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    submit a group assignment

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    submit a group assignment

  4. Submit Group Assignments

    submit a group assignment

  5. How To Create a Group Assignment in Class Teams

    submit a group assignment

  6. Submit Group Assignments

    submit a group assignment


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  1. How do I submit an assignment on behalf of a group?

    Click the name of the file. You can add a comment to your group assignment submission [3]. Comments on group assignments that are not graded individually are sent to the whole group. If you have access to upload a file from Google Drive, you can submit a Google file by clicking the Google Drive [4]. Note: If you want to submit a file that was ...

  2. Submit Group Assignments

    Before you select Submit, be sure that you've attached any required files. On the course menu, select the link that holds the group assignment, such as "Assignments." Select the name of the group assignment. In the My Groups panel, select your group name. On the group homepage, select the name of the assignment in the Group Assignments section.

  3. Submit Group Assignments

    Submit a group assignment. Remember, as you work on a group assignment, you can save a draft and other group members are allowed to edit it. Everyone in the group can keep track of the latest version of the work. Only one member of your group submits the assignment. You'll receive a pop-up message where you confirm you want to submit on behalf ...

  4. Create Group Assignments

    For example, you create a group assignment and one group member has a due date accommodation. That group's work isn't marked late if they submit after the due date. More on accommodations. For a specific group assignment or group test, you can give an individual group an exception for extended access only. Multiple attempts aren't allowed for ...

  5. Submitting a group assignment in Blackboard

    This video demonstrates how to submit a group assignment.

  6. Submitting a Group Assignment in Canvas

    A step-by-step walk-through of submitting a group assignment with a context to follow.

  7. Submitting a Group Assignment in Canvas

    Scroll to the bottom of the assignment page and select the Upload button. 2.6. Drag a file into the perforated space with a rocket ship. (1) Drag the group submission into the perforated box. The (2) name of the file appears below the upload button. (3) Note that this submission will count for everyone in your group.

  8. Submitting a Group Assignment

    Learn how to submit a group assignment in Blackboard.

  9. Submit A Group Assignments

    Submitting A Student Group Assignment On the course menu, select the link that holds the group assignment, such as "Assignments." Select the name of the group assignment. … On the Upload Assignment page, review the instructions, due date, points possible, and download any files provided by your instructor.

  10. Create group assignments or assign to individual students

    Type in the search box to pull up student names, or scroll. Select the checkboxes next to the students you want to add to this group. Select Create. When you're done, select + New group and repeat Steps 2 and 3 until all students have been assigned to a group. Review the groups you've created. Select Edit to change group names or members.

  11. Getting Started with Designing Group Work Assignments

    Here are some other considerations for creating effective group work activities: Break a larger assignment into smaller pieces and set multiple deadlines to ensure that students work toward reaching milestones throughout the process rather than pulling it all together at the last minute. Incorporate peer assessments at each milestone to ...

  12. Submit Assignments

    Group assignments may also appear in the My Groups panel after the course menu. More on accessing and submitting group assignments. Your instructor may make some assignments available after a certain date or after you complete a certain task. For example, you might have to mark a lecture as reviewed before you may access an assignment. Contact ...

  13. How To Create a Group Assignment in Class Teams

    Teams have introduced a new group assignments feature, allowing students to work together and submit one assignment for the whole group. Teachers can then provide feedback and grades to either ...


    Locate the area called "My Groups". Click on the name of your open the group menu. Click on Group Homepage. Group Assignments: links to group assignments. Group assignment links are also available in the content areas of your course. Click on the name of the group assignment to submit a file as a group. The upload assignment page provides ...

  15. How do I submit a (Group) Assignment?

    1. To see details of the assignment, click on Hide/Show Assignment Information. 2. If a rubric is submitted, you can see this at Show Rubrics. 3. In order to submit your assignment, click on Submit Assignment: Click on Add a File to upload a document. Click on Record Audio/Record Video to record a sound- or video- clip. Your computer must have ...

  16. How can I use Assignments for groups?

    Give the assignment a name (preferably pick one that clearly indicates that it concerns a group assignment) Under Assignment Type you can see that it is a Group assignment for a certain group and under Submission type you can see that it concerns an assignment for which the groups need to hand in a file in Brightspace to complete it. The settings you have selected for this are automatically ...

  17. Create Group Assignments

    On the Create Assignment page, expand the Submission Details section to deliver an assignment to groups. Select Group Submission. In the Items to Select box, select the group or groups to receive this assignment. Select the right-pointing arrow to move the selection into the Selected Items box. To select multiple groups at once on a Windows ...

  18. Submit Assignments

    To upload a file, you can either drag and drop it from your computer into the Submission box, or select Attachment - represented by the paper clip icon- and browse for a file from your computer. A status window appears to show the progress of the file upload. Your assignment will be automatically saved after 2 seconds.

  19. How does a group assignment work?

    Assign a grade override to a student by entering a new score in the Override grade with: field under the student's name. Leave the Override grade with: field blank for a student to give them the assigned grade for the group in the Grade field above. Note: You can only assign grade overrides with File Preview turned off.