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Caleb Bailey

Creature Features: 8 Vampire Movies to Watch This Halloween

watch ghost hunters international

All sorts of things go bump in the night. Ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, witches — creatures that haunt our nightmares and ignite our imaginations. Then, there are vampires. These denizens of the dark hold a special place in human history; our ancestors were genuinely afraid to travel when the sun was down, lest vampires bleed them dry. Entire communities feared bats and wolves, believing them to be bloodsuckers in disguise. Vampire hunting  became a legitimate profession in 18th century Europe. We really can’t overstate how much these monsters have messed with our minds over the years.

Maybe that’s why vampires have experienced so much success on the big screen. Vampires have frightened and excited audiences for decades — changing with the times and reflecting some of our darkest desires. As much as we dread these creatures of the night, there’s a small part of us that’s utterly fascinated with them.

Spooky season is in full swing this year, and many of us will participate in the festivities at home. Looking for a way to liven up the night? Here are eight iconic vampire movies to watch this Halloween.

Nosferatu (1922)

watch ghost hunters international

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror  (or Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens  in German) is a staple of the horror genre. This German Expressionist masterpiece was helmed by director F. W. Murnau and stars Max Schreck as the infamous Count Orlok.

Special effects and robust film sets weren’t exactly a thing in the early 20th century. Murnau instead relied on mind-bending camera angles, striking shadows and innovative set design to scare audiences. This film’s impact on the history of cinema can’t be exaggerated — many horror film franchises likely wouldn’t exist if Nosferatu  hadn’t crept onto the scene and paved the way.

Dracula (1931)

watch ghost hunters international

Nosferatu’s  popularity spread across Europe like wildfire. It didn’t take long for American filmmakers to catch wind of F.W. Murnau’s success either. But here’s the thing: Nosferatu was essentially an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula   — one that Murnau filmed without permission. Stoker’s wife successfully sued Murnau and Nosferatu  was pulled from theaters. Enter Universal Pictures, which paid approximately $40,000 for the rights to adapt Dracula . Garrett Fort penned the script while Tod Browning took the director’s chair. Bela Lugosi was cast as the titular prince of darkness, and the rest is cinematic history.

Dracula  is a genuinely terrifying landmark film. When many people think of Count Dracula, they think about Lugosi’s chilling performance. Universal’s adaptation takes plenty of inspiration from Nosferatu . However, Dracula is not a silent film; characters deliver their lines either with palpable dread or devilish delight. “Talkies” had only recently hit theaters in the early 1900s. Dracula helped legitimize sound films and reshape the movie industry.

Dracula/The Horror of Dracula (1958)

watch ghost hunters international

Similar to sound films, Technicolor movies were also relative rarities in the early 20th century. Films were primarily shot on black and white stock, and filmgoers were accustomed to greyscale pictures. The opposite was true by the 1950s, which is when The Horror of Dracula  hit the scene. Hammer Films spared no expense when it adapted Bram Stoker’s timeless tale; special effects and ornate gothic sets were specifically created for this film. The Horror of Dracula  is also a much more visceral visual experience due to being shot in color.

We’d be remiss not to praise Christopher Lee’s performance as Count Dracula; he aimed to play the character as a “heroic, erotic and romantic”  figure — one that was just as mystifying as he was terrifying. Lee’s good friend Peter Cushing starred as Doctor Van Helsing, further elevating the film. And The Horror of Dracula  revealed something truly harrowing about vampires: they were dark reflections  of human nature.

Blacula (1972)

watch ghost hunters international

The United States’ counterculture movement gathered momentum in the 1960s and persisted well into the 1970s. People vocalized dissatisfaction with the government, civil rights initiatives swept the nation and artists used their platforms to critique the powers that be. The Blaxploitation films of the 1970s echoed these sentiments, challenging decades-old stereotypes  that were (and still are) imposed on the Black community. Blacula  is precisely what its name implies; an adaptation of Stoker’s tale made primarily for Black people by Black people.

The late William Marshall portrays Prince Mamuwalde, a Nigerian man who asked the original Count Dracula (Charles Macaulay) to intervene during the transatlantic slave trade. For his trouble, Prince Mamuwalde was transformed into Blacula, sealed in a coffin and transported to America. Indeed, Count Blacula is a tragic anti-villain; he was stripped of his identity, taken from his homeland and left to fend for himself in a hostile environment. Allegorical, innovative and genuinely frightening, Blacula is worth a watch — and post-screening analysis.

The Lost Boys (1987)

watch ghost hunters international

Drugs, sex, rock n’ roll and excess are hallmarks of the 1980s  — hallmarks that naturally found their way into ’80s cinema. The Lost Boys  epitomizes this trend; “It’s fun to be a vampire” is the film’s tagline, and that sentiment is more than reinforced throughout its runtime. Vampires are ageless, powerful, beautiful beings who live by their own rules and party like rockstars in The Lost Boys. That’s the scariest part about this film — how enticing vampirism can seem on the surface.

The Lost Boys can also be viewed as a metacommentary of the 1980s. Vampirism is an analogy for the excess and hedonism of the decade. Just like it seemed “fun to be a vampire,” it also seemed fun to be a hard-partying rockstar. Spellbinding performances by a committed cast, strong directing by Joel Schumacher and a compelling script helped The Lost Boys break new ground. Vampires weren’t just creepy anymore. They were also undeniably cool.

Blade (1998)

watch ghost hunters international

You can’t talk about cool vampire movies without giving Blade  its due. The 1990s were an incredibly experimental time for the film industry; spec scripts were being produced by the dozens and comic book adaptations were becoming much more prevalent. Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan created Blade in 1973 for Marvel Comics. At last, in 1998, Wesley Snipes would bring the Daywalker to life on the big screen. Directed by Stephen Norrington and written by David S. Goyer, Blade  redefined what superhero movies  and vampire films could be. Action, horror, pathos and even a bit of comedy are seamlessly woven into this film.

Though Blade  was initially overlooked when it premiered, the film has since been recognized for setting several precedents. It’s one of the first Black superhero movies to achieve widespread critical and commercial success, grossing $131.2 million off of a $45 million budget. Blade  also paved the way for many of the superhero films that have become commonplace today; it’s not a stretch to suggest that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man  trilogy, the Underworld franchise and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn’t exist if Blade  hadn’t resonated with audiences. Lastly, this film proved that vampires could transcend genres; Blade  is more of an action film than a horror flick, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Twilight (2008)

watch ghost hunters international

Hate it or love it, Twilight’s  impact on cinema is undeniable. This adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s 2005 novel was an international phenomenon in its heyday. It focused solely on the romantic aspects of vampirism  — living forever, being young forever and loving forever. If reading that sentence was painful for you, imagine how excruciating it was to write. 

Personal feelings aside, Twilight is an iconic film in its own right. It spawned four sequels, launched numerous careers and kept vampires at the forefront of our collective imagination from 2008 to 2012. Even Burger King  got in on the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debacle. Twilight  ultimately proved that there was still a thriving, thirsting market for vampire films in the 21st century.

Blood Red Sky (2021)

watch ghost hunters international

We end with Blood Red Sky, a British-German Netflix film  that’s equal parts graphic, terrifying and heart-wrenching. The film follows Nadja and her son Elias as they try to survive aboard a hijacked airplane. Discussing this film in detail without spoiling it is virtually impossible, but we can say this: Blood Red Sky  focuses on the toll that vampirism would exact on a person’s family, community and mental state. Scenes unfold at an intentionally deliberate pace. Minor characters and extras are treated with a degree of respect that we don’t often see.

In many ways, Blood Red Sky is the culmination of the vampire films that precede it; there are genuine scares here, alongside meta-commentary, dazzling action scenes and genuine pathos. Blood Red Sky  proves that vampire films can make viewers cry — not out of fear, but out of true remorse.


watch ghost hunters international

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Ghost Hunters International

Ghost Hunters International (2008)

Ghost Hunters International (GHI) is a reality series that follows a team of paranormal investigators; the GHI team travels around the world and documents some of the world's most legendary ... Read all Ghost Hunters International (GHI) is a reality series that follows a team of paranormal investigators; the GHI team travels around the world and documents some of the world's most legendary haunted locations. Ghost Hunters International (GHI) is a reality series that follows a team of paranormal investigators; the GHI team travels around the world and documents some of the world's most legendary haunted locations.

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Ghost Hunters International (2008)

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Ghost Hunters International (2008 - Present)

Ghost hunters international, series info.

Investigators from The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) join experienced Irish investigator Barry Fitzgerald as they travel around the world, using their principles of scientific techniques, to sniff out famous haunted spots in this entry in the "Ghost Hunters" reality-TV franchise. Among the global locations the "Ghost Hunters International" team visits are Chillingham Castle in England, the forgotten underground city of Mary King's Close in Scotland, Peru, Singapore, Sweden and the Philippines.

  • Starring: Barry FitzGerald, Joe Chin, Susan Slaughter, Paul Bradford, Scott Tepperman
  • TV Network: SYFY
  • Premiere Date: Jan 9, 2008
  • Genre: Documentary

Where to watch Ghost Hunters International

Watch Ghost Hunters International with a subscription on Peacock, or buy it on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV.

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Barry FitzGerald

Susan Slaughter

Paul Bradford

Scott Tepperman

Kris Williams

Ashley Godwin

Karl Pfeiffer

Shannon Sylvia

Donna LaCroix

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Paranormal investigations are conducted at European locales in this spin-off of the U.S.-based reality series.

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Syfy Sets Premiere Dates for Being Human, Other Series

Ghost Hunters International will kick off Syfy's winter schedule, followed by the Friday debut of Merlin and the U.S. remake of Being Human, the network announced Monday. Ghost Hunters International will debut Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 9/8c. Fellow spooky series Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth will premiere in...

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Heroes of Cosplay

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SYFY WIRE Presents

The ufo files.

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Paranormal Witness

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Destination Truth

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Beast Legends

Ghost Hunters International

In the chilling premiere episode, the team heads to England to unlock the mysteries behind the grisly 800-year history of Chillingham Castle, widely regarded as the most haunted castle in England. At one time, its dungeons were used as brutal torture chambers that took the lives of countless victims, giving way to a myriad of paranormal claims over the years. The Ghost Hunters International team will sort through these many paranormal accounts and determine what tortured souls still linger at the infamous fortress. From there, the team embarks on a terrifying investigation into the abandoned depths of Mary King's Close in Scotland. This underground phenomenon, a warren of vaults and tunnels, was once teeming with destitute inhabitants at the turn of the 19th century. Now, Mary King's Close is considered one of Scotland's most haunted locales.

In this episode, the team descends into the macabre depths of the Abbey at Lucedio, near Turin, Italy, to unlock the secrets behind the dark legends that make up the Abbey's lurid 1400-year history. Then, a trip to Wales takes them to the legendary Nanteos Mansion, which lore dictates to be the one-time resting place of the Holy Grail. Now, the property is home to numerous paranormal claims, including mysterious music heard in the woods around the house and a phantom horse and carriage that travels about the grounds.

The Ghost Hunters International team heads to an idyllic community in central England to investigate claims at the notorious Belgrave Hall. The nearly 300-year-old house is home to numerous apparitions, including a woman in Victorian clothing whose image was once caught on camera. The Ghost Hunters International team will conduct their own investigation as well as scrutinize the original video recording of this extraordinary event to determine its authenticity. Then, the group travels to Scotland and sets out to uncover the secrets behind claims of restless young spirits at the notoriously haunted Ragged School of Edinburgh, a former residence for impoverished children.

In this episode, the team visits the Elvey Farm Hotel in Pluckley Village, England. Surrounded by 75 acres of countryside, the seemingly quaint locale was home to brutal murders that took place both inside the hotel and in the surrounding woods and its guests and employees alike are now plagued by a slew of inexplicable occurrences, including moving objects and strange sounds and smells.

The team treks high into the mountains of Romania to pay a visit to the Citadel Rasnov, a 13th century fortress that was built to provide protection and defense to the neighboring village below. The castle has been the subject of local legends for years, the most notorious of which tells the tale of two captured soldiers who died in a well on the castle grounds in which they had spent years living as captives. The myriad of paranormal claims made over the years include dark moving figures and unexplainable shadows lurking around the courtyard. The recent discoveries of human bones in both the infamous well and in the castle's basement have given way to yet more sinister tales, making the Citadel Rasnov one of the world's most haunted hotspots.

GHI visits a German fortress whose chambers are haunted by the spirit of a beheaded 13th Century nobleman. Then it's all off to Slovakia, where the team separates legends from facts in the dark halls of Orava Castle.

Cast & Crew

Robb Demarest

Truth is out there, but it may be scary for kids.


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Where to watch Ghost Hunters Where to watch Ghost Hunters

Scouring the creepiest and darkest haunts for proof of the paranormal, Ghost Hunters is back for a spectre-cular 16th season. Check out our guide for all the ways to watch Ghost Hunters in 2023.

What is Ghost Hunters about?

Watch Ghost Hunters

The show that launched paranormal TV is back for its 16th season. From the safety of your own couch, join the Ghost Hunters as they traverse the U.S. to investigate paranormal activity in eerie locations like the abandoned 125-year-old Californian prison, The Bastille and even the Hoover Dam. Will this season bring definitive proof of ghostly apparitions, or will there only be more unexplained noises? Season 16 promises frightening phenomena, restless spirits, and a dark energy threatening to upend a marriage.

Watch Ghost Hunters

When does Ghost Hunters Season 16 premiere?

Thursday is your new fright night! Ghost Hunters premieres on April 6, 2023 , at 9 p.m. ET Eight one-hour-long episodes will air weekly on the Travel Channel and Discovery+ .

Where to watch Ghost Hunters online

Follow Ghost Hunters online as it airs weekly on the streaming service Discovery+ . Past seasons of the show are also available on Prime Video .

Watch Ghost Hunters online on Discovery+

Fans of the paranormal can catch every episode of Ghost Hunters on Discovery+ the same day it airs on the Travel Channel. The streamer also has seasons 14 and 15 ready to binge. Seasons 12 and 13 of the show are also available on Discovery+ under the name Ghost Hunters Classic.

Discovery+ offers a seven-day free trial and is currently available in the U.S. , the UK , Denmark , Finland , India , Ireland , Italy , Japan , the Netherlands , Norway , Poland , Sweden , and Spain .

Watch Ghost Hunters on Max

Max is the name of the freshly merged HBO Max and Discovery Plus streaming service. While HBO Max was home to prestige TV, Max brings reality content from Discovery channels into the fold, including Ghost Hunters . New episodes stream the same day they air on The Travel Channel.

Watch Ghost Hunters on YouTube TV

YouTube TV has many entertainment channels, including the Travel Channel. It has seasons 14 and 15 of Ghost Hunters on demand and is another way to catch season 16 when it airs. YouTube TV offers a seven-day free trial for new users. You may need to supply a valid U.S. ZIP code (e.g., 30301 or 11222).

Sling TV logo.

Watch Ghost Hunters on-demand on Sling TV

Another popular cable TV alternative is Sling TV , which also carries the Travel Channel. However, Sling does not offer a free trial. You may need to supply a valid U.S. ZIP code (e.g., 30301 or 11222) when signing up.

Blue play button.

Catch up on older seasons of Ghost Hunters on Prime Video

Seasons 1 to 13 of Ghost Hunters are available on Prime Video under the name Ghost Hunters Classic . However, you will need a Discovery+ on Amazon subscription to stream the show. A seven-day free trial is available.

Stream the Ghost Hunters International on Peacock

Can’t get enough of Ghost Hunters ? The spin-off show Ghost Hunters International will be right up your alley. Traveling the globe to investigate haunted locations, the three-season-long show is streaming on Peacock . A seven-day free trial is available for new users.

Who is in the Ghost Hunters cast?

Ghost Hunters 2023 Cast

When given a choice between a 9-to-5 office job or staking out haunted houses dead in the night, most of us would pick the former. But not the Ghost Hunters foursome:

Jason Hawes

Shari DeBenedetti

Steve Gonsalves

Ghost Hunters Season 16 will also feature special guest actor Chandler Riggs of The Walking Dead fame, and guest investigators Satori Hawes and Cody DesBiens .

Ghost Hunters FAQs

Can i watch ghost hunters on hulu.

Ghost Hunters isn’t available to stream on Hulu, but you can watch it on Hulu + Live TV via The Travel Channel.

Where can I watch older seasons of Ghost Hunters?

Stream older seasons of Ghost Hunters on Prime Video. Seasons 1 to 13 are dubbed Ghost Hunters Classic , and you will need a Discovery+ on Amazon subscription to stream.

Where can I watch Ghost Hunters Classic?

All 13 seasons of Ghost Hunters Classic are available on Prime Video with a Discovery+ on Amazon subscription. Seasons 12 and 13 of Ghost Hunters Classic are also available on Discovery+.

Where can I watch Ghost Hunters International?

All three seasons of Ghost Hunters International are available to stream on Peacock .

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    Harper College offers paranormal studies in topics such as ghosts, paranormal investigation, cemeteries, aliens and vampires. Hunter College has a traditional college class on witchcraft and religion.

  2. Is Steve Gonsalves Married?

    Steve Gonsalves is not married as of December 2015 but is in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Alyce Haynes of Salem, Virginia. Gonsalves is famous for producing the paranormal-themed TV shows “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Hungers Academy”...

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    The hunt for the paranormal goes global with the highly anticipated Syfy reality series, Ghost Hunters International. Taking their adventures across the

  5. Watch Ghost Hunters International Streaming Online

    Say Hello to Peacock! The wildly entertaining new streaming service for watching Ghost Hunters International. Watch today!

  6. Ghost Hunters International (TV Series 2008– )

    Ghost Hunters International: With Barry Fitzgerald, Robb Demarest, Joe Chin, Paul Bradford. Ghost Hunters International (GHI) is a reality series that

  7. Ghost Hunters International

    Find Ghost Hunters on NBC.com and the NBC App. Ghost hunters investigate paranormal activity throughout the country.

  8. Ghost Hunters International

    Comprised of veteran TAPS investigators Robb Demarest, Andy Andrews, Brian Harnois and Donna La Croix, along with Barry Fitzgerald (memorable from the Ghost

  9. Ghost Hunters International

    Investigators from The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) join experienced Irish investigator Barry Fitzgerald as they travel around the world

  10. Ghost Hunters International

    Find out how to watch Ghost Hunters International. Stream the latest seasons and episodes, watch trailers, and more for Ghost Hunters International at TV

  11. Ghost Hunters International

    SyFy's original reality series Ghost Hunters International follows the adventures of a team of paranormal investigators as they apply their principles…

  12. Ghost Hunters International Season 1 Episodes Streaming Online

    Stream full episodes of Ghost Hunters International season 1 online on The Roku Channel. The Roku Channel is your home for free and premium TV, anywhere you

  13. Where to Watch Ghost Hunters 2023 Online

    Scouring the creepiest and darkest haunts for proof of the paranormal, Ghost Hunters is back for a spectre-cular 16th season. Check out our guide for all

  14. Ghost Hunters International

    Ghost Hunters International (abbreviated as GHI) is a spin-off series of Ghost Hunters that aired on Syfy (formerly Sci-Fi). The series premiered on January