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Resume personal statement examples

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If you want to secure job interview, you need a strong personal statement at the top of your resume.

Your resume personal statement is a short paragraph which sits at the very top of your resume – and it’s aim is to summarize the benefits of hiring you and encourage employers to read your resume in full.

In this guide I have included 17 resume personal statement examples from a range of professions and experience levels, plus a detailed guide of how to write your own personal statement that will get you noticed by employers

Resume templates 

17 resume personal statement examples

To start this guide, I have included 10 examples of good personal statements, to give you an idea of how a personal statement should look , and what should be included.

Note: personal statements are generally used by junior candidates – if you are experienced, check out our resume summary examples instead.

College graduate resume personal statement (no experience)

College graduate no experience resume personal statement

Although this college graduate has no paid work experience , they compensate for it by showcasing all of the skills and knowledge the have gained during their studies, and demonstrating how they apply their knowledge in academic and personal projects.

When you have little or no experience, it’s important to draw out transferable workplace skills from your studies and extracurricular work, to showcase them to employers.

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College graduate resume personal statement (part time freelance experience)

Graduate with part time freelance experience CV personal statement

This candidate has graduated college with a degree in biochemistry but actually wants to start a career in marketing after providing some digital freelance services to fund their studies.

In this case, they haven’t made much mention of their studies because they aren’t relevant to the marketing agencies they are applying to. Instead they have focused their personal statement around their freelance work and passion for the digital field – although they still mention the fact they are degree educated to prove their academic success.

High school leaver resume personal statement (no experience)

High school leaver no experience resume personal statement

This candidate is 16 years old and has no work experience whatsoever, but they compensate for this by detailing their academic achievements that relate to the roles they are applying for (maths and literacy are important requirements in finance and accountancy roles).

They also add some info on their extracurricular activities and high school work-placements, to strengthen this student resume further.

Top tips for writing a resume personal statement

  • Thoroughly research the jobs and companies you are planning to apply for to identify the type of candidate they are looking for – try to reflect that in your personal statement
  • Don’t be afraid to brag a little – include some of your most impressive achievements from education, work or personal life
  • Focus on describing the benefits an employer will get from hiring you. Will you help them to get more customers? Improve their workplace? Save them time and money?
  • If you have no work experience, demonstrate transferable workplace skills from your education, projects, or even hobbies

High school leaver resume personal statement (part time experience)

High school leaver part time experience resume personal statement

Although this person has only just left high school, they have also undertaken some part-time work in a call center alongside their studies.

To make the most of this experience, they have combined their academic achievements with their workplace exposure in this personal statement.

By highlighting their future studies, summer programme involvement, work experience and expressing their ambitions to progress within sales, this candidate really makes an appealing case for hiring them.

College leaver resume personal statement (no experience)

College leaver no experience resume personal statement

This candidate has left college with good grades, but does not yet have any work experience.

To compensate for the lack of workplace exposure, they have made their honor results prominent and highlighted skills and experience which would benefit the employers they are targeting.

Any recruiter reading this summary can quickly understand that this candidate has great academic achievements, a passion for IT and finance and the ability to transfer their skills into an office environment.

College student resume personal statement (freelance experience)

College graduate freelance experience resume personal statement

As this student has picked up a small amount of freelance writing work during their studies, they have made sure to brag about it in their personal statement.

They give details on their relevant studies to show the skills they are learning, and boost this further by highlighting the fact that they have been applying these skills in a real-life work setting by providing freelance services.

They also include key action verbs that recruiters will be looking for , such as creative writing, working to deadlines, and producing copy.

Academic resume personal statement

Academic CV personal statement

Aside from junior candidates, the only other people who might use a personal statement, are academic professionals; as their resume’s tend to be more longer and detailed than other professions.

This candidate provides a high level overview of their field of study, length of experience, and the roles they have held within colleges.

High school leaver resume personal statement with sports experience

High school leaver sports focussed resume personal statement

Although this person has no work experience, they are still able to show employers the value of hiring them by selling their other achievements and explaining how they could benefit an organization.

They expand on their sports club involvement to demonstrate their teamwork, leadership skills, communication and motivation, which are all important traits in the workplace, and will be looked upon favourably by recruiters and hiring managers.

They also draw upon their future plans to study business studies at college and take a part time job, to further prove their ambition and dedication.

History graduate resume personal statement

History graduate CV personal statement

This history graduate proves their aptitude for both academic achievement and workplace aptitude by showcasing valuable skills from their degree and voluntary work.

They do this by breaking down the key requirements for each and showing how their skills could be beneficial for future employers, such as listening, communication, and crisis management.

They also describe how their ability to balance studies alongside voluntary work has not only boosted their knowledge and skills, but also given excellent time management and organizational skills – which are vital assets to any employer.

Law graduate resume personal statement

Law graduate resume personal statement

This legal graduate makes the most from their college work placements by using it to bulk out the contents of their resume personal statement.

They include their degree to show they have the necessary qualifications for legal roles, which is crucial, but more importantly, they showcase how they applied their legal skills within a real-life work setting.

They give a brief overview of the types of legal professionals they have been working alongside and the type of work they have been carrying out – this is all it takes to get the attention of recruiters and show employers they have what it takes to fulfil roles in the legal sector.

Medical student resume personal statement

Medical student resume personal statement

This medical student proves their fit for the role by showcasing the key skills they have gained from their studies and their work experience placements.

In just these few sentences, they are able to highlight the vast amount of experience they have across different disciplines in the industry, something which is particularly important in the medical sector.

As they have not graduated yet and are still studying, they have provided proof of their most recent grades. This can give the recruiter some indication as to the type of grade they could be graduating with in the near future.

Masters student resume personal statement

Masters student CV personal statement

This masters student has started by specifying their area of study, in this case, accounting, and given details about the specific areas of finance they are most interested in. This can hint towards their career goals and passions.

They have then carefully listed some of the key areas of accounting and finance that they are proficient in. For example, business finance, advanced corporate finance and statistics.

They have also outlined some of the transferable skills needed for accounting roles that employers will be looking out for, such as communication, attention to detail and analytical skills.

Finance student resume personal statement

Finance student CV personal statement

As this finance student has recently undertaken some relevant work experience, they’ve made sure to shout about this in their personal summary.

But more than this, they have included a list of some of the important finance skills they gained as a result of this work experience – for example, financial reporting, processing invoices and month-end reconciliations.

Plus, through power words and phrases such as ‘prevent loss’ and ‘improve upon accuracy and efficiency’, they have also showcased how they can apply these skills in a workplace setting to benefit the potential employer.

Internship resume personal statement

Internship resume personal statement

This digital marketing professional has started their personal summary by outlining their most relevant qualifications and work experience, most notably their freelance role as a content manager.

They have also provided examples of some of the key marketing skills that potential employers might be looking for, including very detailed examples of the platforms and tools they are proficient in – for example, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

They have then closed their statement by giving a detailed description of the type of role or opportunity they are looking for. In this case, an in-house position in a marketing company.

College graduate career changer personal statement

College graduate career changer resume personal statement

Switching careers as a college graduate can be tough. Especially when it comes to writing a personal statement that will attract employers in your new chosen field.

This candidate is looking to move from history teaching into journalism, so they have created a statement which briefly mentions their current workplace, but mainly focuses on highlighting transferable skills which are relevant to journalism. They achieve this by discussing the writing skills they use in their current role, and mentioning their hobby of writing – including some publications they have been featured in for extra brownie points.

Business management graduate personal statement

Business management graduate CV personal statement

This business management proves their ability to work within a junior business management position by swiftly highlighting their impressive degree (to ensure it is not missed) and summarizing some of the real-life experience they have gained in management during their college placements and volunteering. They do not let their lack of paid work experience, stop them demonstrating their valuable skills.

PhD graduate

PhD graduate CV personal statement

PhD graduate roles attract a lot of competition, so it’s important that your resume contains a personal statement that will quickly impress and attract recruiters.

This candidate provides a short-but-comprehensive overview of their academic achievements, whilst demonstrating their exceptional level of knowledge in research, languages and publication writing.

By highlighting a number of skills and abilities that are in high-demand in the academic workplace, this resume is very likely to get noticed and land interviews.

How to write a personal statement for your resume

Now that you’ve seen what a personal statement should look like and the type of content it should contain, follow this detailed guide to one for your own resume – and start racking those interviews up.

Guide contents

What is a resume personal statement?

Resume personal statement or resume summary, personal statement format, what to include in a resume personal statement.

  • Personal statement mistakes

How to write persuasively

A personal statement is a short paragraph at the top of your resume which gives employers an overview of your education, skills and experience

It’s purpose is to capture the attention of busy recruiters and hiring managers when your resume is first opened – encouraging them to read the rest of it.

You achieve this by writing a tailored summary of yourself that explains your suitability for the roles you are applying for at a very high level, and matches your target job descriptions .

Personal statement basics

One question candidates often ask me is , “what is the difference between a personal statement and a resume summary?”

To be honest, they are almost the same – they are both introductory paragraphs that sit at the top of your resume… but there are 2 main differences:

A personal statement tends to be used more by junior candidates (college graduates, high school leavers etc.) and is relatively long and detailed.

A resume summary tends to be favoured by more experienced candidates , and is shorter in length than a personal statement.

Personal statement vs summary

Note: If you are an experienced candidate, you may want to switch over to my resume writing guide , or example resume summaries page.

To ensure you grab recruiters’ attention with your personal statement, lay it out in the following way.


You need to ensure that your personal statement sits at the very top of your resume, and all of it should be totally visible to readers, without the need to scroll down the page.

Do this by reducing the top page margin and minimizing the space taken up by your contact details.

CV page margins

This will ensure that your whole personal statement can be seen, as soon as your resume is opened.

We have a resume template which can help you to get this right.


Your personal statement needs to contain enough detail to provide an introduction to your skills and knowledge, but not so much detail that it bores readers.

To strike the right balance, anything between 8-15 lines of text is perfect – and sentences should be sharp and to-the-point.

As with the whole of your resume , your personal statement should be written in a simple clean font at around size 10-12 to ensure that it can be read easily by all recruiters and employers.

Keep the text color simple, ensuring that it contrasts the background (black on white is best) and break it into 2 or even 3 paragraphs for a pleasant reading experience.

It should also be written in a punchy persuasive tone, to help you sell yourself and increase your chances of landing interviews , I cover how to do this in detail further down the guide.

Quick tip: A poorly written resume will fail to impress recruiters and employers. Use our quick-and-easy Resume Builder to create a winning resume in minutes with professional resume templates and pre-written content for every industry.

Once you have the style and format of your personal statement perfected, you need to fill it with compelling content that tells recruiters that your resume is worth reading.

Here’s what needs to go into your personal statement…

Before you start writing your personal statement, it’s crucial that you research your target roles to find out exactly what your new potential employers are looking for in a candidate.

Run a search for your target jobs on one of the major job websites, look through plenty of adverts and make a list of the candidate requirements that frequently appear.

Tailoring CV profile

This research will show you exactly what to include in your personal statement in order to impress the recruiters who will be reading it.

Education and qualifications are an important aspect of your personal statement, especially if you are a junior candidate.

You should highlight your highest and most relevant qualifications, whether that is a degree or your GED. You could potentially go into some more detail around modules, papers etc. if they are relevant to the roles you are applying for.

It’s important that you discuss the experience you have gained in your personal statement, to give readers an idea of the work you are comfortable undertaking.

This can of course be direct employed work experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can also include:

  • High school/college work placements
  • Voluntary work
  • Personal projects
  • Hobbies/interests

As with all aspects of your resume , the content should be tailored to match the requirements of your target roles.

Whilst discussing your experience, you should touch upon skills used, industries worked in, types of companies worked for, and people you have worked with.

Where possible, try to show the impact your actions have made. E.g.  A customer service agent helps to make sales for their employer.

Any industry-specific knowledge you have that will be useful to your new potential employers should be made prominent within your personal statement.

For example

  • Knowledge of financial regulations will be important for accountancy roles
  • Knowledge of IT operating systems will be important for IT roles
  • Knowledge of the national curriculum will be important for teachers

You should also include some information about the types of roles you are applying for, and why you are doing so. Try to show your interest and passion for the field you are hoping to enter, because employers want to hire people who have genuine motivation and drive in their work.

This is especially true if you don’t have much work experience, as you need something else to compensate for it.

Resume personal statement mistakes

The things that you omit from your personal statement can be just as important as the things you include.

Try to keep the following out of your personal statement..

Irrelevant info

Any information that doesn’t fall into the requirements of your target roles can be cut out of your personal statement. For example, if you were a professional athlete 6 years ago, that’s great – but it won’t be relevant if you’re applying to advertising internships, so leave it out.

Generic clichés

Poor resume profile

If you are describing yourself as a “ dynamic team player with high levels of motivation and enthusiasm” you aren’t doing yourself any favours.

These cliché terms are vastly overused and don’t provide readers with any factual details about you – so keep them to a minimum.

Stick to solid facts like education, skills , experience, achievements and knowledge.

If you really want to ensure that your personal statement makes a big impact, you need to write in a persuasive manner.

So, how do you so this?

Well, you need to brag a little – but not too much

It’s about selling yourself and appearing confident, without overstepping the mark and appearing arrogant.

For example, instead of writing.

“Marketing graduate with an interest in entering the digital field”

Be creative and excite the reader by livening the sentence up like this,

“Marketing graduate with highest exam results in class and a passion for embarking on a long and successful career within digital”

The second sentence is a much more interesting, makes the candidate appear more confident, throws in some achievements, and shows off a wider range of writing skills.

Quick tip: A poorly written resume will fail to impress recruiters and employers. Use our quick-and-easy Resume Builder to create a winning resume in minutes with professional templates and pre-written content for every industry.

Your own personal statement will be totally unique to yourself, but by using the above guidelines you will be able to create one which shows recruiters everything they need.

Remember to keep the length between 10-20 lines and only include the most relevant information for your target roles.

You can also check our college graduate resume example , our best resume templates , or our library of example resumes from all industries.

Good luck with the job hunt!

personal statement accounting resume

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personal statement accounting resume

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23 Accountant Resume Examples That Worked in 2024

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Accountant Resume

  • Accountant Resumes by Experience
  • Accountant Resumes by Role

Writing Your Accountant Resume

A business is only as valuable as its finances, so successful organizations are built on a foundation of solid accounting practices. To be a successful accountant, you need to be diligent, organized, and an expert with numbers and financial data.

However, to get a role as an accountant, you need to rely on a completely different skill set:  resume writing . (And let’s not forget about cover letter writing! )

That’s where we come in. We’ve reviewed countless accountant resumes, distilling what works and what doesn’t into  23 accountant resume examples that you can use to help you get your next accounting job in 2024!

or download as PDF

Accountant resume example with 7+ years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Our special tip: avoid any images or graphics. Before a recruiter or hiring manager looks at your resume, a computer scans it for keywords, and graphics are hard for software to read. 
  • We’d also recommend putting your experience in reverse-chronological order. By putting your most recent job first, employers will see how you’ve progressed in your career.
  • Include the name of the company you’re applying to, the position you’re seeking, and what you hope to achieve in your next role.

Accounting Intern Resume

Accounting intern resume example with 2+ years of customer service representative experience

  • When you lack paid work experience, use relevant academic or personal projects to showcase your skills, passion, and capabilities.

Accounting Assistant Resume

Accounting assistant resume example  with 2 years of experience

  • In this resume, the candidate carried out a simulated audit of a fictional company and showcased multiple skills that will help them be a better accounting assistant. If you have similar experiences to talk about, you want to add them to your accounting assistant resume .

Entry-Level Accountant Resume

Entry-level accountant resume example

  • Because of your limited background in accounting, don’t worry about trying to extend or fluff your minimal experience.
  • Instead,  list any work experience and highlight transferrable skills , like written communication, data analysis, and research.
  • Try following a  resume outline  to help you organize your thoughts and ensure you’ve put everything you need onto a single sheet of paper.
  • Once you’ve completed the outline, you can use a  resume template  to format your content correctly and make it look great, too.

Junior Cost Accountant Resume

Junior cost accountant resume example

  • Using a  resume objective  can be a great decision if you’re having trouble filling the page or trying to provide hiring managers with more context as to why you want the job. 
  • But please be cautious and  double-check your resume  before submitting an application!
  • Imagine submitting your resume for a position at Instacart and realizing you left the name of another target company in your resume objective. Facepalm anyone?

Junior Accountant Resume

Junior accountant resume example with Global GAAP project experience

  • A ChatGPT resume builder can help you highlight your past accomplishments in any roles or projects that are related to finance or show your knowledge/ability to use an accounting tool. Personalize the objective as much as possible to convey why you’re so passionate about getting hired!

Senior Accountant Resume

Senior accountant resume example with 10+ years of experience

  • You can further support your work by adding metrics to  show how you’ve helped the company , especially when it comes to revenue.
  • But remember that even a spellcheck system misses things, so ask a colleague to review your resume! You’ll be amazed at what they’ll catch before you turn in your application.

Project Accountant Resume

Project accountant resume example with 7 years of experience

  • Ready to move your resume from the backlog to the done folder? First, let’s embellish it – use a different color to distinguish the header, and then choose a larger and legible font for section subheadings. You can even bolden them to improve visibility and make the resume easier to scan.

Senior Tax Accountant Resume

personal statement accounting resume

  • For your work history section, use numbers (and percentages, too) to back up your vast experience as a senior tax accountant. Take a look at how Kevin capitalizes on this strategy – Directing a team of six in conducting in-depth analysis…, …reducing errors by 12%, and improving financial reporting accuracy to a rating of 9 out of 10- effectively presenting himself as an outcome-oriented expert.

Payroll Accountant Resume

Payroll accountant resume example with 8 years of experience

  • Certificates like Certified Public Accountant (CPA) prove that you possess the necessary financial skills , knowledge, and experience to apply for this role! Don’t be too overconfident though. Ensure you back your certification with performance metrics that depict you as a diligent and hard worker.

Accounting Analyst Resume

personal statement accounting resume

  • As you tailor your accounting analyst resume hoping to get the job, include your measurable impact in expediting accounts, invoices, and response to ad-hoc request processing times.

Fund Accountant Resume

personal statement accounting resume

  • Felix’s example is the best answer to that question. Everything is displayed for the recruiting team to see and make a quick decision. Follow this lead to boost the chances of your application sailing through.

Accounting Specialist Resume

personal statement accounting resume

Cost Accountant Resume

personal statement accounting resume

  • What was your impact in similar or related roles? Tap into you quantifiable achievements, such as accuracy rates, reduction in operational expenses, and workflow improvements.

Staff Accountant Resume

personal statement accounting resume

  • Beyond just your education section, you can include your progress in a  resume objective  or a  resume summary .
  • A great way to do this is through the use of action verbs like “owned,” “led,” and “advised.”
  • It’s also a good idea to  show how you’ve made a positive difference  in the company. Use metrics to strut your stuff!
  • For example, did you increase revenue or efficiency? Discuss it with numbers and percentages that show your impact.

Forensic Accountant Resume

personal statement accounting resume

  • Unlike a  resume objective , a summary statement focuses on leveraging the abilities you’ve learned throughout your career.
  • Make sure your summary statement includes your years of experience in accounting and the company to which you’re applying (plus the job title). 
  • Start by putting your work experience in reverse-chronological order, meaning that your most recent work experience will be listed at the top of the page.
  • Then you can consider things like alignment, color, and consistency. Whatever you do, make sure your resume is easy to read at a glance!

Financial Analyst Accountant Resume

personal statement accounting resume

  • Have you joined or started a group for accountants? Maybe you’ve written a personal finance book? Or perhaps you occasionally discuss financial trends at events outside of work? These are on-point examples of using your skills in unique ways, so they’re perfect resume components.
  • Focus on including projects and volunteer experience that can demonstrate essential skills (like collaboration and communication). 
  • Look for similar structures, word usage, and metrics to see how you can make your resume pop.

Management Accountant Resume

personal statement accounting resume

  • Make sure that your  management accountant resume  shows your most relevant experience. Include your most significant accomplishments, like if you’ve led any projects or saved your company a lot of money.
  • Although your goal is to show your most relevant work, having a cohesive career progression is more important. Employers want to see that you’ve been consistently working.
  • Look for specific skill keywords and responsibilities listed in the job description and incorporate them into your work experience and skills section to make the best impact.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Resume

Certified public accountant (cpa) resume example with 10+ years of experience

  • To keep to a single page, make your bullet points short. Ideally, every point should be  one sentence  and a  maximum of three lines long .
  • List accomplishments and achievements by all means, but don’t clutter your space with empty adjectives or adverbs. Words like “successfully” and “as needed” are generally assumed, so leave them out.
  • Certifications need their own section, but you don’t need to add much more than the name of your certificate. You can include the organization that offers the certificate, but most hiring managers will know that information already, so don’t stress about it.

Onboarding Accountant Resume

Onboarding accountant resume example with 10+ years of experience

  • However, your  resume is not your cv . As hard as it is to break up with your old jobs, it’s for the best. The best resumes include just three to six of your most relevant work experience roles. 
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring team reviewing 100+ resumes. What work experience would stand out and be the most relevant for the position?
  • And if you’re worried about forgetting or losing information from your work history that could be relevant later on, don’t sweat it. You can create a separate document with a “master list” of work experience that you can pull from for different jobs.

Accounting Clerk Resume

Accounting clerk resume example with 1+ years of experience

  • Think of the skills section of your resume as a peek into your technical prowess with accounting software. Any tools that help you do your job better are worth adding to this part of your accounting clerk resume .

Tax Accountant Resume

personal statement accounting resume

  • In this resume example, the candidate’s last job was as a tax accountant—the same position they’re applying to. Putting it at the top highlights what you’ve been able to achieve at your previous job.

Public Accounting Resume

Public accounting resume example with 6+ years of experience

  • Do you hold a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification? If you’ve completed your CPA, it’s proof that you have a license and the knowledge to provide accounting services to the public.

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Job seeker reviews qualifications and accomplishments to build job application for next role

As an accountant, you know that precision matters. You’re expected to be an analytical expert who can produce reliable research and solve complex legal and financial problems. So, think of your resume not only as a place to highlight your experience but also as a place to demonstrate your attention to detail and high standard of work.

Boosting your resume’s potential requires special attention to these four areas: 

  • Listing accounting skills 
  • Formatting your accountant resume properly
  • Quantifying your previous impact
  • Customizing your resume to each job

personal statement accounting resume

List the right accountant skills

When recruiters post an  accountant job description , it’s not unheard of for them to receive upwards of 100 resumes. With the sheer number of applicants, companies can’t carefully review every accountant’s application. The applicant tracking system (ATS) software helps weed out applicants before a recruiter reviews them, which saves time and gets rid of candidates without the right experience.

Applicant tracking systems work by using algorithms that match keywords from the company to keywords in your resume. So even if you’re highly qualified for a job, your resume may be thrown out if it doesn’t include the right keywords. To avoid this, you need to know  how  to include job-appropriate  skills on your resume  (keywords). 

What are the right skills? The right skills will vary depending on the accountant role. Read this excerpt from a sample accountant job description and see if you can pick up on the essential skills: 

Greenhill is seeking a certified accountant who can tackle every level of the accounting process, from balancing ledgers to researching the law and analyzing data to ensure efficient and effective operations. This position is ideal for candidates who are jacks of all trades! Must possess strong public speaking and collaboration skills while demonstrating initiative and the capacity to conduct independent work. 

Based on this small sample, we can create a list of essential skills customized for the job.  You do  not  want to take exact words from the job description or lie about your skill level . Instead, use the accountant job description as a jumping-off point to think about the most relevant skills you possess: 

  • Accounting applications: Quickbooks, ERP, Concur, Taxjar
  • Tax accounting
  • Expense reporting
  • State law compliance
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Data analysis and research presentations

On other accountant job postings, you can expect to see different skills emphasized, such as:

Accountant resume skills

Choose the best resume format

It’s not just about  what  you write on your accountant resume; it’s about  how  you write it. Your  resume format  is important for ensuring that your resume is visually appealing, easy to read, and easy for the ATS to recognize. For these reasons, we always suggest the reverse-chronological format to keep your most recent job experience listed at the top of your resume, but there are some other aspects of resume formatting you need to know.

Here are some other essential elements of resume formatting that you should pay attention to:

  • Resume length:  Always ensure your resume is a full, single-sided page.
  • Bullet points:  Break up large text sections about your work experience with classic round bullet points.
  • Avoiding icons/images:  The ATS does not seem to appreciate icons/images; neither will recruiters.
  • Listing the title of the position you’re seeking:  Specialize your resume for each job you apply for to show respect and genuine interest in the job. (This is especially useful for a company that may be hiring for multiple positions.)
  • Objective/Summary:  Only use one when necessary (hang tight—we’re about to cover this in-depth).

Remember these formatting tips, and you’ll be confident that your resume is ATS-friendly and easy to read for recruiters. 

personal statement accounting resume

Understand the elusive resume objective and summary

All right, back to the objective and summary.  A resume objective  is one of the most misunderstood sections of your resume. Most people think objectives are outdated and pointless, but that’s only the case if you don’t tailor them and keep them short. 

But what exactly is a resume objective? And what’s the difference between that and a resume summary? Let’s dive in!

A resume objective and summary statement are both short, two to three-sentence paragraphs at the top of a resume to express your interest in a position or a brief career synopsis. Both require customization and should be avoided if you don’t plan on writing a new one for every job application. 

Accountant resume objective

However, these two types of paragraphs differ in how they communicate interest in the job. An objective describes  the value you’ll add to a company  and  why you want the job . Objectives are best suited to accountants who are just starting their careers or going through a career change (like from a staff accountant to an accounts payable specialist). 

A  resume summary  highlights  your past work experience , leveraging it to  prove your qualifications and skills . Because the summary relies on many past job experiences, it’s only recommended for senior accountants with many years of industry experience. 

Let’s work through a few examples together, so you can better understand all the moving parts: 

Poor resume objective:  Years of experience in the industry, looking for a full-time job in the accounting field with benefits. 

  • There are multiple issues at play here. First, it’s uninformative. The applicant doesn’t list anything that provides concrete evidence of their skills. Secondly, it’s not specific. They don’t mention a particular job title, applicable skills, or the company to which they’re applying. Lastly, this candidate is only focused on what the job will do  for   them . You need to mention why you’ll be an asset to the company, not what the job will provide for you personally.

Better resume objective:  Detailed junior accountant with 4+ years of experience working for Big Four accounting firms. Seeking an opportunity as a staff accountant at a smaller-scale operation like Fender Co., where my specializations in optimizing pricing through software adoption and systems streamlining would positively impact sales. 

  • This resume objective makes the case that the applicant is valuable to the company by highlighting relevant skills and years of experience. Furthermore, it’s customized to the specific job the candidate is seeking, which is a major green flag for employers. 

Poor summary statement:  Experience as an accountant for 3 businesses. My role, which was providing organized, detailed work for all 3 companies, positively impacted the companies. 

  • This statement is vague and confusing, not to mention it’s poorly worded. Would you trust this person with your company’s financial accounts? 

Better summary statement:  Data-driven certified accountant with specialized work in small and mid-size businesses for 22 years. Dedicated to providing services that adhere to GAAP standards while optimizing operations and financial performance. Expertise in many types of accounting software relevant to business size, including Xero, QuickBooks, Zoho, and SAP. Experience supervising and collaborating across cross-functional teams and departments while increasing ROI by 5%+ YTD. 

  • This summary statement provides specific metrics, specialized skills, and a job title. It’s a great example of a strong statement that would impress a hiring team. 

personal statement accounting resume

Quantify your positive impact as an accountant

If you want to prove to a company that you’re an excellent accountant, you’ll want to focus on numbers. Quantifying your impact on your accountant resume provides concrete proof that you’re an asset to the company.

Fortunately, as an accountant, there are many ways to quantify your impact, such as:

  • Internal company operations:  Have you worked with company executives to propose financial incentives to improve employee retention? Have you instituted software adoption that reduced error rates? 
  • Leadership:  Do you manage, mentor, or collaborate with a team? Do you work across several departments? 
  • Work with vendors:  Do you assess vendor invoicing or review vendor statements? Do you manage accounts payable for vendors? 
  • Clients:  How many clients do you advise if you work with individual clients? How long have you retained these clients? 
  • Revenue:  How much revenue does the company you work for generate? How many assets do you oversee? How much have you saved in potential penalty costs? 
  • Reductions in error rates:  Have you reduced errors during employment at your past jobs? Do you use specific types of software to minimize mistakes? 

Based on the above, check out these examples that demonstrate how metrics can fuel your bullet points: 

  • Proactively identified and communicated potential problem areas related to a client’s reporting issue, saving the client $2K+ in penalty fees
  • Supported management in executing an employee equity compensation plan to improve employee retention by 11%
  • Led a team of 2 junior accountants, providing mentorship and feedback through weekly 1:1 sessions
  • Reconciled vendor statements in QuickBooks, investigating and correcting any discrepancies within 48 hours 

personal statement accounting resume

Optimize your accountant resume for each job

Unfortunately, you can’t just have one copy of your resume that you submit for every accountant job application. Every application deserves a tailored resume.

With the job description in view, these are the areas you’ll need to pay special attention to:

  • Objective/summary statement:  Remember how we encouraged you to include specific company names? One of an applicant’s worst mistakes is failing to change the company name on multiple job applications. Make sure you read over your statement (if included) before submitting your resume, changing the job title, skills, and company name.
  • Skills:  To customize your skills section, read the job description. Often, hiring managers will overtly say what skills are important for the specific accounting job (but be careful not to plagiarize). 
  • Job description bullet points:  Are you applying to a job that needs you to interface with clients? Or maybe you’ll be working behind the scenes with data? Think about how you can shift how you discuss your work experience to highlight what’s important for each particular job. 

We know it’s frustrating to focus on customizations when you want to submit multiple applications in a short amount of time. Consider creating a document with a master list of job description bullet points and skills, sorted into groups based on the skills you need to highlight (e.g., one section that demonstrates your accuracy, another for client interactions, another for public speaking, etc.). Then, you can pick and pull things from this document to create fully customized resumes in no time. 

For now, we think you’ll find something to help you get started on your accountant resume, no matter the exact role: 

Accountant resume 

  • Do you have experience in general ledger (GL) accounting? 
  • Remember, you don’t need to include all of these accounting skills in each position, but they must be covered at least once somewhere on your accountant resume. 

Senior accountant resume 

  • Underscore things like extensive improvements in efficiency rates, accuracy, and year-to-year financial growth. 
  • Have you collaborated with upper management to set company-wide standards or implement internal policies or financial work incentives? 
  • Highlight your ability to step into leadership and mentorship roles. 

Accounts payable resume 

  • Hone in on what matters by discussing payment processing and review, tracking business expenses (such as vendor invoices), and ensuring GL and GAAP compliance. 
  • Highlight your attention to detail and how it has saved revenue for companies you’ve worked for in the past.

Entry-level accountant resume 

  • You can leverage almost any job position to highlight particularly relevant skills in accounting. For example, a restaurant server can still balance payments, check receipts against bills, etc. 
  • Read the job description carefully, noting what skills are most important to the hiring team and emphasizing your capacity to work in accounting based on their requirements. 

Staff accountant resume

  • Your staff accountant resume should focus on general ledger maintenance/oversight, tax revenue billing, accounts payable/receivable, reports, and general record-keeping. 
  • Don’t forget to showcase your potential for job advancement down the road by highlighting any aspects in which you provided management/supervisory work. 

personal statement accounting resume

Final takeaway for improving your accountant resume

The hardest part of writing your accountant resume is getting started, so congratulate yourself on starting your resume journey! You’re one step closer to creating your best-ever accounting resume. We’ve laid out all the essential tips, including optimizing your skills section, formatting, metrics, and resume customizations, so you can write an amazing resume in no time. 

We also have a host of tools to make resume writing easier. See how your resume stacks up against our AI-powered tips. Or, if it’s time to  write your resume  for the first time, you can use our  resume builder  with built-in formatting standards and corresponding recommendations to keep the process stress-free, easy, and quick—leaving you time also to craft a killer  accountant cover letter  for your dream role. 

No matter what stage you’re at, we’re here to help, and we wish you the best of success!

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34 Accountant Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Accountants are key players in the daily operations of most businesses. we cover what you need to know to land an accounting job in 2023 (google docs and pdfs attached)..

Hiring Manager for Accountant Roles

Practically all businesses need to do some form of accounting. Companies typically manage their finances by monitoring cash flow and keeping records of transactions. In many cases, they also analyze financial data to gain insights about the health of the business. Accountants specialize in providing these financial services. Their duties can overlap with those of a financial analyst -- one major difference is that accountants focus on everyday operations, whereas financial analysts provide big-picture insights and recommendations based on company performance and market conditions over time. In either case, these professionals perform vital work for businesses. Accounting job prospects are expanding and are not likely to disappear anytime soon -- by 2029, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that accounting jobs will grow by 4%. Most accountants are detail-oriented, conscientious, and excellent at working with numbers. If you’re seeking an accounting job, you need a resume that shows you have the right skills for the job. What does it take to build a stellar accounting resume in 2023? Here are some templates to follow that could increase your odds of getting hired.

Accountant Resume Templates

Jump to a template:

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounting Manager
  • Senior Accountant / Accounting Executive
  • Entry Level Accountant
  • Staff Accountant
  • Cost Accountant
  • Payroll Accountant
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Accounting Specialist
  • Junior Accountant
  • Project Accountant
  • Public Accountant
  • Fund Accountant
  • Senior Tax Accountant
  • Property Accountant
  • Experienced Accountant
  • Construction Accountant
  • Fixed Asset Accountant
  • Corporate Accountant
  • Revenue Accountant
  • Chief Accounting Officer
  • Director of Accounting

Jump to a resource:

  • Keywords for Accountant Resumes

Accountant Resume Tips

  • Action Verbs to Use
  • Bullet Points on Accountant Resumes
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Related Finance Resumes

Get advice on each section of your resume:

Template 1 of 34: Accountant Resume Example

An accountant is a financial professional who keeps track of an organization’s transaction history, including costs and income. They evaluate a company’s financial performance and provide reports to stakeholders. Additionally, an accountant must issue employee payments, record bank statements, and issue taxes. You should demonstrate your impact on the bottom line in your accountant resume. Accountants can help organizations improve their operations, reduce risks, and generate more profit. You can use this as a reference as to what metrics and accomplishments to include in your resume.

An accountant resume template using metrics to highlight achievements.

We're just getting the template ready for you, just a second left.

Tips to help you write your Accountant resume in 2024

   highlight your knowledge of relevant (and recent) accounting regulations on your resume..

Accountants should provide accurate and transparent financial information to the government, investors, and banks. That’s why accounting compliance regulates their operations and sets ethical standards that they must follow. Show knowledge of recent developments in your industry by including projects that involved up-to-date or recent laws or accounting frameworks.

Highlight your knowledge of relevant (and recent!) accounting regulations on your resume. - Accountant Resume

   Indicate your area of specialization.

Accountants can specialize in a particular area such as payroll, tax, and inventory accounting. This is something you should specify in your resume, either in your resume's title or summary section. By doing this, you demonstrate more authority in your field, which makes you more competitive for recruiters.

Indicate your area of specialization. - Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Accountant resume

Template 2 of 34: accounting clerk resume example.

An accounting clerk sits on a company’s accounting team within their finance department. These professionals are responsible for administrative accounting tasks such as reporting, bookkeeping, discrepancy identification and resolution, and invoice collection. These professionals deal with the granular aspects of a business's finances, ensuring payments are timely from customers and books are balanced. To become an accounting clerk, you will need a minimum of an associate's degree in accounting. A bachelor’s degree can help you land this role but is not always required. Hiring managers will look for someone with accounting experience, such as a prior role as a bookkeeper or debt collector. Moreover, they’ll look for candidates with a deep understanding of accounting processes, computer literacy, and superb organization and time management skills.

A resume for a accounting clerk with a bachelor's degree in financial management and previous experience as an account clerk.

Tips to help you write your Accounting Clerk resume in 2024

   highlight your organizational abilities.

Since accounting clerks are usually responsible for organizing and cataloging important paperwork such as bills, invoices, and payment orders - showing you are highly organized will help you get this role. Highlight your organizational skills by detailing situations where you have successfully kept track of varying documents in prior roles.

Highlight your organizational abilities - Accounting Clerk Resume

   Showcase your experience solving account discrepancies or delinquency

It’s important that the accounting clerk is able to solve financial issues such as delinquent accounts. It’s important to highlight any experience you have identifying discrepancies or delinquent accounts and how you solved them.

Showcase your experience solving account discrepancies or delinquency - Accounting Clerk Resume

Skills you can include on your Accounting Clerk resume

Template 3 of 34: accounting clerk resume example.

Accounting clerks perform various administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, reconciling accounts, tracking payments, and collecting data for audits. To get this job, your resume should reflect that you are highly organized, analytical, and capable of juggling a myriad of responsibilities. Provide examples from your prior work experience to illustrate these skills.

Accounting clerk resume with relevant work experience and strong action verbs

   Uses clear action verbs to discuss accomplishments

Accounting clerks perform a wide array of clerical duties to support their departments. On your resume, you should choose precise action verbs to describe how you’ve handled similar responsibilities at previous jobs. Industry-specific verbs such as “audited”, “processed”, and “reconciled” are especially strong choices to emphasize your accounting skills.

Uses clear action verbs to discuss accomplishments - Accounting Clerk Resume

   Resume lists relevant work experience

Although you can find entry-level accounting clerk positions, having prior experience within the field always makes you a stronger job candidate. Focusing your resume on accounting clerk positions (or similar roles) you’ve held in the past is ideal, and shows hiring managers that you are ready to succeed in the role.

Resume lists relevant work experience - Accounting Clerk Resume

Template 4 of 34: Accounting Manager Resume Example

The accounting manager is a senior-level position within the finance team at an organization. Accounting managers are leaders who oversee the accounting team and their day-to-day business processes. As an accounting manager, you may monitor and optimize workflow processes, identify cost-savings opportunities, and provide guidance to junior accountants. To become an accounting manager, you will need demonstrated knowledge in accounting, as well as an eye for detail and great leadership skills. For this role, hiring managers will look for a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business. More importantly, ideal candidates will have significant and progressive experience working in finance roles. Hiring managers may look for someone with previous experience as a junior accountant, budget officer, or controller. It’s important that candidates for this role have leadership abilities as well as project management capabilities.

An accounting manager's resume with a master's in business adminstration and previous experience as an accounting supervisor.

Tips to help you write your Accounting Manager resume in 2024

   become a cpa (certified public accountant).

The CPA is a credential given to licensed accounting professionals. Having this certification on your resume will show hiring managers you have completed at least 150 hours of accounting education and have a minimum of 2 years of professional accounting experience. Gaining a CPA is a great way to quickly show hiring managers you are knowledgeable.

Become a CPA (certified public accountant) - Accounting Manager Resume

   Demonstrate your ability to lead others

It’s crucial that the accounting manager is a strong leader as they will oversee junior finance staff who complete important tasks such as payroll, accounts receivable, billing, and more. You should showcase your ability to manage several team members with varying responsibilities on your resume.

Demonstrate your ability to lead others - Accounting Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Accounting Manager resume

Template 5 of 34: accounting manager resume example.

The accounting manager oversees and manages the accounting team. They determine goals, and policies, and delegate tasks to team members. Accounting managers ensure that the organization’s finances are at their best state by auditing their financial reports. Then they identify patterns that allow them to draw conclusions. This is a leadership position, so you should demonstrate your leadership and project management skills in your resume. You can mention previous experiences in which you managed a large team.

An accounting manager resume template prioritizing technical skills.

   Demonstrate your expertise in the accounting field.

As an accounting manager, you are expected to have several years of experience in the field, so it’s important to include all relevant project and job experience in accounting. This will demonstrate seniority and illustrate your value in the industry.

Demonstrate your expertise in the accounting field. - Accounting Manager Resume

   Indicate that you are up-to-date with industry trends, such as new accounting software or techniques.

Accounting managers should be computer-literate and up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. Some of the most used programs for accounting in 2023 include Oracle NetSuite Accounting Software, Intuit QuickBooks Online, Melio, and FreshBooks Accounting Software. It might be a good idea to research the company you're applying to by looking at the job description, find out what they're using, and including that exact stack of software on your resume.

Indicate that you are up-to-date with industry trends, such as new accounting software or techniques. - Accounting Manager Resume

Template 6 of 34: Accounting Manager Resume Example

Accounting managers oversee accounting departments, manage financial reporting, and lead their teams to success. To advance to a management position in accounting, you not only need to be a great accountant; you also need to demonstrate leadership and people skills. Make sure your resume reflects your experience in these areas.

Accounting manager resume with promotions and measurable achievements

   Promotions show proactivity and growth in accounting

Featuring past promotions on your resume tells hiring managers that you are an outstanding employee with the potential to excel. It takes proactivity and drive to rise through the ranks at any job, and those same qualities are essential when you’re seeking a leadership position.

Promotions show proactivity and growth in accounting - Accounting Manager Resume

   Cites specific, measurable achievements from past jobs

As a financial professional, you will be expected to produce results for your employers. Quantify your previous successes with specific numbers to show the impact you made at your old jobs. Prior achievements such as “recovered $2M in overstated expenses” or “consolidated sales over $10M” are a strong testament to your skills.

Cites specific, measurable achievements from past jobs - Accounting Manager Resume

Template 7 of 34: Senior Accountant / Accounting Executive Resume Example

Writing a resume for a Senior Accountant or Accounting Executive role is an exercise in demonstrating expertise and leadership within the finance realm. It's essential to remember that these roles are often the backbone of the finance department, so your resume should reflect the depth and breadth of your experience. In recent times, companies increasingly value accountants who can leverage technological tools for efficiency and accuracy; your knowledge of accounting software should be a shining star on your resume. Furthermore, with the rise of remote work and globalization, Senior Accountants are expected to be comfortable managing virtual teams and handling International Financial Reporting Standards. Ensure to incorporate your experience or training in these areas too.

Senior Accountant's resume showcasing technical proficiency and leadership experience.

Tips to help you write your Senior Accountant / Accounting Executive resume in 2024

   highlight technical competency.

Due to the increasing reliance on technology within accounting, ensure that you dedicate space to your proficiency in diverse accounting software and tools. Mention your experience in QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle Financials, or any proprietary software you used.

Highlight Technical Competency - Senior Accountant / Accounting Executive Resume

   Showcase Leadership Skills

Senior roles require you to lead teams and communicate financial information to non-financial stakeholders. Highlight any instances of leading a project, automating a process, or explaining complex data to others in your work experience section.

Showcase Leadership Skills - Senior Accountant / Accounting Executive Resume

Skills you can include on your Senior Accountant / Accounting Executive resume

Template 8 of 34: senior accountant / accounting executive resume example.

Senior accountants don’t always supervise other employees, but they are typically experienced professionals who have worked in accounting for a number of years. As a senior accountant, you’ll do some typical accounting tasks, but you’ll also do higher-level analyses of your company’s financial standing. Your resume should show your aptitude for data analysis and your ability to make complex business decisions that lead to positive outcomes.

Senior accountant and accounting executive resume with hard skills section and bullet points with action verbs

   Skills section lists relevant accounting technical skills

In your years of accounting, you’ve probably gained experience with software such as QuickBook, Oracle, RSM Auditor Assistant, and others. You’re likely also familiar with concepts such as generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), auditing, and financial analysis. Use a separate skills section to list technical and other hard skills you’ve acquired over the course of your career.

Skills section lists relevant accounting technical skills - Senior Accountant / Accounting Executive Resume

   Accounting-specific action verbs highlight past successes

Strong action verbs are an effective way to introduce achievements from your former jobs. Verbs like “conducted”, “automated”, and “implemented” all demonstrate proactivity, and they paint a clear picture of the role you played in each accomplishment.

Accounting-specific action verbs highlight past successes - Senior Accountant / Accounting Executive Resume

Template 9 of 34: Entry Level Accountant Resume Example

Entry level accountants help with maintaining financial records, gathering data, and assembling basic reports. While you don’t need formal accounting experience for this job, it can help to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a similar field. Lead your resume with your educational experience, mentioning any relevant coursework (such as business law or microeconomics), and be sure to also mention any relevant internships you’ve held.

Entry level accountant resume with educational history, relevant internships, and volunteer projects

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Accountant resume in 2024

   emphasizes educational history.

At the beginning of your accounting career, you won’t have as much work experience to list on your resume -- so place more focus on your education, especially if you completed a degree in accounting and finance. A high GPA and any academic distinctions you’ve earned can show potential employers proof of your work ethic and dedication.

Emphasizes educational history - Entry Level Accountant Resume

   Lists relevant internships and community projects

When you have less employment history under your belt, highlight any internships you’ve done in accounting or finance. These positions are valuable because they teach you similar skills to what you might learn in an accounting job. Volunteer projects where you’ve organized meetings, gathered donations, or developed other professional skills are also worth mentioning.

Lists relevant internships and community projects - Entry Level Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Accountant resume

Template 10 of 34: staff accountant resume example.

Staff accountants keep track of and oversee all financial records in an organization, including balance sheets and cash flow, equity, and income statements. They must record transactions conduct the billing processes, and help stakeholders make more informed decisions regarding year budgets or new projects. That’s why you might want to highlight your business acumen on your resume by mentioning your impact on previous projects’ bottom line. A staff accountant can work in private, public, and non-profit institutions. Ideally, you should have a bachelor’s degree in finance, administration, or accounting.

A staff accountant resume template showcasing academic value.

Tips to help you write your Staff Accountant resume in 2024

   mention your familiarity with local and state staff accounting regulations..

One of your responsibilities as a staff accountant is to ensure the company is compliant with local and state regulations. You should guarantee that the accounting team is following the best practices to demonstrate transparency and accuracy in financial records.

Mention your familiarity with local and state staff accounting regulations. - Staff Accountant Resume

   Highlight your financial analysis skills.

As a staff accountant, you should compare each year’s transactions to identify patterns in the data. This includes income, spending habits, and budgets. This way, you can help stakeholders make better financial decisions using data-backed insights.

Highlight your financial analysis skills. - Staff Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Staff Accountant resume

Template 11 of 34: staff accountant resume example.

Staff accountants have a variety of duties that may include bookkeeping, processing payroll, preparing taxes, and generating financial reports and statements. They also help ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Staff accountant resume with measurable achievements and clear action verbs

   Focuses on quantifiable achievements from past accounting jobs

When talking about your previous jobs, it’s wise to mention specific results that you achieved in each position so accounting hiring managers can see the extent of your capabilities. When you can say that you “reduced error rates by 20%” or “maintained monthly schedules of 30+ fixed assets”, you show that your actions and decisions had a measurable impact at past jobs.

Focuses on quantifiable achievements from past accounting jobs - Staff Accountant Resume

   Leads accomplishments with action verbs

You should always lead your bullet-point achievements with precise action verbs such as “oversaw”, “maintained”, and “reconciled”. These types of verbs clearly illustrate what you accomplished at past jobs, and they help you position yourself as a skilled professional within your field. If you can choose verbs that are related to accounting and finance, do that!

Leads accomplishments with action verbs - Staff Accountant Resume

Template 12 of 34: Cost Accountant Resume Example

Cost accountants analyze and assess the costs of producing products or services. They help businesses identify areas where they could become more profitable. In addition to the math and data analysis skills that most accountants need, cost accountants need strong budgeting skills and the ability to communicate effectively with management about their findings. Use your resume to highlight your accounting background and your skills at collaborating with others.

Cost accountant resume with promotions and industry-specific action verbs

Tips to help you write your Cost Accountant resume in 2024

   promotions demonstrate a drive to succeed.

If you’ve advanced from less-senior positions to roles with more responsibility in the past, make sure to point out your promotions on your resume. Starting as an auditor and leveling up to a management accountant position demonstrates your financial acumen and tells recruiters that you are likely to thrive in a potential new role.

Promotions demonstrate a drive to succeed - Cost Accountant Resume

   Industry-specific action verbs show financial expertise

When you’re pursuing a job in accounting, use verbs specific to finance (such as “analyzed”, “audited”, and “managed”) throughout your resume to talk about your past accomplishments. These verbs are a great way to showcase your knowledge and experience within the financial industry.

Industry-specific action verbs show financial expertise - Cost Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Cost Accountant resume

Template 13 of 34: payroll accountant resume example.

Payroll accountants supervise and process payments. They are responsible for ensuring that payments are processed efficiently, on time, and following legal regulations. Additional responsibilities include calculating deductions, resolving salary conflicts, and generating salary statements for employees. Generally, payroll accountants have a bachelor’s degree in finance or administration. Keep in mind that it’s important to demonstrate your knowledge of relevant tax laws on your resume.

A payroll accountant resume template demonstrating their value in the industry.

Tips to help you write your Payroll Accountant resume in 2024

   indicate you have extensive knowledge of payroll functions on your resume..

As a payroll accountant, you should demonstrate proficiency in payroll functions. This includes calculating wages, deductions, bonuses, and processing payments for each employee. That’s why you should include skills such as payroll processing, auditing, tax deduction, and financial reporting.

Indicate you have extensive knowledge of payroll functions on your resume. - Payroll Accountant Resume

   Showcase the payroll software that you are familiar with in your resume.

There are numerous tools out there that help you automate payroll tasks. Some of the most popular ones include QuickBooks Payro, Gusto, and OnPay. However, you can mention any payroll tool that you are familiar with. It’s also a good idea to check your potential employer’s requirements to see if they have a particular program they use.

Showcase the payroll software that you are familiar with in your resume. - Payroll Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Payroll Accountant resume

Template 14 of 34: payroll accountant resume example.

Payroll accountants are responsible for processing companies’ employee compensation. Each pay period, they calculate each employee’s earnings, deduct the proper amounts for income tax and benefits, and issue paychecks. To get a payroll accountant position, use your resume to show that you have general accounting skills, experience using payroll software, and a working knowledge of labor and tax regulations.

Payroll accountant resume with hard skills, job title, and relevant keywords added

   Prominent skills section for hard accounting skills

Payroll accounting requires some specialized knowledge. You’ll need to know your local labor and tax laws to ensure your company is in compliance. You may also use software such as ADP Payroll to process your company’s payroll. A resume skills section allows you to list your job-specific hard skills in a place where they’ll be easy to see.

Prominent skills section for hard accounting skills - Payroll Accountant Resume

   Resume is tailored to the specific payroll-related job

Always target your resume to the job you’re applying for. Adding the job title “Payroll Accountant” near the top of the document can help your resume get through automated tracking systems (ATS) and other resume screening tools. Make your resume even more relevant to the position by adding accounting keywords throughout your work experience and skills (“payroll”, “processing”, and “reporting” are just a few of many examples).

Resume is tailored to the specific payroll-related job - Payroll Accountant Resume

Template 15 of 34: Accounting Assistant Resume Example

Being an accounting assistant requires a particular set of skills. You're often the backbone of the accounting department, handling data entry, invoice processing, and overall financial record keeping. The job requires meticulous attention to detail, great numerical skills, and often, a good handle on certain software like Quickbooks or Excel. Lately, due to increased digitalization, many accounting assistant roles may also require familiarity with cloud-based tools and software. As you craft your resume, remember that hiring managers are keen to see your technical skills, your ability to work with a team, and examples of how you've added value in past roles, such as improving processes or saving company resources. Specificity is key, so provide quantifiable achievements whenever possible.

A well-crafted resume for an Accounting Assistant role, highlighting specific software skills and quantifiable achievements.

Tips to help you write your Accounting Assistant resume in 2024

   highlight software proficiency.

As an accounting assistant, you'll likely be using a variety of accounting and data management software. Specify which programs you're familiar with, like QuickBooks, MS Excel, or any other cloud-based accounting tools, as this can be a key deciding factor for hiring managers.

Highlight software proficiency - Accounting Assistant Resume

   Detail achievements with numbers

When drafting the experience section, don't just list your routine tasks. Instead, highlight achievements and improvements you've brought about, ideally using specific numbers. For example, "Implemented a new data entry method that improved efficiency by 20%".

Detail achievements with numbers - Accounting Assistant Resume

Skills you can include on your Accounting Assistant resume

Template 16 of 34: accounting assistant resume example.

In an accounting assistant role, you’ll be doing basic accounting tasks such as record keeping, cash handling, and billing to help support your company. You may be able to get this job straight out of school, but some companies may require a few years of accounting experience. Use a resume like this one to showcase the experience you do have, giving specific examples of achievements that illustrate your organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

Accounting assistant resume focused on specific position with educational history

   Resume is focused on the specific accounting position

Recruiters like to see consistency in resumes, and if you have a lengthy work history within a specific role, you’ll be a desirable candidate for that position. Having held previous accounting assistant positions (including ones of increasing seniority), you’ll have gained many relevant and transferable skills for your new job.

Resume is focused on the specific accounting position - Accounting Assistant Resume

   Relevant educational history is included

Most companies want to hire accounting assistants who at least hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject area (such as applied business, accounting, or finance). Be sure to mention your finance-related educational background and credentials on your resume.

Relevant educational history is included - Accounting Assistant Resume

Template 17 of 34: Tax Accountant Resume Example

As a Tax Accountant, your resume should show that you're more than just an individual who crunches numbers. Your expertise in complex tax law, vast knowledge about regulations and meticulous nature are important. These days, companies are becoming more and more aware of the importance of abiding by tax laws. They want accountants who are informed and up-to-date with these regulations, both federal and state. Keep in mind, your resume is the first opportunity to showcase these skills to potential employers. Recently, there's been a shift towards valuing soft skills like communication and problem-solving in the Tax Accountant role. It's not enough to just be good with numbers, you should also be able to explain complex tax concepts to non-tax professionals. When writing your resume, it's crucial to demonstrate both technical expertise and these soft skills.

A Tax Accountant's resume showing key skills, certifications, and problem-solving experiences.

Tips to help you write your Tax Accountant resume in 2024

   include relevant certifications.

Next to your formal education, make sure you include any additional certifications like the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or the Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA). These qualifications not only confirm your competence in tax law and regulations, but also display your commitment to the accounting field.

Include relevant certifications - Tax Accountant Resume

   Showcase your problem-solving skills

Don't just list your roles and responsibilities, but illustrate how you've used your skills to solve real tax issues. Maybe you identified a tax-saving opportunity for your previous employer or assisted in a difficult audit. Concrete examples will make your resume stand out.

Showcase your problem-solving skills - Tax Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Tax Accountant resume

Template 18 of 34: tax accountant resume example.

A tax accountant specializes in preparing and filing tax forms for businesses and individuals. These accountants must stay abreast of current tax regulations to help their clients comply with the law. You’ll need specialized knowledge in order to become a tax accountant -- so if you have experience in tax accounting, auditing, or tax preparation, make sure to say so on your resume.

personal statement accounting resume

   Skills section highlights specialized tax and accounting knowledge

To become a tax accountant, you’ll need additional training in tax law and preparation beyond what is standard for your industry. Once you’ve acquired these hard skills, list them prominently in your resume skills section.

Skills section highlights specialized tax and accounting knowledge - Tax Accountant Resume

   Discuss past achievements using specific numbers related to accounting

All types of accountants usually produce tangible results for the companies they work for. Instead of providing vague statements about what you did at past jobs, mention past achievements using specific numbers to measure the scope of what you accomplished (e.g. “resolved over 100 tax issues” or “reduced tax penalty fees by 20%”).

Discuss past achievements using specific numbers related to accounting - Tax Accountant Resume

Template 19 of 34: Accounting Specialist Resume Example

As an Accounting Specialist, you're often perceived as the 'financial lifeline' of a company. Your role requires you to masterfully balance numbers and ensure that the financial health of the company is spot on. It's a job that's all about precision and accuracy, and it's gaining more importance as companies evolve in this technology-driven era. With this trend, employers are increasingly looking for people who can navigate not only the traditional accounting tasks but also new age financial software and systems. Therefore, when crafting your resume, it's crucial to convey your in-depth knowledge in accounting principles, alongside your proficiency in financial software. In recent times, companies have been advocating for automation in accounting, aiming to reduce errors and increase efficiency. Not to forget, the accounting field is also adopting machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline processes. As such, candidates who can demonstrate their adaptability to these evolving trends will have an edge. Your resume should highlight your willingness to learn and adapt, while also showcasing your expertise in the core accounting tasks.

An example of a well-structured resume for an Accounting Specialist role.

Tips to help you write your Accounting Specialist resume in 2024

   highlight your technology proficiency.

As an Accounting Specialist, you must emphasize your familiarity with accounting software like QuickBooks, Excel, or any other specific tools you've mastered. Mention any special certifications you have in these tools as it would demonstrate your initiative and proficiency.

Highlight Your Technology Proficiency - Accounting Specialist Resume

   Show Evidence of Your Accuracy and Precision

Accounting is all about accuracy and precision. Ensure to highlight any accomplishments or roles where you've demonstrated these qualities. Use specific numbers or statistics as evidence. For example, you could mention the percentage of accuracy achieved in your previous role or any error reduction initiatives you've spearheaded.

Skills you can include on your Accounting Specialist resume

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Accounting specialists may have wide ranging responsibilities such as maintaining financial records, processing payroll, generating reports, and making projections. To get this job, focus your resume on accounting skills such as balancing budget sheets, processing invoices, or managing account transfers.

personal statement accounting resume

   Uses effective action verbs to talk about achievements

When writing your resume bullet points, consider leading with verbs such as “conducted”, “streamlined”, and “spearheaded” to underscore the impact of your successes. Verbs like these ones show that you are proactive and take your career seriously.

Uses effective action verbs to talk about achievements - Accounting Specialist Resume

   Relevant technical skills in skills section

As an accounting specialist, you may need to use certain types of software in your daily duties. Create a dedicated skills section on your resume where you can list the programs you’re proficient with, such as Microsoft Access, QuickBooks, or NetSuite ERP.

Relevant technical skills in skills section - Accounting Specialist Resume

Template 21 of 34: Junior Accountant Resume Example

This is an entry-level position and you will be working under the supervision of a manager or senior accountant. Tasks you can expect include preparing financial reports, handling payroll, creating and updating financial statements, etc. Your resume must show recruiters your skills in accounting as well as a strong accounting background, Take a look at this resume sample.

A junior accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s accounting certifications and accounting skills.

Tips to help you write your Junior Accountant resume in 2024

   include accounting-related certifications..

Impress recruiters by listing any accounting certifications you may have gotten. Internationally recognized certifications like a CPA would be particularly impressive, and in some cases required.

Include accounting-related certifications. - Junior Accountant Resume

   Focus your skills section on accounting-related skills and tools.

Just by taking a look at your skills section, recruiters should be able to tell what you are capable of as an accountant. So make sure you include all industry-standard accounting tools, and mention your experience and skills in all the main tasks in accounting.

Focus your skills section on accounting-related skills and tools. - Junior Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Junior Accountant resume

Template 22 of 34: project accountant resume example.

As the name suggests, as a project accountant you will be responsible for handling and monitoring the finances of a project. You will approve payments, analyze expenses, and ensure that the project progresses as intended and within the allocated budget. Recruiters will want to see a strong educational background in accounting and will be looking to see experience in accounting and more specifically in project accounting. If you have experience doing accounting in the same industry as the recruiting company, all the better. Take a look at this successful resume sample.

A project accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s accounting skills and project experience.

Tips to help you write your Project Accountant resume in 2024

   show a variety of accounting skills in the skills section..

Because you will be in charge of the accounting for a project, you will have a variety of accounting tasks to complete. Show that you are capable of completing all expected tasks by ensuring your skills section lists the various tasks.

Show a variety of accounting skills in the skills section. - Project Accountant Resume

   Indicate the financial size of the projects you have worked on.

Give recruiters an idea of what you are capable of handling by adding figures of the financial size of the projects you have worked with. This applicant had worked on a project worth $22M.

Indicate the financial size of the projects you have worked on. - Project Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Project Accountant resume

Template 23 of 34: public accountant resume example.

A public accountant is similar to a freelancer or contractor. You do not work as a full-time employee of one company but you instead offer your services to many companies or individuals. You may be preparing their returns, doing a forensic analysis of their books, or even just giving relevant advice. Your qualifications are of great importance for this title, so ensure they are clearly shown. Above that, individuals and companies will be looking to see the experience you have had doing the kind of tasks they need to be done, so ensure that your experience section reflects all your capabilities.

 A public accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s accounting skills and quantifiable success.

Tips to help you write your Public Accountant resume in 2024

   indicate the kind of clients you generally work with..

Huge corporations may need very different accounting services than individuals or small businesses. It is therefore very important to indicate who your clients have been so far so potential clients can get an idea of how much experience you have in the tasks they need to be done.

Indicate the kind of clients you generally work with. - Public Accountant Resume

   Use metrics to highlight your achievements.

Metrics are an easy way to quantify your achievements and impress potential clients. So include metrics like how many clients you had, how much much money you saved them, etc.

Use metrics to highlight your achievements. - Public Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Public Accountant resume

Template 24 of 34: fund accountant resume example.

Fund accountants perform everyday accounting functions for a fund. These functions might include valuing net assets, balancing the books, providing vetted and accurate statements, etc. Apart from these general accounting tasks, you might also be tasked with analyzing financial metrics in the industry to help firms accurately value their funds.

 A fund accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s history in the financial sector and relevant skills acquired.

Tips to help you write your Fund Accountant resume in 2024

   show a history in the financial sector..

Because this position is in the financial sector, clients would prefer to hire someone with a long history doing accounting tasks for firms in the financial sector. So make sure your experience section concentrates on your financial sector past jobs.

Show a history in the financial sector. - Fund Accountant Resume

   Write ‘Fund Accountant’ in your title to bypass ATS.

Most recruiters use ATS resume filters, so you must clearly state your title to help you bypass these filters. Writing ‘Accountant’ only for your title may not be enough to get you through. Be specific.

Write ‘Fund Accountant’ in your title to bypass ATS. - Fund Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Fund Accountant resume

Template 25 of 34: senior tax accountant resume example.

As the name suggests, this is an experienced tax accountant. Tasks you can expect include preparing all tax documentation, training junior tax accountants, and ensuring your client remains tax compliant. Recruiters expect to see a resume that shows at least 5 years of experience and a strong accounting background. Evidence of managerial or leader experience would be an extra benefit. Here is a recruiter-approved resume sample.

A senior tax accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s certifications and lengthy experience.

Tips to help you write your Senior Tax Accountant resume in 2024

   get certified as a tax professional..

Accounting certifications are always nice, but for this position, you should aim to get tax-specific accounting certifications. It will set you apart from all the more generic accountants you are competing with and will show recruiters that you are highly skilled and passionate about the field.

Get certified as a tax professional. - Senior Tax Accountant Resume

   Include tax-specific keywords.

Using job-specific keywords in your resume may help you bypass ATS resume filters put in place. So use keywords relevant to tax accounting like ‘IRS’, ‘corporate tex’, and ‘compliance’.

Include tax-specific keywords. - Senior Tax Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Senior Tax Accountant resume

Template 26 of 34: property accountant resume example.

This accountant handles the financial documents associated with real estate. You may assist in valuing properties, preparing financial reports, or figuring out your client's tax obligations and preparing the correct documentation. Recruiters will be looking to see if your resume indicates expert knowledge in real estate and the accounting and tax processes and obligations associated with real estate. Ensure that your experience in this industry is well-highlighted. Take a look at this strong resume sample.

A property accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s certifications and property-specific skill set.

Tips to help you write your Property Accountant resume in 2024

   include property-specific skills in your skills section..

Accounting largely requires the same basic skills regardless of the industry you are working in. But if you are a specialized accountant as this title positions you to be, ensure that your skills section indicates skills in this particular industry. Skills like ‘property accounting’ and ‘property management’ would be effective.

Include property-specific skills in your skills section. - Property Accountant Resume

   Get property-specific certification.

Show recruiters that you are particularly skilled and knowledgeable in property accounting by getting certified. This applicant’s certification in property management is a good example of a certification that would give an applicant an edge.

Get property-specific certification. - Property Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Property Accountant resume

Template 27 of 34: experienced accountant resume example.

An experienced accountant, sometimes called a senior accountant, is a professional who has worked successfully in the field for many years (at least 5). Your tasks may be the same as more junior accountants but you may be tasked with the most important and central accounting functions. This position requires accuracy, interpersonal skills, and a strong accounting skill set. Here is a successful resume sample.

An experienced accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s numerous accounting skills and quantifiable success.

Tips to help you write your Experienced Accountant resume in 2024

   list your expertise on various functions in the introduction section..

Start your resume strong by including the accounting functions you are particularly skilled at, and include a key achievement that shows the outcome of your skills. Starting your resume off strong will help your resume look more impressive overall.

List your expertise on various functions in the introduction section. - Experienced Accountant Resume

   Use metrics to quantify your accounting success.

Metrics jump out among the text in a resume and are an easy way to impress recruiters. A great accountant will work to maintain the financial health of the company, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs. If you have done any of the 3, include metrics to prove them.

Use metrics to quantify your accounting success. - Experienced Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Experienced Accountant resume

Template 28 of 34: construction accountant resume example.

Construction accountants have the same functions as project accountants, except they operate solely on construction projects. Tasks you can expect include planning budgets, updating financial records, approving payments to suppliers, etc. You are basically in charge of ensuring that the budget allocated is used as it was intended. Extensive knowledge about the workings of the construction business is expected, as is experience being an accountant for projects. Take a look at this recruiter-approved resume sample.

A construction accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s accounting skills and construction-related experience.

Tips to help you write your Construction Accountant resume in 2024

   use strong action verbs that indicate a variety of experiences..

Action verbs can be really powerful in shaping your experience. Use strong and varied action verbs like ‘supervised’ and ‘analyzed’ to show recruiters that you can perform a variety of accountant functions.

Use strong action verbs that indicate a variety of experiences. - Construction Accountant Resume

   Write ‘Construction Accountant’ in your title to bypass ATS.

Most recruiters use ATS resume filters, so you must clearly state your title to help you bypass these filters. Writing ‘Accountant’ only for your title may not be enough to get you through. Be industry-specific.

Write ‘Construction Accountant’ in your title to bypass ATS. - Construction Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Construction Accountant resume

Template 29 of 34: fixed asset accountant resume example.

As the name suggests, you will be in charge of accounting tasks related to fixed assets. Tasks you can expect include valuing, recording, and even identifying fixed assets. You will also be responsible for providing financial reports to decision-makers, and doing other general accounting tasks. You must have an in-depth knowledge of fixed assets and must be a talented accountant. Your resume should show your strength in both. Here is a resume sample that does that effectively.

A fixed asset accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s career progression and strong skill set.

Tips to help you write your Fixed Asset Accountant resume in 2024

   show career progression through promotions..

Show recruiters that you are a hardworking and successful employee by showing promotions in your career. It will also show recruiters your dedication to your profession. This applicant started as an audit intern and moved their way up to a fixed asset accountant position.

Show career progression through promotions. - Fixed Asset Accountant Resume

   Include the skills level for skills you are excellent at.

An easy way to impress recruiters and also show them your strengths is by including proficiencies for some of your skills. This applicant has listed ‘advanced’ for some skills and ‘experienced’ for others.

Include the skills level for skills you are excellent at. - Fixed Asset Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Fixed Asset Accountant resume

Template 30 of 34: corporate accountant resume example.

In this position, you will specialize in accounting for a business or company. Your tasks may include preparing financial documents, maintaining good financial records, preparing tax documents, and ensuring that the business is compliant with all relevant financial or tax regulations and laws. You need to show that you are experienced working in this type of accounting. Ensure both the experience and skills sections of your resume show that. Here is a good resume sample.

A corporate accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s accounting skills and corporate experience.

Tips to help you write your Corporate Accountant resume in 2024

   highlight your accountant certifications and qualifications..

Because of the large budgets and complicated accounting processes attributed to corporations, your formal qualifications are particularly important and in many cases required. So ensure you highlight your internationally recognized certification like your CPA.

Highlight your accountant certifications and qualifications. - Corporate Accountant Resume

   Write ‘Corporate Accountant’ in your title to bypass ATS.

Write ‘Corporate Accountant’ in your title to bypass ATS. - Corporate Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Corporate Accountant resume

Template 31 of 34: revenue accountant resume example.

A revenue accountant is in charge of monitoring a company’s incoming revenue. You will create invoices, track payments, update transaction records, and ensure that all incoming revenue is accounted for. You need to have a strong understanding of the company and its processes concerning revenue. You also need to show a strong accounting background to attract recruiters. Here is a recruiter-approved resume sample.

A revenue accountant resume sample that highlights the applicant’s accounting skills and revenue-related experience.

Tips to help you write your Revenue Accountant resume in 2024

   concentrate on revenue-related experience..

You want to show that you are an all-rounded accountant but you need to show that you have a wealth of experience doing revenue-related accounting tasks, so focus on highlighting those.

Concentrate on revenue-related experience. - Revenue Accountant Resume

   Highlight revenue accounting technical skills.

Your skills section is small and should include the skills most relevant to the job position. So ensure that your skills section focuses on revenue accounting skills like revenue recognition.

Highlight revenue accounting technical skills. - Revenue Accountant Resume

Skills you can include on your Revenue Accountant resume

Template 32 of 34: chief accounting officer resume example.

As the CAO you are in charge of the entire accounting department and its operations. Tasks you can expect include compiling financial reports, overseeing payroll, Analyzing and developing budgets and other accounting goals, etc. Most companies will expect you to have a master’s degree in accounting or a related field and you will need to have at least 5 years of experience. Most companies will also ask for a CPA certification so make sure your certifications are clearly listed on your resume. Here is a successful resume sample.

A chief accounting officer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s career progression and accounting certifications.

Tips to help you write your Chief Accounting Officer resume in 2024

Show recruiters your upward progression in your career. It will show recruiters your dedication to your profession and give them a better idea of the relevant skills you have gained along the way. This applicant started as a financial controller and moved their way up to a CAO position.

Show career progression through promotions. - Chief Accounting Officer Resume

   Include any accounting-related certification.

Apart from the expected CPA certification, include any other certifications you have gained related to accounting or management. It will give recruiters a better idea of your specializations or your styles of management. This applicant has an internal auditor certification which indicates their accounting specialization and could have listed an Agile certification which would have indicated their management ideology.

Include any accounting-related certification. - Chief Accounting Officer Resume

Skills you can include on your Chief Accounting Officer resume

Template 33 of 34: director of accounting resume example.

A Director of Accounting role is about leading the finance team and making high-impact decisions, but remember, it's not all about numbers. It's how you articulate your strategic mindset to transform raw data into actionable insights in your resume that sets you apart. Recently, there's been a trend towards placing a higher value on those who can demonstrate their ability to implement new technologies, such as AI or blockchain, to streamline financial operations. Writing a resume for this position is more than just listing your achievements. It's about showcasing your leadership style, your ability to influence others and the strategic thinking behind your decisions. To truly stand out, you need to capture your holistic view of a company's financial health and how you've driven companies to thrive, not just survive.

A resume screenshot displaying strategic financial planning skills and proficiency in financial technology.

Tips to help you write your Director of Accounting resume in 2024

   show your experiential proficiency with financial technology.

Showcase your experience with modern financial tools, ERP systems, or even AI-powered accounting software. Demonstrate how you've used these technologies to increase efficiency or accuracy in your previous roles. This will show that you're forward-thinking and readily adapt to technological advancements.

Show your experiential proficiency with financial technology - Director of Accounting Resume

   Exhibit your strategic financial planning skills

In the Director of Accounting role, it's essential to look beyond the numbers. Hence, you need to include instances where you've developed strategic financial plans which successfully drove company growth. Show how you've worked with different departments to achieve these financial goals.

Exhibit your strategic financial planning skills - Director of Accounting Resume

Skills you can include on your Director of Accounting resume

Template 34 of 34: director of accounting resume example.

A director of accounting is a senior, experienced accounting professional. They will lead the way in financial reporting, international exchanges, intercompany transactions, and audits. They may also be tasked with optimizing internal controls, preparing detailed financial reports for investors, and more. This position oversees direct reports in the accounting department making managerial skills also important. When looking for a director of accounting, hiring managers will be looking for someone with at least a Bachelor's degree in accounting or finance, though a Master’s degree may give a candidate a competitive edge. Hiring managers will want a candidate with 5+ years of progressive professional accounting experience. Having accounting specific certifications will also be desirable to hiring managers.

A resume for a director of accounting with a BS in accounting, CMA and CPA license, and experience as a finance manager.

   Obtain a CMA or CPA credential

Certifications show hiring managers you have studied and been tested on core aspects of accounting and financial management. Obtaining your CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or CMA (Certified Managerial Accountant) credential can show employers you’re well-versed in accounting principles.

   Show your experience managing teams in a financial setting

As a director of accounting, you’ll be expected to lead junior accountants in daily processes and operations. To land this role, it’s wise to show you have the leadership skills to do this. If you’ve previously overseen a team, or led your team in accounting projects or overhauling processes, it’s wise to detail your success with it in your resume.

Show your experience managing teams in a financial setting - Director of Accounting Resume

As a hiring manager who has recruited accountants at top companies like PwC, Deloitte, and KPMG, I've seen countless resumes over the years. The best ones always stand out by showcasing the candidate's skills, experience, and achievements in a clear and compelling way. In this article, we'll share some tips to help you create a strong accountant resume that will catch the attention of hiring managers and increase your chances of landing an interview.

   Highlight your accounting certifications and education

Make sure to prominently feature your accounting certifications, such as CPA, CMA, or CIA, as well as your educational background in accounting or a related field. Here are some examples:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), [State], [Year]
  • Master of Science in Accounting, [University Name], [Graduation Year]
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, [University Name], [Graduation Year]

Avoid simply listing your certifications or degrees without providing context:

Bullet Point Samples for Accountant

   Emphasize your experience with accounting software and tools

Highlight your proficiency with commonly used accounting software and tools, such as:

  • Microsoft Excel (including advanced functions like VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables)
  • Oracle NetSuite

Provide specific examples of how you've used these tools to improve processes or solve problems in your previous roles. For instance:

Implemented a new invoicing system using QuickBooks, reducing payment processing time by 30% and improving cash flow.

   Quantify your achievements with metrics and data

Use numbers and percentages to quantify your accomplishments and show the impact of your work. Here are some examples:

  • Reduced accounts receivable aging by 25% through proactive collection efforts and improved invoicing processes
  • Identified and corrected errors in financial statements, saving the company $50,000 in potential penalties
  • Managed a team of 5 accountants, overseeing the preparation of monthly and quarterly financial reports for 20+ clients

Avoid using vague or generic statements that don't provide any context, like:

  • Responsible for accounts receivable
  • Prepared financial statements
  • Managed a team of accountants

   Tailor your resume to the specific job description

Customize your resume for each job application by highlighting the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the position. For example, if the job description emphasizes experience with tax accounting, make sure to focus on your tax-related projects and achievements.

Here's an example of a tailored bullet point:

  • Prepared and filed federal and state income tax returns for individuals and small businesses, ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations

Avoid using a generic resume that doesn't address the specific requirements of the job, like:

  • Assisted with various accounting tasks

   Showcase your problem-solving skills with specific examples

Demonstrate your ability to analyze financial data, identify issues, and recommend solutions by providing concrete examples from your previous experience. Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your examples.

Situation: Noticed discrepancies in the company's financial statements during month-end close Task: Investigate the source of the discrepancies and recommend corrective actions Action: Analyzed financial data, traced transactions, and identified a systemic issue with the revenue recognition process Result: Implemented a new revenue recognition policy, ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance with GAAP

Avoid simply stating that you have strong problem-solving skills without providing any evidence to support your claim.

   Include relevant volunteer experience or professional affiliations

If you have volunteered in a financial capacity or are a member of professional accounting organizations, include this information on your resume. It can demonstrate your commitment to the field and provide additional evidence of your skills and experience.

For example:

  • Volunteer Treasurer, [Non-Profit Organization], [Dates]
  • Member, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), [Dates]

However, avoid listing memberships or volunteer experiences that are not directly relevant to accounting or finance, as they may distract from your core qualifications.

Ready to start preparing your accounting resume? Keep these tips in mind as you write to maximize your chances of getting the job you want.

   Make sure to include relevant education and certifications

Most companies today want prospective accountants to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or another finance-specific area. Accounting jobs are growing more competitive, so having an educational background in accounting might give you the edge you need to get hired. Although not all accounting positions require you to have additional certifications (such as CPA, CFA, and others), acquiring these will add to your training and help you advance to more senior roles. Don’t skip including your accounting-related education and credentials on your resume.

   Create a skills section to list your hard and technical accounting skills

Accounting professionals should be familiar with generally accepted accounting practices, relevant laws, and business concepts. They may have specialized knowledge of tax, auditing, financial analysis, or other areas. Often, accountants need to be comfortable using software like QuickBooks or NetSuite ERS. Because there are so many hard skills associated with accounting, it’s smart to create a section in your resume to showcase these abilities. Note that your skills section is ideal for listing hard and technical skills only; it’s better to illustrate soft skills like communication or teamwork through examples in your work experience section.

   Target your resume to the specific role you’re applying for

Be sure to tailor your resume to the particular accounting position you want. Whether you’re hoping to become a tax accountant or accounting manager, your resume should mention the specific job title you’re applying for. Focus on your most relevant work experience and skills, and add accounting and finance-related keywords (such as “payroll”, “tax”, “reconciliation”, and others) wherever possible. Adding keywords and tailoring your work history to the position is beneficial for several reasons. First, it shows recruiters that you are interested in the specific job they’re offering -- a much better strategy than firing off generic resumes to dozens of hiring managers. And second, a tailored resume with relevant keywords is more likely to get through automated resume-filtering systems (such as ATS) that employers commonly use.

Writing Your Accountant Resume: Section By Section

  header, 1. include your name, email, and phone number.

Your header should prominently feature your full name at the top, followed by your email address and phone number. Make sure to use a professional email address that includes your name, rather than a casual or outdated one.

Here's an example of a well-formatted header for an accountant resume:

  • John Smith, CPA
  • [email protected] | 555-123-4567

Avoid cluttering your header with unnecessary details like:

  • John Smith, CPA, MBA, EA
  • 123 Main St, Anytown USA 12345
  • [email protected]

2. Highlight your accounting credentials

If you have earned a CPA license or other relevant accounting certifications, be sure to include them after your name in your header. This immediately conveys your expertise and qualifications to employers.

  • Jane Doe, CPA
  • Bob Johnson, CMA, CFE

However, avoid listing all of your credentials if you have many. Focus on the most impressive and relevant ones for the specific accounting role. For example:


3. Consider including your LinkedIn profile URL

In today's digital age, many employers will look up candidates on LinkedIn. You can make it easy for them by including a link to your LinkedIn profile in your resume header.


Just be sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and presents you in a professional light before linking to it. Avoid linking to a bare-bones profile, or one that has discrepancies from your resume.


A resume summary is an optional section that provides a brief overview of your qualifications, experience, and career goals. While it's not a required component of a resume, it can be a valuable addition for experienced accountants or those seeking a career change. A well-crafted summary can quickly capture the attention of hiring managers and showcase your most relevant skills and achievements.

However, it's important to note that you should never use an objective statement in place of a summary. Objective statements are outdated and focus on what you want from an employer, rather than what you can offer them. Instead, use your summary to highlight your unique value proposition and demonstrate how you can contribute to the organization's success.

How to write a resume summary if you are applying for an Accountant resume

To learn how to write an effective resume summary for your Accountant resume, or figure out if you need one, please read Accountant Resume Summary Examples , or Accountant Resume Objective Examples .

1. Tailor your summary to the specific accounting role

When writing your summary, it's crucial to align your qualifications with the requirements of the specific accounting position you're targeting. Research the company and the job description to identify the key skills, certifications, and experience they're seeking.

For instance, if you're applying for a tax accountant role, your summary might look like this:

CPA with 5+ years of experience in corporate tax accounting. Skilled in preparing and filing federal and state tax returns, identifying tax savings opportunities, and ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations. Proven track record of successfully managing multiple client accounts and delivering timely and accurate results.

On the other hand, a generic summary that fails to address the specific requirements of the role might read:

Experienced accountant with a strong work ethic and attention to detail. Proficient in various accounting software and able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Seeking a challenging position in a dynamic organization.

2. Highlight your most relevant skills and achievements

Your summary should showcase your most impressive and relevant accomplishments, skills, and qualifications. Focus on the aspects of your background that directly relate to the accounting position you're seeking and demonstrate your ability to excel in the role.

When highlighting your skills and achievements, be specific and quantify your results whenever possible. For example:

  • Managed accounts payable and receivable for a $10M company, ensuring 98% on-time payment and reducing outstanding receivables by 25%
  • Implemented a new financial reporting system that streamlined processes and reduced month-end close time by 40%

Avoid using vague or generic statements that don't provide concrete evidence of your abilities, such as:

  • Experienced in various accounting functions
  • Strong problem-solving skills


Your work experience section is the core of your resume. It's where you have the chance to showcase your career trajectory, key accomplishments, and the impact you've made at previous companies. In this section, we'll break down step-by-step what you should include and how to write about your experience to impress hiring managers.

1. Highlight your accounting specialization

As an accountant, you likely have experience in a specific area of accounting, such as tax accounting, auditing, or financial accounting. Make sure to highlight your specialization in your work experience section.

Here are a few examples of how to showcase your accounting specialization:

  • Managed tax accounting for a portfolio of 50+ clients, ensuring compliance with federal and state tax laws
  • Conducted financial audits for public and private companies, identifying areas of risk and providing recommendations for improvement
  • Prepared and analyzed financial statements for a $50M company, providing insights to senior management

2. Quantify your impact with metrics

Numbers are a powerful way to demonstrate your impact and value to a company. Use metrics to quantify your accomplishments whenever possible.

Here are some examples of how to use metrics in your work experience section:

  • Reduced accounts receivable by 30% by implementing a new collections process
  • Identified and corrected errors in financial statements, saving the company $100,000 in potential fines
  • Managed a team of 5 accountants to complete month-end close process in 3 days, a 50% reduction from previous timeline

Avoid using vague statements like this that don't quantify your impact:

  • Assisted with financial statement preparation

3. Showcase your progression and promotions

Hiring managers love to see candidates who have progressed and been promoted within their previous companies. It shows that you were a valued employee and were able to take on increasing levels of responsibility.

Here's an example of how to showcase your progression:

Senior Accountant, XYZ Company, New York, NY (2018-Present) - Promoted to Senior Accountant after 2 years as a Staff Accountant - Manage a team of 3 junior accountants to complete financial reporting and analysis - Prepare and review complex tax returns for high-net-worth individuals Staff Accountant, XYZ Company, New York, NY (2016-2018) - Assisted with preparation of monthly financial statements - Reconciled bank statements and credit card accounts - Prepared individual and business tax returns

4. Highlight relevant tools and technologies

Accounting roles often require proficiency in specific software or tools. Highlight your experience with these tools in your work experience section to show hiring managers that you have the necessary skills for the job.

Some common tools and technologies for accountants include:

  • Microsoft Excel

Here are a couple examples of how to incorporate these tools into your work experience:

  • Managed financial reporting using Oracle NetSuite ERP system
  • Created complex financial models and forecasts using Microsoft Excel


Your education section shows hiring managers that you have the necessary knowledge and training for the accountant role. It also gives them a sense of your career trajectory and goals. Here are some tips for crafting a strong education section on your accountant resume.

How To Write An Education Section - Accountant Roles

1. Put your education section near the top if you're a recent grad

If you graduated within the last few years, your education is likely your strongest qualification for the job. In this case, put your education section above your work experience.

Include any relevant coursework, academic achievements, or extracurricular activities that show your accounting skills:

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, XYZ University, 2020
  • Relevant Coursework: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Auditing, Taxation
  • GPA: 3.8/4.0
  • Treasurer, Accounting Students Association

2. Keep your education section brief if you're an experienced accountant

If you have several years of accounting experience, your work history is more important than your education. Keep your education section short and to the point.

Bad example:

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, XYZ University, 1995-1999
  • Relevant Coursework: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Business Law, Economics, Statistics
  • GPA: 3.6/4.0
  • Accounting Club Member

Good example:

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, XYZ University
  • CPA, ABC State Board of Accountancy

3. Include your CPA license and other relevant certifications

Many accountant jobs require or prefer candidates with a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license. If you have your CPA, make sure to include it in your education section.

You can also include other relevant certifications, such as:

  • CMA (Certified Management Accountant)
  • CIA (Certified Internal Auditor)
  • CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner)
  • EA (Enrolled Agent)
Education Bachelor of Science in Accounting, XYZ University CPA, ABC State Board of Accountancy CMA, Institute of Management Accountants

Action Verbs For Accountant Resumes

When discussing your accounting experience on your resume, you’ll want to lead into your achievements with strong action verbs. Choose the clearest, most concise word to express the role you played in your accomplishment. Active, specific verbs like “managed” or “developed” are always a stronger choice than vague phrases like “assisted with” or “was responsible for”. Finally, remember that finance comes with its own specialized “language” and vocabulary. As much as possible, pick verbs that are industry-specific to convey your expertise.

Action Verbs for Accountant

  • Administered
  • Restructured

For a full list of effective resume action verbs, visit Resume Action Verbs .

Action Verbs for Accountant Resumes

How to write an accountant resume.

Here we take you through the process of creating a resume for an accountant position. These steps will help you whether you are applying for an entry-level or senior accounting position.

Start by completing the essentials on any Accounting resume

1.1: your resume header should capture your key information..

A resume header is one of the first things that many recruiters see, and so it should include essential details like your name, location (your full address is not required), and your email address. You can optionally include the job title of the job you are applying for - especially if you're making a career change into accounting.

Your resume header should capture your key information.

1.2: Use conventional resume section titles

In general, your resume will have at least 3 core sections: Experience, Education, and Skills. Make sure you have a clear section title for each section. If you have a lot of experience outside of accounting, you might find it useful to create a separate section for those called "Other Experience", while creating a dedicated section for accounting called "Accounting Experience" or "Relevant Experience."

Use conventional resume section titles

Demonstrate your experience as an Accountant using bullet points

2.1: highlight relevant achievements using bullet points..

Bullet points make resumes easy to skim through for the hiring managers who are actually going to read your resume. Plus, they're also the most conventional resume format and is what hiring managers expect to see. Remember to always focus your bullet points on clear achievements, ideally involving accounting with things like accounts reconciliation or bookkeeping. For example: Identified discrepancies in reports totaling $125,000, resulting in crediting money back to the direct group This is a good example of a bullet point to use in your accounting resume.

Highlight relevant achievements using bullet points.

2.2: Emphasize your attention to detail by using action verbs

Use strong action verbs to demonstrate your achievements as an accountant. Strong action verbs like "analyzed," "audited," "calculated," and "computed" show that you were tasked with accounting-related responsibilities and highlight your attention to detail - an important skill set recruiters want to see through your bullet points.

Emphasize your attention to detail by using action verbs

2.3: Emphasize your accomplishments.

Avoid things that fit more into a job description, like "I was tasked with keeping books." Instead, focus on achievements by saying something like, " Reduced the company's tax penalties by 10% in just one financial year as a tax accountant."

Emphasize your accomplishments.

Optimize your skills to make them easier for an Applicant Tracking System to pick out

3.1: tailor your resume to the specific accounting job posting..

Tailoring your resume to suit the specific accounting job ensures the Applicant Tracking System finds it relevant to the job posting. For example, if applying for a Payroll Accountant position, your resume should show you have skills in payroll administration, payroll processing, and ADP payroll.

Tailor your resume to the specific Accounting job posting.

3.2: Include relevant keywords in the skills section.

Ensure you include skills relevant to the accounting job you are applying for in the skills sections, as these are the keywords the ATS system will look for as it scans the resume. For example, if applying for a tax accountant position, include keywords like "tax" and "reporting."

Include relevant keywords in the skills section.

Polish up your Accountant resume

4.1: add a summary section if you are applying for a senior accountant position..

A summary is optional, but it is good to have it at the top of your resume if applying for a senior accountant position or switching careers to an accountant role. Summaries provide an easy way to direct the hiring manager to particular achievements that don't have space on other parts of your resume.

Add a summary section if you are applying for a Senior Accountant position.

4.2: Include relevant certifications.

If you have any relevant certifications, honors, or awards related to your accounting profession, including them is a good idea. For example, you can include your CFA, CPA, or CMA certifications even if the job advertisement does not require you to have them.

Include relevant certifications.

Skills For Accountant Resumes

Many people think of accounting as a data-centric job -- and it is. You do need to have excellent math and data analysis skills because you’ll spend much of your time working with numbers. However, there is also a collaborative aspect to being an accountant; you’ll probably work in teams with others, and in some roles, you’ll give presentations and reports to management that will help guide their financial decision-making. Being a great accountant requires a blend of technical and people skills. So give plenty of examples from your prior work experiences where you’ve developed and used these abilities. Talk about how you’ve successfully managed expenses, conducted account analyses, and worked on project teams. Make sure to also list your software proficiencies (such as QuickBooks and Oracle) and other hard skills in a separate skills section.

  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Journal Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Cash Collection

How To Write Your Skills Section On an Accountant Resumes

You can include the above skills in a dedicated Skills section on your resume, or weave them in your experience. Here's how you might create your dedicated skills section:

How To Write Your Skills Section - Accountant Roles

Skills Word Cloud For Accountant Resumes

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on Accountant job descriptions and resumes. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more 'important' it is.

Top Accountant Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

How to use these skills?

Resume bullet points from accountant resumes.

You should use bullet points to describe your achievements in your Accountant resume. Here are sample bullet points to help you get started:

Collaborated with 10 department managers and peers to develop and implement policies and procedures that increased internal efficiency by 20%.

Provided excellent customer service, effectively reducing customer complaints from 65% to 23% within the first 8 months.

Introduced a new invoicing system that reduced month-end turnaround time by 15%.

Filed payroll tax and sales tax for over 50 international customers each month.

Led annual budget preparation, performed departmental and account variances, and managed the standard costing globally for 4 sites.

For more sample bullet points and details on how to write effective bullet points, see our articles on resume bullet points , how to quantify your resume and resume accomplishments .

Frequently Asked Questions on Accountant Resumes

What should be in your resume to get a job as an accountant, what resume skills should you include in your accounting resume, what are examples of strong accounting accomplishments i can include on my resume.

  • Saving money: Explain how your accounting methods helped reduce accounting error rates and resulted in savings for the organization.
  • Revenue: Explain the extent to which your work helped your company generate revenue. List the value of assets you oversaw and the amount of money under your care.
  • Regulatory compliance: How did your interpretation of accounting rules help your company stay compliant and save money in fines and fees?
  • Vendor and client relations: State the number of individual client accounts that you handled and the period that you retained them. Explain how you assessed vendors and handled their invoices.
  • Management: Mention the number of junior accountants that you mentored and how you liaised with senior executives to achieve the company’s vision.

What should a senior accountant include on their resume?

What are examples of strong bullet points i can include on my accounting resume.

Audited departmental acquisition protocols and recovered $10M in overstated expenses. Managed a team of 13 tax specialists, increasing division’s revenue by 15% year-on-year. Implemented simpler journaling systems using Excel for a team of 70+ accounting clerks, reducing closing time by an average of 3 days.

Other Finance Resumes

Cost analyst.

A senior cost analyst resume template that uses achievements to emphasize seniority.

Credit Analyst

Screenshot of a credit manager's resume with strategic and cross-departmental experience highlights.


A sourcing and procurement consultant resume sample that highlights the candidate’s career progression and extensive tools list.

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personal statement accounting resume

Accountant Resume - Writing Guide & Example for 2024

Background Image

As an accountant, you’re a trusted individual that requires accuracy at all times.

You’ll be faced with many challenging tasks that you must get right, but perhaps you didn’t expect to face one so soon.

Your resume!

What does a good accountant resume look like, anyway?

With so many individuals competing for the top roles, you can’t leave any questions unanswered. 

But don’t worry, this guide has you covered!

  • An example of a finished account resume that works
  • How to write an accountant resume that’ll fill up your interview diary
  • How to make your accountant resume stand out [with top tips & tricks]

Before we get into the details, here’s an example of a finished accountant resume, created with our very own resume builder :

accountant resume

Looks good, right?! Follow the steps below to create an accountant resume that get results, just like the above example.

Check out these related resume examples if you're on the lookout for a different position in the field:

  • Bookkeeper Resume
  • Business Analyst Resume
  • Financial Analyst Resume
  • Bank Teller Resume
  • Banking Resume
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  • Consultant Resume
  • Administrative Assistant Resume
  • Office Assistant Resume
  • Career Change Resume

How to Format an Accountant Resume

Before you can impress the hiring manager with your accounting talents, you need pick the best format.

So which resume format should you choose?

The “ reverse-chronological ” format is the most used, and we understand why. The format is easy to read and allows the hiring manager to immediately see why you’ll make a great accountant. 

reverse chronological format accountant

The following resume formats can also work:

  • Functional Resume – If your accountancy skills are stronger than your on-the-job experience, this resume format is recommended. It’s also ideal if you have gaps in your employment history or have changed career path
  • Combination Resume – This format is a hybrid between the “Functional” and “Reverse-Chronological” formats. As such, it values both skills AND work experience. People use a combination resume when they have a lot of experience

Once your format is ready, you need to organize your resume layout .

Use an Accountant Resume Template

As an accountant, you present data in a structured way.

Your resume is no different.

You can try creating your own resume with Word, but you will likely run into a bunch of formatting issues.

This is why we recommend accountants to use a resume template .

What to Include in an Accountant Resume

The main sections in an accountant resume are:

  • Work Experience
  • Contact Information

Want to go a step further? You can also add these optional sections:

  • Awards & Certification

Interests & Hobbies

Read on to learn what to write for each of these sections.

You can learn even more by viewing our guide on What to Put on a Resume .

How to Correctly Display your Contact Information

Just like your client’s accounts, this section just needs to be factually-correct. 

Mistakes in this section can result in the hiring manager not being able to contact you – disaster! 

The contact information section must include:

  • Title – Align this to the exact role you’re applying for, which is “Accountant”
  • Phone Number – Check this for accuracy
  • Email Address – Use a professional email address ([email protected]), not your childhood email ([email protected])
  • (Optional) Location - Applying for a job abroad? Mention your location
  • Edward Fakester - Accountant. 101-358-6095. [email protected]
  • Edward Fakester - Numbers king. 101-358-6095. [email protected]

job search masterclass novoresume

How to Write an Accountant Resume Summary or Objective

Here’s a fact for you – recruiters only spend a few seconds on each resume !

But should we really be surprised by this?  

Well, not when you consider the competitive nature of the accounting market. 

This means you have to hook the recruiter in just a few seconds.

But how can you do this?

The answer is simple: use an objective or resume summary .

Essentially, these are powerful introductions that are placed on top of your resume.

summary for accountant resume

So, what is the difference between the two sections?

A resume summary is a 2-4 sentence summary of your professional experiences and achievements.

  • Accountant with a history of accurately and efficiently supporting accounting activities for a diverse range of clientele. 5+ years of experience in presenting data, analyzing cost control, providing financial reports, and delivering profit and loss statements under time pressures. Achievements include saving Company X $52,000 by fixing a tax reporting error.

On the other hand, a resume objective is a 2-4 sentence snapshot of your professional goals and aspirations.

  • Motivated accountancy student looking for a junior accounting job at Company X. Passionate about attention to detail and numbers. Experience balancing the books for local food stalls while at University X. Skilled in MS Office, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics

So, which one is best, summary or objective?

Generally, experienced accounts should go with a summary. An objective is suited to those accounting graduates who lack the industry experience.

How to Make Your Accountant Work Experience Stand Out

An accountant’s job is all about accuracy.

As such, the recruiter needs to know that you can do a perfect job.

The easiest way to do this is to list your work experience.

Here’s the best structure:

  • Position name
  • Company Name
  • Responsibilities & Achievements


03/2016 - 07/2020

  • Corrected account errors, which saved a total of $94,000
  • Set-up a digital accountancy system for a 10% efficiency increase
  • Processed 230+ Final Account Statements annually
  • Complied with company procedures and federal laws

To make your work experience stand out from the crowd, you should focus on your most notable achievements. That way, your value is clear to see.

Instead of saying:

“In charge of accounts”

“Corrected account errors, which saved a total of $94,000”

Simply, the first statement is way too generic. It shows you were in charge of accounts, but it doesn’t show if you were successful or not. 

The second statement shows that you saved the company $94,000. Hard numbers that prove your skills – nothing beats that!

What if You Don’t Have Work Experience?

Finished education and are now looking for your first accounting job?

Or maybe, you’ve learnt accounting from online courses, but have no real experience in the field?

No company wants to hire an inexperienced accountant.

But don’t threat – there are ways to show you have the skills to do a great job.

What really matters here is your accounting portfolio.

If you already have any examples of your accounting skills, feel free to upload them online and link it in your resume (we’re going to explain how in a bit).

If not, it isn’t too late.

Here are a couple of easy ways to build a portfolio (and get paid for it):

  • Use a freelance platform, like UpWork, to pick up some gigs
  • Offer your accounting knowledge to friends & acquaintances at a reduced price

If you’re a recent graduate, you might want to check out our guide on how to make a student resume !

Use Action Words to Make Your Accountant Resume POP!

…are just some of the words that are repeated in every single resume. 

Do you want to separate your resume from the competition?

Then use some power words to make your achievements stand out:

  • Conceptualized
  • Spearheaded

How to Correctly List your Education

It’s important for an accountant to have relevant qualifications.

With that said, you can keep your educational section simple.

Simply enter your qualifications in the follow format:

  • Degree Type & Major
  • University Name
  • Years Studied
  • GPA, Honours, Relevant Courses.

B.A. in Accounting & Finance

Boston State University

  • Relevant Courses: Finance Accounting, Foundations of Microeconomics, Management Accounting, Advanced Taxation, Auditing, International Banking

If you have some questions unanswered, the following information may help you: 

What if I am still in education?

  • Regardless of whether you’re a graduate of accountancy or still studying, you should still mention every year of education to date.

Should I include my education before degree level?

  • Generally, only include your highest education. So, include your high school education if you don’t have a relevant degree for accountancy.

What wins, education or experience?

  • Real accountancy experience trumps education, so work experience goes first on your resume. 

Still not sure? Check out our guide on how to list education on a resume .

Top 25 Skills for an Accountant Resume

You need to do two things when writing a skills section:

  • Look at the required skills that are listed in the job description
  • Prove you have the skills

It’s as simple as that!

Here are some of the most common accountant skills:

Hard Skills for Accountants:

  • Financial Statements
  • Asset Management
  • State Tax Law
  • Tax Compliance
  • Corporate Tax
  • Account Analysis
  • Regulatory Filings
  • Revenue Projections
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Profit and Loss
  • Tax Returns
  • Payroll Taxes
  • General Ledger

Soft Skills for an Accountant:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication
  • Time-Management
  • Organization
  • Generally, only list your best soft skills. You see, every applicant puts a massive list of soft skills that are hard to back-up. Anyone can say they work well in a team, but not many are well-versed in tax compliance.

Here’s a more comprehensive list of 101+ must-have skills this year .

What Else Can You Include in an Accountant Resume?

So, those are the most important sections to put on an accountant resume.

But you can do even more.

Covering the most important sections should get you shortlisted, but adding a few extra sections can get your resume to the top of the pile.

Awards & Certifications

Have you won an award in an accountancy-related field?

Have you completed a course to improve your knowledge?

Whatever it is, make sure to mention it in your resume!

Here’s an example:

Awards & Certificates

  • “Financial Accounting Fundamentals” – Coursera Certificate
  • “Apprentice of the Year 2016” – LUCA Awards
  • “Critical Thinking Masterclass” – MadeUpUniversity

Even though accountants deal with numbers, not words, being able to speak multiple languages is a useful skill to have. As such, list your languages if you have space.

Rank the languages by proficiency:

  • Intermediate

Now, you’re likely thinking, “why do I need to tell the recruiter about my book club?”

Well, your personal interests give an idea into the person you are.

Hobbies show that you’ll be a good part of the team, especially if you enjoy social activities. 

Here’s which hobbies & interests you may want to mention.

Include a Cover Letter with Your Resume

Want to separate your application from the competition?

Craft a compelling cover letter!

This personal piece of content shows the company that you want to work for them, which is in direct contrast to other applicants that send dozens of generic resumes.

Here’s how to structure a winning cover letter:

cover letter structure accountant

You should complete the following sections:

Personal Contact Information

Your full name, profession, email, phone number, and location

Hiring Manager’s Contact Information

Full name, position, location, and email.

Opening Paragraph

You don’t have long to catch the recruiters attention, so use concise language to mention:

  • The accountancy position you’re applying for
  • Your experience summary and best achievement to date

Once you’ve captured their interest, you can delve into the following specifics:

  • Why you want to be an accountant for the company
  • What you know about the company
  • How are your accounting skills relevant for the job
  • Which similar industries or positions have you worked in before

Closing Paragraph

End the letter in a friendly way, you should:

  • Conclude the main points of the letter
  • Thank the hiring manager for the opportunity
  • Finish with a call to action that allows the conversation to continue. We recommend, “At your earliest opportunity, I’d love to discuss more about how I can help company X”

Formal Salutations

End the letter in a professional manner. Something like, “Kind regards” or “Sincerely.”

For more inspiration, read our step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter.

Key Takeaways

You’ve just given yourself the best chance of landing that accounting role. 

But before you go, let’s total-up everything you’ve learned:

  • Format your accounting resume correctly. Prioritize the reverse-chronological format, and then follow the best practices on content layout
  • In your work experience section, highlight your best achievements, rather than your daily responsibilities
  • Defeat the competition with a convincing cover letter

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  • English Personal Statements
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  • Environmental Science Personal Statements
  • Event Management Personal Statements
  • Fashion Personal Statements
  • Film Personal Statements
  • Finance Personal Statements
  • Forensic Science Personal Statements
  • Geography Personal Statements
  • Geology Personal Statements
  • Health Sciences Personal Statements
  • History Personal Statements
  • History of Art Personal Statements
  • Hotel Management Personal Statements
  • International Relations Personal Statements
  • International Studies Personal Statements
  • Islamic Studies Personal Statements
  • Japanese Studies Personal Statements
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  • Linguistics Personal Statements
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  • Personal Statement Editing Service
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Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Examples

personal statement accounting resume

What is an accounting and finance personal statement?

Writing a personal statement for accounting and finance is a chance to sell yourself to the admissions tutors and show them why you would make a great candidate for an accounting course.

It’s the place on your UCAS form to describe your skills and strengths that will make you a valuable asset to a university, as well as your plans for a career in accounting.

You are allowed up to 4,000 characters to explain why you are applying for an accounting and finance degree, so you need to make sure your statement is as polished as possible to stand out from the crowd.

How do I write a good accounting and finance personal statement?

All successful accounting personal statements always use evidence to support their claims.

You need to convince admissions tutors that you’re a good match for the programme, so if you claim to be committed or inquisitive, then use examples from your life to back it up.

To write a great accounting personal statement you need to start early, brainstorm some ideas, and then begin your first draft.

This will then need to be carefully revised and edited before asking family and friends for feedback. Incorporate their comments and suggestions, and see how it is improved before asking them to look at it again.

Read through our accounting personal statement examples above to get an idea of what a good accounting and finance statement looks like.

Make sure you proofread your statement for grammar and spelling before sending it off, and if you feel you need a little extra help, take a look at our personal statement editing services .

What should I include in my accounting personal statement?

Many students choose to start their statement by picking a specific aspect of accounting and explaining why they enjoy it, e.g. trading simulation, quantitative techniques.

Admissions tutors want candidates that are as passionate about the subject as they are.

As well as your motivations for studying accounting and finance, think about your hobbies and extracurricular activities too. What skills have you learned from these and how will these help you in your accounting degree?

Talk about any work experience placements you have completed, e.g. shadowing an accountant or assisting a bookeeper. What did you take away from this experience? Do you feel you have all the necessary personal traits and qualities that make a good accounting student?

Your wider reading is also important, so it's worth mentioning anything you've read recently that you found interesting and why. Generally, admissions tutors like students who express their views and opinions, and use examples to back up their claims.

For more help and advice on what to write in your accounting personal statement, please see:

  • Personal Statement Editing Services
  • Personal Statement Tips From A Teacher
  • Analysis Of A Personal Statement
  • The 15th January UCAS Deadline: 4 Ways To Avoid Missing It
  • Personal Statement FAQs
  • Personal Statement Timeline
  • 10 Top Personal Statement Writing Tips
  • What To Do If You Miss The 15th January UCAS Deadline

How do I write my accounting personal statement introduction?

We recommend opening your accounting personal statement with the reasons why you are enthusiastic about this subject. You can do this either by picking out one or two aspects of the subject that particularly interest you, or if you have something relevant to share, you can relate an anecdote that explains why you've chosen to study accounting at university. For example, this applicant has chosen to talk about how a trip to Ghana made them want to pursue a career in accounting and finance:

"When thinking of how much power polymer notes hold, it was normal for a child like myself to ask, 'What is money?'. Looking back the answer was obvious. The literal meaning might be 'a medium of exchange' but I simply see it as 'to sustain'. I came to my interpretation of money through a trip to my motherland, Ghana.

For years, Ghana has experienced severe electricity supply challenges due to the economic crisis that led to the scarcity of consumers' payments. The frequent lack of electricity during my time there, impacted my daily activities. Although this was a short stay, having to come up with solutions everyday was frustrating, but it also made me think about the people who go through it every day.

This made me acknowledge the importance of business strategy and investment management. The ability of the Ghanaian government to come up with solutions for their monetary purposes is what inspired me to choose Accounting and Finance."

These opening paragraphs demonstrate that the candidate has thought about their career choice and explained why accounting and finance appeals to them so much. Remember that admissions tutors want to see students on their course that really want to be there, learn more about the subject in-depth and (hopefully) go on to taking up a job in their field.

Another candidate has chosen to open their accounting personal statement differently, by talking about their love of problem-solving and their work experience at a Chartered Accountants:

"I believe that within the financial world the importance of good fiscal decision-making is paramount, as well as the preparation of accounts and other related practices. The development of companies and monetary systems is a particular field of study that I find fascinating as it goes hand in hand with my love of problem-solving. This is a key element of accounting and allows clients to organise their finances in the most effective way. The chance for me to learn the way money is managed in a changing global economy, as well as in business, is why I want to study this degree course.

My desire to study accountancy was reinforced through my work experience at ***** *** Chartered Accountants. Whilst there I evaluated clients’ expenditures and incomes, I found this interesting as the need for attention to detail is key for successful modern accountancy. As well as this I reconciled multiple accounts and was shown how to calculate tax returns for a company or client over a set period of time. I found it really fascinating to be part of the workplace and it showed me how much breadth the field of accountancy has and this has only motivated me to work harder towards my goal of pursuing this career path."

However you decide to open your accounting personal statement, try to convey your passion for the subject, and focus on talking about the reasons why you've decided to study this subject for your degree.

How do I write a conclusion for my accounting personal statement?

One of the best ways to round off your statement is to talk about how you hope your accounting degree will help you grow your skills and knowledge, as well as achieving your plans for the future. For example, this candidate talks about how they've aspired to go to university from a young age, and how the challenges of a degree will help them solve economic problems in the future:

"Attending university has been an aspiration of mine from a young age, the thought of taking on new challenges and learning new things infatuates me with a burning desire to succeed. Long term, I plan to one day be able to construct solutions for the economic problems I read about and as a consequence become an asset to a global firm."

Other students choose to reiterate their interest in the subject, and why they would be a great candidate. For example, they might talk about how their personal qualities and/or experiences have equipped them with the right skills to pursue a degree in accounting.

Whatever you decide to conclude your statement with, try to make it memorable, and encourage the reader to think that you would be an asset to their department.

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BSc Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

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Top 17 Accountant Resume Objective Examples

Photo of Brenna Goyette

Updated July 6, 2023 14 min read

A resume objective is a short statement that appears at the top of your resume and outlines your career goals. When writing an objective for an accountant position, you should focus on highlighting your skills and qualifications that are relevant to the job. Make sure to include specific details about the position you are applying for, such as data analysis, budgeting, or financial reporting. Additionally, it’s important to showcase how your experience can add value to the company you’re applying for. For example: “Experienced accountant with 10+ years of experience in financial analysis and budgeting looking to leverage expertise to help ABC Company meet its financial goals." Or "Detail-oriented CPA seeking a challenging accounting role at ABC Company where my skills in tax preparation and financial reporting can contribute to success."

Accountant Resume Example

or download as PDF

Top 17 Accountant Resume Objective Samples

  • To obtain an accounting position with a reputable firm where I can utilize my expertise in financial analysis and reporting.
  • To secure a challenging accounting position with a dynamic organization that will allow me to utilize my knowledge and skills in the field of accounting.
  • Seeking an opportunity to work as an accountant in a fast-paced environment that encourages professional growth.
  • To work as an accountant for a well-established company, utilizing my excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Seeking an entry-level accounting role to gain experience and develop my skills in the field of finance.
  • To become a part of a company’s accounting team and contribute to its success through accurate financial reporting and analysis.
  • To acquire an accounting position with ample opportunities for career advancement.
  • Looking for an opportunity to join an established firm as an accountant and apply my knowledge of financial principles, practices, and procedures.
  • Seeking a challenging yet rewarding position as an accountant where I can use my strong organizational skills to ensure accuracy of financial records.
  • Aiming to leverage my expertise in bookkeeping, auditing, budgeting, forecasting, taxation, payroll processing, accounts receivable/payable management, and cost control systems into the role of accountant at your organization.
  • Motivated individual seeking to join a team of professionals as an accountant while utilizing my education in finance and economics.
  • Applying for the position of Accountant with XYZ Company where I can apply my knowledge of GAAP standards and financial regulations while providing quality service to clients.
  • Looking for the opportunity to join your team as an Accountant where I can use my experience with QuickBooks software suite along with other related software packages to enhance operations efficiency within your organization.
  • Aspiring to secure the role of Accountant at ABC Company that will enable me to draw upon my knowledge in preparing financial statements and reports along with analyzing data for decision making purposes.
  • Eagerly seeking employment as Accountant at XYZ Organization where I can put forth all efforts towards achieving organizational goals by utilizing my expertise in managing accounts receivable/payable processes effectively.
  • Seeking employment within your esteemed organization as Accountant wherein I can apply my proficiency in developing budgets & forecasts along with ensuring compliance with applicable laws & regulations pertaining to finances & taxes.
  • Desire a challenging position as Accountant at ABC Corporation where I can make use of my strong background in preparing balance sheets & income statements along with handling audits & tax returns efficiently

How to Write an Accountant Resume Objective

An accountant resume objective is a short statement that outlines an individual’s professional goals. It serves as an introduction to the rest of the resume, providing a snapshot of one’s qualifications and experiences. In order to write an effective accountant resume objective, there are several key components to consider.

First, it is important to consider the desired job title and position when crafting a resume objective. This should be used as a guide for what skills and experience should be highlighted in the objective statement. For example, if applying for a position as an accounts payable specialist, one might include language such as “seeking an accounts payable specialist position where my expertise in finance and accounting can be utilized to streamline processes.”

Second, it is important to include relevant keywords related to the desired job role in the resume objective. Many employers utilize automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) which scan resumes for certain words or phrases that match the job description they are looking for. Therefore, including keywords such as “accounting software” or “financial analysis” can help increase visibility of your application within these ATS programs.

Finally, it is important to keep the resume objective concise yet impactful. While one should strive to provide detailed information about their qualifications and experiences, doing so within two or three sentences will ensure that recruiters do not lose interest due to excessive wordiness. Additionally, using action verbs such as “managed” or “analyzed” can help emphasize accomplishments and draw attention from employers more quickly than other forms of language.

By following these tips when writing an accountant resume objective, individuals can create a succinct yet powerful introduction that will effectively communicate their qualifications and goals in a way that resonates with recruiters and hiring managers alike.

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Key Skills to Highlight in Your Accountant Resume Objective

When applying for an accountant position, it's essential to craft a compelling resume objective that not only outlines your career goals but also emphasizes the key skills you bring to the table. These skills can range from technical expertise in accounting software to soft skills like communication and problem-solving. Highlighting these abilities at the very beginning of your resume can grab the attention of hiring managers and set you apart from other candidates. This section will delve into the most important skills to feature in your accountant resume objective.

1. QuickBooks proficiency

QuickBooks proficiency is an essential skill for an accountant's resume objective because it demonstrates the candidate's ability to manage and organize financial data efficiently. QuickBooks is a widely used accounting software, and being proficient in it means the accountant can handle tasks like payroll, billing, invoicing, and generating reports with ease. This skill also shows that the candidate is familiar with modern accounting tools and can adapt to different software environments, thus increasing their efficiency and productivity.

2. Excel mastery

An accountant needs to have a mastery of Excel because it is a powerful tool for managing and interpreting financial data. This skill is critical for tasks such as creating financial reports, budgeting, forecasting, auditing, and analyzing complex numerical data. By including this skill in a resume objective, it demonstrates proficiency in handling large datasets and complex calculations which are essential for the role. It also shows potential employers that the candidate has the technical skills needed to perform the job efficiently.

3. Financial analysis

Financial analysis is a critical skill for an accountant as it involves interpreting financial data to help companies make business decisions, forecast future financial performance, and assess potential risks. This skill demonstrates the ability to not only handle numbers but also use them to provide valuable insights for a company's growth and stability. Including this on a resume objective shows prospective employers that you have the capability to contribute significantly to their financial management and decision-making processes.

4. Tax preparation

Tax preparation is a crucial skill for an accountant as it involves understanding and applying current tax laws, preparing tax returns, and ensuring compliance with payment, reporting, or other tax requirements. This skill demonstrates the accountant's ability to handle financial data accurately, reduce tax liability, and avoid potential tax-related issues. Including this skill in a resume objective shows potential employers that the candidate has the necessary expertise to manage their company's finances effectively.

5. Budgeting expertise

Budgeting expertise is a crucial skill for an accountant as it demonstrates the ability to plan, organize, and manage financial resources effectively. This skill is essential in helping businesses control their cash flow, reduce unnecessary expenses, and increase profits. Including budgeting expertise in a resume objective shows potential employers that the candidate can contribute to the financial stability and growth of their company.

6. Payroll management

Payroll management is a crucial skill for an accountant as it involves the ability to accurately calculate employee compensation, deductions, and benefits. This skill is necessary for a resume objective because it showcases the applicant's proficiency in managing complex financial tasks, ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations, and maintaining accurate financial records. It also demonstrates strong attention to detail, organizational skills, and the ability to handle sensitive information confidentially.

7. Auditing abilities

An accountant's main role is to ensure the accuracy of financial operations within a business. This includes auditing, which involves reviewing and assessing financial records to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, as well as detecting and preventing fraud or mismanagement. Including auditing abilities in a resume objective shows potential employers that you have the necessary skills to accurately evaluate their company's financial records, making you a valuable asset to their team.

8. Xero competency

Xero competency is needed in an accountant's resume objective because it demonstrates the candidate's ability to use this popular accounting software. Xero is used by many businesses to manage their finances, including invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping, and more. Therefore, proficiency in Xero can make an accountant more efficient and effective in their role. It also shows potential employers that the candidate is up-to-date with current financial technology and tools, which can be a valuable asset for the company.

9. Financial reporting

Financial reporting is a crucial skill for an accountant as it involves the preparation and presentation of a company's financial health. It includes creating balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. These reports are vital for decision-making processes within the organization and are often required by law. Therefore, having this skill can demonstrate to potential employers that the candidate is capable of handling these responsibilities effectively. It also shows their ability to analyze and interpret complex financial data, which is essential in strategic planning and business development.

10. Cost accounting

An accountant needs to have a skill in cost accounting because it is essential for determining the costs of a company's products and services. This includes understanding all the costs involved in producing or delivering the company's goods, from raw materials to labor to overhead. This skill is crucial for making informed financial decisions, setting prices, and measuring profitability. Including this skill in a resume objective shows potential employers that the candidate has the ability to manage and control costs effectively, which can contribute significantly to a company's financial health and success.

Top 10 Accountant Skills to Add to Your Resume Objective

In conclusion, it's essential to strategically highlight your key skills in your accountant resume objective. This not only showcases your proficiency and expertise but also aligns your abilities with the job requirements. The objective should be concise, compelling, and tailored to each specific role you apply for. Remember, this section is a snapshot of your professional self; make it count by emphasizing the unique blend of skills that sets you apart from other candidates.

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Common Mistakes When Writing an Accountant Resume Objective

When writing an accountant resume objective, it is important to be concise and direct while also conveying the necessary information. Unfortunately, many job seekers make several common mistakes that can cost them a potential job opportunity. These mistakes should be avoided when crafting a resume objective for an accounting position.

One of the most common errors made when writing an accountant resume objective is failing to include specific information about the company or position. A generic statement such as “seeking a challenging accounting position” does not demonstrate any knowledge of the company or their needs, and will not stand out from other applicants with similar objectives. It is important to research the organization and tailor your objective to reflect what you know about their goals and values. This will demonstrate that you are well-informed and interested in the company’s success.

Another mistake commonly made by job seekers is including too much information in their accountant resume objective. An effective resume objective should only be two or three sentences long, so including irrelevant details such as hobbies or personal interests may take away from its impact. The focus should remain on relevant experience and qualifications that relate to the desired position, as this demonstrates knowledge of the field and shows employers why you are a good fit for the role.

Finally, some applicants fail to use action verbs when writing their accountant resume objectives. Action verbs such as “manage”, “analyze”, or “coordinate” are essential for demonstrating your abilities in a succinct way. Using strong language also conveys enthusiasm for the job which can help make your application stand out from others with similar qualifications.

In conclusion, there are several common mistakes that should be avoided when writing an accountant resume objective. Failing to include specific details about the company or position, adding too much irrelevant information, and not using action verbs can all detract from its overall effectiveness. By researching the organization beforehand, keeping it concise yet informative, and using strong language throughout your statement, you can create an effective accountant resume objective that stands out from other applicants and increases your chances of being considered for the role.

Related : Accountant Resume Examples

Accountant Resume Objective Example

A right resume objective for an accountant should focus on the skills, experiences, and qualifications that make them well-suited for the role, whereas a wrong resume objective would be a generic statement about wanting to secure employment.

Editorial staff

Photo of Brenna Goyette, Editor

Brenna Goyette

Brenna is a certified professional resume writer, career expert, and the content manager of the ResumeCat team. She has a background in corporate recruiting and human resources and has been writing resumes for over 10 years. Brenna has experience in recruiting for tech, finance, and marketing roles and has a passion for helping people find their dream jobs. She creates expert resources to help job seekers write the best resumes and cover letters, land the job, and succeed in the workplace.

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Trump is charged with 34 counts of falsification of business records and has pleaded not guilty. Each of those counts corresponds to a record that stemmed from a series of monthly payments to Cohen in 2017.

Prosecutors say the funds — $35,000 a month — were meant to reimburse Cohen for the $130,000 he paid adult film star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election, plus a bonus and enough money to cover taxes. In exchange, Daniels agreed to remain quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump from years earlier, which he denies. 

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Judge Juan Merchan addresses the court during former President Donald Trump's criminal trial in New York on Monday, May 6, 2024.

Addressing the court, Judge Juan Merchan said he was finding Trump in contempt of court for the 10th time, and imposing another $1,000 fine, for violating the gag order limiting what Trump can say about those involved in the case. The judge warned that the penalty would be harsher if Trump continues to violate the order.

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Merchan said three other instances raised by prosecutors, including two about Cohen, didn't violate the order.

"Mr. Trump, the last thing I want to do is put you in jail. You are a former president of the United States and possibly the next one as well," Merchan said on the bench, acknowledging that "to take that step would be disruptive to the proceedings." 

He said he worries about court officers and Secret Service agents tasked with protecting the former president.

"I worry about them, and about what would go into executing such a sanction," Merchan said. "The magnitude of such a decision is not lost on me."

"At the end of the day I have a job to do, and part of that job is protecting the dignity of" the proceedings and the criminal justice system, Merchan said, adding that the gag order violations "constitute a direct attack on the rule of law. I cannot allow that to continue."

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Former Trump Organization controller Jeffrey McConney called to the stand

A man who for decades served as one of the Trump Organization's top executives was called to testify Monday.

Jeffrey McConney, the company's retired controller, is no stranger to the stand. He testified at the Trump Organization's 2022 criminal trial, where the company was found guilty of 17 felony counts related to tax fraud. He was both a defendant and a witness called by New York Attorney General Letitia James in the company's civil fraud trial, in which Trump and others were found liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains.

McConney is expected to testify about the mechanics of payments and financial decisions at the company. Prosecutors have indicated he instructed an employee to log payments to Cohen as payments for ongoing legal services, as opposed to reimbursements for Cohen's wire to Daniels.

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Trump in court with a larger-than-normal entourage

An unusually large group of aides and lawyers is accompanying Trump in court today.  

Eric Trump is here for the second time since proceedings began. He's sitting next to Alina Habba, who previously represented the first witness of the day, Jeffrey McConney, in the civil fraud matter. She has not typically attended this trial.

Alan Garten, the Trump Organization's chief legal officer, is also here.

Trump aides Boris Epshteyn and Jason Miller are in court, as well. That's not unusual.

One person not in attendance: Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who often forgoes attendance at these proceedings while doing the work of running one of the country's largest prosecutor's offices.

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"Wire monthly from DJT": McConney describes instructions to reimburse Cohen

Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo questions Jeffrey McConney during former President Donald Trump's criminal trial on Monday, May 6, 2024.

As much as this trial is about salacious headlines and tabloid drama, it's also about accounting.

McConney explained how Cohen's $130,000 wire to Daniels' attorney in October 2016 led to a series of 12 monthly payments to Cohen of $35,000, for a total of $420,000.

McConney recounted a conversation with former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg in January 2017, around the time that Trump assumed the presidency.

McConney said Weisselberg walked in with a notepad and said he needed to discuss payments to be made to Cohen.

"He kind of threw the pad at me and said, 'Take this down,'" McConney said, adding that he was also given a copy of a Cohen bank statement showing his $130,000 wire to Daniels' lawyer. Jurors were shown McConney's notes from that day, which appeared beneath "Trump" letterhead.

The notes showed a series of scrawled math, with a base pay of $180,000 — for the Daniels wire, plus $50,000 he had paid to a technology services firm — doubled to $360,000.

McConney said the doubling was a practice called "grossing up," in which the company increased certain payments to executives to offset a potential 50% tax rate.

Added to the $360,000 was a $60,000 bonus, which McConney mistakenly listed as $50,000 before correcting the total. McConney said Cohen had complained about having not received a large enough bonus at the end of 2016, and this was meant to remedy that.

The notes included calculations, mirrored by those written by Weisselberg on Cohen's statements : $420,000 divided by 12 equals monthly payments of $35,000.

Handwritten notes from Jeffrey McConney showing the math behind payments to Michael Cohen, as shown at former President Donald Trump's trial in New York on Monday, May 6, 2024.

Finally, near the bottom, McConney wrote a note he said meant that the payments were supposed to come from Trump's personal bank account: "Wire monthly from DJT."

Despite that instruction, the first few checks were sent from a trust set up to hold Trump's assets while he was in office. Its trustees were Weisselberg and Trump's two adult sons.

But in late March of that year, they made the decision to have payments going forward come straight from Trump's personal account. That meant the only person who could sign for them was the president of the United States, McConney said.

"At some point we had to start getting the checks to the White House for President Trump to sign," McConney said. "It was a whole new process for us."

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Prosecution concludes direct examination of McConney

Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo finished his direct examination of McConney by going through Trump's 2018 Office of Government Ethics filing. 

It includes a note that Trump paid Cohen in 2017, for services rendered in 2016. The form listed the amount as between $100,000 and $250,000, far below the $420,000 Cohen received in 2017.

  • link copied

Trump attorney argues payments to Cohen were for legal services

On cross-examination, Trump attorney Emil Bove portrayed the documentation of payments to Cohen as for genuine ongoing legal services — as opposed to reimbursements for his payment to Stormy Daniels.

He noted that Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization CFO, never specifically said what the payments were for, or what he meant when he told McConney to "gross up" the payment.

The invoices and ledger entries reflect that the payments were made under a "retainer agreement." Prosecutors have said no such agreement existed.

"Retainer agreements can be verbal, right?" Bove asked. McConney agreed.

Prosecutor Matthew Colanegelo asked whether, after leaving the Trump Organization, McConney learned "that there were matters Mr. Weisselberg kept you in the dark about."

"Yes," McConney said.

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Prosecutors call Deborah Tarasoff, Trump Organization employee who prepared checks for Cohen

Prosecutor Christopher Conroy questions Deborah Tarasoff during the trial of former President Donald Trump on Monday, May 6, 2024.

After a break for lunch, prosecutors introduced their next witness: Deborah Tarasoff, an accounts payable supervisor at the Trump Organization.

Emails show McConney forwarded Cohen's first invoice to Tarasoff in February 2017 and instructed her: "Please pay from the Trust. Post to legal expenses. Put 'retainer for the months of January and February 2017' in the description."

Prosecutors have said McConney did this with all of Cohen's invoices, and Tarasoff recorded each as a legal expense. She then prepared the checks that were used to pay Cohen.

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Jury shown checks to Cohen signed by Trump and his sons

Tarasoff, who said she began working for the Trump Organization in 2000, described how invoices are handled at the company and her role in the process.

"I get approved bills. I enter them into the system, and I cut the checks. And mail them out," she said, noting that she does not have decision-making authority over what invoices get approved and generally follows others' instructions. 

Tarasoff said that various Trump Organization executives first approve invoices, depending on the amount. She said that beginning in 2015, Allen Weisselberg, the CFO, could only sign off on invoices below $10,000. If the invoice was approved, Tarasoff would then cut the check, along with a backup copy, and bring it to the appropriate executive for their signature. 

Only Trump could sign checks drawing upon his personal account. She said that is still the case today. Tarasoff also said Trump would sometimes decline to sign, sending the check back to her with "Void" written in black Sharpie along the back.

Beginning in February 2017, Cohen sent invoices seeking his $35,000 monthly payments. Cohen's first two checks, representing three monthly payments, came from the account for Trump's trust, which did not require his signature. The first was signed by Eric Trump and Allen Weisselberg, both of whom were trustees. Weisselberg and Donald Trump Jr., also a trustee, signed the second check.

The remaining nine monthly payments came from Trump's personal account. Those checks required Trump's signature.

"We would send them to the White House for him to sign," Tarasoff said, adding they were shipped via FedEx. 

The jury was shown checks to Cohen signed by Trump while he was president, as well as the checks signed by his sons on behalf of Trump's trust. Trump's signature was written in his trademark Sharpie.

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Graham Kates is an investigative reporter covering criminal justice, privacy issues and information security for CBS News Digital. Contact Graham at [email protected] or [email protected]

Here is what Stormy Daniels testified happened between her and Donald Trump

A sketch shows Susan Necheles cross-examining Stormy Daniels as former President Trump looks on.

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Porn performer Stormy Daniels took the witness stand Tuesday in the hush money case against former President Trump, who looked on as she detailed their alleged sexual encounter and the payment she got to keep it quiet.

Prosecutors allege Trump paid Daniels to keep quiet about the allegations as he ran for president in 2016. Her testimony aired them very publicly as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee seeks to win the White House again.

Trump denies having sex with Daniels , and his lawyers unsuccessfully pushed for a mistrial midway through her testimony.

It was a major spectacle in the first criminal trial of a former American president, now in its third week of testimony in Manhattan.

Here are some takeaways from Daniels’ testimony:

Who is Stormy Daniels?

Stormy Daniels walks through barricades out of court.

The case centers on a $130,000 payment to Daniels from Trump’s then-lawyer, Michael Cohen, in the final weeks of Trump’s 2016 campaign. Prosecutors say it was part of a scheme to illegally influence the campaign by burying negative stories about him.

In this courtroom sketch, Stormy Daniels testifies on the witness stand as Judge Juan Merchan looks on in Manhattan criminal court, Tuesday, May 7, 2024, in New York.. A photo of Donald Trump and Daniels from their first meeting is displayed on a monitor. (Elizabeth Williams via AP)

Stormy Daniels describes meeting Trump in occasionally graphic testimony

The porn actor’s testimony, even if sanitized and stripped of tell-all details, has been the most-awaited spectacle in Donald Trump’s hush money trial.

May 7, 2024

His lawyers have sought to show that Trump was trying to protect his reputation and family — not his campaign — by shielding them from embarrassing stories about his personal life.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, told jurors that she started exotic dancing in high school and appearing in adult films at age 23, eventually moving to direct more than 150 films and winning a roster of porn industry awards.

FILE - Former President Donald Trump attends jury selection at Manhattan criminal court in New York, April 15, 2024. Trump's criminal hush money trial involves allegations that he falsified his company's records to hide the true nature of payments to his former lawyer Michael Cohen, who helped bury negative stories about him during the 2016 presidential campaign. He's pleaded not guilty. (Jeenah Moon/Pool Photo via AP, File)

World & Nation

Key players: Who’s who at Donald Trump’s hush-money criminal trial

Donald Trump’s hush money criminal trial shifts to opening statements Monday, followed by the start of witness testimony. Who’s who in the case?

April 21, 2024

Meeting Trump

Daniels testified she first met and chatted with Trump at a 2006 Lake Tahoe celebrity golf outing where her studio was a sponsor.

He referred to her as “the smart one” and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner, she said. Daniels testified that she accepted Trump’s invitation because she wanted to avoid dinner with her co-workers and thought it might help her career. Trump had his bodyguard get her number, she said.

When they met up later in his penthouse, she appreciated that he seemed interested in the business aspects of the industry rather than the “sexy stuff.” He also suggested putting her on his TV show, “The Apprentice,” a possibility she hoped could help establish her as a writer and director.

She left to use the bathroom and was startled to find Trump in his underwear when she returned, she said. She didn’t feel physically or verbally threatened but realized that he was “bigger and blocking the way,” she testified.

“The next thing I know was: I was on the bed,” and they were having sex, Daniels recalled. The encounter was brief but left her “shaking,” she said. “I just wanted to leave,” she testified.

STORMY -- Pictured: Stormy Daniels -- (Photo by: Peacock)

Stormy Daniels alleges in new documentary that Donald Trump cornered her the night they met

‘I have not forgiven myself because I didn’t shut his a— down in that moment’ in 2006, the adult filmmaker says in ‘Stormy,’ premiering March 18 on Peacock.

March 7, 2024

Payments for silence

Daniels was asked if Trump ever told her to keep things between them confidential, and said, “Absolutely not.” She said she learned in 2011 that a magazine had learned the story of their encounter, and she agreed to do an interview for $15,000 to make money and “control the narrative.” The story never ran.

In 2016, when Trump was running for president, Daniels said she authorized her manager to shop the story around but did not initially receive interest from news outlets. She said that changed in October with the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape in which Trump bragged about grabbing women sexually without asking permission . She said she learned that Cohen wanted to buy her silence.

Former President Donald Trump reacts while meeting with construction workers at the construction site of the new JPMorgan Chase headquarters in midtown Manhattan, Thursday, April 25, 2024, in New York. Trump met with construction workers and union representatives hours before he's set to appear in court. (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)

Former tabloid publisher testifies about scheme to shield Trump from damaging stories

Trump is back in a New York courtroom as his hush money trial resumes. In D.C., the Supreme Court considers if he should be immune for actions while president.

April 25, 2024

Mistrial push

Midway through her testimony, Trump’s lawyers moved for a mistrial.

Defense lawyer Todd Blanche argued that Daniels’ testimony about the alleged encounter and other meetings with him had “nothing to do with this case,” and would unfairly prejudice the jury.

The judge rejected it, and he faulted defense attorneys for not raising more of their objections while she was testifying.

Before Daniels took the stand, Trump’s lawyers had tried to stop her from testifying about the encounter’s details, saying it was irrelevant in “a case about books and records.”

Prosecutors countered that Daniels’ testimony gets at what Trump was trying to hide and they were “very mindful” not to draw too much graphic detail. Before Daniels took the stand, they told the judge the testimony would be “really basic,” and would not “involve any details of genitalia.”

While the judge didn’t side with Trump’s lawyers, he acknowledged that some details were excessive. The objections could potentially be used by Trump’s lawyers if he is convicted and they file an appeal.

FILE - In this photo taken from video provided by the Russian Defense Ministry Press Service on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022, The Russian army's Iskander missile launchers take positions during drills in Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the military will hold drills involving tactical nuclear weapons – the first time such exercise was publicly announced by Moscow. (Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP, File)

News analysis: Why Putin is raising the specter of nuclear weapons again

Russia announces plans to hold drills near Ukraine simulating the use of battlefield nuclear weapons.

May 6, 2024


Trump’s lawyers tried to attack Daniels’ credibility, suggesting she was motivated by money and that her account has shifted over the years.

“Am I correct that you hate President Trump?” defense lawyer Susan Necheles asked Daniels at one point. Daniels acknowledged she did.

“And you want him to go to jail?” the lawyer asked.

“I want him to be held accountable,” Daniels said. Pressed again whether that meant going to jail, she said: “If he’s convicted.”

The defense pressed Daniels on the fact that she owes Trump hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees stemming from an unsuccessful defamation lawsuit, and on a 2022 tweet in which she said she “will go to jail before I pay a penny.” Daniels dug in at times in the face of pointed questions, forcefully denying the idea that she had tried to extort money from Trump.

Trump whispered frequently to his attorney during Daniels’ testimony, and his expression seemed to be pained at one point as she recounted details about the dinner she says they shared. He shook his head and appeared to say something under his breath as Daniels testified that Trump told her he didn’t sleep in the same room as his wife.

On the way out of the courthouse, Trump called it “a very revealing day.” He didn’t address Daniels’ testimony explicitly but claimed the prosecutors’ case was “totally falling apart.”

Red Bull Racing's Dutch driver Max Verstappen drives during the third practice session of the Saudi Arabian Formula One Grand Prix at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Jeddah on March 8, 2024. (Photo by Giuseppe CACACE / AFP) (Photo by GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images)

With oil funds and Formula One, Saudi Arabia steamrolls its way onto sports’ hallowed grounds

Saudi Arabia’s oil riches have rocked soccer, golf, even esports, and the autocratic kingdom is expanding in Formula One car racing. What’s behind the push?

May 2, 2024

Jarring split screen

Trump’s appearance in court Tuesday, like all other days he’s stuck in the courtroom, means he can’t be out on the campaign trail as he runs for president a third time. It’s a frequent source of his complaints, but Daniels’ testimony in particular might underscore how much of a distraction the trial is from the business of running for president.

While Trump was stuck in a Manhattan courthouse away from voters and unable to speak for much of the day, President Biden was attending a Holocaust remembrance ceremony and condemning antisemitism .

It’s an issue Trump has sought to use against Biden in the campaign by seizing on the protests at college campuses over the Israel-Hamas war .

Associated Press writer Price reported from New York, Whitehurst from Washington. AP writers Michael Sisak, Jennifer Peltz, Jake Offenhartz and Alanna Durkin Richer contributed to this story.

More to Read

In this courtroom sketch, defense attorney Susan Necheles, center, cross examines Stormy Daniels, far right, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, as former President Donald Trump, left, looks on with Judge Juan Merchan presiding during Trump's trial in Manhattan criminal court, Tuesday, May 7, 2024, in New York. (Elizabeth Williams via AP)

Stormy Daniels testifies on the cash-for-silence transaction at the center of Trump’s trial

In this courtroom sketch, defense attorney Susan Necheles, center, cross examines Stormy Daniels, far right, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, as former President Donald Trump, left, looks on with Judge Juan Merchan presiding during Trump's trial in Manhattan criminal court, Tuesday, May 7, 2024, in New York. (Elizabeth Williams via AP)

Litman: Did Stormy Daniels’ testimony help or hurt the case against Trump? It’s complicated

May 8, 2024

Former President Donald Trump, center, talks with defense attorney Emil Bove, left, before the start of trial at Manhattan criminal court, Friday, May 3, 2024 in New York. (Mark Peterson/Pool Photo via AP)

Trump’s hush money trial week in review: hurricanes, Hulk Hogan and a blockbuster recording

May 4, 2024

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Polish defense minister fends off criticism after he says he keeps an emergency backpack ready

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A protester shouts into a megaphone during a Pro-Palestinian demonstration for excluding Israel from Eurovision ahead of the second semi-final at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden, Thursday, May 9, 2024. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Thousands march in Sweden against Israel’s Eurovision participation

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Armenia’s prime minister talks with Putin in Moscow while allies’ ties are under strain


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