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Sentence List: All Sentences

See many examples of full sentences signed in this phrase list.

My sister is having another baby. ANOTHER BABY MY SISTER BORN-WILL.

I love to cook hamburgers on the grill. G-R-I-L-L HAMBURGER COOK I LOVE.

I like to ice skate on our pond. OUR P-O-N-D ICE SKATE I LIKE.

I like to be active and not sit and watch TV all day. ALL DAY I LIKE ACTIVE NOT SIT WATCH #TV.

Are you prepared for hurricane season? HURRICANE S-E-A-S-O-N YOU READY PREPARE?

The dinner party was awkward because most of us did not know each other. DINNER PARTY AWKWARD WHY? MOST US NOT KNOW EACH OTHER.

My favorite author is me! MY FAVORITE AUTHOR WHO? ME!

I love anything that has chocolate in it. I LOVE ANYTHING HAVE CHOCOLATE INSIDE.

In 1947, Rhulin Thomas became the first deaf pilot to fly from coast-to-coast in the U.S. alone. YEAR 1947 R-H-U-L-I-N T-H-O-M-A-S HE FIRST DEAF PILOT ALONE UNITED STATES C-O-A-S-T FLY-ACROSS C-O-A-S-T.

Sean Berdy is a deaf actor well known for acting on the TV series Switched at Birth. S-E-A-N B-E-R-D-Y HIMSELF DEAF ACTOR FAMOUS WHY? HE INVOLVED #TV PROGRAM QUOTE SWITCHED A-T BIRTH.

Did you see the movie about the life of Kitty O’Neil, a deaf stuntwoman and racer? YOU FINISH SEE MOVIE ABOUT DEAF WOMAN HERSELF FAMOUS S-T-U-N-T WOMAN AND CAR RACER. HER NAME K-I-T-T-Y O’-N-E-I-L.

Do you like to watch baseball? BASEBALL WATCH YOU LIKE?

My daughter gave me beautiful flowers. BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS MY DAUGHTER GIVE-ME.

My brother is thin because he exercises everyday. MY BROTHER THIN WHY? (because) EXERCISE EVERYDAY.

Can you hear all the birds singing? ALL BIRDS SINGING HEAR CAN YOU?

My 29th birthday is tomorrow! (Just kidding!) TOMORROW MY BIRTHDAY! I OLD 29. WINK-WINK.

I watched a boring movie last night and fell asleep. LAST NIGHT BORING MOVIE I WATCH FALL-ASLEEP ME.

I like to eat cheese on my broccoli. MY B-R-O-C-C-O-L-I CHEESE POUR I LIKE.

I need to drink coffee to wake me up every morning. EVERY MORNING I WAKE UP HOW? COFFEE NEED DRINK ME.

I encourage my students to attend college. COLLEGE GO-TO MY STUDENTS I ENCOURAGE.

I enjoy playing with my cousins at my grandmother's house. GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE COUSINS PLAY-AROUND I ENJOY.

My sister is Deaf and goes to Gallaudet University. GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY MY DEAF SISTER GO-TO.

I eat ice cream for dessert every night. EVERY NIGHT DESSERT ICE CREAM I EAT.

I'm looking for a new doctor. NEW DOCTOR LOOK-FOR I.

I need a drink of water. WATER DRINK I NEED.

Luckily my family is very supportive. LUCKY ME WHY? MY FAMILY SUPPORT ME!

My grandfather is a dairy farmer. MY GRANDFATHER WORK WHAT? DAIRY FARMER.

My father-in-law worked at a factory for twenty-five years. 25 YEARS FACTORY MY FATHER-IN-LAW WORK WORK WORK.

I like to watch college football games. COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMES WATCH I LIKE.

Do you like Arby’s or Wendy’s french fries better? FRENCH FRIES A-R-B-Y'S W-E-N-D-Y'S YOU LIKE BETTER WHICH?

My family grows watermelon in our garden. OUR G-A-R-D-E-N WATERMELON MY FAMILY GROW GROW GROW.

Every Tuesday my family has game night. EVERY TUESDAY MY FAMILY DO-DO? GAME NIGHT.

My girlfriends are coming over for dinner tonight. TONIGHT DINNER MY GIRLFRIENDS COME OVER.

My daughter is always happy. MY DAUGHTER SHE ALWAYS HAPPY.

I bought a new hat. NEW HAT I BUY FINISH.

I heard you were quitting your job. YOUR JOB YOU QUIT I HEARD.

William “Dummy” Hoy was a Deaf Major League Baseball player and some say he helped establish the baseball signals for safe and out calls. W-I-L-L-I-A-M QUOTE “D-U-M-M-Y” H-O-Y HIMSELF FAMOUS DEAF BASEBALL PLAYER HE HELP SETUP BASEBALL S-I-G-N-A-L-S SAFE OUT.

I like to learn about a building's history. BUILDING HISTORY LEARN ABOUT I LIKE.

I have many good ideas for your birthday party. YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY MANY GOOD IDEAS I HAVE.

My office just hired a new interpreter. NEW INTERPRETER MY OFFICE RECENTLY HIRE.

My favorite vegetable is corn on the cob. MY FAVORITE #VEG (vegetable) WHAT? CORN ON THE COB.

My neighbor is lazy, he never mows the lawn. MY NEIGHBOR LAZY WHY? MOW LAWN NEVER.

I go to the library about 3 days a week. 3 DAYS WEEK LIBRARY I GO-TO.

Two cats are better, so they don't get lonely. TWO CATS BETTER WHY? NOT BECOME LONELY.

My mother-in-law has been very sick recently. MY MOTHER-IN-LAW RECENTLY SICK (emphasized).

Don't forget to put your name on the paper. PAPER YOUR NAME WRITE NOT FORGET.

When I was young I delivered the newspaper every morning. WHEN I YOUNG EVERY MORNING NEWSPAPER I DELIVER.

I wanted to buy a ticket for the game but they had none left. BUY TICKET FOR GAME I WANT BUT NONE LEFT.

I'm doing nothing this weekend. NOW WEEKEND ME DO-DO NOTHING.

The school nurse is always busy. SCHOOL NURSE ALWAYS BUSY.

Apple's business plan is top secret. A-P-P-L-E THEIR BUSINESS PLAN SECRET.

Kenny Walker is deaf and played football in the NFL for the Denver Broncos. K-E-N-N-Y W-A-L-K-E-R HE DEAF HE PLAY FOOTBALL N-F-L WHICH TEAM? D-E-N-V-E-R B-R-O-N-C-O-S .

My favorite kind of popcorn is kettle corn. MY FAVORITE KIND POPCORN WHICH? K-E-T-T-L-E C-O-R-N

My dog is always in trouble. TROUBLE MY #DOG ALWAYS.

I think it is supposed to rain all week. ALL WEEK SUPPOSED-TO RAIN I THINK.

I enjoy reading children's picture books. CHILDREN PICTURE BOOKS READ I ENJOY.

I roller skated a lot when I was young. WHEN I YOUNG I ROLLER SKATED A LOT.

Please write in complete sentences. COMPLETE SENTENCE WRITE PLEASE.

I just bought a new shirt. NEW SHIRT I RECENTLY BUY.

My grandfather is a silly man. MY GRANDFATHER SILLY MAN.

I love watching sports every Saturday. EVERY SATURDAY S-P-O-R-T-S WATCH I LOVE.

I support the work of the Red Cross. RED CROSS THEIR WORK I SUPPORT.

Ella Mae Lentz is a Deaf American teacher, poet, advocate, and author. E-L-L-A M-A-E L-E-N-T-Z HERSELF DEAF AMERICAN TEACHER POET ADVOCATE AUTHOR.

Thank you for the nice gift. THANK YOU NICE GIFT.

My favorite time to swim is 8 in the morning. MY FAVORITE TIME SWIM WHEN? 8 MORNING.

We have to practice together for our dance competition. OUR DANCE COMPETITION PRACTICE TOGETHER WE SHOULD.

I like to play the drums as loudly as I can. DRUMS DRUMS (play with emphasis) LOUD I LIKE.

I like to take the train to Chicago. GO-TO CHICAGO HOW? TRAIN PREFER I.

I visited Gallaudet University two years ago. 2 YEARS AGO GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY I VISIT.

Today the wind is 25 mph. TODAY WIND 25 #MPH.

I am invited to 3 weddings this summer. THIS SUMMER 3 WEDDINGS INVITE I.

I have to work at 1 pm today. TIME 1 PM ME DO-DO? GO WORK.

You need to take a bath! BATH NEED YOU!

I got good books from the library. ME GO LIBRARY GET WHAT? GOOD BOOKS.

I need to buy new comfortable shoes before I go to Disney World. NEW COMFORTABLE SHOES NEED BUY I WHY? DISNEY WORLD GO-TO WILL I.

My aunt makes the best cakes! BEST CAKES MAKE WHO? MY AUNT.

M&M's are my favorite kind of candy. MY FAVORITE CANDY WHAT? M-M.

I need to buy a new car soon. SOON NEW CAR BUY I NEED.

My cat weighs 18 pounds. MY CAT WEIGH HOW MUCH? 18 POUNDS.

Do you like chocolate ice cream? CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM YOU LIKE?

What kind of computer do you prefer? A Mac or a PC? COMPUTER YOU PREFER WHICH? M-A-C P-C WHICH?

I want to cook a dinner for you. COOK DINNER FOR YOU I WANT.

I love to make and eat chocolate chip cookies! CHOCOLATE C-H-I-P COOKIES BAKE EAT I ENJOY.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. TOMORROW DENTIST APPOINTMENT I HAVE.

Your room is dirty, please clean it. YOUR ROOM DIRTY CLEAN PLEASE.

I am going out to dinner with friends Friday night. FRIDAY NIGHT ME DO-DO? GO-OUT EAT WITH FRIENDS.

Granville Redmond was a deaf artist. He was friends with Charlie Chaplin and gave him tips from ASL to use when acting in silent films. G-R-A-N-V-I-L-L-E R-E-D-M-O-N-D HIMSELF DEAF ARTIST. HE FRIEND WHO? C-H-A-R-L-I-E C-H-A-P-L-I-N. HE TEACH ASL FOR-FOR? USE DURING SILENT MOVIES.

Please give the book to the librarian. LIBRARIAN BOOK GIVE-TO PLEASE.

My son is going to law school at the University of Michigan. LAW SCHOOL MY SON GO WHERE? UNIVERSITY M-I-C-H.

I like to drink a big glass of milk after exercising. FINISH EXERCISE MILK BIG GLASS DRINK I LIKE.

I am taking a yoga class on Monday. MONDAY Y-O-G-A CLASS ME TAKE.

What are you doing tomorrow night? TOMORROW NIGHT YOU DO-DO?

My grandma bakes an apple pie every year for my birthday. EVERY YEAR MY BIRTHDAY APPLE PIE MY GRANDMA BAKE.

My uncle is very good at telling tales of his life on the farm. TALES MY UNCLE GOOD ABOUT WHAT? GROW UP FARM.

I want to eat a chef salad. C-H-E-F SALAD EAT I WANT.

My favorite class is science. MY FAVORITE CLASS WHAT? SCIENCE.

If it is snowing, you should drive slowly. IF SNOW DRIVE SLOW YOU SHOULD.

I love the smell of the flowers in the spring. SPRING FLOWERS SMELL I LOVE.

I have a new stepmother. NEW S-T-E-P MOTHER I HAVE.

Do you want to put sugar in your coffee? YOUR COFFEE SUGAR PUT-IN YOU WANT?

Would you like a cup of tea? CUP TEA YOU WANT?

I have a fake tooth. FAKE TOOTH I HAVE.

Sir Charles Scott Sherrington was a hard of hearing scientist who received the Nobel Prize in 1932 for helping shape our understanding of the central nervous system. S-I-R C-H-A-R-L-E-S S-C-O-T-T S-H-E-R-R-I-N-G-T-O-N HIMSELF HARD-OF-HEARING SCIENTIST. YEAR 1932 HE RECEIVED N-O-B-E-L P-R-I-Z-E MEDAL WHY? HE HELP PEOPLE UNDERSTAND C-E-N-T-R-A-L N-E-R-V-O-U-S S-Y-S-T-E-M.

I plan to ski in the winter. WINTER SKI I PLAN.

My son is not happy, I bought the wrong cereal. MY SON NOT HAPPY WHY WRONG C-E-R-E-A-L I BUY.

The pet store has 10 workers. P-E-T STORE WORKERS HOW MANY? 10.

That is an ugly shirt! UGLY SHIRT THAT (POINT)!

I ate an egg with toast for breakfast. BREAKFAST EGG TOAST I EAT FINISH.

I collect shiny pennies. SHINY PENNIES I COLLECT.

I am looking forward to summer because I can ride my bike. SUMMER I LOOK-FORWARD WHY? RIDE-BIKE.

My daughter takes dance lessons every Saturday morning. EVERY SATURDAY MORNING DANCE LESSONS MY DAUGHTER TAKE.

Do you want to walk to the store to buy ice cream? STORE YOU WANT WALK BUY ICE CREAM?

I can't wait for my vacation so I can relax! MY VACATION I CAN'T WAIT WHY? ME CAN RELAX!

I drink 8 glasses of water everyday. EVERYDAY 8 GLASSES WATER I DRINK.

I save money at the grocery store by using coupons. GROCERY STORE I SAVE MONEY HOW? USE C-O-U-P-O-N-S.

Our teacher requires me to be early to class. CLASS ARRIVE EARLY MY TEACHER REQUIRES.

Andrew Foster was a famous Deaf African American who was a reverend, educator, and missionary. He established the first school for the deaf in Africa. A-N-D-R-E-W F-O-S-T-E-R HIMSELF FAMOUS DEAF BLACK MINISTER TEACHER MISSIONARY. HE SETUP FIRST DEAF SCHOOL WHERE? AFRICA.

Can you order me a cheeseburger? CHEESEBURGER ORDER FOR ME CAN YOU?

Your idea is absurd! YOUR IDEA ABSURD!

I eat one apple a day. EVERYDAY DO-DO ME? EAT ONE APPLE.

I am terrible at archery. ARCHERY ME TERRIBLE.

My son plans to join the armed forces after high school. FINISH H-S ARMED FORCES JOIN MY SON PLANS.

The soccer team lost, but they still had a good attitude. SOCCER TEAM ALL-OF-THEM LOST DOESN’T MATTER STILL GOOD ATTITUDE.

I like bacon and eggs for breakfast. BREAKFAST BACON EGGS EAT I LIKE I.

I love to bake chocolate chip cookies! CHOCOLATE C-H-I-P COOKIES BAKE I LOVE!

We had a big barbecue on the 4th of July. JULY FOURTH BIG B-B-Q WE HOST.

We saw a big black bear and her two babies in the woods yesterday. YESTERDAY WOODS BIG BLACK BEAR HER TWO C-U-B-S WE SAW.

My uncle always has a gray beard. GRAY BEARD MY UNCLE ALWAYS HAS.

I just bought a blueberry candle. RECENTLY BLUEBERRY CANDLE I BUY.

You have to take a boat to get to Mackinac Island. M-A-C-K-I-N-A-C ISLAND GO-TO HOW? BOAT MUST YOU.

Sometimes people think the deaf use braille, but that is not true, only blind people use braille. SOMETIMES PEOPLE THINK DEAF PEOPLE USE BRAILLE. NO! ONLY BLIND PEOPLE USE BRAILLE.

I eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday. EVERYDAY BREAKFAST O-A-T-M-E-A-L EAT I.

My car broke down on the bridge. BRIDGE MY CAR BROKE-DOWN.

Look at all the beautiful butterflies! BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES LOOK-AT!

I bought a new camera before my vacation. BEFORE VACATION NEW CAMERA BOUGHT I.

I work as a camp counselor every summer. EVERY SUMMER CAMP COUNSELOR I WORK.

I have many candles in my house. MY HOUSE MANY CANDLES HAVE.

Teaching my kids to help other people builds good character. MY KIDS I TEACH HELP HELP OTHER PEOPLE WHY? DEVELOPS GOOD CHARACTER.

There is no gum chewing in class. CLASS CHEW-GUM NOT ALLOW.

What color is your new car? YOUR NEW CAR COLOR WHAT?

Louise Fletcher is a CODA and was the third actress in history to win an Academy Award, BAFTA Award, and Golden Globe Award for a single performance. L-O-U-I-S-E F-L-E-T-C-H-E-R SHE C-O-D-A HERSELF ACTRESS SHE WON THREE AWARDS ONE-OF-THREE O-S-C-A-R TWO-OF-THREE B-A-F-T-A THREE-OF-THREE G-L-O-D-E-N G-L-O-B-E FOR ONE MOVIE QUOTE O-N-E F-L-E-W O-V-E-R T-H-E C-U-C-K-O-O’S N-E-S-T QUOTE.

The kids like to eat crackers and cheese. CRACKERS CHEESE KIDS LIKE EAT.

I am more productive when my desk is clean. MY DESK CLEAN I MORE PRODUCTIVE.

Detectives investigate crime. DETECTIVES DO-DO? INVESTIGATE CRIME.

Everyone should own a good dictionary. GOOD DICTIONARY EVERYONE SHOULD #OWN.

I have a Bachelor's degree in physics. MY #BA DEGREE MAJOR WHAT? PHYSICS.


Yesterday I saw a bald eagle outside my window. YESTERDAY HAPPEN WHAT? WINDOW I LOOK SEE EAGLE.

My family is going to grandma's house for Easter. EASTER GRANDMA'S HOUSE MY FAMILY GO-TO.

The elevator got stuck on the 3rd floor. THIRD FLOOR ELEVATOR STUCK.

I have no energy, I need to eat. I NEED EAT WHY? I HAVE NO ENERGY.

Five plus five equals ten. 5 plus 5 equals 10.

My best friend has one blue eye and one brown eye. ONE BLUE EYE ONE BROWN EYE MY BEST FRIEND HAS.

Marlee Matlin is a famous Deaf Actress. She won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for her role in the movie Children of a Lesser God. M-A-R-L-E-E M-A-T-L-I-N SHE FAMOUS DEAF ACTRESS. SHE WON BOTH A-C-A-D-E-M-Y A-W-A-R-D G-O-L-D-E-N G-L-O-B-E FOR HER ROLE MOVIE QUOTE CHILDREN O-F A L-E-S-S-E-R GOD.

Cal Rodgers was a deaf pilot. He made the first transcontinental airplane flight after crashing several times along the way. C-A-L R-O-D-G-E-R-S HE DEAF PILOT HIS GOAL U-S FLY-ACROSS (FLIGHT) WRONG FLY-ACROSS CRASH LUCKY ALIVE FIX FIX FIX FLY-ACROSS CRASH STILL ALIVE FIX FIX FIX FLY-ACROSS MANY STOP STOP STOP FINALLY ARRIVE YAY.

My cat likes to chase frogs. CHASE FROGS MY CAT LIKES.

My friends and I had fun at the baseball game. BASEBALL GAME MY FRIENDS ALL-OF-US HAD #FUN.

I hope when I go to Las Vegas that I get a 7 or 11 when I roll the dice. I GO LAS VEGAS DICE (ROLL DICE) HOPE HIT WHAT? 7 11.

We put in a garden every summer. EVERY SUMMER GARDEN WE PLANT.

My father plays golf every morning. EVERY MORNING MY FATHER PLAY GOLF.

To be successful, it helps to have good grammar. YOU WANT SUCCESS IMPORTANT HAVE GOOD GRAMMAR.

My niece got a pink guitar for Christmas. CHRISTMAS MY NIECE GOT WHAT? PINK GUITAR.

Halloween is scary. HALLOWEEN SCARY.

It’s important to have a good handshake. GOOD HANDSHAKE IMPORTANT.

The 98 year old man is in good health because he lives in Florida. MAN OLD 98 GOOD HEALTH WHY? LIVE FLORIDA.

I heard Bill is having heart problems. HEART PROBLEMS B-I-L-L HAS I HEARD.

I have seven white horses. 7 WHITE HORSES I HAVE.

I always eat hot dogs at baseball games. BASEBALL GAMES HOT DOGS I ALWAYS EAT.

My grandfather used to hunt for deer. LONG TIME AGO MY GRANDFATHER DEER HE HUNT.

My favorite flavor of ice cream is butter pecan. ICE CREAM MY #FAV FLAVOR WHAT? BUTTER P-E-C-A-N.

Today is World Kindness Day. TODAY WHAT? WORLD KINDNESS DAY.

My dad always kisses my mom bye. MY DAD KISS MY MOM BYE ALWAYS.

I laughed and laughed during the movie because it was funny. ME LAUGH WHY? MOVIE FUNNY.

The teacher has a loud voice. TEACHER HIS VOICE LOUD.

Can you meet me for lunch? LUNCH MEET ME CAN YOU?

I need to measure the room before I buy carpet. BEFORE C-A-R-P-E-T I BUY ROOM MEASURE I NEED.

The army captain was awarded 3 medals. ARMY CAPTAIN HONORED 3 MEDALS.

We saw Mickey Mouse on our trip to Florida. F-L-A TRIP WE SAW WHO? MICKEY MOUSE.

I like to eat microwave popcorn for a snack. S-N-A-C-K I LIKE EAT WHAT? MICROWAVE POPCORN.

I made a huge mistake! BIG MISTAKE I!

The moon is bright tonight. TONIGHT MOON BRIGHT.

I enjoy visiting Tennessee because of their beautiful mountains. T-E-N-N I ENJOY VISIT WHY? BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAINS.

Please shave your mustache. YOUR MUSTACHE PLEASE SHAVE.

My neighbor has 8 children and 4 dogs. 8 CHILDREN 4 #DOG MY NEIGHBOR HAS.

My friend Lisa lives in a posh neighborhood. MY FRIEND L-I-S-A SHE LIVE POSH NEIGHBORHOOD.

My dream is to live near the ocean. MY DREAM WHAT? LIVE NEAR OCEAN.

Terence Parkin is a deaf swimmer from South Africa. He won the silver medal in the Olympics in 2000. T-E-R-E-N-C-E P-A-R-K-I-N HIMSELF FAMOUS DEAF SWIMMER FROM SOUTH AFRICA. 2000 OLYMPICS SILVER MEDAL HE WON.

I bought my kids new pajamas for Christmas. CHRISTMAS NEW PAJAMAS I BOUGHT MY KIDS.

I buy colorful paper clips. COLORFUL PAPER CLIPS I BUY.

I will go to my parent's house for dinner. MY PARENTS HOUSE DINNER GO WILL I.

Our country needs peace. OUR COUNTRY NEEDS WHAT? PEACE.

The best time of year to buy peaches is during the summer. BEST TIME YEAR BUY PEACHES WHEN? SUMMER.

We have several pear trees. PEAR TREES WE HAVE SEVERAL.

Thirty people will go to the family picnic next Saturday. NEXT SATURDAY FAMILY PICNIC 30 PEOPLE GO.

I have more than 100 pigs on my farm. MY FARM HAVE WHAT? MORE-THAN 100 PIGS.

Three of the most famous deaf pilots are Cal Rodgers, Nellie Zabel Willhite, and Rhulin Thomas. MOST FAMOUS DEAF PILOTS WHO? ONE-OF-THREE C-A-L R-O-D-G-E-R-S, TWO-OF-THREE N-E-L-L-I-E Z-A-B-E-L W-I-L-L-H-I-T-E, THREE-OF-THREE R-H-U-L-I-N T-H-O-M-A-S.

My daughter's bedroom is pink and white. MY DAUGHTER HER BEDROOM PINK WHITE.

I love pizza! PIZZA I LOVE!

Men in the south tend to be very courteous. MEN LIVE SOUTH TEND-TO COURTEOUS.

My mother’s baked potato soup is the BEST! MY MOTHER HER B-A-K-E-D POTATO SOUP CHAMP (BEST).

I. King Jordan was the first Deaf President of Gallaudet University. I K-I-N-G J-O-R-D-A-N HIMSELF FIRST DEAF PRESIDENT GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY.

Christy Smith was the first deaf contestant to appear on the reality TV show Survivor. C-H-R-I-S-T-Y S-M-I-T-H HERSELF FIRST DEAF PERSON INVOLVE #TV PROGRAM TITLE S-U-R-V-I-V-O-R.

I have committed myself to training for the Boston Marathon. BOSTON M-A-R-A-T-H-O-N TRAIN I COMMIT.

My Labrador puppy is 6 months old. MY P-U-P-P-Y L-A-B OLD 6-MONTHS.

My bedroom is purple. MY BEDROOM COLOR WHAT? PURPLE.

Will you turn up the radio please? RADIO YOU TURN-UP PLEASE.

There was a pretty rainbow after the rain showers. RAIN FINISH PRETTY RAINBOW.

My pet rat’s name is Remy. MY P-E-T RAT NAME WHAT? R-E-M-Y

My ex-husband and I are never reconciling. MY EX-HUSBAND TWO-OF-US #BACK (reconcile) NEVER!

I volunteer with the Red Cross once a month. ONCE MONTH RED CROSS I VOLUNTEER.

Can you write a poem that rhymes? POEM R-H-Y-M-E WRITE CAN YOU?

Linda Bove is a deaf actress. She played the role of Linda the librarian on Sesame Street for 31 years. L-I-N-D-A B-O-V-E HERSELF DEAF ACTRESS. SHE ACT #TV PROGRAM S-E-S-A-M-E S-T-R-E-E-T ROLE WHAT? L-I-N-D-A T-H-E LIBRARIAN CONTINUE 31 YEARS.

My mother’s favorite flower is a rose. MY MOTHER HER FAVORITE FLOWER WHAT? ROSE.

My mom will make me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. LUNCH PEANUT BUTTER J-E-L-L-Y SANDWICHES MY MOM MAKE WILL.

Santa loves hot chocolate and cookies. SANTA LOVES HOT CHOCOLATE COOKIES.

You can't put a price on freedom. FREEDOM HAVE PRICE NONE.

I just bought a new plaid shirt. RECENTLY NEW SHIRT PLAID I BUY.

My parents live in a senior citizen community. MY PARENTS LIVE WHERE? SENIOR CITIZEN COMMUNITY.

The two of you need to share the candy bar. CANDY BAR TWO-OF-YOU NEED SHARE.

Simple recipes are the best because you don't have to buy many ingredients. SIMPLE R-E-C-I-P-E BEST WHY? MANY INGREDIENTS NOT HAVE-TO BUY.

The soldiers went to Washington, D.C. today for a special memorial ceremony. TODAY WASHINGTON, D.C. SOLDIERS GATHER WHAT FOR? SPECIAL MEMORIAL CEREMONY.

I want soup and salad for lunch. LUNCH SOUP SALAD I WANT.

We are having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. DINNER SPAGHETTI MEAT B-A-L-L-S WE HAVE.

My father's side of the family is hispanic. MY FATHER HIS FAMILY STRONG HISPANIC.

Michigan has black squirrels. M-I-C-H HAS WHAT? BLACK SQUIRRELS.

Would you like a straw in your drink? YOUR DRINK STRAW YOU WANT?

For supper we're going to have spaghetti and meatballs. SUPPER WHAT? SPAGHETTI MEAT B-A-L-L-S.

At the party there were ten cookies left, so I took two. PARTY TEN COOKIES LEFT ME TOOK TWO.

Where are you going for Thanksgiving dinner? THANKSGIVING DINNER YOU GO WHERE?

I need black thread to sew my dress. MY DRESS SEW BLACK THREAD I NEED.

Would you like a slice of tomato on your sandwich? YOUR SANDWICH TOMATO YOU WANT ADD?

The adoption process takes a lot of time. ADOPTION PROCESS TAKES A LOT TIME.

It's about time I finished this project! PROJECT FINISH ABOUT TIME!

Jeff Float is a deaf American swimmer who won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics. J-E-F-F F-L-O-A-T HIMSELF AMERICAN DEAF SWIMMER 1984 OLYMPICS GOLD MEDAL HE WON.

I want to ask you another question. I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION FOR YOU.

I enjoy going to art museums. ART M-U-S-E-U-M MUSEUM GO-TO I ENJOY.

I enjoy biking in the autumn. AUTUMN BIKING I ENJOY.

I need batteries for my new toy. MY NEW #TOY BATTERY I NEED.

I'm excited I bought a new bike. ME EXCITED WHY? NEW BIKE I BOUGHT.

Every year my boss gives me one hundred dollars for Christmas. EVERY YEAR CHRISTMAS MY BOSS GIVE ME ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

I started my own business. BUSINESS MY #OWN START I.

The closed captions on our TV are always on. OUR #TV #CC (closed captions) ALWAYS #ON.

My grandma bakes cherry pie for my birthday. FOR MY BIRTHDAY CHERRY PIE MY GRANDMA BAKES.

The coach complimented his players for working hard. PLAYERS ALL-OF-THEM THEIR COACH COMPLIMENT WHY? WORK HARD.

Who wrote the Constitution? CONSTITUTION WHO WROTE?

I'm wearing a halloween costume to the party. PARTY I GO-TO HALLOWEEN COSTUME I WEAR.

I wish I could go to Florida now. F-L-A GO-TO NOW I WISH I COULD.

Mr. Shelton is one of my favorite customers. ONE OF MY FAVORITE CUSTOMERS WHO? M-R S-H-E-L-T-O-N.

Dr. Charles Nicolle was born hearing but became deaf by the age of 20. He was the first deaf person to receive a Nobel Prize. It was for discovering that Typhus is spread by lice. D-R C-H-A-R-L-E-S N-I-C-O-L-L-E HE BORN HEARING EAR DETERIORATE AGE 20 FULL DEAF. HE FIRST DEAF GET N-O-B-E-L P-R-I-Z-E FOR DISCOVERING T-Y-P-H-U-S OUTBREAK START HOW? FROM L-I-C-E.

As a young girl, Alice Cogswell, inspired her neighbor, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, to devote his life to educating the deaf and to create the American School for the Deaf. She and six other deaf children were the first students to attend the American School for the Deaf in 1817. LITTLE DEAF GIRL NAME A-L-I-C-E C-O-G-S-W-E-L-L MET NEIGHBOR HIS NAME T-H-O-M-A-S H. G-A-L-L-A-U-D-E-T GALLAUDET. HE FASCINATED HER. YEAR 1871 HE ESTABLISHED AMERICAN SCHOOL FOR DEAF. SHE AND SIX OTHER STUDENTS FIRST ENTER A-S-D.

Meb is a fast runner. FAST RUNNER WHO? M-E-B.

The homemade bread was delicious. HOMEMADE BREAD DELICIOUS.

When I was a Girl Scout, I learned how to build a fire. LONG TIME AGO ME SMALL ME GIRL SCOUT FIRE LEARN HOW-TO BUILD.

My cat's favorite food is tuna. T-U-N-A MY CAT FAVORITE FOOD.

Don't forget to bring a pencil to class tomorrow. TOMORROW CLASS DON’T FORGET BRING PENCIL.

Juliette Gordon Low was sick often while growing up and lost her hearing in her right ear. On her wedding day, rice went into her left ear and when the doctor tried to take it out, he punctured her eardrum. Then she was deaf in both ears. She founded the Girl Scouts when she was 51 years old because she wanted girls to have the same opportunities as boys. J-U-L-I-E-T-T-E G-O-R-D-O-N L-O-W SHE GREW-UP SICKLY RIGHT EAR DETERIORATE. LATER HER WEDDING R-I-C-E WENT-IN-THE-EAR LEFT EAR DOCTOR TRY EXTRACT OOPS PUNCTURE EAR NOW DEAF BOTH EARS. FUTURE AGE 51 SHE FOUNDED GIRL SCOUTS WHY? WANT GIRLS SAME BOYS.

My least favorite class in school is geography. GEOGRAPHY MY LEAST FAVORITE CLASS.

My goal is to finish my homework before class. MY GOAL WHAT? COMPLETE HOMEWORK BEFORE CLASS.

Stories about our ancestors are an important part of our heritage. IMPORTANT SHARE STORIES WITH CHILDREN WHY? OUR HERITAGE CHERISH.

My mechanic is popular because he is honest. MY MECHANIC POPULAR WHY? HONEST.

My grandma likes to hug everybody. EVERYBODY MY GRANDMA LIKES HUG HUG HUG.

Melissa McCarthy's movies are always humorous. M-E-L-I-S-S-A M-C-C-A-R-T-H-Y HER MOVIES ALWAYS HUMOROUS.

You need to go hunt for your running shoes. YOUR RUNNING SHOES LOOK-FOR (hunt) NEED YOU.

Next week I’m going to a workshop on self-improvement. NEXT WEEK I GO-TO WORKSHOP QUOTE SELF IMPROVEMENT.

The United States presidential inauguration is a ceremony to recognize a new president. U-S PRESIDENT INAUGURATION FOR-FOR? RECOGNIZE NEW PRESIDENT.

The novelist traveled through Europe looking for inspiration for her next novel. EUROPE WRITER TRAVEL WHY? NEED INSPIRATION FOR HER NEXT BOOK.

The man who invented the TTY was Robert Weitbrecht, he was deaf. MAN WHO INVENTED #TTY (teletypewriter) HIMSELF DEAF NAME R-O-B-E-R-T W-E-I-T-B-R-E-C-H-T.

Helen Keller was a famous deaf-blind woman. She was an author, lecturer, and activist. H-E-L-E-N K-E-L-L-E-R H-K HERSELF FAMOUS DEAF-BLIND WOMAN. SHE AUTHOR TWO OF THREE LECTURER THREE OF THREE ACTIVIST.

Do you know any good jokes? GOOD JOKE YOU KNOW ANY?

Matt Hamill is a Deaf wrestler. He won three NCAA National Championships, a silver and gold medal in the Deaflympics, and there is a movie about his life called “The Hammer.” M-A-T-T H-A-M-I-L-L HIMSELF DEAF WRESTLER. HE LIST ACCOMPLISHMENTS ONE-OF-THREE THREE N-C-A-A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, TWO-OF-THREE HE WON 1 SILVER MEDAL 1 GOLD MEDAL DEAFLYMPICS, THREE-OF-THREE HAVE MOVIE ABOUT HIS LIFE QUOTE “T-H-E H-A-M-M-E-R”.

My two cats look alike. MY TWO CATS LOOK ALIKE.

The baseball just barely missed me. BASEBALL BALL BARELY MISS ME WHIZZ-BY.

My daughter can climb a tree like a monkey. TREE CLIMB SAME-AS MONKEY MY DAUGHTER CAN.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a famous composer from Germany who became deaf. He was still able to create and play music. L-U-D-W-I-G V-A-N B-E-E-T-H-O-V-E-N HIMSELF FAMOUS COMPOSER FROM GERMANY HIS HEARING DETERIORATED. DIDN’T-MATTER HE STILL EXPERT CREATE MUSIC PLAY-PIANO.

My two sisters are total opposites! MY TWO SISTERS TWO-OF-THEM OPPOSITE PERSONALITIES.

I want to play outdoors! PLAY OUTDOORS I WANT!

I am allergic to peanuts. PEANUTS ALLERGIC I.

Can I look at your wedding photographs. YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS LOOK-AT CAN I?

I like watching people play the piano. PIANO PEOPLE PLAY WATCH I ENJOY.

Phyllis Frelich was a deaf actress and famous for winning the 1980 Best Actress Tony Award for the play "Children of a Lesser God." P-H-Y-L-L-I-S F-R-E-L-I-C-H HERSELF DEAF ACTRESS FAMOUS WHY? WIN T-O-N-Y AWARD FOR PLAY QUOTE “CHILDREN O-F A L-E-S-S-E-R GOD.”

My plumber is short and bald. MY PLUMBER LOOK-LIKE WHAT? SHORT BALD

I am going to try to preserve my wedding gown. MY WEDDING DRESS I TRY PRESERVE.

Robert Davila served as the ninth president of Gallaudet University from 2007 to 2009. Prior to becoming the president of Gallaudet University, he was the first Deaf CEO of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. R-O-B-E-R-T D-A-V-I-L-A HE NINTH PRESIDENT GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY YEAR 2007 RANGE 2009 BEFORE THAT HE FIRST DEAF CEO ADMINISTRATOR N-T-I-D.

I enjoy carving Halloween pumpkins. HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS CARVE ENJOY I.

American Sign Language was recognized as a true language in 1965. YEAR 1965 ASL RECOGNIZED TRUE LANGUAGE.


My sister has red hair. MY SISTER COLOR HAIR WHAT? RED.

I'm sorry I didn't catch what you said. Can you please repeat yourself? SORRY ME NOT UNDERSTAND YOU PLEASE REPEAT.

It is your right to a free and appropriate education. FREE APPROPRIATE EDUCATION YOU HAVE RIGHT.

Your answer is right. YOUR ANSWER RIGHT.

The bank near my house was robbed two times! TWICE #BANK NEAR MY HOUSE ROB!

I run 25 miles every week. EVERY WEEK 25 M-I-L-E-S I RUN.

The security guard at the bank is scary looking. #BANK SECURITY GUARD LOOKS SCARY.

Don't forget to send your thank you cards! THANK YOU CARDS DON’T FORGET SEND (SCOLD).

We had a very good server at the restaurant yesterday. YESTERDAY RESTAURANT I GO-TO (hit) GOOD SERVER.

Instead of prison, my cousin John, must do 300 hours of community service. INSTEAD PRISON MY COUSIN J-O-H-N MUST 300 HOURS COMMUNITY SERVICE.

I gave my mother a new sewing machine for her birthday. MY MOTHER BIRTHDAY NEW SEWING MACHINE I GAVE.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is hard as a rock, muscular, and has a nice smile. D-W-A-Y-N-E QUOTE T-H-E R-O-C-K J-O-H-N-S-O-N HIMSELF HARD-AS-A-ROCK BIG-SHOULDERS PLUS NICE SMILE.

Sir John Cornforth was a deaf chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1975. S-I-R J-O-H-N C-O-R-N-F-O-R-T-H HIMSELF DEAF CHEMIST YEAR 1975 HE WON N-O-B-E-L P-R-I-Z-E SPECIALIZED CHEMISTRY.

I need to go to the post office and buy more stamps. #PO I NEED GO WHY? BUY MORE STAMPS.

I have been under a lot of stress recently. LATELY STRESS ME.

I gave my sweetheart flowers. FLOWERS MY SWEETHEART I GIVE.

I enjoy using technology to help people. TECHNOLOGY I ENJOY USE WHY? HELP PEOPLE.

I can't believe how expensive my telephone was! MY TELEPHONE EXPENSIVE I CAN'T BELIEVE!

Deaf people use a teletypewriter to communicate over the phone. DEAF PEOPLE COMMUNICATE THROUGH PHONE HOW? USE TELETYPEWRITER (#TTY).

My brother always finds good deals because he is thrifty. GOOD D-E-A-L-S MY BROTHER ALWAYS FIND WHY? HE THRIFTY.

My new puppy is not potty trained yet. MY NEW P-U-P-P-Y POTTY TRAINED NOT YET.

My vision is bad, I need new glasses. NEW GLASSES I NEED WHY? MY VISION BAD.

It's raining outside so you should bring your umbrella. OUTSIDE RAINING UMBRELLA BRING YOU SHOULD.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Many people in third world countries experience hunger. THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES MANY PEOPLE HUNGRY.

My sister is a very famous chef. MY SISTER WHAT? FAMOUS (emphasized) C-H-E-F.

Chemistry is my favorite class in school. SCHOOL MY FAVORITE CLASS WHAT? CHEMISTRY.

February is Black History Month. F-E-B BLACK HISTORY MONTH.

I want a can of pop. CAN POP I WANT.

My family went raspberry picking last weekend. LAST WEEKEND R-A-S-P-B-E-R-R-Y PICKING MY FAMILY GO.

Yesterday I accidentally left my bag in the grocery cart. YESTERDAY I ACCIDENTALLY LEFT MY BAG WHERE? FOOD-STORE CART.

My library has ASL story time every month. EVERY MONTH MY LIBRARY HAVE WHAT? A-S-L STORY TIME.

My uncle has a turkey farm. TURKEY FARM MY UNCLE HAS.

Do you want to build a snowman? SNOWMAN YOU WANT BUILD?

I was the fourth person chosen for the soccer team. SOCCER TEAM ME FOURTH PERSON CHOSEN.

I love peanut butter with pretzels. PEANUT BUTTER WITH P-R-E-T-Z-E-L-S I LOVE.

My family goes to the strawberry farm every summer. EVERY SUMMER STRAWBERRY FARM MY FAMILY GOES-TO.

April showers bring May flowers. A-P-R-I-L RAIN M-A-Y FLOWERS GROW GROW GROW.

We planted a tree in the front yard yesterday. YESTERDAY FRONT Y-A-R-D TREE WE PLANT.

I am lucky to have a very big bathtub. BIG BATH T-U-B I HAVE LUCKY ME.

The heat is awful today, I need to turn on the air conditioner! TODAY HEAT AWFUL #AC TURN ON I NEED!

I have 10 different fish in my aquarium. MY A-Q-U-A-R-I-U-M 10 DIFFERENT DIFFERENT DIFFERENT DIFFERENT FISH I HAVE.

You should wear a tie to the business meeting. BUSINESS MEETING TIE YOU SHOULD WEAR.

I love to wear flip-flops in the summer. SUMMER FLIP-FLOP WEAR I LOVE.

I did not like visiting Washington, D.C. because there was too much traffic. WASHINGTON, D.C. VISIT I DIDN'T-LIKE WHY? TOO MUCH TRAFFIC.

We visited a lighthouse on our vacation last week. LAST WEEK OUR VACATION LIGHTHOUSE WE VISIT.

The list of school supplies included a box of crayons. SCHOOL S-U-P-P-L-Y LIST THIS BOX COLOR WRITE (crayons).

I really like to fish with my dad. FISHING WITH MY FATHER I ENJOY!

I love to read poetry every night before bed. EVERY NIGHT BEFORE BED POETRY I LOVE READ.

I had a conversation with my neighbor yesterday. YESTERDAY MY NEIGHBOR TWO-OF-US CONVERSATION.

My neighbor is nice. MY NEIGHBOR SHE NICE.

Florida is famous for having hurricanes. F-L-A FAMOUS WHAT? HURRICANES.

You are learning sign language. YOU LEARN WHAT? SIGN LANGUAGE.

Happy Valentine's Day! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Do you have a 20 dollar bill? 20 DOLLAR YOU HAVE?

I need to eat a variety of vegetables. VARIETY #VEG (vegetables) EAT I NEED.

My grandmother bought me new underwear for Christmas. CHRISTMAS NEW UNDERWEAR MY GRANDMOTHER BOUGHT ME.

My great aunt was an American Indian. MY G-R-E-A-T AUNT HERSELF AMERICAN INDIAN.

We ate at an Italian restaurant for my birthday celebration. MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION EAT WHERE? ITALIAN RESTAURANT.

After my long vacation, all of my plants had died. LONG VACATION FINISH HAPPEN WHAT? MY PLANT PLANT PLANT DIED.

Morris Broderson is a deaf painter. His artwork has been displayed many places, such as at Gallaudet University, NTID, and the Guggenheim and Whitney Museums. M-O-R-R-I-S B-R-O-D-E-R-S-O-N HIMSELF DEAF PAINTER. HIS ART DISPLAYED MANY PLACES SAME-AS ONE-OF-FOUR GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY, TWO-OF-FOUR N-T-I-D, THREE-OF-FOUR G-U-G-G-E-N-H-E-I-M FOUR-OF-FOUR W-H-I-T-N-E-Y MUSEUMS.

I take my cell phone everywhere. MY CELL PHONE I BRING EVERYWHERE.

Do you know our national anthem? OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM SONG YOU KNOW?

May 31st is a day of remembrance for veterans. M-A-Y 31 WHAT? DAY REMEMBRANCE FOR V-E-T-E-R-A-N-S.

Keith Wann is a CODA and well-known ASL performer and comedian. K-E-I-T-H W-A-N-N HIMSELF C-O-D-A. HE FAMOUS A-S-L ACTOR AND COMEDIAN.

My dad writes with his right hand and throws with his left hand. MY DAD RIGHT HAND WRITE LEFT HAND THROW.

My mom teaches kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN MY MOM TEACH.

We learn about Abraham Lincoln today in history class. TODAY HISTORY CLASS WE LEARN ABOUT WHO? ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

CJ Jones is a famous Deaf actor and comedian. He says “Anything is possible. Success has nothing to do with being deaf or black or any disability. It has to do with your passion to do greater things in life!” C-J J-O-N-E-S HIMSELF FAMOUS DEAF ACTOR AND COMEDIAN. HE SAYS QUOTE ANYTHING POSSIBLE! NOTHING RELATED-TO DEAF BLACK DISABLED. ABOUT HAVING PASSION DO WONDERFUL THINGS LIFE.

My friend and I like to swap good books with each other. GOOD BOOKS MY FRIEND TWO-OF-US LIKE TO SWAP.

Roy Holcomb was a deaf teacher who coined the term total communication. R-O-Y H-O-L-C-O-M-B HE DEAF TEACHER INVENTED TERM T-O-T-A-L C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N TOTAL COMMUNICATION.

It is important that you vote for the new U.S. President. NEW U-S PRESIDENT IMPORTANT YOU VOTE.

My best friend lives in California. MY BEST FRIEND LIVES WHERE? CALIFORNIA

Heather Whitestone was the first deaf person to be crowned as Miss America in 1995. YEAR 1995 H-E-A-T-H-E-R W-H-I-T-E-S-T-O-N-E SHE FIRST DEAF PERSON CROWN M-I-S-S AMERICA.

My grandparents live in The Villages in Florida in the winter. DURING WINTER MY GRANDPARENTS LIVE WHERE? T-H-E V-I-L-L-A-G-E-S VILLAGES F-L-A.

Thomas H. Gallaudet was a minister, educator, and co-founded the first school for the deaf called the American School for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut. Gallaudet University was named in honor of him in 1894. T-H-O-M-A-S H. G-A-L-L-A-U-D-E-T HIMSELF MINISTER TEACHER HE CO- FOUNDED FIRST RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL U-S CALLED AMERICAN SCHOOL DEAF A-S-D WHERE? HARTFORD C-O-N-N. YEAR 1894 GALLAUDET COLLEGE NAMED AFTER HIM.

I am the vice president of my tennis club. MY TENNIS C-L-U-B I VICE PRESIDENT.

I made a pledge to my family to exercise more. MY FAMILY PLEDGE ME WHAT? EXERCISE MORE WILL I.

My daughter joined the Coast Guard last month. LAST MONTH C-O-A-S-T G-U-A-R-D MY DAUGHTER JOIN.

My son volunteers every week at the animal shelter. EVERY WEEK ANIMAL S-H-E-L-T-E-R MY SON VOLUNTEER.

There are too many mosquitos when I camp in the wilderness. WILDERNESS I CAMP TOO MANY MOSQUITOS.

My sister is such an amazing athlete, she plays soccer and basketball. MY SISTER AMAZING ATHLETE SOCCER BASKETBALL SHE PLAYS.

What tool do I need to fix the bike seat? BIKE SEAT #FIX WHICH T-O-O-L I NEED?

What kind of soft drink would you like - Coke or Pepsi? SOFT DRINK WHICH YOU PREFER? #COKE PEPSI WHICH?

Don't forget to put a stamp on the envelope. ENVELOPE STAMP DON'T FORGET.

I hate pirate movies! P-I-R-A-T-E MOVIES I HATE!

My brother fell off his skateboard and broke his wrist. SKATEBOARD MY BROTHER FALL WRIST BROKE.

Rush Limbaugh is a radio host. He is deaf, but uses cochlear implants to hear. R-U-S-H L-I-M-B-A-U-G-H HIMSELF RADIO HOST. HE DEAF BUT HAVE COCHLEAR IMPLANT.

I lost a sock in the laundry. LAUNDRY SOCK LOST I.

United States of America became independent from Great Britain in 1784 after the ratification of the Treaty of Paris. YEAR 1784 AMERICA BECAME INDEPENDENT FROM BRITAIN FINISH RATIFICATION T-R-E-A-T-Y O-F P-A-R-I-S.

I love books, so growing up I always wanted to become a librarian. GROW-UP ME ALWAYS WANT BECOME LIBRARIAN WHY? ME LOVE BOOKS.

Happy New Year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My father has Alzheimer's disease. A-L-Z DISEASE MY FATHER HAS.

I play tennis every Friday with 3 women. EVERY FRIDAY TENNIS I PLAY WITH 3 WOMEN.

My grandparents made a great couple. MY GRANDPARENTS WONDERFUL TWO-OF-THEM (couple).

I could eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner. BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER PASTA EAT I COULD.

I love eating pretzels dipped in chocolate. P-R-E-T-Z-E-L-S CHOCOLATE DIPPED I LOVE EAT.

I want cupcakes for my birthday, not a cake. MY BIRTHDAY C-U-P-C-A-K-E-S I WANT NOT CAKE.

The police caught the thief hiding in his car. THIEF POLICE CAUGHT WHERE? HIDING IN HIS CAR.

I will go to three graduation parties in June. J-U-N-E THREE GRADUATION PARTIES GO-TO GO-TO GO-TO I WILL.

My favorite website is MY FAVORITE W-E-B-S-I-T-E WHAT? S-I-G-N-I-N-G S-A-V-V-Y DOT COM.

Mother's Day is on Sunday. SUNDAY MOTHER'S DAY.

Today is Fathers Day! TODAY WHAT? FATHERS DAY!

Independence Day is July 4th. JULY 4TH INDEPENDENCE DAY.

I like to eat my donuts with coffee. MY DONUTS I LIKE EAT WITH COFFEE.

I reached for the pitcher on the top shelf. PITCHER TOP SHELF I REACHED.

Please wash your hands before dinner. BEFORE DINNER WASH HANDS PLEASE.

My family always has a picnic on Memorial Day. MEMORIAL DAY PICNIC MY FAMILY ALWAYS HOST.

I like to watch the movie "Elf" on Christmas Eve. CHRISTMAS E-V-E MOVIE QUOTE E-L-F WATCH I LIKE.

Labor Day means summer is over. LABOR DAY MEANS WHAT? SUMMER ENDS.

Today is April Fools' Day. TODAY WHAT? A-P-R-I-L F-O-O-L-S DAY.

I hate shopping on Black Friday. BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING I HATE.

I always eat Mexican food on Cinco De Mayo. C-I-N-C-O D-E M-A-Y-O EAT MEXICAN FOOD I ALWAYS.

I enjoy shopping on Cyber Monday. C-Y-B-E-R MONDAY SHOPPING I ENJOY.

My school celebrates Earth Day by planting trees. EARTH DAY MY SCHOOL CELEBRATE HOW? PLANT TREES.

We remember 9/11 on Patriot Day. PATRIOT DAY WE DO WHAT? 9/11 REMEMBRANCE.

Are you going to the Veteran's Day parade? V-E-T-E-R-A-N-S DAY PARADE YOU GO?

Are you going to a party on New Year's Eve? NEW YEARS E-V-E PARTY YOU GO?

Flag Day honors our flag. FLAG DAY MEANS WHAT? HONOR OUR FLAG.

On Election Day many schools close. ELECTION DAY MANY SCHOOLS CLOSE.

Is your school closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day? M-L-K DAY YOUR SCHOOL CLOSED?

President's Day is in February. PRESIDENT'S DAY WHEN? F-E-B.

I always drink green beer on St. Patrick's Day. ST. PATRICK'S DAY GREEN BEER I DRINK ALWAYS.

I have six siblings and I am the oldest. SIX SIBLINGS I HAVE ME OLDEST.

We planted the corn field. FIELD C-O-R-N WE PLANT PLANT PLANT.

I like brown sugar on my sweet potato. MY SWEET POTATO BROWN SUGAR SPRINKLE I LIKE.

September is National Blueberry Popsicle Month. NATIONAL BLUEBERRY POPSICLE MONTH WHEN? S-E-P-T.

The coach encouraged me to join the basketball team. BASKETBALL TEAM COACH ENCOURAGED ME JOIN.

I wish we had more healthy school lunch options. MORE HEALTHY SCHOOL LUNCH OPTIONS I WISH WE HAD.

I will visit my friend for two days. TWO DAYS MY FRIEND VISIT I WILL.

Growing up we ate lasagna every Friday night. GROW UP EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT LASAGNA WE ATE.

Columbus Day is in October. COLUMBUS DAY WHEN? O-C-T.

Don’t forget time springs forward in the Spring and falls back in the Fall. SPRING TIME SPRINGS FORWARD, FALL TIME FALLS BACK DON’T FORGET.

In the fall we have to set our clocks to fall back one hour. FALL TIME ONE HOUR FALL BACK.

I saw a fancy gingerbread house on my cruise last Christmas. LAST CHRISTMAS MY CRUISE FANCY G-I-N-G-E-R-B-R-E-A-D HOUSE I SAW.

My favorite movie is "Groundhog Day." MY FAVORITE MOVIE WHAT? QUOTE G-R-O-U-N-D-H-O-G DAY.

I’m afraid to go to the library because the librarian is a grouch. LIBRARY GO-TO AFRAID ME WHY? LIBRARIAN SHE GROUCH.

I didn’t like the pink socks I got, so I regifted them to my brother. PINK SOCKS I GOT DIDN’T LIKE. DO-DO? MY BROTHER I R-E GIFT.

Laurent Clerc is one of the founders of the first school for the deaf here in America. LAURENT CLERC WHO? ONE FOUNDER FIRST DEAF SCHOOL HERE AMERICA.

Our mailman is friendly. OUR MAILMAN FRIENDLY.

My son will go camping with the Boy Scouts next month. NEXT MONTH CAMPING WITH BOY SCOUTS MY SON GO-TO.

Leap Year happens every 4 years. EVERY 4 YEARS L-E-A-P YEAR HAPPEN.

Your team lost, get over it! YOUR TEAM LOST GET OVER IT!

Which Girl Scout cookie is your favorite? GIRL SCOUT COOKIE YOUR FAVORITE WHICH?

Don’t goof off in class! CLASS PLAY-AROUND (goof off) FINISH!

I was a high school cheerleader for 4 years. 4 YEARS HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADER I.

I need to backup my computer. MY COMPUTER FILES SAVE BACKUP I NEED.

I bought a new bikini for spring break. SPRING BREAK NEW BIKINI BOUGHT I.

Can I offer you a refreshment? REFRESHMENT CAN I OFFER YOU?

The weatherman in Florida has an easy job, the forecast is the same everyday - sunny with possible rain. WEATHER PERSON F-L-A EASY #JOB EVERYDAY FORECAST SAME-SAME SUN POSSIBLE RAIN.

The receptionist at my doctor's office is not friendly. MY DOCTOR OFFICE RECEPTIONIST NOT FRIENDLY.

My aunt and uncle live in Chicago. CHICAGO MY AUNT UNCLE LIVE THERE.

Both my son and daughter have red hair. RED HAIR MY SON MY DAUGHTER BOTH HAVE.

The ampersand is a shortcut for the word and. A-M-P-E-R-S-A-N-D SHORTCUT FOR WHAT? WORD A-N-D.

Do you use G-O-O-G-L-E DOT C-O-M YOU USE?

This year I took my boyfriend out to eat on Sweetest Day. THIS YEAR S-W-E-E-T-E-S-T DAY MY BOYFRIEND I TOOK OUT EAT.

Deaf Awareness Week is in September. DEAF AWARENESS WEEK WHEN? S-E-P-T.

I eat macaroni and cheese with broccoli every week. EVERY WEEK M-A-C AND CHEESE WITH B-R-O-C-C-O-L-I EAT I.

Hot cocoa is my favorite bedtime treat. MY FAVORITE BEDTIME T-R-E-A-T WHAT? HOT COCOA.

Next week we're hosting a special dinner for all employees and their spouses. NEXT WEEK WE TAKE-UP (HOST) SPECIAL DINNER FOR ALL-OF-THEM WORKERS AND SPOUSES.

Sean Forbes is a deaf hip-hop artist who makes music accessible to the deaf community. S-E-A-N F-O-R-B-E-S HIMSELF DEAF H-I-P H-O-P MUSICIAN HE MAKES MUSIC ACCESSIBLE FOR DEAF COMMUNITY.

I try not to eat fast food. FAST FOOD I TRY NOT EAT.

My Bachelor's degree is in Special Education. MY #BA DEGREE WHAT? SPECIAL EDUCATION.

If you want to clarify your goals, you need to form a vision first. YOU WANT CLARIFY YOUR GOALS HOW? FIRST FORM VISION.

My favorite science fiction movie is "Star Wars." MY FAVORITE SCIENCE F-I-C-T-I-O-N MOVIE WHAT? QUOTE "STAR WARS"

The pharmacist answers questions about medications. PHARMACIST DO-DO? ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT MEDICINE.

My mentor has helped me a lot. MY MENTOR HELP-ME A LOT.

I donate blood every three months. EVERY THREE MONTHS BLOOD I DONATE.

It is important to unplug your electronics when you go on vacation. TIME GO VACATION IMPORTANT UNPLUG YOUR ELECTRONICS.

There was a famous protest at Gallaudet University in 1988 called Deaf President Now. BACK YEAR 1988 GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY HAPPEN WHAT? FAMOUS PROTEST CALLED DEAF PRESIDENT NOW.

Laughter is good for your mental health. LAUGH GOOD FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH.

I like to cuddle up with my cat. MY CAT I LIKE CUDDLE.

Deaf history includes the history of deaf people and their culture. DEAF HISTORY INCLUDE WHAT? HISTORY AND CULTURE.

Hawaii is a great place to go surfing. GREAT PLACE SURF WHERE? HAWAII.

Ashley Fiolek is a Deaf Motocross Racer. She started motorcycling when she was three years old. She won four Woman Motocross Championships in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012. She is now retired. A-S-H-L-E-Y F-I-O-L-E-K SHE DEAF M-O-T-O-C-R-O-S-S MOTORCYCLE RACER. SHE OLD THREE STARTED MOTORCYCLING. GROW-UP WON FOUR WOMEN M-O-T-O-C-R-O-S-S CHAMPIONSHIPS ONE-OF-FOUR 2008, TWO-OF-FOUR 2009, THREE-OF-FOUR 2011, FOUR-OF-FOUR 2012. NOW RETIRED.

Pizza and movie night is every Friday. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT WHAT? PIZZA MOVIE.

Alexander Graham Bell was a famous inventor who was involved in deaf education, but ironically he did not support the use of American Sign Language. A-G-B HIMSELF FAMOUS INVENTOR INVOLVED DEAF EDUCATION BUT IRONICALLY HE NOT SUPPORT A-S-L.

Douglas Tilden is a famous deaf sculptor and has many statues that he created in California. D-O-U-G-L-A-S T-I-L-D-E-N HIMSELF FAMOUS DEAF SCULPTOR CALIFORNIA HAS MANY HIS STATUES ALL OVER (classifier).

Curtis Pride is deaf and was a baseball player. He played for many teams, such as the Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, and New York Yankees. He is currently the coach for the Gallaudet University baseball team. C-U-R-T-I-S P-R-I-D-E HIMSELF DEAF BASEBALL PLAYER. HE USED-TO PLAY DIFFERENT DIFFERENT DIFFERENT TEAMS ONE-OF-THREE DETROIT T-I-G-E-R-S, TWO-OF-THREE ATLANTA B-R-A-V-E-S, THREE-OF-THREE NEW YORK Y-A-N-K-E-E-S. NOW HE COACH GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY BASEBALL TEAM.

Betty G. Miller was the first deaf woman to graduate from Gallaudet University with a PhD degree in art. She was a famous artist who focused on the deaf perspective. B-E-T-T-Y G M-I-L-L-E-R SHE FIRST DEAF WOMAN GRADUATE GALLAUDET RECEIVE #PHD DEGREE WHAT? ART. SHE FAMOUS ARTIST WHY? SHE FOCUS DEAF VIEW.

Do you want to join our bowling league? OUR BOWLING L-E-A-G-U-E JOIN-US YOU WANT?

Lou Ferrigno is hard of hearing and is a motivational speaker who shares his life experiences. He’s been in many movies and TV shows, but is most famous for playing The Incredible Hulk. L-O-U F-E-R-R-I-G-N-O HIMSELF HARD OF HEARING MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER ABOUT HIS CUMULATIVE EXPERIENCES. HE ACT MANY MOVIES #TV PROGRAMS BUT MOST FAMOUS ROLE WHAT? T-H-E I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E H-U-L-K.

Howie Seago is an deaf actor and director. He is famous for many roles including acting on Star Trek. H-O-W-I-E S-E-A-G-O HIMSELF DEAF ACTOR DIRECTOR. HE FAMOUS MANY ROLES INCLUDING #TV PROGRAM S-T-A-R T-R-E-K.

After retirement in 10 years, I plan to move to Florida. FUTURE 10 YEARS I RETIRE DO-DO? MOVE F-L-A.

Chuck Baird was an artist and founder of the De'VIA art movement, which conveys a Deaf world viewpoint through art. C-H-U-C-K B-A-I-R-D HIMSELF DEAF ARTIST HE FOUNDED D-E V-I-A MEANS WHAT? SHOW-ALL (conveys) DEAF WORLD VIEWPOINT THROUGH ART.

Shelley Beattie was a deaf professional weightlifter who became famous after being on the TV show American Gladiators. S-H-E-L-L-E-Y B-E-A-T-T-I-E HERSELF DEAF P-R-O WEIGHTLIFTER. SHE BECAME FAMOUS WHY? SHE INVOLVED #TV PROGRAM AMERICAN G-L-A-D-I-A-T-O-R-S.

If you brush your teeth everyday you won't have bad breath. IF EVERYDAY BRUSH-TEETH BAD BREATH YOU NOT HAVE.

Hello, how are you? HI. HOW YOU?

How are you? HOW YOU?

How have you been? UP TILL NOW HOW YOU?

I'm lousy. I FEEL LOUSY.

I have been busy. I BUSY BUSY BUSY.

Hello, what have you been up to? HI. WHAT'S UP?

What have you been up to? WHAT'S UP?

I'm glad to see you. ME HAPPY SEE YOU.

It’s good to see you. GOOD SEE YOU.

I haven't seen you for a long time. SEE NO LONG.

How was your day? HOW YOUR DAY?

Was your day good? YOUR DAY GOOD?

What did you do today? TODAY YOU DO-DO?

I went to school. SCHOOL I WENT.

I worked all day. ALL DAY WORK ME.

I cleaned the house and did the laundry. HOUSE CLEAN LAUNDRY ME.

I watched TV. TV WATCH ME.

How are you feeling? HOW YOU FEEL?

I don't feel well, I have a cold. I NOT FEEL GOOD I HAVE COLD.

I feel great! Thank you for asking. I FEEL GREAT! THANK YOU ASK-ME.

I feel so so, I have a headache. SO-SO HEADACHE I HAVE.

What did you do in school? SCHOOL YOU DO-DO?

What did you learn in school? YOU LEARN WHAT?

What's the weather like today? TODAY WEATHER WHAT?

It's sunny. SUNNY.

It's raining. RAIN.

It's clear outside. CLEAR.

Snowing. SNOW.

It's windy. WINDY.

It's cold. COLD.

It's hot. HOT.

It's warm. WARM.

What is the temperature outside? TEMPERATURE OUTSIDE WHAT?

It's 73 degrees. DEGREE 73.

It's 22 degrees. DEGREE 22.

It's -5 degrees. DEGREE NEGATIVE 5.

Are you taking a sign language class? SIGN LANGUAGE CLASS TAKE-UP YOU?

Yes, I'm taking a sign language class. YES SIGN LANGUAGE CLASS TAKE I.

No, I'm not taking a sign language class. NO SIGN LANGUAGE CLASS I NOT TAKE.

No, I am not taking a sign language class now, but I will take a class next semester. SIGN LANGUAGE CLASS I NOT TAKE NOW BUT NEXT SEMESTER CLASS TAKE I.

Where are you taking class at? CLASS YOU TAKE WHERE?

I am taking class at Chicago Community College. I TAKE-UP CLASS CHICAGO COMMUNITY COLLEGE.

I am taking an online class. ONLINE CLASS I TAKE-UP.

I am taking a class at my local library. CLASS I TAKE-UP WHERE? MY LOCAL LIBRARY.

Is your teacher deaf or hearing? YOUR TEACHER DEAF HEARING WHICH?

My teacher is deaf. MY TEACHER DEAF.

My teacher is hearing, but is a CODA. MY TEACHER HEARING BUT HERSELF CODA.

My teacher is hard of hearing. MY TEACHER HARD-OF-HEARING.

Why are you taking a sign language class? SIGN LANGUAGE CLASS YOU TAKE-UP WHY?

I am taking the class because I want to be an interpreter. CLASS I TAKE-UP WHY? I WANT BECOME INTERPRETER.

I am taking the class so I can communicate with my deaf friends. CLASS I TAKE-UP WHY? I WANT COMMUNICATE WITH DEAF FRIENDS.

I am taking the class for fun. I like to learn new languages. CLASS I TAKE-UP FOR #FUN. NEW LANGUAGES LEARN I LIKE.

What is your name? YOUR NAME WHAT?

My name is Brenda Cartwright. My name sign is BC (sign name). MY NAME B-R-E-N-D-A C-A-R-T-W-R-I-G-H-T. MY NAME SIGN BC (sign name).

Where do you live? YOU LIVE WHERE?

I live in Michigan. I LIVE #MICH.

I live in Detroit. I LIVE DETROIT.

I live in Washington, D.C. I LIVE WASHINGTON D.C.

Where are you from? YOU FROM WHERE?

I'm from Michigan. I FROM #MICH.

I am from Miami, Florida. I FROM MIAMI, #FLA.

I am from Los Angeles, California. FROM #LA, CALIFORNIA.

Where did you grow up? YOU GROW UP WHERE?

I grew up in Indiana. I GREW UP #IND.

I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. I GREW UP INDIANAPOLIS, #IND.

I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. GREW UP MINNEAPOLIS, #MINN.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I GREW UP PITTSBURGH, #PA.

Where were you born? YOU BORN WHERE?

I was born in New York. I BORN NEW YORK.

I was born in London, England. I BORN LONDON, ENGLAND.

I was born in Houston, Texas. I BORN HOUSTON, TEXAS.

Where do you work? YOU WORK WHERE?

I work at a school. SCHOOL I WORK.

What do you do? YOU WORK YOU DO-DO?

I'm a teacher. TEACHER ME.

I'm an interpreter. INTERPRETER ME.

I'm an author. AUTHOR ME.

Are you married? MARRIAGE YOU?

Are you single? SINGLE YOU?

I'm divorced. DIVORCED ME.

I'm separated. SEPARATED ME.

Do you have any children? CHILDREN HAVE YOU?

How many children do you have? CHILDREN YOU HAVE HOW MANY?

I have 2 children, 1 boy and 1 girl. 2 CHILDREN I HAVE. 1 BOY 1 GIRL.

Yes, I live in a house. YES HOUSE I LIVE.

No, I live in an apartment. NO I LIVE APARTMENT.

No, I live in a townhouse. NO I LIVE #TH.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you have? BEDROOMS BATHROOMS YOU HAVE HOW MANY?

I have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I HAVE 3 BEDROOMS 2 BATHROOMS.

I have two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. 2 BEDROOMS 1 1/2 BATHROOMS I HAVE.

I have five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. I HAVE 5 BEDROOMS 4 1/2 BATHROOMS.

When is your birthday? YOUR BIRTHDAY WHEN?

My birthday is August 28th. MY BIRTHDAY A-U-G 28.

My birthday is January 14th. MY BIRTHDAY J-A-N 14.

I am excited, my birthday is tomorrow! TOMORROW MY BIRTHDAY I EXCITED.

Where do you like to shop? YOU LIKE SHOP WHERE?

I like to go to Target, Macy's and Best Buy. I LIKE GO-TO ONE-OF-THREE T-A-R-G-E-T, TWO-OF-THREE M-A-C-Y'S, THREE-OF-THREE B-E-S-T B-U-Y.

I only shop online. I ONLY SHOP ONLINE.

I enjoy browsing at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. B-E-D, B-A-T-H, B-E-Y-O-N-D LOOKING-AROUND ENJOY I.

Do you have any hobbies? #HOBBY ANY YOU HAVE?

I like to golf and play hockey. GOLF PLAY HOCKEY I LIKE.

I sew often. SEW OFTEN I.

I like to watch college football. COLLEGE FOOTBALL WATCH I LIKE.

I love watching sports every Saturday. EVERY SATURDAY #SPORTS WATCH I LOVE.

What do you like to do on your time off? YOU TIME OFF YOU LIKE DO-DO?

I like to relax at home. I LIKE HOME RELAX.

I like going to the movies. MOVIE GO-TO I LIKE.

I love to shop. SHOPPING LOVE I.

Do you like to travel? TRAVEL YOU ENJOY?

Yes, I enjoy traveling. YES I ENJOY TRAVEL.

No, I do not like to travel. NO, I DON'T-LIKE TRAVEL.

Have you been outside of the country before? TOUCH-FINISH OTHER COUNTRY YOU.


No, but next year I am going to England, Scotland, and Ireland. NO BUT NEXT-YEAR ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, IRELAND I TRAVEL.

No, I've never been to another country because I'm afraid to fly. NO NOT-YET TOUCH OTHER COUNTRY. WHY? AFRAID FLY ME.

What is your favorite color? YOUR FAVORITE COLOR WHAT?

My favorite color is green. MY FAVORITE COLOR GREEN.

My favorite drink is apple juice. MY FAVORITE DRINK WHAT? APPLE J-U-I-C-E?

What is your favorite sport to watch? YOUR FAVORITE SPORT WATCH WHAT?

My favorite sport to watch is college football. MY FAVORITE SPORT WATCH WHAT? COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

What is your favorite sport to play? YOUR FAVORITE SPORT PLAY WHAT?

My favorite sport is basketball. MY FAVORITE SPORT PLAY BASKETBALL.

Have you eaten yet? EAT YOU NOT-YET?

Yes, I already ate dinner. YES DINNER EAT-FINISH.

No, I'm starving. NO STARVING I.

I'm going out to eat later. LATER GO-OUT EAT I.

Where do you want to go for lunch? LUNCH YOU WANT GO WHERE?

I want to go to Subway. S-U-B-W-A-Y GO-TO I WANT.

I would rather eat at home tonight. TONIGHT STAY HOME EAT I PREFER.

Why don't we go to an Italian restaurant? ITALIAN RESTAURANT GO-OUT EAT WHY NOT TWO-OF-US?

What are you going to order? YOU ORDER WHAT?

I want a hamburger, french fries and pop. HAMBURGER FRENCH FRIES POP I WANT.

I want spaghetti and a greek salad without olives. SPAGHETTI GREEK SALAD WITHOUT O-L-I-V-E-S I WANT.

I'm not hungry, I'll just order soup. ME NOT HUNGRY SOUP ORDER FINISH.

Do you want a drink? DRINK WANT YOU?

I want a coke. I WANT COKE.

I want a large ice tea. I WANT LARGE #ICE TEA.

I want a black coffee, please. I WANT COFFEE BLACK PLEASE.

Would you like dessert? DESSERT YOU WANT?

No, I'm full. NO I FULL.

Yes, of course, what do you have? YES OF COURSE YOU HAVE WHAT?

I want chocolate ice cream. YES CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM I WANT.

What is your favorite food? YOUR FAVORITE FOOD WHAT?

I love bacon, eggs, and toast. BACON EGGS TOAST ENJOY I.

I love apples. I eat one every day. APPLES I LOVE. EVERY DAY EAT I.

I love warm chocolate chip cookies. WARM CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ENJOY I.

My favorite food is pizza. MY FAVORITE FOOD WHAT? PIZZA.

I love to cook hamburgers on the grill. G-R-I-L-L HAMBURGERS COOK I LOVE.

What is your favorite drink? YOUR FAVORITE DRINK WHAT?

Do you want to go out? GO-OUT WANT YOU?

Yes, where do you want to go? YES YOU WANT GO-OUT WHERE?

Let's go to a basketball game. BASKETBALL GAME GO-OUT TWO-OF-US.

Let's go to a show. SHOW GO-TO TWO-OF-US.

Let's go for a walk in the park. TWO-OF-US GO-TO P-A-R-K WALK.

What time do you want to go? GO TIME YOU WANT?

Why don't we meet at 3:30pm? WHY NOT MEET TIME 3:30.

Which is better, noon or 12:30pm? NOON 12:30 BETTER WHICH?

Does 7pm work? TIME 7 NIGHT ACCEPT YOU?

What is your favorite book? YOUR FAVORITE BOOK WHAT?

My favorite book is The Little Blue Truck. MY FAVORITE BOOK WHAT? QUOTE T-H-E LITTLE BLUE T-R-U-C-K QUOTE.

My favorite book is Harry Potter. MY FAVORITE BOOK WHAT? QUOTE H-A-R-R-Y P-O-T-T-E-R.

Who is your favorite author? YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR WHO?

My favorite author is Mark Twain. MY FAVORITE AUTHOR WHO? M-A-R-K T-W-A-I-N.

My favorite author is Dr. Seuss. MY FAVORITE AUTHOR WHO? #DR S-E-U-S-S.

Are you feeling better? YOU FEELING BETTER YOU.

I haven't seen you in a long time. NOT SEEN SINCE.

Where have you been? WHERE YOU B-E-E-N?

Where have you been? WHERE YOU SINCE?

Everything is the same. NOTHING STATUS QUO.

Yes, I feel better. YES FEEL BETTER.

My thirteen year old daughter is an old soul. MY DAUGHTER OLD THIRTEEN QUOTE OLD SOUL.

The milk was no good, so I tossed it. MILK NO GOOD TOSS.

Would you please toss the salad? SALAD TOSS DON'T-MIND YOU?

My cousin tried to fool my grandma and steal her money. MY COUSIN TRIED FOOL MY GRANDMA STEAL HER MONEY.

My sister is really good at tossing balls. BALL MY SISTER EXPERT TOSS.

My friends are coming to my house for supper tomorrow. TOMORROW MY HOUSE FRIENDS COME SUPPER.

My family always gets together for Independence Day every year. EVERY YEAR INDEPENDENCE DAY MY FAMILY ALWAYS GET-TOGETHER.

Yesterday I tossed out my old clothes. YESTERDAY I TOSSED OUT MY OLD CLOTHES.

I enjoy having a conversation with my deaf friends. MY DEAF FRIENDS I ENJOY CONVERSATION.

Lowell Myers was a deaf man who grew up in Chicago. He wrote the book, "The Law and the Deaf.” L-O-W-E-L-L M-Y-E-R-S HIMSELF DEAF GROW UP WHERE? CHICAGO WROTE BOOK QUOTE "T-H-E L-A-W AND T-H-E DEAF."

Mandy Harvey became deaf at the age of 18. Interestingly enough, she was a singer on the television show "America's Got Talent." M-A-N-D-Y H-A-R-V-E-Y HERSELF BECOME DEAF AGE 18. INTERESTING WHAT? SHE SINGER #TV PROGRAM QUOTE "AMERICA'S G-O-T T-A-L-E-N-T."

Alice Hagemeyer was a deaf librarian and active leader that established Deaf Awareness Week and Deaf History Month. A-L-I-C-E H-A-G-E-M-E-Y-E-R HERSELF DEAF LIBRARIAN. SHE ACTIVE LEADER SHE ESTABLISHED DEAF AWARENESS WEEK AND DEAF HISTORY MONTH.

Regina Hughes was the first deaf artist to have a solo show at the Smithsonian. REGINA HUGHES HERSELF FIRST DEAF ARTIST HAVE SOLO SHOW WHERE? SMITHSONIAN.

Ernest Hairston was one of the six founding members of the Black Deaf Advocates (BDA). E-R-N-E-S-T H-A-I-R-S-T-O-N HIMSELF DEAF ONE OF SIX FOUNDING MEMBERS B-D-A BLACK DEAF ADVOCATES.

Malcolm Norwood was a deaf man from Connecticut who was known as the Father of Closed Captioning. M-A-L-C-O-L-M N-O-R-W-O-O-D HIMSELF DEAF FROM C-O-N-N PEOPLE CALLED QUOTE FATHER OF #CC (closed captions).

Martin Belsky was a deaf man from Michigan who was a leader of deaf sports at the local and national level. MARTIN BELSKY HIMSELF DEAF FROM MICHIGAN MANY YEARS INVOLVED LEADER DEAF S-P-O-R-T-S LOCAL AND NATIONAL LEVEL.

I always tell my students to reach for the stars. I ALWAYS TELL MY STUDENTS QUOTE REACH FOR STARS.

The famous painting sold for a million dollars at the auction. FAMOUS PAINTING SOLD AUCTION HOW MUCH? ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

My daughter took a chance when she quit her job and started her own company. Luckily, it has taken off and is successful. MY DAUGHTER TOOK A CHANCE (GAMBLE) QUIT HER JOB ESTABLISHED HER OWN COMPANY LUCKY SUCCESSFUL SKYROCKET.

It will soon be time to decorate for Christmas. SOON TIME NEAR DECORATE CHRISTMAS.

Honesty is very important in a relationship. RELATIONSHIP IMPORTANT WHAT? HONESTY!

The milk was no good, so I threw it away. MILK NO GOOD THREW AWAY.

Do you live in a house? HOUSE YOU LIVE?

I was afraid of the water, but I went for broke and jumped in, and now I love it. BEFORE ME AFRAID WATER ONE DAY I RISK (go for broke) JUMPED-IN NOW I LOVE SWIM.

Long time no see. LONG NO SEE.

How have you been doing? HOW YOU?

Long time, no see! How have you been doing? LONG SEE NO. HOW YOU?

How did you come to work? WORK HOW?

My children are Mary and Bob. CHILDREN MY FIRST MARY SECOND BOB.

I write everyday. EVERYDAY I WRITE.

I clean everyday. EVERYDAY I CLEAN.

Wait a moment, the phone is ringing. ONE MOMENT PHONE THERE RING.

Are you busy? BUSY BUSY.

The man came up to me. MAN CAME-UP-TO-ME.

I teach. I TEACH.

Where do you work now? YOU WORK NOW WHERE?

Where do you work now? WHERE YOU WORK NOW WHERE?

He is a social drinker. SOCIAL DRINKING HE (point).

Santa loves hot cocoa and cookies. SANTA LOVES HOT COCOA COOKIES.

Deaf people use a teletypewriter to communicate over the phone. DEAF PEOPLE COMMUNICATE THROUGH TELEPHONE HOW? USE TELETYPEWRITER (#TTY).

Wait a moment, the telephone is ringing. ONE MOMENT TELEPHONE THERE RING.

I couldn't drink the milk because it was sour. I COULD NOT DRINK MILK WHY? SOUR.

My mother got diabetes when she was 57. MY MOTHER AGE 57 HIT DIABETES.

My neighbor is kind because he mows my yard. MY NEIGHBOR HE KIND MOW MY YARD.

My house has a good security system. GOOD SECURITY SYSTEM MY HOUSE HAS.

Don't forget to set your clock to fall back in the Fall. FALL DON'T FORGET FALL BACK.

Don't forget time springs forward in the Spring. SPRING DON'T FORGET TIME SPRING FORWARD.

Al Roker is my favorite weather person. AL ROKER HE MY FAVORITE WEATHER PERSON.

Derrick Coleman was the first deaf football player to participate in the Super Bowl in 2014. YEAR 2014 D-E-R-R-I-C-K C-O-L-E-M-A-N HE FIRST DEAF FOOTBALL PLAYER INVOLVED SUPER BOWL.

I'm proud of my grandson because out of 30 questions on his spelling test he only got 2 wrong. SPELLING TEST 30 QUESTION MY GRANDSON ONLY 2 WRONG I PROUD.

They dye the river green for St. Patrick's Day in Chicago every year. EVERY YEAR ST. PATRICK'S DAY CHICAGO RIVER DYE POUR POUR GREEN.

In 1864 Abraham Lincoln approved Gallaudet College to award degrees. YEAR 1864 ABRAHAM LINCOLN APPROVED GALLAUDET COLLEGE AWARDED DEGREES.

I don't sew because I'm all thumbs. SEWING ME ALL THUMBS.

I couldn't pay attention to the movie because I had ants in my pants. MOVIE I CAN'T PAY ATTENTION ME ANTS IN YOUR PANTS.

I had an axe to grind with the bakery after they messed up my birthday cake. BAKERY MESSED UP MY BIRTHDAY CAKE I AXE TO GRIND.

Please stop beating around the bush and get to the point. PLEASE STOP BEATING AROUND THE BUSH GET TO THE POINT.

I like to surprise my better half by bringing him breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day VALENTINE'S DAY I LIKE SURPRISE MY BETTER HALF (husband) HOW? BREAKFAST BED I BRING.

I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place when I have to choose where to eat for Thanksgiving between my family's house or my husband's family's house. THIS THANKSGIVING EAT MY FAMILY HUSBANDS FAMILY I BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE WHICH THIS OR THAT.

I need to bite the bullet and clean my messy basement. MESSY BASEMENT MUST CLEAN BITE THE BULLET ME.

I feel bad for my sister because her boyfriend has been catting around and she doesn't know it. MY SISTERS BOYFRIEND CATTING AROUND I FEEL BAD SHE CLUELESS.

Why are you crabby? Chill out. WHY YOU CRABBY? CHILL OUT.

There is no way I'm buying that bag. It costs an arm and a leg! THAT BAG NO I NOT BUY COST AN ARM AND A LEG.

If you are late for class, it's curtains for you because you can't get in. IF YOU LATE CLASS CURTAINS-FOR-YOU CANNOT GET IN.

Cut the bull. You always lie. YOU LIE LIE LIE CUT THE BULL.

Most people think learning ASL is easy peasy, but no, it is challenging. MOST PEOPLE THINK LEARNING ASL EASY PEASY NO CHALLENGING.

The football players all got new Nike shoes. #ALL FOOTBALL PLAYERS GOT NEW N-I-K-E SHOES.

I move to a new apartment soon. NEW #APT I MOVE SOON.

I plan to ask my dad to borrow his car. MY FATHER HIS CAR I PLAN #ASK BORROW.

Wow! This week I am busy. WOW THIS WEEK I #BUSY.

I went to the doctor to test my cholesterol and it was high. DOCTOR I GO TEST #CHOL HIGH.

My parents are members of the Indianapolis Deaf Club. INDIANAPOLIS DEAF #CLUB MY PARENTS MEMBERS.

My father worked at the Otis Elevator Company for many years. O-T-I-S ELEVATOR #CO MANY YEARS MY FATHER WORK THERE.

Do you want to go to the new barbecue restaurant that recently opened? RECENTLY NEW #BBQ RESTAURANT OPEN WANNA GO?

Don't forget to get a flu shot this year. THIS YEAR #FLU SHOT DON'T FORGET.

I bought bananas two days ago and now they are no good. TWO DAYS AGO I BOUGHT BANANAS NOW #NG.

That restaurant only accepts cash. THAT RESTAURANT ONLY ACCEPTS #CASH.

While I was biking I accidentally swallowed a bug. ME BIKING WRONG #BUG SWALLOW.

I like books. I LIKE BOOKS.

I love books. I LOVE BOOKS.

I dislike books. I DISLIKE BOOKS.

I hate books. I HATE BOOKS.

Do you like books? YOU LIKE BOOKS?

I like trees. I LIKE TREES.

I love trees. I LOVE TREES.

I dislike trees. I DISLIKE TREES.

I hate trees. I HATE TREES.

Do you like trees? YOU LIKE TREES?

I like ice cream. I LIKE ICE CREAM.

I love ice cream. I LOVE ICE CREAM.

I dislike ice cream. I DISLIKE ICE CREAM

I hate ice cream. I HATE ICE CREAM.

Do you like ice cream? YOU LIKE ICE CREAM?

Jim loves Jen. J-I-M LOVES J-E-N.

Jen hates Jim. J-E-N HATES J-I-M.

I like telephones. I LIKE TELEPHONES.

I love telephones. I LOVE TELEPHONES.

I dislike telephones. I DISLIKE TELEPHONES.

I hate telephones. I HATE TELEPHONES.

Do you like telephones? YOU LIKE TELEPHONES?

I love my telephone. I LOVE MY TELEPHONE.

What time is it? WHAT TIME?

Is it time to eat? TIME EAT?

Is it time to call you? TIME CALL?

What time is it? TIME?

I like to drink. I LIKE DRINK.

I love to drink. I LOVE DRINK.

I don't like to drink. I DON'T LIKE DRINK.

I hate to drink. I HATE DRINK.

Do you like to drink? YOU LIKE DRINK?

I like to eat. I LIKE EAT.

I love to eat. I LOVE EAT.

I don't like to eat. I DON'T LIKE EAT.

I hate to eat. I HATE EAT.

Do you like to eat? YOU LIKE EAT?

I like airplanes. I LIKE AIRPLANES.

I don't like airplanes. I DON'T LIKE AIRPLANES.

I hate airplanes. I HATE AIRPLANES.

Do you like airplanes? YOU LIKE AIRPLANES?

Jim hates airplanes. J-I-M HATES AIRPLANES.

I like cars. I LIKE CARS.

I love cars. I LOVE CARS.

I hate cars. I HATE CARS.

Do you like cars? YOU LIKE CARS?

I like motorcycles. I LIKE MOTORCYCLES.

I love motorcycles. I LOVE MOTORCYCLES.

I don't like motorcycles. I DON'T LIKE MOTORCYCLES.

I hate motorcycles. I HATE MOTORCYCLES.

Do you like motorcycles? YOU LIKE MOTORCYCLES?

Joe loves motorcycles. J-O-E LOVES MOTORCYCLES.

Yes, I love motorcycles and airplanes. YES I LOVE MOTORCYCLES AIRPLANES.

I like bicycles. I LIKE BICYCLES.

I love bicycles. I LOVE BICYCLES.

I don't like bicycles. I DON'T LIKE BICYCLES.

I hate bicycles. I HATE BICYCLES.

Do you like bicycles? YOU LIKE BICYCLES?

Do you bike? YOU BIKE?

I like to walk. I LIKE WALK.

I love to walk. I LOVE WALK.

I don't like to walk. I DON'T LIKE WALK.

I hate to walk. I HATE WALK.

Do you like to walk? YOU LIKE WALK?

I like babies. I LIKE BABIES.

I love babies. I LOVE BABIES.

I don't like babies. I DON'T LIKE BABIES.

I hate babies. I HATE BABIES.

Do you like babies? YOU LIKE BABIES?

Tom loves babies. T-O-M LOVES BABIES.

I love my baby. I LOVE MY BABY.

I like balls. I LIKE BALLS.

I love balls. I LOVE BALLS.

I don't like balls. I DON'T LIKE BALLS.

I hate balls. I HATE BALLS.

Do you like balls? YOU LIKE BALLS?

I like milk. I LIKE MILK.

I love milk. I LOVE MILK.

I don't like milk. I DON'T LIKE MILK.

I hate milk. I HATE MILK.

Do you like milk? YOU LIKE MILK?

Mia hates milk. M-I-A HATES MILK.

Do you drink milk? YOU DRINK MILK?

I like pencils. I LIKE PENCILS.

I love pencils. I LOVE PENCILS.

I don't like pencils. I DON'T LIKE PENCILS.

I hate pencils. I HATE PENCILS.

Do you like pencils? YOU LIKE PENCILS?

I like to write. I LIKE WRITE.

I love to write. I LOVE WRITE.

I don't like to write. I DON'T LIKE WRITE.

I hate to write. I HATE WRITE.

Do you like to write? YOU LIKE WRITE?

Tom loves writing. T-O-M LOVES WRITING.

I love to write books. I LOVE WRITE BOOKS.

Do you write books? YOU WRITE BOOKS?

I like typing. I LIKE TYPING.

I love typing. I LOVE TYPING.

I don't like typing. I DON'T LIKE TYPING.

I hate typing. I HATE TYPING.

Do you like typing? YOU LIKE TYPING?

Can you type? YOU TYPE?

I like playing the piano. I LIKE PIANO.

I love playing the piano. I LOVE PIANO.

I don't like playing the piano. I DON'T LIKE PIANO.

I hate playing the piano. I HATE PIANO.

Do you love playing the piano? YOU LOVE PIANO?

I love my Yamaha piano. I LOVE MY Y-A-M-A-H-A PIANO.

Are you deaf? YOU DEAF?

Are you hearing or deaf? YOU HEARING DEAF?

I am deaf. I DEAF.

Are you hearing? YOU HEARING?

I am hearing. I HEARING.

Are you hard of hearing? YOU HARD OF HEARING?

I am hard of hearing. I HARD OF HEARING.

Sam hates me. S-A-M HATES ME.

I love Bob. I LOVE B-O-B.

Do you love me? YOU LOVE ME?

Dan loves me. D-A-N LOVES ME.

Kim hates me. K-I-M HATES ME.

I love my bicycle. I LOVE MY BICYCLE.

I hate my car. I HATE MY CAR.

Your name is Henry. YOUR NAME H-E-N-R-Y.

Is your name Tina? YOUR NAME T-I-N-A?

You and me like ice cream. YOU ME LIKE ICE CREAM.

I like you. I LIKE YOU.

Yes, I like books. YES I LIKE BOOKS.

Yes, I'm deaf. YES I DEAF.

No, I don't like motorcycles. NO I DON'T LIKE MOTORCYCLES.

No, I'm not deaf. NO I DEAF.

No, I'm not deaf. DEAF ME NO.

Hi, my name is BC. HI MY NAME BC (sign name).

Hi, what's your name? HI WHAT YOUR NAME?

I failed to fool you; you are too clever. I FAILED FOOL YOU CLEVER DARN IT.

I'm a grouch because my wifi broke. MY WIFI DOWN I GROUCH.

Happy Pride Month from the Signing Savvy team. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH FROM US SIGNING SAVVY TEAM.

My daughter earns good tips working as a waitress. MY DAUGHTER WORKS WAITRESS SHE EARNS GOOD TIPS.

I used to work at the Indiana School for the Deaf. INDIANA DEAF SCHOOL LONG AGO I WORK THERE.

My class always starts on time. MY CLASS ALWAYS STARTS ON TIME.

Please be on time for work. WORK YOU ON TIME PLEASE.

It's time to go home. TIME GO HOME.

Are you right handed or left handed? YOU RIGHT HANDED LEFT HANDED WHICH?

My son and daughter are both deaf. MY SON AND DAUGHTER BOTH DEAF.

I plan to retire next year. NEXT YEAR I PLAN RETIRE.

My grandfather looks like Santa Claus. MY GRANDFATHER LOOKS LIKE SANTA CLAUS.

My microwave blew up yesterday. YESTERDAY MY MICROWAVE BLEW UP.

I am good. How are you? I GOOD. HOW YOU?

I am bad. How are you? I BAD. HOW YOU?

I am fine. How are you? I FINE. HOW YOU?

I am OK. How are you? I O-K. HOW YOU?

I am so-so. How are you? I SO-SO. HOW YOU?

Are you deaf? DEAF?

Are you hearing? HEARING?

Are you deaf? DEAF YOU?

Are you hearing? HEARING YOU?

I am deaf. DEAF I.

I am hearing. HEARING I.

Bob is 48. B-O-B AGE 48.

Jim is 67. J-I-M AGE 67.

Kit is 21. K-I-T AGE 21.

Ava is 58. A-V-A AGE 58.

Sam is 72. S-A-M AGE 72.

Jon is 19. J-O-N AGE 19.

Max is 3. M-A-X AGE 3.

Mia is 1. M-I-A AGE 1.

Ali is 7. A-L-I AGE 7.

Bill was born in 1964. YEAR 1964 B-I-L-L BORN.

John died in 1974. YEAR 1974 J-O-H-N DIED.

My birthday is November 2nd. MY BIRTHDAY N-O-V 2.

Yesterday Phil got married. YESTERDAY P-H-I-L MARRIED.

Is your birthday in August? YOUR BIRTHDAY A-U-G?

Mary was born at 6:00 AM. TIME 6 AM M-A-R-Y BORN.

Kat died at 3:00 PM. TIME 3 AFTERNOON K-A-T DIED.

Rick got married at 10:00 AM. TIME 10 MORNING R-I-C-K MARRIED.

Susan was born at 6:00 PM. TIME 6 PM S-U-S-A-N BORN.

Will died at 8:00 PM. TIME 8 NIGHT W-I-L-L DIED.

Mark is 9 years old. Mark's age is 9. M-A-R-K AGE 9.

Matt is 17 years old. Matt’s age is 17. M-A-T-T AGE 17.

Bobby is 25 years old. Bobby’s age is 25. B-O-B-B-Y AGE 25.

Tina is 33 years old. Tina’s age is 33. T-I-N-A AGE 33.

Anna is 48 years old. Anna’s age is 48. A-N-N-A AGE 48.

Emma was born in 1927. YEAR 1927 E-M-M-A BORN.

Mary was born in 1797. YEAR 1797 M-A-R-Y BORN.

Lilly died in 1967. YEAR 1967 L-I-L-L-Y DIED.

Amber died in 2006. YEAR 2006 A-M-B-E-R DIED.

I was born January 29, 1959. I BORN J-A-N 29 YEAR 1959.

I got married March 17, 2005. I MARRIED M-A-R-C-H 17 YEAR 2005.

I got married November 23, 2021. I MARRIED N-O-V 23 YEAR 2021.

Fiona got married on May 2, 2003. F-I-O-N-A MARRIED MAY 2nd YEAR 2003.

Richard got married on June 14, 2006. R-I-C-H-A-R-D MARRIED JUNE 14 YEAR 2006.

Kasha's birthday is January 12. K-A-S-H-A BIRTHDAY JAN 12.

Vicky's birthday is December 1st. V-I-C-K-Y BIRTHDAY DEC 1st.

Emily was born in the month of March. E-M-I-L-Y BORN MONTH M-A-R-C-H.

Today I drank 7 glasses of milk. TODAY 7 MILKS I DRANK.

Susan was born at 4:30 in the afternoon. S-U-S-A-N BORN TIME 4:30 AFTERNOON.

Brian birthday is July 12, 1971. B-R-I-A-N BIRTHDAY JULY 12 YEAR 1971.

Thank you for your service. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

Thank you for your military service. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MILITARY SERVICE.

Help me decorate for the birthday party, please. BIRTHDAY PARTY DECORATE HELP ME PLEASE.

I was born September 15, 1985 at 10 PM. SEPT 15 YEAR 1985 TIME 10 PM I BORN.

My friend was born at 6 PM on April 27, 1977. APRIL 27 YEAR 1977 TIME 6 PM MY FRIEND BORN.

My best friend's birthday is March 15, 1956. MARCH 15 YEAR 1956 MY BEST FRIEND BIRTHDAY.

Your teacher’s birthday is Tuesday, December 15. TUESDAY DECEMBER 15 YOUR TEACHER BIRTHDAY.

I was married on Saturday, April 25, 1965 at 1:30. SATURDAY APRIL 25 YEAR 1965 TIME 1:30 I MARRIED.

On Sunday, June 13 I will be 17 years old. SUNDAY JUNE 13 MY BIRTHDAY ME OLD 17.

Today is Wednesday, February 11, 2002. TODAY WEDNESDAY FEB 11 YEAR 2002.

My student ID is 23689. MY STUDENT ID NUMBER 2 3 6 8 9.

Hi, Nikki. How are you? HI N-I-K-K-I. HOW YOU?

I dislike 737 airplanes. I DISLIKE 7 3 7 AIRPLANES.

Hello, Brad. Nice to meet you again. HELLO B-R-A-D. NICE MEET YOU AGAIN.

No, Julie, I dislike milk. NO J-U-L-I-E, I DISLIKE MILK.

My friend, Sammy, likes motorcycles. MY FRIEND S-A-M-M-Y LIKES MOTORCYCLES.

How old are you? HOW OLD YOU?

I am 29 years old. I OLD 29.

How old is your sister? YOUR SISTER HOW OLD?

My sister is 33 years old. MY SISTER OLD 33.

How old is your niece? YOUR NIECE HOW OLD?

My niece is 16 years old. MY NIECE OLD 16.

How old is your father? YOUR FATHER HOW OLD?

My father is 37 years old. MY FATHER OLD 37.

How old is your brother? YOUR BROTHER HOW OLD?

My brother is 24 years old. MY BROTHER OLD 24.

How old is your uncle? YOUR UNCLE HOW OLD?

My uncle is 46 years old. MY UNCLE OLD 46.

How old is your cousin (male)? YOUR COUSIN HOW OLD?

My cousin (male) is 39 years old. MY COUSIN OLD 39.

How old is your cousin (female)? YOUR COUSIN HOW OLD?

My cousin (female) is 3 years old. MY COUSIN OLD 3.

How old is your mother? YOUR MOTHER HOW OLD?

My mother is 62 years old. MY MOTHER OLD 62.

How old is your aunt? YOUR AUNT HOW OLD?

My aunt is 60 years old. MY AUNT OLD 60.

How old is your nephew? YOUR NEPHEW HOW OLD?

My nephew is 9 years old. MY NEPHEW OLD 9.

My niece is 6 years old. MY NIECE OLD 6.

How old is your grandma? YOUR GRANDMA HOW OLD?

My grandma is 94 years old. MY GRANDMA OLD 94.

How old is your grandpa? YOUR GRANDPA HOW OLD?

My grandpa is 75 years old. MY GRANDPA OLD 75.

How old is your son? YOUR SON HOW OLD?

My son is 11 years old. MY SON OLD 11.

How old is your daughter? YOUR DAUGHTER HOW OLD?

My daughter is 1 year old. MY DAUGHTER OLD 1.

What is your good friend's name? YOUR GOOD FRIEND NAME WHAT?

What is your mom's name? YOUR MOM NAME WHAT?

What is your dad's name? YOUR DAD NAME WHAT?

What is your brother's name? YOUR BROTHER NAME WHAT?

What is your sister's name? YOUR SISTER NAME WHAT?

My grandfather John likes chicken. CHICKEN MY GRANDFATHER J-O-H-N LIKE.

My cousin Gabe loves fish. FISH MY COUSIN G-A-B-E LOVES.

My grandmother Annie likes apples. APPLES MY GRANDMOTHER A-N-N-I-E LIKES.

My brother Jake loves corn on the cob. CORN ON THE COB MY BROTHER J-A-K-E LOVES.

My sister Beth likes popcorn. POPCORN MY SISTER B-E-T-H LIKES

My daughter Rebecca doesn't like pop. SOFT DRINKS MY DAUGHTER R-E-B-E-C-C-A DOESN'T LIKE.

My uncle Roger likes milk. MILK MY UNCLE R-O-G-E-R LIKES.

My best friend Susan likes to eat eggs. EGGS MY BEST FRIEND S-U-S-A-N LIKES EAT.

My good friend Zack likes soup. SOUP MY GOOD FRIEND Z-A-C-K LIKES.

My boyfriend Ralph likes cheeseburgers. CHEESEBURGERS MY BOYFRIEND R-A-L-P-H LIKES.

My girlfriend Donna loves salad. SALAD MY GIRLFRIEND D-O-N-N-A LOVES.

My son Chris doesn't like candy. CANDY MY SON C-H-R-I-S DOESN'T LIKE.

My teacher Mrs. Cartwright doesn't like hot dogs. HOT DOGS MY TEACHER MRS. C-A-R-T-W-R-I-G-H-T DOESN'T LIKE.

My student Andre loves french fries. FRENCH FRIES MY STUDENT A-N-D-R-E LOVES.

My aunt Lisa doesn't like tea. TEA MY AUNT L-I-S-A DOESN'T LIKE.

Beth ate 2 pies. 2 PIES B-E-T-H ATE.

Tim ate 14 cookies. 14 COOKIES T-I-M ATE.

Max ate 7 oranges for breakfast. BREAKFAST 7 ORANGES M-A-X ATE.

Phil drank 3 soda pops. 3 SOFT DRINKS P-H-I-L DRANK.

Bob ate 6 bananas. 6 BANANAS B-O-B ATE.

Sean ate 10 french fries. 10 FRENCH FRIES S-E-A-N ATE.

Josie drank 4 coffees. 4 COFFEES J-O-S-I-E DRANK.

Rosa ate 4 sandwiches for lunch. LUNCH 4 SANDWICHES R-O-S-A ATE.

Kay ate 9 apples. 9 APPLES K-A-Y ATE.

Juan ate 5 hamburgers for dinner. DINNER 5 HAMBURGERS J-U-A-N ATE.

Ali drank 8 glasses of water. 8 WATERS A-L-I DRANK.

Marco ate 11 turkey sandwiches. 11 TURKEY SANDWICHES M-A-R-C-O ATE.

Tara ate 13 ears of corn on the cob for supper. SUPPER 13 CORN ON THE COB T-A-R-A ATE.

Jackie ate a salad for dinner. DINNER SALAD J-A-C-K-I-E ATE.

My friend drinks 2 bottles of soda pop for breakfast. BREAKFAST 2 POPS MY FRIEND DRINK.

Which do you like hot dogs or hamburgers? YOU LIKE HOT DOG HAMBURGER WHICH?

Which do you like coffee or tea? YOU LIKE COFFEE TEA WHICH?

Which do you like apples or oranges? YOU LIKE APPLES ORANGES WHICH?

Which do you like ice cream or candy? YOU LIKE ICE CREAM CANDY WHICH?

Which do you like soup or sandwiches? YOU LIKE SOUP SANDWICH WHICH?

Which do you like pizza or french fries? YOU LIKE PIZZA FRENCH FRIES WHICH?

Which do you like cookies or pie? YOU LIKE COOKIE PIE WHICH?

Which do you like chicken or fish? YOU LIKE CHICKEN FISH WHICH?

Which do you like grapes or bananas? YOU LIKE GRAPES BANANAS WHICH?

Which do you like soft drinks or water? YOU LIKE SOFT DRINKS WATER WHICH?

Which do you like eggs or cheese? YOU LIKE EGGS CHEESE WHICH?

Which do you like corn on the cob or salad? YOU LIKE CORN ON THE COB SALAD WHICH?

Samantha was born in Texas. TEXAS S-A-M-A-N-T-H-A BORN.

Nicholas lives in Arizona. ARIZONA N-I-C-H-O-L-A-S LIVE.

Michelle was born in New York. NEW YORK M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E BORN.

Thad lives in California. CALIFORNIA T-H-A-D LIVES.

Harrison was born in Washington, D.C. WASHINGTON DC H-A-R-R-I-S-O-N BORN.

Marshall died in West Virginia. WEST VIRGINIA M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L DIED.

Crockett died in Alaska. ALASKA C-R-O-C-K-E-T-T DIED.

Danielle got married in Colorado. COLORADO D-A-N-I-E-L-L-E MARRIED.

Mohammad lives in Washington. WASHINGTON M-O-H-A-M-M-A-D LIVES.

Consuelo got married in Hawaii. HAWAII C-O-N-S-U-E-L-O MARRIED.




















Soup costs $3.50. SOUP COSTS 3 DOLLARS 50 CENTS.

Salad costs $2.99. SALAD COSTS 2 DOLLARS 99 CENTS.

Hamburger costs $6.99. HAMBURGER COSTS 6 DOLLARS 99 CENTS.

French fries cost $1.55. FRENCH FRIES COST 1 DOLLAR 55 CENTS.

Pizza costs $14.75. PIZZA COSTS 14 DOLLARS 75 CENTS.

A hot dog costs $2.50. HOT DOG COSTS 2 DOLLARS 50 CENTS.

Popcorn costs $6.00. POPCORN COSTS 6 DOLLARS.

A cookie costs $3.25. COOKIE COSTS 3 DOLLARS 25 CENTS.

Pie costs $15.95. PIE COSTS 15 DOLLARS 95 CENTS.

Eggs cost $4.73. EGGS COST 4 DOLLAR 73 CENTS.

Soda pop costs $2.98. SODA POP COSTS 2 DOLLARS 98 CENTS.

A sandwich costs $6.22. SANDWICH COSTS 6 DOLLARS 22 CENTS.

Water costs $0.99. WATER COSTS 99 CENTS.

Coffee costs $4.30. COFFEE COSTS 4 DOLLARS 30 CENTS.

Tea costs $1.15. TEA COSTS 1 DOLLAR 15 CENTS.



4 PIES - 3 PIES = 1 PIE 4 PIES-3 PIES = 1 PIE

10 ÷ 2 = 5 10 ÷ 2 = 5

2 x 2 = 4 2 x 2 = 4

3 x 3 = 9 3 x 3 = 9


10 EGGS - 6 EGGS = 4 EGGS 10 EGGS-6 EGGS = 4 EGGS

4 ÷ 4 = 1 4 ÷ 4 = 1

7 x 2 = 14 7 x 2 = 14

1 + 2 = 3 1 + 2 = 3

2 - 1 = 1 2-1 = 1

2 x 1 = 2 2 x 1 = 2

2 ÷ 1 = 2 2 ÷ 1 = 2

Beth's major is theater. B-E-T-H MAJOR WHAT? THEATER.

Bobby's minor is business. B-O-B-B-Y MINOR WHAT? BUSINESS.

Max's major is interpreting. M-A-X MAJOR WHAT? INTERPRETING.

Karen's minor is biology. K-A-R-E-N MINOR WHAT? BIOLOGY.

Rebecca's major is English. R-E-B-E-C-C-A MAJOR WHAT? ENGLISH.

Maria's minor is history. M-A-R-I-A MINOR WHAT? HISTORY.

Dave's major is nursing. D-A-V-E MAJOR WHAT? NURSING.

Frank's minor is law. F-R-A-N-K MINOR WHAT? LAW.

Greg's major is math. G-R-E-G MAJOR WHAT? MATH.

Helen's major is art. H-E-L-E-N MAJOR WHAT? ART.

Char's major is hairstyling. C-H-A-R MAJOR WHAT? HAIRSTYLING.

Javi's major is religion. J-A-V-I MAJOR WHAT? RELIGION.

Deena's minor is auto mechanics. D-E-E-N-A MINOR WHAT? AUTO MECHANICS.

Vic's major is plumbing. V-I-C MAJOR WHAT? PLUMBING.

Cyndi's minor is engineering. C-Y-N-D-I MINOR WHAT? ENGINEERING.

Jillian's major is medicine. J-I-L-L-I-A-N MAJOR WHAT? MEDICINE.

Bonnie hates mice, snakes and spiders. MICE SNAKES SPIDERS B-O-N-N-I-E HATES.

Dorothy is afraid of lions, tigers and bears. LIONS TIGERS BEARS D-O-R-O-T-H-Y AFRAID.

Jeff likes to eat deer, squirrels and rabbits. DEER SQUIRRELS RABBITS J-E-F-F LIKES EAT.

Dale likes to eat fish, chicken and pigs. FISH CHICKEN PIGS D-A-L-E LIKES EAT.

Abby loves butterflies, monkeys and turtles. BUTTERFLIES MONKEYS TURTLES A-B-B-Y LOVES.

Chris likes monkeys. Christy likes tigers. MONKEYS C-H-R-I-S LIKES. TIGERS C-H-R-I-S-T-Y LIKES.

Troy has 10 lions. Erin has 18 ducks. 10 LIONS T-R-O-Y HAS. 18 DUCKS E-R-I-N HAS.

Eric has 24 cats. Carol has 44 dogs. 24 CATS E-R-I-C HAS. 44 DOGS C-A-R-O-L HAS.

Rick has 15 horses. Mark has 6 elephants. 15 HORSES R-I-C-K HAS. 6 ELEPHANTS M-A-R-K HAS.

Mike has 52 cows. Alex has 19 chickens. 52 COWS M-I-K-E HAS. 19 CHICKENS A-L-E-X HAS.

Mary has a rabbit named Houdini. M-A-R-Y HAS RABBIT NAME WHAT? H-O-U-D-I-N-I.

Mary has a rabbit named Houdini. RABBIT NAMED H-O-U-D-I-N-I M-A-R-Y HAS.

Erin has a cat named Mystery. E-R-I-N HAS CAT NAME WHAT? M-Y-S-T-E-R-Y.

Erin has a cat named Mystery. CAT NAMED M-Y-S-T-E-R-Y E-R-I-N HAS.

Jess has a dog named Rowdy. J-E-S-S HAS DOG NAME WHAT? R-O-W-D-Y.

Jess has a dog named Rowdy. DOG NAMED R-O-W-D-Y J-E-S-S HAS.

Tori has a fish named Mopsy. T-O-R-I HAS FISH NAME WHAT? M-O-P-S-Y.

Tori has a fish named Mopsy. FISH NAMED M-O-P-S-Y T-O-R-I HAS.

Devon is afraid of bears. BEARS D-E-V-O-N AFRAID.

Tim's T-shirt is blue. T-I-M HIS T-SHIRT BLUE.

Matt's socks are green. M-A-T-T HIS SOCKS WHAT COLOR? GREEN.

Sue's belt is brown. S-U-E HER BELT BROWN.

Ann's shorts are white. A-N-N HER SHORTS WHAT COLOR? WHITE.

Jeff's coat is tan. J-E-F-F HIS COAT TAN.

Todd's gloves are black. T-O-D-D HIS GLOVES WHAT COLOR? BLACK.

Lynn's dress is purple. L-Y-N-N HER DRESS PURPLE.

Mike's shirt is yellow. M-I-K-E HIS SHIRT WHAT COLOR? YELLOW.

Beth's pants are gray. B-E-T-H HER PANTS GRAY.

I have 10 black coats. 10 BLACK COATS I HAVE.

I have 2 red dresses. 2 RED DRESSES I HAVE.

I have 4 orange hats. 4 ORANGE HATS I HAVE.

I have 7 tan pants. 7 TAN PANTS I HAVE.

I have 5 purple ties. 5 PURPLE TIES I HAVE.

I have 6 brown shoes. 6 BROWN SHOES I HAVE.

My husband Bob does not like to exercise. EXERCISE MY HUSBAND B-O-B DOESN'T LIKE.

Uncle John hates to lose. LOSE UNCLE J-O-H-N HATES.

I will play tennis at 8 a.m. TIME 8 AM TENNIS I PLAY.

My three favorite sports are skiing, ice skating, and roller skating. MY 3 FAVORITE SPORTS WHAT? SKIING ICE SKATING ROLLER SKATING.

Chad likes to play soccer and tennis. SOCCER TENNIS C-H-A-D LIKES PLAY.

My best friend beat me in ping pong. PING PONG MY BEST FRIEND BEAT-ME .

My mom's favorite sport is golf. GOLF MY MOM FAVORITE SPORT.

Yesterday, MSU played basketball and won. YESTERDAY BASKETBALL M-S-U PLAY WON.

My parents love to roller skate. ROLLER SKATE MY PARENTS LOVE.

Today I will go bowling at 6 p.m. TODAY TIME 6 PM I BOWLING.

I play volleyball tomorrow at 4 p.m. TOMORROW TIME 4 PM VOLLEYBALL PLAY.

Simone Biles loves gymnastics! GYMNASTICS S-I-M-O-N-E B-I-L-E-S LOVES.

Usain Bolt loves running RUNNING U-S-A-I-N B-O-L-T LOVES.

Muhammad Ali beat George Foreman in boxing. BOXING M-U-H-A-M-M-A-D A-L-I BEAT G-E-O-R-G-E F-O-R-E-M-A-N.

Matt Greene played NHL hockey. NHL HOCKEY M-A-T-T G-R-E-E-N-E PLAYED.

New Year’s Eve is Saturday, December 31. NEW YEAR'S EVE WHEN? SATURDAY DECEMBER 31.

New Year's Day is Sunday, January 1st. NEW YEAR'S DAY WHEN? SUNDAY JANUARY 1ST.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday, January 21. M-L-K DAY WHEN? MONDAY JANUARY 21.

President's Day is Thursday, February 18. PRESIDENT'S DAY WHEN? THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18.

Flag Day is Sunday, June 14. FLAG DAY WHEN? SUNDAY JUNE 14.

St. Patrick's Day is Wednesday, March 17. ST. PATRICK'S DAY WHEN? WEDNESDAY MARCH 17.

Good Friday is Friday, March 21. GOOD FRIDAY WHEN? FRIDAY MARCH 21.

Easter is Sunday, April 17. EASTER WHEN? SUNDAY APRIL 17.

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11. MOTHER'S DAY WHEN? SUNDAY MAY 11.

Memorial Day is Monday, May 26. MEMORIAL DAY WHEN? MONDAY MAY 26.

Father's Day is Sunday, June 15. FATHER'S DAY WHEN? SUNDAY JUNE 15.

Labor Day is Monday, September 1st. LABOR DAY WHEN? MONDAY SEPTEMBER 1ST.

Halloween is Friday, October 31. HALLOWEEN WHEN? FRIDAY OCTOBER 31.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 4th. ELECTION DAY WHEN? TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4th.

Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 20. THANKSGIVING WHEN? THURSDAY NOVEMBER 20.

Hanukkah is Sunday, December 21. HANUKKAH WHEN? SUNDAY DECEMBER 21.

Christmas is Wednesday, December 25. CHRISTMAS WHEN? WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 25.

My best friend Maggie's favorite holiday is Valentine's Day. VALENTINE'S DAY MY BEST FRIEND M-A-G-G-I-E HER FAVORITE HOLIDAY.

This year I went on vacation to New York. THIS YEAR I WENT VACATION WHERE? NEW YORK.

Valentine's Day is in February and St. Patrick's Day is in March. VALENTINE'S DAY FEBRUARY ST. PATRICK'S DAY MARCH.

I ate salad, corn on the cob, ham, and cookies at Easter. EASTER I ATE WHAT? SALAD CORN ON THE COB HAM COOKIES

My uncle Jacob died on Christmas Day. CHRISTMAS DAY MY UNCLE JACOB DIED.

My brother ate 6 hamburgers on July 4th. JULY 4th MY BROTHER EAT WHAT? 6 HAMBURGERS.

My grandfather's favorite holiday is Memorial Day. MEMORIAL DAY MY GRANDFATHER FAVORITE HOLIDAY.

My son's favorite holiday is Halloween. HALLOWEEN MY SON FAVORITE HOLIDAY.

My cousin's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING MY COUSIN FAVORITE HOLIDAY.

Morty wore a Yarmulke hat at Hanukkah. HANUKKAH M-O-R-T-Y WORE Y-A-R-M-U-L-K-E HAT.

The colors in the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. RAINBOW COLORS WHAT? RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE PURPLE.

Is it sunny or cloudy today? TODAY SUNNY CLOUDY WHICH?

February has bad weather all month. MONTH FEBRUARY BAD WEATHER.

In Texas it is raining all week. ALL WEEK TEXAS RAIN.

It has been snowing for 3 days in New York. 3 DAYS HEAVY SNOW WHERE? NEW YORK

Forty-eight people died from lightning in 2006. YEAR 2006 48 PEOPLE DIED HOW? LIGHTNING.

The wind made the trees fall. TREES FALL HOW? WIND.

Hurricane Katrina happened in August 2005. HURRICANE K-A-T-R-I-N-A WHEN? AUGUST 2005.

My house flooded yesterday. YESTERDAY MY HOUSE FLOOD.

There was an earthquake today in California. TODAY EARTHQUAKE WHERE? CALIFORNIA.

Tomorrow the temperature will be 98 degrees. TOMORROW TEMPERATURE WHAT? 98.

July and August are hot months in Arizona. MONTH JULY MONTH AUGUST ARIZONA HOT.

In Georgia, 40 degrees is cold. GEORGIA 40 DEGREES COLD.

My dog is afraid of thunder and lightning. THUNDER LIGHTNING MY DOG AFRAID.

Dorothy lives in Kansas and is afraid of tornados. KANSAS DOROTHY LIVE. TORNADOS SHE AFRAID.

A good warm temperature is 82 degrees. GOOD TEMPERATURE WHAT? 82 WARM.

Lake Michigan is frozen with ice. LAKE MICHIGAN FROZEN ICE.

It is hard to see in the car because of the fog. CAR SEE BAD FOG.

There is a 100% chance of rain today. 100 PERCENT RAIN TODAY.

Today the weather is sunny. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? SUNNY.

Today the weather is snowy. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? SNOW.

Today the weather is foggy. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? FOG.

Today the weather is rainy. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? RAIN.

Today the weather is sleeting. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? SLEET.

Today the weather is a 50% chance of rain. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? 50 PERCENT RAIN.

Today the weather is a 30% chance of snow. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? 30 PERCENT SNOW.

Today the weather is a 20% chance of hail. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? 20 PERCENT HAIL.

Today the weather is a 75% chance of clouds. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? 75 PERCENT CLOUDY.

What is the weather today? TODAY WEATHER WHAT?

What is the weather tomorrow? TOMORROW WEATHER WHAT?

What is the weather Saturday? SATURDAY WEATHER WHAT?

Today in Michigan will be 48 degrees with rain. TODAY MICHIGAN RAIN 48 DEGREES.

Tomorrow in Michigan will be 64 degrees and sunny. TOMORROW MICHIGAN SUN 64 DEGREES.

Wednesday in Michigan will be 57 degrees and cloudy. WEDNESDAY MICHIGAN CLOUDY 57 DEGREES.

Thursday in Michigan will be 30 degrees and snowy. THURSDAY MICHIGAN SNOW 30 DEGREES.

Today in Hawaii will be sunny and 82 degrees. TODAY HAWAII SUN 82 DEGREES.

Tomorrow in Hawaii will be sunny and 84 degrees. TOMORROW HAWAII SUN 84 DEGREES.

Friday in Hawaii will be 82 degrees and rainy. FRIDAY HAWAII RAIN 83 DEGREES.

Saturday in Hawaii will be 78 degrees and windy. SATURDAY HAWAII WINDY 78 DEGREES.

Today in New York will be 25 degrees and snowy. TODAY NEW YORK SNOW 25 DEGREES.

Tomorrow in New York will be 32 degrees and sleeting. TOMORROW NEW YORK SLEET 32 DEGREES.

Sunday in New York will be 44 degrees and cloudy. SUNDAY NEW YORK CLOUDY 44 DEGREES.

Monday in New York will be 87 degrees with a hurricane. MONDAY NEW YORK HURRICANE 87 DEGREES.

Today in Colorado there will be a blizzard and it will be -3 degrees. TODAY COLORADO BLIZZARD TEMPERATURE NEGATIVE 3.

Tomorrow in Colorado it will be 2 degrees with snow. TOMORROW COLORADO SNOW 2 DEGREES.

Tuesday in Colorado it will be warm at 25 degrees. TUESDAY COLORADO SUN WARM 25 DEGREES.

Wednesday in Colorado it will be 33 degrees and sunny. WEDNESDAY COLORADO SUN 33 DEGREES.

I love pianos. I LOVE PIANOS.

I hate to type. I HATE TYPE.

I dislike airplanes. I DISLIKE AIRPLANES.

I dislike to drink. I DISLIKE DRINK.

Your name is Tina? YOUR NAME T-I-N-A?

I dislike milk. I DISLIKE MILK.

I asked my friend what she thought about my dress, but she beat around the bush with her answer. ME ASK FRIEND HER OPINION MY DRESS SHE VAGUE WON'T TELL ME TRUTH.

Paul Hubbard was the quarterback for Gallaudet University in 1894 and he realized they needed a way to discuss plays in secret so he invented the football huddle. YEAR 1894. P-A-U-L H-U-B-B-A-R-D HIMSELF GALLAUDET FOOTBALL Q-B HE DECIDE NEED SECRET DISCUSS P-L-A-Y INVENT HUDDLE.

Equality is important in the workplace. WORKPLACE EQUALITY IMPORTANT.

Juneteenth celebrates freedom from slavery. JUNETEENTH CELEBRATE WHAT? FREEDOM FROM SLAVERY.


I like trees. I love pine trees. I LIKE TREES. I LOVE P-I-N-E TREES.

I like baseball bats. I LIKE BASEBALL BATS.

I dislike baseball bats. I DISLIKE BASEBALL BATS.

I love baseball bats. I LOVE BASEBALL BATS.

I hate baseball bats. I HATE BASEBALL BATS.

Will died at 8:00 PM. TIME 8 PM W-I-L-L DIED.

What is your best friend's name? YOUR BEST FRIEND NAME WHAT?

Valentine's Day is Wednesday, February 14. VALENTINE'S DAY WHEN? WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 14.

Independence Day is Friday, July 4. INDEPENDENCE DAY WHEN? FRIDAY JULY 4.

Independence Day is Friday, July 4th. INDEPENDENCE DAY WHEN? FRIDAY JULY 4TH.

Veteran's Day is Thursday, November 11. VETERAN'S DAY WHEN? THURSDAY NOVEMBER 11.

Spring break is Monday, March 19. SPRING BREAK WHEN? MONDAY MARCH 19.

I live in Florida. I LIVE FLORIDA.

I live in Florida. FLORIDA I LIVE.

I am from Indiana. I FROM INDIANA.

I am from Indiana. INDIANA I FROM.

I was born in New York. NEW YORK I BORN.

Which state do you live in? WHICH STATE YOU LIVE?

Which state do you live in? STATE YOU LIVE WHICH?

Where are you from? WHERE YOU FROM?

Which state are you from? WHICH STATE YOU FROM?

Which state are you from? STATE YOU FROM WHICH?

Where were you born? WHERE YOU BORN?

My father's favorite class is math. MATH MY FATHER HIS FAVORITE CLASS.

My mother's favorite class is algebra. ALGEBRA MY MOTHER HER FAVORITE CLASS.

My grandfather's favorite class is geometry. GEOMETRY MY GRANDFATHER HIS FAVORITE CLASS.

My grandmother's favorite class is science. SCIENCE MY GRANDMOTHER HER FAVORITE CLASS.

My uncle's favorite class is biology. BIOLOGY MY UNCLE HIS FAVORITE CLASS.

My aunt's favorite class is chemistry. CHEMISTRY MY AUNT HER FAVORITE CLASS.

My nephew's favorite class is theater. THEATER MY NEPHEW HIS FAVORITE CLASS.

My niece's favorite class is English. ENGLISH MY NIECE HER FAVORITE CLASS.

My (male) cousin's favorite class is history. HISTORY MY COUSIN HIS FAVORITE CLASS.

My husband's favorite class is nursing. NURSING MY HUSBAND HIS FAVORITE CLASS.

My wife's favorite class is medicine. MEDICINE MY WIFE HER FAVORITE CLASS.

My son's favorite class is music. MUSIC MY SON HIS FAVORITE CLASS.

My daughter's favorite class is law. LAW MY DAUGHTER HER FAVORITE CLASS.

My brother's favorite class is psychology. PSYCHOLOGY MY BROTHER HIS FAVORITE CLASS.

My sister's favorite class is social work. SOCIAL WORK MY SISTER HER FAVORITE CLASS.

My boyfriend's favorite class is education. EDUCATION MY BOYFRIEND HIS FAVORITE CLASS.

My girlfriend's favorite class is art. ART MY GIRLFRIEND HER FAVORITE CLASS.

My friend's favorite class is business. BUSINESS MY FRIEND THEIR FAVORITE CLASS.

My good friend's favorite class is interpreting. INTERPRETING MY GOOD FRIEND THEIR FAVORITE CLASS.

My best friend's favorite class is religion. RELIGION MY BEST FRIEND THEIR FAVORITE CLASS.

My teacher's favorite class is engineering. ENGINEERING MY TEACHER THEIR FAVORITE CLASS.

My favorite class is plumbing. PLUMBING MY FAVORITE CLASS.

Your favorite class is auto mechanics. AUTO MECHANICS YOUR FAVORITE CLASS.

My (male) cousin's favorite class is hair styling. HAIR STYLING MY COUSIN HIS FAVORITE CLASS.

I have 1 cat. 1 CAT I HAVE.

I have 2 dogs. 2 DOGS I HAVE.

I have 3 horses. 3 HORSES I HAVE.

I have 4 cows. 4 COWS I HAVE.

I have 5 pigs. 5 PIGS I HAVE.

I have 6 mice. 6 MICE I HAVE.

I have 7 snakes. 7 SNAKES I HAVE.

I have 8 rabbits. 8 RABBITS I HAVE.

I have 9 spiders. 9 SPIDERS I HAVE.

I have 10 birds. 10 BIRDS I HAVE.

I have 11 turtles. 11 TURTLES I HAVE.

I have 12 fish. 12 FISH I HAVE.

I hate monkeys. MONKEYS I HATE.

I love elephants. ELEPHANTS I LOVE.

I like lions. LIONS I LIKE.

I dislike tigers. TIGERS I DISLIKE.

I am afraid of giraffes. GIRAFFES I AFRAID.

I hate deer. DEER I HATE.

I love bears. BEARS I LOVE.

I like squirrels. SQUIRRELS I LIKE.

I dislike butterflies. BUTTERFLIES I DISLIKE.

I am afraid of ducks. DUCKS I AFRAID.

I hate mosquitoes. MOSQUITOES I HATE.

Baseball practice is at 12:00 pm. TIME 12:00 PM BASEBALL PRACTICE.

The basketball game is at 1:00 pm. TIME 1:00 PM BASKETBALL GAME.

Volleyball practice is at 2:00 pm. TIME 2:00 PM VOLLEYBALL PRACTICE.

The football game is at 3:00 pm. TIME 3:00 PM FOOTBALL GAME.

Soccer practice is at 4:00 pm. TIME 4:00 PM SOCCER PRACTICE.

The golf game is at 5:00 pm. TIME 5:00 PM GOLF GAME.

Tennis practice is at 6:00 pm. TIME 6:00 PM TENNIS PRACTICE.

The ping pong game is at 7:00 pm. TIME 7:00 PM PING PONG GAME.

Bowling practice is at 8:00 pm. TIME 8:00 PM BOWLING PRACTICE.

The hockey game is at 11:30 am. TIME 11:30 AM HOCKEY GAME.

The skiing race is at 10:30 am. TIME 10:30 AM SKIING RACE.

The boxing class is at 9:30 am. TIME 9:30 AM BOXING CLASS.

The swimming race is at 8:30 am. TIME 8:30 AM SWIMMING RACE.

The bicycling race is at 7:30 am. TIME 7:30 AM BICYCLING RACE.

The weight lifting class is at 6:30 am. TIME 6:30 AM WEIGHT LIFTING CLASS.

The snowboarding class is at 7:00 am. TIME 7:00 AM SNOWBOARDING CLASS.

The ice skating class is at 8:00 am. TIME 8:00 AM ICE SKATING CLASS.

The roller skating class is at 9:00 am. TIME 9:00 AM ROLLER SKATING CLASS.

The gymnastics class is at 10:00 am. TIME 10:00 AM GYMNASTICS CLASS.

The running race is at 11:00 am. TIME 11:00 AM RUNNING RACE.

The dancing competition is at 12:00 pm. TIME 12:00 PM DANCING COMPETITION.

The exercise class is at 1:00 pm. TIME 1:00 PM EXERCISE CLASS.

The wrestling class is at 2:00 pm. TIME 2:00 PM WRESTLING CLASS.

My sister's favorite holiday is Hanukkah. HANUKKAH MY SISTER HER FAVORITE HOLIDAY.

Veteran's Day is Wednesday, November 11. VETERAN'S DAY WHEN? WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 11.

The weather is hot today. TODAY WEATHER HOT.

The weather is warm today. TODAY WEATHER WARM.

The weather is cold today. TODAY WEATHER COLD.

The weather is cool today. TODAY WEATHER COOL.

Today the weather is cloudy. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? CLOUDY.

Today the weather is windy. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? WINDY.

Today the weather is rainy. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? RAINY.

Today the weather is snowy. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? SNOWY.

What is the weather today? WEATHER TODAY WHAT?

What is the weather tomorrow? WEATHER TOMORROW WHAT?

What is the weather Saturday? WEATHER SATURDAY WHAT?

Today's weather forecast is fog. TODAY WEATHER FORECAST FOG.

Today's weather forecast is thunder. TODAY WEATHER FORECAST THUNDER.

Today's weather forecast is lightning. TODAY WEATHER FORECAST LIGHTNING.

Today's weather forecast is a tornado. TODAY WEATHER FORECAST TORNADO.

Today's weather forecast is a hurricane. TODAY WEATHER FORECAST HURRICANE.

Today's weather forecast is a blizzard. TODAY WEATHER FORECAST BLIZZARD.

Today's weather forecast is a flood. TODAY WEATHER FORECAST FLOOD.

Today's weather forecast is freezing rain. TODAY WEATHER FORECAST FREEZING RAIN.

Today the weather is a 85% chance of freezing rain. WEATHER TODAY WHAT? 85 PERCENT FREEZING RAIN.

Georgia is in the south. GEORGIA WHERE? SOUTH

My mother lives in Georgia. MY MOTHER LIVE WHERE? GEORGIA

My father was born in Kentucky. MY FATHER BORN WHERE? KENTUCKY

My brother died in Louisiana. MY BROTHER DIED WHERE? LOUISIANA

My sister is from Maryland. MY SISTER FROM WHERE? MARYLAND

My grandmother was married in Missouri. MY GRANDMOTHER MARRIED WHERE? MISSOURI

My grandfather went to New Hampshire. MY GRANDFATHER WENT WHERE? NEW HAMPSHIRE

My aunt lives in New Jersey. MY AUNT LIVE WHERE? NEW JERSEY

My uncle was born in New Mexico. MY UNCLE BORN WHERE? NEW MEXICO

My cousin died in North Carolina. MY COUSIN DIED WHERE? NORTH CAROLINA

My friend is from North Dakota. MY FRIEND FROM WHERE? NORTH DAKOTA

My mother was married in Pennsylvania. MY MOTHER MARRIED WHERE? PENNSYLVANIA

My father went to Rhode Island. MY FATHER WENT WHERE? RHODE ISLAND

My brother lives in South Carolina. MY BROTHER LIVE WHERE? SOUTH CAROLINA

My sister was born in South Dakota. MY SISTER BORN WHERE? SOUTH DAKOTA

My grandmother died in Vermont. MY GRANDMOTHER DIED WHERE? VERMONT

My grandfather is from Virginia. MY GRANDFATHER FROM WHERE? VIRGINIA

My aunt was married in Alabama. MY AUNT MARRIED WHERE? ALABAMA

My uncle went to Arkansas. MY UNCLE WENT WHERE? ARKANSAS

My cousin lives in Delaware. MY COUSIN LIVE WHERE? DELAWARE

My friend was born in Florida. MY FRIEND BORN WHERE? FLORIDA

My mother died in Illinois. MY MOTHER DIED WHERE? ILLINOIS

My father is from Indiana. MY FATHER FROM WHERE? INDIANA

My brother was married in Kansas. MY BROTHER MARRIED WHERE? KANSAS

My sister went to Nebraska. MY SISTER WENT WHERE? NEBRASKA

My grandmother lives in Nevada. MY GRANDMOTHER LIVE WHERE? NEVADA

My grandfather was born in Wisconsin. MY GRANDFATHER BORN WHERE? WISCONSIN

My aunt died in Wyoming. MY AUNT DIED WHERE? WYOMING

My uncle is from Connecticut. MY UNCLE FROM WHERE? CONNECTICUT

My cousin was married in Massachusetts. MY COUSIN MARRIED WHERE? MASSACHUSETTS

My friend went to Michigan. MY FRIEND WENT WHERE? MICHIGAN

My mother lives in Minnesota. MY MOTHER LIVE WHERE? MINNESOTA

My father was born in Mississippi. MY FATHER BORN WHERE? MISSISSIPPI

My brother died in Oklahoma. MY BROTHER DIED WHERE? OKLAHOMA

My sister is from Tennessee. MY SISTER FROM WHERE? TENNESSEE

My grandmother was married in Idaho. MY GRANDMOTHER MARRIED WHERE? IDAHO

My grandfather went to Iowa. MY GRANDFATHER WENT WHERE? IOWA

My aunt lives in Maine. MY AUNT LIVE WHERE? MAINE

My uncle was born in Montana. MY UNCLE BORN WHERE? MONTANA

My cousin died in Ohio. MY COUSIN DIED WHERE? OHIO

My friend is from Oregon. MY FRIEND FROM WHERE? OREGON

My mother was married in Utah. MY MOTHER MARRIED WHERE? UTAH

My father went to Alaska. MY FATHER WENT WHERE? ALASKA

My brother lives in Arizona. MY BROTHER LIVE WHERE? ARIZONA

My sister was born in California. MY SISTER BORN WHERE? CALIFORNIA

My grandmother died in Colorado. MY GRANDMOTHER DIED WHERE? COLORADO

My grandfather is from Hawaii. MY GRANDFATHER FROM WHERE? HAWAII

My aunt was married in New York. MY AUNT MARRIED WHERE? NEW YORK

My uncle went to Texas. MY UNCLE WENT WHERE? TEXAS

My cousin lives in Washington. MY COUSIN LIVE WHERE? WASHINGTON

My friend was born in West Virginia. MY FRIEND BORN WHERE? WEST VIRGINIA

Minnesota is in the north. MINNESOTA WHERE? NORTH

New York is in the east. NEW YORK WHERE? EAST

California is in the west. CALIFORNIA WHERE? WEST

Alabama is in the south. ALABAMA WHERE? SOUTH

Michigan is in the north. MICHIGAN WHERE? NORTH

Rhode Island is in the east. RHODE ISLAND WHERE? EAST

Wyoming is in the west. WYOMING WHERE? WEST

What clothes do you have? CLOTHES YOU HAVE WHAT?

I have three dresses. 3 DRESSES I HAVE.

I have six coats. 6 COATS I HAVE.

I have seven shirts. 7 SHIRTS I HAVE

I have eight t-shirts. 8 T-SHIRTS I HAVE.

I have nine pants. 9 PANTS I HAVE.

I have ten shorts. 10 SHORTS I HAVE.

I have eleven socks. 11 SOCKS I HAVE.

I have twelve shoes. 12 SHOES I HAVE.

I have thirteen hats. 13 HATS I HAVE.

I have fourteen gloves. 14 GLOVES I HAVE.

I have fifteen belts. 15 BELTS I HAVE.

What color is the animal? ANIMAL COLOR WHAT?

The frog is green. FROG COLOR WHAT? GREEN

The whale is blue. WHALE COLOR WHAT? BLUE

The baby duck is yellow. BABY DUCK COLOR WHAT? YELLOW

The butterfly is purple. BUTTERFLY COLOR WHAT? PURPLE

The squirrel is red. SQUIRREL COLOR WHAT? RED

The pig is pink. PIG COLOR WHAT? PINK

The tiger is orange. TIGER COLOR WHAT? ORANGE

The cow is brown. COW COLOR WHAT? BROWN

The deer is tan. DEER COLOR WHAT? TAN

The horse is white. HORSE COLOR WHAT? WHITE

The cat is black. CAT COLOR WHAT? BLACK

The mouse is gray. MOUSE COLOR WHAT? GRAY

The lion is gold. LION COLOR WHAT? GOLD

The snake is silver. SNAKE COLOR WHAT? SILVER

I love whales. WHALES I LOVE.

I like frogs. FROGS I LIKE.

Juneteenth is Tuesday, June 19. JUNETEENTH WHEN? TUESDAY JUNE 19.

Happy Pride Month. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH

I have 9 turtles. 9 TURTLES I HAVE

I am afraid of spiders. SPIDERS I AFRAID.

Kitty O'Neil was a well-known deaf stuntwoman and race car driver. KITTY O'NEIL HERSELF FAMOUS DEAF STUNT WOMAN AND RACE C-A-R DRIVER.

Ella Mae Lentz is a well-known Deaf teacher, poet, advocate, and author. E-L-L-A M-A-E L-E-N-T-Z HERSELF FAMOUS DEAF TEACHER POET ADVOCATE AND AUTHOR.

I have 13 donkeys. 13 DONKEYS I HAVE.

I dislike alligators. ALLIGATORS I DISLIKE.

I dislike raccoons. RACCOONS I DISLIKE.

I hate turkeys. TURKEYS I HATE.

LeRoy Colombo was the first Deaf lifeguard. He saved 907 people. L-E-R-O-Y C-O-L-O-M-B-O HIMSELF FIRST DEAF LIFEGUARD 907 PEOPLE HE SAVED.

Clayton Valli was deaf and was the first person to receive a PhD in Linguistics and ASL Poetics. C-L-A-Y-T-O-N V-A-L-L-I HIMSELF DEAF FIRST PERSON RECEIVE PHD LINGUISTICS AND ASL POETRY.

Robert Panera was the first deaf professor at the NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf). He was a successful author, historian, poet, and teacher. R-O-B-E-R-T P-A-N-E-R-A HIMSELF FAMOUS WHY? FIRST DEAF PROFESSOR NTID. HE SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR, HISTORIAN, POET, TEACHER.

Alan Snare is a Deaf pastor, evangelist, and missionary to the deaf. A-L-A-N S-N-A-R-E HIMSELF WELL KNOWN DEAF PASTOR, E-V-A-N-G-E-L-I-S-T AND MISSIONARY.

K.T. Maviglia is hard of hearing and won the Miss Michigan pageant in 2015. K.T. MAVIGLIA HERSELF HARD OF HEARING YEAR 2015 SHE WON MISS MICHIGAN PAGEANT.

I have 16 ties. 16 TIES I HAVE.

I have 17 suits. 17 SUITS I HAVE.

Bryan's suit is blue. B-R-Y-A-N HIS SUIT WHAT COLOR? BLUE.

My brother ate 6 hamburgers on Independence Day. INDEPENDENCE DAY MY BROTHER EAT WHAT? 6 HAMBURGERS.

I like to go on vacation to New York for New Year's Day. NEW YEAR'S DAY NEW YORK VACATION GO I LIKE.

I like to go on vacation to Chicago for St. Patrick's Day. ST. PATRICK'S DAY CHICAGO VACATION GO I LIKE.

I like to go on vacation to California for Spring Break. SPRING BREAK CALIFORNIA VACATION GO I LIKE.

I like to go on vacation to Massachusetts for Halloween. HALLOWEEN ARIZONA VACATION GO I LIKE.

I like to go on vacation to Washington for St. Patrick's Day. ST. PATRICK'S DAY WASHINGTON VACATION GO I LIKE.

I like to go on vacation to Hawaii for Christmas. CHRISTMAS HAWAII VACATION GO I LIKE.

Today the weather is sunny. TODAY WEATHER WHAT? SUNNY.

Today the weather is cloudy. TODAY WEATHER WHAT? CLOUDY.

Today the weather is windy. TODAY WEATHER WHAT? WINDY.

Today the weather is rainy. TODAY WEATHER WHAT? RAINY.

Today the weather is snowy. TODAY WEATHER WHAT? SNOWY.

I didn't want to go to the graduation party, but I bit the bullet and went anyway. GRADUATION PARTY I DIDN'T WANT GO I BIT THE BULLET WENT.

I didn't want to play soccer in the rain, but I bit the bullet and played. Surprisingly, my team won! SOCCER DURING RAIN I DIDN'T WANT PLAY BIT THE BULLET PLAYED. SURPRISE MY TEAM WON!

My kids only eat macaroni and cheese. M-A-C AND CHEESE MY KIDS ONLY EAT.

You lost the school election, get over it. SCHOOL ELECTION YOU LOST GET OVER IT.

My dog loves my mail carrier. MAIL CARRIER MY #DOG LOVES.

If you want to be noticed, you need to be assertive. IF YOU WANT NOTICED YOU NEED ASSERTIVE.

Happy New Year from Signing Savvy. FROM SIGNING SAVVY TO YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR.

We have a lot of pride in our community. WE HAVE A LOT PRIDE WHAT? OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY.

Some people love the taste of cilantro and some people dislike it. C-I-L-A-N-T-R-O SOME PEOPLE LOVE THAT TASTE OTHER PEOPLE DISLIKE.

Please sign it again. SIGN AGAIN PLEASE.

Please sign slower. SIGN SLOW PLEASE.

What did you sign? YOU SIGN WHAT?

Please fingerspell it. FINGERSPELL PLEASE.

Please fingerspell slower. FINGERSPELL SLOW PLEASE.

Please write it down. WRITE PLEASE.

How do you sign? SIGN HOW?

Can I help you find something? CAN I HELP-YOU FIND SOMETHING?

Let me know if you need help. IF YOU NEED HELP INFORM ME.

Do you need help? HELP YOU NEED?

Are you feeling ok? YOU FEEL OK?

Are you lost? LOST YOU?

What time do you open? YOU OPEN TIME?


The library is closed on Sundays. SUNDAY LIBRARY CLOSE.

What time does the library open? LIBRARY OPEN TIME?

The library opens at 8 AM. LIBRARY OPEN TIME 8 MORNING.

When does the library close? LIBRARY CLOSE TIME?

The library closes at 8 PM. LIBRARY CLOSE TIME 8 EVENING.

Do you have a library card? LIBRARY CARD YOU HAVE?

Do you need a library card? LIBRARY CARD YOU NEED?

What can I access with my library card? MY LIBRARY CARD I GET WHAT?

What services does the library have? LIBRARY SERVICES HAVE WHAT?

The library offers a class. CLASS LIBRARY OFFER.


The library has internet. INTERNET LIBRARY HAVE.

Does the library offer internet? INTERNET LIBRARY HAVE?

What is the library's internet password? LIBRARY INTERNET PASSWORD WHAT?

The first two pages you print are free. FIRST TWO PAGES YOU PRINT FREE.

Does the library offer help with your homework? HELP WITH YOUR HOMEWORK LIBRARY HAVE?

The library offers help with your homework. HELP WITH YOUR HOMEWORK LIBRARY HAVE.

Where is the bathroom? BATHROOM WHERE?

Let me show you where the bathroom is. BATHROOM ME SHOW-YOU WHERE.

I will show you. ME SHOW-YOU.

Would you like to place this book on hold? BOOK YOU WANT HOLD?

Would you like to put it on hold? YOU WANT HOLD?

Can I renew a book? BOOK R-E-N-E-W CAN I?

Does the library offer eBooks? EBOOKS LIBRARY HAVE?

Can I check out magazines? MAGAZINES CHECK OUT CAN I?

Does the library offer digital music? D-I-G-I-T-A-L MUSIC LIBRARY HAVE?

Do you offer music on CD? MUSIC CD LIBRARY HAVE?

Do you offer movies on DVD? D-V-D MOVIES LIBRARY HAVE?

How do I find books to check out? BOOKS C-H-E-C-K-O-U-T ME FIND HOW?

Where do I check out books? BOOKS ME C-H-E-C-K-O-U-T WHERE?

How can I check out an eBook? EBOOK ME C-H-E-C-K-O-U-T HOW?

Where may I find your online services? YOUR INTERNET SERVICES I FIND WHERE?

Look at the website. LOOK WEBSITE.

Pull up the website. PULL UP WEBSITE.

I can help. ME CAN HELP-YOU.

We don't have that. WE NOT HAVE.

I'm sorry. I SORRY.

I'm sorry. SORRY ME.

How many books can I check out? HOW MANY BOOKS CAN I CHECK OUT?

How many books can I check out? BOOKS ME CHECK OUT HOW MANY?

Up to how many books can I check out? UP TO HOW MANY BOOKS CAN I CHECK OUT?

There is no limit! NO LIMIT!

The limit is 3. LIMIT 3.

Where do I return books? BOOKS RETURN WHERE?

You can keep the books for 14 days. BOOKS YOU CAN KEEP 14 DAYS.

How much does it cost? COST HOW MUCH?

It is free! FREE!

Follow me. FOLLOW ME.

I am a librarian. LIBRARIAN ME.

How do you sign "book"? B-O-O-K SIGN HOW?

Welcome to the first day of class! FIRST DAY CLASS WELCOME.

Welcome to the library! WELCOME LIBRARY.

Can I renew a book? BOOK RENEW CAN I?

You have 14 days to return the books. BOOKS YOU CAN KEEP 14 DAYS.

Where do I find books to checkout? BOOKS I WANT CHECKOUT FIND BOOKS WHERE?

How do I check out books? BOOKS CHECKOUT HOW?

How can I check out an eBook? EBOOK ME CHECKOUT HOW?

The first all-deaf vacation cruise took place through the Caribbean in 1992, and had 940 passengers. YEAR 1992 FIRST ALL DEAF CRUISE WHERE? C-A-R-I-B-B-E-A-N.

Gallaudet University's mascot is the Bison. GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY M-A-S-C-O-T WHAT? BISON.

The National Technical Institute for the Deaf's mascot is the Tigers. N-T-I-D THEIR M-A-S-C-O-T WHAT? TIGERS.

Thomas Edison, who was hard of hearing, invented the phonograph and light bulb. T-H-O-M-A-S E-D-I-S-O-N HIMSELF HARD OF HEARING HE INVENTED PHONOGRAPH LIGHT B-U-L-B.

Nellie Zabel Willhite was the world's first licensed deaf pilot. N-E-L-L-I-E Z-A-B-E-L W-I-L-L-H-I-T-E HERSELF WORLD FIRST DEAF LICENSED PILOT.

NTD stands for National Theatre of the Deaf. N-T-D MEANS WHAT NATIONAL THEATER O-F T-H-E DEAF.

To get more exercise, I like to take the stairs. IF MORE EXERCISE YOU WANT USE STAIRS NOT ELEVATOR.

Croissants are delicious with butter. C-R-O-I-S-S-A-N-T-S WITH BUTTER DELICIOUS!

I feed the birds everyday. EVERYDAY BIRDS I FEED.

I have antique furniture in my house. MY HOUSE ANTIQUE FURNITURE HAVE.

The zipper on my coat is stuck. MY COAT ZIPPER STUCK.

The beach has scads of coconuts. BEACH COCONUTS SCADS.

Don't forget your sunscreen. SUNSCREEN DON'T FORGET.

Heinz ketchup is the best! H-E-I-N-Z KETCHUP CHAMP.

We eat Mexican at the food truck every Saturday. EVERY SATURDAY FOOD T-R-U-C-K WE GO TO EAT WHAT? MEXICAN.

My great aunt is 100% Cherokee Native American. MY G-R-E-A-T AUNT SHE 100% C-H-E-R-O-K-E-E NATIVE AMERICAN.

I am trying to use less salt on my food. MY FOOD LESS SALT SHAKE ON I TRY.

Our family is looking forward to our beach vacation. #BEACH VACATION OUR FAMILY LOOK FORWARD.



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Our ASL dictionary includes over 2,300 words and phrases from our  Complete 4-Level ASL Course .

This means that  if you learn this essential vocabulary from our ASL dictionary, you can start having basic conversations in sign language  before you know it!

Keep in mind, though, that you also need to learn ASL syntax and grammar in order to communicate correctly in American Sign Language, so don’t forget to check out our complete American Sign Language course options where you can  learn American Sign Language and not just vocabulary!

If you’re not able to join our  Complete 4-Level ASL Course  just yet, you can focus on learning the words in this ASL dictionary and you will have a great foundation for becoming fluent in American Sign Language when you’re ready!

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  • Hello (HELLO)
  • My name is Tobi (name sign). (MY NAME fs-TOBI CL:L"wink"(name sign))
  • Thank you. (THANK-YOU)
  • Sorry. (SORRY)
  • Nice to meet you. (NICE MEET YOU)
  • How are you? (HOW YOU?)
  • Good afternoon. (GOOD AFTERNOON)
  • Good morning. (GOOD MORNING)
  • Goodbye. (GOODBYE)
  • Goodnight. (GOODNIGHT)
  • You're welcome. (WELCOME)
  • 235x12=2820
  • 456-290=166
  • ABRASION (2)
  • ACCURACY (2)
  • ACCURACY (3)
  • ACCURACY (4)
  • ALL MONTH (2)
  • ALL WEEK (2)
  • ALL YEAR (2)
  • ALL YEAR (3)
  • Are you a student? (STUDENT YOU?)
  • Are you allergic to any medicine? (YOU ALLERGIC ANY MEDICINE?)
  • Are you deaf? (DEAF YOU?)
  • Are you going to the grocery store? (YOU GO FOOD STORE YOU?)
  • Are you hungry? (HUNGRY YOU?)
  • Are you learning sign language? (LEARN+ SIGN LANGUAGE YOU?)
  • Are you married? (YOU MARRIED YOU?)
  • Are your parents Deaf? (YOU PARENTS DEAF?)
  • ASK YOU (2)
  • BIRTHDAY (2)
  • BIRTHDAY (3)
  • BIRTHDAY (4)
  • BRACELET (2)
  • BROTHER (2)
  • BUDDHIST (2)
  • CALENDAR (2)
  • Can I call someone for you? (CAN CALL SOMEONE FOR YOU?)
  • Can you (please) sign slower? (PLEASE SIGN SLOW)
  • Can you (please) sign that again? (PLEASE SIGN AGAIN)
  • Can you fingerspell that again? (FINGERSPELL AGAIN?)
  • Can you pick up some vegetables on the way home? (DRIVE HOME don't-MIND PICK-up VEGETABLES don't-MIND?)
  • Can you read lips? (YOU READ LIPS YOU?)
  • Cancel my appointment. (CANCEL MY APPOINTMENT)
  • CELL PHONE (2)
  • CHICKEN (2)
  • CLOTHES (2)
  • COMPUTER (2)
  • COMPUTER (3)
  • COMPUTER (4)
  • CONCERT (2)
  • Could I borrow $27.50? (ME BORROW 27 DOLLARS 50)
  • DAUGHTER (2)
  • Days of the Week
  • DIRECTOR (2)
  • DISCARD (2)
  • DIVORCE (2)
  • Do you enjoy your job? (YOUR JOB ENJOY?)
  • Do you have a cell phone? (YOU HAVE PHONE YOU?)
  • Do you have children? (HAVE CHILDREN?)
  • Do you have health insurance? (HEALTH INSURANCE HAVE YOU?)
  • Do you like hamburgers? (YOU LIKE HAMBURGERS?)
  • Do you like to travel? (YOU LIKE TRAVEL?)
  • Do you like your back yard? (BACK fs-YARD YOU LIKE YOU?)
  • Do you mind giving me some milk? (don't-MIND THERE MILK GIVE to-me)
  • Do you mind if I borrow your car? (don't-MIND BORROW CAR MIND?)
  • Do you need help? (HELP NEED?)
  • Do you understand? (UNDERSTAND?)
  • Do you want to play a game? (YOU WANT PLAY GAME?)
  • Do you want to play a video game with me? (YOU WANT PLAY VIDEO GAME WITH ME?)
  • DONT LIKE (2)
  • Drive me to the hospital. (HOSPITAL YOU DRIVE-me)
  • ELEVATOR (2)
  • ENGLAND (2)
  • Excuse me, where are the bananas? (EXCUSE-ME BANANAS WHERE?)
  • Excuse me. (EXCUSE-ME)
  • Games are fun! (GAMES FUN)
  • GLASSES (2)
  • Good afternoon (GOOD AFTERNOON)
  • Good game. (GOOD GAME)
  • Good morning (GOOD MORNING)
  • Goodbye (GOODBYE)
  • Goodnight (GOODNIGHT)
  • GROW UP (2)
  • Have you ever been to Europe? (EUROPE YOU TOUCH-FINISH?)
  • He is grouchy today. (TODAY HE GROUCHY)
  • He is wearing a black shirt and red shoes. (HE USE BLACK SHIRT AND RED SHOES)
  • How did you get here? (ARRIVE HOW?)
  • How did you lose your hearing? (HEARING-LOSS HOW?)
  • How long have you been together? (TWO-of-YOU TOGETHER HOW LONG?)
  • How many siblings do you have? (HOW MANY BROTHER SISTER YOU HAVE?)
  • How much does it cost? (HOW MUCH COST?)
  • How much money do you have? (HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE?)
  • How old are you? (YOU AGE?)
  • How was your weekend? (HOW YOUR WEEKEND?)
  • I agree with you. (ME AGREE-you ME)
  • I am 20 years old. (ME age-20)
  • I am 3rd generation Jewish. (ME 3RD GENERATION JEWISH)
  • I am a carpenter. (ME CARPENTER ME)
  • I am a certified ASL interpreter. (ME CERTIFIED ASL INTERPRETER)
  • I am an only child. (ME ALONE CHILD)
  • I am feeling very anxious. (ME FEEL ANXIOUS)
  • I am not married. (ME NOT MARRIED)
  • I am sick. (ME SICK)
  • I beat you in the game. (ME BEAT-you GAME)
  • I can speak but choose to use ASL instead. (ME CAN SPEAK BUT ME PREFER USE fs-ASL)
  • I can’t lipread, I prefer to write back and forth. (ME LIP-READ CAN'T ME PREFER WRITE-back-and-forth)
  • I can't sleep. I've been tossing and turning all night. (ME CAN'T SLEEP ME TOSS-AND-TURN ALL-NIGHT)
  • I communicate by speaking and lip-reading. (ME COMMUNICATE SPEAK LIP-READ)
  • I disagree with you. (ME DISAGREE-you)
  • I don't understand. (UNDERSTAND-negative)
  • I feel OK. (ME FEEL OK+)
  • I feel sick. (ME FEEL SICK)
  • I feel tired. (ME FEEL TIRED)
  • I feel wonderful. (ME FEEL WONDERFUL)
  • I fell in love with her. (HER ME FALL-IN-LOVE)
  • I go first and then play continues to the left. (ME FIRST PLAY CONTINUE TAKE-TURNS-to-left)
  • I got laid off from my job. (MY JOB THERE ME LAID-OFF)
  • I have $45.23. (ME HAVE $45.23)
  • I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. (ME HAVE ONE BROTHER TWO SISTER)
  • I have 3 children. (ME HAVE THREE CHILDREN)
  • I have a fever. (ME HEAD TEMPERATURE-high)
  • I have a large bedroom. (MY BEDROOM LARGE)
  • I have a question. (QUESTION?)
  • I have a sore throat and a headache. (THROAT HURT HEAD HURT)
  • I have been to seven different countries. (7 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES ME FINISH-TOUCH++)
  • I have been to South Africa. (SOUTH AFRICA THERE TOUCH-FINISH)
  • I have to go home. (HOME ME GO)
  • I like to play cards. (ME LIKE PLAY CARDS)
  • I like your shirt. (ME LIKE YOUR SHIRT)
  • I love chicken and green beans. (ME KISS-FIST CHICKEN GREEN BEANS)
  • I moved to New York around 1998. (AROUND 1998 ME MOVE NEW-YORK)
  • I took the bus to get to class. (ME RIDE #BUS GO-to CLASS)
  • I traveled to Puerto Rico last year. (LAST-YEAR ME TRAVEL THERE PUERTO-RICO)
  • I use PSE (Pidgin Signed English). (ME USE P-S-E)
  • I want to introduce you to my friend Julie. (ME WANT INTRODUCE MY FRIEND fs-JULIE)
  • I want to move to New York. (ME MOVE NEW-YORK WANT)
  • I was born in 1985. (ME BORN 1985)
  • I went to a residential school and joined the football team. (ME GO DEAF INSTITUTE ME JOIN FOOTBALL TEAM)
  • I won the game! (GAME ME WIN)
  • I’ll give you my business card. (MY BUSINESS CARD me-GIVE-you)
  • I’m feeling jealous. (ME FEEL JEALOUS)
  • Idiom: 'All thumbs'
  • Idiom: 'Ball and chain'
  • Idiom: 'Beat around the bush'
  • Idiom: 'Been there done that'
  • Idiom: 'Between a rock and a hard place'
  • Idiom: 'Big headed'
  • Idiom: 'Bite the bullet'
  • Idiom: 'Blabbermouth'
  • Idiom: 'Boiling mad'
  • Idiom: 'Burn the candle at both ends'
  • Idiom: 'Call a spade a spade'
  • Idiom: CHAMP
  • Idiom: 'Chill out'
  • Idiom: CLOSE
  • Idiom: 'Clueless'
  • Idiom: 'Cost an arm and a leg'
  • Idiom: 'Couch potato'
  • Idiom: COW-IT
  • Idiom: DEAF-NOD
  • Idiom: DEFLATED
  • Idiom: DO-DO
  • Idiom: 'Draw a blank'
  • Idiom: 'Drive me up a wall'
  • Idiom: 'Eat your heart out'
  • Idiom: 'Eat your words'
  • Idiom: 'Fall head over heels in love'
  • Idiom: 'Fall on deaf ears'
  • Idiom: 'Fall on deaf ears (2)'
  • Idiom: 'Fallen angel'
  • Idiom: FUNNY-NONE
  • Idiom: 'Give me the willies'
  • Idiom: 'Go with the flow'
  • Idiom: 'Go with the flow (2)'
  • Idiom: 'Got up on the wrong side of the bed'
  • Idiom: GULP
  • Idiom: HATE-THAT
  • Idiom: 'I feel so small'
  • Idiom: INFLATED
  • Idiom: 'Keep it under wraps'
  • Idiom: 'Kicked the bucket'
  • Idiom: 'Kill two birds with one stone'
  • Idiom: KISS-FIST
  • Idiom: 'Knock it off'
  • Idiom: LOATHE-THAT
  • Idiom: 'Lost my train of thought'
  • Idiom: 'Make up your mind'
  • Idiom: MIND-FREEZE
  • Idiom: 'Night owl'
  • Idiom: 'Off with your head'
  • Idiom: 'Oh I see'
  • Idiom: 'On the fence'
  • Idiom: 'Paint the town red'
  • Idiom: 'Piece of cake'
  • Idiom: 'Pull your leg'
  • Idiom: 'Put up with'
  • Idiom: 'Rack your brain'
  • Idiom: 'Raining cats and dogs'
  • Idiom: 'Red in the face'
  • Idiom: ROTFL
  • Idiom: 'Same old'
  • Idiom: SICK-OF
  • Idiom: 'Vanish into thin air'
  • Idiom: 'Walk on eggshells'
  • Idiom: 'You are in trouble'
  • Idiom: 'You're in hot water'
  • Idiom: ZIP-IT
  • I'll be right back. (ME WILL WAIT WILL #BACK)
  • I'm studying to be an interpreter. (ME STUDY BECOME INTERPRETER)
  • I'm taking ASL classes. (ME TAKE-up fs-ASL CLASS+)
  • IMPROVE (2)
  • INNOCENT (2)
  • Interpreters are to be professional and ethical. (INTERPRETER MUST PROFESSIONAL ETHICAL RESPECT)
  • Is that an old sign? (OLD SIGN THAT?)
  • Is that right? (RIGHT?)
  • Is that true? (TRUE?)
  • Is your computer on the desk? (YOUR COMPUTER THERE DESK?)
  • Is your shirt made in India? (YOUR SHIRT MADE INDIA?)
  • It’s going to be windy today. (TODAY WINDY WILL)
  • It’s important to be humble. (HUMBLE IMPORTANT)
  • LANGUAGE (2)
  • LARGE BIG (2)
  • Let me know. (INFORM-me)
  • Let’s agree to disagree. (LET'S AGREE-you DISAGREE-you)
  • LOCATION (2)
  • MAD ANGRY (2)
  • MIXED RACE (2)
  • Months of the Year
  • My address is 24587 Grapevine Avenue. (ADDRESS 24587 fs-GRAPEVINE fs-AVE)
  • My brother is a photographer. (MY BROTHER WORK PHOTOGRAPHER)
  • My cell phone can email, send text messages, and check voicemails. (MY PHONE CAN EMAIL TEXT LISTEN MESSAGES)
  • My family is from China. (MY FAMILY THEM FROM CHINA)
  • My family is small (MY FAMILY SMALL)
  • My favorite holiday is Halloween. (MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY HALLOWEEN)
  • My favorite season is Spring. (MY FAVORIATE SEASON SPRING)
  • My mother is a doctor. (MY MOTHER DOCTOR)
  • My password is ASL237U. (PASSWORD WHAT? fs-ASL237U)
  • My phone number is 665-2254. (MY PHONE NUMBER WHAT? 6652254)
  • My son is 26 years old today. (MY SON AGE-26 TODAY)
  • My stomach hurts. (STOMACH HURT++)
  • NERVOUS (2)
  • NEXT DAY (2)
  • No, I'm not deaf, I'm hearing. (NO ME DEAF-negative ME HEARING)
  • NOMINATE (2)
  • OFFICER (2)
  • PAINTING (2)
  • PATIENT (2)
  • PIERCING (2)
  • PLASTIC (2)
  • Please translate this paragraph into ASL for me. (PLEASE TRANSLATE PARAGRAPH ASL ME DON’T UNDERSTAND)
  • PREGNANT (2)
  • PROPOSE (2)
  • PROPOSE (3)
  • PROTEST (2)
  • PUBLIC LAW 9 (4) 1 (4) (2)
  • PUBLIC LAW 9 (4) 1 (4) (2) (2)
  • QUESTION (2)
  • ROMANCE (2)
  • RUNNY NOSE (2)
  • SANDWICH (2)
  • SATURDAY (2)
  • SCOTLAND (2)
  • See you later. (SEE-you LATER)
  • See you later. (2) (SEE-you LATER)
  • She has short hair and glasses. (SHE HAVE HAIR-short GLASSES)
  • She is 5’3” tall. (SHE HEIGHT 5^3)
  • SHUFFLE (2)
  • Sign language is not universal. (SIGN LANGUAGE NOT UNIVERSAL)
  • Signed Exact English is what my teacher uses. (SIGN EXACT ENGLISH fs-SEE THAT MY TEACHER USE)
  • Six days ago I was sick. (SIX-DAYS PAST ME SICK)
  • Sorry, I already have plans. (SORRY FINISH HAVE PLANS FINISH-FINISH)
  • STADIUM (2)
  • STUDENT (2)
  • SUBTRACT (2)
  • SUNRISE (2)
  • SUPPOSE (2)
  • Take care of yourself. (TAKE-CARE)
  • TAKE TEST (2)
  • "Tap on the shoulder."
  • "Tap on the shoulder." (2)
  • TEENAGER (2)
  • That is a beautiful dress! (BEAUTIFUL DRESS)
  • That is a nice looking jacket and necklace. (YOUR JACKET TIE NICE)
  • That is an interesting perspective. (THAT INTERESTING PERSPECTIVE)
  • That woman took advantage of my kindness. (ME NICE SHE WOMAN TAKE-ADVANTAGE)
  • The internet is down. (INTERNET-broken)
  • The milk is in the fridge in the kitchen. (MILK WHERE? KITCHEN GO-in on-LEFT SEE REFRIGERATOR CL(2h):B(doors) CL:B(open left door) THERE)
  • The time is 4:15pm. (NOW TIME-4 15)
  • There is no sign for that, you need to fingerspell it. (NONE SIGN FINGERSPELL-positive)
  • There is one half of the pizza left. (1/2 PIZZA LEFT)
  • THURSDAY (2)
  • TOGETHER (2)
  • Tomorrow is Christmas and then it will be New Years. (TOMORROW CHRISTMAS THEN NEW YEAR)
  • Try again. (TRY AGAIN)
  • TUESDAY (2)
  • Two weeks ago I lost my phone. (TWO-WEEKS-AGO ME LOSE MY PHONE)
  • VIETNAM (2)
  • We’ve been married since May. (TWO-of-US MARRY SINCE MAY)
  • WEATHER (2)
  • What are you doing? (WHAT-DO++?)
  • What did you/they say? (WHAT SAY?)
  • What do you do for work? (WORK WHAT-DO++?)
  • What do you think? (YOU THINK WHAT?)
  • What does that mean? (MEANING WHAT?)
  • What does your mother do on Easter Sunday? (EASTER SUNDAY YOUR MOM WHAT-DO++?)
  • What is that a drawing of? (THAT DRAWING WHAT?)
  • What is the weather going to be like today? (TODAY WEATHER WHAT?)
  • What is your favorite food? (YOUR FAVORITE FOOD WHAT?)
  • What is your favorite holiday? (YOU FAVORITE HOLIDAY WHAT?)
  • What is your favorite season? (YOUR FAVORITE SEASON WHAT?)
  • What is your favorite season? (2) (YOUR FAVORITE FALL SPRING WINTER SUMMER WHAT?)
  • What is your name? (YOUR NAME WHAT?)
  • What is your phone number? (YOUR PHONE NUMBER WHAT?)
  • What is your teacher's name? (YOUR TEACHER NAME WHAT?)
  • What time is it? (TIME WHAT?)
  • What time? (TIME?)
  • What’s wrong? (WRONG?)
  • Where are you learning sign language? (LEARN+ SIGN WHERE?)
  • Where do you live? (YOU LIVE WHERE?)
  • Where do you rank among your siblings? (YOUR BROTHER SISTER YOU 5-list(ndh) THESE WHERE?)
  • Where do you work? (YOU WORK WHERE?)
  • Where is the ATM? (fs-ATM INSERT-card WHERE?)
  • Where is the bathroom? (BATHROOM WHERE?)
  • Who is that girl? (SHE GIRL WHO?)
  • Who is your teacher? (YOUR TEACHER WHO?)
  • Why are you learning sign language? (YOU LEARN SIGN WHY?)
  • WORLD WAR (2)
  • Would you like to go to dinner with me on Saturday? (SATURDAY WANT TWO-of-US OUT DINNER?)
  • Write it please. (PLEASE WRITE)
  • Write notes back and forth. (WRITE-back-and-forth)
  • Yes, please. (YES PLEASE)
  • Yes, thank you. (YES THANK-YOU)
  • You lost this time. (YOU LOSE)
  • You sign very fluently. (YOU SIGN FLUENT)
  • PUBLIC LAW 94-142

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The Best Sign Language Dictionary Recommendations

Want to learn even more vocabulary? A hard copy sign language dictionary is always great to have around as you are learning American Sign Language! We have checked out many dictionaries and read their reviews. There are a lot of good dictionaries out there, but, from what we have found, the best ones are listed below.

Please note that when you choose to purchase through the external links on this website (in many but not all cases) we will receive a referral commission. However, this commission does not influence the information we provide in this site. We always give honest opinions and reviews to share our findings, beliefs, and/or experiences. You can view our full disclosure on  this page .

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how much homework do you have today in asl

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How to learn American Sign Language: All you need to know to master ASL

If you have ever pondered how to learn and sign ASL fluently, then you'll love to read this post. In this article, we dive deep into the structure and learning steps of American Sign Language. You'll also get to learn expert tips and strategies that make ASL learning easier in this comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about learning American Sign Language. Let's dive in.

how much homework do you have today in asl

Ever since William Stokoe published the first ASL dictionary in his days at Gallaudet University, American Sign Language (ASL) has taken its place as one of the most popular means of communication in the United States; especially in the Deaf community. The   manual signs, facial expressions and complex grammar that make up ASL are not only used by people that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing but by hearing people as well.

How Long Does It Take To Learn ASL?

It takes between 3 months and a year to learn American Sign Language, but proper mastery and understanding of the language takes years. Linguists claim that learning the ASL alphabet and basic concepts takes 10-15 weeks but learning advanced terms, constructing sentences, and understanding conversations in (ASL) American Sign Language takes several months and, in some cases, over a year.

To become an expert in ASL and communicate fluently with ASL signers, it would take years of constant learning and practice.

You should also know that the time frame for learning American Sign Language depends on your level of dedication, the amount of time you put into its learning, and your learning curves and ability to understand new concepts quickly.

So, is American Sign Language hard to learn? Let's take a closer look at that.

Is American Sign Language (ASL) Hard To Learn?

American Sign Language isn't harder to learn than any other oral or natural language. Like other oral languages, American Sign Language-ASL has its rules of grammar and syntax that must be mastered to get a proper understanding of the sign language. Proper learning and signing of ASL starts with understanding the basic concepts of ASL and the American Sign Language alphabet before moving on to more advanced concepts.

You should know that the level of difficulty when learning ASL depends on your goals with the language. For instance, a person who wants to learn ASL just to understand the basic concepts of sign language like signing "hello!" or “goodbye” will find ASL easier to learn because he or she will not dive deep into the advanced concepts of ASL.

However, an American Sign Language student that is studying the language to become an American Sign Language interpreter will face more advanced American Sign Language  classes that offer proper ASL to English and English to ASL interpreting services.

To make learning ASL easier, experts advise sign language students that want to learn American Sign Language to follow certain tips. Let's check out these tips next.

Tips To Learn American Sign Language (ASL)

The following expert tips will make learning ASL fun and easier:

1. Practise as much as possible - like all languages,  practice is key to improving your sign language. The more you will be immersed in ASL, the easier it will be for you! 

2. Learn in groups - The best way to learn American Sign Language is to learn together with other students. This way, you get people to learn and practice with and you also get fellow students to motivate you to keep going.

3. Learn directly from the Deaf - Use SignOn - SignOn connects the hearing and Deaf communities through authentic virtual learning interactions that give American Sign Language learners the unique opportunities to communicate one-on-one with a Deaf ASL Ambassador. Users can personalize their experience choosing to practice everything from basic vocabulary to daily conversation. Use Meetup  - This website has lists of the largest ASL groups in the US. There are  many free practice groups organised throughout the US for all ASL levels. You will find many of these groups on Facebook. 

4. Learn ASL in steps - Learning American Sign Language-ASL isn't any more difficult or different than learning any other language. You should start with the basic signs and concepts before moving to the advanced topics. When you learn in steps, you won't get overwhelmed when introduced to advanced concepts in ASL.

If you are looking to learn some basic signs, check out our YouTube channel ASL Bloom ! Our team will introduce you to your first signs. Our videos cover many topics such as the alphabets, the colours, family etc. A good place to start is our 25 basic signs in ASL video. 

Using an ASL dictionary is also an essential tool when learning sign language. An ASL dictionary contains ASL signs, hand gestures, verb inflections, and more. ASL Bloom has an integrated sign language dictionary. It contains every sign used in its lessons. 

Next to a dictionary, you can also use an American Manual Alphabet Illustration Chart.  This chart identifies ASL manual alphabets and signs using fingerspelling, handshapes, and sign language letters. This is an item that all ASL students and signers must have.

4. Devote time to learning American Sign Language - The more time and effort you put into learning ASL, the quicker you'll learn and master the sign language. An example of this might be: practice ASL vocabulary 10-15 minutes a day, connect with a member of the Deaf community through SignOn or a Deaf Meetup 1-2  times a week for 6 to 9 months.

5. Watch instructional videos - ASL is a demonstrative language that is communicated through facial expressions and body movements. When you watch people use and communicate with signs, you'll learn sign language quicker.

If you would like to watch videos in American Sign Language, we recommend checking out the website OIC movies. They offer a lot of videos on a wide variety of content: news, history, comedy etc... 

6. Volunteer in community programs and outreaches - When you take volunteer jobs, you get first-hand practical experience on how to learn and use American Sign Language.

The Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center and Bridges for Deaf and Hard of Hearing offers many volunteering positions to practice your ASL skills and support the Deaf community. We recommend also checking out your local association for any opportunities. 

7. Take additional American Sign Language classes - To master ASL, you'll need to draw knowledge from different sources, lessons, and classes. Taking extra sign language classes or online courses exposes you to more details about ASL.

8. Use ASL tools, programs, and software to support your learning - You can also register for an online class and use the online resources to buffer your understanding of American Sign Language.  With our ASL learning app, ASL Bloom , you will be able to learn American Sign Language anywhere and at any time in a fun and effective way. The learning experience consists of 20 modules, each on a different topic and with specific learning outcomes. Try out our premium level to unlock all the learning content! 

9. Relax your fingers and hands - Signing ASL involves making hand shapes and this can be a tiring process especially if you have stiff fingers. Relaxing and wiggling your fingers periodically will help you increase your signing speed and should be able to sign ASL for longer periods.

10. Make mistakes - When learning ASL, don't be afraid to make mistakes because you learn more from mistakes. When you sign incorrectly, you can be corrected by other signers and avoid making the same mistake again.

11. Use facial expressions as much as hand signs - In ASL, hand signs and fingerspelling help to convey the information or message to the audience but facial expressions set the tone and feel of the speaker. You can't sign "sadness or happiness" without expressing it with your face.

12. Set goals you want to achieve - When you set ASL goals, it becomes easier to track your progress and achieve the set goals.

Why Should You Learn American Sign Language-ASL?

Here are the top reasons you should learn American Sign Language:

1. Learning ASL not only teaches you how to communicate with a Deaf person, but you also learn about the cultural values of Deaf people and Deaf culture in the United States

2. Learning ASL will open career opportunities for you as a Sign Language interpreter or ASL instructor. You can render Sign Language interpreting services to Universities, firms, government and private-owned companies, and news publication companies.

3. Learning ASL-American Sign Language is a great way to improve your language skills and communication skills.

4. Learning ASL American Sign Language allows you to use hand gestures and ASL manual alphabets as a means of communication.

5. When you learn American Sign Language, it becomes easier to communicate with a Deaf friend or native signer.

6. American Sign Language brings people together and increases the sense of togetherness between hearing people and Deaf people in the United States.

7. Learning American Sign Language helps to sharpen your mind and cognitive skills. ASL also helps to develop a deep neural network and improve your hand-to-eye coordination.

8. As an ASL user, you get to decode body language and read cues easily.

9. Learning to sign ASL makes it easier to learn other types of Sign Languages including British Sign Language (BSL) and French Sign Language (LSF). ASL language acquisition also makes it easier to handspeak with other signers from different countries.

Is ASL The Universal Sign Language?

You should know that ASL sign language is not the Universal Sign Language. Though there are certain parts of ASL that you will come across in LSF and BSL, these sign languages also have unique structures that make them different from ASL.

It's like knowing and using the British English language and American English language. Though both languages are "English languages", there are still certain parts of both languages that make them different from each other, such as their vocabulary, 1phonology and grammatical usage. The same is the case with ASL, BSL, and LSF. All three sign languages are unique and there is no one universal sign language.

Final Words

In summary, the benefits of learning American Sign Language are numerous. By learning the language, you can communicate effectively with hearing and Deaf people alike. You also get to learn about the rich history of the Deaf culture while connecting with other ASL students.

The career opportunities that become open to you from being able to sign ASL are many. With all of these benefits, it's no surprise that more people enrol in ASL language classes every day.

You can take practical classes on American Sign Language and the manual alphabet or register for online lessons. Regardless of which way you choose to learn ASL, proper dedication, study, and practical experience of the language will go a long way in ensuring that your ASL education goes easily. You should also remember that learning the sign language alphabet and basics first will aid you to understand the sign language better.

As long as you devote time and effort to learning ASL and you follow the tips discussed in this article, you will become an ASL expert in no time.

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TODAY: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "today" Also see: NOW   "TODAY" (version 1)  A short, common version of "today" can be done by doing a double movement of the sign for "NOW."  (See below). To use this version you need to have the right context.  For example, if someone asks you, "What time is the meeting?"  If you respond "NOW+NOW" it would mean "right now" or currently. If someone asks you what day the party is, you can respond by signing "NOW + NOW" to mean "today." Thus sometimes the double "NOW" can interpreted to mean "today."   TODAY-(NOW+NOW-version)     TODAY:  full version = NOW+DAY Also you might see this sign done with a flat hand.  It is less common though.  The flat hand tends to be used more often in versions involving the concept of "all day."     TODAY (version 3) In this version the movement is reversed. You may see some people sign the "DAY" portion of the "today" sign by starting the dominant hand horizontal and moving it vertical. For more information about "day" see: DAY     Notes:  :   *  Want to help support ASL University?  It's easy :  DONATE   ( Thanks! ) *  Another way to help is to buy something from Dr. Bill's " Bookstore ." *  Want even more ASL resources?  Visit the " ASL Training Center ! "  (Subscription Extension of ASLU)   *  Also check out Dr. Bill's channel:   You can learn American Sign Language (ASL) online at American Sign Language University ™  ASL resources by  ©  Dr. William Vicars   

National ASL Day is coming up. Here's how you can learn some sign language.

how much homework do you have today in asl

American Sign Language Day is April 15, and the hashtag #ASL has gained billions of views on social media since 2023.

What's spiked viewers' interest? The work of ASL interpreters has gone viral and gained popularity on the video app TikTok over the last year. Social media users have been impressed by the incredible rhythm and groove interpreters have demonstrated at concerts and performances.

A TikTok video posted by the NFL's account showing interpreter Justina Miles at Rihanna's 2023 halftime performance had more than 5 million likes.

"In general, social media draws attention to things that the public are not privy to in their everyday lives," said Cory Wys, an ASL expert and course advisor at Promova . "And ASL interpretation is one of those things right now."

As social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram continue to garner interest in ASL, plenty of people are looking to learn how to sign themselves. Here are some ways you can pick up a few signs this year.

A free course with Promova

On ASL Day, April 15, Promova is launching a free ASL course.

The course includes 12 lessons that cover the basics of ASL, according to a news release. It teaches greetings, expressing gratitude, asking for things and ordering food and drinks. The course also covers communication in emergency situations such as warning about fire or the need to call emergency services.

Discover Sign Language at DMACC

For $170, DMACC offers six weeks of access to an online ASL course with 24 hours worth of lessons.

The course teaches how to fingerspell the alphabet, sign colors, numbers, objects and family members, according to the DMACC website. The course is taught through silent videos to provide an imersion into the Deaf experience and offer a range of vocabulary to engage in meaningful conversations with members of the Deaf community.

Start ASL online

For $45 a month you can take online courses at Start ASL . The four-course system is fully online.

Bonus: The website currently has a 25% off sale with code Break25 until April 14.

Designed so you can learn at your own pace, Start ASL promotes that they won't just help you learn to sign, but how to communicate.

Online lessons through ASL Connect

Gallaudet University, a federally chartered university dedicated to education for the hard of hearing, offers a range of ASL classes and education, including for credit classes online or at its campus in Washington, D.C. It also offers free online vocabulary lessons through its ASL Connect program to help you learn some basics.

Victoria Reyna-Rodriguez is a general assignment reporter for the Register. Reach her at  [email protected]  or follow her on Twitter  @VictoriaReynaR .

TODAY in sign language

How to sign "today" in American Sign Language (ASL)?

Meaning: The present day; on, during, or for this day.

Pronunciation (production): Two-handed "Y" (handshape), palms up (orientation), moves downward twice (movement) in space (location).

Learner tip: Not to confuse this signword with "NOW".

This old, now-obsolete ASL word is a compound word glossed as NOW+DAY. Not to mention, the English word "today" appears to be a compound word ("to"+"day") as well. These days, this sign had evolved to the sign as shown in the first video above.

" To-day -- First sign 'day' and then follow with 'now'." (1910) Ref



[Note: ASL writing is not an official standard. This sign language writing remains in a state of open space to allow room for experiment, evolution, and improvement.]

ASL writing for TODAY

ASLwrite (2016) for TODAY.

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    In this American Sign Language (ASL) lesson, you can learn the sign for homework.Have you missed out on this ASL sign for break which is available to learn o...

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    An example of this might be: practice ASL vocabulary 10-15 minutes a day, connect with a member of the Deaf community through SignOn or a Deaf Meetup 1-2 times a week for 6 to 9 months. 5. Watch instructional videos - ASL is a demonstrative language that is communicated through facial expressions and body movements.

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