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10 Hidden Plotlines Everyone Missed In Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon has an awesome storyline but there are plotlines that are easy to miss on the first playthrough.

The main story, along with the voice acting that accompanies it, is some of the best the series has seen so far. Yakuza: Like A Dragon makes a grand entrance to the new era of consoles and takes a bold step into a new genre. It thankfully nails it on almost every level.

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As good as the main story is, it’s the side content that really fleshes this world out. For those that miss side conversations, or side quests, they may not know some of the bigger revelations hidden within Yakuza: Like A Dragon . It might be obvious to say but there will be spoilers.

10 Nanba’s Real Reason For Getting Fired

If players max out their social bond with Nanba in Yakuza: Like A Dragon , they will learn all about why he got fired. It was to save another employee, Mizue, who was stealing drugs to support her family. In the end it seems like he took the fall for nothing since she was a scam artist. There is a little light at the end of the tunnel for this tale at least.

9 Adachi’s College Student

If players do the same thing for Adachi they will learn about his support for a college student. This is why he doesn’t have any money besides booze and girl money. A lot of his cash was being sent to put someone through college who was tied to an unlawful arrest. The end of this tale is sweeter than Nanba’s and shows Adachi’s true colors.

8 Mabuchi Is Alive

Drinking with Zhao will unveil to the players not only how he thinks about Mabuchi but that he is still alive. The final conversation with him will end with the two going toe to toe with Mabuchi and Zheng one more time. Even though they are defeated, they aren’t killed so they can come back again if necessary. It was a nice touch to bring those two characters back for a secret boss battle.

7 Nanoha’s Dating Troubles

Saeko’s drinking side story will go into her disapproving of Nanoha’s boyfriend. At first it seems like she is worrying for nothing but when she goes undercover as Nanoha to break up with him, both Saeko and Ichiban find out how much of a dirtbag he really is.

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It does have a good ending to the story though in that they find a new, purer love interest for Nanoha. Whether she takes the bait or not is unknown.

6 Joon-gi Han’s Past

In the main story of Yakuza: Like A Dragon , it is lightly touched upon that Joon-gi Han got plastic surgery to become a double of someone. Through drinking, players will discover how deep his dedication to the role got. It even ends with the Jingweon Mafia coming after him which then turns into recruitment for the Geomijul. The best part of all this is a quick mention that Joon-gi Han is also into video games.

5 Buying The Right Food

Besides getting to know party members through drinking, players can learn about characters and their food habits at restaurants. If one orders something a certain character likes, Saeko likes soup for example, this will trigger a small exchange of dialogue. These scenes are even voiced. Walking around town will also sprout up some great revelations like how Adachi wanted to become a sommelier.

4 What Happened To Shangri-La?

When Ichiban comes back from prison he goes to visit his family home at the Soapland. Someone happens to say it was abandoned after someone drove through it. Fans of the series will know that this someone was Majima which happened in the first Yakuza game . That was in 2005, five years after Ichiban went to prison in 2000.

3 Ikari’s Journey

Players can go to the Ounabara Vocational School in chapter 4 of Yakuza: Like A Dragon . It is here players will meet Ikari, an earnest student of learning who also likes going back to see the clerk, Miyakoshi. This begins with a quest called Fast Times at Ounabara and picks up again with Certified Underdogs. It is here where Ikari’s journey continues and ends as Ichiban offers him a job at his corporation, Ichiban Holdings.

2 Ichiban Becomes The Head Of A Corporation

Speaking of that company, this all begins with the mandatory quest, Ijincho’s Safety Net. This creates a business management sim where Ichiban becomes the president of a cracker company and gets Nick Ogata to help fund the project.

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If players stick to it after this mandatory section, they can become a millionaire and the best company in that region. They also unlock Eri, the heiress to the company, as a party member.

1 There Are Literal Ghosts

Ichiban going from homeless to a millionaire business mogul is crazy, but is it as crazy as there being literal ghosts in Yakuza ? In the side quest Forget Me Not, Ichiban runs into Kaede who she says saw him in his early years as a Yakuza member . The two of them basically go on a series of dates which has random NPCs look at Ichiban funny. In the end, he discovers Kaede was either a ghost or a phantom of his imagination, Fight Club style which explains the funny looks.

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yakuza 7 ghost girl

Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Girl Of My Dreams / Saeko Secret Bonding (Substory/Side Quest) Guide

Yakuza: Like A Dragon has many different  side quests  or  substories  that you can try to find and complete, one of which is  Girl Of My Dreams

This  substory / side quest  is triggered during  Chapter 15 – To The Pinnacle

It involves a secret bonding scene with Saeko

  • LOCATION:  Isezaki Iljincho, Survive Bar
  • QUEST GIVER : Saeko
  • CHAPTER:  Chapter 15 – To The Pinnacle
  • PREREQUISITE:  Max out your Personality Stats. Get Saeko’s bonding to Rank 5

yakuza 7 ghost girl


  • In order to unlock this substory you will need to get Saeko’s Bonding to Rank 5
  • Another requirement in order to trigger this substory is to max out your Personality Stats . The easiest way to do this is to collect coins at the Dragon Kart and then purchase the book that Fujisawa holds
  • After doing all of that, make sure it is daytime and then proceed to Survive Bar
  • At Survive Bar go ahead and speak to Saeko. Choose to Grab a Drink . This will trigger the substory and a scene.
  • You won’t need to do anything during the substory. The substory will then end after the scene.


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Substories 21-30

This section of IGN's Yakuza: Like a Dragon walkthrough covers Substories 21-30 , which act as sidequests throughout the main story. Some Substories are mandatory, and will occur naturally as you progress, while other Substories require you to seek them out and unlock minigames or offer rewards.

It's worth noting that Subquests aren't presented in numerical order in-game, so we've organized them for you here to make it easier to find specific one's you need assistance with.

Scroll down to see the entire list or click below to jump to a specific Substory:

Substory 21: Dumpster of Demise

Substory 22: an act of kindness, substory 23: warmest wishes, substory 24: fifty shades of play, substory 25: a fading star, substory 26: the masked murderer, substory 27: the miracle of spice, substory 28: tour guide turmoil, substory 29: the michio minefield, substory 30: fauxno michio.

Availability : Chapter 7

Location : Central St. (Near Romance Workshop)

Reward : Intimidation Manual, recruit Shige-san for Business Management simulator

Near the Romance Workshop you’ll find a man stuck in a large pile of trash. Approach it to begin this Substory and initiate a cutscene. Choose to help the man when prompted.

After a short conversation, you’ll need to return to the trash heap at a later time to continue this Substory.


Sometime later, you’ll find Shige-san waiting near the pile of trash. Speak with him to continue the conversation. He will offer you some “trash” that he found. Here’s what you’ll receive depending on your choice:

Shiny Black Object: Nameless Katana

Dull Metal Object: Rusted Chainmail

Creepy Object: Rime Amulet

Decline: +10 Intellect

After you receive your item, Shige-san will leave the area again. You’ll need to leave, as well, and return later to find him.

When you return, speak with Shige-san once more. This time, he’ll stumble across a dead body and the Yakuza will also arrive on the scene. Time for a fight.

Fight: Yakuza

You’re up against Yakuza Nagano (Lv. 17) and Yakuza Senda (Lv. 17). Both are weak to Kasuga’s bat Skills if you’re still rocking the Hero job, but otherwise you can exploit their fire weakness with Nanba’s Pyro Breath.


After the fight, Shige-san will thank you for your help in saving his life and will consider getting a real job. He will provide you with an Intimidation Manual and also become available to recruit for the Business Management simulator.

Location : Jinnai Station. Square (Outside Jinnai Station)

Reward : Pearl Earrings

Approach the young girl asking for donations outside Jinnai Station to initiate this Subquest. She will ask for a donation to help out her sick brother. When asked how much you want to donate, select any option as the outcome is the same.

Kasuga will recommend she finds a new location that might yield better results. You’ll have three options to choose from, but select Near the Popular Eatery for an Intellect +10 boost.

After a short cutscene outside the restaurant and a conversation with the manager, you’ll be tasked with checking on Megumi later. At this point, you’ll need to leave the area and return later.


Speak with Megumi and Kasuga will help her get the attention of more people. When prompted with what to say, select “Listen up!” For a Confidence +10 boost.

After another cutscene, head around the corner to Ijin Street and you’ll see a man and woman having a conversation. Listen in and you’ll find out that they are in fact scamming people for money. Time to put an end to their scheme.


Fight: Threatening Man

You’ll need to take down Ill-natured Man Ide (Lv. 18) for this fight. Thankfully, he’s weak to physical attacks, so Kasuga’s bat should make quick work of him.


After the fight, return to Megumi outside the restaurant. Speak with her and she’ll thank you for your help by giving you a pair of Pearl Earrings .

Availability : Chapter 9 (must finish Substory 22 first)

Location : Outside Akaushimaru (on Hyakkei St. near N. Isezaki Rd.)

Reward : Megumi (Poundmates summon)

You'll find Megumi asking for donations again outside Akaushimaru on Hyakkei Street. Approach her to begin a cutscene. Her parents will approach and thank you for helping her out. Leave the area for now and return later.


Megumi will be waiting outside the restaurant. Speak with her and you'll find she's done looking for donations, but now is worried her father may be up to something shady. Head over to the map marker on Central Street to investigate.


Approach the group of men and you'll find Megumi's dad talking to a dealer. Kasuga will intervene and try to stop the men from taking advantage of her dad.

Fight: Threatening Men

You'll be forced to fight three Lv. 17 Ill-natured Men: Endo, Inoue, and Takizawa. The men are weak to physical attacks, so focus on ganging up on a single person at a time and utilizing environmental attacks to add extra damage.


After the fight, you'll chat with Megumi and her father who will inform you that they still need 1 million Yen to pay for her brother's surgery. You'll need to save up the money yourself to help them pay for it.

Once you've saved $1M Yen, head to any taxi and head to the hospital by selecting "Taxi to Hospital" at the bottom of the list.


After a short cutscene, you'll gain Confidence +10 for your generous deed. Following the hospital scene, you'll be dropped off at Jinnai Station. Head south to meet up with Megumi's family once more. They will thank you for your help and you'll gain access to Megumi as a Poundmates summon.

Location : Ohama St. (Near Otohime Land)

Reward : Ecstacy Rope, Mr. Masochist (Poundmates summon)

Approach the women in the corner of the parking lot and a cutscene will begin playing. Kasuga will intervene and stop the women from harassing Yumiko. After which she will run away.

Head south of your current location and you'll find her another girl with a couple men. Chat with them and you'll find out about Mr. Masochist, a pain-loving man who's been in a bit of a funk lately.

Your next stop is Fukutoku Park in Koreatown. Here, you'll find a man banging his head on a tree. Talk to him and you'll need to remember his name (it's Mr. Masochist) when asked. Select the correct answer and you'll gain Intellect +10.

Ex1WU7YVEAMe iD.jpeg

He'll eventually ask you to hit him as hard as you can to see if he can still feel pain. Time for a fight.

Fight: Soto Makinohara

In this fight you'll face Pain-seeking Man Mr. Masochist (Lv. 20). This fight is a...little different from other fights. First, you'll notice that Mr. Masochist is resistant to everything and takes zero damage.


He will also dance and make your party susceptible to status ailments. Don't waste any MP on skills and just focus on using regular attacks. Eventually, he will stop the fight and a cutscene will play out as he sits on the swingset.

Head south to Tsurukame Highway and enter the Poppo shop. Speak with the woman behind the counter. You'll find out the the shop owner is Soto Makinohara's mother and she's looking for a way to reach him.


After the conversation, speak with Mr. Masochist's mother and offer to bring her along to Fukutoku Park. She will give him a firm talking-to the way only a mother could. Unfortunately, this isn't the type of pain he was looking for. Leave him be for now and head south of the park.

A cutscene will play out with some men harassing Yumiko. Kasuga will rush in and try and save her, only to be outdone by Mr. Masochist who takes the brunt force of the blow. A fight will ensue.

Fight: Street Punks

In this fight, you'll face three Lv. 20 Street Punks: Irie, Kitajima, and Katayama.


The men are weak to Kasuga's bat attacks, and you can deal damage to multiple as they group up together with Area attacks. Otherwise, just focus on taking one down at a time and you should get through this battle easily.

After the fight, Yumiko will slap some sense into Mr. Masochist - literally. She will also reward you with an Ecstasy Rope . You'll also be able to summon Mr. Masochist in battle through Poundmates.

Location : Eomeoni's Vow (Fukutokucho area in Koreatown)

Reward : Bullet of Memory, Il Yu-Jin (Poundmates summon)

Enter the restaurant and you'll overhear an argument between a customer and the owner of the restaurant. The angry drunk will leave and you'll find out he's a washed up megastar named Il Yu-Jin. The owner will be worried that he's going to cause trouble somewhere else, so it's time to track him down. Head to the Bar District and enter Bar Rodriguez.

Ex psg4UUAMZ7EZ.jpeg

When you enter, you'll find the drunk star bothering people in the bar. Intervene in his conversation and you'll begin a fight.

Fight: Il Yu-Jin

As expected, you'll be facing Rowdy Former tar Il Yu-Jin (Lv. 20). He's incredibly easy, and a couple Skills should make short work of him.

Ex psyxVoAMwnwf.jpeg

After the fight, Kasuga will take him to a bench and try to calm him down. When prompted for his name, select Il Yu-Jin to receive Intellect +10 . He'll tell you a story followed promptly by throwing up all over the concrete. This man needs some water.

The closest set of vending machines is just North of where you're at outside the Dragon Kart building. Approach one of the blue Boss vending machines and purchase the Suntory Mineral Water for 110 Yen. Bring it back to Il Yu-Jin.

After becoming motivated by an old fan, Il Yu-Jin will decide he wants to return to acting. Meet up with him at the blue map marker on Hyakkei Street in Koreatown. You'll find a journalist attempting to blackmail him about another assault. Time to step in and make things right.

Ex ptGSVgAEQdHg.jpeg

You'll be fighting Scheming Paparazzo Tsuzuki (Lv. 20). Hit him with a couple Skills or gang up on him with some basic attacks and he should fall quickly.

Afterwards, Il Yu-Jin will thank you for your help in redeeming his career and give you a Bullet of Memory for your troubles. He'll also be available as a Poundmates summon .

Availability : Chapter 9

Location : Near Hyakkei St. (in Koreatown)

Reward : Profane Wristband, Jiei-san (Poundmates summon)

Approach the girls near the white car and a cutscene will begin. You'll find they are searching for an "iconic" masked killer. Speak with the shop owner afterwards to proceed. He'll ask Kasuga to investigate the area for the masked killer. You'll need to return to the area after dark to progress this Substory.

Head to the map marker at night and you'll see another cutscene followed by a fight.

Fight: Suspicious Man

As expected, you'll be fighting Obstacle Eliminator Masked Man (Lv. 20).


He's pretty resilient, but focus on utilizing your best Skills and you should get through the fight after a few turns. After the fight, you'll find out the masked killer is actually a butcher named Jiei who's just been practicing his trade...very poorly.

You'll receive a Profane Wristband for helping out, though. You'll also be able to call upon Jiei-san through Poundmates.

Location : Tsurukame Highway (near Hyakkei St.)

Reward : Umeko can be recruited in the Business Management minigame

Approach the hunched-over woman near the street to begin this Substory and start a cutscene. She'll explain that she's determined to cross the street, but the light keeps changing too quickly. After some time she will head home.

Head to Sakura Lane and another cutscene will play. You'll meet an elderly man selling kimchi - except its really spicy. So spicy that it will make Kasuga take off running. He'll offer you the rest of his kimchi batch before he heads out for the day. You'll receive the Miracle Kimchi . Time to start making some miracles happen.


First, travel north to Jinnai Station and speak with the young high school girl. She will be longing to see her loved one before they leave on the train, but she can't work up the courage to move. Offer her some of the Miracle Kimchi and she will take off running.

Your next stop is Hamakita Park in Chinatown. Speak with the man in the blue tank top across from Ichiban Holdings. He'll explain that he's having some issues training.


Share the Miracle Kimchi with him and he'll take off running. He'll return and thank Kasuga for helping him out. Your final stop is the old woman you met at the beginning of this Substory. Return to Umeko's location on Tsurukame Highway.


Offer her the Miracle Kimchi and you'll receive Passion +10 for doing so. She'll eat some just as the light changes and dash across the street before thanking Kasuga.

Return to the kimchi vendor's location and share the good news with him about how his kimchi changed the lives of so many. You'll find that he's got a crowd now and doing extremely well. Umeko will also share some kimchi with you and become available to recruit in the Business Management minigame.

Availability: Chapter 9

Location: West of Hamakita Park

Reward: Fancy Microphone, Technique Booster, Ayami Ishida available to recruit in Business Management

Approach the man and woman just west of Hamakita Park and you'll overhear a conversation between the two. Kasuga will speak with the tour guide afterwards she'll explain why she's having so much trouble doing her job. She will ask for your help during her next Chinatown tour. Accept her offer, of course.

Pay close attention to the images and locations she describes, as you'll need to recite this information later in this Substory.


When you're ready, head to the Chinatown gate entrance and speak with Ayami to begin. You can also review the information once more, if needed.

Once the tour begins, Ayami will become nervous and need Kasuga's help to remember specific facts. The answers are as follows:

  • Question 1: Red Dragon
  • Question 2: Blue Sign
  • Question 3: Ultra Packed Super Bun

For answering the questions correctly, you'll receive Passion +10 , Intellect +10 , and Style +10 , respectively.

As the tour concludes, an angry man will intervene and cause a scene. Ayami will try to step in and diffuse the argument, but Kasuga will eventually step in to take care of things.

Of course you're going to fight! You'll face Ill-natured Man Shimizu (Lv. 24).


He's weak to slash damage as well as Kasuga's bat attacks, so pile on the powerful Skills and he should fall easily.

After the tour, Ayami will thank you for all of your help. She'll give you a Fancy Microphone for your troubles and you'll also be able to recruit Ayami Ishida for the Business Management minigame. Her parents will also give you a Technique Booster for helping their daughter.

Location : Chinatown

Reward : Ono Michio Figure

Approach the large shrine at the bottom of Chinatown to initiate a cutscene. You'll learn about the Michio statue as well as some fakes that have popped up. Attempt to press the button when prompted, followed by trying to mash the button for Confidence +10 boost.

You'll learn that the man was rounding up fakes and accidentally dropped a box full of them and mixed them up with real ones. You're tasked with picking out all the real statues to avoid any future explosions.


There are seven Michio-kun figures that need to be collected. If you pick up a fake one, you'll take damage, and if your HP drops to 0 - you lose. Here's a real Michio-kun figure for reference:


This minigame will have you walking around in first-person with the ability to zoom in using the right trigger. You'll need to study each figure closely to spot the fakes. One of the easiest ways to identify a fake is by the eyes - if the pupils are in the center it's not real. The real statues have their pupils looking upwards (see below).

EyT-iO7VEAAsf .jpeg

For those that are lying face-down or facing away, you can also identify real statues by the sleeves on the shirt. If they are sleeveless, it's a fake, whereas the real statues have long-sleeve shirts (see below).


After collecting all seven, you'll receive an Ono Michio Figure from Hironaka for your efforts.

Location : Near the Taiyo Gate in Chinatown

Reward : Def Boom Box, Hironaka available to recruit in Business Management , Ono Michio (Poundmates summon)

Up the street from where you met Hironaka and collected the Michio-kun statues, you'll find a man wearing the Ono Michio mascot costume near a group of people. Approach him and you'll start a cutscene.


You'll find out the imposter is selling counterfeit merchandise and will notify Hironaka. He'll show up in his real Ono Michio costume and try to stop the phony business. Kasuga will eventually intervene to save the day.

Fight: Ono Michio Imposter

Time to take down the phony. You'll be up against Violent Faker Ono Mitchio (Lv. 26), and three Ill-natured Men: Inaba (Lv. 26), Tani (Lv. 27), and Naito (Lv. 28).


Focus on utilizing area attacks to thin out the crowd a bit. Ono Mitchio is weak to slice damage, as well as physical damage, and goes down relatively easily. Utilize strong Skills and you'll make quick work of the imposter and his crew.

Hironaka will thank you for saving him and helping out again. He'll give you a Def Boom Box for your troubles. You'll also be able to recruit Hironaka in the Business Management minigame and summon Ono Michio as a Poundmate.

For every Substory in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, check out our full list by clicking the link below.

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Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The Creepiest Things We Found In Yakuza Games

The  Yakuza  series has been going strong since 2005, all the while weaving a complex story of love, war, and betrayal amidst the organized crime families of Japan. With multiple sequels, prequels, spin-offs, and enhanced remakes, the franchise has had plenty of opportunity to get  real weird , delivering some truly memorable characters and some of the oddest side missions and substories in gaming history.

While many of these games aim for dark comedy or melodramatic theatrics, the   series can get downright uncomfortable and spooky.  Yakuza  blurs the line between earnest crime drama and bonkers action, so it may not come as a surprise that things occasionally slip into the realm of the supernatural. Let's take a look at the moments when the  Yakuza  games weren't content to merely entertain us, but also disturbed us. Here are the creepiest things we found in the Yakuza games.

How to Train Your Dominatrix - Yakuza 0

"How to Train Your Dominatrix," one of the substories in  Yakuza 0,  revolves around a down on her luck dominatrix named Ayu who just can't seem to figure out how to do her job properly. Naturally, she asks protagonist Kazuma Kiryu to help her with this and give her pointers on how to talk to her clients. This is already an odd proposition, but things get even weirder when the pair adjourn to a local park to continue her training. 

In front of a group of children, Kiryu suggests things for Ayu to say, including such gems as: "Who gave you permission to speak, pig!?" The kids playing in the park come over to see what the commotion is all about. Kiryu suggests Ayu should take advantage of the awkward situation, telling her to respond as though the children had appeared while she was with a client. It's all played for laughs, but you're more likely to be squirming in your seat as you take part in one of the more unfortunate and uncomfortable sequences in the  Yakuza  games. 

Majima Everywhere - Yakuza Kiwami

Goro Majima is one of the more interesting individuals within the  Yakuza  storyline. He first appears in the series as an antagonist, a loose cannon who cannot be trusted. In the early days of his friendly rivalry with Kiryu, Majima protected Kiryu from harm, determining that only he had the right to end Kiryu's life.

Yakuza Kiwami , an enhanced remake of the first game in the series, takes this aspect of Majima's character and pushes it to the extreme with the play mode Majima Everywhere . This features Majima stalking and attacking Kiryu at random intervals and locations, usually while wearing some kind of elaborate disguise. During these sequences, Majima may pop out of a manhole or come after Kiryu while dressed as a zombie. In fact, after he's defeated in his "zombie form," you can still occasionally find this version of Majima wandering around in the streets. It's an amusing feature that will quickly put you on edge, expecting every shadow or suspicious NPC to be Majima in disguise like he's the villain in the world's goofiest slasher flick. 

The video tape - Yakuza Kiwami 2

The  Yakuza Kiwami 2 substory " Rising from the Shadows " includes one of the series' more blatant brushes with the supernatural. In a nod to The Ring , Kiryu receives and watches a video tape. The footage shows what appears to be the ghost of a young woman moving around a lonely playground in the dead of night. Right before the video cuts out, the woman appears directly in front of the camera (which, by the way, appears to be way too high up for someone to stand in front of it) and gives an eerie smile before vanishing. 

What follows is a bizarre mission that involves Kiryu posing as an exorcist and helping the old man who gave him the tape to rid himself of the ghost that follows him. The whole storyline is spooky, but nothing beats the chill of seeing that video tape and the dead-eyed grin of the ghostly woman for the first time. The jump scare at the end of the tape is particularly unforgettable.

Toylet humor - Yakuza Kiwami 2

There are a few mini-games in  Yakuza Kiwami 2  that can only be played at arcade urinals called Toylets. These games are controlled by the pressure of your characters' — ahem — stream, so make sure you've had plenty to drink before entering the arena that is the men's restroom. One of the games is called "Milky Nose" and the goal is to blast your friend in the face with milk. That's bizarre already, but " The North Wind and the Sun and Me " veers into creepier territory.

In this game, your stream powers the winds themselves as you attempt to blow the clothes off of a young woman. This may sound amusing, but there's something more than a little off-putting about the realization that you are playing a video game within a video game where you're trying to make a guy  pee so hard that someone's clothes fall off.  As pointed out by  GameSpew , these kinds of games actually exist in the real world. So, the next time you feel the call of nature, fellas, you'd better try for a high score.

ZOMBIES! - Yakuza: Dead Souls

The spinoff  Yakuza: Dead Souls   was essentially the series' tribute to over the top action-horror games like  House of the Dead  and  Resident Evil , complete with hordes of zombies and science experiments gone horribly wrong. While much of  Dead Souls  favors high-octane action over genuine scares (much like some of the later entries in the  Resident Evil  franchise), the game includes more than a few unnerving moments. 

The Crying Woman enemy type, a ghoulish female who howls like she's in pain and summons other zombies to swarm the area, is particularly creepy. Beyond that, it's also interesting to see which characters flourish following the zombie apocalypse. In a weird way, the game helps inform how you may see these characters in the main games, particularly Goro Majima , who makes his playable debut in  Dead Souls. Majima seems right at home fighting endless waves of undead.

The Running Girl - Yakuza 5

Poor Haruka . She just wants people to take her seriously, but she keeps getting stuck with one embarrassing job after another. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Yakuza 5 substory "The Running Girl." Haruka attends an audition and quickly is given a job by an oddly enthusiastic director: run. Just run for them. 

The assignment itself raises some red flags and leads to  a mini-game of sorts where the you must press the correct prompts to avoid the many hazards in Haruka's way and keep her running in the right direction. And ... that's it. What kind of show is this? Who is the target audience? What time is it going to air (presumably accompanied by commercials for the Dead or Alive Xtreme   games)? The different camera angles are all rather close up on Haruka, either right on her back or in her face, pushing this further into creepy territory. The whole production makes it look like she's not only being exploited, but chased. After all, someone has to be holding the camera in this scenario.

The woman in white - Yakuza 0

In the Yakuza 0  substory " Gandhara Clerk ," a store clerk tells you an urban legend concerning a young woman dressed all in white who supposedly hangs around the area. He asks you to find her and to get a very "special" video tape from her. Sure enough, not long after, you encounter a young woman in white who will complain about the cold. Giving her some soup seems to make her feel much better, and she'll hand you a video tape in return before seeming to vanish from the scene. If you return to the clerk with the tape, he'll invite you to watch the video with him. 

Much like "Rising from the Shadows," the tape is not the dirty video the characters may be hoping for. Instead, the actual picture of the video is garbled, with only the voice of a woman complaining of the cold. When you leave the room, you discover the woman in white with an eerie smile on her face, telling the empty room that she's not cold anymore. While it's never quite explained, it's clear that something supernatural is afoot here.


In the Yakuza games, getting into one of Japan's organized crime families is almost as difficult as getting out. Nowhere is this more evident than the multiple moments in which characters find their fingers severed as a show of loyalty and remorse. Despite the high levels of violence in these games, this act is usually not shown onscreen, with the camera instead opting for extreme closeups of the characters' faces, accompanied by painful shouts and squishy sound effects, which is honestly more upsetting in some ways. Anything you can picture in your head is probably worse than whatever the game could have shown you.

The most upsetting thing about this is that it is practiced by the actual Yakuza . It's called  yubitsume , which means "finger-shortening." This is done as a form of atonement for any perceived wrongdoing on the part of the family. It's also done to remind the offender that they must rely on the family for their survival, especially now that fighting or holding any kind of weaponry will become more difficult. 


yakuza 7 ghost girl

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - How to Unlock All Girlfriend (Heroine) Sub Story Events

February 23, 2021 Wolf Knight Yakuza: Like a Dragon 0

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - How to Unlock All Girlfriend (Heroine) Sub Story Events

How to Unlock All Girlfriend (Heroine) Sub Story Events

Girlfriend (heroine) sub story events.

You can view special Sub Story events for six potential girlfriends (Heroine) in the game by meeting certain conditions. Some characters also require you to have leveled up different Human Powers (stats) to improve your relationship with them. Personality Stats

Many of the potential girlfriends can be recruited in Company Management after viewing their unique Sub Story events, making it worthwhile to spend time with them.

Iroha Yanagi

Iroha – “secret conversation” (sub story #50).

Clear all interactions with Iroha to unlock her unique Sub Story “Conversation” at Survivor Bar. Afterwards, Iroha can be recruited for Company Management.

Sub Story 50 Secret Chat

Ririka – “Real You” (Sub Story #51)

Clear all interactions with Ririka and get all jobs from Hello Work to unlock her unique Sub Story “Real You” which takes place outside Hello Work. Afterwards, Ririka can be recruited for Company Management.

Sub Story 51 The Real You

Manae Miyakoshi

Manae – “what you want to pass” (sub story #49).

Clear all interactions with Manae and meet all qualifications for a qualified school to unlock her unique Sub Story “What You Want to Pass”. Head to a qualified school and talk to Manae to view the event and receive a Certificate of  Completion. Manae will also be available for recruitment to Company Management.

Sub Story 49 Something I Want to Hand Over

Sumire Sawa

Sumire – “what you want to protect” (sub story #14).

Clear all interactions with Sumire and invest at least 20 million Yen in Roman Seisakusho (with all investments cleared) to unlock her unique Sub Story “What You Want to Protect”. Talk to her and defeat the Bad Men that appear to view the event. Afterwards, Sumire will be available for recruitment to Company Management.

Sub Story 14 What I Want to Protect

Saeko Mukouda

Raise the bond level with Saeko to 5 and have Style Lv.10 to unlock her unique Sub Story “Dream”.

Saeko – “Girl of my Dreams” (Sub Story #47)

Talk to Saeko at Survivor Bar to view the event.

Sub Story 47 Girl of my Dreams

Eri Kamataki

Complete all Company Management objectives to unlock Eri’s unique Sub Story “Two Visions”.

Eri Kamataki – “Vision of Us” (Sub Story #48)

Talk to Eri at Ichiban Holdings office and at Survivor Bar to view the event.

Sub Story 48 Vision of Us

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Dan Murasaki

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  • 1.1 Appearance
  • 1.2 Personality
  • 2 Background
  • 3.1 Lost Judgment: 2021
  • 7 References

Profile [ ]

Appearance [ ].

Dan is a mid-sized young man with spiky black hair and steel earrings. He wears black, baggy jeans, a tattered red shirt and a black leather jacket. Whenever he's leading his faction in the motorcycle gang, he wears a black helmet with white scratches resembling a skull on it, which conceals his face.

Personality [ ]

From a young age, Dan was always overshadowed by his older brother, Reiji . As a result of it, despite greatly admiring his older brother, he also greatly resented the fact that he was always compared unfavorably to him.

Due to his inferiority complex, he is a very angry young man who lashes out violently at anyone who upsets him. He rules his faction of Made in Heaven with an iron fist and employs force as the primary means of asserting his group's position within the gang. He also believes that Made in Heaven shouldn't just be a gang focused on racing and should instead branch out into organized crime.

Background [ ]

Dan grew up in a poor household and was overshadowed his whole life by his older brother Reiji. Because of that, he was a very angry kid and became a juvenile delinquent in his teens, getting into fights and committing petty crimes to get attention. He was acquainted with Masaru Akatsuka when he was in middle school.

After his older brother died while on a race with his motorcycle gang, Dan came up with an idea for how to finally step out of his brother's shadow: He would join Reiji's former gang, Made in Heaven, while using an alias and a disguise to avoid being recognized as Reiji's brother, and he would take control of it and reshape it as he saw fit. Since Dan was not as skilled a racer as his older brother, he primarily relied on violence during the gang's free-for-all races to defeat his opponents. Pretty quickly, Dan (going by the alias "Ghost") became a feared and respected member of the gang, leading his own faction of followers. However, his plans to take over from 2nd Leader Akatsuka were disrupted when Yuma Suou , a senior student at Seiryo High School , joined the gang and quickly defeated every other member, including Dan, in races, thus earning the position of 3rd Leader.

In late 2021, Dan is covertly approached by Matsuhisa Koga of the Neo Keihin Gang , who want to form an alliance with Made in Heaven and integrate them into their criminal operations. Dan agrees to the partnership, but he needs to defeat Suou in a race in order to take over Made in Heaven and turn them from just racers into proper criminals.

Involvement [ ]

Lost judgment: 2021 [ ].

Takayuki Yagami infiltrates Made in Heaven to convince Suou to abandon the gang, at the behest of fellow Seiryo student, Kyoko Amasawa . On his first day in the gang, Dan immediately has a bad feeling about Yagami and accuses him of being a police infiltrator. Since Yagami can't point out any gang members who recommended him for the gang, Dan and his goons prepare to beat Yagami and kick him out, only for Suou to stop them, since he insists that anyone can join as long as they can beat a member in a race. Aggravated, Dan tells Kanasugi to race against Yagami. Much to Dan's frustration, Kanasugi loses and Yagami is admitted into the gang.

He and his goons gather pictures of the Biker Gang Prevention Group's relatives to scare them off during their next protest. Since Yagami had recently defeated the leaders of the Bakuon Rairyu and Raging Angels factions, Dan agrees to take him on as a means of impressing all the gang's members and forcing Suou to race him again for the gang's leadership.

After Yagami has challenged and defeated three of his underling, Dan finally takes him on himself, but is unable to beat him. In his frustration at being beaten, Dan crashes his bike and his helmet is destroyed, revealing his face to all the gang's members. Akatsuka recognizes him as Reiji's younger brother, shocking all of Made in Heaven's members, since they didn't know Reiji had a brother. Since his plan to take over the gang via racing has failed, Dan instead tries to convince the gang's members to abandon his brother's old rule of "Whoever rules the road, writes the rules" and instead turn into a violent gang to rule over Yokohama's streets by force. When some of the gang's members start to agree with him, Yagami shows Dan some evidence which he'd collected that the Keihin Gang are manipulating him and only intend to use him as cannon fodder for their plans to take over the city. Infuriated by this, Dan storms off towards the offices of the Yokohama Biker Gang Prevention Organization, whom Yagami had just shown him the Keihin had been using to attack Made in Heaven in the hopes of radicalizing Ghost's Faction.

At the Prevention Group's offices, Dan finds Kenta Kasai and several members of the Keihin, just as Yagami had told him. Much to Yagami's shock, a rampaging Dan beats them all up by himself and then tries to attack Masato Otsuki , the local politician who led the prevention group. However, he is stopped by Yagami and Kotaro Seyama , another prevention group member who knew Reiji before his death. Yagami beats Dan in a fight and Seyama manages to talk him down from his rampage, saying that he can forge a path in life for himself outside of his brother's shadow without continuing to live like a criminal. Defeated and exhausted, Dan agrees to leave the gang life and try to become a civilian once more. He later helps the bikers convince Suou's mother to let him continue motocross.

Later on, Yagami and Amasawa realize that Kotoko Itokura is being blackmailed by the Keihin, who are threatening her mother's life. In order to put a stop to this, Yagami asks for Dan's help, sending him and several of his former Ghost Faction underlings to the hospital where Itokura's mother is interned to get rid of the Keihin Gang members who are permanently keeping lookout outside her room. At the time Dan arrives there, Kasai happens to be the one keeping lookout and, as soon as he sees Dan, he flees in terror to avoid another beating. He orders his subordinates to keep watch until Yagami is finished with his business.

Gallery [ ]

Dan's headshot

See also [ ]

  • ↑ The given height of 185 cm (6′ 1″) is based on the character model's scaling factor within Lost Judgment ' s data. [1] For Dragon Engine games, this method is believed to be very accurate (±2 cm). However, this is intended as an estimate, not a substitute for an official statistic.

References [ ]

  • ↑ Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, “character_model_model_data” (.BIN file), Lost Judgment (Tokyo: SEGA WP , 2021), PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Windows/Xbox One/Xbox Series X and S/Amazon Luna.
  • 1 Kazuma Kiryu
  • 2 Goro Majima
  • 3 Ichiban Kasuga


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