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The Horrors of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and its Most Terrifying Ghost, Jacob Marley

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Though it’s now a mostly forgotten tradition, Christmas was once a time for telling ghost stories around the fire. Telling ghost stories during winter was a folk custom that dated back centuries, but the 19th century, in particular, saw the holiday undeniably associated with ghosts. In Europe, anyway. When the Puritans came over, they left this tradition behind. Regardless, one famous yuletide spooky tale did manage to cross the pond to become a holiday staple; Charles Dickens’ 1843 classic, A Christmas Carol . 

In the story, the miserly, frugal Ebenezer Scrooge is visited on Christmas Eve by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future to remind him of the importance of kindness and the joy of the holiday. The spectral visitations are heralded by a warning from the ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley. The idea is to scare some sense back into Scrooge, to course correct his life; both with the otherworldly guides and insights into melancholic moments from his past. The Ghost of Christmas Past is described as an angelic spirit of burning bright light, and Christmas Present resembles jolly Father Christmas. While authoritative, neither are scary. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is a silent, hooded phantom not unlike a Grim Reaper. The figure is meant to be a foreboding warning of imminent doom, a final push to scare Scrooge straight.

But as ominous as this spirit is, the most terrifying ghost of the story and its many adaptations is Jacob Marley.

Marley’s arrival offers up the biggest scare of the story; Scrooge is alone in his darkened chambers late in the evening, the perfect moment of quiet vulnerability that allows for maximum impact when it comes to supernatural surprise guests. Marley presents a familiar face twisted and transformed by death. He lived his life similar to Scrooge, which doomed him to purgatory in the afterlife. Bound by chains and heavy money boxes forged by greed during life, Marley is cursed to wander the Earth for eternity. Marley’s ghastly sight serves up the dual purpose of offering the first ghoulish jolt of the story and an ominous warning of where Scrooge could wind up if he doesn’t change his ways. Forget the forbidding spirit of Christmas Yet to Come; it’s Marley that elicits chills.

In the countless adaptations of Dickens’ story, the terror of Marley tends to translate well to screen. No matter the take on the familiar tale, be it through the lens of Disney or an adult comedy, Jacob Marley is one scary dude. Here are some of the absolute creepiest takes on Marley…

A Christmas Carol (1984) 

ghost of jacob marley disney

George C. Scott ( The Changeling , The Exorcist III ) stars as Scrooge in this made-for-TV movie, so the horror bonafides are already in place with this adaptation. Scott’s performance is the most substantial reason to watch this version, but for the horror fan, it’s also one of the darkest and spookiest versions of the story. That includes Frank Finley’s ( Lifeforce ) take on Marley.

Scrooged (1988)

ghost of jacob marley disney

Richard Donner’s modernized and loose adaptation put Billy Murray in the Scrooge role (as Frank Cross), and offered up a quirky comedy-fantasy version that sets it apart from the rest. That includes John Forsythe’s Lew Hayward, a twist on Jacob Marley that trades money boxes for golf bags. Lew’s heavily decomposed figure is ghastly, and it’s highlighted by the mouse that scurries out from a hole in his noggin and the cobwebs that drape across his rotted body.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol (2009)

ghost of jacob marley disney

That this is a Disney movie only makes this take on Marley even scarier; no one will be prepared for the nightmare fuel going into this movie. Seriously. Robert Zemeckis’ 3D computer-animated feature doesn’t hold back when it comes to its ghosts. Marley first appears in a jump scare involving Scrooge’s front door, knocking the miser off his feet. Then enter the chains, via 3D effect, once Scrooge has nestled into his chambers. None of that holds a candle to Marley’s confrontation with Scrooge. His eyes roll around in his skull in unnatural ways, he exudes haunting menace, and his jaw unhinges grotesquely, like a freaking snake.

If you ever wondered what would happen if that gauze wrapped around Marley’s head came off, well, this paints a graphic picture.

BBC’s A Christmas Carol (2019)

ghost of jacob marley disney

This more horror-centric take on the classic gives Marley a more prominent role to play and an active interest in Scrooge’s journey. Portrayed by Stephen Graham, this Marley isn’t as undead or ghastly as his counterparts, though chains bind him. But that doesn’t make him any less intimidating- he gruesomely loses his jaw as well. The actor even took the fake jaw home as a souvenir . 

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Horror journalist, RT Top Critic, and Critics Choice Association member. Co-Host of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast. Has appeared on PBS series' Monstrum, served on the SXSW Midnighter shorts jury, and moderated horror panels for WonderCon and SeriesFest.

ghost of jacob marley disney

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SCREAMBOX Hidden Gems – 5 Horror Movies to Stream This Week Including ‘The Collector’

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The Bloody Disgusting-powered SCREAMBOX is home to a variety of unique horror content, from originals and exclusives to cult classics and documentaries. With such a rapidly-growing library, there are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Here are five recommendations you can stream on SCREAMBOX right now.

ghost of jacob marley disney

The Collector

If the triumphant return of the Saw franchise has you in the mood for more trap-laden horrors, look no further than The Collector — which was originally conceived as a prequel to Saw that would show Jigsaw’s original story. When producers passed on the idea, writers Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan ( Saw IV-VII ) reworked it into an original script, which Dunstan directed in 2009.

A slasher/home invasion hybrid for the so-called “torture porn” era, The Collector stars Criminal Minds ‘ Josh Stewart as struggling ex-con Arkin. A planned heist at his new employer’s home to repay a debt becomes deadly when he discovers that another criminal has rigged the property with booby traps. Considerable suspension of disbelief is required to accept the labor involved in installing the Rube Goldbergian traps, but once you’re along for the ride it’s a widely entertaining one.

There’s some dynamic camerawork once you get past the ugly, early-aughts aesthetic, but, and killer sports a simple but memorable look: a gnarled black mask with reflective eyes. Bear traps, fish hooks, razor blades, knives, barbed wire, and cockroaches are deployed in the most sadistic ways imaginable with cringe-inducing special effects by Gary J. Tunnicliffe ( Candyman, Scream 4 ).

ghost of jacob marley disney

End of the Line

Recently rescued from obscurity by Terror Vision, 2007’s End of the Line plays like Canada’s answer to The Midnight Meat Train (albeit a year prior) with shades of Prince of Darkness and a hint of C.H.U.D . The underappreciated effort finds a handful of strangers aboard a late-night train being targeted by a religious doomsday cult attempting to kill all non-believers.

The film is a bit dated — the cultists are signaled to begin their ritual via beeper, while the aesthetic screams “early 2000s indie horror” — and the performances are uneven, but writer-director Maurice Devereaux largely overcomes the low-budget trappings and maintains unpredictability with a number of twists and turns. Splashes of practical gore are the icing on the cake.

ghost of jacob marley disney

The synopsis for Footprints (better known as Footprints on the Moon , also known as Primal Impulse ) touts it as “the most criminally underseen giallo of the ’70s.” While it’s far from a conventional giallo — the 1975 Italian film is more psychological thriller than murder-mystery, with nary a black-gloved killing — I’m inclined to agree on its criminally underseen status.

Directed by Luigi Bazzoni ( The Fifth Cord ), the movie centers on Alice Campos (Florinda Bolkan, Don’t Torture a Duckling ), a Portuguese woman working as translator in Italy. After discovering she’s lost three days of time (“It’s as if I hadn’t lived them.”), she finds a postcard depicting a hotel in a coastal town called Garma. She heads there for answers, only to find that the locals know her — albeit by a different name, Nicole. The more she learns, the weirder it gets.

Klaus Kinski ( Nosferatu the Vampyre ) appears as an astronaut in a surreal, recurring dream from which the film gets its name. The impressive supporting cast also includes Lila Kedrova ( Torn Curtain ), Nicoletta Elmi ( Demons ), Caterina Boratto ( 8½ ), Ida Galli ( The Psychic ), and Esmeralda Ruspoli ( Romeo and Juliet ).

Even the best of giallo films often favor style over substance, but Footprints backs up its aesthetic — including striking cinematography by Oscar-winning director of photography Vittorio Storaro ( Apocalypse Now, Dick Tracy ) and a contemplative score composed by another Oscar winner, Nicola Piovani ( Life Is Beautiful ) — with a gripping mystique. The slow-burn mystery shares more in common with Messiah of Evil (also on SCREAMBOX) and Dead & Buried than the works of Dario Argento.

ghost of jacob marley disney

The Diabolical

After helming music videos for the likes of Bring Me the Horizon and Beach House , Alistair Legrand made the jump to features with The Diabolical , a solid supernatural chiller from 2015. The first two acts are fairly standard haunted house fare, but the third act brings a reveal so outlandish that it works.

Ali Larter ( Final Destination ) carries the film as a single mother willing to risk everything for her kids, who become mysteriously ill when they try to leave the house. The cast includes Arjun Gupta ( The Magicians ), Merrin Dungey ( Big Little Lies ), Patrick Fischler ( Mulholland Drive ), and Mark Steger ( Stranger Things ), and even the child actors are good. Several early scares fall flat due to subpar CGI, but there are also some great practical effects and a memorable villain.

ghost of jacob marley disney

Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

All twelve Gamera films are on SCREAMBOX, but if you’re looking for a good place to start, I suggest 1995’s Gamera: Guardian of the Universe . While the earlier films are cheesy fun, Guardian of the Universe and its two sequels — 1996’s Gamera 2: Attack of Legion and 1999’s Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris — are not only a high point of the franchise but also one of the best sagas in all of kaiju cinema.

Gamera was originally created in 1965 to cash in on the success of Godzilla. After a lengthy dormancy, Shusuke Kaneko rebooted the franchise with Guardian of the Universe . The trilogy was so impressive that Toho hired Kaneko to direct Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack , while special effects director Shinji Higuchi went on to helm Shin Godzilla, Shin Ultraman , and Attack on Titan .

No longer catering exclusively to monster kids, this is Gamera for a new generation: a cinematic affair with a bigger budget, grander scope, more realistic effects, and mature storytelling. Written by Kazunori Itō ( Ghost in the Shell ), the film finds the titular turtle-monster protecting humanity from large winged creatures known as Gyaos, culminating in an explosive final battle of epic proportions. Utilizing some digital effects alongside practicals allows for visual spectacles without sacrificing the charm or tactile nature of rubber suits and miniature work.

Visit the SCREAMBOX Hidden Gems archives for more recommendations.

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How to Watch Disney's ‘A Christmas Carol’ Starring Jim Carrey

And thereafter, he said “Bah humbug” no more.

Charles Dickens ’s classic novella, A Christmas Carol has been adapted a million times on stage, screen, radio, print, and more, since it was published in 1843. In films particularly, there are at least more than 30 adaptations in live-action and animation versions, starting from 1901’s British film, Scrooge, or, Marley's Ghost .

But somehow, Disney’s A Christmas Carol of 2009 is one of the best-animated versions of the story. While some might call it a dark rendition of the classic Christmas tale, the animation manages to capture the essence of Dickens’ original work. The story, as taken from the original literature, follows a miserly and unpleasant businessman, Ebenezer Scrooge, who is visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve to show him who he truly is, thus encouraging him to become a better man.

A Christmas Carol is the third adaptation of the novel by Disney, the previous two being Mickey's Christmas Carol in 1983 and The Muppet Christmas Carol in 1992. The Disney production is written and directed by Robert Zemeckis , the award-winning, Academy-nominated filmmaker known for helming popular projects like the Back to the Future trilogy and Forrest Gump .

A Christmas Carol features the voices of Jim Carrey , Gary Oldman , Colin Firth , Bob Hoskins , Robin Wright Penn , and Cary Elwes . Carrey voices Scrooge and the three ghosts, and Oldman voices Bob Cratchit and Jacob Marley, both earning critical acclaim for their performances. Although the movie got mixed reviews from critics, it was a success at the box office and was also praised for its visuals, as well as the musical score composed by Alan Silvestri .

So, despite varied opinions on this modern classic, A Christmas Carol has become a popular holiday movie and, for us, a must-watch, especially on Christmas Eve. Even Carrey describes it as “a classical version of A Christmas Carol”. If you haven’t had a chance to watch this animated Christmas movie all these years, then this year might be a good first. Find out how you can watch A Christmas Carol and where it's streaming with this guide.

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When Was 'A Christmas Carol' Released?

A Christmas Carol had its world premiere in London on November 3, 2009, followed by a wide theatrical release in the United States on November 6, 2009. The movie was released in Disney Digital 3D, RealD 3D, and IMAX 3D.

Is 'A Christmas Carol' Available on Streaming?

As you would expect of a Disney production, A Christmas Carol is available for streaming on Disney+ . The streaming service is available on a subscription basis, starting at $7.99 per month. You can also get Disney+ as a part of the Hulu, ESPN, and Disney+ bundle for $14.99 per month with ads and $24.99 per month without ads. Alternatively, you can also rent the Christmas movie on Amazon for $3.99.

Watch on Disney+

Is 'A Christmas Carol' Available on DVD and Blu-ray?

A year after its theatrical premiere, Disney released A Christmas Carol in physical formats on November 23, 2010, which included a DVD, a 3D Blu-ray, a 2D Blu-ray, and a digital copy. It was also the first Disney film to be available in 3D Blu-ray. The DVD version contains a few deleted scenes and two featurettes.

The 2D Blu-ray contains a Digital Advent Calendar and a behind-the-scenes featurette “Behind the Carol: The Full Motion-Capture Experience”. The 3D Blu-ray includes an exclusive 3D game called Mr. Scrooge’s Wild Ride .

Order on Amazon Related: Jim Carrey Releases His First Cartoon Before Leaving Twitter

What Is 'A Christmas Carol' About?

Also known as A Christmas Carol. In Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas , the novella is an iconic work of Charles Dickens, publishes in 1843. The original story is set in the Victorian era, a time when Britain was at a cultural juncture, especially with Christmas celebrations, where people were exploring newer customs with cards, trees, and more public celebrations, while revisiting past traditions like family gatherings, caroling, etc. In a way, the story sets the tone for the mid-Victorian revival of the holiday, which became more widespread in the following century.

A Christmas Carol tells the story of an elderly businessman, Ebenezer Scrooge, who is a spiteful and miserly soul and is very resentful of Christmas, lashing out at those who like to celebrate the festival. One Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his deceased business partner, Jacob Marley, followed by three spirits, of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. The spirits take him on a journey of self-discovery and help him become a kinder man. The movie recounts the same story, albeit with some dramatization of the characters and settings, through motion-capture animation , along with immersive visual effects that make the 2009 movie more like a sensory experience, especially for its time.

More Adaptations of 'A Christmas Carol' That You Can Watch

Nearly 180 years and a hundred different takes and media formats later, Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol remains the most-adapted holiday story to date. Here are three of our favorite adaptations, each from three different eras of cinema, which you also might find interesting:

Scrooge (1951): A classic in its own rights, this British film is considered a benchmark for all adaptations of Dickens’ original novella. The film was re-titled as A Christmas Carol in the United States. Though it bombed at the box office in the UK, it became a holiday favorite in America and has become a Christmas tradition for many. The film was shot in black and white which makes the dense setting of the Victorian era more intriguing. Scrooge / A Christmas Carol is directed and produced by Brian Desmond Hurst and stars Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge, along with Michael Hordern , Mervyn Johns , and Hermione Baddeley in various roles.

Watch on Plex

Scrooged (1988): Set in a time of major social and cultural shift in the United States, this unconventional adaptation of the classic literature proves how timeless the original is. It is also said to be one of Bill Murray ’s best performances. The fantasy comedy movie takes place in a modern setting, in the 80s, where Frank Cross, played by Murray, is like Scrooge, a cynical, selfish, obnoxious television executive who would do anything to boost his channel’s numbers during the holidays. Frank is haunted by three spirits, each from his past, present, and future, and takes him on a self-exploration journey to reform himself. Directed by Richard Donner , Scrooged is a fun take on the classic and presents Frank as a modern-day Scrooge.

Watch on Prime Video

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (2022) : The latest animation adaptation of A Christmas Carol , this musical adventure fantasy film is an animated remake of the 1970 film of the same name. The Netflix original features the voices of Luke Evans , Olivia Colman , Jesse Buckley , Jonathan Pryce , and Johnny Flynn , among others. It has had mixed reception since its release but is worth a watch to experience a musical take on the grim and dark tale. The 1970 film is directed by Robert Neame and stars Albert Finney and Alec Guinness as Scrooge and Marley’s Ghost respectively.

Watch on Netflix

The 12 Best ‘A Christmas Carol’ Adaptations, Ranked

Our favorite Scrooges, Marleys, Bob Cratchits and ghosts


What’s Christmas without “A Christmas Carol”? There’s a reason why Charles Dickens’ classic has been made over and over: It’s always timely to remind people of the real spirit of the season. And to not be a selfish jerk. Here are our favorite versions from various Disney takes to the one everyone agrees is the best adaptation ever. 

ghost of jacob marley disney

12. Spirited (2022)

What if Scrooge (here named Clint Briggs) were a smug CEO who was beyond redemption? Ryan Reynolds brings his ususal snark to this holiday musical, which costars Will Ferrell as the Ghost of Christmas Present, who’s long overdue to retire, and Tracy Morgan as the voice of Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

ghost of jacob marley disney

11. Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)

Who else but Scrooge McDuck could play mean old Ebenezer Scrooge? Mickey is, of course, underappreciated clerk Bob Cratchit, and Goofy is the ghost of Jacob Marley. At only 26 minutes, this version gets the job done in less than half the time of most adaptations. Why, you won’t even need to put more coal on your fire!

ghost of jacob marley disney

10. A Christmas Carol, Doctor Who (2010)

Scooge in space? Why not? Michael Gambon stars as embittered Kazran Sardick, who the Doctor (Matt Smith) must convince to save a doomed spaceship of 4,000 people — including Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory ( Arthur Darvill).

ghost of jacob marley disney

9. Blackadder’s Christmas Carol (1988)

A sharp-as-ever Rowan Atkinson is Ebenezer Blackadder, the nicest man in all of London until he’s visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present (Robbie Coltrane), who accidentally inspires him to become cruel and greedy. Oops! Jim Broadbent appears as Prince Albert and Miranda Richardson is Queen Elizabeth and we also get a bit of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, 

ghost of jacob marley disney

8. A Christmas Carol (1938)

MGM gave us arugably the glossiest version of the story, where Bob Cratchit (Gene Lockhart) and his family are well fed, beautifully dressed and amply housed, in stark contrast to every other adaptation. Reginald Owen (of “Mary Poppins” and “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”) plays Scrooge.

ghost of jacob marley disney

7. Scrooge (1970)

Albert Finney, who was only 34 at the time, plays Ebenezer in this lesser-known musical with songs and lyrics by “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” composer Leslie Bricusse. And yes, that’s Alec Guinness as Jacob Marley. It was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Original Song, “Thank You Very Much.”

ghost of jacob marley disney

6. A Christmas Carol (2009)

Jim Carrey makes an appropriately crotchety Scrooge in this animated film in which he also voices all three ghosts. The voice cast includes Gary Oldman as Bob Cratchit, Colin Firth as nephew Fred and the late Bob Hoskins as Fezziwig.

ghost of jacob marley disney

5. Scrooged (1988)

Bill Murray is a selfish, callous TV executive who is visited by the most entertaining three spirits yet: David Johansen is a cigar-smoking, taxicab-driving Ghost of Christmas Past, Carol Kane is the slap-happy Ghost of Christmas Present and John Forsythe of “Dynasty” and “Charlie’s Angels” is his Marley-esque late patner. Add in Robert Mitchum as an executive who suggests that a TV detective play with a ball of string to appeal to cat viewers, and you’ve got one of the funniest adaptations ever. 

ghost of jacob marley disney

4. A Christmas Carol (1999)

Patrick Stewart, who used to do a one-man show playing all the characters in Dickens’ tale, makes for a convincingly scowly Scrooge in this TV adaptation. When he finally sees the light and embraces the Christmas spirit, he dances a jig down the stairs. The supporting cast is also stacked: Richard E. Grant is Bob Cratchit and Dominic West is Scooge’s nephew, Fred, and Joel Grey is an unusual Ghost of Christmas Past. 

ghost of jacob marley disney

3. A Christmas Carol (1984)

George C. Scott’s gruff, misanthropic miser is among the very best, whether he’s contemptuously sneering at nephew Fred (Roger Rees), begging for a second chance as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come points at the gravestone marked “Ebenezer Scrooge,” or chuckling with delight as he doubles the salary of a very confused Bob Cratchit (David Warner).

ghost of jacob marley disney

2. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

How great is Michael Caine as Scrooge? Despite being surrounded by puppets, he’s one of the best to ever play the role. Of course Kermit is Bob Cratchit, Miss Piggy is his wife, Fozzie Bear is “Fozziwig.” The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is so scary, he scares off narrator Charles Dickens (Gonzo) and Rizzo the Rat. Add in singing vegetables, two Marley ghosts and you’ve got a beloved Christmas Carol for all ages. 

ghost of jacob marley disney

1. A Christmas Carol (1951)

Alastair Sim might not be the most famous actor to have played Scrooge, but he’s still the best in this, the definitive “A Christmas Carol.” Known mostly for his stage roles, he brings an extra depth to the role, and the most convincing joy to the reformed miser.

Chris Christopher Landon Big Bad

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Jacob Marley

  • View history

Jacob Marley is a major character in A Christmas Carol . He acts as a harbinger to Ebenezer Scrooge, and a warning of the inevitable price of a life of greed and selfishness.

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  • 2 Biography
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Portrayals [ ]

  • In the 1935 film Scrooge , he was portrayed by the late Claude Rains , who also portrayed Griffin in The Invisible Man , Prince John in The Adventures of Robin Hood , Erique Claudin in The Phantom of the Opera , and Herod in The Greatest Story Ever Told .
  • In the 1954 film adaptation, he was portrayed by the late Basil Rathbone , who also portrayed Edward Murdstone in David Copperfield , Sir Guy of Gisbourne in The Adventures of Robin Hood , and King Richard III in the 1935 adaptation of The Tower of London .
  • In the 1960 film adaptation, he was portrayed by the late Alec Guinness , who also portrayed Fagin in the 1948 film adaptation of Oliver Twist and Charles I in Cromwell .
  • In the 1984 film adaptation, he was portrayed by the late Frank Finlay , who also portrayed Iago in the 1965 film adaptation of Othello and Amafi in Shaft In Africa .
  • In the 2001 animated film adaptation, he was voiced by Nicolas Cage , who also portrayed Little Junior Brown in Kiss of Death , Castor Troy in Face/Off , Mr. Brent Ryan in Mom and Dad , Peter Loew in Vampire's Kiss , Yuri Orlov in Lord of War , and Speckles in G-Force .
  • In the 2004 TV movie A Christmas Carol: The Musical , he was portrayed by Jason Alexander , who also portrayed Philip Stuckey in Pretty Woman , Eric Tiberius Duckman in Duckman , Abis Mal in The Return of Jafar , Henry Grace in Criminal Minds , Zutho in The Legend of Tarzan , and Catbert in Dilbert .
  • In the 2009 animated film adaptation, he was voiced by Gary Oldman , who also portrayed Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg in The Fifth Element , Drexl Spivey in True Romance , Norman Stansfield in The Professional , Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula , Vladislav Dukhovich in The Hitman's Bodyguard , Ruber in The Quest for Camelot , General Grawl in Planet 51 , Carnegie in The Book of Eli , Egor Korshunov in Air Force One , Dr. Zachary Smith / Spider Smith in Lost In Space , Nicholas Wyatt in Paranoia , Dreyfus in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes , Daniel Clarke in Call of Duty: Black Ops , and Mason Verger in Hannibal .
  • In the 2022 Netflix verison, he is voiced by Jonathan Pryce who also portrayed Mr. Dark in Something Wicked This Way Comes , Seamus O'Rourke in Ronin , General Vavarin Delatombe in The Brothers Grimm ,   Elliot Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies , Paul Dellenbach in Renaissance , and the High Sparrow in Game of Thrones .

Biography [ ]

In life, Jacob was the business partner of Ebenezer Scrooge and both men became successful bankers, stockholders and directors of at least one major association : however, much of their wealth came from unfair taxing of the poor and vulnerable. Jacob Marley had died seven years prior to the beginning of the story and was so disliked by his fellow men that his sole mourner was said to be Scrooge himself and even Scrooge was more concerned with business that day.

However, come one fateful Christmas Eve the ghost of Jacob Marley returns to haunt Scrooge and warn him of the horrors that await him in the afterlife due to his wicked ways. 

Jacob Marley's own punishment is depicted vividly as having to carry the chains of his own sin for all eternity while being tormented forevermore in an afterlife heavily implied to be either Purgatory or Hell. Part of Marley's torment included seeing the poor and destitute that he took advantage of in life, suffer, but being powerless to help them in anyway.

At first Scrooge refuses to believe Marley is real but this simply causes Jacob to emit a terrible howl that puts Scrooge on his knees, begging forgiveness - however, Jacob simply tells him that he will be visited by three ghosts before the night is done.

Then, the tormented spirit of Jacob Marley flies out of the window, accompanied by several other spirits, all chained in eternal torment as they vanish back into the abyss. In the end, however, Marley's warning came true that same night and Scrooge was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future, who showed him his past, his present and what could possibly be his future if he refused to redeem himself. The next day, on Christmas, a totally changed Ebenezer brings joy and happiness to the poor and from that moment on resolves to not commit the same mistakes Marley did by using his fortune to help others and live the rest of his life truly happy.

Other Media [ ]

Due to his importance in the story, Jacob Marley has appeared in almost every single adaptation of the story to date, with varying levels of faithfulness to the original tale.

  • In the Disney version, he was portrayed by Goofy, and was said to be a ruthless criminal who robbed widows, among other misdeeds.
  • In The Muppet's Christmas Carol , the character was divided into two in the form of Jacob and Robert Marley. being portrayed by the famous duo of Statler and Waldorf.
  • In the 2000 modernized movie, he was portrayed as a murdered African-American man, he was portrayed by Ray Fearon.
  • In the 2019 TV adaptation, a reimagined version of the character was portrayed by Stephen Graham.

Gallery [ ]

Marley in the 2009 film.

External Links [ ]

  • Jacob Marley on the Heroes Wiki

Navigation [ ]

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  • 2 Statue of God
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Character ‘sightings’ include scrooge and the ghost of jacob marley from ‘mickey’s christmas carol’.

Posted by: Becky Burkett November 12, 2021

ghost of jacob marley disney

Guests are getting an extra magical helping of Christmas spirit this year at Disneyland, thanks to some adorable new additions to character sightings during the Merriest Nites after-hours party . Scrooge and Jacob Marley (well, his ghost anyway) are appearing as part of the holiday festivities!

Disney Parks on Twitter: "Here's another way to celebrate the Holidays at the @Disneyland Resort: Disney Merriest Nites! ? This new, separate ticket, after-hours event will take place at Disneyland park on

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Like other character-based experiences in a post-COVID world, seeing Scrooge and Marley is more of an encounter from a distance than the usual character meet and greets we used to enjoy in the parks. Journalist Brooke McDonald was able to capture a short video when she visited. She tweeted it here:

Scrooge and Marley! #merriestnites #disneyland — Brooke Geiger McDonald (@BrookeGMcDonald) November 12, 2021

Mickey's Christmas Carol (film) - D23

“Mickey’s Christmas Carol”/Credit: DisneyScrooge, of course, is donning is purple nightshirt and nightcap.

ghost of jacob marley disney

Credit: Brooke McDonald/Disney

And Goofy, who plays the ghost of Jacob Marley in Mickey’s Christmas Carol , is wearing a sharkskin suit that seems to glow in the dark (or the death, whichever way you prefer to look at it), and he also sports a head wrap and “heavy” chains.

ghost of jacob marley disney

But hey, he does look any too worse for the wear! He seems to be having a great time in the photos!

In keeping with the theme of  Mickey’s Christmas Carol , which debuted in 1983 and was adapted from Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol,  Disneyland also presented Mickey and Minnie in their classical holiday best. Both of their meticulously detailed costumes have all the EARmarks of a Dickens Christmas story.

Mickey and Minnie Merriest Nites

Credit: Ken Potrock

Mickey Minnie Merriest Nites Disneyland

Guests can only see Scrooge and Marley during the After Hours party at Disneyland’s Merriest Nites event. So if you’re one of the lucky ones who got your tickets, be on the lookout for the Christmas Carol duo and be sure to take lots of photos and share them in the comments!

ghost of jacob marley disney

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ghost of jacob marley disney

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The Ghost of Christmas Past

  • View history
  • 1.1 Physical appearance
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Background [ ]

Physical appearance [ ].

In the original Charles Dickens novel, the Ghost of Christmas Past is described as thus:

Most versions retain the appearance of a being with light and candle motif, but is usually the only ghost to have the most radically diverse depictions. The 2009 version has been the most direct about their appearance. They appear as a literal floating candle person with the bottom half disappearing into nothingness and their head essentially floating above their body as a lit flame. Their candle wax body produces two arms that resemble long sleeved robes and, just like the original novel, carries an extinguisher that is only slightly as big as them.

The Muppet Christmas Carol version switches the candle motif for a more ethereal ghost-like appearance. They resemble a small child with white wispy robes and a hood and appear to lack any feet whatsoever. Their face is that of an androgynous pale-faced child with long wavy red hair and large blue eyes.

The DuckTales version draws inspiration from Jiminy Cricket 's appearance in Mickey's Christmas Carol and is a small green cricket with a blue waistcoat, white undershirt and red tie. He also carries an umbrella that imbues him with the power to time travel.

Personality [ ]

In most adaptations, the Ghost of Christmas Past is depicted as being very soft-spoken and honest. While not as boastful or frightening as their two ghostly compatriots, the Ghost is not afraid to hit Scrooge with the harsh truth about his past and make him realize his fall from grace. The Ghost appears to have a subdued playful side, most likely representing one's youth, but is full of aged wisdom, representing those in their autumn years. Overall, the Ghost is trying to be helpful, even if it means being severe with the truth.

The DuckTales version additionally is depicted as being self-conscious and clingy to those around him. Feeling left out, he was willing to keep Scrooge McDuck to himself. It was only through the passage of time, that he sees the error of his ways and assumes his role as the Ghost of Christmas Past again.

Role in the film [ ]

The Ghost of Christmas Past appears modeled like a candle to symbolize the light that people shine on their past, in order to know themselves better. In this version, the ghost has a light Irish accent. He takes Scrooge on a journey throughout his past in order to show Scrooge how he became the miserly moneylender he is. During this journey, Scrooge discovered the following things:

  • His father neglected him and his sister as a child.
  • His kind sister Fan brought him back home from boarding school one Christmas when he was a child and their father was in a good mood.
  • Fan died giving birth to Fred.
  • Fezziwig was a kind Christmas loving boss to him.
  • Scrooge started a successful business in money-lending and finances.
  • He first met Belle during Fezziwig's Christmas party.
  • He then broke up with Belle by the time Scrooge started his obsession with finances.

After which, Scrooge wants to leave but the ghost uses then his face to show all the people the old man knew in his kindness. Scared, Scrooge quickly extinguishes the ghost with his own extinguisher. However, Scrooge is then shot up into the sky, toward the moon, and falls about 50,000 feet toward the ground back to his house.

Appearances in Disney media [ ]

The muppet christmas carol [ ].

In the Muppet adaptation, the ghost is a female voiced by Jessica Fox and puppeteered by Karen Prell . The Ghost shows Scrooge his lonely childhood at school, a happy Christmas party at Fozziwig's, and his breakup with his fiancée, Belle .

DuckTales (2017) [ ]

A version of the Ghost of Christmas Past appears in the 2017 reboot of DuckTales in the episode " Last Christmas! ". This version is depicted as a cricket (in a nod to Jiminy Cricket portraying him) and carries an umbrella that appears to be the source of his time traveling powers.

He, along with the Ghosts of Christmas Present and Future visit Scrooge McDuck every year just to hang out after accidentally visiting him instead of Ebenezer Scrooge. The group take Scrooge to his first Christmas party held at McDuck Manor , but when he gets irritated with the events unfolding, Past takes him further back to before McDuck Manor was even built, revealing that he wants to keep Scrooge to himself due to constantly being left behind and forgotten by every person he has to help every Christmas. Scrooge manages to trick Past into giving him his umbrella to return to his time, leaving him in the cold barren land.

Due to longing to be reunited with Scrooge, Past transforms into a Wendigo and begins stalking the surrounding area until he encounters a young Donald , Della Duck , and a time-traveling Dewey Duck . The trio captures him before Scrooge arrives to bring Dewey back to his time period. Seeing the two happily reunite moves Past and he transforms back to normal with Scrooge giving him his umbrella back. Past is seen with the other Ghosts attending Scrooge's Christmas party with his friends and family.

Disney characters portraying Christmas Past [ ]

  • Jiminy Cricket - Portrayed the role in Mickey's Christmas Carol .
  • Merlin - Portrayed the role in An Adaptation of Dickens' Christmas Carol, Performed by The Walt Disney Players
  • Cadpig - Portrayed the role in the 101 Dalmatians: The Series episode, " A Christmas Cruella "
  • Tigger - Portrayed the role in Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo .

Gallery [ ]

Ghost of Christmas Past

External links [ ]


  • 2 The End (The Ghost and Molly McGee)
  • 3 Once Upon a Studio

Screen Rant

Spirited cast & character guide.

A modern retelling of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Spirited boasts an all-star class, including Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.

Warning: Contains potential SPOILERS for Spirited A modern retelling of Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol , Apple TV+'s Spirited offers a fresh take on the traditional story of seasonal redemption. Boasting an all-star cast, including Ryan Reynolds and Elf alumnus Will Farrell, the movie updates Dickens' 19th-century novella for a modern audience, with a surprising number of special effects and musical numbers. However, it is thanks to Spirited 's cast and characters that the movie really stands out.

Pledging to tell the Christmas Carol story from the ghosts' perspectives for the first time, the movie is almost a cross between the original book and Big Mouth spin-off Human Resources , revealing how the ghosts responsible for haunting Ebenezer Scrooge might interact behind the scenes. As such, there are plenty of opportunities for recognizable cameos and famous walk-ons. Here is the complete Spirited cast and character guide.

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Ryan Reynolds as Clint Briggs

Fulfilling the Scrooge-role in the movie, Ryan Reynolds plays Clint Briggs – a businessman described as having a " dark soul " in the movie's ominous narration. In many ways, however, this casting decision comes as something of a surprise. Reynolds is perhaps best-known for playing likable, if usually bumbling characters, utilizing the Canadian actor's natural charm, such as Guy in Free Guy and Pikachu in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu . However, his most iconic character is undoubtedly the foul-mouthed anti-hero Deadpool, which showcases Reynolds' ability to portray characters with a darkly comic edge. Younger and older versions of Briggs are played by Nico Tirozzui and Thomas P. Gillis respectively.

Will Ferrell as Present

Arguably the protagonist of the movie, Will Ferrell's Present is convinced that he can set Reynolds' Briggs on the path to seasonal redemption. As such, he spends the movie trying to show him the error of his ways, compelling Briggs to be a force for good in the world. Ferrell is a comedy veteran, having starred in a series of hits such as Anchorman , Step Brothers , and The Other Guys . He is also famous for starring in the beloved Christmas classic Elf .

Octavia Spencer as Kimberly

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer stars alongside Reynolds and Ferrell as Kimberly, an employee of Briggs and a love interest of Present. As such, she plays a pivotal role in the narrative. In addition to the Apple TV+ movie, Spencer has won acclaim for her performances in Hidden Figures , The Help, and The Shape of Water .

Patrick Page as Marley

Fulfilling the traditional Jacob Marley ghost role from the original Christmas Carol , Patrick Page's Marley is sent to warn Briggs about his impending Yuletide adventure, as well as how his behavior has landed him in hot water. Actor Page has plenty of experience in other Christmas productions, having played The Grinch in the Broadway production of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! He has also had on-screen roles in 2021's In The Heights and the TV series The Gilded Age .

Related: The Muppets Christmas Carol: Why "When Love Is Gone" Is Missing In Some Cuts

Sunita Mani as Past

One of the central trio of ghosts, Sunita Mani's Past has something of a soft spot for Reynolds' Briggs, admitting to finding him attractive. As such, her ability to perform effectively as an advisory spirit is somewhat compromised. Mani is best-known for her television roles, particularly Mr. Robot and GLOW .

Loren G. Woods/Tracy Morgan as Yet To Come

Rounding off the main ghosts featured in Spirited is the double-act of Loren G. Woods and Tracy Morgan, who play the body and voice respectively of Yet To Come. Former basketball player Woods lends his imposing 7'1 frame to the character, while Morgan makes the most of his considerable voice-acting talents. Morgan has a range of acting credits to his name, including Rio and The Boxtrolls , whereas Spirited marks Woods' onscreen debut.

Spirited Supporting Cast And Characters

Aimee Carrero as Nora: As well as her role in Spirited , Carrero is known for her performances in fellow 2022 releases The Menu and Mack & Rita .

Joe Tippet as Owen: Beyond Spirited , Tippet has featured in the hit television series Mare of Eastown , as well as the 2022 horror movie Mr. Harrigan's Phone .

Judie Dench as Herself: In addition to her Spirited cameo, Dench is one of Britain's best-known actors. In an extensive and storied career, she has taken on multiple major roles, including M in the James Bond franchise.

Jimmy Fallon as Himself: Rounding out the famous Spirited cameos is late-night host Jimmy Fallon. A former SNL cast member, Fallon has also appeared as himself in movies as diverse as Jurassic World and Ted 2 .

Next: Is Disney Blaming Millennials For No Christmas Spirit?!

A Christmas Carol (2009)

Full cast & crew.

ghost of jacob marley disney

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ghost of jacob marley disney

Top 10 Disney Ghosts

It’s Halloween and what better way to celebrate than sitting down with our favorite top 10 Disney Ghosts? These are ghosts (both fictional and “real”) that have appeared in movies and the theme parks:

10. Blackbeard’s Ghost

ghost of jacob marley disney

Blackbeard’s Ghost

Directed by Robert Stevenson (who also directed Mary Poppins and The Love Bug ), the 1968 film follows Peter Ustinov’s jolly Blackbeard — who finds himself in modern times thanks to an ancient curse. It’s a fun, but forgotten, Disney classic and vintage Disney family fare.

9. Undead Captain Jack Sparrow &  Captain Barbossa & Crew

ghost of jacob marley disney

“You best start believin’ in ghost stories, Ms. Turner…”

Barbossa said it best, “You best start believin’ in ghost stories, Ms. Turner — you’re in one!” Technically, while they’re not ghosts, when cursed, they become “ghosts” of their former selves… Still, Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and his crew of undead make for a pretty good ghost story.

8. Zero in The Nightmare Before Christmas  

ghost of jacob marley disney

Zero in The Nightmare Before Christmas

No need for vet checkups when you’re a ghost dog. This paranormal pup is the best friend of Halloweentown’s hero, Jack Skellington – but don’t worry Zero’s “spook” is much worse than his bite.

7. Goofy as Jacob Marley’s Ghost in Mickey’s Christmas Carol

ghost of jacob marley disney

Goofy in Mickey’s Christmas Carol

While there are three main ghosts that appear to Scrooge McDuck, it’s Goofy’s performance as Jacob Marley’s ghost that really scares us. The character was also turned into an action figure that was sold in Disney Parks.

6. Master Gracey, Madame Leota in Haunted Mansion

ghost of jacob marley disney

Jennifer Tilly as Madame Leota in 2003’s The Haunted Mansion

One is heartbroken for a lost love and the other is a chatty, overly friendly disembodied head. They both haunt the Haunted Mansion attraction and movie of the same name.

5. Headless Horseman in The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad 

ghost of jacob marley disney

The Headless Horseman

Easily the stuff of nightmares for anyone under the age of seven, the Headless Horseman strikes terror into the hearts of children — and still some adults.

4. “Lonesome Ghosts”

ghost of jacob marley disney

Lonesome Ghosts

Released through RKO Radio Pictures on December 24th, 1937 (three days after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) , “Lonesome Ghosts” is a classic cartoon that features Mickey, Donald and Goofy — and plays like Ghostbusters — but the real stars are the spooky ghosts. An edited, silent version of the cartoon was released in 1973 for the Fisher-Price Movie Viewer.

3. Former Cast Members 

There are countless urban legends about ghosts that haunt locations around Disney parks: There’s the bellhop that supposedly haunts the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World, the ghost of a boy that appears in the Rivers of America trying to swim to Tom Sawyer Island or the ghost rider on Space Mountain — but former Disneyland Cast Members swear there’s a ghost inside the Tomorrowland Expo Center at Disneyland.

Deborah Stone was a ride operator at Disneyland for the America Sings attraction (A.K.A. Carousel of Progress) in 1974, the 18-year old was killed when she became trapped between the attraction’s rotating stage. Cast members have since experienced weird moments like doors closing on their own in backstage areas when no one else is around, or hearing a gentle female voice warn them to “be careful.”

2. Captain Salazar 

ghost of jacob marley disney

The villainous Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem)

Arguably the first featured Disney villain to be a ghost, the dreaded pirate hunter Captain Armando Salazar from the upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales  is all kinds of scary. What’s scarier than ghosts? Spiteful, rage-filled, vengeful ghosts.

1. The Hitchhiking Ghosts from Haunted Mansion

ghost of jacob marley disney

The iconic hitchhiking ghosts from The Haunted Mansion

Possibly the most famous ghosts of all time, the hitchhiking ghosts are the standard for creepy and spooky theme park ghosts. Marc Davis was responsible for the creation of these spectral oddities and they still have the power to jolt you out of your seat.

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ghost of jacob marley disney

Disney Ghosts: Our Frightful Favorites

The crypt doors are creaking and the tombstones are quaking, which only means one thing … grim-grinning ghosts are soon to socialize! With Halloween just around the corner, we went hunting for all manner of Disney ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. But these particular spirits are not-so-scary—they’re more likely to make you laugh, or even offer good advice.

Our dearly departed faves include the newest member of the “999 Happy Haunts” Club, some revered Chinese ancestors, and Jack Skellington’s loyal pup. Did your favorite silly spectre make our list?


Gusteau from Ratatouille

In the world of 2007’s Ratatouille , Auguste Gusteau and his five-star restaurant were once the toast of Paris—that is, until Anton Ego (France’s top food critic) had his way in the press. Brokenhearted, Gusteau died shortly thereafter. But his spirit lives on, both as Remy’s conscience and Linguini’s culinary “guardian angel.”


The Hatbox Ghost at the Haunted Mansion The Hatbox Ghost was one of Haunted Mansion ’s original “999 Happy Haunts”—but he mysteriously disappeared just as the attraction opened at Disneyland Park in 1969. Thankfully, the reclusive spectre recently rematerialized (just in time for the park’s Diamond Celebration). He’s currently decked out in his wintery best for Haunted Mansion Holiday !


Jacob and Robert Marley from A Muppet Christmas Carol

Leave it to The Muppets to take Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge’s ghostly former business partner, and turn him into a pair of persnickety hecklers! In A Muppet Christmas Carol , Jacob and Robert come from beyond to warn Ebenezer about his greedy ways.


The Fa Family Ancestors from Mulan

Made up of various deceased relatives from Fa Zhou’s family, the Ancestors are spirits tasked with looking after Mulan once she decides to impersonate a soldier and fight the Huns in her father’s stead. They are keepers of ancient wisdom, but they also know how to throw a pretty great party! Side note: Best to keep them away from energetic little dragons.


Lonesome Ghosts

In this 1937 cartoon, a few overconfident spirits hire “professional” (read: bumbling) ghost-exterminators Mickey, Donald, and Goofy to try and get rid of them, hoping for a little fun in the process. Shockingly, the trio succeeds—by scaring the ghosts out of the house! Lonesome Ghosts is especially noteworthy for its use of a special transparent paint created by Disney animators.


The Hitchhiking Ghosts from The Haunted Mansion

You can’t blame us for including several of Haunted Mansion ’s happy haunts on our list! The Hitchhiking Ghosts have delighted fans at Disney Parks across the world for decades.


Zero from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington’s trusty ghost dog from the 1993 stop-motion animation film has floppy ears (reminiscent of Pluto, if you ask us) and a body made from what looks like a single white sheet. His biggest triumph? Leading Jack’s sleigh through thick fog—via his glowing jack o’ lantern nose—to deliver presents across Halloween Town.


Chernabog’s Minions in Fantasia ’s “Night on Bald Mountain”

OK, so this one’s just a little scary. In one of the more dramatic sequences in 1940’s Fantasia , the giant demon Chernabog emerges from Bald Mountain to summon all manner of demons from a nearby village graveyard. Almost as soon as they appear, he throws them into a fiery pit! Ultimately, Chernabog himself is overcome once the sun rises.


Ma and Pa Duskerton from Gravity Falls

These two ghostly senior citizens once owned the town’s Dusk 2 Dawn convenience store, and they hated the local teenagers so much that they tried banning them from their establishment. That probably wasn’t the best idea, as the teens retaliated by playing loud rap music with “shocking” lyrics… causing the pair double heart attacks!


“The Seven Ghosts” Mickey Mouse Comic

Mickey had his hands full with supernatural shenanigans during a story arc in the super-popular Mickey Mouse newspaper comic strip, originally published from August 10 through November 28, 1936. Written by Floyd Gottfredson, it was later reprinted in the first issue of the Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse comic book from Gladstone Publishing.


Blackbeard’s Ghost

Disney Legend Dean Jones starred in this 1968 Walt Disney Pictures adventure as Steve Walker, a track coach who moves to a seaside town and inadvertently summons the ghost of notorious pirate Captain Blackbeard (Peter Ustinov). Hijinks ensue, but good ol’ Blackbeard earns his desired eternal rest by helping Steve coach his track team to victory, outwit some gangsters, and even get the girl.


Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus

Let’s face it: Hocus Pocus is a treasure trove of supernatural Disney fun! Out of all the fantastic characters, we decided to give some love to Thackery Binx—the adorable 17th century farmboy-turned-black-cat who helps Max, Dani, and Allison defeat the Sanderson Sisters in present-day Salem. Towards the end of the film, Thackery turns back into a human apparition and reunites with his long-deceased sister, Emily.


Ghost of Christmas Past (Jiminy Cricket) from Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Jiminy Cricket was the perfect Disney choice to play the Ghost of Christmas Past in the 1983 short film. The jovial insect takes Ebenezer Scrooge (portrayed here by Scrooge McDuck) on a tour through his past—explaining how Scrooge’s growing love of money led him to break his fiancée Isabelle’s heart.


ghost of jacob marley disney

Biggest Little Heroes—D23 Presents the Buzz on Bugs

photo of exterior of Memento Mori shop at Walt Disney World

A Fan's Obsession With Haunted Mansion and an Inside Look at Memento Mori

photo of entrance gate and bronze sign for Haunted Mansion at Disneyland

Thirteen Fun Facts About The Haunted Mansion

Holiday Scrooge and Marley Meet and Greet Wows Disney Guests

in Disneyland Resort

scrooge and marley meet and greet and disneyland park

A Merry Christmas to all! It certainly looks like it’s a Merry Christmas Day as we hear the joyous music play! Mickey’s Christmas Carol comes to life at Disneyland Park during the Merriest Nites after-hours party . Among the many new sights to see is a Scrooge and Marley meet and greet opportunity on Main Street, U.S.A.

Scrooge and Marley Meet and Greet at Disneyland

meet and greet after hours with scrooge and marley disneyland

“Hark Hear the Bells” echos in the background of the Ebenezer Scrooge and Marley meet and greet. The two characters are brought to life (even the ghost of Jacob Marley!) on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland Park to wave hello and pose for photos. Those with tickets to the SOLD OUT Merriest Nites after-hours party celebrating Christmas 2021 will get to see these Disney characters for themselves.

Journalist Brook Geiger McDonald spotted these two during her opening night visit to the celebration and posted a small video on her Twitter feed, so others could see them. Her Christmas spirit is palpable as she exclaims,

Scrooge and Marley! #merriestnites #disneyland

She also shares many other looks at the holiday parade that returns, the Muppet Christmas Carol omnibus decor, and the snoap that we know and love during a Disney Christmas.

Scrooge and Marley! #merriestnites #disneyland — Brooke Geiger McDonald (@BrookeGMcDonald) November 12, 2021

We get a great look at old Scrooge and Marley’s ghost-full outfits from the @Characters Photos Blog on Twitter, sharing the magic of the Disney Characters. Scrooge’s light plaid sleeping shirt gets a textural upgrade from his animated Mickey’s Christmas Carol look, though the color is spot on.

Marley’s sharkskin suit glows in death with Goofy’s classic burial head wrap (this kept people’s jaws from opening in the grave) and the heavy chains that he forged in life. A bit lighter without his cuffs and ball, Marley “looks alive” and in the spirit of Christmas.

More on “Friends from Mickey’s Christmas Carol” over at #DisneyMerriestNites (Disneyland Resort). You may recognize Goofy as Jacob Marley and Scrooge McDuck as Ebenezer Scrooge. What a throwback. ❄️ (Photos: James Michael Crenshaw) — CharactersPhotosBlog (@CharactersPBlog) November 12, 2021

All things spooky are the perfect niche for The Horrific Network , covering scary things and theme park activity. Marking this Disneyland Park meet and greet as the “best character meet and greet I can remember,” they pose with Scrooge and Marley in coordinating holiday Disney Spirit Jerseys .

This is the best character meet and greet I can remember #scrooge #Marley #disneychristmascarol #MerriestNights — The Horrific Network (@HorrificP) November 12, 2021

“One of those annoying adult Disney fans everybody hates,” except us, because we are them, @ KingdaKha is super excited to visit Disneyland Park and see these classic characters. He also plans to spend most of the holiday evening visiting these modified meet and greets!

Holy CRAP! Merriest Nites @ Disneyland bought out ALL THE CHARACTERS & I’m bout to cry! Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley! Wandering Oaken! SANDY CLAWS! Elsa in her Christmas dress! IM GOING TO CRY WHEN IM THERE! It looked like such a good time!
NOW THIS LOOKS LIKE AN AFTER HOURS EVENT! Also side note I will be spending most of my night at meet & greets, I need to meet Beast & Belle & Elsa & Olaf & Donald & Lilo & well…all of them!
Holy CRAP! Merriest Nites @ Disneyland bought out ALL THE CHARACTERS & I’m bout to cry! Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley! Wandering Oaken! SANDY CLAWS! Elsa in her Christmas dress! IM GOING TO CRY WHEN IM THERE! It looked like such a good time! — 🌲 KingdaKha(ristmas)🎄 (@Kingdakha92) November 12, 2021

Do you plan to meet and greet with these Mickey’s Christmas Carol classic characters? Leave us a comment below!

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Jacob Marley

  • View history

Jacob Marley is a ghost from Charles Dickens ' 1843 novella A Christmas Carol .

  • 1.1 A Christmas Carol
  • 1.2 Notable Disney Appearances
  • 2.1 Unused Scripts
  • 2.3 Disney Parks
  • 3 References

Origins [ ]

A christmas carol [ ].

Jacob Marley was a cruel businessman in 19th century London who was business-partners with Ebenezer Scrooge. He died on Christmas Eve (likely in 1836 or 1835) and due to his evils he became stuck as a ghost, forced to carry the painful chains of evil and greed which he had forged in life. Seven years after his death he materialized before his former business-partner Scrooge in-order to warn him to reform or face the same evils, apparently arranging for the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-Come to aid Scrooge in his redemption.

Notable Disney Appearances [ ]

  • Goofy would inconsistently recur this role in different appearances.
  • A Christmas Carol (2009) : Marley appears in this film, fairly accurately to the original book and voiced by actor Gary Oldman.

Haunted Mansion Connections [ ]

Proto Prisoner

Unused Scripts [ ]

One of Ken Anderson ’s proposed scripts for the Haunted Mansion involved cameo appearances from famous literary villains and ghosts. Jacob Marley was one of these villains, alongside Ebenezer Scrooge, Count Dracula , Frankenstein’s Monster , Quasimodo , the Phantom of the Opera , Anne Boleyn , Lucrezia Borgia, Anne Bonny , Jack the Ripper , King Tut , Captain Hook , the Canterville Ghost, Simon Legree, Little Eva, the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow , Great Ceasar's Ghost and the Lonesome Ghosts . [1]

One unused concept behind Haunted Mansion Holiday in Disneyland would have been themed around A Christmas Carol. Marley would have appeared in this overlay in some way.

The Hitchhiking Ghost character of Gus appears to have a design derived from the appearance of Jacob Marley, notably in his being a ghost bound to chains even in death. A similarly chained ghost appeared in the audio-book The Story and Song from the Haunted Mansion where it terrorized the mortal protagonists outside of the Endless Hallway .

Goofy has made several appearances outside of the Haunted Mansion dressed as Marley, sometimes being seen from the mansion's balcony. This notably occurred in 1983 to coincide with the release of Mickey's Christmas Carol and again in 2019.

Disney Parks [ ]

  • Goofy's portrayal of Marley can be seen in Disneyland and Walt Disney World 's annual Christmas Carol display on Main Street, U.S.A..

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  1. Jacob Marley

    Character information Occupation Moneylender (in life) Ghost (in afterlife) Home London, England (formerly) Likes Money (formerly) Dislikes Scrooge's disobedience (afterlife), poor people (in life) Powers and abilities Intangibility Flight Status Deceased Source

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    At home, Scrooge encounters the ghost of Jacob Marley, his seven-year dead business partner, bound in chains. Marley warns Scrooge to change his wicked ways or be condemned to the same fate. According to Marley, Scrooge will be haunted by three spirits over three nights.

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    Jacob Marley is a fictional character in Charles Dickens 's 1843 novella A Christmas Carol. Marley has been dead for seven years, and was a former business partner of the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, the novella's protagonist. [1] On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by Marley's ghost, who wanders the Earth entwined by heavy chains and money boxes ...

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    Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Written for the screen/Director) Produced by Jack Rapke Steve Starkey Robert Zemeckis Written by Based upon the original story by Charles Dickens Robert Presley Starring Jim Carrey (Multiple Characters) Music by Alan Silvestri Editor (s) Jeremiah O'Driscoll Studio (s) Walt Disney Pictures ImageMovers Digital Distributor

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    Mickey is, of course, underappreciated clerk Bob Cratchit, and Goofy is the ghost of Jacob Marley. At only 26 minutes, this version gets the job done in less than half the time of most...

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    That evening, he receives a frightening visit from the ghost of his former mentor Jacob Marley (Pryce), who warns him of the punishment he will face in the afterlife if he doesn't change his mean-spirited ways. Marley's ghost also tells Scrooge to expect three more visits from three powerful spirits — the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present ...

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    Marley's Ghost Next Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of his burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. Scrooge signed it: and Scrooge's name was good upon 'Change, for anything he chose to put his hand to. Old Marley was as dead as a door-nail. Mind!

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    Mickey's Christmas Carol is a 1983 American animated Christmas fantasy featurette directed and produced by Burny Mattinson.The cartoon is an adaptation of Charles Dickens's 1843 novella A Christmas Carol, and stars Scrooge McDuck as Ebenezer Scrooge.Many other Disney characters, primarily from the Mickey Mouse universe, as well as Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio (1940), and characters from The ...

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    Jacob Marley. Jacob Marley was Scrooge's business partner in life, and the closest thing he had to a friend. In death, he returns to issue Scrooge a warning, serving as a manifestation of the consequences of greed. He has earned his punishment due to the sins he committed in life and explains that Scrooge can expect the same, unless he ...

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    Horror. Sci-fi. Jacob Marley is a major character in A Christmas Carol. He acts as a harbinger to Ebenezer Scrooge, and a warning of the inevitable price of a life of greed and selfishness. In the 1935 film Scrooge, he was portrayed by the late Claude Rains, who also portrayed Griffin in The Invisible Man...

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    The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is essentially the same character all across the board, a dark hooded figure standing in the London fog. However, Jim Henson's version, while obviously a puppet, forgoes the scary and sinister route for more of a strange and unusual character.

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    The Ghost of Christmas Past is the first of the three spirits that haunt Ebenezer Scrooge in the live-action adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel, A Christmas Carol. In the original Charles Dickens novel, the Ghost of Christmas Past is described as thus: Most versions retain the appearance of a being with light and candle motif, but is usually the only ghost to have the most radically diverse ...

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    Fulfilling the traditional Jacob Marley ghost role from the original Christmas Carol, Patrick Page's Marley is sent to warn Briggs about his impending Yuletide adventure, as well as how his behavior has landed him in hot water.

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    Joe Tippett plays Jacob Marley, Briggs' business partner. In the original A Christmas Carol, Jacob Marley's ghost visits Ebenezer Scrooge to tell him about the imminent visits from other ...

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    Anthony Jacob ... layout technical director Michael Janov ... fx artist Ian Jenkins ... lead technical director Sven Jensen ... modeler: ImageMovers Digital Jeff Jingle ... facial acquisition hardware technician: Humbug Entertainment Jeff A. Johnson ... lighting and compositing

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    Jacob Marley is a ghost from ' 1843 novella Christmas Carol 1Origins 1.1A Christmas Carol 1.2Notable Disney Appearances 2Haunted Mansion Connections 2.1Unused Scripts