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When the discovery of an ancient artifact unleashes an evil force, Ghostbusters new and old must join forces to protect their home and save the world from a second ice age. When the discovery of an ancient artifact unleashes an evil force, Ghostbusters new and old must join forces to protect their home and save the world from a second ice age. When the discovery of an ancient artifact unleashes an evil force, Ghostbusters new and old must join forces to protect their home and save the world from a second ice age.

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Why an All-Female Reboot of ‘Ghostbusters’ Was a Genius Idea

By David Fear

You expect a blast of white-noise chatter whenever announcements of reboots and remakes, or casting news about who’s playing this year’s model of Caped Crusader or Clown Prince of Crime, starts worming its way through your Twitter feed. This is part of the deal for people who obsess over pop culture circa 2016: News tidbits drop, the Internet Outrage Industrial Complex kicks in to gear, and folks battle it out in social media platforms and Reddit threads. Whoever wins, we all lose.

Still, even if you had heard the initial online rumblings over the sheer audacity of someone making a new Ghostbusters movie with funny A-list ladies (!) instead of movie-star dudes (!!!), what happened on March 3rd felt like the fandom WTFometer had started flipping into the red. That was the day Sony released the first official trailer for the XX-chromosome take on the 1984 mega-blockbuster, at which point a male-nerd jihad went into effect and quickly made it the most disliked trailer in YouTube history. The comments ranged from typical Simpsons ’ Comic-Book-Guy snideness to the sort of vile, hateful spewing we now associate with Trump rallies. “I imagine there’s some level of misogyny, but … it’s just too easy,” said Ghostbusters O.G./new film producer Ivan Reitman , when asked about the tsunami of spite that greeted the clip. “Most of the people who are writing negatively are men in their 40s who saw it when they were seven or eight years old … they’re very protective of it.” ( Right. Like this gentleman. ) Director Paul Feig put it slightly less diplomatically : “I didn’t realize that for certain older guys, the original is the equivalent of a tree house that has a no girls allowed sign on it.”

Now that Ghostbusters 2.0 has been released and the weekend box office receipts tallied — it opened with a $46 million haul, behind the animated movie The Secret Life of Pets — there are a few things that can be said (and several of them can be considered mildly spoiler-y, so you’ve been warned). The movie is fan-service-y to a fault. There are numerous D.O.A. patches, a few genuinely baffling sequences — what was up with that cringeworthy Ozzy Osbourne cameo? — and despite knowing how to get comic actors to a beautifully oft-kilter place, Feig still has a TV director’s visual sensibility even when he’s in rock ‘em sock ‘em spectacle mode. You wish Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy were a little bit stronger; you wish Leslie Jones were given more to do. There will be callback cameos, and lots of them, though kudos for dressing up Bill Murray in bespoke-dandy Feig cosplay. It is first and foremost an attempt to turn a 20th century brand into a 21st century cash cow; the climactic sequence in which the franchise’s mascot swells to Stay-Puft size and tries to stomp out the human elements is perhaps more unintentionally telling than its creators may realize.

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And hands down, the decision to make this an all-female Ghostbusters was a genius idea. Everything that’s good about this blockbuster starts and ends here.

Let a thousand “male-rights groups” grouse, let legions of nostalgic  fortysomethings mourn the death of their childhood , let loose the apocalyptic cries that because this generation’s ghostbusters have vaginas, dogs and cats are now living together, it’s mass hysteria! But the pop-culture landscape that we live in, where every vintage recognizable property is destined for endless remakes/reboots/resurrections/regurgitations, has become a barren echo chamber. The only way we’re going to keep it from delving further into the realm of diminishing returns is some sense of variation, even if it’s still of the coloring-within-the-lines variety, and a gesture as small as recasting four traditionally male roles with more-than-worthy females does indeed add a welcome sense of frisson. Imagine the powers that be simply did a Ghostbusters 2016 with Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson. Or with Chris Pratt, Channing Tatum, Jack Black and Kevin Hart, if that’s more your speed. No offense to any of these actors, but take away the iconic circle-slash logo, and that would then be almost any big-budget movie released with the last few years. A Ghostbusters redo that pulls MVPs from the Bridesmaids/SNL bench, and gives us a pitch-perfect Chris Hemsworth receptionist in all his dumb-blonde-eyecandy glory? This is at least superficially different — which actually makes a lot of difference. The estrogen gives it lifeblood.

Ivan Reitman: Why We're Still Talking About 'Ghostbusters' 30 Years Later

'saturday night live': 145 cast members ranked.

And for the “Ghostbros” who felt like the original’s espirit de corps — specifically, Bill Murray’s irreverence, which became the Rosetta stone to Reagan-era smart-asses — we offer two words: Kate McKinnon . Critics and think-piece pundits have already singled out the 32-year-old comedian/Hilary Clinton impersonator as the best thing about the new film, and with good reason: Whether she’s licking her guns, dancing to DMX songs or simply spouting off pseudo-scientific buzzwords with a demented grin on her face, she’s comic anarchy personified. Even her reaction shots have a livewire goofiness to them, and her ability to turn a line like “It’s 2040, the President is a plant!” into a left-field gem make her invaluable. This is one of those rare occasions when you watch an established performer turn into a Bona Fide Movie Star before your very eyes (see also McCarthy in Bridesmaids ; Feig seems to have a knack for this). While it’s cynical to think that McKinnon wouldn’t have had this chance to shine had she been surrounded by male stars , she almost assuredly would have been pushed to the side — gasping for air while the oxygen is sucked out of the room. That’s not the case here. The cast work as an ensemble, but they also don’t get in the way of one of their own filling the spotlight. You see them pushing her further into inspired lunacy. You do not get her performance without them.

Nor do you get it without rethinking the parameters of pop culture and who gets to participate in it. Foreign-gross anxiety or not, there’s no excuse for a lack of diversity or inclusivity in entertainment today, nor does there necessarily need to be an Oprah-level largesse — “You get a Ghostbusters ! And you get a Ghostbusters !” — involved to mix things up a bit. ( Although given the info released in the Sony hacks regarding a competing all-dude reboot , the art of corporate ass-covering is alive and well.) It also doesn’t have to become a political brouhaha — emphasis on those first three letters — just because someone has taken what some people consider a sacred work of art and, in a moment of inspiration, gender-flipped it. It was the online commenters, who it’s safe to assume were mostly male, who turned this in to a fan-culture frontline. You still have the original. No one has digitally added a vagina to Dan Aykroyd. But for the rest of us, the folks that wants to see someone take a creative risk, and care enough about blockbusters that we don’t want to see the form completely turn into a lumbering marshmellow man, let us have our queef-joking, trash-talking, Hemsworth-ogling ghostbusters. Trolls gotta troll. But give us something worth arguing over.

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The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel Will Totally Ignore The All-Female Reboot & It’s A Major Blow

ghostbusters lady ghost

In a quest to prove that moviegoers truly aren't afraid of no ghost, director Jason Reitman will co-write and direct a new Ghostbusters movie . According to Entertainment Weekly , the new film will be set in the same universe as the 1980s comedy classics and act as a follow-up to Ghostbusters 2 , which hit theaters in 1989, and not, as one might have hoped, a sequel to the 2016 reboot. In fact, this new film could mean the end of the all female Ghostbusters for good.

“This is the next chapter in the original franchise," Reitman — the son of Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two Ghostbusters films starring Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd — told EW . "It is not a reboot. What happened in the ‘80s happened in the ‘80s, and this is set in the present day ." In other words, the movie will represent a "passing of the torch" from the original characters to a new group of paranormal investigators.

As a result, the upcoming Ghostbusters movie will essentially ignore the 2016 all-female reboot , which starred Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. Reitman did, however, tell EW that the Paul Feig-directed comedy is still a part of the general Ghostbusters universe, but that it would have no bearing on his upcoming project. "I have so much respect for what Paul created with those brilliant actresses, and would love to see more stories from them. However, this new movie will follow the trajectory of the original film," Reitman said.

Noting that the all-female reboot is still technically a part of the larger Ghostbusters universe is a nice attempt to show that the film is still very much a part of the franchise. However, even if Reitman and Sony's intention isn't to erase the all-female film, the decision to abandon one series for another is a signal that the powers that be are, essentially, not interested in continuing with the reboot.

The studio is so committed to Reitman's new addition to the franchise, they even released a teaser trailer on Wednesday, Jan. 16, just one day after the original announcement. The teaser, a sign that this movie has been in the works for quite some time, as well as the revealed summer 2020 release date, is just more proof of the studio's intentions to launch a brand new series.

It's true that the 2016 Ghostbusters earned mixed reviews from critics, and, yes, it was a box office disappointment (making only $229 million worldwide on a reported $144 million budget, per Box Office Mojo). But it's also true that the reboot never really got a fair shot. Many fans of the original franchise slammed the idea of four woman fighting ghosts in New York City as a "gimmick" to appeal to audiences or part of Sony's quest to "ruin" their childhoods. The cast had to deal with a huge sexist backlash and a negative campaign against the film that resulted in the trailer becoming the most disliked video on YouTube in April 2016.

That said, by abandoning the reboot for an entirely new Ghostbusters series, the studio seems to be reiterating the idea that a female-centric reboot or a female-led comedy are "risks" and that if they don't over-perform, there's no point in continuing to make more female-focused films. Despite the fact that movies with a female character in a leading role have been proven to make more money at the box office than those with men in the lead, Sony is making it seem like if one female-led comedy fails, Hollywood will hesitate to green light more of them .

This move isn't exactly unexpected. After Ghostbuster s' underwhelming box office take, Aykroyd claimed that the film's "underperformance" meant that it was unlikely that any kind of sequel to the all-female reboot would ever happen. "Paul Feig made a good movie and had a superb cast and plenty of money to do it," the SNL alum told The Hollywood Reporter . "It cost everyone as it is unlikely Kristen, Leslie, Melissa and Kate will ever reprise their roles as Ghostbusters which is sad." But even though many saw this pivot coming, it's still disappointing.

The female Ghostbusters was an entertaining , funny story that managed to overcome the negative press that surrounded it from the very first moment it was announced, and it proved itself to be a worthy addition to the franchise. And instead of taking the chance to build on that, or to expand that universe even more, the studio simply decided to backtrack to the original films, and declare the all-female version null and void.

This Reitman-directed sequel might simply be an attempt to recapture the nostalgia that fans hold for the original films, but, in essence, it tells all of the trolls who complained about the 2016 film that they were right to cause a stink — and undermines all of the work that the cast and crew did to pay homage to the Ghostbusters franchise and to fight to make it a little more inclusive. As this new Ghostbusters sequel moves forward, it's a sad reminder that in today's Hollywood, many women still aren't given the credit, or second chances, they deserve.

ghostbusters lady ghost

Screen Rant

Every ghost in ghostbusters i & ii, ranked from worst to best.

With an all-new Ghostbusters reboot coming this summer, we count down the scariest ghosts Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston faced in the original films.

The first two Ghostbusters films are ‘80s classics. Excellent special effects, brilliant writing and some awesomely freaky ghosts combine to make these films genuinely scary and incredibly memorable.

Now with the all-female Ghostbusters reboot unleashing even more ghouls in cinemas this summer, it’s definitely time to find out which is the scariest ghost of them all. Our list is a ghoulish ranking featuring every ghost – and a couple of possessed souls – who have ever crossed streams with Egon (Harold Ramis), Peter (Bill Murray), Ray (Dan Aykroyd) and Winston (Ernie Hudson). But who’s the scariest of them all?

Here’s Every Ghost in Ghostbusters I & II, Ranked From Worst To Best.

Film: Ghostbusters I & II

This floating green ball of ectoplasm is more interested in pigging out than scaring guests at the swanky Sedgewick Hotel. Although ugly, this rotund glutton is hardly the most terrifying of ghosts. And Slimer has earnt himself a special place in the Ghostbusters universe, appearing in Ghostbusters I & II and the cartoon series. Director Ivan Reitman describes Slimer as a party guy looking to have a good time, much like the first actor who was supposed to play Peter Venkman, John Belushi.

However, Slimer wasn’t always known as Slimer. On set the ghost was referred to as ‘Onion Head’. It was audiences that christened the foul smelling ghost with the name Slimer after the film was released.

16. Dream Ghost

Film: Ghostbusters

The next ghost barely registers on the Scare-O-Meter. The Dream Ghost (also known as the Fort Derring Ghost) is a heavenly body that floats above Ray while he’s asleep and, ahem, unzips his pants. Unluckily for Ray, he rolls off his bed, crashing to the floor.

Ray’s encounter with this seductive spook appears in the montage sequence charting the Ghostbusters’ rise to fame. However, a longer scene was shot featuring Ray and Winston investigating a ghost sighting at Fort Derring. When Ray falls asleep in the officer’s quarters… well, the rest is in the film. Harold Ramis justified the cutting of the scene as it was too long and didn’t feel right for the film. Dan Aykroyd himself has no regrets about shooting the scene, telling Ghostbusters: The Ultimate History : “I have a friend who had three women visit him in a haunted house in Louisiana, and it was one of the greatest nights of his life.”

15. Central Park Jogger Ghost

Film: Ghostbusters II

Even in the afterlife the Jogger Ghost continues his fitness regime, running circuits around New York’s Central Park in Ghostbusters II . Now  that's dedication. This sporty ghost is so locked into his fitness regime he fails to notice the trap set for him by Peter Venkman. Check out Ray and Peter’s little victory dance upon catching this ghost during the end credits. The boys have moves.

Actor Jim Faye not only played the Jogger Ghost, but portrayed the Statue of Liberty and Tony Scoleri, one of the criminal ghosts that plague the Ghostbusters trial in Ghostbusters II . Must have been quite a gig!

14. Subway ghost

When pencil pushing government official Walter Peck shuts down the Ghostbusters’s containment facility, he unknowingly unleashes the undead on New York City. This includes the Subway Ghost, which terrorizes commuters during the daily rush hour with its mouthful of tentacles and banshee-like wailing.

Initially, this ghost was to have three heads. Unfortunately, this design would have cost too much for a ghost that features in the film for mere seconds. It’s probably just as well. Surely, subway commuters have been traumatized enough.

13. City of Albany ghost train

While trying to locate the river of slime down in the pits of New York’s subterranean metro and sewer systems, Egon, Ray and Winston are railroaded by the City of Albany Ghost Train. Winston gets it worst, with the train running right through his body as the other two Ghostbusters duck out of the way.

Coming after the horrifying discovery of dozens of severed heads mounted on spikes, The City of Albany Ghost Train is without doubt one of the scariest sequences in both films. However, the ghost train was only added after principal photography had finished. The filmmakers wanted to add more special effects and scares to the second half of the movie. They succeeded.

12. Mink coat ghost, Titanic, Washington Square ghost, Cinema ghost

With Vigo’s power intensifying (more on him later), New York becomes plagued by paranormal activity. In classic ‘80s style, Ghostbusters 2 depicts this with a montage sequence in which four ghosts run riot.

The mink fur coat that comes back to life and attacks its wealthy owner gets ghoul-points for viciousness. But little can match the epic gloom of the wrecked Titanic docking 77 years after its scheduled arrival. Like they say in the film, “ better late than never.” Over on Washington Square, gridlocked commuters are being terrified by some kind of monstrous dinosaur. While in a dark cinema a movie-going ghost is causing popcorn munchers to flee. But hey, perhaps it wasn’t the ghost that caused them to run. After all, The Karate Kid: Part III was released in 1986.

11. Psychomagnotheric Slime

Psychomagnotheric slime – otherwise known as mood slime – has the power to heighten a person’s mood either negatively or positively. But it doesn’t just have to be people. This pinky-purplely goop can also animate inanimate objects. In one of Ghostbusters II ’s most memorable scenes, Ray and Egon demonstrate the power of the ooze to a skeptical Peter by making a toaster dance to Jackie Wilson. Later in the film, it causes Dana’s bath to try and eat poor baby Oscar.

Our ghost-busting heroes get a bad feeling when they discover a river of slime running beneath New York’s streets and leading to the ill-fated Museum of Modern Art – home to the villainous Vigo. When Ray, Egon and Winston fall in to the river, they emerge trying to kill each other. During filming, 100,000 gallons of slime was used. Apparently the stuff is edible, with the film crew using the same ingredients used to make pie thickeners and salad dressing. Yum! Somebody call Slimer.

10. Zombie Taxi Driver

Alright, New York taxi drivers have a reputation. But a zombie taxi driver? That’s one tip you wouldn’t dare skimp on. One of the scarier ghosts in Ghostbusters , this decrepit member of the walking dead could have easily featured in any straight-up horror movie. His driving is also pretty terrifying, but maybe we should cut him some slack. He is dead, after all. In an early version of the script the character was a zombie biker. But a taxi driver is far more New Yawk.

Apparently Dan Aykroyd has been confirmed as a taxi driver in this summer’s Ghostbusters sequel . Hopefully not in a zombified form.

9. Scoleri Brothers

The Scoleri Brothers (Nunzio and Tony) were condemned to the electric chair by Judge Stephen Wexler (Harris Yulin). The very same judge that tries Ray, Peter and Egon in Ghostbusters II . Brought into being by a sample of slime and Wexler’s tirade while sentencing the Ghostbusters, these two criminals ride their electric chairs through the courtroom looking for their own brand of justice.

Designing the Scoleris, the visual effects crew took inspiration from that other Dan Aykroyd classic, The Blues Brothers . However, the little and large pair swap sunglasses and fedoras for singed prison uniforms, crackling electricity, and gaping mouths. Nunzio Scoleri – the larger of the two brothers – is played by an uncredited Tim Lawrence. Lawrence was part of the visual effects crew and played a key role in designing the Scoleris.

8. Library Ghost

The Library Ghost is one of the first ghosts Peter, Egon and Ray encounter. Initially appearing as a mild-mannered, old-fashioned librarian, this spook uses the element of surprise to give audiences an old-fashioned fright. Incredibly, an even scarier Library Ghost puppet was built but it was deemed way too scary for the PG-rated film. This version of the puppet did, however, experience an afterlife of sorts when it was reused for the original Fright Night .

Ghostbusters is very much a New York film. And while the hall of the New York Public Library is used to film the Ghostbusters’s arrival, it’s the Los Angeles Public Library that’s used for the discovery of the Library Ghost.

7. Dr. Janosz Poha

OK, Janosz Poha (Peter MacNicol) isn’t really a ghost. However, once he is possessed by Ghostbusters II villain Vigo, this quirky museum curator turned minion takes on some decidedly ghost-like supernatural abilities. First, during a city-wide blackout, he uses his eyes as beams of light. Handy, if a little disturbing. Secondly, he takes the spectral form of an English nanny to fly to Dana’s apartment and kidnap her baby so that Vigo may live again. A demonic Mary Poppins? Now that’s the stuff of nightmares.

But Poha wasn’t always going to be the one to kidnap little Oscar. Everything from a two-headed dragon, gargoyles and a ghoulish Santa were pitched for the devilish deed.

6. Possessed Ray

It was possession at first sight when Ray laid eyes on the painting of Vigo the Carpathian at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Ghostbusters II . Although it was only at the film’s climax that Vigo fully took control of Ray, turning the good-natured Ghostbuster into a grotesque demon, complete with red eyes and horns. Like Poha, this entry is more a possessed soul than a ghost. However, being possessed by a ghost just about makes the criteria for the list, especially when it’s this scary.

While it’s hinted at throughout the film, Ray’s possession was originally a little more obvious. In a deleted scene from Ghostbusters II , Ray, behind the wheel of Ecto-1, runs a red light and threatens to kill everyone. Luckily, Winston’s on hand to knock Ray out and stomp on the brakes.

5. Vinz Clortho the Keymaster

Vinz Clortho the Keymaster is one of the two demonic dog-like minions of Gozer. Awoken atop Dana Barrett’s apartment building, Vinz seeks a human body to possess in order to mate with fellow demi-god, Zuul the Gatekeeper, and bring Gozer back into this world. Vinz’s dog-form is a pretty formidable beast with glowing red eyes and large demonic horns. However, he doesn’t seem to be the smartest puppy in the supernatural pet shop. After possessing accountant Louis Tully (Rick Moranis), a seemingly bewildered Vinz repeatedly asks passersby - including a horse - if they are the Gatekeeper.

Originally Vinz’s victim Louis was to be played by the late, great John Candy. This resulted in a version of Vinz Clortho being designed that was short and dumpy. But Candy ultimately walked away from the movie when the writers were not prepared to expand the role of Louis.

4. Zuul the Gatekeeper

Next time you think your fridge has something demonically out-of-date in it, give a thought for poor Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver). Dana’s fridge contains Zuul the Gatekeeper – a minion of Gozer who takes the form of a demonic dog-like creature. Poor Dana is dragged into this fridge where she is possessed by Zuul. She emerges to lie in wait for Vinz Clortho, another of Gozer’s minions, so they can bring forth the return of Gozer. An unholy union if ever there was one.

In her audition for the part, Weaver pretended to transform into Zuul’s dog form. A process that apparently involved a lot of writhing around and snarling at director Ivan Reitman. Speaking of Reitman, the director also lent his deep tones for Dana’s possessed Zuul voice, which were intensified further in post production.

3. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

When Gozer seemingly vanishes into thin air, the god offers the Ghostbusters a sadistic choice: choose the appearance of their destructor. Unfortunately, Ray picks the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. After all, he reasons his choice is “something that could never, ever possibly destroy us." Wrong, Ray, very wrong. Little spells terror like a 100ft marshmallow crushing all before it with the destructive glee of Godzilla on a sugar high.

The only way to roast this marshmallow is for the Ghostbusters to cross the streams from their proton packs – an ending that was only decided midway through filming.

In the original script, Mr. Stay Puft was to appear around 20 minutes into the film. But that script also featured time travel, numerous similarly-sized monsters and was estimated to have cost $300 million to film.

2. Gozer the Destroyer

Despite narrowly missing out on the top spot, Gozer the Destroyer is easily one of the scariest foes the Ghostbusters have had to take down. This ancient god has all kinds of crazy powers, not least the ability to shoot lightning bolts from her fingers and inter-dimensional travel. And like any supernatural marauder, Gozer has several boss nicknames, including: Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor and Gozer the Traveler. Gozer was once worshipped by the Sumarians in about 6000 BC, and comes back to do what any ancient god-like figure would do: end the world.

But Gozer wasn’t always going to be the red-eyed demoness that makes the final film. Gozer was initially intended to take the form of Ivo Sandler, the architect behind the Gozer temple. Paul ‘Pee Wee Herman’ Reubens was envisioned for the part and would have appeared in a mundane suit and tie - a sartorial choice several dimensions away from the sparkliest of sparkly leotards Gozer wears in the final film.

1. Vigo the Carpathian

Vigo the Carpathian, the Scourge of Carpathia, the Sorrow of Moldovia, is so out-and-out evil that even his furniture is scary. Check out how he bigs himself up: “On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood.” Whoaa! Not something you’d find in Ikea. We can only assume he’s compensating for that receding hairline. Not one to age gracefully is Vigo. Without a doubt, Vigo is the scariest hombre in the Ghostbusters universe, with several mean-sounding aliases: Vigo the Cruel, the Torturer, the Despised, the Unholy, and, according to Peter Venkman, the Butch.

Vigo was a tyrant and sorcerer from Carpathia in Hungary, and, it seems, not great at taking a hint. Moments before being thoroughly killed by his disgruntled people (including being shot, stabbed, disemboweled and hung) Vigo said, “Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I’ll be back.” Next stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where his spirit resided in a creepy self-portrait. Vigo’s big plan to reenter the world and restart his reign of terror was to possess Dana Barrett’s baby, Oscar. Thankfully the Ghostbusters – with a little help from Lady Liberty – put a stop to this in the film’s awesomely slime-splattered showdown.

Vigo was played by the late Norbert Grupe (credited with his stage name Wilhelm von Homburg). Grupe was a former boxer and wrestler who had also appeared as one of Alan Rickman’s henchmen in Die Hard - he’s the one who bazookas the S.W.A.T team’s armored car. Unfortunately for Grupe all his lines were dubbed in post-production by Max von Sydow. By the way, it’s well worth reading Deadspin’s in-depth profile of Grupe , especially for Ghostbusters II’s executive producer Michael C. Gross’s frank recollection of the actor.

Will the Ghostbusters reboot feature anyone as scary as Vigo? Let us know in the comments.

ghostbusters lady ghost

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‘Ghostbusters’: Was The Original Film Sexist? New Video Makes Compelling Case

Liz calvario.

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The female-led “Ghostbusters” has finally arrived in theaters. Since its announcement, the film has been tarnished and criticized by fanboys of the original for its new version involving four women in the lead roles. But before you judge the reboot, a new video essay by Kevin B. Lee wants you to take a look at how the original 1984 action flick depicted women and if you find anything sexist about it.

“The new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie was hit with backlash for its all-female cast because the gender-switching is supposedly not true to the original,” states the opening lines in the video. “It got us wondering: What roles did women have in the 1984 version?”

READ MORE: The Onion Reviews ‘Ghostbusters,’ a Reminder That the Souls of All Sinners Should ‘Suffer Forever’

The four-minute video takes a look at the six most important female roles in the original film starring Bill Murray , Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. It features the helpless librarian who’s the first victim of a ghost attack, the cleaning lady in the hotel and Oscar nominee Sigourney Weaver as she “fends off the horndog advances of Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman, only to turn into a nymphomaniac through demon possession.”

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Some of the most notable cases made in the video are Peter’s remarks to their receptionist Janine (Annie Potts), such as: “Janine, someone with your qualification would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries.” It also shows how an independent Dana seduces Peter and must be saved by him.

READ MORE: Why The ‘Ghostbusters’ Backlash Is A Sexist Control Issue

“In this light, the new ‘Ghostbusters’ isn’t so much about the women taking over a movie franchise as it is about women taking back control of themselves,” the video concludes.

Check out the clip below:

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  • Behind the Scenes of Ghostbusters
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Every Ghost In The First Two 'Ghostbusters' Movies, Ranked

Jacob Shelton

You can't have a Ghostbusters movie without ghosts . If there weren’t ghosts jogging through New York or menacingly shoving hot dogs in their faces, you’d just have four guys sitting around in brown uniforms quipping. Everyone knows the more popular ghosts in Ghostbusters , but what about the ghosts that don’t have a voice? This list of the all the Ghostbusters ghosts finally gives you a chance to speak up for the lesser known ghosts who you might prefer to Slimer or Zuul.

One of the most interesting things about every Ghostbusters ghost is how little the rules of traditional ghost movies matter to any of them. In the first film, you’ve got a demon dog coming out of a refrigerator and a giant marshmallow man wreaking havoc on New York. The ghosts in Ghostbusters II are all over the place. Some are 20-foot tall inter-dimensional creatures, while others are just heads on sticks. Is this kind of playful attitude that’s made the Ghostbusters films a touchstone for so many comedy, horror, and film fans since 1984. But as you know, all ghosts  aren’t created equal, so it’s time to rank all the ghosts in the first two Ghostbusters .

Vote up the ghosts in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II that made the biggest impression on you . Then leave us a comment about whether or not you are or ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Appears In: Ghostbusters


Appears In: Ghostbusters , Ghostbusters II

The Scoleri Brothers

The Scoleri Brothers

New York Public Library Ghost

New York Public Library Ghost

The Ghosts of the Titanic

The Ghosts of the Titanic

Appears In:  Ghostbusters II

Movie Theater Ghost

Movie Theater Ghost

Appears In:   Ghostbusters II

Zombie Cab Driver

Zombie Cab Driver

Ye Olde Ghost Train

Ye Olde Ghost Train

The Creature at the Washington Arch

The Creature at the Washington Arch

Subway Ghost

Subway Ghost

The Angry Fur Coat

The Angry Fur Coat

Vigo the Carpathian

Vigo the Carpathian

Bath Tub Slime Ghost

Bath Tub Slime Ghost

Ray's Dream Ghost

Ray's Dream Ghost

Vinz Clortho

Vinz Clortho

These Heads on Sticks

These Heads on Sticks

Possessed Ray

Possessed Ray

Ghost Jogger

Ghost Jogger

Ghost Nanny

Ghost Nanny

Floating Crystal Ghosts

Floating Crystal Ghosts

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There's something strange in the neighborhood. You probably know whom you're gonna call. They're ready to believe you.

Behind the Scenes of Ghostbusters

All the info on the new Ghostbusters film

Headshot of Francesca Menato

It has now been confirmed that Bill Murray is going to appear in the new Ghostbusters. We're not sure yet if this will be a cameo, or a full-blown part , but it's pretty exciting news for fans of the original film!

On 13 July, we wrote:

The first official picture of the all-female Ghostbusters cast has been revealed, and we're pretty excited!

Director Paul Feig tweeted the below picture of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon in costume, posing in front of the iconic car. Judging by their kit, it looks like it won't be too much of a departure from the 1984 classic, in case you were worried!

The four main characters in an all-female Ghostbusters film reboot have been revealed.

Fans of Bridesmaids will be happy to hear that along with two of its stars, the film’s director is also part of the team on the new movie.

Director Pall Feig has signed Melissa McCarthy , star of Identity Thief and Mike And Molly for one of the lead roles.

ghostbusters lady ghost

Meanwhile there are negotiations taking place with three other women, all of whom appear regularly on the popular US show Saturday Night Live .

The aforementioned Kristen Wiig Known for numerous hilarious SNL sketches including Penelope and the Target Lady, as well as films like The Skeleton Twins and Friends With Kids .

ghostbusters lady ghost

Leslie Jones Known for her contributions to ‘The Weekend Update’ and various US TV shows.

ghostbusters lady ghost

Kate McKinnon Known most recently for her spoof of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein campaign .

ghostbusters lady ghost

Are you excited about a female-led movie? Tweet us who you would have cast @GHmagazine

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Ghostbusters Wiki

Ghostbusters Wiki : Paranormal Database

  • View history

This is the Paranormal Database , which lists all the supernatural creatures at Ghostbusters Wiki . This is something like a Tobin's Spirit Guide Index.


For issues involving something like a form of media not being covered, or issues of how a paranormal event is being labeled, please raise is on the Discussion Page .

  • 1 Rules and Structure
  • 2.1 Classification System
  • 2.2 Description System
  • 2.3 Identification System
  • 3.1 Ghostbusters films
  • 3.2 Animated Shows
  • 3.3 Ghostbusters Video Games
  • 3.4 Ghostbusters Comics and Print
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Rules and Structure [ ]

The Paranormal Database has been constructed on templates and therefore it must be edited on the same templates. The list of templates:

  • Template:Paranormal Database CDI System
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  • Template:Paranormal Database Animated Shows
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  • Template:Paranormal Database Ghostbusters Comics and Print
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Issues within the content may be addressed on the Talk/Discussion pages for the template related to the content.

CDI System [ ]

Classification system [ ].


This is what the Classifications system is based on.

Noted is that the list gives classifications of the ghosts . All classifications here follow the Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game Series rules, and that also means there are only seven classes. Highly note that how powerful a creature is does not have to do with the classification they are in. However, when need be, they have been add-ons to this Class System to address issues not covered on the original Classification set up.

Please Read the whole definition

These are undeveloped forms, insubstantial and difficult to see. Interaction with their environment is limited and enigmatic (i.e., spectral lights, voices and sounds, ectoplasmic vapors, etc.). Simple application of a proton pack beam is normally effective.

Manifestations focused in this time and space, Class II ghosts and up can physically manipulate things in this world. These forms are vague, inconsistent, or incomplete (i.e., floating sheets, ghostly hands, animated lips, etc.). Although a proton pack beam is normally effective, some Class II ghosts have the capacity to return attacks.

Anonymous Hauntings. Distinct human form and personality is evident, but former identity (I.E., as a living being.) is not established. If established, ghost is reassigned as Class IV. Often difficult to deal with, Class III ghosts generally possess sophisticated means of defense.

Identity is established. They have a distinct human form and personality with known identity, such as General Custer or Cleopatra. Economic disposal methods include research into the background of said entity, as well as possible communication with it.

These are Ectoplasmic manifestations of definite but non-human form. Speculation includes the theory that Class V's are formed from emotionally-charged events or as side effects from ritual summoning (Slimer was a by-product of the rituals that a cult held in the Sedgewick Hotel's basement.). These typically require extensive proton pack implementation to eradicate.

Ghosts from lower life forms. A giant penguin was once seen attacking a mugger in Central Park. Later it was discovered that the penguin was a ghost. Unique solutions are often required to handle these entities, including research into habitats, allergies, natural enemies, etc.

Metaspectres. Obsessively malevolent, exceptionally powerful, and exhibiting control over subordinate forms, such entities are potentially very dangerous. These are often identified by primitive cultures as "Demons". Entitles which fit this classification include Gozer and Zuul. Neutralizing them is usually a problematical undertaking at best. Most standard procedures are futile. The most realistic plan is to take measures to prevent these things from entering the sphere of influence in the first place.

Description System [ ]

  • Ghosts: Spirits or souls of the deceased.
  • Corporeal: Tangible manifestations.
  • Deity: Supreme Beings.
  • Unstable: A physical manifestation who forms itself with paranormally compromised items.
  • Environmental: Ectoplasm, its Sub-Classes, and effects of.
  • Vathek: Spectral forms who enter the realm of the living through the act of writing.
  • Legends: Entities popularized by mythologizes, folklore, and legends.

Identification System [ ]

Note that the animated series doesn't follow the same class system, therefore the classes listed here will be of what is believed to be that class in this classification instead, and then noted what the cartoon says, if different. The cartoon class system is based on power of the ghost, which is different and not really useful here. The Ghostbusters: The Video Game versions all had conflicts with the system due to time restraints and changes in the process of making the games. So Classes given in the version(s) of the game need to be questioned. For further information on the CDI System , please consult the article on it.

Paranormal Database Index [ ]

Ghostbusters films [ ].

This section shall be for all film related ghosts. Ghosts will be listed by when they first appear. Same goes for the films.

Animated Shows [ ]

This section shall be for all cartoons released throughout the years. Ghosts will be listed by when they first appear. Same goes for the episodes and they are based on the box set for The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer! , while Extreme Ghostbusters will be by air dates for now.

Note that the classification of ghost in the Animated Series is different, however they will be labeled by the more excepted system used by Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game Series . When noted in episode, the class given in the episode will also be noted something like this "( Class 1 Animated)" if not the same as the one that is used on here.

Ghostbusters Video Games [ ]

This section shall be for all games released throughout the years. Ghosts will be listed by when they first appear. Same goes for the games.

Currently there are issues being addressed with regards to Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) so it would be better to address issues about ghosts in that game on the Discussion Page .

Ghostbusters Comics and Print [ ]

This section shall be for all comics released throughout the years. Ghosts will be listed by when they first appear. Same goes for the comics.

Ghostbusters Toy Lines [ ]

This section shall be for all the toys released throughout the years. First go be oldest toy line, then by oldest toy in the line first. To determine the oldest toy in a line, go by the article for that line of toys. Toys based on characters in films or shows that are already addressed will not be repeated here. This list is for original designs not shown in any other canon.

  • Ghostbusters

The 2016 ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot May Be 100% Canon, After All

in Movies & TV

Erin Gilbert looking confused in the labs in 'Ghostbusters: Answer the Call'

It’s been nearly seven years since Ghostbusters: Answer the Call  (2016) arrived in theaters, but now that the sequel to Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) — the film that restored the original Ghostbusters timeline following the reboot’s disappointing performance at the box office — is just around the corner, we decided to take a closer look at the 2016 film.

And in doing so, we’ve spotted something that may actually suggest that the widely controversial reboot is connected to the main Ghostbusters timeline after all. Many will think nothing of the scenes in question, but there’s a surprising amount of evidence to back up the fact that both films are actually connected via the Ghostbusters Multiverse.

Ghostbusters Answer the Call character poster

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Ghostbusters is no stranger to the multiverse concept — if you’re familiar with IDW Publishing’s long-running “Ghostbusters” comic book series , you’ll know that there have been many crossovers between different iterations of the Ghostbusters , including the original line-up and the female characters from the 2016 reboot .

With all that said, the comic books aren’t considered “primary canon” — that honor goes to the main series of films — Ghostbusters (1984) , Ghostbusters II (1989), Ghostbusters: Afterlife , and the upcoming sequel. But “what if” (see what we did there?) the Ghostbusters: Answer the Call is part of the Ghostbusters Multiverse?

Slimer eating in Ghostbusters 2

Related:  7 Things in ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ That Did NOT Go Down Well With Fans

There are a few scenes in the film that suggest it takes place in an alternate dimension. For starters, the fact that original Ghostbusters actors Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson all make an appearance as different characters definitely support this theory (although the reality is they were brought back to sell tickets).

But then there’s the post-credits scene, which finds Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy), Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig), Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), and Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) listening to EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) and hearing the word “Zuul”, which may suggest they’ve tapped into the frequency of another Ghostbusters dimension.

Lady Slimer with Slimer in the Ecto-1 in Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

Related: 5 Huge Updates From ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife 2’

But there’s one scene in the film that stands out above the rest, and it’s the one that sees the return of everyone’s favorite green ghost, Slimer, from the original two films, and who has also made countless appearances across several other forms of media over the decades. Either way, Slimer is typically associated with the main Ghostbusters characters.

Obviously, the trailers for the reboot wanted to throw as much nostalgia at the audience as possible to put butts in seats, but is it possible that Slimer is visiting from another Ghostbusters dimension? This would make perfect sense considering that he, along with Lady Slimer (Robin Shelby) actually appears when several dimensions overlap in the film.

Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) in in Ghostbusters Answer the Call

Related: ‘ Ghostbusters 4′ Casting News Suggests Sequel Could Hint at Multiverse

We get it — it’s likely that none of these scenes or characters were put in the film to make a connection with the main continuity, but it does make it easier for Ghostbusters to open up the Multiverse, which may happen in the upcoming Ghostbusters 4 (2023).

Adding to this the fact that the multiverse concept has legitimized several previously non-canon films within the Marvel and DC franchises, the Ghostbusters reboot may now be 100% canon with the other films, after all.

Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) in Ghostbusters Answer the Call

Related: Is the 2016 ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Getting a Sequel?

While having any of the female Ghostbusters show up in the sequel to Ghostbusters: Afterlife would seem very unlikely, though, could you ever have imagined Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire returning to play their own versions of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in a film alongside Tom Holland, or Michael Keaton reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman ?

As per Sony Pictures , here’s the synopsis for Ghostbusters: Answer the Call :

Ghostbusters makes its long-awaited return with Director Paul Feig’s unique and hilarious take on the classic, supernatural comedy, led by the freshest minds in comedy today, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth.  Together they team-up to save Manhattan from a sudden invasion of spirits, spooks and slime that engulfs the city. Robert Abele of TheWrap says, “This new A-team of ghostbusters are fresh and funny.”

Zachary Woods in Aldridge Manor in Ghostbusters Answer the Call

Related: 5 Things Fans Expect From ‘Ghostbusters 4’

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call  stars Kristen Wiig (Erin Gilbert), Melissa McCarthy (Abby Yates), Leslie Jones (Patty Tolan), Kate McKinnon (Jillian Holtzmann),  Chris Hemsworth (Kevin Beckman), and cameos from original Ghostbusters icons Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson, all of whom play new characters.

Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) in Ghostbusters Answer the Call

Related: All Upcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ Movies, TV Shows, Comic Books and More

Ghostbusters 4 will be released on December 20, 2023 .

Do you think Ghostbusters: Answer the Call takes place in the Ghostbusters Multiverse ? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

Comments Off on The 2016 ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot May Be 100% Canon, After All

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    Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Neil Casey, Andy García, Cecily Strong, Charles Dance, Michael K. Williams, Matt Walsh, Miko Hughes and Chris Hemsworth, it is a reboot of the 1984 film of the same name and the third film in the Ghostbusters franchise.

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    99+ Photos Action Comedy Fantasy Three parapsychologists forced out of their university funding set up shop as a unique ghost removal service in New York City, attracting frightened yet skeptical customers. Director Ivan Reitman Writers Dan Aykroyd Harold Ramis Rick Moranis Stars Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd Sigourney Weaver

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    Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire: Directed by Gil Kenan. With Carrie Coon, Annie Potts, Mckenna Grace, Bill Murray. When the discovery of an ancient artifact unleashes an evil force, Ghostbusters new and old must join forces to protect their home and save the world from a second ice age.

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  12. Why an All-Female 'Ghostbusters' Reboot Was a Genius Idea

    Fans attacked the idea of women busting ghosts — and that's the best, most inspired thing about this blockbuster By David Fear July 12, 2016 Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate...

  13. The New 'Ghostbusters' Sequel Means The All-Female Reboot Is Being

    The female Ghostbusters was an entertaining, funny story that managed to overcome the negative press that surrounded it from the very first moment it was announced, and it proved itself to be a...

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    Here's Every Ghost in Ghostbusters I & II, Ranked From Worst To Best. 17. Slimer. Film: Ghostbusters I & II. This floating green ball of ectoplasm is more interested in pigging out than scaring guests at the swanky Sedgewick Hotel. Although ugly, this rotund glutton is hardly the most terrifying of ghosts.

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    The female-led "Ghostbusters" has finally arrived in theaters. Since its announcement, the film has been tarnished and criticized by fanboys of the original for its new version involving four ...

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    Plow #26Are We Done Yet? COLLECTION Who You Gonna Call? Every Ghost In The First Two 'Ghostbusters' Movies, Ranked Over 700 Ranker voters have come together to rank this list of Every Ghost In The First Two 'Ghostbusters' Movies, Ranked Vote up the most memorably spooky specters from the original 'Ghostbusters' movies.

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    Lady Slimer along with the four Ecto-1 Party Specters had joined Slimer when he acquired the Ecto-1. She appeared in the 2016 movie. Lady Slimer was Slimer's partner-in-crime as it were, and joined him on his joyride. Slimer drove past the Ghostbusters in front of The Mercado building in the Times Square area. The second time she was seen, she seems to have gotten closer to Slimer. They ended ...

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    These ladies. Meet the new all-female cast including Bridesmaids stars Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. Colour us excited!

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    Ghostbusters makes its long-awaited return with Director Paul Feig's unique and hilarious take on the classic, supernatural comedy, led by the freshest minds in comedy today, Melissa McCarthy ...