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how to end an nhs essay

How to Write the National Honor Society Essay + Example

how to end an nhs essay

What’s Covered:

National honor society: four pillars and essay, five tips for writing your nhs essay, nhs essay example, time well spent.

What do former first lady Michelle Obama, actor Chadwick Boseman, singer-songwriters Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, and baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. have in common?  They were all members of the National Honor Society (NHS).

As you apply for membership in this national organization, remember NHS membership is based on meeting criteria in four areas that the NHS calls its four pillars: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character .  


The first pillar, scholarship , requires that a student earns a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent. Many high schools set a higher GPA bar for their school’s chapter. If you meet your school’s academic requirement, congratulations, you’ve passed the first hurdle. 

Now it’s important that you carefully complete the application and write a compelling essay.  Most high schools require students to write a 300-500 word essay that showcases their commitment and accomplishments in the other three pillars.

Service refers to the contributions you make to your school and or community on a volunteer basis, without receiving any compensation. For your most significant service activities, be sure to explain why you choose to support certain organizations and why you chose specific roles. 

Showcase your leadership in your school and or community while working with or for others. Remember, stating that you are the captain of a team, president of a club, or supervisor of a shift does not prove that you are a leader. A leader makes things happen, sets a good example, and inspires others to give their personal best. Clearly state why you were selected to hold a leadership position and how you effectively lead. There are many successful leadership styles. Communicate your unique brand of leadership. 

Character is how you conduct yourself with high standards of honesty, reliability, and respect for others. Many attributes define good character, and they all reflect a personal commitment to ethical and compassionate interactions with others as well as how you treat yourself. Results are only part of the story.  How you achieved them is critically important to communicate.

Think about how many NHS applications your school counselor reviews each year. Not every student who completes an application is selected for the honor. So how do you make your essay stand out?  Here are five strategies:

1. Make it Personal and Individual  

Your application form provides the facts about the scope and range of your involvement and contributions to your communities. Be sure that you write your essay in a way that brings this data to life. A compelling essay enables the reader to feel a strong connection to you. Express your unique values, aspirations, and priorities. State the motivation behind your choices and the trade-offs you’ve made. Be honest about challenges and what you have learned through your mistakes. And be sure the tone of the essay sounds like you and nobody else. 

2. Share Your Stories

People love to hear and remember stories, not simply facts and figures. Express themes and points that you want to share by relaying stories that bring these concepts to life. Stories can be poignant, funny, suspenseful, or surprising. Any approach that makes a reader want to continue reading is a great one.

3. Be Humble and Bold

Many students find it hard to express their hard-earned accomplishments without sounding boastful. Proudly stating your achievements without sounding brash is possible and important. Clearly state your motivations, your challenges, your vulnerabilities, and your mistakes to mitigate any concerns.  

4. Follow Tried and True Essay Guidelines

Channel all the advice you’ve received over the years about how to write a great essay. Do you have a clear thesis around which you have organized your thoughts? Compelling topic sentences to hook your reader? Strong supporting sentences to back up your reasoning? Have you avoided clichés? Do you vary your sentence structure and word choice? Does the text flow and keep the reader engaged? Last, but not least, have you checked and double-checked your grammar, punctuation, and spelling?

5. Draft, Edit, Edit, Edit, Polish

Writing is an iterative process so give yourself the time necessary to land on the best approach for explaining why you are deserving of the NHS honor. There are many ways to tackle an essay. Try a few to determine which is the most effective. Then, when you determine the best approach and are satisfied with your latest draft, share it with someone whose opinion you value. 

Looking for someone to read over your essay? Check out Collegevine’s free essay help ! Our peer review system will help you get feedback from other students so that you can improve your NHS essay and college essays.

While there is not a single template for a strong essay, here is an example of an NHS essay written by an 11th-grade student who was accepted into NHS.

Success is not only about improving yourself, but also about improving life for others. While my GPA shows my commitment to academics, how I spend my time and conduct myself outside of school reveal my commitment to making the world a better place, consistent with the values of the National Honor Society. 

For the two years my grandfather lived in a nursing home, each weekend I took my dog EJ to visit him. I witnessed first-hand the healing power of animals as EJ lifted his and the other residents’ spirits. Because of this experience and because monkeys are my favorite animal, when I heard about Helping Hands (HH), the only organization in the world that raises capuchin monkeys to be live-in assistants to people with spinal cord injuries, I reached out to volunteer. 

Both in the summer and during the school year, I assist the trainers. Monkeys begin training when they are teenagers. It typically takes three to five years until they are ready to be placed with a person. My first job is to clean the cages of 60 monkeys. (Not my favorite responsibility.) I also prepare meals and construct and distribute dexterity “toys.” 

While not glamorous, my work is critical to the success of the initiative. The physical support the monkeys provide is unbelievable. They turn pages of books, scratch itches, pour water, and retrieve dropped items… Most importantly, I have seen the life-changing impact a monkey’s companionship has on a partner, including a college-age student confined to a wheelchair after a spinal cord injury from hockey. 

In the spring, summer, and fall I also volunteer at Gaining Ground (GG), a non-profit that grows organic produce to donate to food pantries, shelters, and meal programs. When I volunteered at a local food pantry, it struck me that recipients receive mostly canned and packaged food. I think it is important that people in need receive fresh fruits and vegetables, and I enjoy the physical work of weeding, harvesting, cleaning, and packing produce.

Soon after I began volunteering at GG, my rabbi gave a sermon about the working conditions of tomato farmers in Florida. (It reminded me of Grapes of Wrath, and I couldn’t believe inhumane practices continue.) Her sermon motivated me to support the Coalition of Immokalee Workers by distributing postcards urging Trader Joe’s and Stop & Shop to only buy tomatoes from farms that agree to fair wages and human rights. Both chains have now agreed, showing that a little effort by many people makes a difference.

Last, I believe a story is the best way to explain my “behind-the-scenes” leadership. At the annual nighttime football game, one of my soccer teammates (not someone I hang with) was drunk. When our principal came over to the bleachers, my teammate’s friends fled. Concerned that my teammate would fall and hurt herself, I brought her outside the stadium, called her parents, and waited with her until they came — without worrying about social retribution. Despite getting grounded, she thanked me for my help.

I would be honored to be recognized by NHS for my service, leadership, and character. Thank you for your consideration.

The time you invest in composing an effective NHS essay will help you when you’re ready to write your college essays! Essays are important components of applications to selective colleges. Getting into NHS is also an honor that may boost your application at some schools. Remember, you can estimate your chance for acceptance using Collegevine’s free chancing calculator . This tool will factor in your GPA, test scores, extracurriculars, and more to calculate your odds of admission at hundreds of schools across the country.

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how to end an nhs essay

National Honor Society (NHS) Essay Examples & Expert Advice

July 8, 2023

how to end an nhs essay

Every year, high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors write National Honor Society essays in the hopes of becoming a member. It’s certainly an admirable recognition. Joining the ranks means partaking in an interscholastic tradition alongside future movers and shakers. Past National Honor Society (NHS) members have consisted of Olympians, astronauts, senators, neurosurgeons, Nobel prize winners, Navy admirals, and more. Some of the more celebrity-famous NHS-ers include journalist Katie Couric, writer, and comedian Tina Fey, and poet Robert Warren Penn. Former first lady Michelle Obama, of course. Even Taylor Swift joined the NHS in high school. You can bet her songwriting skills came in handy for the National Honor Society essay. Intimidated? Don’t be. View our NHS essay example below as well as our more general advice for the National Honor Society essay.

Before composing your own NHS essay, you may want to ask yourself, “Why should I join NHS ?” Your answer to this question will help determine if, and how, you should craft a relevant NHS essay.

The NHS in Brief

It all began with a high school principal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who founded the National Honor Society in 1921. Today, this hundred-and-two-year-old society boasts local chapters in all 50 U.S. states and territories. It also has chapters in American and international schools abroad. Membership, open to select high school students, can open doors to interesting service and leadership opportunities. In fact, service and leadership form the cornerstone of NHS.

The one million plus students who participate in the NHS yearly have service and leadership in common. That’s because the NHS requires demonstrated community service, and demonstrated leadership. It also requires a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (though this number varies depending on the chapter) and demonstrated good character. You’ll want to check your local chapter’s specific guidelines when beginning the NHS application.

Other reasons to join the NHS include gaining access to the NHS network, an array of college planning tools, and the chance to apply for hefty scholarships. These perks naturally make for a competitive acceptance rate. So, the best way to make your application stand out involves crafting a stunning NHS essay. Here’s how.

Quick Tips for Drafting the National Honor Society Essay

1) Structure your NHS essay around the NHS Pillars: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. A high GPA acts as an indicator of your “scholarship”, or dedication to academia. This pillar must appear in your essay as well, in the form of impeccable writing skills. Demonstrate your service and leadership through the content of your essay. In other words, service and leadership form the action, or plot, of your essay. Finally, infuse your character throughout your essay, by showing how your behavior indicates your values and integrity.

2) Write from your heart, and make your NHS essay personal. The most memorable essays rely on a sincere writing voice and contain personal details. But note that by “personal,” I don’t mean you must share your deepest secrets. Rather, ground an event in your own experience by incorporating your emotions, thoughts, and sensations. This will make your essay unique to you.

3) Weave together a story; don’t make a list. As you tell your story, pull from your strongest experiences. Perhaps you have a handful of leadership and service roles. Pick only a few that say something about your interests and personality, and develop your story by threading these ideas together. While a list might look impressive, a story will come across as better crafted and more captivating. If, however, none of your service activities seem significant enough to single out and describe on their own, weave these activities together through a theme. For example, the theme could be how you overcame shyness to lead.

Quick Tips for Drafting the National Honor Society Essay, Continued

4) Mind your audience. In this case, your audience is your school’s faculty member who’s taken on the role of chapter adviser. You may want to meet with them ahead of time to let them know you’re applying. This initiative on your part will look impressive. Moreover, you can ask in person what they look for in an NHS essay. Certainly, they’ll want to know how you stand out from the other applicants. So, you’ll also want to keep your competition in mind. As with college application essays, the tone of your NHS essay should be polite, formal, and charismatic.

5) Brainstorm, draft, edit, and repeat. A National Honor Society essay isn’t written overnight. Once you have your initial ideas down on paper, return to the page for a round of editing. Ask yourself where you can expand and where you sound redundant. Look for common threads and themes to enhance. Create transition sentences between paragraphs. Revise your conclusion. Next, show your essay to someone you trust. Their feedback will indicate where your essay excels and where you need to improve.

NHS Essay Example

My grandmother, or Ma-Maw , was the kind of generous busybody who made six different pies for her granddaughters’ birthdays. She invited everyone on the block, so nothing went to waste. Once, when we both went to shovel up the last slice of pie, she laughed, and said, “ noblesse oblige .” She often spoke French, a Louisiana French foreign yet familiar to me. I didn’t think to ask what she’d meant. Did she think I was noble? Was that why I got to scarf down the last of the cherry pie?

Ma-Maw died the summer before I entered high school. I missed her terribly, long after my parents sold her house. Receiving her redirected mail felt like a blow. So many newsletters from Friends of the New Orleans Public Library! Since I loved books as much as Ma-Maw, I opened these up. Inside, I read about a partnership program, Start the Adventure in Reading (STAIR). They needed in-person volunteers to tutor second- and third-graders in reading.

Before I knew it, I was cracking open vocabulary books twice a week with a kid named Harper. When I wasn’t tutoring, I was lesson planning, going over Harper’s writing journal, and scouring shelves for more early reader books. This got me thinking about literacy in New Orleans. 39% of high school students my age have the reading level of a 5 th grader—or worse. Harper lived in a part of town that didn’t even have bookstores. Would she keep up her reading once the tutoring was over, despite the odds? I also thought about representation and accessibility. If Harper had more books about people like her, and if those books were all over the place, and easy to take home, would things change?

NHS Essay Example, Continued

Due to this newfound interest in advocating for literacy, I decided to build a Free Little Library (FLL). To do so, I needed help. That spring, I founded a school club, Reading the World, and convinced 8 members to join. Together, we dismantled one of Ma-Maw’s kitchen cabinets and incorporated other used materials to build an upcycled stand that could fit 20 books.

Next, we got in touch with the program Read for Color, which helps make BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other diverse and marginalized voices heard. I believe their initiative parallels our own, which is to provide a diversity of voices through language itself. Our FLL features books in Cajun French and Creole and works in translation. With permission, we installed the FLL outside Ma-Maw’s old home. For its inauguration, our club invited the local organizations Youth Empowerment Project, One Book One New Orleans, and Read in Color. We plan to collaborate with these groups next year.

Now a sophomore, I’ve continued literacy advocacy by volunteering at Alliance Française events. This has given me new ideas about how to run Reading the World. I’ve added monthly book club events. Furthermore, every club member tutors a STAIR student. Finally, we’ll visit local senior homes at Thanksgiving and Christmas and read to the residents.

Ma-Maw would be happy to hear I won the L’Union Française’s Prix d’Excellence this year. She’d be even more thrilled to see how I’ve shared her love of reading with my community. Now I understand noblesse oblige : if you believe you are someone of noble character, then you must act accordingly. This NHS motto was easy for Ma-Maw to follow. She gave everything and led by example. I plan to follow in her footsteps. It would be an immense honor to do so through the National Honor Society.

NHS Essay Example, Dissected

This National Honor Society essay succeeds for many reasons. First, the student structures her essay around the theme of language and literacy. (Perhaps she also captains her softball team and volunteers for the Red Cross. But the student has correctly judged that these elements would distract from her story.) Rather than list her achievements and service, the student builds every element into a journey. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It shows how the student evolved to be someone who wants to make a difference. The ending completes the story by circling back to the beginning, through the idea of “noblesse oblige.” The student also manages to state clearly her thesis: she deserves acceptance into the National Honor Society.

This student’s story also centers around an emotional current, that of the student’s grandmother. The reader wants to invest in the story more because of this emotional aspect. Literacy is clearly not a random activity, but a meaningful one for the student. Including a role model allows the student to avoid bragging by transferring her praise to her grandmother.

Finally, the tone of the essay is formal (“It would be an immense honor”). Meanwhile, the unique voice of the student comes through (“We both went to shovel up the last slice of pie”). She accurately cites the names of the organizations she’s involved with and uses specificity (such as her grandmother’s kitchen cabinets) to draw the reader in.

Finished Your National Honor Society Essay?

Hopefully, you found our NHS essay example to be helpful. Now, feel free to check out our list of academic contests for more ways to boost your academic profile.

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With a BA in Literary Studies from Middlebury College, an MFA in Fiction from Columbia University, and a Master’s in Translation from Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis, Kaylen has been working with students on their writing for over five years. Previously, Kaylen taught a fiction course for high school students as part of Columbia Artists/Teachers, and served as an English Language Assistant for the French National Department of Education. Kaylen is an experienced writer/translator whose work has been featured in Los Angeles Review, Hybrid, San Francisco Bay Guardian, France Today, and Honolulu Weekly, among others.

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How to write the National Honor’s Society Essay

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Being recognized as a member of the National Honor Society (NHS) is a testament to a student’s academic achievements, leadership, and service in their community. The NHS recognizes outstanding high school students for their dedication and challenges them to develop further. An important component of the application process is the NHS essay, which is an opportunity for candidates to detail their accomplishments and explain how they align with the NHS’s core values. This essay plays a significant role in the selection process, as it allows the applicant to showcase the individual behind the grades and other achievements on paper. This blog post aims to demystify the writing process by providing step-by-step guidance on crafting a strong NHS essay. 

Understanding the NHS Essay

4 pillars of nhs, scholarship, polishing your essay, common mistakes to avoid with the national honor’s society essay, wrapping up.

National Honor's Society Essay

Before diving into the pillars that form the backbone of the National Honor Society (NHS), it’s crucial to grasp what the NHS essay entails and what it aims to achieve. The NHS essay is more than just a writing sample; it is a narrative that encapsulates your journey, achievements, and the alignment of your personal values with the core principles of the NHS. This essay is your opportunity to communicate directly with the selection committee, offering a glimpse into who you are beyond your academic scores and extracurricular activities. The prompt for the NHS Essay is to detail how you represent the Four Pillars of NHS Membership: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character in 300-500 words. In doing so, here are some key components that are good to include:

Personal Introduction: Begin with a brief introduction of yourself, highlighting your academic and personal background. This sets the stage for a deeper dive into your achievements and how they reflect the NHS values.

Impact and Personal Growth: Discuss the impact of your contributions on your community and personal growth. Reflect on how your actions have made a difference and what you may have learned from them. This will show the selection committee your potential for future leadership and service.

Future Plans and Contributions: Briefly outline how you plan to continue your commitment to the NHS’s principles by contributing both to the organization and to your community. This will underscore your dedication to the NHS’s mission.

Staying Authentic: Your essay should reflect your own authentic voice and perspective. The selection committee is solely interested in understanding who you are as an individual.

Alignment with NHS Values: It is important to explicitly detail how your experiences embody the NHS’s core values of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Rather than simply listing your accomplishments, delve deeper into how these experiences have shaped you and prepared you to contribute to the NHS while remaining as concise as possible.

When addressing the pillar of Scholarship in your National Honor Society essay, it is important to go further than just listing your academic achievements on paper. This section should detail your personal affinity for learning and intellectual growth. Highlight your areas of curiosity, your passion for gaining knowledge, and how you have been able to apply your knowledge outside of the classroom. Obviously you should discuss any academic awards or recognitions you have received, but also delve into how these accomplishments reflect your attitude towards learning.

In demonstrating Leadership, your writing should detail both formal leadership positions and informal leadership roles you have taken. Leadership is not just about being the head of a club or student organization: it is about influencing others positively, driving initiatives, and setting a good example in your community. Share specific instances where you led by example, overcame challenges, or motivated others toward a goal. Whether it’s captaining a sports team, leading a group project, or taking the initiative in organizing an event, include any instances that highlight your ability to lead.

The Service section of your essay is your chance to show how you have contributed to your community through volunteer work or service projects. Describe the types of service activities you have experience in, the impact these activities had on your community, and any other insights or knowledge you gained in the process. 

Reflecting on Character involves a deep dive into your the ethics and moral principles that guide you. The NHS values members who exhibit a strong character in both their personal and academic lives. Discuss situations where you’ve had to make difficult choices and/or stand up for what you believe in in the face of challenges. Your character is at the center of your personality, so share anecdotes that best illustrate how you personally embody the values the NHS holds dear ( like honesty, respect, and responsibility).

Crafting a strong conclusion for your essay is crucial in reinforcing your case for membership. This final section should serve as a summary of your narrative, reiterating how you align with the NHS’s core values of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Begin by concisely restating the key experiences and achievements you’ve discussed throughout the essay. Then, synthesize this information and emphasize your readiness to take on the responsibilities of NHS membership. Articulate a clear vision of how you intend to contribute to the NHS, drawing on specific examples from your past experiences to illustrate your capacity for leadership, service, and continued personal and academic growth.

Revision is a vital step in crafting a good NHS essay. It is imperative to revisit your essay with a critical eye, assessing the coherence of your writing and ensuring that each paragraph flows logically and smoothly to the next one. We recommend doing at least two drafts, and the more the merrier. Make sure your essay comprehensively details your achievements and character, and make adjustments to enhance your message’s delivery and effectiveness.

NHS Essay

Simply Reiterating Your Resume: One of the most common mistakes is simply listing your academic achievements and other roles as one might on a resume and not delving into the experiences. Your writing should go beyond listing accomplishments, explaining how these experiences have effected you and/or how they might align with the NHS values.

Lack of Personal Reflection: Not including enough personal reflection on how your experiences have contributed to your growth or demonstrated your alignment with NHS values is a missed opportunity to show your unique perspective. Share insights into your personal journey, any challenges overcome, and how these experiences impacted you.

Ignoring the NHS Core Values: Each section of your essay should clearly relate to one or more of the NHS pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. Failing to explicitly connect your experiences to these values will weaken your essay. Make sure to keep in mind how your experiences and actions embodied these core principles while you are writing.

Overlooking the Importance of Character: While it’s crucial to highlight your leadership, service, and academic achievements, neglecting to adequately address your character and personal ethics is a mistake. The NHS values integrity, honesty, and respect, so be sure to reflect on moments that have shaped your character.

Neglecting the Essay Structure: A well-organized essay that flows logically and linguistically from section to section is essential for clarity and impact. Jumping randomly between topics or cluttering your essay with too much information will confuse readers, and ultimately weaken your essay. Use a clear structure, with each paragraph smoothly transitioning to the next, ensuring your essay is coherent, and in turn, compelling.

Failing to Proofread: Grammar mistakes, typos, and awkward phrasing can distract from the content of your essay and give the impression of carelessness. Take the time to thoroughly proofread your essay, and write multiple drafts. Consider asking a teacher, parent, peer, or other mentor to review it for errors you might have missed.

Not Showing Authenticity: Trying to fit a perceived ideal or exaggerating experiences will come off as insincere. Be authentic in your writing. The NHS values honesty!

In conclusion, when writing your NHS essay, embrace the opportunity to not only detail your accomplishments but to give readers an understanding of what makes you unique. This essay is your stepping stone towards becoming a part of a community that values not just academic excellence, but the development of character and the commitment to making a difference in communities. Through your words, make it clear that you embody 4 central tenets of the NHS, but also document your unique perspective and how you personally will contribute to its mission. If you follow these steps and proofread effectively, you should be well on your way to producing an excellent NHS essay! Good luck!

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May 1, 2023

How to Write an Impressive National Honor Society Essay: Examples and Tips

Membership in the National Honor Society is a prestigious achievement that recognizes exceptional academic achievement, leadership, service, and character. But to earn this distinction, students must first write an impressive essay that demonstrates their qualifications and sets them apart from the competition. If you're ready to take on this challenge and earn your place in this esteemed society, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll provide you with expert tips and real-world examples of successful essays that will help you craft an essay that showcases your unique strengths and accomplishments.

Are you a high school student with a passion for excellence, a track record of leadership , and a burning desire to make a difference in your community? Are you ready to join the ranks of the best and brightest students in your school and beyond? If so, the National Honor Society may be the perfect fit for you. But before you can don that coveted NHS sash, you'll need to write an essay that will knock the socks off the selection committee. 

No pressure, right? Well, don't worry, because we've got you covered. In this article, we'll provide you with expert tips and real-world examples of successful National Honor Society essays that will help you craft an essay that's worthy of your many talents.

 We'll cover everything from the essential elements of a strong NHS essay to tips for effective writing and editing. And hey, if all else fails, you can always bribe the selection committee with cookies. (Okay, maybe not. But it's worth a shot, right?) So grab a pen, fire up your laptop, and let's get started on your path to NHS greatness!

What is the National Honor Society?

National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization that recognizes and encourages academic achievement while developing the essential qualities of leadership, scholarship , service, and character in high school students.

NHS is an invitation-only organization that recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, service, and character. Membership in NHS is a significant achievement and serves as recognition for students who have worked hard to excel in their studies and to make a positive impact in their school and community.

In this essay, we will discuss the importance of leadership, scholarship, service, and character, how to apply for the NHS, and tips for writing an impressive NHS Essay.

Leadership is an essential quality that the NHS recognizes in its members. Leadership involves the ability to motivate others, take initiative, and work collaboratively towards a common goal.

Leadership can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, such as leading a team, organizing an event, or advocating for a cause. NHS values leadership because it is essential for achieving success in academics, personal growth, and community involvement.

To demonstrate leadership, NHS requires that applicants have held leadership positions in their school and community. This can include serving as a team captain, organizing a community service project, or leading a school club or organization.

However, it is important to note that leadership is not limited to formal positions of authority. Leaders can emerge in any situation, and the NHS recognizes that leadership can be demonstrated in many different ways.


Scholarship is another important quality that the NHS recognizes in its members. Scholarship involves a commitment to academic excellence, a desire for knowledge, and a willingness to engage in intellectual pursuits. Scholarship is essential for success in higher education and for developing the skills and knowledge needed to make a positive impact in society.

To demonstrate scholarship, NHS requires that applicants have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. However, NHS values scholarship beyond just grades. NHS recognizes that scholarship involves a desire for learning and intellectual curiosity. This can be demonstrated through taking challenging courses, pursuing independent research projects, or participating in academic competitions.

Service is another essential quality that NHS recognizes in its members. Service involves a commitment to giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the lives of others. Service is essential for developing empathy and compassion, and for building strong and supportive communities.

To demonstrate service, NHS requires that applicants have completed a minimum of 40 hours of community service. However, NHS values service beyond just the number of hours completed. NHS recognizes that service involves a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

This can be demonstrated through volunteering for organizations that align with personal values, initiating community service projects, or engaging in advocacy work.

Character is the final quality that NHS recognizes in its members. Character involves a commitment to ethical behavior, honesty, and integrity. Character is essential for building trust and fostering strong relationships with others.

To demonstrate character, NHS requires that applicants have a positive disciplinary record and a recommendation from a teacher or school administrator. However, NHS values character beyond just avoiding negative behaviors.

NHS recognizes that character involves a commitment to doing the right thing, even when it is difficult. This can be demonstrated through acts of kindness, ethical decision-making, and demonstrating honesty and integrity in all aspects of life.

Application and Membership

To apply for NHS, students must meet the minimum requirements for leadership, scholarship, service, and character. In addition, students must complete an application, submit a personal statement, and provide letters of recommendation.

The application typically includes basic information such as name, address, and GPA. It may also ask for information about leadership positions held, community service activities completed, and academic achievements. The application may also include short essay questions to allow students to showcase their strengths and accomplishments.

NHS Essay Guide

If you are looking to write an NHS essay, here is a guide that can help you craft an impressive and professional essay:

Understanding the NHS pillars

The National Honor Society is based on four pillars: leadership, scholarship, service, and character. Before you begin writing, it is important to understand what each of these pillars means and how you have demonstrated them in your life.

Brainstorm your accomplishments

Once you understand the pillars, make a list of all the activities and accomplishments that you have achieved in each of the pillars. This could include things like holding a leadership position in a club, achieving academic excellence, volunteering in your community, or demonstrating integrity and honesty in your personal life.

Write a rough draft

Once you have your list of accomplishments, begin drafting your essay. Start by introducing yourself and explaining why you are interested in joining the NHS. Then, use specific examples to demonstrate how you have demonstrated leadership, scholarship, service, and character. Be sure to use strong, descriptive language and avoid vague statements.

Edit and revise 

Once you have a rough draft, take the time to edit and revise your essay. Read it out loud to catch any awkward phrasing or grammatical errors. Make sure that your essay is well-organized and that each paragraph flows smoothly into the next. Make sure to remove any unnecessary information or repetition.

Be Humble and Bold

Many students find it hard to express their hard-earned accomplishments without sounding boastful. Proudly stating your achievements without sounding brash is possible and important. Clearly state your motivations, your challenges, your vulnerabilities, and your mistakes to mitigate any concerns.

Get feedback

Once you have edited and revised your essay, get feedback from others. Ask a teacher, parent, or mentor to read your essay and give you their honest feedback. Use their feedback to make any necessary changes and to strengthen your essay.

Write a strong conclusion

End your essay with a strong conclusion that summarizes your achievements and explains why you would be a good fit for the NHS. Thank the reader for considering your application and expressing your excitement about the opportunity to join the NHS.

By following these steps, you can write an impressive and professional NHS essay that demonstrates your commitment to leadership, scholarship, service, and character. Remember to be specific and use strong language, and get feedback from others to ensure that your essay is the best it can be.

Tips for Writing NHS Essay

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a prestigious organization that recognizes high school students who have demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, service, and character.

Being a member of NHS is a significant achievement and can provide many opportunities for personal and professional growth. To become a member of NHS, students must apply and write a personal statement. In this section, we will discuss some tips on how to write an impressive NHS essay.

Step 1: Understand the Purpose of the NHS Essay

The purpose of the NHS essay is to demonstrate to the selection committee that you possess the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. The essay is an opportunity for you to showcase your achievements, skills, and experiences that align with the NHS values. The essay should also highlight your personal goals and how being a member of NHS can help you achieve them.

Step 2: Brainstorm Ideas

Before writing the essay, take some time to brainstorm ideas. Think about your achievements, experiences, and skills that align with the NHS values. Consider examples of how you have demonstrated leadership, scholarship, service, and character in your school, community, or personal life. This will help you to organize your thoughts and create a clear and concise essay.

Step 3: Structure Your Essay

The NHS essay should have a clear structure that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should provide a brief overview of the essay and grab the reader's attention. The body of the essay should focus on the four NHS values: leadership, scholarship, service, and character. Use examples and anecdotes to demonstrate how you have demonstrated each of these values. 

Step 4: Be Specific and Concise

When writing your NHS essay, be specific and concise. Use specific examples and anecdotes to demonstrate your achievements and skills. Avoid using general statements that could apply to anyone. Also, be concise and avoid using unnecessary words or phrases. The essay should be clear and easy to read.

Step 5: Show, Don't Tell

When writing your NHS essay, it is essential to show, not tell. Instead of saying that you have demonstrated leadership, provide an example of a time when you led a team or organized an event. Use descriptive language to paint a picture of the situation and show how you demonstrated leadership.

Step 6: Be Honest and Authentic

When writing your NHS essay, be honest and authentic. Don't exaggerate your achievements or skills, but also don't be too modest. Be genuine and let your personality shine through in the essay. This will help the selection committee get to know you better and see why you would be an excellent fit for NHS membership.

Step 7: Proofread and Edit

Before submitting your NHS essay, make sure to proofread and edit it carefully. Check for grammar and spelling errors, and make sure the essay is well-organized and easy to read. You may also want to have someone else read the essay and provide feedback. This will help you to identify areas that need improvement and ensure that your essay is as impressive as possible.

Writing an impressive NHS essay requires careful planning, organization, and attention to detail. By following these tips, you can create an essay that showcases your achievements, skills, and experiences and demonstrates why you would be an excellent candidate for NHS membership. Remember to be specific, concise, honest, and authentic, and to show, not tell your achievements and skills.

Personal Statement

Here is an example of a personal statement for your NHS: “I am thrilled to submit my statement for consideration as a potential member of the National Honor Society. As a student who is deeply committed to the ideals of leadership, scholarship, service, and character, I believe that I would be an ideal candidate for this prestigious organization.

In addition to my academic and extracurricular pursuits, I believe that my personal qualities make me an ideal candidate for the National Honor Society. I am a natural leader who can inspire others and work collaboratively toward a common goal. I am also highly organized, disciplined, and self-motivated, which allows me to juggle multiple responsibilities and stay on top of my commitments.

Above all else, I believe that my commitment to character is what sets me apart as a candidate for the National Honor Society. I believe that integrity, honesty, and respect are the foundation of all meaningful relationships, and I strive to embody these values in everything that I do.

Whether I am working on a group project with my peers or volunteering in my community, I am always mindful of the impact that my actions have on those around me.

In conclusion, I believe that I would be an ideal candidate for the National Honor Society based on my academic achievements, extracurricular activities, personal qualities, and commitment to service and character. I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to apply for membership in this esteemed organization, and I look forward to contributing to the National Honor Society in a meaningful way.”

NHS Essay Examples

Essay example 1.

As a dedicated student, committed volunteer, and aspiring leader, I have always strived to make a positive impact in my university and community. The National Honor Society has always been an organization that I have admired and respected, and I am excited about the opportunity to join such a prestigious group of individuals.

Throughout my bachelor studies, I have been actively involved in various extracurricular activities and clubs, including serving as the president of the university sports society. In this role, I have organized numerous fundraising events, community service projects, and volunteer opportunities for my peers, inspiring them to take action and make a difference in our community.

I have also served as a mentor and tutor to underclassmen, providing guidance and support to help them achieve their academic and personal goals.

Academic excellence is something that I have always prioritized, and I have worked hard to maintain a good GPA throughout my university career. I have taken on challenging coursework, including honors and Advanced Placement courses, to further develop my intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills. 

As a member of the National Honor Society, I hope to continue to challenge myself academically and inspire others to do the same.

I believe that giving back to my community is not only a responsibility but also a privilege. I have volunteered at various local organizations, including the food bank, animal shelter, and community garden, and have helped to raise money for numerous charities.

Additionally, I have been involved in a peer mentoring program that offers guidance and support to students struggling academically or personally.

Integrity, honesty, and respect are values that I hold dear, and I strive to demonstrate these qualities in everything that I do. I have participated in various character-building programs, including the school’s conflict resolution program and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program, which have helped me to develop strong communication and problem-solving skills.

I believe that my commitment to these values will make me a valuable member of the National Honor Society.

As a well-rounded student and active member of my community, I am excited about the opportunity to join the National Honor Society. I am confident that I have demonstrated excellence in leadership, scholarship, service, and character, and I look forward to further developing these qualities as a member of this prestigious organization. Thank you for considering my application.

Essay Example 2:

Dear National Honor Society Selection Committee,

I am honored to apply for membership in the National Honor Society, as I believe that this prestigious organization aligns with my values of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. I am confident that my academic achievements, community service, and leadership experiences demonstrate my commitment to these values and make me a strong candidate for membership.

Throughout my high school career, I have demonstrated leadership skills in various extracurricular activities and organizations. I have served as a captain of my school’s varsity basketball team for two years, where I have not only led my team to multiple championships but also served as a role model for my teammates by demonstrating a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and sportsmanship

Academic excellence is a top priority for me, and I have consistently maintained a high GPA throughout my high school years. I have taken on challenging coursework, including Honors and Advanced Placement classes, to further my intellectual curiosity and challenge myself.

Furthermore, I have actively participated in academic competitions, including the National Science Olympiad, where I have won multiple medals and awards.

I have always been passionate about serving my community and making a positive impact on the lives of others. I have volunteered at various local organizations, including the food bank, homeless shelter, and community garden, where I have helped to feed the hungry, care for the less fortunate, and create a sustainable future.

Furthermore, I have served as a mentor and tutor to younger students, providing guidance and support to help them achieve their academic and personal goals.

Integrity, honesty, and respect are values that I hold dear, and I strive to demonstrate these qualities in everything that I do. I have participated in various character-building programs, including the school’s peer mediation program, where I have learned effective communication and problem-solving skills.

In summary, I believe that my leadership, scholarship, service, and character make me a strong candidate for membership in the National Honor Society. I am excited about the opportunity to further develop these qualities and contribute to the mission of this esteemed organization.

I thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to the opportunity to represent the National Honor Society with honor and distinction

In conclusion, the National Honor Society is an esteemed organization that recognizes high-achieving students who demonstrate excellence in the pillars of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. Writing a brilliant NHS essay requires thoughtful reflection on your accomplishments and an ability to effectively communicate how you embody these pillars in your life.

By following the tips and guidelines provided in this article, you can craft an impressive and professional essay that showcases your dedication to these pillars and your potential as a valuable member of the National Honor Society.

If you're ready to take the next step in your academic and personal journey, we encourage you to apply to the National Honor Society. As a member, you will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful service projects, connect with other high-achieving students, and further develop your leadership skills. 

Don't let this opportunity pass you by - take the time to write an exceptional NHS essay and join the ranks of some of the most accomplished students in the country.

So what are you waiting for? Start crafting your NHS essay today and take the first step towards achieving your goals. We wish you the best of luck in your application and hope to see you among the distinguished members of the National Honor Society.

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Short Essay: National Honor Society

Writing an essay for the National Honor Society (NHS) is a pivotal step for students seeking to join an organization that recognizes outstanding academic achievements and civic involvement. The NHS essay is more than just an academic exercise; it is a showcase of a student’s character, leadership, service, and citizenship. Here is a comprehensive guide to crafting a compelling 500-word essay for the National Honor Society.

Table of Contents

Understanding the NHS and Its Values

Before you begin writing, it is crucial to understand what the NHS stands for. The National Honor Society is an organization that honors high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Recognizing these pillars is essential as they will guide the content of your essay.

Brainstorming and Prewriting

Start by reflecting on your high school career and jot down examples where you’ve exemplified the four pillars. Think about your academic milestones, instances where you’ve taken the lead, how you’ve served your community, and moments that have tested and shaped your character.


Discuss your academic achievements but go beyond the grades. Talk about your dedication to learning, your curiosity, and how you’ve applied your knowledge.

Leadership isn’t just about holding a title. It’s about influencing others positively. Reflect on situations where you’ve inspired or coordinated with peers, whether in school projects, sports teams, or clubs.

Service is about volunteering and contributing to the community without expecting anything in return. Highlight your volunteer work and describe the impact it had on others and on your personal growth.

Character is about integrity and ethical behavior. Think about times when you’ve had to stand up for what’s right or demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity.

Structuring the Essay

An NHS essay typically follows a standard structure: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Here’s how to utilize this structure effectively:


Your introduction should serve as a hook, capturing the reader’s attention. Start with a personal anecdote or a powerful statement that reflects your dedication to the NHS’s core values. Clearly state the purpose of your essay and provide a preview of what you will discuss.

Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph should focus on one of the four pillars of the NHS. Start with a topic sentence that introduces the pillar, followed by supporting sentences that provide evidence and examples of how you embody that attribute.

Paragraph 1: Scholarship

Explain your approach to academics and your passion for learning. Detail any academic awards or recognitions you’ve received.

Paragraph 2: Leadership

Describe specific leadership roles and what you’ve learned from them. Discuss how you’ve made a difference in these roles and what you’ve contributed to your community.

Paragraph 3: Service

Share your experiences with community service. Emphasize the value of selflessness and the importance of making a positive impact.

Paragraph 4: Character

Reflect on moments that have tested or demonstrated your character. Describe how you’ve adhered to ethical principles and learned from these experiences.

Your conclusion should summarize the main points of your essay and reaffirm your commitment to the NHS’s values. End on a high note, expressing your aspirations and how being a part of the NHS will further your personal and academic growth.

Writing Tips

  • Be Authentic:  Write in your own voice and be genuine in your storytelling. Authenticity resonates with readers and makes your essay memorable.
  • Show, Don’t Tell:  Use specific examples to illustrate your points. Showing how you embody the NHS values through actions will have a stronger impact than simply stating it.
  • Focus on Impact:  Whenever you describe an activity or achievement, emphasize the impact it had on others or yourself. This demonstrates self-awareness and a commitment to growth.
  • Be Concise:  With a 500-word limit, every sentence should serve a purpose. Be succinct and clear, avoiding unnecessary filler words.
  • Revise and Edit:  A polished essay is a result of thorough revision and careful editing. Check for clarity, grammar, and adherence to the word limit.
  • Seek Feedback:  Before finalizing your essay, get feedback from teachers, mentors, or peers. A fresh perspective can help you identify areas for improvement.

National Honor Society Essay Example #1

As I step forward to submit my application for the National Honor Society, I am filled with a sense of pride and anticipation. This moment is not just an opportunity to join a prestigious community of high-achieving peers; it is a reflection of the values that I have woven into the fabric of my life. The four pillars of the NHS—scholarship, leadership, service, and character—are not abstract ideas to me, but guiding principles that I strive to live by every day.

My academic journey has been one of continual curiosity and dedication. Scholarship is more than a grade point average; it is a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Throughout my high school career, I have consistently achieved high grades, but my commitment to scholarship extends beyond the classroom. Whether I am engaging in lively debates in history class or conducting independent research for the science fair, I am driven by a desire to delve deeper and to challenge myself intellectually. As a member of the NHS, I would continue to embrace scholarship not only as a personal goal but as a means to contribute meaningfully to my school and community.

Leadership is often misconstrued as holding a position of power, but I believe true leadership is about service and impact. As the captain of the debate team, I have learned that effective leadership requires empathy, strategic thinking, and the ability to mobilize and inspire others. Under my leadership, our team has not only secured victories but has also fostered a supportive and collaborative environment. I have also taken the initiative to mentor younger students, helping them to find their voice and confidence. Leadership, in the context of the NHS, means setting a positive example and working towards the betterment of the organization and its members.

I have always been passionate about community service, understanding that my actions can create ripples of positive change. Volunteering at the local food bank, organizing charity events, and participating in clean-up drives have been incredibly rewarding experiences that have taught me about compassion and civic responsibility. Service is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity for kindness, and it is an integral aspect of my life. As an NHS member, I would be excited to lead and participate in service projects that not only aid those in need but also encourage a spirit of generosity in others.

Character is the cornerstone of trust and respect, and it is cultivated through consistent ethical behavior. I pride myself on being a person of integrity, whether that means standing up against bullying, maintaining honesty in my academic work, or being a reliable friend in times of need. In moments of challenge and pressure, I have striven to make choices that reflect my values and principles. The character is not about perfection; it is about striving to be better and doing the right thing, even when it is difficult. Within the NHS, I would continue to uphold high standards of character, knowing that it is the essence of true leadership and citizenship.

In conclusion, my aspiration to join the National Honor Society is driven by a genuine commitment to embodying the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. I am eager to bring my enthusiasm and perspective to the NHS, to learn from other members, and to contribute to the organization’s noble objectives. I am confident that my inclusion in the NHS will not only aid in my personal growth but also allow me to add value to the myriad initiatives that the society undertakes. Thank you for considering my application.

National Honor Society Essay Example #2

To the esteemed selection committee of the National Honor Society, I extend my deepest gratitude for considering my application. The National Honor Society’s pillars—scholarship, leadership, service, and character—are not only foundational to the organization but resonate deeply with the principles I uphold in my life. It is with a spirit of earnest dedication that I present how these tenets have shaped my journey and how I aspire to embody them as a potential member of this venerable society.

Scholarship: A Commitment to Intellectual Growth

Scholarship serves as the beacon that guides my academic voyage. It represents an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for knowledge that transcends the confines of textbooks and examinations. My academic record is a testament to my dedication to learning, marked by a GPA that reflects my diligence and perseverance. Beyond the classroom, I actively engage in educational pursuits, from participating in science symposiums to attending workshops that expand my horizons. My inquisitive nature fuels my desire to continuously seek understanding and to apply my knowledge for the betterment of those around me. As a prospective member of the National Honor Society, I am eager to further my academic endeavors and to inspire a love of learning within our community.

Leadership: A Journey of Influence and Inspiration

True leadership emanates from the ability to inspire and uplift others while forging paths towards common goals. My leadership journey is characterized by my tenure as the president of the student council, where I spearheaded initiatives that fostered school spirit and community involvement. I have learned that leadership is not about wielding authority, but about listening, empathizing, and collaborating with peers to achieve collective success. Whether leading by example or by encouraging my peers to realize their potential, I have embraced the responsibility that comes with being a leader. In the National Honor Society, I aim to bring my leadership skills to the forefront, contributing to the society’s initiatives and driving positive change.

Service: The Heartbeat of Community Connection

Service is the heartbeat of community connection—it is where compassion meets action. My service experiences range from tutoring underprivileged children to participating in local environmental conservation efforts. These activities have not only provided me with profound joy and satisfaction but have also instilled in me a sense of civic duty and an understanding of the impact one individual can make. Service has taught me the importance of selflessness and the joy that comes from helping others. As a part of the National Honor Society, I am committed to continuing my service contributions and to fostering a community culture that prioritizes the welfare of others.

Character: The Silent Strength of Integrity

Character is the silent strength that underpins every action and decision. It is the moral compass that guides me through life’s complexities and challenges. I hold fast to principles of honesty, respect, and responsibility, whether in my academic pursuits or personal interactions. In times of adversity, it is the strength of character that has allowed me to act with integrity and to learn from every experience. My peers and teachers recognize me as a trustworthy and principled student, and I take pride in this reputation. As a member of the National Honor Society, I will continue to uphold these standards of character, knowing that they are essential to the trust and respect that form the foundation of any esteemed organization.

In presenting this essay, I humbly offer a glimpse into the core values that define me. My aspiration to join the National Honor Society is driven not only by my desire for personal excellence but by my eagerness to contribute to and grow with a community of scholars who hold themselves to the highest standards. I am ready to embrace the opportunities and responsibilities that come with being a member of the NHS and to work alongside my peers to uphold the honor and legacy of the society. Thank you for considering my application for membership, and I look forward to the possibility of contributing to the NHS’s esteemed tradition.

National Honor Society Essay Example #3

Dear Members of the National Honor Society,

It is with a profound sense of respect and aspiration that I submit my application for membership into the National Honor Society (NHS). The pillars of the NHS—scholarship, leadership, service, and character—are not only pillars of the society but also the cornerstones upon which I have built my high school career. I am honored to share how these principles have guided my personal and academic growth and how they fuel my desire to contribute to the NHS and its esteemed legacy.

Scholarship: The Pursuit of Excellence in Learning

Scholarship is the foundation upon which the edifice of my academic life is built. It encapsulates my unwavering commitment to not just academic performance, but to a deeper understanding of the world around us. With a consistent placement on the honor roll and participation in Advanced Placement courses, I have demonstrated my dedication to academic excellence. However, true scholarship extends beyond grades; it is evident in my thirst for knowledge, whether it’s through engaging in book clubs, seeking mentorship in research projects, or volunteering to help peers with their studies. Joining the NHS will provide me with a platform to continue pursuing scholarly excellence and to encourage others to do the same, fostering a community where learning is celebrated and knowledge is shared.

Leadership: Empowering Others and Myself

Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. For me, leadership has been about taking initiative and setting a positive example in every endeavor, from captaining the soccer team to spearheading community service projects. It has been about listening to others, valuing diverse opinions, and bringing people together to work collaboratively. My leadership experiences have taught me the importance of adaptability and resilience, and as a member of the NHS, I would strive to lead with compassion and conviction, encouraging my peers to excel and to take on leadership roles themselves.

Service: The Gift of Giving Back

Service is a selfless expression of a caring heart, and it has been integral to my personal development. I have committed myself to various service efforts, such as organizing food drives and volunteering at local shelters. These experiences have not only helped those in need but have also allowed me to gain a deeper appreciation of the impact we can have on our community. I believe that service is not an obligation but a privilege. As a member of the NHS, I would seek out new service opportunities and strive to inspire a spirit of volunteerism within the school, reinforcing the idea that we can all be stewards of positive change.

Character: The Essence of Identity

Character is the defining attribute of an individual’s actions and beliefs. It is the moral fiber that weaves through one’s life, shaping decisions and interactions. I have always held myself to high ethical standards, respecting others, and upholding a sense of fairness and honesty. In moments where my character has been tested, I have chosen to stand by my principles, even when it was not the easy path to take. My commitment to maintaining a strong character is unwavering, and as an NHS member, I would endeavor to be a role model for others, embodying the integrity and ethical standards that the NHS upholds.

In conclusion, my journey thus far has been greatly aligned with the values of the National Honor Society. I see my potential membership as a continuation and deepening of my commitment to these principles. It would be an honor to join the ranks of those who have exemplified scholarship, leadership, service, and character before me, and I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to do so. Thank you for considering my application.

Final Thoughts

The NHS essay is your opportunity to shine and showcase how you’ve lived the values of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. It is an opportunity not just to reflect on your achievements but to demonstrate your readiness to uphold the principles of the National Honor Society.

Remember, the essay is not just about showing that you belong in the NHS but also about how the NHS will benefit from your participation. By carefully crafting your essay with sincerity and depth, you can leave a lasting impression on the selection committee and take a significant step toward becoming a member of this prestigious organization.

About Mr. Greg

Mr. Greg is an English teacher from Edinburgh, Scotland, currently based in Hong Kong. He has over 5 years teaching experience and recently completed his PGCE at the University of Essex Online. In 2013, he graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a BEng(Hons) in Computing, with a focus on social media.

Mr. Greg’s English Cloud was created in 2020 during the pandemic, aiming to provide students and parents with resources to help facilitate their learning at home.

Whatsapp: +85259609792

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Ace Your National Honor Society Essay with These Tips


Entering the National Honor Society can be a student's dream and requires devotion, good grades and expanding your interests into social activities, sports, and volunteering in your community. The NHS application is a sumptuous procedure and you'll need to compose an appropriate national honor application essay to get accepted. This essay will generally work as a recapitulation of your academic history, your dreams, and aspirations and your future plans. It is a decisive part of the application and needs to be written super carefully, with flair and method.

In fact, most chapters of NHS require an essay as part of your application for membership. The philosophy behind the essay varies; it might be a broad overview description of your academic achievements so far or work as a response to a specific question set and then insert your personal touch. Difficult as it might sound, the essay is, in fact, an opportunity to develop your full personality and convince the committee that yes, you are worthy of their attention. This means that acing it is a big step towards your goal to be accepted at the NHS, and there are tips to help you in the process.

Most chapters of NHS require an essay as part of your application for membership.

Understand the philosophy behind the essay

Before even starting to write the essay structure, it is important to fully understand the philosophy behind the essay. In general, the NHS concept is based on four pillars: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Define the criteria and prepare your thesis to meet them all. Make sure you make some preparatory notes of all your scholarships and grants, activities that would show the leader in you (i.e. captain of the school football team) and list all volunteering work you have done in the past. Remember to explain why volunteering to the specific cause is important to you and makes you passionate in your side notes-you will need them as you proceed writing the essay.

Then tell your personal story-in writing

Your life story is what makes you unique and the NHS appreciates personal journeys that are built with dedication and passion at a young age. Think of the essay as an introduction of who you actually are, where to do aim to go and then try to communicate it efficiently. Building the essay around a general idea will also help you focus; for example, if your passion is getting to college to acquire a Math Ph.D. then focus your writing on jour personal journey with Math in high school-your Grades, extra work assignments, and awards. If animals are your passion, volunteering in an animal's shelter can show your devotion to later become a vet, so work your way around it.

Introduce yourself in a professional yet unique way

Perfection is a matter of balance-and your essay should be an example of both professionalism and flair in equal doses. Don't reinvent your writing style in the process or try to experiment with writing styles that are not you. Be clever yet professional. If you are generally a funny person, add your touch with a funny intro, if your style is more academic, and then keep it simple and clean. What is important is that the style expresses your personality as much as the content and that both assist your final goal-to be accepted in the NHS.

Talk in detail about your grants and scholarship achievements

The NHS aims to include the best of the best and provide them opportunities for the future so you have to convince them you belong to the elite. Again, make a list of your grades, awards, and scholarships. Then structure a big part of your writing around them-but in detail. Speak about the grants or scholarships you won, the Physics award or about being top your class in the first semester-in this process, the more the better. Excelling in activities outside school is also important but keep that separate-your academic life should be your primary focus here. You can also list prestigious classes you attended or name the teachers you have worked with and helped you obtain your top grades-in this section, the more is the better.

Include your non-academic achievements and activities

The next step in composing your essay is to include all your community or volunteer work, your activities and hobbies. Don't just list them-the idea here is to showcase your character traits and full personality. Again, the NHS is focusing on leadership, service, and character so structure them in order to meet those criteria. Where you the captain of a sports team? Did you do volunteering work at your city's animal shelter? Or participated in the theatre group at your school? Write them all down and then describe your character and qualities through them. Creativity, leadership and a collaborative manner within a team all work in your favor so don't be shy to mention your problem-solving qualities or focus on your best moments.

Acing the essay doesn't require you exaggerating on your achievements—the board members are well seasoned and can see past an essay whose focus is to impress. The key here is to be sincere-present your qualities and then mention your flaws. Make note that yes, you do have flaws but you are working to better yourself constantly. This is the kind of devotion that can make your flaws even work in favor of your application if presented correctly. Mentioning, for example, that you are a perfectionist but you are working to leave space for more creativity in what you do cannot do you harm—on the contrary.

Structure it appropriately

Writing a long essay is an arduous task—what makes a great one stand out and grasp the attention of the reader is structure. Decide what the focus of the essay should be and then structure all your information accordingly. The focus can be your love for a specific class or your future aspiration to be a lawyer and what you do to help you get there. Start from academic achievements, then pass to grants and scholarships, then mention your non-academic activities. Double-check you are following the structure in a way that your essay is clear, easy to be read and that communicates your message. This uniqueness will also make you stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

Introduce your paper in a clever and catchy way

Another great tip is to introduce your paper in a clever and catchy way; pick a life incident that you feel is important and then develop the whole essay around it. A trip with the boy scouts, a school incident or you starring at the school play can work well if you find the right angle, the one that will showcase your devotion and wit. You can also write about your experience working with a particular teacher or on a particular project that you loved. The introduction is where you can both catch the attention of the reader and evolve your full essay after it, so be creative. Again, balance is key, so never lose sight you are actually writing a well-structured NHS essay and not the intro of a novel so stay focused throughout your writing.

Another great tip is to introduce your paper in a clever and catchy way.

Write a killer conclusion

You have written all the boring stuff, elaborated on your academic qualities and presented your community work; now it's time to close the essay with a killer conclusion the board will remember. This, in fact, is the part where you can become more creative and show that you are also good at communicating your message so use whatever you feel best represents you. A school incident where you show your values or leadership qualities can work and so can your aspiration to enter college and get the job of your dreams. More of a creative type? This is the place where you can use a famous person's saying that best represents you and elaborate on it-or a moment in your school life that has defined you.

Proofread it, and then again!

Proofreading is key; you just can't convince your readers you are a straight-A student with spelling mistakes, and even the smallest of them can very well ruin an otherwise perfect essay so be focused and double-check everything. Then have a member of your family, your teacher, or a professional editor to check it again for mistakes you can spot by using automatic spell correctors. A crown is different from a crowd but it's hard for the spell checker to spot what you are trying to say, so be extra careful. Make sure the essay flows effortlessly and that you don't exaggerate on promoting yourself—this can be alienating and not work on your favor. Be perfect but be yourself along the way.

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The Ultimate Guide to The National Honor Society Essay

Gelyna Price

Gelyna Price

Head of programs and lead admissions expert, table of contents.

  • Step One: Ask For NHS Essay Examples 

Step Two: Focus on Each of the Membership Pillars

Step three: the art of bragging, step four: edit, step five: the best national honor society essay.

Stay up-to-date on the latest research and college admissions trends with our blog team.

The Ultimate Guide to The National Honor Society Essay

If you are starting to think about college applications , you have likely heard about extracurricular activities a time or two. Participation in extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, and internships can help pave the way for college acceptance. One great club to join if you’re looking to stand out academically is the National Honor Society (NHS). If your school has an active National Honor Society chapter, you will need to apply to become a member. Each active chapter must have a published description of their selection procedure in an official school publication, so learning the steps you need to take shouldn’t be hard. If you are having a hard time finding information about your chapter, you can use the online Chapter Finder tool or check with your school’s NHS advisor or school administration. 

It’s likely that your application will require a National Honor Society essay in addition to scholarship requirements (like a specific GPA), community service, leadership experiences, and demonstrated good character. These requirements follow the pillars of membership for the NHS. If you are gearing up to write your essay, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about writing the best National Honor Society Essay. 

Step One: Ask For NHS Essay Examples 

Your chapter advisor may have a general essay prompt. This can cause many students to overthink or stress over their essays. By asking for NHS essay examples, you can get a better idea of what your chapter advisor is looking for. You can better understand the tone, style, length, and general content needed.

However, if your chapter advisor will not offer example NHS essays, no worries. Here is a sample of a student essay from Olathe West High School: 

Being a member of the National Honors Society is a great honor. I believe that I not only 

exude leadership in an academic setting, but beyond that as well. One reason I would be a great representative of this institution is because of my grit and determination. I have worked so incredibly hard to earn the opportunity to even be considered for the National Honors Society. Although I had to overcome many obstacles, the concept of perseverance was especially important throughout the journey. Another quality I can speak to is my positive attitude. I have always tried to make it a priority to exemplify a sense of profitableness in the midst of both success, and hardship. There are many qualities that make up a good leader, and I hope that I can set an example for others. However, one of my greatest weaknesses as a leader is my lack of ability to implement my thoughts into action. I have the tendency to simply “go with the flow” or remain quiet. Furthermore, I also tend to do things all at once, instead of spreading things out. This can result in unneeded stress and anxiety. Overall, I definitely have my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. I hope that by being a part of opportunities that provide me with a role of leadership, I will gain more strengths, and learn how to cope with my weaknesses. 

It is important to keep in mind that this is only one of many NHS essay examples. It may not match the prompt of your specific chapter. As always, it’s important to use your own words and let any example NHS essays only be used to guide your work.

In your essay, it’s also likely the prompt will ask you to address how you portray the four membership pillars. 


Scholarship is the first of the four pillars. NHS national policy requires each chapter to set a cumulative GPA requirement. The minimum is a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Although this is proven through your transcripts, you can refer to your GPA in your essay. Many NHS essay examples also address how their grades show their grit and determination to go above and beyond in school and their everyday life. 

The service pillar refers to voluntary contributions you have made without compensation. Service can reference actions for both school and your community. For example, service can be participation in an event like a bake sale or community clean-up day. 

In your essay, it’s important to discuss what contributions you made, any accolades, and how this opportunity impacted you. Example NHS essays reference service in ways that may explain how volunteering at a local pet shelter, homeless shelter, or suicide hotline has helped the individual recognize needs in the community. It can also help create self-confidence, and leadership skills, and helps you meet others. Be sure you have written and signed documentation for any service projects you reference in your essay and application.  

The third pillar, Leadership, is defined by positions, roles, or skills in this area. You can identify specific leadership skills you possess such as good communication, strategic thinking, positivity, or time management. You can also address specific situations in which you have demonstrated successful leadership. 

The final pillar, character, is about showing your high standards of honesty and reliability. You will need to demonstrate and explain how you are courteous and respectful of others. Your advisor may access your disciplinary records, so be sure to openly address any issues and identify how you have grown and learned from them. 

For example, if you were suspended your Freshman year, this may not mean you are automatically denied. Use this experience as a learning opportunity and explain how it changed you for the better. 

One important thing to learn throughout your high school career is the art of bragging. When you apply for college, jobs, scholarships, clubs, and beyond you need to humbly express your positive qualities, values, and experiences. It’s important to use these opportunities to highlight your accomplishments. If you are writing something that feels a little “braggy”, there are a few things you can do to improve your statement. 

First, it’s most important, to be honest. Don’t say that your canned foods drive donated the most food in the state if it isn’t true. It’s great to list statistics, numbers, or facts, but only if they’re accurate. 

It’s also important to consider your tone. If you feel your statement is a bit dramatic, it probably is. Consider tying your success to a value instead. For example, instead of saying you are the Captain of the Lacrosse Team and have led the team to a championship, start by discussing your journey in leadership – after a few challenging games you learned better communication and how to confront mistakes which helped you lead the team to a winning season. This shows the reader that you are developing important skills and are willing to work hard for your accomplishments. 

Learning to edit your essays is an essential and necessary skill. After you complete your first draft, go back to the essay prompt. Highlight exactly what it is asking you to do. Then, read through your essay and identify the areas in which you answer the question(s) in the prompt. If there is something you are missing, you can easily add it. Then read your essay with a fine tooth comb to ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors. You can also take another look at any NHS essay examples and be sure your tone and response fit. 

Pro Tip: If your NHS chapter is known for being selective, it may be beneficial to ask a friend, parent, or your English teacher to look over your essay. They can help to ensure you have met and exceeded the guidelines. 

If you follow each of these steps you can feel confident you are submitting the best National Honor Society Essay. Be sure to check for important deadlines as well as how the essay needs to be turned in. As obvious as it may seem, a late essay or one sent to the wrong email address may be disqualified. Your NHS chapter may only accept applications at certain times of the year so it’s important to stay in the loop and on top of any deadlines. Some chapters may also require a fee or other documentation. 

Final Thoughts 

Being a part of your high school’s NHS chapter offers some great benefits. The NHS national office will send information about programs, activities, and opportunities to your verified student account. The NASSP, the parent organization of the NHS also awards $2 million in scholarships each year. The National Honor Society is a great extracurricular activity and one you definitely want to join.

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College apps can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. empowerly college counseling is in it with you., related articles.

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  • How to write National Honor Society essay
  • How to Write the Best National Honor Society Essay

How to Write the Best National Honor Society Essay

Why write the National Honor Society essay?

What are the national junior honor society essay requirements, how to write national honor society essay, national honor society essay outline example, how to start a national honor society membership essay, national honor society membership essay conclusion, national honor society membership essay sample, do you need extra free academic help and assistance.

If you discover your passion for writing, reading, leadership, and overcoming new challenges, there are some organizations that can support your enthusiasm. To join them, you need to submit a winning application. It is free to participate. 

Your National Honor Society essay is an effective tool that will let you become a member of a highly prestigious organization in the US. To write the best National Junior Honor Society essays, read this online article with brilliant tips and examples provided by the best writers that will make this task less hard. Also, you can get admission essay writing services  from our professional writers.

Many students put their time and effort in writing successful National Junior Honor Society essays every year to get access to unlimited opportunities. The NHS is the organization that chooses exceptional students who excel in social services, school activities, volunteering, scholarships, internships, and so on. It is a good place where you can find many opportunities. 

You don’t need to have an excellent GPA, which courses you take or be a perfect student in order to be able to write it. The admission committee will pay attention not only to those things. NHS membership essay will allow you to show your personality and skills you have. It can also help you go to the college of your dream. If you know that this is a place where you want to be, then you will be able to achieve what you want. 

The main purpose of your National Honor Society essay is to show the admission committee you from the best side and help you prove that you’re eligible to become a member of this authoritative organization. It’s important to meet the National Junior Honor Society essay requirements for those who want to become one of the NHS members. Here is a list of them:

  • Format, structure, and compose your National Honor Society application essay correctly and with clarity;
  • Add a personal story to show that you’re ready to take a leader’s role and highlight your major achievements;
  • Include your high ethics and morals , exceptional character traits, participation in volunteer programs, and other relevant details.

If you strongly believe that you possess the traits required by this organization, find out how to write a National Honor Society essay. Use a few basic tips to succeed. Here are some recommendations that will provide you with the chance to write a top-quality and outstanding academic essay:

  • Conduct your in-depth research on the chosen topic. You should use academic resources in order to gather interesting and useful information for your essay. Don’t forget to cite the used sources later. 
  • Analyze your catchy and unique subject. Even if you know a lot of information about the chosen topic, still it would be great if you have analyzed the subject more deeply. You never know which ideas might come to your head. 
  • Brainstorm relevant ideas. Brainstorming can help you find more good topics that you can discuss in your writing. It will take only a few minutes of your time, but as a result, you will come up with great ideas that you can use. 
  • Create an outline of your thoughts. Every paper should have its plan so you would be able more understandable. You can use a sample of an outline to know how the essay should be written.
  • Write and proofread your National Honor Society personal essay to fix some common mistakes. If you are not sure how to do that or don’t have enough time, you can trust the team of experts to help you with that.

Did you write a letter of intend for graduate school ? It may help with your NHS essay.

To make the process of writing easier, you should create an outline. Here is a list of things you should write about in your essay. Use these tips to ease the writing process: 

  • Write your intro.
  • Talk about the reasons why you want to become one of the NHS members.
  • Discuss social initiatives in your community or school.
  • Talk about the organization and why it inspires you and makes you feel motivated.
  • Share your achievements.

If you wonder how to start a National Honor Society essay , there are several effective ways that you can use to write a relevant, concise, and catchy introduction. Here is a list of them: 

  • State your primary reasons to become its member;
  • Stress your biggest advantages;
  • Describe what you know about the NHS to show your interest;
  • Include some excellent hooks to make the audience want to read your entire paper.

A concluding paragraph should leave a positive impression on the committee and persuade them to choose you. How to write a strong National Honor Society essay conclusion? Highlight the main reasons why this organization will benefit from choosing you. Here is a list of the things that differentiate you from other candidates by mentioning these factors:

  • Your grade point average;
  • Professional skills and personal qualities;
  • The main purpose of your application;
  • Leadership experiences;
  • A call to action.

We also advise our students to read and find out college admission secrets to be ready how to impress every member from the beginning.

The NHS is a great organization that makes it possible to take care of kids, non-profit organizations, and aged people. The best part is that students do that. I dream of becoming its member because I want to help people and learn more about this world. I know the organization has unlimited opportunities and being its member will enable me to develop my professional and academic skills in social services. I hope that my scholarship achievements will help me join it. It’s a privilege that my tutors and other leaders chose me to become the NHS member, and I’m very happy because they recognized my dedication and willingness to contribute to the community. I’ll keep serving the community to change the world. I can categorize all of my goals into a few groups. My basic long-term academic goal is to get into a prestigious college with excellent learning conditions and I also want to become a political scientist in the future. I consider creativity and power of observation to be my greatest strengths. They’re important to create all political theories. I’m very confident in the future success of my debate and interview and I expect to take part in social study programs this summer. This is where I’ll prepare for this occupation academically and mentally. I have my personal goals too. I strive to succeed in everything, including typing, writing academic papers, playing sports, playing music, passing my exams, and gaining a deeper understanding of actual information. That’s because I have my determination to excel. There are many activities that interest me. I also want to accomplish life goals by earning the respect of other people around me because it’s an important element. I have many personal goals, both short-term and long-term. They all deal with pursuing excellent in different fields. I realize that it’s possible to accomplish all of these goals with enough determination for success and a strong character. I also understand that life will throw many obstacles and challenges in my path of achieving these goals, and I feel I am ready to push through them all. I know my weak and strong sides. I keep using them to achieve important goals. I have strengths in listening, observing, being patient, understanding, using my creativity, leading other people, and these are only a few of my positive characteristics. They all shape my personality and make me who I am. I lead other people well due to my ability to analyze and understand their unique situations and be patient with them. I can evaluate and learn their weaknesses and strengths, such as willingness to work, and I take them into account when making my decisions. Being a good leader means being a good servant. I will always follow others regardless of my position of power. I realize the amount of studying necessary to get into a prestigious college that fits my professional and personal interests. I can excel in different areas of interest in my high school, and I will retain my personal strengths and keep improving them for the rest of my life.

National Honor Society essay samples and tips will guide you in writing a top academic paper and increasing your chance to impress the committee and avoid common mistakes. Get professional assistance provided by a team of writers who work online if writing the National Honor Society essay is still a challenge for you. 

Every student can feel free to write this type of paper and participate in the competition. No need to have a perfect GPA for that: just read the article and learn all the tips from professional writers. The writers who are experts will provide the best tips and recommendations on writing.

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The National Honor Society Essay: Clear Guide with Full Example

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Table of contents


Use our free Readability checker

Why do many students invest many efforts in writing the National Honor Society essay? In the US, the National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization that picks exceptional students who have excelled in the fields of scholarship, social services, volunteering, internship, etc. It provides unlimited opportunities. That is why we have prepared an article explaining the ways to write national junior honor society essays with an example. Do you plan to join the organization? You will need an outstanding national honor society application essay, and our professional college application essay writers are ready to lend a helping hand to every student who needs help.

The National Junior Honor Society Essay Requirements

What is the goal of such academic paper? The purpose is to show the applicant from the best side and prove this person is eligible to become a part of the authoritative organization. It is critical to meet the organization’s expectations. The paper should be well-structured, formatted, and composed with clarity. Experts recommend adding a story to show the applicant’s leadership qualities or academic/professional achievements. These components make it similar to the scholarship essay. Many US students wonder how to write a national honor society essay. Each subsidiary established own rules regarding the membership, and they conform to the requirements offered by the NHS. The basic requirements are:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA (85% or B);
  • Participation in different volunteer programs;
  • Exceptional leadership traits;
  • High morals & ethics.

How to Write a National Honor Society Essay?

If you believe you are the one to possess the features required by the NHS, read on to find out how to start a national honor society essay.

How to Start a National Honor Society Essay?

Several ways to start this type of paper are successful. No matter which way a student chooses, it is critical to make an introduction eye-catchy, to-the-point, & relevant. The methods include:

  • Starting with the primary reasons to become a member of the NHS.
  • Describing what a writer knows about the organization (this way, you show the pure interest).
  • Stressing the major advantage of the candidate.
  • Providing several great hooks to make the readers want to read the paper from cover to cover. To get more information on how to write a hook for an essay , read our other blog on this topic.

That is the way to begin the scholarship essay! It is time to discuss a conclusion.

National Honor Society Essay Conclusion

The paper conclusion should leave an impression on the admission committee. An applicant must persuade them to choose this piece of writing. An applicant should put the final dot by highlighting the main reason why the NHS would benefit from selecting this person.

The National Honor Society Essay Samples

Observe one of the national honor society essay samples below to get an overall picture of what the commission expects from you. We recommend having a checklist with your best traits. Develop an essay outline not to get lost during the writing process.

A place to Order Outstanding National Honor Society Essay

Do you need brilliant national junior honor society essays like the example above? We are ready to help 24/7! The writers from our team have accomplished numerous successful admission and scholarship papers along with cover letters & resumes. It makes us your number one helper! Thanks to our team, many students have joined the NHS and started excellent careers. Do not waste your time sitting & dreaming - buy a ready solution now!


Rachel R. Hill is a real educational devotee. She prides in writing exceptional general guides while listening to every need of students.

“The NHS is a unique organization which makes it possible to take care of the needy, kids, aged people, and non-profit organizations. The best thing is that students do that. My dream is to become a member of this society because of my big desire to help people around the world. I believe the organization offers unlimited opportunities. Being a member of such organization will make it possible to develop both educational and professional skills in the field of social services. I hope the examples of my scholarship achievements will help me to join HNS. Scholarship matters in many fields. According to the official dictionary, this word refers to the academic study or achievement or studying at a high level. I aim to be the best in everything I do. I complete personal learning schedule with the top rigorous classes, and I plan to take the full list of honors and AP courses later to release my potential. I have been on the honor roll since my initial high school year. I have obtained enough skills and in-depth knowledge of the social problems to contribute to the NHS. The rest of the students should join charity organizations too. My another quality is the exceptional leadership. Thanks to the participation in the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, I have discovered a talent of a speaker in me. It means I place emphasis on being special. One of the examples of my achievements could be the fact that I co-founded a rock club at my high school, where every student received an opportunity to learn to play a particular musical instrument without paying anything. We helped each other. The club gathered the representatives of various genders, ages, and ethnicity groups ready to promote cultural diversity. I bring passion to the outside society. I was chosen a youth leader at the church I attend every Sunday. Thanks to this role, I have a chance to observe personal passion for the Christian mythology and study Bible in-depth. I translate the attraction into skits, sessions, and musical instruments that assist youngsters in grasping their cultural identity. My character is strong to join the organization. I enjoy communities that do their best to bring people of different ages and income groups together. It helps to find common speech to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Every person shapes their destiny. It means I realize the significance of investing maximum efforts. I have contributed to the improvement of the local community by taking part in several types of medical charity. The previous year, I had a seasonal job in one of the hospitals. It provided me with the great experience of a registered nurse working under both conditions: at the workplace and home. My client base consisted of the aged population. I enjoyed listening to their stories, sharing experience with them, taking part in numerous fun activities, and supporting these sweet people. I learned to be more specific working in the medical field. Volunteering provided me with a necessary, valuable experience required to join HNS. I wish to keep on developing healthcare & medical set of skills in the future with the help of your organization.”
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How to Write a National Honor Society Essay

How to Write a National Honor Society Essay

Since 1920s, the National Honor Society (NHS) has been a premier institution recognizing prominent academic and extracurricular achievements among high school students. NHS offers a variety of benefits for its members, including college application coaching, leadership training and more. Millions of high schoolers wish to join the exclusive club of actors, senators, astronauts, presidents, professional athletes, and other American heroes . The application process comprises several steps and crafting a National Honor Society essay is among them. To help you craft a perfect application and increase chances of success, we’ve developed this comprehensive guide.

What Is a National Honor Society Essay?

While not a mandatory stage of the application process , an NHS essay is similar to a scholarship or college admission essay. Unless a particular topic is specified, your writing should answer several profound questions:

  • Why do you want to join other members of the NHS?
  • What traits and experiences make you the perfect fit for the organization?
  • How do you meet the scholarship, service, leadership, and character requirements?

As there are no rigid structure requirements, your answers can take on many forms. However, the most successful and impactful essays are usually reflective pieces that allow the admission board to get to know you through the lens of a story or an anecdote. This format is so powerful because it enables you to showcase your best qualities through examples without sounding arrogant and boastful.

There is no one-size-fits-all algorithm for writing this deeply personal piece. However, all essays need an exciting opening, solid body passages, and a profound conclusion. Let’s go over each part of the paper and make them better.

National Honor Society Essay Introduction

The first step is always the hardest. You must find the courage to get writing, beat your procrastination into submission, and overcome the fear of the blank page. It’s perfectly acceptable to skip the opening if you can’t think of a good line to grab the reader’s’ attention. However, the thesis statement is not optional. A clear understanding of where your story is headed and what the takeaway will be is a must.

If you don’t know how to start a national honor society essay, begin with the climax of your story. Think of the movies that open with the main character standing at the edge of the cliff, with a standoff or a fight. Once the premise is laid out and you are at the edge of your seat wanting to see more, the movie takes you back to the beginning of the story. You can use the same technique in your essay to grab attention and turn your application unique.

Alternatively, quotes, numbers, questions, statistics are all excellent examples of traditional hooks for a National Honor Society essay introduction. If you choose one of these options, you’ll have to research the topic to find a piece that is fresh, surprising, credible, and unbiased.

National Honor Society Essay Body

  • Scholarship or academic excellence requires you to have a GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 (V or 85). Considering your application package will include the school transcript, you don’t have to list your grades or science fair prizes. Instead, you can describe the subjects that gave you trouble and the ways you overcame it. Another way to expose your perfect grades subtly would be to discuss your tutoring of the classmates or younger students. Maybe the teacher asked you for assistance during a class, or you found a mistake in the textbook. There are many ways to show how smart you are without listing all grades.
  • Service or volunteer experience requires you to contribute to your school or local community without asking for payment. Once again, official reports or transcripts will be available to the admission board, so you can tell a story or provide glimpses into your experiences. You might babysit for your neighbors for free or read to senior patients in a nursing home. Who are the people whose lives you touch with your volunteer work? How does your help change their lives for better? Why did you choose this particular way to help the community
  • Leadership requires you to exhibit problem-solving skills and resourcefulness when working with others in your school or community. Remember that leadership is tested only in the presence of other people to follow your lead, even it’s just your lab partner, your school chess club, or a debate team. Show the readers one of the critical moments of your leadership. It may be the time you became the captain, or your position was contested. You may also talk about the role models that inspire your actions as a leader.
  • Character or clean disciplinary record requires you to be honest, polite, reliable, and respectful. You can establish this aspect of your personality through the lens of the previous three requirements. Good grades require academic honesty while volunteer work with seniors calls for respectfulness and politeness. Your leadership record should prove your reliability for other team members.

National Honor Society Essay Conclusion

Your closing paragraph doesn’t have to be lengthy. It’s there to sum up your story or main points and remind the reader once again about your thesis. With an NHS essay, your final passage should restate why you are worthy of becoming a part of the NHS family. Additionally, you can address how your membership will influence your life and how you plan to use the opportunities NHS provides to help the American society or your local community. It will cover the answer to the famous “So what?” question.

The National Honor Society Essay Examples

The National Honor Society Essay Example

NHS Essay Help

If you are aiming for a National Honor Society membership, your plate must be full with classes, homework, extracurriculars, and volunteer work. There’s just no time to sit down and spend hours or even days on planning, writing, and editing. So why not delegate your writing to professionals? You just need to specify the topic, word count and the deadline for our writers to start on your order. With us, you’ll get a well-written and 100% unique paper at an unbeatable price. Think of how much time you will save and how much you can accomplish while we write your paper for you . Delegate, relax, enjoy!


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How to Write a Leadership & Character NHS Essay

Greg tepper.

Writing a list or outline before composing your essay can be helpful.

Writing a “Leadership and Character NHS Essay” for the National Honor Society can be an intimidating endeavor in part due to the significance of the NHS, as well as the introspection necessary for completion of your essay. Don’t worry, though. If you’re writing for the NHS, then you've most likely written essays before. This one won’t differ too much, at least in structure, from what you probably already know.

Explore this article

  • Writing Your Essay
  • Consider the traits
  • Write your introduction
  • Construct the body of your essay
  • Write your conclusion

1 Writing Your Essay

Thinking out a subject matter can be very helpful before writing.

2 Consider the traits

Consider the traits of character and leadership you would like to examine in your essay. Try to think of people you admire and people who admire you (you might be surprised at the number of people who come to mind). After taking some time to think things out, write the word “Traits” as a subject heading on the top left side of a piece of paper. Draw a line down the middle of the paper, from top to bottom. Under “Traits,” create a numbered list of the traits you come up with.

Think of why each trait is important and consider actions or situations in which you or someone you admire exhibited those traits through action. For instance, if you find kindness to be an important trait, find an example of kindness in action. On the top right side of your divided page, write the subject heading “Action" and list a corresponding action for each trait. If you think of multiple actions that correspond to a particular trait, write up to three in your "Action" list.

4 Write your introduction

Write your introduction, the first paragraph of your essay, either on a fresh piece of paper or type it out on your computer. After considering and listing traits and actions, you have an idea of what you want to discuss in your essay. The first part of your introduction should introduce your reader to the reasons you consider leadership important. The second part of your introduction should include your thesis. Here you should explain why the traits you chose are important. You don’t have to list all the traits you’ll be discussing in the essay, but you should try to mention at least three. Finally, conclude your introduction with a sentence that prepares the reader for the body of your essay.

Don't forget to constantly save your work if writing on a computer!

5 Construct the body of your essay

Construct the body of your essay, which should be three paragraphs long. Each paragraph should discuss one or two traits. If you choose two traits, they should complement one another or show that a certain person can be dynamic in character. For each paragraph, refer to your list of traits and corresponding actions. Once you have used a trait and action, check them off so as to not accidentally use them twice. Remember to conclude each paragraph in such a way as to prepare your reader for the next paragraph.

6 Write your conclusion

Write your conclusion. The last paragraph of your essay should remind the reader of your thesis and demonstrate how you succeeded in proving it. You may remind your reader of traits discussed, but be careful not to simply repeat what you already wrote. Remember that writing is a process. After you've finished your conclusion, your first draft will be complete. Review is carefully for mistakes and make corrections. Ask a friend, parent or teacher to review it as well. Remember: no essay is complete without review and correction.

  • If you read example essays to get ideas for your own, be careful not to plagiarize. This can even happen accidentally if you are not careful.
  • If you find yourself unable to think of traits or actions or you simply can't write, get up from your chair and stretch or go for a walk. Take a few minutes break. Physical activity and time away from the page or screen can help cure writer's block.

About the Author

Greg Tepper has been writing since 2005. He has been published in "The Jerusalem Post," "The Forward" and Jerusalemite culture guide. He received a Bachelor of Arts in political science and history from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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NJHS Essay: How to Write a Winning Piece from Ideas to end

NJHS Essay: How to Write a Winning Piece from Ideas to end

How to Write a NJHS Essay

How to Write a NJHS Essay

NJHS essay recognizes those students that perform in academics exceptionally. Furthermore, it considers those who have impressive leadership skills and show their commitment to community service. 

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) essay helps students showcase their skills to the admissions committee as they plan to join NJHS. It is an avenue to become a member of this authoritative organization. 

how to end an nhs essay

For one to become an NHS member, one should format, compose and structure the essay with clarity and correctly. You should include a personal story to prove your readiness to take up the leadership role. 

In this guide, we guide you on how to write a winning NJHS essay. We also explore the mistakes to avoid since NJHS essays require creativity.

How to Write an NJHS Essay

Among the most significant hurdle when you want to be part of NJHS is to write the equivalent essay. This essay acts as an application letter to include your personal experiences and demonstrate why you are an exceptional leader, community, and team member. 

writing a NJHS letter

Before you begin to craft one, it is critical to have a look at the past samples. The main requirement is as follows:

  • Clearly Defined Goals:  The overall paper should be a sincerer write-up to let the evaluation committee know you more.  
  • Show Hope:  You should explain your life hope which means possessing a plan to continue to develop your major abilities. 
  • Share Love:  You should share your love for NJHS genuinely. That includes avoiding duplicating what past writers had already talked about it. 
  • Remain Positive:  Ensure that you give a positive approach to your essay. Suppose you have a negative encounter; you should paint a bit positively. 

1. Plan Your Essay 

Understand the philosophy behind your essay. It would help if you brainstormed the main ideas of the essay. You should think about the kind of accomplishment you have to meet the NJHS criteria. After that, you should have an outline to make it organized and efficient.  

Typically, we base the NJHS on four pillars:

  • Character, service, leadership, and scholarship.
  • Explain why volunteering for a particular cause is critical to you.
  • Have a balanced essay that will treat your important topics substantially.

2. Tell a Personal Story 

You should include your life story to make this essay unique. NJHS appreciates personal journeys that were rebuilt with passion and dedication at a tender age.

Share a personal story

Such an essay is an introduction to who you are, so you should try and express yourself efficiently. 

For example, suppose you are passionate about the animals, then you can volunteer in the animal shelter and maybe become a vet. 

You should introduce yourself professionally by sticking with your original writing styles.

Suppose you are a funny person, give that touch to in the introduction.

More importantly, could you keep it clean and straightforward? 

3. Catchy Introduction

Introduce your essay in a catchy introduction in a clever way. You can select a critical life event and build on it to develop an essay around it. Choose the event wisely to showcase your wit and devotion. Also, you can talk about your experience on a particular project. 

The introduction is the fertile ground to grab the reader’s attention. So, creativity is key. You should never lose balance and sight at this point. You should remain focused throughout your writing. 

4. Discuss your Leadership 

You should be sincere when you are discussing your leadership. You should craft your essay without exaggerating your achievements.

The board is wise enough to see the essay whose intention is to impress. Just present your genuine qualities while mentioning your flaws too. 

If you have some leadership in sports, you can highlight it too. In case you served as a team captain, it is critical to capture such details. NJHS is looking for activities that are outside the classroom. 

However, even if you have flaws, let them know that you constantly improve yourself. For example, if you are a perfectionist, indicate that you are offering a space to stay more creative. 

4. Show your Service 

NJHS is looking for students who gave service to the community voluntarily. Take this moment to explain your volunteer experience. You can list the type of services and the organizations you served, including church-related projects. 

5. Highlight your Character 

As you evaluate your character, NJHS is interested in a cooperative, reliable, honest, concerned, courteous, and collaborative students.

You can think of ways you used such qualities in serving people. You can do so by sharing a story that will expose your ethical character and integrity. 

6. Show you are Good Citizen

The NJHS is after those students that value the importance of civic engagement. It should come from both schools and outside the schooling activities. 

You can offer the details of your participation in extra-curriculum activities such as community-focused groups and scouts. You should demonstrate that you love getting involved in the efforts that advance your society. 

7. Structure it Properly

a well designed path

The structure is vital in ensuring that your essay stands out.

Once you decide the focus of your essay, you should structure it with your details accordingly. For example, if your focus is to be lawyer, indicate what you are doing to get there.

You can begin with your academic achievements, then proceed to grants and scholarships before ending your non-academic activities.

In addition, you should double-check your structure to ensure that you are on the correct track. Typically, it should be an essay to read and clear. 

8. Write a prolific Conclusion

It is now the moment to close your essay. This is after completing to elaborate you’re your academic qualities and presenting your community work. You should be more creative by showcasing the excellent communication skills that represent you. 

You can use the famous persons’ saying to represent you the best and strive to elaborate on it.

9. Proofread

It is hard to convince the panel that you were a bright student when your essay had many spelling and grammatical mistakes.

A small error can ruin your work and make you lose come credit over it. You can appoint a fellow student or a member of your family to double-check the work and point out the mistakes genuinely. 

The essay should be an avenue to express yourself genuinely without promoting your abilities too much. When you lose focus and over-promote yourself, it could alienate you and fail to work in your favor. However perfect you are, strive to be yourself. 

Common Mistakes When Writing NJHS Essay

Writing mistakes to avoid

1. Confusing Introduction or Conclusion 

When writing your introduction, you should ensure it is catchy where you set the pace for your essay.

It is a perfect place to let the reader see your creativity concerning what you want to say in the main body.  

The conclusion should be a summary of the key ideas and points that you captured in the body.

It may sound simple, but many students make this section boil into a conclusion. 

2. Plagiarism 

Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic arena. It is wrong to use someone’s ideas without paraphrasing them to eliminate any similarity.

The institutions have mechanisms where they can detect plagiarism and catch you. Once caught, it will lower your chances of getting a chance. 

3. Lack of Proofreading

You should never skip post essay stages. When you complete your work, it does not mean that it is over. You can take a break and come back to review it. At this stage, you should begin to edit parts that require changes. 

Once you believe the structure is fine and the strong arguments, begin to proofread for any grammatical or spelling errors. After that, the document will be ready for submission. 

To learn the tips of proofreading, read our guide on how to proofread an essay well in our overall explanation of writing a good essay.

4. Weak Structure 

Organize your essay in both micro and macro levels. Stick with structural elements that make the essay constructive and compelling. Include every aspect in the essay. More importantly, pay attention to creativity. 

Tips to Avoid NJHS Essay Mistakes

njhs essay mistakes to avoid

Tip#1. The flow

When an essay has too many types, it is a perfect indicator that grammatical knowledge is deficient.

When you submit the essay with such a mistake shows that you are not attentive to it. 

You can avoid this by performing a thorough revision of your work.

You can look for faulty construction, spelling mistakes, and typos. Avoid relying on the spellcheckers solely. 

Tip #2. Plagiarism

When you are plagiarizing, it means you are cheating, and it can deny you a big chance to soar higher. Avoiding is very simple. You should rephrase the idea if you borrowed it from another source. Also, you should cite your work correctly. 

Tip #3. Lack of transitions

Paragraphs are unique thoughts that you should format effectively. Make them appear as single pieces of the essay. You can achieve that by using the transitions between the paragraphs. Also, you should make the essay smooth and coherent. 

Tip #4. Hard to Read

The purpose of the essay is to communicate and not to make it look complex. You can avoid such situations by refraining from using extra words and phrases.

Also, adhere to the main idea of the essay. In addition, you should use simple sentences that have the right information that you want to put across. 

Josh Jasen

When not handling complex essays and academic writing tasks, Josh is busy advising students on how to pass assignments. In spare time, he loves playing football or walking with his dog around the park.

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Tips for Writing an Effective Application Essay

student in library on laptop

How to Write an Effective Essay

Writing an essay for college admission gives you a chance to use your authentic voice and show your personality. It's an excellent opportunity to personalize your application beyond your academic credentials, and a well-written essay can have a positive influence come decision time.

Want to know how to draft an essay for your college application ? Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing.

Tips for Essay Writing

A typical college application essay, also known as a personal statement, is 400-600 words. Although that may seem short, writing about yourself can be challenging. It's not something you want to rush or put off at the last moment. Think of it as a critical piece of the application process. Follow these tips to write an impactful essay that can work in your favor.

1. Start Early.

Few people write well under pressure. Try to complete your first draft a few weeks before you have to turn it in. Many advisers recommend starting as early as the summer before your senior year in high school. That way, you have ample time to think about the prompt and craft the best personal statement possible.

You don't have to work on your essay every day, but you'll want to give yourself time to revise and edit. You may discover that you want to change your topic or think of a better way to frame it. Either way, the sooner you start, the better.

2. Understand the Prompt and Instructions.

Before you begin the writing process, take time to understand what the college wants from you. The worst thing you can do is skim through the instructions and submit a piece that doesn't even fit the bare minimum requirements or address the essay topic. Look at the prompt, consider the required word count, and note any unique details each school wants.

3. Create a Strong Opener.

Students seeking help for their application essays often have trouble getting things started. It's a challenging writing process. Finding the right words to start can be the hardest part.

Spending more time working on your opener is always a good idea. The opening sentence sets the stage for the rest of your piece. The introductory paragraph is what piques the interest of the reader, and it can immediately set your essay apart from the others.

4. Stay on Topic.

One of the most important things to remember is to keep to the essay topic. If you're applying to 10 or more colleges, it's easy to veer off course with so many application essays.

A common mistake many students make is trying to fit previously written essays into the mold of another college's requirements. This seems like a time-saving way to avoid writing new pieces entirely, but it often backfires. The result is usually a final piece that's generic, unfocused, or confusing. Always write a new essay for every application, no matter how long it takes.

5. Think About Your Response.

Don't try to guess what the admissions officials want to read. Your essay will be easier to write─and more exciting to read─if you’re genuinely enthusiastic about your subject. Here’s an example: If all your friends are writing application essays about covid-19, it may be a good idea to avoid that topic, unless during the pandemic you had a vivid, life-changing experience you're burning to share. Whatever topic you choose, avoid canned responses. Be creative.

6. Focus on You.

Essay prompts typically give you plenty of latitude, but panel members expect you to focus on a subject that is personal (although not overly intimate) and particular to you. Admissions counselors say the best essays help them learn something about the candidate that they would never know from reading the rest of the application.

7. Stay True to Your Voice.

Use your usual vocabulary. Avoid fancy language you wouldn't use in real life. Imagine yourself reading this essay aloud to a classroom full of people who have never met you. Keep a confident tone. Be wary of words and phrases that undercut that tone.

8. Be Specific and Factual.

Capitalize on real-life experiences. Your essay may give you the time and space to explain why a particular achievement meant so much to you. But resist the urge to exaggerate and embellish. Admissions counselors read thousands of essays each year. They can easily spot a fake.

9. Edit and Proofread.

When you finish the final draft, run it through the spell checker on your computer. Then don’t read your essay for a few days. You'll be more apt to spot typos and awkward grammar when you reread it. After that, ask a teacher, parent, or college student (preferably an English or communications major) to give it a quick read. While you're at it, double-check your word count.

Writing essays for college admission can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. A well-crafted essay could be the deciding factor─in your favor. Keep these tips in mind, and you'll have no problem creating memorable pieces for every application.

What is the format of a college application essay?

Generally, essays for college admission follow a simple format that includes an opening paragraph, a lengthier body section, and a closing paragraph. You don't need to include a title, which will only take up extra space. Keep in mind that the exact format can vary from one college application to the next. Read the instructions and prompt for more guidance.

Most online applications will include a text box for your essay. If you're attaching it as a document, however, be sure to use a standard, 12-point font and use 1.5-spaced or double-spaced lines, unless the application specifies different font and spacing.

How do you start an essay?

The goal here is to use an attention grabber. Think of it as a way to reel the reader in and interest an admissions officer in what you have to say. There's no trick on how to start a college application essay. The best way you can approach this task is to flex your creative muscles and think outside the box.

You can start with openers such as relevant quotes, exciting anecdotes, or questions. Either way, the first sentence should be unique and intrigue the reader.

What should an essay include?

Every application essay you write should include details about yourself and past experiences. It's another opportunity to make yourself look like a fantastic applicant. Leverage your experiences. Tell a riveting story that fulfills the prompt.

What shouldn’t be included in an essay?

When writing a college application essay, it's usually best to avoid overly personal details and controversial topics. Although these topics might make for an intriguing essay, they can be tricky to express well. If you’re unsure if a topic is appropriate for your essay, check with your school counselor. An essay for college admission shouldn't include a list of achievements or academic accolades either. Your essay isn’t meant to be a rehashing of information the admissions panel can find elsewhere in your application.

How can you make your essay personal and interesting?

The best way to make your essay interesting is to write about something genuinely important to you. That could be an experience that changed your life or a valuable lesson that had an enormous impact on you. Whatever the case, speak from the heart, and be honest.

Is it OK to discuss mental health in an essay?

Mental health struggles can create challenges you must overcome during your education and could be an opportunity for you to show how you’ve handled challenges and overcome obstacles. If you’re considering writing your essay for college admission on this topic, consider talking to your school counselor or with an English teacher on how to frame the essay.

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MrBeast melting but also surrounded by dogs

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The end of the MrBeast era

Jimmy Donaldson warped YouTube in his image — but YouTube is warping him back

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In the fall of 2023, a clip ripped from a video by Tom Simons and reposted on X (formerly Twitter) saw Irish YouTube entertainer Seán “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin strapped to a lie detector test. His friends were grilling him about everything, like whether or not he still enjoyed his job as a YouTuber and how much money he had in the bank. Though sensitive, none of the questions fazed McLoughlin, a video star with millions of subscribers on YouTube. To truly rattle him, his friends had to pull out the big guns — questions that, if answered honestly, would make most squirm. Has YouTube gotten worse as a platform, they probed? Yes, McLoughlin answered, still not missing a beat. And he said Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, YouTube’s biggest creator, was to blame.

Though his friends expected it, McLoughlin’s answer shocked the internet. With a reputation for generous stunts that give ordinary people cars, houses, and thousands of dollars, many think of MrBeast as a kind of philanthropic figure, representing some of the best YouTube has to offer. His branding is at once self-aggrandizing yet selfless; on podcasts he frequently reminds his 241 million subscribers (at the time of publication) that he’s at the top precisely because all he ever does is YouTube, and all he wants to do is entertain people. He lives in his own recording studio . While his free time seems minuscule, the rare times he does pull away from work are for dates with his girlfriend that center around activities that could enrich his videos, because he considers a single hour of a date to be worth $100K had it been dedicated to work instead.

The idea that MrBeast throws all the money he makes — and it’s considerable — back into doing YouTube videos is practically lore. There’s little regard for personal profit, or so he says . He tells viewers that while he employs a sizable percentage of his hometown, he still lives modestly, unlike other rich YouTubers. A segment of his fortune goes toward philanthropy, and in many of his videos he finds a way to give people valuables. Viewers dream of running into MrBeast and his oodles of cash. Creators, meanwhile, can only imagine what it’s like to have the sort of audience reach and clout MrBeast does. He builds wells in Africa , man — how could anyone have anything bad to say about MrBeast? Who would dare, even, to say something negative and risk their own business in an industry as small and collaborative as YouTube? And so, the internet came down on McLoughlin.

The fire wasn’t just from sycophantic passersby; in the replies to the clip, top creators with millions of subscribers came to MrBeast’s defense . There was incredulity, there was indignity. Nobody would say such a thing unless they were jealous or out of their mind, the replies suggested. But McLoughlin seemed to be in a fair state of mind, based on his explanation. And by virtue of having been on YouTube as Jacksepticeye for years up to that point, he was inherently an authority on how the platform has changed. In the Q&A video, McLoughlin says that MrBeast made YouTube worse by shifting the focus to be “more about views, money, and popularity” over having fun. If it wasn’t superficial, McLoughlin argued, MrBeast’s videos would be longer — and we’d see more of him having a good time.

Months later, the caustic exchange is emblematic of an ongoing tension coursing through the heart of YouTube. This tension has only grown more visible as MrBeast’s content has started dominating the platform, signaling a paradigm shift. As YouTube strategist Zackary Smigel explored in a recent video , we’ve seen distinct eras start and end on the platform. At first, YouTube prized authenticity, and the prototypical creator was likely recording out of their bedroom on an iPhone. Once real money came into the picture, the same creators who built the platform became brands who made a living off of their popularity. The camera-ready Smosh you see today, whose goofs blew up in the advent of curated social media presences on platforms like Instagram, is very different from the amateur duo who started the channel back in 2005, for example.

MrBeast embodies this ostentatious era of YouTube so fully that some, like Smigel, consider the platform’s current phase synonymous with Donaldson. You see his influence everywhere, in the types of boisterous content people make, the brisk editing styles populating all of YouTube’s trending content, and even in the way YouTubers style their video thumbnails. Up until recently, MrBeast had the biggest video on the platform. Rare is the video that doesn’t take cues from MrBeast’s signature and endlessly memeable reaction face. As far as detractors like McLoughlin are concerned, MrBeast copycats are a plague on YouTube. And even if they do wholly original content, by and large, the most visible creators on the platform produce videos that mimic the extremes of someone who is willing to spend millions on a shoot.

“With MrBeast, it feels like you are watching a millionaire live out his fantasies,” Smigel told Polygon.

Fueled by an obsession with the architecture of his own fame, Donaldson’s process now seems him engineer videos that, while potentially entertaining to humans, do not get uploaded unless they clear a bar set by the YouTube algorithm. In a different context, this calculated approach to videos might raise questions about the value and meaning of his art. Except MrBeast’s brand of hustle culture has become a de facto part of YouTube’s dominant aesthetic.

Despite taking offense to McLoughlin’s assessment, and saying he wouldn’t have “given up” 14 years of his life to something if he “wasn’t having fun,” Donaldson also acknowledges the hardship of the work. Specifically, he frames it as a form of self-improvement — which has allowed him to evade tough questions. In interviews, Donaldson candidly reveals the tough conditions that make his videos possible, like building a friend group that constantly criticizes his output and axing expensive, fully finished videos that he’s unsure about. But because he’s rich and famous, no matter how rocky it gets, his road is seen as aspirational.

Whenever Donaldson analyzes his own trajectory on YouTube, he self-mythologizes around his own expertise, and how it allows him to game the platform. He’s described spending countless hours obsessing over every detail, down to the optimal brightness of a YouTube thumbnail . He knows the first 10 seconds of a video are the most important for retention, which is why his videos start with a barrage of all the wild things that will unfold in its run time. And that signature MrBeast editing style that’s fast, frantic, and omnipresent on YouTube is a relentless gambit for your attention. “I can get 100 million views on a video for less than 10 grand if I wanted to,” Donaldson boasted on the Colin and Samir podcast .

When asked to describe his own channel, Donaldson says that he’s so laser-focused on achieving virality that he will not upload a video unless he thinks it’ll go big. Later on in the same podcast , he muses that if he fed all the information about his MrBeast videos to an AI and prompted it to tell him what to make next, the output would be what he’s already making.

The key is to always be improving. Donaldson has mused that his dominion over YouTube is the product of radical candor within a team of like-minded creators with similar perfectionist standards. To this day, Donaldson claims to get on daily calls with other creators in the hopes of learning something new that will help him stay at the top. He claims that if a creator’s circle of friends doesn’t spot room for improvement in the videos — even if they’re already viral — then the creator is doomed to stagnate on the platform. Critique can only improve your output, he suggested at the time. But clearly he didn’t feel the same about McLoughlin’s comments, even if his YouTuber contemporary was on to something.

In reviewing dozens of MrBeast videos from over the years, Donaldson has nearly erased himself as a person from his episodic output. If viewers don’t really see him having fun, that’s by design. Donaldson has outright said he sees “personality” as a limitation for growth , once noting in a podcast that hinging your content on who you are as a person means risking not being liked. And if someone doesn’t like a creator as a person, they may not give the videos a chance.

McLoughlin’s comments hit at another bleak possibility: Viewers may hardly see MrBeast having fun in his videos because he’s not actually having a good time. In podcasts, Donaldson tells hosts that he goes so hard, he won’t stop working until he burns out and isn’t able to do anything at all. With a laugh, he admits that he has a mental breakdown “ every other week .” If he ever stops for a breather, he says, he gets depressed. MrBeast is so laser-focused on generating content on YouTube that he describes his personality as “YouTube.” He acknowledges that this brutal approach to videos, which has cratered many creators over the years , is not healthy. “People shouldn’t be like me. I don’t have a life, I don’t have a personality,” he said in a podcast recorded in 2023 .

Where this gets even stickier is knowing what makes any of it possible. MrBeast’s videos are so expensive, with budgets in the millions, that he can barely afford them. The main channel often operates at a loss , which is part of why his business has expanded to include food items that can be bought multiple times — and therefore have a higher profit margin. But from the very start of his career as a YouTuber, MrBeast’s funds come from sponsorship brands who are happy to drop cash for a viral video that covertly acts as advertisement. Though he’s been under scrutiny for his part in the warping of YouTube as a content ecosystem, you will never see something outwardly controversial or offensive in a MrBeast video. For a long time, Donaldson admits in a number of podcast appearances, he was afraid of putting anything complex in his videos — what if a viewer didn’t get it and stopped watching? Donaldson might very well be an advertiser’s absolute dream, the logical endpoint of an internet that’s been flattened into a samey, straightforward sludge of optimized content.

So far, much of what’s been heralded in YouTube’s era of MrBeast sounds bleak, but the next era might already be upon us. If the old YouTube was Instagram, the new YouTube will be more like TikTok. That manifests in literal ways, with the company putting much of its energy into “shorts,” but also figuratively, beyond structural elements. TikTok’s strength lies in its ability to surface videos from everyday users to an enormous audience, and it’s so good at doing this that people talk about its algorithm in mystical terms. Meanwhile, trust in media establishments continues to decline, while more and more Americans are turning to TikTok for their news .

The internet, in other words, is hungry for authenticity — or at least a person they can detect as human to deliver their content. It’s the very thing YouTube once did best, once the internet moved past the supremacy of blogs. “We are seeing many creators blow up right now because they’re creating good content while maintaining their relatability,” Smigel says. Spending a million dollars on a hotel room, as MrBeast did in a recent video, during a period where some can’t afford basic necessities and numerous industries fight for better working conditions, isn’t exactly relatable. Ostentatious influencers like the Kardashians are already experiencing the consequences of this shift within the public eye, but the changing attitudes of the broader viewership will likely hit YouTube’s elite.

It’s unlikely we’ll see MrBeast dethroned anytime soon, and even less likely that the incoming class of creators will reach his same viewership. Monoculture of that sort is a vanishing rarity, nor a marker of quality. MrBeast isn’t the best YouTube has to offer; he’s just made that rhetoric his brand. Other self-interested creators have a stake in perpetuating the narrative that a bigger number is inherently better. The better the numbers, the better the revenue — and numbers are easier to figure out than trying to assess or assign a value to art. But the most influential YouTubers of the next era already don’t resemble the prototypical MrBeast video. Look at Sam Sulek, Dodford, or the rise of “ Corecore .”

On some level, Donaldson must feel the ground shifting underneath his feet. On X (formerly Twitter), MrBeast’s updates say that he’s been trying new things with his videos — things that, a year ago, might’ve sounded sacrilegious in a MrBeast video. He’s screaming less, and messing around with his friends way more. The videos are slower, and by extension, feature a longer run time than his older videos. He’s including sillier material, even if it doesn’t seem pertinent to the video. To Donaldson, these changes are all a part of his newfound focus on producing material with better stories. His theory, which he’s been talking about for over a year now on podcasts, is that good storytelling will take his videos to the next level. But good stories are about people, not brands — that’s advertising.

If Donaldson is right, then McLoughlin is also right. The question is whether or not audiences and their evolving tastes can ever fully see a MrBeast video as something earnest, which by their very nature might be impossible. Real people aren’t hiring hitmen to track them down, or blowing millions on making a bank explode. But the next era of YouTube seems to be bending a superstar toward its ideal mode rather than the reverse.

“The return to an authentic era on YouTube comes down to a growing fatigue with sensationalism. […] I think we are witnessing a cultural shift,” Smigel says. “Millions of people, myself included, grew up on the internet, and for years we’ve been bombarded with sensationalism. It’s exhausting. Personally, I crave human connection.”

In early 2023, watching a MrBeast video was the psychological equivalent of getting on a roller coaster ride that pulls you into a drop moments after stepping inside. A year later, Donaldson still bombards viewers with a screaming MrBeast within the first 30 seconds of run time. His anxiety to keep people watching remains palpable: In a recent video about subjecting someone to his worst fears , MrBeast sets off a fake explosion during a simple explanation of the parameters. But unlike in the past, it’s easy to keep track of the jump cuts, excessive as they might be. Rather than squeezing in a quick preview of the most sensational moments of his video at the start, as he usually does, Donaldson lingers on his subject a smidge more. An evolution, even if it’s all in the details, is underway.

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To build an effective movement for Palestine we need every ally

What the parallel spats over a Guernica magazine essay retraction and the boycott of Standing Together teach us about how to build a movement

I n early March, most of the all-volunteer staff of the leftwing political and literary journal Guernica resigned in protest of the publication of an essay by an Israeli woman about her struggle in the weeks after 7 October to “tread the line of empathy, to feel passion for both sides”.

What they objected to most in Joanna Chen’s essay, From the Edges of a Broken World, was what it left out: an explicit critique of Israel’s longstanding policies of apartheid, its violent occupation and the genocide it is currently committing in Gaza. Guernica’s former co-publisher called the piece “a hand-wringing apologia for Zionism”. Grace Loh Prasad, a Taiwanese-born writer whose memoir was excerpted in Guernica last week, tweeted : “I am alarmed & upset that my writing has appeared alongside an essay that attempts to convey empathy for a colonizing, genocidal power.” Chen’s essay was removed from the site.

In January the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, or PACBI – which is part of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement and complements its economic boycott – called for a boycott of the Israeli grassroots organization Standing Together , which it said seeks “to whitewash Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza”. In fact, the 5,000-member joint Palestinian-Jewish group is one of the only voices within Israel calling for ceasefire and an end to the occupation.

The retraction of Chen’s essay at Guernica and the boycott of Standing Together are parallel actions. They signal a split in the movement for Palestinian rights and liberation. Some of the differences are tactical, some philosophical. But beneath that split lies the difficulty of the western left in dealing with Israeli humanity. The difficulty is expressed obliquely, in a rigid political test, which is all too easy to fail. That severely undermines the allyship that is necessary to building a movement for Palestinian liberation, particularly inside Israel.

“Our ability to speak, act, or effect change under a fascist government is already severely limited,” Standing Together’s Palestinian leadership posted in a response to the boycott. It was “infuriating” that their putative comrades had decided to tighten the gag.

The word the resignation letters used for Chen’s wrongdoing, and PACBI used to describe Standing Together’s strategy, was “normalization”, which former Guernica senior editor April Zhu defined as “treating something deeply abnormal (occupation, apartheid, genocide) as a sad, even if complex, reality: immutable parameters within which we must negotiate one another’s humanity”.

This is similar to the definition guiding PACBI in determining what academic and cultural activities or products normalize, and therefore should be boycotted. “Examples of normalization include events, projects, publications, films, or exhibitions that bring together on the same platform Palestinians/Arabs and Israelis so they can present their respective narratives or perspectives, or to work toward reconciliation, ‘overcoming barriers’, etc, without addressing the root causes of injustice and the requirements of justice,” the guidelines read.

BDS does not boycott “individuals because of their Israeli or Jewish origin or identity”, they continue. It targets “complicity, not identity”. Still, people speaking or performing at a public gathering might be perceived as “representing their flags, regardless of what the individuals may think or want”. Putting them on the same stage “may constitute harmful politicization and therefore normalization”. To be safe, event organizers should move one of them to another part of the program. Airing unresolved or complex feelings in an unmediated public conversation might weaken the public resolve to end what is not a complex situation.

Standing Together risks precisely this kind of dialogue. Among its tactics is trying to persuade Israelis of their self-interest in ending the many forms of violence against Palestinians. The statement on X reiterated the organization’s theory of change: “The fate of Israelis and Palestinians will forever be linked, and we must forge a politics of multiethnic solidarity grounded in our common humanity, pain, and purpose.”

Chen does not have a theory of change, Zionist or otherwise. If she has any politics, she is a liberal. Her role model is her English Aunt Sheila, an inveterate home hospice and Citizen’s Advice Bureau volunteer, who “understood the intrinsic importance of person-to-person contact; she believed it was a two-way street, that she also benefited from it.”

Chen was a reluctant Israeli. Her parents moved her to Israel from the UK as a teenager. She refused to serve in the army. She became a translator of Arabic and Hebrew poetry. Literary translation, she wrote, “enables me to transcend borders and build literary bridges from source to target language, from one people to another”. She volunteers driving sick Palestinian children from a checkpoint near Hebron to an Israeli hospital where they can receive medical treatment of a higher quality than in the West Bank.

For two weeks after the Hamas-led attacks, however, Chen instead spent her time looking after an Israeli family whose daughter, a son-in-law, and nephew were murdered and their house torched. “How could I continue [volunteering] after Hamas had massacred and kidnapped so many civilians?” she asked. She referred only obliquely to the massacre of Gazan civilians that had already begun.

None of her good works exonerated Chen in the eyes of her detractors. Nor did she get a pass for being one of the few Israeli Jews still working to make common cause with her Palestinian neighbors. Going weekly to the checkpoint, Chen surely knows there are few two-way streets in the occupied territories. The checkpoint allows Israelis to go in and out, but its main purpose is to lock Palestinians in. She did not say this in her piece. Perhaps the Guernica staff also saw her two-week pause in driving as the imposition of a tiny, temporary form of collective punishment – taking out her anger and trauma on sick children. The staff’s philippics, penned 6,000 miles from where Chen was trying to reconstruct a compassionate and principled life, demanded purity, not mixed feelings.

“It is important, more than ever, to continue resisting the genocide and dehumanization of Palestinian people through effective actions of solidarity,” proclaims BDS in an update of its boycott of Hewlett-Packard, which provides the technology Israel uses to administer the bureaucracies of apartheid. Standing Together is also fighting “against the dehumanization and subjugation of Palestinians”.

There is no disagreement on the left that the economic boycott is a correct and effective tactic, as demonstrated in South Africa. The question that divides Standing Together from PACBI and Chen from her detractors at Guernica is more philosophical, thus less testable: how to end dehumanization?

Humanism, which underlies Standing Together’s and Chen’s practices, takes the equal value of all lives as its starting point, the germ from which to cultivate political equality and justice. For the anti-normalizers, any dialogue that does not foreground the greater power of the oppressor and the greater harm to the oppressed is a mere performance of equality that legitimizes a liberal fantasy and impedes Palestinian liberation.

Former editor Zhu sniffs at Chen’s “need to affirm ‘shared humanity’ in the first place”, as if anyone who does not already know this is not worth talking to. Unfortunately, inside Israel, where political officials speak of Palestinian children as animals to be slaughtered, shared humanity is not a universally accepted fact. One result of Israel’s tightening isolation of the occupied territories and its unofficial but almost complete segregation of Jewish and Arab Israelis in public schools, is that many Jewish children have never had a real relationship with a Palestinian and many Palestinian children have never met an Israeli except those who rough them up at the checkpoints or arrest their siblings. The nauseating truth is that Palestinian humanity needs affirmation, or the killing will not end.

People far wiser and more experienced than I insist that you have to do two things at once. Keep the subjugation of the Palestinians front and center. Demand a ceasefire now and a permanent end to occupation and apartheid. And at the same time, build a movement.

“Look, this is not only going to be about liberating Palestinians,” the Palestinian human rights activist and writer Iyad el-Baghdadi told Brooke Gladstone on NPR’s On the Media. “ Ultimately, this is also about liberating Jewish Israelis … If you have to kill that many people in order to feel safe, that means you’re never going to feel safe.

“This decolonial movement should be led by the colonized, but this movement has to center both peoples, building a future for both peoples. This is not going to be something that we’re going to fix in 10 years or 15 years.” Building a movement means embracing every ally and listening to them speak.

Judith Levine is a Brooklyn journalist and essayist, a contributing writer to the Intercept, and the author of five books

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  • Middle East and north Africa

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Your chance of acceptance, your chancing factors, extracurriculars, nhs character essay examples.

Hey everyone, I'm applying for the National Honor Society at my school and I'm struggling to write the character essay. Could anyone share some examples or tips on how to showcase my character in the best way possible?

Hello! It's great that you're applying for the National Honor Society. When writing your character essay, it's important to focus on specific experiences or qualities that illustrate your character in a unique way. Here are some tips that might help you write a compelling essay:

1. Choose a theme: Pick a theme or value that best represents your character, and center your essay around it. For example, you could select perseverance, empathy, or integrity. Then, share anecdotes or instances related to that theme.

2. Share personal stories: Pick one or two personal stories where you demonstrated strong character or overcame challenges. Explain the situation, what you did, and what you learned from it. This will make your essay more engaging and showcase your personal growth.

3. Reflect on your actions: Make connections between your experiences and your character traits. Explain how your actions demonstrate your values and what they say about you as an individual.

4. Be authentic and honest: Admissions officers can tell when a student is being genuine. Focus on real experiences and emotions, and avoid trying to sound overly impressive.

Remember, it's essential to be true to yourself and keep your essay focused on your unique experiences and values. With these tips in mind, you should be able to write a compelling character essay that showcases who you really are. Good luck!

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CollegeVine’s Q&A seeks to offer informed perspectives on commonly asked admissions questions. Every answer is refined and validated by our team of admissions experts to ensure it resonates with trusted knowledge in the field.

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Guest Essay

The One Idea That Could Save American Democracy

how to end an nhs essay

By Astra Taylor and Leah Hunt-Hendrix

Ms. Taylor and Ms. Hunt-Hendrix are political organizers and the authors of the book “Solidarity: The Past, Present, and Future of a World-Changing Idea.”

These days, we often hear that democracy is on the ballot. And there’s a truth to that: Winning elections is critical, especially as liberal and progressive forces try to fend off radical right-wing movements. But the democratic crisis that our society faces will not be solved by voting alone. We need to do more than defeat Donald Trump and his allies — we need to make cultivating solidarity a national priority.

For years, solidarity’s strongest associations have been with the left and the labor movement — a term invoked at protests and on picket lines. But its roots are much deeper, and its potential implications far more profound, than we typically assume. Though we rarely speak about it as such, solidarity is a concept as fundamental to democracy as its better-known cousins: equality, freedom and justice. Solidarity is simultaneously a bond that holds society together and a force that propels it forward. After all, when people feel connected, they are more willing to work together, to share resources and to have one another’s backs. Solidarity weaves us into a larger and more resilient “we” through the precious and powerful sense that even though we are different, our lives and our fates are connected.

We have both spent years working as organizers and activists . If our experience has taught us anything, it is that a sense of connection and mutualism is rarely spontaneous. It must be nurtured and sustained. Without robust and effective organizations and institutions to cultivate and maintain solidarity, it weakens and democracy falters. We become more atomized and isolated, suspicious and susceptible to misinformation, more disengaged and cynical, and easily pitted against one another.

Democracy’s opponents know this. That’s why they invest huge amounts of energy and resources to sabotage transformative, democratic solidarity and to nurture exclusionary and reactionary forms of group identity. Enraged at a decade of social movements and the long-overdue revival of organized labor, right-wing strategists and their corporate backers have redoubled their efforts to divide and conquer the American public, inflaming group resentments in order to restore traditional social hierarchies and ensure that plutocrats maintain their hold on wealth and power. In white papers, stump speeches and podcasts, conservative ideologues have laid out their vision for capturing the state and using it as a tool to remake our country in their image.

If we do not prioritize solidarity, this dangerous and anti-democratic project will succeed. Far more than just a slogan or hashtag, solidarity can orient us toward a future worth fighting for, providing the basis of a credible and galvanizing plan for democratic renewal. Instead of the 20th-century ideal of a welfare state, we should try to imagine a solidarity state.

We urgently need a countervision of what government can and should be, and how public resources and infrastructure can be deployed to foster social connection and repair the social fabric so that democracy can have a chance not just to limp along, but to flourish. Solidarity, here, is both a goal worth reaching toward and the method of building the power to achieve it. It is both means and ends, the forging of social bonds so that we can become strong enough to shift policy together.

Historically, the question of solidarity has been raised during volatile junctures like the one we are living through. Contemporary conceptions of solidarity first took form after the democratic revolutions of the 18th century and over the course of the Industrial Revolution. As kings were deposed and the church’s role as a moral authority waned, philosophers and citizens wondered how society could cohere without a monarch or god. What could bind people in a secular, pluralistic age?

The 19th-century thinkers who began seriously contemplating and writing about the idea of solidarity often used the image of the human body, where different parts work in tandem. Most famously, the French sociologist Émile Durkheim put solidarity at the center of his inquiry, arguing that as society increased in complexity, social bonds between people would strengthen, each person playing a specialized role while connected to a larger whole. Solidarity and social cohesion, he argued, would be the natural result of increasing social and economic interdependence. But as Durkheim himself would eventually recognize, the industrial economy that he initially imagined would generate solidarity would actually serve to weaken its fragile ties, fostering what he called anomie, the corrosive hopelessness that accompanied growing inequality.

In the United States, solidarity never achieved the same intellectual cachet as in Europe. Since this nation’s founding, the concept has generally been neglected, and the practice actively suppressed and even criminalized. Attempts to forge cross-racial solidarity have met with violent suppression time and again, and labor organizing, effectively outlawed until the New Deal era, still occupies hostile legal ground. Decades of market-friendly policies, promoted by Republicans and Democrats alike, have undermined solidarity in ways both subtle and overt, from encouraging us to see ourselves as individual consumers rather than citizens to fostering individualism and competition over collectivity and cooperation.

As our profit-driven economy has made us more insecure and atomized — and more susceptible to authoritarian appeals — the far right has seized its opportunity. A furious backlash now rises to cut down the shoots of solidarity that sprung up as a result of recent movements pushing for economic, racial, environmental and gender justice. In response, programs that encourage diversity and inclusion are being targeted by billionaire investors, while small acts of solidarity — like helping someone get an abortion or bailing protesters out of jail — have been criminalized.

Awaiting the return of Mr. Trump, the Heritage Foundation has mapped out a plan to remake government and society, using the full power of the state to roll back what it calls “the Great Awokening” and restore a Judeo-Christian, capitalist “culture of life” and “blessedness.” “Woke” has been turned into a pejorative so that the word can be wielded to tarnish and break the solidarity that people have only just begun to experience.

Our vision of a solidarity state offers a pointed rejoinder to this project. Social democrats and socialists have been right to emphasize the need for redistribution and robust public investment in goods and services. We must restructure our economy so that it works for the many and not the few. But unlike conservatives — think, for example, of Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister of Britain who in 1981 said, “Economics are the method; the object is to change the heart and soul” — liberals and leftists have tended to downplay the role of policy in shaping public sensibilities. This is a mistake.

Laws and social programs not only shape material outcomes; they also shape us, informing public perceptions and preferences, and generating what scholars call policy feedback loops. There is no neutral state to aspire to. Policies can either foster solidarity and help repair the divides that separate us or deepen the fissures.

Today, the American welfare state too often does the latter. As sociologists including Suzanne Mettler and Matthew Desmond have detailed, lower-income people tend to be stigmatized for needing assistance, while more-affluent citizens reap a range of benefits that are comparatively invisible, mainly through tax credits and tax breaks. Both arrangements — the highly visible and stigmatized aid to the poor and the more invisible and socially acceptable aid to the affluent — serve to foster resentment and obscure how we are all dependent on the state in various ways.

Instead of treating citizens as passive and isolated recipients of services delivered from on high, a solidarity state would experiment with creative ways of fostering connection and participation at every opportunity for more Americans. What if we had basic guarantees that were universal rather than means-tested programs that distinguish between the deserving and undeserving, stigmatizing some and setting groups apart? What if, following the model of a widely admired program in Canada, the government aided groups of private citizens who want to sponsor and subsidize migrants and refugees? What if public schools, post offices, transit systems, parks, public utilities and jobs programs were explicitly designed to facilitate social connection and solidarity in addition to providing essential support and services?

We’ll get there only if we take up the challenge of building solidarity from wherever we happen to sit. Both means and end, solidarity can be a source of power, built through the day-to-day work of organizing, and our shared purpose. Solidarity is the essential and too often missing ingredient of today’s most important political project: not just saving democracy but creating an egalitarian, multiracial society that can guarantee each of us a dignified life.

Astra Taylor and Leah Hunt-Hendrix are political organizers and the authors of the book “Solidarity: The Past, Present, and Future of a World-Changing Idea.”

The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. Here are some tips . And here’s our email: [email protected] .

Follow the New York Times Opinion section on Facebook , Instagram , TikTok , WhatsApp , X and Threads .


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