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10 Great Daily Crossword Puzzle Sites

USA daily crossword fans are in luck—there’s a nearly inexhaustible supply of crossword puzzles online, and most of them are free. With these 10 sites, you can find free easy crosswords to print, puzzles, and other resources to keep you busy.

New York Times

The New York Times crossword is notorious for its ascending difficulty from Monday to Sunday, and subscribers to the paper can have daily access to each and every one of these puzzles. If you’d rather not subscribe, the NYT’s crossword puzzle page includes free puzzles, including some daily printable crosswords from their archives.

Denver Post

The Denver Post is another paper with online crossword puzzles, and they’re available on a daily basis. You don’t need to subscribe to the paper to access these crosswords, and the puzzles offer numerous settings and options to customize the way you play.

Merriam Webster

The Merriam-Webster dictionary is a particularly suitable place to do a daily crossword as you’ll have a dictionary right there to help you check spelling of obscure words. The site is free and offers a range of other word games that you can play once you finish the crossword.

The AARP’s website has a games section that includes a dedicated daily crossword category. Anyone can access this page and fill out the puzzle, and you can access other games through the crossword widget.

The Guardian

If you’re looking for a variety of daily crosswords of different types, including cryptic and quick crosswords, The Guardian’s website is a good option. The Guardian doesn’t charge for online access to its articles and other resources, including the crosswords, though you can give an optional donation to keep the site up and running.

Players who aren’t too strict with themselves may like playing’s crossword, which has a free crossword answers tool linked right underneath. You can play these daily crosswords for free.

Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times has a crossword site where they publish their own puzzles. It’s free to use, though other newspaper sites also use the LA Times crossword, meaning you can find these puzzles elsewhere if this particular news source isn’t part of your regular rotation.

USA Today’s game site includes daily crossword and word searches to keep you busy. The site is available for everyone, so you don’t need to worry about buying a USA Today subscription.

Washington Post

Another paper with free daily crosswords available even to non-subscribers, the Washington Post publishes puzzles written by the LA Times’ staff. You can access different puzzle types and an archive of past puzzles.

Arkadium is a free online game site and offers a number of different crossword puzzle options. The daily puzzle is just one option, and you can choose different types to get more of a challenge in your puzzle routine.


they might spook spelunkers crossword

  • Crossword Tips

Clue: They might spook spelunkers

Referring crossword puzzle answers, likely related crossword puzzle clues.

  • None so far

Recent usage in crossword puzzles:

  • New York Times - Feb. 26, 2016

New York Times, Friday, February 26, 2016

Paula Gamache

This puzzle:

I loved that middle swath running down the diagonal. SO much great material packed into a small region! BE PATIENT, ESCAPE KEY, JET SKIS, BETWEEN US …, PEN SETS, CUT TIME, even the odd but neat GUM WEED = such a snazzy solve! And I didn't even include the curious PA BARKER, which I had to spend some time on to figure out if it was ludicrous or awesome. (Still undecided.) I can't remember seeing a swath so beautiful.

No Asians at the Oscars this year yet again, OH what a surprise (sigh)

This arrangement does make for a sectioned-off feel though, the two corners nearly cut off from the middle. But I do understand why Paula might have chosen to go with it — you can almost fill the middle independently of the corners, which makes a constructor's job so much easier. And when it allows you to make a middle swath that juicy, it can be worth it.

I also loved POMPOUS ASS and SURE YOU ARE (dripping with sarcasm). The ALAMODOME feels outdated now and SIT AT HOME a bit dull (like sitting at home?), so the corners didn't do nearly as much for me as the middle. Additionally, those isolated black squares create EMP and RES and BOA and UHS. Three gluey bits out of four ...

Speaking of short answers, I don't mind a few dabs of crossword glue here or there, but I think it's much better if they come from different categories. Getting UHS, BAHS, and TATAS makes all three of them stick out, as does having three legal terms in RES, JURIS, and NISI. As a solver, that sort of concentration draws attention to these otherwise minor flaws.

Glad to see SANDRA OH get her NYT crossword debut. As much as I enjoy seeing Asians in my puzzle, my first reaction was to wonder if she was indeed crossworthy. But then I remembered how much work she's done throughout the years, having some really big roles. I particularly enjoyed her in "Sideways." So thumbs up!

Such a beautiful middle swath, that solve more than delightful enough to make up for a few blips.

Answer summary: 7 unique to this puzzle , 3 debuted here and reused later , 2 unique to Shortz Era but used previously .

There are 15 rows and 15 columns, with 0 rebus squares, and 6 cheater squares (marked with "+" in the colorized grid below.)

The grid uses 24 of 26 letters, missing QZ .

It has normal rotational symmetry.

Average word length: 5.91, Scrabble score: 313, Scrabble average: 1.61.

Puzzle has 5 fill-in-the-blank clues and 0 cross-reference clues.

This puzzle has 7 unique answer words.

It has 3 words that debuted in this puzzle and were later reused:

These words are unique to the Shortz Era but have appeared in pre-Shortz puzzles:

These 33 answer words are not legal Scrabble™ entries, which sometimes means they are interesting:

Day of week comparisons

Distribution of answer words by length, letter distribution.

Various thumbnail views are shown:

  • Standard view shows the grid pattern most clearly
  • Open Squares (those which don't touch any block, even diagonally) are blue
  • Vowel distribution
  • Scrabble score uses the same color key as above
  • Freshness view shows unique answers in red (see colorized grid below)

With answers

Puzzles that may be similar to this one.

Crosswords that share the most words with this one (excluding Sundays):

Unusual or long words that appear elsewhere:

Identical grids

Other puzzles with the same block pattern as this one:

Topologically similar grids

Other crosswords with exactly 30 blocks, 66 words, 103 open squares, and an average word length of 5.91:

Colorized grid for Fri Feb 26, 2016

The next two sections attempt to show how fresh the grid entries are.

In this view, unusual answers are colored depending on how often they have appeared in other puzzles. Unique answers are in red, red overwrites orange which overwrites yellow, etc.

Cheater squares are indicated with a + sign.

Freshness Factor

Freshness Factor is a calculation that compares the number of times words in this puzzle have appeared in other Shortz Era puzzles. Click here for an explanation .

The chart below shows how many times each word has been used across all NYT puzzles, old and modern including Variety.

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Best answers for Ghostly figure that haunts you – Crossword Clue

Answer: spook.

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Sphaeralcea fasciculata Sphaeralcea coccinea sphacelus Sphaeralcea sphalerites Sphecidae Sphenoethmoidal Sphenogram Sphenographer Sphenodon punctatum Sphenodon Spheniscus demersus Spheno- Sphenographic Sphenographist sphenoid fontanelle Sphenoidal sphenoid fontanel sphenoid bone Sphenography sphenoid Spheniscus Sphenisciformes Sphecoidea sphecoids sphecoid wasp sphecoid Sphecius Sphecius speciosis Sphecotheres Sphenethmoid Spheniscidae sphenisciform seabird Spheniscan sphenions Sphenethmoidal sphenion Sphyraena barracuda Sphyraenidae spike heel spike lavender spike lavender oil spike heath spike arrester Spiflicate Spigurnel Spike Lee spike mike spike rush spike suppressor spike out spike oil Spike Milligan spike moss spiffing spiffiest spiegeleisen spiegeleisens spiegel iron spiderworts spiderwort spiderwort family spiegels spiel off spiffed up spiffier spiff up Spielmeyer-Vogt disease Spielberg spieling Spikebill spiked loosestrife spillikin spillikins spilling Spilliard fishing spillers spillages Spillane spillover spillovers spin around spin bowler Spilogale putorius Spilogale spillway spillways spillage spill the beans spikemoss spikemosses spikelike spikelets Spikefish spikelet spikenard spikenards spill out spill over Spilikin SPIKINESS Spiketail spikiest spiderman spiderly spice up spice-scented spiceberries spice tree spice rack spice girls Spice Islands spiceberry spicebush spiceries Spicewood Spicenut spicemills spicebushes spicemill spice cookie spice cake Sphyrna tiburo Sphyrna tudes Sphyrapicus varius ruber Sphyrapicus varius Sphyraenoid Sphyrapicus Sphyrna zygaena Sphyrnidae spiccatos spice bush spiccato bowing spiccato spic-and-span Spicated spiciest Spiciferous spider nevus spider orchid spider plant spider monkey spider mite spider fern spider flower Spider stitch spider web spiderflowers spiderlike spiderflower Spidered spider-shaped spider's web spider crab spider brake Spicknel Spicosity spick-and-span spicinesses Spiciform spiciness Spicular Spiculate spiculum spider angioma Spiculispongiae Spiculigenous spicules Spiculiform sphacelate Speyside speed up speed-reading speedball speed trap speed skating speed skate speed skater speedboat Speedboating Speedfully speedier Speedful speeders speedboats speeded up speed of light speed limit speechmakings speechwriter speechmaking speechmakers speechlessnesses speechmaker speechwriters speed bump speed freak speed indicator speed demon Speed counter speed camera speed cop speediest speedily spelaeologies spelaeologist spelaeologists spelaean Spekehouse Speiskobalt Spekboom spelaeology Spelding Spelicans spell out speleology speleologists speleologies speleologist speedwells speedwell speedings Speedless speeding ticket speeding speediness speedinesses speedometer speedometers speedway speedways speedups speedster speedskater speedskaters speechlessness speechlessly speculates speculating speculation speculated speculate spectrum line specular speculations Speculatist speculator Speculatorial speculativenesses speculativeness speculative speculatively spectrum analysis spectrum spectrophotometers Spectrophotometry spectrophotometer Spectrophone spectrometries spectrometry spectroscope spectroscopes Spectroscopist spectroscopy spectroscopies spectroscopical spectroscopic spectroscopic analysis speculators Speculatory speeches Speechful Speechification speech-read speech-endowed speech therapist speech therapy speechified speechifier Speeching speechless speechifying speechify speechifiers speechifies speech spectrum speech sound speech community speech day speech communication speech act Speculist speculum speech defect speech disorder speech production speech rhythm speech perception speech pattern speech intelligibility speech organ spell-bound spell-checker Spermatoon Spermatophore Spermatophorous Spermatoid Spermatogonium Spermatogenetic Spermatogenous Spermatophyta spermatophyte spermatozoan spermatozoans spermatozoa Spermatospore spermatophytes Spermatorrhoea spermatogenesis spermatogeneses Spermatium Spermatize Spermatism Spermatin spermatid spermatids Spermatoblast spermatocele spermatocytes Spermatogemma spermatocyte spermatocides spermatoceles spermatocide spermatozoid spermatozoids Spermophytic Spermoplasma Spermosphere Spermophyte Spermophyta Spermophilus Spermophore Spermospore spermous spew out Spewiness Spetches Spessartite Spermule Sperrylite spermophiles spermophile spermicides Spermidium spermicide spermicidal Spermatozooid spermatozoon Spermism Spermist Spermogonium Spermologist Spermoderm Spermococcus Spermo- Spermoblast Spermatical spermatic cord spelters spelunked spelunker Spellwork Spellken spelling contest spellings spelunkers spelunking spend-all spendable spend a penny spencers spelunks Spencer Tracy spelling checker spelling bee spellbinding spellbinds spellbinders spellbinder Spellable spellbind spellbound spellcheck Spellful spelling spellers spelldowns spellchecker spelldown spenders spending sperm count sperm oil sperm whale sperm cell sperm bank Spergularia rubra Sperling sperm-filled spermaceti Spermatheca spermatic Spermary Spermaphore spermacetis Spermalist Spergularia Spergula arvensis spendthrift spendthrift trust spendings spending spree spending cut spending money spendthrifts Spendthrifty Sperable Spergula Spenserian stanza Spenserian sonnet Spengler Spenserian space age

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