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Fighting revenant dragon

A player fights a revenant dragon within the Revenant Caves.

Revenants are the ghostly versions of creatures slain during the God Wars found in the Revenant Caves within the Wilderness in levels 28 to 34. They are extremely dangerous monsters , being capable of hitting very high and accurately for monsters of their combat levels .

Revenants are known for their generous drop table, due to being in the Wilderness, where the player is at risk of being killed by other players in a multicombat area . Each revenant shares the same drop table, though higher levelled revenants have a higher chance of dropping items other than coins.

Revenant Caves map

A map of the Revenant Caves, displaying the spawn locations of different types of revenants.

Revenants always drop some revenant ether , which is used to charge a bracelet of ethereum (which they also drop) to protect the player from a revenant's attacks, and also makes them tolerant towards the player. They also drop various ancient artefacts , which can be sold to the Emblem Trader wandering within the Revenant Caves for a set amount of coins. However, this can only be done on the official Bounty Hunter world. Lastly, they can drop ancient crystals , four of which are used to construct an obelisk in the superior garden of a player-owned house .

Overview [ ]

A revenant imp healing itself.

Revenants are capable of using all three forms of combat and are much more dangerous than their combat levels suggest. Their attacks have very high accuracy against any player not using a Bracelet of ethereum regardless of their defensive bonuses, and their magic attacks can hit up to 10 players standing on the same tile as their target. In addition, their attacks change based on the player's defensive stats and protection prayers being used. They are also capable of healing themselves when their health falls below 50%, though this only occurs a limited amount of times. When it heals itself, a lightning strike can be seen.

Being undead , revenants are susceptible to the effects of the salve amulet and its enchanted version .

List of revenants [ ]

All revenants share the same drop list. Higher level revenants have a greater chance of dropping rarer items.

Weapons/Armour [ ]

Runes/ammunition [ ], resources [ ].

  • ↑ 1.0 1.1 Only dropped while on a slayer assignment given by Krystilia .

Controversy [ ]

On release, revenants did not have much complaints; most of the complaints regarding them came from their super rare 100x drop. The only reason why they existed was because the polls for unique rewards did not pass. Typically, players are excited when they obtain a single, valuable drop, which none of the revenants actually had apart from the ancient crystal and the original three ancient artefacts : ancient emblem , totem and statuette . Players who obtained one of the super rare 100x drops could be potentially killed, resulting in them losing most if not all of that reward if they were killed.

8 February changes [ ]

On an update on 8 February 2018 , revenants gained a massive drop buff as it was determined that players were not obtaining more than the stated profit per hour (which was 2m/h). This also added the ancient medallion , effigy and relic to replace the 100x multiplier, and revenants were given a massive drop overhaul, dropping many resource items like runite ores and black dragonhides .

Immediately after the update, players began to complain about how much resources were entering the game, devaluing other bosses , skilling and granting players more profit per hour than originally intended. Many players began to compare the revenants to other monsters such as brutal black dragons , Zulrah and Vorkath , other monsters with generous drop tables but had a requirement to access. Since revenants had no requirements to kill and the fact that they were killed much faster, items that the revenants dropped began to crash at an alarming rate. Initially, Jagex determined that the flow of resources into the game was meeting the expected profit rate that was intended.

21 February changes [ ]

Eventually, more player complaints had Jagex look into the revenants again, from which they determined that only some players were making profit at or above the expected value, while many others were not, in addition to the inflated kills per hour. On 21 February 2018, a hotfix was implemented :

  • Dwarf multicannons cannot be placed in the revenant section of the caves; they could, however, be placed in any other part of the cave.
  • Revenants' access to the main drop table was significantly reduced, especially the lower levelled revenants. Higher levelled revenants have a better chance of accessing the main drop table.
  • The quantity of several drops, such as onyx bolt tips , were significantly reduced.
  • Revenants in World 345 (permanent Deadman mode ) no longer access the main drop table, now only dropping ether and the bracelet of ethereum . Any emblems players had would also be converted into their respective trade-in values.

1 March changes [ ]

The changes made on 21 February caused player complaints on revenants no longer being a viable money making method for the risk involved by being in a multi-combat area in the Wilderness . In an update on 1 March 2018, Jagex stated that they have "overstepped it a little with the reductions" based on post-change data analysis, and made the following changes as a result:

  • The chances of rolling on the normal loot table rather than coins have been increased slightly.
  • Ancient artefacts are now always lost on death, even if it is the only item in the player's possession. This was done to promote the risk of staying in the caves once the player receives it, and when the player attempts to exchange it.
  • Previously, the revenant's magic attack would only target one player. This allowed many players to wear a different pair of gloves instead of the bracelet of ethereum , as there is no necessity for it due to safety in numbers. The revenant's magic attacks now targets up to ten players that stand on the same tile as the main target, with the change intending to promote players to use the bracelet, which is always lost on death.
  • Unlike in RuneScape 3 , there are no revenant icefiends, vampyres or werewolves in Old School RuneScape . The models used by these revenants are also simply transparent models of their living counterparts, rather than the ghost-like tail the revenants are often recognised with. In addition to this, several revenants cannot be killed for a task (e.g the revenant pyrefiend cannot be killed in place of normal pyrefiends), and can be assigned as a slayer task.
  • Initially, revenants were to drop Ancient Warriors' armour much like their RuneScape 3 counterparts had when they were moved into Forinthry Dungeon . Their weapons were not included for balancing reasons; to compensate for this, other rewards were designed. However, the polls for both the armour and the new equipment did not pass. To ensure that revenants would still be worth killing, they were given a generous, but generic drop table as a result.
  • Revenants were originally the replacement for player killers between 10 December 2007 and 1 February 2011 in RuneScape 2 , when free trade and PVP in the Wilderness were removed (to counter real world trading ). Similar to player killers, they could attack players depending on their combat level and depth in the Wilderness , as well as heal themselves, use teleblock , and freeze the player.

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Wilderness Boss Rework – Revenant Weapons Poll Blog – OSRS

osrs revenant drop table skulled

This is a quick follow-up blog focusing on Revenant weapons, following the Wilderness Boss Rework Poll!

If you haven’t been living inside of a cave full of ghosts for the last couple of months, you’ve probably seen the  Wilderness Boss Rework Poll Blog  and subsequent  poll outcomes.

Everything passed! Hooray!

This blog’s focus is on Questions 10 and 11 from the poll, covering some of the ways we can deliver on your desire to make Craw’s Bow, Viggora’s Chainmace, and Thammaron’s Sceptre more obtainable.

We’ve chosen the most popular outcomes to expand on in this blog.

osrs revenant drop table skulled

Task-specific drop rate increases are something we’ve done before, namely with the Basilisk Jaw from Basilisk Knights, as well as various uniques from Wyrms, Drakes and Hydras.

Typically, this task-only drop rate increase has been a 5x multiplier. At time of writing, the combined prices of Revenant weapons account for a little over 1.5% of the drop value of Revenants. With this in mind, we’re confident that offering the same on-task drop rate increase here won’t balloon their profitability and incentivise players to only kill Revenants on-task.

Poll Question #1

Should Craw’s Bow, Viggora’s Chainmace and Thammaron’s Sceptre be dropped 5x more frequently by Revenants when on a Revenants Slayer task?

Many players voiced that even with a 20% increase, it wouldn’t move the needle significantly. So we’ve put together this nifty table showing how drop rates would be impacted by increases ranging from 20% to 50%.

We’ll offer a variety of percentages, but be keeping a close eye out for feedback in case players feel the mark is still being missed (in either direction).

The table shows the drop rate of any specific Revenant weapon (i.e. Craw’s Bow, Viggora’s Chainmace or Thammaron’s Sceptre) from each Revenant NPC while unskulled and skulled. In  bold  we’ve included what these drop-rates would be on-task if  Poll Question #1  passes.

We’ve given this some thought and think we have a slightly more elegant solution than just popping weapons on their respective drop tables.

Instead, we’d like to propose a ‘Revenant table’ for the reworked bosses, a little similar to Corporeal Beast’s  Sigil table . Upon killing a boss, the player would have a chance to roll onto this table. The table itself would contain the weapon attachment corresponding to the boss as well as the base weapons, weighted towards whichever weapon the attachment is aimed at.

If that sounds confusing, here’s an example of what that table might look like for Venenatis, with wholly arbitrary example numbers.

For example, if the player’s odds of hitting this drop table are a 1/100 (again, this number is totally random and solely for demonstration!) then the actual rates of each of these items from Venenatis would look like this:

This means the base Revenant weapon would always enter the game at a slightly higher rate than the attachment, since their rate per boss is identical and the other bosses have a slight chance at dropping the other weapons too.

The final popular option from the previous poll was Skotizo-style totem system, where Revenants would drop pieces of a totem, giving players access to a boss when assembled. The boss would have improved drop rates for the Revenant weapons.

Unfortunately, the scope of a project like this isn’t something we’d be able to offer alongside the Wilderness Boss Rework. That being said, if your feedback is overwhelmingly in support of a system like this, it’s something we could offer in the future as an extension to the Revenants.

With all of the above in mind, let’s wrap up with the final questions of this mini-poll!

Poll Question #2

Which of these methods would you like to see as a way to make Revenant weapons (Craw’s Bow, Viggora’s Chainmace and Thammmaron’s Sceptre) more obtainable? The highest-voted option will win.

Increase the base drop rates of Revenant weapons, by an amount to be determined by the outcome of Poll Question #3. This would stack with the Wilderness Slayer task buff if Poll Question #1 passes.

Include a ‘Revenant table’ on the reworked Wilderness bosses. When rolling for drops, if players roll onto this ‘Revenant’ table they’d have an equal chance at receiving the new weapon attachment or its associated base weapon and a lower chance of receiving a different base weapon.

Poll Question #3

If the base drop rates of Revenant weapons are to be improved, how much should they be improved by? The highest-voted option will win.

That about wraps it up for this one!

We’ll be looking at your feedback across all the usual channels and making any adjustments we feel necessary ahead of polling. There’s plenty of time as there is currently a poll in progress for  two new quests , a brand-new repeatable solo boss and  a Combat Achievement expansion  so go ahead and vote on them already!

Be sure to let us know what you think about the proposed changes in this blog by following one of the links below!

Mods Arcane, Archie, Argo, Ash, Ayiza, Boko, Brow, Bruno, Chilly, Curse, Daizong, Ditto, Dylan, Ed, Elena, Errol, Fed, Gecko, Goblin, Grub, Halo, Havik, Hornet, Husky, Jalo, Kieren, Kirby, Kurotou, Lenny, Light, Mack, Maylea, Markos, Meat, Moogle, Morty, Nin, Nylu, Regent, Redfield, Roq, Ry, Sarnie, Shaun, Shroom, Sigma, Skylark, Soffan, Sova, Squid, Starry, Steve W, Surma, Tide, Torrance, Veda, Vegard, West & Wolfy

The Old School Team.


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    osrs revenant drop table skulled


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  1. Template:Revenants/Drops

    100% ^ Revenant ether is only dropped in even quantity amounts. Unique There is a 1 in 5,333.4 chance of rolling the unique drop table when unskulled and a 1 in 2,933.37 chance when skulled. When this table is rolled, there is a 2 in 5 chance of receiving an amulet of avarice and a 1 in 5 chance each of receiving a weapon.

  2. Revenant knight

    Being skulled has less impact on drop rates; A dwarf multicannon can no longer be set up anywhere within the caves; 6 August 2020 Bracelet of Ethereum damage reduction lowered by 25% for a total of 75% damage reduction. The average value of the revenant drop table been reduced by around 20%. 1 March 2018

  3. Revenants

    Revenants have a fairly generous drop table, but as they are in the Wilderness, the player is always at risk of getting killed by other players. Due to the revenants' lucrativeness, player killers are common.

  4. Revenant Weapon Math with New Rates : r/2007scape

    Discussion With the latest poll, the community decided to increase the drop rate of the revenant weapons by 50%, and a further 5x when on a slayer task. Here are the highest drop rates from revenant knights, dragons, and Maledictus: Current rate, unskulled: 1/40,000 Current rate, skulled: 1/22,000 New rate, unskulled: 1/26,667

  5. Average Drop Value For Each Revenant

    Average Drop Value For Each Revenant I used the complete drop rate data provided by Mod Ash to calculate the Average Value of drops from each different revenant based on current GE prices. These averages include only item drops and ether drops. Ash's image didn't specify how many coins are dropped so I left the coin drops out.

  6. Revenants/Strategies

    Revenants are monsters that can be found in the Revenant Caves, which are located in multi-combat Wilderness. They have generous drop tables, consisting of valuable rewards, and are found within level 28-32 Wilderness in the Revenant Caves. WARNING: The entire area counts as the Wilderness. Players will be able to attack you here. Using a burning amulet, teleport to either outside the Lava ...

  7. Revenants

    Revenants are known for their generous drop table, due to being in the Wilderness, where the player is at risk of being killed by other players in a multicombat area. Each revenant shares the same drop table, though higher levelled revenants have a higher chance of dropping items other than coins. Contents 1 Overview 2 List of revenants 3 Drops

  8. Revenant Drop Tables

    Revenant Drop Tables - Calculated. Revenant Dragon - Skulled: Viggora's Chainmace,14000 Craw's Bow,14000 Thammaron's Sceptre,14000 Amulet of Avarice,7000 Ancient Relic,2800 Ancient Effigy,2800 Ancient Medallion,1400 Ancient Statuette,700 5-9 Magic Seeds,700 Ancient Crystal,2800 Revenant Dragon - Unskulled: Viggora's Chainmace,40000 Craw's Bow ...

  9. Revenant hobgoblin

    The revenant hobgoblin is a type of revenant that inhabits the Revenant Caves, which is a PvP-enabled area that is part of the Wilderness. Like all revenants, they can restore their health when it falls below 50% and will react to a player's protection prayers; wearing a charged bracelet of ethereum will reduce all revenants' damage by 75%.

  10. Wilderness Boss Rework

    Revenants Slayer Tasks Let's start with the most popular choice: increasing the drop rates of Revenant weapons while on a Revenants Wilderness Slayer task. Task-specific drop rate increases are something we've done before, namely with the Basilisk Jaw from Basilisk Knights, as well as various uniques from Wyrms, Drakes and Hydras.

  11. Rev weapon drop rates tweeted by Ash : r/2007scape

    It looks like killing a level 60 revenant, while skulled, has a chance of 1/4396 of landing on the revenant equipment table. If you're unskulled, it has a chance of 1/12560. From my rudimentary math skills it seems like its 3x (edit: actually its 2.857) more common. Skulling removes nearly 2/3 of the cheaper items on the mega rare table. 180

  12. Revenant ork

    100%] ^ Revenant ether is only dropped in even quantity amounts. Unique There is a 1 in 5,866.74 chance of rolling the unique drop table when unskulled and a 1 in 3,226.71 chance when skulled. When this table is rolled, there is a 2 in 5 chance of receiving an amulet of avarice and a 1 in 5 chance each of receiving a weapon.

  13. Revenant Caves Proposal

    Here's a summary of the proposals we've made to Revenant Caves in recent weeks. ... We're also going to be looking at the revenants' drop table, along with the mechanic where skulled players receive better loot chances. Post-launch this will likely be one of the main points of discussion, and working together we can ensure this offers suitable ...

  14. Testing NEW Revenant Drop Table (OSRS)

    Jagex keeps adjusting the drop tables to revenants! Feel free to watch my earlier videos of Rev Caves! Pvp armors may still be added to the drop table in...

  15. Rev weapon drop rates calculated per NPC (skulled vs unskulled)

    The weapon drops make up a mini Ultra-rare table inside the Rev rare drop table, consisting of the bow, chainmace, sceptre and amulet (ultimate troll). Change of hitting that Ultra-rare drop table: NPC | Chance Skulled | Chance Unskulled Rev Imp | 1/15,400 | 1/44,000 Rev Goblin | 1/10,262 | 1/29,320 Rev Pyrefield | 1/4,396 | 1/12,560

  16. Revenants

    There are only two ways to increase the drop rate of revenant items: completion of the elite Wilderness achievementswhich gives a 5% increased chance for revenant drops, and revenant drop enhancers, which give a 10% increased chance. Both boosts can be in effect at the same time. Revenants may be assigned as a slayer task from Mandrith.

  17. Revenant dark beast

    Trivia Location [ edit | ] Prayer info [ edit | edit source] Drops [] The following drop rates are provided by Jagex, unless otherwise specified. All revenants share the same drop list. Higher level revenants have a higher chance to drop a unique item as well as valuable common loot instead of coins.

  18. Wilderness Boss Rework

    The table shows the drop rate of any specific Revenant weapon (i.e. Craw's Bow, Viggora's Chainmace or Thammaron's Sceptre) from each Revenant NPC while unskulled and skulled. In bold we've included what these drop-rates would be on-task if Poll Question #1 passes. Reworked Bosses

  19. Revenants Skulled = more % of drops? : r/2007scape

    Killing them skulled doesn't increase your chance at uniques, but when a unique does drop, it guarantees you won't get some of the lower value uniques, increasing the rate of high value uniques like Craw's Bow and Viggora's Chainmace as a result. https://twitter.com/JagexAsh/status/1051241566852050944 1 TweetsInCommentsBot • 5 yr. ago @JagexAsh

  20. Revenant Caves & Deadman Changes

    The number of Revenant cave teleport scrolls dropped has been increased from 1 to between 1-10. Revenant loot tables now have an extra chance to drop Blighted items in addition to their normal loot. Multiple item drops will now appear in greater quantities.

  21. Skull (status)

    Revenants Although being skulled is extremely dangerous as it makes the player a lucrative target for player killers and/or clans, the skull status also modifies revenants ' drop table, increasing/decreasing rare drops while in some cases completely removing lower-value items.

  22. New revenant drop rate for on task/skulled : r/2007scape

    r/2007scape • 1 yr. ago Crazymar-vel New revenant drop rate for on task/skulled Question Does anyone currently know what the current drop rates are for skulled/on task for each of the revenant variants? Not sure if Wiki is up to date, and wondered whether the Reddit community has done the calculations yet?