Ghost as a talk show host with support from two of his nemeses, the giant mantis Zorak as his musician and the helmeted molten lava man Moltar as his producer. The show had an offbeat, nonsensical humor that appealed to both children and adults alike, accented by the fact almost all of the animation was culled from scenes from the old cartoon, and though later episodes would delve deeply into absurdist humor, subverting the norm of the talk show format almost entirely, it remained acerbically witty and eminently quotable throughout its entire run.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is easily one of the funniest shows ever produced, one that blended and juxtaposed the surreal world of bygone superhero animation with real-life celebrities moored in the social climate of the 1990s. These celebrities ranged the gamut from AAA musicians like  Metallica to major television stars at the height of their popularity (Fran Drescher) to counterculture icons like Timothy Leary railing against a the modern world, but no matter the stature, all guests were lampooned and satirized in service to the show’s uniquely off-kilter brand of comedy. Among this list of who’s-who’s and has-beens were a surprisingly large number of heavy metal and hard rock celebrities and musicians, and this post is dedicated to some of these most memorable appearances.

As you’ll see in the clips below, a key ingredient to  SGCtC ‘s  humor was the bizarre, even aloof way in which most of the celebrity interviews were presented. Rumor has it that the celebrities were taken into a dimly lit room and asked a series of deadpan questions by George Lowe (the voice of Space Ghost) dressed up in a full, albeit cheesy, Space Ghost costume. If that wasn’t sufficiently disorienting, the answers themselves were then cut and rearranged to match Space Ghost’s general cluelessness (he’d usually start each episode by asking each guest what his or her superpowers were) with an equal confusion on the part of the celebrity. Some of the best episodes then either featured celebrities who played along with the shtick and treated the cartoon character like a real host (like Bobcat Goldthwaite) or those who became exceptionally flustered and refused to play creator Mike Lazzo’s game.

The questionable interviews and dodgy responses are just one part of the show’s humor and charm, though, and if you find yourself thinking, “Man, I just don’t get it,” after watching an episode, that’s entirely reasonable, even expected.  Space Ghost Coast to Coast’s comedy is, at its core, rooted in the French farce tradition; it’s sublime and surreal and absurd for the sake of absurdity, and that absurdity juxtaposed against some starkly relevant social commentary transforms the show into a petri dish of dada-esque one liners used to create visceral satire. In its devotion to transcending the trappings of reality and examining the ridiculousness of it all in a way that would surely have made Salvador Dali proud,  SGCtC is distinct from its adult-oriented animated contemporaries. Despite maintaining some semblance of character progression (Space Ghost’s incompetence as both a superhero and talk show host becomes ever more pronounced as the seasons progress), the show is far too dependent on celebrity guest appearances and left-field in-jokes, many of which take seasons to come to fruition (Bobcat Goldthwaite’s crack about opening a window in Season 1 really only coming full circle upon Willie Nelson’s appearance in Season 7), to be comparable to  The Simpsons  or  King of the Hill . Lazzo’s dedication to the surreal, replete with non-sequiturs, never delves into the sort of debased self-congratulating “Gee, look at how nostalgic I am,” pastiche that is  Family Guy , and the show never lost itself too far down the chemically-altered rabbit trail to be truly comparable to the Adult Swim shows it spawned, namely  Aqua Teen Hunger Force ,  Sealab 2021 ,  Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law , and  The Brak Show . The show struck a perfect balance between off-kilter hyperbole and scathing irony that could simultaneously mock itself and tear down the ivory towers of 1990s celebrity hero worship, and it did so in such a sincere, convincing way that we’re unlikely to ever see another comedy quite like it.

Sadly the show reached its televised finale in 2004, outpaced by its own Adult Swim offspring, and despite a brief resurgence as a Gametap webseries from 2006-2008, it was never quite able to recapture its spark in a medium dedicated to video games more than comedy itself. Thankfully, Space Ghost’s legacy lives on in the modern iteration of Adult Swim, the house that show creator Mike Lazzo now runs, and though the modern Adult Swim demographic likely will never know the true treasure that was  Space Ghost Coast to Coast during its initial broadcast season, its memory lives on in the minds of brilliant new comedians like Eric Andre who look to its nihilistic,  Big Lebowski -esque irreverence as a source of inspiration.

But enough waxing nostalgic, let’s get to those metal guest appearances.

11. S1E5 – Bobcat – The Ramones

This episode features comedian Bobcat Goldthwait and punk band The Ramones , the latter fact elating Space Ghost’s musician/prisoner Zorak to no end. This episode spends far more time in the realm of the surreal than in any sort of satirical frame, with a number of breaches of the fourth wall, including when Bobcat asks Zorak to “play something public domain” just after Space Ghost explains that the show’s short duration is the reason for him switching between zany, disconnected jokes. The comedic peak of the episode is probably The Ramones randomly acquiring a cake and CGI party hats, though Bobcat mocking Space Ghost’s real name Tad Ghostal may be the metal highlight.

10. S3E26 – Freak Show – Bill Manspeaker

This episode features cast member and voice actor Andy Merrill as the nefarious Commander Andy, a desperate lurker intent on forcing his fandom and obsession upon Space Ghost. Commander Andy keeps interrupting the broadcast in a lo-fi take on public access television that’s not dissimilar from Mystery Science Theater 3000. The clips featuring him are quite painful and extremely awkward, poking fun at the basement mega-fan stereotype. Things then get really weird when Bill Manspeaker from Green Jelly  shows up in his full costumed regalia to act even stranger than Andy Merrill. Zorak then turns the metaphorical mirror on Space Ghost, arguing that only sad, desperate dweebs dress up in costume. The whole episode is one of the more uncomfortable segments to run in the show’s history, but this antagonistically self-abasing delivery is done with the express purpose of making fun of superheros, costumed performers, and the fandoms that idolize them. It’s nearly unbearable to watch, but then again, so are many people who take entertainment too far.

9. S7E79 – Kentucky Nightmare – Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson, despite playing country music, has long been heralded by metalheads as a compatriot in spirit, if not in style. Nelson’s rebellious, laissez-faire attitude comes to the fore in this satirical take on cynical corporate mergers. That subtext is partially submerged beneath some of the show’s most obtuse humor, though. At this point in the show’s development, Space Ghost himself has grown jaded and bitter with the success of others, caring little for the direction or structure of his show; this slackening of the pace opened up the series to some of the better left-hand hot takes it would explore, and this episode was no exception. That cynical corporate merger? Ghost Planet gets bought out by a liquor company who insist that a shark hangs out in the studio. Inexplicably, the shark attracts a bear who goes on to maul Space Ghost while Willie Nelson laughs in equal amusement and confusion. It’s exceptionally out there, even by Space Ghost standards, but you have to watch it. P.S., one particularly libelous offhand joke implies that superhero costumes are produced in a Malaysian sweatshop owned by Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

8. S3E28 – Surprise – Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde

This episode features a whirlwind rotation of guest celebrities, all of whom Zorak blasts after complaining that each is unable to make him laugh. As this cavalcade of stars is paraded through the studio, Space Ghost battles the most brutal of all enemies: inter-office bureaucracy. While Space Ghost is trapped in the mail room, making quips about Adam West and Wonder Woman, Moltar is planning a surprise birthday party for his boss with a who’s-who of villains from the 60s cartoon. This episode’s humor is derived from its contrasting of seemingly binary forces, namely humdrum office life for aging professionals with the fantasy and whimsy of youth. Plus, Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde of  Primus fall victim to Zorak’s blaster.

7. S3E24 – Sharrock – Thurston Moore

This episode is a tribute to free-jazz guitarist Sonny Sharrock who composed the original theme song, “Hit Single,” and several other songs for the show to use. It also, for some reason, features king of the hipsters and the once and future lord of all black metal, Thurston Moore. If you can’t stand Moore’s decidedly punchable face, though, just focus on the excellent Sharrock tunes and the way the camera slowly zooms in on Space Ghost’s look of annoyance while the band just jams.

6. S2E17 – Sleeper – Hulk Hogan and Slash

This episode opens with a cantankerous Space Ghost breaking the fourth wall in an overt manner (even by Space Ghost standards) as he laments the need to keep making episodes. After some poorly-written haikus, the show then slips into a satire of the bloated and often silly marriage between metal and professional wrestling by taking pot shots both at  Slash and Hulk Hogan’s erstwhile action romp  Thunder in Paradise . Although the show creators splicing a bunch of random quotations from Hulk Hogan together to simulate a lack of oxygen to the brain is certainly one of the funnier moments, the real highlight of this episode is Slash’s utter befuddlement as he refuses to answer questions, cooperate, or provide a “zippy guitar solo with his mouth.” keep an eye out for some gags at Ted Turner’s expense, too.

5. S2,E13 – Girlie Show – Alice Cooper

Although  Space Ghost Coast to Coast was content to generally avoid overt political commentary, the showrunners were not shy about slipping in poignant observations when the time was right. The humor in “Girlie Show” is actually somewhat dire compared to most other episodes, taking a clandestine but scathing look at the way the entertainment industry treats women. As a kid, this fact was completely lost on me, though I did find Alice Cooper as glib and winsome then as I do now. Though Cooper’s inclusion on the all-girl episode seems to be a rather direct play on the gender-bending tactics of the old school shock rock and glam scene, it certainly works as an effective microcosm of gender politics in entertainment. Thankfully, Space Ghost’s mooning for Fran Drescher  and Zorak’s mooning for Jack Klugman save this episode from being a bit too heavyhanded.

4. S4E52 – Piledriver – Rob Zombie

Although the metal credential for this episode is an increasingly frustrated  Rob Zombie screaming, “Look, if I said it wasn’t true the first time, it’s not true the second time, buddy!” the guest appearance of Space Ghost’s grandfather Leonard Ghostal voiced by none other than the magnanimous Macho Man Randy Savage truly sets this episode apart. The Macho Man’s presence allows for a fun and infectious deconstruction of professional wrestling as the former heavyweight champion, in the guise of a wizened superhero/wrestler, reminisces on his past glories while talking smack on Raven-Symoné, Zorak, and anyone else who gets in his way. That is until Zorak decides to hit him with a metal chair while Moltar does his best impression of a pro wrestling announcer. The show’s abstract humor proved the perfect vehicle for Macho Man’s over-the-top personality.

3. S3E30 – Jacksonville – James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett

Metallica are easily the biggest metal musicians ever featured on  Space Ghost Coast to Coast , so you’d almost be inclined to think their appearance was wasted on an episode constructed as a silly spoof of action shows like  The A-Team . Almost, but the ironic format features such ridiculous jokes (such as Lokar confessing a pregnancy to Space Ghost) and baffling development that the metal mega-stars are somehow overshadowed by the cartoon characters, particularly the cruel-hearted locust who responds to a potentially drunk Hetfield’s terrible ad-hoc Space Ghost song with, “Well that was stupid” in that deadpan, insectoid voice only C. Martin Croker can pull off. Spoiler: Metallica dies at the end after Space Ghost delivers a series of firm spankings to Moltar and villain whipping-boy Tansit.

2. S7E83 – Sweet for Brak – Jack Black and Kyle Gass

Tenacious D’s guest appearance is perhaps the most overtly metal in the entire run of the show. In fact, the metal attributes of this particular episode include: a giant flaming goat head, Zorak playing a metal song called “Explosivo,” a hand-puppet version of  The Omen , Zorak vomiting and devouring a goat, Tenacious D making fun of Space Ghost for attending Bat-camp, Zorak’s horror comedy  Blood Dumpster , a censored version of “Fuck Her Gently” set to images of Space Ghost wrestling a giant snake, and Yogi Bear arriving as Satan wearing a crown of femurs. Yes, you read all of that correctly.

1. S4E31 – Late Show – Dave Grohl

Remember when I said the episode with Bill Manspeaker was incredibly awkward? Our number 1 choice somehow tops that, but the painfully deadpan nature of the delivery and cruel murder of comedy is all done to drive the show’s natural satire of late night shows to its painful and violent conclusion. This episode is a sketch-by-sketch take on an episode of  The Late Show with David Letterman wherein every single joke, every zing, every instance of Zorak ecstatically pronouncing, “Yes!” like David Shaffer is delivered with nose-diving aplomb. It’s entirely as unfunny as an actual David Letterman segment and cannot even be saved by a guest appearance from our lord and savior Dave Grohl, and that’s the entire point. It does have a fantastic quote near the end, though, as Space Ghost yells, “Jazzbox! Jazzbox! Jazzbox! Start dancing, metalhead” at Moltar.

Bonus Round – S4E54 – Dam – Charlton Heston

This episode is undoubtedly and my favorite and is the source of one of my most cherished lines, “Thou shalt not hesitate!”

Do you have a favorite episode of  Space Ghost Coast to Coast ? Let me know in the comments below.

(Photo VIA )

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Robot fingers: an interview with christian münzner, haken and the current state of progress.

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W. is currently searching for tite slabs in Syrup Hill from his haunt in Gimghoul Castle.

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Home > Space Ghost: Coast to Coast > Season 1

Space Ghost: Coast to Coast (1994)

Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

What to know

Critics Consensus

Powered by a dry wit and a ragtag crew of begrudging prisoners as co-hosts, Space Ghost acquits himself nicely as an engaging talk show personality on the late night circuit -- perhaps the intergalactic super hero can quit his day job after all. Read critic reviews

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1. Spanish Translation

Air date: Apr 15, 1994

Susan Powter; Keven Meaney; the Bee Gees; some quotes are translated into Spanish.

2. Gilligan

Air date: Apr 22, 1994

Bob Denver, Dawn Wells and Russell Johnson from the cast of "Gilligan's Island."

3. Elevator

Air date: May 6, 1994

Comic Judy Tenuta; Dr. Timothy Leary; actress Ashley Judd.

Air date: May 13, 1994

Actor Bill Carter; talk-show host Joe Franklin.

Air date: May 27, 1994

Comic Bobcat Goldthwait helps Space Ghost celebrate his birthday; music guest the Ramones.

Air date: Sep 10, 1994

Guests: Weird Al Yankovic and Schoolly D.

Air date: Sep 16, 1994

Space Ghost, Zorak and Moltar use the word punch -- a lot.

8. Batmantis

Air date: Sep 30, 1994

Space Ghost interviews Adam West, Eartha Kitt and Lee Meriwether.

9. Self Help

Air date: Oct 7, 1994

Space Ghost wants to rehabilitate Zorak; Rich Hall give Space Ghost pointers on picking up women.

10. Gum, Disease

Air date: Nov 11, 1994

Interviews with Branford Marsalis and actor Danny Bonaduce.

Space Ghost: Coast to Coast: Season 1   Photos

Tv season info.

  • Genres: Talk show, Comedy
  • Network: Cartoon Network
  • Premiere Date: Apr 15, 1994

Cast & Crew

George Lowe

Weird Al Yankovic

Dr. Joyce Brothers

Susan Powter

Bobcat Goldthwait

Branford Marsalis

Bill Carter

Timothy Leary

Eartha Kitt

Joe Franklin

Danny Bonaduce

Kevin Meaney

Russell Johnson

Judy Tenuta

Lee Meriwether

Critic Reviews for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast: Season 1

Audience reviews for space ghost: coast to coast: season 1.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast one of the first original shows to help launch not just Cartoon Network but later the Adult Swim block. Growing up this was one of my favorite shows. It was done on a budget reusing animation and interviewing guests. In my opinion brining animation into a new age. This help re introduce Space Ghost and his villians once from a 60's cartoon to a new generation. Still I feel this show will always be under rated. Also this show is lost in conversations or memories. Not as bad as some other cartoons such as " What Ever Happened To Robot Jones" but still will never get the respect it deserves.

space ghost ramones

I like how they specifically designed the title card to induce seizures in the epileptic

parody gold. surreal experience watching this, and with great music from Zorak and the Way Outs. Space Ghost is hilarious

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Space Ghost

Space Ghost (1966)

The adventures of a space superhero who can become invisible and his sidekicks. The adventures of a space superhero who can become invisible and his sidekicks. The adventures of a space superhero who can become invisible and his sidekicks.

  • Don Messick
  • Ginny Tyler
  • 14 User reviews
  • 16 Critic reviews
  • See more at IMDbPro

Episodes 64

Space Ghost (1966)

  • Creature King …

Alan Reed

  • Alex Toth (uncredited)
  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

More like this

Dynomutt Dog Wonder

Did you know

  • Trivia No back story or civilian identity is provided for Space Ghost throughout the series. No back story is provided for his sidekicks either. No members of the team are seen without their masks. Stories would be provided in other media in later years.

Space Ghost : I shall never rest until I bring him to justice.

  • Connections Edited into Moltar Reacts (2017)

User reviews 14

  • renegadeviking-271-528568
  • Jan 6, 2020
  • How many seasons does Space Ghost have? Powered by Alexa
  • September 10, 1966 (United States)
  • United States
  • Space Ghost & Dino Boy
  • Hanna-Barbera Productions
  • Screen Gems Television
  • Taft Television and Broadcasting Co.
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro

Technical specs

  • Runtime 30 minutes

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Space Ghost (1966)

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  1. "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" Bobcat (TV Episode 1994)

    S1. E5 All episodes Cast & crew IMDbPro All topics Bobcat Episode aired May 27, 1994 TV-14 IMDb RATING 7.8 /10 89 YOUR RATING Rate Animation Comedy Sci-Fi Space Ghost interviews Bobcat Goldthwaite and The Ramones. Director Jeff Doud Writers Matt Maiellaro Andy Merrill Khaki Jones Stars George Lowe C. Martin Croker Bobcat Goldthwait

  2. Space Ghost Coast to Coast

    The Ramones guest star in Space Ghost Coast to Coast

  3. List of Space Ghost Coast to Coast episodes

    Season 1 (1994) Season 2 (1995) Season 3 (1996) Season 4 (1997) Season 5 (1998) Season 6 (1999) Season 7 (2001-02) The series' revival run was announced in early 2001, as Cartoon Network aired the first two revival era episodes on their main channel as sneak peeks prior to the launch of Adult Swim.

  4. Space Ghost Coast to Coast

    #spaceghost, #theramones, #cartoonnetwork

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    Space Ghost Coast to CoastFrom Season 1 - Episode 5

  6. 15 Things You Might Not Know About Space Ghost Coast to Coast

    Space Ghost and Dino Boy was a series that ran for just 20 episodes on CBS in 1966 and 1967. It was created by Alex Toth, a cartoonist who himself didn't care for Space Ghost's design.

  7. the ramones.

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1994) - S01E05 Comedy clip with quote the ramones. Yarn is the best search for video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect clip.

  8. Bobcat

    A mysterious villain kidnaps Moltar and Space Ghost must solicit the help of Adam West, Lee Meriweather and Eartha Kitt, all from the "Batman"television series, in an effort to save him. And...holy exoskeleton, Space Ghost, it's Zorak as Batmantis! EP 9 Self Help

  9. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast: Season 1, Episode 5

    Synopsis:Comic Bobcat Goldthwait helps Space Ghost celebrate his birthday; music guest the Ramones.

  10. Space Ghost Coast to Coast (TV Series 1993-2012)

    Space Ghost interviews Bobcat Goldthwaite and The Ramones. 7.8 /10 (89) Rate. Top-rated. S1.E6 ∙ Banjo ... One of Space Ghost's sea monkeys, whom Space Ghost named Banjo, grows gigantic and wreaks havoc on the set. Space Ghost reluctantly kills Banjo before it can do any more damage. 8.5 /10 (110) Rate. S1.E7 ∙ Punch

  11. Bizarre Things In Space Ghost Coast To Coast

    Rather than act as a heroic figure, Space Ghost is vain, stupid, insecure, narcissistic, and possessed of a hair-trigger temper. That temper often means turning his Destructo-Ray on his two...

  12. Bobcat

    Space Ghost is reluctant to interview The Ramones. Characters Space Ghost Zorak Moltar The Original Way Outs Parko The Sorcerer Christy Guests Bobcat Goldthwait The Ramones Trivia The episode was repeated in A Space Ghost Christmas and Space Ghost Syndication Exclusive Special. Categories

  13. YARN

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1994) - S01E05 Comedy clip with quote Please welcome the ramones. Yarn is the best search for video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect clip.

  14. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast (Season 1, Episode 5)

    Bobcat. S1 E5: During an otherwise friendly interview with comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, Zorak reveals Space Ghost's secret identity: Tad Ghostal. Goldthwait agrees to party with Space Ghost after the show. The festivities are spoiled, however, by Zorak and his punk friends, The Ramones.

  15. Bobcat

    Bobcat Goldthwait, The Ramones Synopsis: During an otherwise friendly interview with comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, Zorak reveals Space Ghost's secret identity: Tad Ghostal. Goldthwait agrees to party with Space Ghost after the show. The festivities are spoiled, however, by Zorak and his punk friends, The Ramones. Choose a format: Condensed

  16. The Eleven Most Metal Episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast

    11. S1E5 - Bobcat - The Ramones This episode features comedian Bobcat Goldthwait and punk band The Ramones, the latter fact elating Space Ghost's musician/prisoner Zorak to no end.

  17. RAMONES no Space Ghost Costa a Costa (Portuguese Version)

    English version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxLgaSInqG4#spaceghostcostaacosta, #ramones, #cartoonnetwork

  18. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

    Aug 10, 2023. Space Ghost Coast to Coast one of the first original shows to help launch not just Cartoon Network but later the Adult Swim block. Growing up this was one of my favorite shows. It ...

  19. Space Ghost Coast to Coast

    Metti like, iscriviti, supporta per vedere altre clip di questa e di altre serie di [adult swim]


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    Space Ghost: Created by Alex Toth. With Don Messick, Ginny Tyler, Gary Owens, Tim Matheson. The adventures of a space superhero who can become invisible and his sidekicks.

  22. Space Demons

    Space Demons is a young adult novel written by Gillian Rubinstein, first published in 1986. It details the story of five children playing a video game which both affects and is affected by their real lives. It is the first of a trilogy, followed by Skymaze (1989) and Shinkei (1996). It was adapted as a play by Richard Tullough in 1990.

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