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1. Completion of exams and other assignments at required times. In order that no student gains an advantage over other students and all students are treated equitably, all tests must be completed at the scheduled dates and times. Penalties will be given for failure to do this except in those cases where a significant illness or job-related problem interferes. If an exam must be missed and the reason is acceptable, the student must inform me prior to the exam if possible. If it is not possible, I must be consulted no later than the first class session following the missed exam. Failure to do so will mean an "F" grade will be given to that exam or assignment. Evidence must be provided with which I can verify the excuse.  This includes car problems and deaths in the family. 2. Makeup exams. All makeup exams will be given at the time of the final exam for the course. Because all exams in my courses are one hour in length, including the final exam, the two-hour final exam period allows an hour for a makeup exam. Makeup exams will be given immediately following the final exam. 2. Materials Needed. For the exam you will need only a writing implement and knowledge of the material. Responses to questions may be written on the exam sheets. Calculators are allowed. 3. Show Knowledge of Course Material. Each exam question is an attempt to get you to reveal your understanding of material presented in the course relevant to that question. Questions should be answered accordingly. 4. Say What You Mean. Be sure that your answer does, in fact, say what you mean to say. (Whether you mean what you say doesn’t matter.) 5. Length of Exams is One Hour. All exams are one hour in length. Allocate time accordingly. 6. To Learn Correct Answers. Come to the class session following the exam to learn what was expected in the answers. No comments are written on the exams. 7. Do Not Be Late. Do not be late for the start of the exam, as your coming in late will disturb the concentration of students who started on time. Any student who is more than five minutes late will be penalized five points on the exam. 8. No Cheating Tolerated. Cheating is one of the most reprehensible forms of student behavior and will be dealt with severely. With apologies to those who do not cheat, I will police the room during exams. 9. Leaving the Classroom. Come to the exam prepared to stay the full hour. If it is absolutely unavoidable that you leave the classroom for some appropriate purpose, do not leave without first getting permission. 9. Noise-Making During Exams. Clicking of pens, repeated sniffing of runny noses, the popping of gum, and the like interfere with concentration and are inappropriate behavior.  


It is extremely important that every student understands University Add/Drop policy. Please click on this link to access the page which details this policy:  ADD/DROP .


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    ECONOMICS 1A PRACTICE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS YEAR 2021 1.1 Scarcity exists [1] when things are available only in small quantities. [2] when resources are insufficient to produce all the desired goods and services. ... ECS1501 ASSIGNMENT 1.pdf. University of South Africa. ECS 1501. Economics. ECS1501 ASSIGNMENT 1.pdf.

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    OFFICE HOURS: Students are invited to discuss the course or any other matters of concern during office hours held in Tahoe 3020 at the following times: TR 7-7:30 and 10:30-11 AM & MW 5-5:30 PM. The phone number for 3020 is 278-7078 and for the Economics Department Office is 278-6223.

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    Assignment - Economics 1A.pdf. APPENDIX A: ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Booi Surname Nomakhaya Teddy First Name/s 157220 Student Number Economics 1A -Assignment 2 short question Subject 01 Assignment Number FUNGAI Tutor's Name Cape Town - Newlands Examination Venue 20/ ... MODULE ECONOMICS 1A TOTAL MARKS 40 MARKS Answer ALL ...