What do the four colors on ghost radar classic mean?

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On Ghost Radar Classic, the four colors mean signal strength. Red being the strongest, yellow being a little less strong than red, green being slightly less stronger than yellow, and blue being the weakest.

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The colour of the ghost

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sinigal strength

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How does only four colors in printer produce a wide range of colors?

By combining those four colors.The issue is a bit complicated; but a simplified explanation is that our eyes only see THREE basic colors; the printer uses a fourth color, namely black, because for some reason, mixing the other three colors doesn't result in a perfect black.

There are four different kinds of rays found that have an even shorter wavelength than the color violet what are the colors?

true blue,rohan red,deep yellow,and metal green.

What are the four units of speed?

what are the four units of speed

Should a mouse weigh four ounces or four pounds?

four ounces that why we can pick it up

What does Pulse motor and sensation times four mean?

The person has pulses that can be felt in all four limbs, they can move all four limbs, and they can feel all four limbs.

Four ghosts of Christmas Carol?

The four ghosts in The Christmas Carol are Jacob Marley, the Ghost of Christmas past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

How do you get pokeradar in Pokemon diamond?

ok to get the poke-radar beat the elite four then go to sandgem town, then dawn will give u the poke-radar

What are the four toner colors?

The four most common colors of xerographic toner are black, magenta, cyan, and yellow.

Who does Jacob Marley's ghost visit?

Marley's ghost, the first of four, visits Ebenezer Scrooge.

This triangular domino has four different colors in how many ways could such a shape be cooured using these four colors?

How do you defeat ghost pokemon trainer of elite four in leafgreen.

Ghost types are weak against other ghost types and dark types so use those types to defeat that elite four member.

Is it true the four colors on the theme colors button in powerpoint represent the primary text and background colors and two accent colors?

What are the four eras of cars.

Veteran vintage classic and modern

What were the names of the four ghosts that visited Ebeneezer Scrooge in the novella A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens?

The four ghost are as follows: Jacob Marley, Ebeneezer Scrooge's former business partner, the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas yet to Come.

What are the four process colors in printing?

The four colors used in process color printing are cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black) or CMYK.

Is sunkern rare in diamond?

I'd say kind of, yes. You need to beat the Elite Four to get a Poke Radar. The Poke Radar is needed to catch Sunkern on Route 204.

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what do the colors mean on ghost radar

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What does blue mean on a ghosts detector?

What does a purple dog mean i`m a kid and want to know, what do the different colors for the "ghosts" mean on the "real ghost detector app", what is the color of green ghost detector, what do the green dot mean on ghost detector.

what do the colors mean on ghost radar

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what do the colors mean on ghost radar

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what do the colors mean on ghost radar

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The Haunted Librarian

~ researching, investigating, and writing about the paranormal..

The Haunted Librarian

Ghost Radar: Legacy

13 Thursday Feb 2014

Posted by The Haunted Librarian in Equipment , Ghost Hunting , Paranormal

≈ Comments Off on Ghost Radar: Legacy

equipment , ghost hunting tools , ghost radar , phone apps

Ghost Radar Legacy

The app Ghost Radar Legacy in “Radar” view.

Review: Ghost Radar: Legacy

One of my go-to tools is an app for my smartphone. Ghost Radar: Legacy is easy to use and generates some interesting—and relevant—words. In addition, I am successful in capturing orbs and light anomalies by watching the energy signals.

Spud Pickles produces a free version, “Classic,” or for .99¢ one may upgrade to the “Legacy” version. “Ghost Radar is a portable application designed to detect paranormal activity.” Clearly labeled “for entertainment purposes,” the app runs sensors that search for “interesting patterns.” The navigation tabs include: Vox, Radar, Words, and Report Readings. The radar incorporates a “Proprietary Algorithm” that analyzes quantum flux (under title “Vox.”). The manufactures caution that this is not an EMF detector; nor does it detect gravity. Under the “Radar” tab, the program runs an “Intelligent Energy Detection” program designed to identify intense energy signals. The signals are color-coded: Blue = Weakest signal; Green = Medium; Yellow = Increasing signal; and Red = Intense signal. The area being scanned differs from the immediate vicinity up to 50 yards away. The most popular feature is the “Voice of Warning.” The program generates words that may be coming from an energy source. This is different from a Spirit Box. With Legacy, words appear on the screen overtop of the Radar. There is no way of knowing which, if any, energy signal produces the words. Finally, the program can e-mail reports.

Immediately upon arrival at an investigation, I turn on the app. It requires time to warm up. This varies according to the intensity of the energy. Sometimes the app displays several words in red (warming up) before turning to grey and then black. Depending on the words, I usually disregard the words in red. However, there have been times when the words were relevant or repeated once I got going. This is why I review evidence on a case-by-case basis. Each case is different.

So, why am I blown away with Ghost Radar: Legacy? I have gotten the best evidence and most relevant words using this app. I’ve used other apps and the Ovilus III, but this is hands down the winner. Here are some examples: While in the Kennesaw House, a hotel during the Civil War, the radar generated the word “Lincoln.” And the energy signals were constant and intense. The Kennesaw House is supposed to have thousands of ghosts inhabiting it. Often I will get the word “hello” when I am starting an investigation and always after I have introduced myself.

At Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, the radar generated “football,” “play,” and “score” while I was near the Grant family mausoleum. Ten-year-old Hugh Inman Grant died in 1906 from appendicitis. His parents donated $15,000 toward the construction of the athletic fields. Today, Georgia Tech plays football at the Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field.

At the Marietta City and Confederate Cemetery, the radar generated the following words: way, across, rise, bar, mental, slave, and somebody. I was in the Confederate Portion. Most notably, the word “slave” appeared when I was at the Slave Section.

During one investigation, my paranormal team co-founder seemed to have a conversation with the ghost via the radar. The ghost was troubled (“failed”) by not seeing her grandchild’s birth. However, the conversation evolved into an intelligent discussion about how the ghost “usually” sees her grandchildren.

The radar does not repeat the same words on every investigation. This is the trouble I have with the Ovilus III, which always generates the same 10-15 words no matter the location. The Ghost Radar: Legacy displayed the word “talmage” on one investigation. This is a specific word and one that has a lot of meaning in Georgia. Herman Eugene Talmage, Sr. was the governor of Georgia in 1947 and then again from 1948-1955. Turns out that the owner of the home’s father worked for the former governor. More important was that the word generated while we were in the room with the homeowner and next to an artifact from Governor Talmage himself!

I am a huge fan. There is another newer version, the Ghost Radar: Connect, for $1.99; however, I am sticking with what works.

For more information, visit http://spudpickles.com/app/ghost-radar-legacy/ .

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what do the colors mean on ghost radar

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what do the colors mean on ghost radar

Ghost Radar Connect Colors

Ghost Radar®: CONNECT

Ghost Radar®: CONNECT

( resouces: Ghost Radar Connect Colors )

Looking for Ghost radar classic app just what exactly do your colors mean? Find out more information about Ghost radar classic app just what exactly do your colors mean right here!. I just got all of the GHOST RADAR – connect version, and i had it with during work.. Ghost Radar is a portable application designed if you want to detect paranormal activity. From all of the product website: “On all of the Radar view all of the colors of all of the blips are an.

Jul 26, 2012 - yellow: far away green: closer than yellow blue:more closer red: EXTREMELY CLOSE.. Your email will display the entire words, the entire time and also the entire color.. Just as a test if you want to see whenever ghost radar has a tendency if you want to use the entire same word. " . ". "Usually ghost radar are use to be able to locate if. "I have been running all the ghost radar connect app for about an. ". "The colors that you see once it detects. What is the actual key to the actual colors of ghost radar classic. Someone said: I have Ghost Radar Connect. "The colors in the ghost reader classic are for signal strength.. and i have seen a purple dot. i. ". "The colors that you see if your it detects. The signals are color-coded: Blue = Weakest signal; Green. Feb 13, 2014 - Review: Ghost Radar: Legacy One of my go-to tools is an app for my smartphone. There is another newer version, the actual Ghost Radar: Connect, for $1.99; however, .

are the actual blips upon the radar. The colors of the actual blips are an indication of signal strength.. Ghost Radar employs a proprietary algorithm to be able to analyze the actual quantum flux. Visit http://www.ghostradar.com/. This video walks through the actual features of Ghost Radar®: CONNECT. Ghost. Ghost Radar, is a free app that you can get for a person's Android and / or iPhone. The colored dots upon the. Share to: . this weakest of this 4 colors. a very weak signal. share through friends. mean with the ghost radar mean? exactly what do this colors mean with ghost radar classic. Red being the actual strongest, yellow being a little less strong than red, green being slightly less . On Ghost Radar Classic, the actual four colors mean signal strength. I need a Ghost Radar expert to be able to explain this app. 6) What do the actual colors mean/represent 7) In the actual Radar, What is . ^^Please answer my question!.

Aug 13, 2016 - If you are talking about these app via iTunes, these color is most likely structured on random calculations of patterns. It connects along with energy, but .

it goes blue, green, yellow, red. that colors are that strength of that signal. blue. So I downloaded that ghost radar app a while ago, such as a few iphones ago. I don't know that first thing about writing apps and how they connect . using Ghost Radar connect, Jul 25, 2012 · I love Ghost Radar Classic and I noticed there . What do the actual different color orbs mean with the ghost radar legacy app?. Oct 13, 2017 - Instead, you can just use the actual Ghost Radar app in order to really investigate those weird sensations. Before you reach for your current smartphone in order to really download the . Ghost Radar® is the actual original application designed to be able to detect paranormal activity. Ghost Radar® attempts to be able to detect paranormal activity by making various readings .

Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC 4+

Spud pickles, designed for ipad.

  • 3.6 • 2.1K Ratings



Ghost Radar® is the original application designed to detect paranormal activity. Ghost Radar® attempts to detect paranormal activity by making various readings on the device. Traditional paranormal equipment can be easily fooled when simple mundane bursts of normal energy occur. Ghost Radar® sets itself apart by analyzing the readings and giving indications only when interesting patterns in the readings have been made. This is the Classic version of the ORIGINAL Ghost Radar®. Please visit http://www.ghostradar.com/GhostRadarLegacy for more information on the advanced features of Ghost Radar®: LEGACY including: * logged word lists * email capability * advanced user interface * advanced settings * the VOX Please note we offer no guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore, since results from this application cannot be verified scientifically the app should be used for entertainment purposes.

Version 1.9.122

Upgraded to run with iOS 14.

Ratings and Reviews

2.1K Ratings

This was very odd

So before I downloaded this app, I read the reviews. Most of them were saying it was like the real stuff and this wasn’t a joke. So I decided to download it because I was bored and I have been hearing knocks in my attic which is above my room. The first word it said was “Henry” so I thought that was probably the name of the ghost. A few minutes later, my friends wanted to hang out so I told them about this app. They don’t believe in ghost but they found it interesting anyway. We took a walk in my neighborhood trying to find ghosts. We did find one. This ghost kept going on and off of the grid. It also kept saying words like “ close” or “far” so we thought that probably meant we were close to the ghost. After a while the ghost kept hinting about Pearl Harber. Like “Harber” or “ cold” or “hurt” so we thought maybe the ghost was in the Pearl Harber. After a while we were getting a bit bored so we turned off the app. We couldn’t stop thinking about it which was weird so we decided to write in chalk all of the names the app said so the ghost could cross out their name. We left for about 10 minutes and when we came back nothing was crossed off so we gave up and tried to forget about it because it was probably fake. Ever since then everything has felt off. I just feel like I’m missing something. I recommend u not download it because it could be actually dangerous and you forget about other stuff. Thanks for reading.
So me and my friends decided to test this out and we heard a car starting in the parking lot then this app said gasoline and automobile! We were checking this out and figured that there were three ghosts in the bathroom thinking back to a few days ago when me and my friend just me and him saw a black shadow in there! Me and my friends were all just chilling and then we heard footsteps. Then we saw someone walking down the stairs and then they disappeared. The app said eaten and then gone! We are finally had the courage to check out the bathroom and we were all arguing who was gonna go in first, and then that said noise, which is terrifying! We were all chilling and this building has been around for many years we have some thing in this building called the pickle sock it has been around for many years we believe that the pickle sock is haunted so when we pointed the app at the pickle sock The numbers went up, if you don’t know what that means when the numbers go up that means there’s something nearby that is just terrifying. The app is definitely not fake . Then we started to play a song and as soon as we started to play they said attack we stopped playing for a bit . After a little break we started to play again then the word attack came up again. We started to noodle ( when you just mess around and play) the app said noise because we were playing loud .definitely recommend

Real incident

This is not fake I have used this app when I was young it says names and words that are actually relevant it’s very creepy gives me the chills. I was hanging out with my friend kasey and I decided to download the app and show him it’s not fake . So we continue to laugh and download the app and when we started it up at first he didn’t take it serious and was having a good time . Well after leaving the ghost radar on and waiting for words suddenly the app said “ UP” and we didn’t think anything of it . Then suddenly it said and I’m not lying I put this on my mom and everything it said the word “KC” his name was kasey so it gave all of us the chills because I never once said his name we were just laughing and having a good time . Well then he starts to get worried and tell me to delete the app and I said why don’t get scared it’s just a game. And he starts to tear up and suddenly the app says “ crying “ we immediately deleted the app. It’s very creepy how it ironically knew his name it was understandable when it said crying because I told him to stop tearing up but how would it have known his name . It’s a weird vibe ever since but this app has said words before that actually made my friends leave and get worried and delete the app. It’s a really cool experience better then the ouiji board . 5 stars forsure.

App Privacy

The developer, Spud Pickles , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Identifiers

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

  • Developer Website
  • App Support
  • Privacy Policy

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    On Ghost Radar Classic, the four colors mean signal strength. Red being the strongest, yellow being a little less strong than red

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