The Ghost-type was introduced in Pokémon Red & Green in 1996. At present, there are 88 different Pokémon, including unique forms and Mega Evolutions, that share this type and 33 different moves with it.

Ghost-type Pokémon

Ghost-type Moves

Attack Count: 33

Ghost-type in the Pokémon Trading Card Game



The top ten ghost pokémon, ranked, share this article.

Ghost Pokémon are arguably some of the most popular creatures from Nintendo’s illustrious series, introducing a variety of beloved ‘mons in every single generation to date. While Ghost-types have traditionally been a bit hit-or-miss, when they hit, they hit hard – it’s almost as if they’re not immaterial spectres capable of floating through walls and drinking your brain juice. 

As with every type in Pokémon , some Ghost-types are a whole lot better than others. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of the best Ghost Pokémon ever designed, which includes ‘mons from six of Pokémon’s eight generations – sorry Gen 2, you’ve got the best Pokémon games for sure, but your ghosts just aren’t that Gastly. 

Similarly to our other lists on the best Water Pokémon , best Fire Pokémon , best Psychic Pokémon , and best Dragon Pokémon , each evolutionary family included in this list can only be represented by one individual ‘mon from it. It’s no fun if it’s just ‘Gastly, Haunter, Gengar’, right?

Before we get started, let’s go through some honourable mentions:

  • Cofagrigus.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the main event – here are the top ten Ghost Pokémon of all time, ranked from worst to best.

10 Phantump

Goh's Phantump in the Pokémon anime

It might seem a bit odd to put Phantump here when ‘mons like Sableye and Aegislash missed the cut, but hear us out. Aside from Cofagrigus, Gen 5 had a pretty terrible selection of Ghost Pokémon – a terrifying jellyfish with a Santa Claus beard? No thank you. X & Y introduced this beloved little phantom stump – nice bit of etymology for you there – and completely restored our faith in just how good Ghost Pokémon can be. Just look at its little eyes. Amazing.

Although some people might prefer Trevenant, the grown-up version of Phantump, we reckon it’s best to slap an Everstone on Gen 6’s little ghost tree so it never has to become scary and, if New Pokémon Snap is anything to go by, pretty damn aggressive. They grow up so fast – unless you use a magic rock to Peter Pan-ify them for all eternity. 

9 Spectrier

Spectrier in the Crown Tundra

Gen 8’s spectral horse wowed fans all over the world when Crown Tundra launched back in late 2020. While it’s technically stronger when combined with Calyrex, Sword & Shield’s weird egghead rabbit is a bit rubbish, actually, so we like to take the Reins of Unity, crumple them up into a ball, and throw them so far into the Frigid Sea that even Peony will never be able to get them back.

Spectrier is easily one of Pokémon’s most impressive designs in years, making excellent use of colour to convey its typing and boasting a quiet but powerful aura that allows it to instantly make an impression. It’s also got pretty great competitive viability thanks to the combination of Nasty Plot, Shadow Ball, and Grim Neigh, all of which are further compounded by its absurd Speed stat. If you see this lad galloping towards you, there’s no point even trying to move out of the way – if it wants to whack you with a rogue Dark Pulse, it will. 

Froslass in the Pokémon anime

Froslass is fascinating for a few different reasons. On one hand, introducing an alternate evolution for Snorunt was in and of itself pretty ambitious and inventive back in Gen 4. On top of that, Froslass’ appearance in New Pokémon Snap is the key to what is arguably the game’s single best map. It’s not exactly a Pokémon that springs to mind when you think of “the best Pokemon ever designed,” but when you give it a bit more consideration, you’ll be able to see its merits pretty clearly.

The only bad thing about Froslass is that it apparently hunts lone men wandering through Arctic mountains and uses them as trophies to decorate its lair. Pokémon is supposed to be for kids? Yeah, right.

7 Giratina Origin Forme

Giratina in its Origin Forme

Let’s get one thing straight: This is very emphatically supposed to refer to Giratina Origin Forme, as clearly stated above. Giratina Altered Forme is not only one of the worst Ghost Pokémon of all time – it’s one of the worst ‘mons in general. Why anyone would ever want a ghost slug with exoskeletal rib-teeth and wings that make you shudder to look at is beyond us.

When Giratina is in the Distortion World, however, and is able to assume its original and proper form, it’s pretty damn cool. It’s a slick, spectral dragon that looks perfectly capable of doing everything Giratina is supposed to do, which is to behave as a sort of interdimensional nuisance that causes a ruckus but usually ends up doing the right thing. It’s also got great stats and a typing that, while it has a lot of weaknesses, is just… cool. A dragon, except it’s also a ghost. Genius. 

6 Alolan Marowak

Alolan Marowak

We already included Alolan Marowak on our list of the best Fire Pokémon of all time, but it definitely deserves a place here, too. Marowak arguably should have been a ghost to begin with, what with all the spectral shenanigans that occured in Lavender Town’s Pokémon Tower back in Gen 1, so its transition to a Ghost/Fire hybrid typing in Alola feels especially earned.

While it doesn’t have the best stats around town, Alolan Marowak has access to a wide movepool, some decent abilities, and two immunities. Most of all though, it just looks really badass. What better way to fight than with a bone emanating some kind of weird ghost fire?

5 Marshadow

The Mythical Pokémon, Marshadow

Imagine a marshmallow, right. All of a sudden it comes to life, except it’s undead. What does it do next? The answer should be obvious: It trains as a boxer and becomes the best martial artist in the history of sentient confectionery. 

Gen 7’s Marshadow is a Fighting/Ghost dual-type Mythical Pokémon that would probably be a whole lot more popular if it wasn’t so difficult to obtain. At the time of writing, there is no way to get this Pokémon outside of trading with somebody who already has it. Still, it’s an impeccably well-designed ‘mon with a great offensive typing, monstrous Attack and Speed stats, and a cutesy little aesthetic that absolutely belies how ridiculously strong it is.

4 Dragapult

Dragapult in the Pokémon anime

Dragapult also made the cut on our list of the best Dragon Pokémon, where it fared slightly better by landing in third place. While Galar’s pseudo-Legendary dragon is definitely a great Pokémon across the board, it’s always felt as if it leans into its draconic origins a bit more than its ghostly ones. Sure, it can use Phantom Force, and yeah, the way it flies is… weird. At fourth place, it’s definitely a great Ghost ‘mon – it’s just a better dragon one.

Still, Ghost is part of its typing and Dragapult is objectively excellent, so it’s only fair it nabs itself a cushy spot on this list, too. No other Pokémon takes its young and fires them out of its ears like ghost torpedoes. Surely that has to count for something.

Goh's Shedinja in the Pokémon anime

While some people look at Shedinja and probably think, “Oh, a bug – cool,” there’s a lot more to this Pokémon than meets the eye. On top of having an incredible ability with Wonder Guard – which means it can only be damaged by moves that are super-effective against it – and flaunting a pretty cool angelic aesthetic, Shedinja is mostly intriguing because of the method by which it can be obtained. 

To get a Shedinja, you need to evolve a Nincada while having one extra slot in your party and at least one PokéBall in your inventory. As well as the Ninjask you get from ordinarily evolving Nincada, you’ll also have a Shedinja in the sixth slot of your team. What this implies is that after Nincada sheds its shell and evolves into Ninjask, the husk becomes sentient and takes on a new life of its own, hence the Ghost typing. To this day, it’s one of Pokémon’s best — and weirdest — design concepts.

Shiny Mimikyu in the Pokémon anime

It kind of pains us to put Mimikyu in second place because it feels as if this little guy is always coming close to winning, but never quite getting there. It’s mocked up a little costume to make it look like Pikachu, who everyone adores, just so it can get a bit of love and affection from a trainer – any trainer. It’s lively and cutesy and always in high spirits, and will be your best friend in the world if you’re willing to give it a chance. If you bust its disguise though… let’s just say there’s a rumour about a man who saw the real Mimikyu beneath the costume and died immediately. Again – Pokémon is dark!

Fortunately, Mimikyu has become a fan-favourite in the real world, and has made The Pokemon Company very rich by selling approximately seven trillion plushes in the last eight seconds. We all wish Pokémon were real sometimes, but one of the things that makes us feel most strongly about that desire is the fact that maybe if they were, Mimikyu could actually get the love and respect it deserves. Come on, Mimikyu – you’re half-Ghost, half-Fairy. Surely you can work some sort of magic to get yourself out of the screen and into our hearts.

Ash's Gengar

There was never any doubt, was there? The best Ghost Pokémon of all time is, obviously, the final evolution of the first one. Gengar is an instantly recognisable symbol of the series at this point, having been available in every single generation to date while also playing major roles in spin-offs like Mystery Dungeon , New Pokémon Snap , Pokémon Unite , and more. It’s one of those precious few ‘mons that is unanimously loved by Nintendo and fans alike. Why? Because it’s amazing, that’s why. 

Personally, we like Haunter a teensy tiny bit better than Gengar, although it’s important to put biases aside here and let the science do the talking. Gengar, marvelous mischief-maker and special sweeper extraordinaire, is unequivocally the best Ghost Pokémon of all time. There’s no point in arguing otherwise. No email here folks – just plain fax.

Just look at that smile – how could it not be number one? Exactly. 

Written by Cian Maher on behalf of GLHF .

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It’s Halloween, Let’s Rank The Best Ghost-Type Pokémon

From gengar to gholdengo, here are the spookiest ghosts in the pokémon series.

Gengar floats in the air with a tree and blue sky behind it.

The end of October is nigh, which means the spooky decorations are about to make way for snow, presents, and mistletoe. But before we say goodbye to the jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating, we can still pay tribute to the spookiest, the scariest, the ghouliest(?) of Pokémon: the ghost types.

Over the years, ghost Pokémon have exploded in number, starting from just the Gastly line , which was their sole representative in the original games, to now dozens of critters haunting the Pokémon world. Ghost-type Pokémon Pokedex entries are some of the most terrifying lore dumps this typically all-ages series has, and that’s what makes them some of the most interesting. But while we’d love to give every ghost-type friend their due, today we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 creepiest, spookiest, and most memorable lines in the first nine generations of Pokémon. But before we get to the honorees, here are the honorable mentions:

  • Galarian Marowak
  • Hisuian Typhlosion
  • Polteageist

Welcome to Exp. Share, Kotaku ’s Pokémon column in which we dive deep to explore notable characters, urban legends, communities, and just plain weird quirks from throughout the Pokémon franchise.

10. Annihilape

Annihilape is shown standing at the top of a mountain.

Do you ever feel like you’re so mad you could just die? Well, that’s pretty much what Primeape does when it evolves into Annihilape. The ghost/fighting-type Primeape transforms after it uses Rage Fist, a new move introduced in Scarlet and Violet , that channels all its anger into a fierce punch. Eventually the anger becomes too much for Primeape’s physical form to bear, thus it transcends the body and becomes Annihilape, an angry, ghostly shadow of its former self.

I have to give Annihilape props for just being so mad it left its body. It’s giving Evil Ryu, it’s giving incredible online rage poster. Even though it’s meant to embody rage, Annihilape also just has the sort of haunting dead-in-the-eyes vibe you’d expect from a ghost-type Pokémon. It’s a versatile king.

9. Hisuian Zoroark

Hisuian Zoroark and Zorua stand in the snowy mountains of Hisui.

The original Unova Zoroark already had ghostly qualities, given that the fox-like Pokémon’s entire schtick is creating illusions. But it wasn’t until Pokémon Legends: Arceus that it actually became a ghost. According to the lore, Hisuian Zoroarks are the revived ghosts of Zoroarks who died in the Hisui region’s harsh conditions after being driven out of their homes by humans. They now persist out of spite and disdain toward those who forced them out of Unova.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is already dealing with colonization in the world just by the nature of its story, but Hisuian Zoroark is one of the most haunting examples of this in Pokémon lore. It is the echo of souls lost in humanity’s expansion, and one of Legends: Arceus ’ most damning pieces of commentary on the way Pokémon are affected by human’s perception of what they’re “supposed” to be. The Hisuian variant of Zoroark is more or less extinct by modern times, but its existence is a reminder that despite Pokémon ’s themes of friendship and teamwork, there are darker truths behind people’s coexistence with Pokémon throughout this universe’s history.

8. Decidueye

Decidueye flies in the air with a blue sky above them.

Decidueye is probably the most “normal” of the ghost-type Pokémon we’re spotlighting here. It doesn’t have a lot of spooky, scary lore to dissect, and its ghost typing comes mostly from its ability to manipulate both the shadows and the spirits of its enemies. But the real reason Decidueye is here is because the Pokémon’s just cool as fuck. The owl archer is giving Robin Hood. They’re giving Green Arrow. They’ve just got a swagger that is impossible not to respect. They use their wing as a bow, and if you don’t think that’s the tightest shit ever I don’t know what to tell you.

7. Shedinja

Shedinja and Pikachu vibe in a dark forest.

As a kid, learning about Shedinja was one of the first moments when Pokémon’s scary ghost lore finally clicked in my head. Shedinja isn’t exactly an evolution of Nincada, but it will appear in your party if Nincada evolves into Ninjask and you have an open slot in your party and a Poke Ball in your bag. Shedinja is the discarded shell left behind after this evolution, and despite not moving, breathing, or showing any signs of life, it is truly alive. It only has one HP, but its Wonder Guard ability protects it from attacks that aren’t super effective. This lifeless husk is fully aware but unable to do anything other than battle, and that’s horrifying.

Yamask floats in a room while holding its mask.

Over a decade after its debut in Black and White , Yamask is still one of the ghost Pokémon that keeps me up at night. While the rest of the spookiest Pokémon here are born of tragedy befalling the Pocket Monsters themselves, Yamask wasn’t always a Pokémon. It was once human.

Yamask is a body horror moment trapped in a Poke Ball. These mask-carrying ghosts are the remains of humans who still retain memories of their past lives, and can possess a human body once more if someone wears its mask. If it evolves into Cofagrigus, it completes its transformation into a Pokémon by forgetting its old memories. This shit got me fucked up, Game Freak.

5. Spiritomb

Spiritomb stands at the center of a stadium.

While Yamask are floating symbols of an individual life, Spiritomb is the culmination of hundreds of foul spirits crammed into a stone prison. Spiritomb had a new moment of prominence recently after Pokémon Legends: Arceus made gathering its spirits into a collectathon in a game already full of collecting, but it did spotlight just how much cursed human history is collected in just one of these Pokémon. Spiritomb is the living embodiment of evil people’s evil thoughts and deeds, all crammed into a stone as punishment.

And honestly? That’s metal.

4. Chandelure

Chandelure floats under a blue sky.

Don’t be fooled by Chandelure’s cute design, the living chandelier’s flames burn you on a spiritual level, rather than inflicting damage to your real body. Chandelure is one of the best examples of how ghost-type Pokémon make corporeal concepts paranormal, as its flames bypass all physical forms of contact and go straight for the spiritual. If you’re burned by a Chandelure, your body will just be found unharmed while your soul has left it, forced to wander the physical plane forever.

The further we get into this, the more I’m wondering how y’all can stand having these spooky fucks in your party. I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

3. Giratina

Giratina is shown in the Distortion World.

Okay, my Sinnoh sicko is coming out here. I love Giratina because we love Pokémon’s biblical fallen angel allegories. Thus we have no choice but to stan the instigator of Pokémon Legends: Arceus ’ war for god-like supremacy in the Pokémon universe. As the symbol of antimatter, Giratina is both a malicious and a tragic figure in Pokémon lore, and it was banished into the Distortion World by Arceus for being destructive. And shit, that destructive nature was put on display when it nearly unraveled the entire Pokémon world to attack and dethrone god.

I have a lot of love for Giratina, even if a lot of it is bolstered by my love of the characters and conflicts that surround it. Thwarting its plans alongside Palkia in Legends: Arceus is an all-time Pokémon moment, and watching its malice nearly unravel an entire universe has etched it into the upper echelon of legendary Pokémon, as well bringing it near the top of all ghost-type Pokémon. But even with all that mythology behind it, there are two other fan-favorites who I think surpass it as the best examples of what ghosts can be in the Pokémon world.

Gigantamax Gengar is shown in a stadium.

Full disclosure: Gengar doesn’t do a lot for me, but it’s impossible to talk about ghost-type Pokémon and not give the original its flowers. Gengar and its evolutionary line held Pokémon ’s paranormal layer on their backs for two generations, and while it’s mostly been characterized as a trickster over the years, the mere implication of ghosts existing in the Pokémon world is what paved the way for all of the spooky shit above. The OG (original ghost) has gotten a lot of love over the years both from fans and The Pokémon Company itself. It gets Gigantamax and Mega forms, it’s a Unite character, Ash finally got one with a heartbreaking backstory in his final stretch of the anime . It might not be on the cover of any of the games, but Gengar’s arguably one of the most iconic Pokémon in the series’ long history. Gengar’s stories lack the terrifying implications of the ghosts that would come after, but it is the blueprint on which all ghost-type Pokémon are made.

Mimikyu is shown in a dirty bedroom on top of Scraggy.

Despite being one of the most popular Pokémon around, we’ve never seen what Mimikyu actually looks like. Instead, we’ve seen its disguise, a rag made to look like Pikachu that covers its body, with the exception of two eye holes that it peeks through as it walks. Mimikyu, like anyone else, just wants to be loved, and it fears if people see its true form, they won’t love it. That’s why it disguises itself as a Pikachu, in hopes that people will adore it the same way Pokémon ’s mascot has been beloved for many years.

Mimikyu’s mystique is what makes it so effective. Every time we’ve seen some allusion to what it looks like underneath the rag, those who have seen it have been horrified by what they see. Mimikyu is the quintessential “don’t judge a book by its cover” Pokémon, as its entire story is sad and endearing even as it hides something blood-curdling beneath the surface. It embodies the spectrum of what a Pokémon can be, all wrapped up in one enigmatic little guy. Mimikyu harkens to the comfy creatures we believe Pokémon to be, but is also a reminder that horrifying truths we don’t know or understand can lurk just beneath the surface.


Pokémon: 10 best non-legendary ghost-types in the series, ranked.

Ghost-type Pokémon are mischievous and fun to use, but which ones are worth your time?

Back in the good old days, we had one Ghost-type Pokémon . Its name was Gengar, and it was good enough for us. But Game Freak weren't happy with it. "Who will keep those pesky Psychic-types in check?" they cried. "Surely not every team can have a Gengar!"

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And so, the proliferation of Ghost-types began. In Generation 3, we had Sableye and Shedinja. In Gen 4, we got Rotom and Froslass. From there, the number of Ghost-types in the game ballooned more and more. What was once a rare, obscure type has transitioned into something recognizable ; a legitimately viable part of the metagame. Ghost-types are mischievous and fun to use, toting weird abilities, as well as total immunity to Normal and Fighting-type damage. Every trainer worth their salt should consider adding one of these excellent Ghost-types to their team!

Rotom is positioned at the bottom of the list because its base form, which is a Ghost/Electric type, is also one of its weakest. A spirit that inhabits household appliances, Rotom is best used in its oven or washing machine forms. These are Fire/Electric and Water/Electric respectively. In other words, not Ghost-types.

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Rotom itself is a cute, versatile Pokémon with the potential to become something more, sort of like Eevee. Its decent speed helps it throw off moves like Volt Switch , as well as to Trick opponents by hitting them with a Choice item, a Toxic Orb, or etc. It also gets the ability Levitate , protecting it from Ground damage, which is Electric's biggest weakness.

Mimikyu is an iconic Pokémon with a unique typing: Ghost/Fairy. It's an interesting matchup, and although the types don't complement each other particularly well, it's always nice to get STAB on Fairy-type moves.

Mimikyu is primarily known for its unique ability, Disguise, which acts similarly to the move Substitute. It absorbs most of the damage Mimikyu takes on their first hit, giving them a free turn to set up with Swords Dance . Unfortunately, it lacks the stats and move pool to take full advantage of this. With middling power, Mimikyu can be quickly overwhelmed by weather effects or other, stronger Pokémon.

8 Alolan Marowak

It's common knowledge that Marowak is a Ground-type, but its beautifully weird Alolan form is actually a Ghost/Fire-type. With its good damage potential, solid coverage, and fun ability choices, it's an all-around decent Pokémon. However, it's held back by its mediocre bulk, and its poor speed keeps it from being a great sweeper.

Alolan Marowak is often run with the Lightning Rod ability, restoring the immunity to Electric damage Marowak once had with its Ground typing. That gives it three damage immunities. Predicting an opponent's move and switching into Alolan Marowak protects teammates with no drawbacks!

Froslass is an interesting Ice/Ghost Pokémon with a number of mischievous moves. Its dual-typing covers a major weakness of the Ice type: Fighting, which Ghosts are immune to. With its remarkable speed and access to the move Spikes , Froslass can easily set entry hazards. It can also trap enemies with Taunt , or trade KOs with Destiny Bond .

Froslass is unfortunately held back by its low defenses, leaving it vulnerable to one-hit KOs from tougher opponents. Additionally, its special attack just isn't good enough for it to reliably KO opponents. Despite that, it remains a fun option with lots of good things going for it.

6 Polteageist

Polteageist is a cute pure Ghost-type introduced in Pokémon Sword & Shield. It's fairly strong, too, and has some fun tricks exemplary of its type. However, its low physical bulk and mediocre speed stats leave it struggling to keep up with the stronger competition.

A great set for Polteageist is the move Shell Smash with a White Herb for a held item. Shell Smash lowers defenses, but raises everything else. The White Herb heals the first round of stat losses, leaving Polteageist in a good position to sweep opponents with Shadow Ball . In a pinch, it can also heal off some HP with Giga Drain or Strength Sap .

5 Chandelure

With a pseudo-legendary base special attack stat of 145, and a decent speed to match, Chandelure is one of the best special sweepers in the Ghost type. It's a dual Ghost/Fire type, with its Fire typing giving it great offensive coverage. It also has access to the ability Flash Fire, further boosting the power of its Flamethrowers or Fire Blasts . Alternatively, it can be run with Flame Body and Hex to take great advantage of free burns on opponents.

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Chandelure's main drawback is its low bulk, but this is normal for sweepers. As an additional option, it can grab Toxic and Protect or Substitute for wall-breaking purposes, making it surprisingly well-rounded.

Shedinja is a gimmick Pokémon, sure, but it's a great gimmick Pokémon. The reanimated shell of a Nincada, it's a Bug/Ghost Pokémon with 1 HP. That sounds pretty terrible until you consider its unique ability, Wonder Guard , which protects it from non-super-effective damage. Unless an opponent has a super effective move, or a weather move, or something like that, Shedinja is literally indestructible.

So what hits Shedinja super effectively? Its Ghost typing leaves it vulnerable to Ghost and Dark damage, and its Bug typing makes it weak to the Fire, Flying, and Rock types. If an opponent doesn't have any of these, it's game over for them. Shedinja will slowly wear them down with Toxic or Shadow Sneak , its single hit point a taunting reminder of its greatness.

3 Aegislash

Despite having been nerfed in Sword & Shield (somewhat humorously, since it is a sword & shield), Aegislash remains an incredibly powerful Pokémon. Its powerful Ghost/Steel dual type grants it immunity to Fighting damage, which is normally a huge limiting factor for Steel-types. Its unique ability, Stance Change, let it switch back and forth between defensive and offensive forms at will, letting it play mind games with the opponent.

With Toxic , Aegislash can take full advantage of its shield form to stall out against opponents. It can then move in for a devastating surprise with Close Combat , Flash Cannon , or Shadow Ball . Trainers have to choose whether to go with an all-out attack set or a physical wall set—either one will keep opponents on their toes!

Gengar is one of the most iconic Pokémon in the series, so it's only appropriate that it's also a terrifying threat in battle. To this day, it remains one of the best Ghost-type Pokémon of all time.

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With its incredibly high base speed and special attack stats, Gengar can sweep away most threats that come up against it. It gets access to the excellent setup move, Nasty Plot , boosting its special attack even higher. Substitute is a good option to keep Gengar safe while it sets up, somewhat making up for its frailty. After this, Gengar is in a prime position to take out opponents with Shadow Ball , Sludge Bomb , or even Focus Blast .

1 Dragapult

Finally, we have Dragapult, a pseudo-legendary Ghost/Dragon-type introduced in Sword & Shield. Its nearly unmatched base speed stat of 142 makes it even faster than Gengar, and it has the power needed to capitalize on that speed by sweeping through enemy teams. With a good ability in Infiltrator and solid bulk to boot, Dragapult is inarguably the greatest non-legendary Ghost-type.

Dragapult also has a great move pool, with STAB moves like Shadow Ball and Draco Meteor as well as coverage options like Flamethrower and Thunder . Alternatively, it can be run with Will-O-Wisp and Hex to take advantage of burns, or U-turn to pivot away from threats. All in all, Dragapult has just about everything one could possibly want in a Pokémon!

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The top 10 best Ghost-type Pokémon of all time, ranked

Are you spooked yet?

top 100 ghost type pokemon

  • October 29, 2022
  • Guides Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Sword and Shield

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Image via The Pokémon Company

Known for their disruptive play and popularity in Trick Room teams, Ghost-type Pokémon are the only type with more than one immunity, though in return they tend to have below average bulk and low Speed, bar a few exceptions. Here are our top 10 best Ghost-type Pokémon, from worst to best, just in time for the spooky season.

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10. Dusknoir

top 100 ghost type pokemon

As a slow, bulky Ghost-type, Dusknoir finds its niche in keeping its team’s entry hazards safe from the likes of Rapid Spinners such as Alolan Sandslash or Fortress. This means that it works well with entry hazard setters such as Roserade, Skarmory and even Garchomp. Dusknoir also makes a good teammate in double battles, due to its bulk and its reliable Trick Room setup. Very few non Legendary Ghost-types can boast of defenses as bulky as Dusknoir’s, so if you need a bulky ghost for your team, this one-eyed wall might be the one for you.

9. Mismagius

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Mismagius boasts of solid Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed stats, and its access to Nasty Plot makes it a threatening Special sweeper with the right matchup. It can also learn support moves such as Protect and Taunt, and its Levitate ability gives it an additional immunity to Ground-type moves. Though its offensive options are rather limited, it can lay on the pressure by running Substitute and Calm Mind, making opponents want to remove it as fast as possible. Mismagius is also notably one of the few Pokémon who can learn Mystical Fire via leveling up.

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Corsola was another old timer who got a Galarian form in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Cursola, its Galarian counterpart’s evolved form, is Specially offensive and defensive. Its high Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense also pair nicely with its Perish Body Hidden Ability. Perish Body causes both Cursola and the attacker to faint in three turns unless switched out if Cursola is hit by a physical attack, dissuading would-be physical attackers. While its Speed is quite lacking, that just makes it all the more enticing for players who are looking for a good Special sweeper for their Trick Room teams.

7. Cofagrigus

top 100 ghost type pokemon

As a highly defensive Pokémon, Cofagrigus shines in Trick Room teams, where it dishes out punishing Shadow Balls after setting up with Nasty Plot. Its ability, Mummy, changes the ability of physical attackers into Mummy upon contact. For physical attackers that rely heavily on their ability, which is bad news for physical attackers that rely heavily on their abilities to deal damage. It is a good choice for a late game sweeper, as Nasty Plot and Trick Room combined makes it a truly devastating force against opponents with no resistances.

6. Spiritomb

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Spiritomb was highly coveted during its debut generation, as its Ghost and Dark typing made it take neutral damage from Dark-type moves, though the introduction of the Fairy type means that it takes 2x more damage from Fairy-type moves. With that being said, it still has an impressive immunity against Psychic, Fighting and Normal-type moves. It has perfectly even Attack and Sp. Attack stats, giving it more options in terms of moves and gameplay, and its low Speed makes it a viable Trick Room candidate.

5. Aegislash

top 100 ghost type pokemon

A Pokémon that was considered so broken that it almost immediately got banned to Ubers by Smogon when it first entered the XY meta, Aegislash can do it all — offense and defense are no issue with its Stance Change ability. Perhaps it is because of this that Aegislash got nerfed in the recent generation, losing 10 base stats from each of its 150 base stats. Its signature move, King’s Shield, was also hit, causing opposing Pokémon to lose one stage of Attack instead of the original two when attacking directly into it. However, despite this, it is still a very threatening presence, especially to physical attackers and fragile sweepers. Timing is key to using this sword and shield to its full potential, as one badly-timed move could leave you open to a nasty counterattack.

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Rotom may be a jack of all trades, but it is definitely not a master of none. With its large variety of forms and numerous typing combinations, Rotom’s versatility is off the charts, though popular picks skew towards Rotom-Wash and Rotom-Mow. Its base form shines as a support, as its Levitate ability means that its only weakness is Ghost and Dark-type moves. It is very good at making popular hazard setters sweat with Defog, and it can even tag out after clearing the way for its teammates via Volt Switch. Though it may not look like it, but this haunted bit of plasma is a very good team player that can be slotted into most teams.

3. Chandelure

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Chandelure’s monstrous Sp. Attack stat of 145 is what makes it truly terrifying, especially when paired with a Choice Scarf. Its Hidden Ability, Infiltrator, allows it to bypass the opponent’s Light Screen, Reflect, and most importantly — Substitute. Its versatile movepool also lets it take on a variety of offensive roles, utilizing different builds to best fit in with the rest of the team. It can run Calm Mind and Substitute to pressure defensive and stall-based teams, or it can simply sweep through opposing Pokémon with a Choice Scarf set. It works best as a late game offensive, or as an anti-stall pick.

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Gengar, a fan favorite since the first generation, has unfortunately lost its Levitate ability in recent generations, making it susceptible to Ground-type moves. Despite that, it is still going strong — not only getting a Mega Evolution, but also its own Gigantamax form. With its high Speed and Sp. Attack, Gengar’s Poison typing also makes it a great Fairy-type counter. A Same Type Attack Bonus boosted Sludge Wave will decimate any unprepared Fairy-types. Gengar in its base form is a brutal revenge killer, and its Mega Evolution only serves to make it an even better one, especially with its newly-gained Shadow Tag ability, preventing opponents from switching out on it.

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Taking the top spot on our list is Mimikyu, a Pokémon known for its creepy-cute vibes and its reputation as a fearsome physical revenge killer. Its ability, Disguise, guarantees it a single, free turn of damage immunity, allowing it to set up a Swords Dance, or even a Substitute, before going in for the kill with a Same Type Attack Bonus boosted Shadow Claw or Play Rough. Like all Ghost types, Mimikyu is naturally immune to Rapid Spin, making it a great teammate in teams that focus on stacking entry hazards, though it can also fit into most teams due to its offensive prowess.

About the author

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Hey, I'm Glenn and I'm a freelance writer at Gamepur. Besides writing, my passions also include a certain critically acclaimed MMORPG by a certain company with a free trial up to level 60.

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Pokemon: The Best Ghost-Type From Each Generation

There aren't too many Ghost Pokemon, but the ones that exists are great (and creepy). What are the best of each Generation?

When it comes to existential nightmares in the Pokemon universe, Ghost-types are where it's at. Over the franchise's 25-year history, there has been plenty of discussion around the horrors that lurk within the Pokedex , and Ghosts are almost always at the center of those discussions, making many of them very popular.

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Despite their popularity, Ghost-type Pokemon are not very numerous. They're the second rarest type, just behind Ice , so each generation is going to be a little lite in terms of options. However, there is an upside to this, as it's a case of quality over quantity, and there are very few outright bad Ghost-types.

8 Generation 1 – Gengar

While Gengar is an undeniably great Pokemon , this win is simply by default. There is, quite simply, no other Ghost-type Pokemon in Generation I other than Gengar's pre-evolutions. Alolan Marrowack technically counts, and it is an excellent Pokemon to have, but in terms of the original 151, Gengar is the only option.

Thankfully, Gengar is a brilliant Pokemon to have. It's surprisingly quick and hits like a truck with Special Attacks. While its design is pretty simplistic, Gengar has just enough character for fans to have become attached to it. Its sharp grin makes it quite the prankster, which is quite endearing.

7 Generation 2 – Misdreavous

Shockingly, this is yet another win by default. Once again, Misdreavous is the only Ghost-type in the entire Generation, making for only two Ghost Pokemon across two eras. It's ridiculous. It gets even worse considering that Johto has a Ghost-type Gym Leader, and he doesn't even use Misdreavous on his team. He just uses a Gastly, a Gengar, and two Haunters.

Misdreavous is a great Pokemon. It's the first to show that Ghost Pokemon can balance cuteness with spookiness to make them endearing. What's more is it eventually got an evolution in Mismagius, who is an even better Pokemon.

6 Generation 3 – Shedinja

Finally, Generation 3 decided to come along and give trainers more than one Ghost to play with. This Generation has four evolution lines for the type, and all of them have a lot to offer. Banette is a bit basic but VERY creepy; the same goes for Duskull. Then there's Sableye, who is a favorite of the anime to throw around when they need a cute(ish) trickster Pokemon.

Shedinja takes the crown, though, for how unique it is. Obtained when a Nincada evolves into Ninjask while there is an open slot in the party, Shedinja is the ultimate troll Pokemon. It has only 1 HP but uses the ability Wonder Guard, which means only super-effective attacks can damage it. It's not going to win any championships, but for those who want to troll some people, it's perfect.

5 Generation 4 – Giratina

Generation 4 arguably has the strongest lineup of Ghosts in the franchise. Drifblim is a fantastic Pokemon available early on; Dusknoir, Mismagius, and Frosslass are great additions to existing evolution lines; Rotom has become a franchise staple in the modern era, and Spiritomb is unique in just about every way.

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As far as Ghosts go, though, it's hard to compete with the ruler of the underworld. Giratina is one of the most threatening Pokemon visually. Its Origin Form sees its body contort in unnerving ways, with a red, black & gold body and the eyes of a monster.

4 Generation 5 – Chandelure

Generation 5's Ghosts are a bit of a mixed bag. For every Golurk – with an intimidating aura and cool design – there's a Jellicent, which looks derpy and weak. Cofagrigus is a good one, it's a bit of a weird step up from Yamask, but it's colorful in just the right way with a very strong sense of theme.

Chandelure is often overlooked by many as it falls into the category of "inanimate object with a face" that is often derided by the fanbase, however, this Pokemon nails what it's trying to do. The face is well-incorporated into the design, it's hard to even notice it in a still image, and the way it uses the light fixtures as arms is really clever. On top of that, the bright purple flame is equal parts beautiful and eerie, like Ghost Pokemon should be.

3 Generation 6 – Aegislash

Generation 6 doesn't have a bad Ghost Pokemon. Phantump and Pumpkaboo are among the cutest Pokemon out there (and also the creepiest lore-wise), and they both have perfect evolved forms in Trevenant and Gourgeist. Hoopa is there too, who is a small and cute Mythical who holds a powerful alternate form that has interesting implications for the multiversal lore.

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Aegislash has it all. The lore is creepy, with it possessing anywho who tries to grab its hilt. Its design is perfect, feeling regal and powerful. It's an incredible battler, even getting banned from some formats for being too powerful. It even has an awesome shiny form , turning into an evil blade with blood-red highlights. There's so much to love about Aegislash, and it is a must-have for Kalos teams.

2 Generation 7 – Decidueye

Generation 7 went harder than most on Ghost Pokemon, and it paid off. Mimikyu has become one of the Generation's most beloved Pokemon. Meanwhile, Palossand and Dhelmise both have an incredibly strong bond with Alola's theme. Even the Legendaries got a taste, with Lunala, Marshadow, and Blacephalon all bringing something unique to the table.

Ghost isn't a type typically used on Starter Pokemon. With the general implication that Ghost Pokemon are in some way formed from spirits of the dead, to have that happen to the player's partner is a little odd. However, Decidueye makes it work. While there's nothing inherently ghostly about its design, Decidueye certainly feels like it's playing it too cool, like there's something to hide. Then when it fires off its ghostly arrows, everything makes sense.

1 Generation 8 – Runerigus

Generation 8 gives players quite a wide selection of Ghosts, most of which are pretty good. Spectrier is a great Pokemon for those who have the Crown Tundra DLC, Polteageist is a fun Pokemon with a good theme, and Dragapult looks incredibly scary.

The most interesting design, though, is Runerigus The way this Pokemon breaks itself up into parts is quite creepy, but it makes for a really visually satisfying Pokemon. It's like a half-completed jigsaw. As an alternate evolution of Yamask, it keeps what made Cofagrigus great but switches the theme and executes it just as well. It may be a bit awkward to evolve , but it's worth the effort.

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Pokemon: Every Main Ghost-Type Trainer, Ranked

These terrifying trainers are scary good.

As one of the rarest and most mysterious types in all of Pokemon , Ghost-type Pokemon have long been a fan favorite. They often find a way to toe the line between adorable and scary. But Ghost-types have also historically been wonderful in battle, with two immunities and access to a plethora of status moves that can frustrate even the most seasoned competitors.

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The trainers associated with Ghost Pokemon are no different, ranging from terrifying tacticians to adorable people with a dark side. At one point or another, all of these Ghost experts have gotten stuck in the craw of players. So, let's find out which of these ghastly Gym Leaders and eerie Elite Four are the greatest Ghost masters.

Updated December 6, 2022 by Jeremy Hanna: With the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet , the Pokemon Company has decided to grace us with at least one new specialist for every single type. That means that it is time to update our rankings of the best Ghost-type trainers the main series games have to offer! The Paldea region brings us Ryme, a seasoned rapper who partakes in rap battles as often as she does Gym battles. And while she has no relation to Ryme City from Detective Pikachu, she still has a towering presence in one of the best cities in the region.

Morty is one of the more mysterious Gym Leaders in Pokemon. Referred to as "The Mystic Seer of the Future," Morty loves to study legendary Pokemon. He specifically chooses Ecruteak City because of its relationship with various Legendaries. It's just a shame he couldn't bring that power to his Gym team.

Morty's team consists of only a single evolutionary line, with a Gastly, two Haunters, and a Gengar. Their goal is to incapacitate you with Hypnosis and drain HP with moves like Curse and Nightmare. This is a neat strategy, but it'd be much more effective with bulkier Pokemon. However, that can't really be held against Morty, since his only options were the Gengar line and Misdreavus. Your best option to beat him is to bring some Normal-type Pokemon, since they're immune to Ghost-type moves.

While Ghosts are usually considered creepy and mysterious, there are quite a few Ghost-type experts that are jovial. Hoenn Elite Four member Phoebe is the epitome of that. Although she communes with ghosts and grew up on Mt. Pyre, she maintains a cheerful attitude even when she loses. Which will happen a lot, since her team isn't very good.

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Her strategy is similar to Morty's, except instead of draining HP her Pokemon will drain PP. While this may seem less effective, Phoebe's Pokemon are better suited to this strategy than Morty's, since they are much bulkier. However, she still isn't much of a challenge. Most of her Pokemon can't deal a lot of direct damage, and even though she's the only trainer on this list to utilize Prankster Sableye , it doesn't know any status moves. So while her team is better thought out than Morty's, there's still room for improvement.

Of all the Gym Leaders introduced in Sword and Shield , Allister is perhaps the fan favorite . His shy personality, combined with an awesome mask, makes for one of the most memorable characters Pokemon has had for a long time. However, while his team has some cool tricks, Allister doesn't use his team to its full potential.

His whole roster is built around the move Hex, which deals more damage when an opponent has a status condition. The only issue is that most of his Pokemon don't have status-inducing moves. Gengar does, but it will more than likely Gigantamax, meaning it can't use the move Hypnosis. On top of this, two of his four Pokemon don't have full movesets. Fortunately, his later teams during the tournaments are much better. Either way, this is a case of a cool character with a sub-par team.

Agatha is one of the most interesting characters to come out of Gen 1. Now a cranky old lady, she was once a rival to Professor Oak when they were young trainers. Since there were only three different Ghost Pokemon in Gen 1, her team consists of Ghost types and "Pokemon with horrifying appearances".

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Despite using a Golbat and an Arbok, Agatha's team is deceptively difficult. Her main goal is to confuse your Pokemon and put them to sleep, while taking their HP away little by little. What makes this more interesting than other trainers who use the same strategy is the randomness of her choices. In Red, Blue, and Yellow, there is about a seven percent chance that she'll just switch a Pokemon out. This is a move that can disrupt either you or Agatha herself, depending on your strategy. It genuinely feels like her goal tends more towards annoyance than success, which is a lot of fun.

Every time a musician is introduced to Pokemon, it's a treat. They're always fun and have a ton of personality. And Ryme is no different! A famous hip hop artist, Ryme is the younger sister of a professor at the Acdemy, Tyme. What makes her unique compared to all of the other Paldean Gym Leaders is that her Gym only does Double Battles. And it's a lot of fun.

Ryme's team is decently balanced, with a lot of emphasis on Speed control and sheer power. Her biggest threats are Houndstone and a Low Key Toxtricity with the Ghost Tera Type. The only thing holding her team back is that none of her Pokemon have a full moveset until you rematch her. And even then, her team won't be the most difficult you face.

Fantina is a Pokemon Contest extraordinaire who also happens to be the Gym Leader for Hearthome City. She seems to be French, or at least that's the case in the English version, and is always dressed extravagantly. Depending on whether you're playing Platinum or a version of Diamond and Pearl , you'll either be facing her third or fifth. Either way, you're in for a tough battle.

Her most powerful Gym team consists of Drifblim, Gengar, and her ace, Mismagius. All three are fast, fully evolved attackers that can destroy an opponent if they're not ready. When she's the fifth Gym Leader, Fantina will substitute her Drifblim and Gengar with a Duskull and Haunter respectively. Her team is incredibly effective, with the only downside being that her Haunter/Gengar are trained to be physical attackers for some strange reason. No matter which game you play, Fantina is proof that beauty can easily be paired with brawn.

In a region with no Gym Leaders, Alola has some pretty strong Elite Four members — and Acerola is no exception. The last descendant of a royal family, Acerola is now an orphan who lives in the Aether house. And there's nothing quite like a spooky orphan to have a powerful Ghost-type team!

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With most Ghost-type experts, you tend to see the same Pokemon over and over again, and not much type variety. That's not the case with Acerola. Of the six different Pokemon she uses, only one is a pure Ghost type. On top of this, they're all trained to have hard-hitting direct moves, instead of the usual "confuse and confound" strategy we've seen so far. So, while she may seem like an adorable little kid, don't let your guard down for a second. Acerola can and will destroy you.

There's no question, Unova easily has the toughest Elite Four across all of the main Pokemon games. Not only are they all the same level, but their teams are fully fleshed out with competitive items in the Challenege Mode of Black 2 and White 2 . One of the toughest trainers there is Shauntal.

She's a more reclusive trainer who loves to read and write books by candlelight, which is why Chandelure is perfect as her ace. Not only does it have an exceptionally high Special Attack, but she equips it with a Choice Scarf in Challenge Mode to make sure that it will hit you first. On top of this, she has three bulky heavy hitters in Cofagrigus, Golurk, and either Jellicent or Drifblim, depending on which version you're playing. All of her Pokemon have a ton of type coverage, easily making her the most powerful Ghost-type expert in all of Pokemon.

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20 Best Ghost Type Pokemon: Our Top Picks Ranked

Nikola Stevanovic

Ghost Pokemon have been around ever since the release of the First Generation games, and while there were only three Pokemon of this type back then, they were very memorable and have become fan favorites over the years.

Nowadays, Ghost Pokemon have become much more widespread and are commonly used to battle against Psychic types so knowing which ones to use and when can often make a difference between victory and defeat.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of our picks of the best Ghost type Pokemon out there, here’s our top 20 picks.

Table of Contents


It only seems appropriate to begin this list with one of the first Ghost type Pokemon players encountered on their Pokemon journeys, Gengar. This Ghost/Poison type Pokemon was introduced way back in Generation One and is a favorite of many fans out there.

Gengar comes with a total of 297 stats. Its most vital stat by far is its Speed at 110 with its other stats being spread out at around 60 points. An exception to this is its Special Attack and Special Defense which carry a value of 1.

Admittedly, Gengar doesn’t have the best stats, however, its main advantage is its type which makes it immune to Normal and Fighting moves and its Mega Evolution. Once Gengar Mega evolves, its Speed increases to 130 and its Special Attack goes up to 170 which is more than enough to land Gengar on our list.

2. Marshadow


Next up we have Marshadow, a Mythical Ghost/Fighting type that made its debut appearance in Generation Seven. Ghost Pokemon have a reputation for being scary, and rightfully so, however, if you take a look at Marshadow, you can’t help but think this little bundle of darkness is cute. Unfortunately, not many get to lay their eyes on Marshadow due to it spending most of its time hiding in the shadows.

Like many Mythical Pokemon, Marshadow has a total base stat value of 600, with its highest stats being Attack and Speed, each at 125 points respectively. The rest of its stats are more or less evenly spread with a value between 80 and 90 points.

Marshadow has a varied move set that it can utilize in combat, too varied to list here. That combined with its high Attack and Speed rating makes Marshadow one of the most powerful Ghost type Pokemon out there.

3. Chandelure


Chandelure is a Ghost/Fire type Pokemon that was added to the Pokedex in the Fifth Generation. True to its name and its type, this evolution of Lampent bears the appearance of a spooky chandelier with purple flames emitting from it.

When it comes to stats, Chandelure has a total base stat value of 520, its best stat being its Special Attack of 145, followed by Special Defense and Defense at 90. Its weakest stat by far is its Attack of 55, followed by its HP at 60.

Chandelure is capable of learning many moves with most notable among them being Flamethrower and Shadow Ball. Overall, Chandelure is an excellent offensive Pokemon with its only downside within that role being its less than average Speed. It is definitely an excellent sweeper Pokemon and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


Cursola is one of the relatively newer Pokemon to appear on our list, being introduced to the franchise in Generation Eight. This pure Ghost type Pokemon is an evolved form of Galarian Corsola and occurs once the Corsola reachers level 38.

Known as the coral Pokemon, Cursola comes with 510 base stats. Its best stat is by far its Special Attack with a value of 145, followed by Special Defense at 130. Its weakest stat is its Speed with a value of only 30.

Due to climate changes in Galar, most of its coral reef has been wiped out, along with the Corsola Pokemon. However, the souls of those Corsolas survived and took on a new shape, giving us the Cursola that we know today.


Coming in at number five we have Mimikyu, a Ghost/Fairy type Pokemon introduced in Generation Seven. Mimikyu is usually seen in a form of an old ragdoll which it uses to attract its prey as well as a way to drive off potential predators, not many have seen its true form. However, it is widely believed that those who manage to glance at what hides under its disguise will meet their end in their sleep.

When it comes to stats, Mimikyu has a total base stats value of 476, with its most powerful stat being its Special Defense of 105, followed by its Speed at 96 and Attack at 90. Its lowest stat is its Special Attack with a value of 50.

Mimikyu doesn’t look like much at first glance, however, we all know that looks can be deceiving. Its main advantage comes from its dual type which allows it to learn a wide variety of moves that are effective on various other Pokemon types. Furthermore, its disguise allows it to absorb an attack at the cost of only one-eighth of its HP, regardless of the attack’s actual strength.

6. Shedinja


Shedinja is a Ghost/Bug type Pokemon that made its debut appearance in the Third Generation. It evolves from Nincada, however, in a rather specific way. Namely, Shedinja is born out of Nincada’s remains once the Nincada evolves into Ninjask.

In terms of stats, there is nothing really impressive that Shedinja brings to the table with an overall base stats score of 236, its best stat being Attack with a value of 90, and most of its other stats being distributed more or less equally at around 40 points.

Shedinja’s main advantage and the reason why it makes an appearance on this list is its unique ability called Wonder Guard. This ability allows Shedinja to negate any damage done to it unless it is a move that is Super Effective against it. However, this is counterbalanced by the fact that Shedinja only has 1 HP, so whatever attack does manage to go through, will end in a K.O.

7. Aegislash


Aegislash is a Ghost/Steel type Pokemon that was added to the Pokedex in Generation Six with the release of Pokemon X and Y back n 2013. This Royal Sword Pokemon is an evolved form of Doublade that occurs with the use of a Dusk Stone.

Aegislash comes with a total stats value of 322, however, its best stat depends on whether it assumes Blade Forme or Shield Forme. In Blade Forme, Aegislash sacrifices its defensive capabilities in order to raise its Attack and vice versa, making either Attack or Defense its strongest stat with a value of 150.

The ability to switch from attack to defense on the fly makes Aegislash a very dangerous opponent to tackle and a very strong Pokemon who excels in both offense and defense. This combined with its unique abilities such as King’s Shield makes it a Ghost type worthy of being included on this list.

8. Runerigus


Runerigus was introduced in Generation Eight and while it may not be the scariest entry on this list, it is probably the weirdest, at least in terms of appearance. This Ghost/Ground type Pokemon is an evolved form of Galarian Yamask. It is believed that Runerigus came to be when an evil spirit possed a stone slab that was engraved with magical runes and that the Pokemon is able to project whatever horrible images depicted on the slabs to anyone who comes in contact with it.

Runerigus brings a total of 483 base stats to the table, and its highest stats are Defense at 145 followed by Special Defense at 105, which makes it an excellent defensive choice. Its Attack of 95 is also nothing to sneeze at, however, it’s not just its stats alone that net it a spot on this list.

In terms of abilities, Runerigus comes with a wide variety, however, one that is definitely worth mentioning is called Wandering Spirit which allows it to swap its abilities with those of an opponent. This is an excellent way to throw a monkey wrench into your opponent’s strategy, and if used properly, it can make Runerigus a force to be reckoned with.

9. Dusknoir


Dusknoir made its debut appearance with the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, also known as the Fourth Generation. This pure Ghost type is an evolved form of Dusclops and is known as the gripper Pokemon due to it trapping humans and other Pokemon within itself in order to take them to the Spirit World, however, it is not known whether it acts on its own accord or is just following orders from the Spirit World.

Dusknoir has a total base stats value of 525 and is considered to be an excellent defender due to its highest stats being its Defense and Special Defense, each at 135 points respectively. Its other stats are nothing worth bragging about, especially its Speed, however, this works in Dusknoirs favor.

Dusknoir can use an ability called Trick Room, which allows the Pokemon with a lower Speed stat to make the first move. This paired with its decent attack and high defense can make it a tricky opponent to fight against if the player is caught off guard.


Hoopa is a Ghost/Psychic Mythical Pokemon that was first introduced in Generation Six. Hoopa already made appeared on our best Psychic Pokemon list so appearing here as well is a testimony of how powerful this Pokemon actually is.

Hoopa comes with a base stat value of 600 which can increase to 680 once it assumes its Hoopa Unbound Form which occurs when using the Prison Bottle. Its best stats are Sits Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.

Hoopa can learn a wide variety of abilities among which are Confusion, Psybeam, Dark Pulse, and Psychic.

11. Palossand


With the release of the Seventh Generation Pokemon games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, we have gotten the first glance at Polassand, a Ghost/Ground type Pokemon and an evolved form of Sandygast that occurs once Sandygast reaches level 42.

Palossand bears the appearance of a sandcastle that has somehow sprung to life and is often referred to as the Beach Nightmare capable of capturing and consuming humans inside of its sandy body until nothing but bones remain.

When it comes to stats, Palossand has a total base stats value of 480. Its best stat is its Defense of 110, and most of its other stats are somewhat evenly distributed with Speed being the only exception, with a value of 35.

Overall, Pallosand is a decent all-around option with a wide variety of moves, especially useful against Fighting type Pokemon.

12. Froslass


Froslass is a Ghost/Ice Pokemon that was added to the Pokedex in the Fourth Generation and one of the final forms of Snorunt alongside Glalie. It is said that this Pokemon preys on young handsome men, and enjoys freezing them and putting them up for display. Froslass evolves from a female Snorunt once it is exposed to a Dawn Stone.

This Pokemon comes with a total base stat value of 480. Its Speed of 110 is its best stat, with other stats being more or less equally balanced which makes Froslass a well-rounded Pokemon across the board.

Due to its rare dual type, Froslass can learn a wide variety of abilities. Moves such as spikes can be used in advance to prepare the battlefield, Blizzard can target multiple opponents at once, and its Ghost-type moves such as Shadow Ball and Hex make it a very dangerous opponent to go up against.

13. Cofagrigus


Cofagrigus is an evolved form of Yamask that occurs once Yamask reaches level 34. This pure Ghost type Pokemon was introduced in Generation Five and according to ancient legends, Cofagrigus is capable of sealing humans in their bodies, turning them into mummies in the process.

Stats-wise, Cofargrigus has a total of 483 base stats points. Its strongest stat by far is its Defense at 145, followed by its Special Defense at 105 and Special Attack at 95. The rest of its stats are low in comparison.

Just like Dusknoir, Cofagrigus is capable of learning the Trick Room ability, which means that its low Speed stat works in its favor allowing it to almost always make the first move.

14. Polteageist


Polteageist is another pure Ghost type and an evolved form of Sinistea. This evolution only occurs when Sinistea is exposed to either a Cracked Pot or a Chipped pot, and depending on the item, the Polteageist can either have the Phony Form or the Antique Form.

When it comes to stats, Polteageist has a total of 508 base stat points. Its most vital stats are its SPecail Attack and Special Defense, with a value of 134 and 114 respectively. Its other stats are almost equally balanced across the board.

Polteageist can learn a wide variety of moves among which are Shadow Ball, Astonish, Shell Smash, and Curse.


Coming in at number fifteen, we have another blast from the past, Gastly. This Ghost/Poison type was introduced back in Generation One and evolves into Haunter once it reaches level 25. Gastly bears the appearance of a black spherical Pokemon, however, more than 95% of its body consists of poisonous gas while the rest of it is believed to be made out of souls.

Compared to other entries on this list, Gastly has a low base stats value of only 310. Its strongest stats are its Special Attack at 100, followed by its Speed at 80 which makes Gastly a decent offensive Pokemon. The rest of its stats are low and equally valued at around 30.

Overall, Gastly isn’t really the best option out there if you are looking for pure power, however, it is such an iconic Pokemon from the First Generation that we felt we must include it.

16. Mismagius


Mismagius is a pure Ghost type Pokemon from Generation Four and an evolved form of Misdreavus. This evolution only occurs when Misdreavus is exposed to a Dusk Stone. This Pokemon bears the resemblance of a ghastly witch and is believed to be capable of causing happiness or utter chaos wherever it appears.

Mismagius has a total base stat value of 495. Its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed all have the value of 105, while the rest of its stats carry the value of 60. With stats such as these and a wide variety of moves such as Aerial Ace, Dazzling Gleam, Dark Pulse, and Psychic, Mismagius is always a welcome addition to any team.

17. Haunter


Next up we have Haunter, a Ghost/Poison type Pokemon and one of the original three Ghosts who were introduced in Generation One alongside Gastly and Gengar.

Haunter is a Pokemon who is afraid of light so it can usually be found around dark places such as caves and is known to haunt people and beckon them to come closer in order to lick them with its poisonous tongue in an effort to deliver a painful death.

In terms of stats, Haunter has a total base value of 405 and its highest stats are its Special Attack and Speed valued at 115 and 95 points respectively.

Those two stats, combined with its Levitate ability make it an excellent addition to any team.

18. Dragapult


Dragapult is a Ghost/Dragon type pseudo-legendary Pokemon that made its first appearance in Generation Eight. Dragapult is an evolved form of Drakloak and a final evolution of Dreepy. Its type combination is so rare that it is only shared by a single other Pokemon, Giratina.

Similar to many legendary Pokemon, Dragapult comes with a base stat value of 600, and its Speed of 142, Attack of 120, and Special Attack of 100 can rarely be matched. This makes Dragapult an excellent offensive Pokemon, however, its Defense and other stats are nothing to sneeze at either.

Dragapult comes with a wide array of abilities among which are Psychic Fangs, Dragon Darts, and Sucker Punch which can be used to effectively take down enemies.

19. Giratina


Nearing the end of our list we have Giratina, a Ghost/Dragon type Legendary Pokemon and a favorite of many. Giratina was introduced in Generation Four and has access to two forms, Altered Forme and Origin Forme. Giratina is the only Ghost/Dragon type alongside Dragapult and a member of the creation trio of Sinnoh along with Dialga and Palkia.

As a Legendary Pokemon, Giratina has a base stats value of 680, however its stats are distributed differently depending on the form that Giratina assumes. In its Altered Forme, Giratina is a great defensive option, while its Origin FOrme is more of an Offensive option.

All in all, Giratina is an excellent Pokemon and a fierce opponent. With its two different forms, a wide variety of moves, great stats and let’s face it, awesome appearance, it is no wonder that it has managed to capture the hearts of so many trainers.

20. Shadow Rider Calyrex

Shadow Rider Calyrex

Last but most certainly not least we have Shadow Rider Calyrex, a Ghost/Psychic Legendary Pokemon, and one of the forms of Calyrex alongside Ice Rider Calyrex.Shadow Rider Calyrex comes into existence only when Reins of Unity are used on Calyrex and Spectrier. It is worth noting that there is no way to possess Shadow Rider Calyrex and Ice Rider Calyrex at the same time.

Shadow Rider Calyrex comes with a total base stats value of 680. Its best stat by far is its Special Attack at 165, followed by its Speed at 150. Its other stats are also decent, however, it is the two that we already mentioned that make it a fearsome fighter on the battlefield.

Shadow Rider Calyrex can learn a wide variety of abilities such as Unnerve which prevents opponents from consuming berries, and Grim Neigh, which further increases the power of its Special Attack every time Shadow Rider Calyrex knocks out an enemy Pokemon.

' src=

Nikola, aka Nidzan online, was born in Europe and although he doesn't remember much from his early childhood, he does remember getting an NES controller in his hands at the age of two. After that, one console led to another, franchise mascots were born and abandoned, and the rest is history. Today, Nidzan spends most of his time either playing a wide variety of video games or writing articles about them.

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Top 20 Ghost Type Pokemon of all time – [Ranked]


Horror and spooks abound in the Pokémon universe, from the ominous soundtrack in Lavender Town to rumors of haunted Game Boy cartridges like Pokémon Black.

If you read enough Pokédex entries for Ghost-type Pokémon, you can start to feel like you’re stuck in one of those creepypastas you stumble across when you’re alone at 3 a.m.

Ghost-type Pokémon have always been a mysterious breed. And the Trainers who like them are also one-of-a-kind.

Agatha from the original Elite IV and Gym Leader Allister from the Galar region are two excellent examples.

If you want to be like these remarkable personalities and immerse yourself in Poké-spiritualism, the following list of Ghost Pokémon will undoubtedly assist you in assembling your ideal squad.

Best Ghost Type Pokemon List

1. gengar.


You already knew Gengar was at the top of the list. I knew it was Gengar even before I started writing, and everyone else knew it was Gengar.

It couldn’t possibly be anyone else.

Because of how amazing it appears on products, the original shadow Pokémon from the first 151 has virtually no competition in terms of popularity.

It’s also really frightening.

This creature lurks in the shadows, the gloom of your living room at night, and laughs at your fright from the corner of your closet after you’ve had a nightmare.

As if that wasn’t enough, this colossal ghost has a Mega Evolution that is even frightening and more powerful. Gengar was already a good pick for competitive play even without it, given to its strong Speed and Sp. Attack.

The original spookster unquestionably reigns supreme in the category of best ghost Pokémon.

2. Dragapult


When Game Freak chooses to flout expectations, Pokémon designs genuinely shine.

When it came time to create a Dragon/Ghost-type Pokémon, they didn’t just build an undead dragon like it was Dark Souls or something.

Dragapult, a hybrid of a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber and a magical lizard, was created instead.

For obvious reasons, this exceedingly cool-looking anti-radar wyrm is known as the Stealth Pokémon.

It also has the Infiltrator ability, which allows it to sneak through obstacles with ease and maintain some dreary alive in spaces atop its head from which it can launch missile strikes.

3. Aegislash


Contrary to popular assumption, it is possible to have “too good” goods.

Aegislash, for example, is so powerful in battle that it’s prohibited from most competitive circuits.

It’s not hard to see why.

This Steel/Ghost dual-type monster has numerous resistances and outright immunities that aid it in combat.

Furthermore, depending on the type of move it performed previously, its Stance Change ability allows it to swing between excellent attacking skills and amazing defenses.

There’s no reason not to include Aegislash in your Pokémon X/Y squad if you’re playing through the story or competing with friends casually.

4. Chandelure


Chandelure, Unova’s Luring Pokémon, is another popular choice among gamers.

Many people used to utilize this handy-shaped creature to light their dwellings without having to spend money on lamp oil.

They had no idea that Chandelure uses souls as fuel for its fire instead of oil, causing misfortune and pain to those who come into contact with it.

However, if you teach it to fight, you’ll have a valuable asset in most scenarios.

It’s a little slow, but it has incredible Special Attack. And because it is Ghost/Fire, it has access to a variety of powerful same-type attacks to smash your opponents.

5. Mimikyu


Mimikyu, like Banette, takes on the appearance of a raggedy doll. However, for quite different reasons.

Mimikyu was not left behind by anyone.

Rather, it’s a camouflage designed to entice prey while deterring would-be assailants.

That’s probably for the best, though, because it’s supposed that people who catch a look of what’s inside the outfit will suffer a horrible death while sleeping. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Since its introduction in Generation 7, the quirky design and shy character of this Ghost/Fairy type has made it a cult favorite, starring in a slew of fanart and memes.

6. Cursola


Climate change scares most millennials far more than ghosts and hauntings.

However, Game Freak chose to combine that concept with a Ghost-type by producing Cursola, the prettiest undead creature in the Pokémon universe.

Climate change has wiped out much of Galar’s coral reef, along with all of the Corsola.

As a result, their souls have merged into an intriguing new design.

Contact with this Pokémon can inflict a devastating curse on its opponent, causing it to faint in three turns if not switched out (together with Cursola).

We’re all going down with it, just like the environment, if we don’t do something about it.

7. Runerigus


In the Galarian region of gen 8, you won’t discover many Egyptian-looking coffins. So, what are the Yamask’s options?

Then there’s Runerigus.

This Ground/Ghost-type Pokémon, known as the Grudge, is the consequence of a spirit holding a ceremonial slab etched with mystical runes. And whomever touches it will be subjected to the dreadful memories associated with the image shown on its stone tablet.

While its Wandering Spirit ability isn’t particularly beneficial in fighting, it is.

It allows this monster to switch abilities with any opponent, quickly dismantling numerous tactics. Runerigus is a tough fighter because of this, as well as his excellent defense and moderate attack number

8. Cofagrigus


Most Ghost-types would rather possess an existing item than take on a specific form.

Cofagrigus is the name given to people who have a sarcophagus.

Cofragigus, aside from trapping individuals and converting them into mummies, are the ideal defense against tomb raiders because to their tanky construction and eerie nature.

Their primary flaw is that they are slow. Their Trick Room ability, on the other hand, will make it irrelevant by reversing everyone’s Speed.

I know what kind of Pokémon Lara Croft would choose.

9. Haunter


Gastly, along with Haunter, is part of the original ghostly evolutionary line from Pokémon Red and Blue, which makes him particularly noteworthy.

Gastly’s amorphous vapors have taken on a devilish shape, replete with a tongue that will kill anyone it licks slowly and painfully.

This Pokémon will be able to carry you through various mid-game locations successfully, thanks to its good Special Attack and Speed, as well as the levitation ability, until you (hopefully) become a Gengar.

10. Gastly

Gastly would be a Pokémon with the move Shadow Ball.

And this pokemon is just that! It may sound strange, but that is exactly what he is! A shadowy ball with a strange aura… This one, on the other hand, can poison you through your lungs, skin, and other organs.

But have no fear, young trainer.

Although it’s impossible to know if a Gastly is around using standard means, you should be alright as long as you keep away from abandoned buildings and other enclosed locations. The wind usually blows this Ghost/Poison-type away when they’re outside.

11. Giratina


In the anime, Giratina is a legendary Pokemon. Giratina was released in generation IV as the main legendary in Pokémon Platinum, thus one wouldn’t anticipate it to have a shady past.

This could not be further from the truth. Because of its ultraviolent tendencies, this dual Ghost/Dragon-type was forced to be trapped in the Distortion World.

That’s a big deal in a society where Pokémon Battles are the main source of entertainment and sport.

Its design reflects this, with red blazing eyes and shadows bat-like wings, giving it a distinctly sinister appearance

12. Banette


Cursed, abandoned dolls with a tragic past are also common in ghost stories all across the world.

Banette is the protagonist of one of these stories.

The Marionette Pokémon, enraged by whoever threw it away, comes to life in search of vengeance.

It starts out as a little Shuppet. But, as you can see in its Mega Banette phase, it evolves into a ghostly beast that requires zippers to keep its evil energy from escaping.

Banette, despite her hatred, may be caught and trained like any other Pokémon.

It is stated that after experiencing the affection of a loving Trainer, the doll’s hatred will be purged, and it will revert to being a common doll. I have yet to witness it.

13. Froslass


In folklore around the world, dangerous women aren’t just witches.

Froslass is inspired by Japan’s icy and eerie contribution to the collective unconscious.

Froslass are the Pokémon analogue of the Yuki-onna, creatures from Japan’s snowy regions who take the shape of beautiful ladies to prey on traveling men. They are known as the Snow Land Pokémon and have numerous skills connected to blizzards.

This Ice/Ghost creature, which resembles a cool and tranquil woman dressed in a white kimono, reflects that idea.

14. Mismagius


Witches are another creature you’d expect to encounter in the dark forests of mythology.

And it’s clear that Mismagius is based on that horrible half-human creature.

You notice a shadowy creature floating above you as you stroll through the woods. As the knowledge dawns, the distinctive shape of a pointy hat appears… However, it is too late. For Mismagius has begun to sing terrible incantations that cause frightening visions in anybody who hears them.

If you’re thinking about giving your Misdreavus a Dusk Stone to evolve it, consider if you really want to introduce something like Mismagius into the world.

If it’s on your team, I’m confident the answer is a resounding “yes.”

15. Trevenant


Many ancient communities around the world have various myths and legends about talking trees carrying the wisdom of the centuries.

Trevenant is the protagonist of this story in the Pokémon universe.

Trevenant, who like any Treant in World of Warcraft, lives in the Unova region’s forests as the physical expression of the forest’s will.

Also, Trevenant are known to eat people and can speak with and send instructions to the rest of the trees. This is why lumberjacks always keep Fire-type Pokémon on hand.

I’m surprised it took six generations for them to come up with this.

16. Polteageist


If such a dramatic story has made you nervous, I offer a cup of tea to help you relax… Just make sure it’s tea and not a sly Polteageist that you’re sipping.

As a homage to the English people’s passion for a warm cup of tea, this very charming Ghost-type Pokémon was debuted in the UK-inspired Galarian area.

It develops from Sinistea, a tiny cup of ectoplasm generated when a Polteageist comes over an abandoned cup of black tea and pours itself into it. Yes, the newer generations are becoming increasingly strange, but I still enjoy them.

I’m looking forward to the Iced Tea version, which will undoubtedly appear in future versions.

17. Alolan Marowak


Consider Alolan Marowak when it comes to abandoned remains. Who, like the continental species, wears its mother’s skull as a protective emblem on its head.

Marowak wasn’t always a ghost-type, despite his strange and sometimes heartbreaking background.

With this dark shamanic form of the classic animal, carrying bones yet plagued by its mother’s malevolent soul, the transition came in generation VII.

This Fire/Ghost upgrade can now deliver a powerful blow in battle. Always check for the Curse Body ability before employing your strongest move if you’re up against an Alolan Marowak.

Because there’s a 30% risk it’ll become deactivated after you use it.

18. Shedinja


A sandcastle isn’t the strangest thing that has ever existed in the Pokémon universe.

Shedinja, a Bug/Ghost Pokémon born from a Ninjask’s discarded cocoon, receives this award.

To get one, simply retain an empty space in your party when you suspect your Nincada is ready to evolve, so Shedinja can take its place once it is born.

Shedinja has only 1HP as a paper-thin cocoon. However, due to its typing and Wonder Guard ability, it is immune to all but rock, dark, and fire-type damaging moves.

It won’t be as simple as you think to take it down.

19. Palossand


Palossand continues the practice of trapping people inside itself.

Sand Castle is a beloved Pokémon from Generation VII.

It is an evolution of Sandygast, and despite its appearance as a man-made edifice, it is actually a ghost occupying a sand mound. Neat.

It simply adopts this harmless appearance in order to approach unwary victims undetected. Then it burys them in sand and eats them until just the bones are left.

20. Dusknoir


This ghostly Michelin mascot is more than a bit creepy, since it is known as the gripper Pokémon for its inclination to aggressively imprison people and other Pokémon within itself in order to “lead them to the Spirit World.”

Nobody knows if this generation 4 addition acts on its own volition or if it is just channeling Spirit World commands.

That said, I’m betting there’s more to that phantom head than a ghostly Terminator, given that it can be captured, trained, and utilized in Pokémon battles.


That’s it for the list of Ghost type Pokemon that you can catch in Pokemon universe. Read more on our website.

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10 Most Iconic Ghost-Type Pokémon

Thanks to their fun appearances in the anime and usefulness in many Pokémon games, certain Ghost-type Pokémon are the most iconic in the franchise.

Every single one of the 18 Pokémon types brings something new and exciting to the table, but Ghost-type Pokémon have always embraced the spooky and fearsome aesthetic like no other. Ghost Pokémon either instill fear with their designs, mannerisms or moves, or have a tragic backstory that explains them being a ghost in the first place.

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The Ghost typing took a while to get going, but from Gen III onwards it started to gain traction and now sits at a 70-strong roster, out of 1008 total species of Pokémon. Ghost is truly a unique and iconic typing within the realms of Pokémon , and there are certain species to thank for its reputation.

10 Gastly Was The First Ghost Pokémon Of The Franchise

Just as the iconic Dratini line carried the Dragon typing through Gen I, Gastly did the same for Ghost-type Pokémon. In the original 151 species, only Gastly, Haunter and Gengar existed as Ghost-types. Gastly was never much of a fighter, but it still set the precedent for what Ghost-types represented, in its exaggerated expressions and spooky behavior.

It is often forgotten that Gastly and its evolutions are dual Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon, but with Gastly being the Gas Pokémon, it makes total sense. The type combination plus its Levitate Ability gives Gastly three immunities and only three weaknesses, although the weakness to Psychic-type Pokémon could have been avoided if it was a sole Ghost-type Pokémon. Regardless, Gastly is the first Ghost Pokémon of the franchise and one of the most iconic.

9 Dusclops Has Become An Iconic Face Of The Ghost Typing

The Ghost typing had to wait until Gen III before it started to get some depth and momentum, but even then there were only ten Ghost Pokémon in total across five evolution lines. Dusclops was introduced as the evolved form of Duskull, and has proven a popular Ghost Pokémon among players of the games ever since, often preferred to Shuppet's evolution, Banette.

The Beckon Pokémon has a scary aesthetic befitting the Ghost typing , with significant bulk in its Defense and Special Defense stats, while simultaneously posing a terrifying offense threat. Dusclops is capable of having a useful and diverse moveset, which is why it is often considered an important encounter in Nuzlocke runs of Pokémon games.

8 Mimikyu Is An Intriguing & Inventive Concept For A Ghost Pokémon

Mimikyu was introduced in Gen VII, bringing so much excitement and intrigue with it. The Ghost/Fairy-type Pokémon only has two weaknesses to Ghost and Steel-type moves, three resistances and has the bonus of its Disguise Ability, acting like a Substitute in letting it absorb an attack before being able to take damage.

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However, the most iconic and eye-catching aspect of Mimikyu is how its disguise resembles Pikachu, a Pokémon that it actually actively envies, and in the case of Team Rocket's Mimikyu, hates. Mimikyu is a powerful Pokémon in its own right, and not to be underestimated. The Disguise Pokémon quickly became an important and iconic Ghost-type within the franchise.

7 Misdreavus Is As Mysterious As They Come

While the Ghost typing definitely needed some additions to its roster when Gen II of Pokémon arrived, all that arrived was Misdreavus. In fact, until Gen III, there were only four Ghost-types, as Misdreavus had been added to Gastly, Haunter and Gengar.

Misdreavus's addition did nothing for the depth of the Ghost typing, yet it simultaneously did a lot for its future. Misdreavus was a rare encounter in the Gen II games Gold, Silver & Crystal , but would get various appearances in the anime, as well as leaving room for new species to come from it in future generations. Misdreavus got an evolution in Gen IV in the form of Mismagius, and even inspired a Paradox Pokémon in the Gen IX games Scarlet & Violet , named Flutter Mane. Misdreavus has been appropriately ghost-like and subtle in its influence, but has still made quite the impact.

6 Gholdengo Heads An Impressive Group Of Ghost-Type Additions In Gen IX

Gholdengo was one of several new creative designs to be introduced to the roster in Gen IX, and headed an impressive group of new Ghost-type additions. Gholdengo however is the 1000th Pokémon, an iconic honor in itself.

The Coin Entity Pokémon is the evolved form of Gimmighoul, and is obtained by finding 999 Gimmighoul Coins by traveling the open world of the Paldea region in Scarlet & Violet . Gholdengo is eye-catching and unique, and the Steel/Ghost-type Pokémon has found its way onto most teams on the competitive circuit.

5 Haunter Technically Helped Ash To Victory At The Saffron Gym

Haunter is the evolved form of Gastly, and one of only three Gen I Ghost-type Pokémon. Unlike Gastly however, Haunter has some battling pedigree and value, as shown in the anime. Ash tried to catch Haunter as a counter to Sabrina's Psychic Pokémon, but instead earned the Marsh Badge through Haunter making Sabrina laugh, while Morty's Haunter actually showed its potential in defeating Ash's Cyndaquil.

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In the earlier games, Haunter is one of the strongest Ghost-type Pokémon players can get, unless they have access to trading, in order to trigger its evolution into Gengar. Haunter is perfectly capable of stepping into this role of responsibility, with a particularly tricky movepool to choose from.

4 Spiritomb Is Still Iconic Even With Its Weakness To Fairy-Types

Spiritomb has always been a rare encounter for players to come across, due to its value, and in Diamond & Pearl it was used as Champion Cynthia's opening Pokémon . Upon its introduction in Gen IV, Spiritomb became infamous for its lack of weaknesses, thanks to the Ghost/Dark-type combination, and this made it a nightmare for challengers.

Spiritomb would rarely be knocked out in one hit, giving it time to cause chaos as players readied themselves to face Cynthia's ace, Garchomp. The introduction of the Fairy typing in Gen VI finally brought a weakness for Spiritomb, but it is still a formidable and iconic Ghost Pokémon. ​​​

3 Shedinja & Wonder Guard Present A Unique Combination

Shedinja may not be one of the most powerful or dangerous Pokémon, but its unique premise and Ability have kept it relevant and interesting since its introduction back in Gen III. The Shed Pokémon​​​​​​​ has the overpowered Wonder Guard Ability, that would make any other Pokémon unstoppable. Wonder Guard makes it so only super-effective moves can land, but unfortunately for Shedinja, that includes five types.

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However, that leaves Shedinja with the record number of type immunities, at thirteen. Shedinja only has 1 HP, but was a nuisance for years when equipped with the Focus Sash held item, allowing it to take an extra hit from one of those few super-effective moves. Shedinja may not return in every generation, but it is still mysterious, memorable and iconic.

2 Giratina's Introduction In Pokémon Legends: Arceus Was One Of The Greatest Entrances Of All Time

The Ghost/Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon Giratina is the face of Pokémon Platinum , and is known for its menacing involvement in the Distortion World storyline with Team Galactic's Cyrus. Giratina simply became one of Pokémon 's many legendaries, until it resurfaced once again in a big way in Pokémon Legends: Arceus .

Giratina appeared as a part of the huge plot twist from the game, joining Volo in his villainous reveal and battling the player, even revealing its Origin Forme in the process. The Origin Forme even gives Giratina an extra type immunity with the new Ability Levitate helping it to avoid Ground moves.

1 Gengar Has Always Been The Face Of The Ghost-Type

Gengar carried the Ghost typing on its back until it got more support in Gens III & IV, and is still used as one of the most powerful Ghost-type Pokémon out there. Gengar is iconic and has appeared with numerous Trainers across the anime and the games over the years, especially with it turning up as a staple of Ghost-type Gym Leaders.

In Pokémon Journeys , Ash finally got a Gengar of his own , and this has just cemented the Shadow Pokémon as one of the all-time greats. Gengar is let down by its secondary Poison typing, that makes it weak to Psychic and Ground-type moves, but it makes up for it with a decent stat spread, diverse movepool, as well as Gigantamax and Mega Evolution forms. Gengar truly is the most iconic Ghost Pokémon.

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Slowpoke Tail logo.png

The Top 10 Best Ghost Type Pokemon Ever

If you want to add the strongest and best ghost Pokemon to your team, look no further! These Pokemon have the best stats, move pools & abilities of all non-legendary ghost types which allow them to thrive in competitive battling and general game-play.

Honorable Mentions:

Decidueye , Dusknoir, Cofagrigus, Jellicent

10. Alolan Marowak

best ghost type pokemon - alolan marowak

Marowak is the evolved form of a Cubone that has overcome its sadness at the loss of its mother and grown tough. Its tempered and hardened spirit is not easily broken.

Good attacks for Marowak: shadow bone, flare blitz, bonemerang, fire punch, low kik, swords dance, stealth rock

9. Froslass

best ghost type pokemon - froslass

Froslass freezes foes with an icy breath nearly -60 degrees Fahrenheit. What seems to be its body is actually hollow.

Good attacks for Froslass: ice beam, shadow ball, icy wind, destiny bond, spikes

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Cursola's shell is overflowing with its heightened otherworldly energy. Be cautious of the ectoplasmic body surrounding its soul. You'll become stiff as stone if you touch it.

Good attacks for Cursola: shadow ball, hex, ice beam, earth power, hydro pump, will-O-wisp, stealth rocks, strength sap

best ghost type pokemon - sableye

Sableye lead quiet lives deep inside caverns. They are feared because they are thought to steal the spirits of people when their eyes burn with a sinister glow in the darkness.

Good attacks for Sableye: knock off, fake out, foul play, toxic, will-O-wisp, recover, protect

6. Chandelure

best ghost type pokemon - chandelure

Being consumed in Chandelure's flame burns up the spirit, leaving the body behind. The spirits burned up in its ominous flame lose their way and wander this world forever.

Good attacks for Chandelure: flamethrower, shadow ball, energy ball, calm mind

Read more: The best legendary ghost type Pokemon ever - ranked

5. Polteageist

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Polteageist lives in antique teapots. Most pots are forgeries, but on rare occasions, an authentic work is found. Leaving leftover black tea unattended is asking for it to come along and pour itself into it, turning the tea into a new Polteageist.

Good attacks for Polteageist: shadow ball, giga drain, stored power, shell smash

best ghost type pokemon - mimikyu

Mimikyu's actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock.

Good attacks for Mimikyu: play rough, shadow claw, shadow sneak, swords dance

best ghost type pokemon - gengar

Sometimes, on a dark night, your shadow cast by a streetlight will suddenly and startlingly overtake you. It is actually a Gengar running past you, pretending to be your shadow.

Good attacks for Gengar: shadow ball, sludge wave, focus blast, icy wind, thunderbolt hex, will-O-wisp, destiny bond

2. Dragapult

best ghost type pokemon - dragapult

When it isn't battling, Dragapult keeps Dreepy in the holes on its horns. Once a fight starts, it launches the Dreepy like supersonic missiles. Apparently the Dreepy inside Dragapult's horns eagerly look forward to being launched out at Mach speeds!

Good attacks for Dragapult: hex, draco meteor, shadow ball, fire blast, thunder bolt, U-turn, will-O-wisp, thunder wave

1. Aegislash

best ghost type pokemon - aegislash

Generations of kings were attended by Aegislash , which used their spectral power to manipulate and control people and Pokémon.

Good attacks for Aegislash: king's shield, gyro ball, iron head, shadow ball, sacred sword, shadow sneak, swords dance, toxic

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Pokémon: the 10 coolest ghost-type pokémon.

Ghost-type Pokémon aren't numerous, but they are memorable. Here are some of the coolest Ghost monsters around.

Ghost-type  Pokémon aren't numerous, but they are memorable. As the second-rarest type in the franchise after Ice, Ghosts rank as some of the most inaccessible Pokémon in the games. Despite this, they're well represented, with a Ghost-type specialist present in nearly every region , whether as a Gym Leader of Elite Four Member.

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They can be cute and sweet , like any other Pokémon type, but they can also be fierce, scary, and absolutely cool in both premise and execution. Ghosts generally share the same color scheme of dark and neutral colors, though some dare to step out of it. With unique and often disturbing inspirations behind them, these creatures haunt the Pokémon world with singular glee, enjoying the mayhem they provoke.

Introduced in Generation IV as an evolution for Gen II's forgotten and underrated Misdreavus, Mismagius quickly made a name for itself. It seems to be inspired by the concepts of witches and wizards, as indicated by its pointy hat.

Mismagius is said to cause misery or happiness to others, depending on its own mood and power. People that hear its cries will suffer headaches or hallucinations, indicating a possible connection to the banshee. A Special Attacker, Mismagius is fast but quite frail.

Another evolution introduced in Generation IV , Dusknoir is the final stage of Gen III's Duskull. Dusknoir seems to be based on the mythological Cyclops.

In the Pokémon world, Dusknoir functions as a Grim Reaper figure, guiding Pokémon to the spirit world based on indications transmitted to its antennae. Its belly mouth is capable of swallowing its target whole. Like Mismagius, it is extremely frail and slow, although its high defenses - both Physical and Special - make it the ideal tank.

First appearing in the Hoenn games, Banette is a pure Ghost-type that evolves from Shuppet at level 37. A former doll possessed by pure hatred, Banette is brought to life by a powerful grudge, an enduring concept that inspired horror movies like  The Ring and  The Grudge .

The zipper on its mouth keeps its life force safely hidden within. It uses its own body as a voodoo doll and inflicts powerful curses on others. It lives in garbage dumps and dark alleys, searching for the person that discarded. It is said that if its trainer treats it with enough respect and care, it will turn back to being a lifeless toy. Capable of Mega Evolving, Banette becomes such a vindictive force, it will even curse its own trainer.

Mimikyu's true appearance is unknown and it is said that anyone who sees it will be inflicted by a mysterious illness and die. A lonely Pokémon, Mimikyu is starved for care and attention, leading it to disguise itself as a Pikachu in an attempt to seem more appealing to others. It backfires, however, as the disguise makes it look even creepier.

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Should anyone attempt to remove its disguise, Mimikyu will react savagely and viciously. Thanks to its unique Ghost/Fairy typing, Mimikyu has only two weaknesses and three immunities. Its signature move, Let's Snuggle Forever , is an upgraded version of the powerful Fairy move, Play Rough.

Alola's Grass starter, Decidueye is the final form of Rowlet. Cool and cautious by nature, it will overreact when surprised. The most capable archer in the Pokémon world , Decidueye's signature move, Spirit Shackle, can be enhanced via a Z-crystal, becoming the Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid.

Decidueye is based on an owl and an archer, including some depictions of the classic English hero of legend, Robin Hood. Its Grass/Ghost typing gives it five different weaknesses, but also provides two immunities and four resistances, creating a nice balance.

One of the newest additions to the type, Dragapult is Galar's Pseudo-Legendary, as well as the first Pseudo with Ghost as a secondary typing. Dragapult and its pre-evolutions, Dreepy and Drakloak, are ghosts of prehistoric aquatic Pokémon. Dragpult carries a pair of Dreepy inside its horns, which it will fire like missiles.

Dragapult's design incorporates elements of a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, a stealth bomber aircraft that explains its incredibly high Speed stat. It may also be based on a Diplocaulus, an extinct amphibian that lived roughly 300 million years ago. Dragapult also shares similarities with catapults and trebuchets.


One of Sinnoh's most inspired Pokémon designs , Spiritomb is a dual-type Ghost/Dark Pokémon that's formed by a collection of 108 spirits trapped inside an Odd Keystone. Some of the spirits inside are evil, making Spirtomb a tough Pokémon to train.

Before the introduction of the Fairy-type, Spiritomb had no weaknesses, boasted three immunities, and had one resistance. It has incredibly high Defenses but is also incredibly slow.

In the pantheon of overpowered Pokémon, Aegislash holds a place of honor. A dual-type Steel/Ghost creature introduced in Generation VI, Aegislash has the ability to change forms during battle, depending on the moves it is using. Its stats will change along, with its Shield Form boasting ridiculously high Defense and Special Defense, while its Blade form grants it ridiculously high Attack and Special Attack.

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Weak to four types, Aegislash is immune to three and resistant to a whopping nine, making it one of the strongest Pokémon in the games. Perceptive and in possession of incredible spectral powers, Aegislash has attended and served generations of Kings.

The original Ghost-type Pokémon, Gengar used to be the strongest and coolest Ghost in the franchise. Mischievous and malicious, Gengar enjoys playing practical jokes and casting curses. Because of its immense popularity, Gengar is one of the few Pokémon to have both Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax forms.

In its Gintamax form, its enlarged mouth is said to lead into the afterlife itself. Indeed, if someone steps close enough to the mouth of a Gigantamax Gengar, they will hear the voices of their loved ones calling out for them. A dual-type Ghost/Poison mon, Gengar hits extremely hard and extremely fast, but its other stats are quite average.

The first Ghost-type Legendary Pokémon, Giratina is the representation of antimatter within the Pokémon world. A spectral centipede-like creature, Giratina seems to be based on the idea of a fallen angel. It rules over its own dimension, the Distortion World, a place where the laws of physics don't apply. Giratina may also be based on common portrayals of the Beasts of Revelation.

Like other Legendary Pokémon, Giratina is absurdly powerful, with extremely high HP and high Attack and Defense, both Special and Physical. Fans anxiously await to see it in the upcoming Sinnoh remakes ,  Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl .

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Top 30 Best Ghost-type Pokémon, Ranked

In this article, we embark on a journey through the spectral domain of Pokémon as we unveil the Top 30 Best Ghost-type Pokémon, Ranked. Join us as we explore the phantasmal world of these otherworldly creatures, examining their unique abilities, haunting designs, and their undeniable impact on battles, and discover which Ghost-types rise to the top as the most formidable and fascinating of them all.

List of Best Ghost-type Pokémon Ranked:

30. phantump.

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Phantump is a dual-type Ghost/Grass Pokémon introduced in Generation VI.

It resembles a small, ghostly tree stump with red eyes and a hat-like growth on its head.

Phantump is said to be formed when spirits possess rotten tree stumps.

It has the ability “Natural Cure” or “Frisk,” depending on its ability slot.

Phantump evolves into Trevenant when traded or leveled up while having a Dusk Stone.

29. Yamask (Galarian Form)

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Yamask is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V, but it has a Galarian regional form.

The Galarian Yamask is a dual-type Ground/Ghost Pokémon.

It resembles a small, ghostly spirit carrying a mask.

The mask Yamask carries is said to be the face it had when it was still human.

Galarian Yamask evolves into Runerigus when it takes 49 or more damage from an attack in the Dusty Bowl area of the Galar region’s Wild Area.

28. Polteageist

Polteageist is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.

It resembles a teapot with a ghostly spirit residing inside.

Polteageist is known for its mischievous behavior, pouring tea and creating illusions.

It has the ability “Weak Armor,” which raises its Speed stat but lowers its Defense stat when hit with a physical move.

Polteageist evolves from Sinistea when exposed to a Cracked Pot.

27. Pumpkaboo

Pumpkaboo is a dual-type Ghost/Grass Pokémon introduced in Generation VI.

It resembles a small pumpkin with a ghostly face carved into it.

Pumpkaboo has the ability to change size, and its size determines its base stats.

It is known to appear in eerie locations and is associated with Halloween.

Pumpkaboo evolves into Gourgeist when traded or leveled up while having a Dusk Stone.

26. Haunter

Haunter is a dual-type Ghost/Poison Pokémon introduced in Generation I.

It is the evolved form of Gastly and the pre-evolved form of Gengar.

Haunter resembles a ghostly, shadowy figure with disembodied hands.

It is mischievous and enjoys scaring people.

Haunter has the ability “Levitate,” which makes it immune to Ground-type moves.

25. Shedinja

Shedinja is a Bug/Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III.

It is known for its unique ability called “Wonder Guard,” which makes it immune to all damage except for super-effective hits and certain indirect damage.

Shedinja has a hollow exoskeleton with a single red eye visible through its back.

It is said to be the discarded husk of a Nincada when it evolves into Ninjask.

Shedinja cannot be obtained through traditional leveling up; it is obtained by having an extra Poké Ball and an extra party slot when evolving Nincada.

24. Rotom (Rotom Forme)

Rotom is an Electric/Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV.

It has a unique ability to possess various electronic appliances, giving it different forms.

Rotom can possess appliances such as a washing machine, lawnmower, oven, fan, and refrigerator, each with a different form and move set.

It is mischievous and known for causing electrical disturbances.

Rotom has the ability “Levitate,” making it immune to Ground-type moves.

23. Mismagius

Mismagius is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV.

It is the evolved form of Misdreavous when exposed to a Dusk Stone.

Mismagius has a witch-like appearance with a large, billowing cloak and a crescent-shaped hat.

It is known for its mystical powers and ability to cast spells using its ghostly energy.

Mismagius has the ability “Levitate,” making it immune to Ground-type moves.

22. Runerigus

Runerigus is a Ground/Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.

It is the evolved form of Galarian Yamask when it takes 49 or more damage from an attack in the Dusty Bowl area of the Galar region’s Wild Area.

Runerigus resembles an ancient tombstone or coffin with eyes peering out from cracks.

It is known for its ability to disguise itself as a ruin to avoid being attacked.

Runerigus has the ability “Wandering Spirit,” which can replace the opponent’s ability with its own upon contact.

21. Spiritomb

Spiritomb is a Ghost/Dark-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV.

It is a unique Pokémon, as it is only obtained by interacting with the Odd Keystone in the Underground.

Spiritomb is formed by the fusion of 108 spirits trapped in the Odd Keystone.

It has a mysterious and ominous appearance, with a large head and a small body.

Spiritomb has the ability “Pressure,” which increases the PP usage of the opponent’s moves when it is targeted.

20. Dhelmise

Dhelmise is a dual-type Ghost/Grass Pokémon introduced in Generation VII.

It is an anchor-based Pokémon, with its “body” being a combination of seaweed and an old anchor.

Dhelmise is known for its ability to control seaweed and use it as powerful tendrils and whips.

It has the ability “Steelworker,” which boosts the power of its Steel-type moves.

Dhelmise can be found in areas with sunken ships, lurking in the depths of the ocean.

19. Dusknoir

Dusknoir is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV.

It is the evolved form of Dusclops when traded while holding a Reaper Cloth.

Dusknoir has a haunting appearance, resembling a ghostly figure wearing a cloak with red eyes.

It is said to be able to take lost spirits to the afterlife.

Dusknoir has the ability “Pressure,” which increases the PP usage of the opponent’s moves when it is targeted.

18. Gourgeist

Gourgeist is a dual-type Ghost/Grass Pokémon introduced in Generation VI.

It evolves from Pumpkaboo when traded or leveled up while having a Dusk Stone.

Gourgeist has a pumpkin-like appearance and comes in various sizes.

It is known for its mischievous nature and its ability to generate illusions and create eerie sounds.

Gourgeist has the ability “Pickup” or “Frisk,” depending on its ability slot.

Golurk is a dual-type Ground/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation V.

It resembles a colossal ancient warrior made of stone with glowing eyes.

Golurk was created to protect ancient people and structures.

It can fly by retracting its arms and legs into its body, resembling a rocket.

Golurk has the ability “Iron Fist,” which boosts the power of its punching moves.

16. Sableye

Sableye is a dual-type Dark/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation III.

It has a mischievous and impish appearance, resembling a creature with gemstone-like eyes and a wide, toothy grin.

Sableye is known for its obsession with shiny objects and its ability to detect hidden gems and treasures.

It is also one of the few Pokémon with no weaknesses due to its Dark/Ghost typing.

Sableye has the ability “Prankster,” which gives priority to status moves.

15. Drifblim

Drifblim is a dual-type Ghost/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation IV.

It resembles a large, ghostly balloon with a pair of small hands.

Drifblim is known for its ability to carry away people and Pokémon that grab onto it.

It can create strong winds and generate electric-like energy.

Drifblim has the ability “Aftermath” or “Unburden,” depending on its ability slot.

14. Cofagrigus

Cofagrigus is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V.

It is the evolved form of Yamask when leveled up with high friendship.

Cofagrigus resembles a sarcophagus with red eyes and a sinister expression.

It has the ability to trap the souls of people or Pokémon inside its body.

Cofagrigus has the ability “Mummy,” which changes the ability of a Pokémon that makes contact with it into Mummy.

13. Banette (Mega Banette)

Banette is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III, and it has a Mega Evolution.

Mega Banette is obtained by using a Banettite on a Banette during battle.

It takes on a more menacing appearance, with an elongated body and a larger, more exaggerated mouth.

Mega Banette is known for its strong grudges and the ability to curse those who wronged it.

It has the ability “Prankster,” which gives priority to status moves.

12. Decidueye

Decidueye is a dual-type Grass/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation VII.

It is the final evolution of Rowlet, the Grass-type starter Pokémon in the Alola region.

Decidueye resembles an archer owl and has a stealthy and elegant fighting style.

It can shoot arrows made of feathers with precise accuracy and remain completely silent in flight.

Decidueye has the ability “Overgrow” or “Long Reach,” depending on its ability slot.

11. Froslass

Froslass is a dual-type Ice/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation IV.

It is the evolved form of a female Snorunt when exposed to a Dawn Stone.

Froslass resembles a ghostly woman wearing a kimono with ice-like crystals on its head.

It is known for its beauty and allure, which it uses to lure unsuspecting prey.

Froslass has the ability “Snow Cloak” or “Cursed Body,” depending on its ability slot.

10. Trevenant

Trevenant is a dual-type Ghost/Grass Pokémon introduced in Generation VI.

It evolves from Phantump when traded or leveled up while having a Dusk Stone.

Trevenant resembles a ghostly tree with long, branch-like arms and a menacing face carved into its trunk.

It is said to protect the forest and punish those who harm it.

Trevenant has the ability “Natural Cure” or “Frisk,” depending on its ability slot.

9. Jellicent

Jellicent is a dual-type Water/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation V.

It evolves from Frillish starting at level 40.

Jellicent has a jellyfish-like appearance with a large, billowing head and flowing tentacles.

It has the ability to manipulate water and create whirlpools.

Jellicent has the ability “Water Absorb” or “Cursed Body,” depending on its ability slot.

8. Misdreavous

Misdreavous is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II.

It is known for its playful and mischievous nature.

Misdreavous resembles a small, ghostly figure with a round, purple body and large, red eyes.

It enjoys scaring people and creating illusions.

Misdreavous has the ability “Levitate,” making it immune to Ground-type moves.

7. Galarian Corsola (Cursola)

Galarian Corsola is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.

It is a regional variant of Corsola found in the Galar region.

Galarian Corsola is a ghostly coral Pokémon, with its coral skeleton turning white due to the damage inflicted on it by pollution.

It evolves from Galarian Corsola when exposed to a rare item called the “Sweet Apple.”

Galarian Corsola has the ability “Weak Armor,” which raises its Speed stat but lowers its Defense stat when hit with a physical move.

Mimikyu is a dual-type Ghost/Fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation VII.

It disguises itself as a Pikachu to avoid being targeted by others.

Mimikyu has a tattered cloth resembling a Pikachu costume covering its true form, which is said to be hideous.

It is shy and often stays hidden under the cloth.

Mimikyu has the ability “Disguise,” which allows it to take a free hit without taking damage.

5. Chandelure

Chandelure is a dual-type Ghost/Fire Pokémon introduced in Generation V.

It evolves from Lampent when exposed to a Dusk Stone.

Chandelure resembles a chandelier with three ghostly flames on top.

It is known for absorbing the life force of people and Pokémon by flickering its flames.

Chandelure has the ability “Flash Fire” or “Flame Body,” depending on its ability slot.

Gengar is a dual-type Ghost/Poison Pokémon introduced in Generation I.

It is the final evolution of Gastly, evolving from Haunter when traded.

Gengar is known for its mischievous nature and ability to hide in shadows.

It can manipulate shadows, create illusions, and even steal people’s souls.

Gengar has the ability “Cursed Body” or “Levitate,” depending on its ability slot.

3. Dragapult

Dragapult is a dual-type Dragon/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.

It is the final evolution of Dreepy, evolving from Drakloak starting at level 60.

Dragapult has a sleek and aerodynamic design, resembling a dragon with missile-like appendages on its head and tail.

It is incredibly fast and can launch its Dreepy offspring as high-speed projectiles.

Dragapult has the ability “Clear Body” or “Infiltrator,” depending on its ability slot.

2. Aegislash

Aegislash is a dual-type Steel/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation VI.

It evolves from Doublade when exposed to a Dusk Stone.

Aegislash has a unique form-changing ability called “Stance Change.”

It can switch between its Shield Forme, which emphasizes defense, and its Blade Forme, which emphasizes offense.

Aegislash has the ability “Stance Change,” which changes its form depending on the type of move it uses.

1. Giratina (Origin Forme and Altered Forme)

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Giratina is a dual-type Ghost/Dragon Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation IV.

It is known as the Renegade Pokémon and is associated with the Distortion World.

Giratina has two forms: the Altered Forme and the Origin Forme.

The Altered Forme has a serpentine body with six legs, while the Origin Forme has a more draconic appearance with large wings.

Giratina has the ability “Pressure” or “Telepathy,” depending on its ability slot.

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Top 10 Cutest Ghost-Type Pokémon

top 100 ghost type pokemon

When thinking of the cutest Pokemon out there – ghost types are probably low on your list. Afterall, some of the most powerful ghost type Pokemon are designed to be pretty intimidating! Despite that, of course, there’s still quite a few ghost types out there that are cute enough to steal your heart – or – steal your soul! Even the cutest ghost types often have super creepy Pokedex entries that will keep you up at night. Perhaps it’s best to admire these petrifying Pocket Monsters from afar!

10. Phantump

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Phantump is the perfect example of what this list is all about. A cute, spooky little face, wispy hair and a unique design make for an endearing Pokemon. Look at him! He just wants a hug! The fact that Phantump is a dual grass type / ghost type also gives him an interesting twist – that’s one of the more rare type combinations out there.

A Phantump is created when the spirit of a child gets lost in the forest and dies! The cries a Phantump makes are said to resemble the eerie screams of a child. Yikes!

9. Duskull 

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Duskull is a pure ghost type Pokemon with such a cooky design you can’t help but love it! Intended to be a stylized representation of the Grim Reaper, Duskull almost looks like a little old lady hunched over wearing a cute costume! A single eye floats between its two eye sockets, and its hood almost looks like a fancy hairdo!

According to various Pokedex entries across generations, Duskull is said to spirit away disobedient children, and also has the ability to turn invisible and phase through walls! Perhaps there’s a sinister connection between Duskull and Phantump.

8. Drifloon 

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Drifloon has got to be one of the least intimidating Pokemon of all time. Another dual type (ghost / flying), Drifloon are created when a group of wandering souls merge together. According to Drifloon’s Pokedex entries from generation VII, Drifloon takes children by the hand and attempts to drag them away to the afterlife – with its body expanding each time it does so successfully. That said, Drifloon apparently dislikes heavy children – so you may want to bulk up as a precaution!

7. Marshadow

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Introduced in generation VII – Marshadow is a fierce ghost/fighting type Pokemon with a legendary reputation! No really – so few people have ever encountered a Marshadow that its very existence has become a myth! Marshadow likes to hide in the shadow of others to keep from being noticed, and when doing so, it can absorb the feelings and abilities of those it follows.

Its fighting spirit – which it gets from following the shadows of martial arts masters – is inspiring! With the appearance of a little teddy bear, Marshadow is definitely one of the cutest ghost type Pokemon – and probably one of the cutest fighting types, too!

6. Jellicent

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Don’t let the goofy looks of these water/ghost type Pokemon fool you! While the male Jellicent almost looks like a regal representation of the Pringles man, and the female version a queen with a heart shaped nose and fluffy white collar – they’re known to be absolute terrors of the sea!

Jellicent’s Pokedex entries explain that during a full moon, schools of Jellicent will gather and attack cruise ships and tankers that pass through their waters! It’s said that Jellicent pulls these ships and their passengers down into the ocean, never to be found again.

5. Sandygast

top 100 ghost type pokemon

How could you be afraid of this little guy!? Considering Sandygast is literally a spooky-sandcastle (and ghost/ground type), it’s no surprise that it originated in generation VII’s Alola region.

A Sandygast is born after the grudges of defeated Pokemon sink deep into the sand of Alolan beaches. It’s said that sticking one’s hand into the mouth of a Sandygast is a show of courage and strength in the Alola region – but you better think twice before doing so! Anyone that puts their hand in this ghost type’s mouth, or grabs their shovel, will be taken under the Sandygast’s control. This is most often used by the Sandygast to make its victim shovel more sand on top of it, helping it grow bigger and bigger!

4. Misdreavus

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Misdreavus is another pure ghost type Pokemon that originated all the way back in generation II of the world famous video games! Among a large list of classic ghost type moves, Misdreavus also has the handy levitate ability!

Nocturnal by nature, Misdreavus sleeps all day long before going out at night to spook unsuspecting adventurers from behind with its shrill cry! Unlike most other Ghost Pokemon on this list, though, Misdreavus doesn’t want to harm anyone! They’re just looking for a good laugh, making them one of the less sinister creatures in the Pokemon world.

3. Pumpkaboo

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Pumpkaboo is seriously too cute! The holes in its body – which resembles a pumpkin- light the way for lost travelers in the dark forest. It’s also said that Pumpkaboo carry wandering spirits to the afterlife, with their size increasing from Small, Average, Large and Super Size as they gather more and more wayward souls. According to its Pokedex entries, small Pumpkaboo prefer guiding souls of children, and larger Pumpkaboo guide adults.

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Litwick is a cute candle Pokemon with a purple flame that burns atop its head. Like many other ghost types on this list, Litwick uses its light to guide travelers through the dark – but they’ll never reach their destination! Litwick is really taking them to the Ghost World – and sucking away their life force while they go!

top 100 ghost type pokemon

Introduced in generation VII, Mimikyu has quickly found its way into every Pokemon trainer’s heart. According to Mimikyu’s various Pokedex entries, its true form is unknown – and is said to be so terrifying that anyone who sees it will die from shock! In order to protect itself and others around it, Mimikyu wears a disguise modeled after Pikachu, the most recognizable and beloved Pokemon, to look less scary. Some say it makes Mimikyu look even creepier, but we can’t help but feel sorry for it, and we think Mimikyu deserves the top spot of cutest Ghost Type Pokemon for effort alone!

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top 100 ghost type pokemon

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A Pokémon Type Chart Guide

Posted: December 5, 2023 | Last updated: December 7, 2023

With the stacked Pokémon roster now standing at well over 1000 different species, there are now plenty of different matchups to explore through battling. Each Pokémon has a certain type of focus, or in some cases two, and these fare better in matchups against some than others.

While the Pokémon type chart shows a type's super-effective strengths and weaknesses, as well as immunities, they don't always tell the full story. Every type can be broken down into six parts — either looking at how effective the type's moves are against others, or how these other types' moves affect the type in return. These generally come as super effective, not very effective, or with no effect whatsoever.

Updated on November 24, 2023, by Guillermo Kurten: The mainline Pokémon games have greatly expanded the amount of available species now with Scarlet and Violet. While the total list of Types has only marginally increased by comparison, the possible combinations are more than enough to make these species more diverse. This extended guide is being updated to add further context on some of each of the 18 total Types' standout representatives and useful moves.

The Pokémon Type Chart

The pokmon type interactions explained.

As the name suggests, Normal types have an ordinary existence, and as such, don't have any super-effective advantages over other types. Normal-type moves are incredibly common and will crop up in almost every single Pokémon's movepools, from Body Slam and Slash to Hyper Beam. They hit nearly every type for neutral damage, except for the immune Ghosts, and the resistant Rock and Steel types.

As the Pokémon type chart shows, Ghost-type moves can't hit Normal Pokémon in return, giving Normal Pokémon at least some sort of protection. Fighting-type moves are their only real weakness, and should be avoided at all costs. Despite not excelling in any one area, the nature of Normal-Type species also means that they can serve as respectable "jacks of all trades."

Often, the movepools for these kinds of Pokémon are impressively versatile and can therefore fill different niches in battle. Snorlax is a solid example, able to learn a variety of hard-hitting attacks that take advantage of its defensive and offensive stats. From Normal-Type attacks for STAB damage (Same Type Attack Bonus) like Double-Edge, it can also learn moves like Earthquake (Ground-Type), Body Press (Steel-Type), and Fire Punch (Fire-Type).

Fire Pokémon are very deliberate in their offense — namely Special Attack — with high-damage moves like Flamethrower obliterating Grass-, Bug-, Ice- and Steel-type opponents. There are still types that resist Fire-type moves, however, from Fire itself and Dragon to Rock and Water.

Water, Ground, and Rock-type moves are logical counters for Fire types, as they can simply smother and extinguish the flames. While most of Fire's resistances make sense in Fire, Grass, Ice, Bug, and Steel types, a lot of fans aren't aware or have simply forgotten that Fire Pokémon also resist Fairy-type moves. Unsurprisingly, Fire is one of the Pokémon franchises' core typings. There are many excellent species of this Type, and they're even better when paired up for a dual-typing.

Fire/Fighting is a popular dual-typing, as it can help nullify the former Type's inherent Rock weakness, making Pokémon like Blaziken and Infernape incredibly versatile, fast, and deal heavy damage. Mega Charizard X was famous during the Generation VI games when Mega Evolution was supported, as its devastating Fire/Dragon-Type allowed it to hit just as hard Physically as it could with Special attacks. Armarouge and Ceruledge from Scarlet and Violet are recent notable examples, since the Fire/Psychic and Fire/Ghost dual typings make them uniquely capable since these rare combinations grant them access to wider selections of attacks.

Water is an easy enough typing to understand when it comes to most of its type matchups. Water-type moves like Surf, Hydro Pump, and Water Pulse are too much for Fire, Rock, and Ground types to cope with, but Grass, Dragon, and Water itself can resist these moves with no trouble.

The Water Pokémon themselves are especially weak to Electric- and Grass-type moves, but can resist Fire, Water, Ice, and Steel moves with no extra fuss. Water Pokémon are everywhere in each game and region, so fans would do well to learn from the type chart. As another of the series' core elements and the most prominent Types found in the games, these creatures are incredibly reliable to have in a story playthrough or competitive team.

With how many Pokémon species there are after Scarlet and Violet , the typing has been bundled with several dual types over the generations to bolster their strengths, like the defensively bulky Water/Fairy Azumarill. However, even pure Water-Type Pokémon can hold up well in battle. Case in point, Milotic can fill defensive or offensive roles on a team depending on its Ability and chosen moveset.

Pokmon's Gen I Starters Are Iconic But Do Later Gen Starters Finally Have Them Beat?

Despite Grass being one of the Starter Pokémon types, its weaknesses often keep people from prioritizing it in their parties. While Grass-type moves like Frenzy Plant and Solar Beam are super effective against Water, Ground, and Rock Pokémon, they are easily resisted by Fire, Grass, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon, and Steel types.

Grass types don't fare much better defensively either. Fire-, Ice-, Poison-, Flying- and Bug-type moves are all super effective against Grass Pokémon, but they do resist Water, Electric, Ground and Grass itself. But as defensively vulnerable as many of these species might be, plenty still have noteworthy uses in battle.

Dual-Type Grass Pokémon are often the best for this, like the beloved starter Venusaur thanks to its bulky Defense stats and fantastic Special Attack, allowing it longevity in battle, dealing high damage, buffing its already impressive stats, and giving its opponents status afflictions like Poison and Sleep. Roserade is another reliable Grass/Poison-Type. It excels as a support Pokémon with healing moves, setting up stage hazards like Toxic Spikes, and afflicting Poison on its opponents for those who dare make physical contact.

For years, fans have been able to see the Electric typing at work through Ash and Pikachu's adventures in the anime . Although Pikachu has reached some unprecedented heights, the Electric typing only has two super-effective advantages: Water and Flying. Electric moves have no effect Ground types, and they hit Grass, Dragon, and other Electric types for half damage.

Electric types are often celebrated since their sole weakness to Ground-type moves can be simply countered by using Magnet Rise, holding an Air Balloon, or having the Levitate Ability. Electric, Flying, and Steel moves do hit Electric types but meet resistance.

As some might expect from this typing, Electric species are best suited as speedy offensive battlers. They're great for catching opponents off guard and hitting them with powerful moves like Thunderbolt and potentially leaving them with Paralysis. Jolteon is a classic example of this, as it can use the aforementioned attack to decimate foes as well as quickly let players pivot with a teammate using Volt Switch, dealing damage while switching out of battle at the same time.

Ground has emerged from nowhere to become one of Pokémon 's most formidable typings in recent generations. Powerful Ground-type moves like Earthquake may not be very effective against Grass or Bug types, nor do they affect Flying Pokémon. However, they are super effective against Fire-, Electric-, Poison-, Rock- and Steel-type Pokémon.

Ground types even come with an immunity to Electric-type moves, and resistances to dastardly Poison and rough Rock moves. They are susceptible to Water-, Grass- and Ice-type attacks however, but this is a fair price to pay for all their overwhelming strengths. It's an important weakness to keep in mind, since several Ground-Type Pokémon were especially infamous for this, and species like Rhydon and Golem were also dual Ground/Rock-Types.

This exacerbated their already fragile defenses against Water, Grass, and Ice. Pokémon like Excadrill, however, did well to offset some of these weaknesses by being a dual Ground/Steel-Type. Steel is a superb defensive typing, bolstering its resistances and having a diverse pool of attacks. Water with Ground is another useful typing for shoring up defenses, like the Hoenn starter Swampert and Quagsire being popular users.

Ice-type Pokémon often receive a poor reputation for being largely underwhelming. However, with offensive Ice-type moves like Blizzard and Ice Beam that are super effective against Grass, Ground, Flying, and Dragon types, more respect should be put on their name. However, some of the grievances are justified when it comes to those that resist Ice moves, with Fire, Water, Ice, and Steel all coming out on top.

Ice only resists one type , which is Ice itself. Its weaknesses to Fire-, Fighting-, Rock- and Steel-type moves complete Ice's misery, since these are all common types for Pokémon to cover with their moves. Defense is surely not their strong suit, but keeping that in mind and building a team that complements them can make them worthwhile.

Lapras is a solid example of offensive capabilities, making the Ice-Type's defensive weaknesses worth dealing with. Attacks like Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, and even coverage moves like Thunder and Psychic let them deal heavy damage quickly. Meanwhile, Mamoswine is the rare example of a defensively sound Ice-Type. The dual Ice/Ground-Type can tear through foes with moves like Earthquake and Icicle Crash while tanking hits well thanks to its decent Physical Defense and bulky HP stats.

Although the Poison status condition is a scary prospect in the Pokémon games, the type never felt too great simply because of its various type matchups. As the Pokémon type chart shows, Poison-type moves are only super effective against Grass and Fairy, the latter of which was only introduced in Gen VI. Poison is in a better position now than it was before Kalos, but it still has the same types that resist its moves: Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost, and the immune Steel.

Poison types do only have two super-effective weaknesses in Ground and Psychic, and even resist Grass-, Fighting-, Poison-, Bug- and Fairy-type moves. Maybe Poison types deserve more respect, for their defensive type matchups at least. For this reason, these Pokémon species work best when being made into a dual-type and/or playing a support role in a battle.

Clodsire, one of the newest species from Scarlet and Violet , fits this mold as a dual Poison/Ground-Type that specializes in defensive roles. Its immense defensive bulk due to high HP and Special Defense stats make it great in battles of attrition, and even more so with moves like Recover. Likewise, it can deal heavy damage with attacks like Gunk Shot and Earthquake and afflict Poison on its foes with Toxic.

Rock-type Pokémon are often found in and around mountains and caves, and their rough offense and sturdy defense can always come in handy. Devastating Rock-type moves like Rock Slide and Rock Blast are simply too much for Fire, Ice, Flying, and Bug types to handle, even if Fighting-, Ground- and Steel-type Pokémon are resistant.

Where Rock falls, however, is in its super-effective weaknesses. Water-, Grass-, Fighting-, Ground- and Steel-type moves all easily overwhelm Rock Pokémon, despite their tough exterior. That makes the aforementioned Rock/Ground combination poor for defense. However, that exterior does still come in handy by resisting Normal, Fire, Flying, and Poison moves.

There are plenty of Rock-Type Pokémon that make their offensive attributes more than worthwhile, like the Johto region's Tyranitar. The dual Rock/Dark-Type has persevered in competitive formats since its debut in the late '90s, with all-around fantastic offensive and defensive stats using both its Types to their fullest. Attacks like Rock Slide and Stone Edge are menaces in competitive settings when used by Pokémon like this.

10 Most Iconic Fighting-Type Pokmon

Fighting-type Pokémon are defined by their offensive attributes and moves, from Close Combat and Brick Break to Aura Sphere and Drain Punch. Fighting types are always a formidable foe in battle, especially with their overwhelming super-effective advantage over Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, and Steel types. However, there are also plenty of types that resist these physically oppressive moves: Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug, and Fairy Pokémon. Fighting-type moves don't even connect with Ghost types, as they are immune.

Flying, Psychic, and Fairy moves are always going to be tough opposition for Fighting-type Pokémon, especially as many of them are the epitome of the "Glass Cannon." Fighting types do still resist Bug-, Rock- and Dark-type moves, but they will always be best known for their aggressive offense.

This typing has become increasingly flexible over the generations, as countless Pokémon species have made use of its expansive movepool and being combined with other Types. Classics like Machamp demonstrate how good pure Fighting-Types still are, especially with being able to learn moves like Rock Slide, Earth Quake, and Fire/Thunder/Ice Punch for coverage. However, newer examples like the Dragon/Fighting-Type Kommo-o show how two already-powerful Types can combine for overwhelming strength.

Psychic is one of the more mysterious types in Pokémon , and as such, it makes sense that it doesn't have too many type matchups to speak of. As the Pokémon type chart details, Psychic-type moves are super effective against Fighting and Poison, not very effective against Steel and Psychic, and do not affect Dark-type Pokémon.

Psychic Pokémon can resist incoming Fighting- and Psychic-type moves, but don't have answers for the super-effective Bug-, Ghost-, and Dark-type moves. Psychic types are intriguing, but their type matchups can be off-putting if they are pure Psychic and don't have an advantageous secondary typing.

While this Type isn't as insurmountable as in the Gen I and II days, where Alakazam reigned supreme, it's still more than viable for its terrific Special Attack capabilities. There's also no shortage of dual Psychics in the modern games. For example, the dual Psychic/Fairy Gardevior deepens its Special-Attack movepool, and its Hoenn contemporary Metagross is still a powerhouse thanks to being a sturdy Steel/Psychic-Type.

Bugs help to bring the outdoor environment to life in the Pokémon universe, but players and Trainers should never underestimate them. Bug-type moves have never been considered too dangerous beyond U-Turn, Fury Cutter, and Megahorn, and they are naturally resisted by Fire, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Steel, and Fairy. Despite these seven resistances, Bug-type moves do still have super-effective matchups against Grass, Psychic, and Dark types, making them an important coverage tool.

Bug types are no match for the incineration that Fire brings, the aerial presence of Flying types, or the brutal smashing of Rocks, but they can resist Grass-, Fighting- and Ground-type moves. Players would do well to keep checking the Pokémon type chart so that they don't underestimate Bug types and pay the consequences.

Some of these species are, admittedly, defensive liabilities, but focusing on the dual-type Bug has its benefits. Scizor is one of the most famous cases, since its Bug/Steel dual-type raises its defenses and is an incredibly hard-hitting Physical attacker. Also from the Johto region, Heracross is another popular pick, with the dual Bug/Fighting-Type adding high-damage moves to its arsenal thanks to its secondary typing.

Flying types are everywhere in the Pokémon universe, especially as land, sea, and air essentially cover all possible dwellings for Pokémon species. Flying Pokémon have an aerial advantage that can work well both in offense and defense. The quickness of Flying moves makes them super effective against Grass, Fighting, and Bug Pokémon, but they are still resisted by Electric, Rock, and Steel types.

Flying-type Pokémon cannot be touched by Ground-type moves while they are still airborne, and Grass-, Fighting- and Bug-type moves don't cause them too much concern either. Electric, Ice, and Rock moves, on the other hand, will bring Flying types crashing back down to earth.

Though not as common as Water-Type species overall, how prevalent they are across all the mainline games also helps diversify players' teams. They're commonly used in dual typings as well, making Pokémon like Staraptor and Corviknight strong early-game picks for a team. Meanwhile, the Flying-Type complements popular Dragons like Dragonite, Salamence, and Noivern.

It took a while for the Ghost-type roster to grow beyond Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar, but as of Gen IX, the type is thriving. As mischievous as they are mysterious, Ghost types can hit hard with super-effective moves against other Ghost types, but also against Psychic Pokémon. Only Dark types can resist Ghost-type moves like Shadow Ball, while Normal types are immune.

In return, Ghost types are immune to Normal-type moves, but also to Fighting. Ghost Pokémon should avoid mirror matchups against other Ghost-types because of the super-effective moves, but also Dark types as well. However, Ghost Pokémon do resist Poison- and Bug-type moves.

Though not as strong as it once was, the Ghost/Poison-Type Gengar still holds its own in battle thanks to its incredibly varied movepool both in and out of the Ghost category. For more recent examples, though, Dragapult took on the rare Dragon/Ghost dual Type to become a force to be reckoned with competitively. Being able to use attacks like Phantom Force and Draco Meteor in equal measure is nothing to scoff at.

10 Strongest Dual-Type Dragon Pokmon

In a similar vein to Ghost types, Dragon Pokémon are incredibly popular but were once limited to a single evolution line in Gen I. Dragon Pokémon are generally bulky, with impressive stats and dangerous moves; but as the Pokémon type chart shows, Dragon-type moves don't have many matchups of note. They are super effective against their own type, while Steel Pokémon are resistant to them and Fairy-type Pokémon are totally immune.

Defensively, however, Dragon types have more type matchups to explore. They are notoriously weak to Ice-, Dragon- and Fairy-type moves, but resist some of the most common types in Pokémon: Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass. Overall, even with the Fairies introducing an understandable check against them, Dragons are still one of the greatest offensive species available.

It also helps that they've become extremely diverse as years passed, taking on dual typings ranging from competitive powerhouses like the Dragon/Ground Garchomp to the previously mentioned Dragapult and jarringly designed Water/Dragon Dracovish. Dragons were already partly known for having wide movepools, but adopting more unique secondary Types has only added to their strengths.

Introduced in Gen II, Dark-Type Pokémon are often used by villainous organizations since they generally embody evil, mischief, or other dark themes. Dark types were primarily introduced to provide a super-effective weakness for Psychic types, but these Dark moves can also get rid of pesky Ghost Pokémon. Unfortunately, these dangerous Pokémon come up short when they attack Fighting, Dark, or Fairy types.

Dark Pokémon may be immune to Psychic-Type moves and resistant to Ghost and Dark moves, but Fighting, Bug, and Fairy pose a different level of threat altogether. Dark's lack of real weaknesses before Fairy's introduction in Gen VI made it one of the most-feared typings for a long time.

Dark species are another type that benefited from subsequent mainline games, because the original Johto titles they debuted in gave them fairly limited movepools. They've grown to be increasingly versatile with new moves and dual types. Case in point, the Kalos-region Water starter Greninja still ranks high in the Dark-Type hierarchy. Its blistering Speed combined with a high Special Attack stat makes attacks like Dark Pulse even more fearsome.

It took the Steel typing a while to settle into Pokémon with a formidable roster, but now well into Gen IX, it has dominated the franchise for several years now. Steel-Type Pokémon aren't always known for their offensive capabilities, but they do still have impressive super-effective advantages over Ice, Rock, and Fairy Pokémon. Fire-, Water-, Electric- and Steel-Type Pokémon resist Steel moves pretty easily, but the main attraction is Steel's defensive strengths.

Pure Steel-Type Pokémon resist an incredible ten different types: Normal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Fairy, and Steel itself. They are even immune to Poison-Type moves as well. The Electric/Steel Pokémon Magnemite and its evolutions even up this further thanks to their resistance to Electric moves. With the move Magnet Rise, these Pokémon can even become temporally immune to one of the three Steel-Type weaknesses, Ground. There is little to no escape from Fire or Fighting moves, however, as they join Ground as Steel's super-effective weaknesses.

The Steel typing is the best defensive Type in the mainline games, and it's hard to counter that considering the sheer amount of resistances these Pokémon boast and the unique ways it can combine with other Types. Their strengths against Fairy species are particularly important in modern games. In particular, the Steel/Ghost Aegislash and Fighting/Steel Lucario prove how well these Pokémon can perform, both defensively and offensively.

The Fairy typing was introduced to the franchise in Gen VI, primarily as a counter to Dark and Dragon Pokémon. Powerful Fairy-type moves like Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, and Play Rough don't just stop at super-effective advantages over Dragon and Dark types. They can also quickly defeat Fighting types. Fire-, Poison- and Steel-type Pokémon resist Fairy moves , but all in all, it is a fair trade.

Fairy Pokémon only have two major weaknesses to Poison and Steel Pokémon, but resist Fighting, Bug, and Dark moves. Fairy types are even immune to Dragon Pokémon, which immediately gives them serious competitive and battling viability, especially at higher levels.

It makes the increasing amount of Dragons introduced reasonable, since species like Sylveon — essentially the Fairy mascot — level the playing field. This is a famously powerful creature for this Type thanks to its Pixilate Ability turning Normal moves into Fairy-Type, making techniques like Hyper Voice especially dangerous.

A Pokémon Type Chart Guide

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