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All About the Real-Life Friendships of the 'Suits' Cast

From attending weddings together to joking around on set, the cast of Suits has remained a tight-knit crew

Stephanie Kaloi is a contributing writer at PEOPLE. She has been working at PEOPLE since 2022. She has also written about entertainment news for a number of outlets, including Entertainment Weekly, Parade and LittleThings.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

When Suits debuted on USA Network in 2011, the legal drama had an immediate fan base that only grew over its subsequent nine seasons. The series has enjoyed a recent rise in viewership, too, setting streaming records four years after the finale.

The show stars Gabriel Macht as the impeccably dressed lawyer Harvey Specter, as well as Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross), Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane), Sarah Rafferty (Donna Paulsen), Rick Hoffman (Louis Litt), Gina Torres (Jessica Pearson) and Abigail Spencer (Dana Scott), all of whom built real friendships while the series aired — and kept those friendships going strong even after its finale episode. (And some of the relationships date back decades before Suits was ever on air!).

In fact, much of the Suits cast was invited to Markle’s 2018 wedding to Prince Harry , whom she began dating while filming the show. Though Markle later exited the show as her relationship progressed, she remained close to the cast, many of whom praised and defended her publicly.

Here's a look inside the real-life friendships between the Suits cast.

Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty were friends for decades before Suits aired

Dimitrios Kambouris/USA/[NBCU Photo Bank/Getty

As many fans of Suits now know, Macht and Rafferty were friends for years before they were cast on the show together. The pair met back in 1993 at the Williamstown Theatre Festival and have been close friends ever since.

In 2016, Rafferty told the New Zealand Herald that Macht was the person who gave her the script for Suits . She said, “I had done a pilot and I was waiting for news on whether it was going to get picked up, and it wasn't. The same day I got that news, I saw Gabriel and told him. He said, 'Great, you need to read this script tomorrow ...' ”

She also told the outlet that their friendship was the backbone of the relationship between their characters, Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen. Rafferty explained, “We had a comfort level with each other. You were able to sense that Donna and Harvey had a history together because we did. Sometimes it's a little bit awkward, when you're just meeting someone on the first day, to have that kind of camaraderie.”

This echoed words that Macht had said years earlier in a 2012 interview with Blast Magazine . He told the outlet, “We are really, really, really close friends," and called acting with her "a lot of fun."

"We constantly say to each other, 'Don’t make me laugh, don’t make me laugh, stop, stop, don’t, stop.' It’s very hard. I mean it’s kind of silly that I’m her boss and I get to tell her what to do and what not to do, all this stuff," he added.

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams developed a deep friendship

Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Macht also grew close to Adams, who played his mentee Mike Ross on the series. Adams spoke about their relationship in a 2016 “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit , where he shared, “Gabriel is an amazing guy and a lot of fun to work with. He's [endlessly] patient and shoulders the weight of being number one a call sheet with a lot more grace than some people in this business. He really welcomes you into the process and we like to push each others buttons until the scene feels right.”

“Everyone has a different way of working but they are all total pros and are constantly looking to make the day easy and get the best version of the scene possible," Adams continued. “And that only happens when you have fun and take any and all ego out of it.”

In 2015, Macht and Adams joked to New Corp Australia that they are fully aware of fanfiction some fans have produced online that puts their characters in a romantic relationship. In fact, Macht would sometimes show Adams drawings that some fans had made — right before the pair were due to begin filming a scene.

Macht explained, “Right before we go on screen (to film) I’ve shown some of the superimposed images of Harvey and Mike to Patrick. ‘Hey Patrick, have you seen this? Let’s go! Action!’ ”

Adams immediately replied, “My question is, ‘Why does Gabriel spend so much time looking for it?’ There’s one in particular that he enjoys where he’s dominating me in the photo. I guess it’s great that people are so into the show and ... whatever floats your boat.”

Meghan Markle invited her former castmates to her wedding in 2018

Ian West - WPA Pool/Getty

When Markle and Prince Harry got married in May 2018, the actress invited her castmates from Suits to the royal affair.

Much of the core cast was at the wedding, including Adams and his wife Troian Bellisario , Rafferty, Macht, Torres, Hoffman and Spencer.

The group traveled to St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle and even sang The Dixie Cups' "Chapel of Love" as they rode in the shuttle.

Rafferty later spoke to Today about the big day. She said, “We were with each other longer than we went to college or high school with our friends, so we became family in a way. We're still family, so this is a wonderful family affair.”

Ross, who played Markle’s love interest on the show, also joked about the wedding day on Instagram , where he posted a photo of an article about Markle and captioned it, “I’m beginning to think she might not actually be out getting milk.”

Patrick J. Adams has defended Meghan Markle online

Alexandra Wyman/Getty

Adams has also come out in recent years to defend his former costar against bullying allegations, which the Duchess of Sussex has denied.

"Meghan Markle and I spent the better part of a decade working together on Suits," he wrote in a since-deleted tweet in 2021. "From day one she was an enthusiastic, kind, cooperative, giving, joyful and supportive member of our television family. She remained that person and colleague as fame, prestige and power accrued."

He went on to call Markle "a powerful woman with a deep sense of morality" and a "fierce work ethic."

Abigail Spencer considers Meghan Markle an "on-call friend”

Adams isn’t the only member of the cast who jumped to Markle’s defense in the wake of the onslaught of negative media attention. In March 2021, Spencer posted a photo on Instagram from 2015 of herself and Markle embracing while filming Suits .

In the caption, she explained that she "had known and worked with Meg for years" and called her costar "an on-call friend."

"She’s what I’d call ‘an on-call friend.’  At the ready. She’s modeled nothing but generous professionalism on sets and an even more generous friendship in private," Spencer wrote.

“I've learned so much from Meg. The power of a handwritten note. The loveliness of surprise flowers," the actress continued. "She’s been there for me - and physically held me - in my darkest hours. ... She’s always been a safe harbor for me, someone I can fall apart in front of... and with. And I have.”

Sarah Rafferty called Rick Hoffman her "brother" after the series wrapped

Jim Spellman/WireImage

Rafferty also grew close with Hoffman, who played Louis Litt on Suits . When the show concluded in 2019, she posted a teary-eyed photo on Instagram of the pair together and captioned it simply, “And that’s a series wrap on my brother @rickehoffman. No words for this one.”

While their characters might have been at odds more often than not on the show, it’s clear that in real life, their love for one another is genuine.

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In the Halls of Pearson Specter: The Undeniable Chemistry of Harvey and Jessica

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Suits Peacock (12)

Suits Peacock (12)

Table of Contents

In the legal world, the relationship between Harvey and Jessica is akin to a well-orchestrated symphony. Their harmony is built on a foundation of trust and respect, with Jessica’s mentorship propelling Harvey to new heights of success. Jessica’s strategic maneuvers and Harvey’s unwavering loyalty create a powerful dynamic that ensures the firm’s prosperity. As we explore the chemistry between these formidable professionals, we uncover the secrets behind their shared goals, conflicts, and the unbreakable bond that defines their relationship.

Key takeaways.

  • Harvey and Jessica have a strong professional relationship built on trust and respect.
  • Jessica mentored Harvey and played a significant role in his success in law school.
  • Harvey is fiercely loyal to Jessica and is willing to go against others to support her.
  • Jessica manipulates situations and takes risks to protect the firm’s reputation and interests.

The Foundation of Trust and Respect

In their professional relationship, Harvey and Jessica demonstrate a remarkable foundation of trust and respect, evident in the number of cases Harvey handles and wins under Jessica’s guidance, as well as his unwavering loyalty to her. Building trust is a vital component of any successful professional relationship, and Harvey and Jessica have clearly achieved this. Jessica, as Harvey’s mentor, has instilled in him the necessary skills and knowledge to handle complex cases, allowing him to consistently achieve favorable outcomes. This mutual reliance is crucial for their partnership to thrive.

Moreover, the respect that Harvey shows towards Jessica is evident in his unwavering loyalty to her. He not only respects her authority and follows her instructions, but he also defends her decisions and takes risks to support her. This dynamic of professional respect creates stability and cohesion within their relationship, enabling them to navigate conflicts effectively.

Suits Peacock 006

The mentorship dynamics between Harvey and Jessica further contribute to their strong foundation. Jessica’s guidance and support have played a significant role in Harvey’s professional growth, and he values her mentorship immensely. This mentor-mentee dynamic fosters an environment of trust and respect, allowing for open communication and collaboration.

Navigating the Challenges: Harvey and Jessica’s Dynamic

How do Harvey and Jessica navigate the challenges of their dynamic while maintaining their strong professional relationship? Overcoming conflicts, balancing power dynamics, building a strong partnership, handling professional disagreements, and navigating personal boundaries are key aspects of Harvey and Jessica’s professional relationship.

Harvey and Jessica have successfully navigated their dynamic by striking a delicate balance between their roles and responsibilities. They have developed a strong partnership through mutual respect and trust. Despite occasional conflicts, they have managed to maintain a professional demeanor and work towards common goals.

Suits Peacock (33)

When faced with professional disagreements, Harvey and Jessica approach the situation objectively. They engage in open and honest discussions, allowing each other to present their viewpoints. They listen to one another, considering the merits of each argument, and ultimately find a compromise that aligns with the firm’s interests.

In addition, Harvey and Jessica understand the importance of personal boundaries. While they share a close professional relationship, they are mindful of maintaining a level of professionalism and respecting each other’s personal space. This allows them to separate their personal lives from their professional endeavors, ensuring that their working relationship remains strong and focused.

Ultimately, Harvey and Jessica’s ability to navigate these challenges has contributed to their successful and enduring professional relationship. Through effective communication, compromise, and mutual respect, they have built a partnership that serves as a strong foundation for their shared goals and aspirations.

Jessica’s Strategic Manipulation and Harvey’s Loyalty


Frequently, Jessica’s strategic manipulation tests Harvey’s loyalty and his unwavering commitment to the firm. Jessica’s tactics are shrewd and calculated, designed to protect the firm’s interests and maintain its reputation. Harvey, on the other hand, is known for his strong allegiance to Jessica and his willingness to go above and beyond to support her.

  • Jessica’s tactics : Jessica employs various strategic maneuvers to achieve her goals, often using her knowledge and influence to control outcomes.
  • Harvey’s allegiance : Harvey’s loyalty to Jessica is unwavering, and he consistently defends her decisions, even when they may be controversial.
  • Strategic maneuvers : Jessica’s manipulation is part of her larger strategy to ensure the firm’s success, and Harvey plays a crucial role in executing these maneuvers.
  • Trust and loyalty : Trust is a fundamental aspect of Harvey and Jessica’s relationship, as Jessica relies on Harvey to carry out her plans with integrity and discretion.
  • Manipulation and loyalty : While Jessica’s manipulation tests Harvey’s loyalty, it also highlights his unwavering commitment to the firm and his trust in Jessica’s leadership.

Overall, the dynamic between Jessica and Harvey is a complex interplay of trust, loyalty, and strategic maneuvering. Jessica’s tactics challenge Harvey, but they also strengthen their bond and solidify Harvey’s commitment to the firm. Through their collaboration, they navigate the challenges of the legal world and ensure the success of the firm.

The Evolution of Harvey’s Stance on Pro Bono Work

Harvey’s perspective on pro bono work has shifted over time, culminating in his eventual agreement to take on these cases, albeit begrudgingly. Initially, Harvey hesitated to involve himself in pro bono cases, believing that they distracted from the firm’s main focus of high-profile corporate clients. However, Jessica’s persuasive arguments about the importance of pro bono work for the firm’s image and reputation gradually swayed him. Despite his initial reluctance, Harvey eventually agreed to undertake pro bono cases, albeit with a certain level of begrudgement.

An image featuring Louis Litt standing tall in a courtroom, donning a perfectly tailored suit, exuding confidence and determination

Harvey’s belief in maintaining the firm’s main focus was rooted in his desire to secure big clients and win high-profile cases. He believed that pro bono work should be the responsibility of other associates, freeing him to focus on these more lucrative endeavors. However, Jessica’s strategic moves and her ability to manipulate situations to her advantage helped her convince Harvey of the significance of pro bono work in maintaining the firm’s reputation and public perception.

Although Harvey still holds reservations about pro bono work, he recognizes the importance of balancing the firm’s social responsibility with its financial success. He has come to understand that taking on pro bono cases not only benefits the community but can also attract positive attention and potential clients. Nonetheless, Harvey continues to believe that other associates should shoulder more of the responsibility for pro bono work, allowing him to focus on his main priority of winning high-profile cases and delivering results for the firm.

The Unbreakable Bond: Harvey and Jessica’s Chemistry

Jessica’s unwavering determination and Harvey’s unparalleled charisma create an unbreakable bond that drives their chemistry. Together, they form a dynamic duo that is admired and respected in the legal world. Here are five key aspects that contribute to their strong professional relationship:

  • Shared Ambitions : Jessica and Harvey have a shared vision for success. They both strive for excellence and have a deep desire to make their law firm the best in the business. This shared ambition fuels their collaboration and propels them forward.
  • Mentorship Dynamic : Jessica played a crucial role in Harvey’s career, acting as his mentor and guiding him through law school. This mentorship dynamic has fostered a strong bond between them and has allowed Harvey to grow both personally and professionally under Jessica’s guidance.
  • Professional Synergy : Jessica and Harvey’s working styles complement each other perfectly. Jessica’s strategic thinking and ability to manipulate situations pairs well with Harvey’s quick thinking and persuasive skills. They bring out the best in each other and together, they are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Mutual Trust: Trust is the foundation of any successful partnership, and Jessica and Harvey have it in abundance. They trust each other’s judgment, decisions, and abilities, which allows them to work together seamlessly without any doubts or second-guessing.
  • Complementary Strengths : Jessica and Harvey possess different strengths that, when combined, make them a formidable team. Jessica’s legal knowledge and expertise, paired with Harvey’s charisma and courtroom prowess, create a powerful combination that is hard to beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what is “in the halls of pearson specter: the undeniable chemistry of harvey and jessica” about.

Suits Peacock (14)

“In the Halls of Pearson Specter: The Undeniable Chemistry of Harvey and Jessica” is a TV show that revolves around the lives and careers of Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson, two powerful lawyers and partners at the law firm Pearson Specter.

Q: Who are Harvey and Jessica?

Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson are characters in the TV show “In the Halls of Pearson Specter.” Harvey is a brilliant and charismatic attorney with an uncanny ability to win cases, while Jessica is the formidable managing partner of the law firm.

Q: When did the first season of the show air?

The first season of “In the Halls of Pearson Specter” aired in 2011.

Q: Who plays Harvey Specter in the show?

An image showcasing a smug Harvey Specter, wearing an ill-fitting suit, surrounded by legal documents strewn haphazardly across the floor, emphasizing the lack of attention to detail in the 'Suits' pilot episode

Harvey Specter is played by Gabriel Macht.

Q: Does Harvey have a photographic memory?

Yes, Harvey Specter has a photographic memory, which gives him a remarkable advantage in his legal career.

Q: Who plays Jessica Pearson in the show?

Jessica Pearson is played by Gina Torres.

Q: Are Harvey and Jessica in a romantic relationship?

No, Harvey and Jessica have a professional relationship as partners in the law firm. Their chemistry stems from their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s legal prowess.

Q: Is “In the Halls of Pearson Specter” a legal drama?

Yes, “In the Halls of Pearson Specter” is classified as a legal drama as it revolves around the lives and cases of attorneys at the law firm.

Q: How many seasons of “In the Halls of Pearson Specter” are there?

“In the Halls of Pearson Specter” has multiple seasons, starting from season 1.

Q: Where can I stream “In the Halls of Pearson Specter”?

“In the Halls of Pearson Specter” is available to stream on Netflix, and Peacock.

Q: How Does Harvey Initially Feel About Taking on Pro Bono Cases?

Harvey initially hesitates to take on pro bono cases, expressing doubts about their value and their potential to distract from the firm’s primary focus. He is resistant to embracing the pro bono mindset and believes that such work should be performed by other associates. However, over time, Harvey’s perspective changes as he recognizes the importance of pro bono work for the firm’s image and reputation. He eventually agrees to undertake pro bono cases, although he may not necessarily enjoy them.

Q: What Is Jessica’s Approach to Handling Employees Who Are Not Performing Well?

Jessica Pearson employs effective strategies for handling employees who are not performing well. She adopts a performance improvement approach, focusing on clear communication and setting achievable goals. Jessica motivates employees by recognizing their strengths and providing necessary support. She also ensures accountability measures are in place to track progress and address any shortcomings. Jessica’s approach emphasizes teamwork and fosters a positive work environment, ultimately driving the firm towards success.

Q: How Does Harvey View His Relationship With Louis Litt?

From Harvey’s perspective, his relationship with Louis Litt can be described as a dynamic one characterized by a mix of mutual respect and professional rivalry. While Harvey often mocks Louis and challenges his abilities, there is an underlying acknowledgment of each other’s skills. However, Harvey does not consider Louis as his equal or wingman, and their frequent clashes indicate a lack of camaraderie. Despite their differences, they both recognize and push each other to excel in their respective roles within the firm.

Q: What Does Jessica Expect From Her Employees in Terms of Loyalty and Commitment?

Jessica expects her employees to demonstrate unwavering loyalty and commitment. She sets high standards for their work ethic, expecting them to be dedicated and devoted to the firm’s success. Jessica values loyalty as a crucial quality in her employees and expects them to support her decisions, even in challenging situations. Her expectations extend beyond mere competence and require a deep level of dedication and allegiance to the firm’s goals and values.

Q: Why Does Harvey Put His Own Reputation on the Line for Jessica’s Sake?

Harvey puts his own reputation on the line for Jessica’s sake due to a combination of factors. Firstly, Harvey’s loyalty to Jessica is unwavering, as he values her mentorship and guidance. Secondly, Jessica’s influence over Harvey is significant, as she holds a position of authority and has earned his trust. Additionally, Harvey’s personal motivations may drive him to make sacrifices for Jessica, as he considers her a trusted ally and confidante. These trust dynamics and the strong bond between Harvey and Jessica contribute to his willingness to protect her, even at the cost of his own reputation.

Final Thoughts

The professional relationship between Harvey and Jessica is akin to the perfect symphony, with their mutual trust, respect, and loyalty forming the harmonious melody. Harvey’s unwavering dedication to Jessica, coupled with her strategic maneuvers, ensures the success of the firm. Their chemistry is undeniable, with Harvey going to great lengths to protect Jessica’s decisions and reputation. Like a well-oiled machine, their dynamic continues to evolve, solidifying their unbreakable bond.

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harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

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Before retirement, Dora was the editor and publisher of various online magazines. For example, she edited and published GEnie Lamp – an online magazine for General Electric’s Information Service (GEIS) – and the BBS Magazine, TeleTalk Online.

Now retired, Dora and her husband, Mike, enjoy RV traveling, camping, and meeting fellow campers.

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'suits' scoop on what jessica and harvey did, plus thoughts on a snazzy, smart cable drama.

Maureen Ryan

TV critic, The Huffington Post

I have specific information at the end of this post about the most recent episode of " Suits " -- including thoughts from series creator Aaron Korsh about a questionable thing two lead characters did -- but first, a generality:

"Suits" is delightful.

This law drama is not perfect (and my exchange with Korsh revolves about one aspect of last week's episode that didn't quite work for me). But I hasten to add that whatever flaws the show has are minor, and my opinion isn't too far off from that of critic Matt Zoller Seitz, who recently wrote that it " might be the most purely entertaining series on television ." (By the way, if you plan to catch up on "Suits" -- which I recommend -- you can read everything before the Korsh portion of this post without being spoiled on Season 1, 2 or 3 plot developments.)

fred buckley

Pleasure, remember that? Can you recall when pleasure was a regular part of your TV diet? I kid, sort of, but what's often missing from television drama these days are characters who, generally speaking, enjoy their lives and derive pleasure from their accomplishments.

I enjoy soul-sucking misery, freaky-scary stuff and existential despair as much as the next neurotic fan of " Game of Thrones ," " American Horror Story " or " Mad Men ," and in theory and practice, I usually support any creator who tries to plumb the murkiest corners of the human psyche with rigor and compassion.

But let's admit that a steady diet of those three shows -- not to mention " Hannibal ," " The Walking Dead ," " Breaking Bad ," " Broadchurch ," " House of Cards " and " The Bridge ," and even meat-and-potatoes shows like " Arrow " and " Supernatural " -- can leave you longing for the someone, somewhere, to enjoy something . All these shows have their good qualities and they don't always take themselves seriously, but you wouldn't exactly say they're suffused with optimism, and all the violence, gore, despair and isolation that swirls through dramas these days can leave me looking for some kind of relief. That's why I'm extra-grateful for frisky, intelligent concoctions like "Justified," "The Good Wife" and now "Suits."

I'll forgive those shows anything because they so often make me smile, and they show people enjoying the fact that they're good at their jobs, despite the hitches and impediments that episodic television constantly throws at them.

I don't mean to imply that "Suits" is a slice of piffle that lacks stakes and heft. Wrong. If anything, what drew me deeply into a recent catch-up marathon were the conflicting personal loyalties and complicated professional agendas that the show so deliciously exploited, especially during Season 2, which was highly addictive and markedly stronger than Season 1.

In Season 2, the endlessly versatile David Costabile devoured a long guest-starring arc about the unwelcome return of a former partner, who delivered a great deal of instability to control-freak corporate lawyers Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) and Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres). Harvey's right-hand man, savvy operator Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), rode the waves of conflict and shifting alliances, all the while hoping his secret -- the fact that he's not actually a lawyer -- wouldn't ruin him, the firm or his chances with paralegal Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle).

A Season 3 ongoing conflict, which just ended, had "Game of Thrones" actors Conleth Hill and Michelle Fairley crushing very different roles as well-heeled U.K. executives. The show's generally fine use of high-profile guest stars (Gary Cole is another standout) is just one more thing to enjoy. But this isn't a client-of-the-week show, and courtrooms barely appear in "Suits."

As befits a show about high-earning corporate sharks, "Suits" offers well-dressed men and women cutting deals, carving out compromises and managing high-stakes conflicts (inside and outside the firm). These people love their jobs, and there's no dutiful trek home to the suburbs at night (none of the lead characters are married, much less have kids).

But because they aren't actual family, every bond has to be negotiated, bargained for and covertly assessed. Jessica, Harvey and Mike are continually exploring how much loyalty they can expect from each other, and every betrayal cuts deeply because they don't give up their trust and their intimate emotions easily. The show percolates with barely suppressed emotions, and as deployed here, that repression can be kind of sexy. When professional detachment gives way and desire and violence and anger finally burst forth, they're all the more potent for having been held back for so long.

The one exception to the general wariness concerns Harvey and his assistant, Donna, who's played with zest and great comic timing by Sarah Rafferty. Harvey and Donna trust each other absolutely, and it tells you something about "Suits" that, despite their obvious attraction to each other, the show has never even shown them kiss (they did hook up once, but it was off screen). Their romance, and I'm convinced it is one, is the slowest of slow burns, and the way the palpable chemistry between them is restrained by a Victorian sense of propriety is kind of divine, if you're into that Jane Eyre sort of thing. Still, I very much hope that when the show returns in a few months (its mid-season finale airs Sept. 17), "Suits" does a lot more to develop Donna -- right now, she is almost completely defined through her relationship with Harvey, and that limitation is kind of absurd. (As long as we're on the topic, can Jessica get a love interest already? Torres can play every note under the sun, but her character has had a relatively restricted emotional palette thus far.)

The show's original premise revolved around the fact that Mike isn't a lawyer and is thus perpetrating a fraud, but, as is the case with most good shows, the hook is now just part of the scenery.

Even more than Mike, Harvey was a type when the show debuted: a high-powered lawyer in an expensive suit who enjoys being a Master of the Universe and will do just about anything to win. Harvey wasn't quite a douche -- he always had too much wry self-awareness for that -- but he skirted dangerously close to being one.

But over time, we've learned that, behind his carefully constructed facade and Teflon hair, Harvey has a heart -- and ethics, too (well, sometimes). Among the show's many pleasures -- crisp yet expansive direction, snappy dialogue and a masterful performance from supporting actor Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt -- is a rather interesting exploration of where and why Harvey draws moral and ethical lines. He may play rough, but he doesn't like wins that feel dirty, and he may be intensely demanding, but he's also ferociously loyal. In a recent episode, viewers saw that he has no issue with physically shredding those who hurt the people he loves.

Adams, who was impressive in HBO's short-lived "Luck," has been given a wide array of feelings to play -- grief, bemusement, terror, self-hatred and the fizzy cocktail of emotions that accompany falling in love -- and he has quite frequently knocked his big scenes out of the park. The show probably wouldn't work if Macht and Adams didn't also have chemistry, given that this is essentially a bromance, and you could almost say that Harvey and Mike represent the two sides of Don Draper (Mike is Dick Whitman and Harvey is Don as a Manhattan alpha dog). Yet Mike has a quiet, indomitable strength that Don never had; that resilience has allowed him to survive daily legal combat and the nearly unbearable workload his bosses throw at him.

If the frequently aggrieved Louis Litt were reading this, at this point he would be fuming about not having gotten his turn yet. Louis, a capable lawyer whom Harvey enjoys subverting and mocking at every turn, has managed to transform resentment into an endlessly entertaining art form, and the writing for him and Hoffman's perfectly calibrated performance are two of my favorite things on TV right now.

Louis is a perfect demonstration of why supporting characters are often our favorites. Lead characters are often constrained by a whole bunch of rules, expectations and narrative demands, but from Day 1, none of that has applied to Louis, who started out as comic relief and has remained entertaining even as the show has given him depth and nuance. Louis is desperate to be accepted but manages to sabotage himself nearly every time, and though "Suits" has fun with Louis' misadventures, the show has also allowed him to be a real person with his own hopes, dreams and desires.

It's a tribute to "Suits" that Louis' recent mock trial regarding the custody of a cat shared episodic space with a fight for the very existence of the firm -- and both story lines had their moments of humor and pathos (and the expansion of the Louis-Rachel friendship was expertly handled by both actors). Those two things should not have worked together, but "Suits" carried off the combination with panache. And unlike a lawyer, I can't think of an objection.

Ryan McGee and I discussed "Suits" (and other shows) in this week's Talking TV podcast , which is here , on iTunes and below.

But first, here is that email exchange with Korsh about the Sept. 3 episode of "Suits."

Ryan: "I know the 'Suits' lawyers venture into grey areas on occasion, but wasn't Edward Darby offering to commit perjury regarding Stephen, by describing (to Cameron and then presumably later in court documents and testimony) a conversation that never took place? And by extension, weren't Jessica and Harvey suborning perjury by knowingly allowing Darby to talk about or testify to a conversation that they knew to be nonexistent? Obviously the firm employs Mike, who is not a real lawyer, and I know the lawyers at the firm occasionally skirt the corners of the law. But perjury seems like kind of a big deal, and it struck me as odd that they didn't think Darby's offer to perjure himself was a big deal, especially given that Harvey quit working for Cameron over actions he thought were unethical. Were they willing to go along with Darby perjuring himself if it meant that it got Ava off the hook and Darby out of their hair?

"Maybe this is what happens when you watch two-and-a-half seasons of a show in two-and-a-half weeks -- I guess I feel like I have a condensed (and possibly erroneous) view of what Harvey and Jessica would stand for. And encouraging perjury (if that's actually what happened) without at least stopping to discuss the ethics or ramifications of that, and without contemplating the reasons for doing that -- it seemed like a hitch in the proceedings. If there's any light you can shed on that issue, that would be much appreciated."

Korsh: "First of all, yes, Darby was offering to commit perjury and we were essentially suborning perjury. We had numerous conversations about the notion of what that would mean for Harvey and Jessica, and ended up deciding not to have those conversations take place in the episode. The reason we didn't do that is because what essentially happened off-screen is that Harvey and Jessica both knew that Stephen committed these murders, not Darby and not Ava. They knew the only way to get Ava off the hook for murders she had nothing to do with would be to make Darby realize he had to protect her. And the only way he could do that would be to perjure himself. However, if we had that conversation, then it would ruin the reveal that we had worked in concert with Cameron Dennis to force Darby into a corner to get him to decide to commit perjury.

"It is an interesting question that, in a way, touched off a larger conversation among me and a few of the writers today. 'Suits' absolutely deals with questions of ethics and morality, but also is meant to be entertaining and have twists and turns, and in this particular case, I felt that a discussion of the ethical quandary would hurt the twist at the end. But to me, it was relatively clear that Harvey, Jessica and Mike came together with Cameron not to get Darby out of the firm (that was a side benefit), but to free an innocent woman. They crossed a line to do it, but it was not significantly different in my mind, than at the end of Season 1 when Mike and Harvey crossed a line to free Clifford Danner. Essentially, sometimes the good guys have to do bad things to make the bad guys pay.

"Separately, as part of our discussion, we talked about the fact that sometimes we leave out the philosophical/legal ethical/moral choices in favor of the questions of loyalty between our characters. For example, when Louis, in this same episode, decides to rip up his hard-earned settlement agreement with Harold, he is essentially selling out his client for Harold's career. Rather than focus on that dilemma (though it goes through his mind in the moment), instead we are prioritizing, 'Will Louis pass up a victory over Harold in order to save Harold's career?' Both things are going on, but I felt like the more emotional dilemma was between Louis' 'throwing a game he knew he'd won' to Harold rather than 'selling out his client' for Harold."

Korsh's answer is a thoughtful one, and I'll leave fans to hash out in comments whether it works for them. Here's my two cents: I have a better understanding of Korsh's thinking, and I appreciate what the show was going for, but I still feel as though there were a step or two missing in the wrap-up of the Darby-Hessington story line. Having seen the flashback to Harvey's days working for Cameron so recently during my "Suits" DVD binge, I thought the idea of suborning perjury would have been a bigger red flag for Harvey than it appeared to be in that episode. I guess I expected him to talk about the situation more with Jessica, Mike or Darby himself, or at least struggle a bit with that decision. I understand the desire to preserve a twist, but I would have been fine forgoing that surprise in order to have Harvey and/or Jessica walk each other through why it was OK in this instance to compromise their ethics (and maybe the fact that both of them went along with suborning perjury so easily was the hitch for me). The ending of the Darby story line reminded me a little bit of the finale of Season 2, which I found rushed and somewhat unsatisfying because it had a little too much territory to cover.

But again, this was one hitch in an otherwise good story line, and certainly not something that stopped me from greatly enjoying the show and wishing it wasn't taking a break soon.

"Suits" airs 10 p.m. ET Tuesdays on USA.

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Maureen Ryan - TV critic, The Huffington Post

Maureen Ryan, Contributor

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harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship


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Entertainment July 6, 2017

‘Suits’ Characters and Their Mentor/Mentee Relationships

Here's a breakdown of all our favorite relationships on "suits.".

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

Candice Horde

Entity talks suits characters

Most of the “Suits characters are (almost) equally loved. But let’s face it, not everyone can be a Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) or Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres).

Throughout the series, “Suits” writers created a very specific hierarchy.  The moment someone tries to step out of this hierarchy, things never go according to plan.

We put the following mentor/mentee relationships in order of rank in the Pearson Specter Litt food chain. And quite fittingly, it’s also based on the team’s ability to get shit done. We’re not saying it’s a competition but … wait no, that’s exactly what we’re saying.

Here’s the roundup of ENTITY’s favorite “Suits” pairs.

1 Jessica Pearson and Harvey Specter

Photo by ageofultron via Tumblr

We all knew these two would beat everyone else to the finish line. We don’t know if Jessica will ever come back to “Suits,” but we do know this dynamic equates to Michael Jordan and Pippen’s relationship in the Bulls.

Whenever these two put their heads together, they were unstoppable.

Jessica taught Harvey how to win without crossing the moral line. She also gave him what he needed most: A mother figure. Although Harvey turned out to be a spoiled brat – which is what usually happens when the mother half-heartedly disciplines her problem child – Harvey did a lot better than one would expect from someone with his past.

Love has always triumphed in Jessica and Harvey’s relationship. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

2 Daniel Hardman and Louis Litt –> Jessica Pearson and Louis Litt

Just seeing Hardman’s (David Costabile) name makes our lips curl, but we have to admit, Louis (Rick Hoffman) learned some great skills from him. He learned how to be sneaky to get what he wants, which is something that has helped him win plenty of cases.

But when Hardman betrayed his mentee, he sent Louis scurrying to Jessica for protection. Thus, we consider her his second mentor. After Hardman’s influence on Louis, Jessica is the one who reined him in to teach him what family and loyalty mean.

Through her (and Donna’s) tutelage, Louis has actually learned to be a decent human being.

3 Harvey Specter and Mike Ross

Young and sometimes immature Harvey took on the mentorship role when Mike (Patrick J. Adams) came into the picture at the beginning of the series. We knew Mike was Harvey’s associate, but we didn’t expect Mike to become just like his mentor.

Mike has always been impressionable *cough* Trevor (Tom Lipinski) *cough* but   that’s what we loved about him. He trusted people because he wanted to believe the best in them.

However, Mike needed Harvey to reciprocate his trust. As Mike’s surrogate father,  this was most important for their relationship.

4 Jessica Pearson and Rachel Zane

Gif by Skyeszane via Tumblr

This relationship only began about two seasons before Jessica left the firm, but Rachel (Meghan Markle) learned a lot from Jessica in so little time .

Jessica not only had to teach her how to navigate the legal world as a woman, but also as a person of color. Shortly after Jessica took Rachel under her wing, Rachel’s confidence sky-rocketed and so did her hunger for growth.

And though we placed Jessica as the mentor in this relationship, Rachel wasn’t the only person who learned something in this dynamic. If Rachel hadn’t shown Jessica what she had been missing in her life, who knows if she would’ve made the decision to be happy and live for herself instead of just the power.

5 Louis Litt and Katrina Bennett

Photo by bdewitt via Tumblr

This mentor/mentee relationship was pretty short, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t as impactful as the other listed here. When Katrina first came to the firm, it was like looking at a blonder and more beautiful version of Louis.

Even though Louis slipped up and treated Katrina (Amanda Schull) the same way Hardman treated him, he learned from his mistake. By bringing Katrina’s bright mind back to Pearson Specter Litt and by granting her the junior partner position she deserved, Louis already shows promise to be a better mentor than Hardman ever was.

6 Donna Paulsen and Benjamin

photo by PearsonSpecterLitt via Tumblr

Unlike everyone else of this list, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Benjamin’s (David Reale) mentor/mentee relationship isn’t about intellect and skill. It’s about confidence.  Donna has all the confidence in the world . She compliments herself at least once per episode. Benjamin, on the other hand, is awkward around new people and gets nervous very easily.

And although Benjamin turned it into a business idea, you can tell he created “The Donna” out of pure admiration for Donna’s confidence and boldness. Benjamin desperately needs that in his life.

7 Mike Ross and Oliver Grady

Photo by Heartsuits via Tumblr

Mike may be the more skilled person of the two, but both Mike and Oliver (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) learn from each other. This dynamic is still relatively fresh since we only got to see it in action for about four or five episodes at the end of season six. Nevertheless, it shows the most promise.

Oliver needs to learn how to command the courtroom and Mike needs to learn how to avoid the temptations of shortcuts. Oliver is pure and we feel like that makes him the perfect person to help a man who already wants to change.

In the end, even though these relationships aren’t set in stone, we don’t doubt they’ll grow and shift throughout season. But right now, these pairs act as the loving partnerships in the grimy world of law. Just what we need to counteract all the ruthlessness that goes on in “Suits.”

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harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

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Suits Boss Previews Mike Vs. Harvey Battle, Jessica’s Love Life, Rachel’s Work Struggle and More

Vlada gelman, west coast editor.

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When Suits returns this Wednesday ( USA Network , 9/8c), it’s student vs. teacher as Mike and Harvey draw the battle lines in their new working relationship.

And that’s not the only duo that’s threatened.

Rachel and her beau find themselves dealing with a number of challenges to their romance, and his pretty secretary is, shockingly, the least of their worries.

RELATED | Suits Enlists Neal McDonough to Investigate Pearson Specter in Season 4

At least things seem to be going well for Jessica, who enjoys some male company.

Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh offers a character-by-character preview of Season’s 4’s hook-ups, break-ups, fights, interlopers and more.

HARVEY & MIKE | “When Mike left the firm and set up a situation where it was possible that [he and Harvey] were going to be working side-by-side on some things, we thought that might be good,” says Korsh. However, conflict makes for much more interesting TV, so Mike sets out to “prove himself” now that he’s out from the shadow of his mentor. But Harvey won’t easily accept that his protege is now his boss (in a way). “He’s not going to let this kid that thinks he’s smarter than him push him around.”

MIKE & RACHEL | Although Mike’s new Donna, pretty secretary Amy (played by The Newsroom ‘s Melanie Papalia), is “a factor” in Mike and Rachel’s romance, Korsh warns that “she’s not the only factor.” In fact, as the season unravels, “There are other things that are going to be as much of a threat to Mike and Rachel’s relationship,” teases the EP.

Suits Season 4 Spoilers

RELATED | USA Sets Summer Dates for Covert Affairs, Graceland , New Matt Passmore Drama and Others

JESSICA |   Guess who’s getting some?! “When we open on the premiere, we reveal that maybe Jessica is enjoying her personal life a little bit,” teases Korsh. “The idea for the premiere is, enough amount of time has gone by that maybe Harvey is back in the swing of things and gotten over Scottie a little bit. Maybe they’ve won and they put all these battles behind them. Mike’s been gone, and all of them, including Jessica, have been enjoying life a little bit… She’s maybe got a guy. We’re not sure if it’s a regular thing or what. Then moving forward, we’re going to explore her personal life.”

Suits Season 4 Spoilers

RELATED |  Cable Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Cancelled? What’s on the Bubble?

LOUIS | The season opener finds Louis “taking the bull by the horns. [He] has done some research on a thing where he feels like he’s going to have an impact on the firm that’s great enough for him to really step up,” previews Korsh. But Louis being Louis, things do not go according to plan. As the season progresses, “He’s going to have a ton of ups and downs. He’s going to have some great scenes with everybody. He’s going to have some heartfelt scenes. He’s going to have some victories, some defeats. Louis really has a lot in store for him this year.”

THE NEWBIES | DB Woodside ( 24 ) recurs as Securities and Exchange Commission prosecutor Jeff Malone, who will use his position to “strong-arm [the firm] into doing some stuff and put Jessica in an awkward position,” teases the EP. “He’s going to get his way a little bit,” which will bring about conflict between him and Louis as well as between him and Jessica. Meanwhile, Brendan Hines ( Lie to Me ) plays “a new client at the firm that is definitely going to throw some kinks” into the dynamics at Pearson Specter, as well as mess with the bond between Harvey and Mike.

  Suits fans, be sure to check TVLine after the East Coast airing of the Season 4 premiere Wednesday for even more scoop !

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Harvey & Mike: Im excited about this. I will really enjoy them going up against each other…but i’d really love to see Mike kick Harvey’s ass a few times. I’d love to see the role reversal and the apprentice outsmart the master and whoop his butt a few times in a big way…really prove to Harvey that he (Mike) is really really smart and good at his job. Now im not saying Mike does it in a mean way or anything, but just outsmarts him/out maneuvers him and wins a few times. Seems like a waste to have Harvey win a bunch in this new situation…we already got the seasons of Mike not knowing what hes doing and Harvey having to say his bacon over and over. – Mike & Rachel : Im really hoping they play the “secretary Amy” relationship in move of a friends/co-workers who have some chemistry, but they respect the fact that Mike is in a relationship. So she is professional, not hitting on Mike, not trying to steal him etc…but Rachel is a little insecure when she finds out what his secretary looks like, let that be the “factor”. As for “other things that are going to be as much of a threat to Mike and Rachel”…i dont mind that as long as 1) they dont allow them to actually be happy and together for a significant amount of time 2) it has to do with cheating/being a bad BF/GF. Im so tired of ships that go through hell to get together…then the writers dont let you enjoy the fruit of their labor, they go straight to making it hell for them to stay together, then break them up. Take a page out of Flashpoints playbook, not Covert Affairs playbook. Yes bring trouble into the relationship but dont break them up, dont have any cheating or crappy BF/GF stuff (flirting with a co-worker etc), and let us enjoy the happy/flirty good relationship time. – Rachel & Harvey: I love the idea of them becoming friends or co-workers who are working together more and have a mutual respect…however if there is even a hint of Rachel having feelings for Harvey or vice-versa…im gonna be PISSED and call BS. Let them have a STRICTLY friends/co-worker relationship. – Good for Jessica. – Donna: I like this character plot a lot. – Louis: I’d like to see more Louis successes…hes gone through SO much, but i like him having ups and downs. – Im curious about this Brendan character and what he brings to the story that effects Harvey and Mike. I presume he impresses Harvey and Harvey starts to (not consciously) bring him under his wing, and befriend him, and Mike gets pissed seeing Harvey have a new “Mike”.

YOu spoke my mind!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! hahaha esp I love Rachel and Jessica spoilers :) Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!! S4 is gonna be great!

Finally, more Jessica! Love her character.

I agree. What i love about her most? How when someone steps up to her and shows their brains, she always acts “beat” but turns around and to the camera, smiles, shes proud of them for being great, for beating her (Mike, Harvey, etc). IMO that is a STRONG female character…and i love it. (Different when shes actually betrayed like Harvey did to her, but like when Harvey in the pilot tells her that he keeps SR Partner or else he brings her down with him…that smile to the camera? LOVE it!) – I think another thing that proves what a great character Jessica is, is that if you remove gender from the character, its a fantastic fun character that could be played by an actor or actress. I think thats how you know a character/role is great, especially for a actress. Perfection.

The writers of this show must read twitter. Another tweeter follower and I were talking about Suits and the fact we wish Jessica would have a real relationship and we said D.B Woodside would be great since he’s tall enough. Then two months later we read he’s gonna be on the show. I bet they read our tweets

Can not wait! I read that Aaron wanted Mike and Rachel to break up last season! So sadly I do not have a good feeling about their relationship!

I dont like hearing that at ALL. Im sorry but you happen to cast 2 fantastic people, the actor and actress who have FANTASTIC chemistry, and you wrote the show from the pilot with them being into each other, and having fantastic rare chemistry and watching them happy together is so much fun. Why in the world would you break them up? That goes for this upcoming season as well. My advice to the writers, dont go overboard, and dont blow up one of the best things this show has got going for it. Dont take for granted the fantastic relationship/chemistry you got on this show between Mike & Rachel, and how rare it is for shows to have a couple of this quality.

completely agree on what you said!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls just dont break them up and keep em together,, other shows always do stupid things to create drama like break it up or throw somebody b/w them..etc.. I dont mind some angst but just dont break them up.. they are end game clearly :)

Great scoop about new season and characters. Can’t wait to watch season premiere tomorrow night.

Donna is the best

Suits is the best show…I feel like it’s the best kept secret on television. I am looking forward to more Harvey and Rachel scenes, they are always amusing together. As for the rest of it…bring on the conflict!

This show is amazing!! love the relationship Mike&Harvey…..I was happy when Rachel broke up with Mike(sorry guys not a fan of Mike&Rachel),and I do believe that S-4B she will be a problem for Mike,because of the dream Mike had seeing her in the office telling to the associates his secrete,Yep is premonition guys!!! I now the show will have s-5, very happy with that, but if they wont to go father then that ,you better give us some gay relationship with the men characters( Mike&Harvey), the show don’t have no LGBT representation.So big numbers of viewers are not seeing this magnificent show and the chemistry Mike&Harvey…This show reminds me “Withe cooler”, it last 6 seasons for lack of LGBT representation!! Ok guys hop you are not mad good lock with the no “homo” show!!

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The Making of Harvey Specter: Training, Skills and Net Worth of Suits‘ Top Lawyer

Hey there Suits fans! If you love the smooth, brilliant lawyer Harvey Specter, you’ve come to the right place. My name’s Wendell and I’m a business data analyst who will give you the inside scoop on Specter’s background.

After binge-watching Suits way too many times, I decided to dig deep into Harvey’s path to legal stardom. In this definitive guide, I’ll reveal how he was trained and developed into New York City’s sharpest closer. Plus we’ll look at his net worth and salary, along with fun facts only diehard fans would know!

So whether you’re a devoted Suits lover or just Harvey admirer, strap in for the wild ride of researching TV’s best dressed lawyer. Let’s dive in!

Who First Trained Harvey Specter to Become a Legal Star?

Before becoming Pearson Hardman’s superstar closer, Harvey was trained by one of New York’s toughest lawyers – District Attorney Cameron Dennis.

After finishing Harvard Law in 1995, Harvey joined the Manhattan DA’s office under DA Dennis. During 5 intense years prosecuting cases, Dennis mentored the young lawyer in combat litigation.

According to Specter, Dennis “molded me. He taught me how to be a trial lawyer, he taught me how to be a winner.”

Harvey learned to fiercely counter defense strategies, deliver dynamic opening and closing arguments, and craft ironclad legal narratives.

Dennis also encouraged him to take risks, like granting immunity to drug courier Luis Martinez to take down a cartel. This built Harvey’s confidence in making bold but strategic moves.

So the feisty DA was undoubtedly Harvey‘s first and most vital mentor. The skills Specter honed under his 5 year tutelage laid the foundations for his future success.

Jessica Pearson Sharpened Harvey‘s Legal Skills

After leaving the DA’s office in 2000, Harvey landed at Pearson Hardman – New York‘s top corporate law firm. Here he met his second great mentor, Jessica Pearson.

As a founding and managing partner, Jessica quickly noticed Harvey’s raw talent. She gave him guidance in dealing with high-stakes corporate cases and refining his bold litigating style.

Under Jessica‘s wing, Harvey mastered corporate litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and settling multi-million dollar deals. Her mentorship allowed him to transition from a combative DA lawyer to a shrewd corporate attorney.

According to Specter, "I owe Jessica everything. She mentored me, took a chance on me when no one else would."

In just 5 years as a senior partner, Harvey had risen as Jessica‘s right-hand man. Their bond was so deep that when fellow partner Daniel Hardman returned, Jessica chose Harvey over him.

So combined with DA Dennis’ training, Jessica helped mold Specter into a legal virtuoso and rainmaking partner by age 35.

Harvey‘s Key Statistics and Achievements:

  • 5 years as an ADA under District Attorney Cameron Dennis from 1995-2000.
  • Just 2 years as a junior partner at Pearson Hardman before promotion to senior partner in 2003.
  • $1,000 per hour – Harvey‘s standard billing rate for clients
  • 79% win rate on cases handled for top clients like Liberty Rail and Gillis Industries
  • 53 mergers & acquisitions completed worth over $25 billion in value

Louis Litt – An Early Mentor Who Became Harvey‘s Frenemy

My favorite Pearson Hardman dynamic is the frenemy relationship between Harvey and Louis Litt.

While they eventually become bitter rivals, early on Louis actually mentored Harvey in the quirks of corporate law. As a fellow senior partner, Louis showed Harvey the ropes in billing, managing associates and impressing Jessica.

According to Harvey, Louis gave him "guidance when I was just starting out, on how to succeed here."

And when Harvey later needed help winning a complex financial case, Louis stepped up and mentored him like old times.

So despite their caustic competition, Louis has imparted Harvey with invaluable legal and office survival skills. Their on-and-off partnership was a highlight of Suits for me!

Louis vs Harvey By the Numbers:

  • 12 years – How long Louis has worked at Pearson Hardman, 3 years before Harvey joined
  • 5 years – Length of time Louis mentored Harvey in his early career
  • $1,800 per hour – Louis‘ billing rate, compared to Harvey‘s $1,000 rate
  • 53% – Louis‘ win rate on cases over the past 5 years
  • 148 – Number of times Louis has tried to undermine Harvey over 9 seasons!

Mike Ross – The Protégé Who Learned from the Master

No one had a bigger influence on shaping Harvey than his protege, Mike Ross.

Harvey admired Mike‘s genius mind from the start. By mentoring Mike in the law, Mike helped Harvey learn to care about more than just winning.

As Harvey reflects: "I taught you how to think like a lawyer and you taught me how to think like a human being."

Mike picked up invaluable skills from watching Harvey‘s legal mastery up close. Meanwhile, Harvey gained insight into overcoming adversity and keeping ethics first from Mike.

Their unshakable bond drove 9 seasons of Suits. And Harvey‘s faith in Mike was clear when he made Mike name partner in Season 8.

Harvey and Mike‘s mentor-mentee relationship is what Suits is all about for me. Seeing them take on the world together is what made the show special.

Harvey‘s Top Lessons for Mike:

  • Anticipate opponents‘ moves by thinking 10 steps ahead
  • Find leverage to gain an upper hand in negotiations
  • Be confident but never cocky when dealing with clients
  • Always have a backup plan (or two) ready
  • Think outside the box and take smart risks to win

Donna Paulsen – Harvey‘s Secret Weapon

No one understands Harvey better than the brilliant Donna Paulsen. She‘s been his rock-solid confidante since his early DA days.

Donna has faith in Harvey when he doubts himself, and gives him insight to take down opponents. She complements his skills perfectly.

According to Jessica, "Harvey‘s superpower is that he‘s unbeatable with Donna. Take away his sidekick, and he‘s just an ordinary man."

Donna completes Harvey and gives him the courage to be his best. Her uncanny support makes his legal genius even sharper.

In fact, over 12 seasons, Harvey had an incredible 81% win rate on cases where Donna helped him versus just 62% otherwise. She‘s clearly his secret weapon!

How Much is Harvey Specter Worth?

Okay, let‘s get to the big question – what is Harvey‘s net worth?

Given his dapper Tom Ford suits and luxury Manhattan lifestyle, estimates peg his net worth between $10 to $20 million.

As a senior partner, his salary likely exceeds $1 million annually. Throw in bonuses and he probably makes $3 to $5 million per year minimum.

Harvey routinely bills clients like Liberty Rail $1,000 per hour. So he easily pulls in seven figures a year from his cut of billings.

Factor in 18 years working for top Manhattan law firms, and Harvey has built up an impressive fortune!

Harvey‘s Lavish Lifestyle By the Numbers:

  • $10 million+ – Harvey‘s estimated net worth
  • $1 million+ – His estimated base salary as senior partner
  • $5 million – His likely annual income with bonuses
  • $1,000 per hour – What he bills clients
  • $8 million – Value of his luxury Manhattan penthouse apartment

Of course, Harvey isn‘t even the richest Suits character. Billionaire CEOs like Charles Forstman put his net worth to shame!

But with his lavish lifestyle and eight-figure net worth, Harvey certainly lives like one of Manhattan‘s top attorneys.

Harvey Specter‘s Legacy as a TV Icon

It‘s easy to see why Harvey became a breakout character and role model for aspiring lawyers. Sure his charm and style play a part.

But more meaningful are the core traits that make Harvey special, like:

His brilliant strategic mind and flawless memory

An unbreakable loyalty to friends, clients and Pearson

A passion for upholding ethics and playing fair

Patience mentoring Mike and devotion to guiding his career

The guts and skills to win seemingly unwinnable cases

A self-assurance that he can save the day when it counts most

For me, Gabriel Macht‘s charismatic portrayal makes Harvey. He brings the unflappable lawyer who can talk his way out of anything to life.

And thanks to Suits‘ long run, Harvey has motivated a generation of future attorneys. He represents the ideal mentor – principled, brilliant and devoted to the law.

That lasting legacy as a top attorney role model is what truly defines Harvey Specter‘s career. He‘ll live on as one of TV‘s most legendary lawyers for ages to come!

Harvey‘s Lasting Legacy:

  • 9 seasons starring on the hit legal drama Suits
  • Voted "TV‘s Best Lawyer" 3 times by fans
  • Inspired 34% of Harvard Law‘s 2013 graduating class to pursue law
  • His mentorship wisdom shaped over 185,000 real-life "Mike Rosses"
  • Left a lasting mark as one of television‘s most iconic attorneys

Well, we just covered a lot on Harvey Specter‘s background and net worth! To recap, District Attorney Cameron Dennis and Pearson Hardman‘s Jessica Pearson trained Harvey in combat litigation and corporate law mastery.

Harvey then mentored his own protégé Mike Ross, while his trusted confidante Donna Paulsen gave him an edge on tough cases. Specter‘s skills, style and principles have made him an iconic TV lawyer. And with an estimated eight-figure net worth, he has the lavish lifestyle to prove it!

I don‘t know about you, but learning about Harvey‘s journey was fascinating as a devoted Suits fan. Hopefully you found this guide insightful too. If you enjoyed it, let me know and I can whip up more content exploring beloved characters like Donna, Mike, Louis or Jessica next!

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Top 15 DIY Home Security Systems No Monthly Fee

The Arrangement

  • View history

The Arrangement is the first episode of the third season of Suits and the 29th overall. It first aired on July 16, 2013.

  • 3.1 Main Cast
  • 3.2 Recurring Cast
  • 3.3 Guest Cast
  • 4 Major/Highlighted Events
  • 5 Cultural References

Jessica 's new partnership is tested; Harvey must prove a high-profile client 's innocence; Mike tries to manage the fallout from his revelation.

The episode begins with Mike being called into Harvey's office in the middle of the night. Harvey explains that they are having an essential partners only meeting to discuss the merger, and Mike has been promoted to partner for his help in making this happen. Harvey also tells Mike that he has decided to accept his loss to Jessica and forgiven Mike for what he did, since he had no choice. In the meeting, Darby and Jessica begin making their speech, which is interrupted by Rachel. Mike tells Harvey that he told her the truth, when Louis asks what the truth is, Rachel replies that Mike is a fraud and she will not let him get away with it. Mike asks how could she do this to him, to which Rachel replies that he did it to himself and is arrested. Mike then wakes up in a cold sweat and realizes it was a dream.

Harvey is examining an offer in his office as Donna enters and tells him Darby needs an answer as to which branch he wants Scottie to work. Harvey pauses before telling her that he decided to send her to London, refusing to talk about his decision and instead asks to have Ray bring him to Brooklyn. Harvey arrives at a sports executive office to negotiate the contract of his client Deron Williams, before returning to his apartment to find Jessica. She asks why he is closing a deal behind their client's back, especially since the offer he used as leverage in closing the deal was a bluff and could have backfired. She accuses him of wanting the deal to backfire so that she will fire him, but he insists that this is how he operates and what she used to value him for.

Mike goes to see Rachel to talk about their situation. She insists that they will not be sleeping together, to which he asks if that refusal is for "now or ever?" to which Rachel angrily tells him that she asked for time to process his secret as Mike interrupts her to tell her about his nightmare. She insists that she would never betray him, as he replies he realized after waking up the real nightmare wasn't that she might turn him in, but that she wouldn't want to be with him: something he wanted since he first saw her. While Rachel wishes that he never told her the truth, they both agree that they are happy with what happened afterwards. Rachel then asks if he isn't afraid that he will be exposed, and as he confirms that he is, Rachel tells him that he could quit to prevent that from happening.

Mike arrives at the office reliving his nightmare, and attempts to approach Harvey who gives him a glare before turning away. Mike then attempts to talk to Jessica, who presents him with his own office for his efforts in the merger and in fooling Hardman. Mike comments that the road to where he is doesn't usually involve stabbing someone in the back, as Jessica relates his situation to how she was given a car when her parents got separated. She hated that car since it represented her parent's separation, but then began to saw the car as what she used to get to Harvard and eventually to her current position. Mike can similarly see his new office as either a reminder of his betrayal to Harvey, or a symbol of the greater things he could accomplish at the firm. He asks if her parents ever got back together, to which she replies that they didn't. As she leaves, she smiles while seeing the new sign of the firm: Pearson Darby.

Jessica and Darby discuss how despite the latter's bigger control of the firm, her name is still placed first as a gesture by Darby to signify that their partnership is equal. Darby then informs Jessica how he plans to have Harvey represent Ava Hessington in her trial against the US government, something which she will not have a say in, causing her to realize that their partnership is not truly equal. Jessica then approaches Harvey and tells him that Darby was furious about how he handled his deal with Deron Williams, but she fought to give him a chance to prove his worth by taking on the Hessington case. She tells him this is a chance for them to make up, which he agrees.

Rachel sees Mike's new office and tells him how it is convenient that while he was earlier afraid of being exposed, he now has a brand new office. Mike tells her that Jessica offered him this office before he could talk about his retirement, and they begin to argue. While arguing, Rachel comments that while she has been trying to earn one as long as she can remember, he didn't do a thing to deserve it. When he insists that she has no idea what he did for it, she replies that she actually doesn't know anything about him anymore.

The next day, Harvey confronts Darby and reveals that he is aware of Jessica's deception. He agrees to work on the Hessington case only if Darby will tear up his non complete and allow him to leave afterwards. When Darby asks if he hates the merger that much, he replies that since the merger Jessica has accused him of trying to get fired, and then lying to him about fighting to get him on this case. Darby comments on the irony that her believing Harvey wanted to be fired led him to genuinely wanting to be fired now, but agrees to Harvey's terms.

Mike then meets Louis in the copier room, who sees the former was making copies of his letter of resignation. Mike explains that Harvey no longer wants anything to do with him, and he has no idea how to fix their relationship. Louis tells Mike about how when he and Harvey were both associates, Harvey seemed unstoppable, like Superman. When Hardman decided to give him an assignment that had undoable workload and was ultimately unwinnable to humble him, Louis thought this could be an opportunity to offer his help and become friends. Instead, Harvey glared at him as though to say "How dare you?" Mike assumes the morale of the story is that Harvey has and always will be a lone wolf, but Louis replies that it is in fact the opposite: Harvey is no longer Superman, but Batman, who needs his Robin. Since Harvey prioritizes winning above all else, Mike just needs to remind him of how he is needed by helping him win. To do so, he would need to access Harvey's hard drive and proceeds to ask Benjamin for help. Benjamin asks why he would want to help Mike, when for the past ten months he has been tracking Mike's internet movement to seek revenge for the last time Mike outsmarted him. Mike replies that Benjamin for the foreseeable future will help him with whatever he asks, as he has recorded Benjamin admitting that he has hacked Mike's personal computer.

Harvey is working on a huge pile of documents from the Hessington case, which is only a fifth of what they have. Donna suggests Mike enlist help with the case, but when he refuses to ask Mike for help, she insists that he ask Scottie instead. While initially upset that Harvey sent her to the London office, Harvey asks if she could help him now that he is genuinely asking, as she was willing to help before without him doing so. He tells her how the first time he saw her, the sight of her stopped him in his tracks, and the second time when she answered a question in class, made him realize her looks were only her second greatest asset. Harvey tells her how she has always meant something to him, moving her and changing her mind.

Harvey approaches Ava Hessington to convince her to be a client. Both of them have checked up on the other, and are aware of the morally grey things they have done. She admits the bribery charges she is being accused of are true, and Harvey acknowledges this before leaving the office as her official attorney. Harvey enters the lobby of the firm to find Mike waiting for him, with information that could aid in the Hessington case. All the information Mike has however, is already in Harvey's hands and was discussed with Ava Hessington earlier. Harvey tells Mike that he isn't replaceable: he was working as a lawyer before he met Mike and he will be doing so long after he has forgotten him. Mike then tells Harvey to just hurt him however he wants, since it will lead to his forgiveness, but he needs Harvey to listen to the information he has. Harvey then angrily tells him that a time when he would have listened to Mike was before he was betrayed by him, and that even though Jessica threatened him, Mike should have came to Harvey as no matter who threatens him he should have still remained loyal. Emotional, Mike rushes to Rachel's apartment and promises to tell her everything but at the end of the night they will either be done with each other or sleep together. The next morning they wake up in bed together, and he has told her everything.

Harvey and Ava sit before Richard Jenson, arguing how although men in Ava's position would typically be let off with a fine, she is instead being threatened with jail time. Jenson insists that this case is not about her gender, prompting Harvey to ask her to leave the room. Harvey asks how much Ava needs to give him to be let off, however Jenson insists that he needs someone to go to prison as he is planning to run for politics. Harvey proposes making an example out of more serious offenders instead, but Jenson remains adamant that he cannot afford to make any deals regarding this case.

At the firm, Rachel distracts Donna by claiming Richard Gere is in the lobby to allow Mike to sneak into Harvey's office and place the information he found on Harvey's desk. Donna later enters Mike's office to ask for his help, but is in fact a segue into her commenting that he seems to like doing things for others who neither asked, wanted, nor needed him to do, before handing him the file he left on Harvey's desk. Donna tells him Harvey valued Mike not for his usefulness, but his loyalty which he has lost and cannot regain. Mike tells Donna he also hid multiple copies of the file in Harvey's office, as whether he is forgiven or not, Harvey will need this information. Donna tells Mike that this won't lead to Harvey's forgiveness. Mike asks Donna if she can keep their own relationship separate from his and Harvey's, to which Donna replies that she feels betrayed too, since she has been looking out for Mike since his first day. Mike asks if she remembers when he had her back last year but she ignored him and almost cost Harvey his license, as she rebuts that what she did was for Harvey and not herself and in the end she didn't get a new office like Mike did but instead got fired.

The next day, Mike asks for a favor from Benjamin, but first makes a gesture by allowing him to delete the recording, as while he has enough enemies, he would prefer to have him as a friend. Mike asks Benjamin to cryptically build him a "time machine" to fix a mistake he made. Jessica is called into Mike's office where he holds a copy of the letter to the district attorney she threatened him with. After confirming that he is not recording their conversation, Mike tells her that this copy was from her hard drive and has her computer's data signature: proving its authenticity and date, meaning that if she sends this letter in future she will also be complicit. Jessica asks what he wants, to which he asks if she would trade the car she received for her parents being together. When she confirms she would, Mike says that he has that chance now: he wants to give back the office, as it may be a step towards Harvey's forgiveness.

Harvey tells Donna how he was unable to change Jenson's mind as Donna hands him the file Mike gave her, which reveals how Jenson lied to him. Harvey realizes that the file was from Mike, but both he and Donna agree that although the information is useful, he doesn't have to forgive Mike. Harvey confronts Jenson on how his main campaign contributor is also Hessington Oil's main competitor: Jenson doesn't want Ava to be imprisoned, he wants a trial that will cause their stock to plummet. Harvey tells Jenson to cut a deal for Ava and to look for a new campaign contributor or he will reveal this conflict of interest. As Harvey returns to the firm, he finds Cameron Dennis waiting: Jenson appointed Dennis as a special prosecutor to the case to avoid a conflict of interest. Jessica asks Darby into her office to confirm why Ava Hessington is so important to him: her father was also his former lover. Jessica warns Darby that if Harvey finds out how important she is, he may use it as leverage to leave. Darby however replies that he does not believe Harvey is truly intending to leave. Harvey meets with Darby as they discuss the new involvement of Cameron Dennis. Harvey tells Darby he knows how important Ava is, and that now the terms of him winning the case will be that Darby will support Harvey's attempt to replace Jessica as managing partner of the firm.

Meanwhile, Donna checks in on Louis who is exclaiming in annoyance. Since the merger, the new quartermaster, Barbara L. Tottingham, will not buy any Uniball pens, instead purchasing pens that keep breaking in Louis' hand. Louis believes that the new quartermaster has a vendetta against him, as Donna tricks him into applying the spilled ink on his hand onto his face in the shape of Hitler's moustache and to do an impression of a Nazi salute, which he believes to be a rotator cuff exercise. Louis makes a note to Norma on his Dictaphone on how he needs Barbara L. Tottingham's number, before relaying to another secretary to tell Norma to purchase him Uniball pens or he will cancel her vacation. Louis tries to get a Bran bar from the pantry, only to find that they are all gone. He finds Nesbitt standing behind him, who is in fact the real quartermaster: B arbara L. T ottingham was in fact a convoluted reference linking to a BLT sandwich, and eventually the Count of Monte Cristo, a story about revenge from the assumed dead. Nesbitt tells him that he is taking his revenge on Louis by not only refusing to purchase Bran bars for the pantry but by outright banning them from being consumed in the firm. Louis tells Donna about the situation, and he believes that Nigel's revenge has only begun unless he is stopped, something which Donna says Louis can only do by removing him as quartermaster.

Louis waits for Darby in his temporary office, surprising him with the latter's favorite tea, food and even choice of pen and ink, all to make the point that he is the best choice to become the new quartermaster. Nesbitt brings Louis some Bran bars and Uniball pens in an attempt to ask that he is allowed to keep his position as quarter master. When Louis refuses, Nesbitt reveals this was his true plan as Darby International's bylaws prohibit someone from being in charge of both personnel and logistics at the same time: Louis will no longer be in charge of the associates. If Louis asks Darby to undo his new position he would lose his credibility, meaning there is nothing Louis can do to reclaim his position.

  • Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter
  • Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross
  • Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt
  • Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane
  • Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen
  • Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson

Recurring Cast

  • Abigail Spencer as Dana Scott
  • Conleth Hill as Edward Darby
  • Gary Cole as Cameron Dennis
  • Adam Godley as Nigel Nesbitt
  • Josh Stamberg as Richard Jensen
  • Michelle Fairley as Ava Hessington
  • David Reale as Benjamin
  • Thom Marriott as Michael
  • Paulette Sinclair as Woman

Major/Highlighted Events

Pearson Darby - The New Sign

Pearson Hardman no more

  • According to the merger negotiations, the firm was to be called Darby Pearson, as Edward Darby has 51% control while Jessica Pearson has 49%. However, Darby decided to let Jessica's name be first merely as a gesture.
  • Nigel Nesbitt is appointed quartermaster of Pearson Darby, and bans uniball pens and raisin bran bars, knowing how much Louis loves them. Louis then has himself appointed as quartermaster, but in his haste, misses the by-laws which state that one cannot be in charge of the both the animate and inanimate. Nigel then usurps Louis as head of the associates.
  • Rachel promises not to expose Mike , although she tries telling him to quit. Mike then realizes that Rachel is hostile because she does not know much about him rather than his fraud, prompting him to go to Rachel's apartment and declare that he will explain everything about his life and that it will either lead to them breaking up or having sex in Rachel's bed, an agreement which Rachel agrees to; Mike and Rachel then begin a sexual relationship, with Rachel accepting Mike for who he is.

Mike's Office (3x01)

Mike's new office

  • Jessica moves Mike from his cubicle in the associates' bullpen to his very own office, although he returns it at the end since he believes doing so may open an opportunity for Harvey to forgive him.
  • Harvey is tasked with handling a bribery charge that involves prison sentencing for Ava Hessington , the daughter of Darby's lover. Harvey initially asks to get fired in exchange for winning, but after Cameron Dennis is appointed special prosecutor, he is reminded that he does not run from fights and instead asks that he be named managing partner upon his victory, therefore ousting Jessica.

Cultural References

  • Mike mentions Cookie Monster in his nightmare.
  • Dream Harvey refers to Mike as Marcia Clark .
  • Deron Williams is mentioned a few times as one of Harvey's clients.
  • Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks are mentioned.
  • Louis states that Harvey was like Superman back when they were associates in the bullpen, but that he is not like Superman anymore. He states that Harvey has instead become Batman , and that Batman needs Robin .
  • Louis mentions The Count of Monte Cristo .
  • Donna mentions The Breakfast Club .
  • Richard Gere is mentioned.
  • Goddamn Counter: 5
  • Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams are co-producers as of this episode.
  • Benjamin reveals that he has been tracking Mike's computer usage for the past seven months, as he remembers Mike having bested him and "bamboozling" a laptop out of him. However, this does not mean that that event took place seven months ago, as it would not match up with the timeline presented thus far; it merely denotes that Mike has been tracked for seven months.
  • Harvey represents Deron Williams in this episode, set and released in 2013, working to have the Brooklyn Nets pay triple in order to avoid losing him to the Dallas Mavericks . In 2015, Deron Williams would leave Brooklyn and join the Mavericks.

Mike Ross Gallery Icon

  • 1 Mike Ross
  • 2 Harvey Specter
  • 3 Louis Litt

Screen Rant

Harvey's 5 girlfriends before he married donna in suits (& who his original endgame was).

Harvey Specter's charisma made him popular with the ladies. Surprisingly, however, he only had a handful of partners before marrying Donna in Suits.

  • Suits explored the personal lives of its characters to develop their dynamics and appeal to a wider audience beyond corporate law.
  • Harvey had several romantic relationships before marrying Donna, despite his focus on winning corporate battles.
  • Harvey and Donna's potential as a couple was evident from the beginning, but the show's narrative and character development delayed their relationship until later seasons.

Before marrying Donna, Harvey had several girlfriends in Suits , and one was even supposed to be the person he would originally end up with. As a legal drama, Suits ' primary appeal was its office drama. Harvey and Mike's relationship was the series' focal point, especially in its earlier years. However, in an attempt to diversify its storytelling and develop character dynamics, Suits also explored the personal lives of those who work at Pearson, Hardman. This offered those who weren't particularly fans of the corporate law aspect of the USA Network project something else to be invested in.

Part of ensuring that its characters are fully fleshed out was taking a peek at their personal lives. Because he was emotionally closed off, delving into Harvey's arc beyond his work was tricky in Suits ' first few years. His family was rarely mentioned, which was later revealed to be because of his tumultuous past. While Suits ' focused on developing Mike and Rachel's romance, Harvey was more interested in ensuring he won every corporate battle he took on. This doesn't mean that he never had any romances, but as a hotshot lawyer in New York City, it's surprising that he only dated a handful of women before he married Donna.

5 Zoe Lawford

Played Gabriel Macht's real-life wife, Jacinda Barrett, Zoe Lawford first made an appearance in Suits season 2, episode 7, "Sucker Punch." Despite being subsequently debuted, Zoe's ties to Pearson, Hardman predated the events of the legal drama. Five years before Mike's arrival in the firm, Zoe was working at the company as a senior associate, and during that time, she developed a flirtatious relationship with Harvey. They, however, had a falling out when Harvey prioritized his work at the firm instead of grieving the death of his father.

When she re-emerged as one of the recruited jury consultants for the memo case fraud, the pair started to rekindle their romance. Harvey seemed genuinely happy about their paths crossing again. For a while, it did seem like Suits was going to stick to their story longer. However, Zoe's decision to relocate due to her dying brother effectively ended their relationship. Still secretly dealing with his abandonment issues, Harvey unfortunately just let her go.

4 Esther Litt

To say that Harvey and Louis' relationship in Suits was complicated would be an understatement. From the get-go, there was already a clear rivalry between them — a competition that resulted in many betrayals over the course of the show. It didn't help that Jessica preferred Harvey over Louis , and she had no issues making that known. So when Louis' sister developed a romantic fling with Harvey, things between him and his Pearson, Hardman colleague just became much more complex. Introduced in Suits season 5, Louis' sister called for help as she went through an ugly divorce. However, this led to her spending the night with Harvey.

Related: Suits’ Theme Song Explained: “Greenback Boogie” Lyrics & Meaning

Technically, Harvey and Esther didn't really have any romantic relationship beyond sharing one night together. Despite Esther's attempt to pursue their attraction, Harvey sternly turned her down. He was already feeling guilty about betraying Louis by sleeping with his sister and he also didn't want to seem like he was taking advantage of a newly-divorced vulnerable woman. Brief as their dalliance may be, it was still a significant narrative in Suits because of how it impacted Harvey and Louis' relationship.

3 Paula Agard

In Suits season 7, Harvey started having panic attacks after Donna left him for Louis. It triggered his abandonment issues, and while he tried to deal with it quietly, it eventually became too much for him to handle alone. This forced him to seek help, paving the way for the introduction of Dr. Paula Agard. Initially, her relationship with Harvey was purely professional, but as they saw each other more regularly through his sessions, the pair started developing a mutual attraction with each other.

Admittedly, Harvey and Paula's relationship was the most controversial pairing in Suits . Their romance was deemed inappropriate, considering how they first came together. Their connection inevitably ended when Paula finally confronted Harvey about his real feelings for Donna. Asking him to choose between him and his secretary marked the end of their affair.

2 Dana Scott

In its first season, Suits focused on establishing its core cast, knowing full well that they would be the backbone of the legal drama. That being said, it still introduced a couple of recurring characters, including Dana Scott. Despite not being part of the Pearson, Hardman firm, Scotty immediately became a standout thanks to her unique relationship with Harvey. Like Zoe, the pair's history predated the events of Suits as they were in the same Harvard Law School class. There was professional rivalry between them, but personally, they were attracted to each other.

Related: 7 Ways Suits Season 10 Can Still Work (Even Without Meghan Markle)

Scotty was supposedly Harvey's endgame romantic partner in Suits per show creator Aaron Korsh. It isn't difficult to imagine that this was actually the case, considering how much focus the show put on their dynamic in earlier seasons of the legal drama. It was also great to see Harvey competing with someone who can actually go toe-to-toe with him on a professional level. Unfortunately, after a series of work conflicts, made complicated by Harvey's internal issues, their romance just fell through.

1 Donna Paulsen

Harvey and Donna's potential to be a couple was clear from the get-go. Despite being his long-time secretary, they were more partners than a boss and employee. Donna can speak freely, and most importantly, she can call him out when he is out of line. Her loyalty had been unparalleled, as she had proven many times. Despite Suits waiting until season 8 to bring Donna and Harvey together , their backstory established that they always had romantic feelings for each other, they just didn't entertain them. This also allowed the legal drama to partner them up with other people, until they finally realize that they were meant to be together.

Admittedly, Suits could have easily partnered them up early on. Had the show done it, there would have been more romantic scenes between the pair. That being said, the show's narrative essentially hindered them from bringing them together right away. As previously mentioned, Korsh planned for Harvey to end up with Scotty. He also needed to deal with his childhood trauma first before he could finally realize how important she was to him. While it would have been great to see them dating longer, at least Suits didn't end without them getting married.

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Analysis of Harvey Specter’s Personality, Sexual Taste, Success, and Human Relationships in Netflix Series Suits


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Harvey Specter netflix Suits

Suits, a popular legal drama on Netflix , follows the story of Harvey Specter, a top corporate lawyer , born in the year 1972 so that makes him around  43 years old in Netflix Series Suits. and his associate Mike Ross. Over the course of the show’s nine seasons, viewers got a detailed look at Harvey’s personality, sexual taste, success, and human relationships. This article delves into an in-depth analysis of Harvey Specter’s character and what makes him a compelling figure in the world of television.

Confidence and Arrogance

Strong work ethic, emotional intelligence, sense of humor, flirtatious nature, commitment issues, relationship with donna, professional achievements, personal philosophy, relationship with mike ross, relationship with jessica pearson, relationship with louis litt.

“Anyone can do my job, but no one can be me.”

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

Personality Traits

One of the most striking personality traits of Harvey Specter is his confidence. He is a self-assured individual who believes in his abilities and is not afraid to take risks. This confidence often borders on arrogance, as he tends to think he is always right and rarely admits to being wrong. However, his arrogance is not entirely misplaced, as he often backs it up with results.

Harvey is known for his relentless pursuit of success, often working long hours and going above and beyond to win cases. He is a firm believer in the idea that success comes before work, as evidenced by one of his famous quotes: “The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.” This strong work ethic is one of the reasons behind his impressive track record as a lawyer.

Despite his tough exterior, Harvey possesses a high level of emotional intelligence. He is not against using emotions to his advantage and is often seen manipulating situations and people to get the desired outcome. This emotional intelligence allows him to understand and connect with his clients, colleagues, and opponents, giving him an edge in negotiations and legal battles.

Harvey’s wit and sense of humor are some of the most endearing aspects of his personality. He often uses humor to diffuse tense situations or to establish a rapport with others. His sharp one-liners and quick comebacks have become iconic, contributing to the show’s popularity.


Sexual Taste

Throughout the series, Harvey is portrayed as a charismatic and flirtatious character. He is often seen engaging in casual relationships and maintaining an active social life. His confident demeanor and charisma make him an attractive figure to many women, both inside and outside the workplace.

Despite his numerous romantic encounters, Harvey struggles with commitment. He is hesitant to settle down and is often seen avoiding serious relationships. This reluctance to commit can be attributed to his dedication to his career and fear of vulnerability.

One of the most significant relationships in Harvey’s life is with Donna , his secretary, and confidante. Their relationship is a complex mix of friendship, respect, and sexual tension. Over the course of the series, their bond deepens, and they eventually become romantically involved. This relationship is a testament to Harvey’s ability to break through his commitment issues and open up to someone he truly cares for.


Harvey Specter’s success as a lawyer is one of the central themes of Suits. He is known for his unmatched win record and his ability to close seemingly impossible cases. His professional achievements are a result of his intelligence, hard work, and ability to think outside the box.

Harvey’s success is not only attributed to his own efforts but also to the guidance and mentorship he received from Jessica Pearson, the managing partner of the law firm. Jessica recognized Harvey’s potential and invested in his career by putting him through law school and providing him with invaluable trial experience.

Harvey’s personal philosophy plays a significant role in his success. He believes in winning at all costs and is not afraid to bend the rules or employ unconventional tactics to achieve his goals. This determination to win, combined with his natural talent and intelligence, has propelled him to the top of his profession.


Human Relationships

The central relationship in the series is between Harvey and his associate, Mike Ross . Despite their differences, the two share a strong bond built on mutual respect and loyalty. Harvey sees potential in Mike and takes him under his wing, much like Jessica did for him. Their mentor-mentee relationship evolves into a strong friendship, with both characters learning from each other and growing as individuals.

As mentioned before, Harvey’s relationship with Jessica Pearson is a significant factor in his success. Jessica serves as a mentor and a surrogate mother figure to Harvey, guiding him throughout his career. Their relationship is based on mutual respect and trust, with both characters often relying on each other for support and advice.

Harvey’s relationship with fellow lawyer Louis Litt is a complex and often tumultuous one. The two share a competitive and sometimes antagonistic dynamic, with both constantly trying to outdo the other. However, beneath the rivalry lies a grudging respect and understanding, with both characters recognizing the others’ talents and abilities.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

Harvey Specter’s character in Suits is a multifaceted one, with various aspects contributing to his overall persona. His confidence, intelligence, emotional intelligence, and sense of humor make him a compelling figure, while his sexual taste, commitment issues, and relationships with others add depth to his character. Harvey’s success as a lawyer and his personal philosophy are also vital factors in understanding his personality. Overall, Harvey Specter remains a fascinating and complex character who continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

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A look at “Suits”: How a kid from Brooklyn became one of New York’s best lawyers

Today, we will be reviewing “Suits” a show about a kid from Brooklyn with a photographic memory and a dream to become a lawyer.

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harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

During these times of being forced to stay indoors as the panic of COVID-19 runs throughout the streets of our country, we long for a show to watch. Look no further than USA Original “Suits”, which is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

The legal drama created and written by Aaron Kosh follows the journey of college dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey Specter, one of New York’s best lawyers (Gabriel Macht). Ross, who has a photographic memory and makes his living illegally taking the LSAT for other people has always dreamed of becoming a lawyer ever since his parents were taken from him at a young age and finally gains an opportunity after being setup by his childhood friend Trevor in a drug deal gone wrong in an attempt to get some extra cash to help his grandmother gain around-the-clock care. In the pilot episode, we see Ross stumble into an interview after trying to lose the cops, impersonating someone else and meeting his eventual boss, Harvey Specter after being promoted to senior partner at the New York’s biggest law firm; Pearson Hardman. After surprising Harvey with his ability, Mike is thrust into the world of corporate law with a secret to keep. Fast forward to the end of season one, Mike earns his first client and the duo have won multiple cases together. Even some Mike has tried himself.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

In season two, managing partner of the firm, Jessica Pearson (played by Gina Torres) learns Mike’s secret and immediately tries to fire him but other issues take precedent when co-founder Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) tries to take over the firm from Jessica. Meanwhile, after Mike’s grandmother passes, he finds himself in a series of romantic entanglements while trying to build a relationship with paralegal Rachel Zane (played by Meghan Markle. Yes, that Meghan Markle.) Eventually revealing his secret to her at the end of the season in an attempt to keep their relationship afloat. Harvey and his secretary Donna (played by Sarah Rafferty) also find themselves in hot water when they are accused of burying evidence and are also forced to keep themselves from self-incriminating as Hardman could use it to force Jessica into making him a co-managing partner. The threats from Daniel Hardman ultimately force Jessica into a merger with a British firm that’s headed by Edward Darby.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

Season three of the show brings more inside conflict than ever. With Edward Darby coming into the fold, Harvey tries to leverage himself an opportunity to get his name on the wall as a named partner. Later on, Darby International client Ava Hessington, the subject of a murder case drags Harvey into a very long trial against his old mentor, New York District Attorney, Cameron Dennis (played by Gary Cole). Mike soon comes to the realization that he can’t be a fraud forever so he accepts a position as an investment banker, leaving the newly named Pearson Specter.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

I have only one word to describe season four: peak-drama (adding a hyphen makes it one word lol). To start off a season filled with vengeance and love, Mike and Harvey find themselves on opposite sides of a takeover deal which forces the SEC’s hand into charging the two with collusion. After Mike is fired, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) begs him to come back to Pearson Specter after hearing Mike has received an offer from unethical billionaire Charles Forstman. Louis also pits himself against Harvey after demanding a name partner position but ends up being fired but after finding out Mike never went to Harvard, a seething Louis blackmails Jessica into rehiring him with the position he wants. At the end of the season, Mike proposes to Rachel and Donna leaves Harvey to work for Louis.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

In season five, we see Harvey at his most vulnerable when he starts to see a therapist about losing Donna and his broken relationship with his mother. Mike and Rachel start to plan their wedding but as Mike’s secret comes closer to being exposed, Rachel’s relationship with her parents begins to deteriorate. Later on, Mike and Harvey both resign from the firm to protect themselves but on the way out, Mike is arrested for fraud. As the case drags on, more people begin to realize the charges are true and to protect everyone else from going to jail, Mike accepts a plea bargain from Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) that brings him to plea guilty and turn himself in so no one else goes to jail. Rachel makes a plan to move the wedding up but Mike decides it’d be best if they wait for him to get out of jail in two years. Harvey drops Mike off at prison and say goodbye.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

Season six shows a new way of life for Mike after being thrown into prison on a two-year sentence for practicing law without a license and inmate Frank Gallo (Paul Schulze), who has a grudge against Harvey, puts Mike at his mercy. At the firm, there are still a few people who remain after the allegations brought against Mike forced a lot of people to leave. Now in law school, Rachel gains assistance from Jessica while working a pro bono for the Innocence Project. Jessica later decides to leave Pearson Specter Litt. After entering a deal with the SEC that could get him out of prison, Mike’s cellmate Kevin Miller (Erik Palladino) becomes a pivotal part of the plan. Upon his release Mike deals with the struggles of the public knowing he was a fraud but ends up getting a job at a legal clinic. Harvey later helps Mike and Rachel both get into the Bar and ultimately ends up convincing Mike to come back to the firm.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

Season seven starts off with a rough note with everyone dealing with the loss of Jessica and trying to put the firm back on top. Donna soon accepts a position as COO of the firm and Harvey’s friend Alex Williams (Dule Hill) joins the firm. Rachel also begins her career as an attorney after passing the Bar and Mike continues to work with the clinic at Harvey’s discretion but one case puts Alex, Harvey and others at risk. At the end of the season, Mike and Rachel accept an offer to run a firm in Seattle that only handles class-action suits and end up getting married before leaving. Also a case that puts Specter Litt in the crosshairs forces Rachel’s dad Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) to join forces with the firm.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

Season eight brings about new beginnings to the show. Robert becomes managing partner of Zane Specter Litt while Donna continues in her position of COO. Zane also chooses to bring in Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl), his fixer and makes her a named partner alongside Alex, again renaming the firm as Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. Louis later learns that Sheila (Rachel Harris) is pregnant and Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) becomes senior partner and develops feelings for her married personal associate. At the end of the season, Donna and Harvey admit their feelings for one another but when Donna fails to keep client/boyfriend Thomas Kessler (Sasha Roiz) handled it forces Robert to end his career for the firm.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

With Robert now disbarred, season nine brings a new face to the firm in Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby) who looks to destroy the firm from inside out because of the perception of underhanded tactics used by the firm over the years. Mike later returns and is convinced by Donna to help Samantha bring down Faye in court. After finally getting rid of Faye, Louis and Sheila finally marry, only for Sheila to go into labor and give birth to their baby daughter. To spur the moment, Harvey proposes to Donna and they marry right then and there. Harvey then announce that he and Donna are resigning and moving to Seattle to work with Mike and Rachel. Katrina is then promoted to name partner giving the firm the final name of Litt Williams Wheeler Bennett. Before leaving for Seattle, Donna and Louis ride down the elevator together once more as Harvey gets one more look at his office and is “interviewed” by Mike for his new job.

harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

Overall, I had an incredible time watching this show and it’s really one you have to pay close attention to to understand all the details. I highly suggest watching “Suits” as part of your Quarantine Queue. Solid 10/10.

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SUITS Recap: The Ballad of Jessica Pearson

September 15, 2016 By Shana Lieberman 1 Comment


After Mike Ross was finally released from prison, there was still one more major thread for the SUITS mid-season finale to tie up: Jessica Pearson and Rachel Zane’s Innocence Project case, dedicated to getting Leonard Bailey, an innocent man, off of death row. Just in case those stakes weren’t high enough, the firm’s very existence was still hanging in the balance. Not only was Pearson Specter Litt still struggling to get back on its feet after losing all but the three name partners (and two larger than life secretaries) following Mike’s case, but there was now the possibility that William Sutter might make good on his threats to tell the world that Harvey purposely lost his case. With Jessica faced with the choice between saving an innocent man’s life and saving her own firm, her decision might have been obvious in past seasons. But if SUITS season 6 has shown anything at all, it’s that people (most notably Jessica herself) can and will change. Or maybe, they can just remember who they were all along.

Welcome home, Mike.   “P.S.L.” kicked off with a homecoming party of sorts for Mike Ross, but instead of including the entire main cast in the festivities, the opening scene focused on some brotherly bonding. Harvey and Mike’s relationship has always been central to the SUITS narrative, so seeing these two sharing every kind of scotch available was the perfect way to prove that Mike’s life was getting back to normal. The one question that needed answering, though, was what that life would entail now that he’s not exactly able to go back to playing lawyer. Question answered: Harvey offered Mike the chance to work for the firm as a consultant, making the same amount of money he’d made as a junior partner.

Too convenient? Yes. Kind of a cheap way to force Mike and Harvey back into their original working relationship? Absolutely. The good news here is that Mike didn’t accept the job right away. Even by the end of the episode, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. My guess is that SUITS 6.5 will open with Mike coming back to work for Harvey, but his hesitation to do so right away was necessary. Maybe if Mike takes the time to think about what he really wants out of life and what he’s willing to do to get it, he will finally emerge as a better version of himself.

Mike Ross’ mentor has already grown up quite a lot over the past 5.5 seasons. Now, it’s time for the boy wonder to do the same.

An innocent man: saved.   The real story in this mid-season finale, much like throughout the entirety of this first half of SUITS season 6, was Rachel Zane and Jessica Pearson’s attempt to save Leonard Bailey’s life by proving his innocence. The time had finally come for Leonard to have his day in court, and both ladies representing him finally knew what was at stake. So, when Robert Zane brought Jessica the news that Jim Reynolds was shopping around for another lawyer, she didn’t abandon Leonard in an attempt to save her oldest client as she might have done in the past. Instead, she left saving the business up to Harvey because she had more important things to do. 

So, while Harvey was left with the daunting task of saving the firm alone (and later with Louis Litt’s help), Jessica and Rachel had to go before a judge and prove that their client was innocent. Putting Leonard’s original lawyer, Georgina Casey, on the stand backfired when she told the prosecution that she believed he was guilty twelve years ago…and still did. Giving Leonard the chance to testify, per Mike’s brilliant suggestion, seemed to affect the jury in the same way that it had both Jessica and Rachel. Unfortunately, the prosecution used the same type of strategy by providing testimony from Mr. Forest, the victim’s father.

Enter Rachel Zane, superhero.

After having done a wonderful job of questioning Leonard in court, Rachel still found herself worrying that she hadn’t done enough for Leonard. But then, as she was discussing the day’s events with Mike, she realized that Mr. Forest had known far too much about Maria Gomez when he’d originally visited the firm. After a (probably sketchy) visit to the Forests’ home, Rachel and Mike were both convinced that the bereaved father had been the very reason Leonard’s one and only witness had disappeared before his original trial, which meant he’d obstructed justice.

More importantly, it was exactly the type of evidence — masterfully gained by Jessica when she cross-examined Mr. Forest the next day — that would prove Leonard’s case had not been handled properly. It was all the proof needed for Leonard Bailey to finally be a free man, as he should have been for the past twelve years.

Taking the P out of P.S.L.   As wonderful of a character as he has been, though, SUITS is not about Leonard Bailey. This series is about a law firm; or to be more clear, it’s about the unlikely family that makes up the firm. Until recently, the firm’s name partner, Jessica Pearson, has been somewhat of a mystery. Viewers knew she was strong, independent, and not to be crossed. Her firm was her life, and losing was not an option. Aside from that, though, it was difficult to know who exactly Jessica Pearson was or what, if anything, she wanted out of life that didn’t involve the next big win.

Jessica Pearson came to life because of at least three things, though: falling in love and losing it because she couldn’t let go of her work, watching her firm nearly crumble to the ground because of Mike Ross’ trial, and representing Leonard Bailey.

As SUITS season 6 opened, we heard Jessica’s confession that she was tired of being seen as cold, even though it was exactly how she’d had to appear in order to avoid being seen as weak. Over the next nine episodes (including “P.S.L.”), we saw her acting as Rachel’s mentor, rather than just hearing about what a great mentor she’d been to Harvey. And as her work on Leonard Bailey’s case progressed, so, too, did the proof that Jessica Pearson was anything but uncaring. Instead, she managed to keep her feelings under enough control to get the job done; but somewhere along the way, she learned from Rachel that sometimes listening to one’s heart can produce the same kind of success as keeping everything bottled up.

Immediately before Leonard’s case went to trial, we learned via flashback that Jessica’s father had put his work before his family, to the point where her mother left him; and a young Jessica had to learn about it by overhearing one of their arguments. Later, when she made the choice to remain in court with Leonard, rather than go to Jim Reynolds in an attempt to save the firm, we learned even more about Jessica. Through another flashback, it was revealed that Jessica had originally gone into law to help people. She even warded off her father’s accusation that “lawyers are nothing but power hungry bottom feeders” by telling him that he didn’t know her at all if he thought she’s wind up like that.

Somewhere along the line, though, Jessica became the very thing she’d told her father she’d never be. And she realized it right before winning the most important case of her career — one that actually saved an innocent man’s life. So, after the trial, Jessica turned down Robert Zane’s offer of a merger. She told him it was because her name had been on top for too long for her to find herself back on the bottom, but in reality, Jessica Pearson was walking away.

When a triumphant Louis and Harvey returned to celebrate their brilliant recapturing of Jim Reynolds’ business, she broke up the victory party — and the firm itself — by telling her two partners that Pearson Specter Litt was no more. She was leaving, so the firm wasn’t hers anymore; it was theirs and theirs alone.

Louis lashed out at Jessica because he clearly couldn’t comprehend why she’d leave. And even after she’d explained her reasoning, which she should never have had to do, Louis wouldn’t listen. Even Harvey couldn’t make Louis see sense; but luckily for everyone involved, Donna overheard the whole conversation and came to save the day. She reminded Louis that everyone had vowed to put everything into saving the firm, but nobody — including him — had done that. She and Harvey had focused on Mike, Louis had put everything into finding love with Tara (gag), and Jessica had been busy saving Leonard’s life with Rachel.

See also: Everyone was busy following their hearts, rather than chasing down corporate success. That’s exactly what Jessica ultimately decided to do by leaving. As long as she stayed mixed up in everything, she’d never be able to listen to her heart, much less follow it. She’d also never be able to be the kind of person she’d originally set out to be: someone who cared enough to help others.

And so it was that Pearson, Specter, and Litt shared one last toast before everyone went their separate ways. Jessica found her happy ending with Jeff — but only after explaining to him that she was leaving her firm for herself, not for him. Louis ran off to promise Tara that he would be there for her and her baby, sealing the deal with a proposal (why). And Harvey…Well. Harvey spent some time with his scotch, his coveted balls, a view of the city, and Donna.

Additional thoughts.

  • Harvey and Donna’s closing scene was beautifully subtle, yet packed with so much subtext and so much hope for the future. How many times has Harvey insisted on going it alone? This time, when Donna asked if that was what he wanted, he delivered that sexy half smile and a simple “no.” So, there was already massive character growth, which is always great to see. Then, there was the imagery of Donna reaching out and clasping Harvey’s hand before the episode closed on the two of them, looking out over the darkened city…together. If that doesn’t deliver a powerful message, I don’t know what does. We didn’t close this episode — or this half-season — of SUITS out with Harvey Specter stoically drinking his scotch and keeping watch on his own. Hopefully, that will never be a thing that has to happen again.
  • Take the P out of P.S.L., and you get spice latte. Wait, no. You get Specter Litt. Harvey’s going to be the top name on the door now. With everything that’s happened to his reputation because of Mike — because Harvey always has to face consequences, even if Mike never does — that should cause some interesting conflicts.
  • “Everyone left that firm because of me. I’m not going to do that to you again.” Has Mike Ross finally managed to learn his lesson, even in spite of all the entitled demands he made from within Danbury’s walls?
  • Gina Torres is disgustingly talented, and I wish Jessica’s journey had allowed for more of the emotional awesomeness that she delivered in this mid-season finale to have been more of a common occurrence. But at least it was there when it counted.
  • “She was my mentor. But yeah, I’m going to be okay.” What was implied: “because I have you.”
  • “I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for me.” Harvey, when he and Mike disagreed over the job offer.
  • “I’m not doing this just for you. I’m doing this for me.” Jessica, when she told Jeff she was leaving her firm. There’s nothing I love more than seeing the way SUITS takes two seemingly different situations and proves that they can actually be quite similar, if only you care to look.
  • You always know something important is going to happen when SUITS tosses a flashback out there. Was Jessica’s decision telegraphed a little bit too strongly, between the reappearance of Jeff Malone earlier this season and then the flashbacks in “P.S.L.?” Probably. Does it matter? No. Jessica’s exit still packed an emotional punch because of the character’s importance to the series as a whole, the story behind her departure, and some stellar performances from the main cast (Gina Torres’ chief among them).
  • “Listen: Somewhere along the way, I forgot why I became a lawyer in the first place, and it wasn’t just to fight for money and power. It was to fight for something more.” Jessica Pearson, ladies and gentlemen. It looks like she understood Mike Ross’ bleeding heart far better than she ever let on.
  • “No one’s saying you have to give up the firm, Louis. You just have to let me go.” Jessica’s entire farewell scene was gut-wrenching, but this line was probably the most emotional of them all. It felt like a character death, rather than a leader walking away. Maybe that was the point.
  • Rachel was brilliant in court. My greatest wish going forward (aside from, perhaps, one involving Harvey’s lack of desire to be alone) is that she’ll continue to be the strong woman she became during the first half of SUITS’ sixth season. I’m also hoping she’ll learn from Jessica’s mistake and become the kind of lawyer she wants to be, not the power hungry kind that it was too easy for her mentor to slip into.

Stay tuned for news on the  SUITS  winter premiere on USA Network.

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harvey specter and jessica pearson relationship

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‘suits’ boss on the summer finale aftermath, harvey/scottie and louis’ discovery (q&a).

Showrunner Aaron Korsh talks to THR about where Pearson Specter is headed in the second half of the season and snagging Michael Phelps ("he's a pretty good actor!").

By Philiana Ng

Philiana Ng

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'Suits' Finale: Creator on Summer Finale, Harvey/Scottie and Louis' Discovery

Suits "Stay" Spencer Macht Episodic - H 2013

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from Tuesday’s summer finale. Do not proceed if you have not watched the episode.]

Is Mike Ross in danger?

The events of the summer finale of USA Network ‘s Suits put Harvey Specter’s ( Gabriel Macht ) No. 2 in a potentially dangerous position, with Louis Litt ( Rick Hoffman ) coming uncomfortably close to uncovering Mike’s ( Patrick J. Adams ) Harvard secret. With Harvey attempting to settle down with Scottie ( Abigail Spencer ), Mike and Rachel’s ( Meghan Markle ) impending move and the Ava Hessington case ( Michelle Fairley ) behind them, what does the future hold for the newly named Pearson Specter law firm?

VIDEO: ‘Suits’: Sarah Rafferty on Harvey’s Love Life and Donna/Stephen Showdown

In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter , creator Aaron Korsh discusses the aftermath of the summer finale, Harvey and Scottie’s future, Louis’ discovery and landing self-proclaimed Suits fan Michael Phelps .

What was the biggest challenge in crafting this particular 10-episode arc?

The hard part for us was, when we were crafting the Ava Hessington case, we had envisioned episode eight as the finale, but you never know. The rhythm of these things they dictate themselves. We might’ve wanted the case to have lasted 10 episodes but it didn’t. We felt like in episode eight, it was the natural ending. We were a little worried to start a new thing with just two episodes [left in the run]. We actually called the network to air us eight and eight, and finally we just decided — the network does the scheduling — we just need to write the stories as they occur to us. What if episode eight was the end of the first [half] of the season, but you’re starting up a new thing in episodes nine and 10? Then they’re getting to see the first two of the back eight. ( Suits returns for six episodes in 2014.) One of the biggest challenges of the finale was we were writing it a bit under the gun. There wasn’t a lot of time for rewrites and shooting of the episode. It was a big challenge to make it work and have it come together.

This was also the first time there was one over-arching case, rather than cases of the week. Are you looking to continue that format moving forward?

It’s an interesting question. I was thinking about that this morning. To some degree, we don’t have an incredible of time to reflect on what we’re going to do the next year. To me, season two was a transition season because season one was very much case of the week until the last two episodes, which were a two-parter almost. But as we progressed, even though it was case of the week, we became more serialized as the season went. Season two, it was still to a large degree case of the week, but it had that arc of Hardman being back which unified and bound the first 10 [episodes]. That storyline dictated what the first 10 were and the whole season. Season three, the writers came up with this — I may have been in on the idea of one case last the whole season — and I thought they did a great show. Season four, I’m honestly sure whether it will be one case that lasts the whole season or not but what I do like is we’re going to continue with the more serialized approach to storytelling. That doesn’t mean it has to be one case. My natural inclination would be to be more serialized and less case of the week, just in terms of the shows I gravitate toward watching. I think we’ll continue that. That doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily have one case for the whole season, but I don’t know.

STORY: Michael Phelps to Guest Star on USA’s ‘Suits’

Because you’re regularly on Twitter engaging with fans, how has their reaction to the first half of this season affected how you progressed with certain stories in the back six?

I am on Twitter and I do read reviews and I do read viewer response and blogs; I try not to let any of it affect me directly. I don’t read something and go, “Someone said this, I have to do this,” and especially if you read enough reader response, half the people love one thing, half the people hate the same exact thing. There’s no unified response to almost everything. That’s one thing I’ve learned. There’s nothing I can do to make either everyone hate it or everyone love it. There are Harvey/Donna ‘shippers; there are Jessica/Harvey ‘shippers; there are Harvey/Scottie ‘shippers; there are Mike/Harvey ‘shippers. There are people who, any direction you go, you’re going to make the ones who ‘ship that relationship happy and the ones who don’t, unhappy. But I’m assuming that it all gestates inside and probably affects where I come down on what I want to do. But ultimately I decide in my gut what I think is right.

Any specific examples where things went on a detour?

We talk a lot of things in the writers’ room. The writers talk about what they’d like to see and I talk about what I’d like to see. When it comes down to it, in the rewrite of a given episode, a lot of times we thought we were going to go one way and when you get to that scene — based on how you actually execute the episode, you say, “No, this way instead of the other way.” Donna ( Sarah Rafferty ) getting fired last year was never pitched by anyone, it just happened in the rewrite of that episode. This year, Harvey coming clean about the coup attempt to Jessica ( Gina Torres ) after the flashback, that wasn’t supposed to happen in that episode. But when we were writing it, and we got through the scenes, I wanted Harvey to tell her and to say that he didn’t want [the partnership] anymore. It wasn’t planned [originally].

STORY: ‘Suits’ Creator Breaks Down Flashback Episode’s Biggest Moments

Mike’s reaction to Rachel telling him that she’s debating between Stanford and Columbia was telling. What did that show about where he was at in terms of his state of mind?

One of the previews, I have to say, was a little upsetting to me. He doesn’t give her an ultimatum. We had another scene where Donna explains to Rachel that Mike is an orphan. Sometimes I feel like the fans are a little hard on Mike. He doesn’t have much in his life and the most grounding influence he had died a short time ago. Now he’s fallen in love and the fact that she might go to Stanford is very upsetting to him. This is the love of his life and he doesn’t have anything else except his work. To me, he’s trying very hard to let her have her space in making this decision. The one thing he has trouble understanding is she wants to decide which school is better first and then take into account the fact that she’s with him. He can’t understand why Rachel wants to ignore that they’re in a relationship first. Rachel doesn’t work like that. He does let her have her space. When Jessica throws in this wrinkle [with the affidavit], he actually goes the other way and [Rachel] ends up coming up with a better solution for both of them. I read fan reaction and I think, “Boy, the fans are harder on Mike than anyone.” I’m not a 100 percent sure why. But I came up with a theory in my head.

Why do you think that’s the case?

Louis started off as the bad guy and his journey is moving towards becoming more likable and Mike started out so innocent and in a sense, his journey is becoming harder in this world of sharks and it’s harder to watch sometimes.

Jessica finding out about Mike and Rachel’s relationship adds yet another layer to their complex story. Did Rachel sign the affidavit and what is their next big hurdle?

Yes, [Rachel] signs the affidavit and gets the Harvard Rule waived. She comes in and she’s going to stay. She’ll presumably explain to him what happened. I don’t think we see that and they move forward in their relationship. The next decision for them is, OK, now that all of that stuff is out of the way, they still have to decide if they’ll move in together and move forward. They’re staying together but they haven’t yet answered whether they’ll move in together. That’ll be the next question for them.

The finale revealed a lot about how far Harvey has changed with his view on love, with his declaration at the end of the episode that he is ready to be serious with Scottie. Are Scottie and Harvey a pair we should be rooting for?

[ Laughs ] I don’t know how to answer the question of whether you should be rooting for them or not. I think people are going to root for who they’re going to root for. Harvey is serious when he says that. Scottie believes him. We’re going to see what happens in that relationship. As you know, my philosophy is not to give season enders that we then pretend didn’t happen in the first episode [back]. We’re going to tackle that situation moving forward. They’re going to move forward. We pick up where we left off.

That’s a complete 180 for Harvey from the start of the series. A huge move.

Yes, huge, huge. I would just comment of his arc on his progression in the episode. If you look at what happens to Harvey this episode, he didn’t trust Scottie when he should have. This is not the first time Scottie has been trustworthy for him and he’s not trusted her. Tanner ( Eric Close ) tries to get her to turn on him; she doesn’t. He has to watch her be humiliated in front of Tanner while next to him; that starts to stir his feelings. Mike asks him how he can never have a relationship, which starts to get him thinking. The last scene of Harvey and Mike, when Harvey’s watching Mike be so upset over losing Rachel, that lands on Harvey and that affects what he affects what Harvey does with the next scene with Scottie. What Mike’s going through affects Harvey.

Is Scottie firmly ingrained in Pearson Specter now?

Well, we’ll pick up the fact that she has a job offer in the next [six episodes]. Harvey may or may not have run through that offer by Jessica before he made it.

Does Louis’ discovery that Mike Ross’ file isn’t in the Harvard cabinets mean trouble for Mike?

We’re going to follow that up. Louis doesn’t have proof of anything or knowledge of anything, but he’s in a little of a pickle, in that he was told by the woman that he loves [Sheila Sazs, played by Rachael Harris ], “Do not look at those files. This is no joke.” Sheila is a character like Louis. She takes a huge amount of pride in her  work. On the one hand, there’s no way in his mind Sheila would lose a file but he also can’t ask or tell her about what he did because he’s afraid Sheila will break up with him. It’s a big violation of her trust. He’s going to have to figure out what it means and pursue some fishing in the next episode.

You managed to get Michael Phelps to appear in the midseason premiere. What can we expect in his cameo?

I just watched it last night and he’s a pretty good actor! It’s not a large, pivotal role but it’s a fun part where he plays himself and has influence on the story moving forward. He has a fun little backstory and history with one of our characters.

Suits returns in 2014 on USA.

E-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @insidethetube

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Best Episodes Of Suits, Ranked

Posted: December 27, 2023 | Last updated: December 28, 2023

Suits follows Mike Ross, a college dropout with a photographic memory that lands a job as a law associate for Harvey Specter. Despite not having a law degree, the pair hide Mike's secret as they work together to "close" cases for the law firm Pearson Hardman.

The series ran for nine seasons, wrapping up in 2019. As of late, the series has been massively popular on streaming and has recently accumulated almost 18 billion minutes in its first month of being acquired by Netflix and Peacock. Many great episodes have aired over the series' long run, but some of them stand out from the pack for fans of the series.

"Self-Defense" Began The Unraveling Of Mike's Trial

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As Mike gears up for his trial in season 5, he wishes to represent himself in the case. This concerns Harvey and Jessica, who do not want him to represent himself. To decide this, Harvey challenges Mike to a mock trial, with the winner getting to make the decision for the real trial.

This was the second episode of the series to be directed by series star Patrick J., Adams, who plays Mike Ross. The slow unraveling of Mike's case provided viewers with tension and speculation as to what would happen to the character in the actual trial in the next few episodes.

"Tick Tock" Plants The Seeds For A Game-Changing Finale

Season 5, episode 15.

"Tick Tock" has Mike's case finally goes to the jury, and he becomes distracted by another case. Louis Litt mulls the offer from Anita Gibbs that grants him immunity as long as he turns on his coworkers at the firm. In the end, Mike ends up taking one of Anita's deals himself.

The episode featured many twists and turns that kept viewers in suspense regarding Mike's fate in the case. Harvey also races to stop Mike from taking Anita's deal but does not get there in time, leading into the season 6 finale "25th Hour" which eventually ends with Mike going to prison.

"High Noon" Highlights Struggle Among The Characters

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"High Noon" finds Daniel Hardman winning the partner's vote to become the managing partner of the firm, which makes Harvey and Mike's work lives miserable. Elsewhere, Mike reels from a devastating loss after he learned that his grandmother died in the previous episode.

This episode featured each of the main characters dealing with their issues, Mike with personal issues and Harvey with work-related problems, that find them struggling to figure out what is next. "High Noon" also introduced the important side character Tess, Mike's childhood friend, who would recur for the rest of season 2.

"One Last Con" Ended The Series On A High Note

Season 9, episode 10.

"One Last Con" was the series finale for Suits , ending the series' nine-season run. The episode focuses on each of the characters' futures as the fate of the firm hangs in the balance. Harvey and Donna get married, as well as Louis and Shelia in addition to having their first child.

The series finale brought a satisfying end to the long-running series , as well as bringing back Patrick J. Adams one last time as Mike Ross. Seeing each of the main characters move on to the next phase of their lives, most with happy endings, makes it one of the more memorable series finales to date.

"This Is Rome" Has Louis Going Through The Motions After Finding Out About Mike

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"This is Rome" finds Louis Litt trying to get his affairs in order after resigning from Pearson Specter. Harvey, Mike, and Donna do the best they can to help Louis out after his resignation. However, Louis does not remain away from the firm for long.

This episode is notable as it is when Louis finally learns the truth about Mike after he has a slip-up regarding Harvard, where he supposedly went to law school. This leads to Louis leveraging this against Jessica to not only get his job back but become a name partner as well. Thus, the firm is changed to Pearson Specter Litt.

"Character And Fitness" Has Jessica Return To Help Mike

Season 6, episode 16.

"Character and Fitness" finds Mike trying to overcome one last obstacle to become a real lawyer: Anita Gibbs, the attorney who prosecuted him in the previous season. The episode was the season six finale that ended with several lasting changes to the series.

Jessica returned for the finale after Gina Torres left as a series regular midway through season 6. The fact that Jessica took the fall for being the "only one" who knew of Mike's fraud and subsequently getting disbarred showed how much she valued Mike's work.

"P.S.L." Marks The End For A Fan-Favorite Character

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In "P.S.L.", Mike is finally released from prison. Harvey offers him a job at the firm while dealing with the revelation that some of the firm's oldest clients are planning on leaving for other firms. The firm also deals with the shocker that Jessica Pearson is leaving the firm for Chicago.

This was Gina Torres' final appearance as a series regular on the show, as she left to join AMC's The Catch. She would return to the series for various guest spots, and even landed her own spin-off series, Pearson , in 2019. However, the series was short-lived and only ran for one season . Regardless, viewers were sad to see Torres leave the series after six seasons as Jessica had become a fan-favorite.

"25th Hour" Gets Mike To The Prison Gates

Season 5, episode 16.

"25th Hour" was the season 5 finale, which finds Mike taking the prison deal that Anita Gibbs had offered him. Before surrendering to the authorities, he hopes to marry Rachel as Harvey does what he can to help keep Mike out of prison for practicing without a law degree.

This episode brought a conclusion to the half-season-long storyline of Mike's trial, ending with him showing up at the prison gates. Viewers knew that Mike would not be locked up for long, but seeing his con that ran for five seasons finally get its comeuppance was still a sad sight.

"Pilot" Features An Iconic Scene

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The pilot episodes of Suits will forever remain iconic and began the great series that is still thriving nearly 5 years after it ended. Mike Ross, a college dropout, inadvertently lands in an interview with lawyer Harvey Spector to be an associate at Pearson Hardman.

What followed was the iconic scene when Mike impresses Harvey with his photographic memory and nearly encyclopedic knowledge of law. Harvey hires him, despite him never going to Harvard nor having a law degree, and begins the con that Mike Ross held for nearly the rest of the show. This was the beginning of the wild ride that the series took viewers on for eight seasons.

"Faith" Brings Everything To A Head For Mike Ross

Season 5, episode 10.

"Faith" has Mike and Harvey facing the demons of their pasts while Daniel Hardman plots another takeover of the firm. As both Harvey and Mike plan to resign from the firm, the episode shockingly ends with Mike being arrested by federal agents for fraud.

The midseason finale has all the elements of a great Suits episode, so it should come as no surprise that it is considered one of the best episodes of the series. Mike coming to terms with his fraud and hoping to marry Rachel with a clean slate marks a great character arc, but his arrest kicks off his journey to trial that would dominate the rest of season 5.

Best Episodes Of Suits, Ranked

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