10 Corporate Deck Examples & Templates (That Stand Out)

Get tips for creating an impressive corporate pitch deck, see high-performing corporate slide deck examples, and grab a battle-tested corporate deck template.


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Corporate deck example

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Short answer

What does a corporate deck include.

A typical corporate deck includes the following elements:

  • Introduction (UVP + hook)
  • Problem (your market segment has)
  • Solution (you have that no one can copy)
  • Market size and opportunity
  • Business and revenue model
  • Traction and validation
  • Marketing/growth strategy
  • Team (authority & experience)
  • Investment and use of funds

Without an outstanding deck, you won't get funded.

The highly competitive business landscape makes it challenging to impress investors with your pitch. Countless hours spent crafting the perfect pitch may not be enough.

If you don't have a well-crafted corporate deck, you risk losing investors and missing out on the funding your business needs to succeed.

Read on to learn the key components of a winning corporate deck and get insights from templated corporate deck examples that have successfully secured funding for other companies. Let’s go!

What is a corporate deck?

A corporate deck, or corporate pitch deck, is a presentation designed to convey the essential aspects of a business to potential investors, partners, or stakeholders. A corporate deck includes slides that outline the company's business model, products or services, target market, competition, team, financials, and growth strategy.

What is the goal of a corporate deck?

The goal of a corporate deck is to secure their investment, partnership, or stakeholder buy-in. To achieve this objective, corporate pitch decks should be heavily focused on showing the impact of the product, service or initiative on market-share, growth, and revenue.

If you're looking for other types of business presentations, check out our dedicated guides:

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Why most corporate decks fail (and how to avoid it)

The hard truth is that 99% of corporate decks fail to impress investors. That's a staggering statistic, but it's not surprising given the common pitfalls that many companies fall into when creating their presentations.

Here are the reasons why corporate decks fail and how to avoid these mistakes:

1. They use static slides that kill engagement

Static slides are engagement killers - there’s no option to visualize your data, include an actionable CTA, or deliver a pleasant reader experience on a mobile device.

Reengage your audience by incorporating interactive elements into your deck. Things such as videos, animations, clickable charts, or interactive ROI calculators.

Interactive content allows investors to explore the data on their own at their preferred pace. And when you allow investors to interact with your presentation, you’re increasing the chances of them reading it in full by 41% .

corporate presentation for investors

2. They offer facts rather than tell a story

Corporate slide decks that rely too heavily on listing out facts and figures are dry and tiring.

Instead of spouting facts, structure your deck around a compelling narrative that captures investors' attention and makes them care about your mission and vision.

If you’re not sure how to get started, here’s a video on how to improve storytelling in a pitch deck:

How to improve storytelling in a pitch deck

3. They are generic and fail to personalize

Investors are swamped with corporate decks on a daily basis, and they can smell generic from a mile away.

If you truly want to stand out from the crowd, you need to do your research ahead of time to understand the specific needs of your target audience.

By understanding what matters most to them, you can create a presentation that speaks directly to their concerns and demonstrates how your company can deliver value. Personalization gets 68% more people to read your deck in full .

4. They fail to use behavior data to continually optimize

Make sure you’re making data-driven decks instead of flying blind. If you’re sending out PDFs or PowerPoints that collect zero data about how readers engage with your deck there’s no way you’ll ever achieve a top performing deck.

The good news is that Storydoc decks collect insight on how your audience interacts with your deck, down to the slide and even button level. Where they skip, where they linger and when they share it with other decision-makers. Imagine what you could do with this info!

Deck analyti

Corporate deck examples that stand out

A beautiful corporate presentation deck is a basic requirement - it’s not gonna make you stand out.

To create a deck that drives real results you’ll wanna take a close look at our list of the top corporate deck examples.

These corporate deck samples were all created using Storydoc and have been optimized for high engagement.

And the best part? All the examples are templated, which means you can use any of them to create your best-performing corporate deck in minutes!

Jump ahead to each example:

Startup pitch deck

What makes this deck great:

  • The cover slide video enhances interaction, increasing engagement by up to 32% . This boosts the chances of potential investors reading the deck in its entirety and taking the desired action at the end.
  • The roadmap slide offers a clear and concise presentation of your start-up’s journey. Meanwhile, various data visualization elements are perfect for demonstrating financial projections, proving that your business is making progress.
  • The calendar integration on the final slide simplifies the process for investors to schedule the next meeting immediately after going through your corporate deck.

Light mode invest pitch deck

  • The minimalist design makes your deck easy to follow even for those unfamiliar with the industry.
  • With image and video placeholders , showcasing your solution and how it solves problems is effortless, without relying on complicated terminology.
  • The interactive slides showcase the team behind your solution, illustrating their capability to steer it towards success.

Light mode product pitch deck

  • The powerful personalization features enable you to produce an infinite number of versions of your deck in just a few clicks, resulting in 68% more people reading it entirely .
  • The AI assistant lets you create relevant visuals or copy for the corporate pitch deck in just a few clicks.
  • The intuitive editor automatically extracts the essential visuals of your company, ensuring that your deck maintains its brand consistency.

Investor pitch deck

  • The fresh, contemporary design is sure to capture the attention of potential investors, particularly in trend-led industries.
  • The perfect balance of text-based slides and engaging visuals enables you to present your key metrics while providing necessary context.
  • The scroll-based interactive design facilitates explaining your solution to potential investors and guides them through a compelling narrative.

Pitch deck essentials

  • The compact design makes it easy to communicate essential information in fewer slides, saving the investors' time.
  • Various interactive slides provide potential investors with all the critical insights at first glance. By clicking through tabs, they can discover more about your solution, enhancing their engagement.
  • The smart CTAs allow you to incorporate a live chat widget or calendar, smoothly directing potential investors to the next step.

Product pitch deck

  • The combination of visual slides is ideal for presenting the product's primary features and use cases without overloading investors with walls of text.
  • Videos that can be embedded and played directly from the deck allow you to include case studies from past customers to legitimize your product.
  • An easy, intuitive editor ensures complete control over your presentation. If you release a new product version or make a typo in the specs, you can quickly make the necessary tweaks at any time, even after sending your deck.
  • Powerful interactive design that doesn't detract from the main message. By using our running numbers slides and data visualization elements, you can present key metrics or financial projections to potential investors in an eye-catching, easy-to-understand format.
  • Several data visualization elements that can be customized to your specific use case. You can also add real-time variables to your charts.
  • The dynamic content allows your audience to interact with the deck. For example, you can embed an interactive ROI calculator that they can fill out to determine if they're getting their money's worth.

General invest pitch deck

  • The versatile components make it suitable for pre-seed, seed, or series A funding. It includes all the necessary corporate deck elements that you can use to create a master deck.
  • The ability to add customizable fields that can be filled in within seconds, making it possible to personalize your corporate deck at scale.
  • The intuitive, user-friendly editor ensures that anything you add automatically adjusts to the overall deck layout. This means you don't have to worry about breaking the design.

Creative pitch deck

  • The attention-grabbing design , featuring vibrant colors and animated elements, can convert casual scrollers into engaged readers.
  • The fully interactive layout of this corporate deck increases interaction and extends the average reading time.
  • The combination of visual and data visualization slides enables you to showcase snippets of your portfolio while emphasizing the most crucial metrics.

Bonus: successful corporate deck example by a Storydoc client

Finally, we left the best for last - a real-life corporate deck example created for one of our clients operating in the medical cannabis industry. It has been designed according to the best practices for creating a powerful corporate deck and delivered outstanding results.

  • The running numbers slides enable readers to quickly and easily access the most critical metrics.
  • The roadmap slide provides a clear and concise visualization of the company's current growth and significant milestones.
  • The narrator slide simplifies complex financial metrics by directing the reader's attention to the exact numbers they should be focusing on at any given time.

How to create a corporate deck that stands out?

Putting together a corporate deck that leaves an impression and gets buy-in takes a lot of time and effort (and know-how) to get right.

But the truth is this task does not have to be so daunting. You can dramatically cut down the time and effort involved by leveraging corporate deck templates .

We have some tried and tested corporate pitch deck templates for you that are optimized for engagement and designed for making a lasting impression.

Make your best deck ever.

How to measure the effectiveness of a corporate deck.

To create a highly performing deck in the top 1%, it’s critical to measure performance, identify problems, and fix them.

Key corporate deck performance metrics to measure and optimize:

  • Open rate: Measure the percentage of investors who open your corporate deck to understand how effective your deck is at generating initial interest.
  • Reading time: Measure the total amount of time viewers spend reading your deck to gauge their level of interest.
  • Engagement: Track how long viewers stay on each slide, how often they interact with the deck, or where they drop off to determine which parts of your corporate deck are most captivating and identify areas for improvement.
  • CTA conversion rate: Measure the percentage of investors who take the desired action, such as scheduling a meeting, after viewing your corporate deck.

Here's a short video explaining how to get started with our analytics panel:

This is a video label

What is the best tool for making a corporate deck?

The best tool for making a corporate deck is intuitive, has lots of ready-made templates, and provides an outcome that stands out.

There are 2 types of tools on the market, legacy tools and next-generation tools, but only the next-gen tools will help you stand out.

Legacy tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides, Canva, and Visme will make same-old decks. But our own next-gen corporate deck creator makes interactive content experiences that make an impression.

Grab a template and see for yourself -

corporate presentation for investors

Hi, I'm Dominika, Content Specialist at Storydoc. As a creative professional with experience in fashion, I'm here to show you how to amplify your brand message through the power of storytelling and eye-catching visuals.

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Top 10 Investor Presentation Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Investor Presentation Templates with Samples and Examples

You are a dogged entrepreneur about to seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: presenting your concept to prospective investors. You need the people to believe in your idea to get that funding.

Did you know that 75% of investor presentations bomb in their investment pitch ? Which means, you need the right Investor Presentation Template to be a part of the 25%. SlideTeam is here to help, providing you with the best means to capture your audience. With our Top 10 Investor Presentation Templates that will wow your backers, you will stand out.

Want a short, customizable investor pitch to get your idea funded anyway? Read out blog on investor pitch deck slides

Unleash Your Investor Pitch with SlideTeam's Investor Presentation Templates

Believe us; YOU WILL ROCK IT! Try our templates and increase your chances of getting the money you need. Are you ready? Here we go!

Template 1: Investor Presentation to Raise Capital from Series C Funding PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Renowned business author and industry expert Brian Tracy once said, " Investment in knowledge pays the best interest ." This sentiment holds true with this Series C funding comprehensive template that covers all the essential elements, starting with an agenda for the company's operational overview, highlighting key metrics such as store count and revenue split.

Present current business statistics, showcasing the market opportunity, and the problem your company solves. Highlight your unique selling points and the vision and values ​​that drive your organization forward. Showcase your achievements with detailed descriptions, and delve into your product categories and features. Convey your value proposition and attract potential investors for Series C funding today.

Investor Presentation to Raise Capital from Series C Funding


Template 2: Investor Presentation to Raise Private Equity Funds PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Want to grow your company by investing in private equity? This PPT Deck of 47 slides contains everything you need, including a detailed agenda, an in-depth company analysis, convincing figures, and a concise summary of the key issues and core values. Demonstrate why your business idea is the greatest investment opportunity, lay out your team's organizational structure, and emphasize your venture's competitive advantages. Get your message through with a download of this this impressive set of slides.

Investor Presentation to Raise Private Equity Funds

Template 3: Investor Presentation to Raise Capital from Series A Round PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Is your business prepared to take the next step by participating in a Series A round of funding? We've got you covered! 

This comprehensive deck includes various issues crucial to your success, with captivating backdrop graphics and pertinent material. It includes everything you need to make an impression for capital fundraising , including an agenda that sets the scene, information that grabs attention, pictures of your team in action, discussion of obstacles and triumphs, and an emphasis on your core values.

Investor Presentation to Raise Capital from Series A Round

Template 4: Multiplayer Gaming System Investor Presentation PPT Template

In the competitive gaming industry, a fascinating investor presentation is essential. This amazing template attracts gamers with a mission statement that encapsulates your brand and highlights the exponential audience growth.

You'll see your gaming platform's potential with data-driven presentations on product development, sales, distribution methods, and revenue. Introduce your leadership team to platform performance metrics using this template. SWOT analysis features may reveal the gaming industry's landscape and top companies' advantages. Ready to jump in? Elevate your investor presentation and dominate the gaming industry!

Multiplayer Gaming System Investor Presentation

Template 5: Sustainable Farming Investor Presentation PPT Template

Do you belong to the agriculture segment and require a presentation to attract capital? This deck simplifies your company's value proposition, enticing investors. It highlights your farm goods, services, plant health monitoring, and preventive measures that can attract investors.

This strong template includes investment prospects, a worldwide capital market platform, a successful company strategy, attractive financial highlights, and a competitive evaluation of industry leaders. Finally, it discusses significant players, the acclaimed board of directors, and future agricultural company stakeholder management efforts. Get this powerful template to have better financing options!

Sustainable Farming Investor Presentation

Template 6: Bio-Processing Firm Investor Presentation Complete Deck

Augment your investor presentations! Use our pitch deck template! It informs investors with convincing data and highlights your firm's value proposition, massive potential market size, and lucrative business strategy.

Showcase industry leaders to compete. Show investors your company's chronology. Present confident financial predictions and capital requirements. Introduce your bio-processing firm's key clients, capable leaders, and renowned board members and advisors. Download the deck to begin your success journey.

Learn more about the same presentation templates Amazon uses to lure investors. Read blog Amazon investment templates .

Bioprocessing Firm Investor Presentation

Template 7: Supply Chain Logistics Investor Presentation Template

Chris Caplice, author and logistics expert, said, "Supply chains compete, not companies." Logistics efficiency can make or break a firm. And this is the presentation template you need to make it.

Show investors how your courier management solution addresses industry challenges using slides. Promote automated shipping tracking and customer services. It comprises logistics industry data, market forecasts, and a sound corporate strategy with significant revenue streams. Present your company's mission, values, target audience, premium services, significant clients, headquarters, and experience.

Supply Chain Logistics Investor Presentation

Template 8: Investor Presentation for Software Development PPT Template

Software development funding requires a good investor presentation. And this template emphasizes application pitch essentials.

Start with your company's history and product value propositions. Lists your app's main concerns. The deck analyzes your software and monetization strategies. This presentation identifies your ideal customer, analyzes the industry landscape, and shows major competitors' market share and application information. It shows your organization's overall fundraising and assets . Use this template to shine as software development success awaits!

Investor Presentation for Software Development

Template 9: B2B SaaS Investor Presentation PowerPoint Complete Deck

This PPT Template lets you explain your solution's concept, business approach, and the huge market potential. Showcase your talented and dedicated workforce and explain why investors should select your B2B SaaS above the competition.

Discover growth-guaranteed client acquisition tactics and show how you're different from the competition. Present your vision and product roadmap . Give your audience the best presentation with this deck and watch their enthusiasm increase.

B2B SaaS Investor Presentation

Template 10: Investor Presentation PowerPoint Template Bundles

A well-designed presentation influences 65% of investors' decisions. Don't take a chance on success.

You may communicate your vision with these 12 slides. This template is ideal for expert talks and gatherings. Explore the company overview, portfolio , investor-specific client composition dashboard, competitive analysis, and 2030 vision. Track profitability and growth with a dashboard and share your strategic objectives to generate confidence. Avoid mediocrity. Improve investor presentations to stand out and boost your pitching with this PPT Template.

Investor Presentation

Get Desired Investments with Us!

Level up your investor pitches with SlideTeam's Investor Presentation Templates . Unleash your creativity, captivate investors, and secure the funding you deserve. Get access to the ultimate toolkit for successful presentations. Revolutionize your pitch today!

You can also try out the beverages presentation template if you own a beverage business. Find out more by reading the blog.

FAQs on Investor Presentations

What is in an investor presentation.

Attracting investors and securing cash may be accomplished with the help of a well-crafted investor presentation. The company's history, goals, and values ​​are all staples of any such document. The presentation emphasizes the issue addressed, the company's USP, and its intended audience. Details on the market, its potential, the company's management, its finances, and its future forecasts are all included. The product or service, expansion plans, and early successes may all be highlighted in a presentation to potential investors.

How do you structure an investor presentation?

To convince investors to back your company, you must give them a well-organized presentation. Get them interested immediately by opening with a strong statement of your value offer. Then, please explain the issue your company is trying to tackle and how it differs from any other. The market study should be included, highlighting the current size, projected growth, and intended audience. Then, present your company plan, income sources, and financial forecasts. Draw attention to your team's expertise and distinguishing features.

How do you conclude an investor presentation?

It's important to make a strong impression on investors when you wrap up your presentation. Summarize your main arguments, stressing the possible ROI and reiterating your value offer. Focus on the market's potential and highlight any progress or accomplishments you've made to bolster your argument. Reaffirming your team's knowledge and competence is important to carry out the company strategy. Give investors a glimpse into your plans and explain what you want to do next, whether that's more conversation or asking for their financial backing. In closing, thank investors for their time and attention and give them a clear call to action.

What are the key highlights of a good investment pitch?

Following are the highlights of the investment pitch:

  • A concise description of the company's offering, including its value proposition and distinguishing features.
  • development potential and market opportunity are already apparent
  • Knowledgeable about and empathic with the intended audience
  • Good financial estimates and a well-defined revenue strategy.
  • Team with a proven track record of achievement, backed by years of expertise
  • in market distinctiveness and competitive advantage, were emphasized
  • Proven success with a combination of measurable objectives and user feedback
  • Excellent preparation, interesting delivery, and stimulating imagery.
  • Direct appeal to the interest of possible backers.

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corporate presentation for investors

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Must-Have Compliance Project Plan Templates with Examples and Samples

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Project Management Team Powerpoint Presentation Slides

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Brand marketing powerpoint presentation slides

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Agenda powerpoint slide show

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Engineering and technology ppt inspiration example introduction continuous process improvement

Meet our team representing in circular format

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corporate presentation for investors

Best Practices for Creating a Top-Notch Investment Presentation

corporate presentation for investors

Raising venture capital is difficult. On top of having a business or product that a VC finds “fundable,” you need to have a system in place to raise capital. This includes everything from identifying the right investors to pitching investors to nurturing investors.

Related Resource: How To Write the Perfect Investor Update (Tips and Templates)

Inevitably, you will have to present or pitch to investors over the course of a fundraise (typically using a pitch deck ). To learn more about how to best pitch and present to your potential investors, check out our tips below:

What is the purpose of an investment presentation?

An investment presentation or pitch is a tool to help founders share their company story and vision with investors. An investor presentation is a visual representation of your company narrative and includes things like metrics, roadmaps, team members, etc.

Kristian Andersen of High Alpha breaks down how founders should think about crafting their pitch deck and story below:

Related Resource: Tips for Creating an Investor Pitch Deck

How long should an investment presentation be?

There is no exact answer when it comes to determining the length of your pitch deck. Different businesses and pitches will require different pitch decks, but we have found that as a rule of thumb founders should shoot for a pitch deck that is 12 slides or less.

We studied our own data from our pitch deck sharing tool and found that the average number of slides in a pitch deck (where 100% of slides were viewed) was 12.2 slides.

corporate presentation for investors

Related Resource: Pitch Deck 101: How Many Slides Should My Pitch Deck Have?

Many investors agree with somewhere between the 10 to 15 slide range as well. Alex Iskold of 2048 recommends a short pitch deck that should be 10 or fewer slides.

What your pitch deck should look like for your investment presentation

As we mentioned previously, every business is different. The needs for different slides and narratives will differ from business to business. However, there are a few slides that are typically used regardless of the business. Check out a few popular pitch deck slides below:

1) Discuss the company overview

First things first, clearly present your company and what you do. This should be easy to digest and understand for the investors you are pitching.

2) Present the problem

Use data, stories, or a compelling way to present the problem you are solving. Ideally, you’d like your audience to feel the problem or have a good grasp of others experiencing the problem.

3) Present your solution

Once investors understand the problem you are tackling, you need to lay out how your solution solves the problem. Make the case why you and your solution are the ones to solve the problem.

4) Highlight the target market

Next, lay out the target market and what your ideal customer looks like. This can help investors answer the “why now?” question.

5) Illustrate the market opportunity

At the end of the day, investors want to invest in companies that can turn into huge companies. Demonstrate the market and how it is (or has the opportunity) to become a large market.

6) Identify the competition

Investors will want to understand the space. Lay out your competitors and explain how you are different and better than them.

7) Showcase your product

Next, showcase the status of your product and future plans. Use data or customer stories to share how awesome your product is.

8) Share why your team is the one to solve the problem

Show your executive team members and share their relevant experience and skills so investors understand why your team is fit to execute the problem and the solution.

9) Explain your business model and marketing strategies

Investors want to know that your business has a clear plan and strategy to generate revenue. Clearly lay out your acquisition strategy and sales & marketing efforts to date so investors can understand how your business will attract and close new customers.

10) Present financial data and metrics

Of course, investors want to see the data and metrics behind your business. Lay out key financial and core metrics so investors know the status of your business.

Qualities investors want to see

An investor’s job is to generate returns for their investors (limited partners, LPs). What investors look for in a potential investment will vary from firm to firm but we laid out a few of the common attributes investors want to see in a founder and their business below:

  • Large market
  • Clear customer acquisition strategy
  • Experienced team
  • Strong leadership
  • Traction and growth
  • Coachability

Of course, those are just a few of the traits investors will look for in a founder or startup. Different investors will place a different level of importance on different attributes. It is important to understand what an investor looks for in an investment and tailor your pitch to them.

Related Resource: Startup Metrics You Need to Monitor

Best practices for a top-notch investor presentation

As we’ve mentioned, different investors will look for different attributes in a presentation. However, most things investors look for can be boiled down to a few key areas. Below we lay out a few best practices for putting together a top-notch investor presentation.

Practice your pitch

This should go without saying but make sure you practice your pitch. You should know the ins and outs of your presentation and business. Of course, practicing in front of a mirror or friend can only go so far.

Some founders and investors recommend “ranking” your investors before approaching investors. E.g. Tier 1 investors are the best fit, Tier 3 are less of a fit for your business. If you rank your investors you’ll be able to spend some of your earliest pitches on “Tier 3” (or lower fit) investors to dial in your pitch and prepare for your pitches with better fit investors later on in your fundraise.

Related Resource: How to Pitch a Perfect Series B Round (With Deck Template)

Keep your message simple and clear

Investors see hundreds or thousands of pitches over a given year. Being able to clearly articulate your message and pitch is a surefire way to remove any confusion. By keeping your message simple and clear, you’ll remove any back-and-forth wasted on small details and be able to spend time on what matters most — having a conversation about your business.

Find ways to connect with the investors

At the end of the day, a founder is selling their company to potential investors. Like a good sales process, a good investor pitch starts by building a relationship and trust. When pitching potential investors, find ways to connect with them in advance of the pitch. This could be everything from following and interacting with them on Twitter to going to in-person events where they are present.

Highlight early successes and wins

Get potential investors excited about your business by sharing early successes and wins. This will get the presentation off on the right foot and allow everyone to build excitement around your business. Of course, try to back up your early successes and wins with data when possible.

Know your metrics

Inevitably, investors will want to dig into the metrics and data behind your business. For most investors, this is used to evaluate your business and could be considered the best predictor of success for your business.

However, metrics can also be a barometer for how well you know your business. You don’t need to remember every data point behind your business but need to know how different metrics are calculated and what causes any major fluctuations.

Include engaging visuals and graphics

An investor presentation is a tool used to pitch your business. In order to best engage with your audience, you should aim to have engaging visuals and graphics throughout your presentation. Of course, the underlying data is what is most important but having engaging and easy-to-understand visuals and graphics is a great way to support and improve your pitch.

Leave time for questions

The best pitches and presentations tend to be more conversational. You’ll want to balance feeding your investors with the material they need and also be able to have a constructive conversation about your business. By coming prepared, having a clear and simple presentation, and engaging with your investors beforehand is a surefire way to have a conversation about your business.

Communicate before your presentation

Investors need months of data and interactions to make a decision about a potential investment. In order to best help investors build conviction and have more meaningful conversations, make sure you are engaging with potential investors on a regular basis. This can be in the form of your monthly investor updates or sharing your pitch deck in advance before a meeting.

Sharing your pitch deck in advance of a meeting is a hot topic. Some investors will say you should and some will say the opposite. At the end of the day, it is important for you to feel out the investor and do what you believe is best for you and your business.

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In-person vs remote investment presentations

Before 2020, investment presentations were generally in-person. However, since the way we work has shifted so have investment presentations. Investors are largely open to receiving pitches and making investment decisions via a remote presentation. Learn more about the pros and cons of both in-person and remote presentations below:

In-person presentation

Before 2020, in-person presentations were the go-to for investment presentations. In-person presentations come with both pros and cons. On the positive side, in-person presentations are typically a better way to build relationships and will make sure an investor’s time is undivided.

On the other hand, in-person presentations can be expensive (both financially and time-wise) for an early-stage startup founder that might not have the resources to travel across the country. This will likely limit the number of potential investors that a founder can meet with over the course of a fundraise.

Remote presentation

Remote presentations and investor pitches have risen in popularity since COVID. Many investors are becoming comfortable with investing in companies remotely and is largely accepted by most investors. Like in-person presentations, remote presentations come with their own unique set of pros and cons.

On the positive side, remote presentations allow founders to meet with more investors as it is more viable financially (and time-wise) to meet with investors remotely. On the flip side, some individuals might find that developing a relationship remotely is more difficult and can take more meetings and a different style of communication to build trust.

Share your pitch deck with Visible

With our suite of fundraising tools, you can easily find investors , share your pitch deck, and track your fundraising funnel. Learn more about our pitch deck sharing tool and give it a free try here .

corporate presentation for investors

Home Blog Presentation Ideas How To Create a PowerPoint Presentation for Investors

How To Create a PowerPoint Presentation for Investors

If you are presenting a PowerPoint presentation before potential investors, it’s important to cater for each and every minor aspect of your presentation. The presentation must be precise, to the point and should answer possible questions regarding the venture in question; as well as be clear enough to address any possible doubts which might arise in the mind of potential investors. Here is a step by step guide for making a PowerPoint Presentation for Investors .

Title and Introduction

This is not only important but the standard method for starting such a presentation. Your presentation should include the title highlighting your purpose for the presentation, as well as introductory details such as the company name, location, the sector in which your business is engaged in, etc.

Company profile PowerPoint template

You can also follow up the title slide with an introduction for your team, highlighting the CEO, Company Directors and other important individuals. It is worth pointing out that the aforementioned should not be too lengthy and should be concise enough to tell your investors what your business is about. It is possible that you might be a small business looking for an angel investor, even in that case you can highlight your primary team members.

For making a title and introductory slide or a sales proposal, you can use the following professionally crafted Company PowerPoint Templates .

Company profile with team members

Highlight the Problem

Once you are done with the introduction, it’s better to cut to the chase and begin highlighting the problem to build a premise as to how your services can be the solution. When highlighting the problem you must have adequate quantitative data, along with convincing qualitative information, e.g. common problems faced by consumers. This can include problems that even the investors might relate to, leading to a more convincing case. For example, if you are providing software solutions you can highlight the common annoyances end users have to face, related to waste of time due to lags and bugs, extra expenses due to use of costly solutions, lack of tracking capabilities, etc.

If you need a good template to make slides which depict problem analysis and solutions, then see our Problem Analysis PowerPoint Templates .

Problem analysis PowerPoint template

Present the Solution and Explain Your Business Model

This is the most important part of your presentation. You must ensure that you keep things brief but at the same time are able to present at least an overview of how your business model works and why your venture is the most suitable solution for the specified market niche.

To keep things simple you can present a video presentation with relevant details regarding your business. This video presentation can be a short 3-5 minutes long video with a summary of how your provided solution works and how can it be profitable. To present these details in slide format you can use our Business PowerPoint Templates .

Superbolt PowerPoint template

Competitor Analysis (Optional)

While it can be a daunting task to make your competitors look inadequate, especially if you are a small business, it might not be a bad idea to present a brief competitor analysis to compare your business model with rivals. For example, if you are a small business which caters for a specific market niche, you might be able to provide custom solutions to clients which your competitors might not be doing. Emphasizing on such strengths can help you build a strong case before your competitors.

There are a variety of Competitor Analysis PowerPoint Templates that you can use for making these slides, ranging from SWOT Analysis to Timeline , Roadmap and Business Model templates.

Swot analysis for PowerPoint presentations

Financial Projections

This is one area that many people might miss out on when pitching their investors. Unless you can show a workable financial model, the chances are you will fail to convince your investor’s. The nitty gritty of your financial model should be incorporated in the form of statistics, charts and tables to give an overview of how you intend to put the investors money to good use.

If you are looking for a suitable template to make financial projections, then the Market Strategy PowerPoint Template might just be what you need.

Market strategy PowerPoint template

Current Projects, Clients and Accomplishments

If this is not your first venture, then your business would have a clientele, past accomplishments for closed projects, as well as ongoing projects. It’s best to close on a positive note by adding testimonials from satisfied clients and showcasing your past and current work.

The Business Case Study PowerPoint Template provides a comprehensive range of sample slides which can enable creating not only case studies but also your client portfolio, accomplishments of your business and more.

Solutions PowerPoint template design

To download from our more than 7000 Professional PowerPoint Templates , see our plans and pricing.

corporate presentation for investors

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How to Create an Effective Investor Presentation

Investor presentations are a crucial tool for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking funding or investment opportunities. A well-crafted presentation can captivate potential investors, showcase your business's potential, and ultimately secure the financial support you need. To help you create an effective investor presentation that stands out from the crowd, we've compiled some essential tips and strategies.

Understanding Your Audience

Before diving into the details of your presentation, it's crucial to understand your audience. Investors have specific expectations and interests, so tailoring your pitch to their needs is essential. Research the individuals or firms you will be presenting to, and consider their investment preferences, industry focus, and track record. By understanding your audience, you can customize your presentation to resonate with their specific interests and increase your chances of success.

Crafting a Compelling Story

Every great investor presentation tells a compelling story. Start by clearly articulating your business's mission, vision, and unique value proposition. Describe the problem your product or service solves and how it addresses a market need. Use storytelling techniques to engage your audience emotionally and make your presentation memorable. By connecting with investors on a deeper level, you increase the likelihood of their investment in your business.

Presenting a Solid Business Plan

A well-structured and comprehensive business plan is the backbone of any investor presentation. Start with an executive summary that provides a concise overview of your business, highlighting key aspects such as market opportunity, competitive advantage, and financial projections. Then, dive into the details of your business model, target market, marketing strategy, and sales projections. Be prepared to answer questions and provide supporting data to back up your claims.

Creating Visually Engaging Slides

Investor presentations often rely heavily on visual aids, such as slides, to convey information effectively. When creating your slides, keep them clean, concise, and visually appealing. Use high-quality images, charts, and graphs to support your key points and make complex information more digestible. Avoid overcrowding your slides with text and opt for bullet points or short phrases instead. Remember, your slides should complement your presentation, not overshadow it.

Demonstrating Market Potential

Investors are often interested in the market potential of your business. Clearly articulate the size of your target market, its growth rate, and any emerging trends that support your business's viability. Use market research and industry data to back up your claims and demonstrate a thorough understanding of your industry's dynamics. Present a compelling case for why your business is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the market.

Highlighting Your Team's Expertise

Investors not only invest in ideas or products but also in the people behind them. Showcase your team's expertise, experience, and track record to instill confidence in potential investors. Highlight key team members and their accomplishments, emphasizing how their skills align with the business's goals. Demonstrating a strong and capable team can significantly enhance your presentation and increase investors' trust in your ability to execute your business plan successfully.

Addressing Potential Risks

No business is without risks, and investors understand that. Acknowledge and address any potential risks or challenges your business may face. Be transparent about your mitigation strategies and contingency plans, showing investors that you have considered potential obstacles and have a plan in place to overcome them. This demonstrates your preparedness and commitment to ensuring the long-term success of your venture.

Crafting an effective investor presentation requires careful planning, research, and attention to detail. By understanding your audience, telling a compelling story, presenting a solid business plan, creating visually engaging slides, demonstrating market potential, highlighting your team's expertise, and addressing potential risks, you can create a presentation that stands out and captures the attention of potential investors. Remember, practice makes perfect, so rehearse your presentation thoroughly to deliver a confident and impactful pitch. Good luck!

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A Guide to Every Type of Corporate Presentation (and The Templates to Create Them)

A Guide to Every Type of Corporate Presentation (and The Templates to Create Them)

What types of presentations might be delivered at a corporate level? The list is as endless as the possible business functions. Regardless of the variety of presentations that might be used in a corporate setting, they share the common purposes of informing, persuading and motivating an audience of both internal and external colleagues and customers. While some business presentations might be designed to achieve one of those three primary goals, other presentations might need to accomplish all three.

It’s practically impossible to master every possible type of corporate presentation, but you can hone your public speaking skills and gain a valuable understanding of an assortment of corporate presentation types. Not only will it make you more prepared when these presentations ultimately come your way, but you’ll be ready to pitch your own presentations when they most benefit your team.

Want to learn more about the various types of corporate presentations a modern professional might encounter? The following types of business presentations are sure to help teams communicate with clients and close more deals.

Elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is direct, to the point and lasts less than a minute. It’s the initial business pitch or personal pitch one might make if they found themselves with an executive in an elevator. The persuasive speech is designed to spark interest in a brand, product or person.

Every elevator pitch is unique, but professionals at any level of their career can get ideas by looking at some of Beautiful.ai’s famous PowerPoint makeovers and see how some of the world’s most successful companies pitched their startups. 

Sales pitch

A sales proposal or sales pitch presentation is used to demonstrate how a business, brand, product or service will positively influence a buyer, partner or investor. The impactful, straightforward message is important in the corporate environment because it’s frequently relied upon to close new deals.

The Beautiful.ai sales proposal template features all the necessary slides to showcase a company, brand or product, plus it provides all the basic placement and design elements for users to fill with customized content.

corporate presentation for investors

Investor pitch

An investor pitch deck or investor proposal presentation is used to introduce a product or brand and show how it solves a problem or opportunity in the market. It’s used in the corporate world to attract potential investors as well as partners.

Beautiful.ai’s investment proposal template helps professionals explain their projects and business ideas clearly and succinctly. It includes slides that introduce teams to potential investors and data visualizations to help users secure funding for their companies.

corporate presentation for investors

Product proposal presentation

A product proposal presentation helps professionals launch new products and sell big ideas. In fact, the product proposal is where most new ventures start, so it’s easy to understand their importance in the corporate business environment. An effective product proposal attracts buyers and investors by outlining key features, showcasing product visuals and reflecting value and profitability using market data.

The Beautiful.ai product proposal presentation template includes slides perfectly curated to present a product as a solution, emphasize its versatility and inspire excitement among potential clients.

corporate presentation for investors

Keynote presentation

At some point in most any professional’s career, they will have to deliver a keynote presentation, which focuses on a central theme and sets an overall tone for a meeting or event. Keynote presentations can be inspiring, informational, entertaining and motivational. While not delivered as commonly as a sales pitch, for example, the ability to design and communicate a keynote presentation is a valuable tool in any personal professional arsenal.

Beautiful.ai users don’t have to stress about designing the slide deck for their keynote presentations. Just modify one of our presentation templates, such as our master thesis presentation template or our research project template , and add your custom content to the preselected slides.

Webinar presentation

A webinar is an online seminar, workshop, lecture or presentation hosted via video conferencing software. Webinar presentations are used in the corporate world for launching new products and services, lead generation, inbound marketing, email marketing and brand building. Webinars are also more frequently used in the modern business world for internal remote presentations between management and employees.

Beautiful.ai features a customizable webinar recap template that features everything needed to successfully recap a lengthier webinar session, including webinar guidelines and a creative strategy exercise. It’s perfect for sharing additional resources with audiences, capturing emails for new prospects and promoting upcoming webinars and conferences.

corporate presentation for investors

Board meeting presentation

A board meeting presentation is just as its name suggests: a presentation or slide deck designed to provide information in a board meeting. A board meeting presentation might accomplish goals such as reporting company progress, refining goals and celebrating company wins.

Beautiful.ai’s board meeting presentation template is perfectly designed to help users communicate key company initiatives, share updates with the board and evaluate campaigns or goals. Just add your content and let artificial intelligence handle the rest.

corporate presentation for investors

Budget proposal

A budget proposal presentation is an essential tool in the corporate business environment as it helps professionals make their case for additional resources to management or executives. The presentation should explain the idea, identify obstacles and communicate why the desired budget is necessary for the project. 

Beautiful.ai’s customizable budget proposal template features slides perfectly curated to explain proposed budgets for a new project, fund new hires for a team and gain funding for a department.

corporate presentation for investors

Year-end review

Year-end review presentations are used in corporate business to reflect on what worked for a company and what didn’t over the prior year. It can help organizations find solutions to problems and implement strategies for future growth. A year-end review presentation is a vital tool for communicating important business data to investors, upper management and employees.

Beautiful.ai users don’t need to lose sleep about their upcoming year-end review presentations. Our year-end review template features slides to help summarize how a company performed over the past year, set goals for the future and outline a strategy to meet those future goals.

corporate presentation for investors

Business plan

Corporate professionals use business plan presentations to explain how a company will reach its goals and to show value to potential partners and investors. A business plan presentation is useful when launching a new product, when starting a new business and when updating investors on a company’s status.

You can remove some of the stress associated with designing a business plan presentation slide deck by relying on Beautiful.ai’s business plan presentation template . Don't worry about developing individual slides to suit each purpose of your project. Instead, just customize the template and let AI handle the fine details.

corporate presentation for investors

Performance review presentation

Performance reviews are a necessary part of business that help managers and employees align their expectations and set goals for future success. Unfortunately, performance reviews can also be a dreaded chore for managers and employees alike. A performance review presentation helps bring the reports to life and gives the data more meaning to those under review.

Of course, it’s unlikely that most managers have the availability to design a new presentation for every employee they review. Instead, they can save time and effort with Beautiful.ai’s customizable performance review presentation template . The slide deck template already includes all the necessary topics, users need only enter individual employee data and let AI handle the rest.

Project planning presentation

How does a project manager communicate the status and results of their various campaigns? A project planning presentation helps teams visualize projects and sell them to target audiences. A project planning presentation might be used to kick off a new project, detail specific project plans or even pitch and win new work.

Beautiful.ai’s project plan template takes just minutes to customize, and it includes all the core elements needed for a successful presentation, including project timelines, goals and budgets.

corporate presentation for investors

Training presentation

Training is an integral element of any corporate environment, and a training presentation is a great way to engage employees and new recruits while delivering an informative and organized message. A training presentation provides structure to a speech and boosts presenters’ confidence. It also allows the presenter to deliver their message more efficiently, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Need a powerful visual aid for your next corporate training session? Beautiful.ai’s training presentation template features slides chosen specifically to present information simply and logically while helping the presenter to stay focused on their speech while they motivate, inspire and inform their audience.

corporate presentation for investors

Competitive analysis report

How can you better understand your competitors in the corporate world to stand out against them? Companies use competitive analysis reports to identify and evaluate their competitors, as well as to analyze factors such as competitors’ reach, products or services, areas of operation and online presence. By understanding competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, professionals can create strategies to help them lead the market.

Beautiful.ai users can customize our competitive analysis report template to more easily analyze their target market, compare products and services against competitors and create strategies to build a stronger market share.

corporate presentation for investors

Marketing campaign plan

Corporate teams use marketing campaign plans to identify relevant, integrated marketing activities that will help them reach campaign objectives and influence customers. A marketing campaign can be a complicated project, but a marketing campaign plan presentation can help keep everything organized. With a marketing campaign plan presentation, professionals can break down their campaigns from beginning to end, including details about their target audience and goals, social media and email marketing plans, performance metrics and more.

With Beautiful.ai’s marketing campaign plan template , users easily can keep all their marketing strategy participants on the same page, bring their stakeholders up to speed and present campaign ideas to executives.

corporate presentation for investors

Employee onboarding presentation

How do you bring new employees up to speed as efficiently and effectively as possible? One tool many corporate recruiters rely upon is an onboarding presentation. Through onboarding, new employees are integrated with a company and its culture while they receive the tools and information needed to be productive team members. With onboarding presentations, professionals can introduce new hires to a company in a smooth and consistent process.

Beautiful.ai’s new hire onboarding template helps users keep everything organized for new employees. The template lets designers create roadmaps for one month to six months to ensure new hires are on the right path.

corporate presentation for investors

Didn't see what you were looking for? Check out our entire library of pre-built presentation templates here and customize it to make it your own.

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha is an independent journalist, editor, blogger and content manager. Examples of her published work can be found at sites including the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Buzzfeed.

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corporate presentation for investors

6 Powerful Tips for Crafting Outstanding Investor PowerPoint Presentations

In today's competitive business landscape, effectively communicating your company's potential to investors is crucial for securing funding and driving growth. Investor PowerPoint presentations play a significant role in conveying your vision, business model, financials, and growth prospects in a visually appealing and engaging manner. A well-prepared and compelling presentation can capture investors' attention and convince them to invest in your business.

This guide provides you with powerful tips and best practices for crafting outstanding investor PowerPoint presentations. By following these guidelines, you will be better equipped to create a presentation that clearly communicates your business's potential, showcases your achievements, and highlights the key information investors are looking for. This will ultimately increase your chances of securing investment and driving your business toward success.

Key Information Investors Look For

When creating investor PowerPoint presentations , it's essential to understand what information investors are typically looking for to make well-informed decisions. By focusing on these key aspects, you can ensure that your presentation effectively addresses investors' concerns and interests.

  • Business Model and Market Opportunities: Investors need a clear understanding of your business model and market opportunities. This includes information about market saturation, market shares, and the overall size and growth potential of the industry. Additionally, they will want to know about your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and how you plan to differentiate your product or service. Any regulatory requirements or outstanding major lawsuits that could impact your business should also be addressed.
  • Management Team and Key Employees: Investors want to meet the management team and recognize key employees. Including short CVs or bios in your PowerPoint presentations can help investors understand the team's capabilities, track record, and how they plan to lead the company to success.
  • Financials and Key Metrics: Your investor PowerPoint presentations should include key financial data such as revenue, profit margins, working capital, debt position, and cash flow. Industry-specific key metrics, such as customer acquisition cost, lifetime value of a customer, and churn rate, should also be presented. These metrics help investors assess your company's financial performance and potential.
  • Growth Prospects and Potential Returns: Investors want to see that your company has strong growth prospects and the potential to generate significant returns. Be sure to outline your growth plans and how you intend to achieve them in your investor PowerPoint presentations.

By incorporating these key aspects into your investor PowerPoint presentations, you can effectively address the information investors are most interested in and increase your chances of securing the funding you need.

Crafting a Compelling Story

A successful investor PowerPoint presentation tells a captivating story that highlights your business model, market opportunities, and investment benefits. By weaving together a compelling narrative, you can better engage your audience and provide a memorable context for the information you present. Here's how to craft a compelling story for your investor PowerPoint presentations:

  • Start with a Strong Opening: Begin your presentation by clearly stating the problem your business is solving or the opportunity it is addressing. This sets the stage for your story and immediately captures your audience's attention.
  • Showcase Your Business's Journey: Provide a brief overview of your company's history, including major milestones and achievements. This helps build credibility and demonstrates your team's ability to execute their vision.
  • Highlight Your Unique Value Proposition: Clearly articulate what sets your product or service apart from the competition. Focus on the unique aspects of your business that give you a competitive advantage and support your success.
  • Share Customer Success Stories: Including testimonials or case studies from satisfied customers can humanize your business and make your story more relatable. This also provides evidence of the value your product or service delivers to its users.
  • Present Your Future Vision: Outline your company's goals and objectives for the future, and explain how you plan to achieve them. This demonstrates your ambition and commitment to growth, creating excitement and anticipation among investors.
  • End with a Clear Call-to-Action: Conclude your investor PowerPoint presentation by summarizing the key points of your story and clearly stating what you want from investors. Be specific about the amount of funding you need and how it will be used to help your business achieve its goals.

By crafting a compelling story in your investor PowerPoint presentations, you can create an emotional connection with your audience and leave a lasting impression that can significantly impact their decision to invest in your business.

Want to skip all the fuss and create a professional PowerPoint side deck with only a few clicks?

Try Zebra BI for Office and supercharge your slide deck with powerful visuals.

Keeping It Focused and Simple

Investor PowerPoint presentations should be concise and easy to understand, allowing investors to quickly grasp the essential information about your business. By keeping your presentation focused and simple, you can ensure that your audience remains engaged and retains the key points you want to convey. Here are some tips for maintaining focus and simplicity in your investor PowerPoint presentations:

  • Prioritize Key Points: Identify the most crucial aspects of your business that investors need to understand, and prioritize those points in your presentation. By concentrating on the most relevant information, you can avoid overwhelming your audience with excessive detail.
  • Use clear and concise language: Present your ideas using straightforward, concise language. Avoid jargon and complex terms that confuse your audience. Remember, not all investors will have an in-depth knowledge of your industry, so it's essential to make your presentation accessible to everyone.
  • Limit the Number of Slides: Aim for a concise presentation with a limited number of slides. A general rule of thumb is to have no more than 10-15 slides for a typical investor PowerPoint presentation. This helps you maintain a focused narrative and ensures you don't lose your audience's attention.
  • Keep Visuals Uncluttered: Use clean, minimalistic visuals that clearly illustrate your points without distracting from the message. Avoid cluttered slides with too much text or too many images. Instead, opt for simple charts, graphs, and images that effectively convey your message.
  • Highlight One Idea per Slide: To keep your presentation focused, present only one main idea per slide. This approach ensures that each concept is given adequate attention and makes it easier for your audience to follow along and digest the information.
  • Rehearse and Refine: Practice delivering your investor PowerPoint presentation and refine it based on feedback from peers or advisors. This process helps you identify areas where you can simplify or clarify your message, ensuring that the final version is as focused and easy to understand as possible.

By keeping your investor PowerPoint presentations focused and simple, you can effectively communicate your business's key information and make a strong impression on your audience, increasing your chances of securing investment.

Utilizing Visuals Effectively

Visuals play a crucial role in making investor PowerPoint presentations more engaging and impactful. When used effectively, visuals can illustrate complex ideas, support your narrative, and emphasize key points. Here are some tips for utilizing visuals effectively in your investor PowerPoint presentations:

  • Choose the Right Visuals: Select visuals that accurately represent the information you want to convey. Use charts and graphs for presenting data , diagrams for illustrating processes or relationships, and images or icons for emphasizing key concepts.
  • Maintain consistency: Use a consistent visual style throughout your presentation to create a cohesive look and feel. This includes using similar colors, fonts, and graphical elements that align with your company's branding.
  • Simplify Data Visualization: When presenting data, opt for clear and straightforward charts or graphs that are easy to read and understand. Avoid overly complicated visuals that confuse your audience or obscure the main message.
  • Balance Text and Visuals: Strive for a balance between text and visuals on each slide. Too much text can be overwhelming and difficult to read, while too many visuals can be distracting. Aim to create a harmonious blend of both elements that effectively convey your message.
  • Use High-Quality Images: Ensure that all images, icons, and graphics used in your investor PowerPoint presentations are of high quality and resolution. Blurry or pixelated visuals can appear unprofessional and detract from your message.
  • Opt for Readable Fonts and Colors: Choose fonts and colors that are easy to read and provide sufficient contrast between text and background. Avoid using excessively small font sizes or color combinations that strain the eyes.
  • Animate with a Purpose: If you use animations or transitions, use them sparingly and for a clear purpose. Excessive or overly flashy animations can distract and detract from your presentation's overall message.

consolidated financials dashboard waterfall charts powerpoint investor presentation zebra bi

By utilizing visuals effectively in your investor PowerPoint presentations, you can create a more engaging and memorable experience for your audience, ultimately increasing your chances of securing investment and driving your business forward.

Highlighting Key Metrics and Data

Presenting key metrics and data in your investor PowerPoint presentations helps demonstrate your company's financial performance , growth potential, and overall viability. By effectively showcasing this information, you can provide investors with a clear understanding of your business's strengths and the potential return on their investment. Here are some tips for highlighting key metrics and data in your investor PowerPoint presentations:

  • Identify the Most Important Metrics: Determine the most relevant and impactful metrics for your business and industry. These may include financial figures such as revenue growth, profit margins, and cash flow. In addition, they may include industry-specific metrics like customer acquisition cost, lifetime value of a customer, and churn rate.
  • Use appropriate data visualization: Present your metrics and data using clear, easy-to-understand charts and graphs. Choose the most suitable visualization method for each data set. This includes line charts for displaying trends over time, bar charts for comparing values across categories, or pie charts for showing proportions.
  • Emphasize Key Data Points: Draw attention to the most relevant data points or metrics by using bold colors, larger font sizes, or other visual elements. This helps ensure that investors can quickly identify and understand crucial information in your presentation.
  • Provide Context for Your Metrics: When presenting metrics and data, provide context to help investors understand their significance. This may include comparing your figures to industry benchmarks, discussing historical trends, or explaining the impact of specific events on your numbers.
  • Include Projections and Forecasts: Investors are interested in your company's future growth potential, so include projections and forecasts in your investor PowerPoint presentations. Clearly outline your assumptions and methodologies, and demonstrate how your plans align with these projections.
  • Be transparent and honest: Present your data and metrics accurately and transparently. Be prepared to explain any discrepancies or anomalies, and avoid manipulating figures to create misleading impressions. Transparency and honesty help build trust with investors and support your presentation's credibility.

income statement financial powerpoint presentation investor zebra bi for office

By effectively highlighting key metrics and data in your investor PowerPoint presentations, you can give investors the information they need to evaluate your business' potential. Enabling them to make informed investment decisions, in turn, increase your chances of securing the funding necessary to grow and succeed.

Polishing and Practicing Your Presentation

A polished and well-rehearsed investor PowerPoint presentation demonstrates professionalism but also helps you deliver your message confidently and effectively. Taking the time to refine and practice your presentation can significantly impact investors' impressions. Here are some tips for polishing and practicing your investor PowerPoint presentation:

  • Review and Edit Your Content: Carefully read through your presentation, checking for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Ensure that your content is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Consider asking a colleague or advisor to review your presentation and provide feedback.
  • Ensure Consistent Design and Branding: Check that your presentation's design elements, such as colors, fonts, and graphics, are consistent throughout and align with your company's branding. Consistency creates a cohesive and professional look, reinforcing your company's identity.
  • Optimize Slide Transitions and Animations: Make sure that any slide transitions or animations you include are smooth and serve a purpose, such as emphasizing a point or guiding the audience's attention. Avoid excessive or overly flashy transitions that can distract or detract from your message.
  • Test on Different Devices: To ensure that your investor PowerPoint presentation displays correctly on various screens and devices, test it on different monitors, projectors, or laptops. This helps identify and resolve any formatting or compatibility issues before presenting to investors.
  • Practice Your Delivery: Rehearse your presentation multiple times, focusing on your pacing, tone, and body language. Practicing helps you become more comfortable with the material and enables you to speak confidently and clearly.
  • Anticipate Questions and Prepare Answers: Think about potential questions investors might ask and prepare thoughtful, data-backed responses. This demonstrates your expertise and preparedness, building trust and credibility with your audience.
  • Adjust Based on Audience Feedback: After practicing your presentation, consider any feedback or reactions from your test audience. Be open to adjustments to improve your presentation's clarity, engagement, and effectiveness.

By polishing and practicing your investor PowerPoint presentation, you can ensure a professional, engaging, and impactful presentation that effectively communicates your business's potential and increases your chances of securing investment.

Creating an effective investor PowerPoint presentation is crucial for capturing potential investors' attention and securing the funding needed to grow your business. By focusing on the key elements discussed in this guide, you can craft a compelling and engaging presentation that showcases your company's potential:

  • Craft a compelling story that highlights your business model, market opportunities, and investment benefits.
  • Keep your presentation focused and simple, prioritizing key points and using clear, concise language.
  • Utilize visuals effectively to enhance your message and engage your audience.
  • Highlight key metrics and data that demonstrate your company's financial performance and growth potential.
  • Polish and practice your presentation to ensure professional and confident delivery.

By following these tips and putting in the necessary effort to create a well-structured, engaging, and data-driven investor PowerPoint presentation, you can significantly increase your chances of securing the investment needed to propel your business forward.

Ready to supercharge your PowerPoint presentations?

Try Zebra BI for Office for free. Don't miss the chance to create engaging presentations that drive results for free!

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How to use PowerPoint to create compelling sales presentations

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Join us as we share crucial insights into the anticipated shifts and emerging trends that will define the funding ecosystem in 2024.

corporate presentation for investors

Beyond the pitch deck: Building a strong investor presentation

Your pitch deck is one of three key elements of your investor presentation:

  • Your slides — simple, clean and to the point
  • Notes that you refer to as you make your presentation — either cue cards or the notes feature in PowerPoint or Keynote
  • A detailed handout to leave behind

Remember that the pitch deck supplements your presentation to your investors . Try not to stand in front of the audience and read out the slides to them — they can do that themselves.

Tips for building an effective investor presentation

  • Good slides in your deck support you as the speaker/presenter and enhance your overall presentation. Use the pitch deck as a tool during your presentation, not as a crutch to rely on as you list the items (as bullet-by-bullet points) you are trying to get across. Simplicity in slides sets the stage for more effective presentations.
  • Practise your pitch until you can deliver it in a natural and confident way. Some experts recommend running through it 25 times until it is familiar and comfortable.
  • The CEO should be the lead presenter, with either the technical or financial person presenting the slides if necessary.
  • Remember that you are speaking to make a connection with the audience (that is, your investors). You want to get them excited and persuade them that you have a great idea. You want to demonstrate that you are the team to execute the idea and convince them that you are someone they want to partner with and invest in.
  • Test every statement you include in your pitch deck by asking “So what?” In other words, “What’s my point and why does it matter?” Remember to keep your message simple, short and clear.
  • Think about the flow of a natural conversation with an investor and organize your slides to match what questions they might have at each stage of the presentation. For example, once you explain to them what your mission is, the next obvious questions could be, “How will you do it?”, “Why you over someone else?”, “Who’s the team”, and so on.
  • Be professional, responsive and respectful of your audience. Investors, particularly venture capitalists (VCs), are notorious for trying to push buttons to see how the entrepreneur reacts. They are trying to determine if they can partner with you for the next four to seven years.
  • When an investor is actively looking at new deals, keep in mind they may see one or two presentations per day (up to ten per week). Make your opportunity stand out and be memorable.

Bottom line: The pitch deck should reinforce your words instead of just repeating them.

How to develop a presentation

When making your slide deck, remember Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 rule .  You can also use the “1/7/7 rule” from Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen — have only one main idea per slide, insert a maximum of seven lines of text and use a maximum of seven words per line.

Keep in mind that people remember visuals more than bullet points. Consider using pictures (high quality images) and graphics or charts to effectively get your point across and make a more emotional connection with your potential investors.

Also consider the three elements of your presentation — your slides, notes and handouts. The notes contain the bulk of the message for each slide, and are meant to help you with your presentation; they are not to be given to your audience. Consider providing a detailed handout as a leave-behind, but not a copy of your presentation. This way, you will not feel compelled to say everything as you speak, but you will ensure that the key messages get across.

Examples of effective presentations/presenters:

  • John Doerr: Salvation (and profit) in greentech
  • David S. Rose: How to pitch to a VC

It’s not just about the business proposition

Investors will be evaluating not only the business proposition, but whether or not they will invest in you. According to David S. Rose (aka The Pitch Coach ), you must demonstrate:

  • Experience — investors prefer to fund serial entrepreneurs or individuals who have deep sector experience
  • Knowledge or domain expertise
  • The right skill set — to get the company started and managed effectively
  • Leadership — to hire and retain the right people
  • Commitment — early-stage companies will face many ups and downs; investors are assessing whether or not you will see it through
  • Coachability — investors want to know that they can work with you and that you will internalize and act on their feedback

Investors will also be evaluating you on the four Cs:

  • Competence — Do you have the skill set to build the business?
  • Continuity — Are you going to see the venture through to the end?
  • Connections — Do you have the networks to build the company?
  • Chemistry — Is there chemistry between the team members and between the investors?

Practical considerations as you prepare your presentation

Garr Reynolds’ book Presentation Zen  provides a list of questions to understand about your audience before you make your business presentation:

  • How much time do I have for my first business presentation? Typically, the first meeting with an investor will last 45 minutes to one hour. Arrive 15 minutes early. Prepare a pitch deck that you can present in 20 minutes, leaving time for late starts and questions. Be respectful of the time they’ve allotted. If you are interrupted or time is cut short, try not to let it throw you off. If an investor is not paying attention, continue to be respectful and professional.
  • What is the venue like? You’ll generally present in a boardroom at their location. A site visit to your company is usually the next step in the investment evaluation process.
  • What time of day will you be meeting? Take the meeting whenever the investors want to see you.
  • Who is the audience? Try to find out which members of the investment team will attend the session. You’ll also want to determine if anyone else will be in the room (for example, outside consultants).
  • What is their background? This is key to help tailor your talk. Will you be speaking with technically-savvy investors with deep experience in the targeted space or general investors? Do they have connections to help you get financed or to help you build your company further? Ask around and get as much information as possible about them in advance. Do your homework.
  • What do I want them to do? You’ll want to think about what you want to achieve from your meeting. Do you want to move to the next step in due diligence ? Do you want them to provide business or financing leads? Investors have very specific investment mandates. Even though your opportunity may not be a fit for them, most investors will provide advice and contacts if you’ve convinced them that you have a strong business proposition.
  • What visual medium is most appropriate for this particular situation or audience? Once you’ve determined this, consider what equipment you’ll need and check that it will be available.
  • What is the fundamental purpose of my talk? Investors can help you to build your company by providing access to funding or opening their networks. You want to sell them on your concept/company to move to the next step with them. It is unlikely that they will open their cheque book until they complete further due diligence.

Additional resources

  • Presentation Tips (tips from Garr Reynolds on presentation design, delivery and more)
  • Communication tools for raising money (MaRS article)
  • What investors want in place when they invest in your startup (MaRS article)
  • Taking your Series A pitch on the road: Are you ready for prime time? (MaRS article)
  • Business valuation: How investors determine the value of your business (MaRS article)

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Blog Business

How To Create A Winning Business Proposal Presentation

By Krystle Wong , Jun 28, 2023

How to create a business proposal presentation

In the corporate landscape, a good business proposal presentation can be a game-changer to seal the deal with your prospective client or investors.  

Think of your business proposal presentations as your chance to showcase your groundbreaking ideas, products or services to potential clients, investors and stakeholders. Whether you’re convincing investors to fund your dreams or clients to choose your services, creating a compelling presentation can make them go, “You know what? I’m sold!”

A good presentation simplifies the complex. It breaks down complicated concepts into bite-sized pieces that even those who are not in the industry can understand. I know I know, it’s no easy work and you’ve got enough on your plate — so let our selection of pitch deck templates take the load off the design work. 

Customizing a compelling business proposal presentation takes only minutes thanks to Venngage’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Just so you know, some of our presentation templates are free to use and some require a small monthly fee. Sign-up is always free, as is access to Venngage’s online drag-and-drop editor.

Now that you’ve got one less thing to worry about, let’s get back to business on how to create and deliver a winning proposal presentation. 

Click to jump ahead:

What makes a good business proposal , 10 tips to create an effective business proposal presentation, 8 steps to deliver a winning business proposal presentation, create a business proposal presentation that will win over your clients with venngage.

If you’ve read our guide on how to write winning business proposals , you’ll know that a successful business proposal is one that answers the following questions: 

  • Who you are and what your company does
  • The problem your buyer is facing
  • The solution your company offers to alleviate the problem
  • How your company will implement this solution effectively
  • An estimate of resources (time, money, etc) required to implement the solution

Well, picture this: you’ve spent countless hours crafting a comprehensive business proposal that has the potential to revolutionize your industry. But here’s the catch – you need to condense all that information into a presentation that grabs attention, engages your audience and leaves a lasting impression. 

It’s not easy, but it’s also not impossible. If you have an important proposal presentation coming up, I highly recommend you check out this guide on how to summarize information for presentations . 

A good presentation gets things moving! Check out the top qualities of awesome presentations and learn all about how to make a good presentation to help you nail that captivating delivery.

Now, before we dive deep into the tips and tricks of creating and delivering a successful business proposal presentation, here are some business pitch examples to help you get inspired and win over new clients and investors. Alright, let’s get started!

Still working on your business proposal? Check out our selection of business proposal templates designed by our professional team.

In this competitive business environment, a good presentation gives you an edge over your competitors. It allows you to showcase your unique selling points, competitive advantages and differentiates you from others in the industry.  

Whether it is securing a new client, securing funding or obtaining a favorable business agreement, a successful presentation can ultimately bring significant opportunities and long-term business growth. 

Tip number one: always start with a solid presentation layout . Your presentation should emphasize the most important aspects of your business proposal, ensuring that they stand out and resonate with your audience. To do that, here are 10 tips along with some professionally crafted business proposal presentation templates to help you ace your next business proposal presentation. 

1. Crafting a compelling storyline

A strong narrative structure is the backbone of any successful proposal presentation. Start with a captivating opening that grabs attention and clearly articulates the problem or opportunity at hand. Present your solution with confidence, providing solid evidence and data to support your claims. Finally, conclude with a powerful call to action that leaves your audience inspired and ready to take the next steps.

A timeline graph can help you organize your ideas as you create a compelling storyline for your presentation and make your content more engaging.  Determine the important events or milestones that are relevant to your presentation topic. This will provide a sense of direction and structure for your storyline.

corporate presentation for investors

2. Focusing on the problem and solution

One of the keys to an effective business proposal presentation is highlighting the problem or challenge your audience is facing. Clearly communicate how your proposal provides a viable solution in bullet points, emphasizing the benefits and advantages it offers. Show your audience that you understand their pain points and present your proposal as the ideal answer to their needs.

This example of proposal presentation talked about the challenges that beginners face when going to the gym and how they provide the solution for it.

Problem Agitate Solution Pitch Deck Template - Problem

3. Using a consistent and professional template

To create a polished and cohesive visual experience, choose a clean and professional slide template that aligns with your brand colors. Consistency in design throughout the presentation not only enhances the overall look but also reinforces your professionalism and attention to detail.

corporate presentation for investors

Last-minute presentations are the worst, but don’t panic! Customize one of our professionally designed business presentation templates to save time and hassle.

4. engaging with visuals.

A picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of your proposal presentation, visuals can be your secret weapon. Visuals play a crucial role in capturing your audience’s attention and making complex information more digestible. Utilize charts, graphs, images and diagrams strategically to support your key points and reinforce your message. 

As a business owner, a well-thought-out finance pitch deck provides a platform to outline the business’s strategic direction and growth plans. It allows you to highlight your unique value proposition, competitive positioning, marketing strategies and expansion plans. Here’s a template I figured you could use:

corporate presentation for investors

No idea what goes into your financial pitch deck? This guide on how to make successful pitch decks for start ups might help. 

5. addressing potential objections.

Many business proposal presentations fail to anticipate potential objections or concerns audiences might have. Showing that you’ve considered challenges and providing persuasive counterarguments or solutions boosts your preparedness and increases the credibility of your proposal. Addressing objections head-on demonstrates your ability to handle potential hurdles and builds trust with your audience.

6. Using multimedia elements in your slides

To add depth and variety to your presentation, consider incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, audio clips, interactive charts or animations. These elements help illustrate concepts, showcase product demonstrations or provide real-life examples, making your proposal more engaging and memorable.

corporate presentation for investors

7. Incorporating interactive elements

Depending on the platform or setting of your presentation, incorporating interactive elements can enhance engagement. Live polls, Q&A sessions or group exercises encourage active participation, clarification and a deeper understanding of your proposal. Creating opportunities for interaction keeps your audience engaged and invested in the presentation.

8. Testing the readability and accessibility of your slides

Ensure that your slides are easily readable on different devices and screen sizes. Test for color blindness accessibility by using tools or viewing your presentation in grayscale. Consider incorporating alt text for images to make your presentation accessible to visually impaired individuals. Ensuring readability and accessibility demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity and professionalism.

corporate presentation for investors

Sometimes, using a simple presentation template makes all the difference as they promote effective communication, minimizes confusion and ensures that the audience can grasp the main points effortlessly. Try it out for your next presentation!

9. practice, practice and practice again.

Even the most well-prepared presentation can fall flat if you stumble through it. So, practice, practice and practice some more. Rehearse your presentation until you feel comfortable and confident. Pay attention to your tone, pace and body language. Incorporate pauses for emphasis, maintain eye contact and engage with your audience. I promise — the more you practice, the more comfortable and effective you’ll become as a presenter.

10. Ending with a memorable closing statement

Leave a lasting impression by crafting a memorable closing statement. Summarize the key benefits of your proposal, reinforce its importance or leave your audience with a thought-provoking quote. End your presentation with a call to action that inspires action and demonstrates the urgency of taking the next steps.

corporate presentation for investors

Ready to get started? Pick from these engaging presentation templates that can get your audience hooked on your presentation till the end.

Your business proposal presentation can be the key to securing new clients, partnerships or investment opportunities. That said, delivering a winning presentation requires careful planning, effective communication and a deep understanding of your audience’s needs. 

Follow these 8 essential steps to deliver a persuasive and impactful business proposal presentation:

Step 1: Understand the requirements

Before diving into your business proposal presentation, take the time to clearly understand the requirements. Familiarize yourself with the format, time limit, submission date and any specific guidelines provided by the audience or client. This ensures that you meet their expectations and deliver a presentation that aligns with their needs.

Step 2: Research your audience

To make a lasting impact, conduct thorough research on your audience. Gain insights into their industry, needs, challenges and goals. This information allows you to tailor your presentation to their specific interests, speak their language and demonstrate the relevance of your proposal. It will also help you show that you understand their pain points and present your solution as the perfect fit for their requirements.

For example, this business proposal presentation targets food entrepreneurs and manufacturers who are passionate about the plant-based lifestyle to attract franchisees for their local green ingredients franchise. 

corporate presentation for investors

Step 3: Plan your content

A well-organized presentation keeps your audience engaged and makes your proposal more compelling. Develop a clear and logical structure to help strengthen your message and deliver a winning business proposal presentation. Define the key points you want to convey and outline the flow of information and make sure your content effectively addresses the audience’s pain points and emphasizes the benefits of your proposal. 

The opening moments of your presentation hold immense power – check out these 15 ways to start a presentation to set the stage and captivate your audience.

Step 4: Create compelling slides

Design visually appealing slides that support your content and enhance its impact. Use a consistent template that aligns with your branding and maintains a professional look. Incorporate high-quality visuals such as relevant images, charts or graphs to convey information effectively. 

Creativity is important but keep the design clean, uncluttered and focused on conveying your message clearly. Remember, visually engaging slides capture attention and reinforce your professionalism.

corporate presentation for investors

Don’t know where to start? Here are 5 ways how you can design winner presentation slides . Or you could browse our library of creative presentation templates that’ll easily set your presentation apart from competitors.

Step 5: engage your audience.

Active audience engagement is key to a successful business proposal presentation. Encourage interaction throughout your presentation by asking thought-provoking questions, seeking input or incorporating interactive elements like polls or group exercises. Show genuine interest in your audience’s feedback and questions as this builds rapport and demonstrates that you value their perspective. Engaging your audience creates a dynamic and memorable experience.

Giving an online presentation? Here are some tips on how to adapt your in-person presentation into a virtual presentation that will leave a lasting impression. 

Step 6: communicate with clarity.

Focus on the key messages and benefits of your proposal. Clear communication is vital to conveying your ideas effectively, so be sure to use language that is easily understandable and free from jargon. Support your points with concrete examples or stories that resonate with your audience. By communicating with clarity, you ensure that your message is easily comprehensible and memorable.

corporate presentation for investors

Step 7: Adapt and respond

Flexibility is crucial when delivering a business proposal presentation. Pay close attention to your audience’s reactions, questions and feedback. Be prepared to adapt your presentation on the fly to address their specific needs and concerns. 

The trick is to listen attentively and respond thoughtfully, demonstrating your ability to cater to their requirements. This flexibility and responsiveness build trust and show that you genuinely care about meeting their expectations.

Step 8: Follow up

After concluding your presentation, don’t let the momentum fade away. Follow up with your audience to address any remaining questions, provide additional information or clarify any points. 

Following up with your audience helps maintain the relationship and keeps the conversation going. By staying in touch, you demonstrate your commitment to their success and increase the chances of moving forward with your proposal.

Have another round of presentations coming up? Give it your best with these tips on how to improve your presentation skills . 

A business proposal presentation is not just a chance to present your business idea; it’s a prime opportunity to showcase the unique value, potential and profitability of your business concept 

By following the tips and tricks in this article, I’m confident that business professionals like you can easily win over potential investors and prospective clients.

Venngage offers a wide range of pre-designed templates specifically tailored for business proposals. With the help of Venngage’s presentation maker , creating visually appealing and professional business proposal presentations becomes easier than ever.

Step 1: Sign up for a Venngage account (P.S. It’s free!). 

Step 2:  Browse through Venngage’s template library and choose a business presentation template that suits your needs (they’re all created by our expert in-house designers).

Step 3: Replace the placeholder text in the template with content from your business proposals.

Step 4: Customize your business presentation in just a few clicks with our user-friendly drag-and-drop editor tool. Modify various elements such as text, colors, fonts, backgrounds and layout. Enhance your presentation with visual aids such as images, icons, charts and graphs.

Step 5: Share your presentation publicly or upgrade to a business account to export the presentation to PowerPoint or PDF. You can also choose to present straight from Venngage’s presentation software.

Logo of Presentation.STUDIO

Connecting investors to your vision: our design alchemy

We specialize in transforming investor presentations into powerful tools that captivate, engage, and inspire your audience. Experience the difference our expertise makes in crafting compelling investor presentations that leave a lasting impact.

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Elevate your investment story and showcase your potential to captivate investors with our professional design services.

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Quarterly earnings, investor relations, esg presentations.

A startup fundraising presentation can be a powerful strategic tool to convey your vision, attract investors, and secure funding for your venture.

Crafting winning pitches

Partner with Presentation.STUDIO for expert design services that elevate your startup fundraising presentations and help you stand out in the competitive fundraising landscape.

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A quarterly earnings presentation can be a powerful strategic tool to communicate your financial performance, align your stakeholders, and showcase your future plans.

Building investor confidence

Partner with us for professional design services that elevate your quarterly earnings presentations, enabling you to effectively share achievements, strategies, and growth prospects.

team meeting

Investor presentations can be more than mere figures; they talk visually to your stakeholders. When done right professional design has been proven to bring 100x return on investment.

Meaningful investor engagement

Partnering with Presentation.STUDIO gives your pitches an extra punch. Our professionally designed investor presentations instill confidence in potential investors, showcasing your vision and the promise of profitability that your business brings to the table.

corporate presentation for investors

ESG presentations pave the way for a company to gain investor confidence, earn customer loyalty, reduce operating costs and improve both asset management and financial performance.

Gain customer loyalty

With Presentation.STUDIO, you will have visually impressive ESG presentations that will help you play a vital role in communicating your company's commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices, benefiting both the company and its stakeholders.

corporate presentation for investors

Do you need help with your presentations?

corporate presentation for investors

Presentation Design ‍ Features

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Presenting information in a visually engaging way for better comprehension and insight.


Thoroughly reviewing content for accuracy, grammar, and consistency to ensure polished final material.

Adding dynamic movement and effects to elements, enhancing visual interest and engagement.


Incorporating features that allow the audience to engage with and navigate through the content.


Creating smooth and visually appealing transitions between different sections or slides in a presentation.

Formatting and Layout

Refining the visual structure of your content for a polished and professional presentation.

Developing PowerPoint slides using content from external sources (e.g., PDF, Google Docs or images) for a cohesive and unified presentation


Refining and enhancing existing content for maximum clarity and persuasive impact


Converting content seamlessly into another language, ensuring accurate and culturally relevant communication.

Express Delivery

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Case studies

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Transforming industries as the world takes a plunge into generative AI, metaverse, and digital engineering through a suite of technology solutions, products, and cloud services.

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Swasti Veda

A botanical innovations accelerator aimed at advancing plant-based wellness sciences - with a mission to use scientific evidence for commercializing innovative technologies.

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Pioneers in network and engineering services - devoted to bringing innovative solutions to the world's top wireless operators, fiber providers, cable companies, commercial enterprises, and government institutions.

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corporate presentation for investors

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  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Annual and Fourth Quarter 2023 Production Results
  • Victoria Gold: 2023 Third Quarter Results
  • Victoria Gold: 5.83 g/t Au over 31.4 Meters at Raven Deposit, Dublin Gulch Camp, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Amends Secured Loan Facility
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Q3 2023 Production
  • Victoria Gold: Acquires Yukon Properties Brewery Creek: 1.1M ozs of M&I and 1.0M ozs of Inferred Gold Resources
  • Victoria Gold: 3.5 g/t Au over 27.5m at Raven Deposit, Dublin Gulch Gold Camp, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold: Operational Update
  • Victoria Gold: 2023 Second Quarter Results
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Q2 & H1 2023 Operational Highlights
  • Victoria Gold: 2023 First Quarter Financial Results
  • Victoria Gold: Annual General Meeting Results
  • Victoria Gold: Filing of Updated Technical Report for the Eagle Gold Mine
  • Victoria Gold: New Board of Director Nominees
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Q1 2023 Operational Highlights
  • Victoria Gold Publishes 2022 Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Report
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Updated Technical Report
  • Victoria Gold: 2022 Fourth Quarter & Full Year Results
  • Victoria Gold: Offer to ATAC Resources has Expired
  • Victoria Gold: Response to ATAC Resources
  • Victoria Gold: Notice of Expiry of Offer for ATAC Resources
  • Victoria Gold Launches Commemorative Gold and Silver Eagle Gold Mine Medallions
  • Victoria Gold Releases Highlighted Results From Raven Proximal Exploration Program
  • Victoria Gold: 3.59 g/t Au over 83.5 Meters from 2022 Raven Exploration Program
  • Victoria Gold: 24.69 g/t Au over 6.5m from 2022 Lynx Exploration Program
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Annual and Fourth Quarter 2022 Production Results
  • Victoria Gold: 2022 Third Quarter Results
  • Victoria Gold: Files Technical Report on the Raven Gold Deposit, Dublin Gulch Property, Yukon, Canada 1.1 Million Gold Ounces @ 1.7 g/t
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Operations Update and Appointment of General Manager
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Q3 2022 Production and Guidance Update
  • Victoria Gold: Maiden Mineral Resource Estimate at Raven 1.1 Million Gold Ounces at 1.7 g/t
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Grows Along Strike
  • Victoria Gold Reports 2022 Second Quarter Results - Zoom Conference Call on August 15, 2022 at 8:00 am PDT
  • Victoria Gold: Update on Yukon Wildfires
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Q2 2022 Production
  • Victoria Gold: Adds to Management Team and AGM Voting Results
  • Victoria Gold Reports 2022 First Quarter Results
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Q1 2022 Operational Highlights
  • Victoria Gold: 2021 Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2021 Results
  • Victoria Gold: Lynx Exploration Results, Dublin Gulch, Yukon Including 2.0 g/t over 32 meters
  • Victoria Gold: Raven Drill Results, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Provides Eagle Deep Exploration Program Update
  • Victoria Gold’s John McConnell to Receive Developer of the Year Award
  • Victoria Gold Provides Update on ‘Project 250’
  • Victoria Gold Amends Credit Facilities Including Reduced Interest Rates
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Q4 And Annual 2021 Production Results
  • Victoria Gold Provides 2021 Revised Guidance
  • Victoria Gold Reports 2021 Third Quarter Results
  • Victoria Gold: Q3 2021 Financial Results & Video Conference on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021
  • Victoria Gold’s Eagle Gold Mine Produces 55,827 Ounces Gold in Q3 2021
  • Victoria Gold Recognized by the Toronto Stock Exchange’s 2021 TSX30 Program
  • Victoria Gold – Record Setting Gold Production and Corporate Update
  • Victoria Gold: 2021 Second Quarter Financial Results
  • Victoria Gold Announces Eagle Gold Mine Q2 2021 Production
  • Victoria Gold Announces Voting Results from Annual General Meeting
  • Victoria Gold: Dublin Gulch Gold Camp 2021 Exploration Season Raven to be Primary Focus
  • Victoria Gold Adopts Shareholder Rights Plan
  • Victoria Gold Reports 2021 First Quarter Results
  • Victoria Gold Discloses Litigation Claim
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Q1 2021 Operational Highlights
  • Victoria Gold Contributes $1,000,000 to First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun
  • Victoria Gold Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2020 Results
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine 2021 Production Guidance
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Q4 2020 Production Results
  • Victoria Gold Closes US$200 Million Credit Facility To Refinance Project Debt
  • Victoria Gold: GDXJ Index Inclusion
  • Victoria Gold Corp contributes $15,000 to extend the NorthwesTel Festival of Trees’ Winter Wonderland
  • Victoria Gold Drills 6.14 g/t Au over 8.4 meters and Trenches 4.65 g/t Au over 32.0 meters at Lynx, Dublin Gulch, YT
  • Victoria Gold Intercepts 3.95 g/t Au over 19.0 meters and 4.48 g/t Au over 13.7 meters at Raven, Dublin Gulch, YT
  • Victoria Gold Reports Third Quarter 2020 Operating and Financial Results
  • Victoria Gold Drills High Grade; 2.77 g/t Au over 65.7 meters and Expands Raven to over 750 meters in Strike Length
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Q3 2020 Production Results
  • Victoria Gold Announces that Orion has Completed its $57.5 Million Bought Deal Secondary Offering
  • Victoria Gold Corp. And Orion Mine Finance Announce C$50 Million Bought Deal Secondary Offering
  • Victoria Gold Welcomes New Board Members: Joseph Ovsenek & Stephen Scott
  • Victoria Gold Doubles Strike Length at Raven Target on Dublin Gulch Property
  • Victoria Gold Makes Early Debt Repayment of US$10 Million
  • Victoria Gold’s Eagle Gold Mine Achieves Significant Safety Milestone
  • Victoria Gold Provides Inaugural Guidance for the Eagle Gold Mine, Yukon Territory
  • Victoria Gold’s Eagle Gold Mine Produces 13,828 Ounces of Gold in June
  • Happy Canada Day – Victoria Gold Declares Commercial Production at the Eagle Gold Mine, Yukon, Canada
  • Victoria’s Eagle Gold Mine Centrepiece of New Michael Gates Book About Dublin Gulch
  • Video Press Release: Victoria Gold Announces Commencement of 2020 Exploration at Eagle
  • Victoria Gold’s 2020 Dublin Gulch Exploration Program is Underway
  • Victoria Gold Makes Debt Repayment and Provides Operations Update
  • Victoria Gold Donates $100K to the Food Bank Society of Whitehorse
  • Victoria Gold Provides Operations Update
  • Victoria Gold Completes Previously Announced $23 Million Public Offering
  • Victoria Gold Corp. Announces C$20 Million Bought Deal Financing
  • Victoria Provides COVID-19 and Operational Update
  • Victoria Gold Proactively Responds to COVID-19 and Remains Operational
  • Victoria Gold Completes $7 Million Flow-Through Financing
  • Victoria Gold Graduates to Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Victoria Gold Announces $5 Million Flow-Through Financing
  • Victoria Gold: Trench Results Expand Raven Zone and Eagle Gold Mine Technical Report Filed
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Reserves Increase by 20% to 3.3 Million Ounces Gold
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Production Surpasses 10,000 Ounces of Gold
  • Victoria Gold: Share Consolidation and Change in Year End
  • Victoria Gold: Operations Ramp-up, Doré Shipment and AGM Results
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Mine’s First Gold Pour Completed on Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Mine’s Live First Gold Pour on Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  • Victoria’s Eagle Gold Mine Construction Complete – Operations Ramping Up
  • Victoria Gold’s Exploration Program at Raven Produces Multiple High-Grade Intercepts
  • Victoria Gold Announces That Orion Has Agreed To Increase Its Ownership Interest Through A Purchase Of Outstanding Shares
  • Victoria Gold Begins Follow-up Of 2018 Exploration Results At Raven, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold’s Eagle Mine Nearing Operations
  • Victoria Gold Amends Debt Facilities and Welcomes New Lenders
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Mine Construction 90% Complete
  • Victoria Gold Announces Exercise Of Over-Allotment Option; Raises Additional Gross Proceeds Of $1.9 Million
  • Victoria Gold Completes Previously Announced Public Offering and Concurrent Private Placement for Aggregate Gross Proceeds of $32.5 Million
  • Victoria Gold Announces Restructuring of C$32.5 Million Bought Deal Financing to Include Private Placement Component
  • Victoria Gold Achieves Major Safety Milestone
  • Victoria Gold Corp. Announces C$30 Million Bought Deal Financing
  • Yukon Moves into Top Ten Most Attractive Jurisdictions for Mining Investment
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Mine Construction Update, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Announces Grant of Stock Options
  • Victoria Gold's Nugget Returns 124.0 Metres of 3.50 g/t Au Including 58.0 Metres of 4.68 g/t Au from Surface Trench
  • Victoria Gold Reports Final 2018 Dublin Gulch Drill Results
  • Victoria Gold Closes $1.7M Flow Through Financing
  • Victoria Gold Announces Increase to Flow-Through Financing
  • Victoria Gold Welcomes New Board Member and Announces Flow Through Financing
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Measured & Indicated Resource Increases by 450,000 oz Au
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Mine Construction is 60% Complete
  • Victoria Gold’s Nugget Zone Discovery Hole Returns 101.5m of 0.57 g/t Au from Surface including 10.1m of 2.79 g/t Au, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Receives C$87.2 Million in Cash from Funding Partners
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Construction Update, Canada’s Next Gold Mine
  • Victoria Gold‘s 2018 Exploration Program Underway at Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Appoints Sean Roosen and Jacques Perron to its Board of Directors
  • Victoria Gold: Eagle Gold Mine Construction Pictures and Grant of Options
  • Victoria Gold Provides Eagle Development Update, Yukon Territory
  • Victoria Gold Enters into Gold Hedging Program for Eagle Gold Project, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Announces Execution of Definitive Documentation for the Eagle Financing Package and Closing of Equity and Royalty (First Tranche)
  • Victoria Gold Announces Comprehensive C$500 Million Financing Package for Eagle and Continuation of Construction Activities
  • Victoria Gold Reports on the Eagle Project Phase 1 De-Risking Program, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Drills 607.8m @ 0.56 g/t Au including 40.2m @ 1.33 g/t Au at the Eagle Gold Project, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Drills 624.1m @ 0.50 g/t Au from Surface, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Drills 1.9m @ 14.65g/t Au at the Catto Zone, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold: Mineralization Extended 390m Below the Eagle Reserve Pit; Including 104.6m @ 1.20 g/t Au from 539m to 644m, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold: 64.0m @ 0.52 g/t Au at the Eagle Extension Zone, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold: 146m @ 0.67 g/t Au; including 14m @ 4.87 g/t Au Trench Results at Newly Discovered Bluto Target, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold: New Target, Spinach, Results include 5.0m @ 4.26 g/t Au, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold: Olive Exploration Results include 33.3 meters of 1.54 g/t Au
  • Victoria Gold: Olive-Shamrock Exploration Results – 22.5m @ 2.78 g/t Au
  • Victoria Gold: Phase 1 Construction Underway at the Eagle Gold Project, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Drills 4.3 meters of 46.6 g/t Au at Popeye Target, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Executes Commitment Letter for US$220 Million Project Finance Facility for the Construction of the Eagle Gold Mine
  • Victoria Gold Drills 35.3m of 1.03 g/t Au at Eagle West, Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold: First Shamrock Exploration Holes of 2017 include 20.7m of 1.6 g/t Au
  • Yukon Corporate Tax Rate Reduction Improves Eagle Project Economics
  • Victoria Gold Drills 21m of 2.1 g/t Au at a New Target Adjacent to Eagle, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Executes Definitive Agreement with Banyan Gold to Option its Aurex Property
  • Victoria Gold Closes $10 Million Flow-Through Financing at $0.87 per Share
  • Victoria Gold Appoints VP Exploration and Doubles Camp Capacity at Eagle Gold Project Site, Yukon
  • Supplementary Presentation: Eagle Gold Project Developments
  • Victoria Gold Begins $6.2M, Phase 1 Exploration Program, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold: Acquires Cat Mining Fleet for the Eagle Gold Project
  • Victoria Gold Awards Engineering for the Eagle Project to JDS/Hatch Team
  • Victoria Gold named to the TSX Venture 50(tm)
  • Victoria Gold Introduces Vice President, Project Execution, Tony George
  • Victoria Gold: US$220M Project Debt Facility for the Eagle Gold Mine
  • Victoria Gold Announces $6.2M 2017 Program to Unlock the Exploration Potential of the Dublin Gulch Property
  • Victoria Gold Reports on Olive-Shamrock 2016 Phase 2 Drill Program
  • Victoria Gold Engages Financial Advisor and Closes $4.7 Million Flow-Through Financing
  • Victoria Gold Files NI 43-101 Feasibility Study for Eagle Gold Project
  • Victoria Gold: Fully Permitted Eagle Gold Project Feasibility Study Demonstrates Post Tax NPV of $508M and IRR of 29.5%
  • Victoria Gold to Release Eagle Feasibility Study on Monday, September 12, 2016
  • Victoria Gold Completes $28,778,750 Bought Deal Financing
  • Victoria's Newly Elected Board adds Considerable Development and Operations Experience
  • Victoria Gold Announces $25,025,000 Bought Deal Financing
  • Victoria Receives Shamrock Drill Results including; 40m at 2.1 g/t gold and 37m at 1.9 g/t Gold
  • Victoria Receives Surface Trench Results from Olive including: 52m of 4.4 g/t and 8m of 15.6 g/t Gold
  • Victoria Gold Purchases Construction Camp and Reduces Upfront Construction Capital
  • Victoria Gold Nominates Patrick Downey for Election as a Director
  • Victoria Receives Olive Results including: 168m at 0.92 g/t including 30m at 2.85 g/t Gold, Shamrock Results Next Up
  • Victoria Gold Closes $2.85 Million Flow-Through Financing at $0.65 per Share
  • Victoria Gold Strengthens its Technical Team with the Appointment of Heather White to the Board
  • Victoria Receives Olive Results including: 35m at 1.8 g/t and 106m at 0.9 g/t Gold
  • Victoria Confirms High Grade Results at Olive including: 46m at 2.5 g/t and 47m at 1.5 g/t gold and Expanded Drill Campaign
  • Victoria Confirms High Grade Mineralization between the Olive and Shamrock Zones including 26.5m at 2.1 g/t Gold
  • Victoria's Shamrock Zone Achieves 88% Metallurgical Recovery
  • Victoria Receives Additional Olive-Shamrock Zone Results which include: 144.5m at 1.2 g/t and 73.8m at 1.6 g/t gold
  • Victoria Gold Closes C$24 Million Financing with Electrum and Sun Valley Gold
  • Victoria Receives First Results from the Olive-Shamrock Zone which include: 38.1m at 2.1 g/t and 11.8m at 2.7 g/t gold
  • Victoria Gold Announces C$24 Million Investment by Electrum Strategic Opportunities Fund L.P. and Sun Valley Gold LLC
  • Victoria Gold Engages JDS to Lead the Eagle Feasibility Study Update
  • Victoria Gold: Drilling Begins on the Advanced Olive-Shamrock Target
  • Victoria Gold Awards Drilling Contract for the 2016 Olive-Shamrock Exploration Program
  • Victoria Gold Looking Forward to Busy and Transformative 2016
  • Victoria Gold Completes $3.6M Flow-Through Financing to Drill Olive and Shamrock Targets
  • Victoria Gold Receives Final Major Permit for Eagle Gold Project, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Completes Flow-Through Private Placement Financing to Drill High Priority Olive and Shamrock Targets
  • Victoria's High Grade Olive Zone is Heap Leachable
  • Victoria Gold Files Revised Feasibility Study on the Eagle Gold Project
  • Victoria Gold Provides Updated Corporate Presentation
  • Yukon Ranks 1st in Mineral Potential and 9th Overall in the World
  • Victoria's Olive Zone Demonstrates Attractive Metallurgical Recovery and Leaching Kinetics
  • Victoria Completes Successful Exploration Program at High-Grade Olive Zone
  • Victoria Announces Olive Grows as Step-Out Holes Continue to Intersect High Grades
  • Victoria Continues to Receive High Grade Results at Olive; $3 million Phase 2 Development Program Approved
  • Victoria's Olive Zone Yields High Grade Gold Intercepts over Significant Widths
  • Victoria Receives $10 Million Third Payment from Sale of Cove Property
  • Victoria Initiates Drilling to Test High Grade Target Adjacent to Eagle Project
  • Victoria Gold Announces Changes to its Board of Directors
  • Victoria Achieves Major Milestone with Receipt of the Quartz Mining License for the Eagle Gold Project, Yukon
  • Victoria Receives $10 Million Second Payment from Cove Sale
  • Victoria Provides Status Report on Eagle Gold Project
  • Yukon Environmental Assessment Board Approves Victoria's Eagle Gold Project
  • Victoria acquires common shares of Banyan Gold Corp.
  • Victoria Gold Closes the Sale of the Big Springs Property in Nevada
  • Victoria Extends Gold Mineralization at Olive, Adjacent to Victoria's Eagle Gold Deposit, Yukon
  • Victoria Identifies New Gold Targets on the Dublin Gulch Property, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Enters Into Agreement to Sell its Big Springs Property in Nevada
  • Victoria Expands Higher Grade Gold Target at Olive, Adjacent to Victoria's Eagle Gold Deposit, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold & The First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun Sign Historic Access and Exploration Agreement on 290 km2 of Virgin Land along Strike to Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Continues to Define Higher Grades at Eagle Gold Deposit
  • Victoria Achieves Major Permitting Milestone for its Eagle Gold Project, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Working Capital Update
  • Victoria Provides Update on Nevada Asset Sales
  • Victoria Provides Corporate Update and Releases Drill Results from Eagle Gold Deposit (Including 4.7 meters of 4.53 g/t gold and 55 meters of 1.77 g/t gold)
  • Victoria Gold Enters Into Agreement to Sell its Mill Canyon Property in Nevada
  • Victoria Gold Enters into Agreement to Sell the Cove Property in Nevada
  • Victoria Gold Sells Relief Canyon Property in Nevada
  • Victoria's Eagle Drilling Identifies Near Surface Gold Mineralization, including 47.2 meters of 2.1 g/t and 13.2 meters of 3.8 g/t Gold
  • Victoria will be exhibiting at the PDAC Mining Investment Show on March 4th and 5th, 2012
  • Victoria Appoints Chief Operating Officer with Extensive Heap Leach Mine Building Experience
  • Positive Feasibility Study Outlines Annual Gold Production of 200,000 Ounces at Victoria's Eagle Gold Project, Yukon
  • Victoria Provides a 2011 Review while Enthusiasm Grows for 2012
  • Victoria intersects 24.39 meters of 1.78 g/t Gold at Shamrock, Dublin Gulch Property, Yukon.
  • Victoria intersects 27.44 meters of 382 g/t Silver at Rex-Peso, Dublin Gulch Property, Yukon.
  • Victoria & First Nation of NaCho Nyak Dun Sign Letter of Intent and Victoria Stakes 290 km2 of Virgin Land Adjacent to Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Corp. Announces Completion of $30 Million Bought Deal Public Offering of Common Shares and Flow-Through Common Shares
  • Victoria Gold Announces $30 Million Bought Deal Financing
  • Victoria & First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun Sign Comprehensive Cooperation Benefits Agreement, Eagle Gold Deposit, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold to Drill the Mill Canyon Project in Nevada
  • Victoria Gold Corp to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw Global Investment Conference in New York, Monday September 12 at 11:40am
  • Victoria Engages Rothschild as Financial Advisor for the Eagle Gold Deposit
  • Victoria Intersects 15.16 meters of 3.64 g/t Gold at Olive Zone, Dublin Gulch Property, Yukon.
  • Victoria Announces New Discovery at Rex Peso at Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria's Step-out Drilling at Eagle Demonstrates Expanded Potential and New Mineralization is Delineated along the Adjacent Potato Hills Trend at Dublin Gulch, Yukon
  • Victoria Strengthens its Board and Management Team with the Nomination of Two New Directors and the Appointment of a New Officer
  • Victoria Achieves Major Permitting Milestone for the Eagle Gold Deposit, Yukon
  • The First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun and Victoria Extend Exploration Agreement at Dublin Gulch, Eagle Gold Deposit, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Announces Updated Cove Resource Estimate
  • Victoria Gold Corporation announces the Eagle Gold DepositMineral Resource grows to 4.8 million Indicated and 1.5 million Inferred Ounces Au
  • Victoria Gold Corp Selected for Global X S&P/TSX Venture 30 Canada ETF
  • Victoria Gold Announces 2011 Dublin Gulch Exploration Program
  • Victoria Gold Corp. Announces Further Progress on the Path to Development of the Eagle Gold Mine
  • Victoria Gold Corp. Announces Appointment of John Mcconnell as President and CEO
  • Victoria Gold Corp. Announces Eagle Feasibility Study Underway
  • Victoria Gold Corp. Achieves Another Important Milestone at Eagle Gold Project, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Announces Appointment of VP Exploration
  • Victoria Gold Provides Update on Cove Upper Zone Resource Estimate
  • Victoria Gold Notifies of Apparent Error in the Calculation of Cove Upper Zone Resource
  • Victoria Gold Discovers Multiple New Gold Zones at Dublin Gulch
  • Victoria Gold Reports Positive Gold Assay Intercepts from the Santa Fe Exploration Project, Nevada
  • Victoria Gold Reports Drill Hole Intercept of 30.50 m Grading 12.03 g/t Gold from Shamrock Target, Yukon
  • Victoria Gold Closes $28.8 Million Financing
  • Victoria Gold Announces C$25 Million Bought Deal Financing
  • Victoria Gold Corp. Provides Update on Activities
  • Victoria Gold Corp. and Na-cho Nyak Dun First Nation Sign MOU on the Eagle Gold Project
  • Victoria Completes Guyanese Gold Asset Transaction
  • Victoria Gold Begins 2010 Yukon Exploration Program and Closes $4.3 Million FlowThrough Financing Priced at a Premium
  • Victoria Gold to Host Conference Call on Monday, April 19, 2010 at 11:00 EST
  • Victoria Gold Reports More Wide Gold Intercepts at Santa Fe: Hole BH-6 Hits 3.94 g/t over 157 m
  • Victoria Gold Corp. Announces Positive Pre-feasibility Results for the Eagle Gold Project
  • Victoria Gold to Host Conference Call on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 at 10:00 am EST
  • Victoria Gold Corp. Reports Another Exceptional Gold Intersection from the Santa Fe Project
  • Victoria Gold Corp: Robust Preliminary Economics and High-Grade Initial Resource Established at the Helen Zone
  • Victoria Gold to Host Conference Call on Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 11:00 am EST
  • Victoria Gold Obtains Receipt for Final Prospectus
  • Victoria Hits Another Wide Gold Intercept at Santa Fe: 284 m Grading 2.50 g/t
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Virco Issues Updated Investor Presentation

TORRANCE, Calif., April 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Virco Mfg. Corporation (NASDAQ: VIRC) (the “Company”), the nation’s largest manufacturer and supplier of educational furniture and equipment, today issued an update of its investor presentation, highlighting the Company’s strong recovery following pandemic-related school closures. The investor update is available on the Company’s website at www.virco.com.

The investor presentation includes preliminary, unaudited financial results for the Company’s Fiscal Year Ended January 31, 2024. Included in these figures is Management’s preferred forward-looking indicator of business velocity: “Shipments plus Backlog,” a non-GAAP measure of actual year-to-date shipments plus the unshipped backlog of orders for the upcoming delivery season.

As of January 31, 2024, the Company’s fiscal year end, Shipments plus Backlog had reached an all-time Company record of $317,604,000. Preliminary, unaudited cash flow and net income for fiscal 2024 also set records not achieved in the last 20 plus years.

Virco CEO and Chairman Robert Virtue commented on the Company’s strong performance: “During the critical months of the pandemic, when schools were closed, we always retained our focus on eventual recovery. We knew from prior experience that coming out of downturns is often just as difficult as the downturn itself. We made every effort to protect our extraordinary staff and U.S.-based operating assets. We also preserved and actually reinforced our financial strength, allowing us to support school re-opening without the need for additional debt or capital investment. We are pleased to share our success with investors old and new, and especially express our gratitude to those loyal investors who understood our long-term strategy, and supported us through the challenging years of the pandemic. Their support has in turn allowed Virco to support the recovery of America’s schools, both public and private, as well as international schools around the world.”

Preliminary Financial Information

The fiscal 2024 financial results presented in this press release and included in the Company’s investor presentation referred to in this press release are preliminary, estimated and unaudited, and reflect management’s estimates based solely upon information available to management as of the date of this press release and are subject to change upon the completion of Virco’s financial closing procedures, final adjustments and other developments, including audit and review by its independent registered public accounting firm. During the course of that process, Virco may identify items that would require it to make adjustments, which may be material, to the information in this press release. As a result, the preliminary unaudited financial information included in this press release is forward-looking information and is subject to risks and uncertainties, including possible material adjustments to the preliminary financial information and the other risks and uncertainties described below under “Statement Concerning Forward-Looking Information.” Accordingly, you should not place undue reliance on these estimates, which should not be considered a substitute for the financial information to be filed with the SEC in Virco’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2024 once it becomes available.

Statement Concerning Forward-Looking Information

This news release contains “forward-looking statements” as defined by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and beliefs about future events or circumstances, and you should not place undue reliance on these statements. Such statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other factors, which may cause actual results to differ materially from those that are anticipated. See the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K, Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, and other reports and material that it files with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a further description of these and other risks and uncertainties. The Company assumes no, and hereby disclaims any, obligation to update any forward-looking statements.

Contact: Virco Mfg. Corporation (310) 533-0474 Robert A. Virtue, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Doug Virtue, President Robert Dose, Chief Financial Officer

A PDF accompanying this announcement is available at 


corporate presentation for investors

Virco Manufacturing News MORE

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Trump’s Media Company Worth Nearly $8 Billion on First Trading Day

Trump Media & Technology Group, fresh from a merger with a cash-rich shell company, started trading on the Nasdaq, adding billions of dollars to the former president’s wealth.

Donald Trump walks down a stage wearing a suit.

By Matthew Goldstein and Joe Rennison

Former President Donald J. Trump’s social media company jumped on its first day of trading on the Nasdaq on Tuesday, giving the company an estimated market value of close to $8 billion, larger than established corporations like Mattel, Alaska Airlines and Western Union.

The biggest beneficiary of the market action has been Mr. Trump, who owns about 60 percent of Trump Media, making him the largest shareholder. His stake in the company — the parent of Truth Social, the online platform that is Mr. Trump’s main megaphone for reaching supporters and attacking critics — is worth about $4.6 billion on paper.

For many investors, investing is as much as a sign of support for Mr. Trump personally as it is for his relatively small, loss-making social media company, which describes itself as a platform that stands against censorship by Big Tech. Such was the frenzy on Tuesday that trading in Trump Media’s shares was briefly halted by the stock exchange shortly after it opened because of extreme volatility. After gaining as much as 40 percent, the stock eased toward the close, ending the day 16 percent higher.

Trump Media closed its merger with Digital World Acquisition Corporation, a cash-rich public shell company, on Monday.

“We do appreciate President Trump but it’s more about free speech,” said Mark Willis, 63, who lives in Indian Trail, N.C. and has been buying shares in the public shell company that merged with Trump Media ever since the merger plan was proposed in 2021. “We believe this is the only social media platform that is not heavily influenced by the government.”

Scott Lewczak, a graphic designer in Nokesville, Va., and another longtime shareholder, said he is going to make money on the big surge in the price of Trump Media, but that is not the point. He said his investment was to support Truth Social and Mr. Trump.

“Even if I lose every penny, I will fight to the end,” Mr. Lewczak said.

The investors who have piled into the stock of Digital World, and now Trump Media, have tended to be individuals, rather than investment firms and hedge funds.

By most traditional measures, Trump Media’s valuation is inordinately high. The company took in just $3.3 million in revenue during the first nine months of last year, all from advertising on Truth Social, and recorded a loss of $49 million.

That means Trump Media’s market value is nearly 2,000 times its estimated annual revenue. Investors sometimes assign lofty valuations to small, loss-making companies in anticipation of rapid growth — or a belief that other investors will continue to bid up a company’s shares, for whatever reason — but typically not on this scale.

Other social media companies trade at far smaller price-to-sales ratios than Trump Media: Reddit is around 10, Meta is 7 and Snap is 6, according to FactSet. High-flying tech stocks like the chipmakers Nvidia and ARM trade at price-to-sales ratios of about 25.

On a message board on Truth Social, created by supporters of the merger, some of these investors cheered on the stock-market debut of Trump Media.

“If anyone deserves to be a trillionaire, it is Donald J Trump,” one poster said. “Never bet against a billionaire with over a hundred million supporters who are determined to fix America and preserve freedom for all” said another.

Chad Nedohin, 40, who has been a vocal supporter of the merger on Truth Social, said in an interview that most people buying Trump Media’s stock are not focused on the valuation of the company but making sure Truth Social remains viable.

“You are looking at people who are investors and not traders,” said Mr. Nedohin, who lives in Canada and works as an engineer and a Christian worship leader. “We are seeing long-term holders who are MAGA and they are Trump’s base.”

Still, based on its trading patterns, Trump Media looks a lot like the so-called meme stocks — GameStop, AMC Entertainment and others — that were propelled to dizzying heights by armies of amateur investors during the pandemic. Meme stocks tend to trade more on emotion than fundamentals.

“It’s difficult to say how this will trade, but it definitely has the DNA of a meme stock, so we might see some extreme volatility,” said Kristi Marvin, a former investment banker and editor of SPACInsider, which gathers data on the market for special purpose acquisition companies.

Trump Media’s prospects met with skepticism on popular investment boards on the social media platform Reddit. “Do people really dare to buy this stock?” asked one poster.

Many of the publicly listed holders of the stock, with most filings dating to the end of 2023, are retail investment advisers who help facilitate trading on behalf of individual clients, and those contacted by The New York Times were broadly unwilling to express a view on Trump Media themselves.

“Our typical advice to our clients is that you are best owning a diversified portfolio,” said Kevin Grogan, chief investment officer for Buckingham Wealth Partners.

Digital World was founded as a special purpose acquisition company. The sole purpose of a SPAC is to raise money from investors and then merge with an operating business, which then becomes the publicly traded entity.

Any big investors that bought shares of Digital World or Trump Media would not be required to publicly disclose their holdings until the middle of May. Some big investors have shorted, or bet against, Trump Media shares, on the assumption that the company cannot continue to trade at such a heady price.

Trump Media, according to S3 Partners, a financial data company, is now the most shorted company to merge with a SPAC in the United States.

The merger between Trump Media and Digital World this week was completed as Mr. Trump faced a deadline to secure a bond to cover a big penalty imposed by a judge in a civil fraud case. But in a break for Mr. Trump, an appellate court reduced the amount that he would need to post, to $175 million from $454 million, and gave him more time to raise the money.

The appellate court’s action seemed to ease the pressure on Mr. Trump to try to tap his newfound Trump Media wealth. To do so, he would need the company’s new seven-member board to remove a restriction that prevents him from selling shares or using shares as collateral for six months.

The board may still vote to loosen that restriction if that is what Mr. Trump wants. He holds tremendous sway over the company: Besides owning about 60 percent of Trump Media’s stock, he owns a separate class of shares that gives him at least 55 percent voting power over any measure presented for a shareholder vote. And the company’s seven-member board is stacked with loyalists, including his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

But now that Mr. Trump no longer faces an urgent need to raise a large amount of cash, he might be content to let the six-month restriction on selling shares remain. From Mr. Trump’s perspective, the surging price of Trump Media’s shares gives him bragging rights on the campaign trail. One of his political calling cards has been to talk about his success as a businessman and his enormous wealth — something that’s easier for him to do since the merger.

The bigger challenge for Trump Media’s board is coming up with a strategy to increase the company’s business and expand the reach of Truth Social in order to justify the company’s valuation. Truth Social is a relative minnow in the social media universe and largely dependent on Mr. Trump’s posts for drawing traffic.

In merging with Digital World, Trump Media got a badly needed infusion of roughly $300 million in cash that Digital World had raised from investors. Without that infusion, Trump Media and Truth Social were looking at potentially shutting down.

And as a public company, Trump Media will be required to file periodic financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission and reveal in detail any deals it may strike with Mr. Trump.

“In a public company you have the scrutiny now of investors and regulators,” said Usha Rodrigues, a professor of corporate law at the University of Georgia School of Law. “Any stockholder now has standing to bring a lawsuit if they claim one of the company’s statements is misleading.”

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  • March 2024 ESG Policy Update—Australia

K&L Gates LLP

Australian Update

Australian securities and investments commission continues greenwashing enforcement efforts.

On 28 February 2024, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) reported that an outsourced responsible entity (RE) had paid an AU$13,320 infringement notice for misleading statements regarding the Bloom Climate Impact Fund (Bloom Fund). 

ASIC alleged that the RE contravened section 12DF of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 (Cth) in relation to disclosures by the Bloom Fund of which it was the trustee and RE. The Bloom Fund’s product disclosure statement (PDS) described the Bloom Fund’s negative screening process whereby the Bloom Fund would seek to avoid investment of its assets into certain excluded activities such as fossil fuels production. However, the PDS did not disclose that the negative screening process allowed investment into companies that derived up to 33% of revenue from an excluded activity. 

ASIC alleged that the Bloom Fund consequently acquired and held a direct investment in an investee company which derived 16% of its revenue from fossil fuels in the 2022 financial year (FY). ASIC believes that the applied negative screening process and subsequent investment did not constitute “seeking to avoid investments” in the excluded activities and was as such misleading to the public. 

This infringement notice is one of 17 issued by ASIC to date in relation to alleged Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) misconduct.

Macquarie Continues to Invest in Women

Following the global celebration of International Women’s Day, the Australian investment sector is promoting impact investing, with a particular focus on increasing female opportunities. The United Nation’s 2024 theme “Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress” follows on from last year’s determination that there is a US$360 billion annual investment deficit which is required to achieve gender parity by 2030.

The Macquarie Group Foundation (Macquarie) has partnered with Good Return Limited (Good Return) to support Good Return’s Impact Investment Fund , which supports women-led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging economies. Good Return’s Impact Investment Fund represents that it has enabled access to AU$4.43 million in finance for more than 500 women-led SMEs. With 89% of loan recipients being women, this has created or sustained more than 3,400 jobs in the Asia-Pacific.

Macquarie, with its AU$20 million social impact investment allocation, has been deploying capital via philanthropic grant funding and social impact investment, with an investment size of AU$500,000 or above where there is an expected financial return in social impact projects that employ and upskill young adults.

Though there has been a focus on environmental impact investing by Australian financial institutions, gender lens investing presents evidence that making gender-smart sustainable investments could generate higher returns than investments that only take environmental sustainability into account.

Good Return is now preparing to launch its next gender lens investment fund.

Macquarie’s director of social impact investment, Susan Clear, remains hopeful, stating that “when Australian financial institutions and the social sector work together, it fosters an environment to identify commercial investment opportunities that also have a positive social impact”.

Australia and Canada to Co-Operate on Critical Minerals

Australia and Canada have agreed to work together to improve transparency in critical minerals supply chains and to promote recognition of strong ESG standards in critical minerals markets.

A joint statement published by the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Madeleine King and Canada’s Minister for Energy and Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson was published on 5 March 2024 (Joint Statement).

The Joint Statement notes that Australia and Canada both have national critical mineral strategies and are committed to ensuring critical minerals markets are “diverse, resilient, and guided by fair market practices”. 

As previously reported by K&L Gates , the Australian Government released its Critical Mineral Strategy 2023-2030 (CM Strategy) in July 2023. Under the CM Strategy, the Australian Government outlined its 2030 objectives which include that Australia realises the economic benefits of its critical minerals sector and becomes a significant producer of raw and processed critical minerals. Part of the CM Strategy is designed to achieve these objectives by creating diverse, resilient and sustainable supply chains through strong and secure international partnerships. 

According to the Joint Statement, Australia and Canada have developed a nonlegally binding understanding to promote shared priorities related to global critical minerals extraction, processing, and refining. Canada’s Department of Natural Resources and Australia’s Critical Minerals Office, within the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, are to lead the work outlined in the Joint Statement and coordinate policies and investments to support the below shared priorities:

  • Drive robust ESG efforts;
  • Drive the development of critical minerals supply chain transparency and traceability to monetise the value proposition for responsibly sourced minerals;
  • Ensuring that our common values are accurately reflected through multilateral fora to avoid overlap and ensure complementarity;
  • Supporting bilateral mining and service sector trade and investment;
  • Exploring joint research and development research exchanges and investment in strategic areas; and
  • Continuing improving engagement with Indigenous Peoples.

Australasian Investor Relations Association Announces Revised ESG Engagement Recommendations for Listed Entities

On 19 February 2024, the Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) released the second edition of its “ESG Engagement Guidelines: Recommended Practices for Australasian Listed Entities” (ESG Guide). 

The new edition of the ESG Guide includes significant updates from the first edition, which was released in 2017. The updates are designed to reflect the evolving landscape of ESG considerations in corporate governance and investor relations. 

Key updates to the ESG engagement recommendations include:

Enhanced Role of Investor Relations

Noting that investor relations are now positioned as the key contact point and coordinator for all ESG engagements with the investment community, ensuring preparedness and strategic alignment across all stakeholders. 

Broader ESG Topics and Increased Complexity

A detailed understanding of the various parties involved in ESG-related topics, including asset owners, managers, regulators and ESG research providers. 

Comprehensive Recommendations for ESG Engagement

A structured approach to ESG engagement, spanning governance resources, systematic strategy, feedback and review, and board mandate. The recommendations are designed to enhance transparency, strategic planning and stakeholder communication in ESG matters. 

Identification and Understanding of ESG Stakeholders

A new focus is placed on identifying key ESG stakeholders and understanding their interrelationships. This includes insights into institutional investors, ESG research firms and sell-side research as well as providing a roadmap for effective stakeholder engagement.

The View from Abroad

Us securities and exchange commission adopts rules for climate-related disclosures.

As previously reported by K&L Gates , the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors final disclosure rules (Rules) on 6 March 2024. The Rules require US publicly traded companies to disclose climate-related information in their registration statements and annual reports. The Rules are significantly scaled back from the proposed rules that were issued on 21 March 2022. 

These Rules come at a time when ESG initiatives and reporting have become extremely politicized in the United States. As previously reported by K&L Gates , this sentiment has even resulted in certain businesses making a conscious effort to avoid ESG references in their corporate reports. In response to critics that the SEC exceeded its authority in promulgating the Rules, SEC Chair Gary Gensler stated that “these final rules build on past requirements by mandating material climate risk disclosures by public companies and in public offerings. The rules will provide investors with consistent, comparable, and decision-useful information, and issuers with clear reporting requirements.” 

In summary , the core aspects of the Rules include the following:

Presentation of the Disclosures

The Rules require a company to:

  • File its climate-related disclosures in its registration statements and annual reports filed with the SEC under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934;
  • Provide the mandated climate-related disclosures either in a separate, appropriately captioned section of its registration statement or annual report or in another appropriate section of the filing, such as risk factors, description of business or management’s discussion and analysis, or, alternatively, by incorporating such disclosure by reference from another SEC filing as long as the disclosure meets the electronic tagging requirements of the final rules; and
  • Include additional disclosures in a note to its financial statements.

Content of Disclosures

The Rules will require a company to disclose, amongst others, the following:

  • A description of the board’s oversight of climate-related risks, including, if applicable, any board committee or subcommittee responsible for oversight of these risks and the process by which they informed about such risks;
  • Climate-related risks that have had or are reasonably likely to have a material impact on the company, including on its business strategy, results of operations or financial condition; 
  • A description of any processes for identifying, assessing and managing material climate-related risks;
  • Information about any climate-related targets or goals that have materially affected or are reasonably likely to materially affect its business, results of operations or financial condition;
  • For larger US public companies, if material, Scope 1, and Scope 2 emissions, each expressed in the aggregate and on a gross basis excluding the impact of purchased or generated offsets; and
  • In the notes to the financial statements, disaggregated financial information resulting from the impact of severe weather events and other natural conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, drought, wildfires, extreme temperatures and sea level rise. 

It is intended the disclosures will be progressively phased in and compliance dates for the disclosures set out in the Rules are summarised here .

However, the Rules are already subject to a number of legal challenges from at least 25 states, energy companies and business advocates as well as from various environmental-focused groups. Nine lawsuits across six federal courts of appeal were consolidated in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on 21 March 2024. Given these legal challenges, there is some uncertainty as to whether and when the Rules will go into effect. 

Singapore to Introduce Mandatory Climate Reporting

Singapore will introduce mandatory climate reporting in a phased approach from 2025. 

As outlined in the table below, all listed issuers must report annual climate-related disclosures in accordance with International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)-aligned standards (at the same time as lodgement of financial statements). Large nonlisted companies (defined as those with an annual revenue of over S$1 billion and total assets of over S$500 million) will be required to do the same from FY2027. Additional time will be provided for disclosure of Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and for external assurance on reporting for Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions. 

While the Singapore Exchange Regulation and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) have provided details of the disclosures to be made by listed issuers and large nonlisted companies, ACRA will review the disclosure experiences of listed issuers and large nonlisted companies before considering reporting requirements for other Singaporean companies. 

Some of the noteworthy differences and similarities between the proposed Singaporean and Australian climate-related financial reporting regimes include:

Reporting Entities

In Singapore, it is currently only proposed that listed and large nonlisted companies be required to report (with a review proposed in 2027 to consider expanding the regime). The Australian regime is currently proposed to eventually apply more broadly to medium-sized nonlisted companies.


The first phases under both regimes are proposed to commence in FY2025.

Both regimes are based on the ISSB’s S1 and S2 standards with certain amendments. Entities which are required to prepare climate-related financial reports under both Australian and Singaporean law will need to pay close attention to ensure that those reports are compliant under both regimes.

Deutsche Bank Updates Sustainable Finance Framework

Earlier this year, Deutsche Bank released its updated Sustainable Finance Framework (Framework), initially released in July 2020. This updated Framework outlines the bank’s approach to classifying financial products as “sustainable”, using strict environmental and social criteria. At the close of 2023, the bank facilitated €279 billion in sustainable financing and has since increased its target for sustainable financing and investment volumes from €200 billion to €500 billion by the end of 2025. 

The Framework focuses on three key pillars:

  • Refined eligibility criteria for environmentally and socially sustainable activities;
  • Enhanced transparency for stakeholders in relation to progress towards its sustainability goals; and
  • Credibility from a reputable rating agency and consultancy, and alignment with market practices and existing sustainability criteria. 

To ensure clarity and consistency in Deutsche Bank’s approach to sustainable finance, the Framework clearly defines the bank’s classification of economic activities as environmentally sustainable based on the six guiding objectives of the European Commission’s EU taxonomy for sustainable activities .

To access Deutsche Bank’s updated Sustainable Finance Framework, click here . 

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