The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

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By Matthew Rorie on April 3, 2009 at 10:44AM PDT

Zelda. It's an institution in gaming, having seen the first title in the series debut on the Nintendo Entertainment system over 20 years ago. Many sequels have followed, some better than others, but now the series makes its first entry on Nintendo's incredibly popular DS handheld system with Phantom Hourglass.

Phantom Hourglass is a sequel to the beloved Wind Waker, which appeared on the GameCube. In it, Link and Tetra, his pirate friend, are whisked away to another watery world when they stumble upon an abandoned ship. Soon enough, Tetra is held captive by an unspeakable evil while Link is forced to make his way around the world, visiting dungeons and vanquishing foes, in order to save her.

One thing to note is that there are very few screenshots in this guide: taking screenshots is difficult to do from a Nintendo DS, so we've forgone their use for the most part. Also note that this isn't intended to be a 100% completion guide; you can beat the game without doing many of the side quests that are available. We'll cover what we can (and may expand this guide later), but if you're looking for more information, you may want to check As always, if you have something to add to the guide, feel free to click on that feedback link in the table of contents…

Here's what we've got in store for you in GameSpot's Game Guide to Phantom Hourglass.


Sea information.

The high seas of Phantom Hourglass are an adventurer's best friend…and worst nightmare. There's plenty to see and do on the open seas, so here's a brief guide on what to expect.

There are lots of enemies out on the water, ranging from the easily killed to the annoyingly difficult. Most easy enemies can be dispatched with a single blow from your cannon, but the tougher ones will take multiple hits before going down, and some will even submerge themselves and become unhittable. If you come across a tough enemy, find a port nearby and steam to it; docking and undocking will clear the map near you.

  • Beedle's Ship

Beedle is a seaborne merchant that floats around between all of the four map quadrants; he'll usually appear on your present map shortly after you transition in. If you dock with him, you can buy a variety of objects. His stock rotates over time, so check back often to find new and expensive goods; he eventually starts selling ship parts, some of which are worth over 5,000 rupees.

Beedle will also sometimes be replaced with an assistant of his, who wears a golden mask. This assistant appears only very rarely, but will sell you a Heart Container. Visit his ship whenever you see it, and eventually you'll get lucky.

Beedle also offers membership rewards. If you spend enough money at his shop to earn 20 points (this will take around 2,000 rupees to be spent with him), you'll earn 10% off all future merchandise purchases, as well as a Freebie Card, which will let you pick any item that he sells and buy it for free. There's also a Gold membership at 50 points, which presumably has many more fabulous prizes for you.

Adventurer's Ships

There are four Adventurer's Ships roaming the high seas, with a different one appearing in each quadrant of the map.

Southwestern Sea

The Ship here features a down-on-his-luck adventurer who keeps getting boarded. Climb onto his ship and help him kill the enemies in exchange for treasure.

Northwestern Sea

The Ship here has a self-styled swordsman. He'll offer to teach you some tricks of the trade. Hit him with your sword each time you board him for a reward. He progressively gets harder to take down, and will eventually start fighting back with a stick; if he hits you three times, the match is over. On the other hand, if you manage to keep fighting him and get up to 100 hits on him, he'll give you a Heart Container. You can do this pretty early on in the game, so it may be worth trying out!

When you get the Hero's New Clothes from the Northeastern adventurer, give them to this guy in exchange for the Kaleidoscope.

Southeastern Sea

This Ship features treasure collectors. They'll pay top dollar for the treasure that you manage to collect.

Northeastern Sea

The Man of Smiles rules over this boat. Defeat the enemies here, then continually talk to him for your reward. If you choose the Mysterious reward, he'll give you the Hero's New Clothes , which don't do much, but which take up a slot on your Collection screen, at least. He'll also give you a treasure map. Presumably you can keep boarding the ship for more rewards.

Jolene is a female pirate who is constantly on the lookout for you. Or, more accurately, for Linebeck, who you ride with. They have quite a history together.

When Jolene spots you, she'll come after your ship. If you run, she'll try to torpedo you to death; you can jump over these torpedos with the jumping feature of your ship. It's usually better to just run right towards her, though. When she boards your ship, you'll have to fight her off; she'll usually attempt a big lunge that you can dodge, then attack from the side. A few hits and she'll run off, leaving Linebeck to give you progressively better rewards.

Sunken Treasure

As you play the game, you'll find lots and lots of treasure maps. These will leave little X marks on your sea charts. After you unlock the salvage arm for your ship, you can head to these dots and select Salvage from the menu to attempt to grab the treasure off the ocean floor.

This can be easier said than done, though. The salvage arm will have to get all the way to the bottom of the ocean, and apparently every single square foot of the seas here has a large array of explosives beneath it. The salvage arm has five hit points, and will lose one whenever it hits a bomb or a cliff. You can change the speed at which it dives, so it's usually best to yank back the speed as soon as you get into danger. Only the tip of the salvage arm can hit anything; the chain can overlap with the bombs here without a problem.

When you reach the bottom of the ocean, you have to guide your grappling hook to the treasure chest; if you miss, then you fail, and you have to start all over again. When you grab the chest, you then have to pull it all the way back up to the ship. This makes the target for the bombs and walls that much bigger and clunkier.

With a little practice, you'll get the basics of salvaging down, but it can still be difficult to salvage properly. If you get your salvage arm banged up, return to Mercay Island and speak to the dockmaster there; he'll fix it, for a price.

Golden Frogs

There are a number of golden frogs in the seas here, six in all. You'll know when you're near one because they'll start jumping out of the water, giving up shiny sparks from their bodies.

You can't do much with the golden frogs until you've spoken to their king. He dwells on an uncharted island in the northwestern sea. If you go to the eastern side of the sea here and follow the rocks up to the north, you'll find the hidden island, which actually has no map even when you land. If you can unlock the path to the center of the island, you'll be able to speak to the king, who'll give you a special slate.

After obtaining the slate, you can return to the golden frogs and hit them with your cannon. Doing so will cause them to give over a symbol. Mark the symbol in detail on your map. With that done, you can draw the symbol on your slate when you stop your boat, allowing you to instantly travel to where you found the golden frog. Pretty handy!

As per usual, Phantom Hourglass features a number of minigames that you can partake in as you travel around. You can find some of these on uncharted islands (such as the DS Island on the south side of the southeastern sea, or the Bannen Island in the northwestern sea), and some will become available on islands after you visit them for the first time (such as Romano's Shooting Range on Molida Island). Some of these will have substantial rewards (such as a Heart Container for besting Romano's minigame), but for the most part, the best you can hope for is treasure and ship parts, neither of which are vitally important unless you plan on trading items with your friends. Since you can easily beat the game without partaking in any minigames, we won't cover them in depth here.

After you sit through the opening cutscene here (you can skip it by pressing Start and tapping the Skip icon that pops up on your screen), you'll find yourself on a deserted beach, accompanied only by Ciela, a fairy that can apparently talk. And here you've been imprisoning sentient, intelligent creatures in bottles for your entire adventuring career—for shame.

Mercay Island

At any rate, your adventure begins here, and most of the opening action is pretty simple, as you might expect. After you gain control of Link, place the stylus on the screen to begin moving around. You need to head up to Oshus's house to move on. He lives just up the beach; if you head up north a bit you'll find his house soon enough. Head inside and talk to him. Oshus is a bit of a coward, and tells you to stay away from the Ghost Ship. Old fool. He'll tell you to head to Linebeck's boat, which is docked in the port off to the east.

Tip: Get used to picking up barrels, stones, and jars, and throwing them to the ground. That'll net you some rupees, which will let you buy some stuff in the port, when you reach it.

Unfortunately, as soon as you head off in that direction, a quake will come and destroy the bridge leading to the port. Speak to the woman nearby, then head back to Oshus. He'll tell you again not to try and do anything. What a maroon! Despite his dire warnings, head to the northwest and see about the alternate path leading to the cave; it's overrun with monsters, so heed Ciela's advice and turn back, then speak to Oshus one last time. He still refuses to help you out, though. Doesn't he know that you're the mythical hero sent to bring peace to all the land? Apparently not, so how smart could he be?

Finding the Sword

Take Ciela and head to the east a bit from Oshus' house to find his storage cave. If you head into it, Ciela will tell you that the code to open the door inside is the number of palm trees on the beach. Click on the sign, then draw a 7 on it; that'll open the door. It has to be a pretty straight seven, so if nothing happens, rewrite it until it clicks.

Nab the sword from the chest here, then head outside. Oshus agrees to help you out here, so head back into his house and take the sword lessons from him. Nothing too complicated. He'll teach you about the targeted attack, the side slash, and the spin attack, all of which are going to be useful. He doesn't seem to mention the forward stab, which occurs when you slide the stylus in a line leading from Link to his enemy; he'll make a little charge motion when you do this.

Into The Cave

Before you head to the north and go through the cave, visit the farmer to the west and help him with his rock problem. He'll tell you about a tree to the north that you can shake to find some treasure, so mark its location on your map. To roll, you need to put the stylus near the edge of the screen and make a curlicue motion. It's not super useful much of the time, but it'll come in handy when you want to knock things around.

Head to the northern valley and start cutting up enemies with targeted attacks. The monsters you face here are easily dispatched, so kill them and chop down plants until you find the entrance to the cave.

Northern Cave

First floor.

The first door here is easily unlocked by finding the key to the east of it and using that on it. The northern door is a bit of a tricker proposition. You need to pull the levers beside it in a certain order in order to obtain the key. The first lever is the second from the left, the second lever is all the way to the left, the third lever is all the way to the right, and the fourth lever is second from the right. Pull them in that order to drop a small key from the sky and use that to get to the second floor.

Second Floor

Start killing the rats here, noting the presence of one that has a small key in its mouth. It won't let you get close enough to kill it, however, instead hiding away in the mouse holes here. To kill it, you'll have to drag the block in the corner and place it in front of the western hole. With that done, return to the southern steps and check your minimap; the key will appear there when the rat leaves the eastern hole and heads west. He won't be able to bypass the block, though, and will have to turn around and head back to the eastern hole. If you start moving when he's heading to the west, you can get in his way when he returns to the east and use a spin attack to kill him and net you the key.

When you reach the port (it's right outside the cave exit), head directly to the docks and speak to the man there. He'll tell you to ask at the milk bar about Linebeck. If you do so, the bartender will tell you that Linebeck travelled off to the Temple of the Ocean King, far to the northwest. You'll have to head there and find him.

Before you leave town, head to the southernmost building and buy a wooden shield from the vendor there. You can buy the crown, if you like, too, but it won't do anything for you at the moment. You can't buy any bombs, either, since you don't have any bags.

Head north out of town and start weaving your way to the Temple. One of the trees here, near the ocean to the north, has a 100-rupee piece inside of it. Roll into it and nab your cash.

Temple of the Ocean King, 1st Trip

Head inside the Temple when you reach it. Dire peril? Ha! You're Link! Anyway, you can talk to the spirits here, and they'll tell you about scary monsters and life-sucking curses and all kinds of stuff. Sounds like a problem for lesser men.

Head back to the 1st Floor here, and you'll meet up with Linebeck, who's trapped behind some pointy spikes. He wants you to disable the trap and set him free, which will require a bit of exploration. Unfortunately, the bulk of the level is cursed, and will constantly drain your life. You can stay healthy by breaking pots, and the purple zones on your map will let you avoid the life draining effect.

Begin by moving up and to the left here. You'll find a locked door and a small crystal ball. Hit the ball with your sword to deactivate the spikes and let Linebeck move down to the doorway. Go talk to him, and he'll give you the Small Key .

Use the key to open the door near the ball that you hit earlier. There are two more crystals on this level, one to the northeast and one to the northwest. Start with the one in the northeast. Time your movement to avoid the spike trap, then quickly smash it and run back to the northwestern ball and hit that, too. If you manage to light both of the balls up at the same time, you can open the door in the northern side of the floor. Head there to find the Sea Chart , which will reveal a portion of the world map to you.

Back To Town

Return with it to the exterior of the temple and hand it over to Linebeck, who'll quickly run back to the docks. Follow him there. When Oshus gives you the map, rub your stylus over the island in the southeastern corner of the map to reveal a secret mark, denoting the Isle of Ember.

With the mystery revealed, hop onto Linebeck's ship. There are a few places you can go now, but there won't be much you can do on the new islands until you talk to Astrid on the Isle of Ember, so head there first.

Isle of Ember

Trace a path in the ship to the Isle of Ember and head aboard. Most of the houses here are empty…what could've happened? Astrid's home is the second one from the western edge, near a flight of stairs. Unfortunately, no one's home here, either. Head into the basement and kill all of the enemies with targeted attacks to finish them off, then head towards the locked door here to find Astrid. You'll need to yell something into the microphone to get her attention; anything will do. Feel free to curse the game itself for including a contrived feature that'll make you look like an idiot if you play the game around any other living person.

Anyway, Astrid will tell you that she's locked in, and ask you to find Kayo, her assistant, to help unlock the door. If you examine the map nearby, you'll be told what to do; you need to mark the location of the three torches on the island.

Finding Kayo

Kayo's house is to the south of Astrid's, but he's not at home either. If you head to the east along the coast, you'll eventually come to the eastern side of the island, where Kayo's skeleton and ghost can be found. Talk to the ghost, then place a dot on your map to indicate where the eastern torch is located. You need to find all three torches to open the door, though. One of them is near Kayo's skeleton, one of them is inside Kayo's house, and one of them is near the little island in the northwestern corner of the map.

Return to Astrid's house when you've found all of the torches and unlock her door by tapping their locations onto the map. After speaking with her, you'll be able to get your fortune told. She'll tell you to head to the Temple of Fire atop the volcano here and clean it out; that will somehow let you find the Ghost Ship.

The gates leading to the Temple are now opened, so head that way and dodge the falling rocks as you try to reach the temple. When you do get there, you'll have to blow out the candles on either side of the doorway to enter. Face Link towards the candles and blow into the microphone; that'll blow the candles out. You can head up to the top of the mountain to find a 20 Rupee piece in a chest; apart from that, you're good to head into your first full-fledged dungeon.

Temple of Fire

Ciela gives you a hot tip here: don't touch the fire in the temple, or you'll get burned. She's a brilliant fairy, indeed. Head up and to the east here. You'll come to a locked door that you have to jump past; do so, then head down to the southeastern corner of the map. Kill all of the bats in the room with side slashes and spin attacks to unlock a Small Key .

Take the key and head up to the only locked door you've seen thus far, in the room to the north. There's a map on the wall nearby that'll show you the route you need to take through the northeastern room here. Unlock the door and head upwards, following the path (hopefully you marked it on your map?) through the room. Even if you didn't mark the path, you can just move slowly and you'll avoid the pitfalls. The ground will open up and attempt to make you drop, but if you don't move superquick you can avoid it.

In the northern middle section of the floor, you'll find four crystal balls. Hit them all simultaneously with a spin attack to open the door in the middle of the map here. Head back and head up the stairs to the second floor.

You'll come out in the northeastern corner of this floor here. Try to avoid the electrical enemies here when they pop up; wait for their electrical power to wear off, then hit them with the sword.

Hit the ball in the upper corner of this room to unlock the path leading onward. You'll come to another monster room, this time with jellies that split in two when you hit them. They'll attempt to grab onto you, but you can shake them off by quickly rubbing the stylus against the screen. Kill them all to find the Boomerang .

The boomerang is the first piece of equipment that you find, but not the last. To use it, just click on the icon in the corner, then trace a path around the screen where you want it to go. Practice this a bit; you'll be doing it a lot in here. To begin with, use the boomerang to hit the crystal ball on the right side of this room to move on. That'll extinguish the fire on the left side of the room.

Move up to the northwestern corner of the map where two torches overlook two balls. Avoid the flames from the torches and quickly hit both of the balls; that will unlock a set of stairs.

You'll return to the first floor now. More electrical jellies will appear, and you can try using your boomerang on them to stun them if you like. There are some red blocks here; stand near the boing-oing statue and use your boomerang. Curve it around the corner to the west and have it hit the switch nearby; that'll raise the red blocks and lower the blue blocks to the south.

Head south a bit (you can hit another block to unlock the flames leading back to the center of the map) until you reach the southwestern room. You'll need to kill two flaming skulls here; hit them with the boomerang to snuff out their shrouds of flame, then whack them with your sword to kill them. That'll unlock another stairwell to the second floor.

2nd Floor South

Use your boomerang to kill the firebats here. There are two near where you come up the steps, and another one off to the east a bit. Doing so will cause a treasure chest to appear with 20 rupees inside of it.

Find the two switches on the southern side of the first room here and pull both of them. That'll open the door to the north, leading to another rat with a key. Stay south, out of the room that he's in, and trace a long path for your boomerang leading it upward to where the rat runs around. If you draw a lot of circles for it to move around in, it should hit the rat as it goes by, letting you pick up the small key .

Head to the southeast now and find the ball and the colored blocks. Flip the switch, then use your boomerang to stun the octorock before moving forward and killing it. Flip the switch again when you're standing where the octorock was to unlock the path to the third floor.

Head south here to find a drawing on the wall; that'll be a puzzle solution for you in a second. When that's done, head north, blow out the candles, and head to the northeastern corner of the map. In this room, you have to use your boomerang to hit all of the switches in a certain order. According to the clue, it's: southwest, northeast, northwest, and southeast. Hitting the switches in that order will reveal a small key which you need to move on.

Use the key on the door to the south; you'll pass by the door leading to the boss of the dungeon. In the combat room, kill the electrical jellies with your sword and the firebats with your boomerang. Head to the north a bit and kill both of the flaming skulls to unlock the path to the northwestern corner of the map. When there, stand on the switch to light the torch, then trace your boomerang path from the lit torch to the two unlit torches to light them all.

That'll unlock a door in the middle of the map. Head there and use your boomerang across the gap to close it, then head north to find the Boss Key . Pick it up and return to the boss's door to open it.

Boss Fight: Blaaz, Master of Fire

Head up through the fourth floor to reach the top of the dungeon, where Blaaz awaits. As you may expect from the game's first boss, he's not very difficult to take down. He'll constantly shift between a form where he splits into three separate copies of himself, then return to his full size. Either way you look at it, though, he should be a piece of cake. If you're quick, you can probably prevent him from ever attacking you.

Blaaz will begin by splitting himself up into three portions of himself. Use your boomerang here to nab all three of the portions in one swing; that'll clump them together and force them to meld. They'll often break free after a second, though. If you want to force Blaaz to get bigger, look at your map screen; one of the icons will have no horns, while one will have a single horn, and the last will have two. You need to hook them together in order of horn number, i.e. the first target should have no horns, the second should have one, and the third should have two. In practice, though, if you simply keep boomeranging your foes without looking, you'll eventually get the right combination after four or five tries.

When Blaaz himself is standing in front of you, quickly hit him with the boomerang to stun him, then run over to him and tap on him as quicky as possible to hurt him. Stunning him will prevent him from being able to turn invisible and float away. Even if he does move away, though, you can still hit him until he splits himself again.

You'll need to go through a few cycles of this to kill Blaaz. If he somehow manage to damage you, smash a vase on the perimeter of the platform to nab a heart.

When Blaaz is dead, speak to Leaf, the Spirit of Power. He'll join your group. With him along for the ride, nab the Heart Container in the chest, then hop into the blue portal to return to the Isle of Ember. Return to Astrid. She'll tell you to return to the Temple of the Ocean King, and give you a Spirit Gem . It's currently unusable to you, but it'll come in handy later.

With that done, head back to Kayo's spirit to the east. He'll tell you of two buried Treasure Maps on the island: one lies under a tuft of grass to the east of the entrance to the Temple of Fire, while another one is buried in Astrid's basement.

Return to Mercay

Head back to Mercay, the island where you started the game. Head back to the Temple of the Ocean God, where Oshus will tell you a secret: you need to get up on the altar above the first doorway. You'll nab the Phantom Hourglass .

Temple of the Ocean King, 2nd Trip

Head inside the temple proper here, and Leaf will allow you to open the door emblazoned with the symbol of power. Head downstairs to the B1 floor.

You'll come across your first Phantoms here. These monsters are currently unkillable, so avoid them as best you can. You can spot them on your minimap, including where they're looking, so do your best to avoid them. If you ever get spotted by them, run to a safe zone and they'll lose your scent.

To move on here, you need to light both of the torches in the middle southern portion of the map. To do so, head to the northeastern corner, near the crystal ball there. When the Phantom in the middle southern section of the map is heading north toward the door through which you entered this floor, flip the ball, run to the south, avoid the phantom, get to the torches, and use your boomerang to light up the torch that didn't get set alight by the switch. That will drop the flames in the southwest, allowing you to move on.

Sit in the middle western safe zone and wait for the phantom to head south. When it does so, move to the north and find the switch in the middle northern side of the map; that'll open the door leading to a Small Key . Nab it, then time your movements so that you can return to the northeastern corner of the map and unlock the steps leading downward.

There's a Phantom near your starting point here; he stand stationary in front of a switch. You'll need to let him spot you, then move him away from the switch and run towards it yourself (make a circuit around one of the blocks here), then quickly pull it out from the wall and return to a safe zone to clear your pursuer. That'll drop the flames to the southwest. With that done, hit the two crystal balls here to drop a small key a bit to the south, then move past where the flames were to move on.

You'll find another flame barrier to the west. Throw a boomerang through it to hit the switch beyond it and move on. When you reach the southwestern corner, though, wait inside the safe zone there and take a look at the Phantom in the southeast. It looks like it'll be tough to get past him, but there is a pot with magical juice in it in the southeastern corner of the map. If you can rush past him and break the pot, you'll be invisible and safe.

When the Phantom is patrolling away from the key, run up to the switch here. That'll drop the spikes nearby. Use your boomerang to grab the Small Key on the far side of them, then use it to unlock the door and head down one more flight of stairs.

Your goal here is to find three Force Gems and place them on the pedestals on the floor in the northeastern corner of the map. You can find the first Force Gem by heading northwest from where you enter the floor; it's in a treasure chest in a safe zone. Take it slowly but surely to the east and plant it into one of the receptacles there.

There are two more Force Gems to find here. Begin by heading to the southwestern corner of the map and pulling the lever on the wall there; that'll drop the flames near the platform in the southeast. Head there and take note of the two switches. If you stand on these, trap doors will open on the floor. Wait for the Phantom to get underneath one of them and hit the switch; he'll drop a key.

With the key in your possession, you can nab another Force Gem behind the locked door near the southwestern corner of the map. The last Force Gem is in a chest in the southeastern safe zone.

Plant all of the Force Gems into their slots, and a door will open leading to the B3 North. Head in there and nab the Northwestern Sea Chart .

Back To The Seas

Return to the overworld via the blue portal here and return to Linebeck. A man standing near him will tell you that someone else named Eddo will outfit your ship with a cannon if you visit him on an island to the south Great. When you give Linebeck the map, you'll have to blow into your microphone.

Cannon Island

Take a trip to Cannon Island to the south of Mercay. When you land, head into the workhouse to the east and speak to the apprentice within. He'll open the door to the west that leads to the rest of the island.

Follow the path here, trying to not get stung by bees. There's a treasure map in a chest near the middle of the path, in the midst of a nest of beehives; be sure to nab it.

Bomb Garden

The cave here is underneath an area called the Bomb Garden; it's known as such since bombs actually grow here. You'll need to pick them up and throw them to move on. Tap a bomb, then throw it at the crumbly rocks that bar your way to destroy them. You can nab another bomb here and quickly run to the southeast to destroy a cracked wall there to find another Power Gem .

When you're ready to navigate through the cave, pick up a bomb and throw it over the fence to break the block there. With that done, push the metal block into the fenced-in area to get inside. With that done, you'll have two blocks blocking your path to the north. You need to pull the one closest to you so that you can push it up against the right wall here, then push it south to where the bomb plant is. That'll let you pull the other block to the right and up so that you can move past it. Nab a bomb from the bomb plant and destroy the crumbled block that prevents you from moving on.

You'll come out to the real Bomb Garden when you exit the cave. Make your way along the path until you reach the steps heading down. Continue along the path until you come to some crumbled blocks that prevent you from moving on. It may seem impossible to reach them with a bomb, but it's not; you have to head back up the steps, find one of the bombs that grows along the little cliff to the north, pick it up, then jump off the cliff and book it to the east and throw the bomb over the fence before it explodes.

With that done, you can reach Eddo and buy the Cannon from him for a whole 50 rupees. With that installed on your ship, you'll be able to fire at your enemies by tapping at them while you're floating around.

To The North! Kind of!

If you attempt to head up to the northwestern map screen at this point, you may see the Ghost Ship. Do your best to give chase, but eventually you'll wind up getting lost in the fog and will be forced to turn back. That'll end your trip pretty quickly. You need to find some way to get past the fog if you want to head to the north!

Molida Island

Head to Molida Island in the southwestern corner of the southwestern map zone. You'll need to use your cannon to reach it. If you look at your map, you should see a gap in the wall of mountains that runs north to south here. There's no gap in the actual wall, though, but if you head to the gap you can blast your way through the weaker rocks there with the cannon itself.

When you land at Molida, you'll learn that it's a fishing island, and that one of its inhabitants has managed to penetrate the fog. He's not present at the moment, however. If you head to the easternmost house, though, and speak to the woman outside of it and the boy inside of it, you'll learn that the man has probably left behind some clues as to how to penetrate the fog.

Tip : One of the homes here, near the middle of the village, has a treasure chest with a piece of random treasure inside of it.

Molida Cave

Head into the cave here and begin exploring. In order to enter the cave, you'll need to speak to the woman outside of it, who'll block your progress. To get past her, head into the house behind her and speak to her son. Repeat the process of talking to both of them a couple of times, and you'll eventually gain access to the cave. Note that if you didn't chase the ghost ship up to the north, you won't be able to enter the cave at all! Be sure to chase down the ship and get turned around in the fog before attempting to head into the cave.

You can destroy the first enemies in the cave easily enough, then boomerang the bats and hop to the northeast. Unfortunately, you'll come across a large, tough enemy here, who acts something like an overgrown Link: he uses a sword and shield, just like you, and it's tough to penetrate his guard. What's worked for us is to get him into the middle of the arena, between you and the water, and start to attack him by rapidly tapping away at him. He'll block all of your attacks, but will eventually hit the water's edge and stop. If you're lucky, you can keep attacking him and he'll slide off to the side a bit, meaning that you'll eventually be attacking him from the side and will be able to bypass his guard. A few hits like that and he'll die, opening the door. It sounds complicated, but if you just try to hit him repeatedly while his back is to the water, it should eventually work.

Pass through another chamber here, and you'll come out to a path with a couple of bomb plants. Find the crack in the wall and bust through to reach the wayfarer's hideway. You can read his journal here; apparently he has another hideaway that's located where the lines drawn between all of the Wayfarer's Stones intersect; you've probably seen a couple of them back in the village.

Nab the Shovel here and equip it by clicking on the Items button. If you dig on the slightly off-colored spot just below the chest that it's located in, you can find a 100-Rupee piece. There's another one of these back where you fought the large monster with the shield, as well.

Finding The Hideaway

Head out of the cave via the stairs to the north; there'll be a treasure chest with a random treasure in it, as well as a couple more Wayfarer's stones. Mark them on your map, then return to the village and mark the two that are there, as well.

Now, the point where all of the lines between these stones meet can be difficult to find, depending on your skill on drawing. Luckily, you can pretty easily find your way by heading to the southernmost Wayfarer's Stone (in the village, with the woman standing by it), then heading directly north from there. Across the stone path you'll spot a palm tree; use your shovel on the square directly south of it, between the tree and the path, and you'll find the hideaway.

Inside this second hideaway, you'll find a map on the wall that indicates the only way to bypass the northern fog bank. Be sure to etch it onto your map, as it'll be difficult to remember later. You'll also find a Treasure Map in a chest, and another journal. Make your way out of the cave, taking note of the strange door that you find, and return to Linebeck to shove off.

Spirit Island

You're pretty close to Spirit Island at this point, if you want to check it out. It's located to the south of Molida, in the middle of the three tiny islands on your map. It's not charted, but you will discover it if you get close enough to it.

There isn't much to see on Spirit Island at the moment, but you can get a Courage Gem in a chest here. If you explore the shrine, you'll find that you need to have 10 Gems to power up a spirit so that it can be equipped, and 20 to fully power it. You won't have anything near that amount of gems at the moment, but if you're about to max out your cash, you may want to consider buying a gem or something at a shop somewhere; they're expensive.

Traveler's Ship

You can also find the Traveler's Ship near Molida. This guy's ship has been overrun by monsters, but if you save him and talk to him, he'll give you some treasure and tell you that he's looking for a special book. Hmm…maybe you'll find it on your adventures!

When you're ready to reach the Isle of Gust for real, head up the western side of the map until you reach the northwestern sea. The fog will be thick and heavy, so trace your route right over the route that you marked down earlier on. If you perform it correctly, you'll wind up in the middle part of this map segment and can head down to the Isle of Gust and land.

Before you land, though, here are some other things to keep an eye out for in the northwestern sea.

Bannen Island

To the north of the Isle of Gust is Bannen Island. If you want to visit it, feel free; it's a pretty spartan environment. The Wayfarer can be found there, and if you speak to him, you'll learn that he wants you to help him find a Mermaid. Speaking to him now will also let you get something in the mail soon. You can blast your way through a rock wall in a cave here to find the cannon mini-game where you can win various prizes by hitting little markers in your ship. You'll want to try this game at least once. Even if you don't win, Salvatore will send you something in the mail pretty soon that'll be worth the money.

There's another Traveler's ship here in the northwestern map section. If you visit him and agree to become his apprentice, he'll try to teach you some swordsmanship. You'll easily defeat him, but you'll gain a treasure for doing so.

Uncharted Island

Just to the south of Bannen Island, along the rocks there, lies the Uncharted Island. If you land here, you'll have no map on your top screen.

Wander around banging on the statues until you find one that gives you a riddle: “It steers with rudder , then makes spray! And third, it paddles , then sees a way !” That apparently indicates the order in which to hit the other statues around the island to unlock the mystery here. You need to hit the other statues in the order that the riddle tells you in order to move on to the center of the island.

The island, though you can't tell this right off the bat, is in the shape of a whale. Mark the rough locations of the markers on your map and hit them in the order of the tail, then the spray, then the fin, then the eye. This is roughly corresponding to the east, north, south, and western markers.

Anyway, if you head to the center, you can speak to Golden Chief Cylos. He'll give you the Cyclone Slate . If you've happened across any of the golden frogs in your travels, then try to remember where you saw them: if you return to them, you can shoot them with a cannon to learn of a secret symbol. Draw it on your slate, and you'll be instantly warped back to that position! It's not needed to finish the game, but the Cyclone Slate will help reduce the amount of time it takes to get from place to place.

Isle of Gust

Start making your way around the southern part of the island here, doing your best to avoid getting slammed by the wind. Eventually you'll find a sign warning you of very strong winds. There are some bomb plants at the bottom of the stairs here; destroy the wall to the north to find a little cave with a chest that contains a Courage Gem inside of it. There's also a map on the wall with what appear to be treasure marks; make a note of them on your sea chart.

With that done, return to the sign at the top of the stairs. You can jump to the left here, past the cave entrance, if you wait until the wind is blowing at your back before you jump; that'll give you a bit more momentum to jump across the gaps.

There's a small cave that you'll come to shortly, after the field with no wind in it and plenty of goblins (you can dig up plenty of coins here). Inside the cave, drop down to where all the Goblins are. You can find a Wisdom Gem inside the chest here; killing all of the Goblins will net you another chest with a Treasure Map inside of it.

When you exit the cave, ride the wind geysers up to the top of the cliffs nearby, then jump off to the left (after waiting for the wind) and you'll eventually come to the entrance to the temple on the island. You won't be able to reach it just yet, however; the sign and the map will point you to the northwest.

Head off in that direction, using the wind gust to put you up on the platform above you. You'll come to another field in which you can dig into the ground to make new airjets. Dig to the west, near the treasure chest, and open it to obtain another Power Gem . Head north along the western side of the island here. Keep in mind that if you come to a dead end, you can fill in the airjet holes by tapping on them with your shovel; you'll need to do so in order to get to the northwestern corner of the island.

When you reach the northwestern corner of the island, take a look at the map; it'll denote the three sacred windmills that you need to blow on to open the path into the temple here. Mark them down, then head to the east a bit and move out onto the sand. There are giant worms underneath the sand that will try to eat you if you move too fast. You can kill them by reaching a safe elevated spot and throwing bombs at them, however; we found it easiest (or at least quicker) to just dash from spot to spot. When you reach a windmill that you need to blow on, blow into your mic to set it spinning. When all three of them have been spun, the door to the Temple of Wind will open.

Temple Of Wind

Head north here, avoiding the gusts of wind as best you can. When you reach the bomb plant, pick it and throw it directly to the north so that it explodes the two lines of bombs on either side of it; that'll extend a path leading to the north.

When you reach the northwestern corner of the map, push the metal block to the east so that it blocks the gust of wind that blocks your passage. Hit the crystal ball on the far side to shut down the next gust, then head up the stairs to the east. Follow the bridge to the south and hit the door in the southwestern corner of the next room. Stand on the switch to unlock the door here, which will save you some time if you need to exit the temple again.

From this switch, head up the stairs nearby and head east. Navigate your way past the gusts of wind on the platform and get yourself down to the southeastern corner of the map. When you get past the battle room with the snakes inside, you'll come to the big door leading to the boss. You won't be able to unlock it yet, though; that much is obvious.

Head to the west from the big door and push the statue that's blowing wind to the south and west until you can't move it any more. Then, move in front of it and let the wind push you across the gap; that'll lead you to the steps heading downward.

The first battle room here seems odd—there aren't any enemies in it! If you move around, though, you'll cause some of the boulders to explode, revealing rock creatures underneath. Throw bombs at them to kill them. There are three in all; get them all to move on.

In the next large section of this room, you'll spot two windmills on elevated platforms. You'll need to move the wind statues near them so that both of the windmills are rotated, but doing so is easier said than done. Begin by moving off to the middle platform, where the windmills are located, and finding the switch to the east of it. Standing on it will drop a barrier to the southeast.

Explore the southeastern corner of the map to find a piece of treasure in a chest. With that done, hop into the airjets nearby to find a Courage Gem . Return to the airjets after nabbing it, but drop down to the ground beside them. To move on, you'll need to block one of the airjets with the metal block here. Push it up and to the right so that it fits into the third slot from the bottom. Then move back to the bottom airjet and jump into it; you should wind up in a position where you can land on top of the block you just placed, then walk off of it to the east to find stairs leading downward.

Use bombs to break the door here, then head out to a large, sandy room where more of the sandworms await you. Bomb them if you can, but you need to head to the middle of the room and check the map there; that'll point out four particular airjets that need to be dug up. Move around and dig up the four spots; that'll unlock two doors here, one to the north and one to the southwest. You can find a Power Gem on the western side of this room, by the way.

If you head out the door to the north, you can bomb a barrier and come back out to the B1 floor. Move south from there and push the wind statue to the left to set it to move the windmill there. Head back down to B2, proceed up the southwestern stairs, then repeat the process on the other windmill to bring down a Small Key .

Take the small key and return to floor B2, where you can unlock the door in the northeastern corner of the room. Doing so will lead you to the Bombs . Nab them and stash them on your equipment bar. Time to blow some stuff up!

First, return to the large room in the middle of this map and look to the middle northern section of the area. Head through the doorway that led to the northern windmill and move back inside. See the 100-piece Rupee off to the left? Well, if you head back to the large sandworm room and throw some bombs against the wall off to the left a bit and you'll find a hidden entrance leading to the rupees. There's no crack in the wall; you just have to guess as to the location of the entrance.

In the northwestern corner of the room, though, you will find a crack in the wall. Bust it open with a bomb, then return to the B1 Floor.

B1 Floor North

Throw a bomb into the airjet near the doorway here; that'll set off a chain reaction that'll open the door nearby. In the second small hallway, you have to find the part of the wall that you can break through. Again, there's no crack in it, but there is a bit of tile just to the south of it. Throw a bomb onto the tile and you'll unlock the passage leading onward.

1st Floor Northeast

You come out here into a room with numerous rocks. Ignore them, if you wish, and examine the north wall. There aren't any tiles on the southern side of it, like before, but there is one on the northern side, a few squares off from the western side of the wall. Chuck bombs at it until you find the weak spot and head on through.

When you come to the room with two rows of bombs in it, stand in the middle of them and spin attack to hit both sides at the same time. That'll open the door leading to the Big Key . Grab it, drop it down to the floor to the west, then chuck a bomb into the airjets in front of the Big Door. With the blocks out of the way, you can grab the key, jump into the airjets, unlock the lock, and get going on the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Cyclock, Master of Wind

Cyclock will require bombs to defeat, as is usually the tradition when you find a weapon inside a dungeon. He'll rotate around the stage on the top screen, periodically throwing cyclones down at you. He'll also sometimes drop down himself and attempt to charge you. The cyclones are easy enough to avoid by running away from them, but the charge attack is another matter. Try rolling away from it when you see him coming down. Even if it does hit, though, it'll only do light damage, and there are plenty of pots around to nab hearts from.

If you look around on the ground here, you'll notice three spots where airjets will periodically appear from. Only one will pop at any given time, although Cyclock rotates around the three of them. Wait by the active airjet here and stand there until Cyclock's shadow is close to the active airjet; when he's above it, throw a bomb into the airjet and it'll pop into Cyclock's underbelly, dropping him to the floor. Hit him often and hard with your sword while he's on the ground. You'll need to repeat this cycle three or four times before he goes down, but down he will go, eventually.

After Cyclock goes down, you'll gain two minutes on your Phantom Hourglass timer, and you'll meet Neri, the Spirit of Wisdom. She'll come along for the ride. You will also, of course, nab yourself a Heart Container here.

Temple of the Ocean King: Third Visit

Head back to Mercay Island and return to the TOK. There's a cracked wall on the way; bomb it to find a Power Gem .

There's a new shortcut here; just head to the northwestern corner, bomb the bricks there, step on the plate, grab the key, and unlock the door heading downward.

There's another shortcut here, but this one's a bit more difficult to find. Begin by flipping the two crystal balls to drop the key onto the ground. Then look in the southeastern corner of the first room here for a cracked wall; it's just above the pressure plate that drops the spikes leading to the key. Bomb it, and you'll have a much quicker route to the key, which you can grab and take to the door.

Not much in the way of shortcuts here; just grab the Force Gems and plant them in the pedestals. When you get past the door locked by the Force Gems, you'll come to a Spirit Door which you can now bypass.

A new wrinkle is thrown into the mix here: Phantom Eyes, which summon Phantoms if they spot you. You can kill the Phantom Eyes, however, by hitting them with a boomerang from a position where they can't spot you, then running up and hitting them with your sword. If one attaches itself to you, be sure to head back to a safe zone quickly.

Head towards the southeast here, to the safe zone on the eastern wall. If you head south a bit from there, you can send your boomerang through the wind jet (wouldn't it be blown off course more easily than you would?) and hit the crystal ball to shut down the wind. Without moving, send your boomerang down again to hit the Phantom Eye; that'll knock it silly, allowing you to rush up and kill it. You can pause for a second and use the boomerang in the southeastern corner of the map to reveal a small bonus to your sand count.

What you need to do now is rush to the west. Move along the corridors in the only direction you can until you reach the western safe zone. It doesn't matter much if you get seen by a Phantom Eye, but you can try to hit them with boomerangs if you see them; being spotted will spawn another Phantom, but it won't matter much in the long run. When you reach the western safe zone, use your boomerang from inside of it to disable the remaining Phantom Eyes. Doing so will cause a large chest to appear far to the east, back in the eastern safe zone.

Before heading back, though, first head to the southwestern corner and dig up the soft spot on the ground there. That'll let you jump up to another crystal ball, which you can hit to disengage most of the wind jets on the level and make it a little easier to get around. (You can also wrap your boomerang around to the north here and hit the yellow jar to find an extra 30 seconds of time.) Secondly, you can head just to the east of the western safe zone to find a crack in the wall of the room there; blowing it and hitting the switch will lower the spikes leading to the small key on this floor.

Grab the small key and note that the skeleton on the floor wants you to stop by the next time you're in the Temple; he'll have something to teach you if you do. The eastern treasure chest will have a Power Gem for you, so grab it, then unlock the southern door and move down.

Head to the west from the door's exit and run over the spikes when they retract. Use your boomerang in the southwestern corner to flip the switch there, then head to the east and smash the jars there for extra time and bombs.

There are two combat rooms on this floor. The first consists of electro-jellies. If you don't want to wait for them to become normal enemies, hit them with the boomerang to shut down their electrical powers. Kill them all, nab the 15 second time boost, then move on. The second room is simply goblins. Kill them by tapping them, nab another time boost, and move to the northeast. Flip the switch in the northeastern corner to move down to the next floor.

There are six crests on this floor, and a door that remains locked until you draw a symbol on it. The symbol can be discovered by examining the crests around the area; each one will say that it's the second, fourth, third, or whichever number. If you mark down these numbers on your map, you'll be able to draw the correct symbol that you need on the doorway and move on.

Begin in the northwestern corner. There's a switch that's blocked off from you by an airjet which you can dig and some crumbled blocks. Dig up the airjet, wait for it to shut itself off, then throw a bomb onto it. When it starts back up again, it'll throw the bomb up to the blocks, destroying them and letting you flip the switch. That'll unlock the northwestern crest. If you examine it, it'll tell you that it's the beginning and the end of the symbol. Mark it with the numbers 1 and 5 on your map.

Move down the western passage and hit the switch on the floor to reach the middle-western crest. Don't speak to it, though; it's cursed, and will respawn any Phantom Eyes that you've killed if you do examine it. (Killing both Phantom Eyes will unlock a yellow jar that will gain you some time, by the way.)

The southwestern crest is accessible by bombing; it's the third crest. The southeastern crest is the fourth; it's easily reached by flipping a switch nearby. The northeastern crest is the second; it's unguarded.

If you've marked all these crests on your map, head to the south and look at the large door there. You need to draw an hourglass symbol on it. Start at the northwestern corner, then draw a line to the northeast, and from there to the southwest, southeast, and back to the northwest again. Doing so properly will unlock the door and let you pass inside.

When you move forward and examine the star crest in front of you, you'll be told to press the sea chart against the sacred crest. What the heck does that mean?

Well, if you get frustrated and close your DS to take a break, you're on the right track. What you need to do is open your sea chart and look at the southwestern map quadrant. When you're displaying the grey map on the upper screen of your DS, and the southwestern sea chart on the bottom screen, flip your DS closed and open it back up again. That'll show you where the sea crest is on your map.

Back To The Open Seas

Return to Linebeck here. If you spoke to the Old Wayfarer before, he'll probably send you something in the mail here; we got a ship part, the Barrel Shack. You can equip any ship parts you've bought at this point; the ship yard here in town will be accessible to you now. We also received a Wisdom Gem from Salvatore, the game master on Bannon Island, after we went into a shop and came back out.

Your goal now is to get a salvage arm attached to your ship. Head to Cannon Island now. (You can head to the marker on your map, but there's nothing there.) If you speak to Eddo, he'll offer to sell you the Salvage Arm. The price he'll offer you will depend on how loudly you shout into your microphone jack. So it's basically a tradeoff between rupees and personal dignity. We personally found a quiet corner of the office and mumbled into the microphone for a couple of seconds and bought the Salvage Arm for 300 rupees. If you want to yell directly into the thing, we're sure the price will be lower…although your pride will probably be wounded.

Regardless, you need the salvage arm to move on. Do what you need to get it, and it'll automatically be useable as a tool on the high seas.

You can now head anywhere on the seas that you've marked underwater treasure as appearing and attempt to salvage it. Salvaging involves sending your salvage arm down under the water and attempting to claw the treasure at the bottom without losing your arm to bombs or by hitting it on the surfaces down there. You need to be delicate here, and not go too fast, as some of the bombs will be mobile and charge up from the bottom of the screen to hit you if you try to plummet too quickly.

Eventually you'll spot black chests on the very bottom of the sea. If you home in on those, you'll have to reverse your course and take whatever treasure you've obtained back up to your ship. You can find all manner of stuff underwater, including treasures and things like Sand of Hours , which will increase your Phantom Hourglass's time limit. It's a complicated procedure, but you have up to five mistakes per run before the salvage arm breaks. If you need to fix it, head back to the shipyard on Mercay Island.

Head to the spot on your map and salvage there to find the Sun Key , which you need to move on.

Back To Molida

Head back to Molida Island. Unfortunately, as you approach, you'll be attacked by a sea monster. It's not difficult to kill. First, draw a route that keeps you on the move around it. You can get pretty close to it without any real danger, so just make a semicircle that keeps you rotating around it, close enough to hit it with your cannon. It will alternate between looking at you with its eye and attempting to hit you with green projectiles. Hit the eyeball with your cannon (move in closer if your shots are coming up short) and shoot the projectiles in the same fashion.

Molida island has the door that requires the Sun Key to be unlocked. To find it, return to the second wayfarer's hideaway. (Use the shovel in the village, beneath the tree to the north of the woman by one of the wayfarer's stones.) If you fend your way through the passage, you'll find the door, allowing you to move on.

Entering the Temple

When you move back outside, you'll come across a boing-oing statue that'll tell you to dig outside of Oshus's warehouse for a secret treasure. Good tip, but don't bother heading back to do it right now. Instead, move up to the northeast until you see a statue on a cliff above you. When you climb the steps that put you on the same level as it, use your boomerang to hit it; it'll light up and shoot a laser beam at the nearby temple door.

Move around to the east here, where you'll find another statue. Hit it with your sword to light it, then tap it again and move it so that it points back at the temple. The last statue is found to the south, but you have to kill a couple of the powerful monsters that you earlier encountered in the Molida Cave. To do so, wait for them to lunge at you with their swords, dodge them by rolling, then quickly strike them in the side. You can also attempt to throw bombs their way, but it's unclear if this hurts them through their shields or not. When both of the creatures are dead, the final statue will appear. Reorient it to point at the temple door to open it up.

Temple of Courage

Head north here and avoid the rolling spikes; there's usually a small gap that you can hide in that will prevent you from getting hurt. When you wrap around and head south, watch out for the spinning blade trap. If you step in front of it, it'll snap at you; do this, then dodge away and move through the gap it left behind.

Tip: There's a treasure chest hidden in the northern part of this section, near the rolling block the moves left to right. You should be able to see a narrow corridor on the other side of a wall there. Throw a bomb at the wall below it and spin attack it to set it off. (If you let it blow on its own, the rolling spikes will likely move it.) Inside the treasure chest you'll find…some treasure.

You'll find a Small Key in a chest atop the platform here. Nab it and head to the northeast to unlock the door there. Make your way to the combat room and attack the two worms there. Their weak spots are on their tails; aim for the pink parts of their bodies as they spin around. A few hits will finish them off and reveal the steps leading downwards.

Smash the jars by the door here for some goodies, then hop onto the moving plate nearby and head to the west. The next platform has an unkillable enemy on it, but you can knock it off the platform by repeatedly hitting it. Ride the other platforms towards the stairway to the west, but use your boomerang to flip the switch that you see as you ride; it should be glowing blue, not red.

1st Floor, West

When you return to the first floor, start killing the enemies here and avoiding the electrical shockers that rotate around on the walls. To the north, you'll find a couple of signs. If you plant a bomb one spot to the east of the western sign, you'll reveal a passage to the north, leading to a couple of treasure chests, one of which will contain a Power Gem .

There's also a map on the wall inside this little chamber that will reveal a path that you need to follow when you return to the B1 floor. Mark it down on your map to save you some time later on. One of the signs in this area indicates that the pattern that rules the temple is "up, down, right, and left". Nothing to mark it down on yet, but keep this pattern in mind.

To the east, you'll come across more jelly enemies. These green guys will avoid your sword attacks. You can kill them with bombs, or by hitting them with the boomerang and then slashing them. There's one platform here with a blue pedestal that you can't use quite yet, and another one that will spawn a large bunny-like enemy on it. It's difficult to kill with normal attacks, as it will periodically leap at you and cause a full heart's worth of damage. If you've been reading the signs that have been posted thus far, you may remember something about enemies with large ears being stunnable by large sounds. Theoretically, this means that you can make this guy stop in his tracks by clapping your hands near the mic of your DS and then hitting it with your sword. Since we were playing the game in an office, though, we had to take it down the hard way, which entailed whacking it with your sword, running away just before it morphed and attacked, then repeating the process. It took a while, obviously. If you're forced to attack in this manner, be sure to flip the switch to the southeast first; that'll unlock the door to the beginning of the dungeon, making for a quick run back to this area if you happen to die.

One way or another, you need to kill the super-bunny; it'll drop a Small Key when you take it down. Move north and use it on the door up there.

There are four switches here, guarded by laser-shooting turrets and more electrical balls. The turrets can be avoided by moving past them when they're not looking at you; you can also set off bombs near them to temporarily shut them down. Pull the north switch first, then the southern, eastern, and western switches. That will reveal the Square Gem . Nab it.

Take the Square Gem upstairs and place it in the receptacle near where you emerge, on the platform to the south. That will unlock more stairs going down.

You come out to a platform here that's apparently surrounded by nothingness, but looks can be deceiving. If you marked down the path here from when you examined the map on the 1st Floor (remember, after you bombed through the wall to find the two treasure chests?) then you can find your way across the invisible surface. If you manage to get yourself all the way to the northwestern corner of the map, you'll find the Bow And Arrows .

Tip: On your way across the invisible platform here, you'll spot a chest to your south. You can walk directly towards it from the north to grab a 100-piece Rupee.

The bow can be used to fire on any of the eerie-looking eye targets that you've seen so far, including the one above the chest here. Hit it with an arrow to extend a bridge to the south. You'll notice another little arrow device here; these things will propel your arrow farther distances when you hit them. If you swing at this one so that it points to the east and shoot it with an arrow, you should be able to hit a crystal ball off to the east a bit. You may not need to, though; just make sure the ball there glows red, and you should be fine.

1st Floor West

If you can't bypass the stones here, head back down to B1 Floor, aim the arrow-pusher to the east, and shoot it to flip the switch. Hopefully you should be able to move to the south, though, where you can kill the worms and the jelly. Move to the east and shoot the target across the gap with an arrow to open the doorway leading to the north, then retrieve the Square Gem and move it back down to the southwest here and place it in the new pedestal you've uncovered. That'll open another door leading up.

2nd Floor Southwest

Kill all of the enemies here with the bow and arrow, or with your sword. Doing so will extend a bridge to the east. Follow it and stock up on arrows, then head across the platforms to the south. There are a lot of bats here that will attempt to knock you off as you go past. Step onto the first block that moves left to right and use your boomerang to eliminate most of them. With that done, fire at the two eye targets on the north side of this room. If you hit them both, a chest with a Power Gem will appear.

With that done, move off into the corridor to the east, avoiding the spinning blades. When you reach the laser turret, jump to the south, bomb the crumbled brick there, and push the iron block to the north to give you a respite from the other spinning blade. With that done, move around to the stairwell and nab the treasure before going down.

1st Floor Southeast

Avoid the electrical balls here and head to the west. Jump across the gap and hit the switch to open the doors, just in case you wind up dying, and then head down the stairs nearby.

B1 Floor Southeast

Ride the first block here to the southeast corner of the map, then head north and use your boomerang to light all of the torches in the area. That will drop the spikes to your north, letting you move on to the platform there. The red blocks here will likely be raised; use your boomerang to rotate the arrow device to the left of the platform so that it points west, then shoot an arrow at it to drop them and move on.

There's also a Courage Gem here. Use the boomerang to point the arrow device to the north, then fire an arrow at it. That'll cause the arrow to hit a target, causing a chest to appear.

Another bunny enemy here. Hit it with 15 or so arrows to kill it easily, then grab the Small Key that it drops and move on.

2nd Floor Northeast

When you step onto the blue block here, you can draw lines on your map to move it around. Do so, and head to the four pillars in this open area in the order of the whole temple: north, south, east, and then west. If you head to these pillars in that order, and shoot the targets on them, then you'll unlock the Big Key to the northeast. Grab it, then step back on the platform and take it to the Big Door in the southwestern corner of this room and unlock it to fight the boss.

Before moving up to the boss, check behind the steps leading upward here. There's a crack in the wall there; bomb it to find a Courage Gem .

Boss Fight: Crayk, Bane of Courage

Crayk requires a bit of ingenuity to beat. He's got two phases, with the first phase being a bit more complicated.

In this phase, Crayk will usually be invisible to you. He's around, and hittable, but he's impossible to see. Luckily for you, the top screen here will represent his point of view: you'll be able to see what he sees. What you need to do is move around the area until your back is to a wall, and then check the upper screen. Eventually Crayk will lock onto you and start coming your way. Flip on your bow and arrows here and turn so that Link appears to be facing the camera on the upper screen. With that done, start firing away with your bow and arrows straight in front of Link on the lower screen. If you've turned correctly, you should be able to get a lucky shot on Crayk, even if he is invisible.

When you manage to hit Crayk, he'll become visible and start rotating around. There are a number of blue crystals embedded into his shell. Hit them with your sword or the bow. You'll probably have to go through another round of invisibility, but eventually you'll get all of the blue crystals, and Crayk's shell will come off entirely, shuffling you to the second part of the fight.

Time to finish Crayk off. Equip your bow and wait for him to get close, then fire a shot at his face. That won't hurt him, but will force him to stop in place for a bit. Quickly put away your bow, run around him, and start whacking away at his tail. Repeat this process a few times to finish him off. Keep in mind that you can kill the smaller crabs that run around here for more hearts or ammo, although they rarely drop anything at all.

After you kill Crayk, you'll earn the usual rewards: more sand for the Phantom Hourglass and a Heart Container . The Spirit of Courage will join you here, although it appears to be mute.

Head back to Molida. Romanos, the Wayfarer's son, will now offer up a bow and arrow minigame that's surprisingly difficult. Try it if you like, but eventually you'll need to head back to the docks, where Oshus will have a special message for Ciela.

Off To The Ghost Ship

Before you get ten feet away from Molida island, a pirate named Jolene will accost you and Linebeck, but she's more upset at Linebeck than anything. Although Linebeck will tell you to run, don't bother; just let Jolene catch you.

When she does, she'll board your ship and attempt to fight you. She's not too difficult if you know her pattern. She has a proclivity for trying for powerful attacks. To goad her, repeatedly strike her and back her up against a wall. She'll block all of your attacks, and then wind up for a charge attack that will knock you over if it hits. If you can dodge it, though, you can strike her before she gets her guard back up. Repeat the process a few times and you'll eventually lock swords with her. Swipe your stylus back and forth across the screen, and you'll fling her sword away from her and win. Linebeck will give you a token reward for defeating her, and the next time you find a mailbox, you'll get Jolene's Letter .

If you wish, you can head back to Mercay Island at this point. The Treasure Teller's shop is open, allowing you to sell your treasures for more rupees. You may want to try and get up over 1,000 rupees and buy the Bomb Bag from Beedle's Ship, which will extend the maximum number of bombs you can carry.

Finding The Ghost Ship

Head to the western side of the southwestern map quadrant and head to the north from there, into the fog bank. As soon as you do so, the engine of your ship will conk out, forcing you to aim the ship manually. This isn't difficult; just keep the ship in Go mode and move the rudder to the left or right, depending on how the spirits react. As you turn, you'll see them periodically give off stars and act excited. Try to keep going in the direction you're headed when they act excited. It'll be difficult to keep them 100% excited all the time, but if you're turning the wheel, just keep turning it back and forth from left to right, trying to keep the excited sparks flying. Eventually you'll start seeing the pirate depth charges in the water. Avoid them and keep going until you find the ship, then come up alongside it.

Into The Ghost Ship

Head south when you enter this area to find an boing-oing statue and the first treasure chest; leap to it to find a piece of random treasure.

Head to the west from the stairs here and you'll enter a combat room. The ghost wizards here can be annoying, since they constantly vanish from sight, but if you catch them when they're visible, they'll be easily killed. After defeating them, speak to the girl nearby. She'll ask you to rescue her sisters who've been captured aboard the ship. But there's something off about her…

Head along the north side of the boat here, being careful of the spiders that drop down from above with little warning. You can kill them with the boomerang from a distance, if you like. To move past the spikes, you'll need to make a precision throw with your boomerang to hit the northern crystal ball here; trace a path for it between the spikes and the oil barrels. You'll need to repeat the maneuver to the east a bit. Try to take out the magicians so that they don't foil your throw.

When you reach what appears to be a dead end, hop to the southeastern portion of the level and move around to the southeastern corner. There are a couple of retracting spike strips there; time your move across them, then hit the crystal ball nearby to drop the flames and spikes in this area.

Reuniting the Sisters

The sister to your north wants to be reunited with her sister, so let her follow you. Grab the Triangle Gem from the treasure chest nearby, then jump the gap to the north (you may need to throw the gem across first). If you place the triangle gem in the northern pedestal, you'll drop the flames and will be able to lead the older sister back to the first girl you talked to. Just keep in mind that she's scared of spiders. If you happen to see one, try to boomerang it before she gets too close to it. If she gets scared and stops moving, return to her and speak to her again to prod her along.

When the sisters are reunited, head to the stairs in the southeast that lead downward and take them.

There's a Reapling here. It acts just like the Phantoms in the Temple of the Ocean King; it can't be killed, and patrols around the area looking for you. Unlike the Phantoms, though, the Reaplings will continue to whack you until you die, instead of just taking time off your hourglass. Luckily, there are safe zones here that you can hide in. Unfortunately, the Reaplings can not only see through walls, but travel through them, as well. Be careful!

Head to the east and north from there, avoiding the spike traps as best you can. If you can avoid the northern Reapling, you can make it to the third sister, who resides in the west. Flip the switch near her, then speak to her.

Unfortunately, she's a liar; the leftmost chest of the two near her will cost you 10 rupees if you open it and spawn another Reapling. (The rightmost chest will contain a yellow potion.) Don't open the leftmost chest; just the right one.

With that done, the switch that you flipped will have lowered pretty much all the spikes on the level, including those surrounding the chest in the middle of the map, which contains the Round Gem . Grab it while still escorting the sister and take her back to the stairs leading up to B1.

The Round Gem will douse the flames here, leaving you with a short escort back to the group of sisters. Drop your remaining sister off there, then head back down the steps to B2. The steps in the southwestern corner are free now, letting you move down to the B3 floor.

Boomerang the wizard here to kill it, and don't bother pulling any of the switches here. Instead, head east into the combat room, take out the spiders, then head north to the safe zone and flip the crystal ball there. That'll drop the spikes leading to the room full of drums. Even this is a trap, though, as attempting to head through that way will lead to a pitfall.

Instead, head to the central safe zone here, to the north of the barrel room. It'll give you the code for the levers near the beginning of the level: 2, 4, 5, 1, 3. What you need to do is place the numbers on top of the levers and then pull them in that order. So, since the order is 24513, you first pull the lever fourth from the left, then the leftmost lever, then the rightmost lever, then the second lever from the left, then the middle lever. Head back to the levers and pull them in this manner, then return to the north side of the barrel room and enter it. There's a pressure plate inside; stand on it to release the flames to the west.

You'll need to run past the Reapling and make it to a safe zone to move on, although you can make a somewhat safe passage by waiting in the southeast and waiting for the Reapling to make the southern part of his patrol before moving past him.

When you reach the far western safe spot, you'll have to pick up the barrels to find the fourth sister. Getting her back to the stairs can be a pain due to the route that the Reapling takes. It's best to wait in the safe spot near the end of his northern route, then try and follow as closely behind him as you can get when he walks away from that safe spot. You'll need to kill the spiders as they fall to avoid upsetting the sister, but that should be easier to do than avoiding the Reapling if it comes back your way while you're walking her.

Anyway, escort her around the edges of the map back to the stairs leading upward. You'll need to take her through B2 as well to reach B1, obviously. Just keep it slow, kill the spiders as soon as you see them, and you'll get there eventually.

Boss Fight: Diabolical Cubus Sisters

The Cubus Sisters will attack you all at once, but they don't do it physically. Instead, they'll keep themselves up on the upper screen. Three of them will launch laser beams at you that you'll have to avoid, while the fourth will fire a ball of energy your way.

The only thing you need to do to win the fight is to reflect the ball of energy back at the Sisters. You can do this by getting underneath it and performing a spin attack by rotating your stylus around Link. Performing this move a second before the energy ball reaches you will reflect it backwards, up towards the sister that fired it. You'll know where it's coming from by watching the sisters on the top screen; three of them will fire lasers. The one that doesn't will always fire the energy ball.

As the fight goes on, you'll eventually wear down your opponents and cause some of them to disappear. They'll get trickier as the fight goes on. Sometimes, bouncing the energy ball back to your opponents will cause them to bounce it back and forth between themselves, only to send it back at you faster than it came before. You'll need to start your spin attack a bit earlier than you normally would to accurately reflect the energy ball in this case.

When a single sister is left, she'll send three projectiles, only one of which is solid. Hit the solid one and let the other two impact. You'll have to bounce the energy ball back and forth a few times, but eventually it will hit and the sister will go down, leaving you the Big Key and a Heart Container . Return to Floor B2 and open the big door in the northeastern corner to find Tetra.

Zauz's Island

After the lengthy cutscene with Oshus, return to Linebeck's ship and head out to the east. The island that Zauz is on isn't on your map. It's in the middle northern section of the northwestern map, north of the Isle of Gust, near the top of the map. If you move around for a bit, you'll spot it.

When you dock, head to the northern tip of the island and read the sign there. It'll tell you of buried treasure. Find the two western stone tiles and draw a line between them, then repeat the process on the eastern tiles. Extend these lines to the south until they overlap; if you dig where they intersect, you'll find a Treasure Map . The line should cross to the southwest of where the road makes a 90 degree angle and heads to the north.

Speak to Zaus, and he'll tell you of the Phantom Sword, which he can make for you if you bring him some Aquanine, Azurine, and Crimsonine. In order to find these materials, though, you'll have to locate another sea chart in the Temple of the Ocean King. Be sure to note the icon on the wall before you leave!

Return to Mercay Island

Return to Mercay Island now. If you haven't visited the Treasure Teller, now would be a good time to do so. Otherwise, you can return to Oshus's house and dig one spot to the south of the tree outside his storehouse; that'll net you a Treasure Map . If you speak to Oshus inside his house, he'll also give you a Power Gem .

The Secret Cave

Head up from there toward the Temple of the Ocean King. Before you go inside, though, find the cave that you bombed open earlier and head in there. If you jump across the path, you'll spot an eye statue near the treasure chest. Hit it with an arrow to extend a bridge to the south. Defeat the monster there and head outside.

The cliffside here has two treasure chests, with 100 rupees and a ship part inside. There's also a stone tile on the ground. If you stand at the top of the steps and fire at the eye near the cave with an arrow, you'll reveal a laser statue. The sign nearby indicates that it can be used to weaken a nearby cliff, so point the laser to the north-northwest and walk until you find where the laser points at. Plant a bomb there to ease the passage to Freedle's island in the northeast. This is where you can exchange goods with other players in Tag or Battle mode. You can also find a Wisdom Gem here.

Temple of the Ocean King, Fourth Visit

Head to the Temple of the Ocean King again. It's worth noting that the time pressures on you here will be somewhat worse than they have been in the past; if you wish to do so, now might be a good time to head out and try to salvage some of the treasure spots you've seen in the ocean in the hopes that some of them might contain more sand for your Hourglass.

You'll have to deal with Swift Phantoms here. These guys are just as tough as regular Phantoms, but faster. Like the Reaplings, though, they'll be stunned by arrow shots to the back. Doesn't change the way you get through the levels, though. In some cases it'll actually make it easier, since you won't have to wait as long for certain enemies to patrol.

The Swift to the southeast will apparently pick up the key here and start walking with it. You'll need to knock him around if you want him to drop the key. What we did was to run to the southeastern corner of the map and grab the red jar there, then snuck up behind him and chucked it at his back. This caused him to drop the key and also created a puddle of safe zone at his feet, allowing us to walk right up to him and both grab the key and avoid his detection. An easier way to do it is to hit them in the back with an arrow; that'll cause him to drop it and stun him for a while.

Regardless, you need the key to move on.

There's a hidden Power Gem here. Head to the southeastern corner and stand on the platform with the pressure plates that cause the floor to drop out. On the northeastern side of the platform, aim your bow to the north, towards the eye sculpture there. That'll cause a chest to appear. Grab it before the timer runs out to claim your reward.

You can head to the northeastern corner of this level and shoot the eye there to shut down all of the steam vents on this floor. Apart from that it's pretty much the same as you've seen before.

The enemies in the combat rooms are a bit tougher than usual, but still nothing too special. If you hit the switch in the northeastern corner, you'll obtain a 100-rupee piece.

Run your way to the door here, and don't worry about being spotted. When you reach the red door, you have to draw the triforce symbol that Zauz showed you in one stroke. It can be a pain to get the game to recognize the drawing, though, no matter how well you draw it. One thing to consider is that you can't overlap any lines. We started at the top of the outer triangle, went halfway down the left line, then drew the inner triangle, then completed the outer triangle, and that seemed to work.

When you move into the next room, you'll see a Door of Courage, and also get a new midway point to the temple from the skeleton there; you can now skip down to here whenever you like, with the same time it took you to reach it. (We had a time of five minutes and 42 seconds.) The three skeletons in the entryway will now sell you secrets to the Temple for 50 rupees apiece. Pay them if you like, but this guide should have everything you need to know in it.

Anyway, when you're ready to move on, return to B6 and open the Door of Courage.

Ride the cubes here to the northwest. As long as you have a shield, the arrows that jump from the walls shouldn't hurt you, but they can still knock you off your cube. When you reach the northwest, you'll learn of a new wrinkle: floors that alert Phantoms when you run on them. If you're on one of these special floors and there's a Phantom nearby, be sure not to run too quickly, or it'll hear you.

Anyway, you have a pretty clear shot to the southwestern corner of the floor here, so head there and take the steps downward.

There isn't much to see on the western side of this floor (but you should mark the location of the circle-shaped pedestal), but there's no way across to the east…or is there? Watch the patrol patterns of the southern Swift Phantom. It walks across the gap between the two sides of the floor in the middle, where there's no apparent walkway. Follow him across the gap to reach the eastern side of the floor. The triangle pedestal is on the northern side here, behind a bombable wall. Mark its location, then take the stairs in the southeastern corner to return to B7.

There's a difficult maneuver required here. You need to get on the platform that lands at the flames here, but the switch to shut off the flames is located in the southeast, which is also where a Phantom has set up shop and refuses to leave. The switch will shut itself off 15 seconds or so after you flip it, making things much more complicated.

To get past the flames, grab the red jar near the other set of flames along the eastern wall and bring it south, throwing it down just above the Phantom that guards the switch. Be sure you throw it where you can still manage to hit the switch with a boomerang, though. When the Swift Phantom has patrolled away and the southeastern Phantom is looking away from you, hit the switch with the boomerang and take off for the flames. If you're lucky you'll reach the platform and will be able to get onto it.

Ride the platform to the north and exit it to the west. Open the chest there to obtain the Round Crystal . That'll drop the fire along the eastern wall. Hop across the platforms with the crystal to reach the northeastern corner of the room. There's a Power Gem you can find here. Hop onto the little pedestal near the safe zone and fire your boomerang at the switch to the south. That'll pop a chest into existence which contains the gem.

Take the crystal to the south and head down the stairs to B8.

Take the crystal across the invisible gap again and place it into the pedestal. That'll drop the spikes nearby. Hit the switch here, and an airjet will start blowing nearby. You can also climb the stairs here and use your boomerang on the southern yellow jar for a time boost. Before investigating the airjet, go down the stairs here.

Open the chest here and nab the Triangle Crystal . Grab it and head back up the stairs.

Take the triangle crystal and move around to where the airjet is blowing. Let it blow you up onto the upper level here, then move up a bit and throw the crystal across to the eastern side.

Head around the invisible walkway to reach the triangle crystal and then implant it in the pedestal nearby. This will cause a treasure chest to appear to the west. Walk along the musical walkway nearby and approach it from the north to find a Courage Crystal .

With that done, head down the path that the spikes revealed to find another crystal ball. Hit it to open a door nearby, then head down the stairs there.

A Phantom paces the halls here, carrying the Square Crystal. You'll need to get it from him to move on, but there's also a new threat to worry about: invisible ghosts. They'll appear on your minimap. From the first doorway here, curve your boomerang around to where the skull appears on your minimap to hit it and kill it. You can do this for the other ghosts in the area; the one to the southeast dropped a 30 second time boost for us. They will only approach you if your back is turned to them, so you can walk right up to their positions on the map and boomerang them if you like.

Head to the southeast and move to the west a bit; you'll spot an arrow target. Flip the redirection device with your boomerang, then fire an arrow into it; that'll drop some spikes to the east a bit.

Head north after that and use a bomb to destroy the blocks there. The safe zone here is directly in front of where the Swift Phantom patrols. Wait for him to come by, then hit him with an arrow in the back and steal the Square Crystal from him, hiding it in the safe zone.

Now, head to the southwest a bit and into the safe zone with the pressure plate. Stepping on the plate causes a bit of the nearby floor to collapse. Wait until the Phantom patrols over it, then drop the floor to eliminate him. That will cause a chest to appear in the southwest. Reach it to find the Strong Cannon for your ship. You can also find a Wisdom Gem by killing all of the ghosts on this level.

Put the Square Crystal into the square pedestal in the northwestern corner of the room. That'll drop the nearby flames, letting you return to floor B8.

Your goal now is to get all of the crystals down to floor B9. If you have a couple of minutes left on the timer, it should be doable, so long as you don't get hit by any Phantoms. Any less than that, and you'll be pushing it.

Begin by grabbing the Round Crystal from the pedestal here. That'll raise the spikes, preventing you from returning to B9. You'll need to carry the crystal to the south a bit, jump into the airjet, and throw it across the gap, like you did with the Triangle Crystal not too long ago. With that done, head back across the invisible path, grab the Round Crystal off the floor, and bring it down to B9 and place it in the pedestal in front of the northern door there. Head back upstairs and grab the Triangle Crystal from its pedestal and do the same. Head to the northwestern corner of B9 and grab the Square Crystal for the trifecta.

Head into the room when you've unlocked the door to find the Southeastern Sea Chart . The fallen adventurer will tell you to exit the room and replace the crystals in the order of square, circle, triangle. If you do so, then move back into the map room, the floor will sink down to level B10, but it's exceedingly unlikely that you have enough time left to explore it. Take the blue portal here and head back up topside.

You can head back to port now and equip the Strong Cannon to your ship. If you've obtained ten Power Gems, and you likely have, you can take them to Spirit Island and increase the power of your Power Spirit, which will let you set your sword on fire when you have the Power Spirit equipped on the Collections screen.

Head to the southeastern map quadrant when you're ready to go and make your way to the Goron Island, in the southwestern section of that map. If you want to check out the uncharted islands first, here they are:

Uncharted Isles

Harrow island.

Get back in your ship and take off to the northeast. If you spot the small triangle in the sea consisting of three small rocks, head there to find Harrow Island. This is a mini-game island where you can pay for the privelege of digging up dirt! You get to pick up ten treasures from the island, which range from stuff like treasure maps and 100-piece rupees to Rupoors, which actually drain rupees from your wallet. Generally playing this game is a money-losing proposition, but the appearance of treasure maps will probably be worth spending the money if you have a little excess.

Hidden DS Island

Head to the southern side of this map section and proceed to the east. You'll eventually spot a large rock island near the border. Head to it and dock, but watch out for pirates. The island itself is shaped like a huge DS. Eventually it will host something called the Goron Game, but for now, all you can really do is clear a bunch of rocks and dig up the marked locations. This will probably net you a few hundred Rupees, though. If you fall into the northern arena and defeat the two Cyclopes, you can find a Courage Gem in a chest.

Goron Island

Before you reach Goron Island, you'll be whirled up into a vortex and forced to fight another sea monster. This guy can fly, and will shoot a large amount of projectiles at you. Just keep firing, though; if you hit the projectiles, you'll earn more hearts and cash, and hitting the creature's body will eventually kill it. The fight will be difficult if you enter it with only one or two hearts, though. If you wind up getting a game over, try entering the southeastern map quadrant from the southeastern section of the western map; that'll give you a beeline to run towards the island and reduce the chance that you'll have to hit pirates or other unsavory enemies.

When the sea monster is dead, you'll land on Goron Island. Start making your way through the areas in front of you, talking to all of the Gorons that you; you'll need to speak to every single one of them if you want to proceed past this island. Eventually you'll see a sign indicating that you should shout at the Goron across the way. Ignore that for now and keep wending your way to the north. Eventually you'll see a Goron that asks you to kill some electrojellies on the upper plateau nearby. Dig out the airjet and ride it up to the platform, then shoot the jellies with your bow. Killing them all will net you a Treasure Map .

With that done, head back to the sign and yell into the microphone on your DS. There's no other way around this puzzle; you have to yell at the Goron across the way, and he'll extend the bridge for you. Hope you're not playing on the bus. Anyway, yell at him, then talk to every Goron you can find here (including the one guarding the pass on the eastern side of the island) before heading to the chieftan's hut.

To The Chief!

When you arrive, he'll charge you 20 rupees and force you to take a quiz. The questions are randomized, at least in the order that they're given. Here are the ones that we've noticed.

Q: The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at? A: Ship Q: How many Gorons live on this island? A: 14 Q: How many homes are there on the island? A: 6 Q: What color were the odd creatures on the cliff? A: Yellow Q: How many Rupees have you won so far? A: Depends on when it's asked. For each question you answer correctly, you receive 1, 5, 20, 20, and 100 Rupees for the first five. Add them up to get the answer. Q: How many Goron Children live on this island? A: 6 Q: How many Gorons are outside right now? A: 7 Q: How many Gorons are in their homes right now? A: 7 Q: What is on this spot? A: Chest Q: Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults? A: 4

When you get past the Chief's questions, he'll take back all the cash he's given you and give you a Wisdom Gem . He'll tell you to follow his son, Gongoron, to the temple.

To The Temple!

Unfortunately, Gongoron is something of a brat and will run away from you. Walk off to the western side of the island until you find him up on a cliff. When he runs off again, return to the eastern trail and he'll be there, but he'll quickly head off for the temple itself.

The northern maze here isn't too complicated; just explore it thoroughly, and you should be able to find a 100-piece rupee, as well as a switch that'll drop some nearby spikes. The maze seems to deadend after finding those items, but on the northern side, there is a hidden weak spot that you can blast. If you noticed, there was a weak spot in one corridor that was just below a large smudge on the ground. If you find another one of those smudges a bit to the west, you can blast the ground below it to open up a new passage. The chest with the spikes near it contains a Power Gem .

There'll be a wind-based monster standing between you and the Temple. Throw a couple of bombs at it to kill it off, then head up the steps, extend the bridge here to prevent you from having to wind around the entire island again, then head into the temple.

Temple of Goron

Avoid the quicksand here and head to the east. The blue jellies will stay sparking until you hit them with a boomerang, so whack them with that, then finish them off with your sword. Eventually you'll find a switch that drops the nearby spikes. You'll have to drag the nearby statue on top of it in order to cause the spikes to permanently drop.

Eventually you'll reach a locked door and another large statue. The statue here is actually alive, however; you'll have to chuck a bomb at it to shut it down and enable you to push it around. Push it to the north so that it rests atop the switch that opens the door, then head up the steps and repeat the process on the next statue you see to extend a bridge to the west.

After digging out an airjet and moving up to the upper platform here, grab a bomb and throw it against the wall to the north of the bridge. You probably noticed a crystal ball here when you were pushing around the first statue; if you can hit it with a bomb, a chest will appear. Nab the Treasure Map from it.

With that done, head across the bridge to the west and use bombs on the two statues here to unlock the door to the south. Head through it, then equip your bow and arrow and fire it to the east. There's an eye target there; hitting it will let you spawn another treasure chest with 20 rupees inside.

Flip the switch here to clear your way back to the temple entrance, should you need to return later. To the west, though, you'll find a cracked wall. Blow it and head inside to refill your supply of bombs. Hmm, looks like there's another entrance to the east…head back out to the main room here and blow another bomb through the other pillars nearby to find it. If you head through there, you'll find a passage down to the B1 floor.

You have to defeat the two flaming skulls here to move on. Use your boomerang to lighten them up, then finish them off with the sword. Doing so will clear your passage to the east, where you'll find Gongoron. Before you can free him, though, you'll need to kill a Cyclops. He's not difficult; just shoot him straight on with an arrow, then whack him with your sword a few times.

After the Cyclops is dead, you'll be able to switch control between yourself and Gongoron whenever you feel like it. You'll need to switch to him now, for instance.

Gongoron : Move to the south here and start smashing the rocks. Some of the enemies here will be the rock-based jellies you've seen before. Use targeted attacks to jump onto them and kill them. When everything's dead, the spikes below Link will drop.

Link : Restock your arrow supplies from the garden here, then head south to reach more wind creatures. Kill them with your arrows to drop the spikes near Gongoron.

Gongoron : Jump across the gap to the west and stand on the pressure plate there.

Link: Stand on the pressure plate as well to reveal a chest with the Bombchus inside of it. This new piece of equipment lets you place a remote-controlled bomb on the ground and draw a line for it with your stylus to tell it where to go. It'll come in handy pretty soon!

Gongoron : Switch to Gongoron and head to the southeastern corner of the map. Kill all the enemies there by rolling over them; that'll open a door to the west.

Link : Head to the west and through the open door. Killing all of the enemies here will reveal a chest with a piece of Goron Amber inside. Grab it. With that done, put a Bombchu through the hole in the wall here and trace a path for it so that it'll hit the crystal ball inside. That'll open the spikes here, letting you head back up to the 1st floor, if you wish (where you can open a new passage back to the entrance), or head down to B2.

Note that you can use Bombchus to attack enemies off the screen, before they can even see you. They're pretty handy in that sense.

Kill the enemies here and destroy the rocks; eventually you'll be left with two switches. You need to stand by the one that you can hit and send a bombchu from there to reach the other one. While the bombchu is moving, move your stylus on the screen to revert the camera back to Link. When the bombchu is about to hit the eastern switch, stab the western switch at the same time to drop the spikes nearby and let you move down.

First things first: kill all the goblins and enemies here to cause a chest with 20 rupees to appear.

There's a hole in the wall to the north here, which will let you send a bombchu through it towards a switch. There's another switch nearby that raises and lowers the blue and red blocks here. What you need to do is ensure that the red blocks are lowered, trace a path for your bombchu all the way to the switch above the quicksand, then flip the other switch with your sword while the bombchu is en route so that it passes over the lowered red rocks, then flip the switch so that the blue blocks are lowered as well.

Move to the northeast, stun the statues with bombs, and place each of them atop a pressure plate there to drop the spikes leading to the southeast. That'll bring you around to a set of stairs leading upward.

B2 Southeast

Press the plate here to make a shortcut to the entrance, if you like, then head into the combat room nearby. There'll be two Cyclopes here; hit them with arrows to stun them, then rapidly hit them with the sword to finish them off.

Move on to the northeastern portion of the level. There'll be a switch here that drops the spikes nearby, but you won't be able to run across the spikes if you hit the switch with your sword. Instead, take a bombchu and make a lengthy path for it across the sand and back to the switch. While it's traveling, run up to the spikes; after it hits the switch, quickly run across to move on.

To the west, you'll find a large field full of snakes and rocks. Use your bombchus here. If you can hit both of the switches on the western side of the quicksand; you'll drop a chest back behind where the spikes were; killing all of the snakes on the quicksand itself will drop another chest down near where you're standing. Head back to the large chest to get the Boss Key , then take it back to the stairs and head down.

You'll wind up right next to the big door here, so unlock it with the boss key and head through. The statue here isn't lying; there's no secret bombable spots between the pillars, so leave them be and head down the stairs.

Boss Fight: Dongorongo, Armored Lizard

In the first phase of this fight, you'll have to take on Dongorongo with both yourself and Gongoron. You can switch between characters as you did before, and you're going to need to. Link will be on the bottom side of the screen, prevented from moving north by quicksand, thus leaving Gongoron to do the hard work here.

Gongoron is who you want to be controlling most of the time here; he's the one who will be taking down the Dongorongo. Link isn't out of trouble, though, as there are snakes that will try to get to him; watch the skulls on your screen, and when they get close to Link, flip over to him and slash at them with your sword.

Gongoron should be your main concern, though. If you control him, try to move him in a circle around Dongorongo. Your primary goal here is to get to his side and use your targeted attacks to hit him there. If you bump into his head, he'll sometimes stop circling and let you reach his side and bounce into it (be sure to tap him on your screen!). Otherwise, you can rotate around in front of his head and wait for him to charge into a wall. Doing so will cause him to get dizzy, letting you hit him in the side with a number of attacks. Repeat the process until the Dongorongo falls on its side onto the ground.

At this point, you need to flip back to Link. Use bombchus here and draw a line for them to enter the Dongorongo's mouth. If you do so, they'll blow up the Dongo from the inside. You'll need to repeat this entire process three times, but be careful, as more enemies will attack Link the longer this fight gets, so you'll need to be quicker as you go on.

After Gongoron moves off, cross the bridge and get ready for the second part of this fight. The Dongo will breath lots of fire at you here. He'll either shoot fireballs in a spread, which is easily dodged, or breath in and shoot a long, sustained fire breath at you.

What you need to do here is have your bombs equipped. Dodge the Dongo's fire attacks, but when you notice it breathing in, activate a bomb and throw it into the mouth. When it keels over, hit the large blue spot on its back as much as you can. After a few rounds of this, it'll die, revealing a Heart Container . You can head north from there to grab the Crimsonine .

Out Of The Temple

Head out of the temple thanks to the teleporter and head east to the maze. You may have recalled that there's another small bombchu hole there, on the southeastern side of the maze, near where you originally entered it. If you send a bombchu through, you'll reveal a treasure chest containing a Treasure Map . If you return to the Goron Chief now, he'll give you 200 rupees before sending you on your way, one pure metal richer.

Isle of Frost

Head to the northeastern corner of this map section, where another island is to be found on your map. When you reach it, draw a route around the circumference of the island and start blasting its icy shield with your cannon. Small enemies will attack you while you do so, so be sure to take them down before they sink you.

When you clear out the entire ice shield, you'll be able to dock on the Isle itself.

Meet the Anouki

Start talking to the Anouki characters around town here, and most of them will tell you to talk to the village chief, who dwells in a hut in a little rise on the eastern side of town here. If you find him and speak to him, he'll give you a task: find the Yook that has infiltrated the Anouki Estates to the north and expose him for the liar that he is!

Head north to the Anouki Estates. There are two signs here that both read "Anouki Estates"; if you head to the easternmost sign and dig on the spot directly beneath it, you should find a 200-rupee piece.

The Liar Game

Your goal in the Estates is to examine the statements of the six residents of the homes here and find out who's lying. Each person will make a claim about one or two other residents, claiming either that they're liars or that they're honest. You need to find the truth!

Here's what everyone says about everyone else:

  • FoFo says Gumo is honest.
  • Kumu says Mazo or Aroo is lying.
  • Dobo says Mazo is honest.
  • Gumo says Fofo or Aroo is lying.
  • Aroo says Kumu is lying.
  • Mazo says that he and Dobo are honest.

The Solution

If you don't want to solve this puzzle on your own, read on…

One assumption you can make (this is the clue that you can pay the wandering Anouki for) is that everyone who tells you that someone else is honest is telling the truth. If a liar told you that someone else is honest, that means that the person they're talking about is actually a liar as well, which means that there would be two liars, which is impossible since you're only looking for one liar. Thus, you can strike Mazo, Dobo, and Fofo off your list of subjects automatically, leaving only Aroo, Gumo, and Kumu.

Thus, your list of statements is reduced to:

  • Kumu says Aroo is lying.
  • Gumo says Aroo is lying.

Since both Kumu and Gumo say that Aroo is lying, he's the only suspect left. Even if Aroo was correct about Kumu being a liar, that would only mean that Gumo's statement is correct, which wouldn't make any sense.

Exposing The Liar

Head to Aroo's house and rat him out. When you do so, he'll "blow you away" and run off. Return to the Chief at this point, and he'll open up the cave that leads to the east, allowing you to move on and find the Temple of Ice.

Through the Ice Field

Head through the cave to the east of the Anouki village to reach the ice field. There are six Yooks here. They're easy to kill: keep bombs equipped, get close to them, wait for them to inhale, then chuck a bomb at them. They'll somehow manage to suck the whole thing into their mouths, leaving them stunned when it explodes inside their bodies, letting you whack them with your sword. You need to kill all six Yooks to unlock the passage to the Temple.

Before you reach the Temple, a super Yook will appear! How on earth will you kill this ultra-difficult enemy? Well…you have to throw a bomb into his mouth and then hit him with your sword. It's complicated, we know, but you'll figure it out. This guy is a bit more complicated, to be fair, since he sometimes settles for sword swings instead of inhaling, but if you stay away from him and are quick with the bomb-throwing when your opportunity arises, he shouldn't be too problematic.

Temple of Ice

Head north here and hit the switch to lower the red blocks. Stand between the red blocks and the blue blocks, then throw your boomerang back towards the switch to move on. You'll come to another group of raised red blocks. Head to the south here and press the switch to reveal the passage back to the entrance chamber. Move above the recessed blue blocks here, then send a bombchu back to the original switch. That'll drop the red blocks here and let you move on.

Not much to see here. Head north and up the stairs.

Head to the south here and hop onto the little peg in the ground. Fire an arrow at the switch to the north to drop the ice crystals that lead onward.

On the far side of the bridge, you'll spot four levers. If you look to the south and the southwestern and northwestern corners, you can find a few signs that will point you towards the sequence they need to be pulled in. The correct sequence, counting from the left, is 1, 4, 3, 2. Pull them in that order and a door will open to the south.

Tip : The spiderlike enemies here have a tough covering on their heads, so they're difficult to kill. Try to hit them from behind, or just knock them into the crevasses in the area to finish them off.

The steps here will lead you up to a number of platforms that are suspended above the room. Ignore the switches on them for now and follow the walkways to the southwestern corner of the room, near the only treasure chest in the area. Throw a bomb onto the switch to the west of you, then drop down to reach the chest, which contains a Wisdom Gem .

The Boomerang Puzzle

Head back to the steps where the door unlocked and go up to the middle platform in the room. The blue blocks on the western side of it should have receded, letting you move over to a platform to the west with a single sign on it and a blue tile. Read the sign, then stand on the tile and use your boomerang to hit the four switches here in the order it prescribes: northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast. If you do so, a Small Key will drop from the sky. Hit it with your boomerang to nab it, then take it to the remaining door here and head up.

There's another combat room here, consisting of a couple of Yooks. Take down the white one first, as it's the easier, then dance outside of the range of the darker one until it breathes in. Bomb it to kill it, then grab the Grappling Hook from the chest that appears. Use it from your items list to grab onto the pole across the gap and move back upstairs.

The spider enemies here are vulnerable to your grappling hook; use it to pull their helmets off, then hit them with your sword. When you clear the enemies out, use the hook to pull the tongue down on the middle of the three statues, then move to the south. Flip the switch leading back to the entrance room, then grapple the tongues of both of the statues there to melt the ice preventing you from heading down.

Bomb the wall here and flip the switch to reveal a treasure chest on the far side of the gap. Grapple to it, grab the 200 rupees inside, then flip the switch here to extend a bridge back to the other side. Head to the east here, smash the jars, then drop a bomb on the blue plate on the ground to move to the north.

You can make tightropes between two poles by selecting your grappling hook, aiming at the first pole, then aiming at the second, just like using a boomerang. Begin by making a tightrope to the east and heading over to the torches there. There'll be a switch across the gap to the north here; grapple it and pull it to reveal a chest in the southeastern corner of the map.

Move to the northeast until you encounter a locked door. There'll be another statue with a tongue to the right of it. Pull the tongue with your grappling hook, then quickly run to the south where the ice melted and get past it. If you made the treasure chest appear in this area, you can open it for the Small Key . Move up and flip the switch here, then head north into the locked room to find a Wisdom Gem . Stand outside of the room and flip the switch with a boomerang to drop the red blocks elsewhere on the level.

To The West!

Head back to the first couple of tightropes you made and head to the west. Extend a tightrope across the two poles that are directly to the south of the eye target with the icicles in front of it. If you stand in the middle of this tightrope and use your boomerang, you can hit all four targets to the north, thus melting the ice in front of the eye and letting you hit it with an arrow. That will melt the ice near the southwestern tongue statue. Find the blue panel near the westernmost pole here and bomb it; that'll give you a shortcut to reach the tongue.

Make your way to the tongue statue near where you first entered the floor. Stand to the south of it, near the southern wall, and pull the tongue through the gap. The farther away you stand from it, the farther you'll pull it, and the more time you'll have here. After it's fully extended, return to the poles on the western side of the main room here and make your way around to the door that opened up. That'll lead you to a set of steps heading downward.

Head to the west here and get across the gap by latching onto the torch. The combat room here is simple, with a Yook and a slime enemy. Kill them both, make a tightrope, and avoid the spinning blade as you move to the north. Make a couple of tightropes until you get all the way to the northern edge of the room, then make a tightrope on the western side of that platform. If you walk into this tightrope while standing on the ground, Link will eventually turn around and face away from the direction you're pushing him in. If you remove the stylus from the screen here, he'll jump across the gap with no problems.

Move to the four switches here and spin attack in the middle of them to unlock a large chest to the south; you'll also open a door near the stairs. Bomb your way through the wall to the south of the switches to nab some rupees, then head to the southeast, through the door.

The Next Chest

You'll come out to some icy platforms with torches on them. Make a tightrope between the two torches on the ground level here and jump from it up to the platform above it, being sure not to fall off the upper edge. If you claw your way to the northwest, you can fire an arrow from the last platform at the eye target there, opening the door leading on to the north.

The northern room here is another puzzle. What you need to do is jump to the small one-tile wide platform in the middle of the room and get up on the northernmost edge, where there's a blue tile. Stand there and make a tightrope between the two poles here. With that done, switch to your bow and fire downward at the rope. Your arrows will bounce off and into the eye targets, revealing a chest that holds the Small Key .

Combat Room

Take the key and unlock the combat room nearby. It holds a strong Yook and a couple of flying enemies. Kill them all to earn 200 rupees; you'll also unlock the door to the south. Head down there and start climbing the small hill. You can do so by hopping onto the poles and then swinging your grapple at the next pole above you. Eventually you'll reach the switch here; press it to unlock a passage to the west. Walk along the narrow ice that you've revealed to reach a switch that unblocks the large chest in the southwestern corner of the area.

Boss Fight: Gleeok, Two-Headed Dragon

As you may have surmised, this fight will require you to use the grappling hook. When you enter the room, note that there are four poles here, one to the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast. Soon after the fight begins, you'll notice one of the dragon heads rearing up to fire a fireball at you. It's a subtle movement; they'll just kind of rear up and look like they're about to sneeze. Memorize this movement and get to the point where you can see when a fireball is headed your way.

When the dragon on the left fires at you, quickly make a rope from the northwest to the southeastern poles; if the dragon on the right fires at you, make a rope from the northeast to the southwest. These diagonal ropes will reflect the fireballs as they come towards you, causing them to hit the opposite head and weakening its beak. Be prepared, though, as one of the heads will subsequently chomp at you, which will snap your rope and can hurt; be sure to keep moving side to side when this attack comes your way.

After a few hits in this manner, the heads will recede beneath the water, causing a huge wave to come up your way. Jump onto one of the poles here to avoid it. After that happens, a number of ice blocks will appear and start coming your way. Stay on your pole as long as you can, then jump off to dodge the ice and run towards the opposite side of the platform. Run slowly, and you will wind up with a buffer on the side of the platform that won't have any ice coming towards it.

After a couple cycles of Phase One, the masks on the heads of the dragons will disappear, leaving them without any protection. They'll rise up here and chomp away at the two northern poles, removing them from the playing field. After that, one head at a time will come down your way and try to chomp you. Avoid the chomps—they hurt—and wait for them to start charging up their tongues with power. When this occurs, quickly use your grappling hook to connect their tongue with one of the remaining poles. That'll bonk them against the pole and stun them; take the opportunity to hit them repeatedly with your sword.

After another round of ice-dodging, the dragons will come up and snap at you more often than they did before, but the tongue-charging escapades will still wind up being their downfall.

As per usual, you'll net more sand for your hourglass here and another Heart Container . You can also find the Azurine atop a pedestal behind the dragons after they die. Grab your junk, and get out of the temple.

Exploring The Island

When you reach the temple's entrance, you can use the grappling hook to start climbing the walls to the west. Start exploring the upper reaches here. Among other things, you can find a Power Gem in the southeastern corner in a chest, a Wisdom Gem to the west of the Anouki Chief's hut, and lots of rupees. You'll also find an Anouki called Noabode near the village, who'll tell you to dig up in front of every sign near every house. Doing so will net you a few hundred more rupees.

To the north, near the Estates, you can speak to a sign that will tell you to dig in front of the Wayfarer's hut on Bannen Island. To the southeast of the estates, you'll find a small island with nothing on it…or so it seems. Dig right in the middle of the stones to find a 300-piece rupee.

Temple Of The King, 5th Trip

Now that you have a couple more tools, it's time to head back to the Temple of the Ocean King, where you'll be able to proceed further down than you could before. The time pressures will be eased a bit by the addition of four more minutes to your clock, but again, if you haven't yet, you may want to hit all of your treasure points to try and find more sand for you Hourglass.

When you reach the Temple, you can take the shortcut down that you unlocked earlier, or you can try and use your tools and knowledge to substantially improve your time, not just to the B6 shortcut, but beyond that, as well. Remember all those gems you had to collect on floors B7 and B8? Well, there's a way to avoid doing that again if you read carefully. There are also some new items to be unlocked on some of the floors.

Use the grappling hook and the bow to the west of the door here to unlock a new treasure chest with a Courage Gem inside of it.

Bomb the wall in the northwestern corner and use a bombchu to flip the switch beyond. The chest that appears contains a Wisdom Gem .

There's a substantial shortcut here, as you can head north from the entrance and then use the grappling hook between the two torches to jump up to the upper platform. It's important that you go to the southeastern corner of this level, though, dig up the airjet, and drop the patrolling Phantom into the ground and grab the Small Key from him. You don't need it to exit the level, but it'll be handy to do so. You can also find a 30 second time bonus by heading up to where you used to insert the gems and standing in the safe zone there. Use a bombchu on the bombable blocks in the northeast, then boomerang the jar there to get the time.

Another big shortcut. Head to the northeastern corner and shoot an arrow into the eye to shut down the steam jets, then hug the northern wall and head west. Run past the Phantom Eye that patrols here, grab the red jar, and break it near the two mouseholes here. You can use bombchus to the north and south to lower the spikes leading to the small key and the door leading on. You'll need to unlock the door here with the key you brought from B3, then grab the key on this floor before heading downwards.

If you enter this area from the B4 shortcut given above, you'll come out on the northwestern corner of this map. Dig an airjet and land yourself up near the switch and shut it down. Grab the Treasure Map from the chest and then turn the airjet back on to jump across the gap.

Head to the northeast and shoot the eye target across the gap to reveal a treasure chest with a Treasure Map in it. With that done, you can head directly to the door and enter your symbol onto it. Do the Sacred Crest symbol (the hourglass) first, pick up the 30 second boost inside, then head back out and put the triforce symbol in.

At this point, if you've been picking up the new treasures on each floor, you may simply want to go back outside the Temple and start over from the first floor, concentrating solely on doing everything quickly. We managed to get to the beginning of floor B4 in a total of four seconds, thanks to the two 30-second jars on floor B3. Our time to the Triforce door was 1:22, although we're sure you can do better if you seek out more time bonuses.

It's important to note, however, that when you do manage a good time you don't want to warp back to the entrance; doing so will cause you to lose the small key that you've picked up. Just keep on going down when you're satisfied with your timing. Things get a bit tricky here, but if you have a small key on your person, then you're golden.

You should still have a small key in your possession here. (If you don't then you'll be able to perform the shortcut that we describe here, but you'll still have to perform some of the older steps from the last time you were in the castle.) Ride the platforms around to the northwest, but don't head to the northeast corner. Instead, pull yourself over to the middle-north section, directly north of the doorway, with the grapple. Open the chest to find one of the three Crystals. Wait for the platform to arrive on your east side, walk across, then use your key on the door here, pick up the crystal again, and head down.

Drop down here and head to the bombchu slot that you can see on your map. Send a bombchu through and flip the switch, then head through the door to reach B9, still carrying the crystal with you.

OK. You have one crystal in your possession, and the other two are located on this floor. Go ahead and start killing the ghosts here to gain a bit more time, then place your crystal into its pedestal. Shoot the Phantom in the back to obtain the Square Crystal , then bring it to the northwestern corner of the map and place it in the pedestal there. Open the treasure chest nearby to find the Triangle Crystal , then place all of the crystals in the pedestals by the northern door. You need to put them in their pedestals in a certain order, though. Put the square one in first, then the circle, then the triangle. If you do so, then the screen will shake when you enter the northern door here. Exit it via the southern exit to reach floor B10.

New Phantoms here. They can teleport! Joyous occasion!

Use a bombchu from the doorway here and send it down the eastern path on the inside of the big square so that it hits the switch there. If you have enough bombchus, try to take out some of the Phantom Eyes as well. The switch will lower the spikes to the west. Head up to the northwestern corner of the map. See the boulder in the safe zone there? Push it to the south to kill the phantom in the corridor. Grab the Small Key from his body. If you can, use a bombchu on the southwestern corner of the inner circle and hit the switch there.

Head up to the northeastern corner, avoiding the remaining Phantom. Jump on the poles and use the grappling hook to make it to the safe zone. When the Phantom is to your south, push the boulder here and kill him, as well. That will cause a chest to appear to the west.

Continue down the eastern hallway, shutting off the spikes when you get past them. Nab the time bonus from the jar in the southeastern corner, then bomb the suspicious-looking spot on the southern side of the central area and head in. If you don't care about the western chest (100 rupees) and already managed to flip the western switch with a bombchu, then head through the first set of lowered spikes here; otherwise you'll have to head around to the western side.

When you kill the last Phantom Eye, a large chest will appear on the southern side of the area. If you want to get it, you have to run back to the southern corridor and find the pole there. Hop onto the pole and grapple your way to the chest. It has another 100 rupees, so it's probably not worth the time. Regardless, use the key on the door and head through.

Try to kill some of the Phantom Eyes here from the comfort of the safe zones. Just be patient and your time will come.

When you have some kills under your belt, head to the eastern side of the map and pick up the red jar there. Take it to the northwest and drop it near the digging spot in the corridor there as a new safe zone, then head to the northeastern corner of the map and pull the switch to extend a bridge. Return to the jar's safe zone, then head to the northwestern corner and pull the switch there, as well. That'll extend another bridge on the northern part of the zone. With that done, dig up the airjet and ride it upward. Step on the two switches on either side of the platforms here, then drop down into a safezone.

Tip : Killing all of the Phantom Eyes here will reveal a chest containing a piece of treasure.

Now you have to step on the two switches on the southern side of the room. Begin by heading to the southwest and finding the airjet there. Dig it up and hit the southeastern switch. If you look in the southeastern corner of the room, you'll find a switch. Hitting it will cause the bridge to extend to the southwestern switch, but it's on a very short timer. If you stand just to the north of the sonic flooring to the northwest of the switch, hit it with a boomerang, and run towards the airjet while the boomerang is still in flight, you'll be able to make it to the airjet and across the bridge before it retracts. You can do the same with a bombchu if you happen to have one.

When you hit all four switches, the stairs leading on will open up.

Hit the jars here from the safe zone with your boomerang, grab the contents, then pull the switch nearby. That'll lower the spikes. Kill the Eye with your boomerang and sword, then move up to the northwestern corner. There's a red pot here; grab it and break it a bit to the southeast of the safe zone in this part of the map.

When you open the chest here, you'll nab a Force Gem but a Phantom will spawn nearby. Avoid its gaze by hiding in the safe zone that you made and take it to the northern room here. Place it into the pedestal there, but keep in mind that that will spawn a ghost in the southwestern corner. Try to goad it towards you by keeping your back to it, dashing into the safe zone when necessary; when it gets close, pelt it with a boomerang for some free time.

Hit the Phantom here in the back with an arrow as it patrols, then grab the Force Gem it carries and place it in another pedestal, then repeat the game with the ghost.

With that done, wrap around to the southeast and head up the passage to the northeastern corner. The last Force Gem is here. The Phantom that spawns now is actually easier to avoid than the other one was, since it will patrol instead of standing still. Avoid it, then move back to the center room and place the Gem into the pedestal to open the door.

This room might look like there's a boss fight waiting to happen here, as indeed there is, later on in the game. For now, just grab the Northwestern Sea Chart and book it back to your ship.

Off To The Northeastern Sea

Head to the southeastern and then the northeastern sea. There's a large island here that's circled by rocks, and which is guarded by a cyclone; don't bother trying to head through it just yet. Head instead to the northeastern corner and the Isle of the Dead.

Isle of the Dead

Land here and head into the cave in front of you. You'll find a book by an explorer. Read it thoroughly to learn about the island a bit. Apparently it's shaped like the head of someone wearing a crown, and the writer indicates that something key might be found near the mouth area. It also makes reference to a treasure somewhere in this very room…

If you dig on the western side of this room, near the other exit from the cave, you'll find a couple of spots that can't be dug up. Blow up a bomb here to uncover a secret room. Head north, using your bow to kill the bats and walking slowly to avoid the Rupoors, and eventually you'll reach the treasure room. We found a Courage Gem , a Treasure Map , and some very nice ship parts.


When you're done poking around in the cave, head outside and start looking around on the main part of the island. You won't be able to access the northwest yet, so check out the rest of the island. All of it's pretty innocuous, save for the skeletons that roam around.

Enter the pyramid to the northeast here and check out the two signs here. The one on the right has a clue for you: find the tree on the king's chin and head 13 steps west and seven steps north. The rest of this area is an impenetrable maze at the moment, so don't poke around too long. If you want to check it out, feel free to do so; just remember to head south repeatedly if you want to find the exit.

Head back out of the pyramid and count your steps as you walk northwest from the tree on the southeastern tip of the island. You'll eventually dig up a real hole in the ground, not too far south from the tall pillar with the switch on it.

The Hidden Cave

When you find the hole, drop down and blow open the crack on the northern wall. That'll lead you to a treasure room with another hint: “Face west from the King's Eye and shoot an arrow.” (It's not clear what this refers to, as there appears to be no arrow targets to the west of the pyramid…) There'll also be a Power Gem here. Leave the treasure room and make your way to the exit from the cave, dodging the boulders as you go. When you reach the exterior again, you'll be on the King's mustache. Grab the Treasure Map from the chest here, then hit the switch to the west with a boomerang to unlock the door leading to the Six Sages area.

Drop down and head to the Six Sages graveyard and start reading the signs. Here are the clues you're given, in order of sage:

  • Go North through the first room.
  • Go East through the second room.
  • Go East through the third room.
  • Go North through the fourth room.
  • Go North through the fifth room.

The Isle of Ruins

With the Regal Necklace in your grips, head to the Isle of Ruins to the west. You'll be able to pass through the cyclone without any problems here. Land your ship and head into the cave nearby. After defeating the warrior within, read the sign and exit out to the main portion of the island.

Make your way through the southwestern maze, using your bow or bombs to destroy the worms that pop up from the ground. When you exit the maze, head northwest a bit to find a little alcove where another worm resides. Kill it, then dig up the soil underneath it to find 100 rupees. Head to the east afterwards and take the stairs leading to the northwest, where the boulders are rolling downhill. Make your way past them to the stairs and head towards the pyramid in the northwest.

The Three Knights

Speak to Bremeur, then exit his pyramid. There'll be a new bridge leading across the the gap to the east, so head there. Before moving off to the eastern section of the Isle, walk up the steps and slam into the tree near the fence. You'll gain 200 rupees for doing so.

With that done, head to Doylan's Temple in the northeast. He'll give you the King's Key . Return with it to Bremeur and use it on the obelisk in his tomb; that will open a number of new paths outside, since the ocean level will drop substantially.

Head to the east along the riverbed, avoiding the boulders. Eventually you'll come to some stationary boulders. Find the one atop the stairs and push it to the west; it'll smash the boulder below it and let you move on. There's another boulder to the south a bit; you can push it to the south to smash the boulder below it, then move offscreen and back to have it respawn, then push it to the east. The eastern passage will lead to a Wisdom Gem .

Max's Challenge

Head south and flip the switch on the riser to open a shortcut back to the port, should you need it, then move around to Max's Temple and head inside. Max says that he'll let you into the main temple on the island, but first you'll need to discover the shape of a certain crest and draw it on the tablet in the corridor.

Head to the east and into the corridor there. The tablet is here, but you don't currently have any symbol to etch on it. The sign nearby will point you back to the maze in the southwestern corner, so head back that way and start reading the signs.

There are five signs here, in various positions in the maze. You need to find them all and read them. (You can also find a Power Gem in the northeastern corner of the maze.) Begin in the northwest, where you'll find the sign with the first star on it. It says to head east, so travel along the water until you find the two-star sign. Head south from there (draw lines on your map as you go) to the southwestern corner, near the water. From there, head northwest to the middle of the maze, then head to the southwestern corner, and then trace a line to the north, back to where you started. In the end, the symbol winds up looking like a square that someone pushed up from the bottom so that the bottom line makes a 90-degree triangle that has its peak at the center of the square. Or a W letter with a line drawn across the top.

Luckily, the tablet in the corridor has guide dots on it, so you should be able to trace the symbol no matter how poor of an artist you are. Do so, then head north and defeat the two warriors that appear. They're tough, so be sure to have full health before approaching! When they die, the Temple will become accessible to you.

Mutoh's Temple

As Ciela will warn you here, there are going to be plenty of traps in your path here. Get ready to fall into trapdoors a lot. Feel free to mark them on your map, if you wish.

Your goal on this floor is to head up to the north and drop the spikes in front of the northern set of steps. This involves proceeding through both the western and eastern portions of the room here to stand on pressure plates on either side of it.

Western Side

Begin with the western side. Plant a bomb near the western switch at the beginning of the room, and while it's ticking down, run to the northwest and hop over the moving blocks there. If you can make it to where the bridge is extended (planting a bomb to set off the switch gives you extra time), then you can cross over it, head north, kill the enemies in the combat room, then move across the northern bridge and flip the switch there.

Eastern Side

The only clean way to get across the bridge that you extend to the east is to bomb the wall to the south of it. There's an apparent dead end here if you look around, but there's also a tile on the floor. Bomb the wall to the south of the gap to create a shortcut, then flip the switch and run across the bridge, avoiding the trapdoor. Head to the north, defeat the skeletons, flip the switch, and head downstairs.

Uh oh, this place looks annoying. Luckily you won't have to deal with it much right now. Head to the east, then south a bit, and find the stairs leading upward.

You can't kill the turtle enemies here; that'll come later. Avoid them for now and head upwards.

The worms were easy to avoid before, but in these tight spaces you're going to want to kill them. Repeatedly hit them with your grappling hook for free kills; no need to waste bombs or arrows. There's a treasure piece in a treasure chest on the western side of this room. Kill the worms and make your way to the south to move up.

Kill all the enemies here to grab the Hammer . This last piece of equipment will let you hit things from a distance, and you can also tap and hold the stylus down for a second to gain energy for big hits.

Smash the switch on the floor with a hammer shot to open the door, then proceed upwards by standing on the footprint markers and hitting the targets. That'll launch you up to the top of the room, where you can kill the turtles and drop down to move on.

Kill the turtles and flip the switch to return to…

Smash the boulders to the west and follow the path that they open up to reach the northwestern corner of the map. Use your hammer on the two skels in the combat room to kill them, then proceed down the stairwell to floor B2.

Smash the switches here to move off to the west, then hop onto the platforms that hover above the chasm. As you ride, smash the skeletons and switches off to the left and right. When you get all of the switches, the log to the south will start rolling, letting you move on. You can find a Courage Gem in the southwestern corner of the map.

Heading up the stairs near the block will net you a Small Key . Nab it and head upstairs.

Unlock the door in front of you, then head north across the bone path to reach the locked door. Unlock it with the key, then hit the switch inside of it to drain the water in this level.

Jump down to the floor and move to the west to find a puzzle. You need to change all of the symbols on the ground so that the blue X's become red O's. With a little bit of hammering you can manage this by luck, but if you want an easy solution, simply hit the lower middle tile first, then the central middle tile, then the lower middle tile again. That'll flip everything around to the way you need it.

With the way to the south opened, head there, use the seesaw to get up to the platform above you, grab some arrows, then shoot to the southeast and hit the pyramid switch to refill the water in the level.

Head to the south now and pound the floor there until it's one solid color; doing so will open a door nearby. That will let you move around to the east and fire an arrow through the space where the door way. Do so to flip the water back down, then drop down to the southeast and find the ladder leading downward.

Another color puzzle here. One thing to keep in mind is that you can stand on one tile to prevent it from flipping. It may be necessary to do that here since there are so many diagonal patterns here; try flipping the switches until you get vertical lines of two X's and one O, then standing on the O and flipping the other blocks to make the entire vertical line a solid color. You can also tap the gray tiles outside the puzzle area itself to flip smaller portions of the puzzle.

Solving the puzzle will unlock a bridge to the southeast. Head across to return upward.

Examine the blocks above you here; this is the “true form” of the square puzzles. Write it down somewhere; mark it in large letters on the far side of the map if you have to. With that done, ride the platforms up to the upper level until you find the arrow dispenser. Use your boomerang to the east to flip the arrow redirectioner and point it to the south, then fire an arrow into it to refill the level with water. That'll let you pass over to the east.

There's another hammering board here. Your goal is to flip the squares until they resemble the “true form” of the squares below. This can be complicated, but it is doable, especially if you get in the habit of standing on one of the tiles to prevent it from flipping, or trying to hammer the squares outside of the puzzle area to flip one or two tiles at a time.

When you get the pattern correct, a blue door to the west will open. Drain the water if needed, then head down and hammer the platforms until you reach it and head towards the middle section of the floor. You'll come to a boulder; push it to the west until it's on top of the hammering board, then hammer it up to the top of the stairs and push it to the east. That'll open the path to a nearby treasure chest containing a Small Key .

Hammer yourself up to the northern part of this area and proceed to the northeastern corner. Unlock the door on the eastern side of the area and walk down to where the boulder rests on a launching pad. You need to launch it up to the next pad, then follow by launching yourself. Repeat this process a few times until the boulder can't go any higher, then push it to the west to clear the path to the Boss Key . Grab it, then drop down to the stairwell to the south here and head back down.

Place the Boss Key on the moving block here and use your Hammer to hit the skels as they fire at you. Then place it into the locked door and jump up to the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Eox, Ancient Stone Soldier

Why does Link always look so surprised when the doors lock behind him? It's not like he shouldn't be expecting it by now.

Eox likes to smash you with his fists here. He can't reach all the way to the edge of the platform, though, so as long as you stay on the outside of the ring you'll be relatively safe. He'll also periodically fire spikes at you from high above. If you keep moving, both of these attacks are easy to dodge.

What you have to do here is use your hammer to set off the jumping platforms here, then try to hit the red targets on Eox's body while you're in midair. There are around eight or nine of them all told, and they're spread out around his body, so this will take some time. The hardest ones to hit are on his back, but if you wait for Eox to fire his spikes at you, then run around to his rear side, use the platform there, and try to hit some of the targets. You'll be most likely to get hit just after you land from a jump, so move out to the rim as quickly as possible.

The hardest target to hit here will be the back of Eox's neck, since it's the highest target up.

When you do manage to hit the neck and disassemble the rest of the body, four more targets will appear on Eox's front side. He'll move a little quicker here, and his fist strikes will have a larger area of effect. What you need to do now is launch yourself at his front side and hit all four of the targets up there one time each, preferably in one jump. When you do that, his body will disintegrate, leaving only his head behind.

Phase Three

It's just a flesh wound, apparently, as Eox will attempt to hop around with only his head and shoot spikes at you. There are three jump platforms remaining, so you need to figure out where they land, try to goad Eox into moving there (he'll follow you around a bit), and then jump onto his head and whack at the blue crystal there with your sword. Repeat the process a couple of times to finish Eox off.

Heart Container , more sand, etc., etc. Grab the Aquanine and leave. Before you head back to the ship, though, you may want to explore the northeastern side of the island. Revealed by the receding waters was a chest with a Courage Gem inside, as well as a chest with 200 Rupees.

Return to Zauz

Return with the Aquanine to Linebeck and shove off. Now that you have all three pieces of rare metal, head back to the northwestern map quadrant and return to Zauz's island. There's a Wisdom Gem here that you can reach now that you have the grappling hook. Give Zauz the metals, and he'll begin crafting a powerful sword for you. It'll take some time for it to get done, though.

While you wait, head out to sea and find Jolene's ship. Track her down and let her board you. The fight here will be much the same as it has been, although she'll use a new slashing attack that will hurt when it hits. She'll use her lunge attack less often here, but when she does, dodge it and hit her from the side. Do it five or six times and you win!

With Jolene out of the way, return to Zauz for the Sword Blade . Bring that back to where you started the game, at Oshus's hut, and you'll receive the Phantom Sword.

Temple of the Ocean King, Final Trip

It's now time to delve into the Temple of the Ocean King for the final time. Now would be a fine time to travel the four seas, revisiting each of the islands that you previously travelled to; there are plenty of places with secret areas that are only accessible through use of the bow or the grappling hook.

Head into the Temple when you're ready and use your shortcut to get to B6. Head down the stairs from there.

Since you don't have the small key this time around, you'll have to do things a bit differently.

Tip: One major note here is that you can now kill the Phantoms with the Phantom Blade. They can only be taken out if you hit them from behind, though. What you generally want to do is get their attention, run to a safe zone, then slice them from behind when they walk away. Also note that killing all of the Phantoms on these floors (and possibly floors B1 through B6) will reveal new treasure chests to you, usually containing rare ship parts.

Anyway, ride the platforms here to the north and grab the Crystal from the chest there. Without a key to open the door in the corner, you'll have to take it to the stairs in the southeast. Get used to luring Phantoms in and killing them!

Take the crystal to the north and use a Bombchu to trigger the switch in the northeastern corner. That'll unlock the door to the north that heads downward. Take the crystal with you when you head downstairs.

Take the crystal around to the pedestals and drop it. Kill the Phantom to grab his crystal, then take the square crystal to the northwest and drop it into the pedestal to drop the flames nearby. Grab the triangle crystal from the chest, bring it back to the pedestals, then retrieve the square crystal. Place them into the pedestals in the order of square, circle, triangle (middle, left, right), then head north and back out again to keep on keepin' on.

There are a couple of new treasure chests to be found here. Using the hammer on the southwestern corner's switch will spawn a chest with a Treasure Map , while killing both of the phantoms will reveal a 100-piece Rupee chest.

Kill the Phantoms here for your treasure, but ignore the switch puzzle. Instead, head down through the easternmost door.

You'll come out into a small room with a switch and a hammer paddle. Flip the switch and quickly jump over to the chest; it contains a Treasure Map . You now have to nab the three Force Gems again, but they're easier to get this time, since you can kill the Phantoms. Killing them all will net you a 300 Rupee piece, by the way.

There'll be a test of your mettle before you can proceed downward from here. Begin by picking up the red jar in the northeastern corner and throwing it down onto the floor near the open treasure chest in the middle of the room. When that's done, three groups of three Phantoms will appear. Stand in the safe zone you created and hit them in the back.

When all of the Phantoms are done in, the large blue door will open. Save your game now. If you want to return topside and use the new treasure maps that you have, head to the north and tell Ciela that you're not ready to go on; she'll spawn a blue portal for you. Otherwise, head up the steps to face your destiny.

Boss Fight: Bellum, Evil Phantom

Equip your grappling hook here. Bellum's main attack here will be to spit at you; this spit will create new creatures on the ground that will attack you independently. They're easy to kill, though, and will often drop hearts for you.

To kill Bellum here, use your grappling hook on the purple smoke on his body. Pull it off of him until he's exposed, then use the hook on the body itself to pull it to you, then deliver some swift hits. Eventually he'll raise up out of the water and head up to the second floor. Take the stairs to follow him.

Bellum will whack you with his hands here, as well as send creatures out after you. Watch for the whacks, as they hurt. While you run around, use your bow to fire at the yellow eyes on the backs of the hands that cling to the pillars here. When you hit them all, Bellum will slip back down to the first level and start shooting more spit-creatures at you. You can wait up on the second floor and kill a bunch of them to get more hearts, if need be, before returning downstairs.

Phase One Repeat

This is the same as phase one, but there'll be more purple smoke on Bellum's body, and he'll shoot more creatures at you. Still, the technique used to defeat him is the same.

Phase Two Repeat

Bellum has one new attack here, where he'll spin around and attempt to whack you with all of his hands; hide behind the pillars to avoid it. The yellow targets on the hands will blink on and off; wait until they're yellow to fire.

Eventually Bellum will move up to the topmost level and repeat Phase Two again, but he'll move even more quickly and fire even more enemies at you. Hit the eyes

When the cutscene is done, head to the bottom of this area. Ciela will now be able to give you full power over the Phantom Hourglass, which will let you stop time. You do this by tapping the icon on the bottom of the screen when it's orange, then quickly tracing the symbol of the hourglass into the box that appears. No tracing lines will show up here, so you need to draw it freehand. If you don't recall, the hourglass shape goes from northwest to northeast to southwest to southeast and back to northwest. You can draw this pretty quickly and sloppily and it should still register.

Bellum won't attack you now, but he will rotate around the stage. If he runs into you, it'll hurt , so try to avoid him as best you can. Better yet, wait for him to get close, then bust out the hourglass symbol. That'll stop time for about 8 or 10 seconds, allowing you to whack at his exposed eye. It can be difficult to swing your sword here, for whatever reason, but spin attacks seem to connect just fine.

After a few instances of eye-whacking, Bellum will sink for good, causing a lengthy cutscene to play. But it's not over yet…

Boss Fight: Possessed Ghost Ship

Just as Link and Tetra are about to press their spiky appendages together, Bellum reappears and kidnaps her, then possesses the Ghost Ship and attempts to run.

Your primary focus here will be on the purple projectiles that the Ghost Ship sends at you. Hit them as quickly as you can by tapping on them in midair. If they hit you, they'll drain a full heart from the ship, but if you consistently manage to hit them before they hit you, you should nab some hearts from them.

When there aren't any projectiles in the air, focus on hitting the purple and yellow eyes on the ship itself. These are what launch the projectiles. Hitting them once will cause them to disappear, but they'll come back fairly quickly. No worries, though; just keep hitting them and hitting them.

Eventually, after making a couple of laps around the ship, most of the side eyes will be done for. Focus your attention upwards, at the two eyes on the deck of the ship. These appear and disappear with some regularity, but if you fire on them enough, eventually you'll hit them and be able to board the ship.

Boss Fight: Bellum Knight

Bellum will come at you in knight form at this point, and you'll notice with some dismay that your life total is what you ended the last Bellum fight with. If it's low, then this will be a tough fight here. Don't forget that you probably have Potions that you can drink from the items menu; it's unlikely that you've had to use them up until now. Yellow potions will restore your entire health bar; blue ones will restore you to life if you die.

Anyway, Bellum's weak spot is on his back. After Ciela allows you to stop time, though, you'll head towards it and find that it's protected, after which Bellum will capture Ciela as well. To free her (and recharge your hourglass), you'll need to lead Bellum to one of the corners of the platform and start hitting him with your sword while dodging his blows. He will attempt two main attacks here. One is an overhead slam that will hit directly in front of him; side step this. The other will occur when he blocks a few of your attacks; he'll jump to your side, then swing his sword. Since he attacks with his right arm, move off to your right (his left) and away from him to avoid this blow, but mostly just move away.

Hit him enough and you'll lock blades with him (you need to hit him as rapidly as possible after dodging his counterattack for this to happen); rapidly rub your stylus on the screen to break the lock, then quickly hit him with your sword. If you do so, Ciela will temporarily break free from his tentacle and recharge your hourglass.

When you have an hourglass charge, you can attack the weak spot on Bellum's back. Avoid him until the eye opens up on your top screen, then get close, quickly activate the hourglass, and run around to the eye and start hitting it. Do this as quickly as you can and try to get as many hits in as possible.

The fight gets a lot tougher as it goes on, as Bellum debuts a whirlwind attack that is very difficult to dodge. Try rolling away from it, but it'll still probably hit you twice for a full heart's worth of damage. Just before Bellum goes down, he'll start keeping the eye protected almost all the time. Since it's difficult to keep an eye on the bottom screen while also keeping an eye on the eye on the top screen, try to listen for the sound that the eye makes when it opens. When you hear it, quickly activate the hourglass and whirl around Bellum for the final few blows.

Spirit Gem and Heart Container Locations

Heart containers.

There are 16 total Heart Containers in Phantom Hourglass, including the three you start with. There are seven that you'll pick up automatically in each of the seven main dungeons of the game. That leaves six to find in the game world. We're not going to cover these quests in depth (mostly because the game is easily finished with the 10 heart containers you obtain naturally, and because we didn't complete them all ourselves), but if you want to get a hint on where to look for them, here's a list.

  • Romano's Shooting Range. After defeating the Temple of Courage, Romano will have a mini-game available in his hut on Molida. Score 2,000 points for the heart.
  • Wayfarer on Bannen Island. Complete the Wayfarer's quest to find a Mermaid companion, and he'll grant you a container.
  • Beedle's assistant. If you catch Beedle's assistant on his ship, he'll sometimes sell you a container.
  • Island shops. Check around at the island item shops. One of them will sell a Bombchu bag for you to carry more bombchus with. If you buy it, then a heart container will replace it at one of the shops.
  • Beat the Treasure Maze challenge on Expert difficulty.
  • Defeat the Northwestern Adventurer's Ship fighter by hitting him 100 times, and he'll fork over a heart container.

Spirit Gems

There are 20 of each type of spirit gem located around the game. If you find ten of a certain kind of gem, you can take them to the Spirit Island in the southwestern corner of the southwestern map quadrant to power up that spirit with a certain new feature. It's not necessary to power up your spirits if you don't want to. If you do, though, you can change spirits on the Collections menu.

We didn't find all of the spirit gems during our playthrough, so this isn't a complete list, but hopefully will help you track some of the ones that you missed. If you're looking for a complete list, check the Items FAQ at .

When upgraded, the power gems allow your red spirit to imbue your sword with fire. Arguably the most useful of the ten-gem upgrades.

  • Bomb Garden, Cannon Island.
  • Item Seller, Molida.
  • Isle of Gust, exterior platform. Dig to reveal an airjet on the western side of the island and jump up.
  • B2 Floor Temple of Wind, off on the western side of the large desert room.
  • Mercay, small bombable cave on the way to Temple of the King
  • 2nd Floor of Temple of Courage.
  • 1st Floor of Temple of Courage.
  • Power Gem from Oshus after defeating the Diabolical Cubus Sisters.
  • Temple of the Ocean King, B3 floor, only accessible after obtaining bow.
  • Temple of the Ocean King, B7 Floor, jump onto pedestal in northeastern corner and hit switch to the south.
  • Isle of Goron, in the maze to the north before the temple.
  • Ice Island, southeastern corner, need a grappling hook.
  • Bannen Island, near the dock, requires grappling hook.
  • Spirit Island, requires grapple.
  • Isle of the Dead, inside the cave you dig to the south of the switch on the pillar.
  • Isle of Ruins, after dropping the water, northeastern corner of the southwestern maze.

Courage Gems

The ten-gem powerup allows your sword to shoot a blade of light when you use a slashing attack. Handy enough, but we personally almost always used targeted attacks, thrusts, or spin attacks during combat, so we never found this to be useful. You also have plenty of items that can attack at range.

  • Courage Gem, treasure chest on Spirit Island
  • Isle of Gust, small cave knocked open by bombs when you first land.
  • Temple of Wind, B1, ride an airjet up to it.
  • Temple of Courage, 3F
  • Temple of the Ocean King, B8, after inserting the triangle crystal.
  • Hidden DS-Shaped island in southeastern map quadrant. Drop down on northern side and defeat the Cyclopes to reveal a chest.
  • Hidden DS Island. Head to the lower section of the DS and walk around where the touchscreen is located. Dig in the southwestern most square to find the gem.
  • Isle of Ember, northwestern corner, need the grappling hook.
  • Uncharted Isle, center chamber, need the grappling hook.
  • Temple of Ocean King, B1, need grappling hook and bow
  • From Gongoron in the mail after the fourth trip to Temple of Ocean King.
  • Treasure room in explorer's cave near the dock on Isle of the Dead.
  • Mogoh's Temple, B2 Floor, southwestern corner.
  • Eastern side of Isle of Ruins, after the water has been drained, near the northeastern temple.

Powering up your Wisdom spirit increases your shield power.

  • Isle of Gust, small cave with jets of wind blowing you off the path.
  • Letter from Salvatore, game master of Bannon Island, after you attempt his minigame.
  • B1 Temple of Courage, arrow maneuvering minigame near northeastern exit.
  • B9 Temple of the Ocean King, kill all of the ghosts on the level and it appears.
  • From Goron Chieftan upon answering his questions.
  • 3rd Floor, Temple of Ice, treasure chest.
  • B1, Temple of Ice, northeastern treasure chest.
  • Ice Island, east of Chief's Hut, after obtaining the grappling hook.
  • B2 Temple of the Ocean King, need bombchus and bombs.
  • From Aroo in the mail, after the fourth trip to the Temple of the Ocean King.
  • Isle of Ruins, after unlock the obelisk in Bremeur's Tomb, you'll head to the west, then south, push the boulder into the other boulder to the east.
  • Freedle's island, northeastern corner of Mercay. Need the bow and arrow.
  • Zauz's island, requires the grappling hook.

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zelda phantom hourglass bash tree

Phantom Hourglass is far from a complicated game, but the entirety of it can be overwhelming if you haven't a strong grasp of the basics. You've got to crawl before you can run, flounder a bit before you can swim, and wield that stylus with conviction before you can do anything worthwhile here. Thankfully, we've created this section to help prod you along on your little adventure.

Little has changed over the decades of this long-standing series in terms of the overall premise and play style. True to its previous iterations, Phantom Hourglass embodies the familiarity of classic Zelda controls and gameplay while departing from the mainstay formulae with impressive new features that make this particular adventure both refreshing and enjoyable. It retains the colorful, cell-shaded flair of its big brother, Wind Waker, and introduces a new touch-based interaction system that may take some getting used to, especially if you're a hardened Zelda veteran.

Taking full advantage of the sensitive touch screen and functional stylus, the controls are linked almost exclusively to the stylus. Nearly everything you want Link to do—be it slash at enemies, talk to someone, pick up a pot, etc.—involves some tapping and dragging of the stylus across the bottom screen. In addition to performing standard movements and combat moves with the stylus, you can draw (much in the same manner as drawing in Pictochat) on the screen to solve puzzles or make notes. You won't be using the control pad for movement at all; rather, the control pad serves as a shortcut to the menu, map or items.

As a side note: if you treasure your DS, it would probably be a good idea to invest in a screen protector for this game. As gentle as you may think you will be, the DS may end up being a little scuffed up from overzealous scratching of the stylus while playing. Don't say we didn't warn you. 'Cause, you know, we did.

Now, let us further cut up this whole concept of touch-based gameplay into easier-to-swallow portions:

Go on, touch it.

And touch it you shall. Don't be shy. Take that stylus and bring it to the bottom screen. Your loyal fairy companion, Ciela, will act as the pointer for your stylus.

Wherever you want Link to move to on the screen, guide the pointer to that location and Link will go there. The farther away you point the stylus from him the faster he runs. Conversely, if you point just a few centimeters away from him Link will take his sweet time in a slow walk. If you want to keep Link moving in a certain direction, simply hold the stylus at the edge of the screen in that direction.

People Interaction

Whenever you see someone, you can strike up a conversation with them by hitting the person with the stylus. Advance the dialogue by tapping the bottom arrow in the dialogue bubble. Talk to people often! Some could reveal valuable information that may help you.

Environmental Interaction

Pots, barrels, sign posts, bushes, chickens, etc.—these are more than just mere objects for decorative intents. Most of these objects can be picked up and chucked away like bad meat. Tap on a pot, for example, to bring the pot over Link's head. Link will carry it around with him until you designate a location for him to throw it at. While holding heavier objects, Link's normally agile movements slow to a snail-like shuffle. When thrown, these objects break, often times freeing sweet goodies, such as Rupees and hearts. You never know what you might find hiding within these breakable objects. When you come up to tall grass or a sign post, swing your sword to cut it down for more possible goodies.

With the DS as your canvas and the stylus as your brush, you draw things to solve riddles, jot notes, or just draw or write anything that will be of some help to you. Sometimes the Walkthrough will remind you to jot down some notes or mark a dot on the map to denote important locations, but beyond all that you should ultimately treat this interactable map as a notepad—an expensive one to be sure, but one that works well nonetheless.

Using items

Equippable items, such as the Boomerang for instance, and consumables, such as yellow potions, are stashed away in the Items menu located on the bottom right of the screen. You can either tap the menu button or use the nifty shortcut already assigned to the right D-pad button. Draw open this menu to select the item you would like to equip or use. The currently equipped item is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. You can equip only one item at a time.

When it's ready to be used, simply tap the icon to have Link ready it, or press and hold the L or R shoulder button. If you use the latter method, you have to keep the button depressed right until the moment the item is actually used, or it will be put away by Link. The shortcuts come really handy when you find yourself in the thick of battle and need to access such weapons on the fly.

The Stylus Is Mightier Than The Sword

Among its other uses, the stylus also acts as Link's sword. Without it, you may as well doom him to an inescapable fate of countless deaths. Once in possession of a sword, you can simply point at the thing you want to die, and Link will lunge at it with full force. Link is quite the capable swordsman. As such, he has a number of different slicing and dicing moves he can unleash upon his foes.

Targeted Attack

Tap the sighted enemy to cause Link to immediately lurch forward and hack the threat asunder no matter where it is. Generally, this handy sword move is enough to fell most adversaries, but certain enemies may take a bit more cunning.

Slash Attack

Drag the stylus between Link and the enemy for a lethal slash attack. Similarly, slide the stylus toward the enemy for a thrust attack.

Spin Attack

Draw a full circle around Link in one quick movement for Link to execute a 360-degree spin slash. Any and all things standing in the way of this whirlwind of steel will be cut down with little resistance. This multi-target technique is useful for clearing multiple enemies at once.

Defense is the best offense

Or so they say. So, what of defense? How is Link to defend himself against the perils he faces at every moment? First, he would need a shield, which can easily be purchased from the shop in Mercay Island and later from the Goron village shop (if you need a replacement). In Phantom Hourglass, you don't need to manually command Link to raise his shield in defense. Rather the shield is automatically put to use when the sword is drawn, and Link will be able to repel weaker enemies should they bump into him and deflect some projectiles (only from the front). The defensive ability of the shield can be enhanced by collecting the required number of Wisdom Gems and infusing their power in the shield.

All Hands On Deck!

The game takes place both on land and on the high seas. Gameplay on these two different habitats calls for a different set of controls.

Ship Navigation

The good captain assigns you the simple task of navigating the ship. This can be done by just tracing a route from your ship's icon to a designated spot anywhere on the map and confirming the decision. The ship will power toward that spot on its own. Other than deciding its course, you can choose to stop and start the engine—and even jump! Yes, ladies and gentleman, Linebeck's lightweight vessel has the awesome ability to sail over Sea Traps and skip around on the water surface. When sailing, you must take into account that your proposed route will not calculate possible dangers, such as rocks, hostile enemies and other hindrances. Be sure to rotate the camera around so that you could always see ahead the ship and act accordingly.

Ship Extras

Beyond its simple navigation system, the craft was built to get a good handle on any situation. For instance, when you acquire a Cannon for your ship later on, you may eliminate threats as soon as they present themselves and tear down other obstacles. Other things you can acquire for the ship include a Salvage Arm, which enable you to become a true pirate and haul booty from the sea. For more ship-related fun, you can even outfit the ship with different Ship Parts to boost its vitality and sail the seas with style. Check up on the Appendix section for further details on that.

Salvaging Treasure

Later on when you acquire a Salvage Arm for your ship, you will be able to haul treasure up from the bottom of the sea. The entire process slightly imitates a crane type of game, in which you lower the Salvage Arm into the ocean to capture the buried prize. When this happens you assume total control over the Arm via a control panel that slides sideways for sideways movement and a lever that can be pulled up or down for speed control.

Just like anything else you control in this game, the Salvage Arm features its own health energy in the form of yellow diamonds. As you take nasty hits from underwater hazards, you lose one yellow diamond worth of durability. Loss of all the diamonds will render the Arm inoperative. Unlike Linebeck's ship, however, its health will not be replenished automatically. You must take the damaged Salvage Arm to the shipyard mechanic, who will gladly repair it for the price of 50 Rupees. Breaking the Arm to the point of malfunction, though, will cost you extra (100 Rupees). If you are not careful with the delicate equipment, salvage operations can quickly become a huge Rupee-sink (although with any success they will pay off in the end—and in double).

Other Stuff

Your hero's current state of health is shown by a row of red hearts in the upper left corner of the screen. If any harm goes towards Link's way, varying damage will be caused, reducing his health. Avoid hazards, fight smart and keep Link at optimum strength by replenishing his health either by consuming a health potion or with hearts wrested from vanquished enemies, broken pots, etc. When you board Linebeck's floating vessel, it too features its own health, represented by a row of green hearts in the upper left corner when you're at sea.

Do not take the ship's health lightly, as incurring full damage will sink the ship and bring about the dreaded Game Over screen. Prevent this catastrophe by avoiding watery hazards, such as enemies, traps, tornadoes and hunks of rock. The boat's energy can be restored simply by either docking safely at a harbor or picking up hearts from defeated enemies.

A majority of the game revolves around venturing deep within Temples of Ultra Killer Super Saiyan Doom and cleansing them of the evil within. These dungeons of sorts follow a simple pattern of finding key after key to progress further into the dungeon, killing, finding a new item and then using said item to help you defeat the final boss of the dungeon. No sweat, right?

The map will be an indispensable aid throughout your adventure. No longer will you need to find the dungeon maps prior; you will have the full layout of the territory already at your fingertips. Often times, you can even monitor enemy activity by watching the map. Truly it is too vital of a tool for any smart adventurer to be without. The only kinds of maps that do need finding are sea charts, which make the other quadrants of the vast ocean available to your sailing ways, and treasure maps, which reveal the locations of sunken treasures in the sea.


This guide doesn't feature a thorough examination of Zelda's Multiplayer facet, but that shouldn't discourage you from testing its waters. To play Multiplayer, choose "Battle" on the main menu instead of "Adventure." Then simply link up with other players that have the game or via WiFi.

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Phantom Hourglass Treasure

There are eight different types of Treasure found in Phantom Hourglass and it will vary from game to game.

  • 1 Finding Treasure
  • 2 Trading Treasure
  • 3 Treasure Pricing
  • 4 Game Models

Finding Treasure

Random treasure pieces can be acquire in various methods throughout Link 's Journey. Here are several of the ways Link can go about getting treasure.

  • Purchase Treasure from the various island shops and from Beedle .
  • Use the Salvage Arm to bring up sunken treasures from the ocean ground.
  • Some of the various mini-games will award treasure for getting high scores.
  • Find a limited number of them in various treasure chests all throughout the Overworld and Temples.
  • Trade treasure with various people online via Nintendo Wi-Fi. (No longer applicable).
  • Replay the Temple of the Ocean King and defeat all Phantoms on early floors with the Phantom Sword .

As Link goes through his journey, he will surely collect a ton of random treasure pieces. They are commonly sold and replenished within the shops on Mercay, Molida, and Goron Islands. In addition to that, there are two Sunken Treasure Locations that offer a treasure piece as a reward. The various mini-games that Link plays all award Treasure, and usually treasure is the worst of the major rewards, just under ship parts and larger rewards.

Many of the islands will have treasure chests lying around that contain treasure, as do the temples. In particular the Temple of the Ocean King has unlimited treasure for Link to obtain. After Link has acquired the Phantom Sword late in the game, he can repeatedly return to the Temple of the Ocean King and begin heading down the many floors. Defeating all the phantoms on floors B1, B2, B3, B4, and B6 will create treasure chests that all hold random treasure pieces. Link can obtain these treasures, leave the Temple, and then re-enter it. All the treasure chests will be reset so Link can fight off the phantoms again and gain more treasure.

Trading Treasure

As of the Nintendo announcement in 2014, online play for the Nintendo DS is no longer applicable, and this includes the Trading of Treasure.

The game allows players to use Nintendo DS Wi-Fi capability to trade ship parts and treasure with friends all around the world. What you need to do in order to begin the trading process, is to meet up with Freedle , the instrument playing dude at the north-east of Mercay Island .

There are two methods that you can actually trade treasure online. Tag Mode is the simplest way to go if your friend is nearby. Either place a treasure in one of the three boxes near freedle while you are in game, or in tag mode. Then go to tag mode and if there is somebody nearby also in tag mode, the treasure will be traded.

Battle Mode is the other option of trading treasure. Once again, place the treasure in one of the boxes near freedle. After you setup and complete a multiplayer match with an online friend, the treasure will be traded. The game has to end and if one player quits out early there will be no trade. The outcome of the match is irrelevant, as the parts will be traded regardless.

Treasure Pricing

Other than trading treasure, Link can also sell it to the Treasure Teller on Mercay Island. The treasure prices are all randomly determined. They will either sell for 50, 150, 800, or 1500 rupees. Each game record is completely different, so a Pink Coral in one game might be worth 1500, but in another it might only sell for 50. Thus, trading for specific types of treasure is an easy way for Link to make some easy money. There is one exception to this and that is the Regal Ring. Regardless of what game you are playing, the regal ring will always sell for 1500 rupees at the treasure teller's hut.

The Ho Ho Tribe on the Traveler's Ship in the Southeast Quadrant will also purchase various treasure from you. Which treasure they purchase varies from day to day. They will offer slightly more than what the going price is at the treasure teller's hut.

Game Models


Dark Pearl Loop


Goron Amber


Helmaroc Plume


Pearl Necklace


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How do you bash trees in phantom hourglass?

User Avatar

you need to make a sircle at the edge of the screen in the direction you need to bash. also i dont know what you have done but a man o nthe way to the dungeon also tells you how to do that

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Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass how do you getpast the trees in the beginning?

Just slash the trees and destroy them

When is phantom hourglass?

phantom hourglass is released in 2007.

Where is wind waker located in Zelda phantom hourglass?

There is no windwaker. The windwaker is in the windwaker, the phantom hourglass is the key item in phantom hourglass

What leaf in phantom hourglass?

Leaf is a spirit of power in phantom hourglass

Where can you get a drill for the boat in Zelda phantom hourglass phantom hourglass?

What is the ending of phantom hourglass.

diffent cans. love is at the end of phantom hourglass.

What are all the Zelda phantom hourglass enemies?

go to and click on " Phantom Hourglass"

Is there a third drawing on the door on the Zelda phantom hourglass game?

No there is not a third crest in phantom hourglass.

Can you connect spirit tracks with phantom hourglass?

not sure. but Phantom Hourglass isn't a sequel to Spirit Tracks because Spirit Tracks takes place 100 years after Phantom Hourglass

What LOZ game came before Phantom Hourglass?

The legend of Zelda the wind waker came before phantom hourglass as phantom hourglass continued off what wind waker started.

Is there a better sword in phantom hourglass?

phantom sword


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  • To the Northwestern Sea

With the Northwestern Sea Chart in hand, you can now sail to the Northwestern Sea.

Try to Sail North

Molida island, traveler's ship, spirit island, escape the fog.

If you try to go north from the east side of the map, a tornado will throw you back. Go west to the gap in the rocks, but be sure to use your cannon to bomb the cracked stones that are blocking the way. If you don't have the cannon, go to Cannon Island to get it.

From there, you will see the Ghost Ship. Try following it north to the Northwestern Sea. Eventually the fog will send you back. You have to go back to the Southwestern Sea and visit Molida Island for clues. Be careful not to hit the bomb barrels floating near the Molida Island dock. You can hit them with your cannon to get rid of them.

When you talk to the people here, they tell you to talk to Romanos, who might know how to get past the fog. He lives in the easternmost house in the southern part of the island. Talk to him and say Yes! when he asks if you are going your own way. He refuses to say more, so leave. But then he asks you to come back, so go back and talk to him. He says that his father knew a specific route for getting past the fog. He says to go into the cave behind the house for more clues.

Go into the cave behind the house. Go west in the cave, then up the stairs. Run to the right to jump across the gaps. Go north from there, and a Zora Warrior will come up from the water and attack. You have to dodge when he attacks, then hit him before he can raise his shield.

After you defeat him, go north. Follow the straightforward path to the next area of the cave. Then use a bomb flower on the cracked wall. Go into the cave and check on the book. It says that Romanos's father has another hideaway, and it can be found if you draw lines between the stone tablets that he put around the island and go to the place where those lines intersect.

Open the chest in this room to get the Shovel.

Leave the room and use a bomb flower to blow up the cracked stones southwest of Romanos's father's hideaway. Go south from there to return to the southern part of the island, and make a note on your map of the positions of the two stone tablets there.

Then go north to go back into the cave, and go northwest to reach the stairs. Go up the stairs to reach the middle part of the island. Make a note of the stone tablet that you find here.

Go southwest from that stone tablet to find a chest.

Then go east to reach a ledge in the southern part of the island. You will find the fourth stone tablet here. Make a note on your map of the location of this tablet, then draw a line between the stone tablets that you marked on your map.

Go downward to fall off of the ledge, then go to the place on your map where the lines intersect. It is north of the woman in the yellow shirt who is standing next to one of the tablets. Dig in front of the palm tree that is north of that woman. A hole will appear, so jump in.

Read the book here, then open the chest to get a treasure map. Then check the map on the wall to see the secret path through the fog. Draw the path on your sea chart.

Go west and go through the path. Ciela tells you to try the door, but it won't open. Draw the symbol from the door on your Southwestern Sea Chart near this island.

Go east, and the path will lead you back to the part of the cave where you went earlier. Go southeast to leave the cave.

Before you go, dig in front of the palm tree to the right of Romanos's house to get a big green Rupee.

Then talk to Linebeck to set sail.

You can visit the Traveler's Ship near Molida Island before you go. Inside, kill the Miniblins, then talk to the guy on the ground until he gets up. He is Nyave. He gives you a treasure for saving him, and tells you about his brother in the north.

You can also visit the hidden island in the middle of the triangle of rocks that is south of Molida Island. When you get close to it, Ciela will see it and add it to your sea chart, so you can set a course to dock there.

On the island, go east, then cross the small bridge, then go east to find a treasure chest.

You can go north into the cave and approach the fountain, but if you do not yet have enough Spirit Gems, you will not be able to do anything here yet.

Talk to Linebeck to set sail, then go north from here to return to the foggy Northwestern Sea. Draw your route according to Romanos's father's map that you found on Molida Island. Be sure to keep an eye out for enemies and bomb barrels as you go.

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  • Temple of Fire
  • Temple of the Ocean King, Second Visit
  • Cannon Island
  • Isle of Gust
  • Temple of Wind
  • Temple of the Ocean King, Third Visit
  • Salvage the Sun
  • Temple of Courage
  • Temple of the Ocean King, Fourth Visit
  • Goron Island
  • Goron Temple
  • Temple of the Ocean King, Fifth Visit
  • Isle of the Dead
  • Isle of Ruins
  • Mutoh's Temple
  • Isle of Frost
  • Temple of Ice
  • Temple of the Ocean King, Sixth Visit
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Thonky's The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

  • Table of Contents
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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass/Controls

Table of Contents


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  • Battle mode

LOZ PH Linebeck and Link.png

  • Isle of Ember
  • The Temple of Fire
  • Return to Mercay Island
  • Molida Island and Navigating the Fog
  • The Isle of Gust and the Temple of Wind
  • Getting the Sun Key
  • The Temple of Courage
  • Pursuing the Ghost Ship
  • Discovering the Southeast Sea
  • Goron Island
  • The Isle of Frost
  • The Last Sea Chart
  • The Isle of the Dead
  • The Isle of Ruins
  • Getting the Phantom Sword
  • Temple of the Ocean King
  • The Final Battle
  • Golden Frogs
  • Spirit Gems
  • Heart Containers
  • How to Draw a Triforce (in one shot)
  • 1.1 Somersaults
  • 1.2 Talking to people
  • 1.3 Reading signs
  • 1.4 Lifting objects
  • 2.1 Target attacks
  • 2.2 Slash attack
  • 2.3 Stab attack
  • 2.4 Spin attack
  • 2.5 Super spin attack

Controlling Link on land [ edit ]

Stylus button

Somersaults [ edit ]

Talking to people [ edit ].

To talk to someone, tap a person when they are visible on the Touch Screen. Link will automatically walk up to them and start a conversation. Tap the screen to advance the dialog.

Reading signs [ edit ]

Reading signs is similar to talking to people. Tap the sign when you are standing in front of it to read its message.

Lifting objects [ edit ]

To lift an object off the ground, tap the object. This will will cause Link to lift the object in the air, if he can. Then simply tap the screen in some location around Link to make Link throw the object in that direction.

Using Link's sword [ edit ]

Shortly after you begin the game, you will need to acquire a sword to progress safely through the monster infested lands. The old man who grants you the sword will teach you how to use it, and test your ability to ensure that you can defend yourself. He will teach you three methods of attack.

Target attacks [ edit ]

To use the target attack, simply tap on the monster (or object) you would like to attack. Link will lunge forward to strike the object. It is possible that the object is out of Link's range, in which case he will continue to advance in order to reach the target.

Slash attack [ edit ]

When Link cannot pinpoint the location of an enemy, perhaps because it moves too quickly, Link must rely on the slash attack. To make Link swing his sword, draw a straight line in front of Link, perpendicular to an imaginary line going from Link to the target. Link will swing his sword in that target's direction.

Stab attack [ edit ]

Drawing a straight line from Link to the target will cause link to thrust his sword at the target.

Spin attack [ edit ]

The last attack that Link can rely upon is his famous Spin Attack. In order to perform it, simply draw a circle all the way around Link. Link will swing his blade in a full circle, attacking any threat that is immediately surrounding him. Several spin attacks in a row will leave Link dizzied.

Super spin attack [ edit ]

Later in the game Link will earn the Super Spin Attack. If Link performs three spin attacks in rapid succession, his third will last longer, be stronger, and Link will be able to move during it. Link will be momentarily dizzied by the attack.

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  • 2.2.2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • 4 Nomenclature
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Characteristics [ ]

A Phantom is an extremely powerful enemy, able to knock out Link with only one swipe of its sword. They appear in many varieties, most with different abilities. These enemies are presented in a similar fashion in both Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks . When a Phantom attacks Link, it forces him to automatically return to the door from which he entered the area, but it will only cost him one heart of his health. Phantoms are nearly indestructible, so naturally, Link must sneak around them rather than attack them head-on. [3] With its strong armor, a Phantom can walk straight through spikes, fire, and even lava without damaging itself. Despite their durability, they can be briefly stunned by being hit in the back, and some weapons and methods are capable of defeating them.

In both of their appearances, Phantoms' locations can be viewed on Link's map, along with a cone indicating their line of sight. [4] Phantoms follow preset paths, although if they detect Link they will shout threats at him and relentlessly track him down. [5] The Phantom is able to track Link by sound or sight, although it cannot enter or see into " Safe Zones ". [6] [7] As such, if Link escapes into one, the Phantom will give up on chasing him and return to its patrol.

Phantoms are sometimes aided by subordinate creatures called Phantom Eyes . These enemies fly through corridors, searching for intruders. If they spot Link, they will chase him, letting out a ringing sound to alert Phantoms. If one follows Link too long before he can reach a Safe Zone, it will entangle him and impede his movements to allow the Phantoms to catch him. [8] Because they follow sound, Phantoms will go investigate loud noises, such as explosions set off by Bombs or the clanging of a Sword , but this can be used to Link's advantage if he needs to trick a Phantom into leaving its post. [9]

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Review

11 May 2023

The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Review - A Respectable Remake

19 September 2019

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - The Champions' Ballad Review

16 December 2017

Phantom Hourglass [ ]

In Phantom Hourglass , Phantoms patrol the Temple of the Ocean King . When one attacks, it steals 30 seconds worth of Sand of Hours from the Phantom Hourglass . However, after the abilities of the Spirit of Wisdom have been fully restored and equipped, the amount of time lost will be cut down to between five and ten seconds. Phantoms can also be stunned with Oshus's Sword, if the Spirit of Power is half restored and Link strikes the phantom in the back it will be temporarily stunned.

Phantoms in Phantom Hourglass are invincible to all weapons barring the Phantom Sword , which was created specifically for defeating them. However, there are two ways to defeat a Phantom without using the Phantom Sword: the first is to push a rolling boulder into the path of a Phantom and crush it, and the second is to continuously cause it to fall into a pit. Phantoms are also able to pick up Small Keys and Force Gems , thus requiring Link to stun or slay them to obtain the treasure. [10]

After the Ghost Ship is cleared, Oshus reveals that Phantoms are emanations of Bellum , which created them from the Sand of Hours to protect itself as well as obtain more Life Force . [11]

The Phantoms are also playable within Phantom Hourglass ' multiplayer Battle Mode . Here, players will take turn playing as Link and the Phantoms in a game of competing to collect Force Gems.

Types of Phantoms [ ]

PH Phantom Model

Throughout the Temple of the Ocean King, Link will encounter three types of Phantom, two of which have their own special abilities. Another type is seen only in the multiplayer mode.

Swift Phantom [ ]

PH Swift Phantom Model

A red-armored Phantom which can run faster than Link, as well as pick up dropped items.

Gold Phantom [ ]

PH Gold Model

A gold-armored Phantom which initially moves slowly, but can teleport to follow Link if he is spotted by a Phantom or Phantom Eye .

Phantom Trio [ ]

PH Phantom Model 2

Three Phantoms that only appear in the multiplayer Battle Mode . They are basically a normal Phantom in gray armor, though they can pick up power-ups to activate obstacles on the field or empower themselves. However, they cannot pick up Force Gems. They can always see Link, with the exception of when he is in a safe zone.

Spirit Tracks [ ]

In Spirit Tracks , Phantoms return as guardians of the Tower of Spirits . While normally these Phantoms will not harm innocent people, they are corrupted by evil spirits due to the disappearance of the Spirit Tracks. [12] Because of this, they attack Link, thinking he is an intruder. They behave and attack much like the Phantoms in Phantom Hourglass , although this time around they cannot be completely defeated. When a Phantom is somehow destroyed, such as if it sinks into sand, it will reappear in its original position.

Phantoms are an important element in Spirit Tracks because, due to having her spirit separated from her body, Princess Zelda can possess Phantoms, becoming Phantom Zelda , which is needed to climb higher into the Tower of Spirits. To take control of a Phantom, three Tears of Light in the area must be collected beforehand. Link is then required to strike the back of the Phantom with his sword, which stuns the Phantom and allows the princess to take control of it. [13] After she does so, the eyes of the Phantom glow and its armor turns pink. Once the Lokomo Sword is acquired, the Tears of Light are not necessary to power the sword, as it already contains the power necessary to stun the Phantoms. Alternatively, Link can strike the back of a Phantom with an arrow from the Bow of Light to stun it enough to possess it.

When Princess Zelda possesses a Phantom, she can speak to them, through which Link can obtain information about the area that the Phantom patrols. It can provide insight into a Phantom's everyday life. Evidently, they treat their job like a normal person would treat any other, mentioning things from their day-to-day life like how "Bob quit last week," or how the "break room is a broom closet."

Including the regular Phantom, there are four types of Phantoms in Spirit Tracks . When Zelda possesses a Phantom, she will also inherit all of the abilities that the specific Phantom has.

Torch Phantom [ ]

ST Torch Phantom Model

A Phantom equipped with red armor and a flaming sword. Its sword can illuminate dark rooms, light up torches, and stun Nocturns that haunt the corridors in the upper dark rooms in the tower. [14]

Warp Phantom [ ]

ST Warp Phantom Model

A blue-armored Phantom with the ability to warp anywhere within a room. Under Zelda's control, the Warp Phantom is limited to only warping to the locations of Phantom Eyes . [15]

Wrecker Phantom [ ]

ST Wrecker Phantom Model

A black-armored Phantom that can transform into a boulder, stun other Phantoms by rolling into them, and break through cracked blocks and other obstacles. [16]

Other Appearances [ ]

Hyrule warriors [ ].

A Phantom possessed by Toon Zelda appears as her Phantom Arms Weapon in Hyrule Warriors . In Hyrule Warriors , it is part of the Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks DLC pack.

Super Smash Bros. Series [ ]

Super smash bros. for nintendo 3ds / wii u [ ].

SSB4 Phantom

Zelda using the Phantom Slash from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

Phantom Zelda appears as Zelda's down special move in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U , replacing her Sheik transformation from previous games. The attack, called the Phantom Slash , can be used as either a ranged attack or as a way to block incoming attacks or projectiles. The move can be charged, causing the Phantom to travel farther, as well as adding a second attack. If the Phantom takes at least 13% of damage, it will be destroyed. Zelda will then have to wait 6 seconds in order to summon it again. It also appears as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS .

Trophy Information [ ]

Super smash bros. ultimate [ ].

Phantom — Spirit Battle Information

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , Phantom Zelda once more serves as Zelda's down special move. The Phantom functions slightly different than its appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U . Zelda also has a new victory animation where she poses alongside a Phantom. Phantom also appears as a Spirit which can be enhanced into the Spirit, Phantom Zelda.

  • In Spirit Tracks , the mutters and complaints made by Phantoms when Link talks to them are developers' "frustrations". [17]

Nomenclature [ ]

Gallery [ ].

A Phantom attacking the Links in the Spirit Tracks multiplayer mode

A Phantom attacking the Links in the Spirit Tracks multiplayer mode

A Phantom's armor from Spirit Tracks

A Phantom 's armor from Spirit Tracks

The unused Phantom from the Phantom Hourglass trailer

The unused Phantom from the Phantom Hourglass trailer

A Phantom getting possessed by Zelda in Spirit Tracks

A Phantom getting possessed by Zelda in Spirit Tracks

Zelda's Phantom as seen in-game from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

Zelda 's Phantom as seen in-game from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

See Also [ ]

  • Phantom Eye
  • Phantom Zelda
  • ↑ Encyclopedia , Dark Horse Books, pg. 282 ( PH )
  • ↑ Art & Artifacts , Dark Horse Books, pg. 317 ( ST )
  • ↑ " Wait, Link! The evil that cursed this temple made these monsters. Phantoms are very dangerous enemies. Their armor is nearly impenetrable, and they strike very hard. " — Leaf ( Phantom Hourglass )
  • ↑ " All you can do is sneak by the Phantoms so they don't see you. You can watch their movements on your map. This is where the Phantoms are. The cone shows where they are looking. " — Leaf ( Phantom Hourglass )
  • ↑ " I should have watched the paths that the Phantoms walked more carefully... They're patrolling the same areas, again and again... " — Ghost ( Phantom Hourglass )
  • ↑ " The area that you are standing on is called a safe zone! Only Link can enter safe zones. Magic keeps the Phantoms out of them! Phantoms can't see Link when he's in a safe zone, so you can trick them. " — Ciela ( Phantom Hourglass )
  • ↑ " Ok, so if a Phantom spots you, just run to a safe zone! That's easy! Right, Link? " — Ciela ( Phantom Hourglass )
  • ↑ " Allow me to explain! Those are Phantom Eyes. They act as extra eyes for the Phantoms. If one sees you... The Phantoms will find you, and then it only gets worse. So be cautious! " — Leaf ( Phantom Hourglass )
  • ↑ " The Phantoms hear when a switch is hit... Hit switches quietly or lure them away with sound. " — Ghost ( Phantom Hourglass )
  • ↑ " Phantoms sometimes carry keys... But what could I have done to take one...? " — Ghost ( Phantom Hourglass )
  • ↑ " Even among the monsters born of the Sand of Hours, some are especially evil. The Phantoms who roam my temple take after the evil of their master. Supernatural strength, wrapped in plate armor... virtually invincible. They prowl the temple, searching for victims. No one can harm them. Of course, they were created to be untouchable. " — Oshus ( Phantom Hourglass )
  • ↑ " Sounds like a Phantom, my dear. They're the guardians of the Tower of Spirits. Though they look quite sinister, they won't harm anyone with a good heart. " — Anjean ( Spirit Tracks )" There is one possible explanation... With the Spirit Tracks gone, perhaps an evil spirit has possessed the Phantom... " — Anjean ( Spirit Tracks )
  • ↑ " Hitting the Phantom in the back with your sword should stop it for a while... But first, you need to gather all three of the Tears of Light. That will power up your sword. Then you'll be able to face the Phantom! " — Anjean ( Spirit Tracks )
  • ↑ " Yay! I'm a Torch Phantom, so I've got this great sword to light the way! Now there's no need to worry about the dark! " — Princess Zelda ( Spirit Tracks )
  • ↑ " Hey, check it out! I'm a Warp Phantom now! Hee!/You know those eyeball monster things? They're called Phantom Eyes. If you draw a line to a Phantom Eye, I can teleport straight there! " — Princess Zelda ( Spirit Tracks )
  • ↑ " Hey, look! I'm a Wrecker Phantom! Now I can roll around and smash things up! " — Princess Zelda ( Spirit Tracks )
  • ↑ Encyclopedia , Dark Horse Books, pg. 291
  • ↑ Encyclopedia (TOKYOPOP) pg. 287 ( ST )

Bosses in The Legend of Zelda series

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

Aquamentus   · Dodongo   · Manhandla   · Gleeok   · Digdogger   · Gohma   · Patra   · Ganon

The Adventure of Link

Triforce piece

A Link to the Past

Light World

Helmasaur King   · Arrghus   · Mothula   · Blind the Thief   · Kholdstare   · Vitreous   · Trinexx   · Ganon

Palace of the Four Sword

Link's Awakening

Moldorm   · Genie   · Slime Eye   · Angler Fish (2D)   · Slime Eel   · Facade   · Evil Eagle (2D)   · Hot Head   · Shadow Nightmares

Color Dungeon

Ocarina of Time

Gohma   · King Dodongo   · Barinade   · Phantom Ganon   · Volvagia   · Morpha   · Bongo Bongo   · Twinrova   · Ganondorf   · Ganon

Middle Bosses

Lizalfos   · Big Octo   · Stalfos   · Meg   · Flare Dancer   · White Wolfos   · Dark Link   · Dead Hand   · Gerudo Thief   · Iron Knuckle   · Dynalfos

Majora's Mask

Dinolfos   · Gekko   · Wizzrobe   · Gerudo Pirate   · Wart   · Gekko and Mad Jelly Captain Keeta   · Iron Knuckle   · Sharp   · Igos du Ikana   · Garo Master   · Gomess   · Eyegore

Oracle of Seasons

Room of Rites

Oracle of Ages

Four Swords

Big Manhandla   · Dera Zol   · Gouen   · Vaati

The Wind Waker

Four Swords Adventures

The Minish Cap

Twilight Princess

Ook   · King Bulblin   · Dangoro   · Twilit Carrier Kargarok   · Twilit Bloat   · Deku Toad   · Death Sword   · Darkhammer   · Darknut   · Aeralfos   · Phantom Zant

Phantom Hourglass

Giant Eye Plant   · Massive Eye   · Jolene   · Phantoms

Spirit Tracks

Stagnox   · Fraaz   · Phytops   · Cragma   · Byrne   · Skeldritch   · Demon Train   · Chancellor Cole   · Malladus

Take 'Em All On!

Skyward Sword

Stalfos   · Lizalfos   · Stalmaster   · Moldarach   · LD-002G Scervo   · Dark Lizalfos   · Magmanos   · Moldorm   · Dreadfuse

A Link Between Worlds

Armos   · Red Stalfos   · Heedles   · Green & Red Goriyas   · Gigabari   · Gibdos & Purple Mini-Moldorms   · Red Eyegores   · Flying Tiles & Devalants   · Big Pengator & Pengators   · Fire Gimos   · Moldorm   · Lorule Ball and Chain Soldier   · Arrghus

StreetPass Bosses

Shadow Link   · Gramps

Tri Force Heroes

Den of Trials


Electric Blob King   · Electric Blob Queen   · Hinox Brothers   · Freezlord   · Vulture Vizier   · Grim Repoe   · Gigaleon

Breath of the Wild

Final Trial

Stone Talus   · Igneo Talus   · Frost Talus   · Molduga   · Hinox   · Blue Hinox   · Black Hinox   · Stalnox   · Igneo Talus Titan   · Molduking

Tears of the Kingdom

Flame Gleeok   · Frost Gleeok   · Sludge Like   · Thunder Gleeok   · King Gleeok   · Yunobo   · Frox   · Flux Construct   · Moragia   · Molduga   · Hinox   · Stalnox   · Frost Talus   · Igneo Talus   · Stone Talus   · Battle Talus   · Stone Talus (Luminous)   · Ganondorf   · Master Kohga   · Phantom Ganon

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  4. Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

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  1. Chapter 7

    updated Dec 1, 2011 Make for the Isle of the Dead advertisement When you reach the Northeastern Sea, observe the huge cyclone icon plugging up the passage in to the Isle of Ruins. You can't quite...

  2. Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

    Primary Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Mercay Island Chapter 2 - Temple of Fire Chapter 3 - Ocean King Part II Chapter 4 - Temple of Wind Chapter 5 - Ocean King Part III Chapter 6 - Temple of Courage Chapter 7 - Ghost Ship Chapter 8 - Ocean King Part IV Chapter 9 - Goron Temple Chapter 10 - Temple of Ice Chapter 11 - Ocean King Part V

  3. Washed Ashore

    Mountain Passage Mountain Passage 2F Temple of the Ocean King Look for Information about the Ghost Ship After a few cutscenes, Link washes up on an island. After some dialogue, you can walk around by tapping where you want to go. You can tap Menu to save the game. The menu also includes a map that you can draw on with Memo.

  4. Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

    Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough - Temple of Wind. Chapter 1 - Mercay Island. Chapter 2 - Temple of Fire. Chapter 3 - Ocean King Part II. Chapter 4 - Temple of Wind. 4.1 - Northwest Quadrant. 4.2 - Isle of Gust. 4.3 - Temple of Wind. Chapter 5 - Ocean King Part III.

  5. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Guide

    By Andrew Eisen , Peer Schneider , Matt Triplett , +476 more. updated Dec 1, 2011. Fully detailed accounts of Link's quest with this mysterious Phantom Hourglass... In the Wiki format you all know ...

  6. Mercay Island

    Breath of the Wild: Sasan Related Location (s) Temple of the Ocean King Mercay Island is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series. Contents 1 Features and Overview 1.1 Phantom Hourglass 1.2 Breath of the Wild

  7. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

    Sea Information The high seas of Phantom Hourglass are an adventurer's best friend…and worst nightmare. There's plenty to see and do on the open seas, so here's a brief guide on what to expect....

  8. Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

    Chapter 1 - Mercay Island 1.1 - West Mercay Island 1.2 - Mountain Passage 1.3 - East Mercay Island 1.4 - Temple of the Ocean King Chapter 2 - Temple of Fire Chapter 3 - Ocean King Part II Chapter 4 - Temple of Wind Chapter 5 - Ocean King Part III Chapter 6 - Temple of Courage Chapter 7 - Ghost Ship Chapter 8 - Ocean King Part IV

  9. Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

    2.1 Isle of Ember Progress at this point New in this section Characters: Kayo, Astrid Enemies: Octorok, Tektite, Yellow ChuChu Locations: Isle of Ember, Temple of Fire Once you arrive at the Isle of Ember, you will see that there are three houses on the island. Walk to the right and climb the steps to enter the northernmost house.

  10. Chapter 2

    Get Small Key #1 While the ultimate goal is cloudy at this point, one thing does remain clear: you have a limited amount of time before the hourglass' protection disappears. As soon as you leave...

  11. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    Go back with the Force Shard, drop it in, and it then opens. +++Fourth Floor+++ Smash the pots for extra hearts, and go down. You'll notice Phantom Eyes, that will summon Phantoms if seen. Go down, avoiding the Phantom that can go through Wind Walls. Now, throw your Boomerang at the Phantom Eye to stun it, and then at the Purple Switch.

  12. Prologue

    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Guide. ... Mark the indicated spot by first pressing MENU and MAP, then drawing, say, a tree on that point for personal reference. If you go to this location ...

  13. Basics

    Basics. Phantom Hourglass is far from a complicated game, but the entirety of it can be overwhelming if you haven't a strong grasp of the basics. You've got to crawl before you can run, flounder a ...

  14. Phantom Hourglass Treasure

    3 Treasure Pricing 4 Game Models Finding Treasure Random treasure pieces can be acquire in various methods throughout Link 's Journey. Here are several of the ways Link can go about getting treasure. Purchase Treasure from the various island shops and from Beedle. Use the Salvage Arm to bring up sunken treasures from the ocean ground.

  15. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    Phantom Hourglass uses the traditional top-down perspective. Phantom Hourglass is an action-adventure game, and its gameplay is structured similarly to other games in The Legend of Zelda series. As the game follows chronologically after The Wind Waker, the game is primarily divided into two major gameplay sections: sailing between islands, and exploring the islands and their dungeons on foot.

  16. Isle of the Dead

    Guides The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough Isle of the Dead ← Temple of the Ocean King, Fifth Visit Isle of Ruins → Isle of the Dead After getting the Northeastern Sea Chart, you can sail to the Isle of the Dead for clues to the next pure metal. Clues on the Isle of the Dead

  17. How do you bash trees in phantom hourglass?

    How do you bash trees in phantom hourglass? Updated: 10/20/2022 Wiki User ∙ 12y ago Study now See answer (1) Best Answer Copy you need to make a sircle at the edge of the screen in the direction...

  18. To the Northwestern Sea

    Dig in front of the palm tree that is north of that woman. A hole will appear, so jump in. Read the book here, then open the chest to get a treasure map. Then check the map on the wall to see the secret path through the fog. Draw the path on your sea chart. Go west and go through the path.

  19. Phantom Hourglass

    #1 Just got the legend of zelda phantom hourglass and one of the guys there said there was a tree that if you give it a big enough blast then something would happened. I've tried bombing it but that doesnt seem to work. i cant think what to do? Any help? Locke Hegemon Site Staff Joined Nov 24, 2009 Location Redmond, Washington Feb 28, 2011 #2

  20. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass/Controls

    2.2 Slash attack 2.3 Stab attack 2.4 Spin attack 2.5 Super spin attack Controlling Link on land Link will always remain near the center of the Touch Screen. To make Link run around the world, press the on the screen in the direction that you would like Link to move. For example, to make Link move right, hold the to the right of Link.

  21. Phantom

    Phantom Hourglass []. In Phantom Hourglass, Phantoms patrol the Temple of the Ocean King.When one attacks, it steals 30 seconds worth of Sand of Hours from the Phantom Hourglass.However, after the abilities of the Spirit of Wisdom have been fully restored and equipped, the amount of time lost will be cut down to between five and ten seconds. Phantoms can also be stunned with Oshus's Sword, if ...

  22. Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough 15 Goron Temple

    This 100% walkthrough with commentary takes us through The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for Nintendo DS. In this video, we tackle the Goron Temple, acq...

  23. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    Boing-Boing says to make tiny circle scibbles on the edges of the screen to roll into things. I cant get this to work. Thanks. You should be making tiny circles, not scribbles (also make sure its at the edge of the screen). Someone (when this game first came out) also posted that just making a short quick little line back and forth at the edge ...