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Hundred Acres Manor has been ranked as one of America's Top Haunted Houses and featured on:

Pittsburgh's Best Haunted House

Not only Pittsburgh's LARGEST & SCARIEST haunted house- But check out these other SCARY attractions!

Pittsburgh Escape Room

If you're looking for a place to enjoy a drink before entering Pittsburgh's scariest haunted house, try the Scream Bar! You must be 21 or older to enter the bar with valid ID. Admission is free every Friday and Saturday night!

Tom Savini Horror Burial Coffin

Be Buried Alive

Buried Alive is a 4D experience of a burial simulator that puts you in the place of someone who has just been buried alive. You will hear the sounds, smell the scents and feel the movements of being buried alive.

Scary Haunted House

You've asked for it and now it's back. Experience one of the oldest attractions at Hundred Acres Manor... The Maze. You and your group will journey thru the black panel maze where you will come face-to-face with creatures, monsters and chainsaws.

Pittsburgh's top ranked haunted house!

Pittsburgh's Top Halloween Tradition , Hundred Acres Manor, brings you a whole new vision of horror and fun all within one haunted house in Pittsburgh, PA. Featuring five haunted house sections and add-on attractions like the burial simulator voiced by horror icon Tom Savini, Hundred Acres Manor offers more than just a walk-through attraction: it's an immersive experience that includes beer gardens and other entertainment options throughout. Named one of the scariest haunted houses in the nation by national news outlets such as USAToday, LATimes , Forbes.com and more , Hundred Acres Manor has been ranked as "Pittsburgh's Best Haunted House" by HauntWorld for two years running. Come experience why so many people are calling it the scariest attraction in Pittsburgh!

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FREE  Wagon ride to Hundred Acres Manor, when you park at our offside mud-free parking location: 30 Corrigan Drive, Bethal Park PA 15102

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100 FREE SHIRTS to the first 100 people thru the manor doors every night that the manor is open! Each weekend and select nights feature one-of-a-kind limited edition designs!

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haunted house near pittsburgh

Address: 1 Hundred Acres Drive Bethel Park, PA 15102 Free Not-So-Scary Wagon Ride to the manor parking: 30 Corrigan Dr, Bethel Park, PA 15102

America's Best Haunted House

haunted house near pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's Favorite Haunted Attraction

“One of America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions” –  Travel Channel

“Some of the best haunts I’ve ever seen” –  Elijah Wood, Lord of The Rings

“You should experience it before you die” –  Buzzfeed

“I could live here!” – Guillermo del Toro 

Thank you Pittsburgh for the amazing reviews! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Most Haunted Places in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh locals will tell you that it is a great place to live and if the number of haunted places across town is anything to go by it seems as though it is so great that some of the residents have decided to stick around even after they are dead!

Let’s get up close and personal with the 10 most haunted places in Pittsburgh:

10. Green Man's Tunnel

Green Man's Tunnel

There is just something that is inherently creepy about tunnels. It is likely the fact that they are dark, enclosed spaces that head underground. It’s a little unnatural, not to mention unnerving. Then if you throw a few restless spirits into the mix you end up with somewhere that is truly scary!

Take Green Man’s Tunnel for example. This is one of the most haunted locations in Pittsburgh and not without good reason!

If you happen to be passing by the tunnel while driving Piney Fork Road then you will want to keep your eyes peeled for the infamous ‘green man’ who haunts the area. He is also known by the name ‘Charlie No-Face’ because the apparition seems to have melted features.

He wanders the road by the mouth of the tunnel shrouded in a strange green light. What is compelling about this story is that there is documented evidence to support it!

A young man named Raymond Robinson was climbing power lines in the area when he was electrocuted leaving him with the appearance of not having a face. Could it be Raymond that people are encountering here?

9. Congelier House aka The House The Devil Built

Congelier House aka The House The Devil Built

Congelier House is known locally by a far more sinister name – The House The Devil Built. It is one of the most haunted houses in Pittsburgh and it is stuffed full of some very disturbing stories!

It all began with Charles Congelier who was having an affair with the family maid. When his wife discovered the affair she did not take it well and slaughtered both Charles and his lover with a meat cleaver!

Shortly afterwards a mysterious man called Dr Bunrichter moved into the property. He seemed friendly enough, but was quiet and kept to himself most of the time making it all the more surprising to neighbours when it was revealed that the man was a twisted serial killer who was attempting to keep the severed heads of his victims alive after removing them from their bodies!

It is no surprise that this house is reportedly haunted.

8. Carnegie Library of Homestead

Carnegie Library of Homestead

Carnegie Library of Homestead is one of the oldest libraries in Pittsburgh. It has been featured on a number of popular paranormal television shows as investigators attempt to uncover who or what is haunting the library!

Some believe that it could be the founder, Andrew Carnegie while others say it is former millworkers who lost their lives while working for him.

There are even some who say the ghost is a staff member who wasn’t quite ready to go off the clock. Whoever is responsible for the activity they seem to be most active in the music room and in the basement.

7. Dead Man's Hollow

Dead Man's Hollow

With a name like Dead Man’s Hollow is it really any surprise that this is one of the most haunted locations in Pittsburgh?

Suicides, murders and a variety of strange disappearances are linked to this spooky spot on the Youghiogheny River.

There are frequent reports of a vengeful spirit of a drowned man who rises from the water and attempts to drag unsuspecting passers-by into the water with him!

There are also reports of a large unidentified creature slithering through the nearby forest in search of its next meal!

6. Chatham University

Chatham University

It seems like lots of University and College campuses have at least one haunted building, but Chatham University in its entirety claims a place in the top ten haunted places in Pittsburgh.

The entire school seems to play host to a variety of spirits including the likes of ‘The Blue Lady of Woodland Hall’.

She is thought to be a former mental patient who has remained at her treatment place even after death – yeah, did we mention that the university was once an asylum? She appears to students in a glowing blue dress.

There are also reports of apparitions in Laughlin House which was the site of a murder-suicide and there have also been sightings of Edwin Fickes in Fickes Hall. He is often blamed for moving objects around in the dorm rooms!

5. 13 Bends

13 Bends

Every city seems to have its own urban legend and for Pittsburgh that appears to be the story of the 13 Bends. It has been difficult to pinpoint the exact location of 13 bends as tales have suggested that the road is in a number of different areas including Harmarville, Elizabeth and Burgettstown.

However, the most popular version of the story suggests that the road in question is Campbells Run Road. The legend states that an orphanage once stood by the road and that it burned down claiming the lives of 13 children.

It is said that if you drive up the road you can count 13 bends, but on your way back down you will only have 12!

In addition to this strange anomaly in the number of bends in the road, it has also been said that if you dust your car with talc or flour then you may see some small hand prints from the child ghosts appearing on your vehicle.

4. Pittsburgh Playhouse

Pittsburgh Playhouse

These days, Pittsburgh Playhouse is considered to be a respectable cultural center, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, in the past the building has housed a number of morally questionable businesses including social clubs and a brothel! At one point it also served as a church!

With such a colorful history, it is not at all surprising that there are apparently a number of ghosts that call the property home.

One of the ghosts is known as the ‘Bouncing Red Meanie’. He is a man dressed all in red who was apparently conjured up by a group of students who held a séance in the building back in the seventies. He is also joined by a couple of female spirits.

The White Lady is said to have committed suicide here after learning of her husband’s cheating ways on their wedding day of all days. Meanwhile, Weeping Eleanor can be heard crying and is believed to have perished in a fire.

3. Allegheny County Jail

Allegheny County Jail

This next building may be one of the most haunted places in Pittsburgh, but we certainly don’t recommend visiting since it is still an operational jail!

The Allegheny County Jail is said to be haunted by the ghost of a prisoner who committed suicide in the early 1900s! It is said that he has remained behind and terrorizes anyone with the misfortune to share his cell!

Prisoners have ended up having to be moved to other cells because of his behavior and the cell is always filled last!

There are also a number of other vengeful spirits who are said to be causing all sorts of paranormal mischief!

2. Frick Mansion

Frick Mansion

The Frick Family name has long been associated with luxurious living and it only takes a glance at Frick Mansion with its 23 rooms of opulence.

However, the Fricks may have know how to live the high life, but it seems that they did not know how to let it go!

The mansion still contains most of the family’s original furnishings and design, along with the spirits of the family members themselves.

There are several entities that still dwell within the mansion including Adelaide Frick and her daughter Helen.

The spirits are said to have retained their uppercrust manners and are described as very polite ghosts!

1. Broughton School

There is something truly unnerving about an abandoned school, isn’t there and that is probably why Broughton School tops the list of the most haunted locations in Pittsburgh.

The school was originally built in 1929 and has now sat abandoned for well over a decade. However, the old elementary school is anything but empty!

It is said that the ghost of both children and their teachers are still in the building and they can be heard running, shouting and moving objects around.

A number of paranormal investigators have captured chilling voices telling them to either ‘get out of here’ or ‘don’t leave’. It seems like these spirits are not quite sure about what it is they want from the living!

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haunted house near pittsburgh

Portals of Fear

Own this Attraction?

Portals of Fear is a Haunted Attraction located in West Mifflin, PA.

haunted house near pittsburgh

Rated 8.34 /10 by Team Houdini

Haunted House Review

1 Majka Street, West Mifflin, PA 15122

Special Directions: On the property of the closed Resurrection Church

( Click for Fullscreen Map )

About This Attraction:

Haunt Types:


# of Attractions: 2

Min. Recommended Age: 6

In the shadowy heart of West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, a malevolent force known as Asmodeus lurked, his insidious presence lingering within the walls of an abandoned school. Asmodeus, a cunning demon of ancient origin, had discovered a way to tear open multiple portals that permeated the decrepit halls of the forsaken institution. Once a place of learning and enlightenment, the school had now become a twisted playground for the demonic entity, serving as a nexus for his sinister plan. Stories spread throughout the town, drawing thrill-seekers and the curious, little did they know that they would soon be plunged into a nightmarish journey, as the Portals of Fear lead directly to their deepest phobias, all orchestrated by Asmodeus in his relentless pursuit to ensnare their very souls.

Step into the spine-chilling world of Portals of Fear Haunted Attraction, an immersive and terrifying experience located in the heart of Pittsburgh. As Halloween approaches, the attraction comes alive with nightmarish creatures, hair-raising special effects, and a sense of foreboding that will leave visitors trembling with fear. From dark corridors to eerie landscapes, Portals of Fear promises an unforgettable journey into the unknown, where the boundary between reality and nightmare blurs, making it the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers during the Halloween season in Pittsburgh.

Portals of Fear is a 10,000+ square foot indoor Haunted Attraction located just outside of Pittsburgh PA. Opening in 2018 as a 100% charity haunt, we continue to grow and fund activities for the St. Thomas the Apostle Youth Group.

haunted house near pittsburgh

Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Food/Concessions, Original Characters, All-Indoor Attraction

haunted house near pittsburgh

Payment Methods:

Cash Icon

Guest Reviews Guest Average: 9.86 out of 10

Delena – 10 / 10 – October 15, 2023 This haunt keeps getting better each year

Laura – 10 / 10 – October 14, 2023 This has been hands down one of the best if not the best haunted house I have been to in years and …show more it has gotten better each year. They staff and families are wonderful and so friendly and the kids do such and amazing job and never break character. You can tell that everyone involved puts their whole hearts into it and it’s not just a “job” but something that they truly enjoy! If I could rate it higher than a 10 I would!

Milena – 10.00 / 10 – October 14, 2023 This attraction is amazing! From where it started to where it is now is incredible! I would …show more definitely recommend to anyone wanted to do something during the halloween season!

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Featured Listings:

haunted house near pittsburgh

Disclaimer from The Scare Factor: Our listings are usually only updated a couple of times per year. A lot can change in that amount of time, especially during Halloween season. For this reason, even though we try our best to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, it is ultimately your responsibility as a customer to do your own due diligence and research the attractions directly that you would like to visit. We are not liable for any mistakenly inaccurate information that you may find on our website. We appreciate your understanding and, as always, stay scary! ~ The Scare Factor

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haunted house near pittsburgh

closed for the season

See you again halloween 2024.



come dressed in your witches wardrobe after the Butler City Witches Day Out annual event and receive $3 off your admission ticket


September 30th- opening night oct. 6th & 7th oct. 13th & 14th oct. 20th & 21st oct. 27th & 28th 7 - 11 pm midway opens at 6:30pm haunt opens at dark, located right outside the city of pittsburgh...., eerie acres farm is  located just 30 minutes outside pittsburgh come venture outside of city limits and visit our fright farm in the country, eerie acres farm, 386 eagle mill rd. , butler pa 16001.

haunted house near pittsburgh

Our indoor haunt and outdoor cornfield is back for the 7th season! Bring the whole family out to see what the actors & staff have been working on all year. Our haunt is open every Friday and Saturday night from September 30th through October 29th.

haunted house near pittsburgh

Eerie Acres Farm is more than a haunted attraction, it's an atmosphere. Throughout the season, various food trucks will be onsite serving up delicious dinners & snacks and we often have a DJ spinning out the tunes. There's so much for the while family to enjoy on the midway, even if you are too scared to enter into our haunt! Admission to the Midway is free.

haunted house near pittsburgh

the beer garden

Located next to our blazing bonfire, our Beer Garden is hosted by a different local brewery every night! Enjoy a cold one while you wait in line or hang out with your friends for a few after you tour our haunt.

haunted house near pittsburgh

the bonfire

We like to boast that our bonfire is the biggest in town! Every night Eerie Acres bonfire will be blazing, the perfect spot for guests to gather before or after a tour through our haunt. If you'd like a more quiet spot, we also have private bonfire pits available to reserve each night.

haunts &  Attractions

 $25 general admission  $40 fast pass $2 off group rate (20 or more).

haunted house near pittsburgh

Private parties & bonfire rentals

Eerie Acres Farm is a great place to hold your birthday party, work event or spooky socials. We offer party tents and bonfire spaces for those looking for a private area to get all your folks together.

Inquire with us below and see what we have to offer!

haunted house near pittsburgh


haunted house near pittsburgh

Has a nice “home haunt” feel. Felt as though it was just a group of people getting together to do something they like; they weren’t doing it to get rich or make lots of money- it’s just something they like to do so they’re doing it.

A really cool old school haunt with a family friendly environment

Local Guide

I love what they're doing with the food trucks and beer garden. Had a great time sitting around the bonfire eating burgers, pierogies, and tacos. If you're looking for a good haunt the entire family can enjoy then I'd recommend this place.

Courtney C.

We went here basically as a last resort and OMG what a hidden gem. This is one of the best haunted houses I’ve ever been to. All the actors did so well and the set up was amazing. Had so much fun. Will absolutely come again. So glad we came across this place.

This haunted attraction is underrated and is the next big Halloween spot for the Pittsburgh area.

Haunted Housewives

Just a few years into it's existance, this haunt is original and highly energetic. It also seems like a community hub. While Eerie Acres is still new, it seems poised to have a long and happy afterlife.


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Pittsburgh Haunted Houses for Halloween 2022

Pittsburgh haunted houses are some of the scariest haunt attractions in Pennsylvania and the United States. Enjoy a great scary night out with your spouse, date, or friends. Expect the ghosts, zombies, and clowns at these haunted attractions to scare you. For the price of a movie ticket, you can be part of the action as you come face to face with terror. Most haunts use state of the art animatronics, great props, Hollywood sets, and actors with makeup beyond belief create a thrilling Halloween experience. You will be frightened. Find all the haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted corn mazes, haunted hayrides, haunted house near me, and other Halloween fun attractions in the Pittsburgh area.

Last Major Update: August 03, 2022

Allen’s Haunted Hayrides Tavern of Terror - Smock, PA The two attraction tickets are $15 each or buy the combo ticket for $25.  They open in late September and run every weekend on Friday and Saturday in October plus Halloween night and two Sunday nights. Come and enjoy our haunted hayride. Sit in a wagon filled with straw and frightened guests. The tractor will take you on a 1 mile tour of our farm through a haunted forest, barn, and fields. Visit the Allen Family Cemetery and Church.  There are over 10 different displays and over 30 spooks, ghouls, and monsters to put a chill down your spine!

Castle Blood - Monessen, PA Opens this year in early October.  Operating for over 25 years, Castle Blood is “Pennsylvania’s most unusual haunted attraction”. Expect to find lots of vampires, scenes of the dead, even an undead bride and supernatural creatures. Tickets are $25. Castle Blood is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in October. Castle opens at 7 pm. Ticket booth closes at 11 pm on Friday and Saturday or 9 pm on Sunday.

Cheeseman Fright Farm - Portersville, PA The season begins in late September.  For over a decade during Halloween season the Cheeseman Fright Farm has been operating this wonderful haunted attraction. Tickets are $20. The attraction runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night in October. Arrive early and do not keep the tractors waiting. The Haunted Hayride starts at dark.  They run a haunted hayride, haunted corn maze, and haunted barn.  During daytime hours they run a Pumpkin Fest family event on the farm.

Demon House - Monongahela, PA This haunted attraction opens in early September.  “We will scare the living soul out of you.” Demon House will unleash the evil demons upon you. They run a special one night lights out glow stick specials .They are open 7 pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday or 10 pm on other nights. They are open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in September and October.  A fun place for a nights fun with an outdoor movie theater, campfire, and entertainment plus a truly frightful haunted attraction.

Eerie Acres Farm Haunted House - Butler, PA Just 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh, Eerie Acres Farm is a brand new haunted house located at 386 Eagle Mill Rd in Butler. The cost is $15 for general admission or $25 for a fast pass. Tickets can be purchased online at eerieacresfarm.com or at the gate. Eerie Acres Farm is opening in late September and continues every Friday and Saturday night through October. Their motto? “WE FARM FEAR.”

Fright Farm - Smithfield, PA Opens in late September with an all outdoor show.  Begin with the Festival Midway with music, celebrity appearances, concessions, face painting, bonfires, classic horror movies, and haunting entertainment. Then expect to be terrorfied in the Terror Maze, Hallow Grounds, and Dead End Hayride attractions. Now celebrating it’s 31st year of frightening folks. The General Admission tickets gets you into five attractions. Open most nights except Monday and Tuesday. Lots of special and discounts available.  Fright Farm is one of Pennsylvania’s top rated professional haunted attractions, with 5 distinct attractions; The Fest-Evil Midway, Hayride of No Return, Hallow Grounds, and a  Surprise attraction! Our state-of-the-art special effects, highly-detailed scenes, custom digital soundtracks, computerized lighting, and talented actors make Fright Farm a frightening experience unlike any other.  Fright Farm has over 25000 Facebook likes.

Ghost Lake at Conneaut Lake Park - Conneat Lake, PA Sorry folks but because of the virus concerns Ghost Lake has been canceled for this fall.  They hope to see everyone next season.  Attraction has 13 haunts. The 13 Levels of Fear are Clown Town, The Funeral Home, House of Evil, Haunted Hotel Conneaut, Zombie Hell, Last House on the Left, Carnival of Fear, Purple Haze, Demon House, Cabin in the Woods, The Devil’s Den, Museum of Horror, Blue Streak Ghoster Coaster. Doors open at 7 pm and close at midnight on Friday and Saturday. Doors close at 11 pm on other nights. Attraction runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.  Ghost Lake says they are the largest, longest, and scariest haunted attraction in the world. You are advised to allow 2 hours to go through this attraction.

Haunted Fright Fest - Newry, PA Leighty’s Farm presents Haunted Fright Fest each fall.  The attractions include a haunted house, corn maze, and hayride.  They are open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October.  They also have Kids Days on two days before their night time haunts.

Haunted Guyasuta - Sharpsburg, PA On October 17th, 2020 Camp Guyasuta puts on a one night Saturday fright featuring a hayride, haunted trail, zip line, climbing wall, and pumpkin patch. Online tickets save you money.  Activities run from 3:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Souvenirs, food and snacks available for purchase.  The Camp has put on this one day event for 20 years.

Haunted Hills Estate - Uniontown, PA Haunted Hills Estate is YOUR Halloween Destination!  Join us in as we celebrate 17 years of unique and original Haunted Entertainment! Attractions have been upgraded with special effects, including pneumatics, animatronics, sound systems, video effects, and house some of the best actors in the haunt industry. The creative themes are original and pull you into the interactivity of the show! No conga lines here, you will experience an immersive and interactive show that puts YOU right in the dead center.  Haunted Hills runs every Friday and Saturday from the middle of September and every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night in October.

Haunted Mini Golf - Aliquippa, PA Hopewell Windmill is open every day with their Halloween season Haunted Mini Golf event.  A round of this special golf event is $12.  The Windmill has been providing family fun to local residents in Western PA for over 50 years. Located in Hopewell Township, The Windmill features an 18 hole mini golf course, with haunted golf in the fall, the areas only outdoor RC Racetrack, and an amazing snack shop featuring tons of great treats and amazing ice cream!

Hell’s Hollow Haunt - Mercer, PA This haunt is open every weekend starting in late September.  It runs every Friday and Saturday nights in October through early November.  They feature a haunted hayride for $10 and a bloody barn for $12.  Save money with their combo ticket.  The Bloody Barn has 3 floor of terror in an 1872 haunted barn.  If you make it through then enjoy the Haunted Haywagon of Horror with a 25 minute ride through the forest at Hell’s Hollow.

Hundred Acres Manor - Bethel Park, PA Sorry folks but given the current virus concern Hundred Acres is postponing their fall season event.  Check back later on their web page as they may re-evaluate.  At this time it appears they hope to see everyone next season.  Six attractions all for the one low price of $20 per victim. Hundred Acres Manor operates a 7500 square foot haunted house. The attractions are Dead Lift, Damnation, The Family, The Maze, Brine Slaughterhouse. It takes about 45 minutes to go through this haunted house. Doors open at 7 pm and close at 11:30 pm on Friday and Saturday and at 10 pm on other nights. Runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in September and most nights in October.  See web page for details. Hundred Acres has over 37000 Facebook likes.

Huston’s Haunted Hollow - Rockwood, PA The season begins in late September.  A great value for only $20-23. They have a bonfire, refreshments, and concession stand along with 4 haunted attractions. Haunted Boarding House (evil in the hollow), Twisted Barn 4D ( a high startle graphic experience), Haunted Hayride and Toxic Swamp Walk, and Dead End Cornfield. Huston’s Haunted Hollow is open from dusk until 10 pm. Open every Friday and Saturday night in October.

Lonesome Valley Farms Valley of Terror - Greenbury, PA The season begins in late September.  They operate two haunted attractions and two non-haunts on this Pennsylvania farm. The haunts are advertised as “Where you are the Harvest.” They are open every Friday and Saturday nights. Open some Sundays in October. Opens at 7 pm. The non-haunts open at 6 pm. Tickets are $25 for the Valley of Terror Haunted Hayride and Maze Trail combo ticket with the Slotter Farm House & Barn. The non-haunt ticket is $10 for the Corn. During the day the farm has a hayride, barrel train rides, barnyard animals, and a kids pumpkin patch playland for just $10. Open weekends

Murarik Motorsports Annual Haunted House - Phillipsburg, PA Sorry folks but their 10 year anniversary is postponed until next year due to the current virus concerns.  Each year Murarik Motorsports is transformed from a car dealership to a haunted house. Every year a different charity is selected to receive the donations collected at the event. Established: October 2011.  Note this is generally a free event but they welcome donations for charity.

Phantom Fright Nights Kennywood - Pittsburgh, PA Sorry folks but because of virus concerns Kennywood will close after Labor Day and cancel their Halloween and Christmas event until next year.  Save with online tickets. They advertise intense spectacles of sheer terror with Biofear, Voodoo Bayou, Mortem Manor, Villa of the Vampires, and many more attractions.

Scarehouse - Tarentum, PA Scarehouse returns in 2020.  This is considered by most as one of the top haunt attractions in the entire country.  Scarehouse has over 80000 Facebook likes. “Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Haunted House”. The attractions are Infernal, Nocturnia 3D, and the all new Sunset Lodge.  Consider Scarehouse as a living tribute to the Zombie capital of the world.  New location is at 2012 Butler Logan Road, Tarentum, PA 15084.  What’s new this year? EVERYTHING! Our  new home  at The Pittsburgh Mills is packed with more clowns, demons, mutants, and scares than ever! Pittsburgh’s scariest haunted house is now longer, larger, and located near Harmar, Fox Chapel, Cranberry Township, Butler County, Greensburg, and thousands of local fright fans.

Scary Harry’s Haunted Trails - Homer City, PA Admission on $15. Open Friday and Saturday nights in October plus some added dates.  See their web page for schedule and times. Free parking. Wear appropriate outdoor hiking shoes and attire. Plan to be frightened.

The Beacon Hotel - Renfrew, PA The Beacon Hotel is open every Friday and Saturday starting in early October.  Tickets are $20.  This is a haunted house with a 15 acre corn maze and tractor ride.  Enjoy the fright then sample some food from their many concession stands.  A great place for hot chocolate, apple cider and beer.

Wells Township Haunted House - Brilliant, OH This haunt opens on Friday and Saturday nights starting in late September and running through early November.  Online combo ticket is $20.  Wells Township Haunted House is one of a handful of Haunted Attractions known throughout the country. You should not miss the opportunity to visit the desired destination of haunt enthusiasts from all over the United States, Canada and even overseas!  This Old School style haunted attraction has over 10,000 square feet of scares, fun and excitement. The outside atmosphere is one the most unique in the industry, featuring all your favorite characters and live bands on the outdoor stage.  They feature a guided tour and zombie challenge.  This 6000 square foot maze is full of zombies. You get a flag football belt, see if you can make it through the maze before the zombies get your flags.  We are an interactive extreme haunted attraction. We can touch you but you can’t touch us. There are times where you will be part of the show. Please come prepared for the unexpected!  Note for safety reason during the virus concern you should expect some changes to how the haunt is operated.  

West Alexander Scare at the Fair - West Alexander, PA One of Western PA’s premiere haunted attractions-minutes from The WV Highlands off PA Exit 1 & 20 minutes from Washington PA on Rt. 40W. Scare Fair is nonprofit started in 2013 and run totally volunteers. One of the area’s best attractions with three buildings of frights and haunted fun. Open Friday and Saturday nights every October. Not recommended for children under 8. $15 for adults and $10 for 18 and under. They also offer group discounts. Attraction opens for the season in early October.

Zombies of the Corn - Freedom, PA Come out every Friday and Saturday nights in October for this scary event battling zombies.  They start this haunt in late September and run it through early November.  Lots of fun in the corn maze or the zombie paintball wagon. STOP The ZOMBIE Apocalypse in Pittsburgh NOW! That’s Right, this is your chance to “open fire” and protect our city. The zombies have the rage but ONLY you have the weapons!  They have been quarantined in our specially built prison. Our specialized “Zombie Fighting Vehicle” allow 24 people per ride to join our cause to eliminate these creatures that have an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

State By State List of Halloween Haunted Houses Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania

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haunted house near pittsburgh

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haunted house near pittsburgh

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haunted house near pittsburgh

haunted house near pittsburgh

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haunted house near pittsburgh

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haunted house near pittsburgh

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haunted house near pittsburgh

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Haunted Places in Pittsburgh – Spooky Urban Legends

These haunted places in Pittsburgh, PA may be scattered across western Pennsylvania, but have one thing in common:  an urban legend based on paranormal activity, developed over years and decades.  Each of these has its own ghost story, some involving zombies, ghouls or spirits; others involving murder mysteries and folklore.  Pittsburgh has many old restaurants, cemeteries, taverns and colleges that are supposedly haunted or have tales of horror.  Will you dare to visit and find out for yourself what makes these places so haunted and legendary? Some of the sites are on private property, so please do not trespass. Always obtain permission if you are headed somewhere outside of a public setting.   If you know of other Pennsylvania sites that are haunted, please email me by clicking here and it will be considered for inclusion in the list.   Finally, if you are looking for   haunted Halloween attractions near you , be sure to visit this page instead:    Haunted Houses in Pittsburgh

1201 Bruce Hall, University of Pittsburgh

On the top floor of the Bruce Residence Hall is located Room 1201, a banquet hall that is used for catered special events. There have been many accounts over the years of paranormal activity in the room: cold spots, objects moving, and the feelings of spiritual presences while otherwise alone. The ghosts are believed to be those of two women who committed suicide many years ago in the room. Though relatively harmless, these occurrences have left several workers and visitors to 1201 unnerved and happy to be out of this haunted house! http://pittsburgh.about.com/library/blghosts_bruce.htm 3990 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, United States 40.4427563, -79.9564623

Bruce Hall - one of the many haunted places in Pittsburgh.

One of the most popular but confusing haunted places in pittsburgh is the urban legend of “13 Bends”. The main legend involves Coulterville Cemetery near Elizabeth, McKeesport and Boston. An old orphanage from the 1800s that stood on this site burned down years ago, and you can still supposedly hear footsteps and children, and perhaps see some apparitions in the rear view mirror of your car! Some encounter a great sense of sadness as they drive by. Childlike handprints can then be seen all over the vehicle. But it is the isolated location of the cemetery that makes it even spookier. There is but one way in and out, along a long, curvy road toward the river. On this road, the legend of “13 Bends” was born. If you count the number of bends in the road in one direction, there are 13, but on the way back, only 12. The only explanation is, of course, sinister spirits or playful century-old orphans! But the legend of “13 Bends” has spread. Some in the local area have mapped the 13 bends story to nearby Route 48 above the Boston Bridge. And somehow the legend is often mentioned in Harmar or Harmarville, on Cambell’s Run Road near the location of an old mine site.   For additional information and other aspects of the legend, see our latest post on 13 Bends: Legend & Folklore https://www.swpenna.com/13-bends-coulterville-pa/ Tourman St, Coulter, PA 15028 40.3029827, -79.8011452

haunted house near pittsburgh

Blue Mist Road

This isolated stretch of Irwin Road near North Park has been attracting attention for years. Irwin Road is an unlit, unpaved lane dotted with some scattered homes and ruins along it. It traverses a hollow parallel to Babcock Blvd. that is scary enough during the day, let alone at night. There are many legends and rumors associated with this place, but it is most known for rumors of satanic activity and all the horrors that typically go with that. It is named after the creeping “blue mist” that sometimes covers the road. It is one of the most searched for and well known haunted places in Pittsburgh, making this a classic ghostly and creepy place.

Perhaps related to this legend are rumors about nearby South Montour Road, which runs parallel to Irwin Road to the east of Babcock Blvd.  One legend recounts that “it was a place used for hanging people back in the 1800’s that is now a back road that connects Gibsonia Rd. (Rt. 910) and Wildwood Rd.  There are actually vine covered and partially rotted away gallows still there.” 

http://hauntsandhistory.blogspot.com/2008/04/blue-myst-road.html Irwin Road, Gibsonia, PA 40.6089126, -79.9983395

Blue Mist Road

Carnegie Library of Homestead

If you know anything about Pittsburgh history, it may not surprise you that this library is haunted. It was given as a gift by Carnegie only 6 years after the deadly Homestead Steel Strike of 1892. Despite his good intentions, there was still bad blood among the steel workers for Carnegie, for defeating their attempt at organized labor. Could it be these restless steel workers that haunt and make trouble in this century-old historic building? http://hauntsandhistory.blogspot.com/2011/11/homestead-carnegie-library.html 510 E 10th Ave, Munhall, PA 15120 40.4070473, -79.9028365

The Carnegie Library of Homestead

Chatham University’s “Blue Lady of Woodland Hall”

Chatham University is so haunted that they now hold an annual “ghost walk” to tell all of their tales. There are several scattered around campus, each with its own interesting and tragic story. The most well known is the “Blue Lady of Woodland Hall”, who has appeared to students, hovering above them as they wake. Nearby, Carlow College has its own tale in Room 947 of Dougherty Hall. Late at night, students have reported seeing misty apparitions and hearing scratching noises on the walls. Pittsburgh colleges seem to have haunted houses all over the place! http://sites.google.com/site/hauntsandhistory/threerivershauntsandhistorya Woodland Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 40.4478125, -79.9234839

Chatham University

Collectiques Shop of Monongahela, PA

At this haunted antique shop, located at 808 West Main Street, the ghost of a young girl sometimes provides a chill when present, and her voice can sometimes be heard. In fact, this ghost has supposedly been photographed! This building must have quite a history; it was built in 1869. http://sites.google.com/site/hauntsandhistory/threerivershauntsandhistory6 808 West Main Street, Monongahela, PA 40.2054994, -79.9330774999999

Collectiques Shop - Monongahela, PA

Congelier House: The Most Haunted House in America

Once noted as “The Most Haunted House in America”, this home on Pittsburgh’s North Side is still creating chills, even though it is long gone. It still may be one of the most haunted places in Pittsburgh.  It was built in the 1860’s at 1129 Ridge Avenue, the home of Charles & Lydia Congelier. The house had numerous owners and visitors, each adding to the macabre history of the building. Finally, by some reports it met its demise in a grand explosion in 1927 – others say it was razed, either way it has passed into the annals of local folklore as one of the most haunted places in Pittsburgh, and in the USA for that matter… http://pittsburgh.about.com/od/history/a/congelier_house.htm 1129 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 40.4493431, -80.0200777

Connellsville Carnegie Library

Inside the library, there are reports of bodiless footsteps and the sighting of an elderly lady in a babushka seen through the window of the now shuttered building. The library was built on the site of an old graveyard – always a great reason to be known as a haunted house! http://sites.google.com/site/hauntsandhistory/threerivershauntsandhistory6 299 S Pittsburgh St, Connellsville, PA 15425 40.015774, -79.588255

Connellsville Library

Covert’s Crossing

Covert’s Crossing was a single-lane old bridge in New Castle, PA. The bridge was built in 1887, and was very narrow. It has become the subject of many legends in the area, most of which involve headless spirits and midnight tragedies. For example, one story asserts that a newlywed couple in a horse drawn carriage was struck head on by a car on the bridge on their wedding night. The groom was never found, and the bride was decapitated. Variations of this story substitute the couple for a young girl on her prom night, and yet another mentions a railroad worker from the nearby tracks. In all the stories, the poor souls basically met the same end. Legend has it that these spirits would appear at midnight to whoever was brave enough to stop on the bridge. But this dangerous stunt is fortunately not possible anymore: the entire bridge was stolen in 2011 and sold for scrap! That just adds to the legend of Covert’s Crossing, maybe not in a “haunted place” sort of way, but definitely in a strange and unusual way! http://www.strangeusa.com/Viewlocation.aspx?id=8547 611 Covert Rd, New Castle, PA 16102 40.995327, -80.413974

Covert's Crossing Bridge, New Castle, PA

Cove Run Road

Cove Run Road near Indianola, PA is a winding road that intersects Route 910.  Supposedly many years ago, a man who was walking his dog was hit by a car that came around a bend at a high rate of speed.   His last expression was of surprise…  Some say that this fateful moment has been imprinted on a nearby tree stump on the side of the road – the stump looks like the face of a surprised man!  

Corvette Tunnel

Piney Fork Tunnel on Piney Fork Road is also known as “Corvette Tunnel”. The tunnel is very narrow and lies adjacent to a sharp turn in the Road. Legend has it that 2 corvettes were drag racing, and only one could fit into the tunnel. The other met a horrific end, leading to the death of a young girl. Some have said you can still hear the screeching of tires and the screams of the young girl if you visit at night. Also, if you dare to flash your headlights 3 times into the tunnel, the ghostly headlights of a corvette will appear, heading right at you! It should be noted that this tunnel is often confused with Green Man’s Tunnel, which lies in the same vicinity, but is apparently off of the roadway. This is a good example of how legends and folklore mix and grow over time and become attached to such haunted places. http://pghbridges.com/glassport/0587-4458/pineyforkBORR_tun.htm 3899 Piney Fork Rd, South Park Township, PA 15129 40.2720211, -79.9691952

Corvette Tunnel, South Park, PA

A horrifying massacre took place on May 1, 1791 in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Four young sisters, ranging in age from 10 to 16 were brutally attacked on their way home, by two Indians and a white accomplice in search of information about a nearby fort. Catharine, Susan and Betsy Crow perished in the attacks, and only their sister Tena managed to escape. The attackers hid behind what is known today as “Crow Rock”, which is located in Crabapple Hollow, Richhill Township, near the town of Wind Ridge. The rock still stands today near its original location as an eerie memorial to the girls. It is difficult to find due to the extremely rural and isolated nature of this part of Green County, and it serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that these frontier people faced daily. http://www.pa-roots.org/data/read.php?411,309032 Crow Rock Road, Wind Ridge, PA 15380 39.9253676, -80.5043396

Crow Rock, Wind Ridge, PA

Dixmont State Hospital

This old institutional campus of buildings in Kilbuck Township was the object of many rumors and ghost stories. It has been torn down in recent years, but still holds a special place for many ghost hunters. The buildings on the expansive grounds sat vacant for many years, which only helped to increase its reputation for paranormal activity (the mental institution part didn’t hurt either). Classic example of haunted houses! http://www.dixmontstatehospital.com/ Ray Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15202 40.515173, -80.1143653

Dixmont State Hospital Pittsburgh

Dormont Library’s Ghostly Librarian

Dormont Library was allegedly haunted by a former librarian named Mary, who died in the 1980s. Mary loved the library and was well known and respected. Shortly after her death, strange things began to happen. Flickering lights, books falling from shelves and similar occurrences were attributed to her spirit. The feeling of her presence was benevolent, so much in fact that her surviving husband would visit the library to feel closer to her. In fact, it seems she was waiting for him; after his death, the strange occurrence stopped! http://ghostsinpgh.atspace.org/ 2950 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216 40.3942107, -80.0359602

Dormont Library

Frick Mansion (Clayton House)

Most people suspect that the ghost of Clayton House is that of Helen Clay Frick continuing to watch over her childhood home. The home was opened to the public in 1990 and since that time, security guards have reported hearing someone walking around on the third floor of the building late at night when no one is there. Be sure to visit this old, haunted house in Pittsburgh’s Point Breeze section – it is often open to the public! http://pittsburgh.about.com/library/blghosts_clayton.htm 7227 Reynolds St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208 40.446587, -79.902277

Frick Clayton House

Ghost of the Allegheny County Jail

How would you like to be in a jail that was also a haunted house? In 1907, prisoners in one section of the Allegheny County Jail pleaded to be moved to another area of the facility. It seemed that the ghost of a former cellmate, W.A. Culp, still could not escape and was harassing and terrifying the men. Culp committed suicide in the prison, and it seems that he wasn’t happy to find out that he still was trapped within its walls! The frightened former cellmates were granted their request. http://writetoleft.wikispaces.com/Halloween+Legends 436 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 40.4388217, -79.9963504

Old Allegheny County Jail, Pittsburgh, PA

Glowing Tombstone of Hoffman Cemetery

From a certain viewpoint along Stahl Road, looking across the valley at the cemetery, one tombstone in particular appears to glow against the night sky. This has been known for decades, but in recent years cornstalks have blocked the view during the summer / fall. I have not been there in quite some time so I do not know the current status. A simple study years ago concluded that the strange light is indeed coming from a certain tombstone, but to this day it is not known why. Some have said it is a reflection from a far off street light, but this seems unlikely. The tombstone does not glow when standing near it; you can only see the eerie glow from the vantage point across the roadway! Because of this, the cemetery has grown legendary in the local area. There have been rumors of orbs and streaking lights across the cemetery as well. The area is rather spooky and creepy at night – the perfect setting for such a haunted place! http://www.histopolis.com/Place/US/PA/Westmoreland_County/Hoffman_Cemetery Hoffman Cemetery, Smithton, PA 15479 40.14495377, -79.7170258

Hoffman Cemetery, Smithton, PA

Gravity Hill – North Park

Located at the intersection of McKinney Road @ Kummer Rd. Drive up McKinney toward the golf course and stop at the stop sign at Kummer Rd. Put your car in neutral and you will drift backward up the slight hill. This really works, and does not have an apparent reason. This is one of many such “gravity hills” in the state. Optical illusion or something more paranormal? You decide! Gravity Hill, North Park (Pittsburgh ) 461 McKinney Rd, Wexford, PA 15090 40.6136193023911, -80.0280068212108

Gravity Hill, North Park

Green Man’s Tunnel – South Park

This “out-of-the-way” tunnel, near Piney Fork and Gill Hall Roads, is allegedly the home of the “Green Man”, a disfigured recluse that is not welcoming of visitors. The Green Man was the apparent victim of some kind of electrical or nuclear accident, depending on the version of the story. This legend actually has its roots in Beaver County, where “Charlie No Face” roamed the roads at night many decades ago. This is a true story, but it is unclear how the folklore traveled from Beaver County to South Park. Also see the listing for “Corvette Tunnel”, which is nearby. The area is very secluded and is ripe for stories such as these; this is one of the most well-known haunted places in Pittsburgh. http://www.yoursouthhills.com/southhillsrecord/article/legend-green-mans-tunnel-still-favorite-tale 3701 Piney Fork Rd, South Park Township, PA 15129 40.2775162, -79.97514

Green Man's Tunnel, South Park - one of the many haunted places in Pittsburgh.

Haunted Slippery Rock University

Slippery Rock seems to have a number of locations on campus with ghostly reputations. Most of these revolve around Emma Guffy Miller. Haunted sites include Miller Auditorium and North Hall. Nearby McConnell’s Mill State Park is reputed to house its own ghost at the Old Mill – former caretaker Mose Whorton. Slippery Rock Ghost Story 1 Morrow Way, Slippery Rock, PA 16057 41.0600055, -80.0508919

haunted house near pittsburgh

Haunted US Hotel in Hollidaysburg

The US Hotel in Hollidaysburg has a long history of paranormal activity. Built in the mid-nineteenth century, it has been used primarily as an inn and restaurant, but also has been rumored to have had ties to the underground railroad. The hotel burned in 1871 and was rebuilt. It is believed that a girl may have perished in the fire, and that her spirit still haunts the upper floors. A playful ghost, the most that many have encountered was on the order of slamming doors and things being knocked over. However, a group of ghost hunters had a much more terrifying experience, relating to a hostile sprit of a murderer and his unfortunate victim inside the haunted house. http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2009/07/pennsylvania-hotel-has-long-history-of.html 401 S Juniata St, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648 40.4272949, -78.3889024

US Hotel, Holidaysburg, PA

Historic Harmony Inn: Food & “Spirits”

The Harmony Inn is located in a National Historic District in the town of Harmony, PA. It was originally owned by Austin Pearce, a prominent banker, mill operator and railroad executive as early as 1856. Over the years, the building has had numerous owners and uses and has a colorful history. The spirits that haunt the inn seem to be friendly, and most of the reported encounters relatively benign. Legend has it that there are at least 3 ghostly entities that keep an eye on things around the haunted house! Maybe for this reason, the Harmony Inn has been featured often in the media, especially around Halloween. Today, the Harmony Inn is open as a restaurant and offers many special events. http://www.historicharmonyinn.com/ 230 Mercer St, Harmony, PA 16037 40.8029287, -80.1265899

The Harmony Inn, Harmony, PA

Jean Bonnet Tavern

The Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford was built in the 1760s. At one point, the building was used as a prison, and several condemned prisoners were hanged on location. So it is not surprising that the building has developed a reputation for paranormal activity over its many years! One ghost is that of a young girl waiting for her lover to return. Her footsteps can be heard running to the window, pausing, then slowly walking back again. There have also been numerous sightings of ghostly men in frontier clothing within the haunted house, sounds of patrons enjoying the bar while closed, even mysterious, staring eyes appearing in the walls! http://www.jeanbonnettavern.com/folk%20lore.html 6048 Lincoln Hwy, Bedford, PA 15522, United States 40.0423602, -78.5606563

Jean Bonnet Tavern, Bedford, PA

John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center

This building, in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, was once site of the Chautauqua Lake Ice Co, which exploded due to fire on February 9, 1898. The building has since been renovated and now houses the John Heinz History Center. Several staff members, including night security guards, have witnessed strange sights and sounds there. Most activity seems to center around the 5th floor (used as storage/archives) and the loading dock area. Spirits have been known to occupy and interact with the exhibits there. This haunted house is easily accessible: The History Center is open to the public 7 days a week from 10AM to 5PM (holidays excluded).

http://www.unsolvedmysteries.com/usm391670.html 1212 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States 40.4465796, -79.9921893

The Senator John Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh

Livermore – The Sunken Town

At the base of the Conemaugh River Dam, on the Westmoreland / Indiana County border, lies the remains of the town of Livermore. When the dam was created in 1952, the town was intentionally flooded. Some still assert that although most of the buildings had been razed previously, not all were demolished, leaving several structures to an underwater fate. Because of the water level, the buildings are obscured from site. Other sources say that all of the buildings were razed prior to the flood. What really lies below has become the subject of conjecture and mystery! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livermore,_Pennsylvania 672 Livermore Road, Blairsville, PA 15717 40.45421, -79.336104

Livermore, PA: Sunken Town

McKees Rocks Indian Burial Ground

An Indian burial ground located in the otherwise urban town of McKees Rocks near Pittsburgh may be little known, but it gets attention every once in a while in the media. Estimates say that between 500 to 1000 may have been buried at the site about 2000-2300 years ago. The number of bodies unearthed has been much smaller, along with many artifacts. This site has been of interest for over 100 years and has received special attention from many Native American groups as well as archeologists. At this point, there is much disagreement as to what, if anything still exists at the site. Definitely one of the atypical haunted places in Pittsburgh! http://explorepahistory.com/hmarker.php?markerId=1-A-205 168 Hamilton St, McKees Rocks, PA 15136 40.4732922, -80.0516872

McKees Rocks Indian Burial Ground

Mishler Theater

Since 1906, the Mishler Theater in Altoona has hosted countless shows and performances and has become a landmark of the community. It must have been very difficult for its original owner, Isaac Mishler, to sell the theater in 1923 and watch it be converted into a movie house. The building was once again renovated in the 1960s and continues to operate. Most patrons may not realize its reputation as a haunted house. Ever attached to the Theater, the spirit of Mr. Mishler has been seen by performers, watching the show or strolling backstage. He loved his theater so much that he could never really leave it! Ghosts of former caretakers and a woman who tragically died in the theater have also been reported. http://www.pennsylvania-mountains-of-attractions.com/ghostly.html 1208 12th Ave #206, Altoona, PA 16601 40.5163543, -78.4020359

Mishler Theater, Altoona PA

Moll Derry – The Witch of Fayette County

Stories and folklore about a supposed witch in rural Fayette County have survived for over 2 centuries. Mary “Old Mollie” Derry was her name, a fortuneteller and whiskey seller who resided near Haydentown, PA. Her reputation as a witch was well known in the area. She supposedly could cast spells, throw curses and predict the future. Some said she could even fly! It was best not to anger her. One story asserts that she cursed three men who had mocked her, saying that each would encounter death by hanging. As you might imagine, their fate was sealed. As you can imagine, the legends of Old Mollie have been exaggerated over the years. Some have argued that she not a witch, but was more of a healer in the ways of Pennsylvania Dutch Hexcraft, or “Pow-wow”. It is interesting to see how folklore and legends develop over the decades and centuries. http://sites.google.com/site/derrysinamerica2/maryoldmollderry 393 Hardin Hollow Rd, Smithfield, PA 15478 39.796353, -79.747952

Mary Moll Derry, Witch of Fayette County

Mount Washington Tavern

Mount Washington Tavern is located off the National Road and is part of the Fort Necessity National Battlefield Park. It is one of many taverns that were built along the National Road. These taverns gave weary stagecoach travelers a place to eat and rest. Today a museum, there have been reports of unexplained footsteps and laughing at the haunted tavern after the park has closed, along with other chilling accounts of orbs and spiritual presences. There have even been recent reports of seeing faces in the windows and one of encountering a ghost materializing before her eyes! http://www.graveaddiction.com/mtwashtav.html 3414 National Pike, Farmington, PA 15437 39.820359, -79.590368

Mount Washington Tavern, Farmington, PA

Polly Williams: The Legend of White Rocks

“Polly Williams, 1792 – 1810: Behold with pity you that pass by, Here do the bones of Polly Williams lie. Who was cut off in tender bloom, By a vile wretch, her pretended groom.” Sweet Polly Williams fell to her death from nearby White Rocks under questionable circumstances. Was her demise the work of her fiance Phillip Rodgers? He was acquitted, and claimed innocence. Does Polly still roam Chestnut Ridge searching for justice? White Rocks today is known more rock climbing than for being a haunted place, and can be reached with some effort from the outskirts of Fairchance, PA. http://hauntsandhistory.blogspot.com/2008/08/polly-williams-and-white-rock.html Hi To Rd, Fairchance, PA 15436 39.8262498, -79.7303765

White Rocks, Fairchance, PA

Pyramid Monument

A large, pyramid-shaped monument can be easily viewed from the road in Rosemont United Cemetery on Cemetery Lane, Ross Township, PA. The monument is for Charles Taze Russell, Pittsburgher and founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The pyramid was a favorite symbol used by Russell in much of his literature. He died in 1916. Not necessarily a haunted location, but noteworthy. http://www.alleghenycity.org/downloads/034%202006%2002%20Summer%20Reporter%20Dispatch.pdf 226 Cemetery Ln, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 40.50887, -80.015342

Pyramid Monument, Ross Twp., PA

Shades of Death (Level Green, PA)

A well-known wooded area near Level Green, PA, one legend suggests that the area is haunted by man who committed suicide. Definitely spooky and creepy at night, the area was popular for four-wheeling at one time. Wooded “patches” throughout the state seem to attract urban legends, usually based on a bit of truth that has has grown and been made larger than life as time passes. Level Green, PA 40.393333, -79.720556

Shades of Death, Level Green, PA

Shades of Death Road (Avella, PA)

Shades of Death Road is an actual road just north of Avella, PA. Other than the creepy name, it appears to be just another beautiful country road in the wooded countryside of western Pennsylvania. This road is not far from the Meadowcroft Rock Shelter and Museum, and the entire area is rather enchanting, if not haunted. For now, the mystery remains how it got its name! Shades of Death Rd, Avella, PA 15312 40.3093494, -80.4788404

Shades of Death Road, Avella, PA

Snyder Cemetery

Snyder Cemetery is an old family graveyard located in what is now Moraine State Park. According to local lore, red eyes will chase you out of the haunted place. They say that Conrad Snyder is haunting his family’s resting place. There is an account of a green glowing light that comes from a small headstone, and white flashes of light and a weird fog have been reported there as well. http://www.cpsi-paranormal.org/SnyderCemetery.html Burton Rd, Slippery Rock, PA 16057 40.9759038, -80.0149654

Snyder Cemetery, Butler, PA

The Black Cross of Butler County

The Influenza Epidemic of 1918 / 1919 took an especially heavy tool on the town of Winfield, PA in Butler County. Mass graves of up to 20 bodies per grave were quickly dug and buried in order to prevent the spread of the disease. Most of the victims were recent immigrants to the area and did not have family members to tend to their burials otherwise. A Catholic priest, Father O’Callahan, eventually performed burial rites for the victims and ordered the placement of a large cross of railroad ties to mark the site. Today, the remains of the original cross have been found, and are situated onsite, next to the smaller cross that exists today. The area has been designated as a local historical site, and has drawn the attention of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators over the years. http://www.saxonburglocalhistory.com/Winfield.html Winfield Township, PA 40.7723364, -79.7287703

The Black Cross of Butler County

The Dark Place

The North Shore of Pittsburgh has recently evolved into a regional destination due to its sporting events, bars and attractions. This area and the adjacent Allegheny West section of Pittsburgh have a long and diverse history. Before European settlement, the area was feared by Native Americans for having an unusual amount of supernatural activity, especially with spirits of their killed enemies. The area was swampy, dark and spooky, and was designated for a time by the Indians to only be used for torture and execution. This area was eventually developed as a hotbed of industrial activity and became the home of many prominent Pittsburghers. However, it continued to be known as one the most haunted places in Pittsburgh for its high degree of hauntings and ghost sightings. Many of the homes were thought to be haunted, including Congelier House, “the most haunted house in America”, on Ridge Avenue. Today, these stories are preserved in history, but the area has an entirely different feel. But there are some that still feel that this “dark place” is cursed! 260 N Shore Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 40.4466866, -80.0089281

The Dark Place, North Shore of Pittsburgh

The Deacon of The Depreciation Lands Museum

The Depreciation Lands Museum is located near Route 8 in Hampton Township. It is a small museum, primarily used for education about pioneer life. It is known for its day camps and programs for young children. The building that it occupies was built in 1839, and was originally a Presbyterian church. For that reason, the friendly spirit that is rumored to be there has been named “The Deacon”. Tales of The Deacon & the haunted house began in the mid seventies, during building renovations. The Deacon’s purpose is typically to ensure safety, as if he is still watching out for those that occupy his building. Instances include the helping of a young boy on a ladder and the protection of workers from a ceiling cave in. In recent years, the museum has held Halloween Candlelight tours, where youngsters have hoped to catch a glimpse of “The Deacon”! http://www.johnfries.com/writing/nhillslegends.html 4743 S Pioneer Rd, Allison Park, PA 15101 40.5950874, -79.9488616

Depreciation Lands Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

The Indian Spring

Evergreen Community Park in Ross Township is a popular spot for picnics, parties and fishing in the small pond within the park. An old legend asserts that the spring that fills the pond was created under miraculous circumstances, for a desperate young Indian couple searching for water in the 19th century. The lovers were trying to escape their tribes, who had arranged marriages to others against their will. The grandson of this couple first told the story in 1924 to landowners in the area after searching for and finding the spring. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/pittsburgh/s_704666.html 3430 Evergreen Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 40.541512, -80.021985

Evergreen Park, Ross Twp, The Indian Spring

The Legend of Bloody Mary Black

It seems as if every town has its own Bloody Mary ghostly tale, each one a little bit different. Some claim that if you drive to a certain location at night, and call out to Bloody Mary, she will appear and create all kinds of evil havoc. In New Castle, PA, she is known as Mary Black, in other towns she may have other names, but the stories are usually the same. Other tales claim that if you look into a dimly lit mirror and repeat “Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary”, then you will see her, or the devil, or a demon, in place of your own reflection. The point is, there are so many variations to the same story, but the story is so well known – Bloody Mary goes down in history as one of the classic urban legends of our time! http://intothebeyond.net/mary.php New Castle, PA 41.0036719, -80.347009

The Millvale Apparition at St. Nicholas Church

The ghost story relating to St. Nicholas Croatian Roman Catholic Church in Millvale may be nearly 75 years old, but remains well known today. The timeless murals in the haunted church themselves help to perpetuate the story. In 1937, the pastor of the church, Father Albert Zager, hired a well known artist to paint these murals. The artist was Maxo Vanka, who finished his task despite a persistent ghostly presence that manifested itself on a regular basis. The ghost would send a warning first – a cold chill would envelop Vanka just before midnight as he went about his painting. If he dared to stay, he would soon encounter the ghost: a man dressed in black, moving about the church, often mumbling and waving his hands franticly. At first Vanka thought it was Fr. Zager, but soon the two realized that they had a visitor. The church had already had a reputation for being haunted for 15 years or so, but it seemed Vanka was most attuned to the spiritual apparition (Fr. Zager never encountered him directly). Some say that the ghost was that of a former priest looking to make amends for past sins. It seemed that he wanted his late-night “alone time” – and since then the parishioners have been very keen in staying away after a certain hour! The church is still open, and Vanka’s murals are still there for all to see.  Check out one of the more beautiful haunted places in Pittsburgh, just off of Route 28 in Millvale.

http://www.wirenot.net/X/Articles/2008/M/millvaleapparition.shtml 24 Maryland Ave, Millvale, PA 15209 40.4770174, -79.9696078

St. Nicholas Church, Millvale, PA

Walkin’ Rosie of Restland Cemetery

Restland Cemetery has been the location of many weird sightings and oppressive sensations. Some have claimed to see orbs or been in contact with soldiers from the Revolutionary war. If you go, keep an eye out for Walkin’ Rosie, who is buried in the cemetery and has been known to stroll the grounds at night. There is no rest for some at this haunted place! http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/top-lists/best-pittsburgh-haunts/ 990 Patton St, Monroeville, PA 15146 40.4142104, -79.8006955

Restland Cemetery, Monroeville, PA

As you can see, there are quite a few urban legends and haunted places in Pittsburgh.  From museums to churches, cemeteries to old college buildings, it seems that hauntings can take place anywhere. Or at least a good, scary ghost story can take root!

Brett Cobbey

Owner and Webmaster of swPenna.com

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12 thoughts on “ Haunted Places in Pittsburgh – Spooky Urban Legends ”

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Please correct the name of the Depreciation Lands Museum. It is stated in the haunted site tab as “depreciating lands museum” Thank you, Jonathan Klemens , President, Depreciation Lands Museum

Also, how do I add the DLM to the directory of museums?

' src=

Hi Jonathan, I have corrected the name. I will also add the DLM to the directory of museums ASAP. Please email me any information that you want posted to [email protected] . I am planning to add many more museums in the near future, so it is a work in progress. Also, feel free to submit any events that the DLM is hosting through the front page of the website. Contact me for additional info if needed.

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Hello, This site is awesome!!! I live in Gibsonia, about 5 minutes away from the Pine Township enterence to Blue Myst Rd.(Irwin Rd.) I have not personaly been there myself but my dad has in the 80’s. I live about 30 seconds from another haunted road that is not on this list called South Montour Rd. It is not a very popular urban legend but it is pretty darn true. Back in the 1800’s, people were hung just off the side of that road and it is said that at midnight you can see glowing gallows with ghosts hanging from them. It is also said if you go to that site after 11:00 PM you will be haunted by the spirits of all who where hung there.

Thank you for the kind words about the site! I will have to add this and the other information to the list as time allows… I have never heard of this legend.

Hello, I sent you a few suggestions for some haunted places if you get those please mesage me back. Thanks

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Excellent site! I used to live in Greene County and spent time in Fayette as well. Very spooky things go on there for sure.

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OLD Article ” Haunted Slippery Rock University ” old site: mysite.verizon.net/vze7tsc4/id60.hml

Don’t remember old info to access to DELETE it

Tried to re – register but YOUR site I was not allowed.

I do have NEW ” Haunting Info ” on new site – look under ” Slippery Rock ” icon on screen

I changed the link in the post since the old one is outdated. Please provide me the link to your new info and I will post it.

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I believe one omission to this list would be the Thaw Mansion at 930 N Lincoln Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15233. The owners, Gary and Linda Otto, lived on the first floor and I lived in the apartment on the 2nd floor with my three small children in the early 1980’s. We (the Otto’s and myself) had many unexplainable incidents occur during the 2+ years that I lived there. The only possible explanation was that Harry K. Thaw’s spirit continued to roam in his childhood home.

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I’m having a hard time finding any info on the old butler hospital that has been converted into apartments.. I use to live there and had a few things happen to me while I was there and I’m trying to find out if what I Experienced was from what me and my hubby found while we lived there..

' src=

I no of a few other people who also lived there who have had a lot of paranormal things happen there. I also have tried to locate any information on the old hospital and can’t find anything relating to it. I strongly do agree it is haunted. Butler has ghost walks in October weekends, and there is a mention of some hauntings that are there.

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Discover the Burgh

haunted house near pittsburgh

9 Attractions to Check Out During Halloween in Pittsburgh

haunted house near pittsburgh

Published by Jeremy . Last Updated on October 23, 2023.

Disclaimer : Our site uses demographic data, email opt-ins, display advertising, and affiliate links. Please check out our Terms and Conditions . Pricing, operating hours, or menus may have changed since our initial visit and may not be reflected in subsequent updates. Please confirm these directly with any business or attraction prior to visiting.

As soon as it becomes fall in Pittsburgh , a certain ambiance comes about (and no, we're not talking about pumpkin spiced everything). This ambiance grows throughout the month of October before culminating in a holiday that is a favorite of many- Halloween .

You do not have to go far to get into the Halloween spirit in Pittsburgh, and today we wanted to share a few of the best attractions to check out during the annual festivities!

Hundred Acres Manor

Hundred Acres Manor

As far as haunted attractions are concerned, Pittsburgh is home to several. One of the most popular is the non-profit Hundred Acres Manor , located right in the heart of South Park, whose proceeds help assist local charities.

But don't let the charity aspect fool you, this haunted house features six individual attractions that flow into one another such that as soon as the scares of one haunt finish, you're immediately ushered into the next with no reprieve.  They really know how to get you.

Each year the attraction rotates two or so haunts out, so there is always something new to experience. But just keep in mind that some of the scare zones are outside so you will be exposed to the elements as well as the frights!

ScareHouse Behind the Scenes

For those who want an even more intense haunted house, you should look no further than ScareHouse. This haunted house follows a very similar model to Hundred Acres Manor such that as soon as one themed haunt ends another begins. But unlike the outside style of Hundred Acres Manor, this one is entirely indoors for a much more intimate fright!

The attraction boasts an intensity that often wins them recognition for the best frights in the country!

Or if you're like us and want something completely different, go for a behind the scenes ScareHouse tour to find out how they do all the frights- but with the lights on!

ScareHouse is located at 461 Pittsburgh Mills Cir at the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills.

Kennywood Phantom Fright Nights

Kennywood Halloween

Looking for a longer night out full of scares, rides, and potato patch fries? Consider a trip down to Kennywood's Phantom Fright Nights !

During Halloween the entirety of Kennywood is transformed into a haunted space with dedicated haunted houses, scare zones, and more. Visitors can ride many of the park's famous rides (although some can be closed due to seasonal conditions) in between the haunts, and then go back at it for more frights over the course of an evening.

The only downside to Kennywood's haunted houses (that the others above do not encounter) is that each themed haunt has its own line. So instead of waiting 30-60 minutes to get into all of the experiences, you'll likely find yourself repeating the lines for every haunt you visit (as such, a VIP ticket may not be such a bad idea).

Castle Blood

Castle Blood

Want a bit more of an interactive haunt during your Halloween outing that has some escape room vibes? Castle Blood in Monessen is for you! This one is found in a 100-year-old funeral home and sends you on a quest through the halls where you'll meet many residents of the castle including vampires, mad scientists, fortune tellers, and so much more.

In the process, you will solve riddles and games setup by the ghouls to help you complete your quest without falling victim to the horrors you encounter between each stop!

If you want a haunt free experience, Castle Blood typically offers matinee trick-or-treat events for children on the last two Sundays of October (during the day). Here the werewolves and ghouls are put to bed and the lights turned up for a (relatively) scare-free walkthrough complete with easier games for young ones!

Huston's Haunted Hollow

Huston's Haunted Hollow

Huston's Haunted Hollow is a multi-zone haunted house in the Laurel Highlands (Rockwood, PA) that follows a similar setup to ScareHouse and Hundred Acres Manor above such that one haunt immediately progresses into the next.

During my visit, the haunts followed a loose storyline as you are trying to escape the murder-filled Bruner Boarding house and then subsequently are chased by all manner of evil through the asylum, toxic wasteland, and cornfield before escaping to freedom. These are tied together with two haunted hayride segments that progress the loose storyline of the haunt while you are there.

While this particular haunted house may be slightly lower budget than others on this list, and the movie is most certainly on the campy side of horror, what I loved about this one was that some of the individual haunts are quite spacious. As you're exploring the toxic wasteland, for example, there are large stretches where you are simply wandering in the darkness- amplifying the fear in what is normally an otherwise continually onslaught of scares. (This was balanced out with the rather brief trip through the asylum, something I wished could've been made larger.)

Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tours

Pittsburgh Ghost Tours

Do your horror interests revolve more around the spiritual? If so, hop on a Haunted Pittsburgh walking tour around downtown!

This walking tour operates from May to October and features ghostly stories from the other side in some of Pittsburgh's most famous landmarks.

But as we are talking about ghost stories here, we have to admit that the delivery is one of the most important parts. The guides of this walking tour know how to get right under your skin with a lasting impression you'll take home with you!

Zombies of the Corn

Zombies of the Corn

Have you ever wanted to save the world from a zombie apocalypse? If so, you're in luck at Zombies of the Corn at Three Rivers Paintball in Freedom, PA.

In this one you board a special-made zombie killing vehicle and go fight a zombie outbreak in the forest with glow-in-the-dark paintballs. Guests here will also make a night out to enjoy the three other haunts found on-site in this (mostly) family-friendly experience.

Silence of the Lambs Experiences

Well at Buffalo Bill's House

You may know that the classic thriller, The Silence of the Lambs , was filmed in and around Pittsburgh, and at Halloween the city is a great time to enjoy the movie!

In the Laurel Highlands, Buffalo Bill's House is often open for tours and special events around Halloween weekend (in 2023 tour dates are the 27th, 28th, and 29th).

If you want to stick locally, Soldiers and Sailors recreate the prison cell of Hannibal in the spot where the scene was shot and will be streaming the movie as well on October 27th!

ZooBoo at the Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh zoo animals

Okay, fine, we have to feature one  tame Halloween option to round out this list, and while there are a number of Halloween options out there for the little ones, none is more popular than ZooBoo at the Pittsburgh Zoo .

This one takes place the two weekends before Halloween (October 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th in 2023) to provide a day time trick-or-treat option for children as well as non-scary ‘haunts' to get into the spirit all the same.

So whether you simply want to introduce a young one to the holiday or use them as an excuse to not be scared out of your mind, ZooBoo is a great option to consider!

So, where will you be going for your next haunted experience in Pittsburgh? Comment below to let us know about it!

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All The Pittsburgh Haunted Houses, Hayrides + Fright Farms Open in 2023

October 2, 2023 by Emily Catalano 1 Comment

It’s Halloween season, and that means that it’s time to get your screams out! These Pittsburgh haunted houses, hayrides, fright farms and other scary adventures are all open for the 2023 season, with new attractions and spooky additions.

Tickets sell quickly for these events, so be sure to check with each venue before you visit!

Pittsburgh Haunted Houses, Hayrides + Fright Farms 2023

haunted house near pittsburgh

ScareHouse Tarentum

Scarehouse is back for 2023 at the Pittsburgh Mills in Tarentum. This year, they announced that they would be decreasing the number of tickets sold each night to “improve the quality of your experience, and to reduce your time standing in line.” They’re open weekends from now through November 4, and all ScareHouse tickets should be purchased in advance online .

haunted house near pittsburgh

ScareHouse: Scream District The Strip District

There are two year-round scary attractions from ScareHouse in the strip District for private spooky fun. Up to eight players can work together to find clues, solve puzzles and discover the secrets of each mission – and get out alive. Tickets are available online .

Demon House is one of the best Pittsburgh haunted houses!

Demon House Monongahela

The Demon House in Monongahela is open weekends through November 5, offering a frightful haunted house experience. Demon House tickets start at $25 per person on Fridays and Saturdays, and they also offer $40 VIP (and skip-the-line) options, and $20 per person on Sundays. They also have campfires, an outdoor movie theater to enjoy while you’re waiting. Demon House (417 Coyle Curtain Road, Monongahela)

Freddy's Haunts is one of the best Pittsburgh haunted houses!

Freddy’s Haunts Aliquippa

Freddy’s Haunts is a family-owned and operated haunted trail, which originally operated under the name Skull Mountain Haunted Trail. The immersive, all-enclosed haunted experience is filled with “monsters from your worst nightmares.” This old-school haunted trail experiences operates rain or shine. They’re open select days through October, and tickets are $20 per person, and $35 for VIP, and available online. And they also have bonfires nightly. Freddy’s Haunts (192 McCune Road, Aliquippa)

Portals of Fear West Mifflin

With more than 10,000 square feet of scares, the Portals of Fear Haunted Attraction, an “immersive and terrifying experience,” features everything from nightmarish creatures to hair-raising special effects. Open since 2018, the attraction raises funds for the St. Thomas the Apostle Youth Group. Portals of Fear also features a midway with food, drinks, and games, and a family-oriented haunted hay ride and kid’s craft area. They’re open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from October 13 through October 29, and tickets start at $20. Portals of Fear (1 Majka Street, West Mifflin)

Fright Farm Smithfield

Now in its 35th (!) year, Fright Farm offers “state-of-the-art special effects, highly-detailed scenes, custom digital soundtracks, computerized lighting and talented actors.” This year’s Fright Farm is “INFESTED,” and will have “you and anyone who dares to enter dropping like flies,” and feature new attractions like Slaughter Hollow, Frightmare Mansion, and the Hayride of No Return. They’re open Thursdays through Sundays in October. General Admission tickets start at $35. Fright Farm (2043 Springhill Furnace Road, Smithfield)

Crawford School of Terror is one of the best Pittsburgh haunted houses!

Crawford School of Terror Connellsville

The Crawford School building in Connellsville is transformed into the Crawford School of Terror every year – and this year is no different. There will be even more new scares this year, with live actors and immersive sets. They also have axe-throwing (not at the actors, please!), and an escape room. Tickets are $25 and more information can be found online. Cr a wford School of Terror (125 N. 7th Street, Connellsville)

haunted house near pittsburgh

Castle Blood Monessen

Castle Blood is open for their 31st season, offering a unique (and frightening!) experience. Housed in a historic 100-year-old funeral home, the Haunted Adventure Tour features a game that changes yearly, with a rotating cast of characters. Castle Blood is open every weekend in October, and tickets start at $25 for general admission, and are available online . They also offer “no-scare” matinee shows for families. Castle Blood (100 Schoonmaker Avenue, Monessen)

Phantom Fall Fest at Kennywood West Mifflin

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through October 29, head to Kennywood for their annual autumn event. This year, the amusement park will feature six haunted spots, including the Kennywood Cemetary, Villa of the Vampire, Dark Shadows, and Shady Grove. More than a dozen of the park’s most popular rides will also be open, including the Jack Rabbit, Phantom’s Revenge and Ghostwood Estate. Tickets start at $37.49. Kennywood

Haunted Hills Hayride North Versailles

The Haunted Hills Hayride and the Valley of Darkness haunted walking trail is open weekends and select weekdays throughout October, offering spooky fun in the form of a hayride and haunted trail. No reservation is needed, and tickets are available for purchase at the ticket booth when you arrive. You can also reserve a private campfire by emailing [email protected] . Tickets start at $5. Haunted Hills Hayride (500 Mosside Blvd. North Versailles)

The Beacon Hotel Haunt Renfrew

The Haunt at the Beacon Hotel is open every weekend in October, and tickets are $25 per person on Friday and Saturdays through October 28. Tickets include a 15-acre Haunted Corn Maze with a tractor ride, and a Haunted House experience. The grounds also will have a bonfire, and concession stand. The Beacon Hotel Haunt (231 Beacon Rd., Renfrew)

The Haunted Mine Tarentum

The Haunted Mine is back for another frightful year! Every Friday and Saturday in October, the Tour-Ed Mine & Museum takes visitors into the creepiest mine visit of their lives. Tickets are $25 on Fridays and Saturdays, and $20 on Sundays. The Haunted Mine (748 Bullcreek Road, Tarentum)

Zombies of the Corn is one of the best Pittsburgh haunted houses!

Zombies of the Corn Freedom

Zombies of the Corn in Freedom, PA, brings your biggest zombie nightmares to life. Open every weekend through October 29, this ride takes guests through a haunted corn maze on a truck loaded with paintball guns. Tickets start at $35 and include the zombie shoot ride with 150 paintballs, a walk through the zombie compound, the zombie maze, spooky ghost stories, campfires and parking. Zombies of the Corn (282 Rochester Road, Freedom)

​ Haunted Hills Estate Uniontown

Scream through three haunted attractions and activities at Uniontown’s Haunted Hills Estate, featuring lots of beautifully-designed sets filled with actors, animatronics, and special effects. Tickets also include their expanded Midway, featuring Halloween-themed games, axe-throwing, a concession stand, gift shop, live entertainment and more. Tickets start at $25 and Haunted Hills Estate is open weekends through October. Haunted Hills Estate (236 Rolling Hills Estate Road, Uniontown)

haunted house near pittsburgh

Allen’s Haunted Hayrides & Tavern of Terror Smock

Open on weekends through October, Allen’s Haunted Hayrides & Tavern of Terror in Smock has been scaring people since 1979. Tickets to the Haunted Hayride are $20, and guests will take a one-mile tour of the farm through the haunted forest, barn and fields, with a visit to the Allen Family Cemetery and Church. Tickets to the Tavern of Terror are also $20, and include a haunted walk through the 3,500-sqaure foot tavern, with a variety of classic horror scenes. Tickets to both are available for $30 per person. Allen’s Haunted Hayrides & Tavern of Terror (2430 Pittsburgh Road, Smock)

Lonesome Valley Farms Greensburg

You’ll find two intense haunted attractions at Lonesome Valley Farms. They have a Haunted Hayride with a walking trail, and a Haunted Farmhouse and Barn – and, they have a “non-haunted” corn maze to get lost in, too. Tickets to the attraction (located next to the Westmoreland County Fairgrounds) are $25 and are sold at the booth (and cash-only). Lonesome Valley Farms (1800 Fairgrounds Road, Greensburg)

haunted house near pittsburgh

Eerie Acres Farm Butler

Enjoy a fright farm in the country at Eerie Acres Farm, open every Friday and Saturday night in October. The attraction offers a frightful corn maze, plus a haunted house experience. Tickets start at $25 per person, and various food trucks will be at farm each weekend. There’s also a beer garden. Eerie Acres Farm (386 Eagle Mill Road, Butler)

haunted house near pittsburgh

Cheeseman Fright Farm Portersville

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October, Cheeseman Fright Farm is an isolated, 650-acre farm… filled with all sorts of spooky delights. Join them for a haunted hayride, corn maze, and multiple walk-through attractions, with over 100 actors hiding around every corner. Activities begin at dark, and they’ll be open until 10:00 p.m. Tickets start at $25 per person, and they also offer private bonfires. Cheeseman Fright Farm (147 Kennedy Road, Portersville)

Know of any other Pittsburgh haunted houses, Fright Farms or spooky hayrides that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Keep reading…

  • The 13 Most Haunted Places In and Around Pittsburgh

' src=

October 29, 2020 at 2:32 pm

This is a great help to those who go to as many attractions as possible for Halloween. Next year, if you do the same article, please look into the STA Haunted School in West Mifflin, they too were open in 2020 and in 2021 will be larger. This attraction is run solely by volunteers but the haunt is on par if not better than some of those listed in the area. You can contact me for details anytime of the year, I am the Creative Director.

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haunted house near pittsburgh

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haunted house near pittsburgh

The Haunted Mine

The most frightening pittsburgh haunted attraction is back, the haunted mine is back tour-ed mine offers the most unique haunted house attractions in pittsburgh designed to scare the living daylights out of you..

Not many recall the frightening, blood-curdling experience of the Tour-Ed Haunted Mine a decade ago because so few survived. Rumor has it more entered than came out and those who did are no longer to be found. The shaft has been reopened by those who are desperately searching for their missing tormented family and friends who they believe still roam the deep shafts of The Haunted Mine. They are asking those who are willing to search with them to gather on Fridays and Saturdays in the month of October.

Do you have what it takes to make it through one of the best haunted attractions in Pittsburgh? This isn’t one of your ordinary Pittsburgh haunted house attractions.







The Haunted Mine Pittsburgh

No alcohol or drugs permitted on property. The Haunted Mine is a scream attraction designed and inspected with safety as our #1 priority. Not intended for children of a very young age.

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Best Kid-Friendly Haunted Houses In Pittsburgh

October 12, 2012 / 5:55 AM EDT / CBS Pittsburgh

Shopping & Style Flea Market, Jewelry

The Windmill's Haunted Mini Golf 2142 Broadhead Road Aliquippa, PA 15001 (724) 375-5350 hopewellwindmill.com/

Price: $10 adults/$8 children 12 and younger Hours: Sept. 22 through Halloween – 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

You will look at mini-golf with a completely different outlook as the cast of creepy characters make an appearance when it's least expected. The golf course is set up with displays in a cemetery, pumpkins, haystacks, ghosts, skeletons and a plethora of Halloween scenes that appear scary, but not threatening. The obstacles combine for a soothing golf and Halloween experience for families to enjoy a haunting extravaganza. A trip to Hopewell Township is appropriate for children, but discretion will be needed when night falls.

Kennywood Phantom Fright Nights 4800 Kennywood Blvd. West Mifflin, PA 15122 (412) 461-0500 www.phantomfrightnights.com

Price: $27.99 plus $1 tax Hours: Sept. 28 through Oct. 27 Fri and Sat – 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.; Sun, Oct. 7 – 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Even though Kennywood is closed for the summer, the Phantom Fright Night extends the enjoyment of the park into the Halloween season. Four venues will inflict terror on amusement riders, and when it gets dark that experience will be a thrill-seeking ride of shock and unexpected adventures. Enjoy 18 thrill rides that add to a nightmare of fun and exhilaration. Explore the terror within the park in the form of skeletons and scary creatures. Warning: Younger children may find the haunting scenes frightening.

Mischief Manor 2820 Douglas Run Road Elizabeth Township, PA 15037 (724) 489- 1115 www.mischief-manor.comuf.com

Price: $10 per person Click here for dates

Going to school will never be the same when families visit this haunted house, which was once a schoolhouse that featured two rooms. Get spooked by sounds of music coming from the closed school. Be prepared for a paranormal experience as Mischief Manor makes you question reality with spirits from the past. Children may enjoy being scared without really viewing creatures of the night, as nothing here is designed to terrorize. Expect creepy, not horrific at this awesome area haunted house.

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KDKA Zoo Boo Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium One Wild Place Pittsburgh, PA 15206 (412) 665- 3640 www.pittsburghzoo.org

Price: $14 adults/$13 seniors/$12 children ages 2 to 13/free children younger than 24 months Hours: Oct. 21 and 22 – 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Children of all ages will enjoy the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium in a non-threatening adventure as they view the animals and collect candy along the way. There are favorite haunting places and train rides for the children to enjoy. Activities include a craft area and making a costume for the Halloween parade. A trip to a haunted house promises kid-friendly entertainment. A final venture to a haunted hideaway will keep the children occupied until the free treats are distributed.

Ghost Hunting at the Old Stone House 2865 William Flynn Highway Slippery Rock, PA 16057 (724) 738-4964 oldstonehousepa.org

Price: $ 15 per person Hours: Oct.19 – 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Take a jaunt up Interstate 79 for a historical and paranormal experience for all ghost-hunting investigators. Learn about the equipment and the skills necessary to find any ghosts that lurk in the rooms. This historical house in Butler County has played a great part in the history of America, with ghosts of the past haunting every hallway. Interested families may find out if there are really ghosts, taking tours of the house. Make reservations in advance. The Old Stone House is a kid-friendly experience for all ages.

Creepy Hollow Haunted Trail 102 Silver Slipper Road Hookstown, PA 15050 (724) 462-6719 hookvfd.org

Price: $8 per person Hours: every Fri and Sat – dusk to 11 p.m.

If you're looking for exercise with a side of terror, then check out the Creepy Hollow Haunted Trail. A walk through the woods will be more than a calm stroll on this creepy trail. Families will first listen to a story that replicates what may happen on the excursion through the woods. There are exhibits, witches and spirits along the trail seeking vengeance against anybody passing through the woods. Be aware of the blaring lights and ominous sounds that terrorize the unwelcome guests on the trail. The Hookstown Volunteer Fire Department promises to make sure Creepy Hollow is a family-oriented escapade and a non-threatening experience.

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    haunted house near pittsburgh

  2. All The Pittsburgh Haunted Houses, Hayrides + Fright Farms Open in 2020

    haunted house near pittsburgh

  3. Demon House: The Real Haunted House Near Pittsburgh You Won't Want To

    haunted house near pittsburgh

  4. scary haunted houses pittsburgh

    haunted house near pittsburgh

  5. 5 Frighteningly Fantastic Haunted Houses in Pittsburgh

    haunted house near pittsburgh

  6. Haunted Places in Pittsburgh

    haunted house near pittsburgh


  1. Terrifying Backyard Haunted House Near Disney World


  1. Hundred Acres Manor

    Hundred Acres Manor has been ranked as one of America's Top Haunted Houses and featured on: Not only Pittsburgh's LARGEST & SCARIEST haunted house- But check out these other SCARY attractions! SCREAM BAR If you're looking for a place to enjoy a drink before entering Pittsburgh's scariest haunted house, try the Scream Bar!

  2. The Best Haunted Houses Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    ScareHouse 3.7 (73 reviews) Haunted Houses This is a placeholder "I really celebrate it year round and haunted houses are the pièce de résistance for me." more 5. The Shadows Haunted Attraction Haunted Houses This is a placeholder 6. The Haunted Mine

  3. Haunted Houses in Pittsburgh 2023: Halloween in Western PA

    There are plenty in the Pittsburgh area to choose from, ranging from basic haunted houses with simple Halloween decorations to hayrides, to full-scale festivals with bonfires, bands and concessions. Some of these attractions are OK for kids, but be sure to visit the haunted house's website to determine if they are kid friendly.

  4. ScareHouse

    ScareHouse is Pittsburgh's Scariest Haunted House! ScareHouse Bunny is Back Too ScareHouse, in Pittsburgh PA, is one of America's Favorite Halloween Haunted House Attractions. Featured on Travel Channel and Good Morning America.

  5. The 13 Most Haunted Places In & Around Pittsburgh

    Some of the notoriously haunted places include: Bruce Hall, the Croghan-Schenley Room, Early American Nationality Room, and the William Pitt Union. Many people say these spaces are each home to a particular ghost.

  6. Top 10 Best haunted houses Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in Pittsburgh, PA - November 2023 - Yelp - Portals of Fear, Demon House, Castle Blood, ScareHouse, Kennywood Park, The Shadows Haunted Attraction, The Haunted Mine, Doorway Inc, Haunted Expedition, Fear Vision Maze

  7. About Castle Blood

    Housed in a historic 100-year-old funeral home Castle Blood has been delighting crowds for more than 25 years with its famous Haunted Adventure Tour. The tour features a game that changes yearly, always with new game challenges that bring back enthusiastic guests again and again.

  8. The Most Haunted Places in Pittsburgh, PA

    Congelier House is known locally by a far more sinister name - The House The Devil Built. It is one of the most haunted houses in Pittsburgh and it is stuffed full of some very disturbing stories! It all began with Charles Congelier who was having an affair with the family maid.

  9. The Scariest Haunted Houses in Pittsburgh

    October 5, 2022 | 11:36 AM Haunted Houses in Pittsburgh It's spooky season in the Burgh! You know what that means… haunted houses in Pittsburgh! Picture this: a crisp fall night, a handful of friends, and spooky dangers lurking around every corner. If you're a Halloween junkie, here's your list of go-to haunted houses! Photo Credit: ScareHouse

  10. Portals of Fear

    Portals of Fear is a charity haunted house attraction near Pittsburgh, PA. This spooky Halloween attration offers multiple haunts and food. Skip to content. ... Portals of Fear is a 10,000+ square foot indoor Haunted Attraction located just outside of Pittsburgh PA. Opening in 2018 as a 100% charity haunt, we continue to grow and fund ...

  11. The ScareHouse

    The ScareHouse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 82,822 likes · 83 talking about this · 30,758 were here. Pittsburgh's Favorite Haunted House! The ScareHouse | Pittsburgh PA

  12. Haunted House Pittsburgh

    Eerie Acres Farm is a privately owned haunted house in Butler PA- just north of Pittsburgh with great attractions, scares, and reviews! ... Eerie Acres Farm is located just 30 minutes outside Pittsburgh! Come venture outside of city limits and visit our fright farm in the country! More Information → . Eerie Acres Farm 386 Eagle Mill Rd ...

  13. Pittsburgh Haunted Houses for Halloween 2022

    Eerie Acres Farm Haunted House - Butler, PA. Just 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh, Eerie Acres Farm is a brand new haunted house located at 386 Eagle Mill Rd in Butler. The cost is $15 for general admission or $25 for a fast pass. Tickets can be purchased online at eerieacresfarm.com or at the gate.

  14. Demon House

    Demon House Haunted Attraction, More Than Just A Quick Walk Thru...WE ARE The Haunted Experience Of A Life Time... There Are Plenty Of Activities To Keep You Occupied On Our Haunted Grounds. We Have Campfires To Keep You Warm, Shelters To Keep You Dry If It Rains, Soul Screaming Music, An Outdoor Movie Theatre Featuring The Best In Horror.

  15. Halloween Haunted Houses Near Pittsburgh, PA

    New Castle, PA Scare Manor is open from late September through the end of October. The event consists of a Haunted House and grass maze field behind our main building. There are also guided tours of Hill View Manor ... Fright Farm Smithfield, PA

  16. The Best 10 Haunted Houses near Pittsburgh, PA 15232

    Best Haunted Houses in Pittsburgh, PA 15232 - Portals of Fear, Castle Blood, ScareHouse, Demon House, Lonesome Valley Farms, Haunted Hillside, Haunted Expedition, Whispering Souls Paranormal Investigations, The Haunted Mine, The Shadows Haunted Attraction

  17. Haunted Places in Pittsburgh: Ghost Stories & Urban Legends

    13 Bends One of the most popular but confusing haunted places in pittsburgh is the urban legend of "13 Bends". The main legend involves Coulterville Cemetery near Elizabeth, McKeesport and Boston.

  18. 9 Attractions to Check Out During Halloween in Pittsburgh

    As far as haunted attractions are concerned, Pittsburgh is home to several. One of the most popular is the non-profit Hundred Acres Manor, located right in the heart of South Park, whose proceeds help assist local charities.. But don't let the charity aspect fool you, this haunted house features six individual attractions that flow into one another such that as soon as the scares of one haunt ...

  19. All The Pittsburgh Haunted Houses, Hayrides + Fright Farms Open in 2023

    West Mifflin With more than 10,000 square feet of scares, the Portals of Fear Haunted Attraction, an "immersive and terrifying experience," features everything from nightmarish creatures to hair-raising special effects. Open since 2018, the attraction raises funds for the St. Thomas the Apostle Youth Group.

  20. Haunted Houses Pittsburgh

    The Haunted Mine is a Unique, Haunted Pittsburgh Attraction located in Tarentum, PA. Open Fridays and Saturdays in October from 7 to 11 PM. ... This isn't one of your ordinary Pittsburgh haunted house attractions. SCREAMS START FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH & SATURDAY THE 30TH! AND CONTINUE ON FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS IN OCTOBER 7PM TO 11PM.

  21. Best Kid-Friendly Haunted Houses In Pittsburgh

    Photo Credit: Thinkstock.com. Ghost Hunting at the Old Stone House 2865 William Flynn Highway Slippery Rock, PA 16057 (724) 738-4964 oldstonehousepa.org

  22. Pittsburgh Ghost Tours

    Pittsburgh's Haunted History. For centuries Pittsburgh was the indigenous home of the Seneca peoples, but by the mid-1700s Britain and France drove them out in bloody battles of control. Over the next two hundred years, Pittsburgh grew to be one the most industrious steel towns in the country, producing over 50% of all American steel by 1911.