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Currently being renovated and not due to be finished until 2024 this imposing hall is a gem, with... read more

towneley hall ghosts

My friend took me here as part of my birthday day out. Thoroughly enjoyed the visit looking round... read more

towneley hall ghosts

I swear it's HAUNTED!

Visited on a beautiful summers day. The house is set in stunning parkland, and is only 1 1/2 miles from the centre of Burnley. It was gifted by the Towneley Family to the local authority, as the vast house had become to cumbersome and expensive to run and keep. Burnley council has dedicated it as the local museum, and has spent much money on its upkeep. There is a fee for non-residents of Burnley (a couple of pounds) to enter this rather quaint house. There are guides who really do appear quite well versed in its history. Main points of attraction, for me, were the grand hall and its impressive dining table. Also of interest, is the Kitchen. (the cooking range looks out of this world).......When you get to the point where you reach the bedrooms.....The grand corridor where the bedrooms lead off is beautifully wood panelled. I still recall making my way to the fourth bedroom ( the last one) and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up! There is a 'baby's crib' in there.........an eerie feeling in that room. All in all......a very enjoyable day out, especially if Grand houses and Halls are 'your thing'....

Thank you for your comments, Towneley hall was bought by the council in 1901 for £17,500 so not gifted, The following year the council bought the park from Lady O Hagen who moved to the Hollins, Lots of people think the hall and grounds were gifted ,but sadly not.The house was left empty apart from the great hall table and settle, The Council have bought the furniture & Paintings now on display, some have been donated but the bulk of items now on view were purchased with Stocks massey trust money. I do hope you will continue to visit and support the hall.

I was very surprised in what I saw here. For £4.00 it's cheaper than most National trust buildings. Lot's to see, lovely big building and grounds if you get the chance to walk around. I just wish I lived nearer, so I could take advantage of the return ticket. I have no problem in recommending his place to anyone.

Thank you so much for you kind comments, and we do hope that you return one day.

Burnley has had its fair share of bad publicity over the years, but Investment has improved our town considerably over the recent past. One area of Burnley that has been around long before the town was industrialised is the parkland and hall of the Towneley family. This is indeed the jewel in the crown of our town. The hall itself is a magnificent period piece and admission fees are modest compared to many houses. It accommodates a wonderful art gallery where you can sit and admire the paintings, as well as interesting collections of items which tell the story of the house throughout its long history. The parklands and woodlands are extensive and there is a children's play area and garden centre to visit too. Well worth a day out for all the family.

towneley hall ghosts

Thank you so much for your kind comments and support, long may you visit!

A beautiful park , with the attraction of Townley hall which is very interesting to look round . A visitors centre , cafe , and children's playground. Lots of woodland , a pond with ducks , lots of squirrels , plenty of grassed areas for games and at certain times of the year there are attractions and events there well worth a visit .

Thank you for your support, and kind comments.

Gorgeous grounds, lovely well kept house. Cafe/restaurant on site very modern and great selection of food. My son loved wondering round and looking at the dogs.

Thank you for your kind comments and support

Went for the day paid for parking just to find it was closed because of a gas leak outside in the grounds. No one thought of putting a sign on the parking meters telling people that the hall was closed for the day. Will not be returning to the hall. Phone before you leave home.

Thank you for your comments, the gas leak was caused by a contractor working on site ,we had no control over this and for the safety of the visiting public we were advised to keep the hall closed, not what we wanted with only 15 mins before opening, However we would welcome you back and if you are from outside of the borough be delighted to provide you with a free visit, and yes,your advise is good,always ring first before visiting.

Burnley, Lancashire, England

Towneley hall, burnley parish church.

According to Coxe, "Burnley Parish Church" is reputed to be haunted by a spectral hound, which is known locally as Trash or Striker .

Sadly, there are a number of churches in Burnley, so we are currently unable to clarify which church Coxe is referring to.


For further information, please read Haunted Britain by Antony D Hippisley Coxe.

Towneley Park

Towneley Park is owned and managed by Burnley Borough Council, and at its southern end is Towneley Hall, Burnley's art gallery and museum.

The building is reputedly haunted. Phenomena include footsteps upstairs and a "strange uniformed figure" has been sighted.

Another apparition is said to be the 16th century Sir John Towneley, who is said to appear every 7 years.

Pictured left is Towneley Hall courtesy of Humphrey Bolton.

Towneley Park,


For further information, please visit:


For further information, please read Haunted Britain by Richard Jones.

Visitor Information

Burnley is a market town in lancashire, england., it lies 21 miles north of manchester and 20 miles east of preston, at the confluence of the river calder and river brun., pictured left is towneley hall courtesy of robert wade. licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 via wikimedia commons., © great british ghost tour, our commitment, for further information please visit:.

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Towneley Hall - Haunted History

Most Haunted At Towneley Hall

Burnley, Lanarkshire

The first hall built on the grounds of Towneley Hall dates back to 1380 and has been added to over the years. The Baroque-style entrance seen today was built in 1726. The prominent Towneley family inhabited the hall for almost five centuries, until it was taken over by Burnley Borough Council, who opened the park to the public for the first time in 1902. Paranormal activity at the hall, which has hosted the 'Most Haunted Live!' team, includes the disembodied sounds of children laughing and crying and an apparition seen gliding across the ancient hallways, as well as doors opening and closing on their own and loud unexplained noises heard in the dead of night. The grounds are said to be just as haunted as the hall itself. There have been numerous sightings of the ghost of a lady in white seen stood on the turrets at night. Many people believe she jumped to her death, while others think she was looking for her lost lover.

Haunted Ranking

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towneley hall ghosts

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  14. Visit

    The hall houses a variety of displays encompassing natural history, Egyptology, local history, textiles, decorative art and regional furniture. You are able to