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Essay Samples on Graduation

Graduation is an exciting time in any student’s life. It’s a time to celebrate achievements, reflect on the past, and look towards the future. If you’re tasked with writing an essay on this topic, it can be a daunting task. However, with some helpful tips and graduation essay examples, you can craft a perfect essay about graduation.

One way to approach an essay on graduation is to focus on a particular moment or experience from the graduation ceremony. For example, you might write about the feeling of receiving your diploma or the emotions you felt as you walked across the stage. By focusing on a specific moment, you can create a more compelling and personal essay.

Another approach is to write about the broader significance of graduation. You can explore the importance of education, the challenges that students face, and the impact that graduation has on individuals and society. By taking a more philosophical approach, you can create a more thought-provoking essay that engages readers on a deeper level.

When it comes to graduation essay topics, the possibilities are endless. You might write about the history of graduation ceremonies, the impact of technology on graduation, or the role of graduation in different cultures. Whatever topic you choose, make sure it’s something that you’re passionate about and that you can explore in depth.

In conclusion, writing a perfect essay about graduation requires creativity, passion, and attention to detail. By using graduation essay examples and following the tips above, you can craft an essay that celebrates the importance of graduation and inspires readers to reflect on their own educational journeys.

How a Graduate Degree Can Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

Graduate degrees serve as powerful catalysts for propelling career ambitions to new heights. In a world where expertise, specialization, and innovation are highly valued, pursuing advanced education opens doors to enhanced opportunities and the realization of long-term career goals. This essay explores the symbiotic relationship...

  • Career Goals

Career Goals After Graduation: Mapping the Journey

Career goals after graduation mark the beginning of an exciting journey towards professional fulfillment and personal growth. As the academic chapter comes to a close, the canvas of possibilities opens up, and graduates are poised to pursue their aspirations in the workforce. In this essay,...

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gap Year: Exploring Paths of Exploration and Reflection

The concept of taking a gap year — a deliberate break between high school and further education or employment — has gained significant attention in recent years. This period of exploration and self-discovery offers both advantages and disadvantages that influence an individual's personal and professional...

My Convocation Day: An Experience I Will Never Forget

For most people, their graduation day is one of the memorable and the best days of their life the same goes to me. Many people have experienced the overwhelming excitement feeling as you approach graduation day, and for me, that was a day that I...

  • Personal Experience

What I Want To Do After My Graduation

Graduation is an exciting time for my life, specially a university’s graduation. When I think of family and relatives, friend gathering together to celebrate a gratifying event, I feel I accomplished my goal. Graduating from university give me a valuable outlook. So, you just graduated...

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A College Degree: The Next Step or a Mere Stepping Stone

In our modern economic climate it is a commonly held concern that continuously rising tuition prices will excel the financial benefits of possessing a college degree. Understandably, many people thus feel that pursuing a college degree is not worth the sacrifice of their time and...

  • Bachelor's Degree

Prom Night and Prom Limo Rentals as Integral Parts of Graduation

Do you want you make your child’s prom night or graduation one they'll always remember? With reasonable and dependable prom limo service in San Francisco, you can achieve this goal. A graduation or prom night is an important occasion for any youngster and as a...

  • High School Graduation

The Negative Preconceptions Surrounding the Prom Night

Prom is like the Met Gala of highschool, it is your exit from highschool and it is customary to look damn good on your way out. I remember when I was a sophomore, a girl in my grade was going to prom with her cousin...

The Search for a Suitable Limo for a Prom Night

For youngsters, prom is an extremely uncommon night, and thus, everything should keep running as easily as would be prudent. So for the individuals who choose to contract a prom limousine benefit, there are a few things that ought to be done before calling and...

Relevance of Changes in Canadian Employment Law

Introduction A career is significant for each individual because of numerous advantages. A decent and stable career, for example, gives stability and genuine feelings of serenity throughout everyday life. Being guaranteed a stable income flow, we are spared a lot of stress and uncertainties that...

  • Employment Law

Steven Spielberg Commencement Speech in Harvard University

Harvard University graduation, students, parents, family, faculty and friends anticipated the big speech by the famous film director, produce and screenwriter, Steven Spielberg. As he kicked off his commencement speech, he began with his Universal Studios dream job he was offered his sophomore year telling...

  • Steven Spielberg

How Well Do High Schools Prepare Teens for Life after Graduation

I knew that high schools did not teach teens how to do any checks, bills, etc. To begin with, did school teach you how to do any of those before you graduated? Schools do not get teens ready for the life of adulthood. I choose...

  • High School

Looking Back at the Many Years of a School Life

High School takes up 720 days of our lives. 720 days of sitting at desks with people you probably won’t talk to outside of class. 720 days of waking up early with the intention of actually getting ready but then hitting the snooze button so...

My Highschool Reflections Before Graduation

Many people would tell us that our high school years “are the best years of our lives”. How when we walk across the stage in June, nothing would ever be the same, for the better or for the worst. As a graduating senior, I thought...

Graduation as a Transitional Experience and a Rite of Passage

Throughout life, human beings often experience shifts and changes in their identity and their surrounding environment. Whether they are religious or secular, they are still transitional moments in one's life that are celebrated by rituals that take us to the next step in our lives...

Improving Graduation Rates by Revamping Community College

Community college has always been a misunderstood topic. It is clear to say few people feel encouraged to go to a community college over going to a university. One thing that is clear about community college is the lack of guidance for students that did...

The Reasons Of Graduates Unemployment

In this contemporary world, mostly everyone is studying tertiary education. It has been a compulsory element to get a job and to be considered successful in the eye of the world. But being jobless or unemployed is also becoming very communal among graduates. Consistently, more...

  • Unemployment

The Reasons I Choose To Pursue A Graduate Degree In Forensic Science

I have always been an inquisitive person with ongoing questions about the how and the why of the world. Science, easily, became my favorite subject because I was able to discover answers that sustained my insatiable appetite for knowledge. An early fascination with the “CSI”...

  • Forensic Science

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1. How a Graduate Degree Can Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

2. Career Goals After Graduation: Mapping the Journey

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gap Year: Exploring Paths of Exploration and Reflection

4. My Convocation Day: An Experience I Will Never Forget

5. What I Want To Do After My Graduation

6. A College Degree: The Next Step or a Mere Stepping Stone

7. Prom Night and Prom Limo Rentals as Integral Parts of Graduation

8. The Negative Preconceptions Surrounding the Prom Night

9. The Search for a Suitable Limo for a Prom Night

10. Relevance of Changes in Canadian Employment Law

11. Steven Spielberg Commencement Speech in Harvard University

12. How Well Do High Schools Prepare Teens for Life after Graduation

13. Looking Back at the Many Years of a School Life

14. My Highschool Reflections Before Graduation

15. Graduation as a Transitional Experience and a Rite of Passage

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My graduation day essay

My graduation day essay 8 models

Last updated Saturday , 16-03-2024 on 10:26 am

My graduation day essay ,the celebration of the graduation ceremony was through a beautiful party held by the school under the auspices of the principal of the school and attended by students and teachers and parents of the students and provided some entertainment shows.

My graduation day essay

Today, my school has held an annual graduation ceremony in which high school students are enrolled after passing the tests successfully and exceeding them and offering them certificates of appreciation and praise for their good conduct and discipline during the academic year.

The ceremony began by greeting the student who presented the ceremony to the principal of the school, the masters of the teachers, the masters of the parents and the dear students.

And a student with a beautiful voice read the Holy Quran, Then a third student introduced Hadith Sharif urging to seek knowledge, and then the acting group presented a short comedy play.

This play dealt with the difference between the diligent student who makes every effort to collect the science and the failed student who does not know the value of science and learning.

After that,  the principal of the school presented a speech in which he praised the students and praised the teachers for their great efforts to teach their students and encourage them to innovate and help them to solve the problems they experienced, whether academic or social problems. He wished the students more excellence and success

One of the teachers called the names of the first students and were honored by the principal of the school who gave them certificates of appreciation .

The students also gave each other a wish, hoping for success in the coming years. And everyone went away and each of the students carries a beautiful memory inside him about the years he spent in school and about his friends who spent the most beautiful time with them.

My graduation day

There is no doubt that every student dreams of his graduation day and is waiting for it impatiently. I can describe this last year before I moved to university as the most difficult. When you wait for time to pass, it becomes too long,

So I got up at 9 and get ready to go to prom, I am so excited this day is finally coming , I have been waiting for so long where I  can live more freely, move out of my parents’ house, live on my own and rely on myself, work and stay up late.  As well as entering the university that I always dreamed of and worked hard to reach.

Here I am getting up, getting dressed, and going to meet my friends before going to the party. I would very much like to go out today with my friends, and attend the dance, I would also like to give a simple speech to thank the principal, teachers and staff at the school, it has been a happy 11 years. I am very happy that they passed well, without any problems.

He is very excited to face tomorrow and learn more new experiences. On this day, when went down the stairs, I heard a surprise word, congratulations on graduation. Some cheers and small encouraging fireworks.

My family was very happy with my graduation and they wore their best clothes to attend the awards ceremony. They brought a camera to photograph me and take some other pictures for my friends for memory.

Of course everything was great at the party and I was very happy when I heard my name and got my graduation certificate.

Graduation essay

There is no doubt that graduation is the dream of every student who strived and struggled for this moment, until he moved to another stage of education, or in order to finish school education completely and move to learn from the real life and collide with life.

Of course, education does not end in a person’s life except with his death, as he can learn a lot through life and those around him.

Therefore, we see education as mere stages, we seek to finish it in schools and move to a larger stage, in which we find difficulties and challenges, which encourage us to learn again, and make us more challenging and determined to excel in it, so that we can benefit from it and rely on it in our next future, whether at work. or living.

Therefore, graduation day represents for us the satisfactory reward for the struggle and persistence we have achieved in education, from the first day of school until the last day.

Graduation day essay

Graduation day is one of the wonderful days that we are all impatiently waiting for, and we are trying to prepare for it, whether in preparing the appropriate clothes for this occasion, or knowing who we will accompany at the graduation ceremony, and preparing many things that we will do on this day, and how we will close a page and open a new page for a new stage of education, whether in an advanced stage of education or completion of studies, and learning from life and facing and merging with real life began.

Graduation day is always the biggest prize for hard work and continuous effort in education. It also represents a new  starting point, which helps us to remember that we were able to overcome the past, and we will certainly overcome what will come, and there will be no difficulties, and we have a new goal that we will strive to achieve.

This is my graduation day. A lot of joy at the end of a stage, and a new challenge with a lot of effort and fatigue, I will receive it without fear or hesitation, I will strive to achieve success in it, so that I can celebrate my success again.

Short essay about graduation

Graduation is a dream that many people are waiting for. Our goal from the beginning of our education is to reach the end of the educational stage, and to graduate so that we can begin our practical life and meet life and society with what we have learned. We prove to ourselves that we can excel and succeed.

Everyone has dreams and ambitions, which he postpones until he can succeed in the educational stages and graduate.

So today, we are witnessing our first goal and dream, which is graduation, at which we will stand a little without thinking about what will come next, and enjoy this moment, which represents our success and appreciation of our fatigue and continuous effort to reach this happy moment.

For me and for many friends, this is the beginning of success, through which we prove that we can go out for life and fight all difficulties.

Our graduation today proves that we are capable of patience, learning, diligence, and continuing to learn, no matter the circumstances, and not giving up on something we do no matter what difficulties we face.

Today we are honored and a graduation ceremony is held for us as proof of our excellence and success. It may not be the greatest success in the universe, but it is certainly the first step on the ladder of success, after which we will strive to achieve more successes and superiorities.

Therefore, I am grateful and appreciate the role of those in charge of the study, and the role of my father and mother who stood by me so that I could continue my studies and education, and my friends. I hope to be as good as they think and achieve the best for myself and them.

Short essay about graduation day

There is no doubt that the graduation day represents a great victory for all students, an overwhelming feeling of happiness and self-realization, and that we can succeed and overcome difficulties and obstacles, and most importantly, overcome our fears that always tell us that we cannot succeed.

Therefore, the graduation day represents a great celebration for all students, for their achievement and excellence throughout the year, and appreciation for their efforts, fatigue and perseverance they made in order to obtain the highest grades.

Therefore, the gathering of all students at the end of the year ceremony, during which they are honored for the end of the semester and their success, is a great victory, and a new starting point for another stage, they see themselves going to it and achieving excellence in what is to come.

Essay about graduation day in elementary

It is wonderful to feel accomplished since childhood and to have a graduation day celebration in the primary stage. This makes us feel energetic and ready to face the next stage, and we are ready to progress year after year until we reach the university and graduate from it.

Of course, the primary stage is important because it is where the student is founded on everything, from the beginning of teaching letters to reading, arithmetic, and learning other languages.

Therefore, the day of graduation in the primary stage represents a great victory, because in it the basics were dug that will remain permanent for the rest of life, and whatever we learned in childhood lasts for old age.

My graduation day short essay

The graduation day for me and a lot of friends and other people is a day of honor for the effort spent throughout the year. In addition to the motivation that helps us advance to the next stage with eagerness and love. We have hope and optimism that we will be able to pass this stage as well and graduate from it, until we completely finish our university studies.

Then we will begin in practical life, learning all the requirements of life and career, so that we integrate into society and benefit from what we have learned, and re-present it in new projects, ideas and innovations.

Also, the graduation day is another happiness, because of the gathering of friends and family, the celebration of this day, the costumes, the music, and the speech we give.

All of this makes us feel happy and optimistic, and makes us feel self-fulfilling, and we are happier if the parents are present and thank us for completing this stage and graduating from it. This gives a great feeling and appreciation from them for what we have achieved in the study.

In this way, we have given you a topic about My graduation day essay ,and you can read more through the following link:

  • Myself essay for college students

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My Speech Class

Public Speaking Tips & Speech Topics

How to Write a High School Graduation Speech (+ Examples)

Photo of author

Amanda Green was born in a small town in the west of Scotland, where everyone knows everyone. I joined the Toastmasters 15 years ago, and I served in nearly every office in the club since then. I love helping others gain confidence and skills they can apply in every day life.

I was in several clubs in high school, I was the valedictorian, and I happened to be the youngest in our graduating class. Needless to say, I had to write and give more than one speech at our graduation.

Being asked to give a graduation speech in high school is a tremendous honor and responsibility. It takes a lot of preparation, from planning to writing and editing your speech.

My guide should show you how to write a graduation speech for high school, especially with the examples I’ve included. Follow the template and tips, and you’re sure to receive a standing ovation from your audience.

How Long Is a High School Graduation Speech?

high school graduation day essay

The best high school graduation speeches aren’t long and boring since the ceremonies already take hours. Aim for an address that doesn’t exceed 10 minutes. Keep your audience’s attention and save some for other people’s speeches.

Your graduation speech should only be around 500 to 600 words. You have to read it slowly and articulate the words clearly. One way to keep it shorter is by removing cliches and other unnecessary content.

High School Graduation Speech Template

Essays and speeches usually have three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Here is a structure you can follow for a memorable high school graduation speech.


  • Thank people for attending. Acknowledge the presence of your teachers, parents, and fellow graduates.
  • Introduce yourself. Not everyone in the room knows you, even if you’re the class valedictorian.
  • Catch the audience’s attention by sharing a motivational quote or saying. Your personal narratives and advice will later be based on this saying.
  • Recall memorable high school experiences. Anything is worth sharing, whether it’s a simple day in class or your debate competition.
  • Encourage classmates not to forget these beautiful memories.
  • Share helpful advice for this new chapter of their lives.
  • Restate the quote or saying you mentioned in the introduction.
  • End with a call to action that will encourage the graduates to make a difference.
  • Thank the audience for hearing you out.

How to Write a Graduation Speech for High School

high school graduation day essay

Public speaking takes a lot of preparation. Here are some tips you should follow when writing and delivering a graduation speech for high school.

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Pick a Theme

Inspirational high school graduation speeches leave a mark on people. If you want to create one, try building it around a central message.

Think about everything you experienced in high school and look for patterns. Was high school about learning from mistakes? Or was it about achieving big dreams with small steps? Consider not only what is essential to you but also what is important for your fellow graduates.

Once you have picked a theme, selecting a quote, including advice, and recalling high school memories will be much easier. Here are some popular themes you can consider using for yours, but make sure to choose ones that are relevant to you and/or your class.

  • Embracing failure
  • Big things take time
  • Achieving big dreams with small steps
  • Facing change with grace
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Becoming a lifelong learner
  • Being more intentional and responsible for your future

Begin With Gratitude and a Self-Introduction

Once you step on stage, you must start with a few formalities. Know the name of the previous speakers and acknowledge their excellent speeches. Then, thank everyone in attendance, including the teachers, parents, and fellow students.

Say it’s a privilege to speak before the audience on this special day. This is also the best time to introduce yourself.

Don’t assume that everyone in the room knows who you are. State your name and why you were tasked to create the speech. Below is an example.

“Thank you, Mr. Jones, for the wonderful speech. And thank you to the parents, teachers, staff, and fellow graduates in this room who have made the past four years unforgettable. It’s a pleasure to stand in front of everyone and represent the class of 2022 at this address. I am [name], your class valedictorian.”

Make It About Everybody But You

Your graduation speech is not a mini-biography of your accomplishments. Only sprinkle a few personal anecdotes, then include what the four years of high school have been like for the other students. Below is an example.

“Four years ago, we were freshmen walking through the doors of [school name]. While some of us want to be doctors, artists, engineers, and singers in the future, we all had one goal in mind during that time: to leave a mark on the school in the next four years.”

Recall High School Memories

Tap the ceremony’s nostalgia by recalling important events from the past four years. You can include prom, school fairs, and even mundane scenarios. Include hardships, such as the sudden shift to online classes during the pandemic.

If you are a valedictorian , you should know which memories everyone treasures. Try interviewing some of your peers about their best high school memories. Below is an example.

“Every batch of graduates from [school] has a common core memory. For us, it was probably prom 2022. Instead of getting our beauty sleep the night before the dance, everyone stayed in school until 8 PM because of the last-minute changes. While that experience was full of pressure and chaos, we look back on that memory remembering teamwork and dedication.”

Share Advice

Your advice is the most crucial part of the speech. It serves as a call to action the students will follow in the future.

Make sure to keep it positive and remind everyone that anything is possible. You can also advise them to advocate for others and treat everyone equally.

Here’s an example showing what I mean.

“The future is uncertain, and the only thing we can do is be optimistic about it. We learned to stay determined in the past four years, so we can do it again throughout college or our careers.”

Incorporate Your Personality

Just because you’re speaking for the rest of the class and following an outline doesn’t mean your speech should be boring. You can still infuse your personality through humor, anecdotes , and life experiences.

You can also open your address with something funny, as long as it’s appropriate and timely. If you’re a valedictorian, self-deprecating humor will be a hit. Try adding quirky memories from classes that will immerse your audience.

Leave Your Audience Inspired

You are not at the graduation to merely receive your diploma. As a speaker, you need to leave your audience inspired on the next chapter of their lives. Encourage them to find their purpose and make a difference in the world.

Some speakers end their speeches with another quote. Here is the one I used in my high school speech, but there are tons to be found on the internet you can use that might better suit your needs.

  • “All our dreams can come true… if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

Finally, thank everyone for taking the time to listen to your speech. Express gratitude toward your classmates for the memories over the last four years.

Proofread Your Work

Read your writing out loud and fix parts that don’t sound pleasing. Doing so will make your writing more powerful and precise. Look out for flowery language, excessive adjectives, and lengthy sentences.

When editing, make sure to remove cliches from your writing. These are words and phrases that have been overused in speech and writing. These include phrases like “all walks of life,” “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Try sharing more personal anecdotes and collective memories than tired pieces of advice. This will make the speech more interesting and customized for the audience. Find out what your fellow high school graduates and the rest of the audience want to hear and know, then write it concisely and effectively.

Once you’re done fixing clarity issues, it’s time to fix structural errors. Perform several edits on your speech to remove all spelling and grammar mistakes.

Practice Your High School Graduation Speech

There’s no exact formula for the perfect valedictorian or commencement speech. But if you follow my tips and examples and speak from the heart, your fellow graduates will live by your words as they go about their futures.

Remember to keep your engaging speech positive and inspiring. Recall memories from high school, then make them look forward to creating new ones in their careers or college.

Informative Essay Outline – Ultimate Guide & Examples

Mother of the Groom Speech – Best Tips & Examples

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  • High School Graduation Day

High School Graduation Day - Essay Example

High School Graduation Day

  • Subject: Education
  • Type: Essay
  • Level: High School
  • Pages: 3 (750 words)
  • Downloads: 1

Extract of sample "High School Graduation Day"

One of the things that made me celebrate my graduation day was that I knew my life would never be the same again. It signified an important stage in my life. I was getting into my adulthood. In the next stage, I knew there would be no teachers chasing after me. I was going to get the freedom that I have been longing for. The story was the same for the other friends I had spent four years with at college. Although I have a large family, it has been a long time since I saw them all together. On this graduation, both close and distant relatives attended the event to celebrate with me.

They were there to show their support. I enjoyed it. Having so many people around me made me feel even happier. My graduation day did not just bring my relatives. Tens of my friends also came to congratulate me during this important event. My mum came with two of her workmates. I had not seen them before, but I enjoyed the time we spent together. I liked the experience they shared on this special occasion in the few hours that we spent together. I can say they significantly affected the career decisions I made after completing high school.

Besides the encouraging words from my family and loved ones on my graduation, I received many gifts. They gave me many flowers, balloons, and gift cards. I can also recall an expensive watch I received from one of my dad’s friends. I still have some of the presents that I received on this special day. Completing high school was a dream come true for me. However, my life there was not easy all along. I struggled with science and math. I liked the support I received from my parents and loved ones.

Were it not for the various tutoring sessions that I attended, I don’t know whether I’d have graduated. Nonetheless, I worked hard, and I was happy that I conquered all the classes against all the odds. My high school graduation day started like any other day. However, it was a moment I longed for a while. After taking breakfast, we left for the event together with my parents and two siblings. Of course, I was a little nervous. Nevertheless, what kept me going was a similar event I had attended three years back when my cousin was graduating.

Therefore, I had an idea of how the whole day would look like. When we arrived at the venue, everything began as planned. The principal took that chance to thank the parents, teachers, and students for their support in the previous four years. I can remember him encouraging us to remain innovative as we moved to the next level. He concluded his speech by wishing us more excellence and success. All candidates were dressed in purple gowns and gold sashes during the graduation. Someone read our names as we walked across the stage to pick our diploma.

I was nervous at first but was encouraged by the other students. I can remember greeting my principal, possibly for the last time, as he handed me my certificate. Nothing embarrassing happened as I walked from the stage back to my seat. After receiving my certificate, I was very happy. I felt relieved as the most important thing in my life had just happened. It was not long before the event ended. I can recall running to the auditorium together with my friends and family to celebrate the graduation together.

We then looked for a place to sit and got a chance to know about each other and share stories. Though some faces looked unfamiliar, we all felt comfortable as we enjoyed together. I can vividly recall meeting two of my friends during graduation. We had been close since the junior years, and it was painful that we were taking separate paths. We couldn’t believe that we will never be together away. Unfortunately, we were not going to the same college. However, we agreed that we would maintain close contact through social media and meet at least once per year.

As the day ended, I could not wait to join my favorite college in the next stage of my academic journey. I knew that I would meet new friends, graduate, and continue with my career journey. I was optimistic that the four years in high school were enough to prepare me for more challenges in the future. It’s no secret that my graduation day will remain a special moment for the rest of my life.  

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high school graduation day essay



Personal Narrative Essay : Graduation Day In High School

I splashed some water in my face, standing at the bathroom sink. Graduation Day was upon me and I needed to freshen up a bit. Staring at myself in the mirror I ran my fingers across the mustache that had popped up over my 8th grade year. Today was going to be a good day, I hoped. My leg is not bothering me too much today, so that is a plus. Grandpa seemed to be more like his old self then he had been in months, though he still was not himself. That brought a flash of sadness across my face. It had been a rough three years; a lot of things had changed since I started Jr. High. I had not expected to have a great start in Junior High. It was a new school in a new part of the area. We had moved the summer before the school year started into the other half of the duplex that my grandparents lived in so I did not really know anyone in school. It had not been a big move, just a few minutes from the last town, but it was far enough to land in a new school district. The first few months had been easy enough. Schoolwork was never hard and I mostly got along with the rest of the kids. Then December came around and life changed forever. I had not been to school in a week or so because I would wake up every morning in excruciating pain in my leg. The problem though was that by the afternoon I felt fine, so my parents and grandparents did not know what to do. One morning I felt like I was being accused of faking it, I honestly do not remember who said what to make me think that. I made

Personal Narrative Essay : The First Day Of High School

My life flipped for the better once I left the 8th grade, it was finally summer time and I was ready for it. But deep down I knew once summer was over high school here I come. I won't even lie, I was terrified to start as a freshman in high school. All of the rumors that I heard with baby freshman day, and all the stuff they do to freshmens on the first day of school. To be honest I was really nervous, instead of a couple butterflies in my stomach I had the whole family flying around. But once the first day of high school came up all those rumors that everyone was telling me was actually a lie. High school wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. As my freshman year went on a lot of doors opened up for me, there were sports, clubs, new people to me, everything you could possible think of. I didn't really get into sports as much as all of my friends, I was more into video games and playing outside in the woods just adventuring finding old vintage things and old buildings and all of the beautiful views. My freshman year wasn't really too special, I was too busy figuring out what everything was and where everything was located at. Then my sophomore year came along this is where I started to get the foundation of high school and blend in. everything kinda went downhill I made good grades don't get wrong, it's just I never showed up which I regret miserably. Once I got to my junior year everything is still constantly changing, a lot more people know of me. I was never

Personal Narrative: Life After High School

It was an warm sunny day I was dabbing it ,four boys were strolling down woods street. There four boys names were Mac,dope boy ,devin and Shaddy. Devin was the smartest one out of all of them hood boys,the rest was the same.Devin was ready to start his own business selling shoes.Dope boy,Mac and Shaddy were going on the wrong path selling drugs,robbing and beating up people. Devin would hang around with them often and conversed with them, but he would not do any bad things. Mac has been a dad already, he had to take care of his 2 year old. Dope boy had an older brother, but, he go shoot a couple weeks ago. Dope boy was reckless, everyone was scared of him even his own mother feared for his life .Shaddy was the slickest one out of all of then, he would get away with everything he did.Shaddy was a only child ,no mother, no father living with his grandparents and living in the worst part of town.

The boy told you what he was going to do- had his plan laid out and all. You took it as a joke, not ever thinking he would have killed three of your best friends along with four other people, and one just so happens to be your brother. What if you could have prevented that? What if you told a trusted adult ahead of time? What if you would have talked to the boy himself? A lot of teens ask these questions whenever it’s already too late. We don’t tend to think about things like that though because we never want to think that we could be involved in the situation. We say, “Oh, no big deal. He probably told someone else the same thing too. They’ll take care of it if they think it’s something serious.” The truth is, according to research within

By the end of the week detention was getting so absolutely frustrating I felt like breaking the teachers neck every time I heard her exhale.

Looking back at my high school years I would say it was not easy. I was not the person I am today, I was careless and dull. I wasn't concerned about my standards or entity. The start of high school is the most critical year that will set your GPA for the future. Raising your GPA will not be an easy thing to do. As for me I had started out with a moderate GPA, but throughout the rest of my high school years I had to work very hard to bring it back up.

We all have different kinds of the first day of school experiences, but for every student, I feel that stepping into the first day of school as a freshman would mark as the most memorable day in all high school years. Before the first day of school, I quickly thought that my freshman year would turn into the toughest and saddest year in my experience. My best friend would not attend the same high school with me, which already gives me many conclusions of how sad and hard of a school year it would result. However, maybe things will turn out differently than we think if we just change something about our way of living it.

When I was five years old, all of my friends were starting Kindergarten. My mom was trying to decide if I would be too; so I told her I was going too. I think that was the beginning of being outspoken and saying what I thought.

This was the beginning of the next part of my life. I began to question how I would make new friends after being around the same people for a majority of my life. At the time, I felt ill-prepared for this new chapter in my life, but I was confident in my ability to succeed. Days before I ventured into college, I looked at the photo I took of my diploma, and reminisced about the memories throughout my high school

Whenever I go grocery shopping with my father, I can always guarantee two things: awkward stares and double-takes. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I’ll get the well-intentioned stranger asking if I’m adopted. You see, my father is Caucasian whereas I am half-white and half-Asian, but I am the spitting image of my mother. Most of my father’s similarities lie in our personalities, where we both enjoy sampling new cuisines, exchanging terrible puns, and listening to the rich purr of V8 engines. The only physical attribute he has given me: my fingers.

On a regular school day, in my writing class, our writing teacher told us that we had an assignment to do. But it was a challenge. Our assignment was that we had to write an 1000 word essay about how and after our high school years is gonna be. Whether it's gonna be good or bad. But he wasn't done explaining, he also said "whoever has the best essay, will win the scholarship. The winner will be announced at the promotion. Good luck to all of you and you may begin writing." While everybody was writing, i just sat there. I didn't want to write an 1000 word essay. Are you nuts? But i had no choice but to write the darn essay.

In my lifetime, I hope to achieve many things. I want to leave my mark on the world and leave something behind to be remembered by. There are several steps to becoming successful in life and graduating high school is what I am trying to achieve currently. That being said, I want to leave the things I have learned in high school behind to those who may face the same challenges that I have during my own high school experience.

Walking to the bus stop that morning was difficult, but exciting at the same time. I was soon going to be at the high school for my first day. I knew that it was just an orientation, but I was still nervous. I don’t have any older siblings so taking my first step into the school was like a step in the dark, I had no idea what high school would actually be like. Little did I know that high school would change the way I view life, school, and grades.

Personal Narrative: Senior Year

Senior year is finally over. Everyone keeps asking what I am going to do with my life now. I just shrug my shoulders.

Personal Narrative: Senior Year Of High School

"In school you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson." A quote I came across the summer before my senior year of high school from Tom Bodett, an American author. This quote hit me hard because it's 100% true. Knowing you come across trials and tribulations. It can be physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally draining. No matter how you are effected by it God wouldn't put you in a situation he knows you can't get out of which is the test. The lesson is learning from that situation and adapting so you can proven it from happening again. Since then I been looking at life like a timeless final exam. Every problem in my life I take time and work it out and break it down to make

Personal Narrative Essay : My First Day In High School

Everyone gazes up at the sky and thinking soon I will boarding a big, spacious plane with the ability to go anywhere in this huge world. I never thought that I would be one person from my village to fly to the biggest country in the world United States. Lesya from the small village name Ozerna, Ukraine to go somewhere big and new. All of my friends didn't believe me that I could learn a new language in one year or I could go far away and won't want to go back. My first day of seventh grade was also my first day in American school. The first day of the school was very stressful for all students,summer was over, no more hanging with your friends, go on summer vacation. Students don't know what lockers they're going to get, or what classes they'll have. Also, students are really worried about if they are going to have their friends in all their . I was concerned about getting lost, and who to ask for directions. I didn’t know how to approach my teachers, since I only knew a little english. The thing that scared me the most was if I'm going to make friends. I got inside the school, and I thought what I got myself into. Friendship Junior High School was the biggest school that I have ever see. The lockers were blue like a sky.Students were talking to each other, looking over their schedules to make sure they are in the same class.

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Parenting and Family | Heidi Stevens: This college season is ‘the…

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Parenting and Family

Parenting and family | heidi stevens: this college season is ‘the craziest ever,’ experts say. but do kids want to talk about it (hint: nope).

A former student of Jefferson County Public Schools, dressed in cap and gown, sits while other graduates walk behind during a makeup graduation ceremony at Eastern High School on May 28, 2021, in Louisville, Kentucky. (Jon Cherry/Getty Images)

The kids who were in eighth grade when COVID-19 locked down our world are graduating high school this year.

The kids, that is, who largely ended middle school in their bedrooms. Whose eighth-grade graduations happened on Zoom. Who grabbed their diplomas through rolled-down car windows. Who had a feeling this was all weird and sad but maybe not as weird and sad as losing a 12th-grade graduation and prom and all things senior year? But, wait, would this still be happening by their senior years?

Speaking of high school, what would that be like?

It was weird. Some of it was masked. Some of it was remote. Some of it was trying to figure out why they were instructed to stay home for the greater good when they felt sick a few months ago, and now they were being instructed to get the heck to school, sniffles and all, if they didn’t want to lose homecoming privileges.

Some of it was prepping for ACT and SAT tests and wondering if colleges even cared about those anymore. Some of it was wondering what anyone cared about anymore. Some of it was grappling with all of this after losing a parent or a grandparent or a friend — to COVID-19 or another illness or circumstance that felt, like a lot of life, utterly and completely out of their control.

So it’s fitting, maybe, that getting into college this year is also a hot mess.

“As this year’s college-admissions season nears its close, with decisions arriving from schools this month, it is already shaping up as the craziest ever,” Jeffrey Selingo, author of “Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions,” writes in New York magazine. “Applications to the 1,000-plus colleges that are part of the Common Application are up 6 percent over last year’s total, which was already a record.”

Selective schools have become even more selective, Selingo writes, and less selective schools have started deferring or denying students when they sense they’re being used as backup plans.

Throw in the botched rollout of the revamped FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid, although I’m sure one of those Fs should stand for something else) and you’ve got a perfect storm. Of anxiety, mostly.

“A series of blunders — from a haphazard rollout to technical meltdowns — have left students and schools in limbo and plunged the most critical stage of the college admissions season into disarray,” the New York Times reports about FAFSA.

“In a normal year,” the New York Times continues, “students would be sorting through their financial aid offers by now, giving them plenty of time to prepare for the traditional decision day on May 1, when many schools expect commitments.”

Not this year.

Some schools (but not all of them!) are pushing back enrollment deadlines to accommodate the delays, which throws another monkey wrench into the system, as families try to navigate dorm assignments and wait lists and budgets and … joy? Pride? Exhilaration? Any room for those anymore?

“Talk with American high school seniors who plan on an undergraduate education and you’ll find a consistent range of emotions: anxiety, confusion, shock,” Selingo writes. “College presidents say they’re worried about student mental health on campuses, but they’ve also been responsible for policies that make the application process more stressful and confusing than it has ever been before.”

I asked my pal John Duffy, a family therapist who specializes in adolescent anxiety, if kids feel like talking about any of it.

“Mostly,” he said, “seniors want to be engaged in any other conversation besides that.”

There are exceptions, of course. But mostly, Duffy said, he steers clear of college when he’s talking to seniors he knows — as clients or otherwise.

“I typically find myself asking some variation of the following,” he said. “What’s coming up that you’re looking forward to? Prom, graduation, Lolla? What do you want to make sure you do with your friends before graduation? Is there anything you’ll miss about high school?”

Anything, he said, to lighten — rather than add to — what is surely a heavy mental load.

“I would just encourage parents not to ignore college, but to talk about a lot of other things as well,” he said. “Music or Netflix shows or TikTok videos. All of it eases the stress of talking about college.”

It also reminds them (and us) that they are so, so, so much more than a sum of their high school parts — their GPA, their test scores, their extracurriculars, their volunteer hours, their essays.

They are their triumphs and setbacks and friendships and inside jokes and birthday cakes and messes and fears and smiles and stories and singular, beautiful hearts. They are all of those things wherever they go to college, whether or not they even go to college. Whatever happens next, they’re all the things that have happened so far. And that’s a gift right there. And we can, and should, remind them what that means to us.

Join the  Heidi Stevens Balancing Act  Facebook group, where she continues the conversation around her columns and hosts occasional live chats.

Twitter  @heidistevens13

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Gunmen Kill 60 at Concert Hall Outside Moscow, Russian Authorities Say

The Islamic State claimed the attack, the deadliest in the Moscow region in more than a decade.

Smoke billows into the night sky from a large building.

By Valerie Hopkins ,  Ivan Nechepurenko ,  Aric Toler and Anton Troianovski

  • Published March 22, 2024 Updated March 23, 2024, 2:50 a.m. ET

Several camouflage-clad gunmen opened fire at a popular concert venue on the outskirts of Moscow on Friday night, killing about 60 people and wounding more than 100, Russian authorities said, making it the deadliest attack in the capital region in more than a decade.

Hours after the mayhem began, the Russian national guard said its officers were still looking for the attackers. State media agencies reported that there had been up to five perpetrators.

As gunshots boomed through the building containing the concert hall, one of the largest and most popular music venues in the Moscow area, fire erupted in the upper floors of the structure, and the blaze intensified after an explosion, causing the roof to collapse.

The Islamic State, through an affiliated news agency, claimed responsibility. U.S. security officials, including a senior counterterrorism official, said they believed the attack was carried out by the Islamic State in Khorasan , a branch of the terrorist group that is active in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

Multiple videos posted on social media and verified by The New York Times show several people entering Crocus City Hall, a sprawling shopping and entertainment complex in suburban Krasnogorsk, northwest of Moscow, and firing rifles. Other videos show people running past bloodied victims lying on the floor or screaming at the sound of gunshots, while photos show bodies lined up outside the building.

A woman who gave her name only as Marina said in a text message that she was standing in line for a concert outside, in the cold, about 8 p.m. when people without overcoats started running out of the building, saying they had heard shots.

“As soon as I heard automatic rifle shots, I started running, too,” she said.

Video player loading

The state news agency TASS reported that emergency services had dispatched helicopters to try to rescue people from the building’s roof, where flames and smoke could be seen billowing into the night sky.

At least 115 people were hospitalized after the attack, five of them children, according to the Russian minister of health, Mikhail Murashko. The injured include 60 adult patients in serious condition, the minister said. Another 30 people were treated and released.

The Russian leader, Vladimir V. Putin, made no immediate direct public statement, issuing only a statement through a deputy prime minister, Tatyana Golikova, that expressed hopes for the recovery of the injured and gratitude to the doctors treating them.

Russia’s Investigative Committee, the country’s equivalent to the F.B.I., said it had opened a criminal case into a terrorist act and dispatched its investigators to the site. RIA Novosti said that a special police unit was working inside the building.

John F. Kirby, a spokesman for President Biden’s National Security Council, told reporters that the White House had “no indication at this time that Ukraine or Ukrainians were involved.” Mykhailo Podolyak, a top adviser to Ukraine’s presidential office, said in a video statement that “Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do” with the attack.

On March 7, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow issued a security alert that warned that its personnel were “monitoring reports that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts.” The statement, which did not say anything about the extremists’ affiliation, warned Americans that an attack could take place in the next 48 hours.

Pro-Kremlin voices seized on the U.S. Embassy’s warning to paint America as trying to scare Russians. On March 19, Mr. Putin called the statement “obvious blackmail” made with “the intention to intimidate and destabilize our society.”

The attack on Friday was connected to the March 7 warning, according to American officials briefed on the matter. They added that the United States alerted Russia privately at the time about intelligence it had about Islamic State activity.

Statements of condolence and outrage came from around the world, including the leader of China, Xi Jinping, and governments of the United States and other countries that are at odds with Russia. Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of the opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, who died in a Russian prison last month, said on social media, “All those involved in this crime must be found and brought to justice.”

The attack came on a day when 165 missiles and drones attacked Ukraine, constituting what the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, said was “the largest attack against Ukraine’s energy grid since the start of Russia’s war.”

The attack began around 8 p.m. local time, minutes before a sold-out performance by the veteran rock band Piknik was scheduled to start. The concert hall has 6,200 seats, according to its website.

“At least three people in camouflage burst into the ground floor of Crocus City Hall and opened fire with automatic weapons” and threw incendiary devices, a correspondent for RIA Novosti reported from the scene. “There are definitely wounded.”

In videos filmed inside the concert hall, audience members are heard screaming and seen crouching as repeated gunshots echo outside the hall.

Russia’s emergency service said it had sent 130 vehicles to the scene and three helicopters to drop water on the blaze that gutted the upper floors. The fire was mostly extinguished shortly before 5 a.m. Saturday, according to the regional governor, Andrey Vorobyov.

Shootings are rare in Russia, where the state tightly regulates the possession of firearms. One of the deadliest ones occurred in 2022, when a gunman killed 18 people and wounded 23 others in a school in the town of Izhevsk.

However, attacks have struck across the Russia in recent decades, events that the authorities often described as terrorism. A 2011 suicide bombing at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport killed 37 people, and two coordinated suicide bombings in Moscow subway stations in 2010 killed about 40 people.

In 2004, 172 people died in a siege at a Moscow theater by Chechen separatists. The police pumped a sedative gas into the theater to incapacitate the attackers, but the gas killed 132 hostages.

The complex where the attack took place on Friday was developed by the Azerbaijan-born billionaire Aras Agalarov, whose son, Emin, is a famous pop star. Former President Donald Trump held the Miss Universe pageant at the same complex in 2013, and world-famous performers like Eric Clapton, Dua Lipa and Sia have also performed there.

Alina Lobzina , Julian E. Barnes , Neil MacFarquhar and Victoria Kim contributed reporting.

Valerie Hopkins covers the war in Ukraine and how the conflict is changing Russia, Ukraine, Europe and the United States. She is based in Moscow. More about Valerie Hopkins

Ivan Nechepurenko covers Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the countries of the Caucasus, and Central Asia. He is based in Moscow. More about Ivan Nechepurenko

Aric Toler is a reporter on the Visual Investigations team at The Times where he uses emerging techniques of discovery to analyze open source information. More about Aric Toler

Anton Troianovski is the Moscow bureau chief for The Times. He writes about Russia, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. More about Anton Troianovski

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The History of Moscow City

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    Essay Samples on High School Graduation. Essay Examples. Essay Topics. Plans After Graduation: Exploring Career Opportunities Beyond College. ... Graduation day, Education, Ceremony . Looking Back at the Many Years of a School Life. High School takes up 720 days of our lives. 720 days of sitting at desks with people you probably won't talk to ...

  6. Graduation Essays: Samples & Topics

    Graduation is an exciting time in any student's life. It's a time to celebrate achievements, reflect on the past, and look towards the future. If you're tasked with writing an essay on this topic, it can be a daunting task. However, with some helpful tips and graduation essay examples, you can craft a perfect essay about graduation.

  7. My High School Graduation Speech: [Essay Example], 600 words

    One day I will be closing my locker and stepping out of high school for the very last time. One day I won't be in high school because I will be ready to go. This is a universal truth we all have to face that nothing lasts forever. Nothing is eternal. As much as I like new beginnings I have always disliked endings.

  8. The Tips For High School Graduation Day

    1. This essay sample was donated by a student to help the academic community. Papers provided by EduBirdie writers usually outdo students' samples. Cite This Essay. Download. Graduation. Its a day you have been waiting for the longest time in your life. It is an important day in your life as you celebrate it with all those people who have ...

  9. Why I Didn't Attend My High School Graduation Day

    Why I Didn't Attend My High School Graduation Day. Everyone remembers their high school graduation: the last day, graduation parties, and the walk to get your diploma. Except in my situation I decided to not walk for graduation. As a result of this, friends and family members were angry with me, but thinking back on all of it, I do not regret ...

  10. High School Graduation Essay Examples and Topics

    957. School life was an exciting part of the journey. Everything used to work like the way we wanted it to work. Classes from morning to evening. Then homework and what not. We had time for everything. Well to tell you it took me 30 min…. 1 Page 579 Words Topics: Career, Specialty, Vocation. College High School Graduation University.

  11. My Graduation Day Essay 8 Models

    Essay on Elephants 2 Models. Essay on water scarcity 2 models. Essay on solid waste management 2 models. Speech on education 3 Models. Essay on Memories 3 Models. Essay on meditation 3 Models. Essay on jealousy 3 Models. Essay on my favorite subject 3 Models. Essay on library 3 Models.

  12. How to Write a High School Graduation Speech (+ Examples)

    The best high school graduation speeches aren't long and boring since the ceremonies already take hours. Aim for an address that doesn't exceed 10 minutes. Keep your audience's attention and save some for other people's speeches. Your graduation speech should only be around 500 to 600 words. You have to read it slowly and articulate the ...

  13. Personal Narrative Essay : My High School Graduation Day

    Open Document. My High school Graduation Day Like many students, I waited for the day of my high school graduation ever since I started high school. I waited for that day to come with patient. I also wanted to see my parent's excitement, and the proud moments they have waited for. I didn't believe that graduation will be very emotional.

  14. High School Graduation Essays

    Graduation Essays and Research Papers🗨️ More than 30000 essays Find the foremost High School Graduation Essay Topics and Ideas to achieve great results! Browse Categories; Essay Examples. Essay Examples; Art; Business; Crime; ... Graduation. Its a day you have been waiting for the longest time in your life. It is an important day in your ...

  15. Graduate Essay Samples

    Essay about High School Graduation Day. High School Graduation Day Many people have experienced the over whelming excitement that you feel as you approach high school graduation day, and for me, that's a day that I will never forget. The amount of emotions that you feel on graduation day is unbelievable, and I have yet to experience ...

  16. High School Graduation Day

    This is the "High School Graduation Day" essay. Here is my high school graduation day essay about a day I'll never forget. StudentShare. Our website is a unique platform where students can share their papers in a matter of giving an example of the work to be done. If you find papers matching your topic, you may use them only as an example of ...

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  18. Personal Narrative Essay : Graduation Day In High School

    Personal Narrative Essay : Graduation Day In High School. Decent Essays. 1174 Words. 5 Pages. Open Document. I splashed some water in my face, standing at the bathroom sink. Graduation Day was upon me and I needed to freshen up a bit. Staring at myself in the mirror I ran my fingers across the mustache that had popped up over my 8th grade year.

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  20. Moscow Essay

    In this essay, we will explore the fascinating history of Moscow, beginning with its roots in ancient times up until the present day, and examine its rich culture, iconic landmarks, and the vibrant lifestyle that the capital has to offer. Through this journey, the reader will gain an in-depth appreciation for this unique city. ... High Schools ...

  21. Heidi Stevens: This college season is 'the craziest ever,' experts say

    A former student of Jefferson County Public Schools, dressed in cap and gown, sits while other graduates walk behind during a makeup graduation ceremony at Eastern High School on May 28, 2021, in ...

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    The attack came on a day when 165 missiles and drones attacked ... when a gunman killed 18 people and wounded 23 others in a school in the town of ... Guest Essays; Letters; Sunday Opinion ...

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    The History of Moscow City. Moscow is the capital and largest city of Russia as well as the. It is also the 4th largest city in the world, and is the first in size among all European cities. Moscow was founded in 1147 by Yuri Dolgoruki, a prince of the region. The town lay on important land and water trade routes, and it grew and prospered.