Call of Duty 2022 will reportedly feature the original actor for Ghost

Ghost would need a new voice actor after Activision cut ties with Jeff Leach

Call of Duty Warzone

Craig Fairbrass, the original voice actor for Simon "Ghost" Riley from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, will reportedly reprise his role as Ghost in Call of Duty 2022, which is said to be a follow-up to the recent Modern Warfare reboot.

That's according to Call of Duty leaker Ralphsvalve , who's shared quite a few alleged details about the rumored reboot – like the addition of classic Modern Warfare 2 maps to Warzone as well as the reintroduction of General Shepherd in the new campaign. However, with the game itself still unannounced, none of this information can be verified.

If Call of Duty 2022 is indeed a return to Modern Warfare 2, we can reasonably assume that Ghost will be a major character in the story. If so, Activision would need to find someone to play the character now that the publisher's cut ties with Jeff Leach , who most recently played Ghost in Call of Duty: Mobile and Warzone. Fairbrass, the series' original Ghost, would be a more-than-reasonable pick. You could also argue for Andrew Randall, who played Ghost in the 2011 Call of Duty short film Operation Kingfish, but if nothing else, Fairbrass is more closely tied to the games. 

Again, we're talking about rumored casting for a rumored game, so even if Fairbrass is involved with the project at this stage, it's possible things will change in the next year or so. It's equally possible that this is just another false leak for the pile, so don't get too invested in Ghost just yet. 

Look out for another Call of Duty: Vanguard free weekend starting tomorrow, December 16. 

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Reveals New Actor for Ghost

Shortly after Activision announces the release date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the new actor for Simon 'Ghost' Riley steps forward.

Despite only appearing in a handful of missions, one of the most popular characters from the 2009 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was Simon "Ghost" Riley. Ghost's popularity was enough for Infinity Ward to move forward with Call of Duty: Ghosts , a game that featured characters wearing similar skull masks as the one worn by Riley in Modern Warfare 2 , piggybacking off the character's status as a fan favorite. Ghost will be returning in the 2022 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , and now the actor playing him has been revealed.

The original actor for Ghost in the 2009 Modern Warfare 2 was Craig Fairbrass, but he was replaced by Jeff Leach when Ghost showed up in the 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot. Controversial comments by Leach saw Activision distance itself from the actor, and so it was unclear who would be portraying the character in the new version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that's set to release later this year.

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Now that Activision has announced the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 release date and shown off its cover art, which features Ghost prominently, the actor playing the iconic character has been confirmed. This time around, Ghost will be played by Samuel Roukin, an actor and DJ who has appeared on television in shows like Agents of SHIELD and Turn: Washington's Spies , and movies like Happy-Go-Lucky and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 .

Roukin took to Twitter to confirm that he would be playing the role of Ghost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , saying that his work on the project started about a year ago. Roukin expressed gratitude to both Infinity Ward and Activision for the opportunity, describing Modern Warfare 2 as "special." Luckily, fans should have an opportunity in the near future to decide for themselves if the game is something to be excited about.

The video that revealed the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 release date also had a potential tease for when the reveal date may be. While unconfirmed, it's believed that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reveal date will be June 8 . It's presumed that this initial reveal will primarily focus on the campaign and characters, so fans may be able to see Roukin's take on Ghost in action sooner rather than later.

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta is also planned, but it's unclear when exactly it will occur. Call of Duty fans can expect more information on Modern Warfare 2 and its various game modes in the months ahead.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will launch on October 28.

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Who Is Ghost's Voice Actor in 'Call of Duty' and Why Is His Performance All Over TikTok?

Who is the voice actor for Ghost in 'Call of Duty'? Users on TikTok and beyond are obsessed with the character's gruff voice and demeanor.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Nov. 3 2022, Published 1:45 p.m. ET

It's not uncommon for a meme's popularity to transcend its original source. The "To Be Continued" joke became ingrained in meme culture well past its relevance in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime. " Taste the Biscuit " continually pops up in new meme forms with people not knowing that it comes from a mockumentary movie.

In recent trends, many people on the internet are discovering Ghost from the Call of Duty series.

More specifically, both average players and non- CoD fans alike are kinda thirsting over his voice performance in the games. With voice actors constantly battling for recognition in the entertainment industry, we'd be remiss not to tell you who the voice actor is behind Ghost, especially since his voice clips are going viral lately.

Who is the voice actor for Ghost in 'Call of Duty'?

Simon "Ghost" Riley has appeared in several Call of Duty games and spin-offs throughout the franchise, but he first debuted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in 2009. In his initial appearance, he is a member of the elite special operations unit known as Task Force 141. He is easily recognizable by his skull-decorated headgear, which completely obscures his facial features.

Aside from his game appearances, Ghost has also made appearances in fan films and comic book tie-ins.

In Modern Warfare 2, Ghost's voice is provided by Craig Fairbrass . Primarily active in the U.K., Craig is known for his performances in a BBC soap opera called EastEnders and has had multiple appearances in the Rise of the Footsoldier British film series. He has also lent his voice to other Call of Duty games, as well as 2018's Battlefield V.

As for his future projects, he will soon be featured in the live-action adaptation of One Piece on Netflix.

He is well-known in certain parts of the world for his roles in live-action gangster movies, but his 2009 performance as Ghost has been making the rounds on platforms like TikTok as of late.

@sophiatheneanderthal give me a month and i’ll be over him.. definitely guys… #mw2 #ghost ♬ original sound - sxshi.Izzy

Ghost's performance has been going viral on TikTok.

TikTokers have been obsessing lately over Craig's performance as Ghost in Modern Warfare 2. Many have pointed out one voice clip in particular that has them thirsting.

In this exchange, someone asks Ghost to remove his signature mask, to which Ghost replies "Negative."

When asked if he's ugly in response, Ghost retorts, "Quite the opposite."

It's a smooth-AF line, to be sure, and it certainly has TikTok raving.

Folks have been posting about the "quite the opposite" quip and simply going gaga over it. It's not much in the way of content, but who wouldn't swoon over a gruff British voice humble-bragging about how handsome he is?

Unfortunately, as with most gaming-adjacent content, some gamers have taken to gatekeeping folks who are thirsting without context.

In some thinly-veiled criticisms, people have commented at TikToker @sophiatheneanderthal for posting herself lip-syncing to the line, claiming that it "sounds like he's smirking when he says it."

The smirk comment drew some ire from CoD fans, for some reason, with people claiming that "Ghost doesn't smile," so she shouldn't have either in her TikTok.

That has to be a new level of obnoxious, even for gatekeeping gamers.

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Simon "Ghost" Riley

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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley is a British special forces operator, and a prominent member of Task Force 141 , known for his iconic skull-patterned balaclava, headset, and dark red sunglasses.

Ghost appears as a main character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , Modern Warfare 2: Ghost , Call of Duty: Online , Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish , Call of Duty: Heroes , and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered . He also appears as a customization option in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare .

  • 1.1.1 Pre-Military
  • 1.1.2 Joining the Military
  • 1.1.3 Return from the Military
  • 1.2 Going after Manuel Roba
  • 1.3.1 Ukraine
  • 1.3.2 Operation Kingfish
  • 1.3.3 Hunting Rojas
  • 1.3.4 Infiltration of the Russian Oil Rig / Rescuing Prisoner 627
  • 1.3.5 The Contingency
  • 1.3.6 The Search for Vladimir Makarov and Death
  • 2 Call of Duty: Heroes
  • 4 Call of Duty: Mobile
  • 5.1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • 5.2 Modern Warfare 2: Ghost
  • 5.3 Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish
  • 5.4 Call of Duty Online
  • 5.5 Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • 5.6 Call of Duty: Heroes
  • 5.7 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • 5.8 Call of Duty: Mobile
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Simon Riley had a very traumatic childhood while growing up in Manchester, England because of his heartless father. His father often brought dangerous animals back to their home and taunted him with them, even going so far as to force Simon to kiss a snake. When he and his younger brother Tommy grew older, Tommy would always wear a skull-mask at night to scare Simon. Simon's father would sometimes take him to the Bone Lickers concerts. At one concert, his father made him laugh at the death of a prostitute who had overdosed on drugs.

Joining the Military

Simon used to be an apprentice butcher at a grocery but joined the military after the September 11 attacks occurred. He eventually was accepted into the Special Air Service .

Return from the Military

Returning home on leave in January 2003, Simon found his mother and brother had hit rock bottom. His brother, Tommy, was addicted to drugs and had been stealing from their mother to support his habit. Simon chose to not return to the military until he had straightened things out for his family. He worked to help Tommy overcome his drug addiction and, in March 2004, beat his father and threw him out of the house for all the abuse he had inflicted on Riley and his mother. By June 2006, Tommy had been clean for some time and married a woman named Beth. Riley served as the best man at Tommy's wedding. Beth also gave birth to a young boy named Joseph who would become Riley's nephew.

Going after Manuel Roba

Simon Riley Walk MW2G

Simon Riley after killing Roba.

Simon was pulled from shipping out for an operation in Iran and was attached to an American team tasked with taking down the Zaragoza Drug Cartel headed by Manuel Roba . When he and his team made their move on the Day of the Dead, the team's commanding officer, Major Vernon , betrayed them to the enemy. Riley and his teammates were brought to a brainwashing facility and tortured for months. Despite the torture, Vernon was Unable to fully break Riley. Roba had Vernon killed for his failure and later buried Riley alive in Vernon's casket, leaving him to die. Using the jawbone from Vernon's rotted corpse, Riley was able to break through the casket, claw his way to freedom, and somehow make it back across the border to Texas.

After four months, his injuries had healed but he still suffered from temper-management issues, which prevented him from returning to active duty. After meeting up with the other two former teammates from that mission, Kevin Sparks and Marcus Washington , he realized that Roba had broken and brainwashed them both. He attempted to kill Sparks but was forced to flee when Washington turned up unexpectedly. Fleeing, he returned home to find Washington had killed his mother, brother Tommy, sister-in-law Beth, and nephew Joseph (alternately referred to as Jacob).

He killed Sparks and Washington before returning to Mexico to take down Roba once and for all. Riley ambushed Roba's right-hand man, Gilberto and tortured Roba's location out of him. Arriving at Roba's compound, he methodically eliminated Roba's guard patrols before assaulting the mansion itself and, after a prolonged gunfight, killing Roba. Armed with information on Roba's contacts and business dealings, he prepared to leave but was approached by General Shepherd who recruited him into Task Force 141 .

Task Force 141

Simon Ghost Riley MW2G

Ghost being held hostage in Ukraine.

At one point, he was sent to deal with terrorists who had taken hostages at a grade school in Ukraine. He deliberately let himself be caught and told the terrorists and the children about his past before the rest of his team arrived to free him and the children. One girl asked him if the story of Simon "Ghost" Riley was true and if Riley was Ghost. He responded saying "true enough to that lot".

Operation Kingfish

On October 8th, 2013, a joint Task Force 141/ Delta Force operation codenamed Operation Kingfish was launched. Ghost worked alongside John Price , John "Soap" MacTavish , Gary "Roach" Sanderson , Sandman and Derek "Frost" Westbrook as they hunted down Vladimir Makarov . They assaulted the main compound and were able to recover some intel, but got ambushed by a bomb, forcing the team to evacuate. During the evac, Soap was wounded by an RPG and was partially knocked out. An AC-130 tried to defend the team as they sprinted toward their evac point, but was shot down, leaving the team completely vulnerable. Price selflessly stayed behind to facilitate the team's escape and was wounded and captured.

Hunting Rojas

Following Makarov's massacre at Zakhaev International Airport , Ghost assisted in the operation in Rio de Janeiro to locate and capture Alejandro Rojas , the man who supplied Makarov with weapons and ammunition, maintaining radio contact with Captain MacTavish and Roach while they searched for Rojas' assistant . After MacTavish and Roach began pursuing the assistant, Ghost met up with them at the Hotel Rio and joined the chase. Once the assistant was taken down by Roach, Ghost prepared to interrogate him through torture. Ghost was heard via radio for the rest of the mission as he attempted to pursue Rojas through the favela. After the capture of Rojas, Ghost was heard requesting extraction from Command, but to no avail. Despite this, Ghost managed to narrowly escape the favela with Captain MacTavish and Roach aboard Nikolai 's helicopter.

Infiltration of the Russian Oil Rig / Rescuing Prisoner 627


Ghost at the oil rig.

After escaping South America, Ghost joined the rest of Task Force 141 as they prepared a counterattack with the US 6th Fleet against the Russians. Using information recovered from Rojas, they learn that Prisoner 627 , the only man Makarov hated worse than the Americans, was locked away in a gulag , though the path leading to the prison was blocked by oil rigs, which were captured by the Russians and turned into makeshift SAM sites. Targeting the least-defended rig, Ghost and the rest of the 141 and Navy SEALs infiltrated and cleared the rig of hostiles and rescued several hostages in order to safely deactivate the SAM sites. Following the mission, Ghost joined the attack on the gulag holding Prisoner 627, where he would take control of gulag's security systems and guide his allies to the prisoner, who was soon revealed to be Captain John Price.

The Contingency

With Captain Price back in their ranks, he soon devised a contingency plan to end the war in America by infiltrating a Russian submarine base. Though Ghost and his team were initially separated from Price and Roach following their insertion, they would later meet up and converge on the Russian base, where Price took control of a Russian sub. However, Ghost was shocked when Price launched an ICBM at Washington D.C. where the Russian-American war raged on. Ghost contacted Command about Code Black, which was the statement that a threat of a nuclear weapon was launched and must be disposed of immediately. It was possible that he retracted this though after he learned about Price's intention.

The Search for Vladimir Makarov and Death

Ghost's death Shepherd Loose Ends MW2

General Shepherd killing Ghost in " Loose Ends ".

Using resources from his blank check, Shepherd deduced the last two safe havens for Makarov and his men at a safehouse on the Georgian-Russian Border and an airplane boneyard in Afghanistan. Knowing they have to be at two different places at once, Ghost nominates himself and Roach, along with a bulk of Task Force 141, to take the safehouse, while Soap and Price investigate the boneyard. After raiding the safehouse however, Makarov was nowhere to be found, though the safehouse was loaded ("A bloody gold mine" as Ghost said) with intel. Ghost, along with Roach, Ozone and Scarecrow , with sniper support from Archer and Toad , protected a DSM from Makarov's men while it downloaded sensitive information regarding Makarov's operations. After finishing the download, the team headed to the LZ that was set up by Shepherd, though Ozone and Scarecrow were both gunned down by enemy mortars, and Roach was injured. Ghost managed to get Roach to the LZ, but both were ultimately betrayed by Shepherd, who fatally shot the two in the chest at point-blank range with a .44 Magnum , just before Ghost could use his ACR . After Shepherd retrieved the DSM from Roach, Ghost's body was thrown into a ditch and set on fire along with Roach's.

Call of Duty: Heroes

Celerium Icon CoDH

Battle Aura: Increase Critical Chance by 5.5%

Killstreaks: Gunship , AT4 Launcher , EMP Artillery.

  • "The Russians ain't gonna let this massacre go unanswered. It's gonna get bloody."
  • "And they're killing a thousand Americans for every dead civilian in Moscow. Looks like we're all out of friends."
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "All we got out of Rojas, is that the only guy Makarov hates worse than Americans is locked up in a gulag .
  • "Bloody yanks! I thought they were the good guys!"
  • "We have a nuclear missile launch! Missile in the air! Missile in the air! Code Black! Code Black!"
  • "Copy. Any sign of Rojas' right hand man?"
  • "Mission failed, we'll get 'em next time!"
  • "We got it, sir!"

Call of Duty: Mobile

Ghost appears in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added as part of the Season 1 Battle Pass. Ghost has also a prominent role in the Mobile Comics.

In some Desert in the Texas state, Ghost attacked a hideout used by a group of mercenaries and killed them off swiftly. He then goes into the basement along with his team, where he discovers that Makarov was using the lab to try and recreate Nova Gas , and was also using it as a missile silo that had missiles containing the replicated Nova Gas. The team is then ambushed by Makarov, who releases the gas and a team of mercenaries in Hazmat Suits. Ghost barely makes it out while his whole team is killed. Makarov then remotely launches the missiles, and Ghost can do nothing to stop them.

Ghost arrives in one of the cities Makarov targeted with Tank Dempsey , noting that it looked like the end of the world. As they search for clues, Tank notes that there was no tactical reason to target the city, but Ghost pulls him into cover as they are ambushed. Ghost kills the ambusher, a clown, and Tank picks up his weapon, noting that it was probably supplied from somewhere. The duo then finds an abandoned Gulag that was used as a hideout for Krueger and Mace . As Tank engages Krueger, Ghost engages Mace. Ghost throws a grenade, disarming Mace, which lead them fighting in the Showers hand to hand. As they were fighting, Tank arrives after failing to take down Krueger and fires at Mace, causing him to retreat. The two then descend down a staircase and encounter Reznov , who is in his early hundreds.

After taking a moment, Reznov tells Ghost and Tank what he did during his time in the Soviet Armed Forces . He tells them that he was on a covert mission to a secret facility belonging to the Germans . He and his team rush forward an assault on the base. Despite the overwhelming gunfire, Reznov manages to survive the slaughter and enters the facility, encountering the gas Nova 6 . After executing all of the scientists in the facility, he retrieved the gas for the Russians, and they hid them in bunkers. Reznov then reveals that he is one of the few people who knows where the bunkers are. After Ghost extracts the information from Reznov, he calls Mara to locate Makarov and stop him.

Disappointed with the recent mission failure, Ghost contemplates of how they gathered next to no intel about their enemies. Mace in disguise attacks a building with his team of mercenaries then goes to Alcatraz to meet with an underground criminal magnate named Hidora Kai . Mace and Hidora start to plan out their next moves, disabling all electronic devices in the world, including military radio towers, communication centers, Mara and Soap's convoy and even the plane Ghost and Tank were flying in, using the EMP launched earlier. Ghost and Tank manage to survive and meet the other operators at The Club .

Ghost admits that the group has no way to fight Hidora and Mace, along with no way to locate them. Russell Adler appears and says that they do have ways to combat the new threat. After Ghost asks who he is, Price introduces Adler, and officially states the group is now a part of the United Anti-Terrorism Coalition , ending the introduction with "Ladies and gentlemen, we're going dark."

Adler and the rest of the team start to plan out their assault on Five Knights locations. When asked on how they would coordinate or even reach those locations, Adler presents the team with Swiss mechanical watches, which are unaffected by EMPs. Price also notes that Adler is not the only Cold War relic in operational state in the bunker, indicating an old helicopter.

Ghost and Tank strike a production facility in Hackney Yard , as part of their assault on key Five Knight locations. Meanwhile, Tank comes across Mace , who knocks Tank down and snatches his weapon, and opens fire at him. Ghost comes too late to save him. Enraged, Ghost then starts beating up Mace, ultimately subduing and arresting him.

Later, Price, Ghost and Adler discuss the aftermath of their joint operation; Mace is in a Black Site facing interrogation, Templar and Hidora are in the wind, Soap is injured but will be battle ready within a few weeks. It is further revealed that Mara made it out alive, but was wounded badly and is in a coma. Ghost admits that they won the battle and takes an oath that he will "Win the War."

As Ghost expresses grief for not being able to save Tank and the fact that they don't have enough time and intel, Adler comforts him by saying that they do have intel and mentions that there is a place in Siberia from where Makarov possibly got the Nova Gas from. He then says that it's coming all around the same way like it did during his days, and narrates his story. Some time during the Cold War , Adler led a small team into a Soviet facility in Siberia along with his friend Stansfield . They had found out crucial information about something that the Five Knights could also have gotten their hands on, and eventually carried out. However, when tried to exfil, they were surrounded by a large group of enemies , and Stansfield stayed behind to cover their escape, only to be shot dead, which Adler could do nothing but watch in horror. Back in present day, Adler finishes his story by saying that both Stansfield and Tank knew what they were doing, and so should Ghost. When Ghost questions if the research facility is of any more importance, Adler says that there might be something left in there, although it will be a long shot. Ghost agrees and says that he will take it, to which Adler responds that they will have to wait, and Ghost must not rush for revenge. Ghost in response says that this is not about revenge, and they must get the intel before the Five Knights do. Adler replies that they cannot risk to lose any more men as the Five Knights already hit other bases hard, and tells Ghost that he must be patient. Ghost takes it for an excuse to do nothing and walks away, much to Adler's dismay.

Overridden with guilt, Ghost comes to visit the still comatose Mara and expresses grief for not being able to save them. He then promises that he will end this for all and places Tank's dog tag on her palms and leaves. When Price cannot find Ghost, he comes to Soap asking for his whereabouts. Adler comes to them saying that he knows where Ghost is, and he is "doing something stupid". When Price asks what Adler has done, he replies that he told Ghost about the operation in Siberia .

Ghost arrives via Snowmobile at the Soviet base Adler told him about and begins to investigate. He realizes that someone has been here recently as he finds recently opened canned food and a map which is dated around the present. He is then startled by a voice saying: "The enemy of my my friend". The man turns out to me none other than Makarov. Ghost is shocked to see Makarov still alive, since Mara had confirmed he had been shot in the head. Makarov explains that Mace also saw him die but "appearances are deceiving" and that he needed to fake his death since their goals had diverged. Makarov also states that he knows that Ghost has arrived to seek information on how to defeat The Five Knights and that he has said information. When questioned about their identity and goals, Makarov says that the Knights consist of 5 individuals with different goals who were useful to each other as he was useful to them, and proceeds to list them off. Rorke heads the mercenaries, Hidora , who is looking for corporate profits, Mace , only wanting the downfall of the government, Raul Menendez , who wants control of the system by hijacking it, and a fifth member whose identity Makarov says will keep secret, unless Ghost takes him in.

Ghost agrees, and as they exit the facility, Templar appears, blowing up Ghost's snowmobile. Ghost tells Makarov to run and fires at Templar. Unfortunately, the bullets cannot penetrate his armor and he mocks Ghost that he should have "brought bigger bullets", disabling and then breaking Ghost's gun. When Ghost asks who he is, Templar introduces himself, then stabs Ghost in the wrist with one of his throwing knives. When Ghost tries to retaliate, Templar performs a coup de grace on him, downing him. Templar then inspects Ghost's body, stating that he expected a more equal individual to fight with. He then takes Ghost's balaclava as a souvenir before leaving, saying "That's one less loose end."

Some time later, Price and Soap arrive at the Soviet base, remarking on Ghost's rashness, and start searching the area. They soon find a folded paper on the bloodied ground, and as Price opens it, he finds Ghost's dog tag . It is then revealed that Makarov took Ghost's body, as he is seen dragging it towards a cliff. There, he rendezvous with a team of Ghosts led by Captain Merrick , and hands them over Ghost's body.

In a twist of events at a later time, Ghost is revealed to be still alive (likely brought back to life by the Ghosts through unknown means). He arrives in Texas after Price and his team were ambushed by Templar, Cecilia "Dame" Perrin and Rorke . He is also accompanied by the Ghosts' German Shepherd Riley .

Ghost then tells Templar that they have a score to settle--so Templar throws his knife at him, but he manages to swivel it around his wrist and throw it back, hitting Rorke in his forearm. He then tells his fellow Ghosts to secure Rorke and the facility while he deals with Templar.

Ghost then engages Templar in a vicious duel. During the duel, Ghost mentions something about a "Dark Covenant", and that he knows the Frenchman's real name is "Edouard", which infuriates the latter. Soon after, Mace joins the fight as well, double teaming Templar with Ghost. However, he manages to fend them off by throwing knives into Mace's forearms but is thwarted by Ghost before he can do the same to him. He manages to throw Templar to the ground and attempts to perform the same "coup de grace" on him, but it fails, and Templar kicks him away, although Ghost swiftly recovers and proceeds to stab the Frenchman in his leg, but then gets swiped across his face by the latter's wristblades. Mace is struggling to move his arms due to Templar having struck his nerve clusters, meaning Ghost is on his own against Templar.

Templar then attempts to stab Ghost in the head, but he instead blocks it with his palm and manages to grab Templar's knife-wielding arm and break it. Ghost then subdues the mercenary in a submission hold and prepares to kill him, but Dame arrives suddenly and kicks Ghost away. As Dame had kicked Ghost in the gut where he was stabbed previously, he is unable to recover in time to prevent her from carrying the wounded Templar away. Adler comes to Ghost's aid with Riley, although the pair was already gone and Rorke had escaped in his helicopter. Ghost laments that the mercenaries have gotten away, although Adler states that the fight isn't over yet. As they head outside, Ghost tells Adler to find Price and the others.

As they head further up, they stumble upon the body of Mara. Ghost is horrified by the sight and is in disbelief and grief. Price tries to console him, saying that it’s part of their job.

Ghost later notes that Rorke and his crew are getting away and are attempting to lose them. However, they fail to catch up to them as the Five Knights drop mines to delay them. Adler says that he has reached out old school to his contacts in South America & notes that there is only one place where Rorke could be headed.

Later on, Ghost is revealed to have covered Rosa on her mission in Panama, helping her to exfil after she escapes from Rott and his men. Ghost admits that he’s impressed by her skills, to which she replies that she got to have some fun.

Time passes on, and Ghost is eventually assigned to Price & his team to go to Blackout to hunt down the remnants of the Five Knights & their operators. As they arrive on the island, Ghost splits up from the rest of the group as he notes that he lost contact with Delta Squad, and ventures into a secret tunnel further up. He looks over several dead soldiers and suspects that Templar may be involved, as he is known for leaving a swath of bodies in his wake.

Just as he enters, he is ambushed by a guard in hiding but quickly kills him. He then overhears Templar and Dame talking about recent developments. Apparently, he wants to leave the Dark Covenant after he’s done with his business, and also take his daughter Sophia away with him, and that he served in the Covenant for the sake of Sophia. Dame, however, shoots down the idea, saying that Sophia is an asset to the Dark Covenant and that she will not be handed over to him so easily. This in turn, prompts Templar to slice Dame’s throat open with his wrist blades, killing her and he goads the rest of the Covenant members into fighting him.

Afterwards, Templar has defeated the rest of the Covenant members (although he had sustained some damage as well, notably his torn off cape, scratch marks on his torso, and a cracked visor revealing his right eye) and then meets up with Ghost. Rather than attacking him, he instead says that they both would’ve been great allies in another life, but not in this one. Templar then hands Ghost a key card, saying “he is behind the bookshelf”, revealing the location of the 5th Knight who’s on the premises.

Ghost asks why he’s doing this, to which Templar replies that it’s not his war anymore and walks away. He then asks what he’s going to do now that he has abandoned the Five Knights, to which Templar than replies that he’s going to burn the Dark Covenant to the ground.

Ghost found the location Templar was describing, uses the card to find a surveillance room behind a bookshelf where there are multiple camera feeds, along with someone watching it all in a chair. They comment they were able to control the outcome of the war, though they were not able to control Ghost, as "You were always a wildcard, son."

The 5th Knight is revealed to be none other than Adler himself. Ghost is in utter disbelief, to which Adler tells him that it may be a hard pill to swallow, but it was always for the greater good. Ghost is angered as he realizes that Adler had apparently betrayed them and their country. But Adler insists that all of what he did was for the sake of his country.

He then goes on to state that it was a “false flag”; a scenario where a country makes an attack on itself disguised as the enemy to start a war. Adler then claims that the Soviets are still a present and active threat, and that his goal was to defeat Makarov and other Russian threats. When Ghost retorts that his actions caused numerous deaths and the crippling of civilization, Adler replies that it was for the country to get back on its feet stronger than before. He then reveals that he had hired Mace to kill Makarov, which he was able to, though Makarov had managed to use a body double to deceive them all. He also notes that he sent Ghost to Siberia with the same goal in mind, and Templar would kill Makarov if Ghost somehow failed. Instead, Ghost and Templar fought each other, Ghost being left gravely wounded as Templar was unable to find Makarov.

Finally, Adler notes the 30000 men on Blackout, and he comments each one of them are heroes. He then throws a cigarette as he mentions that Ghost himself is a hero, as he begins to pull something out of his jacket, he says that if Adler asked Ghost for one more sacrifice, Ghost would make it. As Adler turns, Ghost shoots him, and he falls off the cliff, revealing that he had pulled a lighter out of his jacket. As Adler tumbles off the cliff, Ghost is contacted by Price, who informs Ghost of nuclear bombs being launched by the Five Knights. As Ghost demands clarification, Blackout erupts into a mushroom cloud as the missile hits. As Ghost stares in shock and horror, Adler mutters "I've won, Perseus ."

Shepherd debriefs Ghost, exclaiming that 30000 men died on the island, while the world just watched, and that Ghost could have done more to prevent the disaster.

Shepherd then states that because of what Ghost did, someone has to “pay the bills”. Ghost asks what he means, about whether Shepherd thinks he had something to do with the nuclear attack. Shepherd then tells Ghost to tie up loose ends, or he will. Price informs Ghost that they are not questioning his loyalty or his judgement, but they are in the dark as they don’t know whether the Five Knights are really all dead and they also don’t know anything about the Dark Covenant.

Ghost interjects saying that Adler mentioned Hudson , as part of the last thing he said. Shepherd however is still angry and leaves before Ghost can continue, dismissing what he said as “bullshit”. Price however, pleads with Shepherd to let Ghost finish, stating that they are listening. Ghost says that Adler stated that Hudson was funding their operations, directing money from intelligence slush funds. He then asks if it means anything to them, Price replies that it doesn’t mean anything to him, but he knows someone that might be interested in it.

Notified by an old friend, Price then sends Ghost to a remote house. Ghost raids the house, but finds the place dark, rummaged & seemingly empty, before finding Hudson lying dead on a table, with an open bottle of pills beside his head. While searching for evidence, Ghost then finds a piece of paper with the word “Stansfield” written on it.

Reporting back to base, Ghost then tells Price & Shepherd about Stansfield: Adler’s operator partner in the past who was apparently killed by Russian soldiers during a mission to Siberia. He wonders why Hudson would write the name of an operator who’s been dead for 30 years, to which Price replies that maybe their friend can shed some light on it. At the moment, Reznov walks in, commenting about how he’s apparently useful again. Reznov then tells his story about Stansfield, one of his inmates in Vorkuta. Ghost then informs them that while they don’t have a lead on Stansfield, they do have a lead on the Dark Covenant.

Ghost's lead is referring to Edouard , stating that he must go alone as it's between him and Edouard. As he's no longer affiliated with the Five Knights or the Dark Covenant, Edouard is essentially a knight without a lord to serve. Ghost then finds Edouard re-forging his helmet in an abandoned castle. Edouard states that Ghost's footsteps aren't as light as he thinks as he finds him, to which Ghost replies that it wasn't hard to find him, noting he left quite a trail of bodies. Edouard states that, since the Dark Covenant have gone to ground, he went on a hunt for information in the criminal underground. He also mentions that he cannot be blamed if said criminals were not willing to talk without any sort of persuasion. He then brings up a past subject, the fact that Ghost and himself still have a score to settle. Ghost agrees, and Templar whips around to throw a knife at Ghost.

After a short fight, Templar tells Ghost that he joined the French army at 17, ambitious, aggressive, and young, which drove his teammates to see him as a sadistic and insane soldier. During his time, he worked extensively with Dame, who was his commanding officer at the time and fought several times under her command, but she was soon discharged. After Dame was recruited into the Dark Covenant, Templar joined alongside her in hopes of a peaceful life for his daughter, one that he never had. He then definitely promises to find her, but Ghost intervenes, grasping his hand, saying that they will both find her, and Templar finally says that they would hunt down the Dark Covenant.

Ghost and Templar begin to ambush the Dark Covenant members, their first target being Witch Doctor. As Witch Doctor notices that Ghost and Templar have found him, Templar crashes through the window, having not used his parachute like Ghost did, drop-kicking a nearby guard in the process, and greets Witch Doctor. As Templar approaches the Doctor, Ghost calls him a "Fucking maniac". Templar manages to overpower Witch Doctor, and, with one of his knives in his hand, asks if the Doctor likes surgery. Witch Doctor's fate is left ambiguous.

The next member they ambush is Kryptis, who dodges an incoming Ghost who misses with his pistol, and drives towards Templar. Kryptis calls Templar a traitor as he attempts to gun him down with a KAP-40, and Templar retaliates with a wave of knives. He manages to spin out Kryptis' motorcycle and apprehends him. Kryptis insists he won't betray his comrades, but Templar assures him that he will.

His next target is Dark Shepherd, who's on a hovercraft out in the sea. Despite his guard telling him that no one is following them, Dark Shepherd doubts it & when he discovers the duo making their way up, he throws the guard off in anger.

Ghost attempts to apprehend Dark Shepherd but the latter holds him at gunpoint. When he then asks where Templar is, he responds by putting his knife to Dark Shepherd's throat. Not wanting to die, Dark Shepherd states that he'll talk, to which Templar answers in the affirmative.

The last target they track down is Artery, who's apparently interrogating a man in a hotel room. Ghost busts into the room interrupting her, stating he & Edouard like to have a word with her. Artery however attempts to escape by jumping out the window, but is caught by Edouard by the foot & left dangling off the window ledge. She attempts to convince Edouard to rejoin them, telling him that Ghost is just using him & will backstab once he's done. But Edouard is not convinced & instead tells her that he's going to take his chances; he gives her a choice to either talk or take her chances as well, to which Artery then begrudgingly relents, telling him Stansfield's location in Alaska, giving an address ending with 584S. Edouard then thanks her before he lets go of her foot, dropping her to her supposed demise. Ghost then asks if it was really necessary to drop her, to which Edouard replies that she'll live, but even if she didn't he'd have done a favor for the world.

Later on, the duo are preparing for their mission to Alaska, on board a plane. Edouard reminds Ghost that it's a one way mission & that they may not make it. But if they do, they'll require an exit plan; Edouard has already contacted an old friend to help with that. Ghost sarcastically replies that Edouard has friends, but he then tells him that the old friend is Nikto , if they succeed in their mission, he will be their extraction. Ghost then informs Edouard that he has brought backup as well; the backup comprising of Soap, Alex and Sliver .

The pilot then asks if they're ready for take off, to which Edouard replies that they have one more person coming; the one more being Vagr Modir, accompanied by her pet wolf. Edouard tells her she's right on time, to which she replies that she wouldn't miss the fun as he killed her employer Rorke. Soap & Alex feel uneasy about having Modir with them, which she takes notice of and asks them if they have any hard feelings, to which Soap replies that they won't have any so long as her wolf does not attack them again.

The plane is later seen midair. Sliver is seen sitting down with an arrow in her hand, Vagr Modir is sleeping with her wolf, and Alex and Soap are playing card games. Édouard calls Simon's name and gives him back the mask he took from him in Siberia. Upon receiving the mask, Simon claims that he totally forgot about the mask and that one act of kindness isn't enough to erase all of Édouard's sins. Édouard agrees, and tells Simon to promise him that if anything happens to Édouard, Simon will take care of his daughter, Sophia, with Simon responding "Okay."

As the plane touches down in Alaska, Ghost and Templar make a final agreement on their deal, retrieving both Sophia and a DSM. As the bay doors open and Ghost and Templar get out, Firebreak, along with Dark Covenant soldiers, arrive to ambush the group. Firebreak consequently uses his Purifier to torch the area surrounding the plane, separating the group. As Ghost and Templar flee the scene to continue their mission, the remaining passengers begin to hold off the Dark Covenant. Ghost and Templar infiltrate the Alaskan facility, and they split up, with Ghost making his way to Stansfield, and Templar seeking a data terminal for the DSM and his daughter. Ghost finds Stansfield, and they exchange words, Stansfield comparing Ghost as his "new" self, claiming Ghost enjoys the thrill of battle. The two consequently fight, and Ghost gouges Stansfields' eyes out, also snapping his neck, declaring that no more "half-measures" would be used to deal with threats like Stansfield.

As Templar abandons his exfil to help Vagr Modir, Ghost arrives with reinforcements, and as Templar confirms that Stansfield is dead, Ghost asks if he obtained the DSM. Templar confirms, and Ghost pulls a pistol on Templar and Vagr, instantly killing Vagr and briefly incapacitating Templar by shooting him in his helmet. He then pulls the DSM off Templar and hands it to Shepherd, who comments "Good job, kid." As Shepherd boards the Osprey, Ghost surveys the area behind him, seeing all of the corpses left in the wake of the battle. As he walks back towards the Osprey, he thinks to himself that Templar was right, and that "There's nothing here but ghosts."

Some time later, Ghost is shown to be part of Task Force 141 alongside Captain Price, Alex, Charly and Gaz , heading to Lisbon to liberate a group of hostages supposedly held by Nikto. Price asks if Ghost knows Nikto, he confirms that he does as he and Nikto worked together taking apart the Five Knights. Price affirms that he did it after he killed Templar, though Ghost insists that he did what was necessary. Price asks if that's going to be a problem, which Ghost denies. The group eventually splits, with Charly, Gaz and Alex on one end and Ghost with Price on the other.

Unknown to Ghost, his teammates, especially Charly, begin to distrust Ghost as she knows everyone who trusted him ended up paying for it.

Ghost and Price infiltrate the building's atrium and neutralize the guards, but find no trace of the hostages, nor Nikto, which they find concerning. Charly's team have secured the garage but also find nothing. They do, however, find a load of explosives in an elevator, forcing them to get clear. Meanwhile, Ghost and Price head down a lower level, where Ghost is then ambushed by Cipher .

Price attempts to help Ghost but has his gun kicked away. While Ghost duels Cipher, he tells Price to go find Nikto, which Price initially refuses, believing Ghost to have gotten a death wish from Templar. But Ghost is adamant, so Price reluctantly leaves. Cipher declares Ghost will die there, but he doesn't think so.

Afterwards, when the building explodes, Ghost is shown carrying an unconscious Cipher on his shoulders. Unknown to him, Foxtrot has Ghost in her sights. Ghost realizes that he knows who Cipher is and that he should be dead; Foxtrot is also alarmed at the sight of this.

Ghost accompanies Price and his UAC convoy with Cipher in an ambulance to the hospital, with Foxtrot following close behind. In the meantime, Ghost tells Price about Cipher, he knew him but doesn't know what he is anymore, making Price wonder if there're other surprises in store. Upon reaching the hospital, Ghost is concerned about things happening that they can't see. Gaz tells them about a dozen bombings that have taken place recently, besides the one in Lisbon, and that they are being attributed to the "People's Covenant". Ghost believes Cipher is the key, and they need him alive, and cooperative.

Just then, suited UAC agents arrive at the hospital to collect Cipher. Although Ghost is skeptical, he is taken surprise by Cipher yet again, who has an orderly at knifepoint. The agents try to secure Cipher, but he fends them off. Ghost enters a standoff with Cipher, asking if he remembers him. Before Cipher can answer, he is struck by Price with a fire extinguisher. Foxtrot, disguised as a nurse, intervenes and injects Cipher with anesthesia, promising to "fix this". As the agents wheel away the unconscious Cipher on a gurney, Ghost insists he be allowed to follow them.

Ghost accompanies TF141 to the Figuig Desert black site in Morocco, with a comatose Cipher in tow. When the group arrives, they are denied escort by the on site agents, but are then greeted by Roach and Farah , who offer to do so. While Price is overjoyed to see Roach again, Ghost has a rather uneasy reunion with Roach.

While en route to the black site, the convoy comes under attack by Phantom as well as Spectre . While Foxtrot arrives to fight Phantom, Spectre swiftly kills all of the agents after ambushing them. Ghost is then ordered to secure a hill, while Roach accompanies Price and Gaz, along with Farah, request for backup and evac.

Ghost ventures alone, and soon encounters Foxtrot fighting Phantom. She kicks him down the hill they were fighting on, and Ghost catches Phantom before confronting Foxtrot. A short while later, he rendezvouses with Price, who is recovering from an attack by Spectre, notifying him of Foxtrot.

Ghost isn't seen until a long time later, where Sophia had been tracking him down to his apartment. She had set up a vantage point on an adjacent building with a sniper rifle at the ready, waiting for Ghost to appear. However, Ghost had been expecting her to do this, and he found her first in the same building. Sophia, rather than choosing to strike, chose to stand down and hear out what he had to say. He apologized to Sophia for abandoning her in Alaska, and that had he been in her place, he'd be looking for payback as well. But he told her something that hit her hard: vengeance is a dead-end street that won't bring her any peace. In addition to this, Ghost called himself a "weapon" used by others, and that if Sophia truly wanted to avenge her father's betrayal, she should find the one who wields the weapon.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Simon Ghost Riley infobox MW2

Modern Warfare 2: Ghost

Simon and his father at the Bone Lickers concert.

Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish

Ghost in the Live-Action Fan film: Operation: Kingfish.

Call of Duty Online

Ghost Wallpaper image CoDO

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Simon Ghost Riley multiplayer character CoDG

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Ghost IW

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ghost call of duty actor

CoD MW2 cast: All voice actors behind the characters

Meet the actors behind the interestingly nicknamed characters in Modern Warfare 2.

The main characters of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

  • Daniel Furn
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The Modern Warfare series is back – and so are some iconic characters from the Call of Duty franchise.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , the sequel to the 2019 reboot, sees Captain Price joined by two very familiar faces as both Simon 'Ghost' Riley and Johnny 'Soap' McTavish appear prominently in the campaign as playable characters.

The characters and their appearance have gone down in video game history but who are the voice actors behind the legends? The reboot has gone for a different cast than the original series, but Soap's iconic Scottish timbre is still there – here's who brings the characters to life in Cod MW2.

Full cast list of CoD MW2 voice actors

The full CoD MW2 cast list is as follows:

  • Barry Sloane plays Captain John Price
  • Samuel Roukin plays Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Neil Ellice plays Sergeant John "Soap" MacTavish
  • Elliot Knight plays Sergeant Kyle "Gaz" Garrick
  • Alain Mesa plays Colonel Alejandro Vargas
  • Mari Elisa Camargo plays Valeria Garza
  • Thomas Beaudoin plays Reyes
  • Warren Kole plays Philip Graves
  • Rya Khilstedt plays Kate Laswell
  • Claudia Doumit plays Farah Karim
  • Ibrahim Renno plays Major Hassan Zyani
  • Stefan Kapičić plays Nikolai
  • Ramon Fernandez plays Diego Salgado
  • Glenn Morshower plays General Shepherd

Why you recognise the Cod MW2 cast

Barry Sloane (Captain Price) and Samuel Roukin (Ghost) are two of the main characters in CoD MW2

Call of Duty is one of the biggest video game franchises in the world, so it's only fitting that you'd recognise a few of the cast from other movies, games and TV shows.

Barry Sloane is, of course, returning from the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot in which he memorably voiced Captain Price, but the English actor has also made appearances in Hollyoaks, DCI Banks, Holby City and hit US drama Revenge.

Samuel Roukin provides the new voice of Ghost in MW2, but he has previously played a snatcher in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Faulnak in Marvel TV spin-off Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and John Graves Simcoe in revolutionary war drama Turn: Washington's Spies.

Taking on the beloved role of Soap is Neil Ellice , who's also had a taste of the MCU as Hunter D-90 in Loki as well as previous video game experience in TV mini-series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

Elliot Knight, Warren Kole, Glenn Morshower and Claudia Doumit

Elliot Knight went down the DC route, however, as Dove in edgy superhero drama Titans , and also played Merlin in fairy tale drama Once Upon A Time as well as the titular role in Sky's Sinbad.

Pop culture fans will certainly have seen Warren Kole before – he portrayed villain Rafe Adler in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and was the infamous 'Galaga Guy' in the first Avengers film. He is currently starring as Jeff Sadecki in Yellowjackets .

Glenn Morshower is no stranger to playing military leaders – as well as the infamous General Shepherd, he appeared as General Sharp Morshower in the Transformers films and Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce in 24.

Farah Karim actress Claudia Doumit will be familiar to most for playing Victoria Neuman in superhero series The Boys , but also starred in sci-fi series Timeless and three episodes of Scandal.

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Alejandro Vargas actor Alain Mesa is no stranger to video game roles having provided additional voices to the likes of Saints Row , Red Dead Redemption 2 and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End . He also voiced Victor Garcia Hernandez in Forza Horizon 5 and Giles and Cookie in Wastelanders 3.

Mari Elisa Camargo 's turn as villain Valeria Garza has proved a hit on social media, but Camargo was already well known in Latin America after competing in The X Factor Colombia and later becoming a TV star in Mexico. She became known to a more international audience after guest starring in martial arts crime drama Warrior.

Stefan Kapičić will be known to most for his role as Colossus in the Deadpool films, though he has also appeared in six episodes of Better Call Saul and lent his voice to an episode of Love, Death & Robots.

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Why Call Of Duty's New Ghost Actor Sounds So Familiar

A new "Call of Duty" game is on the way, to no one's surprise, but instead of being a one-off like "Vanguard," the upcoming title one will be a sequel to a previous game in the series. And it's probably for the best, as "Vanguard" got off to a rocky start . The upcoming "Call of Duty" game, titled "Modern Warfare 2," will be released on October 28th as a sequel to 2019's "Modern Warfare." However, it's not to be confused with the 2009 entry by the same name. Activision has confirmed the new game will share at least one thing in common with 2009's "Modern Warfare 2," though. Specifically, the upcoming game will feature the fan-favorite Simon "Ghost" Riley character. However, the character's original voice actor won't be reprising the role.

In 2021, Activision cut ties with Ghost's voice actor, Jeff Leech, after some clips of Leech making inappropriate comments about women during interviews and livestreams surfaced (per VGC ). Recently, actor DJ Samuel Roukin confirmed on Twitter that he will be taking over the role of Ghost for "Modern Warfare 2." Many may have already come across the actor, as he has been in multiple TV shows and movies. Here's why the new voice of Ghost sounds so familiar.

He played a British Army General

Samuel Roukin is best known for his role as John Graves Simcoe in the AMC historical drama "Turn: Washington's Spies." The show follows the events of the spy network called the Culper Spy Ring , established by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. These spies provided crucial information about the British Army's strategies and locations to the American revolutionaries — but Roukin didn't play a spy.

Instead, Roukin's character, John Graves Simcoe, was based on a real-life British Army General that played a substantial role in hindering the revolution. The show takes some liberties in its depiction of Simcoe. Simcoe is portrayed as a sociopathic villain who would do whatever it takes to secure a victory for the British. However, due to some excellent storytelling and Samuel Roukin's superb acting, viewers witnessed a convincing evolution of the character that ended with him becoming a respected Canadian governor.

He brushed shoulders with wizards

It's hard to find someone that hasn't read or watched the "Harry Potter" series, and anyone that has watched the films has seen Samuel Roukin. Specifically, in "Deathly Hallows – Part 1," Roukin played a small but essential role as an unnamed Snatcher. Snatchers were bounty hunters assembled by Voldemort in 1997 to find and arrest muggle-borns. Although Roukin's character wasn't given a name, it's known that he served under werewolf bounty hunter Fenrir Greyback during the Second Wizarding War .

Roukin's Snatcher can be spotted among a group of his fellow bounty hunters as they captured the main trio of Harry, Hermione, and Ron and brought them to the Malfoy Manor. But, Roukin's Snatcher wasn't in the film long, as once arriving at Malfoy Manor, Bellatrix Lestrange kills him via a powerful spell after noticing that he stole the Sword of Gryffindor out of Hermione's bag.


Who voices Ghost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Answered

Voicing an iconic character in its fourth appearance can be a daunting task.

ghost call of duty actor

  • November 1, 2022
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Guides

ghost call of duty actor

Image via Activision

As the franchise is known for, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 offers a cinematic, action-packed single-player campaign for players to work through along with the favored multiplayer. The tendency for players to ignore the single-player campaign is an oversight: the turns come hard and fast, the plot thickens into brutal quagmires, and the characters come to life with brilliant voice acting work from some industry stars.

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Early in the campaign, players are introduced to a new character that joins classics such as Price Soap McTavish. Known only as ‘Ghost,’ this enigmatic character tends to push the plot forwards within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as the player takes control of characters around this operative. With long sleeves, blacked-out face paint, and a mask that becomes recognizable for players early on, players are eager to figure out anything about this character. This is the fourth reimagining of the character, following the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and  Call of Duty: Warzone .

Who is the voice actor of Ghost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Ghost is voiced by Samuel Roukin, from movie franchises such as  Harry Potter  and television shows like  Agents of Shield . The confusion regarding Ghost’s voice actor is well-earned: in the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which was released in 2009,  Craig Fairbrass  voiced the character Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley. In 2019, Activision announced that the voice actor replacing Craig would be Jeff Leach.

ghost call of duty actor

Jeff Leach was clipped on stream using controversial remarks towards a chatter on stream. Ultimately, this resulted in the release of multiple allegations regarding sexism as Jeff made disparaging remarks towards a chat member before banning them on the  Facebook Gaming  streaming platform. Activision then distanced itself from Jeff Leach and opted to select Samuel Roukin to play the favored character in the remake of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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ghost call of duty actor

Chris Davenport

Chris Davenport is a freelance writer for Gamepur. He's been writing video game guides for the past five years and has been featured on GameRant.

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Activision severs links with Call of Duty Ghost voice actor following misogynistic comments

"In 2021, misogyny has no place."

Editor's note, 1/11/21 : A representative for Jeff Leach has claimed that the voice actor and Activision mutually agreed to sever ties in March 2021 due to unrelated matters and not Leach's alleged sexist comments, as reported at the time. Eurogamer has contacted Activision for further detail. The original article follows.

Activision has cut ties with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Ghost voice actor Jeff Leach following the dissemination of a video that compiles his misogynist comments.

The montage - which was shared online by streamers hitting back at Leach's derogatory statements - is described as containing "serious personalised intrusive sexism" and shows Leach using sexually explicit and aggressive language as well as personal insults.

"In 2021, misogyny has no place," states a caption on the video. "Yet female gamers regularly experience sexist abuse" and goes on to suggest that as Leach remains, at the time of writing, a Facebook Gaming partner, "doesn't that mean by affiliation Facebook is okay with what's being said?"

The first of three tweets is embedded below. In light of the language used, viewer discretion is advised.

[1/3] Jeff Leach Misogynist?!   @FacebookGaming Partner, Voice of @CallofDuty "Ghost" @Activision Serious personalised intrusive sexism. Influence. Contempt. Violence! Serial offender!  @TheZombiUnicorn Watch the clip RT! Respect Women! #GameOver4Sexism — NitroLukeDX (@NitroLukeDX) May 7, 2021

According to CharlieIntel (via Resetera ), Activision has now severed its links with Leach. In a statement, the company said: "Sexism has no place in our industry, our games or in society. Activision is no longer working with Jeff Leach.

"We strongly condemn these remarks. We are committed to delivering a fun and safe experience for all players."

Leach himself has responded to the video by calling it "targeted character assassination" and when challenged about his behaviour, said he "mocked a hateful, toxic troll who came into my community chat to attack me and my community" and he has "done the same to men who think that internet trolling and toxic behaviour are clever. I'm a stand up comic. You made this a gender-related issue and took it out of context".

"This should go without saying but anyone who sends threatening messages is not representative of me or my community and I do not condone this is (sic) any way," he added on Twitter .

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This toddler-sized Psyduck plushie is available to pre-order now

Palworld's "Memory Reset Drug" bug is "impossible to recover" from

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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts (2013)

Ten years after a terrible attack that wipes out part of the population, two brothers must rebel against a federation controlled by a psychotic soldier who once was part of the rebellion cal... Read all Ten years after a terrible attack that wipes out part of the population, two brothers must rebel against a federation controlled by a psychotic soldier who once was part of the rebellion called "The Ghosts". Ten years after a terrible attack that wipes out part of the population, two brothers must rebel against a federation controlled by a psychotic soldier who once was part of the rebellion called "The Ghosts".

  • Jake Rowell
  • Sylvain Doreau
  • Brian Bloom
  • Adam Foshko
  • Stephen Gaghan
  • Brandon Routh
  • Jeffrey Pierce
  • 39 User reviews
  • 7 Critic reviews
  • 2 wins & 3 nominations

Reveal Trailer

  • David 'Hesh' Walker

Brian Bloom

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Jeffrey Pierce

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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  • Trivia Most of the characters and weapons in the game are named after other characters and weapons from Modern Warfare 2. The Ghosts are named after Modern Warfare 2 character Ghost and even have masks made after the mask Ghost wears. Riley the German shepherd is named after Ghost's real name (Simon Riley), and the honey badger assault rifle is named after an assault vehicle.
  • Goofs During the "Clockwork" level, Merrick's Spanish has a thick U.S. accent to the point that it would not fool a native speaker.

Elias T. Walker : [In the introduction of "The Hunted"] There are ancient tribes, deep in the Amazon, who have perfected the art of torture over hundreds of years. The Federation embraced this heritage, enhancing it with more sophisticated methods. They kept Rorke in a hole for months... feeding him foods mixed with the poisons of exotic plants. As they broke down his body, they went to work on his mind. When his mind broke, they went to work on his soul. They rebuilt what was left, twisting him to their purposes. The process was excruciating and exacting. Rorke was their Ghost now. The perfect weapon to use against us.

  • Crazy credits Two extra scenes occur, one during and one after the credits.
  • Connections Featured in Outside Xbox: Call of Duty: Ghosts - 7 Things We Don't Want (2013)
  • Soundtracks Survival Performed by Eminem

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  • November 14, 2013 (Japan)
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  • Runtime 6 hours

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