70+ Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

Are you an aspiring IT enthusiast looking for the perfect capstone project to showcase your skills and knowledge? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the best 70+ best capstone project ideas for information technology. These projects are not only great for learning but also perfect for building your portfolio. 

So, let’s dive right in and explore these exciting project ideas

Table of Contents

20 Beginner-Level Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

  • Website Portfolio : Create a personal website showcasing your skills, resume, and projects.
  • Inventory Management System : Build a system to track and manage inventory for a small business.
  • E-commerce Website : Develop a simple online store with product listings and a shopping cart.
  • Blog Platform : Design a blogging platform with user registration and content management features.
  • Student Management System : Create a system for schools to manage student records and grades.
  • Task Tracker : Build a task management tool with features like task creation, deadlines, and status tracking.
  • Weather App : Develop an application that displays real-time weather information for a user’s location.
  • Expense Tracker : Create a tool for users to track their daily expenses and analyze spending habits.
  • Chat Application : Build a real-time chat application with user authentication and messaging capabilities.
  • Recipe Finder : Design an app that allows users to search for recipes based on available ingredients.
  • Library Management System : Create a system for libraries to manage books, patrons, and checkouts.
  • Social Media Dashboard : Build a dashboard that aggregates social media feeds and displays them in one place.
  • Online Quiz System : Develop an online quiz platform with user registration and scoring features.
  • Fitness Tracker : Create an app to track and analyze fitness-related data, including workouts and diet.
  • Job Search Portal : Build a website where users can search for job listings and submit applications.
  • Personal Finance Manager : Design a tool to help users manage their finances, including budgeting and expense tracking.
  • Restaurant Reservation System : Create a system for restaurants to manage table reservations.
  • Music Player : Develop a simple music player with features like playlists and playback controls.
  • Car Rental System : Build a system for car rental companies to manage vehicle bookings.
  • Online Learning Platform : Design a platform for online courses with user registration and course management.

25 Best Intermediate-Level Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

  • Hospital Management System : Develop a comprehensive system for managing patient records, appointments, and billing for a hospital or clinic.
  • E-learning Platform : Create a feature-rich online learning platform with video lectures, quizzes, and user progress tracking.
  • E-commerce Marketplace : Build a multi-vendor e-commerce platform where many sellers can list and sell their products.
  • Health and Fitness App : Design an app that tracks users’ health metrics, offers workout plans, and provides nutritional guidance.
  • Travel Booking Portal : Develop a website that allows users to search different activities for their vacations.
  • Inventory Optimization System : Create an advanced system that uses data analytics to optimize inventory management for businesses.
  • Social Media Analytics Tool : Build a tool that analyzes social media data and provides insights into user engagement and trends.
  • Job Matching Platform : Develop a platform that matches job seekers with suitable job openings based on their skills and preferences.
  • Expense Report Automation : Create a system that automates the process of generating and submitting expense reports for employees.
  • Smart Home Automation : Design a home automation system that allows users to control lights, security systems and appliances from a mobile app.
  • Event Management Software : Build a tool for event planners to manage event details, invitations, and attendee tracking.
  • Online Marketplace for Freelancers : Create a platform where freelancers can offer their services and clients can hire them.
  • Language Learning App : Develop an app that helps users learn a new language through lessons, quizzes, and interactive exercises.
  • Stock Portfolio Tracker : Build a tool for investors to track their stock portfolios, view market data, and receive alerts.
  • Real Estate Listing Website : Create a website for real estate agents to list properties and for users to search for homes.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System : Develop a CRM software for businesses to manage customer interactions and sales leads.
  • AI-Powered Chatbot : Build an intelligent chatbot that can answer user queries and perform tasks autonomously.
  • Online Food Delivery Service : Create a platform for restaurants to accept online orders for food delivery or pickup.
  • Expense Analysis Dashboard : Design a dashboard that provides in-depth analysis of a company’s expenses and financial data.
  • Medical Diagnosis Assistant : Develop an AI-based tool that assists doctors in diagnosing medical conditions based on patient data.
  • Smart Parking System : Create a system that helps users find available parking spaces in crowded urban areas.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Game : Develop an immersive VR game with engaging gameplay and stunning graphics.
  • Agriculture Management Software : Build software to assist farmers in managing crop data, weather forecasts, and pest control.
  • Music Recommendation System : Create a music recommendation engine that suggests songs based on user preferences and listening history.
  • Blockchain-Based Voting System : Design a secure and transparent voting system using blockchain technology for elections.

26 Advanced-Level Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

  • AI-Powered Healthcare Diagnosis : Develop an AI system capable of diagnosing a variety of medical conditions based on patient data, images, and medical history.
  • Autonomous Drone Navigation : Create a system that allows drones to autonomously navigate complex environments, such as cities or forests.
  • Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Equipment : Build a predictive maintenance platform that uses IoT sensors and machine learning to predict when industrial equipment will require maintenance.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Chatbot for Legal Consultation : Develop a chatbot that can provide legal advice and information by analyzing legal documents and answering user queries.
  • AI-Enhanced Cybersecurity : Create a cybersecurity solution that uses artificial intelligence to detect and respond to advanced threats in real-time.
  • Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management : Design a supply chain management system that uses blockchain technology to enhance transparency and traceability.
  • Smart City Infrastructure Management : Develop a comprehensive system for managing and optimizing various aspects of a smart city, such as traffic, energy, and waste management.
  • Biometric Security System : Build a biometric authentication system that uses facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or iris scanning for secure access control.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Healthcare Training : Create VR simulations for medical professionals to practice surgeries, patient care, and medical procedures.
  • Predictive Analytics for Financial Markets : Develop a predictive analytics tool that forecasts stock market trends, commodity prices, or currency exchange rates.
  • Advanced Image and Video Processing : Work on advanced image and video processing techniques, such as object recognition, deep learning-based image enhancement, or video summarization.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Control : Design software and hardware systems for autonomous vehicle control, including self-driving cars and drones.
  • Smart Energy Grid Optimization : Create a system to optimize energy distribution and consumption in a smart grid network.
  • AI-Driven Personalized Marketing : Develop a marketing platform that uses machine learning to personalize advertisements and content for users.
  • Biomedical Data Analysis : Work on projects involving the analysis of large-scale biomedical data, such as genomics, proteomics, or medical imaging.
  • AI-Based Language Translation : Build a language translation tool that uses neural networks and deep learning to provide highly accurate translations.
  • Advanced Robotics and Automation : Develop robotic systems with advanced capabilities, such as autonomous navigation, manipulation, and human-robot interaction.
  • 3D Printing Automation : Create a system that automates 3D printing processes for manufacturing and prototyping.
  • Predictive Healthcare Analytics : Build a platform that analyzes patient data to predict disease outbreaks, patient outcomes, and healthcare resource needs.
  • Advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) : Develop a system that goes beyond traditional NLP by understanding context, nuances, and user intent in text and speech.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Educational Apps : Create AR applications for education, offering interactive and immersive learning experiences.
  • Advanced Data Visualization : Develop sophisticated data visualization tools that allow users to explore and analyze complex datasets.
  • Quantum Computing Algorithms : Work on algorithms and applications for emerging quantum computing platforms.
  • Deep Learning for Drug Discovery : Use deep learning models to accelerate drug discovery processes and predict potential drug candidates.
  • Autonomous Agricultural Machinery : Build autonomous farming equipment that can perform tasks like planting, harvesting, and monitoring crop health.
  • AI-Driven Personalized Healthcare : Develop a healthcare platform that offers personalized treatment recommendations and health monitoring based on individual patient data.

Final Words

These capstone project ideas cover a wide range of topics within information technology, from web development to database management and app creation. Choose a project that aligns with your interests and skills, and don’t forget to document your progress along the way. Completing a capstone project not only demonstrates your abilities but also provides valuable experience for your future career in IT.

Remember, the key to a successful capstone project is to stay motivated, break the project into manageable tasks, and seek help or resources when needed. With dedication and effort, you’ll have a fantastic project to showcase your IT skills to potential employers or clients. Good luck with your capstone project journey!

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  • Group Pages

Capstone Project: Developing a mobile app for a "Smart Classroom" system

As part of the Smart Classroom project, we have developed prototypes of a smart access control system using RFID, a smart airconditioning control system and a smart light control system. These prototypes are working in our lab in Nightowl right now. A backend application has been developed where access permissions to access rooms, and control the smart devices are recorded. This backend can be accessed using a RESTful API.

In this capstone project you will design, develop and test the mobile app for users in which they can control the smart devices in the rooms to which they have access. It should allow them to see if the lights and aircon are on or off, and turn them on/off. They should also be able to open the door in the app. The app should use the RESTful API from the backend, and retrieve a one-time authentication token from the backend using JSON Web Token authentication .

You will learn how to design a cross-platform mobile app, develop the app using Ionic and Angular and test and evaluate your app.

More information about the product can be found on the Smart Classroom project page.

  • Design the user experience for the app using graphical tools
  • Develop ionic components for all the pages designed earlier
  • Develop an authentication service that handles the initial authentication using username and password and stores the authentication token after logging in and uses this for subsequent authentication.
  • Develop a service that retrieves the controls for all rooms to which the user has access, and populate the pages with them.
  • Compile the whole application into an Android and iOS app and test this with a group of users.
  • Improve the app after the initial testing
  • Report on your final product, including recommendations for further improvements.

This page is subject to our Disclaimer .

  • College Application

Capstone Project Writing Services: What You Need to Know

Capstone Project Writing Services

Capstone project writing services can save students time and stress when capping off a rigorous academic program. If you are wondering how to get into grad school and look for a competitive edge, a capstone project can be a big help in making you stand out and getting you in. Keep in mind that a capstone project can be a huge hurdle for students, but it can also provide invaluable professional experience as you close out your degree or program. This blog will cover what capstone projects are, why they’re important, how capstone project writing services can help and why students should consider hiring the help of capstone writing service.

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Article Contents 7 min read

What is a capstone project.

A capstone project is a culminating assignment which students usually work on during their final year in high school or in an academic undergraduate or graduate program. For high school students, a capstone project is any significant project they've worked on during their senior year to encompass their learning and experiences, and is usually academic or extracurricular in nature. In an undergraduate or graduate program, a capstone project is a significant body of research work or a significant research project students must pursue independently or as part of a small group, similar to a Master’s thesis or dissertation, though there are some key differences.

Writing a capstone project requires extensive intellectual activity, including research, analysis, and delivery of your findings into a well-written and organized academic paper. Unlike college essays , a master’s thesis or PhD dissertation, capstone projects are not personal documents or theory-heavy research papers and focus on a specific problem to solve or goal to meet. Most often, undergraduate or graduate school programs focused on public administration, communications and social services require students to write a capstone project, although science-related degrees may also ask a student to write one as well. High school students may also be required to complete a capstone project as a culmination of their studies so far and their life experiences.

Capstone project writing services can be a tremendous help for many students. With the large volume of work required to complete a capstone project, plenty of students look for guidance on writing, researching, and structuring a capstone project paper.

Capstone project writing services are very similar to thesis writing services in the guidance they offer to students facing their biggest academic projects. Capstone project writing services can offer a variety of services, including academic writing, of course, and proofreading and editing, writing guidance and tips.

How do capstone writing services go above and beyond to help students? These are usually specialized services which offer some unique benefits and assistance to students. Capstone writing services can:

  • Help students brainstorm and choose a capstone project topic
  • Coach students on how to structure and write an academic paper
  • Provide guidance on academic research
  • Help improve students' writing abilities
  • Provide reviewing and proofreading so your capstone project is polished and ready for presentation

Although academic writing services function just like any other service provider, there are some questions students still ask when considering seeking professional writing help. On the forefront of your mind may be how much do these services cost, who can help me with my project and is it okay to pay someone else to write my capstone project for me?

If you're looking for recommendations, a good place to start would be your teachers or faculty, who will have more information on finding an ideal capstone writing service for you. Aside from this, you can ask your fellow students if they have any recommendations. If you're reviewing online services, be sure to research these thoroughly before you commit to one! ","label":"Who can help me with capstone project writing services?","title":"Who can help me with capstone project writing services?"}]" code="tab1" template="BlogArticle">

Looking for Capstone Project examples to inspire your own? Check this out:

At BeMo, we believe in personalized help for students. Our admissions experts can help you not only get into the program of your choice, be it undergraduate, graduate or beyond, but we’re committed to helping students at every step along the way. This means our experts are more than happy to coach students on writing their capstone project so they achieve not only their desired grade but they get the most out of the experience.

Many capstone writing services offer plagiarism-free guarantees or high-grade guarantees. At BeMo, we believe that students gain more from completing their capstone projects themselves and can achieve the grades they want on their own merit. Our certified experts provide students personalized, unlimited one-on-one coaching to help them learn how to write a capstone project and how to make it shine. Our goal is to help our students succeed.

Finding the best capstone project writing service is a challenge, with so many services out there. Put BeMo’s services to the test by book a free initial consultation or follow our step-by-step guide to finding the best capstone project writing services.

How to find the best capstone project writing services

To find the right capstone project writing service for you will take a bit more than a thorough internet search. You’ll want to consider your budget, your timetable and the quality of service and services being offered. As we’ve mentioned, many of these professional services offer free consultations to students so they can gauge for themselves whether it’s the right service for them. Take advantage of these free initial consultations to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

#1: Consider Your Budget

Capstone project writing services will vary in price depending on which service you choose. Many of them have a per-page rate for those services which advertise writing your capstone project for you. Our stance is, rather than paying someone to write your project for you, you can hire someone to walk you through the process and get more value for your money. After all, you won’t just be getting help completing a project, but you’ll have a certified expert to teach you invaluable skills you’ll need during your time in undergraduate or graduate school, as well as your future career.

#2: Consider Your Timeline

Your timeline is important, too, as your capstone project deadline will be looming. Although you’ll likely have weeks or even months to complete your project, double check how often you’ll be able to get in touch with your capstone project advisor and whether the service you choose can help you within your deadline.

#3: Check for Quality of Service

There are hundreds of capstone project writing services out there, and unfortunately not all of them are reliable or good quality. Check for services which have certified coaches or writing experts, who can offer thorough and effective help with your project. Some services even have subject matter experts to help you with any capstone project topic you may have.

#4: Check the Reviews

Reading reviews from other students is always a good idea to get a feel for whether a service is right for you. Ask for recommendations from friends or teachers, or read online reviews to see what others have to say. 

Looking for capstone project writing tips? These college essay tips are helpful for capstone projects too!

Do you need capstone project writing services?

Students hire the help of professional writers for their academic papers and projects for a wide variety of reasons, including to save time, because their own writing skills are lacking, or because they need a bit of guidance in preparing their report or capstone presentation.

Whatever the reason you’re considering using a capstone project writing service is up to you, but it’s a good idea to consider the pros and cons of doing so. Asking for help with a time-consuming written project can definitely help students out, but it needs to be worth the investment and money spent.

Capstone projects are meant to be a culmination of your years of hard work and hone those professional skills you’ll need in the future, including writing, researching, brainstorming, analyzing, editing and critical thinking. Developing your writing and communication skills is certainly part of this. Using capstone writing services are meant to help you develop your skills yourself and act as a guide and support while you complete your project. When completing a capstone project, you are investing in yourself and your future, not just trying to get a good grade.

If strong writing skills is a necessary part of your chosen field, and you have the time to complete your project without help, using professional writing services may not be the best choice for you. But if you’re struggling with a lack of time, writing skill or support in completing your project well and on time, these are all valid reasons to ask for help from professional guides.

Depending on the academic program, your capstone project may be in a different format or be completed as a class or small group. If you\u2019re working solo, however, completing a capstone project is a big undertaking. If you\u2019re wanting some extra help in completing your project well and on time, asking for guidance from the professionals can take the weight and stress off your shoulders. "}]" code="timeline1">

Capstone project writing services can be a lifeboat for students facing challenges in completing their final academic project. Writing services can offer professional, fast service for students lacking time or writing skills, or they can just help students achieve a higher grade on this important project. Capstone projects encompass everything a student has learned in their schooling, and it can be an invaluable addition to a grad school application or professional resume when job seeking. Considering hiring capstone project writing services is definitely worth a look or any student.

A capstone project is the finishing project for students in the final year of their academic program. It is normally an investigative research project accompanied by a written report and an oral presentation or multimedia presentation.

A capstone project encompasses the entirety of a student’s learning in an academic program. It is the program’s final project of sorts. A capstone project is also a way to instill foundational professional skills in students such as critical thinking, research analysis, communication and writing skills and more.

Capstone project written reports are usually around 20 pages long.

Capstone project writing services can be hired by students to help coach them on writing their capstone project, but they also provide help with brainstorming research topics, how to research effectively, proofreading and editing, and preparation for oral presentations.

Yes, but we advise against this. A capstone project is your opportunity to develop numerous invaluable professional and lifelong skills.

If you’re having trouble picking a topic to research or need some guidance on how to write a capstone paper, need to know how to do effective scholarly research, or just need proofreaders for your written report, capstone project writing services can provide all of the above.

It’s best to start writing your report as early as possible, since it can take some time to write a full report. Capstone projects usually take one semester or even two to complete, since students need to identify a problem, do research, come up with a solution, test the solution and record the results before writing the research paper.

A capstone project’s written report includes an introduction, literature review, methodology, results and reference page, although the format may vary by academic program.

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55+ Creative Capstone Project Topics For Students In 2023

Capstone Project Topics

As a student, one of the most important tasks you’ll face is choosing a capstone project topic. A capstone project is a comprehensive assignment that requires you to demonstrate the knowledge and skills you’ve gained throughout your academic program.

It is a crucial aspect of your academic career as it can help you stand out in the job market, demonstrate your readiness for your profession, and showcase your ability to work independently. In this blog, we’ll explore everything you need to know about capstone projects and provide you with 55+ capstone project topics to help get you started.

What is a Capstone Project?

Table of Contents

A capstone project is a culmination of your academic program. It requires you to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills you’ve gained throughout your academic journey. Capstone projects come in different forms and formats, including research papers, presentations, case studies, and hands-on projects.

Explain Significance of a Capstone Project

A Capstone project is a culminating academic project that is typically required of students nearing the end of their studies. The significance of a Capstone project lies in the fact that it provides an opportunity for students to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their studies to solve a real-world problem or address a specific issue.

Here are some reasons why Capstone projects are significant:

1. Integration of Knowledge

Capstone projects require students to integrate and apply knowledge gained across multiple courses in their program. This integration of knowledge allows students to see the connections between different subject areas and to apply a holistic approach to problem-solving.

2. Real-world Experience

Capstone projects often involve working on a project for a real client or addressing a real-world issue. This provides students with valuable experience in working with real clients and stakeholders, conducting research, and applying theoretical concepts to practical problems.

3. Demonstration of Skills

Capstone projects provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills they have acquired over the course of their studies. This includes critical thinking, problem-solving, research, and communication skills.

Career Preparation

Capstone projects can help students prepare for their future careers by providing them with practical experience, networking opportunities, and a portfolio of work to showcase to potential employers.

In summary, Capstone projects are significant because they provide students with an opportunity to integrate and apply their knowledge, gain real-world experience, demonstrate their skills, and prepare for their future careers.

Elements of Capstone Project

Capstone projects can vary depending on the academic discipline, institution, and level of study. However, there are several common elements that are typically included in a Capstone project:

The Capstone project begins with the selection of a topic, which is often related to the student’s area of study or research interest. The topic should be significant, relevant, and feasible to research and complete within the given timeframe.

2. Proposal

The student is required to submit a proposal that outlines the problem or issue they aim to address, the research questions, methodology, and expected outcomes. The proposal is typically reviewed and approved by a faculty advisor or a Capstone committee.

3. Literature Review

Students are required to conduct a comprehensive literature review of existing research related to the chosen topic. This helps to provide a theoretical foundation for the project and identify gaps in existing research that the Capstone project aims to address.

4. Research Methodology

Students need to identify and apply appropriate research methods and techniques to collect data and analyze it. This could involve conducting surveys, interviews, experiments, or analyzing existing data sources.

5. Results And Analysis

Students need to present the results of their research in a clear and organized manner, including data analysis, graphs, and charts, which are used to support their findings.

6. Conclusion And Recommendations

Students need to provide a conclusion that summarizes the findings and recommendations for future research and practice. This is typically presented in a written report or a presentation to a Capstone committee.

7. Reflection

Finally, students are often required to reflect on the Capstone project experience, including the challenges and successes encountered during the project. This reflection allows students to critically evaluate their work and identify areas for improvement.

Here in this section we mentioned more than 55+ capstone project topics for students:

1. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Social Media On Mental Health

This Capstone project could explore how social media use affects mental health, such as depression and anxiety, and investigate possible solutions or interventions to minimize negative outcomes.

2. Investigating The Impact Of Climate Change On The Tourism Industry

This Capstone project could analyze the effects of climate change on the tourism industry, such as the impact on tourist destinations, transportation, and local economies, and propose potential solutions to mitigate the negative impacts.

3. Developing A Business Plan For A Start-Up Company In The Healthcare Industry

This Capstone project could involve developing a comprehensive business plan for a healthcare start-up, including market research, financial projections, and strategic planning.

4. An Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Online Learning In Higher Education

This Capstone project could investigate the effectiveness of online learning in higher education, such as student engagement, retention, and learning outcomes, and propose strategies to improve online learning experiences.

5. Designing A Sustainable Housing Project For Low-Income Families

This Capstone project could involve designing a sustainable housing project that meets the needs of low-income families while promoting environmental sustainability, such as incorporating renewable energy sources, green roofs, and water conservation features.

6. Developing A Mental Health Intervention Program For High School Students

This Capstone project could involve developing a mental health intervention program for high school students that addresses common mental health issues and promotes positive coping strategies.

7. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Job Displacement

This Capstone project could explore how the use of artificial intelligence is affecting job displacement and propose solutions to minimize the negative impact on workers and the economy.

8. Investigating The Impact Of E-Commerce On Traditional Brick-And-Mortar Retail Stores

This Capstone project could analyze the effects of e-commerce on traditional retail stores, such as the impact on sales, employment, and consumer behavior, and propose potential solutions to mitigate the negative impacts.

9. Developing A Marketing Plan For A Non-Profit Organization

This Capstone project could involve developing a marketing plan for a non-profit organization, including market research, target audience identification, and promotional strategies.

10. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Immigration Policies On The Us Economy

This Capstone project could explore how changes in immigration policies are affecting the US economy, such as the impact on GDP, employment, and labor force participation, and propose potential solutions to address any negative impacts.

11. Develop A Website To Promote A Local Cultural Event

This Capstone project could involve designing and developing a website to promote a local cultural event, including information about the event, ticket sales, and promotional materials.

12. Investigating The Impact Of Technology On Sleep Patterns

This Capstone project could analyze the effects of technology on sleep patterns, such as the impact on sleep quality, duration, and sleep disorders, and propose potential solutions to promote healthy sleep habits.

13. Developing A Nutrition And Wellness Program For A Local School District

This Capstone project could involve developing a nutrition and wellness program for a local school district that promotes healthy eating habits, physical activity, and mental health.

14. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Cultural Diversity On Workplace Productivity

This Capstone project could explore how cultural diversity in the workplace affects productivity, teamwork, and innovation, and propose strategies to promote a diverse and inclusive work environment.

15. Investigating The Impact Of Ride-Sharing Services On Public Transportation

This Capstone project could analyze the effects of ride-sharing services on public transportation, such as the impact on ridership, revenues, and sustainability, and propose potential solutions to address any negative impacts.

16. Developing A Mobile Application For A Local Business

This Capstone project could involve designing and developing a mobile application for a local business that enhances the customer experience, such as online ordering, loyalty programs, and promotions.

17. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Social Media On Political Participation

This Capstone project could explore how social media use affects political participation, such as voter turnout, political engagement, and political polarization, and propose potential solutions to promote healthy political discourse.

18. Investigating The Impact Of Automation On The Manufacturing Industry

This Capstone project could analyze the effects of automation on the manufacturing industry, such as the impact on employment, productivity, and safety, and propose potential solutions to address any negative impacts.

19. Developing A Disaster Preparedness Plan For A Community

This Capstone project could involve developing a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan for a community that addresses natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires.

20. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Gender Diversity On Corporate Performance

This Capstone project could explore how gender diversity in corporate leadership affects performance, such as profitability, innovation, and corporate social responsibility, and propose strategies to promote gender diversity in the workplace.

21. Investigating The Impact Of Renewable Energy On The Power Grid

This Capstone project could analyze the effects of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, on the power grid, such as the impact on grid stability, reliability, and cost, and propose potential solutions to address any challenges.

22. Developing A Cybersecurity Plan For A Small Business

This Capstone project could involve developing a cybersecurity plan for a small business that identifies potential threats and vulnerabilities, and proposes solutions to prevent cyberattacks and data breaches.

23. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Automation On The Service Industry

This Capstone project could explore how automation is affecting the service industry, such as the impact on customer service, employment, and job satisfaction, and propose potential solutions to address any negative impacts.

24. Investigating The Impact Of Music Therapy On Mental Health

This Capstone project could analyze the effects of music therapy on mental health, such as the impact on anxiety, depression, and cognitive function, and propose potential solutions to promote the integration of music therapy in mental healthcare.

25. Developing A Community-Based Recycling Program

This Capstone project could involve developing a community-based recycling program that promotes sustainable waste management and environmental stewardship.

26. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Healthcare

This Capstone project could explore how the use of artificial intelligence is affecting healthcare, such as the impact on patient outcomes, costs, and medical ethics, and propose potential solutions to optimize AI integration in healthcare.

27. Investigating The Impact Of Globalization On The Labor Market

This Capstone project could analyze the effects of globalization on the labor market, such as the impact on employment, wages, and labor rights, and propose potential solutions to address any negative impacts.

28. Developing A Disaster Response Plan For A Healthcare Facility

This Capstone project could involve developing a comprehensive disaster response plan for a healthcare facility that addresses natural disasters, pandemics, and other emergencies.

29. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Mindfulness Practices On Workplace Productivity

This Capstone project could explore how mindfulness practices, such as meditation and yoga, affect workplace productivity, employee engagement, and stress management, and propose strategies to promote healthy workplace practices.

30. Investigating The Impact Of Social Media On Political Polarization

This Capstone project could analyze how social media is affecting political polarization, such as the impact on political discourse, fake news, and political extremism, and propose potential solutions to promote healthy political dialogue.

31. Developing A Waste Reduction Plan For A Local Government

This Capstone project could involve developing a waste reduction plan for a local government that promotes sustainable waste management practices and reduces landfill waste.

32. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Automation On The Transportation Industry

This Capstone project could explore how automation is affecting the transportation industry, such as the impact on employment, safety, and efficiency, and propose potential solutions to address any negative impacts.

33. Investigating The Impact Of Social Media On Mental Health

This Capstone project could analyze the effects of social media on mental health, such as the impact on self-esteem, body image, and social anxiety, and propose potential solutions to promote healthy social media use.

34. Developing A Marketing Plan For A Non-Profit Organization

This Capstone project could involve developing a marketing plan for a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness and support for a social cause.

35. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Climate Change On Agriculture

This Capstone project could explore how climate change is affecting agriculture, such as the impact on crop yields, food security, and farm income, and propose potential solutions to address any negative impacts.

36. Investigating The Impact Of Virtual Reality On Education

This Capstone project could analyze how virtual reality is affecting education, such as the impact on student engagement, learning outcomes, and accessibility, and propose potential solutions to optimize VR integration in education.

37. Developing A Workplace Diversity And Inclusion Plan

This Capstone project could involve developing a workplace diversity and inclusion plan that promotes a culture of respect, equity, and inclusion, and addresses any systemic barriers to diversity.

38. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Telemedicine On Healthcare Access

This Capstone project could explore how telemedicine is affecting healthcare access, such as the impact on patient outcomes, cost savings, and healthcare disparities, and propose potential solutions to optimize telemedicine integration in healthcare.

39. Investigating The Impact Of Globalization On The Environment

This Capstone project could analyze the effects of globalization on the environment, such as the impact on climate change, biodiversity loss, and natural resource depletion, and propose potential solutions to address any negative impacts.

40. Developing A Mental Health Awareness Campaign For A College Campus

This Capstone project could involve developing a mental health awareness campaign for a college campus that promotes mental health resources and support, and reduces stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Some Other Capstone Project Topics Ideas For Students In 2023

Here are some other capstone project topics ideas for students in 2023 :

41. Sustainable Energy Solutions for Rural Communities

42. Enhancing Cybersecurity Measures in Small Businesses

43. Analyzing the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

44. Designing an Automated Irrigation System for Agricultural Efficiency

45. Investigating the Effects of Virtual Reality in Education

46. Developing a Mobile App for Personal Finance Management

47. Exploring Machine Learning Algorithms for Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

48. Assessing the Effectiveness of E-Learning Platforms in Higher Education

49. Creating a Smart Home Automation System for Energy Conservation

50. Investigating the Use of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management

51. Analyzing the Impact of Social Media Influencers on Consumer Behavior

52. Designing a Medical Diagnosis Support System using Artificial Intelligence

53. Exploring the Applications of Augmented Reality in Retail Shopping

54. Developing a Smart Traffic Management System for Urban Areas

55. Evaluating the Efficiency of Renewable Energy Sources in Power Generation

56. Investigating the Effects of Gamification in Employee Training and Engagement

  • Capstone Project Ideas for Civil Engineering
  • Mini Project Ideas for ECE Students

How to find Capstone project topics?

Finding a Capstone project topic can be a challenging task. Here are some tips on how to find Capstone project topics:

1. Identify Your Interests

Start by identifying your interests and passions. Consider the courses that you have enjoyed in your program, the topics that have sparked your curiosity, and the issues that you are passionate about. This can help you narrow down your focus to a specific area of research.

2. Consult With Faculty

Talk to your faculty advisors or professors in your area of study. They can provide guidance on potential Capstone project topics, identify gaps in existing research, and suggest resources for your research.

3. Browse Academic Journals

Browse academic journals in your field to identify current research topics and areas that have not been fully explored. Look for research articles, case studies, and review articles related to your area of interest.

4. Attend Conferences And Seminars

Attend conferences and seminars in your field to learn about current research, trends, and challenges. You can network with other professionals, identify research gaps, and get feedback on potential Capstone project topics.

5. Look For Real-World Problems

Consider real-world problems or issues that you could address through your Capstone project. This could include issues in your local community, industry, or a global problem that you are passionate about.

6. Brainstorm With Peers

Brainstorm potential Capstone project topics with your peers or classmates. You can bounce ideas off each other and provide feedback on potential research questions, methodology, and expected outcomes.

Finding a Capstone project topic requires identifying your interests, consulting with faculty, browsing academic journals, attending conferences, looking for real-world problems, and brainstorming with peers.

Tips To Choose the Best Capstone Project Topics For Students In 2023

Here are some tips to choose the best capstone project topics for students in 2023 :

1. Choose A Topic According To Your Interest

This will make the project more enjoyable and less daunting. If you are not interested in the topic, you will be less likely to put in the hard work required to complete the project successfully.

2. Choose A Topic That Is Relevant To Your Subject

This will help you to develop your skills and knowledge in your chosen area. Your capstone project should be an opportunity for you to showcase your skills and knowledge in your field of study.

3. Choose A Topic That Is Challenging But Achievable

You should not choose a topic that is too difficult or too easy. A challenging topic will allow you to learn and grow, but it should not be so difficult that you become discouraged.

4. Talk To Your Professors And Advisors

They can help you to identify topics that are relevant to your field of study and that are within your skill level. Your professors and advisors can also provide guidance and support throughout the project.

5. Look At Previous Capstone Projects Completed By Students In Your Program

This can give you some ideas for your own project. You can also get a sense of the scope and complexity of previous projects.

6. Do Some Research Online

There are many websites that list capstone project ideas. You can also find information about specific topics and how to approach them.

7. Develop A Detailed Project Plan

This project plan will help you stay on track and make sure your project is completed on time. A project plan should include a timeline, a budget, and a list of tasks.

Significance Of Choosing The Right Capstone Project Topics

Choosing the right Capstone project topic is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it allows students to demonstrate their understanding and application of the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their program of study. 

Choosing a topic that is relevant to their field of study and interests can also motivate students to produce their best work and achieve their academic goals.

Secondly, a well-chosen Capstone project topic can provide students with valuable professional experience and skills. Many Capstone projects involve working with real-world clients, collaborating with professionals in their field, and conducting independent research. 

This can provide students with the opportunity to develop important skills such as project management , critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving, which are highly valued by employers.

Finally, a well-designed Capstone project can make a meaningful contribution to the student’s field of study or community. Choosing a topic that addresses a real-world problem or gap in knowledge can result in a project that has a positive impact beyond the academic setting. 

This can increase the student’s sense of purpose and contribute to their personal and professional development.

Overall, choosing the right Capstone project topic is important because it can motivate students to produce their best work, provide them with valuable professional experience and skills, and make a meaningful contribution to their field of study or community.

In conclusion, a Capstone project is a culminating academic experience that provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of knowledge and skills in their field of study. Choosing the right Capstone project topic is crucial for students to achieve their academic and professional goals, as well as contribute to their community. 

With the right capstone project  topic, students can develop valuable skills and experience, create a positive impact in their field of study, and make a meaningful contribution to their community. As such, it is important for students to carefully consider their Capstone project topic and select one that aligns with their interests and program learning outcomes.

Q1. What are some trending capstone project topics in the field of computer science?

Some trending capstone project topics in computer science include artificial intelligence in healthcare, blockchain technology applications, and cybersecurity advancements.

Q2. How can a capstone project in business management contribute to real-world success?

A capstone project in business management allows students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, develop problem-solving skills, and gain hands-on experience, thus contributing to real-world success by preparing them for the challenges of the business environment.

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1. Pre-Planning for Your Capstone Project

Learning Objectives

By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:  

  • Explain the capstone experience.
  • Identify soft skills that can be developed/refined throughout the capstone experience.
  • Describe the importance of capstone projects for academic and professional career development.
  • Identify at least two steps you can take to pre-plan/prepare for your capstone project.

This chapter will guide you through the pre-planning phase of your capstone experience. Examples of capstone formats utilized by various schools and universities are included in this chapter.  General educational goals of capstone projects are reviewed and the importance of a capstone experience for academic and professional career advancement is discussed.  Strategies that can help you prepare for your capstone experience are explained.


The amount of stress that accumulates over the course of one’s college experience can be overwhelming.  Understanding what a capstone project entails and using strategies and skills that have been acquired throughout your academic career, will help you pre-plan for relevant and meaningful capstone experiences, while reducing stress.

What Exactly Is a Capstone Project?

A capstone project is a multifaceted assignment for professional students that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience.  Therefore, capstone projects can also be referred to as capstone

experiences, culminating projects, or senior exhibitions.   Capstone projects usually occur in the final year of professional academic programs and they may or may not be research based.  Constructed by your school, your professional program within your school or university, and learning experience, capstone projects can take a variety of forms (Refer to Table 1-1:  Examples of Capstone Project Formats).  While capstone projects are in some ways like a college thesis, capstone projects are typically long-term investigative projects that culminate into a final product, presentation, and/or performance (Sabbot, 2016).

Table 1-1:  Examples of Capstone Project Formats

Source:  Moore, J. L. (2021, December 2). Capstone experiences . Center for Engaged Learning. Retrieved July 15, 2022, from 

Within health professions, the clinical doctorate has been traditionally driven by innovation in practice and the advancement and evolution of the health profession’s field.  Furthermore, clinical doctorate degrees are meant to provide graduates with the skills necessary to engage in direct clinical practice and leadership endeavors, which may influence healthcare program development and policy changes.  Simply, doctoral capstones provide accomplished students with an opportunity for in-depth professional practice within an area of focus (Kemp, Domina, Delbert, Rivera & Navarro-Walker, 2020).

Capstone projects have long been a hallmark of professional education. Capstone projects aim to help you recognize your own growth and development during your scholarly pursuits.  Capstone projects are also an effective method of showcasing attained and refined skills and competencies (Moore, 2021).  Furthermore, capstone projects are designed to encourage you to think critically, solve challenging problems, and showcase  hard and unique soft skills. (Refer to Table 1-2:  Examples of Hard Skills and Soft Skills for Clinical Professionals and Professional Students)

Table 1-2 :  Examples of Hard Skills and Soft Skills for Clinical Professionals and Professional Students  

Sources:  Benz, C., Johns, S., & Team, the R. G. (2022, February 18). What are hard skills? definition & 51 hard skills examples. Resume Genius. Retrieved July 16, 2022, from; Coombe, T. (2021, February 25). Soft & Hard Skills for occupational therapy students: How to get them. EduMed. Retrieved July 16, 2022, from programs/studentskills/; and Kohler, C. (2021, December 17). What are soft skills? here’s how to showcase them on your resume . TopResume. Retrieved July 16, 2022, from 

Educational Goals for Capstone Projects

Capstone experiences within some schools and universities are designed to provide students with opportunities to become engaged in some aspect of clinical practice. Consequently, educational institutions will typically have their own capstone-specific goals. Even within a single school or university, the range of capstone-related goals and expectations can differ from program to program. For these reasons, it is important to review your specific program’s capstone project requirements and  capstone syllabi.  By recognizing the general educational goals of capstone projects, you will acquire a better understanding of the capstone process and how it can be used for professional development not only  throughout but beyond your academic career (Sabbot, 2016). (Refer to Table 1-3:  General Educational Goals of Capstone Projects). 

Table 1-3:  General Educational Goals of Capstone Projects

Source:  Moore, J. L. (2021, December 2). Capstone experiences . Center for Engaged Learning. Retrieved July 15, 2022, from

Importance of Capstone Projects

Clinical doctoral programs are rigorous and demanding practice-focused programs that are designed to prepare students to become experts in clinical practice settings.  In this vein, capstone projects are heavily focused on innovative and evidence-based practices that not only reflect your ability to transfer didactic knowledge and research findings into a practice setting but to also evaluate and disseminate new knowledge to advance evidence-based care (Anderson, Knestrick & Barroso, 2015).  For example, in a school or university students are continually working on theoretical assignments, which allows them to acquire basic knowledge that supports their career path.  However, the capstone project extends beyond textbooks and classrooms as you begin to become immersed in real-world cases in real-life environments. Capstone projects can help you to become familiar with some of the issues professionals in your chosen area of study and/or interest may commonly face in the field.  Consequently, the experiential learning you will gain from your capstone experience is invaluable in relation to your entry into, and advancement in, your respective profession (Russel, 2022).

Capstone projects are considered scholarly pieces of work.  The intent of capstone projects is to create an effective and comprehensive product that will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your academic abilities, skills, and competencies.  In this fashion, capstone projects can be viewed as a springboard for career advancement or an entrepreneurial venture.  By taking a few steps to understand and prepare for your capstone experience, you will be able to effectively integrate learned knowledge into a real-world issue in a manner that is purposeful, meaningful, and marketable (Refer to Table 1.4:  Preplanning Strategies Students Can Use for Meaningful Capstone Experiences).

Table 1.4:  Preplanning Strategies Students Can Use for Meaningful Capstone Experiences

Understanding what a capstone project is and why it is an important component of academic and professional development will help you appreciate your capstone experience and maybe even enjoy it.  This chapter provided you with tips and strategies that will help you preplan for your capstone project.  The development of a meaningful and robust capstone experience requires a demonstration of need coupled with a professional area of interest (Bednarski, Bell & DeAngelis, 2020).  Preplanning can help ensure that your capstone project is relevant and impactful.

Case Study:  Examples

Glynn is an occupational therapist, who currently works in a physical disability rehabilitation setting.   Glynn is currently participating in a post-professional occupational therapy doctorate (OTD) program in an urban university setting.  According to Glynn’s OTD program, she will begin her capstone courses next semester.  In order for Glynn to prepare for their upcoming capstone experience, they will do the following:

  • Review their resume and update it, as necessary
  • Update their biographical information
  • Review the educational goals of capstone projects within their program of study (OTD)
  • Review the format of capstone projects within their program of study (OTD)
  • Self-reflect on their professional career and consider topics of interest that could be potential capstone projects
  • Glynn is taking an OTD course, which addresses health literacy initiatives for low-health literate patients. Glynn is very intrigued with this topic and is considering this topic for their capstone project.

Optimizing Your Capstone Experience: A Guidebook for Allied Health Professionals Copyright © 2023 by Virginia E. Koenig is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License , except where otherwise noted.

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Online Programming Lessons, Tutorials and Capstone Project guide

List of Completed Capstone Projects with Source code

In this article, we've compiled a variety of Capstone Project ideas. Aptly named 'Capstone Projects', these pivotal research endeavours or projects are typically undertaken in students' final year of study. Not only have we included the finished projects, but also their associated source codes, which can act as a useful reference for programming enthusiasts looking to enhance their coding abilities. These completed projects could, in turn, ignite the spark for future researchers to spawn unique capstone project ideas.

Choosing a topic is the most important and first stage in your capstone project journey as a student or researcher. If you choose a topic without giving it much thought, you may fail. To begin, make sure you’re passionate about the topic and convinced that the research portion will never tire you. Second, make sure it aligns with your curriculum and allows you to show your teacher what you’ve learned in class while still being applicable in the real world. The finished capstone project title ideas with the source code listed below may be useful to future researchers.

  • Vehicle Franchise Application Management System

A vehicle has become a large part of our daily commuting needs. People use a vehicle to get to work, visit places, and for moving around to run errands. The capstone project, entitled “Vehicle Franchise Application Management System”, is a system designed to automate the process of applying for vehicle franchises. This project will eliminate the manual method which costs a valuable amount of time and effort and is also prone to human errors.

Vehicle Franchising and Drivers Offense System - Admin Dashboard

  • Medical Equipment Monitoring System

The extended use of technology and smart devices in medical fields has brought a huge effect on the world’s health care. Hospital now uses medical tools not only for the services they render to their patients but also for the betterment of the hospital’s medical equipment. Medical equipment is essential especially since they are used for treating different medical conditions. The capstone project, titled “Medical Equipment Monitoring System” is designed to automate the process of monitoring medical equipment in the hospital. This is to ensure that they are in a good condition and will not suddenly malfunction and wear out. The system will also help track and monitor numbers of medical equipment in the hospital to tell whether it has enough that can support the needs of the patients.

  • First Aid Mobile Application

The capstone project, “First Aid Mobile Application” allows users to provide first aid during an emergency. The mobile application will provide the step-by-step process of doing the first aid for the specific injury or illness. By definition, first aid is immediate medical attention or treatment for anyone who has suffered a sudden illness or injury. Knowing first aid is essential to respond to emergency cases and be able to relieve pain, maintain life, promote recovery and prevent the patient’s condition from worsening until professional medical help arrives. The application is available for download and use in emergencies. The user just has to input the injury or illnesses that occur unexpectedly, and the application will provide them with the step-by-step process of administering first aid.

  • Mobile Learning Application (Math, Science, etc)

eLearning is an excellent opportunity to broaden the scope of the learning experience, as it allows learners to carry on learning while they’re on the move. However, their needs and expectations are not the same as when they are in a classic e-learning setting. One of the key challenges of mobile learning is how to articulate mobile learning and e-learning seamlessly so that the learning experience remains coherent and fluid.

The purpose of the said application is to promote the learning about different subjects such as math, science, and other subjects. This application offers a variety of subjects that the user can learn from when they use the application.

Mobile Learning App Screen Layouts

  • An efficient model for managing client inquiries and providing prompt and effective feedback is the Ticket Support Management System. This construct is designed to keep track of conversations between customers and the support team.

The project entitled Ticket Support Management System is an online platform designed to manage issues, concerns, questions, and conversations between customers and the support team. It is used to control and monitor queries from customers and to provide a proper and effective way of communication to provide feedback and solutions to customers.

The said project was designed in Bootstrap and then converted into a PHP file. The ticket includes a code, description, and the assigned support member which is the role of the moderator. The process of conversation will be recorded in the system for archiving purposes and once the issue has been solved the moderator will send a message to the client that the query has already been solved and it will be marked as closed. Closed tickets will not be entertained and the customer will need to create or request another ticket if new issues will arise.

Support Ticketing System Reports

  • Web and Mobile Based Brgy Management System

The core function of this study is to offer a detailed reliable and secure keeping of all data. Web-Based Barangay Management System with Mobile App Support Application hopes to enhance the way of managing, issuing a certificate, and keeping all the resident’s confidential records.

This system facilitates Barangay management by enabling the client barangay to maintain their resident records as complete and up-to-date as possible and as easily accessible for verification, monitoring, and reference purposes based on the available residents’ census data kept by the client Barangay. Data provided by this system in the form of comprehensive reports are invaluable for planning, program implementation, and related purposes .

City Wide Barangay Management System Certificate of Residency Page

  • Veterinary Scheduling and Sales Management

The capstone project entitled “Veterinary Scheduling and Sales Management System” is an online platform that caters to the needs, requirements, and business processes of a veterinary clinic. This article is about the use case diagram of the said capstone project. As presented in the image below, the Veterinary Scheduling System has 6 core modules and 3 actors can access the modules according to their roles.

The client can access the client profile, product management, services offered, payment, and schedule appointments. Secretary can access the entire core modules of the project while the veterinarian can only access the scheduled appointment and reports module.

  • Person with Disability Information System

The capstone project entitled “Person with Disability Information System” is an online platform to manage and archive records about the person with a disability or PWD per barangay in a city. A standard profiling form will be used and it will be encoded into the system for a digital record of the PWD. With the implementation of this project, the researchers are hopeful that the system would be a great help not only for monitoring purposes but for information dissemination as well.

Person with Disability Information System Free Template in PHP and Bootstrap - Dashboard

  • Medical Dictionary Application

Medical Dictionary Application is a capstone project designed to serve as a source of information in terms of medical terminologies. The application will contain medical terms, abbreviations, and their meaning. The application can be used by both iOS and Android users. The application will help the end-users put in their own hands the information they wish to know. This medical dictionary will be of great help for those who seek to gain knowledge. The application will also help medical students in their studies, they will have an accessible source of information if they have difficulty understanding some terms in their lessons.

  • Elearning System with SMS Notification

The new learning paradigm in the educational system encourages students to be in control of how they learn, and the teachers to let go of their control over the learning process in the classrooms and begin to function as designers and facilitators of learning. Teachers assist their students to develop independent learning skills, understand the strengths and weaknesses of open learning, and be able to develop and deliver educational materials more creatively, effectively, and efficiently.

The purpose of this study is to provide an IT-based solution in the field of education. The researchers will create and develop an eLearning platform that will allow their faculty members to upload their lecture material and assess their students using the test and exam module of the project. In addition, the application is very helpful on the student side since they can now view and download their modules and take their examinations at their home.

Elearning System Dashboard Interface

  • HerbalCare Mobile Application

The Herbalcare Mobile Application is an accessible tool we've crafted to furnish information about herbal medicines predominantly found in the Philippines. Crafted using JQuery Mobile and Phonegap Build, this application could guide you in utilising certain herbs to alleviate minor ailments like coughs and skin allergies.

The project includes information about the herbal plants, their uses, benefits, and preparation.

  • Entrance Examination with SMS Notification

The entrance examination is a web/lan-based application that will run even if there is no internet connection. PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap were used to design and develop the said project. The project will be set up in a secured server or computer unit in which an authorized person can only access the physical and software components of the server. The examination module can be accessed on the computers in the laboratories.

The project can also be accessed on mobile devices and SMS notifications and reports are automatically generated.

Web Based Entrance Examination with Mobile App Support and SMS Notification (Question Bank)

  • Reviewer Mobile Based Application

The mobile-based reviewer app is another method for learners to study and review their lessons using their mobile devices. The said project is available on both Android and iOS devices, it was written in Framework 7 and Apache Cordova, it is a hybrid type of mobile development where the HTML, CSS, and JS files can be converted into a mobile application.

The application contains lecture materials in a form of text, pdf, and video format. Assessment for every lesson in a form of multiple choices is also one of the functions of the mobile app. Scores and progress results are stored in the local storage of the device but the scores are also submitted to the instructor for monitoring purposes. The application can be used offline which means that the users can still open their lessons and take quizzes even if their device has no internet connection.

  • Vehicle Impoundment Records Management

Vehicles are held in impounding yards if used as a sanctionable offense. Impounding officers faced difficulties in managing different records and information of impounded cars. The development of computerized systems and applications eases up operations of different sectors. The use of the systematic approach will ease up the management processes and operations of the vehicle impoundment management.

The capstone project, entitled “Vehicle Impoundment Records Management System” is designed to record, process and monitor impounded vehicles. The system will electronically manage all impounded vehicle-related information. From impounding up to releasing the vehicles. The system will eliminate manual processes done to complete transactions between the impounding officers, yards, and vehicle owners.

  • Network-Based Laundry Management System

The capstone project entitled “Network-Based Laundry Management System” is a web-based system that allows shop owners to automate the process of records management. It is also intended to properly record the payment of customers to generate accurate reports of income. It is a database-driven application that manages the records and transactions of the laundry shop. The said system helps smoothen and improvise the dry cleaners and laundry business management service workflow like laundry record-keeping, laundry billing, and report generation.

Laundry Booking System Free Download Bootstrap Template - Dashboard

  • Doctor Appointment System

The project entitled Doctor Appointment System is an online platform that allows the customers/patients to register their information online. After the approval of the account, they can now log in and request an appointment with their doctors. The admin will serve as the middle man or secretary between the doctor and patient. The admin can manage the records of the system.

The said system was designed and developed in PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. Our team is willing to help you modify the project based on your specific requirements.

  • Parish Record Management with SMS

The Parish Office is offering the usual services that many of the parishioners have availed of or can avail of. Such services are mass scheduled for the city chapels and center chapels, baptism services, wedding services, and blessings for houses and other acquired properties. With the computer-based record-keeping, every transaction on the said services will be beneficial considering that automation of services is the key feature of the system.

With Parish Record Management with SMS, inputs of data will be made faster, scheduling of masses will be easier, baptism and wedding and special blessings services can be reserved and scheduled quickly by the personnel of the said office. Furthermore, reports can be generated correctly and efficiently, such as baptismal certificates, pre-Cana seminar certificates, and marriage contracts.

  • Web-Based Event Scoring Application

The capstone project entitled “Web Bases Event Scoring Application” will allow automated tabulation of scores during events or competitions. The system will allow the judges to electronically input their scores and the system will automatically tabulate the scores and provide the results of the contest. The proposed system will streamline the process of tabulating scores. Judges will use the system and enter their scores for every contestant in the competition. The system will electronically tabulate the scores and generate a result of the competition. The said project will make the tabulation process easy, fast, accurate, and convenient.

Online Tabulation System Free Download - Scoring Module

  • Mobile Application on Student Handbook

This project study is all about converting a handbook into an android application which is the researchers’ solution in preserving the handbook in a way that it will not be torn easily and protect it from water during the rainy season. An android based handbook that is accessible anytime and will be installed on android devices.

At the end of the study, we were able to create an android application for our school’s college department which outlines student rights, privileges, and responsibilities and provides information about how to get help with appeal requests, processes and procedures, and resources available from school system personnel.

  • Financial Management System with SMS

The capstone project, entitled “Financial Management with SMS” will allow organizations to electronically manage financial activities. The said project will serve as a platform where organizations manage and store information, especially financial reports. The financial management system will also have an SMS feature to notify members of the organizations of updates. The proposed system will streamline the process of managing and storing organizations’ information related to their finances, especially during events. The system will serve as a repository of information such as members’ information, events, financial records, and other related information. By using the system, records will be electronically safe and secured. The system will ease up the job of the finance department and the system will help them in lessening the errors encountered in carrying out the task. The system is easy, reliable, and convenient to use.

Financial Management with SMS Free Download Template - Dashboard

  • Salary Notification System with SMS

The researchers of this project aim to design and develop a system wherein employers and employees will have a private platform wherein they can provide updates about the employee’s salaries. The system will let employers manage and notify the employees about the summary of their salary and the details about the deductions in their salary. The system will also notify the employee about the amount deducted from their salary to avoid complaints and confusion as to why the salary is not intact. By having this platform, the employers and employees can discuss details about the salary in a confidential, convenient and fast way.

  • The focus of this venture is to develop a secure platform for employers and employees to proficiently manage and converse salary information. This system would enable employers to outline salary summaries and detail any deductions. Its aim is to prevent confusion and complaints by providing clear, accessible data on pay and deductions. In essence, it's a confidential, convenient, and swift mechanism for salary discussions.

The capstone project entitled “Faculty and Student Clearance Application” is a web and mobile-based project that aimed to replace the manual method of processing the clearances of students and faculty. Clearance processing is very important to determine if the students and faculty members had complied with the requirements set by the school. The project was developed in PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap, the following stated tools are usually used to design and develop a responsive application that can be accessed using a browser (desktop, laptop, mobile devices).

Student and Faculty Clearance System Free Bootstrap Source code - Clearance Requirements

  • Employee Personal Data Sheet Information System

The project entitled Employee Personal Data Sheet Information System is a web-based project using PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Visual Basic, and MySQL version is also available.

The “Financial Management with SMS” system is designed to aid organisations to manage financial activities electronically. This central platform stores essential financial information, including financial reports. A unique is its SMS feature, keeping organisation members up-to-date on fiscal matters. This proposed system not only streamlines the process of managing and storing financial data but also serves as a comprehensive repository of other information such as member details, event records, and more. This digitisation ensures secure records and lessens the finance department's workload, thereby creating a secure, reliable, and convenient aid in financial management.

The said project is for the HR or human resource department which will help them in the record and archiving of their employee’s profile.

  • 4 Pics One Word Mobile App Game

The project entitled  4 Pics 1 Word Game in JQuery Mobile  is a web and mobile-based game application similar to the famous game of 4 pics 1 word. This can be installed on a stand-alone computer that can be accessed by the modern browser. It needs to be uploaded on the web directory of your server (xampp, uwamp, or wamp) since the application is powered by javascript. The application uses a hybrid development which is a type of mobile application development that uses front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, the project will be converted into a mobile application using Phonegap Build or Apache Cordova.

  • Web-Based Voting Application

The voting system especially with the contribution of a mobile application to our system has attracted lately the attention of many schools as manual voting to automatic voting with the hope the student’s to increase their participation and reduce the cost. While participation initiatives have been deployed across the schools with mixed results from the students. As the internet is highly known by everyone and used, a voting system with mobile application came as an alternative and easier way to vote automatically and thus was rapidly accepted.

Recent efforts to implement automated voting in schools faced many challenges, such as a lack of information communication technologies. The lack of trust in automated affects very seriously any effort to migrate from the manual voting procedures to an electric voting system since voting is a fundamental process in any school.

Online Voting Platform Dashboard Page

Reflecting on Our Capstone Project Ideas

Technology is known as the catalyst for change that took place in different industries and institutions. Information Technology has changed the world dramatically. As of today, it is hard to imagine any sector or institution that has not benefited from the advancements in technology. The most common role that IT played in these sectors is the automation of different operations and transactions to increase efficiency and improve the overall experience and satisfaction of the people. The aforementioned capstone project ideas will be a great help in various industries.

You may visit our  Facebook page for more information, inquiries, and comments. Please subscribe also to our YouTube Channel to receive  free capstone projects resources and computer programming tutorials.

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SJSU Coding Bootcamp

Become a professional software developer.

Gain in-demand skills to launch a rewarding coding career with the SJSU Coding Bootcamp powered by Fullstack Academy.

New: Learn the latest AI tools and techniques.

Interested? Learn more:

Step 1 of 2

Program at a Glance

Next start date, potential scholarships, why learn coding with sjsu, the demand for web developers.

According to Lightcastℱ, the employment of software developers in California is projected to grow 22.7% by 2032. Businesses actively seeking web development professionals span all industries, including local high-tech employers like Amazon , Apple , and Google , to name a few. Hiring for roles like Back-End Engineer, Computer Programmer, Full-Stack Engineer, and Web Developer, these companies are rapidly growing and building out their software development teams. SJSU Coding Bootcamp grads will be well-equipped for these roles and many others.

Bootcamp Application and Start Dates

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Fullstack Academy is a top-ranked immersive school for technology career training. Fullstack Academy offers comprehensive remote training opportunities across the U.S. and prepares students with the in-demand skills they need to launch fulfilling tech careers.

Fullstack Academy brings its learning method, reputation, and community in facilitating the SJSU Coding Bootcamp to help open doors to future job opportunities in California, online/remotely, and beyond!

How the SJSU Coding Bootcamp Works

The San José State University Coding Bootcamp is designed for students to pursue high-quality tech education while continuing to balance work or other commitments. Our bootcamps provide you with the flexibility to fit career development into your life.

Part-time and full-time bootcamp programs are available.

Bootcamp classes include live online instruction taught by industry-experienced professionals, group projects with fellow students, and independent learning assignments.

Mentors are available at select times Monday through Saturday if you need additional support outside of class.

All classes are held Monday-Friday.

7:00am-2:00pm PT

View the Part-Time Weekday Coding Bootcamp Schedule

Select one class schedule and time from the options below when you apply.

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays .

6:30am-9:30am PT

4:00pm-7:00pm PT

6:00pm-9:00pm PT

Class time and schedule options vary by month and are subject to change. To see available class times and schedules for your cohort of choice, complete your application or schedule a call with a student advisor.

SJSU Coding Tuition

There are many ways to pay for your SJSU bootcamp experience including self-pay, employer-pay, local/state government assistance, scholarships, and personal loans. Learn more about payment options .

San JosĂ© State University Tech Bootcamps is committed to making tech education more accessible, so we’re reducing the enrollment deposit to $99* (normally $1,000) for a limited time. Get started on your journey before the deposit increases!

Enrollment Deposit - $1,000 $99* Tuition During Program - $14,896 Total Tuition - $14,995

*Offer eligibility: Upon admittance into the program, pay the refundable $99 deposit in full prior to the enrollment date.

$500 Community Scholarship

For SJSU alumni, current students, and employees.

$1,000 Military Scholarship**

For active-duty service members and military veterans.

**Valid ID required.

Coding Jobs and Salaries in California

In California and remotely, organizations of all sizes and industries are seeking coding professionals. Boost your earnings with a new career in software development by learning full stack JavaScript in 12-28 weeks. Entry-level web developers in San José earn an average yearly salary of $73,250 (ZipRecruiter), making now an exciting time to start or upskill a career in coding.

SJSU Coding Curriculum

Our full stack JavaScript-based curriculum is designed to provide you with all the necessary skills to pursue a meaningful career in web development. As part of the San JosĂ© State University bootcamp, you’ll also:

Learn live online from industry-experienced professionals

Gain hands-on practice working with other developers

Graduate with a portfolio of projects to show employers

Receive career coaching and job search support

Be prepared for in-demand roles like Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, and Web Developer

Explore how to apply generative AI in web development using ChatGPT, Bing AI, and more with a free elective course

Students also take part in career simulations during their training, to prepare for real-life work scenarios and environments.

  • 3) { isMoved = false; return false; } timelineTab = 'frontEndFoundations'; timelineTitle = 'Unit 1'; $nextTick(() => { adjustTimeline(0); centerNavigation(); }); "> Front-End Foundations
  • 3) { isMoved = false; return false; } timelineTab = 'frontEndDevelopment'; timelineTitle = 'Unit 2'; $nextTick(() => { adjustTimeline(1); centerNavigation(); }); "> Front-End Development
  • 3) { isMoved = false; return false; } timelineTab = 'developmentLibrariesAndBackEndDevelopment'; timelineTitle = 'Units 3 & 4'; $nextTick(() => { adjustTimeline(2); centerNavigation(); }); "> Development Libraries and Back-End Development
  • 3) { isMoved = false; return false; } timelineTab = 'fullStackDevelopment'; timelineTitle = 'Unit 5'; $nextTick(() => { adjustTimeline(3); centerNavigation(); }); "> Full Stack Development

Schedule (Unit)

The bootcamp begins with a comprehensive Foundations on-ramp to support both intermediate and beginner coders. Designed to help all students reach a uniform skill level, Foundations covers the basic tenets of programming to prepare for the core curriculum—which moves through more advanced, specialized JavaScript concepts at a rapid bootcamp pace.

Foundational Software Engineering Curriculum


Introduction to JavaScript programming

Advanced JavaScript including closure, prototypical inheritance, and recursion

Web development environment and industry-standard tools

Foundations On-Ramp Features

Supports learners of all skill levels

Student-centered, inquiry-based learning in teams

Instructor-facilitated, live online classroom format

Immersive digital learning tools

At the end of this unit, you will complete a project to apply your skills

You’ll study HTML5, CSS, and advanced CSS—and go beyond with fundamental Javascript concepts.


  • Git and Github
  • Web Interface and Design - You’ll learn how content and imagery are best displayed on a website.
  • Front-End Framework - You’ll start to understand pre-written modules and their primary use cases in web development.
  • Pair Programming - Working with a fellow student, you’ll each use your newfound knowledge to write and optimize front-end code. This helps you build real-world experience and prepare for technical coding interviews.

You’ll apply your JavaScript skills with the amazing ecosystem of libraries that have made JavaScript the industry standard of web engineering. We’ll also teach you to use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect to vast amounts of data to power your web applications.

  • JavaScript APIs
  • React, React Router, and React Hooks
  • Test-Driven Development - Particularly relevant in JavaScript development, the TDD methodology allows developers to test new code before writing it—preserving its former iteration in case of incompatibilities or errors.
  • Prototyping - Throughout bootcamp, you’ll begin each project by scoping, researching, and beginning to build full stack web applications—touching on every stage of a typical, real-world prototype development process.

You’ll learn data organization and storage by working with SQL relational databases and learn how to integrate them into your applications. Then, it’s time to start building your own full stack application!

  • Full Stack Capstone Project - You will work with a team of students to come up with an ambitious idea for an app, and start building it out. This will be the most impressive project in your portfolio and will demonstrate your full understanding of software development and industry best practices.
  • Full Stack Project Pitching - After formulating your own idea for a web or mobile application, you’ll pitch it to the class. Taking market, design, and utility considerations into account, you’ll understand through your pitch process how development projects come to fruition in real-world scenarios.
  • Portfolio Development - As you complete your full stack web development projects, all your code will be housed in GitHub to demonstrate your technical prowess and creativity to potential employers.
  • Career Coaching - Fullstack Academy Career Coaches are your one-stop professional development resource. They’ll work with you on core aspects of the job search–from interview preparation to resume optimization–throughout the final stages of your bootcamp experience and beyond.

*Please note that this is a sample curriculum and is subject to change.

Pair Programming Support

Throughout bootcamp, you’ll program alongside a partner. Together, you’ll assume defined roles to solve programming challenges and double-check each other’s work.

Benefits of Pair Programming

Pair programming demonstrates practical expertise and inventive problem-solving abilities, which employers highly value on resumes. In addition, pair programming provides an opportunity to learn more about real-world remote work environments while building lasting, meaningful professional relationships.

Landing a Coding Job in California

SJSU students will gain valuable insight into how to build a successful career in coding from day one of the course. Throughout the bootcamp experience, students may access live workshops, office hours, and on-demand content to help build a job search toolkit—which includes an optimized resume and LinkedIn profile.

Following successful completion of the Career Success Program, students can choose to opt into additional coaching support and receive guidance for up to a year following graduation in:

Growing your professional network

Resume and LinkedIn profile optimization

Interview and assessment prep

Salary negotiation workshops

And much more!

Students also graduate from the program with a portfolio of work that demonstrates their ability to solve real business problems for real companies.

Fullstack Academy grads have landed jobs with some of the world's leading companies.

San José State University Tech Bootcamps are powered by Fullstack Academy. The companies listed above have hired Fullstack Academy graduates.

Who Should Attend the SJSU Coding Bootcamp

The SJSU Coding Bootcamp powered by Fullstack Academy is designed to support learners of all levels, including beginners. There’s no experience required to apply, be accepted, or succeed in the bootcamp.

Successful bootcamp students have backgrounds in:

Customer service

Graphic design

And more...

Apply today and join others just like you on the first steps to a life-changing career.

What will I learn in the San José State University Coding Bootcamp?

The coding curriculum is broken up into five units:

Front-End Foundations : Explore the fundamentals of front-end web development, including CSS, HTML, and Command Line Interface.

Front-End Development : Deep dive into JavaScript, the Document Object Model, test-driven development, and more.

Development Libraries : Discover the purpose of React in JavaScript development, React routing, and executing custom code with Hooks.

Back-End Development : Learn back-end development, Structured Query Language (SQL), and API routes.

Full Stack Development : Complete a Capstone project and expand your portfolio.

For a syllabus on your program of interest, click here and fill out the form .

Many of our part-time students are working full-time while taking the program. Keep in mind that there are 10 hours in class and 15-20 hours worth of homework per week.

Yes, the SJSU Coding Bootcamp is beginner-friendly. It’s specifically designed for professionals who have no previous experience in coding. While some background knowledge is helpful, the only expectation is that students have general computer literacy skills in basics like efficiently using the internet/cloud and Windows .

Your time with our career success team will include everything from workshops to one-on-one office hours to phone chats before big interviews. And on top of all that, the team will be working behind the scenes to find openings that are right for you and staying up-to-date on the latest recruiting trends to make sure they prepare you for everything.

To be eligible for the program, you must be at least 18 years old and a high school grad/GED holder by the start date of your intended cohort.

What is the application process at the SJSU like?

Complete the application, take the assessment (60 minutes), and receive a decision. While taking the assessment, you may pause to save your progress and return at a later time. At any point in the process, you can also schedule a time to speak with one of our Student Advisors who can walk you through the process and answer your questions.

Do you get a certificate for completing the program?

Graduates earn a certificate of completion issued by SJSU and Fullstack Academy.

How does the SJSU Coding Bootcamp compare to self-led, online coding resources?

There are a great number of online resources available and we encourage you to try them. Particularly for beginners, tools like Codecademy, Code School, and Team Treehouse can help you learn and practice in-demand coding concepts.

At the SJSU Coding Bootcamp, learning and practicing coding concepts are only part of the equation. Our program is backed by Fullstack Academy, one of the longest-running and most reputable bootcamp providers in the nation. Together, we provide a bootcamp that centers on ensuring students have everything they need to build a thriving career—all within an accelerated, guided, supportive, and career-focused environment for learning.

Additionally, the coding bootcamp centers on active learning and competency-based evaluation metrics, so prospective students can effectively build practical coding skills with real-world applications to become well-rounded web developers and software engineers.

Are SJSU Tech Bootcamps Powered by Fullstack Academy applicable toward a degree or certificate program?

No, SJSU Tech Bootcamps are not for credit and cannot be applied toward a degree or certificate program. Rather, they’re offered through the San JosĂ© State University College of Professional & Global Education and facilitated by Fullstack Academy instructors and staff to provide in-demand tech skills training for current or prospective tech professionals.

Do I need to have my own computer in order to do the program and, if so, what are the system requirements?

You do need to provide your own computer for the bootcamp. It can be a laptop or desktop as long as it meets the minimum machine specifications of your chosen program. Because the bootcamp is live-online, you are required to have a webcam and microphone in order to participate in class.

Ensuring you have a computer that meets the requirements for your course is an essential part of setting yourself up for success in our bootcamps.

For full computer requirements for each of our program offerings, visit our Experience Online Learning page.

Can I mix and match part-time bootcamp class schedule options?

No, part-time bootcamp students cannot mix and match class dates or times. You must select one of the established schedule options for your cohort of choice during the application process.

Admissions Process

Once you’re ready to start your coding journey, here are the steps you can expect in the admissions process.

  • Fill out our online application form
  • No coding experience required
  • Covers logical reasoning
  • Sent to you immediately upon submission of application
  • Receive an entrance decision

Programs are open to California residents only. For questions, please contact [email protected] .

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  • Updated May 7, 2024

Akash-goyal-github / Inventory-Management-System

⭐Inventory Management System⭐demonstrates the CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations which is done using Tech Stack ⭐Angular, Spring Boot and Mysql. 💯 đŸ’„. On the landing page of the application displaying all the records where user can insert/create the Product, update the Product, delete the Product. 💯 đŸ’„

  • Updated Dec 15, 2023

nikoescobal / COFFEECON2020

This project is a fully responsive site that fulfills Microverse’s HTML/CSS Capstone Requirements

aboerzel / German_License_Plate_Recognition

Android camera app for automatic recognition of German license plates using TensorFlow / TensorFlow Lite 2.4.1

  • Updated Jan 7, 2023

Projects-Developer / Google-Stock-Price-Prediction-by-Deep-Learning

Top Class Stock Price Prediction Project through Machine Learning Algorithms for Google. Easy Understanding and Implementation. Final Year College Project.

  • Updated Dec 20, 2021

limchiahooi / Coursera_Capstone

Capstone project for IBM Data Science Professional Certificate on Coursera.

  • Updated Jan 31, 2019

Vatshayan / Network-Intrusion-Detection-Project

Network Intrusion Detection System Project using Machine Learning with code and Documents

Vatshayan / Final-year-Project-steganography

Steganography is the technique of hiding secret data within an ordinary, non-secret, file or message in order to avoid detection; the secret data is then extracted at its destination.

  • Updated Aug 14, 2022

Kingjosh007 / capstone2-countries-facts

This is the repo for the second capstone project in our Microverse journey. It is a group project created by @Fikerte-T and I. We build it around a countries API.

  • Updated Jan 17, 2022

juancoob / Vegginner

App to change our consumption habits, fight against climate change and take part in relieving the world in hunger in our everyday life.

  • Updated Oct 7, 2020

lk-learner / IBM-Data-Analyst-Professional-Certificate


  • Updated Apr 10, 2023

alexismenest / meta-front-end-developer-capstone

My capstone project for the Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

  • Updated Dec 1, 2023

VelzckC0D3 / Velzck_Festival

In this capstone project, I demonstrated how to manage the DOM properly using Vanilla JavaScript. I was able to develop a dynamic and responsive website that showcases my improved skills, while also incorporating correct GitFlow usage and Linters for better code quality.

  • Updated Aug 19, 2023

sanjitva / Predicting-Football-Player-Transfer-Values

Flatiron School Capstone project. Trying to find out how well players' on-field performance metrics can be used to predict their transfer values.

  • Updated Oct 13, 2021

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Samsung austin semiconductor sponsored capstone project takes home first place, as a platinum sponsor of the texas a&m engineering showcase, samsung austin semiconductor sponsored five capstone projects. the 28 students worked on projects ranging from pump failure models to developing a methodology to monitor power supply health..

Texas A&M students whose project took home first place at the Texas A&M Engineering Showcase. From left to right: William Appelt, Amrit Nanda and Hamzah Issa. (Courtesy: William Appelt)

  • #Workforce Development

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  • Clinic Locations
  • Own a Capstone Clinic

Own A Capstone Clinic

Want to own your own practice someday why not today .

Capstone Orthopedic’s business is the development of new P & O practices with experienced practitioners as the managing partner.

In partnership with the managing partner, Capstone creates a new limited liability company.

  • A fully equipped facility
  • Insurance contracts
  • Medicare and HR compliance programs
  • Billing software, payroll and benefits administation, financial reporting and other infrastructure
  • On-going operational support and expertise
  • We partner with you and create a low risk, turnkey start-up.

“Owning my own business was something I knew I could do, but how I would finance and float it until checks and insurance contracts were obtained was a major road block. Partnering with Capstone allowed me to set the budget of my startup, focus on the development of my business, and ultimately realize my dreams of owning my own business. With Capstones help, I am able to remain focused on what is important… (The Patients and my referral sources). Additionally, in two short years I have built a financial equity share in a company that I would not have reached in 30-years of a fully matched 401k. Now with the added annual personal income, my wife is able to stay home and raise our new son, and we still have more financial freedoms than I would have ever had working for another company.”

capstone project mobile service

Capstone Key Facts:

  • Incorporated in 2006
  • Fully credentialed with ABC
  • 9 clinic locations
  • Serving 20 California counties
  • 2500 patients serviced annually
  • 24 Managed Care contracts
  • Dunn & Bradstreet reference #002000848
  • Banker, Wells Fargo

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  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

Juan Esparza, Breanna Buck, Nicole Kunz, Justin Benz

Inaugural ECE Capstone Design event highlights student innovation

Departments:, categories:.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison hosted its first ECE Capstone Design Open House on May 3, 2024. Twenty-two student teams from three senior design courses created projects of their own invention throughout the semester and presented them at the event in Engineering Hall. In addition to having the opportunity to explain their work to event participants, teams were eligible to win best poster and project awards.

The Capstone Design classes participating were: ECE453 – Embedded Microprocessor System Design – Instructed by Teaching Faculty Joe Krachey ECE454 – Mobile Computing Laboratory – Instructed by Associate Professor Kassem Fawaz ECE554 – Digital Engineering Laboratory – Instructed by Teaching Faculty Eric Hoffman

Krachey spoke to the value of the event, “The ECE Capstone Open House is a showcase of all the hard work our students have invested in themselves over the last four years.  Our students get to display their incredible technical skills, ingenuity, and creativity for their peers, parents, and the next group of students that will follow them through our program.  It’s a fun and rewarding experience that helps to illustrate the truly outstanding students that we get the privilege to work with at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.”

Lanny Smith and Ryan Dingle

Joining the event as guest judges, were nine ECE alumni whose experience ranged from software engineer to patent attorney to CEOs of mobile gaming and electric utilities companies. Students presented their projects to the judges, explaining the inspiration for their ideas as well as the process and technology used to create a finished product.

Alumni Judge Forrest Woolworth, Chief Operating Officer with PerBlue Entertainment, Inc. commented, “There is so much work that goes into capstone projects – many hours and late nights spent in the lab with your teammates. An event like this was a great way for students to be able to show off all of their hard work. It was energizing to see all the very creative projects and talk to the teams. It really highlighted all of the bright and passionate students in ECE at UW.”

The event was followed by a reception for student teams, alumni judges, and faculty where the winners of each category were announced. The department plans to continue this event at the end of each fall and spring semester.

Jacob Leong and Matthew Demeter and Susan Hagness

Photo at top of page: Juan Esparza, Brenna Buck, Nicole Kunz, and Justin Benz from Team StickyKeys

  • Clark School Administration
  • Ways to Give
  • Contact Us About Giving
  • Directories
  • Corporate Partners
  • A Ventilation Coach for Opioid Overdose...

A Ventilation Coach for Opioid Overdose Bystanders Takes Top Prize at Inaugural Capstone Design Expo

  • student competition
  • undergraduate
  • capstone design expo

news story image

Dean's Award winners with Testudo, Dean Samuel Graham, Jr., and Fischell Department of Bioengineering Chair John Fisher

The opioid overdose epidemic—which claimed more than 110,000 lives in the U.S. last year alone—has prompted an urgent need for accessible solutions to save lives outside of hospital settings.

Maryland bioengineering seniors rose to the challenge in the Clark School’s inaugural Capstone Design Expo by developing a device that empowers bystanders and non-EMTs to properly and safely provide overdose victims with rescue breaths.

Their capstone design project, “ Accessible Ventilation Coach for Opioid Overdose Bystanders ,” won the Dean’s Award (and a $1,000 prize) at the May 1 event, held on UMD’s College Park campus at the XFINITY Center. The bioengineering team’s innovative adjunctive device, which uses a printed circuit board, connects to a bag valve mask (BVM) and provides visual guide LEDs for the proper rate and depth of breath compressions, along with feedback LEDs synchronized with the user’s performance. An audio system also provides coaching during use, guiding users in real time to increase or decrease their speed or pressure of compressions. Advisors to the team were Associate Professor Ian White of the Fischell Department of Bioengineering and Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices , and physician scientist, entrepreneur, and Associate Dean for Innovation and Physician Science Development at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Jason Rose.

“The number one cause of death from opioids is respiratory failure,” explained team lead and Clark School senior Kelly Yeung, “so the best immediate treatment is to support respirations. But safe use of a BVM requires training: That’s why we developed this device, to empower people to perform life-saving breaths before EMS arrives,” said Yeung, who also works as an additive technician at Terrapin Works . “We’ve imagined that this could be similar to an automated external defibrillator for cardiac arrest—and stationed in similar locations.”

The Capstone Design Expo brought more than 500 senior-level students from across Maryland Engineering’s civil and environmental, aerospace, mechanical, and bioengineering programs to present their capstone projects. Working under the guidance of faculty members and industry experts, students engaged in a year-long engineering project process that culminated in the design competition judged by experts in their respective fields.

“I want to thank our students for designing these innovative engineering solutions to some of the grand challenges we’re facing. We are very proud. These projects point to your quality work and collaboration—and to your desire to make a difference in the world through engineering,” Clark School Dean Samuel Graham, Jr., told the participants at the event.

Capstone Design Expo Photo Gallery

capstone project mobile service

Civil and environmental engineering senior projects ranged from heat index and power outage emergency frameworks, to analysis of roadway infrastructure, to “cooler” solutions for bus stop design in Washington, D.C. Working under the guidance of Professor Deb Niemeier , the Clark Distinguished Chair in Energy and Sustainability, with senior project manager at Allan Myers Will Sigafoose as client contact, the department’s winning project, “ Alternative Central Avenue Conduit System ,” provides a case study in response to the Central Avenue Design-Build project in Baltimore and serves as a general guide for future conduit redevelopment projects.

“The students are eager to show what they’ve accomplished, not only solving engineering problems but helping to solve ethical and social issues, too,” said Nii O. Attoh-Okine , chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. “It’s not all about profit, but it’s about answering the question, ‘how did we touch others with our design’?”

capstone project mobile service

Bioengineering and biocomputational engineering majors worked to make medicine safer, more effective, and more accessible through projects that aim to improve current standards of care for treating aneurysms, diagnosing Covid-19, improving the tracheostomy process, and more. The winning team’s project, “ A Modified Syringe Design to Simplify the Preparation of Weight-Based Pediatric Medication ,” proposes a cost-effective, user-friendly, syringe-like device that features an adjustment dial to reduce risk of error and improve pediatric patient outcomes.

Project judge Matthew Dowling ’12 is founder and chief scientific officer of biotechnology research company Medcura and a member of the department’s advisory board. Having participated in departmental capstone showcases for several years, he said he always enjoys the interaction with students. “I get to hear how they’re learning about bioengineering and applying what they learn,” he said. “It’s great how they’re partnered with clinicians who introduce them to real, unmet needs—that’s huge.”

capstone project mobile service

Alison Flatau , chair of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, called the Capstone Design Expo “a fantastic opportunity for students and faculty.” She said she was impressed with how well teams of more than twenty students tasked with mission challenges were able to integrate their pieces of the larger, system-level scope. “It gave me a great sense of pride seeing how well prepared our students are for taking on the big and high-impact challenges that are ahead of them.”

Project judge Megan Bock ’06, M.Eng. ’10 , a missions systems engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, remembers her own capstone process as a Clark School student. “I know what the capstone experience did for me. I learned a ton, and it was probably the most realistic simulation of life as a NASA engineer,” she said. That’s why she returns to campus: “I view this as part of the cycle of life, and I want to come back and see who I’m going to be working with someday.”

capstone project mobile service

Harry Dankowicz , chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, noted the enormous diversity—and coverages—he saw at Capstone Design Expo. “Even in different engineering disciplines, our students are often tasked with the same kinds of challenges, and they have to bring in tools from outside of what they’re immediately learning,” he said. “There’s both the diversification of the problems and the convergences that really make a difference to solutions.”

As executive vice president and chief operating officer at the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, mechanical engineering alumna and project judge Monica Watkins ’94 is always on the lookout for tomorrow’s engineers. “I have made it my personal mission to be involved,” she said, and she liked what she saw. “What I’m observing is the thought process—the intentionality, the critical thinking, the strategic planning and design. We value those skills. Not just that you’re an engineer, but that you have the mindset to work through problems and recommend solutions that we may not have considered.”

For the Dean’s Award winners, the team is looking ahead to what’s next for their medical device to empower opioid overdose bystanders. “I was super stoked to hear from everyone that they wanted to see this go to market and that they see this as a viable solution,” said Yeung. “Moving forward I want to see where this goes. I think it could be something big.”

To read more about all 98 student teams, visit the Capstone Design Expo site .

Published May 8, 2024

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Terrapin Rocket Team Flies High, Takes Second in Category at...

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UMD Takes Second at VFS Design-Build-Vertical-Flight Competition

news story image

How one Wilmington bus tour honors 70th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

capstone project mobile service

One 76-year-old University of Delaware student had an idea.

Karen Ingram had been cultivating interest in a particular chapter of Delaware history long before she enrolled. Now, about to earn her first master's degree this spring, almost all of her academic writings have surrounded this history. Her own experience led her to it. And this weekend, she got to share that passion on "The Trail to Desegregation."

Ingram, empowered by community partners for a final capstone project, marked the 70th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision with a bus tour. It would trace Delaware's own roots in this landmark desegregation ruling, as the sold-out Saturday tour made stops at Redding House Museum and Community Center, Howard High School, Claymont Community Center and Hockessin Colored School #107C.

"I wanted to tell the whole story," Ingram said, knowing people rarely get to put all these pieces together. "That is what got us here. I wanted to tell the whole story, on a half-day ride on a bus."

By Saturday morning, some 40 people would pack that fitting school bus in front of now-Howard High School of Technology, once the only high school serving Black students in the state and one of the earliest in the nation. Seats filled with fellow organizers, members of the public and a few special guests.

And while the bus rolled down the street, these Delaware institutions have quietly weaved their own way into well-known national history. Seemingly everyone understands the Brown v. Board of Education decision, eventually stripping the country of its "separate but equal" doctrine, to be one of the most seminal cases in American history.

But many might need a reminder of how closely Delaware is tied to the same story.

Wilmington with two school districts? Delaware’s latest redistricting vision to take shape

Reclaiming connections

Ingram has been hungry to learn more about this history.

Coming to Delaware as a young woman, the New Jersey native took a job working as a legal secretary for Louis L. Redding in 1968, first as a Goldey-Beacom College co-op student. The Wilmington powerhouse lawyer and civil rights advocate had helped lead the legal team on two cases challenging school segregation in Delaware, then at the U.S. Supreme Court in Brown v. Board.

Only, as a 21-year-old, Ingram didn't realize it. She left the work for a corporate job, hoping for better benefits.

"I did not know at the time being, you know, that the man who I was working for was very powerful," Ingram recalled. In fact, growing up in New Jersey, in school, in early years of corporate work, she was often in majority-white spaces.

"I did not realize that I lacked a lot of knowledge in African history, of my African American history," she said. "So, I had an opportunity to go to the University of Delaware, and my focus was on African American subjects."

Working within community organizations, earning a bachelor's in her 50s, this master's before 80, soon going for her doctorate — she has been soaking up as much as she can ever since. And rather than write a thesis for her program, Ingram decided to create a project to honor Redding’s legacy.

It started by getting on the bus.

School rankings: U.S. News & World Report just ranked Delaware’s top schools. But what do they miss?

'The Trail to Desegregation'

The family home of Ingram's once-boss is more than a house today.

Tour takers saw a Redding House Museum and Community Center maintained by its own foundation, now also a historical landmark located near downtown Wilmington. After rehabilitation that followed in 1997, it looks to honor Redding’s legacy, one of impact on civil rights, community and law.

During the more than 50 years that he practiced law in Delaware, according to the foundation, the state's first Black attorney handled cases that challenged discrimination in housing, public accommodations, employment and criminal justice.

Redding's two Delaware cases would consolidate with four other cases, now collectively remembered as Brown v. Board of Education. Those cases were Bulah v. Gebhart and Gebhart v. Belton.

"Does anyone know why we're on a bus?" Ingram posed from the front, looking back at her tour as it moved along.

Everyone got the idea. In 1951, the families of Ethel Louise Belton and Shirley Barbara Bulah hired Redding in two separate cases, suing the state for refusing to provide transportation to attend the schools closest to their homes. Belton was required to attend Howard High School, a forced 20-mile round trip on public transportation, while living just blocks from all-white Claymont High. Bulah attended Hockessin Colored School #107-C, even though a white school would have been much closer for the 7-year-old.

Now Claymont Community Center, the high school once housed the "Claymont Twelve," a group of Black students who successfully integrated the school under court order in 1952, according to organizers, despite the Delaware attorney general's instructions not to do it.

Most further desegregation ceased until cases made their way through the Supreme Court. And, though the coming decision called for "immediate" stop to segregated schools, the reality would play out much more slowly. In Delaware, school segregation in some areas persisted until the late '60s.

Hockessin Colored School #107C ceased operations after desegregation. After a rocky road, the school has now been restored and transformed into a Center for Diversity and Social Equity. In 2022, President Joe Biden protected the site, having signed a law incorporating Hockessin Colored School #107 into the National Park System among other additions.

Biden and parks: Delaware played a big role in Brown v. Board of Education. So did this Hockessin school

“The Trail to Desegregation: A Journey to Freedom and Equality” — Ingram's project coming together thanks to help from Delaware Humanities, the National Endowment for the Humanities, Delaware Heritage Commission, the Delaware Historical Society and more partners — followed these markers in a loop, while speakers and tours padded it with historical context.

The cases they traced went on to reshape education across the country, even as new challenges persist today. Students, families, communities in Delaware helped fuel this May 17, 1954, decision finding racial segregation in schools unconstitutional in the United States.

Ingram hopes people take that with them, maybe even fueling future tours.

"In the '50s, people were not supposed to be an advocate for their rights; they were just supposed to let things be the way they are," she said. "So I'd like to think that people will know: There is an opportunity for anybody who wants to change things. They can do that."

Got a story? Kelly Powers covers race, culture and equity for Delaware Online/The News Journal and USA TODAY Network Northeast, with a focus on education. Contact her at [email protected] or (231) 622-2191, and follow her on X @kpowers01 .

Chalkboard: Montessori's learning pond; graduation livestreams; Wilson athletes announce colleges

School- and youth-related news.

capstone project mobile service

STAUNTON — Montessori students have been working with the Staunton-based educational nonprofit farm Project GROWS to develop an outdoor learning pond. On Thursday, two students will lead a farm tour for their classmates and teachers to showcase this semester-long capstone project.

Staunton Montessori School and Project GROWS have partnered to offer an expanded curriculum based on garden education for students of all ages. Through the development of a community-based project, students were offered the autonomy to design and execute a permanent learning space on the farm.

After interviewing staff to better understand the needs of the farm, two 14-year-old Montessori students designed a water feature project to completely rebuild the current outdoor learning area on-site.

Students also interviewed Rich Wood, the education and outreach coordinator at Headwaters Soil and Water Conservation District. He answered students’ questions about tadpole habitat preferences and detailed his own experience creating water features.

Students researched best practices for increasing pond biodiversity through the planting of pollinator-friendly species and created a tadpole habitat to encourage winter hibernation. Throughout their semester on the farm, students practiced teamwork, problem-solving, and time management skills to overcome the challenges that arose during construction.

The Staunton Montessori School adolescent program serves students in grades 7-9 (ages 12-15) by providing a hands-on, project-based learning experience in a compassionate community. This program emphasizes integration and connection among academic topics, grounded in the connections found in the living systems of the world, with the goal of engendering a life-long love for, and habits of, learning.

Staunton Montessori School, located in Fishersville, respects the mind, imagination, and spirit of each student. Grounded in the philosophy of Maria Montessori, they create an environment where children are empowered to fulfill their academic, personal and social potential.

Project GROWS envisions a world with an equitable food system where everyone has the access and knowledge to choose, grow, and enjoy foods that support a healthy life. They are proud to partner with a mission-aligned educational program which also promotes experiential learning. 

Graduation livestreams

Several area schools will offer livestreams for their graduations ceremonies this year. The links are below.

  • WAYNESBORO: Friday, May 17, 7 p.m. at Waynesboro High School: Click HERE for Live Feed link ( NOTE:  If you don't have the  Zoom Workplace App , click  "Join from Your Browser."
  • BUFFALO GAP: Saturday, May 19, 9 a.m. (moved inside to the new gym):
  • STAUNTON: Saturday, May 19, 10 a.m. at Staunton High School: School's Facebook page
  • WILSON MEMORIAL: Monday, May 20, 7 p.m. at JMU:
  • FORT DEFIANCE: Tuesday, May 21, 7 P.M. at JMU:
  • STUARTS DRAFT: Wednesday, May 22, 7 P.M. at JMU:

Wilson Memorial athletes announce college commitments

The following Wilson Memorial athletes celebrated their college choices at the school Wednesday, May 15.

  • Max Vess - US Military Academy, Track
  • Kealo Smith - Bluefield University, Baseball
  • Jaden Rose - Bluefield University, Baseball
  • Ryan Mundie - Bridgewater College, Football
  • Alex Jordan - James Madison University, Cheerleading
  • Adelie Condra - Hollins University, Soccer
  • Kayla Karnes - Randolph College, Soccer

More: Craigsville granted $3.8 million by newly passed state budget

More: Waynesboro's traffic garden will help new bicyclists learn to ride safely

—  Patrick Hite is The News Leader's education reporter. Story ideas and tips always welcome. Contact Patrick (he/him/his) at  [email protected]  and follow him on Twitter  @Patrick_Hite . Subscribe to us at .


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    Capstone project writing services can be a tremendous help for many students. With the large volume of work required to complete a capstone project, plenty of students look for guidance on writing, researching, and structuring a capstone project paper. Capstone project writing services are very similar to thesis writing services in the guidance ...

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    An Analysis Of The Impact Of Automation On The Service Industry. This Capstone project could explore how automation is affecting the service industry, such as the impact on customer service, employment, and job satisfaction, and propose potential solutions to address any negative impacts. ... Developing a Mobile App for Personal Finance ...

  12. 1. Pre-Planning for Your Capstone Project

    Capstone projects have long been a hallmark of professional education. Capstone projects aim to help you recognize your own growth and development during your scholarly pursuits. Capstone projects are also an effective method of showcasing attained and refined skills and competencies (Moore, 2021).

  13. 150 Best Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

    Designing a Knowledge Management System. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Optimization. Business Intelligence Dashboard for E-Commerce. Implementing an Information Retrieval System. Inventory Management System with RFID Technology. Point of Sale (POS) System for Retail Businesses.

  14. Capstone Project Services

    Obadiah Swafford, principal, is a partner at Capstone Project Services and is a registered architect with over 19 years of experience. His experience includes a broad range of project types including secondary and higher education, retail, banking, medical office, single and multi family residential, mixed use and residential development planning.

  15. Android and Mobile Based Capstone Projects 2024

    This topic discusses Android and mobile based capstone projects, their importance, and provides a list of 67 mobile-based project ideas. ... Civil Service Exam Reviewer App: This mobile app is designed to help users prepare for civil service exams. The app provides a wide range of review materials, including sample questions, quizzes, and other ...

  16. List of Completed Capstone Projects with Source code

    The capstone project, "First Aid Mobile Application" allows users to provide first aid during an emergency. The mobile application will provide the step-by-step process of doing the first aid for the specific injury or illness. ... The said system helps smoothen and improvise the dry cleaners and laundry business management service workflow ...

  17. Android/Mobile Thesis and Capstone Projects

    If you are looking for Android/Mobile Thesis and Capstone Projects then you are at the right place. We have a list of mobile projects below for your capstone and thesis projects in your school. All listed below, it can be create or developed in three major mobile Operating System or OS, those are IOS, Android, and Windows .

  18. About Us

    Our History. We are slowly but surely reaching 10 years of giving students exceptional writing support. 2010. A burning desire to provide our customers with high-quality writing is what primarily gave rise to our service. 2013. The number of services we offer and our spheres of expertise doubled, and our squad grew to 100 authors & editors. 2015.

  19. Online Coding Bootcamp

    San José State University Tech Bootcamps is committed to making tech education more accessible, so we're reducing the enrollment deposit to $99* (normally $1,000) for a limited time. Get started on your journey before the deposit increases! Enrollment Deposit - $1,000 $99*. Tuition During Program - $14,896.

  20. capstone-project · GitHub Topics · GitHub

    To associate your repository with the capstone-project topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics." GitHub is where people build software. More than 100 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 420 million projects.

  21. Samsung Austin Semiconductor sponsored capstone project takes home

    The project was to design and demonstrate the ability to start and shut down a diesel generator after a pre-set time period from a mobile device. The product recorded critical parameters during the duration of the test and displayed a test report in real-time, as well as historical data from previous test runs.

  22. AI Potential with Service Requests and Incidents

    Within the City of Seattle, the IT Department resolves service requests and incidents through service/help desk or the Service Hub system. Given the complexity of the data generated from the system, it's challenging for IT staff to extract actionable insights to expedite the resolution of stalled requests. This project aims to transform ...

  23. Own A Capstone Clinic

    Capstone Key Facts: Incorporated in 2006. Fully credentialed with ABC. 9 clinic locations. Serving 20 California counties. 2500 patients serviced annually. 24 Managed Care contracts. Dunn & Bradstreet reference #002000848. Banker, Wells Fargo.

  24. Inaugural ECE Capstone Design event highlights student innovation

    The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosted its first ECE Capstone Design Open House on May 3, 2024. Twenty-two student teams from three senior design courses created projects of their own invention throughout the semester and presented them at the event in Engineering Hall.

  25. A Ventilation Coach for Opioid Overdose Bystanders Takes Top Prize at

    Their capstone design project, "Accessible Ventilation Coach for Opioid Overdose Bystanders," won the Dean's Award (and a $1,000 prize) at the May 1 event, held on UMD's College Park campus at the XFINITY Center. The bioengineering team's innovative adjunctive device, which uses a printed circuit board, connects to a bag valve mask ...

  26. WeHOPE

    WeHOPE is the loving neighbor that believes access to clean water, a healthy meal, and affordable dignified housing is a basic human right. We believe that no one facing homelessness should go without a shower, clean laundry, a healthy meal, or a safe place to sleep, which is why we provide comprehensive services that meet the health and safety ...

  27. Industrial Engineering Seniors Recognized With Awards for Two-Semester

    During the 2023-24 academic year, 42 industrial engineering seniors on nine teams participated in the Industrial Engineering Capstone Experience. The teams work on project problems provided by industry partners. They begin in their fall semester by getting to know their industry partner and the issues motivating the project.

  28. 4395 Capstone Ct, Roswell, GA 30075

    The listing broker's offer of compensation is made only to participants of the MLS where the listing is filed. Georgia. Cobb County. Roswell. 30075. 4395 Capstone Ct. Zillow has 43 photos of this $1,059,900 4 beds, 4 baths, 3,300 Square Feet single family home located at 4395 Capstone Ct, Roswell, GA 30075 built in 2024. MLS #7365599.

  29. Brown v. Board's 70th anniversary marked by Delaware bus tour

    Ingram, empowered by community partners for a final capstone project, marked the 70th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision with a bus tour. It would trace Delaware's own roots ...

  30. Montessori's learning pond; graduation livestreams; more: Chalkboard

    STAUNTON — Montessori students have been working with the Staunton-based educational nonprofit farm Project GROWS to develop an outdoor learning pond. On Thursday, two students will lead a farm tour for their classmates and teachers to showcase this semester-long capstone project. Staunton Montessori School and Project GROWS have partnered to ...