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[video] how to find the ‘ghostbusters’ firehouse in the new ‘spider-man’ video game.

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Almost literally my entire Twitter feed these last few days has been filled with nothing but tweets about new PlayStation 4 game Spider-Man , which many are already hailing as the best superhero video game ever made. I haven’t yet had the chance to play it myself, but I’m pretty sure one more tweet is all it’s gonna take to get me to whip out my credit card.

Obviously, Spider-Man isn’t the sort of game we cover here on BD, but the folks over at Ghostbusters News did just tip us off to something pretty cool. The open-world game lets you sling web all over New York City, and the Hook & Ladder 8 Firehouse has been recreated in the game’s map of NYC. Of course, it’s a real firehouse in NYC, made iconic by  Ghostbusters .

There’s even a fun Ghostbusters Easter egg painted onto the side of the building…

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spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

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Spider-Man PS4: 10 Cool Locations & Secrets You Must Find

6. the ghostbusters firehouse.

Spider Man Ps4 Ben Grave

Perhaps one of the few secrets in Spider-Man to not concern Marvel or Insomniac properties, the Ghostbusters firehouse as found just to the North-West of the Financial District's Police Department is a smile-inducing unmarked location that must have made many an movie fan’s day when they stumbled across it.

It’s evident that Insomniac has their share of fans of the Ghostbusters working on Spider-Man, the mural of a ghost found behind the firehouse making it clear that this firehouse exists solely to pay homage to it’s famed 1980’s appearance.

A location you would only know to look out for if someone told you, the Iconic Ghostbusters Firehouse is a very welcome nod to the influence of New York in the media outside of just Marvel comics.

Writer, film fan, lover of Spider-Man, defender of Max Payne 3 and STILL not quite over Steve Irwin. See me try to be funny on twitter @NokesyPokesy

Heroic Hollywood

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Features Iconic ‘Ghostbusters’ Firehouse

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4

The iconic Ghostbusters firehouse has been found in Marvel’s Spider-Man open-world New York City map.

Fans have been going crazy over Marvel’s Spider-Man ever since it was released last Friday. The game’s massive open world has allowed studio Insomniac to include massive amounts of Marvel easter eggs such as Jessica Jones’ Alias Investigation or a Rand Corporation building in addition to the more obvious landmarks such as the Avengers tower and Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. It appears that these easter eggs aren’t limited to the Marvel universe, however, as the iconic Ghostbusters firehouse has been located in the game.

The firehouse itself doesn’t really have a lot of function within the game, but there is a neat looking ghost tagged on the wall of the building, making it the reference to the 1984 film a little more obvious. It also begs the question: how many other non-Marvel references can be found within the film?

Check out the images of the firehouse below!

Had to take Spidey to a unique fixer-upper opportunity before saying goodbye to my PS4 for 10 days. #spidermanps4 — Greg Miller (@GameOverGreggy) September 11, 2018

Have you been able to locate the Ghostbusters firehouse in Marvel’s Spider-Man yet? Sound off with your thoughts and comments below!

Marvel’s Spider-Man was developed by Insomniac and can be found exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter

Carlos Chamon

Carlos Chamon


The Ghostbusters Firehouse featured in new Spider-Man game! (video included)

  • September 7, 2018

The brand new Spider-Man video game for Playstation 4 looks to bring the streets of New York City alive, with many actual landmarks.


spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

Yes, the actual functioning Hook & Ladder 8 made it into the game and even features a clever easter egg to iconic film.

Check out our video showcasing the firehouse + how to find it:

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

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spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

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spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

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Follow ghostbusters news.

Disclaimer: This website receives compensation through the use of third-party affiliate links. "Ghostbusters" and "Ghost-Design" are registered Trademarks of Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps (Sony Pictures)

Screen Rant

20 hidden areas only experts found in spider-man ps4.

Spider-Man PS4 may be a few years old but gamers are still playing through it and exploring, finding some truly awesome hidden locations.

Marvel's   Spider-Man  for PS4 was the fastest-selling game of 2018. There are so many things to love about the game as Insomniac made sure that the web-slinging dynamics were a blast for fans. Gamers can effortlessly swing their way through the city, navigating obstacles with both speed and grace - and it only gets better as they work through the game, earning dazzling new skills and abilities. The game is packed with the main campaign as well as plenty of side missions and collectibles to keep players busy.

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It all takes place in the open, sandbox setting of New York, in one of the most accurate digital versions of the city ever conceived of for a game. Lucky for fans, there are more than a few dedicated explorers who have done just that, finding some of the out-of-the-way places and attractions in the game. Some of these exotic locales are Easter eggs that are not obvious at first but were meant to be found eventually. Others are glitches or gorgeous points of interest that players have to work to find.

Updated December 21st, 2021 by George Chrysostomou:  Spider-Man PS4 is perhaps more popular than ever with the updated version hitting PS5s alongside a wildly popular Miles Morales spin-off. There's still so much to explore throughout the title and newer players may be looking for some hints of where to check out while swinging around the impressive city of New York, which has been painstakingly designed by Insomniac. 

The Secret World Beneath the Bridge

In the Southern area of Manhattan in the Financial District, there is a bridge near the water. If players navigate Spider-Man to walk over a particular corner, he will fall through the bridge and splash down in the ocean underneath the city. From there, Spidey can look up and see the floor above him as an invisible surface.

There is nothing to collect or unlock, but it's fun to check it out. People (and squirrels) appear to walk on thin air, and Spidey can crawl on the underside of the sidewalk and explore things from this unusual point of view. Several YouTubers have found the glitch and are encouraging players to explore it while they still can, as designers will most likely patch it pretty soon.

The Unplayable Borough Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Yes, the New York of  Spider-Man  is open to explore but the gameplay is limited to Manhattan. The other boroughs are off-limits and unplayable, such as the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens - or at least they are supposed to be.

Some gamers have exploited a glitch that allows them to cross the Brooklyn Bridge by swinging underneath it. However, this setting was only meant to be seen and not played on. Because of this, it looks unfinished up close, with no detailed textures. None of the ground surfaces are walkable so players will fall through to the ocean and none of the buildings are tangible so Spidey will fly right through them.

The Dark Warehouse With Amazing Lighting

Marvel's Spider-Man makes great use of Peter Parker's camera skills. Players can enter "photo mode" and take amazing third-person shots or close-up selfies of Spidey in different poses and locales. There are even options for different kinds of cameras, filters, and angles, so gamers can capture Spidey at his wholesome best .

However,  one player  caught some amazing shots of Spider-Man in a dark warehouse with dramatic lighting. There are a whole set of photos, including ones of Spider-Man hanging upside down, crouching, and shooting webs at the camera. The dark warehouse is part of the main mission, but many players may not realize that they can use photo mode here.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

The fictional Manhattan Museum of Contemporary Art is set in Central Park, and its location appears to be based on the real-life Metropolitan Museum of Art, as its outside grounds are similar to the actual Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. Spider-Man can visit the exterior of the museum and mill about with tourists and security, but players cannot use the doors to take a look inside. However, there is a secret access point.

If Spidey goes to the gated roll-up garage door and climbs to the top while pressing "X," he can fall through the door and enter the museum. Unfortunately, it is not meant to be a playable area. Gamers can climb on some surfaces but the interior is mostly blank and there is no art to be found.

The Sanctum Santorum

There are all kinds of references to the other Marvel superheroes that reside in New York. Spider-Man doesn't get to meet all of them, but the game definitely gives a nod to many of them. One such landmark is the Sanctum Santorum, which is Dr. Strange's spooky residence in Greenwich Village.

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If Spidey takes a picture of the iconic Sanctum Santorum window, he says "cool window, but... I always get the feeling that something strange is going on in that place."  Taking a picture of this location earns Spidey a landmark token, which he can collect to unlock suits, gadgets, and upgrades. Unfortunately, the interior of the Sanctum Santorum is off-limits, and Dr. Strange does not make an appearance in the game. However, it's fun to know that he might be in there, perhaps even having a drink with Thor.

The Original Ghostbusters Building

Ghostbusters and Spider-Man don't really share the same universe, but they are both set in New York City, and the Ghostbusters firehouse is based on an actual location : Hook and Ladder Company 8. It's located at the intersection of Moore Street and Varick Street in Tribeca. As seen above, it's a great place to take a selfie.

If Spidey explores the building, he'll find a ghost painted in graffiti on an exterior cement wall right near the recycling bins. It looks like a street variation of the ghost from the famous Ghostbusters sign.

Swim Across the City

There's more than one way to get to supposedly "unreachable" areas. Some adventurers have found several ways around the game's limits by exploiting glitches, like swinging under a certain bridge. Another way to reach some boroughs that are normally off-limits is by diving into the water and letting Spidey swim around.

However, bear in mind that Spider-Man is not Aquaman. He's a bit of a slow swimmer so it might take a player a while to get to an off-limits area. Once there, there's not much for players to do. Just like other forbidden areas, the ground is not solid and the buildings are intangible. So even when a player arrives, you will still be stuck looking at it from the water.

Ben Parker's Grave

Though it's not marked on any map, players can find the grave of Peter Parker's uncle, Ben Parker, in a small graveyard in Northwestern Harlem. Fans know that it was the tragic demise of Ben Parker that led to Spider-Man's favorite adage about being a hero: "with great power comes great responsibility."

The  site of Ben Parker's grave is a secret photo-op spot, which means that if you take a photo here, you will earn a special reward. In this case, it's the "With Great Power..." trophy. Players must find all of the secret photo-op spots on their own, as the locations are not marked on the map. However, there are several user guides already available to help players find the complete collection if they'd rather not swing around and discover them the hard way.

The Nelson and Murdock Law Firm

Daredevil and Spider-Man are great friends in the comic books, and sometimes they team up on adventures to catch the bad guy. They are natural crime-fighting partners, with both of them having incredible acrobatic skills.

Sadly, Daredevil doesn't make an official appearance in the game. However, players can find a reference to his real identity, Matt Murdock, at the Nelson and Murdock law firm. Murdock and his friend and legal partner "Foggy" Nelson represent a lot of the underdogs in Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately, these underdogs are usually not wealthy and many have trouble paying on time as there is a pink eviction notice posted on the door. Players can find the law firm next to Josie's Bar in Hell's Kitchen.

The Wakandan Embassy

As seen in the comics and movie, Black Panther eventually establishes an embassy in New York to help integrate the advanced nation of Wakanda with the culture and politics of the wider world. Black Panther himself does not make a cameo in the game, but at least players can find a reference to him.

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Gamers can identify the Wakandan embassy by the flags hanging in the front of the building and a plaque by the front door. Unfortunately, just like most buildings, players cannot enter to see what is inside. Players can find the Wakandan embassy near the United Nations headquarters in midtown. Taking a photo here will earn players a landmark token.

The Apartment With The Symbiote

Older comics fans may remember that the first appearance of Spider-Man's black symbiote suit occurred in the original  Secret Wars limited series in the '80s. The suit was super-cool at first, but later caused a huge headache for Spider-Man and eventually led to the appearance of Venom.

Unfortunately, the iconic black and white symbiote suit is not one of the 28 playable suits in the game. However, this is due to certain reasons . Regardless, it still does make an appearance — sort of. If players peer into one of the windows of a building somewhere in the Northwest portion of the city, they can see inside a room that has a symbiote action figure on the shelf.

The Tops of Bridges or the Tallest Buildings

One of the greatest joys of this game is simply taking in the view of gorgeous New York City. It is not really part of any official mission (outside of finding a few landmarks), but players really owe it to themselves to explore the highest locations in the game and take a look around.

Great vantage points include the tops of several of the tallest buildings, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, or the Avengers Tower. In fact, Avengers Tower is actually the tallest building in the game. The tops of suspension bridges also give a great vantage point of Manhattan and some of the other off-limits boroughs that surround the city.

The Insomniac Games Studio

This was a little cheeky on the part of Insomniac Games , as the company doesn't actually have an office in New York City. However, that didn't stop it from including a fictional presence in Spider-Man's New York. After all, it designed the game, so Insomniac was able to add in whatever buildings it wanted.

Surprisingly, it didn't list itself as a landmark that players can find on the map. If players listen to crime reports in this region, they can hear a reference to a crime being committed near the Insomniac location. Eagle-eyed fans pointed out that there's a cutscene where one can find the Insomniac name printed on a policeman's shoulder radio. Players can find the studio in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The Tunnels

As mentioned before, Spider-Man can't really explore inside of most buildings. However, most of the tunnels that Spidey encounters are fully explorable. Some of them are subway tunnels, while others are underpasses. A few are just out-of-the-way locations that require some tricks to navigate through but are still fully explorable.

The tunnel above is from a mission involving Officer Davis. Spider-Man can't crouch low but he can climb on all the walls and use his webs to move some debris out of the way. It's important to find creative ways to get past obstacles.

Jessica Jones' Office

Marvel's Spider-Man  has a knack for including awesome little details. Fans appreciate that the game pays homage to the other Marvel superheroes of New York whenever it has a chance, even if they don't make a direct appearance.

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Much like the fact that Spidey can visit Dr. Strange's Sanctum Santorum or find the Nelson and Murdock law offices, he can also swing by the site of Alias Investigations. Fans recognize this hole-in-the-wall business as Jessica Jones' private investigation firm. Alias Investigations is also in Hell's Kitchen, just like Nelson and Murdock's law firm.

The Former Location of a Famous Seinfeld Soup Tyrant

Some fans, especially New Yorkers, have made it their mission to find attractions from other fictional stories inside the game's version of the city. For example, some players might look for points of interest that appeared in Ghostbusters , like the firehouse or places in the park that Louis Tulley runs to.

One Seinfeld fan wanted to find the location of a certain famous soup tyrant's restaurant from a famous Seinfeld episode in the '90s. Sure enough, players can find the street location where the famous soup deli was located in the TV show. However, the soup restaurant is not there anymore and has been replaced by a Money Grows series of ATMs.

Hamilton's Grave

Marvel's Spider-Man attempts to recreate New York City as accurately as possible. Though some of the proportions may be a little off and a few names might be slightly different, this version of New York is probably one of the most true-to-life recreations ever made for a video game.

Both  history and Broadway fans will appreciate that the developers included the grave of Hamilton in the game. It's in the same place it is in real life, which is right next to Trinity Church in the Financial District, just as any locals would expect if they walked around that area in real life.

The Site of the Avengers Battle in New York

It's hard to believe that it has already been so long years since Marvel released The Avengers . For some fans, that's long enough to make it worth reminiscing about, since so much has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since then.

If you're feeling particularly nostalgic, it's possible to take Spider-Man to some of the locations where the Avengers took their stand against the aliens during the invasion of New York City. The scene in question occurs when Banner hulks out and Iron Man "brings the party " to the rest of the Avengers.  It's also the location where the famous rotating shot of all of the Avengers grouped together in a circle happens.

Lockjaw's Statue

The developers of Marvel's Spider-Man wanted to include the iconic Wall Street Bull statue that can be found in real life in the Financial District. Unfortunately, there was a rights issue, so the developers were informed that they would be unable to include a likeness in the game.

One creative developer had a bright idea and thought it might be fun to replace the bull with Lockjaw, the teleporting dog from The Inhumans . Bill Roseman, Marvel Games Creative Director, explained in a tweet : "We weren’t allowed to include the Wall Street Bull because #lawyers, so @insomniacgames asked @ermonacelli & I if they could create a Lockjaw statue in its place & we said “Yes, Please” because #doggos."

Exploring The City At Sunrise or Sunset

The game goes through cycles of day and night, and as gamers progress, there are ways to choose what time of day it is. Players should definitely take advantage of swinging around during sunrise or sunset. The golden hue of the city takes is breathtaking, and Spider-Man looks dramatic swinging around with the sun behind him. It might be a good idea to take advantage of the time of day and shoot some amazing stills in photo mode.

The best way to take advantage of this view is to climb one of the highest buildings, such as The Avengers building or The World Trade Center. From there, players can improvise a few acrobatics and enjoy life as Spidey living large.

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Spider-Man PS4 guide: All Secret Photo Ops locations

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spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

Nearly everything you can do in Spider-Man on PS4 shows up on your map from the beginning of the game. There is, however, one secret task you won’t be told about. Scattered across Spider-Man ’s New York are 50 Secret Photo Ops .

You can take these pictures at any point in the game — you just won’t know if it’s one of the 50 or not until you take your camera out and aim it. Once you hit the level cap at level 50, you’ll unlock the Proximity Sensor suit mod. This will make these 50 photo locations appear on your minimap (but not on your main map). This is a huge help, but it doesn’t have great range, so you’ll still have to put in a lot of time to find every ‘grammable moment. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you.

Table of contents

Harlem secret photo ops locations, upper west side secret photo ops locations, central park secret photo ops locations, upper east side secret photo ops locations, hell’s kitchen secret photo ops locations, midtown secret photo ops locations, greenwich secret photo ops locations, chinatown secret photo ops locations, financial district secret photo ops locations, what do you get when you snap all 50 pictures.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

You can use the map above to get in the right general area to find this district’s secret photo ops. Below, there’s a gallery of each location and each thing you’re looking for.


  • Uncle Ben’s Grave . Just to the northwest of the church for photo 2, you’ll find Uncle Ben’s grave. (You’ll also get a trophy for paying your respects.)
  • Church of the Intercession . Head up to the northwest corner of Harlem to find this church.
  • Grave . Head to the southwest from the church and Ben’s grave to find this memorial in the annex across the street.
  • Rooftop Graffiti . Climb to the roof of the building(s) across the street from the church to find some elaborate graffiti to take a picture of.
  • Pale Horse Ridez . Follow the northern shore of Harlem east from the church to find Tombstone’s motorcycle shop.
  • Graffiti . Just to the south of the grave for photo 3 along the western edge of Harlem, there’s some graffiti under the bridge.
  • General Grant National Memorial . Keep following the shore south from the graffiti at photo 6 to the southwest corner of Harlem to find this memorial.
  • Harlem Sanitarium . Head east from the General Grant Memorial and a little north to find the Harlem Sanitarium.
  • Statue . Head to the traffic circle in the very northwest corner of central park to find a statue. This one seems to replace the real world version of the Fredrick Douglass Sculpture.
  • Osborn Campaign Office . Head just a little northeast of the statue at photo 9 to find the campaign office for Mayor Osborn.
  • Community Garden . Head east from the Osborn campaign HQ above until you see this small community garden and greenhouse tucked between some buildings. It’s immediately to the east of a (late-game) Prisoner Camp.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

  • Gazebo . You can actually spot this structure on your map. Look for the round building north-northeast of the Sable Outpost.
  • Sculpture . Head south along the river past the Sable Outpost to find this sculpture.
  • Memorial . You can find this memorial on your map as well. Just keep following the river south.
  • Firehouse 74 . From the statue at 3 above, head east until you come to this version of FDNY Engine 74. It’s just to the west of the Spider-bot Research Station.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

  • The Blockhouse . Look for this fort in the northwest corner of the park on a rocky outcropping.
  • Belvedere Castle . Head south from the blockhouse to find the next photo.
  • The Obelisk . Head east from Belvedere Castle across to the other side of the park to find Cleopatra’s Needle.
  • Boat dock . Just to the east of the Bethesda Fountain, look for the Bow Bridge. The boats are on the far side.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

  • El Museo del Barrio . Look for the Latin American Museum on the edge of the Upper East Side along central park.
  • Black Wing Tavern . Look for an open area just to the east of the elevated roadway.
  • Fountain . Directly across from Avengers Tower, look for a sunken plaza.
  • Library . You’ll find this library just to the east of the Dive and Dash Research Station. Look for the “Greek Myths” banners out front.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

  • Skull graffiti . Look for the Portside Grain building just to the east of the Stealth Challenge on the western edge of Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Columbus Circle statue . Look for the roundabout (or traffic circle) just to the northeast of Fisk Tower in the very northeast corner of Hell’s Kitchen. (This doesn’t look like the real-world statue that’s here, but it does look like it might be a different statue of the super problematic historical figure Christopher Columbus.)
  • Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law . The offices of everyone’s favorite avocados at law are right next to Josie’s Bar.
  • Vulture mural . Look for the raised pedestrian bridge in the southwest corner of Hell’s Kitchen.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

  • Clocktower . This one’s a lot more difficult to capture than most. Backflip (by pressing circle) off the top of the clocktower and grab a picture of the clock face as you fall past.
  • Tree . Along the northern edge of Midtown, you’re looking for a small sitting area in the middle of a block of buildings. Snap a photo of the tree in the center.
  • Koi mural . Just to the east of the Pigeon Vaccine Research Station (and just to the west of the late game Sable Outpost), there’s a small park. Take a photo of the mural on the east side.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

  • Modern Art Building . Follow the western edge of the island north until you see the Modern Art building on your right. Take a photo of the entrance.
  • Pride mural .
  • J. Jonah Jameson mural . Look for a Roxxon gas station just to the west-northwest of Washington Square Park. This mural is on the wall next to it.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

  • H.E.A.R.T. Clinic statue . You’ll find this statue in a rooftop garden in the very northwest corner of Chinatown, just to the north of the Under Pressure Research Station.
  • First and Last Day movie poster .
  • Stuyvesant Town Fountain . In the middle of the plus sign-shaped apartment buildings in the northeast corner of Chinatown, look for the oval-shaped fountain in the courtyard.
  • Leo’s . You’re looking for a diner called Leo’s. Just watch for the reddish building along the street.
  • Manhattan Bridge Arch and Colonnade . Just to the northwest of Confucius Plaza, look for this U-shaped arch.
  • Coleman Square Playground skatepark . Look for the skatepark under the raised road that leads out to the Williamsburg Bridge.
  • Rhino mural . Watch for graffiti in an alley in the southernmost block of Chinatown. This mural is in the north of that block.
  • Chinatown Police Department . This one’s easy to find because it’s right under a fast travel location.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

  • Tennis courts at the NY Pier. Look for the northernmost pier on the west side of the Financial District. Just a little way along the pier, you’ll see a coffee stand. Your target is the tennis court behind it. (You can get away with accidentally taking a picture of the coffee stand instead.)
  • Auerbach Theater (sign).
  • Statue . This one is just to the east of the Financial District Police Department. (This appears to be a replacement for the Triumph of the Human Spirit statue.)
  • Puck statue on the side of a building. This seems to be this version of New York’s Puck Building.
  • Wire sculpture . You’ll find this art installation along the western shore of the Financial District.
  • Cafe . Just to the east of the statue from number 5, there’s an outdoor eating area with a large floral mural on the windows.
  • Lockjaw statue . You’ll be standing right next to this statue when you finish the Financial District Drone Challenge. Instead of the iconic bull statue from the real world, this New York has a statue of the Inhumans’ teleporting puppy.
  • Statue of Liberty . You don’t have to stand anywhere in particular to get this photo. Just look for the Statue of Liberty off to the southwest.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

You get the secret ESU Suit . Wear it with Empire State University alumni pride.

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

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Find the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

spider man ps4 ghostbusters firehouse map location

This post is a tour of  Ghostbusters  locations throughout New York City, including the most famous: the firehouse used as the  Ghostbusters headquarters.

  • The Apartment
  • New York TV and Movie Tour (OnLocation)
  • The Firehouse
  • Other Locations
  • Free Tours by Foot


You now have the chance to be a Ghostbuster yourself at Madame Tussauds in Times Square.

In the exhibit Ghostbusters: Dimension , you’ll suit up, strap on a proton pack and gun, and blast your way through a ghost-infested apartment complex.

This unique - and exhilarating experience uses a combination of virtual reality, real-time interactive effects, and a physical set and is not like anything you have experienced before.

You don't even need to be a Ghostbusters fan to appreciate this high tech adventure. 

Admission to Madame Tussauds is included for free in several tourist discount passes.


To use the map, click on the left corner icon to see the map from within this post. To see the map in a separate tab, click the icon on the right corner.

Tip: If doing it on your own, consider On Location Tours  NYC TV and Movie Bus Tour , which includes Ghostbusters locations.


14 North Moore Street and Varick Street

The most recognizable location from the movies, this will probably be the first GB site you'll want to see.

This firehouse was ghostbusting central in  Ghostbusters  and  Ghostbust ers II .

In the 2016 remake of the movie, the firehouse makes two appearances.

Ghostbusters Firehouse Film Tour

In an ironic homage to the original movies, the team declines to rent the space to start their business because they couldn't afford the exorbitant rent of $21,000 per month.

(That rent is actually pretty accurate, as the surrounding neighborhood is very posh).  

The firehouse shows up again when the Mayor gives the team the firehouse to use as their new headquarters, in gratitude for saving the city from a ghost invasion.

In real life, the firehouse, built in 1903, belongs to Hook and Ladder Company #8. (You can read more about this historic firehouse in our self-guided tour of Tribeca .)

It's reported that this firehouse was chosen by the movie's writer and main actor Dan Aykroyd, who was familiar with the area and liked the building.

This unique looking firehouse is immediately recognizable as the Ghostbusters Headquarters.

inside ghostbusters firehouse

However, it was only used for the exterior scenes! Interior scenes were filmed in both a Los Angeles film studio and in a decommissioned Los Angeles firehouse. 

Inside the firehouse, photos of the cast are displayed, including a shot of superstar ghost Ecto 1.

The firemen here at Hook and Ladder Company #8 are known to be super welcoming to visitors.

Things to do nearby

  • Take a walk through Tribeca with our self-guided tour of the neighborhood.
  • For more movie sights in the area, take our self-guided walk of Lower Manhattan film locations .
  • You are just a 15 min walk from the National September 11th Memorial and Museum .
  • You are also close to  Greenwich Village .
  • If you want more ghosts, head to Prince St and Greene St in Soho to see where Ghost was filmed! (Use our Things to do in SoHo guide to help you find your way).

Ghostbusters Building

"SPOOK CENTRAL"  Dana and Louis's apartment building 55 Central Park West at 66th Street

This building features prominently in the 1984 film, including the climactic final scene.

In the film, Dana Barrett (played by Sigourney Weaver) and Louis Tully (played by Rick Moranis) live on the 22nd floor, aka Spook Central.

Dana notices some inexplicable activity in her apartment - enter the Ghostbuster s team to get to the bottom of things.

As you surely know, turns out that a crazy Cult of Gozer chose the building as the location to build their super-conductive antenna and portal to bring forth the "divine" master Gozer in its Destructor Form (which turns out to be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man).

As you can see, in real life the building is shorter. The script called for 27 floors, but the building is only 19 stories.

So the art department created paintings of the extra floors and the temple and used 'special effects' that in 1984 were cutting edge, but now seem ancient!  

Since the building is surrounded by other buildings, it has a less menacing appearance than in the movie. Also, the church that the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man crushes is still standing.

  • Take a free Central Park walking tour or explore Central Park by bike !
  • Walk up to 72nd Street to see the  Dakota Apartments and Strawberry Fields .
  • Visit the American Museum of Natural History .


Tavern on the Green  

Central Park West & West 67th Street

In an effort to escape from Gozer's demon dog, Louis runs through Central Park in the dark of night - something we do not recommend you do!

He ends up at the restaurant Tavern on the Green and bangs on the glass furiously but the diners ignore him. He is then possessed by the dog. 

Tavern on the Green is a much-beloved NYC restaurant visited by people for very special occasions.

It has always been known for its garden ringed by twinkling lights and surrounded by life-size topiary in the shapes of animals.

Despite being such a renowned restaurant that served 700,000 meals annually, it closed in 2009. New owners purchased it and it reopened in 2014.

New York Public Library   


5th Avenue between 42nd and 40th Street 

The film's first scene takes place in one of New York City's most spectacular buildings - the New York Public Library.  

It is here that we get a first glimpse of the supernatural presence in NYC. The haunted stacks scene wasn't filmed in the actual library though.

The interior scenes set in the Public Library were filmed in the Los Angeles Central Library. Regardless, the Public Library is a must-see iconic building.

The inside is spectacular so take advantage of the free tours of the Public Library  and see for yourself.

  • The Library is included in our free Midtown Manhattan Tour . If you can't join us, please enjoy our  Self Guided Tour of Midtown Manhattan .
  • Visit Grand Central Terminal two blocks away. There are many free tours available, as well as audio tours to help you learn the secrets of Grand Central Station.

Columbus Circle   

59th Street and Broadway

As you see from the map above, many scenes take place on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Columbus Circle is a major intersection that is an unofficial gateway to the Upper West Side.

In the movie, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man crashes through Columbus Circle spreading fear and destruction in what is actually a pretty lovely place in reality.

Columbus Circle is at the Southwest entrance to Central Park.

Take a stroll inside with our self-guided map of Central Park or join us for a walking or bike tour .

Try our  Self-Guided Tour of Hell's Kitchen , a popular neighborhood with great, inexpensive restaurants.

Columbia University

After the incident at the library, Peter, Egon, and Ray get fired from the Parapsychology Department at their university.

The below scene was filmed on the campus is one of the country's most prestigious universities - though, perhaps sadly, they do not have a Parapsychology Department.

As they drink booze from a flask outside of Weaver Hall (in real life it is Havemeyer Hall, home to science and math classes), they hatch their plan to become paranormal investigators for hire.

  Things to do nearby

  • Check out Harlem  on your own or with a guide. Use our Visitor's Guide to Harlem to navigate this historic, colorful neighborhood.
  • See the stunning  Saint John the Divine Cathedral  at Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street  They offer several tours at different times. See their website for their schedule .


Rockefeller Center  

5th Avenue between 49th and 50th Street 

After the team's successful battle with Slimer, they start getting a lot of business.  

They get a call for assistance and they hop in the Ecto I and speed through the streets up to Rockefeller Center.

You can see them existing the complex past the bronze statue of Prometheus.

According to a Time Out 2014 interview with director Ivan Reitman, Rockefeller Center's management would not give their permission for the film shoot.

That didn't stop them from filming there anyway. Reitman said, "we just pulled up in two vans, and I said to the guys, “Run all the way down there, and when you get to the end, just start running back.”  

They luckily got in one good film take before Rockefeller Center security guards caught on.

Reitman recalls he simply said 'Oh, we’re sorry, we thought this was public land.' We just got back in the vans and left."

  • Explore Rockefeller Center  or take a  Radio City Music Hall Stage Door Tour .
  • Visit  St. Patrick’s Cathedral , located just across the street.
  • See some great art at the Museum of Modern Art - which is FREE on Fridays! See our post to find out more about Free Fridays at MoMA .

Times Square   

42nd Street at Broadway


While it is impossible to not see Times Square at night, it's easy to miss its appearance in Ghostbusters .

After Dana is possessed by Zuul, she sends out a seductive signal to Louis, now possessed by Vinz Clortho, who is wandering through the city.

He hears Dana/Zuul's signal while he is walking through Times Square and begins to make his way to the apartment.

For some reason, the directors chose not to highlight the location in this scene, but for those familiar with New York City, you know it is Times Square because you can see in the left of the frame the base of the statue of George M. Cohan.

You can also just barely make out the big red letters of the TKTS sign in the top right of the frame.

Note: If you plan on going to see a Broadway show, you should read out our post about the TKTS discount ticket booth and other ways to get discounts to see a Broadway show.

  • Take a self-guided tour of Times Square and the Broadway District .
  • Learn all about Times Square on our free Midtown Manhattan Tour .

City Hall  

Inside City Hall Park, located between Broadway and Park Row just south of Chambers Street

As ghosts have begun to run rampant through the city, the Mayor calls in the team to find out more about the situation that has grown out of hand.

In the movie you see them running up the steps of City Hall and meet with the frantic Mayor.

Ray warns the Mayor that the city is headed for a disaster of "biblical proportions." Venkman tells the Mayor that if he lends his support to the team, he would be saving the lives of millions of registered voters.

The Mayor offers whatever support he can to the Ghostbusters.

It is highly doubtful that in 1812, when City Hall was built, the Mayor or anyone else, in fact, could imagine a giant marshmallow man wreaking havoc through the city.

The marshmallow hadn't even been invented yet!

You could take a tour of City Hall .

  • Explore the secret abandoned City Hall subway station!  Here's how:  How to Visit the Abandoned City Hall Subway Station .
  • Visit the  9/11 Memorial and Museum .
  • Take a tour of Wall Street. Click here  to see the options and a link to a self-guided tour.

National Museum of the American Indian   

One Bowling Green


In Ghostbusters II , the team is called in to investigate paranormal activity beneath the Manhattan Art Museum.

No such museum exists, so the filmmakers used the exterior of the National Museum of the American Indian.

This museum has a long and interesting history in addition to being a beautiful Beaux-Arts building that is worth seeing up close.

  • Discover the history of the city's oldest neighborhood on our free  Lower Manhattan tour .
  • Take a free boat ride on the  Staten Island Ferry .
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island .


If you prefer to visit these sites on a guided tour,  offers an NYC TV and Movie Tour , which includes  Ghostbusters  locations.  

Some of On Location Tours are included in the New York Pass and Explorer Pass.

If you aren't sure if you should purchase a tourist pass, read our post on Is a Tourist Discount Pass Right for You?

Choose a Destination... I want them all PLUS general travel tips. Amsterdam Berlin Boston Charleston Chicago Dubai Lisbon London Los Angeles Miami Nashville New York City New Orleans Paris Philadelphia Prague Rome San Francisco Washington DC

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