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El Commandante

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Miguel De Los Monteros , also known as El Commandante ( The Commander ), is the main antagonist of the Unidad Conspiracy DLC, an add-on released for all who played Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon: Wildlands ' open or closed beta. He is a high-ranking member of Unidad's Command hierarchy. He is also the son of an influential Bolivian defense minister. A well as being a commander in Unidad he is a security buchon for the Santa Blanca Cartel being in charge of operations in the Media Luna province.

  • 1.1 The Unidad Conspiracy
  • 1.2 Outcome
  • 3 Navagation

Biography [ ]

Miguel De Los Monetros was the son of Bolivia's defense minister. At some point in his life, he joined the anti-cartel police force La Unidad, rising through the ranks to become a high-level commander within the organization, and though he was only a lieutenant colonel, he had the power that was reserved for war heroes. However, he was also very corruptible, and he and his men were also susceptible to bribes from the cartel, mainly taking bribes from El Sueño and many other high-ranking members of the cartel.

The Unidad Conspiracy [ ]

El Commandante is a very ambitious but impatient man. He secretly works against the Cartel to allow the Bolivian public to control the coca trade, but he also wants to rid the cartel's influence with what he describes as their "stupid cults of La Santa Muerte". He knew that the easiest way in doing that was by rising through the ranks of the cartel to achieve this goal, and he is also not trusted by El Sueño.

Outcome [ ]

After Ghost Recon operator Nomad and his team tore-through his operation in Media Luna and freed a high-level Santa Blanca member from Monteros' convoy, El Commandante's cover was broken and had his based attacked by the Cartel. That gave Nomad and his team an opportunity to take him out. Monteros was killed in the ensuing firefight by a gunshot wound to the head from Nomad.

Gallery [ ]

One of the pictures of El Commandante with Unidad officers seen during Karen Bowman's CIA briefing.

Navagation [ ]

  • 1 The Dealer (Buckshot Roulette)
  • 2 Oliver Quick
  • 3 Mrs. Tweedy

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Ghost Recon

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“ For one small group of elite soldiers, the war has already begun. The US Special Forces Group 5, 1st Battalion, D. Company, deployed on peacekeeping duty to the Republic of Georgia in the Caucasus. This handful of Green Berets represents the very tip of the spear, the first line of defense. Equipped with the latest battlefield technology, and trained in the latest techniques of covert warfare, they strike swiftly, silently, invisibly. They call themselves "the Ghosts." - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (Game) intro ”

Ghost Recon , also known as "The Ghosts" , formerly known as Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group , is a Tier One Special Mission Unit of the United States Army , formerly a detachment of the Army Special Forces , colloquially known as the "Green Berets".

Similarly to all units operating under the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) , all military operations conducted by Ghost Recon are highly-classified. Nearly all Ghost Teams have multiple designations, but regardless, the covert unit is commanded and administrated by JSOC, often serving as the United States' first line of offense in terms of conducting highly classified covert operations .

Reorganized following the Russian Insurgency, Ghost Recon was split from the Green Berets, and stylized by the Department of Defense as the Group for Specialized Tactics.

With all Ghost operators conducting covert operations as Advanced Force Operations (AFO) teams, they are often assisted by elements of the Special Activities Center's Special Operations Group (SAC/SOG) of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and occasionally with the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) . Additionally, should Ghost operators encounter agents from the aforementioned organizations, said agents would be authorized to take control of the Ghost team should their missions fall under the same parameters.

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  • 7.1.1 First Korean War (2007 conflict)
  • 7.1.2 2008 Russian War
  • 7.1.3 Rescue in Waziristan
  • 7.1.4 Eritrean-Ethiopian War
  • 7.1.5 Intervention in Cuba
  • 7.1.6 Conflict in Colombia
  • 7.2.1 Second Korean War (2011)
  • 7.3.1 Operation: Narco Road
  • 7.3.2 Operation: Fallen Lord
  • 7.4.1 Sri Lankan conflict
  • 7.4.2 War against Artemis Global Security
  • 7.4.3 Russian invasion of Norway & Rescue of David Crenshaw
  • 7.4.4 Counter-Terrorism in Middle East
  • 7.5 Raven's Rock Conflict
  • 7.6 Operation Greenstone
  • 7.7 Phantoms Conflict
  • 7.8 Alternate Future (World War III)
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Overview [ ]

The Ghosts

Members of Alpha Team (2007-2011)

The Group for Specialized Tactics, also known as the Ghosts, is an elite Special Mission Unit within the US Army and JSOC and is located at Fort Bragg , North Carolina . The unit was established in 1994 and is a secretive special operations force.

In its old name, it is a company-sized reconnaissance unit within the 5th Special Forces Group's 1st Battalion of the Army Special Forces. However, in reality, it is the Army's crème of the crop Special Mission Unit whose operators are armed with state-of-the-art weapon systems and are trained in the best field and combat tactics. They are the most experienced, specialized, and qualified special operations force that JSOC has to offer. They operate first in and last out of the field, striking enemies at their most vulnerable swiftly, silently, and invisibly, hence their alias; the Ghosts. Ghost Recon teams specialize in both covert and clandestine operations within denied or politically-sensitive territory with little to no support. Most of their operations before 2011 were hidden in the information security (infosec) level between classified to top-secret and were only known by the Chief of Staff , the President and most of all; the CIA, NSA and DIA, until an American television series; Modern Heroes that aired after 2011, reviewed some of those details to the public. However, other sensitive documents about this unit are yet to be revealed, preventing anyone knowing too much about the Ghosts.

Essentially, the Ghosts operate as the POTUS’s private SMU, using their experience, teamwork with the latest technology to infiltrate and take down threats around the world without leaving any traces that they exist or were present at the time of the incident(s).

The primary role of the Ghosts appears to be conducting deniable Advance Force Operations which often involve:

  • Asymmetric Warfare
  • Direct Covert Action
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Unconventional Warfare  

Secondary roles historically have included:

  • Counter-intelligence
  • Counter-narcotics
  • Counter-proliferation
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Executive Protection
  • Foreign Internal Defense
  • Guerrilla Warfare
  • Personnel Recovery

As Special Operations soldiers, they are trained to execute Direct Action raids (focused, short-duration attacks). Typical missions include assassinate or kidnap High-Value Targets (HVTs) , secure or destroy sensitive documents and classified hardware, and sabotage or harassment of the enemy.

Like most special operations forces, the Ghosts are less formal than their conventional brothers in the US military, as are their relationships between officers and enlisted men. Due to the secret nature of their work, the members of the Ghosts socialize almost exclusively with one another.

Structure [ ]

Cap Squad

Members of Alpha Team (2013)

During active deployments, Ghost operators are organized into fireteams of 4 to 6, often under the command of a temporary Ghost Lead for the duration of the mission/operation. Owing to its classified nature, the true strength of the elite unit remains unknown, however, estimates by both US and foreign intelligence services approximate the strength of the unit to be roughly that of a company, consisting of roughly 200-250 operators.

Additionally, owing to the consistent active deployments and limited manpower, Ghost operators are noted to occasionally conduct solo operations. Designated as "Lone Wolf", these operators are often selected for their uncanny ability to operate individually without support, and are often tasked with high-level operations that are too risky for the deployment of a fireteam.

Led by various commanders throughout its existence, the Ghosts initially operated under the command of the Green Berets, however, following the Russian Insurgency, the unit was reorganized into its own separate unit. Usually led by a Lt. Colonel, the Ghosts' first official commander was Lt. Colonel Harold "Buzz" Gordon, before being replaced by Lt. Colonel Susan Grey sometime in 2020. By 2025, Scott Mitchell was appointed head of the unit, and played a vital role during the events of the Raven's Rock coup in 2024 and the events and subsequent aftermath of Operation: Greenstone.

Classes [ ]

Ghost SF teams are organized into Advanced Force Operations (AFO) units:

GRC classes

Classes available in 2024 .

Frequently deployed into different teams, most Ghost Recon AFO units are not often permanent, with operators often rotating with different units depending on the mission requirements.

  • AFO Team Alpha
  • AFO Team Bravo
  • AFO Team Charlie
  • AFO Team Hunter
  • AFO Team Kingslayer
  • AFO Team Greenstone
  • AFO Team Motherland
  • AFO Team Predator
  • AFO  Team Yankee
  • AFO Team RET

Post-Russian Insurgency, the team was reorganized into the Group for Specialized Tactics and given dedicated logistics support and air support. Also, around that time, the team was reorganized into three classes: Specialist , Assault , and Recon .

Selection [ ]

Ghosts GRAW

Owing to its secretive nature, the recruitment process for Ghost Recon is extremely stringent, with members required to have enlisted within the United States Armed Forces and proven themselves in active combat. Rarely, however, membership is offered to those from other nations whom have proven themselves among fellow Ghost operators. During the selection, all potential Ghost recruits are forced to participate in a rigorous psychological evaluation to test their perseverance and compatibility with fellow Ghost recruits.

Additionally, aside from a thorough psychological evaluation, all recruits are made partially aware of the unit's secretive nature, with many abiding by its covert nature, and understanding that unlike their brethren in other special forces units, their actions and successes would never become publicly acknowledged by the public and politicians. Despite this, the unit's psychological evaluations have occasionally failed to prepare future operators, resulting in several high-profile defections from the unit.

Regardless, should recruits successfully pass Phase I, they will be promptly inducted into Phase II of their training and will be promptly reassigned from their units.

Training [ ]

Phase - II involves advanced combat training, language learning and technical training. Candidates who successfully pass the second phase are commissioned as full-fledged Ghosts and are then assigned to either a team on training, a team on standby or a team that is ready for deployment. Moreover, training usually emphasizes on team coordination, technology usage, survival, stealth and direct combat with which involves no-less than 4 Ghosts as a 4 multi-gender fireteam against a huge group of hostiles. This training is reinforced with a basic medical aid requirement to complete the training, largely as most operators would be cut off from official support, hence the need to ensure that all wounded teammates remain active in the field.

Operating out of Fort Bragg in North Carolina, the Ghosts are often noted for their uncanny ability to rapidly deploy into conflict zones, often deploying within an 18-hour window upon request and approval. Additionally, in keeping with its rapid deployment nature, Ghost Recon units are often deployed via helicopter insertion. However, should the option become unavailable, the Ghosts are trained to infiltrate into hostile territory by other means, including High Altitude-Low Opening (HALO) jumps by aircraft and/or hijacking enemy and/or ally vehicles.

Often armed with a variety of lethal weapons from the U.S. military's standard-issue and from foreign nations and with experimental equipment, Ghost Recon's greatest tactical advantage comes from their state-of-the-art communications and reconnaissance equipment. Serving as the military's foremost elite reconnaissance unit, the Ghosts deployed in combat zones observe and report the often-volatile situations on the ground as commanders and politicians mull over decisions with potentially dire repercussions.

Owing to their elite nature, each member of Ghost Recon is equipped with the latest high-tech weaponry and communications equipment. Much of their gear are designed to be durable, reliable, modular, long-lasting and lightweight. This flexibility allows each operator to enter combat zones in a wide variety of environments without needing to carry cumbersome equipment. Additionally, trained in weaponry ranging from both standard-issue and experimental weaponry, the Ghosts are also taught by retired special forces instructors in different close-quarter combat techniques (CQC). Honing their skills, Ghost operators are additionally trained with different types of melee weapons, including combat blades and other unarmed non-lethal techniques. This extreme conditioning allows Ghost Recon units to preserve against overwhelming odds during combat.

In an effort to stay ahead of their enemies, the Ghosts often readily embrace and utilize a large variety of intelligence-gathering devices and advanced technology, with the resulting technologies developed by 2024 essentially allowing the elite operators to engage their opponents without needing to physically see them. By the events of the Raven Rock coup, this is reinforced by the frequent utilization and deployment of Sensors and miniature UAV Drones, allowing Ghost Teams to keep track of enemy movements during firefights; any enemy tagged are displayed as silhouettes on the Ghosts' heads-up displays. Additionally, prior to 2009, Ghost Recon operators utilized a variety of optical devices that allowed Ghost units to spot enemies through dense smoke, dark environments, fogs and even thick pieces of cover. This was later supplemented by the introduction of the CROSS-COM system issued sometime in early 2009, granting each operator the ability of relaying crucial intelligence and information to their teammates. Initially developed as a form of lens, the system was radically redeveloped and upgraded by 2024 as a pair of sunglasses through which Ghost Recon operators could interface with heavy munitions and drones such as the Warhound drone in Russia.

However, despite their superior training and equipment, should friendly support become available, Ghost operators are authorized to seek and utilize friendly armored and air units to support their operation. This support, however, is ultimately limited largely owing to the unit's covert nature. Due to this, most Ghosts tend to avoid participating in open conflict, often ensuring that extensive surveillance and intelligence gathering is conducted prior to the initiation of the operation. Hence, most Ghosts operate under the idea of reconnaissance, observation and planning. Should lethal action be required, Ghost operators often gain the upper hand by both marking targets and initiating synchronized shots to simultaneously neutralize multiple targets.

With the increasing prevalence of terrorist attacks in major cities in the 21st century, Ghost Recon began re-training their operators, with many forced to become accustomed to urban environments. As a result, later training placed a heavier emphasis on constant CQC training to navigate the often cramped alleyways and streets, as operators were similarly forced to avoid both detection and heavy collateral damage. However, it is noted that while Ghosts maintain a strict "no-killing" civilians policy, units cut off from official support are given partial leeway with regards to collateral damage, depending on the stability in the region. Additionally, consistent with the prevalence of urban operations, intense room-clearing techniques were frequently conducted during training exercises, in which detailed planning, speed, expert marksmanship, element of surprise and violence of action were leveraged to overwhelm hostile forces and conduct VIP rescue.

In operations conducted in outside environments, Ghost Recon uniforms were often equipped with a variety of camouflaged patterns depending on the environment. In operations conducted in forests or jungles, these teams would be provided ghillie suits to reduce visibility among enemy forces. By 2019, in conjunction with Skell Tech, Ghost Recon operators were provided and equipped with prototype optical camouflage gear. The successful deployment of the prototype camouflage equipment during the events of Operation: Silent Spade in Bolivia resulted in the mass-production of said units, with the optical camouflage becoming standard-issue equipment provided to all Ghost Recon operators by 2024.

Overall, heavily revered among the United States Special Operations community for their unnatural composure during combat, these military operators serve as the first line of offense against enemy forces of the United States. Their exceptional success rate has established their position as the country's foremost special forces unit with their ability to recover actionable intelligence playing a vital role in forming policy decisions and future military actions. Owing to their secrecy, many Ghost operators have trouble forming relations with other fellow servicemen, however, during active combat, the Ghosts have been known to readily cooperate and assist their infantry counterparts and allies. These overall factors have resulted in little equal opposition against the Ghosts, with only the Russian Bodark unit known to be roughly equal to their American counterparts.

Timeline [ ]

With little records of their missions available prior to the 2000s, the responsibilities and operations conducted by Ghost Recon expanded heavily throughout the 21st century, with most missions consisting of unconventional warfare and counter-terrorism operations.

2002-2010 [ ]

Scott Mitchell 2007

Mitchell around 2007.

The Ghosts were in active service as of August 2002. Several were present at then-Master Sergeant Scott Mitchell 's Silver Star medal ceremony.

First Korean War (2007 conflict) [ ]

In 2007, following the sinking of the USS Clarence E. Walsh by a North Korean missile on patrol in the South China Sea, President David Bowers sought to retaliate against the rogue General Paik. Deploying Ghost Recon, the unit spearheaded the assault against North Korean forces, eventually forcing them to withdraw from the conflict. Humiliated at the defeat, months later, General Paik mobilizes his nuclear arsenal, before being killed by a Ghost Recon team led by Mitchell and ending the war. Throughout the conflict, Ghost Recon units worked extensively alongside Third Echelon, and their cooperation was paramount to the success of the United States.

2008 Russian War [ ]

In 2008, following a coup by Russian Ultranationalists, conflicts in Georgia began escalating following the South Ossetia War. Suspecting the involvement of the Russians, Ghost Recon units were deployed to Georgia to assist them in stamping our further rebellion to prevent a casus belli for Russian annexation.

Despite their best efforts, Russian forces nevertheless began their invasion of Georgia. With little active resistance, most of the Georgian government fled into exile as Russia annexed Georgia and forcibly inducted it into the Russian Democratic Union. Condemning the invasion, the United States re-deployed Ghost Recon forces to the Latvian border, shortly after discovering the increased Russian presence near it. Once again, despite their best efforts, the Russians began their invasion of the Baltic states roughly three days earlier than anticipated. Scrambling their military forces, a United Nations task force was able to blunt the Russian advance, forcing it to withdraw back into Latvia. Shortly after, the Ghosts were tasked with hostage rescues in a nearby POW camp where a senator's son had been placed 10 days after his capture.


Ghosts in Cuban Conflict , 2010.

With the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Baltic, civil war erupted in Russia between the Centrists and the Ultranationalists. In the midst of the chaos, the Ghosts were order to increase confusion and sow discord among the military and civilian population. This confusion was further enforced when the Ghosts sunk two subs at the Murmansk Naval Base. Eventually, with the war reaching its climax, acting Prime Minister Karpin privately requested a NATO force to help the loyal Russian troops crush the coup. Readily agreeing, NATO finally broke through the lines of Ultranationalist forces, securing the Kremlin by November 10th and ending the war.

Rescue in Waziristan [ ]

Sometime in January 2009, members of the United States Special Forces linked up with their CIA contacts to report further Taliban movements at the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, having caught wind of the exchange, Taliban forces ambushed the group and promptly wiped out most of the group, capturing at least three survivors. In response, the U.S. military deployed undercover Ghost Recon operatives into the area to search for the captured survivors.

Upon discovering the location of the captives, Mitchell and his team stormed the Taliban safe house before proceeding to the extraction point. Unfortunately, their extraction went awry when they were ambushed by swarms of Taliban fighters emerging from the tunnel complex. Forced to flee the site, Mitchell and fellow operator Alicia Diaz were narrowly able to reach the secondary extraction point before further Taliban reinforcements arrived.

Returning to mainland, Mitchell received criticism from Major Susan Grey for his decisions during extraction. However, Lt. Colonel Gordon, having overseen the operation, grew impressed with Mitchell's skills during combat, requested Mitchell join the peacekeeping force set to depart to Eritrea.

Eritrean-Ethiopian War [ ]

In late May 2009, shortly after the major upheaval in Russia, a series of brushfire wars erupted. Among the conflicts erupted included the decades-long conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia shortly after a violent military coup in Ethiopia. Supplied by vast amounts of Russian equipment, the invasion was conducted by rogue Ethiopian general Tesfaye Wolde , the initial invasion proved successful as Ethiopian forces reach the Eritrean coast in a matter of days. The disorganized Eritrean military are forced into staggered retreat as they are unable to mount effective resistance against the invaders.

With disruptions in shipping in the Red Sea following the invasion, vital relief efforts were unable to arrive into the continent. With a dire humanitarian crisis looming in Africa, the United Nations decided to deploy a military task force to expel the Ethiopian invaders. Deployed as the spearhead of the international task force, Ghost Recon units arrived in Eritrea on 16th May, successfully establishing a beachhead and seizing a nearby radio tower. Shortly after, the Ghosts neutralized a major staging point in a train station, disrupting local operations for Ethiopian forces.

As the UN task force began making their way inland, Ethiopian forces retreated and initiated a scorched-earth policy. During one such operation, the Ghosts were narrowly able to save a key oil refinery from Ethiopian forces, allowing UN forces to progress unhindered. Over the course of the war, the Ghosts continued playing a vital role in ensuring that Ethiopian forces were repeatedly harassed, allowing UN forces to rapidly recapture large swaths of the country. Eventually, by 25th June, with the Ethiopian front on the verge of collapse, Wolde attempted to rally his troops, before being captured by Ghost Recon operators and ending the war.

Intervention in Cuba [ ]

By 2010, owing to economic sanctions placed by the United States, the Communist Party in Cuba grew increasingly unpopular among the Cuban population. This resulted in a popular uprising that toppled the Communist Party and paved the way for democratic elections to take place. Appointed as interim president, Pedro Ebana sought to ensure free and fair elections, and requested assistance from the international community to safeguard the polling centers. However, with a violent revolution brewing in Western Cuba, the United States readily offered to deploy peacekeepers into the country, having already deployed Ghost Recon to seek out and suppress the violence in the western regions perpetuated by the People's Democratic Front .

Identifying Ariel Priego as the major threat towards the elections, but unable to eliminate him owing to his candidacy, the Ghosts instead sought to eliminate his ability to strong-arm voters by targeting his major allies and drug trafficking agents. Their efforts prove relatively successful as election day arrived, Ghost units were able to protect a major polling center from men loyal to Priego who attempted to kidnap hostages and seize control of the building. Having lost the election in a major landslide, the ever-desperate Priego requested aid from his FARC backers in Colombia, who deployed hired soldiers to take Cuba by force. However, having been intercepted by elements of the United States military, most of the hired soldiers are eliminated and FARC opts to cut their losses.

Fleeing to a hillside mansion, the Ghosts were ordered to capture Priego alive, with the new government aware that his death could turn him into a martyr. Succeeding in their objectives, the Ghosts were able to prevent Priego's escape attempt and return him to the mainland for his arrest.

Conflict in Colombia [ ]

Following the successful democratization in Cuba, the newly elected Cuban President offered amnesty towards members of the former FDG. With nearly all members readily accepting, the revelations of the now-defunct organizations ties towards Colombia's narco-terrorist organizations was exposed. With this new knowledge, Cuban and Colombian intelligence services begin a joint-investigation into the narcos influence in South America. Their cooperation is further expanded upon shortly after a series of devastating attacks is conducted on Colombian cities by both guerrilla and right-wing paramilitaries groups following the collapse of their precarious ceasefire.

With government forces seemingly unable to contain the violence, the Colombian government requested aid from the United Nations, whom readily agree to deploy a peacekeeping task force shortly after declaring a humanitarian crisis. With most peacekeeping units tasked with safeguarding major cities, transportation centers and ensuring stability in populated areas, Ghost Recon is covertly deployed to investigate the sudden rash of violence, eventually discovering a major conspiracy within Cuba by members of the same drug cartel that had previously funded Priego's election campaign. Alongside the threat of the cartel, the Ghosts discover that the newly-formed MFLC's chaos threaten the stability of both Ecuador and Peru, and have worked in conjunction with FARC to establish major sleeper cells in Cuba, threatening violence in the fledgling democracy should the UN task force remain in Colombia.

With new orders to prevent their activation, the Ghosts begin launching surgical strikes against the MFLC, finally targeting their major stronghold in the hills bearing a large radio tower. The destruction of the facility resulted in the shutdown of all sleeper cells still in Cuba, resulting in the collapse of the MFLC and ending the conflict in Colombia.

2011-2019 [ ]

Kazakhstan conflict

Ghosts during Kazakhstan conflict .

Second Korean War (2011) [ ]

By 2011, North Korea was in the midst of a major famine and political turmoil, having poured too much of its funding into the military. In an attempt to alleviate the damage of the famine, much of its funding to the military is cut off. Incensed, the North Korean military mobilizes against its government, under the command of rogue General Jung Chong-Sun . Blaming other nations for North Korea's plight, Jung mobilizes the military and its nuclear arsenal for war against surrounding Asian countries.

In response to the threat, the United States mobilizes its NATO allies to shut down Jung's operations before he destabilizes the Korean Peninsula. With the Ghosts leading the fray, the NATO task force is able to hamper Jung's plans and cripple many of his operations. In response to each attack, Jung grows even more desperate, resulting in the transportation of three nuclear warheads to major population centers. With the North Korean front on the verge of collapse, Jung launches a last-ditch effort to eliminate NATO forces. Invading a nearby dam, Jung intended to detonate a nuclear device in it, potentially resulting in the deaths of thousands. Despite his desperate attempt, the Ghosts under the command of Captain Scott Mitchell successfully disarms the warhead and kills the rogue general as he attempts to flee via helicopter.

Shortly after the conflict ended, Mitchell's efforts was documented on the Military Channel's show Modern Heroes after 2011. The episode included interviews with members of Alpha Team, finally revealing the existence of Ghost Recon to the public.

In 2012, the Ghosts conducted Operation War Wraith in China, along with eliminating Asad Rahil , the coup master in Kazakhstan.

Ghosts in Mexico

Ghosts in Mexico , 2014.

Mitchell also led Alpha Team during the Mexican upheavals, first stopping Ontiveros ' coup and then stopping a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) attack during Juan de la Barrera 's rebellion .

During this time, they were deployed to Afghanistan solely to eliminate the Taliban leader, Zahed. They encountered extreme difficulties and resistance from inside the US intelligence community.

In 2014, the Ghosts were the subject of a briefing for General Keyes about the future of warfare.

Operation: Kingslayer [ ]

Wildlands Team

A Ghost Team in Operation Kingslayer .

In 2019, shortly after the bombing of the US Embassy in Bolivia that left two Marine guards injured and the kidnapping of an DEA agent, the United States government opted to deploy a Ghost Recon fireteam under the command of Major Anthony "Nomad" Perryman. Launching Operation: Kingslayer, the operation was jointly led by the CIA, DEA and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). With orders primarily for revenge, the team was ordered to link up with CIA Case Officer Karen Bowman and assist the embattled Kataris 26 rebellion against both the Santa Blanca Cartel and the corrupt Bolivia La Unidad.

Over the course of the operation, the Kingslayer Team successfully eliminated and crippled large swaths of the Santa Blanca leadership. Discovering that at least three members of the cartel leadership were Americans, the team was sanctioned by the US Government to eliminate the collaborators. Eventually, the team was able to capture and negotiate a deal with Unidad's top military general Baro, in exchange for a truce between both factions, the Ghosts would keep their chaos and destruction to a minimum.

Eventually, as the Ghosts captured two of the four Cartel buchon heads, El Sueño, head of the Santa Blanca Cartel propositioned the team, to which they firmly rejected his offer and continued their operations against the remaining buchon heads. With the elimination of the remaining cartel leadership, the Kingslayer Team was betrayed by their Kataris 26 allies, whom intended to take sole credit for the downfall of the Santa Blanca Cartel. Unfortunately, El Sueño overpowered Pac Katari, the head of Kataris 26 and brutally decapitated him. Arriving at their location, before the Ghosts could arrest El Sueño, Bowman and the team discovered that he had made a deal with the Department of Justice. With orders to take him back to the United States, the Kingslayer Team soon discovered that Ricky Sandoval, the DEA Agent captured by Santa Blanca was the true mastermind behind the bombing of the US Embassy in La Paz. Disturbed by this information, the Kingslayer Team eventually left Bolivia, having achieved their objectives in eliminating the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel.

Operation: Narco Road [ ]

Operation: fallen lord [ ], early 2020s [ ], sri lankan conflict [ ].

Ghosts Sri Lanka

A Ghost Team in Sri Lankan conflict .

In 2020, shortly after the massacre of the crews of several US-mining vessels, Ghost Teams Alpha and Bravo were deployed to Sri Lanka to further investigate the situation. Allying with Ranjit Hisan and his non-political Mumpuri Guard, the Ghosts began acting upon intelligence from the CIA informant Dilip Khan and began striking at the Activists, eventually crippling their operations and successfully removing their leader Kumara Fazal .

Shortly after the collapse of the Activists, the Ghost Recon teams were ambushed by the Loyalists, forcing the Mumpuri Guard to rescue them. After the ambush, the Ghosts continued their operations in Sri Lanka, rescuing Lt. Colonel Mitchell from captivity after his helicopter was shot down. Eventually discovering that their CIA informant was a Loyalist double agent, the teams learned that the massacres were false-flag operations conducted by the Loyalists in an effort to allow the group to absorb the remnants of the Activists.

With this new knowledge, the Ghosts successfully capture Khan and forced him to make a public confession, resulting in open conflict between the Loyalists and Activists. Using this conflict as cover, the Ghosts teams were able to infiltrate the Loyalist headquarters and rescue the captured Sri Lankan President from captivity. During the rescue, the Ghosts recovered intel that revealed the leader of the Loyalists as the Minister of Energy, Sunil Ranga . Launching a raid on his mansion estate, the Ghosts kill Ranga upon his resisting arrest resulting in a cessation of hostilities. With further fighting quelled, the Ghosts were thanked by Hisan for their actions, to which the teams denied their involvement in the conflict and departed Sri Lanka.


The future of the Ghosts.

War against Artemis Global Security [ ]

In 2021, during the war between the United States and Artemis Global Security, the Ghosts were deployed to key military installations around the country. However, having been caught off-guard by the sudden attack, scattered Ghost units were unable to mount a proper defense, resulting in the capture of twelve nuclear warheads from the Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia.

Under the threat of a nuclear attack, US forces were finally able to re-establish communications nationwide shortly after the destruction of the jamming device in Chicago. This allowed Ghost Recon units to re-organize and mount a devastating campaign against occupying Artemis PMC forces. With support from the Air Force's H.A.W.X Squadron, Ghost units under the command of Mitchell were finally able to repair the badly damaged Space, Land, Air Missile Shield and sabotage Artemis's satellite launch.

With its operation against the United States collapsing rapidly, remaining Artemis forces consolidated in the Nevada Desert, hoping to prevent US military forces from recovering the nuclear devices, however, their efforts were once again thwarted by both the H.A.W.X. squadron and Ghost Recon. In spite of the total collapse of nearly all Artemis forces in the United States, members of Artemis' leadership sought to smuggle a previously unrecovered nuclear device into Los Angeles in a last ditch effort against the country. Scrambling to locate the device, Ghost units were deployed on the ground to search the city, with their assistance proving vital in allowing the H.A.W.X Squadron to finally locate and destroy the nuclear device.

Russian invasion of Norway & Rescue of David Crenshaw [ ]

Sometime after the war against Artemis, Russian ultranationalist military units seized upon the United States' inability to respond to international threats, and invaded Norway. With most major military units still battered following the conflict, the United States opted to deploy a single Ghost fireteam into the country, conducting an amphibious operation into the country. Concurrently, Bravo Team discovered that ultranationalist General Maxim Cherskiy had conducted the operation, and with orders to eliminate him, Bravo Team assisted their allies in Moscow. Concurrently, a Ghost Lead had worked with members of H.A.W.X. Squadron to recover their captured commander David Crenshaw. Shortly after, he assisted elements of the Royal Navy during the NATO-led Operation Triton resulting in the collapse and subsequent withdrawal of all Russian forces in Norway. Taking advantage of the chaos, Bravo Team successfully located and neutralized the rogue Russian general and assisted Loyalist forces in re-taking Moscow, with assistance from elements of the H.A.W.X. squadron.

Ghosts 8-bit

The Ghosts during the hunt for a nuclear weapon.

Counter-Terrorism in Middle East [ ]

Ghosts Afghanistan

Ghosts in the Middle-East.

By 2022, Ghost Recon units had returned to the Middle East, working alongside other elements of JSOC to launch counter-terrorism operations. Among the operators deployed included then-Major Anthony "Nomad" Perryman, Josiah Hill and Cole D. Walker. During these operations, the trio operated under the command of Vaughan , often frustrating the trio with his incompetence. In one such operation, Nomad had been badly wounded during an ambush by hostile militia units, before being rescued by Walker, as the duo held off the enemy units long enough for reinforcements to arrive and rescue the duo.

Over the course of the deployment, tensions between Walker and Vaughan rapidly grew as Walker grew increasingly insubordinate. This eventually came to a head when Vaughan accidentally killed a civilian woman in an allied village. Concerned over the potential backlash US military units would face, Walker and Nomad attempted to detain the panicking Vaughan who had attempted to frame the woman. Blaming Walker for his actions, Vaughan attempted to shoot Walker before being disarmed by Nomad. Angered, Walker promptly executed Vaughan, to the disbelief of Nomad.

Recalled to the United States, Walker grew angered at the perceived incompetence and politicization of the military and was forcibly discharged from the Ghosts. With discontent brewing within its ranks, Ghost Recon promptly recalled its units back to the mainland, and initiated a company-wide stand-down order as it sought to quell further discontent.

By 2023, with most major tensions simmering, the Ghosts were redeployed overseas as Russian ultranationalists began making a resurgence. With the unit redesignated as the Group for Specialized Tactics, the Ghosts launched Operation "Take Down Overlord" in an effort to disrupt cooperation between Raven's Rock and local ultranationalist forces. With orders to eliminate Ivan Illitch Kerenski , head of the local ultranationalist forces, the Ghosts quickly eliminated him and destroyed a prototype Russian UGCV Drone before departing from the area. Shortly after the operation, the Ghosts discovered that the rogue Russian general Sokolov had agreed to sell multiple RSM-56 Bulava nuclear missiles to Chevchenko, a major arms dealer. With its target still unknown, the Ghosts were sent to disarm the warheads, however, the team was soon intercepted by Russian Bodark forces, during which Ghost operator Chuck was killed attempting to disarm the warheads. Eventually, despite eliminating the Bodark units, the Ghosts were unable to prevent the Russians from capturing the nuke.

Raven's Rock Conflict [ ]


Members of Hunter Team .

In 2024,  Predator Team led by Master Sergeant  Jose Ramirez  was killed by the remote detonation of a nuclear warhead after they stopped a convoy transporting it in Nicaragua. Then, Mitchell decided to launch an investigation into their deaths by having  Hunter Team led by Captain  Cedric Ferguson  to follow possible leads. The team was deployed to Bolivia, Zambia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Georgian border and Russia during the time of the Raven's Rock coup and discovered that  Raven's Rock was responsible for killing Predator Team, Hunter then tracked down their leaders and eliminated all of them in Russia.

Later on, members of Hunter Team also helped track down a rogue CIA agent. At one point, the Ghosts assisted a rebellion in Nicaragua against President Raphael Rivera .

Operation Greenstone [ ]

Ghosts Greenstone

Ghosts in Operation Greenstone.

In 2025, the Ghosts conducted Operation Greenstone under the supervision of Colonel Mitchell , as they are deployed for a reconnaissance mission at Skell Tech's new headquarters in Auroa after the U.S. government loses contact with the island and the company's CEO Jace Skell . Four teams of 32 Ghosts were taken out by experimental Legion drone swarms even before they could be deployed for the operation. Most of the Ghosts, other than Nomad , Holt , Midas , Fury , Vasily , Fixit and 2 male Ghosts were killed in action in an attack by the Wolves , a group of rogue military specialists and former Ghosts, led by former Ghost and Nomad's ex-brother-in-arms Walker .

After surviving the attack, the remaining Ghosts find out that the Wolves have not only taken over the island's security and hired a private military contractor, Sentinel , to guard it, but they have also taken over the automated drone production facilities and are planning to unleash their " Wonderland " upon the world by releasing experimental military drones via a submarine at key targets in order to enforce peace.

The Ghosts now not only have to complete the operation without support, but also at the same time, they have to survive and take down both Wolves and Sentinel troops. They later find out that they were set up by CIA Deputy Director Peter Miles , who is working with Walker and Trey Stone, Sentinel's CEO and founder, who is a former Ghost. Nomad managed to take out Walker, who was hiding at his base of operations and destroy the submarine before it could leave Auroa.

Later, Nomad is contacted by Mitchell, who tells him that FSB has informed him that Trey Stone is conspiring with Raven's Rock to launch a chemical terrorist attack into the United States. Nomad is tasked by Mitchell to locate and eliminate key individuals involved in this conspiracy. After successfully killing all targets, including Pyotr Bukharov and Trey Stone , all evidence are transferred to the FSB and Peter Miles is arrested. Nomad and the remaining Ghosts are instructed to be on standby for extraction.

Operation Motherland

Three months after closure of Operation Greenstone, the island of Auroa is under the threat of being taken again as several nations race to capture the advanced technology left on the Island behind by Skell Tech. Because of this, the US Army was unable to set foot on the Island and the US Navy had to set up a blockade to prevent the island from being taken over.

Therefore, the CIA decide to launch Operation Motherland and aid the Outcasts to retake the Island and declare Auroa an independent sovereign nation. Karen Bowman is tasked as the Case Officer and Nomad, Vasily, Fury and Fixit are redeployed on the island once again. However, they discover that the Bodarks have taken over the Island and are working with the remnants of Sentinel Corp and Wolves to maintain control on the Island.

The Team also eliminates key Bodark Lieutenants and Commanders to find out that the Bodarks are framing Russia by developing weapons and killing civilians so that the world turns against Russia. The Team tracks down the leader to Golem Island with a Kill/Capture Order. Nomad can either capture Katya Maksimova and surrender her to the Outcasts or kill her as ordered by Bowman.

Phantoms Conflict [ ]

Roughly 20 years after the events of Operation: Greenstone, the Ghosts entered into a conflict with an organization known as the Phantoms. Consisting of primarily ex-Ghosts, the Phantoms sought to end the United States' hegemonic imperialism. Deploying Yankee Team to investigate a break-in at ATHENA Corp. in Taiwan, the Ghosts skirmished with the Phantoms, eventually successfully capturing an operative and forcing the rest to withdraw. Upon interrogation, the Ghosts were provided false information, during which Yankee Team was caught in an ambush in Pakistan, and narrowly survive the trap. Despite the efforts of the Phantoms, the Ghosts were able to recover intelligence in Pakistan.

GRP conflict

Ghosts fighting the Phantoms.

Following up on the intelligence, Yankee Team was captured by Omega Company, a noted high-tech PMC that had ties with both the Phantoms and Ghosts. The team was eventually broken out by Phantom Bard and his Shadow Team from Omega's facility in Singapore. With the revelation of Omega Company and the escalation of attacks on both Phantoms and Ghost Recon, both teams decided to form a temporary alliance against the company. This led to the discovery of Omega's then-unknown link to ATHENA Corp. during which, the Phantoms and Ghosts decided to launch a raid against ATHENA.

Alternate Future (World War III) [ ]

In an alternate future of 2020, The Ghosts continued their operations during World War III .

The Ghosts also fought in England and Dubai during the hunt for the “ Snow Maiden .” Three teams were on the ground during the Russian invasion of Poland, and they were saved by a Joint Strike Force gunship pilot. After the brainwashed Major Alice Dennison disappeared, General Mitchell deployed Ghost teams to look for her. Mitchell himself oversaw the assault on the Spetsnaz headquarters at Fort Levski.

Equipment [ ]

The Ghosts use a variety of weapons and equipment at this chart:


The classes in Ghost Recon Online : Recon, Assault, Support

Recently, the Ghosts have started to make use of the Integrated Warfighter System, which includes the CROSS-COM , under version of 1.0 & 2.0 systems in the 2010s and 3.0 versions in the 2020s. They also use high-tech gadgets like the UAV Drone from Skell Technology and the Warhound . The Ghosts also have a set of uniforms , which changed over the years since their founding.

Notable Members [ ]

Ex-ghost recon members [ ].

Cole D. Walker Wolves (K.I.A.)

  • The Ghosts' logo during the 2000s has a D CO. 1ST BN. 5TH SFG on the top of the black yellow patch, while the GHOST RECON is located at the bottom of the patch. The top middle a skull is wearing a gray green beret with a black 5th SFG flash issued from 1961 to 1964 and 1985 to 2010. It has two lightning bolts on both sides and a yellow XM29 OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) at the bottom, but above GHOST RECON.
  • The multiplayer classes in Future Soldier are Rifleman , Engineer , and Scout .
  • Andrew Ross , Nick Salvatore , Weaver and Fury are the only 4 operators within Ghost Recon that were in other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces prior to the Army transition, with Ross, Weaver and Fury being part of the Navy SEALs (Weaver and Fury specifically hailing from DEVGRU ) and Salvatore being part of the Marine Corps Force Recon prior to the Ghosts.
  • The Ghosts of Delta Company are entirely fictional, as Army SF battalions currently only support 3 companies (A, B and C).

Appearances in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (media franchise) [ ]

  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon novel
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (First appearance)
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Desert Siege
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 (Both versions)
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (brief crossover)
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
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  • " The End Begins: Ghost Recon " (Mentioned only)
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Combat Ops
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  • Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.
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  • Ghost Recon: ALPHA
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  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wii
  • Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 (Console version, 8-bit game)
  • Ghost Recon Phantoms Webcomic
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Blind Prophets
  • 2 Tomb Raider: Relics of the Ancients
  • 3 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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Unidad is one of the Factions in Ghost Recon Wildlands .

Description [ ]

Unidad is a military force, as one of the Factions in Ghost Recon Wildlands , formed with the strongest and most aggressive agents of Bolivia 's military, whose original objective was to drive the Santa Blanca Cartel away. However, when they were corrupted and joined forces with the cartel instead of working to expel them, Unidad multiplied the degree of violence across the country; its operations turning villages into warzones. Entire provinces became no man’s lands, and chaos spread.

Today, as the collaboration between the government and the cartel led to the creation of the narco-state, Unidad oversees and monitors the cartel’s operations and controls the local population to fight off the Rebellion. A precarious peace emerged between the cartel and Unidad, one that a single spark of violence could turn into war.

The Unidad military force’s main objectives are to repress the Rebellion and to keep the Santa Blanca Cartel in check. Their deadly arsenal and overall hostility make them one of the country’s most dangerous threats. Unidad has spread its influence all over the country through different types of infrastructures, such as outposts that are present in most provinces to control the local area’s rebel activities and drug production.

To stay in control of the country’s civilian and rebel population, Unidad uses a large array of Vehicles , including off-road Buggies , AMVs , APCs , and military Bikes . Unidad truly dominates the airspace. With Gunships , Transports , and special operations Helicopters , they patrol the world with an omniscient presence. In game, depending on its strength and influence, Unidad will send troops on both air and land patrols. But be careful, as killing Unidad troops increase their vigilance and presence across the world, and you may end up in a terrible situation. [1]

References [ ]

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There are four main factions that are part of the events in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Each faction has a major influence on the events in Bolivia, with some taking control of specific regions and being the dominant force in the area.

The following are descriptions of each Faction you will find in the game.

Operation Kingslayer

This is the faction of the Ghost Team, which is your character and A.I. teammates. When you look at the Faction States menu, you can see your current Ghost Level.

Rebel Forces - Ally Presence

The Rebel Forces are a group that is actively fighting against the Santa Blanca Cartel in Blolivia. They are trying to free the land of Bolivia from the cartels hold and live within a nation of their corruption. As you complete missions and side missions, you will notice the numebr of rebel forces increase in a given area.

When you complete Rebel Ops side missions, you can gain the ability to call assitance from Rebel Forces with Support Skills . The effectiveness of these skills increases are you accomplish more Rebel Ops side missions. Rebel support skills allow you to call for mortar support, emergency drop vehicles to use, tag enemies within a given area, and other helpful skills.

Santa Blanca Cartel - enemy faction

The Santa Blanca Cartel are a criminal force that rules Bolivia as a narco-state, which produces a large amount of cocaine in the country. As you complete missions while exploring Bolivia, you will increase the Cartel Destabilization percentage and loosen their hold on Bolivia.

Eliminating the various op heads during missions will help you reach their leader El Sueno. Neutralizing buchons (local cartel bosses) will help you gain extra Skill Points and other special rewards.

Some vehicles that are marked as Santa Blanca branded will allow you to open doors for Santa Blanca strongholds. In addition, driving near any enemies while using a Santa Blanca vehicle will allow you to remain anonymous.

Unidad Forces - enemy faction

The Unidad are part of the Bolivian army, which maintains order in the country. They are just as hostile to you as the Santa Blanca Cartel, but can be even more aggressive and vicious if you are in combat. Fighting against the Unidad will increase the Patrol Level, which will provoke more enemies in greater numbers and other threats from the Unidad.

If your Unidad Patrol level gets very high, the Unidad forces will become aggressively vicious in pursuing you, until you are eliminated. Try to keep a low profile and take out any opposing forces quickly before alerting them makes your problem much bigger.

Some vehicles that are marked as Unidad will allow you to open doors for Unidad Force bases and checkpoints. Driving near any enemies while using a Unidad vehicle will allow you to remain anonymous and avoid increasing your Unidad Patrol Level.

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  1. La Unidad

    La Unidad (literal translation: The Unit) is a military police special operations unit of the Armed Forces of Bolivia that was initially formed to counter the rise of the Santa Blanca Cartel . Contents 1 History 1.1 Fallen Ghosts 2 Operations 2.1 Dark Money 2.2 The Secret 2.3 Border Control

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    in: Unique Weapons Unidad RPK-74 Sign in to edit " Bring your justice to the Wildlands. - In-Game Description " The Unidad RPK-74 is a Unique, mag-fed Light Machine Gun in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands that is awarded to all players who own the Season Pass.

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    M.O.B (Main Operating Base) Jaguar is a multi-section La Unidad base located in the mid-northern part of Flor De Oro. This base is split into many sub-bases, with the largest being the actual base. This large base spawns Cobra Gunships, APC's and Unidad AMV's. This area also contains a drone jammer, and a SAM launcher, a mortar, and is surrounded by many sniper towers. The other large area ...

  6. El Commandante

    Origin Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Occupation Military commander Officer of the Santa Blanca Cartel Powers / Skills Intimidation High intelligence Vast resources Leadership Totalitarianism Authority Weapon proficiency and combat proficiency (presumably, by training in Unidad) Hobby Hunting rebels. Collecting scalps from killed rebels.

  7. Bolivia

    Unidad and Cartels can be frequently seen making trades of supplies and can be disrupted to make them open fire upon each other. Rebels can be found in rebel outposts, driving the streets of Bolivia, and even imprisoned in Santa Blanca controlled towns and outposts, along with Unidad F.O.B.'s.

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    Special Mission Unit Headquarters Fort Bragg Formed c. 1994 Dissolved c. 2014 reformed as the Group for Specialized Tactics (GST or Ghosts) Location North Carolina

  9. Unidad

    Unidad is one of the Factions in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Unidad is a military force, as one of the Factions in Ghost Recon Wildlands, formed with the strongest and most aggressive agents of Bolivia's military, whose original objective was to drive the Santa Blanca Cartel away. However, when they...

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    Originally posted by Rikka Takanashi: Originally posted by AdmiralTigerclaw: Dealing with Unidad depends on what I'm doing. But at its heart, I treat Unidad as a force to evade first, fight second. If I'm assaulting an Unidad base, I flank around the base taking snipers out first, then slowly pick off the stragglers.

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    Dragon Jul 5, 2023 @ 9:12pm. There are two 'factions' essentially in Breakpoint, regular guys and Wolves. Wolves have extra armor and even facial/helmet armor that unless you are using a large enough caliber gun, will take at least two shots to kill. In general they are also more deadly in combat and can detect you faster.