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About Kumon of Tappan

Welcome to our Kumon Math and Reading Center. For more than 60 years, Kumon’s after-school academic enrichment program has helped children achieve success worldwide. We strive to instill in children the desire to achieve and the motivation to learn on their own. Whether your child is seeking enrichment, needs help to catch up or is just beginning their academic career, Kumon is designed to help children develop a love of learning. At our Kumon Math and Reading Center, our math tutors online provide a flexible and effective approach to help students excel in their mathematical skills and overall education. Enhance your English language skills with the convenience of an online English tutor, providing personalized instruction and support through our online English tutor services. Improve your math skills with the convenience of online maths tutoring and dedicated online maths tutors. Find the best online tutoring for English with our dedicated English tutors online.

Winter, Spring, Summer Learning at Kumon

  • Master math and reading, often helping them earn their best grades ever
  • Build study skills such as confidence, focus and work ethic
  • Reduce homework stress and test anxiety

Your child/children will complete an assessment that will give you:

  • Valuable insights into where they stand in their learning
  • A recommended progression path that shows what your kids can achieve in their first six months of Kumon

Our instructors prepare an individualized plan for your kids and support them as they progress through Kumon.

Center hours.

  • Mon:  3:00pm – 7:00pm  ET
  • Tue:  3:00pm – 7:00pm  ET
  • Thu:  3:00pm – 7:00pm  ET
  • Sat:  10:00am – 12:00pm  ET
  • Mon:  10:00am – 3:00pm  ET
  • Tue:  10:00am – 3:00pm  ET
  • Wed:  10:00am – 3:00pm  ET
  • Thu:  10:00am – 3:00pm  ET
  • Fri:  9:00am – 3:00pm  ET

Call us at (845) 580-5588 to inquire about:

1. Winter, Spring, Summer Learning at Kumon

2.  For 3 years-4.5 years kids; Get ready for kindergarten

3.  Advanced study at Kumon

homework kumon

About the Center

Based in Tappan, we provide a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. Our personalized program helps your child develop the skills and knowledge to unlock their full potential.

Students advance through the program at their own pace. Our emphasis on individualized learning helps your child become focused, motivated and self-reliant. We monitor each child’s progress to ensure comprehension before moving on to a new concept. With a strong academic foundation, critical thinking and problem solving abilities, your child has the potential to achieve whatever he or she desires. Experience effective online English tutoring with a qualified online tutor for English. Our tutoring services empower you to teach English online, connecting students with experienced educators who ensure effective language learning from anywhere in the world.

Individualized learning plans for every student

At Kumon Tappan, we create custom learning plans tailored to each student’s needs, helping them progress at their own pace. This ensures that they gain the confidence they need to move forward in their studies.

Motivation and practice for success

Our experienced instructors provide vital guidance and support throughout each student’s journey. We ensure that our students stay motivated and inspired to keep learning by providing ongoing practice and feedback.

Prepare your child for lifelong success

We don’t just help your child excel in school — we help them become avid learners for life. Our programs build upon each concept they learn, giving them the skills and knowledge to succeed  — now and in the future.

About the Instructor

Our team of instructors are highly trained and certified professionals who are passionate about education and dedicated to helping children succeed. They provide guidance, support, and encouragement to students as they work towards their academic goals. Connect with our online tutors for maths and unlock a world of personalized learning and academic support right from the comfort of your home. Find expert tutors for math online and improve your English language skills with the convenience of our online tutor English. Get the support you need with math tutoring online from our team of experienced online math tutors.

In addition, our mentors are available to offer personalized attention and direction to students in need.

The instructors have a key responsibility of

  • creating at-home study plan
  • monitoring classroom assignments
  • emphasizing importance of accurate completion within designated time frame
  • Helping children increase their self-confidence and self-reliance.

homework kumon

The Kumon Math Program is a comprehensive curriculum that develops the necessary skills to help children progress from counting through calculus. For more information about the Kumon Math Program  click here .

The Kumon Reading Program begins with basic phonics and progresses all the way through advanced reading comprehension. For more information about the Kumon Reading Program  click here . Explore ‘Tutoring near me’ to find the best math tutor near me with our tutoring services, offering local and personalized educational support for students in need. Access the expertise of an online tutor for math through our comprehensive tutoring services online.

Incentive Programs

Kumon+ student loyalty program.

Kumon+ is a loyalty program that rewards students for attending a Kumon Center. Think of it as a special club for Kumon Students one that motivates them as they work through the Kumon program. Students earn points for every complete month they attend Kumon, plus bonus points for as long as they’re enrolled. These points can be traded in for exciting rewards. And if students are enrolled in our Math and Reading programs, they’ll earn points for both subjects. Every Kumon Student is a member of Kumon+

Advanced Student Honor Roll

The Advanced Student Honor Roll recognizes Kumon students working ahead of their school grade level. Ambitious students remain in the program in order to stay above their grade level. These students study more challenging material than they are receiving at school in pursuit of their academic aspirations.

Success Stories

Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.

homework kumon

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About Kumon – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It’s my post, “8 Things to Hate About Kumon – A Review”

Of course, if you’ve read my About page , you’ll know that I used to be a Kumon instructor. I ran a Kumon tutorial centre in the UK for 3 years.

But some Maths Insider readers have asked me,

“What is Kumon?”

You see, not everyone has heard of Kumon, even though, according to their official website, they have had 16 million students in 46 countries around the world.

So let me tell you about Kumon – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Kumon is an educational franchise, originally founded by Toru Kumon in 1956

Like McDonalds, the franchising effect means that there are thousands of Kumon centres around the world, from Germany to South Africa and from The Phillipines to the US, all helping children with maths.

Each instructor, although trained by Kumon will bring their own personality to the program, some are rigid and some are flexible. The majority have never been teachers.

Like McDonalds, profit is the big motive. Kumon is worth over $650 million, made from charging $100 a month, taking 40% from franchisees, and employing young and poorly paid support staff.

Kumon students typically visit the study centre once or twice a week and are given homework to do for the other 6 days

At the study centre your child gets support from the Kumon staff and sees other children, all studying towards a common goal.

As a parent, you have to take your child to the centre, or arrange for the work to be sent to you each week.

You the parent have to “police” your child’s Kumon homework 5 or 6 days a week, and field the complaints of, “It’s BORING!”

Kumon is an “individualised” learning program – students only move up to the next level when they have mastered the work. Mastery is defined as speed and accuracy

Each student works through the program at just the right pace for themselves, and children will develop motor and concentration skills as they repeat the worksheets.

The repetition and the speed criteria in particular can be tough for children to meet.

Students can literally  get stuck at certain difficult stages in the Kumon program for weeks due to the strict enforcement of target times.

All Kumon students start with easy work relative to their ability

Student’s will find the work easy and will initially enjoy doing the worksheets.

The easy Kumon work eventually becomes not so easy, and then really rather difficult.

Doing 10 pages of questions like these, quickly and accurately is extremely difficult. Even Kumon themselves call this the Level D mountain.

Kumon Level D Worksheets

The Kumon program encourages independent learning

The Kumon worksheets explain and guide students whenever a new topic is introduced, therefore they can work independently.

Students can’t always figure out the work themselves, especially at the higher levels. At larger centres, it can be impossible for instructors and assistants to have the time to explain the work.

There are tales on message boards of students being driven to tears because instructors refused to explain work to them.

Want to know more about Kumon?

The  Kumon US or Kumon UK websites.

The Bad (actually more funny than bad!)

A mother enrolls herself  onto the Kumon program for 5 months, “I’m a Math Moron” – Slate Magazine

Donald Sauter, a former Kumon instructor spills all!  His Kumon contract was not renewed after he radically tried to change the system, he tells the whole epic story on his website.

Are you a parent trying to make the decision about whether Kumon is right for your family? Check out Maths Insider’s Ultimate Kumon Review

Share your good, bad and ugly Kumon experiences in the comments below!

More on Kumon:

8 Things to Hate About Kumon – A Review

Is Thinkster Math a Real Alternative to Kumon?

Caroline Mukisa

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66 thoughts on “ About Kumon – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ”

Thank you for the colorful write-up! I will send people here when they ask about Kumon!

Your welcome! I’m getting a lot of visitors to my site who searched for “Kumon reviews” on Google, so there are definitely many people who want to know about the good, bad, and ugly side of Kumon!

It is very lucky to see your review through Google. We are planning to invest a learning center in Toronto for G1 to G12 students. For rapidly going into the business, we are thinking to use Franchise, and Kumon is one of them (Kumon, Oxford and Sylvan). My 13-years-old daughter hated Kumon very much when she went to it several years before so that I have to teach her by myself. Could you kindly give me some suggestions about this investment? I am just a math private instructor and I want to expend my private one to one tutoring to a formal business and I can hire other teachers to teach reading and writing. Thank you so much for your two reviews about Kumon. They may kill my decision to invest this franchise brand.

The advantage of running a franchise is that the company has a system that works and a brand that advertises itself, however as a franchisee you pay heavily for these. Setting up on your own is doable but requires lots of research. Try to find people who have done this before, but are in a different city or country so that you’re not a competitor. Investigate your local laws regarding setting up a tuition centre, check the costs for staffing, premises rental, materials etc. After you’ve done that then you’ll be in a better position to decide whether to choose a franchise or not.

The way to teach elementary student math must be different from those who teach high school math and the way to produce elementary math workbooks must be also different from those who produce high school math workbooks.

The main problem with the current many elementary math worksheets is they are oudated and do not have any new ideas. Young kids like puzzles, and they like games, they like cell phones but how do we incorporate all these what they like into math worksheets?

To just put a computer game on the computer is not the solution because it gives students a feeling that they are playing games not doing math. They do not improve math much by just playing computer games.

combine the subject of math, chess and puzzles all in one worksheet is the solution.

Hi Caroline,

I have to confess I too have never heard of Kumon. Thank you for your frank and honest thoughts on the company. It will definitely allow parents to have a better understanding and point them in the right direction for them to do their due diligence.

Thanks for the info,

Caroline~ Kumon is new to me! Your write-up is great fun to read! My kids are nearly high school graduates so we’re not needing this service. I’m glad I had a chance to read about it here, I’ll tell any of my friends who have children still at this age. Linda

Thanks for passing by Linda! I hope your friends will find the Kumon information useful. If your kids are keen mathematicians the Wild About Math website has some nice higher level puzzles.

Hi Caroline This has got to be the first blog that I have been on that is about maths. Well done. I am a teacher in Australia and have done my share of maths classes and had heard of Kumon. I will enjoy returning to your site to see what is going on here. McDonalds has a great maths site for students, not sure it is just an Australian site, are you familiar with it? Belinda

Hi Belinda! Great that you discovered Maths Insider! I’ve tutored the kids of my Australian ex neighbour before so I’ve seen that the curricullum seems similar to the US and UK ones.

Thanks for the tip about the McDonalds website. I’m currently researching free maths websites for an article, so I’ll check that out!

I have never heard of Kumon so thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

I love how broke down the pro’s and con’s about the system.

Caroline I must confess as well I have never heard of Kumon. But I do recognize when someone is passionate about a subject and really tries to explain the ins and outs of the topic discussed which I think you do very well. It was an interesting read.

Hi Caroline! the way you break down information in byte-sized pieces is exceptionally easy to comprehend and assimilate. Exactly like a tutor! I can relate to that, as I did tutoring too in my younger days… Yes, they’ve been very active in Singapore, with its tuition-crazy culture and ultra-competitive education system. Yasser

Kumon is new to me but sounds quite interesting. I am sure it helps many students to succeed who might have really struggled and failed often without this assistance. The negatives about parents having to take the children to the center and monitor the homework, donot sound like negatives – just good parenting skills.

I like the way you broke each aspect into the good, the bad and the ugly. You have made it so easy to understand and made your long blog post so easy to read.

Hi Dr. Erica!

I’m glad you liked the format of this post. As with many things, there is always a good side and a bad side!

I can see your point about ferrying kids to centers and monitoring homework, but even the most conscientious parent needs to choose the “sanity saving” option at times. That’s one of the reasons why I use a few online programs with my own kids (as well as ferrying them to classes and monitoring homework both on and offline!)

I’ve never actually heard of Kumon and maths was never my strong point at school. I love your blog, it’s different and unique from the blogs we usually see in TSA. Great to meet you and keep up the great work.

You should have a comment spam filter which I see on many blogs, it says something like… what’s 7+3? then they have to put the answer.

It would be funny if the person got it wrong wouldn’t it, lol

Thanks Gavin

Yes, not too many “maths” blogs on TSA, but still lots to learn from!

I have seen the arithmetic comment spam filters, they are cool, but I don’t want to put “non mathematicians” off.

Thanks for passing by!

Hi there, great article, hits the nail on the head!

I worked at Kumon for 4 years to find that only the rich, famous and desperate could afford to do it! But, somehow I managed to financially support my little sisters to do the math and english, by working there.

Whilst working there, I realized that my mental maths was so rubbish, having grown up at school with a calculator to hand. I worked in one of the best Kumon centres in the country with a real buzz and excitement, which made it all the worth while. She made us (staff) complete Kumon worksheets upto multiplication tables which paid dividends as now I pride myself with a Masters degree in MATHS lol.

And my two little sisters pride themselves with Masters degrees.

With all the boredom and financial frustration…it does pay off in the end, just it takes patience and motivation!

To all your math problem solving success Rakiya

Yes Kumon staff are encouraged to do at least some of the worksheets themselves – some of my maths phobic staff improved their mental maths skills once they realised marking the students worksheets was MUCH quicker without using the answer books!

My Kumon centre was actually a mix of the rich and famous and poor families who had scraped together the monthly fees.

Kumon does work but parents can certainly Do It Themselves with some guidance.

Cool that you and your sisters got Masters degrees as a result of your strong mental maths skills!

My son went to kumon when he was4 years and 3 months. Ever since he was born, he played 365 days per year in the park or playpen, unless he gets sick. He played 5-6 hours per day outside and it came to a point where I need to give him a little bit of academic learning. I went to kumon and boy did he fly like bird in the sky. He’s 5 years and 6 months old now, he’s ranked 68 out of 12000 throughout the USA. In three months time, he’s going to be ranked 1. By the time he starts kindergarten he’s done 6th grade math and will soon pick algebra. He still plays 5-6 hours a day out in the park. He does 10 page packet in 30 minutes and I don’t give him reward at all. Organic playing and over working him in playing outside really worked for him. 99% play and 1% does well for him. I let him play in the park until he succumbs to exhaustion, that is my motto until now. When we get home he draws for hours. He sketches very good. I only taught him math, I never introduced him to reading, but I was surprised when his pre school teacher told me that he read a whole book to his classmates, I was flabbergasted. If I teach him how to read, I thought I might over worked it so I just let go of the reading and just proceed with the math. I thought maybe he started picking learning habit because he was already bored running outside the park and playing 365 days a year.

Hi Eddy, my son is very much in the same situation, only that he is in Kindergarten already at 5 years and 6 months. He ranks 220 out of 12000 in Kumon and is currently in level C math. We only enroll him in math because we figured reading does not do him good as the answers are straight from the book – meaning even if you provide the correct answer but doesn’t match the answer book, you are wrong! Anyway, I have a feeling the ranking is done based on what grade the kid is in, pre-school/Kindergarten, and not by age?

Addendum, we never watched television at home.no tv at all.

My children have been in Kumon for the past 4 years. They love it. Like the first point said, “A lot depends on the instructor”. I would add, “And the child and parents”. One size does not fit all. I would suggest trying it. You can always quit if it does not. We have a wonderful, compassionate, patient instructor. He is indeed a great teacher. My children are academic. So may be that has worked out great for us. I am not sure I have seen an unhappy family at our center. If you are unhappy, talk, talk talk! and find a good solution. It is a good program. But it is upto the instructor, child and parents to make it work.

My daughter’s doctor recommended that I have my daughter to attend for Mat but after reading this I am not sure. On top of that, I have no idea what an alternative program would be where it is good and there is a minimum of the bad and no ugly. You are very thorough on Kumon but can you suggest anything else?

Hi Crystal, I really like some of the online maths program. You can read/watch my review of Maths Whizz here and Ten Marks is a good budget option. Also check out my post next Tuesday where I’ll be featuring some other great online maths programs.

I find it quite ridiculous when people mention how the Kumon instructors “are/or have not been teachers.” Most of the math is easy to a person who already knows it, so it’s irrelevant to bring that up. You don’t need a certified teacher to teach a 6-year-old what 2+2 is…

Thank you for that great write-up. As a former employee of the corporate side of Kumon, I’d have to say it is a great program if you have a great Instructor. If you’re not lucky enough to have a great Instructor, I’d save my dollars. I do not support the company, but I do support the franchisees.

Great article. Been looking for ways to help improve the math skills in our family!

i think that kumon is great. all my kids do the maths and english program. i think that it really helps them. the maths is far more beneficial the english.

Kumon is excellent. Repetition is key to any success; business or sport. Yes, its time consuming, yes its repetitive, but the results are worth it. Our 9 year old daughter has been enrolled in Kumon for 2 years adn she excels at math and reading.

I’ve been a math teacher for the past 23 years and I’ve come across many students who have been to Kumon. Unfortunately the students I’ve met come out of Kumon knowing little to nothing about math. As has been mentioned, some centers will have magnificent results, but most don’t. There are many people who know their math. In fact there are many math teachers who know their math quite well, but it seems that there are few who can teach it and even fewer who make the students feel good about themselves when they make a mistake. If you want your kids to learn their math, you have to make sure you teach them. Make sure they know the multiplication tables before grade 6 level. You will be amazed at how easily they will pick up concepts like fractions and algebra. I say again, their are some good Kumon centers out there, but you may have to pay hundreds to find out if the one closest to you is one of them.

The article is propaganda! There is nothing good to kumon! Although the work may be helpful, they give too much and there is no tolerance in slack! Kumon has these report cards given out every week and after a child is through with a work sheet the parent needs to correct it! By the time the packet is in it needs to be 100% correct. Also the price is too high! You pay close to 100 us dollars a month! That’s outrageous! Parents, hear me Kumon is not for your kid. Zhao Ching father of 2.

We just made the difficult decision to give one months notice to remove our kids from Kumon. They are rising 3rd and 5th grade and have both been doing it for 2 years. I must say – Kumon can be an excellent program with the right instructor. Our 5th grader was struggling with learning math facts 2 years ago and after much hard work (and tears) his grades really shot up so much that the teacher wanted to know our secret. After 2 years, he finally made it over “the D mountain” which is the huge sequence of long division problems. However, his teacher was extremely rigid and inflexible and made him repeat the sequence THREE times. I am talking about a 60+ sheet sequence three times… After the first time, he wasn’t doing it fast enough, so he repeated it a second time. We had a conference to discuss it – and missed one or two sessions after that, but his time was perfect – and she decided to have him repeat it again. To say that this was demoralizing to him was an understatement. All the while, his school studies had moved on way past long division… So literally, he was working on fractions and decimals at school, while at night he was repeating the same long division packets for Kumon. He was easily spending 4 – 5 X the time in homework for Kumon. Then, when he went to school, he wasn’t understanding the concepts they were teaching. All of his focus was getting through to Kumon. As a result, his grades dropped. This is one very negative thing about Kumon – it doesn’t follow the school system. So, if your kids class has moved on – guess what? Kumon hasn’t. So, in the end they will know the subject much better, but the grades won’t be reflective. This has happened to us twice in the program. I was sticking with it until my 8 year old daughter reached “the D mountain.” Our daughter is extremely advanced, well over grade level and she is nationally ranked in Kumon for her age. Last week the center director had her in there for over 2 hours. We finally pulled her out – and she said that while she was in there, she had asked to talk with us and the director refused to let her talk with us. She went to the bathroom crying because the director refused to let us see her. We were in the waiting room – we had no idea. She told us that she was trying to escape to call 911 because she felt like a prisoner there. After that, I emailed our center director and gave her notice.

Math supplementation is one thing – but this experience was quite another. We had been paying $220/month for this “treatment.” I have decided to order the workbooks from amazon and manage the supplementation at home without having to go get abused by a center.

At the end of the day, our kids need to be motivated by the desire to learn, and not motivated by someone of Asian or Indian descent standing over them with a ruler in one hand and pointing a finger at them with the other.

You lost me in your last paragraph. What does the instructor’s ethnic origin have to do with it? Would it have been okay if the instructor had looked like one of your parents?

Kumon is an awful learning center. How would doing a large amount of homework that is, in most cases, completely unrelated to school lessons, help the student? It would only overwhelm him/her and foster a hatred towards learning. Yes, it’s true they want the kids to teach themselves, but that may be a little rocky. Strong early education is essential to being able to teach yourself in the future, so in elementary and middle school, you do want someone to “hold your hand” in teaching. You need a strong foundation to build off of for the future. Kumon does not provide that. And in later middle school and high school years, regular schools provide so much homework that any additional work will be extremely stressful for the child.


Hello Caroline, My son currently attends a Kumon center in Coral Springs,FL. Overall I’m happy with his Instructor/Teachers & the work he receives. My son was in the 6th grade at his time of enrollment so far its been about 6months. He’s in the Montessori Magnet program at school which leaves with a large work load. In addition to Kumon.

I enrolled him in Kumon b/c he was having trouble with his algebra work in school.

I’m glad he likes Kumon. Secondly, I dont have to stay on top of him inorder to complete his assigments,he understands the concept of time management quite well; However I’m really contemplating removing him form the course b/c the tuition is alot I pay 130.00 per month just for Math not mention I’m a single mom. I was wondering if Kumon centers offer any type of tuition assistance programs that you are aware of?

Hi Vonna, You’d need to ask your Kumon centre about financial aid. When I was an instructor in the UK it was up to each instructor if they wanted to offer a discount (which would come out of the instructors pocket, not out of Kumon’s profits) Have you looked at any online math programs? They are a lot more affordable and because you’re not ferrying your child to a centre each week, there’s more time (and money) to do other activities. Search Maths Insider for my posts on online math programs and another post titled “If Your Child Hates Kumon Try This” Kumon is only really worth doing if you stick with it for at least 1-2 years, so make sure you look at other options to see if it is the best option for your child in the medium term.

Continuation>> Kumon is a good program and has helped his math grades they went form C’s to B+’s but know he is in the 7th grade and has a good understanding of Math. So know he wants to learn Karate. Decisions Deceisions I guess I have decide between his Kumon and Karate if no help is offered to parents for tuition.

Please Help!

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I was so glad to see this review and I think I will stop searching Kumon center for my kid. I was trying to locate a Kumon center in Vaughan Ontario. After i called the center located i maple. Nobody called me back after I left 2 voice message. Then I tried to call Kumon Canada, I was asked to leave a message. What kind of business are they running? Seems a lot of not qualified/professional people.

We have 2 boys which love school and are lucky enough to have things come easy. Kumon has kept them challenged when school does not. I agree there is not as much time spent on theory as a normal math class so we have to explain a few things on the side and they see the topics get repeated in school anyway. After two years in Kumon we have a happy fifth grader doing algebra and third grader working their way through fraction addition/subtraction. And we never have to pull out a calculator during shopping when they are along. Not much I can complain about. :-)

I agree completely! I had my daughters in Kumon for years, and though I have to admit it was good for them, now that I’m tutoring I can see so many advantages to having one-on-one instruction by highly qualified teachers.

My son has been going to Kumon for the last 2 years and seems to have really gained from it especially in terms of having a daily routine of sitting down to do the work. It also helps that the center we go to is pretty pragmatic in terms of moving kids to the next level when they think they’re ready instead of making them repeat material they already know. Having said that, I don’t think Kumon is the only option out there today. The Kumon method doesn’t work with all kids and I know people who also seem happy with other programs such as Aloha and Singapore Math. We actually did a comparison of some of the math programs in terms of method, time commitment etc. Here’s the link if interested – http://www.schoolsnmore.com/articles/article/53-what-s-the-right-formula-a-look-at-kumon-aloha-singapore-math-and-vedic-math

Kumon instructors are not regulated by the government????

I have heard of how great Kumon is, where the syllabus teaches consistency and repetition. I decided to teach my daughter (started Kumon workbooks at the age of 2.5) by myself, since I think I can handle the syllabus. I don’t think Kumon center is truly required, because I have heard that the instructors are there only to guide. I see alot of improvement in my daughter’s math where by at the age of 3 she can write upto 120 numbers. She goes to a daycare, and the teachers were surprised by her academic achievement. I like the idea where Kumon workbooks can help a child progress in their own time and space, and become excellent at the subject. Alot of the things my daughter learn from Kumon workbooks become second nature when she applies that knowledge in school. I buy varieties of Kumon workbooks (not just math).

My sister has been a Kumon instructor for many years now. I have partly financed her center and helped her build and assist her in runing her center for many years since the passing away of her husband, my brother-in-law. The income from the center has helped her raise her family single-handedly and put her kids through college.

In my humble opinion, the relationship between the company and the franchisees has always been good. The company has been instructor friendly until certain misguided individuals like you Nicole Smith set up the IAKF and misled my sister among other franchisees.

My sister, as with many of her fellow instructors has been constantly bombarded with factually incorrect and false information from the IAKF for many years. Unfortunately, if she speaks up against the IAKF in instructor circles she is admonished by elements of the IAKF within the area. I have advised my sister to stay away from this association. I truly believe that education of the students at her center is of primary focus. However, IAKF representatives within the area keep harassing her to arrange an activist meeting at her center. Even Area Managers of Kumon have informed us that the IAKF is a rogue organization that has been spreading lies and misinformation only to increase their membership. From my sister’s interaction with fellow instructors, rumors have come to her attention that the IAKF and its leadership aka Nicole Smith and an instructor from Minneapolis, Houston and New Jersey who are vocal militant members have been using membership dues for personal gain.

Recently, I read an article where Robert Lichtenstein, corporate counsel for Kumon North America, based in Teaneck, New Jersey, calls the IAKF a “rogue” organization, and questions whether it has more than a handful of members. Kudos to Robert for rightly categorizing this organization and its leadership as “ROGUES.” The IAKF has brought nothing but shame and bad publicity to all Kumon instructors like my sister and has created a confrontational relationship with the franchisor. Thanks for listening. Xie Xie!!

I am a student in Kumon. To tell you the truth at first I despised it. Now I am in 6th grade taking GEM(which I believe is because of Kumon and it is a program which you do advanced math). I find GEM very easy because I already did almost all the curriculum that they are going to teach. I wasn’t surprised when I got a 96% on my pretest for the year only disappointed that I got a question wrong. I wasn’t like this a year ago and I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for Kumon. However people with different thinking styles cannot see the beneficial side of Kumon. I am used to working hard because I had to learn english when I came from India when I was 5 , but some people didn’t have to face a big problem so working hard will be new for them. Your review can tell many people if Kumon is right for them or not. I was looking to se if Kumon is right for my 5 yr. old brother or not and it definitely is.

My parent pulled me out of Kumon, finally. My instructor is a horse farmer full-time and part-time Kumon instructor. Stay away from the Kumon center in Howell, NJ.

Kumon Sucks. I was enrolled 3 years ago by my parents because the 2 week free trial was over. Before, when i was level B, i thought it was quite easy even though I’m doing 10 pages everyday. Then things started to get tougher. Too much repeats, Too much pages. I am now level J and it is just so hard. I sometimes can’t do my homework because I must also do my projects in school. These days, I am told that I’ll do 2 hours per week but my teacher does not want me to go so i spend 3 hours. I also do 30 pages a week compared to the recommended pages per week which is 21. Worse, I just don’t know what to do. I ask my teacher and all he gives me is a book with the solution and he doesn’t care if I get it or not. The prizes they give every bow and then aren’t worth it, they’re just cheap plastic toys that break instantly in a touch. And every year, everyone who is advanced to what the school teaches, they give a medal. But that is totally not worth the time, money and effort done. So my life in Kumon is really really hard. Please, anyone reading this note: DO NOT GET YOUR’E CHILD INTO KUMON. That 2 week free trial? Its just a trap to get customers in their multi-million dollar business. My parents don’t want me out of Kumon and they regularly get mad every now and then because I can’t do my homework. Sometimes, I even think that Kumon leads my grades down because Kumon only teaches what to do and not how to do it. And it also gets me down because the stress it gives me is very very bad. I just hope that the readers out there don’t get their children into Kumon. It will ruin and change them until they either quit or finish after around 5 years

Kumon for my children was a very bad experience, almost as close as you can get to child abuse at the Kumon Math & Reading tutoring center. I would like to warn any parent who is thinking about Kumon to first read the reviews about Kumon. I should have read the online reviews before buring $3300 on Kumon:


The Kumon Math & Reading tutoring centers need to be investigated by Child Protective Services arrest the owners of the Kumon tutoring centers. It is a scam and the people who tutor at the centers are thieves and abusive people. STAY AWAY FROM KUMON.

Ok, so as a parent I think you have had enough Kuomon to have the basics of math drummed int you and, I agree, talk to your parents about signing out and show them what a good student you are by getting good grades at home. Strike a deal with them, such as, “Look mom and dad, sign me out of Kumon and let me prove to you this fall (or spring) semester that I can get As in school without it.” Most so able parents will take this. Tell them to also take that Monthly Kumon fee and apply it to their retirement, such as IRA or life insurance. And then due good on your promise. I am not against Kuomon, by the way.

I wish I forced my daugther to stay at KUMON. She was lazy and didn’t want to do the work. My friend send her son and daughter to KUMON and now they eneded up in IVY colleges. It pays to go to KUMON. Yes it is boring and hard on parents but it will pay off when your childern are very successful. Kumon is great if you can afford it.

Kumon has not been very positive at the get go. One I don’t like the lady who runs the place. side note: All of the Kumon centers are individually owned/operated & are VERY competitive with each other…

1) it’s expensive, over $100 per, so it’s over $200 a Month for both english & math. 2) it’s never ending…. NEVER ending. do you want to spend 12 yrs there? umm no. you cant just do it for the summer, or school year. it’s all year around

kumon is definitely not for everyone i ve met parents who shudder at the mere mentioning of the name to parents who think you are are a psycho for putting your child thru it but having been in kumon since september 2011 when my son just turned 3 its been the best decison ive ever made hes a gifted child who was already adding and subtracting so i had to do something to let him thrive on his skills , hes been doing fabulously well the advantage to starting early is no matter which center you start they know the kid and you my instructor has been wonderful , we do 2 sheets a day cause no matter how good a child is its insane for me as a parent to expect him to do and enjoy 5th grade math when hes in grade 1 in school im very much a hands on mom and i like the fact that they let you be so involved in your child s life and besides it take <60 sec to correct their work and they have an answer book for parents in case you arent sure !

I just stumbled upon this post and loved how it broke down the pro and con of Kumon. My kids both go to Kumon – my son for math and my daughter for japanese (Kokugo) and – to my surprise – they enjoy it! (of course there are some days they also don´t want to do their worksheets..) The worksheets for math are boring, yes, but it is not just about learning math. It is also about learning concentration and breaking down work into bit-size pieces to finish daily, instead of piling the work and then just give up. In Japan, there are many additional Kumon-workbooks available in bookstores which supplement the fun-factor. We usually do them at evening if they did the worksheets well. There are puzzles, riddles, stories.. Oh, and I have to say – we are lucky to have great instructors! At our local Kumon center everyone is kind, but also able to give the kids the motivation they need to continue. I recently found myself wondering if I maybe should enroll there too :)

Kumon is ok besides the stupid homework

I had my daughter enrolled since her primary age, and just completed her Level “O” after 9 years of struggling. To my opinion, Kumon is perfect for people who really wants to improve themselves in Math. Even my girl has gone thru upside down in completing it, she shown excellent results in every exam she took. Both parents and instructors had to encourage students whenever they are down, and parents please don’t get frustated easily when seeing their children give up. This also happened to me, when my girl started to complain that Kumon sucks, bored, and kept wanting to quit. But I did not give up, and in the end, she thanked me for it.

I am a child and I will do anything to ruin the kumon centers/ I hate it there so much , and the way the kumon lady says “kumon” OH GOD I hate it more than having been dared to eat a real spider ALIVE (I didn’t eat it) the place isn’t even considered a real place.kids 5and up already get homework from actual school .the graders are not even real adults. The lady probably doesn’t even have a license to own the place. The last level at that place and they just keep me at that level cuz they don’t want me to leave.they charge $110 a month for you just to do math I hate it here so should you if you have hates or trouble in this place. (I don’t even have to go here I get straight A’s in every class

Sorry you hate it. Maybe you get straight As because of Kumon having helped you be faster, more precise, and more organized? I am not a Kuomon owner nor have worked there. My two kids went to Kumon for three years and because of that their math and science grades were good. They were better organized. Now they stopped when they got older and let things slide. Think of this as physical exercise; you may hate it but it will make your body stronger and healthier.

Is there 100 pages of homework?

No , there isn’t. You get 3-7 pages a day, depending on a predetermined amount. Some parents like to get their money’s worth so they will have the kid do twice as many worksheets. A Horrible idea. Some kids will skip a day of Kuomon and then will have to do 2 packets in one day….this eventually becomes a habit. Sometimes they will do three packets a day, because they did not do Kumon for two days. This is where Kuomn gets ugly and unmanageable. Do not get into that situation as kids or parents. Do a package of Kumon in the morning before breakfast. Do not put it off. (I do not own a Kumon or work in Kumon by the way). I initially put my kids in Kumon when they were five and seven since I did not think their school did enough math, as what I had seen. I thought their math foundation needed to be stronger. Now my daughter is 17 and applying to college. She has been out of Kumon for three or four years. It was her choice to quit, but her math foundation is still good. My 14 year old son stopped Kumon around the same time as his sister. His math foundation is good but I am still finding Kumons in unexpected places and getting mad at him. He did have to repeat Algebra 1. The second time around he is doing better. My 10 year old did Kumon for a year but when his brother and sister dropped out, it was impossible to have him go. He was 7 at the time. He is definitely lacking in the homework discipline department and math basics. When you buy into Kuomon, you buy into a routine, an organized structure. When I do math or any other subject with my son now, it is sporadic, unorganized, and he is not the type of kid to enjoy school or learning. By the way, where I live Kumon cost us $140 per kid per month. It was slightly slightly cheaper if you paid quarterly or yearly. The same 10 year old I have also dropped out of piano after two years, chess after two years, and is only great at playing basketball. I love to watch him play basketball and enjoy it, but I did find comfort in that little hand writing neatly in a pencil on paper. His writing was much better at the time as well. Oh, and the same boy quit art class after three years. Kumon is not for all kids or parents. For one, it is expensive and a big commitment in time. The Kumon owner at our place was great and so was the person in charge; the rest of the staff were teenagers, but they were not slackers. If I had money and time and patience, I would definitely try Kumon with my son again. This must be what happens with the third kid.

I have had my two kids in Kumon for three years. There is a lot of monitoring and driving and enforcing them to do this. With repetition they become great and fast at math, at some point it becomes very hard. But doing Kumon for three years has taught my kids stamina, perseverance, ability to compute quickly and be able to apply it to other areas. There is a natural progression, takes 15-30 minutes a day. The bad part was finding all those hidden (undone) Kumons; I am still finding them all these years later, such as behind curio cabinets, ovens, drawers, beds. Sometimes a page torn out or a whole set. Kuomon is expensive for the parents and they need to treat it just like a private and expensive music lesson. If you are not monitoring those Kumons being done at home and not setting aside that 20-30 minute routine, the Kumons won’t get themselves done.

One more thing. Tablets are great, but so much of schoolwork even at young ages is some on computers or tablets these days that good old fashioned work sheets also get the hand writing. That does not happen a lot these days. Driving to Kuomon centers is a pain, but kids seeing other kids doing Kuomn there is a plus. It is somewhat of a community. You can’t see that in a tablet, even if you are practicing math in real time with another person located somewhere else.

Well you must have worked at a different kumon site Because I used to go to kumon And now I work there So some of this stuff is not true

Comments are closed.

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Learning continues at home

Kumon is a partnership between student, parent and Instructor. This partnership continues during extended periods at home.

The Instructor creates an individualised study plan for each student, and sends home the worksheets they are ready to learn next on their own. Instructors are also available for regular communication by phone, email, SMS or video messaging.

Students study their worksheets, daily. Parents encourage their children to complete their worksheets to the best of their ability. Parents then mark and grade the completed worksheets. While students do corrections, parents record the results on the study record sheet. (Ask your Instructor for a copy of The Value of Home Marking: A Guide for Parents and a record sheet .) This daily process will ensure student progress.

homework kumon


As students advance in the Kumon worksheets, they become more confident to study the content on their own. Kumon worksheets are structured to allow progression in small steps. This enables students to advance smoothly from easy to difficult problems.

When they encounter something new, they study the example in the worksheet, draw on previous learning and give it a try. They try, and fail, until they finally get it. This is how Kumon develops self-learning. Students come to expect the challenge of something new, and gain satisfaction in working it out for themselves. They develop a mindset that no problem is too difficult to attempt. Equipped with the skill of self-learning, students progress independently, at home, through their Kumon programme.

homework kumon

Home Study Guidelines

This guide is designed to support home study of the Kumon worksheets. Follow these steps to maximise the effectiveness of home study. If issues arise, don’t hesitate to contact your Kumon Instructor.

1. Establish a daily ‘Kumon time’

Study worksheets a little each day. Daily study ensures smooth steady progress. Approximately 30 minutes per subject per day is desirable or for as long as your child is motivated to continue. Establish ‘Kumon time’. Consider your family’s schedule and decide what time each day is best. While a time when a parent or a carer can be present to supervise is ideal, this is not always possible, nor entirely necessary. The most outstanding feature of the Kumon worksheets is that they are designed for independent, self-learning. Some days are busier than others and the unexpected can arise, but aim to be consistent. Establish a routine.

homework kumon

2. Create a worksheet study space

Set up a Kumon worksheet study space, free from distractions and disruptions such as the television, computers or excessive noise. A study space that is at a desk table is best. The space should have several sharp pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a digital clock so your child can write their start time and finish time. This is crucial.

If possible, periodically check, to ensure they are concentrating. They should complete the set of worksheets without stopping.

homework kumon

3. Show interest and praise your child’s efforts

Show enthusiasm and interest in your child’s worksheet study. Check in to see how they are going. They will feel supported. If your schedule does not allow you to be present while they study, check and mark their worksheets as soon as possible. Acknowledge their effort to complete their worksheets.

homework kumon

4. Home marking

After your child completes their worksheets each day, mark them using an answer book and The Value of Home Marking: A Guide for Parents. Return them to your child as soon as reasonably possible. (We know you are very busy, and cannot always do this straight away.)

Answer books and the Value of Home Marking: A Guide for Parents are available from your Kumon Instructor.

homework kumon

5. Corrections

Once the worksheets are marked, your child makes any corrections, on their own, until all answers are correct. They should find the specific place where they made the mistake, and erase and correct only the part of the answer that is incorrect. It is best if corrections are done as soon as possible, but definitely before commencing the next day’s worksheets. It is more efficient for your child to make corrections while worksheet content is fresh in their mind. They learn from corrections and are less likely to repeat the same mistake on the next worksheets.

Never criticise or scold your child for errors. Making errors and then correcting them is a fundamental feature of the Kumon learning method. Rather, praise your child for doing their corrections and eventually achieving 100 percent on their worksheets.

homework kumon

6. Filling in the record sheet

In the record sheet: 1. Record the day of the month 2. Record the worksheet level, e.g. AI 3. Record the set number, e.g. 21 (If first page of set is AI 21) 4. Record the time taken to complete the worksheets, in minutes 5. Record the original scores, before corrections, for each worksheet in boxes 1 – 10 e.g. maths score of B, English score of 95. Please forward the completed record sheet as and when requested by your Kumon Instructor. The Home Recording Guide and record sheets are available from your Kumon Instructor.

homework kumon

7. Communication with your Instructor

Communication with your Kumon Instructor is a crucial part of home study. In order for your Instructor to be able to easily contact you, please let them know which times are most convenient for you and which mode of communication you prefer, i.e. phone, email, SMS. Please contact your Kumon Instructor should you need guidance or advice about your child’s worksheet study.

Kumon is a partnership between student, parent and Instructor. This partnership continues during extended periods of home study.

homework kumon

Reading to your child, listening to them read, or making sure they have books will help them to develop a habit and love of daily reading.

For reading tips and to discover much loved book titles for younger readers, visit: www.readtogether.com.au . For readers of all ages and abilities, visit www.kumon-english-rrl.com or download the Recommended Reading List PDF .

homework kumon

Modern Homeschool Family

What Is Kumon and Does It Really Work?

What Is Kumon and Does It Really Work?

This post was originally written for a different website; however it has been removed that site since it was published. I still believe it has valuable information and publishing it again, here.

You’ve likely seen ads on television or passed by Kumon centers in your daily travels.  Have you every wondered, exactly, what Kumon is?

About 9 months ago, I was introduced to Kumon through one of their publicity firms, learned about their program and decided to try it out.  Before I get into the results, let’s start with a little bit of history.

History of Kumon

The History of Kumon

In 1954, Toru Kumon, a high school math teacher in Japan, began developing materials to help his second grade son who was struggling in math.  With a few key principles in mind, Mr. Kumon created a series of sequenced materials for his son to complete after school.  His son improved in math; Mr. Kumon’s neighbors heard about this success and began asking him to work with their children.  The first Kumon center opened in 1956 and it continued to grow, expanding into North America in 1974.

Now you know why Kumon is so familiar to you already; it’s been around for over 50 years!  They offer after school programs for both math and reading.  We elected to participate in the math program, since my daughter didn’t feel confident in that area and has always been a strong reader.

What is Kumon?

what is kumon

The curriculum consists of hundreds of short assignments (worksheets) completed in sequential order.  Every assignment is timed and graded.  Students must get close to 100% accuracy within a set time in order to be able to move on to the next level of worksheet.

In our case, my daughter was assigned additional “speed drills” for addition and multiplication practice.

What to Expect During Your First Visit to Kumon

When you enroll in the program, you will sit down with a center instructor for an orientation.  During the orientation, we watched a Power Point presentation and went over parent expectations.  Parents will be required to complete some paperwork (it wasn’t terribly long) and children will take a placement test.

The placement test is actually a series of tests.  Your child will work through different “leveled” evaluations until he or she can not complete any more.  These tests are immediately graded and your child will be sent home with his or first assignments to be completed.  All in all, expect to spend roughly an hour and a half during your first visit.

What to Expect at Home

Page 8 of the Kumon Parent’s Guide says “There’s no getting around it: Kumon is extra.  Extra time.  Extra homework.  Extra effort.“  Boy, do they mean it.

Children are expected to complete their Kumon assignments 7 days a week.  My daughter was assigned 10 worksheets a day, 7 days a week, plus 10 minutes of “speed drills” each day.  Parents, you’ll be expected to grade the assignments immediately, return them to your student to correct and participate in the speed drills.  Be prepared to commit about 30 minutes a day  to Kumon assignments.

In addition to the daily at-home assignments, children visit the Kumon center 2 times per week to turn in their homework and receive the next batch.

Our center was flexible enough when it came to our crazy travel schedule, giving us a week’s worth of assignments at a time, when we let them know when we could not make it back twice in one week.

What to Expect on Visits to the Center

During your child’s twice-weekly visits to the center, he or she will turn in his or her homework to the instructor who will review it to make sure your child is on course.  The center instructor may work on speed drills with your child and watch him or her work through another set of worksheets.

what to expect at Kumon

Do not expect the center instructor to teach the materials to your child in the same manner as in a traditional classroom.  The instructors do not lecture, demonstrate or tutor students through the curriculum.  The Kumon method utilizes in the “learn-by-doing” approach.  The instructor provides guidance, praise and assistance, if absolutely needed.

According to the parent materials provided, the Kumon approach believes that having a child try to solve the problems on his or her own teaches them to think for themselves and build confidence.

How Much Does Kumon Cost?

Let’s face it, cost factors into the equation for most of it.  Each Kumon center is independently owned and operated, so costs will vary by location.  In general, though, expect to pay $95 – $125 per month, per subject, plus a $30 – $50 one-time registration fee.

Does Kumon Really Work?

At the beginning of our trial of Kumon, my daughter was entering 8th grade Pre-Algebra.  After her initial placement evaluation, the instructors at the center thought she should start with addition of single-digit positive numbers (almost near the beginning).  She understood single-addition math just fine, but the center instructor wanted her to be able to do the math faster before moving on.  After attending the orientation and reading through all of the parent materials, I understood why our instructor made this decision but, unfortunately, my daughter did not.  She was embarrassed and her self esteem was very low.

We worked through the program with as much consistency as possible.  I’ll readily admit that we were not as consistent with the program as we should have been and we may have bitten off more than we could chew this school year.  After nine months with Kumon we did not see a dramatic increase in her Pre-Algebra grade, but we weren’t expecting to either.  It’s not a tutoring program, remember?

I have noticed other, smaller changes, though.  Her confidence in math is slowly starting to improve and she’s extremely quick and accurate with her addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, which does help avoid simple calculation errors on her regular school math assignments .

As mentioned before, Kumon has been around for over 50 years.  A program that doesn’t deliver results wouldn’t survive that long.  It’s important, to remember that individual results will vary and completing those daily assignments and staying on course is vital to your child’s success in the program.


Disclosure: I was provided 9 months of the Kumon math program for the purposes of this review.  All opinions in this blog post are strictly my own.


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' src=

What if the parents have no Math knowledge will they enroll their students in Kumon?

' src=

I agree that Kumon has a great after school program for kids to help them improve their school works. However, I tried Beestar during pandemic and surprisingly, it worked much better for my kids. The fact that it is all online and free of charge, my kids can focus on their studies by staying at home and I did save decent amount of money.

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HW Requests – Barranca

2022 hw exchange instructions, for barranca center.

  • Fill out the homework request form below by Friday at 4PM.

If you submit the form after 4PM Friday, you’ll receive text responses the following Monday at the earliest.

  • You should receive an email confirming that we received your form.

Wait for a “Homework Ready for Pickup” text (typically sent 1-2 business days after form submission.)

  • Homework will be left outside the Barranca Center in alphabetical order (by last name) only after you receive the “Homework Ready for Pickup” text.
  • Drop off graded & completed HW with Last name, First name in the dropbox when you pick up your child’s HW.

Unsure of when/how to grade HW? Click here for our home-grading walkthrough.

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How to Set Up a Homework Club

homework club cost

Homework clubs can be a fantastic way for students to get together, help each other, and stay motivated to complete their school assignments. If you’re considering setting up a homework club, here are some steps to guide you through the process.

 Define the Purpose and Goals

Before you start a homework club, it’s important to determine why you’re starting it and what you hope to achieve. Do you want to provide a quiet space for individual study, or are you aiming for collaborative learning where students help each other? Setting clear goals will help guide the structure of your club.

 Choose a Location

A suitable location is critical. This place should be quiet, have enough space, and be easily accessible to students. Libraries, community centers, or empty classrooms are excellent places as they provide a formal atmosphere conducive to studying.

 Set a Schedule

Decide on the days and times that the homework club will meet. It’s important to consider when students are most likely to attend — after school or in the evening. Be consistent with the timing so that students can build it into their routine.

 Gather Materials

Make sure you have all the materials necessary for effective studying: textbooks, reference books, stationary supplies like pens and paper, computers with internet access if possible, printer/scanner facilities, etc.

 Establish Rules and Structure

Creating a set of rules helps to maintain order and focus within the group. For instance, settle on rules regarding noise levels, toy usage during club time (like phones), or bringing snacks. Additionally, decide how the time will be structured—whether there’ll be a quick briefing at the start of each session or if students break off into groups.

 Recruit Members

You’ll need to promote your homework club to gather members. You can do this by creating flyers and posters to advertise around your school or local community centers. You could also use social media or word-of-mouth to get the word out there.

 Find Supervision

Having an adult supervisor like a teacher or parent can help oversee the club activities. This person can provide homework help if needed or mediate any disruptions that arise during study time.

 Secure Funding if Necessary

If you require funds for materials or snacks, look into potential sponsorships from local businesses or educational grants available in your area that support after-school programs.

 Monitor Progress and Solicit Feedback

It’s important to keep track of how well the homework club is meeting its intended goals. Ask for regular feedback from members and adjust your strategies accordingly. This ensures that the club remains effective and continues to meet student needs.

With careful planning and management, a homework club can be an invaluable resource that fosters community support among students as they work towards academic success.


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homework club cost

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Why a homework club could work for your child

Girl in library

What is a homework club?

Homework clubs offer a place for your child to work in a supportive environment out of school hours.

Why choose a homework club?

Some children are so self-motivated that they’re able to work diligently on homework and ignore the distractions of normal family life, but not everyone finds it so easy.

Learning journey programme

Boost Your Child's English & Maths!

  • Weekly programme for each school year
  • Worksheets sent direct to your inbox
  • Keeps your child's learning on track

Doing homework requires a quiet space to work at home and support from you. If your job or other children make it tricky to provide those things you might want to consider the option of a homework club.

Who runs homework clubs?

Schools and many public libraries offer them, usually after school finishes for the day. Check what’s available with your school and local authority. The biggest advantage of a school-based homework club is that it’s on the same premises, so children don’t have to travel to the club.  Familiarity with teachers is also a plus point, and your child is in an environment where they are already relaxed.

If your child would prefer a change of location at the end of the school day a library homework club might be the answer. They usually run from 4pm to 6.30pm and sometimes for a few hours on a Saturday morning. “We find that children start getting more homework from the age of nine onwards so our clubs are of most benefit for eight to 14-year-olds,” says Lucy Love, manager for children and young people at libraries run by Enfield Council. “Under-eights can come to the club but a parent or carer must be with them.”

What benefits do clubs offer?

“The great thing about library homework clubs are the homework centre assistants – while they don’t do the child’s work, they have the knowledge and experience to guide them to the relevant books or online resources such as encyclopaedias,” explains Lucy. “We encourage children to use online data, as it’s usually the most up-to-date, and can offer equipment such as protractors and SATs papers. Homework clubs are also a great way of helping the child’s transition to secondary school.”

What to do after homework club

  • When you get home, ask your child to explain what their homework is – this will show you they have understood it properly themselves.  
  • Help your child to settle down and concentrate by making sure there are no distractions around them when they go over their homework with you.  
  • Encourage your child to check their work to reinforce the learning they have done.

Give your child a headstart

Give your child a headstart

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Homework Club

Homework club.

General program information.

Homework Club is recommended for students who:

  • are challenged to complete their homework in a timely manner
  • need additional assistance with assignments
  • may forget to do the assigned homework,
  • tend to turn in homework after the due date
  • may turn in the assignments without completing the work

Homework Club for the 2023-24 school year will begin on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.  

Class sizes will be limited to maintain the integrity of the program and ensure that students are receiving the assistance they need. As a result, certain grades may fill up sooner than others--this depends on the number of students interested and teacher availability. In the event your desired grade is full, you will be contacted and placed on a waiting list. If you do not hear back, your child has been registered and is all set to start Homework Club Tuesday, September 5. An email will be sent to all registered Homework Club students the week of August 28 with more information.

Please note: Homework Club for Grades 1 - 4 has currently reached maximum capacity .

If you registered before August 20, your child is enrolled for the 2023-24 school year and can start on Tuesday, September 5 after school.

If you have not yet registered and would like to be added to a waiting list for Grades 1 - 4, send an email to Ellen Burrola at [email protected] .   

Program Hours (Grades 1-2) Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.* Program Hours (Grades 3-8) Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.* * There is no Homework Club when school is not in session (i.e., holidays, teacher in-service days, etc.) or after school on any minimum days. Whenever we have a full day on a Wednesday, Homework Club will be available.


Register here, frequently asked questions.

Homework Club is for students enrolled in Grades 1-8. As long as there is room in Homework Club, anyone can join Homework Club. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and classes will be limited to 10 students in grades 1-2 and 12 students in grades 3-8. Enrollment is flexible and students do move in and out during the year, so you are encouraged to add your name to the waiting list if your desired grade level is full.

To sign up for Homework Club, you will need to click on the REGISTER HERE link above.

The fee for Homework Club is a FLAT RATE of $110 per month , regardless of:

  • whether your child attends one, two, or three days each week
  • holidays and school breaks
  • absences or illnesses

• 1st Grade:  Kathy Graham and Elizabeth Oh • 2nd Grade: Tricia Crowe, Michele Hoey, Stephanie Leavey, James Miyashiro, and Kathleen Murphy • 3rd Grade: Laura Dimler, Susan Kennelly, Sally Salazar, and Kate Savage • 4th Grade: Kristine Haas, Mike Letourneau, and Kate Savage • 5th Grade: Carrie Fiore, Erin Husli, and Mary Marsolais • 6th Grade: Carrie Fiore and Brittania Porterfield  • 7th Grade: Bill Catey and Mark May • 8th Grade: Heather Hubert and Christina Tsichlis

Your child will have one of the above teachers as his/her Homework Club teacher, or a combination of two or three teachers.

As we have a large group of students enrolled for homework club this year, there will be more than one homework club group per grade level. To maintain the integrity of the program and ensure students receive the assistance they need, class sizes are limited.  

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  • St. Bernadette School

After School

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  • School Band
  • Extended Day

Make time for Hw

Homework Club is a club after school that gives students the chance to complete homework with teacher supervision. It will begin during the first couple of weeks of school.  Once dismissal is complete

  • Students will be brought downstairs to the gym lobby promptly at 4:15 p.m. for parent pick-up
  • If your child will not be picked up by a parent please send us a note for dismissal procedures
  • Homework Club is open to students in Grades 4-8 only
  • The cost is $5.00/day, per child (cash only). Payment is due that day.
  • Students may bring a small snack to eat
  • Drop-ins welcome!! Please just send an email or note that day.

**Please note that this program is not considered a part of extended day and all payments need to be made separately and in cash to the teacher(s).

Click Here for the Homework Club form

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  • Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated) |

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Homework Club Schedule


Students are welcome to enroll in Homework Club at any time throughout the school year. We offer support to our students Monday through Thursday. Students may attend two, three, four or five days a week for 2 or more hours each session. There are 4 sessions available. Starting at 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Homework club will not offer any out of campus field trips. Summer and winter programs are also available; please inquire within for the programs, hours and fees.

Arrival and Pick-up

To ensure the safety of the students in care, students will only be released to adults authorized in the application and emergency form by the parent(s). Identification will be checked before any student is released until the staff becomes familiar with the individuals who pick-up students. Daily attendance will be taken and parents will be notified by a text message to their primary care takers’ cell phone if their child is not at the homework club location by 2:45pm. Each student grades 2 and above are expected to walk to the Homework Club location as soon as their class is dismissed. For student’s k-1st grade, Homework Club staff will assist with pick-up from the classroom. Each student must be signed out by an adult identified in the Identification and Emergency Information form (LIC 700). Students will not be released to anyone not listed on the emergency form (LIC 700). It is critical that the information on the emergency form is current. If there are any changes, please let Kristine or Henry Demirchian know as soon as possible. Homework Club will not provide any type of transportation for drop-off or pick-up.

Absence Policy

Research shows that students who are successful in schooling are the ones who are consistent with their studies and the ones who have no absences and tardiness from school. One way parents can help in this matter is to make sure that their student gets to school on time and every day. It is asked that all students of Homework Club follow the same guidelines. It is very important for students to commit and respect the schedule assigned to them. At Homework Club, we do not excuse absences, unless of course the child has an infectious disease. Homework Club requires 4 weeks prior notification for absences, students will not be reimbursed if notification is given on a last minute. This is due to the limitation of our space and the restrictions of the amount of students we can enroll and attend to. When we schedule a student, we ensure that your student will have 100% of our attention and will have his/her spot with a designated staff member. We work hard to ensure the success of every child!

Homework Club is a place where students should feel safe and secure, and it is a place where they can become a part of our family in an unbiased learning environment. We do not allow or tolerate any kind of disrespect or bullying to staff or to the other students in the group. We expect students to be kind and polite to others with their words and actions. Good manners are strongly enforced! Our goal is to create a group of students who work well together and who are respectful. We will not allow swearing, stealing, fighting, or other misbehavior. Cell phones are not to be used during program hours. Cell phones must stay in the back packs or they will be taken away. Staff can be reached at 818-606-7658 for Mrs. Kristine or 818-624-7657 for Mr. Henry.

Students will be expected to use good behavior, as expected in school. Students who do not respect the rules and regulations of Homework Club will result in a conference with the parents. Please keep in mind that Homework Club is a learning facility and everyone is expected to behave in a respected manner. Students with poor behavior will be asked to be picked up by a parent or a guardian.

Any form of discipline or punishment that violates a child's personal rights shall not be permitted regardless of authorized representative consent or authorization. Regardless of the situation, students will never experience corporal punishment, denial of snack breaks, or denial of restroom use.

Admission Policy

Parents may set-up an appointment or call for more information. To enroll a student, an interview will be conducted with the parent/guardian and the child. Parents must fill out an enrollment application packet before the student can attend H.C. A scheduled appointment may be set per request for a quick observation of the program.

A 30 day notice shall be sent to the parent/guardian of the child prior to any change or modification to Homework Club program, tuition, policies or procedures.

To ensure the high quality of our services, the Department of Social Services may conduct interviews with children without any prior notice or permission from the parent/guardian of the child, or Homework Club.

Termination of Contract

The contract may be terminated with sufficient notice to the Director of Homework Club. A 30 day notice is required if for any reason the child will need to stop attending Homework Club. However, the admission agreement shall automatically be terminated by the death of the child.

The contract may also be terminated by the Homework Club for the following reasons: student’s continuous bad behavior (3 warnings/parent conferences) including but not limited to interruption of class, bullying, disrespect to staff and other students.

Snacks and Breaks

Students will have a 10 minute break during the Homework Club Session in the classroom or in the school yard. Students are encouraged to bring a snack to eat at Homework Club or eat the dinner provided by the school “dinner at school” if applicable. Homework Club will provide a small snack if required (prepackaged non-perishable food items).

Medication Policy

Homework Club staff is not trained for administering ANY type of medication to students. Thus, medication will not be administered by our staff or stored on location.

Questions and Concerns

We encourage all parents to keep an open communication with us. We believe that effective communication is one of the essential tools to help a student achieve their goals. With proper communication we can better serve your child. We can be reached at any time during the day via email, at [email protected] , via phone at 818-606-7658 for Kristine or 818-624-7657 for Henry; we are also open to communicate over text messages or letters and notes.

homework club cost

Email us and we will contact you short after.

homework club cost

What Is Homework Club?

Homework club is an after school club for students to complete homework/school work. Students report to a specific classroom and are supervised by a teacher. The teacher will offer assistance and check on students to make sure they are completing school work. The length of homework club will vary by school but usually lasts for about an hour after the school day ends. 

Who Is Homework Club For?

Homework club if for students that struggle to complete school work and homework. 

Students that attend homework club benefit from a quiet place to complete work after school. 

Homework club is usually available to all students but often students with a 504 or an IEP will get first consideration.

In my school we have limited spaces in homework club so it’s up to us, the teachers, to choose students that will benefit from it the most.

If you need a description of what homework is then I answered that in this article .

homework club cost

How Often Is Homework Club?

How often a school has homework club really depends on the school and the district. 

First of all not all schools have the means to offer homework club to students.

Because the teacher that supervises the students in homework club needs to be compensated and some schools don’t have the money to pay them. 

For schools that do have the money to pay a teacher to supervise homework club they may offer homework club every day or only a few days a week. 

The middle school I work at offers our students homework club two days a week. 

Is Homework Club Effective?

Whether or not homework club is effective depends on two things: the teacher supervising and the students. 

If the supervisor engages with the students and sets expectations for work completion then the club can have an impact.  

However, if the supervising teacher is not engaged then the students will not get as much work done. 

In my experiences I have seen homework as beneficial to students but have also had students that attend it and it doesn’t seem to impact their grade or learning at all.

Often the students that are in homework club are students that struggle with work completion and organization.

This is why the teacher that supervises them really needs to have them set daily or weekly goals to ensure that work completion is taking place.

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  • Ela Township, IL

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23-24 homework club registration now available.

Transportation for Spencer Loomis/Seth Paine, May Whitney, and Isaac Fox!

Spencer Loomis/ Seth Paine: NO REMAINING SPOTS (Waitlist)

May Whitney: NO REMAINING SPOTS (Waitlist)

Isaac Fox- NO REMAINING SPOTS (Waitlist)

Homework Club provides safe and supervised after school services and recreational activities to children in kindergarten through fifth grade who live in Ela Township. Our program meets after school every week day school is in session from dismissal until 5:30 p.m. at the Ela Township Community Center.

We provide the time, the place and the assistance to allow your child to work on their homework correctly with the help of our staff and volunteers.  Our team works in partnership with the community, schools, and families to provide a fun and safe environment for your children to thrive.

Ela Township Community Center 380 Surryse Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Monday through Friday after school until 5:30 p.m.

*Days when District 95 is in session

$120 per month per child including transportation from Isaac Fox or Spencer Loomis/Seth Paine & May Whitney schools.  $110 per month per child without transportation.  Registration is throughout the school year, and processed on a first-come first-serve basis. Registration may be dropped off with payment at the Ela Township Community Center.


Transportation will be provided for Isaac Fox, Spencer Loomis/Seth Paine and, May Whitney participants. All other schools will have to find their own form of transportation to attend at this time.

2024-2025 Homework Club Registration

Opens to the public MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2024 at 8:30a.m. Will be taking names for our waitlist for the following schools:

-May Whitney

-Spencer Loomis/Seth Paine

Registration Packets

2024-2025 homework club transportation registration homework club registration packets youth registration packets, 2023 – 2024 homework club 2023 -2024 homework club, 22-23 homework club registration packet – without transportation homework club registration packets.

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San José Public Library

Homework Clubs

homework club cost

Need Help with your Homework?

  • Volunteers are available to help Kindergarten – 8th-grade students with their homework after school.
  • Social studies
  • Assistance in languages other than English may be provided based on volunteers’ availability.
  • Got questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions .


Interested in Volunteering?

We are looking for volunteers (age 15+) to help local students reach academic success online and foster their ability to succeed in school. Every school year, volunteers are needed late-September to late-May. Volunteer are trained prior to coming onboard. Homework Club will not meet during school breaks and library holiday closures. Volunteers need to commit to a minimum of 2 consecutive hours per week, for the duration of the program.

More by SJPL Staff

homework club cost

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  • Adults, ages 18+
  • Adults, ages 18+ - Seniors, ages 65+
  • Computers & Technology

2024 Tax Help at San José Public Libraries

  • Business & Money
  • Community Resources

Happy Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

  • Kids, ages 5–10
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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Photo of Homework Club - North Hollywood, CA, US. Group tutoring

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Kristine D.

Business Owner

Our tutorials provide high quality, step-by-step instructions for all grades with every lesson of every subject. Our on-campus classes offer an after school program serving students in elementary through high schools, ages 5-16. Homework Club provides a quiet, structured, safe environment for students to complete their homework with the help of highly qualified instructors and mentors. …

Location & Hours

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6051 Bellaire Ave

North Hollywood, CA 91606

Valley Glen

Amenities and More

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Photo of Anna V.

My girls and I are very pleased and happy with Homework Club. This program provides an excellent virtual sessions utilizing audio/video chat and on campus tutoring. Most importantly they're able to support my girls with all school subjects. The tutors are amazing and the director is wonderful, she always takes her time to validate all assignments are completed on time and accurately. Amazing pricing for tutoring and flexible hours. I absolutely recommend Homework Club!

Photo of Paula M.

Very happy how hw club helped my son succeed. Highly recommend sending your kids there. When they come home all of the hw is done so the stress of doing hw is no longer an issue.

Photo of Harry N.

I have been taking my kids to Homework Club and now my sister is taking both of her kids there. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company, about their service. Their personal approach to every kids needs is something to talk about. No kid is the same and they go out of their way to make sure that they all go home with their work complete correctly, accurately and they understand it all.

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Moscow, Russia

Influenced by its unique, beautiful topography and historic surroundings, Vidnoye has been developed to establish a character, charm and vitality of a traditional Eastern European town. Vidnoye is a new town south of Moscow, but within the outer city ring road. The property is to the south of the historic town of Vidnoye, bordering the Don Highway and the Kupelinka Lake to the east.

The natural landscape setting is stunning, its elevated position offers superb long picturesque views of the region’s countryside as well as near views to historic sites, lakes, forests and wetlands.

The Vidnoye community has walkable and compact neighborhoods that are distinctive including: housing, cafes, shops, schools, offices, spa and wellness centers, set in a landscape of natural forest overlooking a beautiful lake.

SITE AREA: 1.9 km2 (475 Acres)

Program area: 1.95 million m2 (21.0 mil s.f), residential population: 42,500, residential units: 17,000, commercial area: 50,000 m2 (500,000 s.f.), program uses: vertically integrated “experience based” mixed-use – regional park, educational, art and cultural venues, commerical, residential, hospitality, entertainment.

Participation: Boulevard Properties – Strategic Alliance

Influenced by its unique and beautiful topography, Vidnoye was developed to have the character, charm and vitality of a traditional European hill town and compliments the adjoining historic community.


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Moscow Coke and Gas Plant

Moscow Coke and Gas Plant’s base in central Russia provides it with an advantageous geographic location and easy access to stable consumer markets, which make the plant one of Moscow Region’s best enterprises.

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homework club cost

Homework Club is back for the 2023-2024 school year! ACS Homework Club is for students in all grades who would like to stay after school to work on homework in an age-appropriate, teacher-supported classroom setting. Dates: ACS Calendar HC is offered on all regular school days Days: Monday-Friday Time: 3:40 PM-5:15 PM Cost: $7.00 per student ...

The cost for Homework Club is $65 per week, per child. Registration and payment is open in MyPaymentsPlus. Homework Club enrollment must be purchased in weekly increments. If school is only open for two days during a week, the "full week" is considered those two days. ... All Homework Club attendees must be picked up by 5:30PM to avoid a ...

by Matthew Lynch - February 10, 2024 Homework clubs can be a fantastic way for students to get together, help each other, and stay motivated to complete their school assignments. If you're considering setting up a homework club, here are some steps to guide you through the process. Define the Purpose and Goals

Answers to questions about Homework Club. Are students required to join Homework Club at the beginning of the session?

Trial it for FREE today Doing homework requires a quiet space to work at home and support from you. If your job or other children make it tricky to provide those things you might want to consider the option of a homework club. Who runs homework clubs? Schools and many public libraries offer them, usually after school finishes for the day.

Seek out help and support from your principal, teaching colleagues, parents and school community. Here are a few tips to get you started: Decide who - Start small. Identify a small group of students who need support with completing homework. Follow the protocol for contacting parents and obtaining their permission.

$55 per/month Homework Club will be Tuesday thru Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Questions? Contact us HOMEWORK CLUB is our in-person Tutoring Service that Helps Students Structure Their Studies, Identify Weaknesses, and Prepare for College Level Curriculum, by Strengthening Their Skills through Individual Attention. homework club video 3

Program Hours (Grades 1-2) Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.* Program Hours (Grades 3-8) Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.* * There is no Homework Club when school is not in session (i.e., holidays, teacher in-service days, etc.) or after school on any minimum days.

Homework Club is a club after school that gives students the chance to complete homework with teacher supervision. It will begin during the first couple of weeks of school. Once dismissal is complete ... The cost is $5.00/day, per child (cash only). Payment is due that day. Students may bring a small snack to eat;

Homework Club is an after-school program serving students from Elementary to High School, ages 5-18. Homework Club provides a quiet, structured, safe environment for students to complete their homework with the help of highly qualified instructors and mentors. We provide help and support in all school subjects.

The average cost of homework is expected to be very low with the cost to schools largely based on teacher training and resources. Implementing homework will also require a small amount of staff time for planning and feedback. Alongside time and cost, school leaders should consider how to maximise the effectiveness of homework through teacher ...

We can be reached at any time during the day via email, at [email protected] , via phone at 818-606-7658 for Kristine or 818-624-7657 for Henry; we are also open to communicate over text messages or letters and notes. We are here to provide math homework online services. If you are looking for a math tutor, then you are in the right place.

Why? Because the teacher that supervises the students in homework club needs to be compensated and some schools don't have the money to pay them. For schools that do have the money to pay a teacher to supervise homework club they may offer homework club every day or only a few days a week.

Cost: $120 per month per child including transportation from Isaac Fox or Spencer Loomis/Seth Paine & May Whitney schools. ... 2024-2025 Homework Club Registration. Opens to the public MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2024 at 8:30a.m. Will be taking names for our waitlist for the following schools:

No. Homework Club is for a group of artists who are dedicated to developing their practice. However, we do have monthly live group webinars that include QnA sections. Also: ONE YEAR of Homework Club costs less than a single session with me - that's some bonkers value!

Volunteers are available to help Kindergarten - 8th-grade students with their homework after school. Students can get help with their homework in a range of subjects: Reading. Writing. Math. Social studies. Science. And more. Assistance in languages other than English may be provided based on volunteers' availability.

Specialties: Our tutorials provide high quality, step-by-step instructions for all grades with every lesson of every subject. Our on-campus classes offer an after school program serving students in elementary through high schools, ages 5-16. Homework Club provides a quiet, structured, safe environment for students to complete their homework with the help of highly qualified instructors and ...

Get directions to Olkhovaya Street, 1 and view details like the building's postal code, description, photos, and reviews on each business in the building

This set includes all of the following: 7 different colored Homework Board options. directions on how to set up your Homework Club board. Homework Club awards. 9 different Homework Club Reward Passes and a blank version to create your own. 36 x 11 Homework Club Hall of Fame banners in each of the 7 colors. charts for each month to display the ...

Homework Club Cost. Download Once the deadline is over, we will upload your order into you personal profile and send you a copy to the email address you used while placing order. Essay, Research paper, Term paper, Coursework, Powerpoint Presentation, Discussion Board Post, Response paper, Questions-Answers, Annotated Bibliography, Book Report ...

Vidnoye is a new town south of Moscow, but within the outer city ring road. The property is to the south of the historic town of Vidnoye, bordering the Don Highway and the Kupelinka Lake to the east. The natural landscape setting is stunning, its elevated position offers superb long picturesque views of the region's countryside as well as ...

Moscow Coke and Gas Plant's base in central Russia provides it with an advantageous geographic location and easy access to stable consumer markets, which make the plant one of Moscow Region's best enterprises. All the coke the plant produces is meant for metallurgical use and is successfully marketed both domestically and internationally ...

There are 2 Motels close to Pride Club in Vidnoye Motels Near Pride Club Reviews: There are 1 reviews on Tripadvisor for Motels nearby: Motels Near Pride Club Photos: There are 7 photos on Tripadvisor for Motels nearby Nearest accommodation: 4.87 mi $ USD. United States

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homework kumon

First refuelling for Russia’s Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP


homework kumon

The FNPP includes two KLT-40S reactor units. In such reactors, nuclear fuel is not replaced in the same way as in standard NPPs – partial replacement of fuel once every 12-18 months. Instead, once every few years the entire reactor core is replaced with and a full load of fresh fuel.

The KLT-40S reactor cores have a number of advantages compared with standard NPPs. For the first time, a cassette core was used, which made it possible to increase the fuel cycle to 3-3.5 years before refuelling, and also reduce by one and a half times the fuel component in the cost of the electricity produced. The operating experience of the FNPP provided the basis for the design of the new series of nuclear icebreaker reactors (series 22220). Currently, three such icebreakers have been launched.

The Akademik Lomonosov was connected to the power grid in December 2019, and put into commercial operation in May 2020.

Electricity generation from the FNPP at the end of 2023 amounted to 194 GWh. The population of Pevek is just over 4,000 people. However, the plant can potentially provide electricity to a city with a population of up to 100,000. The FNPP solved two problems. Firstly, it replaced the retiring capacities of the Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant, which has been operating since 1974, as well as the Chaunskaya Thermal Power Plant, which is more than 70 years old. It also supplies power to the main mining enterprises located in western Chukotka. In September, a 490 km 110 kilovolt power transmission line was put into operation connecting Pevek and Bilibino.

Image courtesy of TVEL

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homework kumon


  1. How to use the new Kumon homework recording sheets

    homework kumon

  2. Kyle doing his Kumon Math homework

    homework kumon

  3. Kai's Kumon Homework 4 1/2 years old

    homework kumon

  4. Japanese Kumon Homework in time

    homework kumon

  5. Five productive ways for parents to help their children with homework

    homework kumon

  6. The Kumon Method

    homework kumon


  1. Homework Routine Infographic: A Parent's Guide for ...

    Parent involvement and support at home is key to the success of our students. Here are the five best practice tips to help you properly implement a homework routine with your child. Create a distraction free study area. Establish a consistent home routine. Guide your child through Kumon. Recognize accomplishments. Develop important study habits.

  2. Kumon At Home: A Parent's Guide for Home Grading [Infographic]

    When worksheets are graded promptly, children can correct the homework while the exercises are top-of-mind which can lead to improved learning results. Check out our "Parent's Guide to Home Grading" Infographic below for best practices, grading symbols, and overall benefits of grading your child's work at home. BOOK A FREE ASSESSMENT ...

  3. Kumon Connect

    Kumon Connect is a bring-your-own-device program. Therefore, parents must be able to supply their child with a tablet and a compatible stylus with writing and palm rejection capability. Kumon Connect is currently supported on the following devices: Apple iPad 6th generation or later and compatible stylus. Apple iPad Air 3rd generation or later ...

  4. Tips to Help Your Children Complete Kumon Homework

    The daily routine of Kumon homework can be difficult to maintain. We‟ve compiled a number of tips from current Kumon Students, instructors and parents to motivate your children to complete their Kumon homework every day: "Collaboration between parents and the child‟s Kumon Instructor is important. Recognizing each

  5. What is Kumon?

    Kumon is the world's largest after-school math and reading program. Kumon Students progress independently through a carefully crafted, worksheet-based math and reading curriculum. Regardless of their age, students move at their own pace, which means many children end up studying far beyond their school grade level.

  6. Kumon FAQs

    Kumon parents and students report the opposite: students with a firm grasp of the fundamentals in math and reading become much more engaged and self-confident in school. Doing homework each night also becomes less daunting and time-consuming - a plus for both students and parents.

  7. Kumon Of Tappan

    About Kumon of Tappan. Welcome to our Kumon Math and Reading Center. For more than 60 years, Kumon's after-school academic enrichment program has helped children achieve success worldwide. We strive to instill in children the desire to achieve and the motivation to learn on their own. Whether your child is seeking enrichment, needs help to ...

  8. Kumon North America

    The Kumon Math and Reading Program helps children become confident self-learners. Call 800.ABC.MATH or visit Kumon.com to learn how we can help your child.

  9. About Kumon

    The Ugly. You the parent have to "police" your child's Kumon homework 5 or 6 days a week, and field the complaints of, "It's BORING!". Kumon is an "individualised" learning program - students only move up to the next level when they have mastered the work. Mastery is defined as speed and accuracy.

  10. Kumon: homework help, discussions, and answers

    3 1. u/comm1234. • 1 mo. ago Training process at Kumon prior to employment (in Australia only) Hi. Just wanted to hear about the training process for 16 to 18 year olds wanting to work at Kumon in Australia. I heard that a number of unpaid "training sessions" need to be done before a work contract is offered.

  11. How to use the new Kumon homework recording sheets

    This is a quick video to show you how to use the new Kumon homework recording sheets. You will no longer need to return your child's completed homework bookl...

  12. After School Math & Reading Programs

    Kumon's no-cost assessment will determine the right starting point for your child's Kumon Math Program. Progress continues, step by logical step, building skills needed for high school-level advanced math and calculus. Practicing higher-level math with Kumon worksheets is an excellent way to prepare your child for college-level math courses.

  13. Homework

    Make sure to home-grade your child's HW daily! Mistakes in HW must be addressed immediately; this is essential to your child's learning process. Drop off graded, completed homework at your center (as you pick up requested HW). Don't forget to write your child's name (Last, First) on anything you turn in. Last Updated by David Wu 4/21/2020.

  14. Irvine Kumon

    Please home-grade your child's homework immediately after it is completed each day! Check our guide below if you're uncertain of how to do so. HOME-GRADING GUIDE. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]; or you can text or call us at. Barranca (949) 651-1200 | Campus (949) 854-6284.

  15. Home-Study Guide

    Kumon is a partnership between student, parent and Instructor. This partnership continues during extended periods at home. The Instructor creates an individualised study plan for each student, and sends home the worksheets they are ready to learn next on their own. Instructors are also available for regular communication by phone, email, SMS or ...


    At Kumon we have a unique way of showing 100%…. On the a & b sides we draw a huge cir-cle to show 0 errors! We also write '100', (nice & big) on side a. This 'Kumon 100% Sign' is used in the middle of the circle on the first page. The % sign indicates that the whole booklet is correct. Example b ~ Errors Step 1: For a wrong answer

  17. What Is Kumon? Does Kumon Really Work?

    In 1954, Toru Kumon, a high school math teacher in Japan, began developing materials to help his second grade son who was struggling in math. With a few key principles in mind, Mr. Kumon created a series of sequenced materials for his son to complete after school. His son improved in math; Mr. Kumon's neighbors heard about this success and ...

  18. Why does Kumon make us do daily homework? : r/Kumon

    While I've read that daily homework can help, I don't think the way Kumon approaches it is healthy, or at least, my Kumon center. Daily homework, 365 days, no excuses. It's a recipe for disaster. I get so stressed over it and I either have to cram a ton of worksheets into one day or not have a fully relaxing day for weeks. I feel like I ...

  19. HW Requests

    for Barranca Center. Fill out the homework request form below by Friday at 4PM. If you submit the form after 4PM Friday, you'll receive text responses the following Monday at the earliest. You should receive an email confirming that we received your form. Wait for a "Homework Ready for Pickup" text (typically sent 1-2 business days after ...

  20. homework club cost

    Create new account; Reset your password; Register and get FREE resources and activities. Why a homework club could work for your child. What is a homework club? Homework clubs off

  21. Radio Moscow: circa 1968

    Radio Moscow: circa 1968. February 11, 2014. Many thanks to David Firth, who is kindly sharing shortwave radio recordings he made on his reel-to-reel recording equipment in the late 1960's. Firth is uncovering and digitizing these recordings as time allows. We are grateful for this recording of Radio Moscow, which Firth recorded in 1968.

  22. First refuelling for Russia's Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP

    Rosatom's fuel company TVEL has supplied nuclear fuel for reactor 1 of the world's only floating NPP (FNPP), the Akademik Lomonosov, moored at the city of Pevek, in Russia's Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The supply of fuel was transported along the Northern Sea Route. The first ever refuelling of the FNPP is planned to begin before the end of ...

  23. The American dancer Isadora Duncan Was appalled by

    Find solutions for your homework. Search Search Search done loading. History; American History; American History questions and answers; The American dancer Isadora Duncan Was appalled by the Russian Revolution. O a. Moved to Moscow in 1921. Ob. Believed the masses whereto stolid to dance beautifully. C. Rejected socialism as anti-individualist ...